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Last thread was nuked. Incels please stay away this time. Please.

Thank you!

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>Buy a secondhand cosplay for the first time online
>Package arrives
>Everything looks awesome, everything fits me, just like the pictures

I was half-expecting to be ripped off, desu

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My character is thin and the con is coming soon and I'm still so fucking faaaaaaaat where da pills at

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If you don't eat for a week you can easily drop 10lbs.

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>going through closet because I'm in a reorganizing mood
>have stuff that doesn't look right on me/doesn't go with my wardrobe
>put it up for sale
>it doesn't sell
>the longer these sit here the more I want to keep them
>conflicted between organization and hoarding

Wh-what do I do?

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I'm an incel, am I really not allowed here anymore?

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A pound of fat is 3500kcal, figure out a reasonable amount of weight you want to lose by the con, use an online calculator to get your rough TDEE, use myfitnesspal to track calories and eat at the required deficit to lose the weight.
...of water weight

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>thinking you'll only lose water weight from a week of not eating

Im an expert on weight loss and this is just false. Maybe 5lbs will be attributed to water + food weight but the rest is actual fat. Anon is wanting to look good for a cosplay soon, so I'm assuming they want a quick fix for their fat ass.

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If anon exercises heavily every day and doesn't eat they could in theory lose that in fat. It's not healthy but it's possible.

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I wish cosplaying as heroic beefcake would make me into one

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Just keep it to feels, and not creepy bitter cringe. I'm sure you're fine.

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don't even ask or give more attention to them. if you want to know, google it. the more it gets talked about here, the more likely this thread will get nuked too.

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/r9k/ of reddit

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virgin guys
someone from r9k came here to bait, and the posters here flipped out and started bashing virgin guys
the fallout got the thread nuked

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>tfw breaking my con diet
I want to look good at DragonCon, but I'm severely depressed about losing my job and getting old, so if I don't get some Burger-Fi I may honestly just end it all.

At least I have a job interview on Wednesday, doing overnight shit at the airport.

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Look, just don't go crazy. Break the diet, but don't do the "well I already broke it, may as well go crazy". Try to eat at maintenance calories or only a bit above.

I'm sorry you lost your job. But you can still look good as you get older if you stay in shape!

I believe in you!

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Sell it so you can buy more, indulge your need to organize and your need to hoard at the same time. Win-win.

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I've had it up and dropped the price multiple times but nobody is biting.

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No, incel means a guy who will never get to pass on his genes because he is genetically inferior.

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>quick fix
Prepare to be disappointed

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You're an idiot. Anon wants a quick fix for a con.

>for a con

It should go without saying it's not going to last.

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I used to sell my lolita dresses a lot when I was in college so I could afford new prints and other things. Now that i'm an adult who makes money, I really regret selling those dresses, even though I know I needed to at the time.

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Lmao no, I know how dieting works, I've gained and cut plenty of times. I'm just a lazy moo cow

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You know what to do

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Im not at all overweight, im average build and dont have a big stomach. But my face is so chubby. Under my chin and my cheeks are where I want to lose weight but I dont know what to do, its not like I eat badly or anything. And before anyone says it it definitely isnt my natural face cause ive had a thinner one, this just seemed to prop up out of no where. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it, really throws off my confidence with cosplaying.

Tl;dr help me get rid of face fat

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>painting something for a costume
>masturbate to cartoons
>accidentally use the same paper towel from the painting
>mfw my winky is blue

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it's impossible to target certain areas of fat, the fit sticky covers this pretty well. if your genetics for fat storage are bad, then you could have more face fat than other people, but you can't target face fat unless you lose fat across the board

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I really wanted to get something from the AP misty sky MTO. And even though I have the money for it, I decided against it. I'm not really quite sure why. Part of me thinks it's because I know I'll have another chance later and should focus on getting the new Halloween stuff. But the other part of me feels like I won't even shell out the money for that when it's time.

I feel like I'm not really interested in lolita right now. It doesn't help that it's hot either. Hopefully once fall arrives, I'll feel rejuvenated

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I'm getting lonelier and lonelier as my friends are being productive in their lives and getting more opportunities while I officially became a NEET as of a few days ago. I have below-average social skills and I'm very quiet as a result. My depression and apathy has stunted my growth and opportunities. I've become boring. I've always been a little boring, but it's worsened since I gave up my only hobby: drawing. I passively want to get back into it again, but motivation is fickle and my willpower weak. I don't see a reason to do anything. I'm really tempted to post in the Friend Finder thread, but even though I love anime I find it difficult to talk about, and this is a weeb board so you're expected to hold conversations on it. I want to play tennis and go hiking with people. I want to spontaneously invite people to take a day trip with me to big cities. I want to go to cons and help friends prep their cosplays. It's not as if I have low self-esteem or confidence when it comes to making friends. I'm friendly and outgoing for an introvert and I know I can make friends easily. The issue is with keeping the friendship alive. I'm boring and bad with words so it's hard to hold a conversation.

t. a very pathetic person

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>constant, unrelenting headache with tinnitus
>need to save $$ for extra treatment
>cannot concentrate on work
>cannot work on hobbies
>cannot attend comm events
>busy house is too full to find quiet, dim resting place
>consider selling all brand and crafting materials at a loss to pursue more treatments that will probably not even work despite their bank-breaking copays
>tfw unending pain and screeching may be all i have to look forward to for the foreseeable future

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I still won't a master of nanto suicho ken. Although, I would probably look sexy as fuck in reflective aviators

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Post to the friend finder thread and I'll respond. I've talked to people in your position before so it honestly won't bother me. I love drawing too but I haven't had a chance to work on it due to my schedule. We could do drawing challenges if you don't mind my skill level. Maybe even draw trades?

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have you tried lipoflavanoid anon? i just heard about it recently and havent tried it but a different anon told me good things about them. said it doesnt cure tinnitus but "suppresses" it

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Hey, fellow introvert-chan here. Honestly, you sound like my ideal friend. I just want someone I can chill with, or go exploring with, without the expectation of conversation. I get tired of talking really quickly, but it's considered rude and awkward to just sit in silence when you're with friends. Despite all of this, I still manage to make friends easily, but I have to tell them point blank that I will go weeks without talking to them, and it's not because I'm mad.

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>Have plans for non-jfash boutique for years.
>Year of retail slavery has me at the 'invest capital' part of plan.
>Serious anxiety over wasting money and time on something that probably won't even sell.
>Spend months going back-and-forth over whether I should even try.
>Sell stuff.
>Make money.
>Buy cute jfash stuff.

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>mfw I saw a couple making out as Calvin and Hobbes.

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It's tough to sell secondhand right now, you have to sell at a considerable loss to move things unless you're trying to get rid of popular prints. Newer (like year old) secondhand brand can be cheap thanks to Wunderwelt, Tokyo Alice, etc, and Taobao brands have made it cheap to buy new.

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>no money to spend for the first time in more than a year
>all the things I like suddenly appear second hand

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I already have it almost at an even $100. It's rare and I don't think I'd drop it more than that desu. I'd rather keep it if you're insisting I have to drop it even more.

If it wasn't rare I'd drop it below $100 no problem. Money isn't an issue for me but I'm not going to be stupid about it.

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Like I said in the last thread, I miss CureCos and I'm disappointed that a lot of pictures most likely got nuked after the merge.

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I went on a date with a dude I met through cons a while back. We decided to play video games and chill tonight. I thought this was code for play video games and probably bang. We did not bang. I'm not disappointed because we had fun despite him being kinda awkward, but I definitely was hoping to also get laid.

tfw I took extra care of my skin and thought i looked really good

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Shoulda made a move, hun.

>> No.9564278

so basically you're a walking hentai story and you didn't jump his bones?

>> No.9564280

What are you trying to sell anon?

>> No.9564286


lol you probably got a shy guy that wants something serious.

next time make a move it's 2017 after all..

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>recently found out my cos friend group has been gossiping about me behind my back and hating me essentially
>they have been nothing but normal to my face
>i live with them and saw an active chat pop up on their facebook browser while they went to grab something in the kitchen
>realize it was a snapchat screenshot of me calling me a cow
>other people in the group laughing at the 'tbt' and cant waiting to get a house without me

I guess people who snoop get what they deserve, but I had to pretend I was turning on the PS4 to play in the living room since that's where they left their laptop. I don't know what to do. I used to be the fattest friend and like really fucking autistic since I had no friends until I got to college but I really thought these people accepted me. I lost a lot of weight and learned to actually grow up with support and we all just graduated college in the Spring. I got into cosplay because of them! I didn't think I was really clingy or annoying, but I do know I cherish them really deeply since they honestly changed my life and I'm really mindful and even doormat myself and make meals and desserts for us out of the blue just to be a 'good' roommate. Now I just want to know if they hated me from the beginning or even if they were just going to drop this on me when our lease ends in a few weeks at the start of August. I'm really lost, cgl. What do?

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Start looking for somewhere new so when it comes up you'll be mildly prepared.
In regards to your friendship, it could be that they're being petty as you've made lots of big, positive changes to your life and physical body.
Or as you've mentioned being a bit of a doormat and "good housemate" can be annoying and come off as fake.
I think you should take the opportunity to grow away from them and start making new friends or at least find out who of your current group maybe worth while keeping around

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Personally, I would tell them off and tell them to go to hell. Who needs friends like them?

>> No.9564378

Honestly agreeing with this.

If your lease is up so soon, I'd call them out for being such shits and become the worst housemate I possibly could. What the fuck! That's awful.

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Surgery is the only option for this, sorry. As the other anon said "targeted loss" is impossible, and face flesh is usually not "fat" anyway but just unevenly distributed dermis and tissue.

DW anon, I feel your pain; saving up for a neck/chin surgery myself. Family just has bad necks, no way out of it but the knife. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about it either, there's no difference between an ear piercing or a tattoo or a boob job or a facelift. It's all body modification. Have the body you want/can afford and that you're happy with. "Natural" is a fallacy.

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I started an internet fight by trolling in another thread yesterday and there are now 100+ replies to it. I feel pretty good.

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>lose decent amount of weight this summer, feel better, still have a little to go but overall decently slim now
>reminded of the existence this one ouji chick in my comm who i see at every event
>i swear she has like a 50cm waist and no tits and i'm so jealous
>now i feel like a whale and i hate myself again

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>Good feels
Upcoming vacation time means I have more free time to shop and wear lolita and not my business suits. It also means I have more time for the new guy I'm dating. I'm really happy where my life is going finally. It took a long time but it's nice I found someone who thinks I'm cute in my dresses and more importantly, someone I trust.

>Bad feels
New guy does some risky stuff in bed we previously agreed not to do, even when I said no. When he was done and got up I noticed day old bruises that looked like fingerprints on his ass that were not from me. I only got a quick glance but it made me wonder if I put my trust in the wrong person. Then later on I scrolled across his new friend on my newsfeed. It's an average girl, but I zeroed in on the background. It was a Bodyline storefront.

Now I'm paranoid he might think it's ok to sleep around with itas and not practice safe sex.

>Worst feels
Instead of buying lolita I'm trying to find an English speaking clinic I can afford so I can get tested for STDs. I feel really stupid.

>boyfriend does some risky stuff in bed we had previously agreed to not do

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You NEED to get back into drawing or another productive outlet. Don't ask why, just do it. Trust me you HAVE to.

>> No.9564464

Sorry, ignore that last green text. I'm an idiot that can't green text as well as choose as decent men.

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Here's a nice hefty blogpost.

I broke up with my girlfriend of three years about a month ago, it was a mutual thing, there were problems that we had with each other that we had just been ignoring and everything kind of added up.
Since then I've started talking to new girls, and I've been feeling pretty good about it.
A few days ago I hooked up with a girl off Tinder. I have a habit of wanting to pussy out and cancel a lot, so I made sure to go through with it because I need to experience some new things.
The minute we were done, I felt awful. It just felt meaningless. Sure it was kinda fun but in the same way that picking scabs is kinda fun. We ended up watching Wheel of Fortune for three hours because I just didn't want to do anything.
Since then, I've felt like absolute shit. I'm miserable every night. I wouldn't call it depression, I just feel sad, but not sad because I've broken up with her. It's just melancholy.
I think it's because I still have a crush on a girl I'm good friends with. I know it's not just pure lust, since I don't have any sexual attraction to her really, I just really like her.
It's not going to happen though, I've known that for about four years, so I've convinced myself that I'm not interested in her.
Lately I've realised that I would like to be with her, or at least close friends with her.
So to combat all this, I've gone into hardcore retail therapy mode. I'm in overdraft right now, and will likely still be in overdraft when I get paid next week. I have more stuff than I know what to do with. I need to keep myself occupied because that way I don't need to think, and that way I don't get sad.
Also I'm very nostalgic about my mid teen years, and as a result I haven't really matured since then. It was a problem when I was in a relationship, and some of my old friends I'm talking to are telling me I need to grow up, or something similar.

tl;dr I'm an overspending mess because I'm a baby that can't handle emotion

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Stop lying to him.

You need to work out more. Specifically cardio. You also need to change your diet. Trust me, I have the same problem every time I go into bulking season. I go from puffy face back to lean face in about 2 weeks through diet and exercise.

I never had a puffy fat face growing up through high school. I was always slim. It was only recently while I was bulking that someone mentioned me looking bigger in the face that I noticed.

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General rant about a cosplayer of my group,
She's a the kind of girl who's built with wide shoulders and hips with not much of a waist. Claims to eat healthy, gym etc but she's put on heaps of weight and it all sits on the her waist. Keeps on suggesting that she's just big-boned and curvy but honestly she just looks pregnant (which she isn't).

We're starting to get the next cosplay plans and patterns made up and her body type is just a nightmare to work with. She just keeps insisting that she's hourglass even though her new measurements don't show any tapering in. As a group we'll a little group health and fitness work but she's not keen on it as she doesn't think she needs it.

She's asked me for my opinion and I told her that her current measurements move her towards the apple shape not the hourglass.

tldr: How do you deal with a friend asking if they're fat but has had body appearance issues in the past.

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This is a cosgoal for me. And also Zangief.
A have a lot of heroic characters i want to cosplay

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> I found someone who thinks I'm cute in my dresses
> I scrolled across his new friend on my newsfeed. It's an average girl, but I zeroed in on the background. It was a Bodyline storefront.
>Bodyline storefront.

Anon, are you dating Mr.Yan?

>for real though, if he's doing stuff after you've said no, that is a pretty big red flag. it's really disrespectful for him to treat you that way and you need to let him know that if that sort of behavior continues, your relationship won't.

>> No.9564481

>laims to eat healthy, gym etc but she's
I know someone who is exactly like this. Great person but doesn't eat well, goes to the gym but only does cardio. Has a nice figure but goes from curvy to round in a few seconds.

>> No.9564486

We call a fat friend in our Circle all sorts of names behind his back.
Difference is we also say it to his face. 10+ years of friendship now. Are you all women or do you have guys in your group?

Female circles seem so bitchy.

>> No.9564491 [DELETED] 

>Female circles seem so bitchy

>> No.9564495

>Female circles
I think they prefer the term "sphere", anon.

>> No.9564501

Just order some magical yellow pills from aliexpress ;^)

>> No.9564511

This. It's literally poison and you'll probably die but at least you'll lose weight!

>> No.9564513

>order out if stock wig on Arda
>They tell me they won't have it for another month
>Get an email it shipped today

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>tfw teenagers keep spamming the lolita fashion tag on tumblr with ddlg bullshit
Yes I'm mad

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Hello friend. It will get better. Just listen to me on one thing: Just because you felt nothing from a hook up doesn't mean anything. Just because you don't want to have a random fling, doesn't make you a pussy. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to fuck a bunch of women. There's nothing wrong with you as a man saving intimacy for a relationship. There is nothing wrong with hooking up either. You just gotta find yourself. Be happy with you so you can be happy with women. That's what makes a 'real' man.

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>Have a crush on my best friend (she doesn't know) and planning to do a cosplay with her.
>It's been a long time since I cosplayed with her, I'm excited about it.
>Being the pussy I am, tell her that maybe X (a mutual friend) would also like the comic books we're cosplaying from.
>For some weeks she doesn't tell me anything about it.
>I just found out she is going to do that cosplay with X instead of going together as we planned.

It's my fault, but it still hurts

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It took me years to get to a point where casual relations were as satisfying as being in a committed relationship. Most people start off in high school, so you have a few years of catching up to do, but I have faith anon. You can learn to become happy with being a whore if you practice often enough, but it all starts with pretending to be in love with all of your one night stands, and that's something you can start trying today!

>> No.9564554

Yeah that's smart. I should go and look at some places I can rent solo. It's just, a huge bummer now.

God I wish I could. I honestly feel so betrayed, but just don't have it in me to hurt these people back. Wish I had more vindictive bones in my body :I

It's a pretty even split, myself and my roommate are girls, and there is another house with three guys and one of their girlfriends who is in our group too. I really don't know if girls are more bitchy because this really is like the first friend group I've ever been in...

>> No.9564556

Understandable. Unfortunately there are always the friends deemed less important or the one everyone jokes about.
Either get tougher skin and keep improving yourself or ghost everyone once you move out. If they truly care they'll try contacting you more than once.

>> No.9564562

>Hi friends let's go to a bar together
I'd totally be up for it, I can't socialize unless I've been drinking. Only problem is I'm probably across the/a country, and I'm a guy.

>> No.9564566

>Only problem is I'm probably across the/a country, and I'm a guy
And you're gay, don't forget that.

>> No.9564644

your life is what i want my life to be omg

>> No.9564655

There's some psychotic lemon juice/cinnamon crash diet to lose like 30 lbs in two weeks or some crazy shit like that.

>> No.9564676

This is eventually cgl-related, I promise

>Nice internship/source of income potentially ending soon (may get an extension, but would only drop to part-time)
> Just dropped ~5k on grad school tuition
> Spent a lot of money this month on convention logistics/adult responsibilities (drivers license renewal, birthdays, etc)
>Want to buy a car next year when internship should turn into a real job
>Boyfriend and I want to buy a house in a few years, get married.
>all my mind wants to right now is buy more frills and dress in Lolita all the time
Everything is expensive and I am sad

>Birthday in less than two weeks
>All I want is more frills
>Boyfriend JUST started job, isn't going to get his first paycheck until my birthday.
>Parents (mom, mainly) doesn't understand the concept of quality, would rather buy eBay replica because "cheaper"

Normally, I'd be doomed, but:

>Curated a "like" list on wunderwelt
>gently show mom (who's been pestering me on what I want for my birthday)
>she says she'll look at it
>heard her going through it and getting excited last night

Maybe there's hope.

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Thank you! It's very sweet of you to pop in and reach out to me like this. My skill level is nonexistent right now since giving up art, but I may be interested in challenges and trades once my level goes above stick figures again. My only reservation about posting in the Friend Finder thread is that I'm extremely poor at keeping communication via internet. I'm very much a "in-person" kind of friend.

You sound ideal, too. If by some magical chance you live in central TX then please hmu. I'll watch you play video games and we can explore nearby parks all day.

This is... oddly motivating. Thank you, kind stranger. I might start participating in the draw threads to practice. I recognize that I need a passion again, and halfheartedly trying to play piano or learn French/Japanese isn't doing it for me.

>> No.9564717

>Wanted a dog for a long time, finally took the plunge this weekend and adopted a cutie from a local shelter.
>Lots of supplies to get for my new pup
>All I want to do is buy more burando

Its taking all my will power not to buy some cute pieces off lacemarket. You wanted this dog dammit! The clothes can wait!

>> No.9564726

No problem, I'm here to help, and if you help yourself you'll reach greater potentials than you realize.

>> No.9564728

Id like to say "no" but this is the internet and you probably don't want to listen so

Don't undereat too far under your usual or you will have cravings and you might fuck up and end up overeating.

Do excercise, instead of starving yourself

Otherwise your face will show how shitty you'll feel

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Eat a single patty burger and a small fry, plus water or a kids size soda. You don't have to go balls to the wall to treat yourself

>> No.9564737

If it's behind your back, that's so painful. I know it's gonna suck but your gonna have to cut ties, at least with the worst of them. The good news is you have time to plan and before the lease is up you can have a nice healthy conversation about what the fuck were they exactly doing and saying

>> No.9564738

It's not your fault for telling the friend as much as not holding her to do the cosplay with you

>> No.9564743

Maybe I should also consider curating a list. My bday is next month and my famalam always gets me one or two big items instead of a bunch of small things. My family supports Lolita and didn't have a hissy when I dropped my own cash on a 300$ dress like I anticipated, but I hope they get the hint and don't buy a replica or something.

I'm not picky and I don't care if they just bought me a pair of plain socks but I want to let them kind of share the fun of picking out something and seeing my reaction.

>blogpost on happy family feels

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>didn't grow up with Sailor Moon
>always see cute merch but can't get it because I've never seen the series
>finally decide to sit down and tackle it

I'm super excited to see why it's so popular! I am a bit worried though due to not knowing anything about the series other than magical girls

>> No.9564835

I'm not sure how much the show still holds up, I watched it as a kid. There s also the reboot they made like a year or 2 ago.

>> No.9564838

if you don't want too much fillers, go watch the crystal version. it's not as nostalgic, but still gives the same vibe

>> No.9564841

If you prefer cast diversity, watch the anime. If you want something that sticks to the original manga story watch Crystal and don't bother getting attached to anyone not named Sailor Moon or Sailor Chibi Moon.

>> No.9564910

No worries! I'm unfortunately up in the northeast otherwise we could've hung out and drawn in parks etc. Let me know if you ever do decide to post and take care of yourself. You sound like a very nice person so I'm sure you'll make friends. Look at the offers you already got!

>> No.9564954

>call to schedule a haircut
>get put on hold
>burp loudly
>hear laughter on the other end

Do I eed to change salons?

>> No.9564969

at the last meet, someone in my comm spilled tea on my brand and it's not coming out
what's the easiest place to hide a body?

>> No.9564993

Lime/tar pits, gravel yards and places around train tracks work in a pinch

>> No.9565004 [DELETED] 

I thought I was making new cosplay friends, but at a room party at our last con a couple weeks ago, they all started making fun of me, and I can't tell if they were teasing or genuinely being mean. I sort of halfheartedly defended myself while also kind of laughing about it, but that just made them make fun of me more aggressively. Now I feel too anxious to even contact them about the next con we were talking about attending together that's coming up in a about a month and a half weeks and think I'm just going to try to go with other friends or alone instead if they don't bring it up first. Sucks because I was actually looking forward to this crew and they all seemed cool and we were making cosplay plans, but this incident felt a little too unprompted and aggressive to have been just friends teasing each other, but maybe that's really the way they interact with each other once they feel comfortable with a new person. Either way, I don't think I like it. Eh.

>> No.9565011

Eat the flesh/dissolve the bones in acid. You grow stronger by consuming your enemies.

>> No.9565058
File: 46 KB, 540x748, itsmegoku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Visiting my mom tomorrow, and have a job interview Wednesday!

I'm so damn nervous. My future con-going experience rides on this!

>> No.9565060

It thrills my gothic heart to know that other lolitas know these things too.

>> No.9565064

Are there any other lolitas here who are incredibly shy, have a social phobia, or are otherwise friendless?

I'm looking to make friends, maybe even a bff, and it's not going well and I've been really sad lately.

>> No.9565068

Yes, lolita is a magnet for people just like that.

I'm a lot like that but I'm also sort of blunt so it doesn't help me make friends.

>> No.9565070

I'm ok with friends but it still stresses me the hell out

>> No.9565073

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.9565076

But if we're all sad and lonely why don't we all be friends with each other?

>> No.9565079

because the girls here are antisocial and are convinced every person is secretly a crossboarder creep looking to rape them

>> No.9565080

I'm >>9564676, that's all I want too. My wunderwelt list I made was mostly short-sleeve blouses and skirts, because I need some basics.
Also mom update: she loved the list idea, as did my boyfriend. I'd say go for it, friend!

>> No.9565148

I;m really sad and lonely

>> No.9565168
File: 313 KB, 788x610, sad frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> graduate college top of class, bright student, everyone has high hopes etc
> 1 year later still no full time job, still live at home, anxiety and depression at an all-time high
> know that i'm disappointing my family, my peers, my mentors, myself

i spend almost every day off from my current job applying to more lucrative/relevant jobs but haven't heard anything back all summer. i don't know what to do at this point. i feel disgusting

> tfw the only happiness you get is crafting your itabags and looking at cosplays and jfash

>> No.9565186

Why anon? It's the feels thread. Let it out. I'll listen.

>> No.9565188

You aren't a disappointment. I know tons of people in your position. It's just the result of a tough job market. You have a job now and that is a start. Keep looking and don't give up hope. You'll get it eventually. But you honestly aren't a disappointment and anyone who says otherwise is not worth listening to.

>> No.9565197

One time I spotted a favorite cosplayer of mine at a convention and asked if I could get a picture with her and she said 'no'. I started crying because I was under the assumption that I was too ugly to be deemed worthy enough to take a picture with her. Her friend offered me some autographed prints and pins, but I refused because I was tearing up pretty badly and wanted to leave before someone starts recording me crying.

>> No.9565210

There are so many different reasons why someone would refuse a pic anon. I think it's more telling of how you feel about yourself than anything else that your go to thinking was "i was deemed too ugly to take a pic with them."

>> No.9565213

I went out to an ice cream shop in Lolita, it's an ice cream place where you can chose different flavors and topping and they put it on a large chilled slab and mix it at up before they put it in your cup, here's a story about the guy who gave me ice cream
>"if I get a small I can still get multiple flavors, right?" I ask quietly
>he aggressively says yes and asks what flavors I want
>"can I please have birthday cake and cotton candy"
> he gives me a dirty look and takes two huge scoops of ice cream
>as he powerfully slams these scoop onto the slab he knocks over a large stack of paper cups
>the anger builds in his eyes and he chucks them into the trash
> he looks back at me, "what toppings" he asks
>I'm slightly scared and respond "marshmallow creme and rainbow sprinkles
>he slams them on then barely mixes
>"what do you want it in"
>I had already told him I wanted small, maybe I misunderstood the question
> I feel this god of destruction's glare as I dare to question what he said
>will I reach my end if I ask
>"w-what did you say"
>he gets louder and looks me straight in the eyes as he repeats himself
>I look down in shame "I want a small please"
>see him piling all of the ice cream into a small cup
>what have I done
>he hands me the cup
> I grab it and wait for the cashier
>ice cream runs down my hands
>this is my punishment
> god help my soul

>> No.9565218

I've barely spoken to anyone in the past 2.5 weeks. And, in general, I just can't seem to measure up to what I expect of myself and others expect from me

>> No.9565225

What are you looking for in a friend?

>> No.9565229

lmao is this pasta?

>> No.9565231

No this actually just happened and I'm not happy because he scared me

>> No.9565246
File: 146 KB, 500x300, stopeating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got my first Sylvanian Families set. Am I a lifestyler now?

>> No.9565247

Someone who actually enjoys talking to me.

>> No.9565249

>this is my punishment
Your punishment for what? You didn't do anything, anon, he was having a shitty day and took it out on you, it's not your fault at all. I'm sorry it happened to you.

>> No.9565254

Someone I could talk to irl consistently

>> No.9565255

>exercises heavily every day
>doesn't eat

Pick one.

>> No.9565257

someone who gets me, will laugh at my shitty space puns, and won't try and get into my panties. that's about it.

>> No.9565259

I've done it before. It's hell and you want to die just for it to be over but it's possible.

>> No.9565263

You sound underage. Banhammer when?

>> No.9565266

What a fucking pussy lol.

>> No.9565270

It was over dramatic as a joke calm down

>> No.9565273

K but that doesn't excuse how cringy it is. Like it's not funny it just makes me think the writer is retarded.

>> No.9565274

Anon if you're in the Midwest, I will be your weeb friend!

>> No.9565275

Well I am retarded so at least you get the right idea

>> No.9565276

Pls stop being cringy if you're gonna share what you write online. I got second hand embarrassment reading your story.

>> No.9565286

Sounds like he was a normie who acts tough to cover his uncomfortable feels = he probably thought you were wearing fetish gear, which is what normies tend to mistake lolita for, and he was getting horny. Not that it gives him any excuse to treat you like trash. No. I'm sure he'll find some more suitable field of work as he gets himself fired. Or not. Who cares? Met too many shitty normies to give them any sympathy. I'd say take action and make a post about it on fb-page or something.

>> No.9565291

Is this really what goes on inside lolitas' heads?

>> No.9565298

you're a literal retard and probably an ita

>> No.9565348

You okay, my niggie?

>> No.9565363

I miss having friends into cosplay and cons. I miss having a girlfriend into it. I miss making constant gay jokes and swooning over women together


>> No.9565369
File: 18 KB, 128x128, JPEG_20170705_195423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have a nice lolita wardrobe, cute hobbies, and lots of tea but nobody to share any of it with

>> No.9565370

OMG I *LOVE* Sylvanian Families!
Are you looking for a friend? We can be Sylvanian Families friends!

>> No.9565374

Do you have a throwaway email?
I'm not exactly a catch friend-wise, I have aspergers, social phobia, and a disability plus I'm pretty shy.

>> No.9565377

I've been getting to know this girl who's the only other lolita in my area and even though she's quite sweet, she's also like that.
>claims it's impossible to lose weight by changing your diet, she's tried literally everything and people who claim diet affects weight loss are lying
>five minutes later asks me if I tried the new McWhatever
>the what
>"The McWhatever! How have you not heard of it? It's new at McDonalds!"
>oh I haven't been to McDonalds this decade
>"Seriously? Me and my gf go at least three times a week."
>...even when you're dieting?
>"Um yeah? Ever heard of cheat days?"
She also believes that she "deserves" both to treat herself with whatever food she likes and to wear lolita, and that brands are infringing on her right to wear cute clothes by not making stuff for 100cm waists. Like I said she's a nice girl and the only one who shares my hobby in this area, but I don't know how long I can keep this up without getting really annoyed with her. I just want a local lolita friend...

>> No.9565379

Where exactly did I claim to speak for others?

>> No.9565394
File: 87 KB, 452x789, pg76az6q7dhx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt, but the sets are super cute. I have some for my Nendoroids.

>> No.9565395

[email protected]

I'll reply tomorrow though. Anyone can message me about lolita or anime or whatever

>> No.9565401

Ooh damn, Ever since I got an ulcer I've had to give up fastfood or it gets vomitronic. I try to tell myself it's awesome and like having bulemia on autopilot, but sometimes I just want to try one single fry...

>> No.9565411


>> No.9565436

You could try skype or something like that? I'm already skyping with someone from the Friend Finder thread and we haven't know each other for long. Good luck on your journey, Anon!

>> No.9565491

Lol, this really made me laugh. No, I'm not dating Mr. Yan. And you're right. I care about him a lot, but I'm pissed that my time dedicated to shopping and buying new dresses is now to find clinics that will accept my insurance. This is my first time getting tested and these tests are expensive!

I just want to shop, look cute, and enjoy cafes and museums in lolita.

>> No.9565494

Nayrt, but I'd be pretty ecstatic if my body just rejected any food that was bad for me.

>> No.9565501
File: 77 KB, 249x699, 1463115802398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw when want to lose weight
>eating healthy everyday is too expensive where I live
>fine, I'll work out then
>literally don't have the courage to go to the gym
>feel like an absolute idiot when jogging outside
I don't know what to do
I just want to look good in my dresses

>> No.9565519


Is it just regular day to day clothes? if so give yourself a deadline to sell it by, if it doesnt then donate it so you cant be tempted to hoard.

>> No.9565520

find body weight excersises online. go for a long walk of use your bike. also eat just a little less. it might help. change your meats for chicken. try finding cheap vegetables. drink water, coffee or tea, without sugar.
Start small.

>> No.9565523


Listen up, anon. You might think you got all of this great shit in life because of them, but amonst that was your own willpower. Dont let them being shitty people undo that. Keep up the weight loss if that's what you're still doing, if you still enjoy cosplay, find other people to do it with and keep going to meets to find new friends. You dont need assholes like them, you can lose weight and change the things you dont like about yourself but they are toxic to the core.

I highly recommend putting hair removal creams in their shampoo as a parting gift.

>> No.9565534

guys I know lost 20-30kgs in the first 3 weeks of bootcamp
try that

>> No.9565539 [DELETED] 

I went to the doctors office yesterday because I've had a fever for 10 days, while I was there they found a large bone like lump above my collar bone, no one knew what it was they wanted to get me into the hospital as soon as possible, so now I'm at the hospital waiting for the specialist to see me, I'm so worried that it'll be a tumor or something, I barely slept last night and I'm so worried

>> No.9565540

Name and shame.

>> No.9565544

I understand how much that sucks for anon but maybe they didn't want their picture taken then, maybe their makeup was messed up slightly or something...

Sure it would have been nicer to say "sorry I'm about to go on break, catch me at x time" but...

>> No.9565548

Rare pieces are usually just older, less popular ones. That's if it's even actually rare.

>> No.9565549

>Get 2 Dream Dresses
>Keep spending money
>I want more
Is this...avarice?

>> No.9565557

I'm just sitting here in my tiny house looking at pictures of really pretty cosplayers. I'm 5'9 / 176 cm, how much should I ideally weigh for cosplay? I can't go and ask cosplayers how much they weigh..

>> No.9565558

I once told a girl 'sorry I'm sweating balls here and my makeup melted off, but thank you'

>> No.9565561

Just eat what you normally eat, just less of it. Thats it anon, you don't need 'healthy' food to lose weight. Get an exercise bike for inside, they're usually cheaper than a dress too. Or like the other reply, just go for a nice walk outside.

>> No.9565573

Where do you live and what are you eating? Buy canned or frozen meat, frozen vegetables and fruit, and rice. Food doesn't have to be fresh to be healthy for you. Get some different seasonings to keep it interesting and tasty, and measure everything out according to the serving sizes on the packages so you have a rough estimate of how many calories you're eating.

People have literally done retarded shit like eat nothing but oreos or fast food and lost weight because they made sure to eat less calories then their body needed

>> No.9565590

>eating healthy everyday is too expensive where I live
You don't have to eat expensive healthy foods. You can lose weight eating Twinkies as long as you don't eat too many of them.
Just count your calories and make sure you consume about 500 less of them than you use daily. Use an app like myfitnesspal.
I lost 30 pounds without ever working out or buying expensive foods. You can do it!

>> No.9565593

I feel like I've become my friends bitch when it comes to cosplay and that they've done a pretty good job of alienating me.

We used to do pair cosplays because we were into the same thing, but with each con I'd be asked what I was doing and they'd insert themselves into whatever plans I had, even if they didn't like the source. Whatever, the more the merrier I thought.
Except then when we made plans specifically with each other in mind, my friend would often fail to complete theirs even when I was working overtime to get mine done and my boyfriends.
My friend would then expect me to drop what I'd made and switch to something else just so they could join. They're lazy, unmotivated and usually make the con a miserable experience by whining all of the time.

I used to be involved and invited to a lot of groups with other people but now feel as though I'm not or can't because of my friend and people want to avoid them.

I just want things to go back to how they were and not feel like I'm cosplaying for this person and for myself again.

>> No.9565604

>eating healthy everyday is too expensive
You're making excuses so hard right now.

Eating healthy actually costs LESS because youre eating LESS.

>> No.9565605

I try to eat less than I usually do, but the problem is that I have super bad blood sugar, so when I get super hungry ad can't concentrate on anything, and my hands get super shaky
And I have super bad self control, so I go and grab snacks every now and then if I don't eat until I feel full
I've tried to supply myself with more healthy snacks though, like fruits and nuts (although nuts are also super expensive here, like a tiny bag is $4)
>change your meats for chicken
Yeah, I already do that, but mostly because chicken is so much cheaper
I'll try to go for more walks though, thanks
>Get an exercise bike for inside
My apartment is waaaay to small for that unfortunately... It's already crowded, and I don't even have that much stuff
Sweden. I eat a lot of pasta and pasta sauces with bacon and stuff like frozen meatballs (I know, but they're really cheap).
I could try to eat more rice and plain veggies though... I guess I'm a bit picky when it comes to food haha
Thanks for the advice though anon!
I'll check out the app, thanks!
Again though, one of my problems is that it's hard for me to eat less, but I'll try to get the calorie count down

>> No.9565611

Not really? Eating healthy isn't always eating less. I'm not eating that big portions, I'm just eating stuff like pasta because it's so much cheaper
Like, at my local supermarket, a small bag of salad (for maybe 3 portions) is like $5. A bag of pasta is maybe $3, and lasts maybe 5 meals.
Putting together a meal of fish, rice and veggies will cost me maybe $8, a meal with pasta and bacon will cost me maybe $2
So no, eating healthy doesn't automatically cost less.

>> No.9565613

Yeah you're forever going to be fat. Enjoy I guess.

>> No.9565614

>Open up feels thread in hopes of finding some relatable /cgl/ feels
>It's all depression/finances/relationship/fitness bullshit
>every time.
fuck off normies reee

>> No.9565624


Because gulls cant have relatable issues which are facets of normal every day lives...

Seriously, fuck off.

>> No.9565628

No, not unless it's relevant to the board they can't.

>> No.9565632


And yet the other gulls seem ok with listening and actually helping these people who would otherwise have nobody to talk to about this stuff. I'd much sooner they come to us and get it off their chest than go off and feel worse because we cant bring ourselves to give a shit.

>> No.9565640

There are other boards to talk about this stuff though, like the advice board. Feels threads are fine as long as the feels relate to the board it's on. That original anon I understand why they posted that because there really is way too many non cgl feels in these threads.

>> No.9565642

Most don't want advice, they just want a place to rant.

>> No.9565643
File: 30 KB, 500x669, broclock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When going cheap, frozen veggies and frozen chicken is the way to go. Don't buy food that's more than $2/lb. Look for sales, and buy seasonal fruits/veggies. Get store brand and/or shop at a local Aldi/Publix/other-cheap-grocery-chain. Beans, lentils, and brown rice are generally pretty cheap per-meal.

Since changing my lifestyle and eating healthy, my weekly grocery expenses went from $60/week to $20/week. It really is cheaper.

>> No.9565644

That is not even remotely true at all. Then again, you probably live at home still and have your parents buying your groceries.

>> No.9565648
File: 483 KB, 500x375, 1492972256562.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Boyfriend is working away until the weekend.
>Birthday is on Wednesday (today.)
>Ask some friends(?) if they want to hang out for my birthday.
>The best (worst?) I got was someone who replied and discussed what we'd do/when, then just seenzone'd me and stopped replying.

I'm excited to see my dude for the first time in three weeks, and we're going to go see some music/stay at a casino as a treat, but it's still lonely as fuck to have zero friends.

>> No.9565653
File: 820 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have gf of seven years
>love her a ton despite our occasional rocky spots
>think she's The One
>forsake frills to buy her nice presents (usually $100-500 range) and plane tickets to see her
>find out she's been cheating on me for almost 2 years
>find out a bunch of other snakey shit she's been doing
>she still wants to be friends

Well, now I can afford more lolita I guess, it just blows having my time wasted and losing who I thought was my bestie. Hopefully one day I can find a better gf.

>> No.9565656


I've seen plenty of people being receptive to responses given with advice.

>> No.9565659
File: 436 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I understand you still have a little denial because many people are in that stage but trust me, you can do it! It will be hard but it's best not just for your appearance. You will just feel better and your quality of life will improve.

Here's some tips.
>https://cookbooks.leannebrown.com/good-and-cheap dot PDF
This book is fucking amazing
>fruits and nuts
Nuts are expensive sadly, try to buy those from farmers market if one is close by. If not, there are many other healthy fats and proteins. Instead of pasta, eat beans, lentils, whole grains and starchy vegetables such as potato, carrot. If you still want noodles (they are yummy) limit your portion: instead of 2 cups noodle do 1 or 2/3 cups and eat a vegetable also.

>frozen meatballs
Thankfully every frozen food is cheap. Meatballs are kinda bad though, go for vegetable and fruit, plus frozen chicken, chicken or turkey meatballs, vegetarian meatballs (made of rice or some other starch plus tofu. Make these yourself because otherwise it's gonna be expensive)

>snacking, blood sugar
Look at some tips for type 1 diabetics. Don't eat any sugar free foods but try to carry good snacks. The best cheapest snacks are the ones you make at home and put in a container or bag, not the ones you buy packaged in the store, if you always have snacks around your mental state will adjust so you won't feel pressure to eat them just because you have them. I like apples with peanut butter, banana and honey and seeds, potato with small tab of butter, spinach rolls (roll tasty foods in spinach such as meat, fish roe)

Same here. Use your favorite seasonings and explore new ones. If you are lucky to have a spice shop, go and smell them all. Spices are semi expensive but they last forever unless you're snorting them. You can also buy spice plants such as basil, oregano, etc from local markets for extremely cheap!

Also, identify your top 20 favorite fruits and vegetables and identify when they are in season.

>> No.9565660

7 years??!!! Damn, I'm sorry anon

>> No.9565673

Yeah, doesn't mean most people don't come here to rant.

>> No.9565676

/adv/ is guaranteed to be full of autistic edgelords that tell you to suck dick to get your problem solved, because being female is "easy mode"...

>> No.9565686

>well this premise salad costs $10
>So it costs more than this box of pasta with sauce and bacon grease
Get a head of lettuce. You aren't even trying just making excuses.

Keep living in denial and making excuses. I'm in the military and lift almost everyday of the week. I have more than enough to support whatever diet I go on. Unlike your broke ass I'm not fat and lazy.

>> No.9565694

Usually bags of stuff like fresh spinach or other dark, leafy greens are $2-3. You can buy chicken and boil/slice/freeze it yourself. Get some baby salad tomatoes for $2 and some tasty low-fat dressing and combine everything for a good daily meal.

Honestly for $2 per meal you can also just buy some damn Lean Cuisines and be eating better than pasta and bacon. I will never understand the "eating healthy is a MYTH" people, it's not that hard unless you live in a food desert.

Thanks for your sympathy anon, I'm hanging in there.

>> No.9565697

You are likely responding to trolls from the last thread. You should, for good reason, not respond to anyone who uses the phrase:
>fuck off normies reee

>> No.9565706
File: 645 KB, 1334x750, IMG_6457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's been ages since arda had a sale
>warehouse sales don't count
>tfw I can only wear arda/Epiccosplay wigs because I have a lot of hair/a big head.

>> No.9565713

Thank you, it really annoys me when people make excuses to not do what they 'want' to do. Especially when it's related to health and weight.

>> No.9565715

I heard coscraft has big nets as well? I have a big head + long hair.

>> No.9565717


Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between trolling and just plain stupidity. You can hardly blame them, Anon especially when we get through feels threads like used tampons.

>> No.9565747

>hard to tell the difference
Not really. Just always assume people are pretending to be stupid. 9/10 if they're here they aren't as stupid as they seem.

>> No.9565755
File: 153 KB, 235x316, Schermafbeelding 2015-01-30 om 12.17.14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not so sure about wether my dreamdress is still my dreamdress anymore (elizabeth). I really want it because of the nostalgia feels, but I'm waiting for the re-release for so long that I'm not sure anymore. It doesn't help that I don't know wether the lace part at the shoulders will suit me.

I could use the money for so many other oldschool pieces

I don't know anymore, anons

>> No.9565761

>9/10 times they aren't as stupid as they seem

Oh anon, such a naive and hopeful soul you are.

>> No.9565773

>Finally get new shoes in the mail, a super cute pair of clunky old-school style platform
>Wear them for an hour today to try them out
>End up hobbling home, bleeding from three blisters, crushed toenails and sides of my foot ache
>I hate my feet

I was born with bunions that make my feet misshapen and painful in any shoes that aren't my one pair of DMs, and my mum works in the NHS so has warned me off ever getting surgery on them. I guess I'll just have to suffer for my fashion.

>> No.9565805

Starting to realize that I love lolita because I probably have a shopping addiction. I hate myself.

>> No.9565807

Here are some tips.
Farmers markets and other market like places can sell produce cheaper.
Know prices store to store and buy on sale
Eat veg. In season
Some veg. Can be literally grown in a pot in your house/apartment herbs too
If veg. Is on sale buy it and freeze the excess for later date.
Have a food party if you have time ( grab a few friends each cooks a dish for the amount of people joining, everyone brings containers and you have a few meals)
Make a few meals and freeze to have "instant meals" during the week.
Eat less meat and fish (either decrease in size and/frequency)
Buy dried before you buy canned ( dry beans are cheaper then canned) industrial canned foods are not that good for you.
Learn quick/cheap/easy dishes from other cultures
Learn how to can and pickle at home ( basics for canning are jar,vinegar, pot and hot water)
Bring your lunch and snack for the day with you.
Instead of buying juice , if you can afford a soda stream you can make syrup for your own soda that will have less sugar or even none. (Ex . Boil ginger,strain , add sugar,cook and then add
seltzer) , make tea or lemonade.
You can make your own granola brith oatmeal too!
Decrease your amount of starch but up your veg intake.
General portion control as well, including eating from smaller dishware . Teach your self to eat more slowly too.
If you have time join a community garden, not only people give you free stuff some times, many things can end up being cheaper.
Smaller shops sometimes discount produce if it looks ugly or if it is mid day and they have been there since the morning.
Explore other fruits and veg too. (Sometimes they can be cheaper)
Just doing a few of these thing helps... I'm not saying to do all but these are things I have done to cut costs at point or another.

>> No.9565837

lmao you're trying a little too hard to convince someone on an anonymous image board about your supposed life choices. gg fattie

>> No.9565839

Seriously? Sounds like you're a bit mismanaged, have you even sought help? You should be able to at least get proper supportive orthotics to redistribute the way you weight bear, and unless you have extreme hammer toes or something you should also be able to wear shoes other than Docs. Generally docs aren't even that good for bunions and foot issues as they aren't actually as supportive as they seem.

>> No.9565842

>get one of my dream dresses
>wear it out, its hot as balls so sweat a lot
>ask bf to hand wash it for me today
>he sends me a picture of a giant hole in it asking if that was there before
I want to cry I only wore it once and now its basically ruined
Im pretty sure the seller didnt send it to me like that because i wouldve noticed. but they didnt post any pictures of where it is (the back) so Im a little sceptical

>> No.9565844


I'm not the fatposter but spinach here is really fucking pricey, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I can get lettuce/salad cheap bu I way prefer lettuce. Last time I bought some the cheapest bag was cut with kale and $5.

>> No.9565876

What about trying other leafy greens ?
Mustard greens
Radish greens

>> No.9565878

Collard greens taste shit raw but they grow well. Lettuce/spinach is easy to diy

>> No.9565894

Im not a fan of collards my self....
To the second part about the DIY, I was actually just about to post this link for >>9565844 and for anyone else ...https://bonnieplants.com/library/choose-right-container-plants/

>> No.9565900

My nana has diabetes, she eats small but frequent meals through out the day.( she also has high blood pressure too) . She eats like six times a day but, very small portions , she is type one btw

>> No.9565906

>gets told the truth
>"hurt no, u r lying, I'm fat because it's too expensive"
>gets called out by multiple people
>"hurr well at least I I'm fat because I don't live with my mom!"
>gets BTFO
>"lol u r trying too hard, you're fat just like me! Everyone is fat just like me! REEEEE!"

Yeah, no. If you're going to come here and ask people for support to get in shape for your lolita or cosplay then take the advice and grow up. Otherwise go away with your bullshit or trolling or whatever you want to call it.

>inb4 "u r butthurt"

>> No.9565908

stop trying to argue with deluded fatties, they'll never learn and will always be gross

>> No.9565934

I have a serious case of resting bitchface. My lips bend naturally downwards, and my eyebrows are low and harsh. It's impossible to notice this myself, so my amused buddies tend to take photos of me when I have one.
I look like I'm having a terrible time and plotting for massacre, even if it couldn't be farther from the case.
This makes me uneasy about wearing lolita, especially sweet, which is my favourite. I usually have bitchface unless I make conscious effort to hide it, and sometimes even that fails. I'm so embarrassed.
Please help.

>> No.9566020
File: 131 KB, 347x299, lolihell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I look at all my cosplay and animu shit, I feel like I live an extremely wasteful life.

I wish I'd never gone to college.

>> No.9566035


I have a similar affliction however the people around me call it a 'resting worried face'. I can be reading something hysterical on my laptop or thinking about fluffy kittens but I have this perpetual worried expression. I usually get people asking me if I'm ok as a result when I've probably never felt better

>> No.9566047

Resting bitchface is the ultimate oldschool accessory.

>> No.9566048

>tfw you have resting "dead inside" face

At least you two can express emotion.

People are always asking me if someone died.

>> No.9566053

Embrace the bitchface. Make people terrified to be your friend.

>> No.9566054 [DELETED] 

>people need to get fat.
>being in shape is DEADLY

>> No.9566055 [DELETED] 

Fml wrong thread, I'm about to delete it and this post.

Don't bother roasting me, I know I messed up.

>> No.9566057

I got laid off recently so that the boss could hire his wife instead.
I just worked in an office, so it wasn't the most thrilling job in the world, but at least I was making money. I'm looking for jobs but I'm worried I won't find anything and will have to go back to my old fast food job.

On a /cgl/-related note, I requested time off for Otakon at my previous job, and now I'm not sure I'll be able to go because of this layoff. It's just so frustrating.

>> No.9566058

haha what a useless dumbass

>> No.9566060

There's a difference between a healthy weight and being so skinny and low in body fat that you end up with health issues

>> No.9566065

this dress looks like a tenga cup

>> No.9566067

I have a case of resting tired face, people always ask me "are you tired? What time did you sleep? are you ok?" yeah I'm tired of being alive, but other than that I'm ok. I just laugh about it these days.

Its actually odd how no one around me has questioned if I was suicidal or not.

>> No.9566074
File: 98 KB, 350x425, 1489798009329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>invited my best friend to go to Japan with my friend group and I (my friend group doesn't know her)
>she's into Jfashion too, the rest of my friends couldn't give a damn
>excited to finally go to Japan with my buddy and shop together
>she can only go in summer
>my friends can only go in winter
>she throws a shitfit about not being able to go to japan, complains on how we aren't catering to her, says its unfair
>apologize and tell her next year we can go just us, without my friends and I can cater towards her
>she gets mad at the suggestion, bitches about my friends not catering to her once more, and stops talking to me

she just posted on facebook that she's going alone today.

I think its absolutely retarded to lose a friend over this, especially one that I've had for so long but god damn, she's never acted like such an entitled brat before.
I've apologized, I told her I'd go again just for her, even offered to give her some burando I don't want anymore to her but I'm the monster who "ruined everything when when things were finally going well"

>TLDR; invited a longtime friend to Japan, offered her burando, now she hates me

>> No.9566079
File: 110 KB, 400x316, millisec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>talking to a cute girl at the con
>she sits at the chair across from me
>unknowingly flashes her panties
>mfw I clearly see the outline of testicles and a penis

>> No.9566095

That's true, but that's not what the other anon was talking about.

>> No.9566106
File: 354 KB, 550x528, the face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that girl. Seriously. She sounds like an absolute retard.

>> No.9566162

Would you recommend arda? I used them before and it was really itchy after at the end of the day. I don't know if it was the wig or just me.

>> No.9566198

Why don't you just smile?

>> No.9566222

I'll look into them, thanks anon!
I recommend them but not if you've already had a bad reaction to them. I find them to be less itchy and much softer than, say, eBay wigs. But I also wash them before use which could be your problem? Sorry anon, I'm no help.

>> No.9566293
File: 11 KB, 225x225, davai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been dating normie russian dude for past few months
>asked if I could make him a Victor Nikiforov cosplay so I can finally get fucked by my husbando
>tfw he says its okay

>> No.9566305

plans changed so I wont be able to have my car near the con im going to, i was going to wear this one cosplay but it gets uncomfortable after a few hours and i prefer traveling light so i might have to wear my other "comfy" cosplay all weekend.

feelsbadman.jpg, i was really looking forward to wearing it but i dont wanna suffer

>> No.9566318

>lost 15 lbs this year in prep for dream cosplay
>got a new job, lost motivation, started eating more again
>oh god I must have gained it all back
>finally get weighed at the doctor today
>literally the exact same weight as when I abandoned my diet
>double check at home and it's still the same
Feels VERY good, I'm super pumped now to lose the last 9 lbs by the con next fall since I'll only have to redo a tiny bit of progress. The character I'm cosplaying is so elegant, I really want to do her justice! I'm back on mfp and I'm going to stop being lazy and get to it.

>> No.9566325

>want to keep doing cosplay
>all male anime characters' designs are either boring as shit and similar to the rest or associated with yaoi
>no friends to do group cosplay with
I really don't want to end up being that one guy who does literally the exact same thing every year for years, but it looks like it might be that way eventually

>> No.9566328
File: 19 KB, 412x352, loxOULP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that filename

>> No.9566335

>Feel unmotivated to lose weight despite being obese AF
>Start going on cgl again after years of hiatus
>Motivation to lose weight finally starts kicking in
>Start counting calories and controlling what I eat

The more I read the way you all talk about and fat people the more I feel like I have to change. I'm sure that all of you are nice to a fat person when you see them in person, but I now feel like most people are probably as disgusted as you are in secret as well and feel really ashamed of myself for being my size.

>> No.9566337

>I'm sure that all of you are nice to a fat person when you see them in person, but I now feel like most people are probably as disgusted as you are in secret as well and feel really ashamed of myself for being my size.

It's not just /cgl/, that's how most people feel about fatties. Good on ya for changing for the better.

>> No.9566344 [DELETED] 
File: 27 KB, 415x423, 1500028481872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for the rant, this just really angers me.
>New job at an ice cream shop
>get paid $15/ hr to make gelato, pretty sweet.
>if we run out of milk or other ingredients for catering orders or the storefront display, expected to go to the grocery store 30 seconds away to pick more up, which requires me to open the register to get cash.
-despite texting my boss to pick up various ingrediants for the day before he leaves for vacation, he forgets to buy key things that we need to for a catering order later than day.
-went 3 times within the hour boss checks the till. 8 times the register has been opened (extra 2 times was before he came with stuff, so I didn't need to go), apparently he counted $3.10 missing, despite keeping receipts and stuff.
>I show him my pockets, nothing.
>goes into 15 minute lecture about theft and how the last guy who deliberately stole $98 has a criminal record now and his life is ruined.
>mfw he indirectly states that he thinks I stole the money.
>tells me if I need payment upfront before payday, just ask him.
>mfw he's dumb and paranoid enough to think that I would potentially risk a store management position with a yearly income of 50k + over coffee money, 4 weeks into a job that pays $1200/month.
>decide to sit down with him when he gets back to have a serious discussion about his trust issues and management skills, as well as implementing an inventory system where it'll mitigate me having to open the register whatsoever.

>> No.9566372

ive never liked the way the waist ties look but if you have a solid old school wardrobe i think this is a piece you definitely need, for posterity.

>> No.9566376

dump him

>> No.9566379

Soooo where's the cgl feels in this?

>> No.9566388

Risk losing my job and materials for future dream cos Ive been saving up to make.
(Sorry I didn't specify)>>9566379

>> No.9566395
File: 33 KB, 435x327, sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the last guy who deliberately stole $98 has a criminal record now and his life is ruined.
I'm lucky. When I was fired for stealing frozen chicken nuggets, I merely got fired.

It was a great job. Why do I always sabotage myself??

>> No.9566402
File: 1.10 MB, 1079x1088, tfwuwillneverbebaby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to improve lifestyle after trauma
>wardrobe constantly expanding
>wearing lolita every other day
>starting to talk to people frequently
>social media doing well
>partner who loves me
>nothing has changed and i still want to die

there is no winning

>> No.9566427


I know I'm a compete stranger but I hope you'll feel better, anon!

>> No.9566455

The more that people find out that I'm traveling to Japan soon; the more people try to give me 'helpful tips' and send me 'helpful' articles about how I should behave, and things I should do and see.
I mean I guess it means that I've been hiding my fucking weeb levels well but holy shit is it annoying. I fucking know all this shit and way more, I don't need your "help" I'm gonna wear my damn stupid dresses whether you think you know best or not mom.

>> No.9566458
File: 126 KB, 500x376, trapandgirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only difference...

>> No.9566492

The first thing people said when I told them I was going to Japan was "did you know they don't wear shoes in the house?" Like, fuck, yes, I did do some basic research on a country I'm going to be living in, thanks. People like this are so fucking annoying.

>> No.9566493

You are mount olimpus retarded.

>> No.9566499

Yeah that's the kind of thing I'm getting, "Make sure to day, Konnichiwa! And Sumimasen! Anon. It means hello and excuse me!"
"Only highschoolers in Harajuku wear crazy colors make sure to try and blend in and don't dress to crazy!"
I'm fucking white and blonde I'm gonna stick out no matter what I wear. Also no.

>> No.9566516

>fired for stealing frozen chicken nuggets
are you okay?

>> No.9566518


My fucking life! I've been 3 times and definitely done my research, studied the language and I've had all this too. Thanks, but, pls stop.

>> No.9566527

>huge weeb that hides power levels
>always wanted to try out cosplaying, build a fun social circle and have a kinky gf I can relate with and willing to cosplay my waifu
>fluent Japanese, good engineering job, tall, somewhat handsome, young and independent
>all Japanese and Korean girls I date are foreign, it is always talking about each others country, languages, and small talk. Also films, because apparently all of them came here to be a director, actor, model, or whatever the fuck in Hollywood. They are all normie and gets boring really fast.
>not to forget the awkward sex and physical contact from height differences (I'm 6'2).
>normie as fuck social circle
>not interested whatsoever in normie extroverted american party girls or dull dumb girls that just use their phones all day and cannot hold a conversation (90% of girls I meet today)
>The very very few cosplayers I know that are passable are all taken, and it feels awkward to talk to them because I am always hiding my power level
>have some friends from college who are into anime but we never talk anymore
I feel like the only way out is to get into the cosplay scene, rather then just expo attendee and consumer. Sucks that I just can't jump at it since all of my social circles are filled with normal or family-oriented people, so I have no one to guide me.
I can't do social media and act like a retard because
>professional job
and I am scared to death of cosplay meetups since I know nothing about the scene and no one in the scene so I will come off as a creepy loner and/or a thirsty guy.

I am genuinely interested in cosplaying though, I really want to do it on the low, and build a social circle around that. Fun gf is just a bonus if it happens.
Just have no idea where or how to start it, and I lack the guts to take action.

>tfw feeling trapped and helpless in the normie life because I am a coward and a conformist.

>> No.9566530

protip, we don't want your kind anyway

You already showed your true colors by deciding to have that life and be ashamed of the cosplay life

>> No.9566534

Just commission shit bro.

>> No.9566541

Like costumes, wigs and accessories? Yeah, I think I have no other options.
Cosplaying alone to an expo or event will be awkward as fuck though.
But I guess I might meet cool people and it will be easier to network if I am participating.

>> No.9566542

>normie normie normie

Get your head out of your ass dude. If you want to cosplay just do it, and if your worried about professionalism go to out of state cons, your not trapped in one place.

>> No.9566548

Yep. I'm terrible with my hands and quite frankly don't have the time to make all of that. So I commission.

>> No.9566550

>hides power level
dude how are you going to get to know people who are into anime if you aren't even showing you like anime? i'm a total introvert and even i have a good number of people who i can talk anime with, hang out with at cons, get food with, etc. i started from scratch going to cons and saw a bunch of people repeatedly and naturally you just talk to them. you, having the innate ability to talk to people, should have a super easy time compared to me. if you look like (conservative number for the sake of argument) 6/10 you'll become 8-9/10 once you throw on a costume

>> No.9566555

I am also in the working life.
I told my colleagues what my hobbies are during my first 2 months working.
I didn't hide it, I slowly brought it up.
Don't hide it, own it. I even have social media and I showed it to them. They a have a chuckle and honestly tell what they think.
Being an engineer you should already be able to cope with the stress. started with cosplay at 23 now 25. Either buy your cosplay or commission it. And start making parts and learn. it's pretty hard to make stuff while having a full time job but it's fun.
Wish you the best of luck.

>> No.9566558

Theres nothing awkward about cosplaying alone, a lot of people do it.
Its a littlw sad how ashamed you are about your own interests, its like youre living a double life with a fake identity like some sort of sad weeb batman. Is that really how you want to live?

>> No.9566560

Yes, it was just easy and... Jesus, I think I may be a kleptomaniac.

>> No.9566570

I mean I started to be more open about my power levels after AX, the last time I went was 5 years ago in high school with a group of friends. This year I did go alone and I met a cool dude the last day who was also alone and decided to go around together for the rest of the evening. Took down his info, and it felt good. Sucks that he lives far away from me.
I regret that I was sort of still hiding my power levels even at AX of all places.

My current goals are to go to has many events as I can in Cali (I can't leave work for more than a couple of sick day calls), cosplay, and be more open with my hobbies.

No, it is why I had a depression after AX and how I am trying to change myself now. I mean up until this point I have been fine with the "double life". Work, enjoy my hobbies when I get home, keep up with social circles. But after so many short term relationships, acquaintances and co-workers that I consider as good friends but can't share my passion with, I feel empty.

>> No.9566575


>social media

Dude, this is pretty easy to get around. Just make another email, use a seperate set of social media accounts and keep the two seperate.

- Install two browsers on your phone. If your phone can’t handle two browsers, buy a new, better phone with that professional salary of yours.
- Use one only for your work-related stuff — linked-in, facebook, whatever you’re on.
- Use the other to sign up a facebook, tumblr or whatever fan forums for your freaky animu self. You don’t have to upload any selfies for these, so I don’t know what you’re worried about. Go ahead, sperg out and interact with other nerds.
- To keep the two really seperate, sign up for another email. Yahoo mail is still up and running and pretty good. That way you never mistake one gmail for another and accidentally send emails from the wrong account, since the interface will be completely different.
- If you’re really paranoid, learn to hide your photos on your phone as well.

>> No.9566576


>cosplaying alone

If you join/check the forums of the cons (that you’re going to attend), you can generally find a lot of other people looking for chances to socialise. eg- the more popular groups will tend to have group photoshoots scheduled at a particular time, so you can show up for those and find other fans of the show that way.

Sometimes there are also people looking for cosplay groups, because a group of 5+ gokaiger sentais is always more impressive than one lone ranger, some characters from slice-of-life animus don’t look recogniseable unless they’re in a group with other characters, that kind of thing.

Be careful that you safeguard yourself, though. Best way for a cosplay group to fail is everyone except you flakes, so you end up being the one yellow voltron walking the halls that no one wants photos with. Worst way is when group members start drama and the group implodes. Room parties sound like a great way to make friends — until you want them to leave so you can get some sleep. And open room parties leave you open to being charged for supplying alcohol to minors. So go into things gently and slowly, and at least take precautions to cover your ass.

>> No.9566578

where do you live? norcal or socal? i live near SF so i can't really speak for socal but norcal has lots of cons and events to go to and you'll see a lot of the same people over and over. people don't seem to mind giving out facebook info even though its the first time i've met them and after we've shot the shit for barely 10 minutes.

>> No.9566683

...I think there's a girl wearing one of those hipster BDSM halter bras in the new A&W commercial.

>> No.9566735

>make friend through college weeb club
>she likes to cosplay, really cool, and we grow closer
>last fall asked if she wanted to be my roommate so we started living together
>literally worst roommate ever
>does not clean up after herself, leaves dishes and food out, post-con cosplay still lying about without getting washed
>our apartment literally looks like a hoarders house

I hung out with her in her dorm room before, but maybe dorms have stricter cleaning protocols? I truly did not expect this and have asked her so many times to clean and she just won't? My room is the only sterile place in this house, and I really want to break my lease even thought Im on contract for 4 more months.

>> No.9566739

Same shit happened to my friend, some people are just fucking toddlers when it comes to their living spaces. If you have another's place to go I'd talk to the landlord about bailing or if you have enough money to cover the cost of living alone kick her ass out.

>> No.9566792
File: 503 KB, 1417x2089, CoordSim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have important things to do
>procrastinate for hours by playing Coord Sim

>> No.9566811

>been working on a really elaborate costume in forever now and I used to be super proud of it until today
>debuting it in less than 14 days now, just got all the parts ready so I could prepare for the finishing touches
>mfw the pants just ripped in the crotch area because they're over a decade old and been used way too many times for costumes and every day wear
>mfw the boot covers have somehow been ruined while they were in storage
>mfw half of the headpiece that's hanging off of the head is too heavy for the wig to handle
>spent a million hours on hand sewing beads and applying various stones to the top and it's just dawning on me now that it looks nothing like I want it to and I'm all out of stones at this point
>been eating healthily and working out plenty for this cosplay but for some reason I have gained a double chin out of nowhere
>mfw I have no fucking face

>> No.9566816

Spinach is 1.80 at Walmart

>> No.9566824

Things might suck for a while after trauma, even normal "fun" things can be ruined. Sometimes medication can help, or talking to a friend or confidant or even therapist can be really useful. If you don't feel like talking about it or just talking in general, which is understandable, at least take some time to practice self-care. Take long bubble baths or wear your favorite outfit or watch cheesy cartoons. Anything that makes you feel better, even as a temporary distraction, can be helpful. Trying new things out also helps. You mentioned you have a dog, maybe take it out for long walks in a place you've never been before? Learning a new skill or hobby, like knitting or drawing, can also help. I know this sounds cheesy, but these are all things that helped me get through my own personal trauma. Everyone's different, though. Most of all, please please do not harm yourself or try to kill yourself. If it ever gets that bad, there are hotlines you can look up. I don't know you, but I'm sure you can find reasons to keep living, even if it's just waiting for the mail to arrive or AP's new release. Good luck, anon. Hope you feel better.

>> No.9566864


That is the face of someone who is about to suck dick.

>> No.9566866


Its probably not as bad as you think and you're suffering from having looked at it for too long. This happens to me every time I make a costume; I have the nice happy phase where everything looks lovely, and the closer the con gets the more I hate it. This usually reverses if I keep away from it for a while, or when I actually look at photos or rewear again at a later date without the stress of finishing hanging over me.This multiplies by tenfold if I'm making it for someone else.

Just breathe anon, even if its not perfect this time or even ready, you can either postpone the debut or keep fixing things up on it so you're more happy with it the next time you wear it.

>> No.9566872

and you can tell this because...?

>> No.9566878

>buy complicated electronics part on aliexpress
>tons of numbers and letters i need to pay attention to plus the usual chinese gibberish in the title
>realize i bought 220v AC instead of 5v DC after it delivered

Thankfully it's not that expensive but I wish i was able to put it together by now

>> No.9566897


Because I have eyes. Maybe you should try using yours?

>> No.9566909
File: 5 KB, 257x261, 1464969784587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for the advice!
Sorry about the late reply, I've been trying to keep myself busy every night so that I don't think about things too much and if I'm honest, I forgot about this thread.

I don't think I'm going to keep pursuing casual relationships because they just don't feel worthwhile to me. I've always liked the idea of being single for the freedom, so it seems kind of counter-intuitive to force myself to get into hookups.

In the meantime, I've managed to get out of my slog and started work on an old cosplay I had planned. Perhaps I'll have it ready for MCM London this year? Hopefully this motivation stays with me.
Feeling positive!

>> No.9566926


ah, hello there fellow britfag!

>> No.9566940

Rude desu. She would never do something like that.

>> No.9566945

>girl auctioning a nice old school dress
>can't bid bc she doesn't have shipping for my country, message to ask and she replies "sure i could ship to you"
>"ok if you don't get any bids will you consider my offer of (amount of minimum bid because that's what I could win it for if I could bid)"
>wait to see what she says, I'd be willing to increase that depending on her reply
>see she's replied
>no sorry if it doesn't sell i'll keep it :)

THEN WHY WOULD YOU SET THAT AS THE MINIMUM BID. I could theoretically win it at that price if ebay wasn't stupid, god dammit.

>> No.9566948

I was meaning to go to Hyper Japan but I really didn't feel up to it for obvious reasons. I do some lurking in the /Brit/ thread but that's just too much drama going on for me, I just want to see neat WiPs and photos from cons.
Did you manage to go?

>> No.9566989


I know that feel, I'd selfpost progress but people would figure out who I am too easily as I have friends who lurk/shitpost.
Yeah I went to HJ. It was alright but I didnt have the same sort of excitement when I was actually there? Lots of clueless normies kept taking candids as well and couldnt take the hint when we said no. We had 5 sets of people in the space of ten minutes try it on so I ripped their heads off. But other than the usual things you didn't really miss much.

Hopefully things pick up for you soon though, and you're back to your old self.

>> No.9567024
File: 26 KB, 436x410, myspacetiara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>secondhand dress arrives
>mfw it has several pubes on it

>> No.9567031

One of us could buy it for you. What country?

>> No.9567046

Nayrt, but I'd love to have a trustworthy cross-border friend to ship stuff to me, some second-hand sellers won't ship outside the US.

>> No.9567052

I'm down. I guess the trust part would be hard to establish. I don't wear lolita would that help?

>> No.9567061


>> No.9567063

I more mean I'd want to get to know you a bit first, make sure you're not secretly Mr. Sketchy Mcswindlepants or anything.
Do you have a throwaway email?

>> No.9567065
File: 97 KB, 500x631, 1497176112942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, I feel a bit better about not going then.

Thanks for the goodwill - if you see someone posting progress pictures on a Bloodborne Crowfeather cosplay in the next few months, that'll be me!

>> No.9567066

Is it okay if i sniff all the things you order?

>> No.9567067
File: 465 KB, 462x549, TWO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9567069
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>tfw an ita is shit talking me because i called her out for fetishizing the fashion and children

i get petty joy out of her rage

>> No.9567072

99% of the guys who will approach you pretending to be friends will ask for sex eventually.

>> No.9567076

[email protected]

>> No.9567078

Post in the online comm thread? Sounds funny.

>> No.9567083

OMG like why are guys such trash?

>> No.9567089

Because looking for friends on the internet is like looking for diamonds in trash.

>> No.9567094

It's the opposite for me. Finding friends online is easy.

>> No.9567095

It was the UK but the auction is ended now sadly, it ended. She was willing to ship to the rest of the EU but ebay is weird because if the seller doesn't have a method set to ship to your country you can't bid. I get why she didn't want to let the dress go for my lowball bc it was less than half of what she paid according to her, I'm just salty bc if I lived in the UK and was a dick I could've gotten away with that sweet sweet OP at the auction starting price, bc she'd relisted it twice and nobody else was bidding. Even now that it ended nobody bid. But I'd said like "hey I'd like to bid but ebay won't let me, can I put up my offer of X0.00 (the auction starting price basically) if nobody else bids?" and she was like "no sorry I'm just gonna keep it if it doesn't sell."

Tho only tangentially related I hate when sellers list stuff with a minimum bid price they're not actually willing to let the dress go for. Unless you have something good a bidding war is unlikely, put the actual minimum you want to sell it for at least.

>> No.9567099

You use the word very lightly.

>> No.9567100

The reason for this is because guys see relationships as a natural progression
You really like hanging out with a girl friend, so why can't she be your girlfriend?
Apparently women don't think the same way and seem to put a cap on how far they think each relationship will go at the start

>> No.9567101

I've talked to some for years now, I'd consider them good online friends.

>> No.9567103

Sometimes women just aren't romantically interested in a guy even if they like hanging out with him platonically. Most people don't naturally progress into wanting to fuck every one of their friends.

>> No.9567116

Why do you like hanging out with a guy but don't want to have sex with him?
Like what do you do? What does he do to make you stick around but not take it further?
Literally boggles the mind.

>> No.9567145
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>> No.9567149

Someone can be likeable and fun without being sexually attractive, but you wouldn't understand this as you apparently have zero standards. Life is a bit different as an attractive woman, you get to actually select a partner you like rather than brainlessly thirsting over everything around you like an un-neutered dog.

>> No.9567152
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Sucking dick isn't an option in the sims, Anon!

>> No.9567156

That's the difference then. You can't see how having a very close friend and can lead to someone developing feelings for them
Not everyone is as cold as you and files people into categories the first time they meet

>> No.9567157

I lost the same kind of friend over a kpop concert. Those sort of friends are too self-absorbed and you are better off keeping a comfortable distance between you and them.

>> No.9567158
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>attractive woman

Pick one and only one

>> No.9567166
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I have always wanted to cosplay as cute little characters but I have never felt like I could because of my bust (E) and height (5'5"/165cm) And I just decided to cosplay as Kanna Kamui instead of Lucoa or Tohru, because Kanna is my favorite character.

I really hope I don't look awful. I am not fat, but I'm definitely not tiny like a little kid. (At least my face is pretty youthful?)

>> No.9567178

I live in Finland and here's what I did:
>learn determination and self control. seriously. you just have to learn it the hard way, just the way you hate it. The Hard Way. No easy outs on this one.
>count calories, eat less than 1800 a day if you're in my height range which is 160-170cm, otherwise a slightly bit more/less (adjust it yourself and keep changing the daily amount in a zig zag pattern to get the most zap and shake out of your metabolism)
>eat shit like makaroonilaatikko (??? think like home made good non greasy stuff what mom would make to keep you healthy and well fed idk how to call food like that in english) and school's salad meal every day, it's cheap as fuck trust me I'm a uni student
>ditch sodas, milks and juices for water, vichywater and tea (only sweeten tea with honey if have to)
>treat yourself once a month with something real fine and tasty, not mcdonalds bs or cheap shit
>light 45-90min excercise 1-2 times a week, plenty of youtube videos to show what do (I used the Victoria's Secret Angel workout videos, just search em up), no gym needed at all whatsoever
>walk from school/work to home, try to get at least a few km per day every day
>learn to eat tomato and cucumber instead of fazer chocolate
>no more excuses, seriously, git gud or gg, no other options
I lost 20kg in a year and still keep going, it could've been more if I didn't have any slips ups what so ever. Just. Do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams.

>> No.9567180


>> No.9567184

Kanna gets away with chubbo.

I think as long as you make sure the outfit fits you to scale and your face is cute, the height won't matter. Do photoshoots sitting or kneeling if you are next to other dragonmaid cosplayers to keep the illusion that you aren't tall

>> No.9567193
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suksi vittuun

>> No.9567198

er, I feel like this just went from one extreme to another

>> No.9567199

You've really never had a friend you didn't want to date? I'm male and have several friends I have no interest in being anything more than just friends with. I like their personality or we have similar interests, but besides that, they have nothing else going for them.

>> No.9567203

just reading your post gave me a mini panic attack! I hope you find logical solutions for your problems and learn from your mistakes for the next, better cosplay

>> No.9567220

okei sori :(

>> No.9567264

Deer god. Y?

>> No.9567289

J-fash life is hell, my lolis.

>> No.9567292

Men like you are why I only ever make friends with other women.

>> No.9567294

Women can't be friends with other women.
Neither can they be friends with guys.

Must really suck being a woman lol.

>> No.9567301

If beautiful men like me brose this board, I'm sure at least a handful of attractive women do too

>> No.9567321

If you think it's appropriate, you could suggest using some boning for the bodice of her dress, and help her find a bra that will lift her bust, creating the illusion of a longer/ slimmer waist. If she's really overweight, instead of just having a naturally thick waist, a corset could help push some fat closer to her hips, where her skirt could hide it. I don't think shapewear would really help if she's a normal weight, because if that's the case her problem vould honestly just be caused by a large ribcage or short waist, which even losing weight won't help.

>> No.9567327

Now don't go using Our Lord YWH's name in vain again

>> No.9567351

I really want to get something for my postman. He's always really good.
If I end up getting a "sorry we missed you" message, he comes back around with the regular mail and gives me my stuff.

Separate feel-
Got my dream dress in the mail today and the guy I've liked for a while pretty much asked me out.
I'm in a good mood.

>> No.9567357

>Most people don't naturally progress into wanting to fuck every one of their friends.
It only takes about 1% of women doing this for your statement to be a lie.

>> No.9568402

Keep responding to bait everyone and this thread will get nuked too.

>> No.9568953

What expectations do you set for yourself that you feel like you can't reach?

>> No.9573852
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are you me but in dude form

plenty of normie friends, not bad looking and pretty fit, hide my power level too much & i won't join a club at my college to meet weeb/gaming friends, all of those are only online for me ATM.

i've put off cosplaying for years and i'm too chickenshit to try it, especially alone. i have a few normie friends that support me but i wouldn't go to the lengths of having them come to a con with me while i cosplay and geek out on things they don't understand at all lol

rip in pieces

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