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Is it good for allowing fans to provide you income for your content? Or bad because 90% of the donations are for cosplay soft porn?

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I think Patreon is great for actual content or creators. It's awful for cosplayers because what are you going to give as prizes? Pictures of yourself? It's just totally self indulgent. I don't know any "cosplay famous" people, personally.

I know it gets gulls salty, but only the hottest or big "niche" girls like Momokun with her "thicc" thing make it on pure looks. It is a bit like porn at the moment.

If you have real talent, sell patterns, tutorials, style wigs, commission. I know it's frustrating to look at these girls make tons of money, but know it's not a lifetime skill. Learn to do things like sew or create props which can make you money your whole life.

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I don't mind most of them. Staying fit and constant glad-handing take time and effort.

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I think it's a bad example for girls getting into cosplay and seeing the expectation is for them to strip if they want to 'succeed' at cosplay.

Also anyone who was already sexy but not doing lewd is now being pressured to do lewds because that's what the market is adapting to want. Cosplay print sales would be going down because that money can get you girls taking off their costumes instead. So if they don't strip they're not only leaving money on the table but losing their normal revenue.

So I see it as a black hole sucking everyone to that point.

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I'm still hoping that pantreon will make a rule against lewds, they are more like webcam hoes than cosplayers / 'artists'

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Patreon is good especially for those who have a real passion and talent. Unfortunately theres a lot of whores who use it for money and attention which is sad. It takes 0 effort to do lewd shoots and its damaging the community. I want to support real cosplayers not soft core cosplayers who are in it for easy bucks. Patreon is seen as a bad thing now because every cosplayer that has one does boudoir. It makes people think they can treat cosplayers like sexual objects and its sad when a cosplayer pours their heart into an outfit to get a couple likes out of it when a girl in her underwear get thousands.
Girls like momokun who earns thousands yet can't make a decent cosplay but spends all the money on liposuction and food give cosplay a bad rep.
When you look at cosplay from an outsiders point of view all it looks like is a bunch of girls half naked who have severe insecurities or mental health issues from the pressures of society. In a few years it wont be seen as a creative space so the best thing we can do is push support to those like Alyson Tabitha and others who dont feel the need to turn underage characters sexualized or do a lingerie set for every character. I think its something we really need to push and show that thats not who cosplayers are and we dont want to be disrespected. Right now girls just want money and fame and cosplay is the easiest way to it seducing neckbeards isnt rocket science.
I have met a huge amount of girls who didnt know much about what they were cosplaying from when I tried to have a conversation, if you're a true fan this kills you.

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t. jealous land whales

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I used to be a patreon lewder and made 1k in my first month
I turned a blind eye to what I was doing becauae of the money and thought it was a good thing
now i realize how sad it was that i had so much insecurity about myself and thought i had nothing good for me going but my body that i showed myself in that way
who actualky wants their followers to be 40 year old virgin creepers who leave creepy comments

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>1k in your first month
nice bullshit story, going to have to ask for caps for that

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to be honest though
I'd rather be a jealous whale with a real career that will last me when age catches up to me and be appreciated for my talent rather than my body only like a porn star

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Im not lying but you can believe what you want? I have nothing to get out of lying about this. sounds like youre insecure about people who don't agree with boudoir because you know its wrong deep down.

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you have the same thing to gain that every nerd on the internet has to gain when they make up stories about how they were amazing at something

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Good for the girls, why wouldn't they exploit it when there are neckbeards stupid enough to pay for mediocre cosplay porn? It serves them right. Id be afraid about future jobs though as you cant live of Patreon forever and your lewds will most likely come out during a background check by a company.

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These days you don't even need to be skinny to make loads of money aka momokun

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It's literally the fucking worst thing that's ever happened to cosplay.

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Uh, no? Just giving advice for real Patreon rewards. Talent is a lifetime, your body has like 5 years tops in its prime.

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>tfw cosplayer I used to follow straight up said "I'm taking a step back from cosplay to focus on my cosplay pateron which is just softcore porn at this point"

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If you can make money off soft core porn and you know it won't bite you too hard in the ass in your future choice of career, go for it, make that money girls.

There are a few patreon out there that are other kinds of cosplay, like epic armors, sfx makeup, etc. and I think Patreon has been good to them although the donations should be a plus, not the main reason they do these hobbies.

But hell yeah keep it up!

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Porn industry will always win with numbers.

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Why are people paying for porn in 2017? Is there not a website yet that just uploads Pateron porn so that a bunch of people can see it without paying?

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Because of guys getting off to thinking they actually did something for the person they fap to with spending muns.

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Was it accompanied with some kind of comment like, "It sucks but it pays the bills" ? Or do they just genuinely enjoy sex work more (which no judgement, w/e)
I'm curious because most "cosplay" patreons operate on a plausible deniability platform where the cosplayer pretends they're a craftsman not a sex worker, and their patrons pretend they're helping an artist, not paying for personalized porn. So it's interesting to see someone flat up state what they're doing on Patreon is what it is.

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Gotta support your hoes add the idol lifestyle and they get to see their choice of nsfw model get a boob job, degrade herself for fans, and live a life of looking like their favorite waifu every other week. Like most fame though I can't image the stress.

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I get a lot out of patreon as an artist, but I can customise art really easily for patrons in a way that I can't find a parallel for in cosplay. Not without doing what the high rollers do and...well basically making soft core porn.

Themed or group patreons for cosplay can work, in a sense, like 'pick our next group' for a Love Live group for example. But it's a lot of money and effort to make a cosplay, let alone make yourself wear it and fashion yourself like specific characters...why would you want to do less than your favourites and personal picks? It compromises your enjoyment of the thing to do it based on someone else's suggestion, even if it's paid I think.

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Anyone else feel really satisfied when neckbeards throw their NEET bucks at you when all you did was put on a bikini and a wig?

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Here's the whole comment, it doesn't really fit in with either of your suggestions.

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Wow, it's really interesting seeing Jessica Nigri that much higher than the second place girl. She's truly in her own league and then there's everyone else.

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I kind of understand why people pay for the porn-y patreons, at least it's something that feels specifically catered to them and isn't seen by the general public/cons. But why do people become patrons of non-lewd cospalyers? What do they get out of that? They're already releasing the same photos to everyone else, is it really worth it to pay money for extra pictures of cosplayers? granted these girls get less patrons but i still see people with 30-50 people paying for their regular-ass photos every month

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Like >>9568639 said I think there is kind of the idol aspect to it. I could never imagine paying someone even $10 a month just to get access to something that is usually on Reddit and other sites a couple hours after it's posted. A lot of the nude/fetish cosplayers were doing this stuff for free when they started their pateon anyway, so why would you now pay them to do it?
I have been tempted to subscribe to some people's for tutorials and stuff, but some of the people have mentioned they get mad when people will only join for like a month and then leave. If I could pay a one time fee just to access the tutorials I am interested in I would. I don't want to pay you every month for shit I might not even be interested in making and then get banned when I leave and try to come back.
We're in a weird time when dudes think paying for monthly rewards = friendship. They're too creepy to find their "cosupray dream gurl," so they're going to pay one of their favorite girls to show her feet and shit. The only reason she's talking to you on discord and sending you nude sets is because you're paying her $100 a month bro.
Tbh really the only person here probably making enough to be rich is Nigri. Most of these people live in major cities, rent homes, and taking utilities and grocery money into consideration they probably have less than half of that leftover to go to cons and make costumes and props with. Yes they're living the dream of making cosplay stuff for a living but this is a fad and eventually I feel that something will happen to cause this bubble to burst. When they start to look for other jobs, companies will run background checks and up will come their photos with their names associated with them.
I'm just sad that in order to get a lot of the opportunities these cosplayers have that you pretty much have to get naked now. I feel like there are more deserving people out there than these cam whores.

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Some cosplayers send out HQ prints or polaroids for certain tiers which is where they often make their money.

Plus they might release personal posts or vlogs on pateron, it's often more about just supporting the cosplayer because you like them as a personality than anything else.

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>get banned when you leave and come back
What, really? Who's done this or said they want to? I'm like you and only ever pay one time for small things I want, then leave. Why would I want anything else? I'm a cosplayer and lolita myself and they're both incredibly expensive.

I have my own damn hobbies and most people who follow cosplayers are cosplayers themselves. I have to fund my own stuff and I don't care enough about you to support your "I don't want a real job, buy my nudes" lifestyle.

God, it's so entitled if they get angry or try to "ban" you if you leave like you said. I have no interest in handing an alcoholic a bottle. They can go fuck themselves.

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huh, kinda surprised I make more per month than some of them with my regular job, but I'm sure their "jobs" are way less stressful

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Sexy cosplay is fine but this boudoir fad is not really.
Why not just dress as a sexy character you like instead of sexifying a non sexualized character?
Its very disrespectful to the character and shows no love for them when cosplay is about character appreciation.
You're turning the character into what you want it to be and not who they are.
Go lewd a character who has that personality.

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because they are in it for money and fame, they dont care about the characters anon its obvious..

>> No.9568826

>12k per month
>5k per month
If I could sell dick like these girls sell ass I'd do it in a heartbeat.

>> No.9568847

you know you probably could since there's almost no competition. You wouldn't make as much but you could market to a niche

>> No.9568850

What sort of niche would be easy to market to?

>> No.9568854

Fujoshis. You gotta look prepubescent, though.

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Let's be honest here, everyone joins patreon to make money. There's nothing inherently wrong with patreon, and it's a nice way to allow your fans to support you. How much money you get depends on two things, how many lewds you post and how large your fan base already is. I have around 150k followers, and I just started a patreon. I got about $700 in the first month without doing any types of lewds or revealing cosplays due to my fan base. If you do lewds, you can expect the amount you get to be at least 3x as much.

>> No.9568902

Can the owners of the patreon choose to have a pay per post option instead of the subscription option?
I'm not familiar with patreon stuff. I can remember Kinpatsu cosplay and Mango sirene (rip lol) talking about something to do with that.

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Me too, brother, me too
I am build like a bara, tho. probably won't get much followers.

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notice how all of them are whores willing to sell nudez

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Seriously, how is this hard to understand? Sex sells, but so does advertising.

If you don't want to do lewds you really don't have to. Hike up a fan base and use patreon to offer things like tutorials, prints, calendars, whatever you feel your followers are looking for and you're comfortable with.

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They don't even have to be anywhere near their prime if they're willing to cater to fetishists and do depraved shit. Look at momokun. She's only 21 but looks like a 40 year old alcoholic mother of five. And she's rolling in money!

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Girls like Nigri were always hos in it for fame and money

But its sad when other normal girls feel the need to join the lewdz bandwagon

Like old time /cgl/ers like Lobitah and Tenleid selling their bodies now

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Why don't we get a list of non-lewd Patreons going? You'll never stop NSFW cosplay Patreons because sex sells, but I know there's a handful out there that focus on craftsmanship.

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They don't exist because girls don't give cosplayers money, guys do and what is the point of giving someone money who doesn't to lewds?

You can't think with a female brain here.

>> No.9569207

does it impact you in any way? capitalists gonna capitalize, get over it.

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It does impact us, yes. I and many other female cosplayers I know regularly get messages from guys demanding that we send them lewds or nudes, who then get angry when told no. This rarely happened before the rise of Patreon lewd "cosplayers". It's disgusting. I'm also encountering more and more normies who think all cosplay is lowkey sex work because all they're seeing is these chick in skimpy cosplays spreading their asscheeks for money.

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Its so bad when you tell a guy your a cosplayer and they instantly assume you do lewd...thats not what cosplay is and i dont like being disrespected because some girls cant keep their clothes on. thats just for money grabbers who dont care about cosplay, the characters and think selling images of their half naked is normal. why cant you just sell boudoir not in cosplay? Your body is what they are there for in the end whether or not its in costume? Why ruin a good safe hobby for others with creeps for ur selfish needs? you want to do lingerie you go do it but just dont bring cosplay into it? especially when its not accurate

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BuT i NeVeR sAiD iT wAs A cOsPlAy!
GuYz I dOnT tHiNk Of My LeWdz As A cOsPlAy!!!
when will they realize and stop using that poor excuse for lewding cosplay

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Believe in yourself and become the Thot you always wanted to be.

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>build like a bara

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Have you lost mind? "All"? Majority of them don't sell nudes. Jesus; at least know what you're talking about before saying things.

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Ima be real. As much as I love my bara boys. I'm not gunna shill out money for lewds when instagram and tumblr exist.
If I'm paying money fir a dude to look pretty and be nice I'd buy a male escort to take me out to dinner.

>> No.9569571

well hello there

>> No.9569574

wtf how come I never seen Nigri's nudes

>> No.9569648

I have no issue with people doing 'cosplay' softcore porn on Patreon desu. If these girls can make money because lonely dudes are willing to shell it out for lewds, then all the power to 'em. I would do it too if I had the effort to keep any kind of social media updated to gain followers in the first place lmao

>> No.9569697

I second this. You bara guys needs to understand that you're only going to get so many fujoshi and the rest will be actual gay men.

Love it or hate it, people who pay for nudes and things on Patreon are going to be men, regardless if they pay for male or female photos. Men are more turned on by images, movies and photography while women are going to be reading yaoi or writing lewd fanfics. They don't need you to get off.

To be blunt, there's also simply no real market for male cosplayers in general. Look at >>9568607 list of top Patreon cosplayers. How many male cosplayers do you see? Literally, none. You're better off learning to make props and commissions and making money off cosplay that way.

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>Men are more turned on by images, movies and photography while women are going to be reading yaoi or writing lewd fanfics. They don't need you to get off.

Wrong. the reason women are more into that is because they are not catered for. The few male cosplayers there are have a massive audience (like that chiro guy) if girls and women were not turned on my images basic bitches like justin bieber wouldnt be so big.

>To be blunt, there's also simply no real market for male cosplayers in general.

Again, receipts? the problem is circular, you are assuming there is no market because there are few male cosplayers in the top patreon, but thats because there are fewer male cosplayers in general-or at least fewer attractive ones.

I certainly think if male cosplayers wanna lewd it up and try they should, there is more opportunity for male cosplayers than female ones because male cosplay is not oversaturated, either way good luck to them.

>> No.9569891

Yeah, cosplay has really gained an even worse reputation since the rise of cosplay fetish modeling and shit. I've had more than a few people assume cosplay was something sexual, which is weird and really uncomfortable.

>> No.9569893

This is where I'm at too. I can't hate when they're making money hand over fist just being cute.
I used to cam for funsies, not for money, but I could have gotten into that world easily. It was the really sad toxic people that made me say no and stay out of it.
I get too involved with people, it wouldn't sit right with me to accept someone's money, talk to them, and not feel like a crappy person for taking advantage.

>> No.9569975

how old is this though? Danielle just moved to Florida and bought a new car, and her fiance quit his job to work for her so I'm thinking she has to make more than that a month.

>> No.9570015

12k is plenty to support two people and save up for a new car

>> No.9570179

This won't last long. Even someone like Nigri, who's on top of the list, her fanbase will scatter to whoever's younger and hotter. This will be a repeated pattern for everyone on >>9568607
list until the thirsty virgin beta male fanbase gets so thinned out it won't be profitable anymore.

If I was any of them cosplayers, I'd save up money in some cave right about now. Because they're on short borrowed time.

>> No.9570230

Up there, ya doofus. There is literally no man in the top 50 for Patreon cosplayers. No one is paying for men to strip. Get used to it.

>> No.9570231

She's literally making six figures I'm sure she can afford a car.

>> No.9570298

"being cute"
im sorry you didnt get daddys or mommies attention enough :(

>> No.9570303

The only people that agree with lewd patreon are lewders themselves or want to be. A normal person can see it for what it is which is exploiting neckbeards for your selfish needs because ur 2 lazy to put effort in or get a real job so u take advantage of the unattractive nerds. If you enjoyed it you would not be making men pay for it and just get donations rather than making men pay for your half naked photos like a whore. And you all wonder why cosplayers have so much disrespect and get touched all the time then complain about ur 'cosplay is not consent' bullshit. looks like i can just pay you to get what i want from you.

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Keep defending your whores

>> No.9570347

THANK YOU. I honestly despise what the cosplay community has become. No one gives shit about talent. People only care if they can use you to get up the social ladder, or use you as a spank bank if you sell your body.

It's despicable, and I'm ashamed I have to be associated with that. I'm always scared to say I cosplay because of people like this. I just default to a "hobbyist costumer".

>> No.9570353

Lewds, nudes, it's all the same. They're still selling their body to make money.

>> No.9570369

>guys defending so they can get more fap porn material
>giris defending so they can excuse themselves of acting like a street whore

>> No.9570389

You're not looking hard enough anon.
Check encyclopedia dramatica

>> No.9570390

Truer words have never been said

>> No.9570392

>i'm not lying
>still no caps


>> No.9570431

Somewhat yes. Its a good springboard for first nudes and then full on porn. Imo its stupid to pay for something theres loads of content available for free, but hey, everyone has to start from somewhere.

>> No.9570434

This. So much this.

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This! Wheres equality?!

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Such is the life of a cosplayer.

>> No.9570442

supply and demand. how many tits do you see on omegle? how much dick do you see?
dudes are practically begging girls to look at their cocks constantly. how many dick rate threads are in /soc/ , fuck dude, unsolicited nudes is a problem. too much free male bodies ruining the market for the rest of you.

>> No.9570474

They are literally not hurting anyone by doing this. Why is it wrong?

"They make the cosplay community look bad"
Why? What is it that makes its affiliated hobby seem bad?

"They sexyfy unsexy characters"
Why is this bad? Aside from pedophilia esc things that is.

take a handful of lewd photos each month, do a few snapchats, other menial shit = $ to do whatever the fuck you want

If I had a bomb ass body Id do it, I just have literally no self-confidence. Cudos to these gals for what they do, and fuck all yall prudish bitches

>> No.9570480

It makes cosplay look bad because it maker normies think cosplay = porn. Theres a huge stigma around porn so its no wonder most people dont want to be associated with it. It could hurt cosplayers job opportunities and family relationships etc. Its hard to be proud of your hobby when one of the first things you have to do is to awkwardly clarify it has nothing to do with sex even though thats what most normies tend to see online now, thanks to these patreon girls.

>> No.9570499

Eh I started an entry level job in my field a few months ago and I make more than most of them. I also will build skills and make more as I get older whereas most of them will plateau soon and then have nothing. Worse yet, once into that type of lifestyle they may tend to be more willing to do things they wouldn't have when they first started once the money starts drying up. I don't think many of them are investing into themselves while making the easy money either.

To be fair I did have to invest a chunk of my life into education to get to where I am, which isn't achievable by everyone.

>> No.9570508

Like other anon said the way they promote themselves makes cosplay in general seem like some kind of offshoot of sex work. There's nothing wrong with sex work IMO, but if you're a stripper or a cam girl or a pinup model, call yourself that instead of latching onto a hobby that kids and people of all ages participate in 100% innocently and falsely labeling yourself. Say you're a "stripper with costume fanservice" or something, because when you call yourself a "cosplayer" while selling sex with cosplay as an incidental, it doesn't seem honest and just makes something that isn't inherently sexual seem like it is.

>> No.9570510

Dont fucking start. I had a creep grab my ass then use you sad fucks as an excuse. "Oh but all cosplay girls are secretly asking for it, that's why youse do those lewd patreon cosplays"

>> No.9570528

did you not read every point stated in here? dont question when the answers are right in front of you.
this boudoir fad on cosplay is bad.
1. they still claim to be cosplayers even though they only do lewd
2. they make all cosplayers look like porn stars
3. they make cosplayers not deserve respect and to be seen as sex objects
4. cosplay is an artist outlet and its not fucking creative to slap on a wig and some panties yet call yourself a cosplayer
5. they sexualize characters that are 14 or even 6
6. they al so lewd characters that would never be seen like that even though cosplay is appreciation for the character
7. they are in it for the money because sex sells (obviously dont care about cosplay)
8. attention seeking for fame and not pure enjoyment of sharing a love for a game, show etc
9. most dont know half of what theyre cosplaying from
10. girls who dont know or care about anime games etc are coming in to cosplay purely for easy money, fame etc making the fake gamer girl rep even worse
11. they exploit the fact that men are horny and they can earn more with less effort, leaving those who actually work their assess off and deserve with less
12. more creeps from everywhere are coming into the community purely for fetish reasons
14. they use the "its not a cosplay" excuse even though they put the characters name before 'swimsuit version' which means your trying to be that character which is called cosplay
13. these girls are selfish because they will ruin and sacrifice every cosplayers chances of a safe community and those who truly deserve the credit, for their own couple years in the fame light
14. i wouldnt have to count in 13 if these girls wrote and stated that they are lewders or sex workers NOT cosplayers

>> No.9570531

> a bunch of girls half naked who have severe insecurities or mental health issues from the pressures of society.
Considering what goes on in the feels and unpopular opinions threads, this isn't all that innacturate, you know.

>> No.9570546

Jealous? I was one of these girls who did this. I could do it right now if I wanted and earn a fuck ton again. I decided to stop because its ruining the community and I had friends who feeled hurt because of my actions. I was putting on lingerie and a wig and calling it boudoir 'cosplay' for easy money. Dont deny that you arent in it for either money, attention or fame because i can guarantee its one of them. You need to stop being selfish pretending like you love cosplay or these characters and start working hard for your money. Go call yourself a sex worker because you sure arent a cosplayer.

>> No.9570553

It's so true anon.

>> No.9570555

>exploiting neckbeards
I find cosplay lewds boring to look at but no one is forcing or deceiving the neckbeards to shell out cash. It's idiotic to see the punter as some kind of victim. It's like blaming a casino for a gambling addiction.

>> No.9570568

They are exploiting the fact that they are sexually attracted to these characters that you pretend to like to get cash of these guys. In the end its the guys fault but that doesnt mean you encourage them for your selfish wants and give them an excuse to treat all cosplayers like a wank bank. Cosplayers arent here for men to fap to and thats literally what lewders are making cosplayers look like.

>> No.9570578

This thread is a form of slut shaming. Oh no a POC is being -blank- defend them oh no a gay person is being -blank- defend them oh no a girl is being objectified/ sexist thing defend them! But the moment some hot or popular bitch crosses paths with your computer screen you sea birds lose your Doritos.

>> No.9570582

Did you just assume my gender?
>but that doesnt mean you encourage them for your selfish wants
>you encourage them
Are men like myself somehow incapable of keeping their money in their wallet with titty versions of their vidya dangling in front of their face? Are we mental retards that need to be protected from the succubus sluts?
>give them an excuse to treat all cosplayers like a wank bank
I agree the patreon lewders are bringing the hobby into disrepute. However, there is a demand, and they are filling it. The fulfillment of the demand gives cosplay a bad name as a whole. Ultimately you can only really blame the demand. You gonna illegalize cosplay nudes? Prohibition sure worked well for alcohol.

This whole thing is essentially the same problem that the lolita community has with DDLG. A bunch of relatively widely visible outsiders, (fetishists and sex workers) "appropriating" the fandom object and attaching undesirable traits to its public image by virtue of guilt by association.

>> No.9570584

>they are exploiting the fact that they are sexually attracted to these characters
Nayrt and I'm not exactly a fan of patreon whores either but that's not a real problem in any way. If I can keep myself from losing my mind and throwing money at any girl who puts on a bikini cosplay of some hot chick so can they.

>> No.9570585
File: 429 KB, 2404x1260, dx34qcopnwty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oop, forgot the picture i wanted to attach

>> No.9570586

>Cosplayers arent here for men to fap to and thats literally what lewders are making cosplayers look like.

There are also girls who enjoy being hot and idolized or showing off their nice figures that they worked hard to obtain. There are also a few that (god forbid) actually want to get a boyfriend through their cosplay hobbies. Comments like this just make men afraid to even approach any girl at an anime convention for fear of them being seen as the guy that thinks that, even if they're given consent they act like scared deer thanks to extreme sjw comments and opinions.

>> No.9570588
File: 888 KB, 640x800, Ella.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you do? escorting?

>> No.9570592

Dev. Have a Master's though so my entry level job pay starts a decent chunk above a Bachelor's pay grade.

>> No.9570599
File: 42 KB, 426x640, cammy-sexy-butt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but did you like it...
Basically it's a compliment on the shape of your ass.

>> No.9570611

Software engineering? or game dev?
>tfw pure math
>hard time finding job
>probably gonna have to whore myself soon

>> No.9570617

statistics show that men cant keep their money in your wallet when you see them kek

>> No.9570620


This never happened.

>> No.9570627


Most of the characters you cosplay were designed with sex appeal in mind

So if you dress like a sexualized character of course you will be sexualized what do you expect

>> No.9570633

Usually if I see an attractive cosplayer I just assume she already has a bf

>> No.9570634

Now there's an interesting topic of discussion, how the lewd patreon cosplayers affect the "Cosplay is not consent" movement.

>> No.9570636

i think they are saying sexy cosplay is fine when its accurate? but purposely sexualizing characters like misty and kana is not

>> No.9570638

Give them some money and it's consent kek

>> No.9570639

I avoid game dev like the plague. The companies in the industry tend to take advantage of potential employees' passion for "nerd culture" and essentially you'll get less for more work versus working in development of practical software or embedded (assuming not startup of course).

I'd advise doing internships/co-ops but it sounds like you've already graduated so it may be a bit late for that. Pure math itself doesn't have tons of jobs, but they do pay well. Just keep up with your skills and keep searching. If you can somehow consider combining it with some engineering or computer science education. Application of those theoretical math skills is what an employer will want, so you need to prove you can contribute in a meaningful way.

Make sure to make connections even if you don't get jobs. Add people on professional social networks, etc. Always follow up with them, really sell that you are interested.

A final note is that you won't get your dream job first, especially if you're going in fresh with minimal to no experience. I've had too many friends who have rejected realistic offers because it wasn't exactly what they wanted only to keep working some retail job they could have worked straight out of high school. Fast forward a few years and you aren't going to get anything in your field because anyone you interview with is just going to wonder why you have X years since graduating in your field with 0 relevant work experience.

>> No.9570643
File: 100 KB, 480x360, da6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fast forward a few years and you aren't going to get anything in your field because anyone you interview with is just going to wonder why you have X years since graduating in your field with 0 relevant work experience.

yup this is me

>> No.9570665

Seconding what >>9570480 said. Re: hurt job opportunities, since cosplay became commodified and mainstreamed by Han/Nigri/etc I can no longer mention my involvement in the cosplay hobby when applying to theatrical costume design jobs. It sucks, because craftsmanship and awards be damned, the first association in the average person's mind is something sexual.

>> No.9570694


Most of them know how to handle the creep asking for a photo together. Just indulge them and move on and ignore any delusions they have. None of them have the balls to go all out and get the cue they arent interested and most likely backs off or risk getting banned and placed under the suspicous dicks lot.

The photographers are a trickier lot as they have the money to back it up. After they didnt waste money on a SLR with lens to get blue balls. Some of these guys will try to get their personal digits but thats why you have business cards

TLDR: They have the confidence of a model and thus know how to handle the cosplay is not consent thing

>> No.9570730
File: 7 KB, 267x323, 1471720612683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assume you're one of those patreon "cosplayers"
Get a real job

>> No.9570732
File: 85 KB, 710x434, cosplay-is-consent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


the "lewders" and the "cosplay is not consenters" are usually the same people

>> No.9570733

They're also usually the "self mutilators" too.

>> No.9570750

I want to hoe out and take your money, but don't you dare touch me. Just give me all that sweet sweet validation

>> No.9570759

Pretty much
They can't force you to give them your money any more than you can force them to accept your advances
You pay because you want to and think it's worth it

>> No.9570761

I guess I just don't understand how people think it's worth it when there's so many free options out there.

>> No.9570763

Usually Patreon gives you a closer link to someone, and it makes you feel like you're special/noticed by them.

>> No.9570765

maybe they are just lonely middle aged guys with dead end jobs, no family and money to throw away but not rich enough to buy escort service.

>> No.9570793

>exploiting neckbeards
Guess what.
If no neckbeards paid for women, they wouldn't have so much money.
They choose to pay for these things. They created a system of objectifying women to the point of paying for their image, and now that the women are taking advantage of the system, the former is being "exploited"? At the end of the day, these girls are nothing but fap buckets to them, and no more. Your neckbeard sympathy is honestly naive, unless you are the neckbeard.

>> No.9571075

You think these neckbeards wanted to pay for cosplayer photos in early 2000s? This trend didn't start until 2010, when a certain cosplayer decided to take her 'sexychu' gimmick far into the point of selling out.

This wasn't always there, this was built on by people who wants to make a profit off. They could've kept the pandora's box closed, but their greed let out a bunch of scourge into cosplay community.

>> No.9571091
File: 56 KB, 750x650, 03082904_anonib.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oldfag here
It was always going on to some extent
You had a couple subsciption sites with "lewd" sets of cosplayers (positivley tame compared to todays lewds though)
Then there was Alisa Chan and Francesca Dani who went near nude with their paysites

People have been fapping to cosplayers since there were cosplayers, its almost 10 years since >>9570599s bare ass was all over the internet.

Only difference now is that girls are smarter and getting the guys to pay for it, rather than the guys fapping for free.

>> No.9571098
File: 569 KB, 1280x1707, 1419350750696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9571139

>> Alisa Chan and Francesca Dani

Good lord, two names I have not heard in ages. I wonder how they feel about this trend (seeing as how it buried them)

>> No.9571186 [DELETED] 
File: 292 KB, 960x1231, DFImBQzVwAA3tIl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are indeed

>> No.9571191
File: 12 KB, 193x152, 1497833249917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hate it. you are whoring yourself to the public, and it is the equivalent to stripping as your only option of income.

instead of dancing sexily, you take sexy pictures and sell them for the right price.

and whether or not you made your cosplay, it still isn't really the main focus of the pictures, because your ass and titties are

don't fuck with it lol stay classy bls

>> No.9571193
File: 292 KB, 960x1231, untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9571201

Haha, Boner Robin is the owner of the trademark? That's priceless.

>> No.9571216

According to him, he copyrighted it to make sure the campaign stays free and no one takes advantage of it and profit off of 'Cosplay is Not Consent'.

We don't know the extent of trademark, so his and his CD friends' words are the only things to go by sad to say.

>> No.9571227

honestly I wouldn't have a problem with it if so many girls weren't doing it but literally every female cosplayer is doing it.
when everyone does it, it shapes the way cosplay looks and cosplay isnt just about girls who are hungry for money that they will strip down for it.

>> No.9571238

>mfw i know the trademark specialist that approved this.

>> No.9571239

>literally every female cosplayer is doing it
Interesting fact there, anon, have you spoken to literally every female cosplayer to confirm this or are you not aware that holding this opinion makes you a part of the problem?

>> No.9571241

Can confirm, spoke to every female cosplayer

>> No.9571252

Ah yes; stating a fact is "defending your (my) whores. Ok.

But it's not the same. Lewd =/= nude. Haven't you heard of the "Just Lewds; No Nudes" Brigade? They don't get nude.

There it is; the post that accuses the person of being a person mentioned/discussed. You would assume wrong, anon. You know what they say about assuming; it makes an ass out of you.

>> No.9571261

all you whores just need to wake up and see what you are doing
no one will give a shit about you unless its for your body
is that how you really want to be remembered? just another slut pretending she likes cosplay for money? getting guys being nice to you for only one reason deep down? so ur telling me that you would rather have comments like
"nice tits"
"i love your sexy body i want to fuck"
"im sorry you get all these creepy guys! btw whats your breast size?"
"just do porn already"
"i just came here to fap"
(most likes are from horny guys and other lewders)
sponsorship: sell some fit tea for us

Rather than having MORE comments like

"that's amazing! how did you make that?"
"Your so talented! Ive been following your page for years now and you just get better and better!"
"So beautiful! I love this so much"
"I almost didnt recognize you! Great job!"
"I want to meet you, you're my inspiration you got me into cosplay!"
(most likes are from both genders of people who appreciate your effort)
sponsorship: we have seen your incredible craft skills! would you like to work for our company?

>> No.9571263

Just because lewds =/= nudes doesn't make it any less fucken crude

>> No.9571271

I am genuinely concerned for these lewders the amount of mental health issues they have that may have been undiagnosed or not aware of. The correlation between girls who feel the need to do this and mental health is quite insane. It has been proven multiple times and I think they are in denial of themselves.

>> No.9571276
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x2560, 17-07-23-01-29-03-545_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since we're on the topic of Patreon and lewds, I think it's worthwhile to throw this in here. Fresh from Stella Chu's IG.

>> No.9571287

>They're still selling their body to make money

>> No.9571288

>admits that she's in it for the money and attention
>'i just want to show everyone what a massive fan i am'

>> No.9571290

Its called lying to yourself, cosplayers have done it for years to justify their actions. Stella is one of the better cosplayers imo and Im sure shes doing it for the right reasons and does some good craft but girls like momokun are not here for the right reasons and are turning cosplay into fetish modeling (as she said herself in her video)

>> No.9571299
File: 242 KB, 1047x1274, Screenshot_20170723-154745~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The amount of hate Moomoo gets I'm surprized she hasn't quit by now. Non of her cosplay friends truly like her and half are leeching/pretending to climb up the lewd ladder. All top comments on her FB photos are just hate comments about how she's ruining cosplay. You know your actually doing something wrong when the hate comments get more likes and defense rather than your own...

>> No.9571305

Does she not realize that 'Yeah I do it for attention and money' part negates whatever other points she's trying to make?

Has she ever played Phoenix Wright games?

>> No.9571311
File: 44 KB, 640x370, 1500558239872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>appreciated her stuff early on
>she started hanging out with Nigri on a regular basis
>just as cancerous as her now, just bigger and w/o the titjob and receding hairline

>> No.9571314

How do you put on so much weight in 1 year!?
Or is the left picture just angles messin with me?

>> No.9571318

What the fuck happened in that year?

>> No.9571320

Tiffy is hot.

>> No.9571321

Not working out and eating nothing but junk food.
I knew a chick that was all about "getting swol" and now eats nothing but fried chicken because "body positivity & plus size modeling."
She went from having a pretty nice bod to looking like she had multiple kids real fast.

>> No.9571322
File: 526 KB, 800x594, 1500523968128 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

100% not angles
she is huge and bumpy without Photoshop. this is also after liposuction...

>> No.9571325

thanks, senpai

>> No.9571326

right is hotter

>> No.9571333

cant tell if bait troll/10
or male virgin, female fatty

>> No.9571334
File: 118 KB, 1200x943, 1500673699914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remembering her wall of text on pic related about not having to look a certain way for anyone and all that kind of shit. Kinda bugged me because it honestly implies that even all the seemingly candid-looking pics she posts besides the pro cosplay stuff are also photoshopped to untold levels since this photo by someone else was unflattering from the get-go

>> No.9571335

wow, she was so much more attractive... shame. But if she's happy..... I guess

>> No.9571336

:D why would you think that?
the woman on the left looks too plain

>> No.9571337

Some people are chubby chasers anon

>> No.9571340

I love supporting obesity! I think being unhealthy and clogged arteries is so beautiful!

>> No.9571343

Its all for attention, the girl who cried wolf. She has to keep up her fake body positive rep some how. She shops herself for patreon pics because she knows they wouldnt buy it if she didnt. This is after lipo too which would have given her semi confidence to walk outside like this. If she cares about body positivity she wouldnt still be shopping herself smoother and thinner.

>> No.9571345
File: 588 KB, 1920x1280, 1496577590022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

eh I don't have a fetish for fat women
I like women who look womanly

>> No.9571346
File: 1.34 MB, 1235x681, 1500582915152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like even she has to know this, but because she already had notoriety to build onto prior to putting on weight she can just pull the body-positivity card. So companies like Funimation like in >>9571311 can't really drop her just because she's fat, as she was at AN this year on funimation's penny

>> No.9571366

moo is not womanly
she is a blob of fat

>> No.9571379

I've noticed while watching streams of cosplay comps most of the chat is there for fap fuel.

Guys gets comments like "Boring get off the stage"
Girl with no pants gets "Finally, this is what i'm here for".

Even Nigri spoke out once because the male team of a comp she was judging got no applause when they were on stage and her and the other sex cosplayers got thunderous cheers and applause.

I have no freaking clue how she could claim to be oblivious to the culture that she played the largest part in creating. She also said she was going to cut down on revealing cosplays. Then Patreon became a bigger deal and she dropped that plan fast.

>> No.9571389

Exactly it's ruining the community but they don't care! They'll pretend to care for a day, or care so they get even more attention by seeming nice. They are hypocrites who try to justify themselves whoring for money whether they're insecure, broke, lazy, unskilled, mentally ill or have a attention seeking disorder. They only want money and fame deep down and they know being sexy will get them there fastest!
They let the pressures of society consume them and ruin a fun hobby.

>> No.9571392

Why can't they call themselves something else instead of a cosplayer if they claim "guys i never said this was a cosplay" but call themselves one? What about lewdplay, boudoir cosplayer, sex worker in cosplay, sexplay? OR at least explain in their bio they do sex work.They don't even cosplay and give it a bad rep by using the name.

>> No.9571395

I'm really curious to see what becomes of her when she's done cosplaying. I've watched interviews where she says she'd like to go into the business side of gaming, or stuff along that variety. But by functioning only as a promotable face/tits for these sames companies for so many years already, I dont't think she would be taken seriously in any serious capacity. I haven't watched any of her VA work as Super Sonico, so I wouldn't know if that'd be a feasible career path for her. As for her cosplay longevity, her tits still hold up and assuming she still keeps fits, coupled with dependency of wigs for her five-head hairline, I feel she still has at the very least 5-10 years

>> No.9571402

Because cosplayers get more social media attention than models. I compiled a top 10 list of Australian cosplayers by FB like and studied them. The ones who have modelling pages as well get no attention on them, even their modelling pics on their cosplay pages get no attention. They need to be 'cosplayers' to tap cosplay markets, that's why you have models moving in who hate nerds and don't know a thing about pop culture, just to reap the rewards.

>> No.9571419


Well lets face it though, it's a cheap way to get responsibility points so they don't have to invest in actual PR. Virtue signalling at it's best

>> No.9571424

As a promotable face for games, she carries a bit of stigma. Every one of games she promoted tanked (Lolipop, Killer is Dead, and especially... Battleborn).

Her VA work is mediocre at best and I doubt any serious dubbing companies would hire her when the only reason she got her start on VA is because rooster teeth wanted exposure for RWBY. And trust me when I say voicing in that show isn't something to be touted. The only reason she got the role as Sonico is because Sentai Filmworks considers Sonico to be a toss-away series, so they only hired her for exposure. Beyond that, it's a slap in the face for professional VA community.

>> No.9571460

That's so legitimately upsetting. I feel like cosplays need to be about detail and mastery. 18+ fetishfests need to be their own livestream for late night things. It's softcore porn, so it should be treated as such.

>> No.9571464

But they are asking for it.

>> No.9571466

Atleast it has nice tits, unlike jealous flat roasties in this thread.

>> No.9571471

No-one takes women seriously in the gaming industry, theyre just nice to look at cons and stuff, nothing more.

>> No.9571472
File: 6 KB, 230x220, 1454182293952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

THIS so much. You'd think Jnig has so many followers because of her "personality"? haha , no. She's a human fap material. No one gives a shit what she does, as long as she has her tits hanging out

>> No.9571475

lol what? There's plenty of women in the industry, you just don't hear about them because they're not the Jnig variety. Not everyone is a victim like Anita or glorified booth babe.

>> No.9571485
File: 56 KB, 500x500, 1395962181753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9571746

Possibly yeah. Nowadays, it's tough to find genuine good intention in cosplay community, what with people like Nigri spreading business mentality everywhere and turning the hobby into nothing more than promotional assets

>> No.9571778
File: 58 KB, 650x975, IMG_2830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree so much. I get that cons have always had a sexual element to them, that there have always been stands selling hentai, 18+ panels after dark etc. but it has always been kept on the downlow so that the con during the day is still SFW and family-friendly. Now you have "cosplay models", some of whom are literally ex strippers and camgirls, standing at booths while dressed as stripperific "lewd" versions of beloved children's characters selling prints of their practically bare ass. And because they're considered cosplayers instead of cosplay-themed sex workers you can't limit their booth to an after dark timeslot without people screaming about discrimination and slutshaming. Imagine going to a con with a young daughter/niece/cousin who loves Disney princesses and having to explain this.

>> No.9571801

Patreon isn't going anywhere anytime soon and more and more people are starting to get into it. It's obvious that the patrons supporting them don't care where there money goes so there's really no use getting angry about it.

>> No.9571815
File: 13 KB, 480x360, power-girl-creampied-and-fuc-53d68e79af096-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check out this level of details and mastery

>> No.9571817

The disparity is huge in terms of number of patrons. Those with less than 500 might just barely make $1,500 a month depending on how hardcore their fans are at donation tiers. Just look at Danielle, she has roughly half the patrons who only average $6.50.

Jnigs made over $200,000 a year from Patreon alone before she made the info hidden. Now I wouldn't be surprised if it was past $300,000. She even bought a nice new house recently, so it must be nice to pay the bills

>> No.9571819
File: 67 KB, 600x509, BLPAw48CUAA9FwH.jpg-large-600x509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>b-but it's in kid's comics!!!

>> No.9571831

Ultimately Patreon only really benefits those who work the sexy angle (in terms of cosplay content). At the end of the day you can only offer so much, and it's all stuff most everyone else offers anyway so your sex appeal will most likely be the deciding factor
>Donate X or more to get access to a special patrons only Snapchat with special content!
>Donate X or more and you'll be able to play games on stream with me!
>Donate X or more and i'll send polaroids!
>Donate X or more for a special bikini calendar!
>Donate X or more and i'll Skype with you once a month!

>> No.9571884

>> help bring in more creepers and harassers to convention
>> buy a new house

Who says karma is real?

>> No.9571937

Her karma is that she will be forever insecure and unhappy with herself no matter how much surgery she gets or pretends how much she loves herself. She will eventually have the need to compete with the hotter and younger girls by stealing their cosplay ideas and bleaching her hair till it falls out and smothering her face in makeup. She may be rich but once her body is gone, she won't have much to offer like these patreon girls...thats their own karma.

>> No.9571982

Breast in peace lefty

>> No.9572036

That needs to be made into T-shirt. 'I got harassed at cons so Jessica Nigri can buy a house'

>> No.9572142

Is... that supposed to be Kanna from Miss Kobayashi?

>> No.9572172

wow women are whores what a surprise

>> No.9572182

never said it wasn't crude. But calling it the same is simply not true. One's naked and the other isn't.

And? I never implied they weren't?

>> No.9572813

Bro you got yourself a nice face and bara body I'll be your first subscriber right here, im all for equality

>> No.9572862

I am doing my best, losing weight and building muscle.
I am also hypermobile (wispers in ear: "I can do splits" ;)
I get that. Doing my best to build better costumes instead of focusing my cosplay on my body.

>> No.9572863

>They make the cosplay community look bad
Cosplay is about costuming, workmanship, prop making, and the love of a fandom and dressing up as their favorite character. How many girls even do half of those when they do sexed up cosplay? It's well known that you gotta jump on bandwagons for cosplay as well, so who cares about fandom and your favorite characters. It's basically saying "fuck you" to the whole core reason we cosplay.

These girls care only about themselves and the money they make and seldom make any of their costumes or props. The community and fandom means nothing to them. It's very "me me me and the money I can make". Their behavior actually pressures other girls to do the same and puts cold water on people who work hard on cosplays, male or female. It sends the message a lot of industries already do, like music or acting: "just be hot, talentless, and show as much skin as possible and you'll get far. When we're done with you, we'll replace you."

"Cosplay boudoir" is somehow both an insult to cosplay and an insult to traditional boudoir. It strips all elements of costume making and turns to soft porn. It is just a wig and some panties in a cheap, sterile hotel beds. Sometimes you can't even identify the character when they strip it down that much.

It becomes softcore porn for Patreon rewards, camgirling or actual porn a lot. That is not cosplay but the porn industry. It's sort of a "gateway drug" thing too and it's really not a good thing to let people get into, especially very young girls. A lot of them think they should do it both underage and are stupid enough to think it'll last them for a long time.

>They sexify unsexualized characters
You literally answered your own question. But also, I mean, did you ever want to see Sexy Arnold from Hey Arnold as well? Yeah, me neither. It reeks of desperation.

>> No.9572866

I get that. I am straight. But the feeling of having gay guys getting turned on by me doesn't do a lot. I am big fan of Lady Beard. Who seems like an amazing person.

>> No.9572869

By all means, do so if you want to, Bara-anon. Learn to pick the right characters and get in photoshoots as the token bara character, and you'll at least be well known for a male cosplayer. I don't think anyone should ever go into cosplay trying to be cosfamous as a profession, though. Just being honest with you.

>> No.9572871

I wouldn't do it to get cosfamous. I really like cosplay and I am learning how to make clothing and props which is something I always wanted to learn.
I have some characters who are inspiring to me and want to represent as close as possible with my own flavour added to it.
And would be fun to pull some extra cash next to my normie job.

>> No.9572913

THANK YOU! Someone with a clear mind!

>> No.9572966

>You know what they say about assuming; it makes an ass out of you and me.
Fix'd that for you.

>> No.9573005

Stealing this

>> No.9573113

>Even Nigri spoke out once because the male team of a comp she was judging got no applause

About male cosplayers and their lack of visibility, this is on account that society in general does not place a lot of value of men looking good.

Why are male fashion models ignored
Why is male fashion so dull and uninteresting
Why does society call men "gay" if they dress flashy that doesn't involve a traditional suite and tie?
Why do we think its unmanly for a guy to take care of themselves with grooming and skin care
Why do we have to market female products "For men" and give them manly names and colors when the formula's are identical?
Why do men get looked down upon for using makeup on day to day life?

>> No.9573124
File: 52 KB, 256x197, Z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sry anon but i'm fine with my B cups, sometimes C on good days, and my good health and ability to fit through small doorways and cars. oh, and looking good in a swimsuit.

i'll live til i'm 90 if i don't die of a sudden accident or such, that whale is going to die in her 50's due to a heart attack when her favorite chocolate cake isn't on the rack.

>> No.9573186

As a dude who has been quietly making props since 2004, when I was 16, and actively avoids the spotlight, in the last seven or eight years the public perception of cosplayers has really plummeted. Now if I even mention in a conversation at a party that I use 3d modeling software to design and build props, there's a good chance if I get asked how easy nerd girls are, or something similar. A much higher percentage of people associate the hobby with kink/sex than just nerds having fun - it was always unspoken in the background before, but the ratios are totally different now.

I don't attribute that solely to patreon of course.

Also, auto correct changed 'cosplayers' to 'idolaters'. Damn, google.

>> No.9573201

Member when Harley's Joker tried to make money off his fangirls and it flopped?

Fact is women don't pay for that shit.

>> No.9573214

well, I am ok with that, but I am aware, that most of the time, it's just (borderline) softcore porn

>> No.9573224

Women are not as sexual as men.

News at 11

>> No.9573237

lol but right is actually hotter

>> No.9573247

it's funny, cause the girl on the left was a camgirl once (now, she is a lesbian feminist tumblrina)

>> No.9573253

>Imagine going to a con with a young daughter/niece/cousin who loves Disney princesses and having to explain this.

>well, that's what Aurora whore during her wedding night
see, it's easy

>> No.9573255

>fine with my B cups, sometimes C on good days
do breast sometimes gets bigger for a short amount of time?

>> No.9573258
File: 22 KB, 400x460, huutikset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found the flat roastie.

>> No.9573263

Yes, if you're on your period.

>> No.9573264

ok, aren't they bad days then?

>> No.9573270

Its funny that no one who actually currently sells patreon lewds is on /cgl/

Or maybe they are too ashamed to defend themselves

>> No.9573280

Dumbest shit I've read all week. Next you'll question why there is porn of non-sexual characters.

>> No.9573283

Every girl has a price despite what they say. The power of money is infinite.

>> No.9573338


>> No.9573357

Everyone has a price. My gay4pay number would be absurdly high but it exists, no doubt.

>> No.9573358

Boobs tend to be fuller when you're on your period, making them "good boob days."

>idk why I'm bothering to explain this

>> No.9573373

Yes you're right, my bad. I too would rent out my boipussy. I just think it's more common for girls because guys are easy to fuck, no need to pay.

>> No.9573399

I want to sell cosplay lewds but I'm a lesbian and every time I think about men looking at me sexually I want to puke, so I guess that's not happening.

>> No.9573547

I hate what the cosplay community has turned into because of Patreon. Its not really about the craft like it should be, its about showing off lewd pics to creeper dudes and making money. I get tired of seeing cosplayers post nonstop on their Facebook and Instagram to take a look at their Patreon for sexy pics. Eventually their good looks will go away and they would have wasted their time not making a legit career instead that could last a while.

>> No.9573800

Where is the lie

but no seriously, this is the most accurate fact I've seen yet.

>> No.9573835
File: 20 KB, 435x435, 11146622_1669147939980715_8328874555525008266_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

found the fatty

>> No.9573870


Models generally dont bother with non paying haters. You pay, you get a say in how do you want cosplayers to do more often

>> No.9574045

Incoming rant:

I started going to cons in 07. Yuffie bunny was running around in a bra and a skirt calling it rave wear. Twin bees were making money off of a Calender. Girls did porn but put it in a private photobucket and sent out the password.

The yaya got a book job and everyone drank the coolaid praising her.
Then nigri someone who wasn't even a Cosplayer but a booth babe made a sexy Pokémon and you all picked that up like milk. Praising her for being sexy and not being afraid to love her body.

Yall praised cosplay deviants and geek goddess. Yall are the problem.

People are all bitching because "omg these cos thots are ruining cosplay nobody makes stuff everyone cares about tits over craft"

Slut shaming but on your Instagram you're putting up sexy pics for free while you bitch about those patreon whores.

Be responsible for your own fuck up. Don't preach positivity in one breath and shame the next. You all ruined the thing you love now deal with this shit.

None of you are gonna talk about it in person or use your fan base to bash it because you all want a bit of that fame too and are only jealous you can't show skin or you think you're too good for it.

Shit I remember a girl sitting in a towel in a fucking plastic bin pretending it was a bathtub at a con and yall bad no issue then back in 07

I'm so sick of this shit because what did you expect? This community has never been rainbows and fucking sunshine and never will stop pretending it was so great when it was the exact same just on the downlow

>> No.9574056

Its not being jealous? Why would someone be jealous of a whore? Its something most can easily do? i would rather not make the community worse than it is. Im sorry that some of us respect ourselves and the community al so some of us didnt support these people from the start.

>> No.9574058

>gets butthurt because they know its true
I think you need to relearn what cosplay is about

>> No.9574062
File: 400 KB, 1500x1500, 1500952457605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah guys be more respectful of your patreon girls! Smh!
You're all just jealous.

>> No.9574072

>bunch of downright incorrect things
>double spacing
>"slut shaming"

why won't you people just stay wherever the fuck you came from

>> No.9574078
File: 80 KB, 720x720, 1492976038535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that Lala

>> No.9574080

Except it's true because I new a shit ton of girls back then who did cosporn and still fucking do cam shows.

And what I meant by jealousy is people want to make money and the fact everyone was so fucking happy to suck yaya and nigri 's ass in the past when money really wasn't involved for but a select few of "famous" now that it's everyone and their mom Cosplayer suddenly have this huge fucking issue with it. Sure they weren't slapping on a shitty ratty wig and squirting fake cum like moomoo but they still posted nudes and ass shots.

I don't consider moo a Cosplayer never will and but some legit make huge fucking props and do lewds and I can't be mad about their hustle. Yall started this shit allowing yaya and nigri their fame and praising them for asspats so man up

>> No.9574091
File: 60 KB, 499x393, 1484970132914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking hate betas with a passion. Can you imagine, can you F U C K I N G imagine

>taking your hard earned money
>which you could be spending on a beer with your buddies, or travel, or a gift for a loved one
>spending it on digital cosplay nudes
>when the images are already on a sharing site within minutes of posting
>when plenty of ACTUAL porn exists on the internet, way better than an obese woman in a wig that resembles your waifu's hair
>when you already see that the model is making OVER SIX FIGURES for doing NOTHING except existing while fat
>when you know that the budget for making said content is two orders of magnitude lower than what she's making

It's the most pathetic thing I've witnessed in my entire goddamn life. How can this many sad sacks exist? At least if you throw the money out your damn car window someone might find it and do something of worth. When some cosplay model says "mmmmm thank you all my patreon donors ^_^" is that enough for these people, to feel like they're loved? Or is it all they can hope for?

I seriously want to interview these people with a psychologist present because I want to know how on earth an individual can satisfy their dopamine feedback loop with something the gives them nothing, NOTHING of value. I don't even blame the girls, if a captive audience this stupid existed for a niche I could fulfill, I'd be all over it. But christ boys, where are your principles? And don't say "huh huh random dudes with fap to anything!" because nobody even knows what patreon is without being somewhat entrenched in nerd culture, enough to KNOW BETTER

we need to start fogging conventions with testosterone or something what the fuck

>> No.9574101
File: 40 KB, 720x616, Huutis Kuminaama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its always the jealous chestlets

>> No.9574105

Have fun with your waifu looking like a melted ice cream cone like moo moo the closer she gets to 25. Maybe when the fire alarm goes off while she's in the shower and she gets rug burn on her flapjack titties you'll realize fat fetishism wasn't worth it

>> No.9574120

>Spending money to dress up like a character,
Someone can literally use that same argument against you. Let people spend money on things they enjoy.

>> No.9574125

Paying to dress up like a character brings me
>the satisfaction of a job well done
>positive feedback
>something to do with my friends
>the costume itself

Paying for patreon gets you
>heavily photoshopped fat chicks you could've had for free

>> No.9574146

I never said I like fat chicks, because I dont. I like tits, not some salty flat roasties. kys for being this mad.

>> No.9574150

>The only people that agree with lewd patreon are lewders themselves or want to be.
Association fallacy.

>A normal person can see it for what it is which is exploiting neckbeards
They're not forcing anyone to give them money or manipulating them, ergo, it's not taking advantage.

>2 lazy to put effort in or get a real job so u take advantage of the unattractive nerds.
Is this gatekeeping or moving the goalpost? Either way, they're providing a legal service and being paid for it, thus it is a real job.

>If you enjoyed it you would not be making men pay for it and just get donations rather than making men pay for your half naked photos like a whore.
I enjoy editing, but I'd still rather get paid to edit your paper than praying that you decide I'm worth it. People have bills and shit.

> And you all wonder why cosplayers have so much disrespect and get touched all the time then complain about ur 'cosplay is not consent' bullshit. looks like i can just pay you to get what i want from you.
So, what you're saying is, releasing nudes online is reason to touch someone? This is what we call "victim blaming". People, mostly women, being touched without consent was a problem long before patreon had taken off. I was around and my female friends would often comment on it. Not to mention, they're paying to see the person naked, not to touch them. Just like if you pay me to edit your paper, you're not paying me to ghost write it for you.

>> No.9574156

All you're saying is that what you decide to spend money on is better than what they spend money on. Your argument is incredibly subjective. In reality, your hobbies are no better than anyone else's. Especially when no one is getting hurt in the first place. It's not your place to insult people for spending their hard earned cash the way they like.

>> No.9574160

Women are just as sexual as men, but taught to present themselves differently. Men are pushed to be incredibly sexual and to conquer as many women as possible. Women are taught to withhold sex and be as conservative as possible. There's a reason we don't shit on the guys who pay for patreon girls, but shit on the girls for doing it. Men are doing what's expected. Women are going against the status quo.

There's a reason so many women in the cosplay community consume hentai. There's a reason 50 Shades of Gray was such a high grossing book. Women will consume sex as long as it's not as blatant.

I could go on, but this is a topic that needs more than 2000 characters.

>> No.9574165

Not that anon, but I can insult people who spend money on something as stupid as Patreon sluts as much as I want. I think if you smoke, it's a stupid use of your money. I think giving an addict money is the worst use of anyone's cash. These people just so happened to be attention whores with no self confidence who want money fast from beta men.

What I'm saying is you handing out cash is bad for you and probably even worse for the girls you give it to. You support a dangerous lifestyle if you actually care for them.

>> No.9574193

Let's play a game of spot the fallacy.

>Not that anon, but I can insult people who spend money on something as stupid as Patreon sluts as much as I want. I think if you smoke, it's a stupid use of your money. I think giving an addict money is the worst use of anyone's cash.
Self-righteousness. You disagree with the paying for what is essentially sex work, and thus state that you should be forgiven for insulting them with no consequence.

> These people just so happened to be attention whores with no self confidence who want money fast from beta men.
Argumentum ad hominem. You insult the people rather than the act. You provide no defense for why they shouldn't pay for this service or why the service shouldn't be offered. You simply insult those who offer the service and those who pay for it, while your insults even lack substance.

>What I'm saying is you handing out cash is bad for you and probably even worse for the girls you give it to.
Appeal to fear. There's no proof that this is bad for those who pay for the service or the girls receiving money for the service.

>You support a dangerous lifestyle if you actually care for them.
Once again, appeal to fear. By caring for people, you support a dangerous lifestyle, therefor don't care.

No one in this entire thread has a reason to hate on patreon girls.

>> No.9574202

Cosplay is a sacred cow that should never be performed for money. It is a hobby and should exist wholly as a hobby. Anyone who attempts to monetize it is a horrible human being in only in it because they want attention. Only those who do it for free really care about the craft. Despite the fact that sex has become a part of every hobby in one way or another, or that exhibit halls/artist alleys often have booths that sell NSFW work, cosplay needs to be separated. And, what about the young girls who will feel that they have to do lewd cosplay, just like the actresses who feel they have to do porn or the artists who have to draw porn? And anyone who does Patreon has something wrong with them and cannot see it as a means to an end.

>> No.9574207

Jesus. Why can no one ever do anything because they like it? It's always "they just want attention" or they have some sort of issue. You cosplay because you love it, but someone doing what they love to make money is insane to think about. And for the people who pay for this shit, they probably just like having personalized porn/lewds.

>> No.9574232

I think nsfw cosplay traps are a huge untapped patreon market

>> No.9574243

Hello lewder White Knight
Go back to your horny fans and fellow cosplay whore-like disrespecters you delusional human.

>> No.9574252

You use big words you don't seem to understand. I actually don't mind sex work, so don't assume so much about me. Cosplay. Isn't. Sex. Work.

Do you understand that? The fact you're claiming you're one of them is the saddest thing. If you're not, you're just another throwaway coswhore.

It absolutely, positively is bad and you are supporting a bad lifestyle. Why? You're telling them with your money they don't have to be talented or work hard.

Did you actually just say you don't care about them? That's how that reads and actually you know that's the reality. You have a lot of mental gymnastics in your last sentences. You know it's not good for them but you get instant gratification. You only care about yourself and what you get from them.

By all means, waste your money on your sexual addiction and ruin her life consequently, showing her she can get a free meal because you desperately need to get off. She'll never rise above it.

>> No.9574253
File: 1.13 MB, 1008x1312, Screenshot_20170725-204627~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Theres nothing wrong with wanting attention especially when youve worked hard on your costume. however putting on a wig and panties calling yourself a character is not justifying that you 'love' cosplay, lets be real here. If you do NSFW thats okay, just dont call yourself a cosplayer? call yourself a lewdplayer or state you do sex work or NSFW. People are getting the wrong idea of what cosplay is now and theres heaps more creeps in the community now because of these pretenders who ARE in it for the money, attention and easy fame.
Its majorly disrespectful for cosplayers to be put in the same category as all these girls. There are girls who appreciate the character, craft and want to be praised for hard work or enjoy their HOBBY. but then theres the others like momokun and these implied nude/boudoir girls who are in it for the likes attention fame money etc. Camgirls and sexworkers who cosplay are fine to me because they state what they actually are and dont deny it like an idiot? These girls arent cosplayers in many eyes and they need to state it because they are ruining this community and what cosplay is. Its not fair on everyone else.
Its sad because there are beautiful girls with heaps of potential who are selling themselves short.

>> No.9574259

That cosplayer in the pic is kinda cute, tits should be bigger though.

>> No.9574261

eh she's ok
>tfw my standards get higher and higher with each passing day

>> No.9574276

Okay but what about Danielle, byndo, Kay bear, Stella chu, the list goes on. They all lewd are they sex workers or are they cosplayers

>> No.9574282

>tfw you'll never be a girl so you can make thousands off thirsty guys and live a comfortable life

>> No.9574338
File: 200 KB, 500x941, untitled_by_spowys-d86lzwl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>willingly sell lewd pics of yourself for money to strange men who objectify your body
>"men are pigs, fuck the patriarchy!"

pick one

>> No.9574368

This oh my god. I hate it when lewders complain about creeps or creepy/disrespectful comments its like... fuck off your the ones who brought them here in the first place!

>> No.9574376

To me the issue is the original character design . If the character is already skimpy ( Lucoa, Quiet, HSOTD, etc) then the cosplay is already lewd and it's not inherently bad to look sexy in public. That doesn't mean it's not camming/softcore if a person is selling this work, but in my personal opinion there is nothing wrong with dressing like a physically or sexually appealing character.
. If the design is changed to make a sexy version (think nigirichu, boudoir cosplay, most bikini cosplay), then it's less done for the sake of love of the character and more for the opportunity to get attention or fame from their looks. I find it hard to imagine anyone saying, "wow I really love Zelda. I want to cosplay her, let's look at the list of designs... nah I'll just maker her SUPER sexed up! That's why I love Zelda".

On an individual level I don't mind if people sell softcore of characters because it's their decision and it clearly sells. In the porn industry custom and personalized work can bring in bank. I think a lot of patreon folks don't call their work porn because
>plausible deniability
>delusional completely
>because they haven't stripped or performed actual sex acts, it's not sex work

Do I think it hurts more authentic cosplay? Yes and no

On one hand I get it. If an average to pretty girl had mediocre craftsmanship, her sexy cosplay will almost always be better receive by both the general and "nerd" public than non sexy ones. She's going to want the positive attention like any cosplayer would, but it leads to the reduction of cosplay to simply "look at this character you love, now they are sexy in 3D!"
This in turn leads the public to feel that cosplay is supposed to be sexy with all the related expectations and connotations.

>> No.9574396

Which is weird coz she has a butterface compared to a few of the others.

It's a shame, but female sex is a commodity.
Sex has ALWAYS and will continue to sell. I personally don't have a problem with the idea of selling sex since there's a market for it. I just wish it weren't so skewed in terms of gender.

Where are my hot male lewd cosplayers?

>> No.9574454

I would definitely pay a few tens for a sexy vegeta or gladiolus cosplay set. Come at me daddy.

>> No.9574488

I think k moderately okay cosplay does sexy stuff on his I can't recall but also Phil Mizuno I'm positive does some.

>> No.9574520

What's true? I'm telling you there is good reason to lewd non-lewd characters, and it's the reason the entire doujin market exists.

>> No.9574524

>search for a few of them
>find this

>> No.9574538

Atleast it has the tits for it, also nice ass, face is kinda meh though.

>> No.9574544

Idk about all of them but kaybear is definitely a sex worker.

>> No.9574548

And this is why I'm starting to hate the community.
Why would you even want attention like that (some of those comments are so disgusting)? Validation??

If you're that insecure about yourself that you need reassurance from this kind of attention, you need help. Professional help.

>> No.9574554

winning a few thousands for doing almost nothing and then being treated as a goddess by everyone (and those who don't you can just dismiss as haters) idk, can hardly blame them

i really wonder if they dont feel shame from time to time, or if they wish they had more fulfilling lifes

>> No.9574562

If by being treated as a goddess by everyone you mean:
>"That juicy pussy needs some rubbing on my dick."
>"Want to do you doggy style in ur ass!!!!"
Yeah. Totally. Just a few of the comments from >>9574524 in the video. Who wouldn't love getting treated as a sex object?

Also, for lulz
>"I remember when you weren't a whore"

>> No.9574573
File: 136 KB, 667x1000, IMG_6946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This fucking Krillin is the TOP earner on patreon for adult photography and here she is with a bald cap and baggy clothes. Most of these patreon girls want to blend the two because they're so scared to just admit they are sex workers so all their "cosplays" turn into bull shit over sexualized trash. You'd never catch them in a costume that isn't about T&A because to them cosplay is just an attention grabber and cash cow.
Basically my point is that I don't think sex work is a problem just all the cowardly sluts using it to avoid being labeled as what they actually are.

>> No.9574580
File: 22 KB, 170x270, amagi brilliant dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't like fat chicks
>backing up hambeast burglar this hard

you are a living, breathing contradiction, and I shall use this reverse card and have you kill yourself instead.

(and that last poster was not me; if you're autistic enough to need proof then fine lol.)

>> No.9574588

>let me think of a cutting qip
>kek land whale
>that got her

>> No.9574594

>unflattering loose clothes

But she still looks adorable? What the fuck???

>> No.9574599
File: 2.96 MB, 1280x720, samus workout.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its not just cosplay, its everywhere

look at videogame streaming

look at ASMR

>> No.9574603
File: 2.94 MB, 1280x720, vera bambi photos.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


whats funny is you get these ex-camgirls going into nerdy or niche things and they end up making MORE money for showing LESS

>> No.9574605

In order to make it doing sex work you have to actually look good and have a nice body unless you cater to fat fetish. Most of those women use cosplay to cover sex work because they can't compete with the looks of the top cosplayers. Meanwhile, nerdvirgins get excited at even the dumpiest most average looking women cosplaying their waifus.

>> No.9574606

*cant compete with the looks of the top sex workers.

My bad

>> No.9574610

yeah, that makes sense, I was scratching my head at that part

>> No.9574614

smart move
she's also hot too

>> No.9574702

Cosplay may not be sex work, but they're not mutually exclusive. You can be a cosplayer and a sex worker. You can also use cosplay in your sex work. There's no line between the two.

>> No.9574723

Oh shut up, the other anon roasted you. You're just a miserable little hater getting all hurt and upset because people make money and spend money in a way you don't personally agree with because you're a puritanical cunt.

>> No.9574778

Lol, Yaya was about to start down that road until she realized it'd cost her money from the fanboys.

Never daemonize your patrons.

See: Video Gaming Industry 2014-2016

>> No.9574784

>See: Video Gaming Industry 2014-2016
What happened?

>> No.9574786

As a guy who cosplays, knows cosplayers, it seems retarded to give them money for prints/patreon.

This is a hobby. I guess it's great if you can make money off of it, but it's really not the point. It's supposed to be a social aspect of the nerd community, to have a good time and get together with new people and fans, and make new friends. Wearing a wig and underwear and calling it "cosplay" is fucking bullshit. I'd be more impressed with you doing the character well in the first place with a real costume.

One day, these girls's looks will be used up, and they won't be able to do this anymore, or the patreon bucks will dry up slowly over time. Hopefully the fandom will self correct.

>> No.9574792

>What happened?

Kids who were taught by Marxist professors in college couldn't get real Journalism jobs, so they wrote for vidya blogs instead. Said failed journalists proceeded to get BTFO by both the consumers, and Hulk Hogan after they tried to spread Lysenkioism and critical theory articles and tell gamers they were horrible people.

It was a pretty big thing.

>> No.9574847

While I give very few shits about the vidya gaeman, it was amusing to see Kotaku and Gawker get punched in the dick, considering the utter shit tier coverage of the cosplay scene by Kotaku 'journalists'. Wish they got destroyed so hard they would completely go under, but that's not usually how things go.

>> No.9574871

>other anon r-r-roasted you
Bitch, get off the board. You're just upset you got told off.
Cosplay is not sex work and you said so yourself.

>> No.9574873

Why are you typing a stutter?

>you're just upset you got told off

Projecting, much?

>> No.9574900

I hope the reputation of cosplay to the public gets worse and worse and worse to the point parents stop fucking dropping their teenagers off at cons.

>> No.9574909

Not that anon, but you're clearly new if you have to have it explained for you. Maybe you should also lurk more before trying to defend your poor life choices on /cgl/.

>> No.9575003

Honestly. One of the reasons I'm trying push myself away from the term and just go with costumer or some shit.

>> No.9575006

Won't happen, not while Patreon gets a % of the profits.

>> No.9575011

"Lurk more before defending your poor life choices"
Now you're just reaching as no life choices were mentioned. Not everyone is going to go ape over sex work on patreon, sorry.

>> No.9575033

all we need now is louis theroux to make a doco on these neckbeards who give their life savings away to internet sluts. bonus points if he interviews momokun in the same doco

>> No.9575047

> funimnation's penny

Wait, what? Why would they pay for her to be there?

>> No.9575048

Well, she might have a lot of money to "retire" on... so there's that... which is nice

>> No.9575056

>And? I never implied they weren't?

Yeah, but you were trying to argue against the parent comment which, when taken in it's full context, is saying that lewds vs nudes doesn't matter 'cause they're both the same thing, selling your body for money.

>> No.9575170

I thought she was promoting their impending release of dragon maid, but i could be wrong

>> No.9575174

money built on other cosplayers getting harassed because of her turning hobby into business

I'm surprised she's not ousted by cosplayers at every convention she goes to

>> No.9575314

Do flat chested cosplayers in general have breast envy?

>> No.9575316

As funny as this is, it's still the sad truth. People like to turn a blind eye and act like what Nigri&co are doing isn't harming the community and that "cosplay has always been about sexy costumes" which is an absurd claim in itself. I for one know a lot of cosplayers who have received unsettling lewd messages and comments on their cosplays because people like Nigri are sending out a signal that it's okay to treat girls like this. How many times have you seen Momokun call out all the gross comments she gets on her photos? They like to act like the ambassadors of good will in cosplay saying that it's all about "having fun" while they use the whole hobby as a crutch to deal with their daddy issues and massive need for attention and money. It's why Momokun did the lewd Kanna shoot, she knows it causes controversy and she lives off of that while making 15k on Patreon every month. When they say it's about "having fun" what they mean is "I'm not taking this seriously because I'm just in it for the money while branding myself as a pro cosplayer, and I shouldn't be shamed for it". And other girls have to take the fall for it, suffering through disgusting people creeping on them because people like that pay Nigri's bills.

Sit down anon, nobody's denying that sluts didn't exist back then but you're completely off your rocker if you claim it was "mainstream". Just because you hung out with cosluts back then and surrounded yourself with them doesn't mean they were common and considered the norm. I've been here since 2005 and while I do remember sexy cosplays popping up pre-Nigri, they weren't that popular. Even Nigri got laughed at by the whole community with her initial Pikachu bikini suit, it was the normies who started supporting her. And nice strawman you got there, I really haven't met girls who post nudes on IG while bitching about Nigri unless they're looking into becoming patreon thots themselves.

>> No.9575317

How are you pulling this bullshit out of of your ass

>> No.9575319

Uhhhh yeah you're definitely wrong

Fact check yourself anon

>> No.9575320

Honestly anon I think it's pretty safe to say that crafting costumes and spending time with friends is a much more productive hobby than throwing money at some fat naked lady in a wig to get shitty unfocused bikini photos.

>> No.9575340

For a long time i thought i was in the wrong for thinking this because i kept getting told "cosplay is just for fun! calm down!" whilst seeing all these girls who didn't care for it stripping down for money and fame, it got on my nerves as it does for anyone who cares about the community.
Then i saw girls who claimed being body positive is stripping down to nothing in cosplay and so called 'empowering' women when its doing the complete opposite. Everytime i would see them i found it harder to enjoy cosplay because I was getting shamed for being modest. i felt alone with this opinion because everyone is too proud to stand up for it in real life...youll get shat on if you tell them the truth of what they're doing and they'll get backed up by white knights who just want to see some pussy or girls with issues wanting the degrading kind of attention.

>> No.9575355

>Cosplay is about costuming, workmanship, prop making, and the love of a fandom and dressing up as their favorite character.

aaaahahahahaahahha good one

that's maybe what YOU nerd want it to be

but in the end it's about attention, sex and how to get money from the weebs

accept it, cosplay is soft porn

>> No.9575389

Were you into cosplay before social media? It actually was this at one time.

>> No.9575426

I am a guy and feel the same way. I cannot wait for this trend to vanish

>> No.9575462

one thing that I find the saddest thing about it is that it ISNT about love of a character any more. it's about cosplaying characters who bring you the most attention for example, the bandwagons.
one person cosplays samus gets attention and everyone else sees that and decides to do it to whether or not they have played metroid.
girls constantly ask which characters they should cosplay to their followers rather than cosplaying who they want or like.
ive talked to many cosplayers and most won't cosplay characters that don't show skin or make it show skin because that's seen as the 'norm' in cosplay now.
its sad because these girls deny wanting attention, fame or money but the reality behind mental health states that majority of women who are like that have serious egotistical or self esteem problems.

>> No.9575473

I wonder how many lewdplayers actually don't know that 90% of their donators jerk off to their pictures furiously.

Young girls are pretty clueless in general.

>> No.9575483

lol you are so wrong. I have evidence of thirsty young girls, but if I post the mod would ban my ass.

>> No.9575491

> I cannot wait for this trend to vanish

Its never going away, anon.

>> No.9575510

I for once read from an interview from kind of a "playboy" magazine.

They asked the girl they where shooting "what turns you off?". Kind of a normal men's magazine question but she responded "the thought about guys masturbating to my pics, I am not a pornstar, I am creating art".

This came from someone doing topless shoots.

>> No.9575518

this is how i felt when i was doing patreon even though what i was doing was technically soft core? its so weird looking back now

>> No.9575538

Yes a lot of guys have faped to your pics.

Welcome to male sexuality.

>> No.9575541

people have been fapping to cosplay girls as long as there were cosplay girls

your fans have fapped to your pics regardless if you did patreon lewds or not

>> No.9575572

That's true. The guy who sees cosplay girls or lolitas and doesn't fap to them will likely stab them on a Tuesday night.

>> No.9575587

Unless they can't make money off of selling lewds at pantreon. Because its supposedly 'art'

>> No.9575588
File: 901 KB, 430x250, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9575592

My sister, you're right on the money. What worries me the most is that Patreon hoes are placing social pressure on other girls to take off their clothes to be successful in cosplay. Hard work and accurate costumes have become secondary to being a social media queen doing bikini shoots. And before whiteknights call me paranoid, I've met multiple young girls talking to me either straight out or vaguely referencing that they feel alienated unless they're willing to do sexy cosplays. A novice cosplayer usually takes role models from the most popular faces in the community who sadly turn out to be people like Nigri and others. They set a bad example of picking popular, scantily clad characters, lying about making their costumes or buying cheap shit off of ebay. People are talking about how "empowering" it is but at the end of the day you're still getting your validation from men objectifying you instead of the talent you should be growing.

They probably consciously choose to forget about it. For most girls it's a wakeup call when they start receiving dick pics or harassed at a con or something and then they abruptly quit everything. These patreon girls have the delusion of that they get to choose how people view their content and like >>9575518 confessed, they're in denial about doing arousing stuff aimed at men.

>> No.9575638

well those times are over

>> No.9575696

stella chu has always been part of the problem since day 1.

>> No.9575714
File: 94 KB, 750x733, IMG_1950.PNG.cdc9074109a8c12202c8c33b26998831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9575727

It was always both, but you could honestly focus on either and be fine.

Now the ratio is super skewed and those who appreciate craftsmanship are a tiny majority to the ones who wanna jerk it to some T&A.

>> No.9575770
File: 274 KB, 1365x2048, 10700488_632652310179167_4121245123546258793_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

accurate cosplay/10

>> No.9575896

read: most flat chested girls period.

>> No.9575898

hey, no arguments here. I agree 100%

>> No.9575907

So like that anon said, '...never going away..."

>> No.9575911

Some of them. It's very much a "grass is greener" idea. Flat chested girls want to be like the bustier girls. Bustier girls want smaller breasts. Same can be said about skin tone, hair type, penis envy, etc.

>> No.9575932

Penis envy is female to male, not between males

>> No.9575958

Cosplay isn't about sexy costumes. But, sexy costumes, sex workers also being cosplayers, and shit like that aren't new. What else isn't new? Women being harassed at cons. Women being harassed isn't even a con exclusive thing. Back when booth babes were a thing, they would get harassed. I don't see how them doing lewds gives gross people an excuse to be gross.

>> No.9575964

The sex industry will always, ALWAYS, find itself into any hobby. Cosplay isn't special.

People will always, ALWAYS, find ways to monetize things. Cosplay isn't special.

There's always some boogeyman that's going to ruin something. On /v/, the SJW boogeyman is gonna ruin video games. On /cgl/ the patreon boogeyman is gonna ruin cosplay. The most you can do is simply not support them if you have such an issue. If that's not enough, stop playing games.

>> No.9575966

Same anon. Stop playing games and stop cosplaying.

>> No.9575968

Does /cgl/ not allow spoiler tags? Huh.

I meant penis envy in a sense of size envy. Smaller guys wanna be bigger, bigger guys wanna be smaller. Stuff like that.

>> No.9576285

I never said it was mainstream I said they always existed but the issue I have is nobody really called out yaya or nigri or yuffie bunny back then or told them they were bad for the community. All of us kissed ass tried to cash in on their fame and pretend it was cool. The "sluts" as you call them arent like the patreon girls now who claim they aren't sex workers they are and are proud of it and I am proud of them for it.

I'm just saying that now it's so popular to make money all of a sudden people have am issue when with nigri and Co nobody did. Hell even I think throwing on a wig and a random bra set and bikini is lazy but that's their fucking life and not mine. I'm not gonna lie and say I won't do the same thing at a water park con or whatever or even lewd an image for fun. But I think the majority of this hate is because of momo and her dumb ass because I bet half yall on here follow byndo and Danielle b and they lewd all the damn time

>> No.9576292

Ook but blaming "role models" for making you feel like you /have/ to get naked is like me blaming chocolate ice cream for being fattening because it was there and I ate it.

They want fame too anon they wouldn't feel pressured if they were cosplaying for themselves. They want attention on their instagram and "recognition" for their craft aka attention.

Blaming patreon girls for your lack of confidence is bullshit.

Do you thing, love what you do, support others who are like you and enjoy life. Don't blame people for your insecurity.

>> No.9576486

Sexy cosplay is fine, if you want to genderbend go ahead. If you want to do sexy armor, be my guest. Bikini cosplay can be done well and tasteful when it put effort, rather than lewding a 6 year old loli. However, this boudoir/lingerie thing has to stop because it's stooping to a whole new low in the community among 'cosporners' not cosplayers.

>> No.9576498

> I have is nobody really called out yaya or nigri or yuffie bunny back then
Who the fuck is seriously claiming that Nigri hasn't been called out ever since she first surfaced? And yaya and yuffie bunny actually put effort in their costumes and liked the characters they cosplayed. People are intentionally missing the point when discussing sexy cosplays - it concerns the patreon hoes who are ONLY in it for the money, do the laziest cosplays imaginable and don't give a fuck about the source material.
>All of us kissed ass tried to cash in on their fame and pretend it was cool.
Again, just because you did it doesn't mean it was mainstream.
>I'm just saying that now it's so popular to make money all of a sudden people have am issue when with nigri and Co nobody did.
And Again, missing the point entirely. Just because yaya and someone else did a few sexy cosplays in the 00's doesn't mean they were comparable to today's patreon sluts because a.) they did it out of passion for the hobby and not for the money b.) not all of their cosplays were sexy c.) they put effort into making elaborate costumes d.) they were RARE, now you get like 100 examples from the Patreon top list alone.
>But I think the majority of this hate is because of momo and her dumb ass because I bet half yall on here follow byndo and Danielle b and they lewd all the damn time
Sure jan, keep telling yourself that. I bet it has nothing to do with her histrionic, toxic personality, constant lying, lazy cosplays and her obsession with causing drama all the time.

>> No.9577605

I got converted. She's goofy and funny in my kind of way. And super talented.

>> No.9577791

I guess men are already looking at you sexually, so you could at least make money out of it

>which you could be spending on a beer with your buddies, or travel, or a gift for a loved one
as if betas have buddies, loved ones, or a reason for traveling
sincerely, a beta

>> No.9577868
File: 1.13 MB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20170729-014640~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is why I hate patreon lewders

>> No.9578307

>as if betas have buddies, loved ones, or a reason for traveling
all the more reason for state-mandated testosterone therapy

>> No.9578314
File: 22 KB, 190x360, 2b8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This this all of this. I'm not against lewd cosplays per say but it treads such a fine line between being actual cosplay and pornography. Like (for example) a Hinata Hyuga in one of those virgin-killer sweaters is alright, but if I can't tell who the fuck you're "cosplaying" because you're basically wearing lingerie and a wig; it's not cosplay: it's softcore porn. It can be nice for some characters who already have sex appeal naturally, but extremely ugly for others. In any regard, these nsfw escapades should be kept to personal pages. Don't even get me started on sexy genderbends (I'M LOOKIN AT YOU JNIGS). Also it's completely unfair to people who pour their heart and soul in to a well made, hand crafted cosplay only to be overshadowed by some chick who scrounged up enough money for a boob job and just shows up in a slutty "cosplay". I still can't tell which is worse: these cunts who degrade characters and gamer girls AND cosplay, or the horny neckbeard basement dwellers who buy in to this. What do they see in them? The rewards are so not worth it. Google has been a thing for long enough so does it really feel that good to beat your meat to whores you threw your money at but can't even touch? This whole dumpster fire makes me want to make cosplays that are way out of my league to make just to get attention (because yes I am an attention whore. I just don't feel like being found naked on the internet by my girlfriend, potential employers, or members of my family who are in to the same things who may or may not find that)

>> No.9578818
File: 39 KB, 246x233, 422813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When OP's pic get posted to facebook and gets over 2000 shares.

>> No.9579688

Good, more people need to raise their voice against 'cosplay patreon'

>> No.9579728

What is empowering from some may not be for others. Some find nudity empowering. Some find modesty empowering. Both are valid.

>> No.9579911

This kinda sucks... this will be my first year displaying at a con... I put months into planning and crafting my look. Last week I saw a "patreon" girl wear the same cos... in a really lewd way... I mean she's pretty but
... look I'm I'm already catching flack for being black in cosplay but I don't wanna be compared to her when I where this cosplay... bleh mini rant... ignore

>> No.9580543

Its not. If you do it your insecure. Its a sign of mental health issues that come with reward and attention.
Fyi its not empowering for anyone, guys see it as cheap and easy, other girls ( besides lewders) see it as slutty, insecure, daddy issues or the easy way to fame.
Its ironic that its those who show more in 'empowerment' that actually have the problems, half of yall are shopped to death (body empowerment my ass)
Plus selfie studies has uncovered that selfies lead to narcissism which shows in most of these women who are narcassist by not caring about the community and the damage theyre doing for a chance at fame and money.
This has all stemmed from society and social media pressures and trying to become 'model-like' so i dont blame these women for not being able to see it or the men falling into the trap.

>> No.9580716
File: 206 KB, 1032x759, Screenshot_20170731-135502~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop blaming the neckbeards

>> No.9581625

Can you blame them?
I'd blame the customers If I were you.

I mean, some people are actually spending 50 bucks a month to get a few """sexy""" pictures a few times a months in exclusivity and maybe follow a snapchat.

If the people are willing to pay for it, then you don't have to blame the cosplayers.

Sure it's scummy, but if people are willing to pay for it, now what?
It existed before, except that now the cosplayers are making people pay for it. (And even then, you can find the stuff for free if you look around a bit.)

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