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Last thread. >>9563908

Share your feels, but keep them cgl-related.

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I really, really hate fat people. I had a fatty sell me loose wristcuffs. Imagine being so fat you wear out the elastic on WRIST CUFFS.

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there is so much stuff i wanna do and not enough time, energy, or money to do it all!!! i guess for now i'll focus on my next trip to japan and planning local lolita meets but i'm really itching to get back into cosplay and con going before I turn ancient. my savings account is going to suffer

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>excited for full-time job, which would allow me to cosplay my ass off
>head to interview today
>plan to ace it, then celebrate with homemade soup and Netflix
>bomb interview
>"celebrate" instead with McDonald's and network TV

This is all I deserve.

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I feel like my life is passing me by and soon I won't be 'allowed' to like youthful things or enjoy my usual hobbies anymore.
I'm 24, about to start my 3rd year of uni. I started late because I couldn't afford it so I had to work (under the table, since real jobs are impossible to find without strong connections in my country, so I can't put that on my CV) and save up for 3 years and I've been on holiday once in 4 years, to a neighbouring country for 3 days. I couldn't really afford to have fun and be young and carefree, I've mostly been a shutin outside of my working hours.
Now everyone around me is a lot younger (19-21), both in my course and my local jfash comm and I'm having trouble connecting with people. They can't relate to me because most of them have parents to buy them stuff and take them places, they can afford to party every weekend and just whine for more money when they run out, and I have to pinch pennies and be sound and responsible 24/7.
I just want to be young, wear cute weebshit and go on cute dates for once in my miserable life. I feel like starting next year I'll be forced to go for greasy men on Tinder and worry about 'settling down' and 'growing up' so I don't die alone. It's not fair.

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Keep your work ethic and stay focused. It doesn't matter if you're 25 or 26, you can still enjoy yourself.

If you're so set on the idea of settling down, I don't get why you care about college so much. I think you should do your best and just focus on yourself. Those shitty children playing games every day are not worth envying. They won't know how to earn things like you do.

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>If you're so set on the idea of settling down, I don't get why you care about college so much
Because I want love and a career, not to be a housewife... Besides, where I live it's impossible to live on one salary only so I have to finish college and find work anyway.

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Don't feel too bad, full time jobs afford you the money to cosplay, but you'll lose most of your free time. In the limited time you do have, you'll be too tired to work on anything.

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Where do you live, anon? I might be able to help you.

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Southeastern Europe, I'm afraid we're all beyond help here

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>friends want to do a group cosplay
>one character is stylized as being curvier/heavier than the others
>the rest of the characters are purposely drawn noticeably skinnier
>be the thinnest person in the group
>friends all insist I should be the thick character because they like the others more

I'm all for people cosplaying stuff because they like it, but when it comes to groups, matching the body types is sort of my secret pet peeve, and I'm so mad that they wanting me, the one noticeably thinner person, to cosplay the one character that's stylized as chubby. What the fuck.

I'm also suspicious because I lowkey suspect that in the past they've done the "noooo you look great!" when I looked like a mess thing to ensure they were hotter going out, and that sort of feels like what this is because I know they're all a little insecure about their weight and often make comments about how they envy my body, and that's sort of a bullshit way to treat a friend and cosplay partner, and I'm tempted to tell them I'm not doing the group because my weekend's too full or something.

I know I sound kind of like a bitch here, but oh well, I don't care what they look like or what they do with their bodies, but it's not the first time I've been treated poorly by cosplay "friends" because of being in better shape, and I'm worried it's happening again. And even if it's not, I'm still frustrated by the opposite body types thing when literally anyone else in the group would be better suited to the character physically than I would, and I know that at least a couple of them don't actually care THAT much about the characters they've chosen.

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Wanted to post this after reading unpopular opinions since they were discussing fats but it fits more here.
>tiny, was around 100lbs in high school
>go to uni, hear of the dreaded "freshman 15"
>don't eat properly, lose a bunch of weight instead of gaining
>try to eat better, hit the gym to get gains and chug protein shakes
>still losing weight, wtf
Do I have a parasite? Fuck me. Last time I went to a nutritionist all she said was that my vitamin D was low.

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Nah, fuck that. You should be able to cosplay who you want not who they want. Dump them.

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>finally cleaning my hellscape of a room
>not quite biohazardous but close
>oh no
>gum wrappers
>gum wrappers everywhere
>drawer filled with nothing but empty gum packages and wrappers
>gum wrappers have found their way onto my wigs
>gum wrappers are in my sewing supplies
>there's even one nestled in between the layers of my petticoat

I think I have an actual problem

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i've put off cosplaying for years because i'm chickenshit, and can't even decide on a first cosplay. i want to make it so bad but i know i just can't, so i want to commission someone but money.

i have a feeling i'll never officially cosplay and i'll be stuck with the regret of not just doing what i wanted and not giving a single fuck while still in my prime

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My hobbies are slowly lowering my bank account. I keep buying things with the thought that I don't do anything else but work or study, so I deserve to have something while others do stuff like go out etc. But, the anxiety of lower bank account numbers really bothers me. I'm trying to get rid of amiami preorders and stop going onto auctions for things. It's difficult. I see something and I think "what if I can never get it again", so I buy it.

I don't know how much longer I'll be paid for interning too. Along with testing fees in a few months and the fact nobody wants to box split with me because I'm new at it, the stress keeps getting worse. It's only numbers and money...sure, but I'm not prepared if something happens. I want to sell some things, but I keep forgetting and I'd have to make an effort with a low chance of success...

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Did you get your thyroid or other labs checked? You should see a doctor and get this checked out. It's one thing to stay the same weight or lose a little during freshman year, but if you are actively trying to gain weight and the opposite happens, you should at least get things checked with the doctor once.

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If you want help with narrowing down the choices, then I suggest looking only at characters that share a certain feature or set of features with yourself and/or caters to an issue you have. Example: Wigs are hot and hurt my head, and I have shoulder-length brown hair with bangs. So I could cosplay Yui, Ui, Ritsu, or Jun from K-ON.

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Try to find someone with a personality and body type that matches yourself. Make sure they have some kind of easily identifiable clothing/armor/prop.

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Figure out how much money you can spend outside of your responsibilities, don't go beyond that by giving yourself a funny money allowance for each week. I get 50 to spend on whatever, or I save it for something bigger.
About your mentality on your material possessions, you just need to get over yourself. I missed preorders on Jormungand ammo cans, which is literally my shit right there. If I really really want to have those damn cans I can murder my friends one by one until they will me their weeb shit. That, or you know, commission it later, or just spay paint a $10 can myself.
If it really matters to you more than life itself, imagine what it will be like at your open casket funeral, all that crap stuffed in the box with you. You are taking it with you right?
I mean, you aren't making yourself worry and suffer now just so that it rots in a yard sale later, right?

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>poorfag from shit country
>save up money for favorite print dress
>my first burando, extremely excited
>have to use two different PayPal accounts to pay full price because although I have the money in my hands my credit card limit doesn't cover the whole thing
>doesn't matter, I'm getting my dress!

>two months later
>it got "lost in the mail"
>that's code for some mail worker stole it
>trying to sue them, family of lawyers say it's going to be fine
>even if it works, it'll take at least 6 months to get my money back

I'm pissed to imagine some rando getting their filthy shitskin hands on my burando and not even knowing how important it is. Hope they'll at least sell it on ebay and not throw my weird dress away.

I'm so overcome by despair I could be Junko the 3rd. Seriously considering selling myself/starting to cam/anything really. Hard work doesn't pay off in this country. I'm so tired of it and so frustrated I started crying while typing this. Fuck.

>captcha: select all images with dresses
It's like fate is mocking me

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I need money more than cosplay tho.

I'm so broke and depressed.

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Just curious, what country are you from? That sounds horrible to deal with.

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Brazil. It's a nightmare, and when shit doesn't get lost it gets taxed up the ass. It's honestly so depressing

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My bf and I have decided to move in together, and while I'm super duper excited I'm also very nervous. I lived with my exboyfriend for about a year and we ended up fighting a lot (there are differences, for example my current bf and I are looking at 2 bedrooms, have been dating longer than 3 months, and he isn't a complete asshole) and I'm worried we're going to go down a similar path. On one hand, we're already making plans to hang our weeby stuff together and I'll be able to make a cute designated area for sewing cosplays, but the apartment finding stuff is so stressful and I feel like he's going to lose interest in me. I'm sure this is just me overreacting, time to go browse the room thread and fill up my Amazon cart to get me excited again.

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>tfw cosplying something won't make you that thing
>tfw you will never be a no sleeves, aviator sunglasses wearing, M16 brandishing, kung fu
1980s tough guy action hero
>tfw you will never travel arounfd the world with your best bros fighting the bad guys, bringing them to justice, while winning women's hearts and being a role model to children around the world
Is there point to life other than to suffer?

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I'm so sorry. :( I have two friends who used to practice law in Brazil but left because it was so awful and corrupt.

>> No.9567659

I love you, anon!
You actually settled a long time argument between my boyfriend and I: I bought him something expensive from Brazil on eBay as a gift and it got lost. He blamed me and has been mad for like 3 years over it.
You're the first concrete proof I have that it wasn't my fault.


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You want to join the A-Team?

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Nayrt, but your boyfriend blames you for a LOST PACKAGE? Not only that, it was an expensive GIFT aka a costly item given out of the goodness of your heart? I know you love him, dear anon, but he sounds like a super unreasonable jerk.

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it seems perfectly reasonable for him to be mad, especially if she used it against him and held it over his head about "I spent all this money on you, now buy me expensive brand NOW!". I've had quite a few relationships with lolitas end up like that.

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Don't believe in yourself anon, believe in the me that believes that you can be the man of your own dreams.

>> No.9567678

Yeah, your bf sounds like a cummy dummy. And this post on a Vietnamese finger-painting message board isn't going to convince him that it wasn't your fault.

>> No.9567688

I'll do it anon. I'll do it just for you. One day you'll see some heroic stud out there fighting for what's right and you'll know you made a difference

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Make anime real anon!

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It isn't reasonable to be mad at shit your gf can't control, like shit getting lost in the mail. It's also not reasonable to expect your bf to buy you brand because you spent money on him.

Sounds like you and your ex gfs deserve each other.

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I finally caved in and got a sugardaddy for that sweet burando.
Not sure how i feel about doing it...

>> No.9567740

How much did it cost?

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I've been working on ita bags all day and I texted my friend "I think I'm done with the eat a bags tonight" after running on 4 hours of sleep and it being 3 am.

>eat a bags

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This sounds like bait now that I type it out but it's really not, but he gets mad if I interupt him playing videogames. He usually brings up old grudges and things I've done wrong when he's mad.

Like I'll go out and buy groceries and I have to text him and give him warning before I come home in the taxi, because if I don't give him time to emotionally detach from his game he'll throw a tantrum and insult me and complain about what I bought for groceries. It's when he insults me that he starts bringing up everything I've done wrong and how I've ruined his life and stuff.

>> No.9567755

Get out now. Please anon. This isn't healthy.

>> No.9567757

So she can ruin another guy's life too?

>> No.9567758

I'm going to sound like a battered wife saying this, but he has a really hard time. He's working on a Phd and he gets writer's block and gets frustrated and plays videogames for weeks and then he gets more frustrated and then he just explodes.
And when he explodes he either says he's going to kill himself, I had to talk him down off a bridge in the rain once, or else he explodes and says I ruined his life because he could have been Steve Jobs, but I'm fat and ugly and sick, and he had to take care of me.

This really doesn't sound great but I guess I'll post it anyway.

>> No.9567760

how thick do you have to be. Really? Really? Dump his ass. If you think you deserve him, think again. Being single is way better at this point. Who verbally abuses their partner like that? Have some self respect.

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You don't sound like a battered wife. You sound like a future battered wife. He's a loser, it isn't your job to stop him being suicidal, that's what doctors are for. If he'd be so much better off without you, why did he stay with you? It's you who settled, not him. You're supposed to be a team, not bickering like siblings. I get that his PhD is stressful but there are limits in how you snap at someone over it.

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Except that he's right. He's like mensa smart. And I am fat and ugly. I'm never going to find anyone else so there's no point, and if he could get over his issues he will be Jobs or Gate or anybody. I've wasted my life, I'll be dead before I'm 45, I might as well help him with his project.

Plus he's literally my best friend, and he can be really nice sometimes.

>> No.9567769

What was it that drew you to him? What do you like about him? Was he this bad before the PhD? Are you scared to be alone, or do you have to stay with him out of dependence? Just trying to get a better picture of things.

>> No.9567771

I bet you're not as ugly as you think. It's not a good sign if he's making you feel so unattractive. Fat women still get nice husbands, some men are into that. What do you mean you'll be dead by 45 though?

>> No.9567773

>fat women still
Stop trying to spread your fat acceptance bullshit here tumblr!

>> No.9567777

I'm not spreading fat acceptance, but OP probably isn't going to lose weight so might as well say something more useful than telling her to go on a diet. If fat women universally couldn't get dates, we'd know about it.

>> No.9567781

Fat women can date other fat people and other assorted losers.
If you want to get a proper guy being fat is just not an option.

>> No.9567784

Thank you for replying, I'm sortof sad and I'm crying now, so I'm going to go lie down. At least I'm at my grandparents house instead. I'll think about everything you said. I didn't mean for all of this to happen, sorry.

That's sortof how I feel, like some fat women can look really pretty, but I'm just not? Reading stuff like this always reminds what the world thinks so I'm glad? I've been Ana again since january, so I am glad. I feel cleaner.

>> No.9567785

Exactly where did she say he had to buy stuff for her too? Just because you're dating money grubbing shrews doesn't mean every guy is. Choose better and stop whining.

>> No.9567786

There's no need to apologise, I hope everything works out. If you do want to lose weight, it's kinder to yourself to do it slowly and make it a lifestyle change. Use a calorie counter app, or if your lifestyle allows it, the sugar detox can have fast results. Do you have a terminal illness though? Your comment about dying makes me worried for you.

>> No.9567792

Are you Spanish, anon? As you described the situation, it sounds a lot like how things are here.

>> No.9567793

People like you are why everyone says /cgl/ is the easiest board to bait.

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>ask friend to go to Dragon Con with me
>says he can't because he has AIDS

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Of course you're pro-anoxeric.

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You are in an abusive relationship. Even if you are fat and ugly, it doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness. There is no excuse for him acting like a spoiled child. He made his own decisions and that's why he is where he is in life. Not you. I would say get out while you can still pick up the pieces. If he throws a fit because you ask him to do simple household tasks, he's messed up. He's not the victim here. Get out while you can and find happiness before you die anon!

>> No.9567801

tumblr landwhale?

>> No.9567803

is that steven merchant
what the heck is that

>> No.9567805

Don't exhaust your tiny brain thinking up insults, you'll need that energy for masturbating later.

>> No.9567806

What dress was it btw?

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I know. It's really embarrassing.

>> No.9567811

I was like that when I was young, anon
Had loads of potential and dreamed big dreams and found a girl and felt like i was wasting all my time and that i missed my "chance"

after about a decade of reflection, that feeling is a natural thing for everybody to have in just about every situation they're in. the feeling would still have been there if i had become a neurosurgeon and worked 20 hour shifts through seven years of residency after seven years of school, meanwhile i'd have a nagging pressure inside that i've wasted my adolescence, and that i should have spent my formative years enjoying my fun years

you probs don't believe me but what he's feeling is what he's feeling, and it's really not something you've done or any wrong choices he made. it's just that indecisiveness and anxiety that always makes him feel like he made a wrong choice and get caught in thought loops

if you choose to support him through that neurosis, expect it to be difficult and taxing

>> No.9567812

You better watch out or the japanese are gonna drive their boats into your house and harpoon you.

>> No.9567822

If this is how it makes you feel, then stop right now. It's not for you.

>> No.9567852

It's a scene traced from Dexter's Lab, but with Dexter replaced by Steve.

>> No.9567869

How do I lose 20 pounds in a month?

It's for cosplay.

>> No.9567873

Don't forget to tell your mom you like her to use fabric softener on your special sock.

>> No.9567884

And if you do stop, send him my way.

>> No.9567886

Are you really willing to do anal for some burando?

>> No.9567893

Depends on the burando.

>> No.9567903

Good answer

>> No.9567916

Lying in bed with a migraine.
Wanted to work on cosplay today.
Likelynot doing anything today.

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>humidity 60%+
>can cut air with a knife
>induces the worst headaches

I feel you anon

>> No.9567934

Anon dump him. Seriously. What you describe is so toxic and unhealthy.
I'd be done with my partner the moment he insults me because "he needs time distancing from his game". Bullshit. He uses you as his emotional punching bag. Do you really want your life to look this way?
I know it's hard and he made you believe you are a burden, but he says those things just to gain control over you. It is not true and you are not a bad person. And most importantly you are NOT responsible for him and shouldn't be treated how he treats you. Even some randos on a strange dresses/costumes board tell you that.
End this now. Ask for help of your family/friends/someone trustworthy to get through the breakup (be prepared he will blame you or even emotionally blackmail).

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>> No.9567944

Why would this even be bait? What's someone honestly gaining?

>> No.9567948

first day on 4chan?

>> No.9567951

You fail to give a good reason why it's bait.
Or are you one of those "Abuse doesn't exist" men's rights incels?

>> No.9567953

>staying w/sister for 4 day con
>bigger than weeb than me
>both her and her bf are fat slobs
>bathroom is absolutely disgusting
>says she doesn't have time bc she's too busy streaming on twitch

Lord help me

>> No.9567954

Doesn't matter if it's bait or not.
Since I'm on 4chan in the first place I obviously have nothing better to do with my time

>> No.9567956

I have never met a men's right person who said "abuse dosent exist".
Thats actually one of their biggest talking points is male victims of abuse where theyre frequently told dont exist.
Sage for OT

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>> No.9567960

You've never heard the men's rights "women deserve everything they get, therefore not abuse, just punishment"

>> No.9567961

Go away tumblr. Not all men are dicks like you want us to believe.

>> No.9567962

>knows nothing about men's rights
>tries to pretend

>> No.9567964

but men already have rights??

>> No.9567967
File: 34 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Either troll or big red level femtard

>> No.9567970

Redpill us about abuse?

>> No.9567972

it's okay when women abuse men

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I'm in your situation
Everyone around me is living by their parents but i'm on my own, work full time and go to college full time
The thing is you don't have to take some time and people to make yourself happy
I have some good online friends, some of who turned into irl friends because making friends online is easier
And I'm living the weeb dream, even though I have like a day off a month
You can't just wait around until all the fun falls out of the sky, make it yourself

>> No.9567974

Why are you even here?

>> No.9567978

No I haven't
I hear teenagers say that, the same as I hear dumb teenage girls spouting shit about hating boys
All the MRAs I know are concerned about getting support for make abuse and rape victims and getting fair treatment on family and divorce courts

>> No.9567985

Quick statistics
>Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men
This number could be higher due to men not reporting their abuse. Both due to social stigma and the Duluth Model. The latter of which would have them be incarcerated instead of their abuser.
There's a whopping total of 0 state run abuse shelters for men in the US and Canada.
Erin Pizzey, a forerunner in aiding female abuse victims, later tried to offer the same help for male victims.
She was met with violent opposition from what she described as "millitant feminists".
"High ranking" feminist, Mary P Koss, who has been invited to the white house, has outright denied that male victims of rape exist, let alone male rape being possible.

>> No.9567988

cosplay snake plissken

>> No.9567989

>takes mgtow shit seriously
>"dumb" girls
Seriously >>9567974 this so much.
Why are you even hanging out here?

>> No.9567990

I'm here because Im a lolita and a cosplayer.
Didnt know being a feminist was a requirement for cgl .

>> No.9567991

Isn't part of the point of lolita that you rebel against the expectation of others that you have to stop liking things when you're an adult? That you can still wear pony prints and shit when you're 24? People who think you have to quit lolita when you're old are not lolitas imo.

>> No.9567993

Zero shelters because of lack of use. There were two, they got closed.
Do your homework: read an actual fucking textbook. Do you even know what the Duluth Model is?

And learn to spell.

>> No.9567996

This is not /cgl/ it's tumblr.
Now leave us.

>> No.9567999

Do you know why they're incarcerated?
There's a specific legal reason, tell me what it is.
I know it and you don't.

>> No.9568000

>Misquotes to out words in someone's mouth and bait
>Asks why I'm here even though I've been on cgl and cosplaying for years

>> No.9568001

I am nearing late 20s with little to claim. Starting to worry if I can pull off the cute boyish look after possibly bulking up. I have a slightly more defined masculine build (and hair...) but skinny as heck right now. I'm not sure if I'm trying to communicate I'm more reserved/passive or I probably own more cute shit than I should or what. Maybe someday I can be modestly princely for a warmhearted lolita who won't mind that I can't afford more than a couple pieces of sacred brand... Yet I've never been to a con.

Only wanted to have a comfy life - just not alone. What a mistake.

>> No.9568003

You do not belong here. You reek of internalized misogyny.

>> No.9568005

then fucking say it
or is it "men are more violent"

>> No.9568006

[fake spoiler] He can't hear you, he's too busy quick-scanning the Duluth website [/fake spoiler]

>> No.9568008

Are you claiming men aren't more violent?
The majority of domestic violence is directed at women by men and you know it.

>> No.9568010

so... you don't actually have a reason?

>> No.9568011

you tumblr girls really need to get laid lmfao

>> No.9568012

All sex is rape, anon.
Because of the patriarchy.

>> No.9568013

You're right, an average North American/UK statistic is that 60% of murdered women are killed by their husbands.
Between one quarter and one third of women worldwide are abused by their husband at some point in their lives.

>> No.9568014

When I was a kid, my mother beat me multiple times then called the police when i pushed her back, saying I was being violent
The cops sided with her and I got arrested a few times
But hey, thanks for your insight pal

>> No.9568017

You deserved it for beating a woman.

>> No.9568018

fault falls on me, i participated in the patriarchy by having a penis
the patriarchy drove her to this

>> No.9568020

>beating your own mom

men are such scum

>> No.9568021

This place really did turn into the female version of r9k lmao

>> No.9568023

Nayrt, but if you meant to reply to >>9567999 then that's me, there's about 3 people arguing with you, and one's a guy.
And no, I'm not going to tell you, if you want to know read the actual Duluth project website or go to the RAVE website. You might even learn something.

>> No.9568024

says the incel

>> No.9568029

>misogyny explained in one post

>> No.9568031

How do you know that one is a male?

>> No.9568035

look, the person said there's a specific legal reason why men are arrested when they report domestic abuse by their wives
that means it must be written in the law, not in in a psychology research project
I want the specific law that states this must be
otherwise it's not based in legality

>> No.9568036

My feminist sense is tingling whenever a member of the patriarchy is nearby that's how i knew.

>> No.9568037

So then this is the real cause of the incelposting? Tumblr fatty chans false flagging? You should have known better cgl.

>> No.9568038

nice try incel

>> No.9568039


>> No.9568040

You possibly hit the nail on the head.

But just because one woman is violent doesn't discount all theories of abuse. There are men that are abusive, there are gay men that are abusive, not every explanation of abuse is aimed at you or is disvaluing or belittling your personal traumatic past.

>> No.9568042

We're all taking to each other elsewhere.

>> No.9568046
File: 181 KB, 500x280, IMG_6206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>birthday is this Sunday
>planned on getting a dress as a treat for the first time in ages, and have been saving up
>hours got cut at work
>had to use dress fund for rent

I'm bummed. It was just a simple taobao dress, but still disappointing.

>> No.9568048

I'm not saying my abuse discounts all abuse
I'm saying that, contrary to what these people are saying, because men commit more domestic abuse (60 vs 40, which is close but whatever) it doesn't mean they should be assumed guilty by law enforcement or that they should be arrested when they were the victim

>> No.9568050

Im sorry anon. Maybe ask friends/family to help pitch in as a present?

>> No.9568052

Sometimes it's nice to just think about all the bitches who hate me, and to wonder if it bothers them that I continue to be successful while they're at home with their rape babies or suicide watch or abusive boyfriend or the various things that they've tried to take out on me over the years.

>> No.9568054

If you agree to at least look at the websites and read an introductory sociology textbook (download it or whatever) then I'll tell you, okay?

>> No.9568056
File: 88 KB, 200x250, 13472623746738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are the best

>> No.9568057

Oh boy, are you me anon?

I'm pretty much in the same position. I'm your age; worked up to 4 jobs at once and studied full time and worried about my family so much. I've not had a day off since Christmas and no holiday for 4-5 years. Nowadays I have a decent size wardrobe and no social events to wear it. The few friends I have are planning to settle down, while I still haven't had a bf. It's alienating.

All I have is the hope that once I become more stable, that life gets easier and it's going to give me more time to do what I enjoy. You have to believe that the struggle is worth it.

>> No.9568058

Are you a virgin?

>> No.9568060

I just looked at the site and I had a sociology class last semester, am I worthy of your secret now, keeper of arcane knowledge?

>> No.9568073

What dress?

>> No.9568076

Try the sociology text and a psychology textbook, they're like redpill 101. Throw in an anthropology of religion. It's everything explained.

The law that likely got you locked up is a basic "get rowdy niggers off the street" type law. It's ineffective for citizens, but easy for cops. The point is literally to get poorer people, who are thought more likely to call emergency services for low priority domestic disputes, dealt with more easily by law enforcement.

The main point of the law is that anyone who calls with a domestic disturbance call, be it male or female, gets arrested as well as the abuser. It doesn't matter who did what first, both parties get arrested. This screws over women and youth looking to get into emergency shelters because most won't accept you if you've been recently arrested.

The reason you got arrested was because law enforcement got lazy with those double arrest laws. Now, lobbyists are speaking out against double arrests of perpetrator and victim, but law enforcement liked it easy. So now they frequently make an assumption on who will be easier to arrest and prosecute and take that person. It happens to young men in your situation a lot.

>> No.9568082

thank you for the answer
That does explain a bit of what's going on
It's definitely a shitty situation for everyone, mostly victims (male or female)

However, there's two things that keep me angry
#1: i live in canada, where we don't have that law
#2: even if we did, why was I the only one arrested

I also fail to see why i had to read the duluth project for you to tell me this

>> No.9568083

Faux sage for longwindedness...

The main problem is that law enforcement and lawmakers are not at all on board for actually helping abuse victims, that's why there's stats that as many women as get accepted into a shelter get turned away for lack of space, up to 100,000 per year plus children and youth.
There could easily be funding for more but it doesn't happen, plus most shelters have a bureacracy that's ripe for embezzlement.

It'll be interesting to see whether the rise of acceptance of homosexual men will lead to the government re-funding men's shelters.

>> No.9568084

You're in Canada? Drop a throwaway email, I have an abusive mother too.

>> No.9568086

Im forever salty that meta didnt have a green steam invitation colorway.
Who the fuck has a hufflepuff colorway but not a slytherin?

>> No.9568087

[email protected]
I can add you on discord if you email me your ID

>> No.9568090

The Duluth stuff will explain your mother's behaviour as well. Try also looking up "Narcisscistic mothers" and "rasised by narciscists" as well as Borderline personality disorder and see if it describes her.

>> No.9568094

It does explain it
Also yeah, i know all about that
I've been in a few support groups
Sorry for getting angry, all that time I thought you were agreeing and justifying her using the duluth model as evidence but you were actually disagreeing with the model

>> No.9568099

The "Google it" or "go read x" aren't meant to make you see the error of your ways. There is no definitive proof against what people say in there, it just a deflection and distraction tactic to get you to stop arguing against them for a while so they can go back to their echo chamber. Red pill groups do this too by claiming you need to go read shopenhauer.

>> No.9568100

MODDDSSSS, nuke this thread

>> No.9568101

>Cosplay coords

>> No.9568104

actually fuck it, i can't use throwaway emails
Hey Vsauce! Michael here#8780 on discord

>> No.9568105

Don't worry about it, it's a tough subject to talk about.

If you don't mind reading, try: "The Lost Child of Philomena Lee" it's about the life of a gay man working for the republican party in Washington, DC. It talks about all the homosexual sexcapades that go on in the US government but also how the parties consolidate power through changing voting boundaries to ensure victory (called "gerrymandering"). It's enraging even if you don't live there.

>> No.9568107

no offense but why would I read that?
It seems oddly off subject

>> No.9568108

Not even a cosplay coord?
A fandom inspired coord is 100% different than a cosplay coord.
God forbid i want a harry potter themed coord for halloween and certain events.
Several burandos have put out harry potter themed shit.

>> No.9568110

I haven't ever used discord. I'll have to try.

>> No.9568111

Sorry, I'm kinda tired.
It talks about the petty bullshit the government goes through to decide the laws like the ones we're talking about. In some cases it literally got down (no pun intended) to who gave who oral sex to get lobbyists listened to.

>> No.9568112
File: 87 KB, 500x600, 1475037936894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love lolita so much guys. Everytime I think I'm falling out of love it just directly catches me again. I fear I'll never leave this glorious trainwreck of a fashion.

>> No.9568119

If it's not too expensive I'll buy it to you.

>> No.9568130

Nayrt, but that's really nice of you.

>> No.9568133

Forgot to say, you must send nudes first.

>> No.9568136
File: 728 KB, 320x180, fuckit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decides to dress in lolita today, feels good
>check in the mirror
>i'm kinda ok, not pretty but ok
>decides to take a picture because i have seen cute poses
>forget that if you're not a cute girl it doesn't work
>i look awful on the pics
>i even put on makeup but i feel like i look even worse even though it's "well done"
>can only see my flaws
>feel like i look too ugly for lolita,especially sweet
>takes off everything,get into pjs and sulk

>> No.9568145

Lolitas are all psycho so I feel like getting nudes from a gull wouldn't be a problem

If you're another girl, that is.

>> No.9568147

I was going to tell you that no one would send nudes to you but if you're a girl.
Not even this anon but I wouldn't mind showing my body to another girl honestly. As long as I know and trust her.

>> No.9568152

I would send nudes even if you don't buy me a dress, as long as it feels fun.
But nobody believes you are going to buy someone a dress AFTER she sent you nudes.

>> No.9568155

I would say out of all my purchases, only about 1-2 of them gave me buyer's guilt. One of them was a mistake with winning an overpriced auction due to internet issues. I have older things from a while ago that I want to get rid of for space/money, but I wouldn't go as far to say that I'm so chronic I buy things just for the thrill of buying it. There's an incentive behind the things I want, and I do use/wear them.

I'm already letting go of some preorders for things I really wanted, which is helping, but as much as I love my things I buy, I can't help but to cringe at my bank account. I guess I want to keep it at a certain number for feelings of security, and seeing it fluctuate really makes me anxious.

>> No.9568156

That wasn't me but I'd buy a dress for someone on hard times, nudes or not. As long as it's not like $500 or something.

>> No.9568159

Are you bi-curious?

>> No.9568160
File: 36 KB, 535x577, 1461613160010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw even if a girl sends you nudes you don't care because you can only fap to 2D a this point

>> No.9568162

I'm having a hard time but I don't want a cheap taobao dress because the people who made it are probably having a harder time

>> No.9568164

They're going to have a harder time when their dress doesn't sell and they lose their .05c/h job.

>> No.9568169

I don't want to derail the thread but just want to say you don't understand shit, I speak from experience

>> No.9568181

Oh and I'll hide my face. I'm pretty shy.

>> No.9568185

I haven't cosplayed in years and want to get back at it, but I have some bad red stretch marks on my hips that make me think otherwise. It's so depressing, especially when the characters I wanna dress up as show a lot of leg.

>> No.9568193

Make up or skin colored tights.

>> No.9568194

Girl I feel you.
>birthday is today
>wanted to sell off the shit my cheating ex is returning to me so i could buy myself something nice off of LM
>she still hasn't sent the things
>it's been a week since I asked for them and she said she would
>trying to resist making the 5 hour drive up there just to demand everything

I really don't have the energy for that round trip.

>> No.9568196
File: 15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you want to help the fatties but they will never learn

>> No.9568199

Maybe if we give them enough verbal abuse they'll wake up out of their HAES and body positivity delusions and go for a jog?

>> No.9568201

When you're a fatty, even being told to work harder is verbal abuse. You have to coddle them and praise them and tell them "you can't help being fat! uw u! It's not your fault. There's nothing you can do!"

>> No.9568204

But anon, their deep fried, chocolate chip genetics prevent them from losing weight. It's clearly not their fault!

>> No.9568206
File: 105 KB, 345x385, 1493590152755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel this as fuck Anon, I never look good anymore imo. I'm starting to really consider plastic surgery.

>> No.9568207


>> No.9568229

I just want to let you know it was a joke.

>> No.9568232

>tfw all those morbidly obese kids going without food in africa

>> No.9568244

How is showing your body to another girl gay?
I look at some girls on the street, I used to look at the other girls bodies in high school in the lockers, or in the showers after gym.
I'm not even gay in the slightest.
I mean, have you never wanted to kiss another girl? Or fantasized about putting your face in between her thighs/breasts? That's not gay it's perfectly normal, I'm sure plenty of girls do that too.

>> No.9568252

I kiss my best friend a lot and i'm not gay and neither is she.

>> No.9568257
File: 28 KB, 407x286, IMG_0941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to put your face in another girls breasts/in between their thighs isn't gay

>> No.9568259

>b-but i'm not gay in the slightest
>wanting to kiss other girls
>wanting your face against their v zone and breasts

>> No.9568264


stop being so homophob

>> No.9568319
File: 785 KB, 828x686, abortion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one girl in our comm always raves about how happy she is that this hobby allows her to spend time without men
>months pass
>a really manly transgirl joins our comm
>TERF girl is clearly angry about this, but afraid to speak up or look transphobic

>> No.9568322

I have no problems with trans people but I can understand feeling upset when you join an activity for being girly girls and a Saturday-night-live tier tranny shows up

>> No.9568333

>I have no problems with trans people
>Saturday-night-live tier tranny

>> No.9568338

Seriously, it's no skin off my ass that someone wants to dress like a girl. But you gotta pick your battles. I don't see any fat pole vaulters.

>> No.9568341

If you're actually serious, I put my email up there. That's insanely sweet of you! Sorry for not replying earlier, I was running errands.


>> No.9568343

>trying to order jsk on taobao
>payment keeps not working
>knows i have $30 in my account, but checks to make sure
>account empty
>calls bank
>they cancel my card, but can't get any of the money back because i didn't realize the money was gone quick enough and it's a debit.

>> No.9568344

Ntayrt but I'll buy it for you if you'll be my friend. I'm so desperate for a friend that I'll even buy them.

Not a thirsty creep, promise. Just want someone to talk to.

>> No.9568347

Email me and we can talk~. I don't want to derail the thread. I have to go do some family stuff, but I'll be back on later tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm always looking for new friends, (as long as they aren't total creeps or axe murderers)

>> No.9568350

Nayrp but feel free to email me too, I need friends.

>> No.9568359

18000 yen sans shipping
it wasn't even that expensive as far as lolita dresses go, I guess

star night theatre jsk, at least it'll be easy to find it again

>> No.9568363

>ordered 4 blouses +ankle socks from cat tea party (taobao)
>its been a month and they still haven't been shipped to the warehouse
>i thought they were in stock did i read the listing wrong?
>message SS so they can find out for me
>no reply from them either, it's been 3 days

I have so many basics already sitting in the warehouse ready to be shipped, I need that shit so bad. I'm starting to feel super anxious about it, I'm ready to ditch the blouses but how fucking annoying.

>> No.9568366

>I'll even buy them
Oh Anon, I hope you don't truly feel so lonely that this is the route you feel you have to go down. Have you tried the friend finder?

>> No.9568372

Male anons might as well not even post in the friend finder
Literally every post in there says no dudes

>> No.9568374

Find some guy friends then

>> No.9568387

I had so many bad experiences with guys online (and in real life) that i'm uncomfy around them. Else,I would have been your friend.
But I really hope you find friends anon. That's sweet of you to do that but that's making me sad for you there.

>> No.9568388

I would like friends of any gender but I don't post in the friend finder thread at all because I'm afraid of murderers and stalkers

>> No.9568389

sooo, any rich female anons want to buy a boy some boystyle lolita outfits? I'll be your friend if you do.

If I wasn't male and like lolita, I wouldn't even think men who like lolita exist. I've never seen one in person besides myself.

>> No.9568391

>I'm afraid of murderers and stalkers
>friend finder thread
A-Anon what happened to you? I never heard of such a thing ever happening out of a friend finder thread

>> No.9568395

I've heard of people who got murdered when trying to trade pokemon cards. Never let strangers from the internet get close to you unless they can proof they are a cute girl your age. I've never heard of cute girls my age murdering anyone.

>> No.9568404

Other guys don't have the same hobbies and interests. I have to pretend to be a meathead just because people think my gender is completely worthless and subhuman on here?

>> No.9568413

But let me guess, even though the odds are muuuch higher of dying, you still drive in cars. Also, let me guess, you don't play the lottery because "the odds of winning are so low, it doesn't matter!".

> I've never heard of cute girls my age murdering anyone.

I'm assuming you're around age 12 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slender_Man_stabbing

>> No.9568418

Right but many people need to drive in cars, we don't need to make friends on 4chan.

And... the odds of winning the lottery are low? If you buy a lottery ticket once a week for a year and never win, you've lost so much money?????????????

>> No.9568420

Why are you taking my post so seriously. Everyone knows stranger danger is common sense.

>> No.9568446

>Everyone knows stranger danger is common sense.
no, it's not. A majority of murders are committed by family members, close friends, drug deals gone bad, etc.
The odds of being murdered by a complete stranger are incredibly low.
No, really, you should genuinely be more worried about a family member killing you than a stranger.

>> No.9568450

Oh my god yes. It happened in my country this year or last year iirc. Poor girl.

>> No.9568491
File: 87 KB, 956x1265, FB_IMG_1497487697084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fact that you say they're "dressed like" girls tells me you have a problem with them.

They are girls.

>> No.9568504

>They are girls.
*identify as, not are.

>> No.9568507

No they aren't. If you have a penis I don't want you at my tea party.

>> No.9568556

and people wonder why men don't like lolita.
I know all lolitas aren't sexist, but how many would you say are?

>> No.9568558 [DELETED] 

judging from this thread and a few others, most of the lolitas and people who browse here are man-hating sexists. Men kind of get treated like shit in both communities

>> No.9568562

>men don't like lolita
That's perfectly fine with me.

>> No.9568567

I love men.
I don't want them at my tea party.

Is that a problem?

>> No.9568573

>I love men
after spending time on this board I can say no you don't honey. The girls here are man-haters and have a huge chip on their shoulder they like to take out on people wherever they go

>> No.9568581

I like to make mass generalizations too. You really convinced me! I'm totally lesbo now, wow, thank you so much.

>> No.9568584

I mean, yeah, the people on here really do.
did you miss the 100+ replies where the girls itt derailed the thread to bash men, and it somehow became the guys' fault that the women derailed the thread to bash them?

the generalization thing is pretty nice though, it's usually what people go straight to when you hit the nail on the head

>> No.9568588

You caught me.
I really hate men! That's why I date them exclusively.

Why do I have to hate men just because I don't want them at my tea party? That's retarded.

>> No.9568589

Yes, that is sexism.

>> No.9568591

Men don't belong in tea parties you fucking fags.

>> No.9568593

because men aren't allowed to have boy's clubs anymore and boys club has been turned into almost a slur
so you don't get to have your girls club if boys want to show up
understand? that's just sexism plain and simple. I don't know how you can claim to love men if you're going to be sexist against them

>> No.9568596


>> No.9568597

stop being sexist

>> No.9568598

I'll decide who goes to my tea party, thanks. You boys can have your Nascar party be all men or watch sports together. It's the same thing.

>> No.9568603

>all men are meatheads who like sports, cars and fubaw

More sexism.

>> No.9568604

you mean like how we used to have comic book and anime conventions without girls trying to get attention?

>> No.9568608

you legit are as much of a sexist twat as the girls in the friend thread who say "ew no boys" over and over because they can't believe guys like the same things as them and they think guys are just rapists and murderers

I like cosplay. I like lolita. I want to go to events I like, not pretend to be a meathead and watch nascar shitfaced all day

>> No.9568609

As if guys don't spend the entire con trying to get their dicks wet.

>> No.9568611

as if women don't make this happen by competing to see who can wear the sluttiest, most revealing outfit and get the most guys to cream themselves.

>> No.9568615

So coming full circle, you would still rather go to a lolita tea party?

>> No.9568621

They are events you just got to. They're parties held by a community you're probably not part of.
Unless you mean cons, then who cares.

>> No.9568630

I just took a look at the friend finder thread and there's literally no girls who said they're not looking for male friends. There's lots of "no SJW", "no romance", "no /pol/". Nothing's stopping you except your asinine attitude.

>> No.9568650
File: 19 KB, 612x436, wellshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think both of you are sexist assholes. It's an argument between a misandrist and a misogynist...

Unfortunately, the sexism is /cgl/ related this time so I guess it isn't technically derailing the thread.

>> No.9568673

I'm just fighting fire with fire to show her how sexist she really is
people make a big stink about little things they think that are sexist against women, but we have entire chains of 100-200 posts bashing men without a single second thought here.
I just get sick of having to constantly watch what I say, but get bashed for my gender and have to constantly have to hear misandrist shit on here, so yeah, I brought a little sexism to the table to piss her off

>> No.9568692

>homosexual sexcapades
>in Washington
I bet Sean Spicer sucks dick like a pro. He acts like a guy who submissively bottoms for a promotion and then hates himself for it. Steve Bannon probably dons a full FemDomme outfit and violates him with an 18 inch floppy dong.
Somebody should cosplay that for a protest march.

>> No.9568693

Lmao most pathetic post on the board right now. Is your manhood that fragile?

>> No.9568704

After reading this thread I really want to kill myself!
These are my real feelings thanks /cgl/!

>> No.9568707
File: 37 KB, 403x522, 0066ccab3842c45dc09caf9b17cd923c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got excellent news for you brobeans

You can totally have boy's clubs. Just don't invite girls. And tell your bros they can't invite their gfs or thots they're orbiting. And if your event gets big and the girls demand to come in? Ignore them. You'll get bad press but it's not illegal. If you fail at this try again from step 1.

Female inclusion is popular right now, deal with it. There are disparities in fairness across the sexes. Facts of Life. It only affects you as much as you let it.

t. actually socialized male

>> No.9568709

Nayrt, but actually read some of the websites posted in the 100 post war from earlier and it says that a lot of spousal abuse is caused by men having lack of confidence and control issues and needing to establish their dominance over women.

Funnily enough, that seems true with some male posters here, it's like they're triggered by seeing females interact without it be male-centric and so they crash in and accuse the females of being vain and self centered for not including men in every conversation when 98% of the entire website except this board is heavily male-oriented.

>> No.9568716

Was excited to make cosplay friends. Met some people at cons, really wanted to be their friends, but whenever I would message them on social media, they would only respond once or twice and then quit reading my messages. Two people respond to me fairly regularly right now, but that's all it is. They just respond to me, they don't initiate anything and it seems like they just have their ~nice cosplayer~ act on all the time with me, it's frustrating.
I can understand not opening up to some random right away, but 6 months later? It feels like I'm never actually going to be their friend.

>> No.9568718

how full of hot air do you have to be to actually think that?
guys on here manage to survive in a female dominated hobby just fine, but I guess we can't speak out when there's blatant bashing and misandry like earlier today.

>> No.9568723
File: 440 KB, 788x697, klokov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making these connections over social media is very difficult. My con friends and I have bonded very heavily, but we really only see each other AT the con. I think you'll have better luck finding someone you can interact with in person on a more regular basis.

Klokov for your soul

>> No.9568728

Lemme put on my cuck hat for a sec hat here.

Modern cosplay is not a female dominated hobby. Women get the most attention. If you look around at cons, most of the cosplayers are male, they just look like shit.

Of course the girls get attention, they're hot and surrounded by ugly dudes. What did you think was gonna happen? This will be over in five years, just relax.

>> No.9568731

Take a look at any random board on the entirety of this website and tell me there isn't a misogyny discussion going on in half of them. No one's doing anything about it, it's guys talking to guys and bitching about women.

On this one board, there's one thread, and there was initially one post about misandry, and it got immediately jumped on by you and who the fuck ever else.

There are tons of other boards and threads other than this one to talk about how much you hate feminists. Why can't a single girl voice her opinion in a literal sea of misogyny threads?

>> No.9568732

The fuck are you talking about dude. Have you read almost any other board? It's male dominant and almost always extremely sexist. But no one gives a fuck.
It's 4chan.

>> No.9568735

because I don't care about or post in the anti-women threads and avoid those toxic as fuck places like r9k.
I'd like to not have to avoid this place like I have to avoid /pol/, /r9k/, and tumblr, but I guess the edgy teenage man-hating idiots won't let that happen.

>limited to one thread
not even close lmao, more like any thread that isn't a help/wig/series thread ends up with man hating shit

>> No.9568736

I want to see you post examples of this.
Go and find the man hating shit in every thread currently on the board and quote it here.

>> No.9568737

I'm a legit anime profile picture chokes women during sex whether they ask for it or not mommy issues woman hater and you are making me cringe hard dude

>> No.9568738

Why didn't I think of this? I wouldn't even have to cut my long hair

>> No.9568739

You should honestly start your own men-only feels thread.

>> No.9568742

So you come to the only female dominant board to cry about sexism? You're literally no better than grills crying about sexism on /fit/.

>> No.9568745

no, I come to this board and have been on this board for years because I cosplay and like to sew/craft shit
unfortunately it's female dominated

>> No.9568752

Why did you just decide now to start complaining about girls complaining about men?

>> No.9568755

Define "years." How long exactly?

>> No.9568756

did you miss the 100 or so posts this morning where they decided to run the thread off topic?

>> No.9568759

Well first of all, transwomen are not men.

>> No.9568760

Because you totally weren't contributing to the argument at all, right? It was all those vicious females not letting you post about misogyny.

>> No.9568764

Fuck nascar. Real niggas watch boxing

>> No.9568770

But nobody explodes into fiery helldeath in boxing.

>> No.9568771

Dresses don't make me feel happy anymore. I'm not excited when I open a package. I impulse buy constantly in hopes of being happy. I live in a fantasy about becoming a designer, but I've realized that I'll never get there. I have no direction in life. Even on antidepressants and with therapy, I'm still hopeless. Lolita isn't my only lost interest. Reading, makeup, even being on the internet and swimming... I held onto lolita the longest. But now I just see my dresses and feel nothing. If things don't go the way I want, I'm just so exhausted that I know I'll end up killing myself before I'm twenty-seven and honestly it's probably better that way.
I don't even want to be happy. I just really want to feel again.

>> No.9568772

You'd be right, if they were women, but unfortunately every single cell in their body expresses male traits so it seems we're at an impasse

>> No.9568774

I would bet money more boxers have died in the ring than drivers have died on the track

>> No.9568778

People randomly exploding would make boxing more interesting.

>> No.9568781

You'd be right. Nascar has come a long way safety wise. Ain't no way to make punching people in the face safe

>> No.9568803

Bless you for staying on topic.
No words of wisdom from me unfortunately but I hope you find a spark again.

>> No.9568823

It's female dominant for a reason sissy.

>> No.9568834

>tfw being beautiful isn't enough to keep you from getting depressed

>> No.9568841
File: 119 KB, 695x642, yoduh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are still women

>> No.9568843

>I just really want to feel again.
Have you tried some really hot hot sauce to go with your food?

>> No.9568877

desu putting hot sauce on some decent fried chicken will remind you of the pleasure of life holds

>> No.9568923
File: 710 KB, 1024x733, pantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>making conversation at the meet
>take a sip of my tea
>mfw it was actually bone hurting juice

>> No.9568924

That dude should pull up his pants.

>> No.9568928

Best life advice I ever got was in High School from our religion teacher - don't date long term and failing that, don't move in with the person you're dating. Went through it, absolutely hated it. I'd recommend not doing it, but just be careful and go slowly.

>> No.9568929
File: 8 KB, 316x239, amygun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit-talking the queen of cgl

>> No.9568944

ouch oof owie

>> No.9568949

Genuinely curious, but what makes sending nudes fun?

>> No.9568956


Damn does every religious school teach that or what

>> No.9568959
File: 94 KB, 306x243, flintmad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UPDATE: I was rejected.

On the plus side, that place was in kind of a scary neighborhood. I felt like I was gonna get rapey wapey'ed in their parking lot.

>> No.9568965

Did you feel excited about your hobbies before you started taking pills?

>> No.9568968


>> No.9568973
File: 610 KB, 744x720, Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.07.59 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw just want to be a cute lolita who wears cute clothes everyday and on dates with cute bf
>tfw just want to wear nice, simple solid black old school stuff
>tfw cant wear my only simple dress because i'm scared of staining the white yoke collar and sleeves
>tfw its hard to find anything solid black or old school in the first place for a decent price
>tfw no bf to go on cute dates with in the first place
>tfw actually a semi-hikki loser with no real life friends

>> No.9568975

Knowing that they're jerking it to you

>> No.9568978

Lel these made me laugh so thank you
Also yeah I love spicy food but I mean emotion feels not "my face is on fire and I need an ambulance" feels :(
Not really, that was why I went to a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with severe MDD. I haven't even gained weight on the pills or anything, but I'm still apathetic and disinterested. I know it comes off as rude and petty, but I just don't know how to fix it and i think that may be damaging my relationships which I'm sure isn't good for my mental state either but I can't care.

>> No.9568988

I'm jealous of lolitas who can afford wearing cute coords to uni, while I was studying I was so tired, depressed and poor I couldn't dress cute until my lasts years when I lost weight. I wanted to be a cute student but most of the time I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt ...

>> No.9568989

Catholic school? They must have done something right, I still go to church.

>> No.9568990
File: 31 KB, 611x419, 1499648128945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my boyfriend backed out of a couple cosplay with me and I'm just going to look like a shitty attention whore now

>> No.9568992

>chokes women during sex whether they ask for it or not

So... an abuser.

>> No.9568993
File: 111 KB, 640x690, IWY0dLh_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dat engineering life

what are his measurements and what state are you in? I'll be ur bf

>> No.9568996

Makes sense

>> No.9569001

No. It's pretty obvious if they don't want you to do it. Am I an abuser when I bite without consent during sex?

>> No.9569004

Gtfo REEEEE-tard.

Transwomen are women. Let them in the tea party.

>> No.9569015


>> No.9569018

No, but you are taking bait up your ass right now

>> No.9569021

They're men in dresses. Nayrt but I'm okay with brolitas as long as they actually acknowledge that they're men instead of pretending.

>> No.9569027

Not bait. Doing something physical like that to someone without their consent is abuse. How is that a bizarre concept?

>> No.9569028

I just came to this board and as a guy it's pretty reassuring to have stumbled onto this thread and see a bunch of women being retards, dipshits, and losers just like men can be. Autism truly does know no sex or gender.

>> No.9569032

Should I liquid diet for cosplay?

>> No.9569035

I take it you don't have sex often. No one asks if they can do certain things in bed. It'd be awkward as fuck to ask for every little thing.
You just kinda know, and if they don't like it they'll tell you.

>> No.9569042

>implying NASCAR isn't all about punching people in the face

>> No.9569049

Should be fine if you take a multi and watch your fiber. Don't do more than 500 calorie deficit or so. If you're obese check out PSMF, detailed in Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

>> No.9569061

>No one asks if they can do certain things in bed.

Uh, yes they do. You know which people don't? People who don't care if they hurt other people.

>It'd be awkward as fuck to ask for every little thing.

Know what's more "awkward" and can lead to someone pressing charges or being scarred for life? When you don't ask someone if you can fucking choke them and assume you can do it.

>> No.9569079

Nayrt, but surely there's a difference between asking for every little thing (which is awkward I'll agree) and asking if your partner wants to be chocked. Being chocked is more than a "little" thing, esp if done out of the blue.

>> No.9569168

As someone who has never been to /cgl/ and decided to lurk this thread for some reason, is most of /cgl/ made of of females or is it males pretending to be females? Because I honestly don't know.

>> No.9569172

Pretending. Go to any /cgl/ meetup and it's 95% guys.

>> No.9569220

My paycheck was taken by my brother in a series of events that might be too lengthy for one post, and I had planned to buy my boyfriend a figure he's really wanted for awhile with some of said paycheck. On top of that, I was going to order something nice for myself off of Taobao for myself but I guess not now.

>> No.9569244

about 75% female
meetups I've been to have been about 50/50

>> No.9569256

There are a lot of guys pretending to be women. Also, there are a lot of women and minors pretending to be lolitas.

>> No.9569280

Sure maybe if you don't know how to sexually choke someone. Never had an issue yet, but I'll let you know if I do.

>> No.9569300
File: 366 KB, 640x480, 1474003925800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9569306

ill be ur semi-qt bf

>> No.9569314

What do you mean?

>> No.9569328
File: 15 KB, 500x318, 1462971269350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>theoretically cute
>enjoys sex/being the topic of affection [delete as appropriate]
pls be in london

>> No.9569505

Whether or not you can safely choke someone has nothing to do with whether or not you've asked consent, idiot.

>> No.9569567

Please be a troll. I would love someone to properly choke me but asking consent is super unsexy.

>> No.9569584

Wait... 24 is old now? I could've sworn I had a few more years of being considered young
Whelp, time to hang up my burando...

>> No.9569604

It has everything to do with it. Do you think I completely strangle them right off the bat? You do it slowly and if they don't like it they let you know. I don't ask consent for anything but condoms on/off.

>> No.9569929

Updating on this: it suddenly arrived at my door today. I have no words to express how fucking happy I am. It's so fucking beautiful

>> No.9569982

>asking consent is super unsexy.
How? Please explain to me why making sure the person you're with is INTO what you're doing is unattractive? Why is someone caring about another human being seen as a bad thing?

You're an abusive asshole. Choking someone at all without consent is abuse. I can guarantee there are people looking back on encounters with you and feeling hurt.

>> No.9570030

Every girl I've chocked enjoyed it. You don't know what you're talking about.
Next you're going to tell me I have to ask permission to spank a girl during sex.

>> No.9570032

Chocked but yes. Also you seem to be talking about a significant other and long lasting relationships. Of COURSE if I want them to love me back I'm going to be gentle.
If we're just fucking, FWB or one night stands, it's fine.

>> No.9570038

>Every girl I've chocked enjoyed it. You don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah because any girl who didn't is going to be too scared in the moment to speak up because if you're willing to do that, you're probably willing to hurt her more if she resists.

>Next you're going to tell me I have to ask permission to spank a girl during sex.
You do, idiot.

>> No.9570050

No you don't lmao. Unless you're in a long term relationship where you really care about your partners feefees.
By liked, I mean they request it again or specifically comment positively on it after.

>am I allowed to spank you?
I'd bust out laughing if someone asked this during sex.

>> No.9570120

The fact that you're admitting that you'd ask with someone whose later opinion of you matters VS someone whose doesn't proves that you understand that you could in fact upset or hurt someone, yet you just don't care as long as you don't have to deal with them again. You're scum.

Also, how is that funny? How is seeing if someone is into something humourous at all?

>> No.9570127
File: 45 KB, 331x453, 1467831917426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

itt 2 virgins talk about sex

>> No.9571079

>when mom thinks I'm a homo in the closet because I'm going to nair my legs silky smooth for cosplay purposes

God damnit mom, I can't have hairy legs while cosplaying as a 13 year old girl.

>> No.9571306
File: 1.47 MB, 502x292, P5wBTN1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9571411

I keep trying to hokuto zanjai ken myself and it keeps not working?

>> No.9571417

I think I'm in love with someone and I shouldn't be.
I don't even know them, plus I'm an idiot.
Luckily I'll probably never see them again.

>> No.9572000

here's a (you) and tell you what, if you're going to närcon then let me take you out on a date and spoil you for a bit

>> No.9572015

>Is there point to life other than to suffer?
End yourself, please. If all you can do is bitch then just jump of a bridge. I hate weak willed faggot cucks like you so much that are unable to do anything about themselves but bitch and moan.

>> No.9572040

You should be careful of what you say to others! You could hurt their feelings!

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