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Hoping this is /cgl/ related because it's a Japanese crane game app where you can get anime & game merch, plushies, and Japanese household items.

Any other players or former Toreba addicts?

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>Web browser version: http://www.toreba.net/play

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spent 30 dollars to get a figurine. didn't get it. the next person got it on their first try

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I spent like $50 trying to get a love live nesoberi plush and I saw someone else get one in one go. I blocked it on my browser after that.

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I spent $25 trying to get a huge tsum tsum cushion even when I knew it wasn't likely.

After that I just stuck to the little things in the plastic boxes you could just knock off the bars.

So far I've spent over $100 and only got seven prizes for it. I put in a shipping order when I realized I'd dropped $45 in three days (got four prizes though) and I'm just going to cancel my account when they arrive.

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Ugh why did you show this to me. It is so difficult.

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If anyone is new to Toreba, DON'T PLAY IT YET! You get 5 free tries and it's best to look at some guides first.

The Crane Couple made some and I watched their Toreba videos for a few hours until I got the good pointers down. Also helps if you wait until the prizes are close. If there's a popular machine (queue goes up to 5 people) hop in the queue and usually you can win because someone gives up.

>Toreba Tips

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This would probably fit better on /jp/

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But it's /jp/. It's the land beyond the light in the Lion King.

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Why wouldn't you just buy the actual merch? You don't even get the fun of playing a crane game. This is just a stupid app.

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>You don't even get the fun of playing a crane game

That's the whole app though? You control the crane games..

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What is this business with 5 free tries? Is the promotion still on or what it only during May?

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You have to download the app

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I just watched someone win a Gudetama blanket and clapped for them. For some reason this is really exciting even though I probably won't spend any money on it myself.

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That's how I started out. I'd watch people win the big prizes and then I'd want to try it myself.

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The only big prize I've ever won.

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My first batch of prizes. Got four more on the way before I cancel my account. Shit's too addictive.

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does it work more than one time?

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I'm so glad they have almost no prizes I want. I used my 5 free tries for the Smoker figure, failed, and like fuck I'm gonna give them any money.


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Different anon but no. The Toreba reddit says it might if you factory reset the phone? Or if you have an old phone laying around.

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>paying real money to play an anime version of Roulette with even worse odds

Guys don't be dumb

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Me and my GF have won a bunch of stuff from this, shes really pro at crane games though. Never spent more than 20$ for a prize. Just avoid the machines that have the really obvious weaker claws and your fine. Ive won like half a dozen of the big Girls und Panzer plushies and figures.

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how much is shipping on the prizes? i'm not familiar with the game currency.

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Sorry, I think my post made more sense in my head. It's just not nearly as fun as playing a crane game in real life. You don't get the immediate satisfaction of getting your prize once you win a game. There's no one cheering you. It's just an app. To each their own, but it's a meh concept to me.

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Didn't get anything with the first 5 tries but got something with the free 5000 TP when you hook up your CC. Now to wait the seven days for the free shipping, hah!

This was a terrible idea all around but thank fuck for all my UFO experience during previous visits.

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Shipping is free every 7 days and prizes stay in your cart for 14.

For those of us that don't have arcades or even pop-up crane games (like in malls/shops) it's the best we can get. And there are people cheering you on because when you play it shows how many viewers worldwide are watching you. A lot of people compete to get into the 5 person queue on popular machines just to get the views because some machines can have nearly 100 people watching.

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>wait the seven days for the free shipping
You should be able to ship immediately? It's free shipping every 7 days from your last shipping order.

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you control this game yourself, the odds are good if you are good at crane games

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Anyone else having a problem with the app? The arm doesn't move when I'm pressing the button, or it moves but the camera doesn't show it, so there's no way for me to even know where it is.

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I heard that the connection can be shitty sometimes so there's not much you can do.

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I won a Pretty Cure towel with the 5 free turns you get when you first play, it's one of the ones that kids can clip around their shoulders at the pool so I'm gonna have to get in it and snip the elastic before I can put it on my wall

Anon won with free credits though, you have to wait if you essentially get something for free

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It seems better than plopping down money for a gacha in a mobile game since this is actually tangible. I've never heard about this before OP but I've gotta give it a try now.

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Use the web browser version. It's a lot easier.

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I did that spending $20 trying to get a chocobo coin purse

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>tfw spent 30 minutes watching a fat cat butt waiting for someone to win it

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>>9582844 here, I just won my first prize after being mad for a year because of what i mentioned

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Glad you won something! What'd you get?

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a love live towel! I got it really close on my 5 free tries, some bastard tried to get it after that so I had to spend some money to show him who was the boss of this gym

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i'm trying so hard not to get to this point. i used five free tries on my phone and tablet, did the credit card campaign, and finally wasted $5 and still couldn't get this fucking pekorin plush.

i've never found myself wasting money on an app so quick but i don't feel too bad since you actually get a tangible prize shipped for free. $5 isn't a big deal but it can lead to a lot more very easily so i think i'll budget myself to $5 max every paycheck just to give myself some discipline. $30 over the span of three months is fine but $30 in one night will drive me into a pit of self loathing.

in the mean time i'll watch everyone else play and learn some tricks.

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you have really good plans!

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>you control the game yourself

Oh just like a slot machine, or Stacker, or Storm Stopper

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Yeah I think it's important to set limits on this game from the start - I'm gonna let myself put in $10 a week and if it accumulates, that's fine and if I end up using it, that's it for that week.

In my case I'm not particularly interested in most of the prizes, but it's nice to get stuff for friends. I just like the exercise of playing and (hopefully) winning.

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By far the best example would be Pachinko.
Makes people fork out mad dosh simply because in the end, your fate is in your hands (I guess, since you're in it to pull out when you have enough balls and shit).

But yes. Any slot machine is inevitably geared towards the average case losing money.

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Definitely see >>9582887 for tips on how to play and the Crane Couple do a whole series on Toreba so you can pick up pointers.

Also there's a prize sheet in >>9583173 if you want big ticket items.

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in slot machines you just press a button, they dont require skill like crane games, dumbass

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what are these?

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I think it's a listing of the prize pools ahead of time.
You know, so you can check if they're going to have something and plan accordingly.

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What second anon said. If you win something they send you a "spoiler" sheet showing what the next month's prizes are so you know ahead of time. Every one else finds out the day they're released.

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>tfw starting my new job soon and can afford shit again
This seems tempting. I've definitely been wanting to start collecting small merch stuff and plushies, plus crane games are something I've always wanted to try and get decent at

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It's addictive. Too addictive so try not to blow a whole paycheck in a week.

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Time to spend $25 trying to get a bottle of water

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I actually wanted to do that but I had a hard time finding the merch I wanted to purchase in a store.

Ofc I didn't manage to nab it from the machine either, and then I uninstalled bc fuck that noise.

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Can you not get these things from Aliexpress?
Are they exclusive to these machines?

>> No.9584607

You're the dumbass senpai. Those games all have internal settings where the owner alters the probability of you winning. And that's electromechanical. You really think the backend code for this thing is gonna let every flashgame junkie on the internet waltz up and win all their free shit?

>> No.9584625

AliExpress is all bootleg. These are all sent from Japan and some of them cost a bit more than the cost of winning them via machine or are exclusive to crane games only in Japan.

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The games are "rigged" in the sense that they are all winnable, but you can't expect to do anything in one try. This is Japanese crane game 101. Westerners can buthurt that the weak ass claw can't pick stuff up when what you're supposed to do is use it to push and pull the prize to the drop. Always expect at least 3-5 tries even if you're good. Still cheaper than retail usually.

>> No.9584939

some are winnable in 1 try if you have luck, for example the ones where the claw has good grip but the prize is dropped on a rubber ball. then again it's luck, not skill

>> No.9584941

>spend on glasses that are just on the edge
>So. Fucking. Close.
>back and forth between me and another guy
>I give up
>He gets it immediately afterwards
Hats off, man. Also, how do you get the 5 free plays? I just started and never saw them.

>> No.9584955

You have to download the app onto your phone. For whatever reason I was only able to use the free turns on mobile and they never showed up on desktop even though I was logged into the same account. Maybe logging out and logging back in would've helped but I can't find out now because I already spent all my turns lol

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5 free plays is mobile/tablet exclusive.

In other news it's going to be a bloodbath when these babies hit the Toreba stock.

>> No.9585036

anyone else not getting toreba to work on bluestacks?

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I won a prize a bit ago. I pushed it through the bars and it fell, it was the ugly but cute cats one. The prize isn't showing in my cart. The prize was removed from where it fell.

I won a prize yesterday and it went in my cart right away. Is there sometimes a delay with prizes showing up in the cart?

>> No.9585365

You can dispute it in your play history if it doesn't show up.

>> No.9585379

I played one game for like 40 minutes straight and the claw didn't grab once. I'm almost pro at claw games IRL, and Toreba is like any other arcade- some machines are rigged WAY harder than others. The claws are usually set to only actually grasp every X number of plays, so you have to be on a grasping play, as well as be lined up properly. Different machines have different numbers of plays between grasps, and some machines are just 100% weak ass claw, so its next to impossible to pick anything up. Its fine if its a through-the-bars type machine because you can still place the claw to push the items when it drops, but if its one where you have to actually pick the item up and drop it in the chute, your best bet is to watch for a little first to see how the claw is reacting. If you see 7 or 8 tries and it still hasn't actually grabbed, either step in and try 3 or 4 plays, or just give up.

>> No.9585383

Just landed, and I've been keeping track of number of tries just for shits and giggles. So far within like 20 minutes it's 50 tries at 1,800 tp.

>> No.9585390

Won a Sailor Jupiter figure last week, they shipped it on the 31st of July and it arrived straight to my door today. Honestly impressed considering that I live in Northern Europe too.

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It may not have triggered the win sensor or whatever they use to automatically notify a win. Just go to your replays and find the winning one and click "dispute prize won" and they'll manually do it.

>> No.9585434

Looks like they set up two machines for it as well. Going to make some popcorn and watch.


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Not sexual at all...

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I won two items today but not after subjecting my wallet to a horrible assault. I'm afraid to look at the damages although I know I still have money in there but I will be so ashamed at how much money I spent since I probably could have just bought similar items elsewhere. I'm decent at American crane games but I've learned the Japanese ones really are a whole new world - still though, I did have fun! I think when my wallet has recovered I will try again, there's a lot of good shit and I understand how to operate the machines better after winning.

I got a pompompurin "lingerie BIG plus toy" and a little pouch of him as well. What have you guys won? Anyone go for any of the household appliances?

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>Spent $10
>Actually did pretty decently until I my time ran out and the next person got it
>My next move would have secured it
It's like cocaine

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I tried for one of the Hello Kitty desktop cleaners and failed miserably. I've got these queued for shipping.

Best prize is the Daramofu-san which is a big plushie.

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You can buy these on ebay and stuff so i really hope no one pays more than 30$ for a crane prize figure thats not limited lol

>> No.9585697

Now the real question is if we'll see a rise in people who are good at these games reselling shit in the US. God, I hope so.
>inb4 git gud

>> No.9585698

They presold on AmiAmi for under $20 actually. But otherwise they're arcade only unless you get secondhand.

>> No.9585700

Wtf are these things?

>> No.9585701

They are! I follow someone on instagram who plays and sells what they get.


I've not bought from though I just follow them in case I see something I want.

>> No.9585702

Just realized you're talking about the vibrating cat sticks and not the Yuri Plisetsky figures

Cat Paw "massagers"

>> No.9585704

>They are!
Thank fucking God, my prayers are answered!

>> No.9585707

>It's like cocaine
Seriously. The worst is when you spend all your TP and run out, but you can see that you're really close to getting the prize. I spent way more money than intended on the pompompurin plush just because I could see that I was manipulating the machine correctly and I actually had a very fairy shot of winning, and I could see players lining up in the queue to try and take advantage of the moves I had made. I didn't want the money I spent to go to waste so I...spent more money, of course!

Good job anon! I wanna set aside money next paycheck and try to get a nice bundle of shit next time.

>> No.9585715


I 100% meant the yuri figures not the catpaw things lol

>> No.9585717

I spent way too much on the Munchkin pouch but I timed out and almost had it before some jerkwad next in queue tossed it back against the display zone. I was raging too hard to care how many pts I was burning through by then.

Tip from me though, definitely browse every single machine if you're not picky on prizes. A lot of machines will get 'abandoned' in favor of the new ones so you can get some really good items. That's how I got the Daramofu-san. Someone left it halfway off the platform so I just scooped it up.

Also queue hop! If there's a machine you like just hop in the queue and wait. If it's your turn and it's not looking good just hop out of queue and then get back in.

Third tip, go for the prizes in the clear boxes! Those are hard to pick up but they're super easy to push along the bars so if you angle to the right of the box you can usually hook it with the left claw and send it skidding either sideways to drop through the bar gap or send it right off the bars.

If you want to win something specific and don't know how, go through the prize history. You can see the winning replays of every item won.

>> No.9585723

Why are they limiting their business to Paypal? What about Credit and Debit cards? And other methods? I know Mobile version has Credit card but the game on my phone is extremely bad.

>> No.9585724

You can use credit/debit through paypal though. And it's probably because paypal makes them seem more trustworthy. I wouldn't have played if they didn't offer it.

>tfw my bank is wonder why there's 20+ charges for $5 each to the same company name

>> No.9585733

This time around I was really deadset on trying to get the pompompurin prizes but next time I'll def try that - I did browse and pass over some prizes I wasn't interested in but could see there were some prizes left in good positions. The only thing that sucks is when a person comes by and knocks it out of place lol. It's also really sad watching the people who don't understand how the game works and they waste a good turn on trying to go after the display prizes.

Also wow thanks for that replay link! I didn't realize you could view other people's replays. I was watching some tutorials on youtube earlier and those helped me figure out how some of the machines worked, like the ones with bars - that's how I was able to win the pompompurin pouch and also helped me realize just how much you need to use the machine to just knock items around into place/use specific areas of the machine to do so. This game is actually quite fun once you realize how much strategizing there is to be done.

>> No.9585757

I know that. I just don't want to use Paypal at all.

>> No.9585760

I just got swiped out of the prize ive been working towards and it really made me mad lol. My screen went in to 'maintenance' despite it not doing any type of maintenance or restock so i got passed up for my turn

>> No.9585811 [DELETED] 

I have a problem...

Seriously considering throwing some of these (and a lot more of them not in the shot) on the By Sell Trade thread.

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File: 2.36 MB, 2250x1673, 20170803_213849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>9582562 (OP)
I have a problem...

Seriously considering throwing some of these (and a lot more of them not in the shot) on the By Sell Trade thread.

>> No.9585825

>I don't even like Pokemon that much
>But muh Snorlax
Seeing his fat face all cozy in your collection is nice.

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File: 20 KB, 249x300, 10475670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I just won a second one of these and I don't know why! ;_;

>> No.9585829

If you're looking to sell, what do you have that's not in the shot? Any Sumikko Gurashi stuff?

>> No.9585839 [DELETED] 

Actually, I have two (I think). One is chocolate and one is strawberry themed. They're on my couch at work. I can post them tomorrow.

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File: 21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe I have one of each of these.

>> No.9585845

If you decide you'd like to sell them, I'd be interested! Any idea how much you'd like for them?

>> No.9585853

I just checked them out on ebay. They're only like $20 each with free shipping. You may be better off there.

>> No.9585855

Ah, thank you for the heads up!

>> No.9585877

Charge your card via the mobile app and play on desktop. Your account's connected either way.

All excellent tips, thanks for the replay link! It's been incredibly useful to watch the different techniques that people are using, and a lot of it is stuff I wouldn't have otherwise considered or realized. A lot of it goes completely against what my brain thinks is logical.

>> No.9585880

Damn, I didn't even think about that! Thanks!

>> No.9585895

>see figure whose release I'd been waiting for
>oh shit no I'm gonna get sucked in
>check Yahoo auctions
>there's like 10 on sale for 1000 yen

>> No.9586148

>won a second one
A-Anon.. is that a backpack or the "pouchette" they've got listed now? I've been trying to win one of the little pouch bags for ages now.

This is me as well so since others are offering up their prizes for sale..
>For Sale: Pokemon coin pouch?
Not sure what it's supposed to be but it's that new seal Pokemon and I can take more pics if needed. Asking like.. $5+USPS tracked shipping (should be under $5 for Muricans)? It's still in the packaging and everything. I'm located in Southern USA and I'll drop a throwaway if someone wants it.

Yeah that's a good bonus of Toreba. If you see a prize you want you didn't know about you can check and see if any Japanese anons already got it from their local machines and put it up for auction. The Yuri Plisetsky dolls just got released like two days ago but already people are selling them on YJA pretty cheap.

>> No.9586312

if you buy a figure on yahoo auctions for 10 bucks through a shopping service (buyee for example) you have to remember the services and shippings cost at least 20-30 dollars. you can save a lot of money if you get it on toreba.

>> No.9586405

I lost out on the gengar pochette twice because of app lag via mobile so i just bought him through hobby link for like 17$ + shipping. Sometimes the thrill of catching something makes you severely overpay

>> No.9586414

Didn't know they had those. I'll snag a Snorlax one then.

>> No.9586618

I've been watching enough of these plays that there are a bunch of techniques I want to try out but I don't want to deal with actually owning the item (when it's not a utility item). Don't want that 1000TP refund either, and I know that selling is a potential avenue but it's also extra stuff I'd rather not deal with.

So for those of you with a bunch of large plushies or whatever - what benefit do those bring to your life? What's the point of having them? Do you experience joy from owning those things after the glow of winning fades?

Do you use these as gifts for friends? Sell them?

>> No.9586645

i'm a collector and i like to hoard stuff. if you don't want to keep the prize just sell it, give it to someone or a charity or something.

>> No.9586688

Thanks for your concern, though hanging out in the itabag thread has taught me how to get good deals. I found it for cheap on Surugaya too, so I can add it to my next haul, get free domestic shipping and only pay 300 yen + international shipping. Or, since my brother is going to Japan very soon, I can ask him to keep an eye open in case he finds it.

I also have terrible, terrible luck with this kind of games so I know I'd most likely spend ludicrous amounts trying to get it. I'll check on the feed regularly though, if I see it in a good position I might try my luck with my free plays !


Damn, how cheap are we talking ? I'm not interested in getting it but I've been looking at the stream and some players seem to be dropping sooo many tries on it.

>> No.9586717

So I was trying to get a figure and I dunno what happened, maybe I knocked it into a position that was impossible to win from, because all of a sudden while taking a moment to pause and think about how to move the crane, the game went into maintenance. Then like 1-2 minutes later the prize had been moved back starting position. It was still on my turn, I hadn't hit "start" yet and it's not like I lost my place and someone else won it. Is this a thing that happens and am I just screwed out of the TP?

>> No.9586721

Should clarify that I had just purchased more TP and when you do that it gives you like 200 more seconds, I def had plenty of time left before my turn was supposed to expire.

>> No.9586735
File: 165 KB, 982x349, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering they preorder window closed on English sites and Toreba is the only place to play to get them, this is the good deal range for these, especially those listings offering both versions.

>> No.9586736

You probably knocked it into position that was unfavorable to you. If you want I think you can submit a ticket of that last play showing it went to the maintenance screen and get a refund on that play?

>> No.9586770

Damn, that's cheap ! I definitely thought it would sell for higher than that, what with the character's popularity

>> No.9586787

The preorder price was roughly $15

>> No.9586798

Yeah I guess it's worth a shot, worst thing they say is no.

>> No.9587128
File: 125 KB, 946x719, IMG_7248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spent $10 on a LL figure that I didn't even end up winning
Feels so bad, never doing that again. Didn't even get my free TP.
>Some dude before me spent $100+ on a Love Live figure you could get for $20 on amazon
>suddenly feel a bit better about myself

>> No.9587290

It's the backpack. They come in two styles.

>> No.9587392

Aw dang. If it was the pouch bag I would've offered to buy if you were selling them.

>> No.9588018
File: 3.28 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love japan

>> No.9589702
File: 147 KB, 740x300, 170728_チケットゲットキャンペーン_US.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New campaigns out.

>> No.9589705
File: 179 KB, 740x300, 170728_累計決済キャンペーン_US.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purchase the required amount of TP over the campaign duration and
receive 10 Play Tickets!

1 August 2017 (Tue) 15:00 - 1 September 2017 (Fri) 14:59 (JST)

Purchase for over a total of 200,000TP during the campaign duration.

>> No.9589712

Submitted prizes to be shipped on 08-01 and they just got shipped out last night. They seem to be pretty good at having your stuff out in roughly a week. Will take pics/review when they get here!

>> No.9589732

Toreba has put legitimate sex toys in their machines before. (see: >>9588018) Don't be too surprised.

Your best bet is to watch for a day or so to see the strength of the cranes and which style you prefer (ping pong, ball, d-ring, etc). They're all different and have their own strategies, it's just a matter of learning them. And like another anon said above, it's gonna take more than one try about 90% of the time.

Also, cranes usually get stronger the longer its prize has been out. Staff sometimes change the style of crane after a prize has been out for a couple days.

Sorry for the walls of text; I was really excited to see a Toreba thread, since I play all the time. Here's a recent play of mine I'm really proud of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQaY-z8kXzw

>> No.9589735

I saw this on the Toreba reddit, nice play! I've had bad experiences with the bouncy ball machines so I tend to avoid them now.

>> No.9589746
File: 114 KB, 460x796, game_ss01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There's a new Toreba game that's giving away 50 free plays. It looks a little odd but I'm going to try it.

>> No.9589750

Yeah, I posted it there! I love the community there and on their discord server, mostly because it feels like a gambling addiction anonymous group and I don't know when to quit. They're enablers, all of them.

When the big Woolys came out, I got the first two ones with $30 while a bunch of people in the Toreba reddit discord group were watching. It's so satisfying to go from intense gameplay straight to a bunch of strangers who were watching over a live camera feed cheering for you. You can get addicted to that shit so fast.

Those ball machines are all luck. I try not to play them now.

>> No.9589765

That sounds both amazing and yet so enabling. Thankfully I'm a broke college student so when I ran out of spare change I could quit playing. At least, until this Toreba 2D offered 50 free plays. So far I'm liking it because it's so cutesy looking and lag-free. That was my main issue with regular Toreba.

>> No.9589780

Okay, Toreba 2D? Sucks.

You log in and you get 5 free play tickets to use in the machine but past that you get 50 free "blue tickets" which only give you the first play free. You absolutely cannot get a prize in one play using this game.

You need to pick up a prize from the far right side and carry it across the playing field to the left. The UFO doesn't hold on and you won't make it very far. I've only used 10 tickets and I don't think I'll use the rest only because there's no point. The machines also reset every time you leave so there's no point to going back and trying to win.

The idea is cute, I love the app layout and everything but you have a better chance of getting a prize via Toreba than Toreba 2D unless you're going for one of the shitty small pts rocks.

>> No.9589850
File: 87 KB, 500x600, k3x3rn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used one of my free plays fucking up a prize so bad I essentially destroyed the efforts of the last five players before me. An hour later I did it again.

>> No.9589986

Do you like it because of the game aspect?
Because you can buy it on mandarake

>> No.9590005

It's just the fun of winning your own merch. Yeah, you can buy it but that's not as special.

>> No.9590178

So in 2d they gave you 50 free tickets, but you can use only one before resetting a game?
Sounds kinda wrong

>> No.9591878

So I won a prize last week that didn't get added to my cart. I contacted them to prove I did win it, I still haven't heard back from them.

Does it take a while for them to respond? Reading their Facebook page, seems like others have a hard time getting them to respond. The prize is now sold out and was removed. I'm worried I wasted money for a prize I won't get.

>> No.9591955

There should have been a 'dispute prize won' button in your replays that you could hit.

>> No.9591983

That's what I did

>> No.9591989

That's weird. I've had to dispute the prize twice, and they always get back to me in less than 10 minutes. I would do it again and in the notes mention that you've tried to contact them previously and had no response.

This might be a dumb question, but I just wanna make sure - you've added an email to your account, right?

>> No.9592314

I'll try again

Yeah, I got an email saying they received my prize confirmation request. I sent them one right after I won it in the morning and another at night.

>> No.9592957
File: 31 KB, 252x189, s_27375_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone here won the Jiji blanket? Tried a few times and always failed to push it off the bars. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips.

>> No.9592987

I tried a bunch when it was barely hanging on and it didn't budge. I think you need to be a witch to win it.

>> No.9594517

My final prize package is coming before I delete my Toreba account. Dobby is finally free.

>> No.9594591

I just shipped a package with prizes last night after wasting $20 trying to get just one more. As soon as I did that I deleted the app. I think I wanna play again in the future so I won't delete my account but I know if I keep the app there, even if I'm just looking I will be way too tempted to blow more money on prizes. Damn it Toreba, I wish I knew how to quit you.

>> No.9594594

I knew if I didn't delete my account I'd end up playing more. Already I'm dreaming up what Halloween goodies they'd have.

>> No.9594708
File: 789 KB, 1554x1358, DSCN0132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prize sheet for September. They're really bursting out the Halloween goodies.

>> No.9594712
File: 1.61 MB, 2088x2504, DSCN0127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And my Toreba goodies. Pretty pleased but I had no idea the backpack was so tiny. It's like a bag attachment backpack?

>> No.9594988

perhaps this is a silly question but I'm just wondering, the prizes that you get mailed to you - is it the actual prize from the machine that you grabbed that you receive, or do they just keep one prize in the machine and we just get like some stuff from the stock room

>> No.9595043

They use the same display prize to be caught each time and just retrieve a stock one to be shipped.

>> No.9597374

I hate it when a game goes into maintenance all of the sudden. Was getting a prize near the edge and then suddenly the game went into maintenance. Just bought TP to continue playing. The timer ran out and I lost my spot, was waiting to get back in but someone beat me and won the prize. 2nd time this has happened.

>> No.9600629

Is that really a cassette player as a prize or am I missing something?

>> No.9600948

You might only get the TP for that play back but go back into your play history and copy the video link and use the contact form to send in a complaint. If the maintenance screen went on during your play you should be able to get some TP back.

>> No.9601176

Anyone is having an error 1101 with the app? Can't open it damn..

>> No.9601384

They just got back to me about it, they needed a screenshot showing it was in maintenance. Didn't think of it becuase I play on my phone.

>> No.9601515

Just wasted a bunch of money trying to get a stupid cat umbrella.

>> No.9601545

Yeah I never go for the umbrellas. The handles are a bitch.

>> No.9602191
File: 28 KB, 250x250, IMG_5835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suck at crane games. Anyone know where I could buy this guy? I've already used up my free plays and don't want to get sucked into this lmao

>> No.9602535

Someone linked this person further up. She has both of them.


>> No.9602599

Thanks anon, sorry I'm blind as a bat

>> No.9603656
File: 171 KB, 337x253, 1270880451722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God damn you OP. Crane games are my weakness. I downloaded 3 days ago and already spent around $75 and now i'm whoring myself out for the free TP offers. At least I've won a couple things, including the yellow sushi cat here >>9602191 But those were all on my first night and i've had a dry spell since. ugh.
It's so exciting when you win... so addicting.

Does anyone have any other good videos for tips on winning plushies? I think the scooping ones are the best, but what do other people think?

>> No.9607228
File: 1.17 MB, 900x1600, a1f5fed2-b1e1-4149-bebc-0e393b81f7ef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did the "play this dumb game to level 10" and legit got 28k free TP, tried to get a towel and a plushie, then used the last points on this fig and got it on my last try and got so hyped (used about 8 tries I guess?)
I was already imaging myself crying if didn't get any prize after wasting 3 days on the free TP game

Kinda want to continue playing, thanks OP

>> No.9608027
File: 971 KB, 900x1600, 55ea51d6-99db-4c34-9974-600cdf96e816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't believe it but I won the A prize with only one try using a coupon

Feels good man

>> No.9608364

Wow just got a Mayoi Hachikuji figure on my first try.
this is my fucking weakness
here goes all my money T.T

>> No.9608397

are the things you can earn free TP with in the "survey list" section? i never have anything there and im wondering if its because of my country

>> No.9608690

i'm going through and doing the free tp stuff. here is the stuff that works:
credit card verification campaign
graze box for $1
game of war - level 10 (gave when i began to upgrade to level 10)
coin dozer
mobile strike - same as game of war
mobile lords
portal quest
currently working on final fantasy level 10 - expect it to work the same as game of war/mobile strike

games too long to be worth the tp:
golf solitaire
bingo pop

>> No.9608939

anyone else having issues with the app? it's not showing all the games for some reason.

>> No.9609014

>play this dumb game to level 10
I'm doing this right now and the only thing getting me through it is the thought of that sweet, sweet TP

>> No.9609166

Where do you go to see what's available to give you free TP? I must be an idiot because I can't find it.

>> No.9609759

i did it 3 times. worth, tho

if you have an android phone, click on charge TP and go to the very bottom for the button.

i'm up to 9 items in a week, spent less than $100. i'm so pissed because last night i blew most of my free tp from FF trying to win a bear (and i had already got another variation of it in a few tries). i didn't even get the bear.

>> No.9609894

Got 6 prizes so far. One pomeranian, one of the cat umbrellas, and 4 hamster plushes. Spent more than I'd like to admit.

>> No.9609917

also, it seems like they're in the process of disabling the mobile app. it's down to like 10 prizes and you can't purchase tp through google play anymore. i'm gonna be sad if i can't get that sweet free tp anymore.

>> No.9609921

Would you ever consider selling the pom if you're US based (and depending on the pom)?

>> No.9609933

Only 4 show up for me. Hope they aren't getting rid of it, perfer to play on the app.

>> No.9610735

I wonder if that's just the android version. Everything looks the same on the Apple version.

>> No.9611111

3 for me. But yes, like >>9610735 said, I'm on android too.

>> No.9611295
File: 14 KB, 252x189, s_24538_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone help me find somewhere to purchase this? Either both of them or just the yellow one. I couldn't win it and now it's gone lol

>> No.9611311


If I can't find it, I think I might start making them lol.

>> No.9611340

These look ridiculously simple to make, as in beginner sewing project level

>> No.9611347


Exactly. It's gotta be just some kind of 4 way stretch fabric and that microbead fill stuff. Any recommendations for fabric?

>> No.9611603
File: 1.71 MB, 500x500, ^ ) EXTREME.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't fucking waste money on this retarded shit.

It's obviously stacked and you can get better prices or even half the price on the internet. The thrill of the game is what drives people to play and winning isn't even worth it. Not to mention the price per play is inflated as fuck.

.t person with a crane game addiction currently living in japan where each play is 100 yen rather than the 200 toreba fucks you up with.

Please don't bite into the devils game

>> No.9611605

Played this game for the first time. Damn, this shit is addicting.

Decided to just get one prize and stop, got the Cinnamonroll frying pan after about $35 put in.

It's cute that they give you a video after you won the prize of you winning the prize.

>> No.9611664
File: 31 KB, 221x272, 1369895598134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We know this anon. Lighten up.

>> No.9611715

I'm telling you not all of the prizes are online. Or they'd cost a small fortune. There's no one selling the large Pooh bear Ufufy for under $50.

>> No.9611722

1. it's cheaper if you're smart
2. there's free shipping once a week

>> No.9611912

>i did it 3 times. worth, tho
With this next one I'll have roughly $40 of TP stashed away for that sweet sweet Halloween merch. My goal is to get as much as possible in case they scrap the android app.

>> No.9612135

app seems to be back up to full functionality.

>> No.9613035

Let the free TP flow!

>> No.9613822

So, I requested some prizes to be shipped on the 10th. I requested another batch to shipped on the 18th. The prizes I requested to be shipped on the 18th just shipped, I'm wondering why the first batch I won didn't ship first. I emailed them but was wondering if this happend to anyone else. I'm worried maybe they didn't have enough of the prizes I won or something.

>> No.9613901

I've had a request in since the 14th that hasn't been shipped, so I've been wondering the same thing. Haven't emailed yet but I'll do it tonight.

>> No.9613919
File: 60 KB, 265x209, 1446859689472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using money to have a CHANCE to get a cheap prize item I can find on Rakuten or Yahoo Auctions

>> No.9614019
File: 129 KB, 593x647, nofun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9619961

>Get up to $60 worth of free TP
>Trying to wait for Halloween merch
>Have been depressed and anxious for the last three months
>not a shred of good news in that time period
>Watch some person get really close to winning those 42 cm squishy pandas, but give up
>Give in to temptation, don't expect to get it as it's my second time playing
>I do
I was so happy I stood up and shouted.

>> No.9620130

I'm genuinely happy for you, anon! Your reaction sounds so cute.

>> No.9620228

Congrats! I'm really jelly that you managed to get that much free TP as well!

>> No.9620389
File: 29 KB, 569x234, toreba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spent $20, but won 2!

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