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Last feels thread got nuked. Can we keep this one on topic please?

Share those cgl-related feels, and don't devolve into petty slapfights.

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I give my friends (who are new to the fashion) ita advice, like telling them not to wear petticoats, so that I look better by comparison.

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...I mean one quick google and they'll figure it out that you duped them...

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I think I'm in love with someone, and I shouldn't be.
I don't even know them.
But I'll probably never see them again.

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>organising lolita meetup that's
in a week
>location requires tickets
>literally two people have confirmed they bought tickets
>radio silence from everyone else who said they were going
>probably going to get stuck spending several hours with only some newbie and one chick who can't go five minutes without complaining about white people
this is gonna be fun

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>at birthday party
>random girl compliments my Miku hat
>she leaves
>friend nobody likes: "you should have asked her out!!"
>mfw she was like 12

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>not liking sassy lost children

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Doing cosplay at conventions is the only time I feel like myself, everything else is just a shadow of the world to support that. I'm unwell but at least I have something I live for I think.

How do you cope with the time between conventions besides diving into as much anime as possible and working on cosplay?

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I just remembered why I resorted to only buying cosplays and not making them when Taobao became a thing

>Grandma was a seamstress, passed away before I gained an interest in it
>Taught my mom a ton of things though, so I have always been able to rely on her to help me understanding this and that about sewing
>One problem
>My mom is the sweetest lady but will always try to take over when I ask for help
>If I tell her that it's fine and I can do it myself and I just wanted her to tell me or show me something, she can get grumpy
>We've ended up in multiple screaming matches because she either didn't understand what I really wanted or she took over and I resorted to trying to assist her with MY project and accidentally fucked it up cause I have no idea what I'm doing because she always takes over instead of just telling me "do x and y".

I really love my mom and I wish sewing could be a way to bond but instead it just makes us scream at each other. I'm already permanently stressed and this just takes all of the fun out of it.

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>Just booked 7 nights at AirBnB apartment in Shibuya.
>Still have to find a place in Kyoto and prepay for Kiso valley inn.

Trip to the glorious Nippon motherland looms closer.

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Bust size has increased two inches over the past year, waist 3 inches, pain in the assignment for fitting into my blouses and skirts. Buy scales, realise I am a stone heavier than I thought. Cut out takeaway and walk more, skip dessert and eat more veggies.
3 weeks later, weigh myself again to see if I have made any progress. I'm now back to my goal weight but my bust and waist are no smaller?!
I'm going to try to lose another half a stone, and see what happens then... I can't go much lower than that without being underweight again...

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>what is a joke
It's okay, the only feels here is the feel that you are socially inept, I'm sorry for you.

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>commission a costume because it's leather and moving not to mention have to make my other costume
>commissioner says back in Dec that she has openings for Spring and 50$ down
> make payments and as everything just incase
> march she finally starts and I send her exact pictures of my body with the tape measure on it so it'll come out right
> also request gloves so it comes out to 380 dollars
> very end of may get it, sleeves are too short, waistline and pants stay closed
> contact her and tells me to ship it back and I'll pay another 16$ for her to ship it to me, mention gloves.
>says she'll make them or I can get a refund tell her to make them ill keep the costume because con is in august
> starts ignoring my messages giving me excuses why I'm not getting gloves
> get refund this morning con is in 12 days major peeve

What drives me nuts is we were discussing other costumes for her to make me and such. God forbid if I sent the jacket back I probably wouldn't have seen it again.

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take it from a person who's mother took over and ruined her wedding dress

find youtube videos and places to teach yourself, it'll save you so much pain

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Same, this happens to me twice every week.

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>twice a week
>in love.
>don't even know them.
Is this common?

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University dorm. Lovely people.

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>a very tall ugly brolita I had the most consistent attendance to meets of anyone in the comm
>always wants to brag about travel and mansplain, talks over you like he lies more about at con than you do
>Yesterday he drops that he now prefers female pronouns and to go by Tara

I'm barfing. I hate having to include this shitty man who comes to meets in old stretched out pastel baby and the forever 21 fairy wing backpack in my time when I want to hang out with other women that I share a hobby with.

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My birthday is in six days
I'm excited to have a day to dress up and be cute and have things be about me instead of
>Work full time
>Taking multiple summer classes
>Constantly hearing about dying (but also an abusive asshole) grandpa
I even know my mom bought me some brand because she used my wunderwelt account

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Please name and shame so we don't end up wasting our time with this person

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>get new job
>pay is good, expect shit hours and having to save for weeks to get one dress
>immediately start with 30+ hrs a week
>will have 40 this week

Burando here I come!!

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>Calling someone socially inept here
Where do you think we are?

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This board is the next most social board behind /soc/ and /fit/.

You guys go to cons and talk with each other all the time. I just expect you all to have a slightly more than average social ability than the rest of 4chan.

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I think I may have a mild form of narcissistic personality disorder, and it's stressing me out big time. Everything makes sense now, but I feel like an awful person.

>wear lolita partially because I get so many compliments
>constantly thinking "I could do that so much better than so-and-so"
>manipulate people into giving me what I want, it works really well
>think that I'm going to make it big someday
>have learned how to recognize the telltale signs when I lie so I can lie better
>don't really feel sympathy or empathy for other people
>don't even know if I know what love feels like anymore

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I never said they ARE actually social, they aren't, but they have a better social ability than most boards here.

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you sound like one of those edgy teens who say they're a sociopath and that they definitely know because an online personality test told them so

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You are literally a normal woman just like the rest of us. Don't feel bad, it's what we all do.

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I had a really strange dream last night that I was at a panel at a convention, and the presenter was an ita wearing a mint honeycake special set. (Unstyled and messy hair, no petti, no legwear)
She was doing stupid that could ruin the dress, and I yelled "BITCH WHAT ARE YOU DOING, THATS HONEYCAKE!"
Which made a couple of people in the crowd laugh.
But the girl just sunnily replied "its okay! Its just a replica!"
Which made several people boo her.
And then the dream changed.

I need to stop reading cgl before I go to sleep.

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Or just, I donno, not be toxic.

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have fun when your friends ditch you. sorry you're ugly and need to look better by deceiving people.

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>in a happy relationship with bf
>finally finds a dream dress and puts it on payment plan
>don't have enough money so i save up and sell handmade accesories to make a quick buck
>have all the money for the first payment
>bf asks me for most of the money but promises he will pay me back
>i give him most of the money and he uses it on his stuff
>everything is ok cause i trust my bf
>then last night happened
>he gets mad at me for no reason and says he doesn't want to talk to me
>he never gave me the money back and probably won't after this
>mfw i'll probably lose both bf and dream dress

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What did he need the money for if I may ask? Car problem? medical?

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How does that make me toxic? It was a dream- aka not real.

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That sucks can we see the dream dress?

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Because in your dream you yelled at her during her own panel

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I met this girl at a convention while I was drunk shortly after breaking up with my most recent ex.

We almost had a one night stand but our rooms both had people in them, so we exchanged contact info and that was it for the time being, we were both cosplaying from the same series.

It's been about 5 months since then, we follow each other on tumblr and talk sometimes, she reblogs tons of stuff I love and we're into a lot of the same shit and she's really cute.

But I barely know her and we live several states away from each other during the school year and I don't do long distance.

To call my feelings love would be a stretch, but in a romantic sort of notion of the word, yeah I fucking love her. Fuck this shit man.

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He had a friends wedding in Las Vegas he had to go to since if all came together at the last minute.

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Your dreams reveal truths about you through your subconscious. Think about it for a second. Your mind only knows what you know and it reaches conclusions that you don't realize yourself, when you sleep your mind takes all these assets from what it knows about everything including you and your actions. It then molds and shapes your dreams that you mostly just watch (unless you are able to lucid dream and control what happens).

So what you saw was your manifestation of an inner truth about yourself.

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I am a very lucid dreamer, Ive been that way for years. It's to the point I can flat out control what's going on. (Though Ill wake up with a splitting headache if I do so.)
I also have dreams about things that I saw/did during the day.
Play a video game all day? Dream about that video game.
Be on /cgl/ reading about drama? Dream about drama related to /cgl/.
Also Freuds theory on dreams has been disproven- theres much more to dreams that just id vs super ego.

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This is an incredibly outdated analysis.

>> No.9571774

narcassist kek

>> No.9571784

that is so wrong lmao

try /trv/ or /int/ or /out/

/fit/ and /soc/ are both full of r9kfugees

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a bunch of desperate people asking for likes and attention behind their computer screen
a bunch of people who don't even go to the gym shitposting about "bulking" so they don't feel bad about eating a shitload of calories

neither are very social, but you also seem to have never gone to a con or meetup from here.
the meetups are usually 95% awkward guys who sit around, don't drink, and shitpost about traps and gay shit on their phones while they're at the meetup.
it's so bad that even though I'm considered an awkward ugly nerd I've been hit on at them by the 1-2 girls because I'm almost the only one looking people in the eyes, not wearing a dress, and not talking about literally sucking dick.
If someone like me stands out as "charismatic" and "hot" you know something is wrong

>> No.9571806

>I've been hit on at them by the 1-2 girls

Things that never happened, the post.

>> No.9571813

are you serious?
the girls who go to them are usually thots who go to pick out who they think is the least weird to try to bone

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>alone at con
>too shy to talk to randoms
>wish i was back home
>also wish in my head that a meteor would fall and destroy everything

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No, it isn't you in it's truest self or something. It's your subconscious, but not a literally true you or anything. It's just your head processing about stuff you think about. Your mind combines everything and does weird stuff with it to make it one story/image. The more diverse things your head has to process, the more weird dreams may get. But none of it is accurate to the real world or anything.

>> No.9571844

Keep living in denial, I don't care. Just know that you can never lie to yourself no matter how hard you try.

>> No.9571845

And you keep being an armchair psychologist on 4chan, using outdated Freudian theory.
That psych 101 class you took at community college proves how smart you are.

>> No.9571846

I guess you know more then modern science and the medical field. You remind me of those people who believe something because one study agrees, while hundreds don't agree and have shown it's wrong.

>> No.9571847

>being this angry at me over your dream
I think you need a break.

>> No.9571853

I've only replied three times to you.
Once when I asked how I was toxic.
Once when I explained that yes, I am lucid dreamer.
And once when I called you an armchair psych- which you are.
Freud is known within the modern psych field as an absolute quack.
But I'm done taking your bait, troll-sama.
I'm going to binge on skyrim today and when I dream about it- I'll think of you and how you'd tell me there's some deep personal meaning behind it.

>> No.9571855

>you made brah???????

>> No.9571856

With do you weebs go to cons and not talk to other shy weebs? It makes no sense at all. Like you all like the same stuff and you're all on the same social level.

>> No.9571857

>thinking you're arguing with one person and not several because you're literally spouting theories that are decades out of date

>> No.9571867

people at larger cons aren't weebs. Even the cosplayers walking around are usually just normal people or wannabe instagram models hoping people take their pics.

I've had too many awkward conversations where a cosplayer has never even seen the show.

There's also the recent "anti-creep" campaign that people have been doing at cons to try to push out "weird" people, which usually means well-meaning, but awkward weebs.

cons have been taken over by average, normal people. They're no longer about awkward weebs going to meet other people like them. They're about money, selling waifu merch, and having the most popular slutty waifu cosplay so people take pics with you and share and follow you on instagram.

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honestly nothing serious. its for a card game he plays, but since he typically pays me back everytime I lend him money, I gave it to him. didn't predict this was going to happen, unfortunately.

>> No.9571874

just hit on the most attractive person in the visible radius

what do you have to be embarrassed of, you are literally there in a clown costume anyway

>> No.9571877

I never claimed to be a psyche. What's with this deep meaning fluff? The way you act in your dream is how you would act normally, this is so that you don't notice you're dreaming and it helps keep you in a state of sleep. Your mind doesn't just randomly make stuff up. It pulls from factual information that you've seen or experienced.

>I'll think of you
Don't, it wouldn't work out.

>lol dis guy is trolling
Ok, if you say so.

>thinking I'm arguing at all
Not really, I already said I don't care. Feel free to continue resonding though.

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MmM's stained glass chiffon OP in black

>> No.9571881

>its just a prank bro lol

>> No.9571883

Nope, I'm dead serious. Stop hiding behind the defensive barrier that everyone is trolling or out to get you. That's called being paranoid.

>> No.9571886

>calm down bro why you so paranoid woooooow looool

>> No.9571888

Wow, that's really cute.

Why did he get mad and how much did he leave with, I'm asuming not much since it was just a monthly payment? Did you have a fight and you think he's coming back?

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can both of you just shut up?

>> No.9571890

>What's with this deep meaning fluff?
That's it's proven to be wrong. And the person who came up with this has proven to be a scam. There is no deeper meaning in the way you say it. It's not "deeper meaning" stuff. It's plainly bullshit and you refuse to believe it. That's whats wrong. You're being just as dumb as people who claim vaccinations cause autism.

>> No.9571892

Are you ok? Im not sure if youre trolling me or if sonething is wrong. Respond using greentext if you're trolling.

>> No.9571894

Sounds like you only go to large cons and not the small cons that are still bastions of weebs and awkwardness

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How do you decide if you want to date someone or just be friends with them? It is easier to stop talking to someone who is just a friend if they end up being trash, but it would be nice to not be single.
I've been single for 4 years and most people I end up talking to end up either being totally different than I thought they were, so I just feel kinda ???

>> No.9571898

What does this have to do with cgl?

>> No.9571899

I can't help it, I live just outside the 3rd largest city in the US. Everything withing 50 miles of me is at least 15k people, with most cons being around 30-50k

>> No.9571903

What does your reply have to do with cgl???

>> No.9571905

stupid bitch

drop your email so i could hit on you

>> No.9571913

I'm not sure which one is real but what an odd thing to impersonate someone for

>> No.9571929

is cosplay friend better or cosplay gf/bf better?

>> No.9571954

the card one is the legit one

i literally just saw the other response and yea thats kinda odd??

i really don't know why he got mad at me. i tried talking to him but he won't budge and he keeps saying he doesn't want to talk to me. i'm not sure if he's stressed out by something else but if he is i wish he would just tell me instead of taking his anger on me.

he didn't take a lot of money. it was about $40 dollars and the payment was suppose to be $50, but i'm gonna have to wait until next month to get some more cash. luckily my birthday is next week so i'm hoping i can recover those $40 with some birthday cash and try and get my dream dress anyways even if he doesn't pay me back, but damn i would also like to work things out with my bf too. it isn't the first time this happens and he typically comes back but how do i know for sure that he will come back on future occasions? he really doesn't know how to handle stress well and it kinda hurts everytime he does this.

>> No.9571990

Haha, looking back it does look that way. If anything, I'm hoping I don't have any form of the disorder. Probably going to see a psychiatrist to see if I do or not, because whatever this is, it's ruining my life.
I wish I was, but I'm not so sure anymore. This stuff has gotten to the point where it's ruining relationships.

>> No.9571993

I'm tearing up cause my boyfriend started to say he doesn't like lolita anymore. I talk about it a lot, I know cause it's my favorite hobby and he's fed up. I don't know what to do. Shutting my mouth would feel like not being myself anymore and my bf still says that he likes me like I am.

>> No.9571995

That sounds stupid. Dumb him.

>> No.9571996

Were your parents overly strict or critical when you were young?
I'm similar with learning to lie, but it was because of my parent's rules: "Did you flick the lightswitch exactly 5 times before turning it on like I told you? YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS!!!"
And I just learned to lie to avoid it. You might be similar?

>> No.9571999

Dump him and date me.

>> No.9572003

>ruining relationships
Like I said, it's normal.

If I had a dollar for every woman that said they were using their bf for stuff I'd be rich. Some of us try and resin that men are using us just the same. Deep down we are lying to ourselves a bit.

>> No.9572006


AniGamerCreations on etsy, I mean sure the stuff is great but meh. not telling me stuff for 2 months then suddenly saying you didnt have fabric then refunding? Was just.. a huge headache.

>> No.9572010

Were your parents ocd?

>> No.9572013

It sounds like he might be a little self-absorbed, since you probably let him talk about his interests all he wants. A lot of guys really devalue lolita as an interest, even if they're into something similar, because lolita is percieved as very feminine and feminine things are frequently considered valueless.
You should try telling him that lolita means a lot to you and that it hurts when he doesn't support your interests.

>> No.9572016


>> No.9572018

looks like overpriced crap. Charging $150 for a basic spiked wig? jesus christ, I get that the base wig was probably 30-40, but a slight trim and got2b doesn't seem like it'd cost $120

>> No.9572020

Her stuff looks like amateur garbage.

>> No.9572026


Mistakes happen, live and learn. Still pissed me off, but eh. I'll look around for better more trustworthy for next year but most people on etsy want ridic prices of like 1k.

>> No.9572029

uh same?? i love lolita and i do talk a lot about it but its because its my favorite thing ever honestly and my bf says he's tired of hearing me talk about it. he says that he wants to talk about his stuff and he wants me to be interested in my stuff but he's not even interested in my own stuff so i feel you anon

>> No.9572030

I can't say much because I bought from a "professional" cosplay reseller online that listed wigs based on character and everything
ended up with an ill-fitting outfit that the seams started popping off after a day or two, and a scratchy, super thin, wiry wig that looked like shit

turns out they literally just grabbed cheap shit off taobao, didn't modify it at all, and passed it onto me with a 200% markup

>> No.9572031

woops *his stuff

>> No.9572035

That sucks-- but hopefully it'll help other newbies like me not to go to them. Any recommendations for commissioners? Anyone can answer, will ask later in the help thread as well.

>> No.9572039

this desu
>tfw even lolitas only date normies

>> No.9572042

Dump his ass

>> No.9572043

He doesn't really need to like it as long as he accepts and respects the fact YOU like it.

>> No.9572044

I still don't know anon. That was like 3 weeks ago that I popped the shoulders off my cosplay because chinese people have skinny shoulders. I'd imagine if you can find a facebook community for your area they have a list of people there who do commissions or you can make a post asking about it.

>> No.9572050

see, based on this post i can tell that you want something to be wrong with you. you wouldn't admit defeat if you were an actual narcissist. you're normal.

>> No.9572060

Why wouldn't I date a normie though?

Just because I wear lolita doesn't mean I have to date a weeb

>> No.9572066

Why is this so true?

Do lolitas just blend in better because we can take the petti off & change in to jeans?

I've been looking for a like minded bf for monthsss but I only seem to attract nonpassionate gamers who tolerate lolita.

Even cosplayers have a way better chance of dating another cosplayer or otaku.

>> No.9572069

Hence my point and my feels.

Its more cringey, and common, to have weeb males then females. And the females that are weeb are accepted by everyone as long as they follow the don't be fat rule. Attraction works different for each gender, and females have the least requirements (just be pretty and a straight males will get a hardon).

>> No.9572071

Your standards are probably out of wack and the things you look for are probably not common in weebs

>> No.9572080

>must be a weeb
>must be japanese
>must cosplay/goth/ouji/scene/emo
>must be at least 6'0
>must have at most 12% body fat and not skinny
>must be confident
>must not be socially awkward
>must be emotionally available but not clingy

>> No.9572089

this is probably a joke, but a lot of girls on here expect a lot from guys. You're probably not gonna find a guy in his early to mid 20s who makes 6 figures. Any guy who's buff and confident, and at least a 7-8/10 in looks is probably not going to care at all about weeb or lolita girls. Any guy who obsesses about anime or jfashion is probably gonna be awkward. Any japanese guy is probably gonna be skinny and a slightly awkward herbivore.
you can reach for the stars all you want, but sometimes the shit you want just isn't there

>> No.9572094

I've always been curious about that. Lolita seems like such a weeab magnet (which it is) but most girls who wear lolita are pretty normal, like you said a lot of us can wear lolita but then just change into jeans and a tshirt. Maybe a lot of lolitas just don't hold it closely to their identity like weeabs hold anime?

>> No.9572099

the people you're overlooking are itas who don't look so normal when they take it off

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I only have 30 twitter followers and I get a maximum of 5 likes per photoset I upload.

>> No.9572123
File: 165 KB, 900x1200, johnnytest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I accidentally wrecked my bf's car in the Barns and Nobel parking lot. He called me an ita and spanked me.

>> No.9572140

Tfw you have compulsive behaviours. This kinda depresses and motivates to try not to bothers others with it.

Indeed. Even if it's not his thing, if you really like it that's one thing. Like, I understand not wanting to hear about it continuously, but he should be able to be happy for you when you get something new, you shouldn't shut up entirely. But if he dislikes it, you should respect that too. My BF thinks it looks nice enough, but it's overpriced to him and he dislikes it if I talk about it all the time. So I just talk with people in my com, or on places like Rufflechat and here. When I have something really special, he shows interest just because I like it so such and he loves seeing me happy. Same for his interest that don't do anything for me. Even when lolita is important, it shouldn't be the only thing in your life after all. Share the most special, so he can enjoy you being really happy and get motivation to listen out of that without hearing so much he gets fed up about it, and take the rest of the talk to someone else.

>> No.9572149

Probably because a lot of lolita see nothing special in weeb stuff? I don't see anime any different than a western played series. I watched a few, but I don't see it as super special or anything. I'm not into manga at all. I'm a software engineer, and the most interesting about Japan are Android robotics to me (I'm actually studying in hope to program their artificial intelligence, which would probably make me move to Japan so I'm following their culture and such at the moment), but other than their electronics, no huge fan op Japanese stuff next to my dresses (although I find some cultural stuff like how they always innovate and are working on being most efficient interesting). I'm a huge fan of black metal and go to underground events for that, and I love older RPG games, and am somewhat active in the TES modding community. Generally, most IT nerds find I'm more nerdy than them, in the stereotype nerd way, not the "cool nerd/geek guy" way.

I think many lolitas aren't dating weebs because they aren't weebs themselves and don't share interests.

By it's original definition, weeb/otaku isn't positive, going way to far into a fandom, like an obsession. Otherwise, it's not a weeb/otaku to me. It's a fan of anime/manga/cosplay/whatever. It's still used like that in Japan. Calling yourself a weeb is defiantly a thing too, because apparently you don't realise it's a negative word (and generally, people that don't realise it don't do so because they are acting like Japan is heaven, and actually don't know shit about it). It's like continuously calling yourself names and be proud on it. Kinda stupid to do.

>> No.9572153

If you really feel that strongly and you know she does too, you should maybe try long distance rather than you both sitting loveless.

Does it get easier to deal with? I can't even say much about mine because they're from here.

>> No.9572159

Post on Instagram and tag them

>> No.9572161

Most weeb lolita's don't understand lolita and wear cheap, horrible dresses. Can't find find it back, but there was this music group that was "inspired by Japanese music" and based on the concept of two butlers and one girl who was dressed in a horrible ita dress which nicely showed why "weeb lolita", which are generally put under "cosplay lolita". There where photo's in the ita thread some threads back.

>> No.9572165
File: 7 KB, 211x108, 1498710975418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I HATE instagram

It's such a depicable and shitty app and the community is even worse.

I rather post my full adress and a pictures of my cunt on /b/ than making an account on instagram

>> No.9572169

It get's more easy when you grow up an realise it's not love. True love doesn't come with someone else every two weeks. Sounds like teenager behaviour to me. But of course, like all this teenager behaviour caused by hormonal changes, "no one will understand you" when they tell you this. Once you're done with puberty, it should go away. Just need to grow up, and try not to do stupid things you regret.

If you're an adult, get a psychiatrist. It's not normal after puberty. In that case, it would actually be a sign of mental issues.

>> No.9572244

I'll give you a pity follow if you post your twitter. Who knows, it might be upgraded to a real follow if I actually like what you post.

>> No.9572246

does it really matter that much?
I have literally 0 followers on all my social media accounts but I don't really care
Maybe being a guy gives you thicker skin and prepares you better for no one caring, because no one really does

>> No.9572247

I used to be like this, falling in love with everyone around me and moving on from one to the next when I realised I didn't have a chance with them. Even continued while I was in a relationship. Then I met my current boyfriend and it all stopped, it's very calm in my head now and I have 0 interest in anyone but him.

>> No.9572250
File: 99 KB, 263x301, 1500575393059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do not have a boyfriend. Woe is me. Also why is relationshit always a part of /cgl/ feel threads?

>> No.9572251

>quiet shy type of guy
>never have much luck on dating sites
>give up on relationships
>go to con
>focus more on making friends and doing a good cosplay than hooking up
>one girl keeps hitting on me, but I back out
>find out she has a bad reputation after
I fucked up didn't I? I guess I could have lost my virginity to a drunk cosplay slut, but I focused more on friends.
Kind of bit me in the ass, since none of them have talked to me since

>> No.9572256
File: 993 KB, 540x540, 1490214868244.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I have no girlfriend. Woe is me.

Then again, live as a straight crossdresser is hard.
Why it's /cgl/ related? Because we're sex driven maniacs performing the weird mating dance of cosplay in order to get puss/dick.

>> No.9572257

Because people blame their weebness for is instead of their personal problems, and want weeb boyfriends...

>> No.9572259

I have so much more fun wearing Lolita alone than I do at meets. At meets I just cannot get over the feeling of everyone comparing/competing with their outfits and it's so overwhelming to me since every meet I go to seems to have slightly different attendance too.

>> No.9572261

This happened about 5 years ago:
>in brainless arts class in university
>friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-cosplay-friend's cosplay friend is in class too
>for this post we'll call her bitchface for short
>group project time
>cool, let's group up
>group is: bitchface, me, some other people vaguely know
>bitchface wants to be group leader
>no, see this guy he's got industry experience and is a grad student----
>bitchface WANTS to be GROUP LEADER NOW
>okay whatever, awkwardness all around
>bitchface has idiot idea for project
>doesn't even meet assignment criteria
>insists on it
>is finally convinced bad idea
>bitchface: okay, lol, it's fine
>days pass
>suddenly shit hits fan
>bitchface went to prof, claimed "harassment" because she's a girl
>bitchface claims she has "japanese ancestry" so harassment is obviously racially based
>prof buys it
>half of group kicked out of class because "harassment"
>one girl kicked out has scholarship
>no one knew she was having trouble
>she looses scholarship because dropped class
>without scholarship can't afford STEM
>has to drop out entirely
>tries to contact bitchface to show her what happened
>bitchface reports her to admin for "racial harassment"
>bitchface gets asspats from admin, has it so hard

Fast forward to now:
>watching local shit news show
>holy wtf bitchface is on it getting interviewed
>is fat now lol
>married son of local slimy used car dealer
>is on news complaining that kids throwing eggs at house
>egging is obviously racially based because "japanese ancestry"
>every house on block hit by eggs
>but no, was OBVIOUSLY targeting ONLY HER because RACIAL CRIME
It sucks what she did to the one girl, but she sure didn't get far for someone who was so determined to be a leader and compete to get ahead of everyone. She's still living in Shitsville in Buttfucknowhere married to some asshole con-artist. She hasn't matured much though. I guess some people grow older but they don't grow up.

>> No.9572264

because nerdy guys have a really really hard time getting girlfriends and nerdy girls pick really really shitty guys to date, and usually complain here about being abused and general shitty stuff that happens

>> No.9572265
File: 152 KB, 1280x720, 1445245267982.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This... was barely /cgl/ related.

>> No.9572268

Her and her "husbando" "LARP" as furries in their yard. They probably browse this board.
Might also explain why their house gets egged.

>> No.9572271

The pretending to be Japanese is /cgl/ related. Half of the itas in my comm do it.

>> No.9572279
File: 42 KB, 285x279, shiggymoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lose 20 pounds
>walking around the con in Jfash
>suddenly feel something bind my feet
>mfw my bloomers are at my ankles, and the panties aren't far behind

>> No.9572283
File: 56 KB, 503x220, 1500736846522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You lost these 20 pounds over night or ddn't even tried on your Jfash before the con?

>> No.9572303
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Teekyuu - 17 [BD 720p AAC] [EAAC5C0B].mkv_snapshot_01.39_[2017.06.20_17.38.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get in to car
>adjust myself
>catch a glimpse of my face in the rearview mirror

>> No.9572324

Over two months. I thought I could still wear my old bloomers.

>> No.9572336

Nah like the people who responded to you said, it's just hormonal shit. If the situation was more convenient I'd try to get to know her more but honestly I'm past the part of my life where Skype chats once a week are enough of a relationship for me, it's a lot of effort for not a lot of pay off.

>> No.9572351

This is how everyone deserves to feel before a con.

I never felt even remotely handsome in my life before I started cosplaying.

>> No.9572357
File: 36 KB, 500x500, 1450896846026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to make friends from /cgl/ by buying them lolita things
>they all disappear on me without notice
>can't even buy my friends

Just let me die already.

>> No.9572361

you should have known that anon
women on here are shallower than a kiddie pool
they'll crowd around you just long enough to get free shit, then leave right after

>> No.9572363

If you wanna buy me things I'll be your friend and actually talk to you.
>i love neets you guys are so cute

>> No.9572367

Why would you listen to this shallow cunt for example?
She's looking for free shit and will be the same right after you buy shit
Women, especially on here, are incapable of love if they don't get material rewards for it

>> No.9572370

>t. bitter poorfag

>> No.9572384
File: 599 KB, 500x500, makochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>little sister wants to do a sexy Calvin/Hobbes cosplay
>give her a wedgie until she agrees not to

Did I do good, cgl?

>> No.9572385

>buy me shit or you're poor
I swear man, the girls here are such low quality thots it's not even funny

>> No.9572388

>Last feels thread got nuked.
Did it really? Did I really just miss one? Is this just a running gag at this point?

>> No.9572389

Did you replace her thong diaper you stretched ouy

>> No.9572390

It's okay, anon. One day you'll be able to buy a girl nice things.

>> No.9572392
File: 50 KB, 443x302, 2_51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drop email I guess. Fourth time's the charm.

>> No.9572396

Time to go!

>> No.9572397

I did something embarrassing and I'm scared to rejoin my comm.

I'm fine with wearing lolita without them, but I'm just so lonely.

Maybe if I give it a year or two, people will forget about it. Probably not.

>> No.9572398


>> No.9572401

What'd you do? We need context

>> No.9572405

>[email protected]
Made just 4 u

>> No.9572406

Are you really defending people trying to take advantage of someone just trying to make friends?
like how much of a fucking scumbag do you have to be to see someone who's lonely and think "yeah, I bet I could drain his account dry"?

>> No.9572408

Mail me

>> No.9572409

this sounds like a me thing to do, seconding this >>9572401

>> No.9572413
File: 147 KB, 321x321, snooploli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a hero.

>> No.9572414

I'm anon above, and I genuinely do want to talk to him. Any time I see a guy say shit like that here, I assume they're flaunting money they don't have, but legitimately think that's the only way they can make friends. I've tried to talk to several gulls before, but they always end up disappearing, like he said. I just want to help sad /a/nons out.

>> No.9572427

>must be japanese
>must be at least 6'0


>> No.9572429

t. Christmas cake

>> No.9572432

but then why do you need to get free brand from him first?

>> No.9572435

>I just want to help sad

>> No.9572437

It was a joke, anon. Like I said, I don't assume any of these dudes are gonna buy me shit. And I wouldn't give them my address if my life depended on it. I just like talking to people.

>> No.9572444

oh good, lonely desperate people should seek each other out :)

>> No.9572449

The app functions ok, and the "community?" Are you functionally challenged? It's a social media site, the "community" is entirely up to you and based on who you socialize with.

>> No.9572451

You don't have to try to insult me to get my attention, anon. I'll even talk to bitter poorfags.

>> No.9572452

>buys holy grail dream dress after 3 years of searching
>roommate opens package when it comes, and leaves the dress on the floor
>her rabbit bites holes in the dress
>asks her to pay me, which she refuses

>> No.9572453

Mail tampering is a federal offense, anon. Tell her to pay up, or you'll report her.

>> No.9572454



>> No.9572457

What? I'm supporting you...
>tfw actually poor

>> No.9572458

>anon, I just want to help people I swear
>excuse me I don't talk to poor people who don't buy me shit
you girls are garbage

>> No.9572461

Didn't know this, thank you!

>> No.9572484

I just said something stupid and loud at a really big meet, and then overapologized out of embarrassment. I'm probably overreacting, but the comm's happiness and reputation come before my personal feelings.

>> No.9572492
File: 588 KB, 1130x1600, Sigmund.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what you saw was your manifestation of an inner truth about yourself
>in this case, that you like Honeycake and don't want to see it ruined for no goddamn reason
>which makes you a monster
>I know this because I made it up, and I do shitloads of cocaine all the time so how could I be wrong?

>> No.9572496

Thank you.

>> No.9572505

...why are you rooming with Satan

>> No.9572508

I really want some lolita friends. I'm a lonelita since there's no comm close. Every time I post on friendfinder, I get ghosted by the one person who emails after the first day. Maybe that says more about me than them, but I'm lonely.

>> No.9572542

Coming from someone that's been on up to 80mg of Prozac (plus a cocktail of other drugs) a day and three doctors a week, you need to be in therapy. I've been there. I'm a cosplayer too, it's been the only thing keeping me afloat at times. Get some help. You'll thank yourself down the road.

>> No.9572548

I hate replica-chans, too. Don't forget the latter part of the story where everyone boo'd her for announcing that she had a replica.

>> No.9572562
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to hug every sad lolita.

I don't have a bed right now (lol) but you are all welcome to cuddle with me on the 4x5' pillow I sleep on.

>> No.9572587

As a psych student, I appreciate this post.
Don't forget he also epically failed at perfecting the techniques required to treat "Female Hysteria" and briefly ragequit psychology altogether over it.

>> No.9572599

hi im looking for more lolita friends so we can be friends if you'd like!

>> No.9572602

Lately I've felt like a worthless piece of shit all the time, I don't go out except for work so I haven't been wearing Lolita lately which makes me sad, I invested tons of time and money into kicking off my modeling career so I could eventually become a model for either ap or btssb, then I realized that I'm too tall to qualify for either and I hate myself for it, I just wanna lay in bed and cry because I waisted so much on a thing that i have no chance of doing, I'm so insecure about how tall I am, art hasn't been making me happy lately either because I've tried so hard to get people to pay for commissions (for incredibly low prices like 5-10usd) but I guess I have a shitty art style cause no one will buy, my boyfriend has been pissed at me lately because I've been moody (moodiness caused by depression) idk someone help

>> No.9572627

I'm in a relationship with a guy. We love to hang out and enjoy being otakus. He's has bought me a dress here and there. We've been together for ~2 years.

We never have sex and it doesn't affect our relationship one bit. We're both digusted by having sex. There are any other couples who are a lolita not have sex?

>> No.9572640

Me too? I am a sad widda wowi.

>> No.9572661
File: 47 KB, 600x400, Gizmos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you're looking for worn pics of circle lenses and it's all brown-eyed reviewers.

>> No.9572666

Do you at least kiss, cuddle and feel each other's warmth?

>> No.9572670

I had a friend who was desperate for a relationship like this but I didn't really get it
It's like she just wanted a roommate that paid her rent, did her chores, and bought her shit

>> No.9572690

How the fuck does she call that a relationship?
And what guy is that desperate to keep up with that shit?
Even if the girl was hot, that would mean she wouldn't even be in that relationship since she has so many guys left and right she doesn't need money and would look for a companion.

>> No.9572694

>I don't have a bed right now (lol)

>> No.9572715
File: 66 KB, 251x257, 1484087957970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a lolita and an artist? Please post your art, I've been looking for someone like you.

>> No.9572729

I have two art styles I'll post them, they aren't very good though :/

>> No.9572731 [DELETED] 
File: 1.84 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is an odd drawing but it's just an example sketch of my cartoon/chibi style

>> No.9572732 [DELETED] 
File: 1.63 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_4874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a work in progress it's kinda semi-realistic I guess

>> No.9572733

>modelling career
kek not another one
this is like retards that go to film school or major in social sciences or music

>> No.9572734 [DELETED] 
File: 1.56 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_4876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I messed up on the nose on the crystal dream carnival one don't judge

>> No.9572736

That's okay but you need to work at it more. I hope you're a better lolita and model than you are an artist.

>> No.9572737

It's not like I went to college for modeling or anything I just put a lot of money into getting signed with an agency, I still make money but normie jobs suck

>> No.9572740

Yeah that's fair

>> No.9572741 [DELETED] 

>normie jobs suck
If you don't want to go study STEM or work at a normie office, then be glad you are a female.
Just go to the gym, take care of your face 1-2hours, and focus on getting a sugar daddy.
Some creeps who are into lolita are engineers and are banking at minimum 70k+ on top of being single.

There is your gateway if you want to be a lazy fuck.

>> No.9572746

Don't mind me I'm just gonna be house wife and clean all the time

>> No.9572747

Tbh probably not considering how bad I am in general

>> No.9572750
File: 217 KB, 2048x2048, 1481697146253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheer up emo lolita, I'll draw a picture for you if it'll make you feel better. Do you want a self portrait or maybe something else? You can link me to your post in the draw thread if you want one.

>> No.9572753 [DELETED] 

>too lazy to work towards a good degree that gives back to community and earn a good wage, be economically independent and date/marry who you want
>too lazy to work on networking and beauty to get an upper-class boyfriend
Okay become an autopilot house wife.
Just don't complain about money, it was your choice.

>> No.9572763

Please respond

>> No.9572769

As long as I love my husband I don't really mind not having that much money, I'm already in a serious relationship

>> No.9572772

We'll I don't know how to link a post but it's the most recent on the draw thread, it's a milky planet coord, sorry it's not that great, like I said in my original post I haven't worn Lolita lately

>> No.9572775

And I am going to college

>> No.9572801
File: 118 KB, 800x549, mikuattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do any rich lolitas need a trophy husband?

>> No.9572802
File: 177 KB, 852x581, 1482434049060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf (LDR) says he's going to be at a friend's party and it's an "all-day thing" so he won't be able to hang out today
>he still remains online
>"Oh, maybe the app is open on his phone"
>look at his Steam profile
>he's playing a game
>"Meh, he's probably just playing a game before he heads out"
>check again every now and then
>he's been playing this game for hours, basically the entire day
Is it even worth confronting him over? I just wish he wouldn't make up shit to avoid hanging out with me. I'm not very clingy, and if he told me "I just feel like playing games today, sorry. We can hang out tomorrow" I'd have been completely okay with it.

>> No.9572805

Maybe he left it running? Does he have a pc or a craptop?

>> No.9572809

Dump his ass

>> No.9572814

PC. I doubt he'd have left it running. Though he has ADHD and admitted that he's very easily distracted, he plays that particular game a *lot*, even when he's hanging out with me.
I guess I'll just wait until the next time he talks to me. If he doesn't mention leaving his computer on all day even once, I could probably assume he lied.

>> No.9572819


I'm really confused how being a Lolita and how much sex you have are related.

Like I get you're trying to tie into the thread but something about the association make me wonder if this is bait or not.

>> No.9572827
File: 38 KB, 512x512, shimawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where does the "thong diaper" meme come from? I see it here all the time.

>> No.9572840
File: 20 KB, 736x414, blank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friend and I have been saying for years that we'll table at a con one day
>Opportunities come and go w/o us doing anything
>"Officially" quit art after stagnating for two years
>Two months later
>Lost all drawing ability but know I need a creative outlet again so go back to drawing
>Need practice and motivation
>"I know! Why don't I go to the Draw thread? It's anonymous, and there's no obligation to draw anyone."
>Draw thread is full of detailed print and patterned dresses
No matter what level of art skill I've had, I've always been terrible at simplifying patterns...

>> No.9572845

>tall lolita
I think you better off dressing like a normal person

>> No.9572849

Fugg, forgot to add:
>Seriously want to finally table at a con in 2019
>Friend is now graduated, and I quit school so we both have a lot of free time in between our jobs
>(Sucks for me but) opportunity!

>> No.9572853
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, 8FasIOf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

come on anon, get in that draw thread and start your sketching!! Do the print as an ombre or make everyone an alien version!! Go for it!

>> No.9572857

UNCLE JACKIE ENCOURAGEMENT....... I love you, anon!!

>> No.9572878

Reposting feel because I accidentally posted in dead thread

>when mom thinks I'm a homo in the closet because I'm going to nair my legs silky smooth for cosplay purposes

God damnit mom, I can't have hairy legs while cosplaying as a 13 year old girl.

>> No.9572889

If traps aren't gay, being a trap ain't gay either.

>> No.9572890

I thought non-scam agencies weren't supposed to ask for signup fees.

>> No.9572891

Yeah, could have been card-farming. Best communicating anon.

>> No.9572895

I want to talk

>> No.9572904

>hairy arms
She should know that is not attractive

>> No.9572907

and legs and everything*

>> No.9572910

You're damn right

Well she thinks guys should have hairy arms and legs. I don't particularly care for one or the other, I just haven't gotten rid of it because it's less hassle that way.

>> No.9572912
File: 1.97 MB, 336x199, 1481302741874.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bumming around at home while bf is at work
>package arrives
>it's not mine and bf usually tells me when he's expecting a package
>ask him if I can open it
>it's from Amazon
>I showed him a bunch of lolita magazines on Amazon a week ago
>package is roughly magazine-shaped
>my birthday is coming up
I've been into lolita for almost a decade but this would be the first time anyone close to me buys me anything lolita-related so I'm pretty excite!

>> No.9572915
File: 63 KB, 500x281, heart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends who you associate yourself with. I follow several people who have conversations with me daily. The whole insta story is a good way of breaking the ice with someone who seems cool, like if they post about some anime you like you can message them and say that you like that show too or some shit.

Of course there are some jerks, but that's how it is everywhere in the world. I feel like for cosplay, insta is really where it's at right now.

>> No.9572916
File: 397 KB, 540x404, kira kira.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's sweet of him

>> No.9572918
File: 161 KB, 500x629, JotKuj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9572919
File: 19 KB, 102x109, 1466042144255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's talk.

>> No.9572924

That....isn't an emotionally healthy relationship. It really sounds like he's using you. It's easier to say from the outside, but I think you might want to seriously consider leaving. Also "borrowing" money for cards is literally the stupidest thing I have heard: it isn't like he couldn't buy cards at literally any other point in time. He needs to find his own hobbies. Freeloader.
I mean, girls will all swoon over a passingly handsome man. Have you seen the thirst male oujis get? A lot of (weeb) guys just don't appreciate how much effort/grooming it takes to look decent.
That and a lot of weeb stuff directed towards guys is creepily sexual. It's like fujoshits; the difference being fujoshits date each other.

Actual feels I've been trying to save money because idk if my job will still be here in a month but things have been so stressful that yesterday I dropped a. Inch of money on retail therapy and now I feel kinda bad.
Like I have the money to buy things, I just feel super adverse to spending money

>> No.9572926

I spent 2k on my current yugioh deck, it is some serious shit.

>> No.9572928

Uh hello? I think it's a bit of a stretch to say she's being used considering the information OP gave. She normally trusts him and $40 is by no means a justifiable sum of money to fake a relationship/ditch your long term gf for. Not necessarily a thriving and healthy relationship, but many people in relationships tend to act on emotions without thinking about it. Just a shitty situation.

But do dump him if he keeps acting like an asshole.

>> No.9572948

I wanted to try cosplaying, but then I remembered I'm short, brown, and a boy so I pretty much don't fit any character.

I learned about mori kei on here and it looked so comfy so I wanted to try switching up my wardrobe. But I don't think it would look good on me, so I spent my money on steam sales instead.

Everyday, I hope that my car will suddenly explode while I'm driving.

>> No.9572960
File: 700 KB, 800x1122, 1477489568711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a guy.
I got a small dick.
I have a horrible personality, no one wants to be friends with me.
I have no luck in romance, jobs, anything.

The only thing I have is crossplay. And even that looks like garbage.

>> No.9572963

Fair enough; I might be a bit overzealous, but also periodically getting mad and storming off leaving the other person confused and paranoid it's their fault only to keep coming back and acting as though things are normal (not that the last part has happened this time) is emotionally manipulative behavior
It isn't so much about the money as it is his shitty behavior. Hence my concern

>> No.9572972

>mfw you're frills for life from Amino
and you're an ita on top of having no talent, i would be sad too

>> No.9572973

Having an horrible personality may be something you'd be able to change. I'm rooting for you, anon.

>> No.9572975
File: 50 KB, 282x424, 1487176923427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

savage af

>> No.9572977
File: 491 KB, 850x1098, 1485087681839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My personality is rooted deep within me.
I think they call it asbergers?
People are never good enough for me. As soon as I spot something in another person that I don't like, I try to change that person to my liking, mostly with passive aggresive remarks.

It's a horrible personality treat. And I can't change it.
And don't get me going when I meet people who cosplay characters they don't know...

>> No.9572979

That has nothing to do with Aspergers.

>> No.9572982
File: 217 KB, 600x859, 1489183818356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I don't know the actual name for that.

Let's just call it the asshole personality.

>> No.9572983

That's more accurate.

>> No.9572985

have some patience.

>> No.9572990

anon, I'd like to be friends with you!

>> No.9573004

If it's a medical condition, you could get therapy to lesser its toll on you and your social life. You may think I'm obnoxiously optimistic, but I think everyone has a chance to improve themselves and be happier than they are. Especially if you're aware of it and it's being harmful to you.

I believe in you anon.

>> No.9573015

>birthday anon who's hours got cut and had to use birthday taobao dress money savings for rent from two threads ago

Sort of a feels and/or help question:
Does anyone know any way besides camming or sexytime stuff that I can make some money online to supplement my income? My hours got cut at work, but I live in a place with no public transport and share a car, so I wouldn't be able to get a second job IRL. No one ended up helping me get the dresses I was looking at, and I don't want to take advantage of anyone or be accused of that. I don't mind working for the extra money. I can do pixel art and animations pretty well, as well as draw, metalwork, teach beginners how to sew, etc.
I just really need a win right now, since my grandpa (who was like my dad, especially since I'm an only grandchild), passed away on Friday right before my bday (thankfully, I'd had an amazing last day with him--not knowing he was going to pass though he had been growing weaker for the last few years--we had played board games all day and watched baseball and relaxed peacefully and chatted--I'm devastated, but will be able to find peace knowing how peaceful and happy he was when he passed in his sleep.). It's why I didn't keep talking to everyone after my first two replies--I had gone over to visit and wanted to hang out with my grandparents and give them my full attention that day.

Even if you don't know of a place to make extra money, a virtual hug or something or pic of something cute would help. I'm barely holding it together right now, and I'm about to have to go teach children for 8 hours. My bday was yesterday and things kind of suck right now.

>> No.9573047
File: 9 KB, 282x317, DDV8tvFXgAEqHwr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buckle on my shoe broke, I'd only worn them out like 5 times. The actual buckle part just broke off as one whole circle. Sigh, that's what I get for buying Taobao (they were generic old school chunky platforms). Gonna see if I can fix it with some metal glue or something.

>> No.9573052

You should probably check out r/beermoney but a lot of that can be scams, so take caution.

Here's everything I've done/do to make cash online

Write a blog, write articles for a website about something you know well, write copy, transcribe, translate. Lots of options out there, look for freelance websites.

Pixel arts are good, drawing is too. If you're good you can make BANK off adoptables, but either way art and commissions online can bring in a fair amount of money.

>user testing
Usability testing

I didn't enjoy this very much so I didn't make that much money. Go figure

Teach English to foreigners, or teach whatever you want. I know you already teach but tutoring adults could be a nice change of pace.

If it sounds risky as fuck, that's because it is, but there are lots of volatile markets that will either snag you a quick buck or lose you a quick buck

>> No.9573066
File: 1.76 MB, 1272x791, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure about it's origin here, but I guess they mean those thongs Yakuza wear on Irezumi photo's? Nothing makes me feel less threatened than literally see them in thongs XD. Anyways, serious question if those are the ones meant.

>> No.9573073

Tall is not a problem. I've seen people from 1,80m in photoshoots, which look kinda weird next to people like Misako. Your own behaviour does tho, not thinking and then crying about it isn't going to get you any wear. Accept your loss and do something useful, instead of crying you have failed, and then realise you haven't done anything but cry which is useless, and then cry even more because of your time waisted crying...

>> No.9573075

Lenses look good on light eyes, rarely on dark eyes. If yo have lighter eyes, you don't need to worry as the colour will always come out fine. You can literally go by the stock images for how they look. other review parts should still be useful no matter the eye colour.

>> No.9573086

>tfw no lolita gf to kick me in the balls and use me as furniture

It's just not fair lads

>> No.9573116
File: 16 KB, 591x466, 18199442_246859849120837_7811866606201776079_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think i'm picky, or i'm just looking in the wrong places, but i always see all these posts and threads about their local comms and how everyone knows everyone in FB groups and such, but all my con FB groups (some official, some not) are always cringey and you can't even sort through the "I'm cosplaying this!!! Expect pictures!!!" threads and it's a shitty Sonic OC.

how do i make local friends /cgl/, i hide my power level too much to join a club at my community college, and it seems pointless when i'm trying to transfer to a Uni soon.

i have plenty of normie friends, only a few of my childhood friends know i'm a weeb and they make jokes but they love me for who i am and it's great. but, i still don't have anyone to genuinely share my interests with and someone who understands the jokes and shit i make

ok sry i'm done /crying

>> No.9573120


>> No.9573121

buy me brand, you cuck

>> No.9573136

Tumblr strikes again.

>be a brolita
>on the bus to the meetup
>bus stops to pick up people
>one person a p obese woman
>dyed her hair purple
>has red trimmed glasses
>wearing a crop top that exposes her belly button
>sits in front of me
>takes up 2 seats
>bus starts moving again
>turns around and starts talking to me
>asks if I'm a lolita and I said of course
>she always wanted to be a lolita, but lolita doesn't cater to plus sized lolitas
>says that AP discriminates to obese people
>came out as fat positive in 2012
>goes off tangent saying that lolita is for women only
>basically shames me for having a penis
>lolita is for feminists only and that I'm not a feminist
>goes more off tangent that lolitas are a bunch of Trumptards
>they always sprout drama and lie
>it's always about them
>when it comes time to get off bus for my stop, she spits are me
>says, "have fun at your event, you little penis whore"

I asked a friend at the meetup to drive me home. I didn't want to take the hassle of going on the bus again that day.

>> No.9573141

Anon, what are your interests? There's no way to find someone to talk to for a long time if you don't have anything to talk about.

>> No.9573149

Wtf, that lady is mental

>> No.9573153

>hiding your power level

You deserve this, failed-normie.

>> No.9573155

>this happened

>> No.9573169
File: 51 KB, 277x265, 1500755681480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but but...... i don't hide it from everyone anon-chan.

i just have to trust someone enough and i have trust issues orz

>> No.9573181

if you have no sympathy or empathy you wouldn't feel like an awful person

>> No.9573191

>how do i make local friends
Go to the same bar/club regularly. Preferably an alt or geeky one.

>> No.9573199
File: 129 KB, 500x522, shadowjim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just a meme that mocks age-player lolitas, or anyone who does this as a fetish.

>> No.9573202

>girlfriend wanted to do couple cosplay
>Picks difficult character for herself that has complex props
>Asks me to make them for her
>”Don't worry, I can see your cosplay for you"
>Spend a long time working on her props
>The cosplay she sees for me looks like shit, she has hers commissioned though
>Con comes
>People keep asking me to take pics with her and gush over how great her cosplay is
>She claims to have made everything
>I get people grilling my "lack of skills" for a poorly seen cosplay
Really fucking boiled my blood and ruined the con for me
She still doesn't get why I don't want to do a couples cosplay this year again, and I'm thinking about just breaking up with her

>> No.9573208

I dont know, other than her allegedly claiming to have made everything it sounds like youre a little bitch

>gf sews you a cosplay out of love
>upset you dont look better than her commissioned one

Why didnt you tell her youd make it yourself or commission yours too? Dont be a pussy, fucking talk to her with your words.

You just sound bitter

>> No.9573209
File: 83 KB, 807x700, considerdaforrowing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

break up with her.

you wouldn't want to live with someone like that, much less start a family, so why waste time and keep dating her.

life is short anon-chan

>> No.9573211

Maybe you misunderstood
I did a couple cosplay with her and people thought we weren't a couple
I wasn't in the pics because people had me take them

Do you know how shitty and embarrassing it is to work on something, have someone else take credit, and then be handed a phone to take pics of the person claiming credit for your work?
Apparently not a lot of people do, because she just doesn't get it either

>> No.9573215

Thanks anon! Sorry for the blog post before, I just need a distraction right now, and working towards a new dress would definitely help. I'm going to definitely look into some of these--they all are great ideas!

>> No.9573220

If she really claimed to make everything then yeah man of course I get it, but it just sounded like you more upset that her sewing skills sucked than you did that she took credit. because your post is mainly complaining that her cosplay looked better than the one she made you and it made you embarrassed

You just sounded more upset she looked better and tacked on the "claimed everything was by her" at the end.

id break up with her just for claiming the props you made her were hers.

>> No.9573221

Same as >>9573121, buy me brand and I'll insult and humilliate the shit out of you

>> No.9573225

Did everyone start clapping for her?

>> No.9573226

>first brand comes in
>extremely short, knees showing

>> No.9573235

>tfw I wear old school and my knees are almost always showing because of UTK socks

Its not a sin, if you really dont like it then start investing in OTK's and tights. No reason to cry good lord.

>> No.9573243

It's not extremely short if it's just showing your knees, you're fine. But if you're uncomfortable with that length it's not a total loss, note how long this dress is before you sell it off and next time you buy something make sure it's longer.

>> No.9573260

Solution: date each other.

>> No.9573300

My feels are that lately I feel like shit if I see my friends go out with each other (and no invite for me) or literally making plans in the same chat and still not throwing an invite my way. I certainly don't want to be the "TFTI" person so I don't say anything. I've invited people out to dinner/lunch/hangout at their leisure (I work from home so they have more restrictive schedules) and they're always really enthusiastic about "sure I'll let you know!" But I never get a follow up.

No one's obligated to invite me to anything and I did my best to pretend not to see all the "out here with the squad" posts on FB and IG. I logged out of FB a while ago and I no longer post on IG in an effort to see less of that.

Maybe I just need new friends.

On a side note I can feel the moodiness and depression eating away at my will to do things. Don't know if my pet passing away and my last living grandparent (who I was pretty close to) passing away last month adds to it. I don't feel the need to be mourning and grieving all the time but half the time I do contemplate wanting to die.

>> No.9573303

>I do contemplate wanting to die.
We all wanna die so get in line nerd

>> No.9573317
File: 43 KB, 604x483, Bears_ac5bad_1381530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have an unending, unyielding crush on someone. The thought of her from day to day gives me life and energy. She's gorgeous, beauitful, exceptionally talented, passionate, and I feel like we get along well.

The only thing is, i'm in a relationship with someone who has cheated on me multiple times. If I abandon her, she financially depends on me, and moved from seveal states away to be with me. I will destroy her life.

I'm only so cool of a person. Thi s is one of those ultra-rare times when I click with someone. I don' t know if they feel the same about me.

I could just settle down and be with the person I am right now and that would be that.

But *she* is all I think about. I don't think she really is interested. We talked once for many hours, and it made me *sooooo* happy.

But I don't want to push my luck again. I tried talking a little bit today and it didn't seem to go anywhere. That means I get to back off forever it seems and quietly admire her.

I'm trying to get stronger, challenging myself to make more money and get fitter. Even worse though, she's close with someone who i'd consider a really cool person and wouldn't want to cause drama.

I want it so bad. I do...

K, I hope that somewhere you're out there and you understand.

>> No.9573327

Break up with that bitch. Who cares if she's financially dependent on you.

>> No.9573329

wouldn't you be mad too if you spent your time making something look good and the other person made you something awful and low effort?
I wouldn't have been as mad if she did the sewing for both parts like I did the props for both, but she clearly knew she was awful, since she didn't even attempt to make her parts herself. She just spent extra to have hers look way better than mine to the point where people didn't even know we were together, they thought I was some random cosplayer from the same series that was hanging around her.

>> No.9573335

>i'm in a relationship with someone who has cheated on me multiple times
authentically once is too many, curb the bitch

>> No.9573344

>In love with met'as Secret Garden Princess
>Could totally afford it
>But is paying for a hotel in 2 weeks
>Need to make sure my credit card is at 0 so there's no issues with the bank
>but deposit is only $100
>but con and people are relying on me
>but it's so god damned pretty.
I'll just cry and hope I win the lottery.

>> No.9573354
File: 13 KB, 480x295, 2NzwY8S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning 18 soon
>kissless virgin
>spent the last few years lifting
>described as a cute looking anime boy from strangers online
>try so hard to be cute and attractive
>just want to cuddle a girl
>tfw going into the air force and won't be able to settle down in a nice big house, get a husky or malamute and cuddle a cute cosplay girl all day every day

Y live

>> No.9573361

Why are you telling this to strangers when you should be saying these exact words to her. You resent her and she doesn't respect you, this relationship can't be salvaged.

>> No.9573362

Ha, I didn't really cry, it was more like "seriously?". But I didn't think of OTKs, though. I'm just generally uncomfortable with my knees and part of my thighs showing, so I might invest in an underskirt.

>> No.9573364

Don't stress so much, I'm a girl and lost my virginity last year, I was 23.
Things will come around.

>> No.9573367

I was venting because I already talked to her, but she thinks I'm stupid for being upset and is talking about doing the same type of thing again.

>> No.9573369
File: 78 KB, 328x246, IMG_1510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care about losing my virginity I just want a cute innocent girl to spoon me at night

Instead I'm gonna have other dude peg me in the barracks

>> No.9573371

nayrt but it's way different for women vs men
female virgins are seen as pure and innocent and male virgins are seen as having some significant defect.
hell, there was even 2-3 feels threads in a row of girls on here just bashing on male virgins

>> No.9573374

As a man I like it this way

>> No.9573375
File: 85 KB, 850x796, 1476355298720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look like 14
>small dick

Just end my life already.

>> No.9573377

I came here to get a cute gf but you're all men . . .

>> No.9573378
File: 90 KB, 195x202, 1500921772642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Because she at least pretends to love me.
Nobody ever looks at me otherwise. I'll take an abusive relationship over being alone.

This girl whom I care about is just a wishful thinking sort of thing. She mostly doesn't talk to me.

>> No.9573380
File: 10 KB, 313x313, 1462580153336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oblivious about lolita and jfash
>don't really care about c/egl
>wonder what i'm doing here

>> No.9573394

I expect to be able to at least cum on your feet if I'm buying you brand

>> No.9573396

I happen to have gotten out of a situation identical to your own minus the feelings for some other person. Listen, you are a good person for staying. I understand entirely that things are complicated when a break-up would lead to the other person being homeless. However, you have to end it. They will continue to hurt you. When it is all over, you realize they don't love you, they only love the life you give them. Their life won't be over. In fact, you'd be surprised. 6 months down the road you'll see them treating someone else the exact same way, mooching off whatever life gives them. There's honestly people out there who will take advantage until you cut them off, and they'll throw their responsibility in your face.

You can cut things off, and have the lady take her clothes and such with her so she's not stopping by everyday. I personally held on to my ex-partner's stuff for almost a year while they found a place to situate themselves. It's hard, but I got them out of there. Their life wasn't ruined. They were just upset until they found someone else to mooch from. You gotta' cut the ties man. You are being used for your apartment. Have they already been guilt tripping you?

>> No.9573397

>Working on expanding my wardrobe, bought some really pretty IW tights
>Excitedly waiting for my invoice, hoping it wasn't out of stock
>Invoice comes, super happy
>Realize I forgot to take into account shipping when I decided the price was worth it

I can still afford them, but... $65 tights.... I don't know if I can justify them. Ugh, but I really want them. I have a week to decide if I'm paying that invoice, I guess.

>> No.9573421

I'd take you up in a heartbeat if you were actually near me.

>> No.9573460
File: 356 KB, 572x380, O40do5r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pay all my bills and still have money left over
>Nice!! Time to buy cosplay stuff
>Realize I forgot to buy my textbooks for this semester

It's only 3 this time, but really annoying.

>> No.9573469

Drop an e-mail, I'm waiting u pig.

>> No.9573477

>never had a bf or any sort of romance
>wear lolita out to the store
>guy in store calls me cute
>really shocked
>"you remind me of my little sister!"

>> No.9573483

Are you in the UK? I will hold your hand and hug you if you're within 50 miles of me.

>> No.9573490
File: 3.45 MB, 800x1130, 1475310919482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm thinking about cashing out on cosplaying with porn

I just want to make like a few pictures a week and earn enough money to pay my rent.

>> No.9573493

You can come live with meeeeeee

>> No.9573497

Sure, that's arround 2k per month.

I have a dick btw.

>> No.9573498

I only pay $100 a month for rent. Join the military dude, housing is so cheap.

>> No.9573499

All moral arguments etc aside most people just don't earn that much desu. It can also kill future chances of employment if people find the photos later. I'm not saying don't do it, but you might want to at least apply for part time jobs or look at freelance work as a back up

>> No.9573506

Where I come from, a 10 squaremeter 1 room apartment costs arround 500 bucks.

>> No.9573510

US. mfw when will never have a hand to hold

>> No.9573512

I might be in Vegas in a years time for work
I can hold your hand then

>> No.9573540

Was it me? My little sister is a lolita and I always tell lols that she's one of them.

>> No.9573548

h-here I go
[email protected]

>> No.9573557

/cgl/ related: My hair is too poofy lately and I end up looking like a poodle in pictures when it looked like cute ~voluminous hair~ in the mirror. Also I have a taobao package waiting in the customs but it has underwear in it (they got super cute bras for so cheap, the perks of having small tiddies) and i'm embarassed to think some random dudes are gonna see them. I mean I don't care what they think but it's also kinda embarassing in a way?

Not /cgl/ related: I have weird fetishes that I'm ashamed of (nothing gory and disgusting but still weird) and can only get off when thinking about it

Also I kinda wanna buy a doll of my waifu to sleep with her but dolls cannot pat your head or hug you. I just need some love, I'm so lonely and weird.

>> No.9573561

You're a real catch, you'll meet you're waifu someday

>> No.9573572

This sounds like the setup for a sitcom episode. At least you might get a funny story out of it

>> No.9573577

Are you me? I've even got a package stuck in my local office.

>> No.9573608

You've got mail.

>> No.9573638

Oh man, I miss cosplay. Mine got eaten by rats.

Luckily none of my costumes cost more than $30 lel

>> No.9573658

Are you fucking retarded you stupid fucking doofy doodoo head?

>> No.9573699

Aw geez thanks anon

>> No.9574173

Nayrt, but I just put cream on mine...

>> No.9574195
File: 102 KB, 800x1392, 2009-09-15-beartato-catcomic.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll sagedrop you a few Nedroid comics, anon. Take it easy!

>> No.9574197
File: 81 KB, 800x991, 2010-06-23-beartato-beachbully.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9574198
File: 74 KB, 800x1007, 2011-01-21-beartato-cooldate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9574258

Let me see?

>> No.9574288

These are fantastic, thank you. I forgot how much I loved Nedroid! You've got me skimming through old ones now and chuckling.

>polite sage for off topic reply

>> No.9574420

imagine leading an existence this sad and empty that you try and get random, anonymous people online to show you their feet.

>> No.9574767

Tell me how much you want it.

>> No.9574802

I will pay you 10 dollars

>> No.9574823

I don't know...that's not very much.
I think I need more...

>> No.9574828
File: 30 KB, 657x578, 1412823395192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9574862

I take those ten dollars for a photo of my feet.

Hope you don't mind that I have a grown in toenail.

>> No.9574904

That's too bad, anon. I guess you won't be getting anything...

>> No.9576165

now now, don't be a little picky just because shes a little old...

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