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Last thread. >>9579314

Share your cgl-related feels here! Don't fight.

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>Over extends myself for a con that is next week
>"I won't do this again, I'll take my next con easy"
>Over extends myself for the next con too

Fuck, why do I do this... :*(

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>hanging out at a friend's house
>"I wish I were at home, looking at my burando"

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I want to make more Lolita related memes and reaction images but I've had such a art block the past few weeks that i have no idea what I should draw or edit

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>tfw none of my real life friends like lolita
>tfw too shy to talk to comm members, not to mention none of them live too near me
>tfw worried irl friends are embarrassed by me whenever I try to dress in lolita
pic extremely related

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>buys a couple of cute blouses from closet child
>super cheap and super happy cause I'm being responsible with both my wallet and wardrobe
>proceed to checkout
>total is still cheap
>still happy
>first time ordering on cc, skim their faq about overseas buying
>ems only
>okay, might just be a little bit more, don't care
>just got invoice
>40 for ems
>literally just 4 lightweight blouses
>No more deal, no more happy
>buy anyways and cries
$40 obviously isn't the worst shipping ever, although it was quite ridiculous for this order. Any anons also share similar shipping feels?

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Being a Lolita would be so much easier and better if I wasn't a fat hog. I'm getting sick of seeing people that are a healthy size act like they can't find dresses or clothes to dress themselves properly. Blouses and legwear are so cheap when they dont have to be custom sized. Secondhand burando costs exactly the same as getting custom ordered taobao. Why Is it so hard to not look like shit when you have a body perfect for lolita.

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>none of my friends live in my city
>university doesn't have any nerd related clubs/orgs
>never see people around campus in j-fash or nerd stuff
>be at joanns one day and see two people walk into the next aisle over
>holy shit was one of them wearing j-fash?!!!
>go to next aisle to investigate
>one is indeed wearing j-fash but...
>they're like 15/16 yo children

Why is it so hard to find people my age who like the things that I like?????

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I'm surprised you have this issue with CC though, they're usually pretty good about shipping prices from my experience. Wunderwelt is the one that keeps fucking me over with shipping

>mfw they charged twice the cost of shipping than CC for an OP of comparable weight.

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>Nearing my 30's
>Finally have a stable job with good income, thus I can afford my cosplay, makeup, conventions and clothing without penny pinching
>Meanwhile all my friends who are the same age are starting to "growing out" of cosplay/conventions/jfash, starting families, focusing on overall normie things with occasional anime watching
>People in their early 20's are too childish and immature to hang out and relate with
I'm so lonely.

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>early 20s and late 20s being that different
Hardly. I still talk shit with coworkers who are a decade older than me.

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>too overwhelmed to work on Costume, even though cosplaying makes me super happy and keeps me going
>need help from a friend but I don't want to me a bother or a bummer.

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>generally sarcastic sense of humor
>like to joke with friends
>make sarcastic joke towards new member of comm
>she seems to be authentically sad afterwards
>feel bad

i should talk to her later

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It varies a lot to be honest. People can be a immature as hell both in their early 20's and late 20's due to different life situations. Someone aged 25 might be married with two kids and has bought a house, someone might be in the middle of their college studies, someone might be single and working, someone might still live with their parents doing nothing. After 30 the gap closes up because at that point everyone mostly has their life sorted out.

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I have a friend married with two kids at 26, owns a home, and is planning for early retirement. That has literally nothing to do with enjoying each other's company.

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>I'm afraid I'm becoming a brand-whore.

I've been lurking the fashion for over a year, and only recently started buying pieces yet everything i've bought bar a couple pairs of socks, a blouse and bodyline shoes has been burando. I'd honestly rather buy a brand item than a similar offbrand item, and I cant really conjure many legitimate reasons as to why.

A-am i doing this wrong? Should i feel bad?

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who gives a fuck, it's a non-issue and you know it. a lot of us buy brand. congratulations for buying a few items and not being a poorfag about it. what do you want, a gold star?

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literally no one cares. Buy whatever you want.

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No. You should feel bad for giving a shit though.

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Well I'd hope so, yet I hear too much about the ita-chan rage for brandwhores not only online but in comms - making me nervous to join my local comm as a "new lolita"

I always hear that no one gives a shit about things irl that are overhyped on cgl and the internet in general, but its hard to believe when this is the only sort of lolita community you've been exposed to.

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if /cgl/ is the only lolita community you've been exposed to then you should know that brand is okay?

anyway as long as you're not as much of a retard irl as you come across online you should be fine.

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>if /cgl/ is the only lolita community you've been exposed to then you should know that brand is okay?

Cgl says buy mo' burando
Cgl also says its not uncommon for people to be snarky about those who wear brand or elitists

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Skinny people have no excuse, really. I'm so jealous.

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Last time I ordered from CC I was partially refunded shipping because the weight was lower than expected. Have hope!

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Maybe draw a lolita in front of a blank page trying to draw a lolita? Sounds so meta

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If they're your friends, you aren't a bother. That's the depression talking. If they can't personally handle it, they're gonna try their best to point you in the direction of someone who can.
I don't know too much about your situation, but maybe discussing options with your doctor might be a good first step?
You're worth it, I believe in you!
>t. Has depression/anxiety/PTSD, 3 years on meds this month and happy with life
No, burando is burando for a reason. Buy what you like. The concept of a brand whore was a western invention back when brand was super hard to get overseas. Now that there's wider availability (and lower prices) the only people still using that term are salty itas
I mean, you've probably gotten this before but if you're upset, you can try to lose some weight? At least take baby steps, like maybe consciously getting a little more exercise in than you usually do, or ease yourself into prepping a smaller, healthy meal a day and gradually replacing your current diet. CICO is the baseline for actually losing weight, but it's easier to make the switch if it's gradual
And, worst case, consciously getting some extra nutrients in your diet will help your hair/skin/mood. It's honestly something I should try myself
t. Watched a friend do it
Tangentially related feels
>Friend thinks lolita is beautiful
>Got her AP jsk/head bow a couple years back
>She wants to now get more into lolita
>JSK is a just fit
>She's aware she's larger and is trying really hard to still look good
>Has been letting me give advice on where to shop, be her lolita senpai
>Simotaniously MM/VM-tier classic lolita and coach for chubby baby sweet lolita
>Feels good, but also don't want to let her down
She's had disordered eating in the past so mentioning weight loss is not an option at the moment. It's just been such a cultural shift for me now trying to find resources for someone so different from myself. Any advice?

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My boyfriend is a brolita and looks more cute in my own dresses than I do.

Also is it gay that I got really turned on by him fucking me while I wore street clothes and he was in full makeup and wig lolita after a shopping trip to AP? I'm not gay, right? Right?

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>Always secretly wanted to be someones lolita mentor
>Get a chance with an old friend interested in the fashion
>I'm really excited
>Problems begin immediately
>She is 70lbs heavier than I am and several inches taller
>Nothing I own fits her right
>Zero fashion sense or ability in daily life
>Normally only wears jeans and t-shirts
>Very adverse to discomfort
>Needs spoon-feeding 100%
>At least she doesn't balk at the price too much?

Maybe I was naive, but the is ... not how I imagined it. I wouldn't mind as much if we were similar in size and build, but I really just have no idea what is going to work for her proportions. She has kinda lost interest because of outside reasons, but I realize now that I was definitely not the right person to help her. I'm a little disappointed.

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>realize the con is in three months
>realize i'm still a fat piece of shit
guess i'll just fucking die

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... I dunno if that makes you gay, but I fapped to it.

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>too much of a weeaboo for normies
>not enough of a weeaboo for weeaboos
I'm aging out of my hobby and I'm stuck in weeb purgatory, where I find it hard to relate to normen since I've been into Jap culture since I was 16 and I'm painfully out of touch, but most weebs are just too hardcore for me at this point since I only really care about Japanese normie fashion and makeup and none of the anime/manga/cosplay/alternative fashion. I have a lot in common with lolitas, gyaru and other alternative fashion enthusiasts, but it's hard to get to know them since they always travel in packs with their comm.

Also I'm moving to the weeaboo capital of Europe in a week or so and I'll have nobody to go to Laduree and cute cafes with so I feel terribly lonely.

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>get dragged by my nieces who turned out to be also anime fans to see the new Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie a few months back
>the three of us hated it so far
>cosplay joke comes out of nowhere (no clip of it out on YouTube yet)
>"come to player expo with me, there are hot girls everywhere"
>"why's she wearing armor and a bikini?"
>"it's called cosplay, there's a ton of it everywhere"
>"are those even real?"
>"I doubt it, some of them make them out of foam"
>turns out to be the funniest joke in the movie and it was only chuckleworthy at best and my nieces and I finally have something in common

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Try finding a Japanese penpal/language exchange?

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You want to be my lolita mentor anon?

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>Want to make a costume
>Rarely go out and even more rarely to go cons and such
>Whenever I start, I just feel horrible that I'm wasting so much time and money on something so stupid when I could be productive instead, especially since my first few costumes won't be very good anyway.
Not just me, right?

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People get too hung up on labels like gay and straight. It is what it is, man.

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anon from 2 or 3 threads ago:
>i found a dream dress online and was ready to do first payment
>had to lend that money to my bf
>he got pissed at me and didn't want to give it back but everything cooled down
>bf wasn't mad at me anymore and promised to give me the money for a dream dress on my birthday (today)
>week passes by, everything super chill
>today comes
>everyone sends me messages but bf doesn't
>call bf
>he's mad at someone else and doesn't want to spend the day with me
>doesn't give me money either
>crying on my bday
>idk if i should go to his house to confront him
>both pissed and upset
>tfw u might lose ur bf and dream dress on ur bday

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Nooooo I was scared this was going to happen. The first time you told us I thought maybe calling him toxic might be jumping the gun, but this is a pattern now and he's being ridiculous. You deserve far better, he has no excuse for how he's acting. It's easier saying this from the outside, but you should cut your losses and be a princess in peace.

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Tfw you buy your first piece of Japanese burando brand new. Until now I've just been lurking LM and buying things second hand or using Taobao. I'm not poor, but the Jew is strong in me and this is the first time I've found the cut and color of what I wanted during a sale

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> at a masquerade event at a bar last week
> sees a lolita I haven't seen before
> she was wearing a wa lolita OP from what looked like a Taobao store with a kitsune mask
> she left before I could flag her down and talk to her
> made a post in the comm page next day asking if anyone knew her
> no response
> mfw

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>Got a new shoulder length blonde wig
>Supposed to cut it way shorter
>So short I'm fearing I might mess up if I try to cut it myself on a wig head
>Remember cosplay friend who's really good at cutting wigs
>Their mom is a hairdresser and all that good backstory
>Get pumped up figuring all will be fine if I ask/pay friend to cut the wig
>Oh wait, I haven't even tried it on to check if it's actually thick enough
>Excited as I shove my hair in the wigcap
>Forget I'm having a particularly rough day with my shitty skin
>A He-Man a kid used the red crayon for skin colour looks back at me in the mirror
>Blonde hair just makes everything look so much worse
>Get depresso thinking about that I won't look good in the end
>Cosplay friend always looks so much better than me blah blah
>Sadly remove wig and let down dark hair
>The contrast from the blonde wig lingers
>Look just as bad without the lighter frame

I hate my skin so much. Doesn't matter how well you wrap the present if the paper is just plain bad.

>At least the wig quality made the cut
>Still sad

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Have you considered losing weight instead of whining about something you did to your fatass self by consistently overeating?
You can literally fix your obesity by eating less instead of complaining on the internet yet not changing your tubby self. I have zero understanding of how people can be this stupid.

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A close con friend of mine has 'come out' as trans (ftm) this week and decided to adopt the persona of their favorite OC.
This person is trying to push to get on T shots ASAP and doctor-hopping until someone says yes. I think they're also concealing the fact that they have BPD among other mental health issues.
This person's social media has gone wild with applause about how brave they are and feeding clear attention-seeking behavior.
I'm really concerned that this is another dissociation due to the BPD which this person has been hospitalized for in the past but I know if I say anything they and their following will flip on me for being a bigot.

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>hanging with comm
>people talking about parents and school
>but school might refer to uni, right? and I spend plenty of time with my parents too
>I mention fiancé, apartment, work
>one girl had been staring at me for a while and suddenly asks how old I am
>I'm 25
>everyone else is 17-20
I've never felt like such a creep before...

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Same here, anon. To the average person I'm a weeb in that I import nearly all my clothes from Glorious Nippon, would really like to visit the country, use mostly Japanese patterns for craft stuff, play mostly Japanese games etc. but whenever I meet an actual weeb they're just way too intense for me and I can tell they think I'm just another boring normie. I've had so many experiences now where it starts out fine and we have a handful of things in common but as time progresses their power level starts to show more and more until they're showing me anime on their phone without headphones, yelling in Japanese ("ironically") and telling me which Love Live character I should cosplay as, and at this point I usually back off a bit because I can't deal with all of that. Having normie friends is much easier for me, but I still hold out hope that some day I'll find a local Jfashion enthusiast who can go more than thirty minutes before screaming anime memes in my face. One day...

>> No.9585236

one of the various ftm anons here. Depending on where you live, your friend might have a hard time finding a doctor to prescribe T that they haven't already been seeing for a while. Most therapists won't write a letter for HRT to give to a doctor until you've shown that you're not being affected by mental health issues; I had to undergo PTSD therapy before my therapist said I was mentally prepared to undergo transition.

> adopt the persona of their favorite OC
that's the part that's weird and immediately makes me assume your friend isn't trans. Transition isn't roleplay; a lot of trenders forget that it's a potentially dangerous medical process with irreversible changes made.
It's not your responsibility to keep your friend from doing something stupid, or that they might regret later. If you want to talk to them about it, maybe bring it up in a way that's less you doubting them and more you not understanding. Like, "It just seems so sudden, anon, I had no idea you felt this way, I wish I could have been there for you," and if they blow up at you for caring about them, honestly fuck them.

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>and telling me which Love Live character I should cosplay as
Which Love Live character would you cosplay as?

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>con this weekend
>working last minute to paint my armor
>keep getting horny for cartoon booty

I can't take a break or I'll never get it done.

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Couldnt have said it better, anon

>> No.9585267

What are you doing on 4chan?

>> No.9585270

Taking a rest for paint to dry.

Actually, I'm nearing the end now. But it's been a rough morning.

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A former friend of mine that has bpd flat out told me that she's lying about being trans because she has a crush on another friend of ours that legitimately is trans. She thought that simply having that in common would make our other friend magically fall in love with her because ya know trans people couldn't possibly have standards

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>end up in a bidding war
>one week later an e-famous lolita posts a coord with the item
>this happened 9 times now
>with the same lolita
I can't even dislike her, she's genuinely nice, pretty and her coords are good. But jfc please stop having such great taste.

>> No.9585339

I have BPD and identified as a "boi" for about 6 months a few years back. Ended up having a full on panic attack because I was being introduced to friends of my friend with my boy name and feeling really fucking weird about the whole thing. I ended up going back to my original name, gender, etc and started talking to a therapist, who agreed that my wanting to be a "man" was me losing grips on an identity and wanting to fit in with the only friends I had left (who happened to be "nonbinary genderfluid panfluidgender" or whatever). That was when I was 19 or so, now I'm in my 20's and I have a new group of friends, am on medication, am still routinely seeing my therapist and my BPD has more or less been treated.

Tell your friend to get help, not in a "you being trans is disgusting and you need help," but more of a "you have severe symptoms of BPD and you need to speak with someone." A lot of states need therapeutic screening before you can get T anyways, so that'll probably deter her lol.

But yeah, take it from me a lot of the "fakebois" are just girls with severe symptoms of borderline that are totally cool people that just need medication and therapy. Also, my being a fakeboi in one of my depressive states in addition to getting to know actual trans people has made me a lot more cynical about all the fakebois in the cosplay/lolita community. Everyone wants a fucking label, being gay's not enough anymore.

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>con tomorrow, major crunch
>wig is not cooperating
>anxiety already through the roof
>going through cosplay checklist, making sure I have everything
>heart stops dead
>I completely forgot to get shoes
honestly I'm considering just not bringing the cosplay, everything seems to be going wrong. It's my only new cosplay and last con of the year for me, though.

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pls b in europe
I'm 24 and there are still some people with an interest in grorious nippon that are our age.
>Sophie Shaw (PeachMilky)
>Melodee Morita
I don't know how old RinRin Doll is but she looks about our age
Most of the "old guard" in lolita are our age or older
That's what I always tell myself lol

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I'm at this point where I feel confused and sad about everything in my life.
About my future,about lolita,about everything. To the point where wearing lolita isn't as fun as it used to be. I miss being carefree and a teen. I hate being an adult, I can see wrinkles at some angles despite taking good care of my skin and I'm just not ready. I've gotten called "madam" twice instead of "miss" and I just feel so terribly old.
I'm so lost,confused and sad and I don't even have a truly good reason. It's so bad that I couldnt enjoy my trip to the brand stores to NY and SanFran (and i've been looking forward to it since a month).

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>Having a trap boyfriend
>Having a trap brolita boyfriend
You're living the dream, anon

>> No.9585547


>couldn't enjoy my trip to brand stores in big city

Material possessions won't bring you happiness, only ephemeral satisfaction at best.

>Miss being carefree and a teen, hate being an adult

Take some time to consider what you missed out on in your youth (I am guessing you're mid/late twenties). Think about it real hard and make a list. Then do it. While doing so, accept the fact that you're going to get old. It's something that is inevitable and you can't work around it. The best you can do is try to be stress-free and start lifting (muscle really perks up your body and is good for you).

But that's really all the advice I can give. When life gets me down, I take a wilderness sabbatical for two or three days. I go five miles into my state's national forest and get away from society/luxuries. It really lets you clear your head and think.

>> No.9585556

If your BF has to borrow money to pay for his normal living expenses you're dating the wrong guy.

>> No.9585568


>> No.9585585

Thank you for reading my posts and responding, anon. I know that the first thing people will think is that I should break up with him, but I'm not sure if I should. This has been a recent attitude he's picked up in the last 2 years that we've been together for. I might have overreacted earlier, since he cooled down later on and celebrated my birthday, but it did highkey hurt me that he took his anger on me again. It might be the fact that he starts college this month and that's been stressing him out a lot recently, but if things continue like this I might have to cut ties.

>> No.9585589

Once you dump him you should date me so I can love you as my lolita gf unconditionally.

Happy birthday!

>> No.9585605

Of course it would, stop feeling sorry for yourself and lose weight if you want to look cute.

>> No.9585639

I respect your decision, I just want to let you know that ISN'T normal behavior. I had a guy who was a complete gentleman when we first started dating, but slowly started saying/doing questionable things until he was full-out sexually abusive and I couldn't tell it wasn't normal because I had been conditioned. Obviously that's an extreme case, but the fact he's been gradually pulling this is a serious red flag. The gradual aspect is how they get you.
>t. Just want to make sure you're ok

>> No.9585640

It wasn't for normal living expenses. It was for a hobby of his.

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>good job, will be making decent money until the end of fall, finally decide to take a leap of faith.
>planning dream cosplay for 2 + years now, everything down to paints, resin, yards of fabric, shoes, wig color/type, renting power tools, weekly goals etc.
>announce that I will start making said outfit on fb page.
>9 months or so to finish it in time for local con debut, plenty of time.
>anxiety kicks in yet again despite extensive planning and encouragement from friends
>I just wanna be confident in myself and my skills, why the fuck does this always happen?

>> No.9585657

Have her stay away from smaller brands like the ones you mentioned. Baby, IW, and Meta have more generous sizing afaik. If she doesn't mind Taobao, she can get custom-sized stuff from there. Make sure to look up reviews to see if stuff runs small.

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Is it safe to say this is the first joke referring to cosplay in mainstream Hollywood movies or have there been a few others?

Also I agree with you, the movie fucking sucked. So many missed opportunities and kinda unfortunate there's not going to be a sequel to the point that you kind feel sorry for the new kids playing the leads.

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i keep seeing itas give shitty advice to people and it makes me die on the inside. i try to politely counter it so that their victim doesn't turn into an ita as well but it's never much use... i can't believe how oblivious people can be regarding their own (lack of) coordinating skills.

dunning-kruger effect in full force.

>> No.9585688

Is that literally not the He-Man/She-ra sword?

>> No.9585693

oh god that's even worse

>> No.9585714

Wow, it's awful that you had to go through something like that. Glad you're out of that situation and doing good now!

Everything is fine right now, but if something worse happens, would you mind if I email you? I don't really like to talk to people irl about my personal relationship problems and I am lacking lolita friends too. I tagged my email here just in case.

>> No.9585719

Yep, that's what happened. He asked for the money promising me that he would return it (it's not the first time I've lended him some cash and he always returns it) and he hasn't yet. He told me today that he will give it to me this weekend but we'll see.

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It looks like it.

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>ask my little sister if she wants to see Wimpy Kid
>"What's it about? You?"

>> No.9585789 [DELETED] 

I just read this in a textbook, I don't want to believe it but I can see it being true:

Research indicated that greater endorsement of rape myths amongst law students is connected to both higher levels of victim blame in sexual violence cases, and shorter sentencing recommendations for rape and sexual violence perpetrators. Relatedly, research showed that law enforcement officers’ interactions with rape and sexual violence victims, and their willingness to believe victims’ reports, was affected by the officers’ belief and endorsement of rape myths. This includes officer behavior such as questioning the testimony or reports of rape victims who were not consistent with their stereotypical view of a “legitimate” rape victim’s behavior, sexual experience, and even physical appearance.

Not quite OT: I had a friend who did roomsharing at a con and things happened, and basically faced this.

>> No.9585790

I sometimes wonder what goes through my big sister's head when I joke on her

>> No.9585803

I'm her brother, not sister.

I usually laugh. But if it's too brutal, I give her a wedgie.

>> No.9585857
File: 32 KB, 535x466, IMG_20170718_043016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fanny Rose is my favorite lolita, but every time I peruse her coords seeking inspo for my own, I feel myself developing some serious self/body image issues

>> No.9585886

Do they say what research/who conducted it, where, when? If I don't see proofs I usually ignore claims like that

>> No.9585903

This is really petty and I realize it but last year I had an issue with a friend's girlfriend extreme copycatting me. Not just little things, I mean copying posts across my social media word for word and using them as her own, visiting my blog multiple times a day, even going out and buying the same clothes as me, trying to cosplay everything I did, stuff like that. It gave me really bad anxiety and eventually my friend realized she was fucking crazy and broke up with her but she still tries to do the same shit every once in a while, just to lesser degrees. Unfortunately he doesn't realize how similar he is, and tends to hop onto other things I like as well, gets SUPER into them and kind of "claims" them as his own passions???
ANYWAY to relate
>work full shift on no sleep, come home tired as all hell
>package at the door, qt weeb shirt I've been wanting for a month
>immediately in a better mood, Snapchat it
>not two seconds later the exact same friend messages me
>have to tell him obviously
>feel really sick about it

It's SO petty of me but I almost want to ask him please not to buy it... it's just the combination of the weird anxiety I get now because of the situation with his ex girlfriend, and I feel like he should understand that better than anyone. He's also the type to wear the same shirt like multiple times a week so I know I'm never going to actually get a chance to wear it now :^) idk this sounds so stupid and shallow out of context but I just have a lot of history combined with this guy and his ex and their weird clinginess towards me and it just made me stomach sort of sick... I just want to have things to myself. He's a nice guy and would understand but I know I can't say anything.

>> No.9585906

I feel this as well, I had a similar instance but was too shy to even try to connect with her.
The Occurance: rogue lolita in my local target a couple weeks ago. She looked great, she'd probably hate me.

>> No.9585909

Dude, absolutely talk to him about it if it bothers you that much. Friendships shouldn't be putting that much emotional strain on you. even if it is a 'little thing', it's important to you, and if he gives a shit about you, he'll care about it too.
Come up with some diplomatic way to approach it and talk about it. In my experience, if you just let it fester without communicating, it'll get worse and blow up real bad.

>> No.9585959

IW's L size is good for people who are a bit taller or wider than the average Japanese girl, but I wouldn't recommend it for actual fatties. Depending on how big your friend is I'd point her to AP, Baby and Meta JSKs with full back shirring or even Maxicham.

>> No.9586020 [DELETED] 

There are squirrels in my bathroom.
This is not fun, this not cute.
Someone is scolding me while I urinate.
This is not all what Squirrel party led me to expect...

>> No.9586030

Email dropped, feel free to talk to me!
I also am in desperate need of lolita friends.

>> No.9586111

>post on /cgl/ about birth control implant ruining my life
>spend weeks in doubt that birth control is causing my symptoms because I really want it to work
>male anon mocks me for being a fat lazy bitch
>be 5 lbs over healthy weight range for height
>have implant out
>drop 6 lbs without diet or exercise
>don't even cry every day anymore
>no panic attacks for a month

feels good anons

>> No.9586114

>Ems only
What? I've ordered from CC 6 times and have always done SAL. I'm pretty sure it's EMS just for certain heavy or bulky items.

>> No.9586116

CC used to only offer EMS shipping. Nowadays they let you do e-packet or w/e too

>> No.9586121

I had the same issue on my last order (from dollyteria, but same company). They accidentally double charged shipping, I got about $20 back. Anon with the high shipping, after you pay just ask them to confirm the shipping cost

>> No.9586256

Messaged you!!

>> No.9586272

I feel like I'm getting out of touch with cosplay and I'm ready to step out forever. I took a break because of school expenses, but now that I look at the community, it seems like most people just buy their costumes from China (and maaaaybe modify it) and everyone wants to be a kawaii idol or model. What's up with that and when did this become the standard??

>> No.9586275

Hey friend, she's one of my icons too. But I think you should take lessons from her, not to dress exactly like her. She focuses on pieces that suit her body type and highlighting features she likes (almost all of her coords have a belt or waist ribbon because she has a relatively slender waist). Try to look hard at your body, look realistically at your wardrobe and find the best way for you to dress.

>> No.9586282

it's normal to feel scared or anxious anon, dream cosplays are big projects. When you've been planning on doing something for so long often when it comes time to make those dreams a reality, we freeze up to nervous to fuck it up. But you'll be fine, just remember small steps first. Break your project down into portions and start tackling each bit one at a time. You'll do fine! Good luck with your dream cosplay!

>> No.9586383

>spy cute dress on LM
>seller doesn't know name of dress but lists measurements
>fuck yeah, dress will fit
>dress arrives
>too small through the shoulders

I don't know why I buy OPs at all.

>> No.9586389

Idk, it isn't like that on the con scene if it makes you feel better. Do what you love.
>spent a bit of money on lolita this past month
>dream item comes up
>instabid on it
>look at shipping
>far more than I was expecting
>look at credit card
>going to have a large bill month again
>mini heart attack
I can afford it, but the state of my internship is tenuous right now and thus my flow of money will potentially be gone until next year when I graduate. The auction ends tomorrow and I'm pretty sure no one else is going to bid on it. I have made an error.

>> No.9586559

>order a bunch of super cute shit off CC
>no reply (aside from the automated one) for over two days

They're usually faster than this. Is there a holiday going on, or is some of their staff on vacation?

>> No.9586568

I think they're just a bit slower now. If you'll notice, they also seem to be posting a lot more volume, so maybe they're getting more business and a bit slower because of that?
They got back to me after 2-2 1/2 days for my order placed last week.

>> No.9586575
File: 37 KB, 262x269, 1453157084282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, you can lose 24+ lbs in three months if you discipline yourself. Some weight loss progress is a million times better than no progress at all.

>> No.9586591
File: 1.39 MB, 500x281, bath time.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same problem here, and this can be easily fixed. This is what I do to navigate around it:
1. exfoliate face (to get rid of bumpy scabs, etc.)
2. apply witch hazel toner
3. apply moisturizer that has sunscreen
4. liquid foundation
5. powder foundation
6. soft blush & eye makeup, etc.

If it still doesn't look right, then it may be a problem with the wig color clashing with your skin tone. A warm colored wig will always look bad on a cold skin tone.

>> No.9586606

Ditto what this >>9586282 person said. Make an outline and break it down into a physical numbered list. Your cosplay is the machine, and the individual pieces are the cogs. You don't just whip up a machine out of nowhere, do you? No, you make the little parts first, which are then put together to make the machine. Baby steps, baby steps. Take it piece by piece. We both know you can do it -- you just have to focus on a little bit at a time.

>> No.9586611

Tacking onto this >>9585909 I suggest you make sure that you can recount several instances of him copying you (the more instances, the better). These kinds of people often don't realize the severity of their own obsessions, and so if you say "You do this all the time!" they won't believe you because 'all the time' is too vague.

>> No.9586660
File: 25 KB, 123x117, Okay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for feeling with me anon.
I haven't touched the wig since then since I've been busy, but I really ought to give it a try after prettying myself up. I'd never cosplay with a raw face of shit skin, so feeling bad about the wig is stupid.

To boot now that I think about it my wig-cutting friend is the kind of girl who basically never leaves the house without makeup... She's very pretty in that way.

I love that gif by the way. It feels so calming as I'm writing this reply. Here's to hoping the tone of the wig and my face will match in the end!

>> No.9586992
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con parking lot is packed to the gills
>see a Ryuko get in her car up ahead
>park behind her, ready to take her spot
>stare intensely
>she glances back, and looks horrified
>mfw I realize she was changing clothes

>> No.9587006
File: 1.07 MB, 500x353, oq4uvxzO1p1tvuetpo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to Vivienne Westwood cafe in Hong Kong
>feel fancy as fuck
Would have been better if I could have gone in lolita but my mother was around and she kind of hates it.

>> No.9587012

Dump that asshole.

>> No.9587020

I'm glad you got help and treatment, anon. All the best to you in your future!

>> No.9587025

> be me
>few months ago
>sold all my dresses
>what i thought was a real btssb
>buyers contacts me saying it's a replica
>didnt realize because quality looked legit
>gave her a refund
And she kept the dress anyway because she made such a big deal. Im scared to start wearing it again especially since i sold everything i worked for :(

>> No.9587026
File: 982 KB, 500x375, giphy(6).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9587037

I want cosplay partners, but I'm too stubborn about my costumes. If I have a material I want to use or an overall look I want to achieve, I don't want to compromise on it, but I'm sure I come across like a dick by refusing other people's ideas. Oh well, being a lone cosplayer ain't so bad.

>> No.9587058

She claimed it was a replica? Did she have proof??

>> No.9587061

Depends on her fit issues - is she busty as well as fat? If so, bodice length will be a real issue - I would avoid IW except for their older style full shirring dresses (where the waist and the top of the bust is shirred) and also be careful about what AP you get - the full back shirring fits most people, but 'just waist' cuts tend to become 'high waist' if you have relatively large breasts because the bodice rides up. Meta is generally plus size friendly and BtSSB is a bit of a crapshoot depending on cut.

Basically...look for the full back shirring and stay away from things that are too short.

>> No.9587069

I'm not fat but my legs are too thicc for many pairs of legwear I've bought over the years. Get over yourself, everyone has challenges. Some people have too broad shoulders, others are too tall, some have no boobs and can't fit MM. No one has it eat that I know personally

>> No.9587082
File: 343 KB, 640x352, A Large, Tibbles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>New England Cosplay Community hosting annual picnic on the 19th in Boston Common
>Boston Free Speech rally being held on the 19th in Boston Common
>100+ horrendous cosplayers being caught between Libertarians, New York Militia, Kekistanis, and screeching "If we set enough trash barrels on fire DRUMPHFT will get impeached" Antifa Middle Schoolers
>mfw this is going to be the best cosplay event in 3 years

>> No.9587086
File: 11 KB, 320x320, frankscream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you see her thong diaper?

>> No.9587093
File: 16 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh man, now i actually have a reason to go this year

>> No.9587116

>Read some French lady's pearl-clutching rant about Japanese magazines encouraging body dysmorphia, slutty makeup and underage sex
>mfw she's only ever read one issue of Koakuma Ageha
So you're telling me a magazine for escorts has nothing but sex stories, diet tips and ads for breast-enhancing creams in it? No, I'm shocked! What's next, you'll come across one of those German porno sudokus and come to a brilliant conclusion that Germans only ever read about big titted porn actresses and crossword puzzles?

>> No.9587120

Then what about the girls on here who bum money if their bfs to buy brand?

>> No.9587135

I'll be the dude in the Dark Souls armor. My friend will be taking video.

>> No.9587178

>cute Re:Zero grill sits right beside me
>too beta to say anything

tfw you wouldn't even mind being cucked because it means you developed enough of a relationship for her to get stolen

>> No.9587202

>grandmother is coming for her summer visit
>apparently she's known the freaking governor's mother since 1959
>apparently we're going to the governor's house for tea
>in a week
>just found out tonight
For one, they're republicans, two, WTF DO I WEAR??!?
I'm assuming j-fashion is straight out. I might take a cute conservative lolita purse since she might think it's cute? I'm guessing dress classy as fuck? I'm just a middleclass schlub!
Anyone do this before?

>> No.9587212

Don't you have any normal clothes? Who the fuck wears lolita to tea with the governor?

>> No.9587224

>background: have a friend who forgets her wallet all. the. time. whenever we go out to eat
>alternatively, she'll suggest her and I split something, then say she only has her card and tells me to put it on mine instead of hers (even if I have cash to give her)
>she never, ever pays me back, nor does she buy me food in return if she does have her wallet
>she acts like she's poor and complains about being broke, but she makes a considerable amount more than most of our friends, which I know because she brags a lot
>now: I decide last minute I'm going to a convention out-of-state
>tell my friends to see if anyone's down for a road trip, need them to quickly confirm
>aforementioned friend: "that sounds like a lot of money anon. it's way too last minute and I don't think you're going to make it work. I don't have the cash for that, I won't go."
>"...but tell me how much it ends up costing."
>I write her off because I'm not reserving a spot for someone who isn't sure they'll come
>I manage to get a group together! Sweet! Have the car reserved, tickets bought, housing organized, get 4 people confirmed besides myself
>friend: "o-oh so you are going? if you haven't reserved a car try to get one with six seats"
>... is this girl for real gonna try to jump on after dissing my attempt to plan this and, when asking to join on last-minute, not offer to pay anything?
>that's not how traveling to conventions together works
>I tell her sorry over text, there isn't room (because it's too late and I know you won't pay your fair share)
>she gets pissy "whatever. have fun."
>i apologize and say good night
>'seen', no response
>her anger fuels me
>have exhausting fun with 4 buds all convention, glad my wallet is only lighter because of paying for my own expenses and no one else's by the end of the weekend

Felt good.

>> No.9587236

Some demure classic designs can be very appropriate for occasions like this, it does depend on what anon has in her wardrobe and how she chooses to wear it though.
Anon, if you don't have anything toned down to wear, you're better off just wearing regular clothes. Hit up your local H&M or F21 or whatever and look for something nice.

>> No.9587239
File: 169 KB, 450x271, weh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I kind of had an emotional breakdown this weekend when I realized that a JSK I was looking forward to wearing arrived with its shirring completely stretched out. It's not that much of a big deal, it's just the crappy cherry on top of the shit cake that was my week.

>> No.9587243


Have you not dressed for a formal event before.

This board is 18+ FYI.

>> No.9587281

Nayrt but I'm 26, skipped all three of my graduation ceremonies, have only been to super casual summer weddings and haven't been to a funeral since I was 12. If I was suddenly invited to an event where a casual sundress or toned down classic lolita wasn't acceptable, I'd be at a loss too.

>> No.9587301

Yeah, you totally should. I have a very weird sense of humour and many times I had to make clear that I was joking. Just explain to the girl that you weren't serious, no need to worry.

>> No.9587362

Have you never had an interview in your life?

>> No.9587382
File: 915 KB, 500x285, 1452362997165.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Move to a new town for university
>The university itself is super liberal and everyone is super supportive of me wearing lolita
>The town itself is very conservative: army base, Tory heartlands, not at all alternative
>I'm used to living in a very liberal, alternative-celebrating town
>get so many rude glances and stares around town
>It's completely sapped my confidence to wear Lolita even for the walk to campus

>> No.9587397

>studing and working full time
>not earning billions but it´s enough for lolita and life
>bf gets his dream, well-paid job
>have to quit mine
>have to move around
>road to uni takes 1.5h (one way)
>not enough time to get a new job
>bf guilt-tripping me about every shopping
>lolita is too expensive, cosmetics are too expensive, every fucking thing is too expensive
>he has plenty of money
>he buys consoles, games and tech stuff all time
>he wants me to look cute but not to pay for it
Just fucking kill me. I'm from poor family and I never asked my parents to buy me something because I felt bad for them. Now, when I'm free to be a cute lolita, my bf is dragging me down. Luckily, only 2 years left to get my MSc and start working again.

>> No.9587401

Why did you have to quit your job and move? Is it because of your bf job or is it unrelated?

>> No.9587402

You need to have both your finances together, work out his fun money & half it, half to him & half to you, if he's not down with that you need to start distancing yourself. Imagine ten years down the road. .. if you guys had a kid would he expecting you to fucking beg for nappies & clothes and shit. Its one yhing if he was saving but he is just wasting his money on crap. Can you move nearer to uni? Get a shared house room? Theres plenty of time to find someone better.

>> No.9587403

Are you me? Except replace growing out of it with only going to get absolutely blackout shitfaced drunk for the entire con, which is not exactly 'fun' for me as a non-drinker.

At least they cosplay still, I guess.

>> No.9587407

Am not being harsh anon, my partner moved countries to be with me & I just split my money down the middle, what little was left of it after rent, bills & groceries while he was looking to get a job, you should be each others fucking rock, money is just a resource, if hes selfish now with it that likely won't change.

>> No.9587412

Lmao as if, why would he give her some allowance. She should get a part time job.

>> No.9587419
File: 9 KB, 333x333, prod_7850908030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plenty, but only at places where they value our CV much more than how we dress. They all expected us to look casual and from what I witnessed at internships, even lowkey make fun of people who show up dressed to the nines. One guy turned up wearing something like pic related with a Hawaiian shirt on top and he was hired because he was the most competent candidate.

>> No.9587440

When, is this during her full time school or three hour commute that she undertakes because of him,she already made the effort and moved so he could take up his dream job which she said pays well so he can well afford it.I don't think you've ever lived with someone anon, and if you did it's probably been a selfish endeavor, like that girls boyfriend. I've never seen a relationship with separate finances work out well whether it be weekly screaming matches about who spent what or one partner cow towing to the other who earns more, in the longterm it only gets worse once there is marriage, property and kids involved.

>> No.9587442

If he's your boyfriend and not your husbando, he isn't financially responsible for funding your fashion purchases. In particular if he's already taking care of the other bills he's going above and beyond what you should reasonably expect. Money is worth the most when you're younger, and worth even more if you don't even own a house yet. Maybe ask him about his financial plans for the future if things are pretty serious instead of crying about no more dresses since you're not even employed.

This board for some reason has strange ideas about the value of money and relationships that don't translate well into reality.

>> No.9587445
File: 25 KB, 600x553, 1494967255644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9587451

If she's going to school more than 2 days a week she's doing it wrong. If she can work full time and school she can school full time and part time work.

>> No.9587455


Also they're not married and she seems like she has no income, why in God's name would he ever share finances when she has nothing to contribute is is already paying literally all the bills.

>> No.9587464

Adding, try a chemical exfoliant over a physical one! It goes deeper into the pores, might help over time with any sort of acne problem areas. Get some aha/bha. Or, get a enzyme exfoliant
t. Been using a more pacific powder enzyme and it's lasted me over a year

>> No.9587467

This. Lolita is truly expensive. She compared him buying games and whatever, but it is his money. He has every right to not want to buy his gf expensive dresses she doesn't need with his spare cash. She seems entitled. Like a child complaining their parents won't buy lolita. Grow up.

>> No.9587483

I've lived places like this and it might be irredeemable, but one of the only things you can do is put in the effort to be polite and friendly all the time. It can be exhausting to feel like you're constantly repping your fashion (or your ethnicity or sexuality or whatever else is an issue in these kinds of places even if you dress normally) but if you make a good impression on people most people will eventually get over it. Especially if the place has a lot of older people they often really approve of well-mannered young ladies and if you come off as smiling and helpful and just an ordinary girl underneath the clothes it can make up for people's prejudices about your appearance.

Some people will be shits anyway, not gonna lie, but mastering pleasant small-talk is especially important with people like your neighbours and local people you'll see regularly, like shopkeepers. Even if shits on the street have got you feeling bitchy, put effort in for these relationships.

>> No.9587487

>want to do same cosplay as friend
>shes a much more talented and experienced seamstress
>has a full functioning prop to go with it

i should just give up now

>> No.9587507

>plan to meet cosplay friend at 2 hour long cosplay event
>2 hours later, she still isn't here.
Feels bad man. Could have went with another friend or something. Idk where she even is....

>> No.9587517

There's always going to be someone more talented/better than you. If that means that cosplay isn't fun for you anymore, then maybe take a break.
It sucks to be the uglier/less well made version of a character, but you're definitely not going to improve if you give up without even trying.

>> No.9587568

>had to sit with my dog of 15 years yesterday as we let him sleep for the final time
>vet let us take his body home which is usually against regulations so we could give him a proper burial
>about to have a drink in his honour to celebrate his life

I'll miss you little man, 'til we meet again!

>> No.9587571

Sorry man, but where's the /cgl/ related feel?

>> No.9587575

>tfw no lolita gf

There we go

>> No.9587586
File: 30 KB, 300x300, 1435390482463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my gf isn't into j-fashion and isn't interested in doing cute coordinated couple outfits with me

>> No.9587646

My condolences, anon.

>> No.9587658

first post sry if badly written
>has a cosplay duo for upcoming con
>finds photographer
>does bg check on cgl and fb and ig, doesn't find anything bad
>is nice and professional over chat
>decides on shoot time, payment, location, ref pics, etcetc
>later decides to check bg twitter bc paranoia
>sees a bunch of sleezy half-memes about tits and pssy
>con is really close and feels bad about canceling, esp bc it's a duo

pls help
idk if this is normal on twitter and I'm just overreacting/being a twat??

>> No.9587665

Maybe he's a creep or maybe he's just tasteless. Either way, it's unlikely he'll do anything since there's two of you. If you still feel uncomfortable you can take another friend along, preferably a guy you trust. Even the skeeviest of skeeves tend to tone down their skeeviness when there's another man present who won't go along with their inappropriate banter.

>> No.9587817
File: 112 KB, 580x579, IMG_1878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sucks but sometimes lolita has to take the back burner when life shit happens. Lolita is not a necessity and your bf can do what he wants with his money, especially if he's already paying food+living expenses. Stop looking at auction sites and cgl if you have to, or keep looking for a part time job. Put yourself in his shoes: you're paying for everything and then your gf says she wants makeup and frilly clothes on top. You can get back into things when uni is finished or the summers.

I'll share my own uni financial feels:
>Saving up for down payment for condo when I transfer to uni
>No room for lolita in budget
>Force myself not to look at sales for months
>Get unexpected bonus at work
>Bought myself a new OP
Felt really good, like a special gift from the lolita gods

>> No.9587890

Yes. We have to move because of his work, but my uni is in the previous city and I can't change courses. Now my studies take about 9h and travelling 3-4h (per day) so I don't have any time left (except weekends).

He doesn't want to move anywhere closer to my uni because now we're living 5 min from his work. We have a deal that in exchange of moving he's paying for everything and I'm doing all household chores, and that's ok. But I feel that my quality of life is drastically worsen and his improved.

We are together 7 years and we don't want a marriage. I don't know why people are thinking that husband should share his income and bf shouldn't. For me it's the same when you're living together. When I were working we split everything in half. And we'll be doing the same after I'll finish my degree. I just want him to stop whining for a while or just accept the fact that I cannot be his cute lolita gf whitout the money.

>> No.9587898

Why would anyone share their finances with someone who has no income, doesn't pay bills, doesn't buy food, and has no children? You're no stay at home wife. You have no children you both need to raise. He's literally paying for all your finances, you have no right to demand more.

What a fucking joke. Your school situation sounds terrible but you should have negotiated beforehand. If he wasn't willing you didn't need to stay together and sacrifice your 'quality of life'. However you did, meaning you want to stay. It's far too late to regret your decision and unfortunate you couldn't work out a better living situation. Doesn't mean he needs to share his income, when he literally pays for your entire life already. There is no split in half when you don't have anything to give.


>> No.9587932

Yeah, I'm pathetic because I want to live with man I love. I should probably find a suggar daddy or camwhore myself because it's apparently better than being in a relathionship without an income.

He doesn't need to do anything. He can break up with me as well. In the future I'm gonna make some good money (I'm studing to be a surgeon) and maybe he'll be the one in need.

I don't know why you sound so angry. I just shared my feels anon. If they are upseting you, maybe you have some problems.

>> No.9587945

>be good friends with girl (let's call her Bubbles)
>go to cons together, do kids events as princesses
>before we know it we have a little business together
>might have feelings for her but idk, always identified self as straight
>fast forward about 1 1/2 years
>we've been investing in our business and it's booming
>beauty and the beast live action comes to theaters
>"anon, let's buy a Belle dress!"
>sounds good, Belle will be popular
>I pay $600, she chips in a remaining $225
>dress is beautiful
>commissioner did wonderful
>it's anything anyone could ever want
>in this time, Bubbles got a girlfriend (let's call her Flower)
>I'm a little jealous but they're happy so I am too
>but Bubbles starts acting a bit.. weird?

>> No.9587953

>notices I am excluded a lot from our group
>never invited anywhere
>Bubbles and other friends in that circle are pretty aggressive towards me
>one day we get a request for a Belle party
>it's in my town, so I offer to do it
>"Oh it's okay anon, I don't think you suit Belle. You're too pale."
>see pics from the belle party 2 weeks later
>Flower is Belle
>I'm pale, but Flower is a ghost. Paler than me lol
>on Flower's Facebook post is "thanks so much Bubbles, I couldn't have been Belle without her"
>I paid for the $200 wig and most of the $825 dress but ok yeah thanks Bubbles
>don't say anything though
>a few weeks pass. I had broken up with a controlling boyfriend, and my friends were basically ignoring me so I fell into a depression
>decide to take a break from cosplay, cons and princess gigs for a bit
>I have some time to myself and feel better
>notice Bubbles has been using the Belle dress for gigs
>"Hey Bubbles, can I have some money for Belle? I did pay most of it"
>"Uhh anon you GAVE me the dress when you took a break"
>uh no I didn't?
>"ok fine anon. I quit. So that $225 that is MY loss."

>> No.9587982

>Bubbles goes off and starts a new business under her own name
>friends kick me from the group chat and stop talking to me
>get depressed again, but this time confide in other friends
>they all basically say the same thing
>"yeah Bubbles has been acting SO weird since her and Flower started dating"
>whatever, nothing I can do but i still need the money for Belle
>ask Bubbles about it
>2 days no response
>message Kittycat who is someone she was with the other day and ask if everything's ok with Bubbles
>"I messaged her anon but in the future please don't involve me in your drama"
>I never mentioned drama but ok
>Bubbles answers almost right away
>"I was busy anon?"
>"sorry Bubbles"
>"it's ok. You can have all your stuff back when I get MY half of Belle."
>I don't want the wig anymore because she ruined it and it was $200 brand new but whatever
>"I don't want to work with you."

I'm not too upset anymore, I saw it coming and have a handful of friends to support me but it still hurts :( and I can't help but reflect on what I possibly could've done wrong

>> No.9587986

bubbles sounds like she was lovestruck by flower and flower probably didnt lime you and turned her against you
At least you don't have to deal with anymore (hopefully), definitely stay away from the both of them in the future, and maybe try not being too much of a doormat and put your foot down

>> No.9587988

>I'm studying to be a surgeon.
Man, are they really accepting anyone in med school these days? Your grammar is horrifying for someone who's taking such rigorous courses.

>> No.9588000

Sorry, I'm not native speaker.

>> No.9588006

I'm not either. I'm not even going for med school and even I knew to study English ten times harder in order to succeed in uni.

>> No.9588021

>I'm pathetic because I want to live with man I love.
Kind of. I understand you love him but it seems a little extreme having to go through so much trouble just to live together. Your education is your priority so it would make more sense to live near your university. You could have continue in a relation with him but long distance until you finished university.

>> No.9588022

>buy dreamy stupid rococo rufflemonster a couple of years ago
>wear it once to an brand tea party because it's far too OTT for any normal meet-up
>(I don't have a car so even wearing it to fancier local meets like ILD is out of the question because I have to walk/public transport to meets)
>really happy with my coord and look really cute that day but all the photos came out badly
>everything but my low-res phone selfies were derpy with bad lighting and weird angles and didn't show enough details to do the coord justice
>want to sell dress after event because I have no other opportunities to wear it
>but I still regret not having any record of myself in it and feel like I'd get sellers remorse without it, since I'd worked hard on that coord and was proud of it
>dumb dress takes up loads of room in my wardrobe, can't even wear it, would make money if I sold it and is honestly starting to piss me off whenever I see it but I just don't want to sell without photos
>it's been sat in my closet for a fucking year while I've tried to contrive a situation where I could have a photoshoot and then get rid of the bloody thing

It's honestly stressing me out and I'm not sure what the right decision is. Last year I had a similar situation with a Halloween print, where I'd worn it once, didn't get photos, and knew I wouldn't wear it again because I'd already bought another Halloween dress that year that I wanted to wear instead - I sold it for quick money and ended up really regretting it. But I really don't love this dress as much as I once did (it was a DD for two years but after it arrived I realised it wasn't as nice as I thought it'd be) and I'm sick of keeping things I don't love and don't wear around. I have a really bad habit of telling myself I'll sell pieces once I've worn them just because it feels like a waste not to when I've already bought the coord, but then never actually wearing them because deep down I don't really like the dress any more.

>> No.9588025

You don't need to have perfect grammar to be good at slicing people up desu

>> No.9588027

you do for med school desu

>> No.9588029

>tfw no amount of dressing up like a Byzantine cataphract will ever make you one
>you will never fight die for the Holy City

>> No.9588051

>assuming anon is from an English speaking country
Granted this is an English speaking Laotian Cartoon board but still

>> No.9588052
File: 168 KB, 448x448, wendy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dressed as Kanna
>guys asks to put me in a trashcan for a pic
>he says "You're gonna be canned ravioli."

>> No.9588077
File: 840 KB, 1082x946, 1500598277547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was he cute anon

>> No.9588086
File: 102 KB, 501x454, noseblud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9588092
File: 203 KB, 824x528, 1498193767028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hope you got his number. i'm rooting for you

>> No.9588099

I don't understand how, but hte way my husband eats is very loud. I have to leave the room or come up with an excuse to do something else. We don't really have sit down meals we just eat when we feel like it so it's not a big deal but right now I'm PMSing so it makes me want to scream. I've brought it up gently before but nothing has changed. Doesn't help that he enjoys undercooked broccoli and carrots. Sounds like he's eating gravel.

>> No.9588102
File: 34 KB, 606x688, mousegar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>message a friend about meeting him at the con
>"seen" but no reply
>spot him later in the dealer room
>ask why he didn't reply
>"my fiancee doesn't want me to private message girls."

>> No.9588111
File: 53 KB, 200x200, 1384345837044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actual friends are marginally into anime at best
>want animu friends and maybe even a qt cosplay gf
>don't want to be a creep so never talk to anyone at cons

>> No.9588119

Yeah that was my guess too. Lesson learned for sure.

>> No.9588121
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>napping on the con floor
>guy shakes me awake
>"Your panties are showing"

>> No.9588168

I work in a hospital laboratory and regularly exchange emails with doctors who write like dyslectic twelve year olds. And these are the kinds of people who jokingly call surgeons "butchers" and make fun of them for being less academic than other specialisations, so...

>> No.9588226

Anon, I'm the one who suggested you split things down the middle, its a shame, & I hope you guys can sort things out. He might just be a moaney bastard but will eventually quit grumbling. I agree with the anon who thinks you might need to scale back on new purchases but certainly seeing as you are pulling your weight I don't understand your Mrs viewpoint. At all.

I think theres a bitter MGTOW or polack replying to you that hasn't experienced a long term relationship. I wouldn't let it get me down, its actually pretty funny when you think about it-a kissless virgin is trying to give you advice on your LTR! You are a not your partners maid or his prostitute! Thats all those fuckwit sub-humans understand

>> No.9588246


If it's just that you don't have nice photos, it's easily remedied. Arrange for a photoshoot (if you can't do a paid shoot, diy it in a brightly-lit corner of your home and a tripod, or bribe someone who owns a better camera with some pizza, or something). Dress up however you want and take photos.

Then sell the dress.

Only thing I have to warn you is I have a 30% chance of changing my mind and keeping the dresses I've tried this with, but at that point at least you know for sure whether you want to keep the dress or not.

>> No.9588256

One of the better surgeons I've met is actually dyslexic and has a really hard time with writing words. He's capable of describing things pretty well but he'll misspell things a lot. Honestly, surgery is much more about procedures than anything. You don't need language to carry you through a surgery residency. And even though I had to write "essays" in med school, I often used bullet points for the sake of time. Furthermore misspellings were largely forgiven as long as the names were recognized as is. It isn't really unfathomable for someone with either not great grammar or a learning disability to get through med school and to thrive. Harder, for sure, but not impossible or as hard as getting a language phd.

>> No.9588266

Lmao your englsih sucks dick dude, stop tryharding u faggot

>> No.9588277
File: 1.06 MB, 1080x2220, 20170806_215759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do I say gulls?

>> No.9588278

"Report user"

>> No.9588315
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, 1435208495470.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order patterns and fabric online
>ordered on thursday
>haven't heard anything yet, probably won't ship until monday or tuesday
>shipping will probably take 4-5 days
>mfw I just want to sew but literally can't do anythingggg

>> No.9588326
File: 28 KB, 469x469, 76593672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh I know that feel anon. And then when your stuff finally comes you don't feel motivated anymore. It sucks

>> No.9588342

>And then when your stuff finally comes you don't feel motivated anymore
Oh god don't remind me, this is 100% going to happen. I'm just flapping my hands uselessly right now and by the time my stuff arrives I'll have burnt through all my motivation and energy.

>> No.9588346
File: 6 KB, 232x217, esla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>napping on the con floor

>> No.9588371
File: 541 KB, 2000x1500, 1bbc6e2a47bef390bc73b43d048b341a99873e54_s2_n1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate how embarassing it is when your thong shows while you are cosplaying.

>> No.9588382

>wearing a cute ass bear Lolita Coord for small local con
>BF and I enter smash tourney
>Become known throughout the game room as "Kawaii couple"

But hey, we made it to 4th and 5th place.

>> No.9588383

10 bucks say neither you or your bf are actually cute irl.

>> No.9588447

Someone seems spiteful.

>> No.9588461

My new roomie just bought a DSLR so I'm tempted, but there's absolutely nowhere in my home that would do this thing justice (maybe I should set up an amateur green-screen and photoshop myself somewhere nicer). Nasty rental stained beige carpet, mismatched IKEA furniture, etc. I'm probably going to have to man up and go outside in it to find a nicer place for a shoot, but I live on a really busy street that isn't in an accepting major city and I know there'll be a billion stares and possibly worse if I go out dressed like a 17th-century princess.

I know what you mean about wanting to keep stuff. I almost always try stuff on before selling, and if it's unflattering on it helps me get rid but if it fits and flatters me and is easy to coord I always feel bad selling and find it hard to motivate myself to unless I really need the money.

>> No.9588469

You're right, anon. But hey, we made friends with a bunch of booth owners so we got discounts at a few places in the dealers room.

>> No.9588472

Oohh someone's mad they didn't get 6th then.

>> No.9588523

I always think the same thing whenever I hear some of these outrageous stories
it's like the tumblr posts where everyone stands up and claps and gives them $100
just don't call them out on it because people on here get pissy and will samefag to defend their fantasy post

>> No.9588547

That's really sad desu.

>> No.9588770

>wanted Moitie OTKs for like a year
>got outbid on yet another pair today
>had bid on another item from the same seller so I could bundle them together instead of paying shipping for literally one pair of shops
>didn't wake up in time to cancel the bid so now I'm stuck paying for that item alone

I learnt my lesson and should have set my max bid higher, since European Moitiefags are scalpers and the same design goes for twice as much on the Western market. Still, feels bad man.

>> No.9588810
File: 67 KB, 639x633, percy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Our comm took a hiatus because some of the girls were refusing to wear thong diapers. Sucks.

>> No.9588813

I wish Moitie would just goddamn release their lace-topped OTKs already so I can buy four pairs in different colours and stop wasting time searching.

>> No.9588836

This. Fucking /cgl/ going soft too.

>> No.9588843

I'm having a really hard time financially and all I want to do to feel less stressed is look at lolita clothes. Please kill me.

>> No.9588870
File: 59 KB, 655x527, 1492936615418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get called kawaii
>fantasy post

>> No.9588873

>I like totally happened to wear my coord at this smash tourney
>I almost won but not quite lol
>I was so cuta though that everyone told me I was cute and cheered me on!
it definitely sounds like the fantasy of some fat ita lmao

>> No.9588890

Lmao. She totally sounds like she's making this up! Haha. What an ita!

>> No.9588897

We called you out on your fantasy post.
You can stop samefagging now.

>> No.9588900

I'm not the same person but man do I love catching salty gulls while I'm on the toilet.

>> No.9588904

Why don't you catch a UTI while you are at it?

>> No.9588907

sorry you got posted in the ita thread honey

>> No.9588908

Nayrt but what's wrong with you? Forgot to take your meds?

>> No.9588920

I don't wear lolita, babygirl.

>> No.9588934
File: 95 KB, 1200x675, thedee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>about to start a full time job tomorrow
>mfw the burando will be mine

Should I be happy or sad that my five months as a neet are over?

>> No.9588944
File: 38 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>move to a new, considerably more leftie area
>old comm was 10/10, became fast friends with all of the girls, meets were a blast and everyone was super agreeable and easygoing
>join new comm
>go to first meet, so excited!
>everyone seems sweet, a few itas but most look decent
>some time passes, everyone starts to get progressively more and more whiny
>one of them is a tumblr self diagnosed mental illness-chan, another is depressed and never shuts up about it, one has an ~invisible illness~, one won't shut up about how ugly she is and one is perpetually angry about social justice shit and never stops preaching about dumb crap
>m-maybe it was just a bad day?
>everything went as well as could be expected, we part on a positive note
>one girl leaves lolita sometime later, everyone starts nitpicking her coords, appearance, manners, personality, hardcore projecting
>at another meet, present members start talking shit about some absent members and making fun of their faces/mannerisms, invisible illness-chan BAWWs about herself, standard fare at this point
>a few weeks later, self-diagnosed-chan organises a birthday party meet and invites us all, I'm at an MUN conference for 4 days and can't go
>everyone's okay with it
>day after birthday party, I get a message on FB
>it's the comm, organising an 'intervention' because I failed to show up
>they all start piling on me for ??? reasons
>say that's retarded, I told them I would be away and they were okay with it then
>"yeah well what else are we supposed to say, we can't force you, you should know better"
>the rest of the conversation was just them sperging out about me using the word 'retarded'
I blocked everyone, deleted what little personal information I had and deactivated my account. What a bunch of sad individuals.

>> No.9588950

Reading shit like this makes me glad I'm not a woman. I can't even imagine what mental torture going to an all-girls school would be like either, Christ

>> No.9588954

I'm the OP of the post and I went to an all-girls Catholic school. It was fine, girls are a lot less gossipy/horrible than guys in my experience. Don't equate the behaviour of a few mentally unstable/insecure individuals with the general behaviour of normal women. In other words, go outside and talk to women other than your mam.

>> No.9588955
File: 2.92 MB, 640x480, cgl - cosplay and egl.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9588956

What the fuck. It's a cesspool of mentally ill children.

>> No.9588959

Don't need to watch the rest to know where this is going

>> No.9588962

I took her word because i was pretty new at Lolita and assumed she knew better than me since i bought it secondhand. I probably still have pics of the dress

>> No.9588963

>all girls Catholic school

Heyor you, I know plenty of bleedin' youngons

>> No.9588967

>It was fine, girls are a lot less gossipy/horrible than guys in my experience
As a crossboarding dude who started to browse /cgl/ a couple days ago I seriously doubt that statement.

>> No.9588968

>browses 4chan
>thinks it's representative of the real world
we're all mad here

>> No.9588971

My bf and a guy I used to live with both went to all-boys schools and whoo boy they had some stories. Guys can be just as bitchy when in that kind of fishbowl school environment.

>> No.9588974
File: 281 KB, 960x1280, 13720401_1219450088068020_1384912416_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought my first perler bead sprites today. Am I con cancer yet?

>> No.9588976

The real world isn't worth browsing anyway

>> No.9588977

sure are, congrats anon

>> No.9588979

I went to an all boys school. Lads settle scores thumping eachother about in the yard, they're not catty or passive aggressive as girls are prone to be in the same setting.

>> No.9588981

>anecdotal evidence
100% convinced

>> No.9588986

That's basically common knowledge though.
Men largely tend to be much more direct in their conflicts

>> No.9588987

>my anecdotal evidence is more valid than yours

Definitely why nearly every girl I hung out with in my teenage years said they much preferred having male friends because there was a lot less drama involved. Pretty sure I'll take my own 12 years experience being in all-boys schools over a random woman on /cgl/ telling me girls at that age totally aren't gossipy or catty

>> No.9588996

Love the butthurt, keep 'em coming lads. Tell me more about how men are less emotional and women are totes catty crybabies who hate it when someone disagrees with them on /cgl/.

>> No.9588999

Why are you upset over common knowledge? Although men are just more emotional in different areas than women.

>> No.9589002

The only one being emotional, butthurt and crying foul here is you, missus. Nobody said women are crybabies, you're just being shown to lack common sense if you genuinely think teenage boys are worse for engaging in exclusionary, non-direct passive aggressive behaviour in schoolyard situations over girls. Time to step away from the PC

>> No.9589003

You've apparently never seen blue-collar men in a large work setting like a city infastructure such as water/power or roads/traffic departments.
It's a mass-scale circlejerk where gossip that confirms their /r9k/-tier beliefs spreads faster than neutrinos.

>> No.9589004
File: 70 KB, 500x375, faptoluka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not until you build a Pop wall.

>> No.9589005

>tries to refute the argument that women tend to be more catty by being catty
w e w


>> No.9589007

But the conversation is about boys versus girls in a school setting. I think it'd be a lot more worrying if grown men were resolving their blue-collar disputes in fistfights in the break room at lunchtime

>> No.9589010

Can confirm: Employee at water and power dept takes his wife for a shit holiday, she ends up with hepatitis from contaminated drinks.
Despite what the doctors say, he blames "hurr damn vitermin pills" and rants about it at work. Half of the 400 guys go home and shit on their wives for taking vitamins/pills/etc because they totes obviously cause liver cancer because Barry's wife is dying of it!

>> No.9589013

...You really never heard the stories about blue collar men in the 70s?

>> No.9589020

Stop moving the goalposts girl, you lost.

>> No.9589022

>the 70s

The world is a very different place to the one is was nearly 50 years ago, anon. You so much as look the wrong way at somebody in some workplace scenarios, you can be reprimanded by higher-ups. None of this is relevant to what's being discussed anyway

>> No.9589024

Stop replying to obvious baiting robots and stay on topic

>> No.9589026

You have literally no idea about blue collar government work.

>> No.9589027

Nayrt, that girl you were arguing with is probably long gone.

>> No.9589028

>I'm just going to keep talking about this completely irrelevant topic I brought up for no reason

>> No.9589029
File: 253 KB, 1080x1283, 1486083102990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a man said something I don't like on /cgl/

>> No.9589030

>not realizing you're talking to two different girls
It's the closest to two on one you'll probably get, sorry.

>> No.9589031

Stop, you'll make him cry.

>> No.9589033

So you're not a /r9k/ misogynist?
What's your opinion on women then?

>> No.9589034

Nayrt, you seem like a samefag.

>> No.9589035

Please quote me one instance where there's been misogyny posted within the last hour and a half.

>> No.9589038
File: 6 KB, 166x146, Clipboard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was already proven that the "robot" posts are made by tumblr special snowflakes.
No one cares enough about /cgl/ to raid it.

>> No.9589042
File: 267 KB, 425x240, stfu ami.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm so sorry anon, you did everything absolutely perfect and you got away from them.

but why did you think moving to a considerably more leftie area would be a good thing? that's where all the tumblr-inas are. why did you even move in the first place if you had everything you wanted in your old comm, i'm assuming because of work?

>> No.9589044

Moved in with my bf who lives in that area.

>> No.9589046

>can't argue with anything that's being said
>lol I'll just say this guy will never get laid xd

Good thing we have you two taking a pause for the cause definitely not just proving the point that women are indeed cattier and more insulting

>> No.9589049

That's like women "arguing" 101
>lose argument
>well yeah but you are a VIRGIN LMAO!11

>> No.9589052


Generalizing that all women are similar to a stereotype.

Talking down to a female in a patronizing way to establish dominance of opinion.

Devaluing the anecdotal evidence of a random female when you yourself are just as random and presenting anecdotal evidence at best yourself.

Emphasizing masculinized infantile behaviour as being of more social value than stereotypical "feminine" behaviour.

Not being aware of board culture, board norms, but feels entitled to argue because masculine influence trumps inferior feminine influence inherent on board.

Are you done yet? I can still go on.

>> No.9589055

>I don't know what misogyny means: the post
Okay, go on if you like

>> No.9589057
File: 8 KB, 265x265, 1462308840929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally not an argument

>> No.9589059

I just enjoy dominating men, sorry.

>> No.9589060

>thinking that a man disagreeing with a woman = misogyny

This post is fucking retarded regardless of whether or not a man or a woman posted it

>> No.9589062

Define misogyny then.

>> No.9589064

>dominating men
you are far from "dominating" anyone. so far you are just making a fool out of yourself lol.

>> No.9589067

I got you to reply, didn't I?
You wasted delicious hours of your life focusing on ME.
I think I'm done here.

>> No.9589071
File: 7 KB, 422x164, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody in this thread has shown any deep seated contempt for a woman purely by virtue of them just being a woman. Stop intentionally being a retard

>> No.9589073

But aren't you doing the same? Only a fucking loser would continue to reply.

>> No.9589075
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1496761570829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW you buy your dream dress, then it goes on clearance.

>> No.9589077
File: 14 KB, 221x202, 1469806210171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>declares herself the winner despite making zero arguments
Please don't go, my sides are dying reading your non-sensical replies and delusions of grandeur.

>> No.9589080


>> No.9589099

I'm currently trying to improve my local comm and get people more active and involved because I'm planning to quit admin role next year. I'm not really enjoying very much about the community anymore outside my close friend group. I don't think I could ever fall out of love with the fashion, but I'm just not very interested in meeting up with people I don't know and don't care to know. I know that sounds harsh, and it's not that they're horrible or anything, I just don't have anything in common and I'm wearing thin playing host and mother hen to newbies for years.
I don't want to leave the comm high and dry (I organise most/all events), so I've been getting people on board to help out organize things for a while now, so at least when I leave the comm won't die, and it's going better than expected. I know I'm leaving because I'm not interested, but I wouldn't like to see it crash and burn for lack of people being bothered.

I might change my mind about leaving or stepping down, but I'm giving 100% to make my comm functional, and then I'll see how I feel about it or if anything has changed to make me reconsider. I don't really know why I'm posting this here. I haven't told a single person in case they freak out or get the wrong idea.

>> No.9589100
File: 199 KB, 1920x1080, uhHyYvP.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was an anon who posted about how I was waffling over going to a meet again and i did it! and it went okay! okay enough that i didn't feel the need to cry when i came home like last time.

I know people go to meets all the time but this is huge for me. yay!

>> No.9589101

You have a lot on your mind for sure, but it sounds like your heart is in the right place. Good luck!

>> No.9589103

Thanks! The comm has a history of just waiting for meets to be made (any time I've been sick or busy with work nobody stepped up) but it's definitely gotten better in the last year or so. Who knows, if the pressure to be the organizer all the time is off I might start enjoying meets again, I guess time will tell!

>> No.9589119

I think I might know who you are and you might feel better opening up to someone about it. You have friends whose home comm isn't the one you admin who you could go to for advice on managing the transition (if I'm right, my main comm has most meets organised by the same few people but it's split over 3-4 people instead of just one, and other friends of yours are in a comm that rotates hosting monthly). It's an active comm and they should be able to survive fine by themselves, but I think they have got used to being "mothered" and started to automatically expect that you'll host and not want to do anything themselves, perhaps even that members that are new to hosting are scared of not living up to the standards of your meets. I hope it works out but I don't think you need to be super secretive.

>> No.9589157

>Don't want a marriage after 7 years.
>....but still want shared finances.

Do either of you have your financial future planned out whatsoever? Do you have a house yet? Do you have a safety net if something happens to his job or either of your health? Is he saving for a large purchase or worried about his parents? How much is owed on your tuition?

What are you valuing "being his cute lolita gf" at? It sounds like you're planning on having a future together, and there's more to financially worry about than lolita dresses. Sorry if nobody told you that here yet, but it's probably time you have a talk about your financial plans instead of hoping to turn your boyfriend into a faceless villain for the internet harpies to pull apart.

I'd honestly think this was a troll but it seems too stupid.

>> No.9589172

This isn't me
Studies actually! I wanted to do my Master's abroad and that was one of the best options (I'm from Europe and had never been to North America before, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to travel a bit as well as study at a prestigious college). Things are... odd, to say the least. Back home we've the odd rabid SJW but over here that's your average pedestrian like. Most are fairly civil all things considered, but sometimes it seems like I'm taking crazy pills and no matter what I do I'm offending... someone, somewhere, somehow. Just being here is exhausting, Canada is a weird place.

>> No.9589176
File: 732 KB, 1700x2471, mSzaI4N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was trying to slowly lose weight after feeling discouraged that my mega weight-loss prior to a convention fell through (monitor calories, go to the gym when free, just make healthier choices and not stress so much), but then I got a foot injury that made going to the gym painful. I also ended up forgetting to watch my calorie intake and after being off my meds as well, started to binge eat more. I've now put on 20 lbs when I had lost 10 prior to the injury, and now I feel so gross and ugly. Now I'm back on my super diet and it sucks because right now I'm hungry but I've already eaten my calorie limit for the day :'( Oh well, I know it's for the best....

>> No.9589177

one of my favorite scenes of all time

>> No.9589180

Pickles, cucumbers, and veggies from now on tubby chan.

>> No.9589181
File: 36 KB, 668x445, sjw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't know true sadness until you've seen an anime con dating event.

>> No.9589184

Hello anon we have a freaky-friday arrangement together. I'm a Texan who's just moved to San Francisco. As a moderate, I'm a pinko commie in Texas, and a fascist in SF. So I've been on both sides of this table.

It may not work for you, but I've found that the "no fucks given" approach really helps. Not being obnoxious, just not caring. Yeah I'm wearing an anime shirt and cowboy boots deal wit it. I'm sure once you just wear lolita around enough you'll be more comfy.

>> No.9589190

Are you me anon? I stopped going to the gym because I went on vacation and fell out of the habit. :( I know you can get motivated to start up again! Just imagine how much progress you can make in a year if you start back up.

>> No.9589212

>>alternatively, she'll suggest her and I split something, then say she only has her card and tells me to put it on mine instead of hers (even if I have cash to give her)
>she never, ever pays me back, nor does she buy me food in return if she does have her wallet
>she acts like she's poor and complains about being broke, but she makes a considerable amount more than most of our friends, which I know because she brags a lot

Anon...are you into abusive relationships because otherwise why the fuck are you still friends with this person when their behavior is obviously a permanent thing and doesn't seem to be changing for a while.

>> No.9589220

Should've gone for it if she was by herself, anon.

>> No.9589229

Yay for you!
Glad it worked out!

>> No.9589374

I lost my boobs at the con. :(

>> No.9589377

>Comm wont let me suck on my pacifier during tea

anyone else having this trouble?

>> No.9589381

Stop doing ecstasy.

>> No.9589387

>another day without a sexy ivy league educated k-drama tier oppa to cook bulgogi for as he gets home from his wall street or silicon valley job

( ._.)


( ;_;)

>> No.9589392

Grow a fucking spine, who cares if people look at you funny for wearing your silly dresses?

>> No.9589399

This is why i cant rage on sugar daddys. All girls want money

>> No.9589444

I'm not confident in a lot of the cosplays I've done. I've been on Instagram since 2014 but have like 10 posts since then because i just cringe at myself. However, my most recent cosplay is actually decent for once and I'm finally learning how to enjoy myself again.

>> No.9589481

Thank you anon for this post. I think that you are right and I should probably talk with my bf about this situation. I don't mind angry replies. Actually, I want to improve my relationship instead of writing here thanks to them.

>financial future
He has about 200k $ in savings and made his will some time ago in which I have some share. I have 2ha of land from my parents. I can sell it at any time or build a house or camp here for the rest of my life.
Don't wanna.
Free healthcare.
>his parents
They are in their late 40s, healthy and financially stable.
Nothing thanks to free education.

Yes, I know that my feels are 1st world problems. But I want to dress cute clothes unless I get some wrinkles or become fat after pregnancy. We're planing to live together as long as we can but there is no gain from a marriage for us at this point.

>> No.9589524

How are you supposed to react when guys leave shit comments on your cosplay instagram? Just delete them?

>> No.9589532
File: 4 KB, 300x150, case-solved.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Using beta and cucked in a serious way
>Can't get laid
Go figure...

>> No.9589533

Nah I rather become homeless than look for a daddy

>> No.9589534

Not everyone can work in tech.

>> No.9589535

>met cute nerd guy at a con last month
>hit it off super well for a few hours until I got comfortable enough to let my guard down and show off my sarcastic side which is 90% of who I am
>he didn't get it
>likely thought I was an bitchy autist
>he got my number on day 1 and never wrote back

feels bad

>> No.9589559

>i am le sarcastic grill XD
Not surprised he hasn't written you back.

>> No.9589561
File: 30 KB, 600x600, DFKYHfO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently got back from overseas, pretty broke
>dream dress up for sale
>cant really afford
>just lodged my tax return, getting double what i expected back
>can comfortably afford pricey dream dress and maybe more

Wish me luck gulls, I really fucking hope its still for sale in two weeks

>> No.9589563

Wait, since when does sarcasm = "I'm not like the other girls"? Fill me in.
I used to be clinically depressed and just never really got out of the habit of using laughter as my only way to enjoy life. Most of my friends are in on it too so I always forget to tone it down when I'm with new people.

Mind you, I'm not whining that he didn't write back as I fully understand why. Just feeling a bit eh because I didn't really consider the fact that he did not know me well enough to get that the shit I was spewing out of my mouth was not supposed to be taken seriously.

>> No.9589570

Nayrt but how sarcastic are we talking?

>> No.9589572

I'd say 8 out of 10 times I ever open my mouth in a non-serious or non-contributing setting or when I don't think about what I'm saying

>> No.9589575

Which con was it?
I too want to meet cute guys.

>> No.9589581

I'm disappointed in you.

>> No.9589588

You're right. I'm not either, and never claimed everyone should. I was just explaining to that anon how someone could survive without formal clothes yet still be a fully functioning adult with a job, since they were implying that anyone in that situation would have to be an underage NEET.

>> No.9589614

NO. That fuels the fire and makes you look pretty as fuck. You ignore.
Ignoring is the only way to stop flamming retards.

>> No.9589618

Can we get married?

>> No.9589622

I delete them and they usually get the point and stop doing it. Very rarely one of them PMs me to ask why, and then I simply tell them I'm not comfortable with those kinds of comments. Sometimes they don't take that well and I block them but that's only happened twice in several years.

I disagree. If you just let those kinds of messages stay, it makes it look like you're okay with it and other guys will think it's okay for them to leave messages like that, too. Look at a certain Mei cosplayer and the ridiculous amounts of "i want 2 fuk ur pu$$y" type comments she gets. She never acknowledges any of them but they sure as hell aren't going away.

Unless anon is talking about purely insults from obvious trolls, then it may be better to just ignore them.

>> No.9589634

I was under the impression they were talking about insults. Unwanted advances, yes, delete/report if it gets bad.

>> No.9589657

I was talking exactly about the kind of "i want to fuk..." type comments, sorry for not being clear.

>> No.9589695

Has anyone here ever traded "favors" for frills?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.9589704

Some people just don't get sarcasm. its weird.

>> No.9589718
File: 133 KB, 600x624, 1502095125471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


pretty sure most people on /cgl/ did at some point

>> No.9589748
File: 69 KB, 800x533, Loneliness_blog_photo_3-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>very interested in loli and j-fash
>live in a shit country where people will stare at you and scream stuff if you look different
>no cons whatsoever and no groups/meetups where I can meet others
>have tried messaging some lolis but they don't seem interested
>end up wearing the fashion less and less, no point in being alone
I envy other countries so so much, even when you say you have an "ita comm". At least you have one...

>> No.9589768

I'll come to your country to bring you out to tea, hold your hand and tell you you're pretty in lolita

>> No.9589773

On anon, that would be wonderful!
I'll bring the cupcakes, you bring the salt.

>> No.9589779

Which country?

>> No.9589784
File: 69 KB, 1300x866, mamamiapapapia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9589787
File: 8 KB, 208x360, Airports.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like a date. I can hit up any of these airports if you're Italian

>> No.9589788

Maybe you just came off as dour and cunty? I have a friend who is often sarcastic and to anyone who isn't used to that, she seems like a huge bitch who's always complaining and can't ever just be genuinely happy about something. Super sarcastic people are kind of an acquired taste.

>> No.9589789

Hell yeah senpai HMU any one of those is fine

>> No.9589795

drop dat email address

>> No.9589808

>inb4 SWAT in my house

>> No.9589814

check that mail yo

>> No.9589965

How are you gonna "hit up those airports"? Are you a pilot?

>> No.9589975

No, I'm a Muslim

>> No.9590000

RIP italian anon then

>> No.9590025


>> No.9591824

This is more of an update : Wanted to say this since I posted A while ago. I am the MRSA anon from a while back, just wanted to say that I have been treated after a while being on antibiotics ( for a month ) and multiple doctors. My legs are not leaking anymore and my boils are gone (pretty much everywhere). I do have scarring though on my entire body though the worse spots on my legs but, Lolita covers my legs which is good . I have to say though I am better the scars knocked my confidence in Lolita a bit ... But, I am assuming they will fade in time.

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