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The last one died. Just post pics of gayyyyyy gull shit.

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also ignore the strange ordering of the acronym

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How about just straight up lesbian lolitas because the T ( both real and take kind) ruins it

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Kek. Did a t girl break your heart?

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Lol no I'm just sick of fake trans girls saying they are "boys uwu" while wearing the fashion. They can all fuck off.

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Why no straight gull stuff

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less salt more queers

(post whatever you think fits the theme)

trans cosplayers and lolitas welcome

same sex couples

slash cosplay (regardless of the gender of the cosplayers)

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This might be confirmation bias speaking, but virtually every transman lolita I've encountered in real life and online have been a combination of badly-dressed, edgelord, socially retarded, or just generally cringey. Like I don't have anything against trans lolitas in principle, but transmen seem to be represented by tumblr snowflakes in the community while transwomen by sissies or some shade of autogynephile.

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We would, but these threads are already a little fly-by-night and "LGBTQ" sounds more official. "Lezzy lolita thread" it would be easier to call out/shut down by the anons who don't think these threads are relevant enough.

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The original lolita power couple.

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pretty much this

although this is understandable, given how they believe the world is out to get them and they have to get offended at any and every little thing

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could you post more of this couple, anon?
the girl on the right looks really familiar but I can't remember where I've seen her before

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Would any of you dykes date a loser NEET otaku that is not a cosplayer/lolita but finds that shit cute? Asking for a friend.

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I always find girls more physically attractive than guys until you get to the genitals.

Like I find other girls absolutely lovely and the female form is a work of art but I don't want my face in a vagina.

What does this mean?

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You're straight. It's actually not gay finding attractive women attractive as long as you don't want to fuck them.

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I think it means nothing unless you want it to mean something. If you think you might be interested in women, then explore! If you don't then just leave it at that. Sexuality typically doesn't fit 100% in a box. (pun only sort of intended)

NEET probably not but the rest yeah

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>Sexuality typically doesn't fit 100% in a box
What do you mean. If you only feel attraction to the opposite sex then you're heterosexual, if you feel attraction to both (no matter to what degree) then you're bisexual.

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I'm 100% les. I don't want my face by a penis, but I also don't really want my face by a vagina. With my gf, we usually just use toys. Because I love her, I'll go down on her sometimes but I'm just not a big fan of it. Maybe do some exploring. We can't tell you what are or aren't based on not wanting to eat a girl out.

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I really think most "straight" or "gay" people sometimes thinks about what it might be like to dip their toes into something outside of their identification.

Because it's just that. it's identification.

And "orientation" is based on a pattern, not anomalies.

(This is coming from a bi/queer gull so i mean i'm def not against id-ing as bi)

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Experimenting is different to being something. There are only three sexualities so if you don't fit in the far off ones you will always fall into bisexual.

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Nah this is true. Most ftms in general are fucking annoying and whiney.

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her tumblr is marietuonetar, her coords get reblogged/posted here often so thats most likely where you've seen her

Im happy they are back together now, eh I know its a bit creepy but their couple pics are so cute

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Yeah, I feel like only a vocal minority genuinely enjoy going down, and even then I always think they're exaggerating. Any kind of arousal people get from performing it usually seems to come from the thought of giving pleasure to your partner. It's not like every straight woman wants to get up close and personal with a dick.

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They are?! I'm so out of the loop. It'll be great to see pics of the two of them pop up again.

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wow i cannot feel this feel
i'd so rather go down on someone than receive.

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Find a brolita and suck his cock under layers of petti.

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Are you implying that the majority of lesbians are lesbians who don't love muff? and the eating of such muff?

Speaking as a lesbian who loves pussy and pussy eating.

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I'm with you guys, I love eating pussy, I wish my gf was more into it so I could do it more.

well depends, you might just not be into going down on girls, which is cool. I don't get it personally, but different strokes for different folks. are you cool with at least having your fingers in a vagina? conversely, do you really love getting a face full of dick?

my girlfriend was a loser NEET comic book nerd when we first met who found the lolita thing so cute that it was literally the sole reason she initially wanted to talk to me. since then she lets me dress her up in ouji now and then, we're planning on our first couple's cosplay, I've gotten her more into the otaku shit I'm into and she's gotten me more into the western fandom shit she's into. the best way to improve your chances with the ladies is just be receptive of her hobbies, not just in the "oh you look so cute" kind of way, but in the genuine interest/"maybe one day I'll join you" kind of way, it sounds like such a simple thing, but it really goes a long way. also, if you're the kind of loser NEET otaku that like doesn't take care of themselves, start there, with something small like a basic skincare routine or something like that. it'll make you look better to yourself and others and it'll make you feel better about yourself too.

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We have a transman in our community and he's fine, nothing like the people who pop up in the Amino threads complaining about people accidentally misgendering them because they consistently present as a hyper-girly female.

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I'm not even full lesbo and I love eating pussy, is what that anon is on. There's so much to lick and touch, and you can use your fingers along with your mouth and honestly it's a lot nicer than sucking fuck

speaking as a bi girl who tends to date men

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meant to say idk what that anon is on
thx auto corrector

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I found a few pics on tumblr so have a dump

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can anyone recomend me any transgender lolitas' instas or tumblrs? pretty please??

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Yeah, it's something about being trans and lolita that brings out the freaks. Two of my best friends are MtF but they're into that normie/Kardashian fashion look. They look and act normal. Fucking trans lolitas are WEIRD, though.

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andreanicolebaker is a good one to look up on IG.

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be me, a lesbian lolita and not having a lolita partner.
>this thread makes me jelly and sad.

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Be me, a bi fatty-chan who wants to lose weight to get into lolita and have a lolita girlfriend

Love me bby

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TWO of your best friends are trans? Out of all the people I'm currently fb friends-level acquainted with I only know four total. Wtf

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I'm also a lesbian lolita, anon, though I think I'm too recently single to consider dating.

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thank you so much anon!!

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>tfw gay
>tfw want to do a couple cosplay one day
>tfw the vast majority of male/male cosplay couples are just fujos with Sharpie beards doing barely affectionate things for attention while screaming about how "TOTES GAY" they are
>tfw I'll never find a cute boy who just wants to cosplay with me

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From Kera 39 according to the caption it had.

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Victorian Maiden's gay rabbits from 2006.

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Did they broke up? They made such a nice couple.

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It-.. it's a secret wish of mine to be a lolita onee-san's onee-chan. H-how do I become one...? sincerely, cute country lolita.

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not with that attitude, you won't.

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>go to first meet ever
>cute girl introduces herself to me
>later she messages me on Facebook, telling me we could go on a date sometime if I wanted
This is why I'll never get a cute lolita gf

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>tfw no loli gf to do cute gay shoots with ;_;

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>be me
>socially awkward lesbian
>have hot friend
>went from casual acquaintances to really close friends super fast
>hot friend keeps talking about wanting to do shippy cosplay with me
>hot friend calls me babe, tells me how hot i look
>"wow i wish there was such a thing a friend cuddle piles"

a-am I in a fan fiction?

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>tfw have edgy, tall, wonderful weeb gf who would probably be super into aristo and visual kei

I want to shower her in edgy black j-fashion while wearing lolita so we can take cute pictures together and go to anime cons. I love the contrast of her having an exclusively black wardrobe and being 5'8" to my 90% pastel wardrobe and being 5'2".

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>only three sexualities
What about asexuals?

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i've had straight girls come on to me to try and experiment or just to see if they get a reaction out of me. i'm sure it's happened to other girls before so just be careful i guess. but using terms like "cuddle piles" and adding friend to it doesn't sound like she wants to be romantic to me. but maybe she's also a socially awkward queer who doesn't know how to flirt.

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good point anon. but luckily this ain't a straight girl, if she was i would've noped out long ago. can't catch me falling for a straight girl, i love myself too much for that.

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That is the absence of sexuality.

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Not even that gay, and iktf. It seems like all the cute male/male couples are cosplayed by shitty FtM crossplays who just end up looking dumpy and pear-shaped.

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Here's a handy chart.

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Why is this board so gay?

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>tfw was young weeb cosplaying yaoi show popular at the time
>meet super cute older soft butch, she's also cosplaying yaoi show
>instant dokidoki
>friend asks for a photo of us because I'm too nervous
>make joke about "At least it isn't yaoi" because my character is only straight one
>she pulls me closer and murmurs in my ear "I can make it yaoi"
>crush for ages

Probably the only time I could've ever had a cosplay girlfriend if she hadn't been so horrid I later found out.

Also what is it with a lot of yaoi fanservice girls being straight and doing the whole "no homo" thing but wanting to grope you anyway for their hot yaois?

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LUGs are not LGTBQ. I'm sorry to break it to you.

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>someone mentions a sexuality
>respond with a parody of genders
At least try not to look retarded nonnie

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post location, let's get this frilly affair started bb

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I have never seen a more unappealing kiss

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give me your location and lets do it. sincerely, tall onee-san lolita

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Hey shit lord the full acronym is LGBTQQIP2SAA.

Learn to be more inclusive next time!

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This looks like someone kissing for the first time after reading a 'how to kiss' guide written by a robot

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Lolita is a great way to meet girls

>> No.9584232

That's kind of hilariously in character, then, even if it's probably unintentional.

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Where are you because same!

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Email above

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firstly, trans girls are mtfs. "fake bois" as you call them are usually genderqueer or ftms who only go so far in their transitions.
>incoming mini blog
I'm a lolita and I just generally call myself queer because I like people more for who they are, not their junk. though, I do prefer vaginas and masculine people.
my ex was trans, we were together for several years. recently, I have been kind of messing around with a cis guy and I caught myself unconsciously pressing for his non-existent bean when the petting got a lil heavy.
cocks can be really cool, and I look forward to getting to know this guy's but damn I wish everyone had a vag lol
>someone with both would be my absolute dream
not sure if I can see myself with a super femme normie because I tend to like soft to stone butch women, and guys of any variation of masculine presenting...as long as they can be vulnerable with me.
BUT I'd go out with a femme who was also a lolita for sure

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ugh you sound so annoying

>> No.9584450


You are why I was never comfortable with lgbt culture.

>> No.9584459

>calling it a bean and "getting to know" the dude's penis
Please don't...

>> No.9584464

Including straight ones?

>> No.9584466

And here I thought I was weird

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care to explain?
I think queer culture is a little different than general lgbt because it's usually quite political and very non-normative.
maybe you mean queer culture?

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Queer culture is not better than LGBT culture. So many of us prefer not to self identify with a slur, doesn't make us less political or "non-normative". Queer culture is shit because it thinks it's so much more accepting and better than people who don't like using a slur. I've literally seen self proclaimed queers call those of us who don't like to call themselves or others queer "ivory tower cis gays throwing others in the community under the bus". It's just a slightly less cringy version of MOGAI culture.

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Also bi fatty chan working on losing weight and wishing for a lolita gf
>you probably live in a different country than me