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Old thread. >>9549923

Come here to whine and gripe about /cgl/ thongs.

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I fell asleep at McDonald's in my lolita. This is a new low for me.

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I didn't make any friends.

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The old school OP I bought off Wunderwelt came in today and I love it, but the zip gets stuck halfway and I'll probably have to get it replaced by a tailor.

I guess it's not a big deal but I feel bad altering such nice oldschool brand....

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>friend takes a cos-picture showing off her ass
>top comment is "BRAAAPPPPP"

Which one of you did this?

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Hold it right there anon! Get some wax paper and rub those zipper teeth with it while open. Run the paper along both sides separately and try to zip it again. Halfway is usually right at the waist too, so the extra fabric could be making it difficult to zip. But wax paper and a slow, steady pull usually does the trick for me

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Seconding this trick, I know several western luxury brand shops use this for purses/wallets/whatever else with zippers too.

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> So many beautiful dresses on the way
> Too sick to go out and wear them

Help me, anons

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I had no idea about this, i'll give it a try! It's weird because it's sticking a bit above the waist- I'm used to zips being a little annoying at the waistband but I'm still not sure what's doing it here. Hopefully it works!

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The thing that sucks most about being an adult is knowing that just because someone is a bitch to you, doesn't necessarily mean they're a bitch to other people. And maybe they are nice? Just not to you.

>have mutual friend with girl who used to be my friend but went loco
>we're both considered mutual friend's "best friend"
>mutual friend understands our beef is just between us and that I don't care that they're friends
>secretly do kind of care...
>not only because said friend is excellent at not sharing stories unless prompted to such as "ahh yeah, anon told me about that"
>wonder how friend can even put up with her bullshit
>feel weird because friend will post bff posts about anon but not me...
Well I can't really be mad at that last part since friend and I don't hang out as often due to uni and work. And my interests have changed to be more lolita oriented and they don't wear Lolita...

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What kind of sick? :(

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Multiple sclerosis sick. fml

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No. I'm just a guy who feels like human garbage because he got a degree in graphic design, but still can't make a career of it.

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>New girl joins the comm
>says she's "Been into lolita for years!"
>just came back from a trip to Japan
>comes to her first meetup dressed in Bodyline
>pretty ita coord but disregard that
>try to chat with her about what she did buring her trips and if she went into any brand stores
>... she only knows about AP
>hasn't been to ANY lolita store apart from Bodyline while she was in Japan because "AP is too expensive"
>Hasn't even heard of Closet Child
I really hope she kicks herself hard later once she's really been into the fashion for a while.

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Um, I'm literally the most socially awkward girl ever, but I'm going through some ongoing health issues myself. If you ever want someone to talk to, we can trade info?

Regardless, I wish you the best.

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I've been wanting the chance to purge most of my belongings, I just have so much shit and I don't need any of it. Old cosplays, trinkets, clothes, shoes, books, other assorted random junk. But my entire life is packed into a storage unit while I sleep on a friend's couch until my mom's house is done being built. Though it's gotten to the point of living with my friend that I'm having so much anxiety about having my own stuff with me (I'm pretty much living out of a spare drawer and my backpack) and needing my own space that I'm starting to despise being around my friends. I need my own space so bad that the anxiety is reactivating my trich and I know I'm getting sick. Trying to tell myself I just have to last 120 more days but who knows what the rest of the year will bring.

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>see really cute cosplayer on insta who lives in same state as me
>has tumblr link in bio
>proceed to stalk her posts
>notice she has recent posts saying she wants to kill herself, another saying she has no irl friends
>decide to risk being creepy and message her
>in short, said something like "hey noticed what you posted on your tumblr, my friend and I would totally hang out with you, if you find this creepy just let me know and we can pretend I never said anything lol"
>she says she'd love to hang out with us
>make some small talk, she lives a few hours away
>she comes into town on the weekends sometimes
>she was in town this weekend, half expected her to say she could hang out
>she never did, figured she was busy or maybe we did weird her out
>look at her tumblr tonight and see she has another post about wanting to kill herself

My friend and I are both mutuals of her's, and we're all girls if anyone is curious. I'm not trying to be the hero to swoop in and save her, I just know how it feels to be lonely, and I'm quite lacking in friends myself. She does seem really cool, too. I hope she can hang out maybe next weekend, I told her to let us know when she's available so it's on her.

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Seems like she's just got the good ol' case of mental health fucking is in the dumps. I've been in a similar place and I really appreciate the patience. Sometimes its incredibly difficult for me to instigate stuff, so maybe it might be worth setting something up multiple times and waiting to see if she shows up instead of leaving it to when she's free-because it'll be more likely that whatever brain shit she has going on will make her do to 'oh shit, I didn't reply to this for a month and now that I feel better, it's too awkward to approach now'.

And I guess, just have a lot of patience. Seems like she's got a lot of problems to work through, and it'll be quite draining on you if you want to be there for her.

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>Met another cosplayer at a gathering who seemed legit into the series and was pretty cool to talk to
>Followed me on instagram, I followed back
>Seeing their pictures constantly on my feed now
>Their cosplays are good but can't get past that severe case of butterface.
>Finding myself contemplating how their boyfriend can fuck them without getting turned off by their face
>Feeling like a shit person for thinking all this but I really can't get past that face
I probably need to unfollow them.

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That's a good idea, I'll try that tomorrow or the day after depending on my friend's schedule (might be too awkward just to hang out the two of us)

I think she might have gone through a breakup which could be especially draining for her.

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Is their face really that bad? Could it be the angles or lighting in photos?

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>last year invite sort-of friend to live in my share house with my 'squad'
>proceeds to be the worst person in the world but only to me?
>total attention hog, needy, and selfish and super manipulative and has slowly gotten entire friend group on her side
>on multiple occasions will mix her mess with mine, and passive aggressively tell me to clean my messes up
>has asked our more talented sewing friends in the squad to make her entire cosplays and buy her raw materials so we can all 'match' in group cosplays of animes she badgers everyone else to watch
>won't give a shit about our individual interests unless it's flavor of the month cosplay that she can casual cos and get photos of
>will never share or promote photos of us from our respective cos pages or personal pages but will post selfies of herself that feature us (no matter how bad we look) and tag squad
>even small things I see now totally are power plays

I wish I could just kick her out of the friend group but seems like I'll have to leave instead. I see why she had no other friends before this despite all of us being in our 20s and how no one at work wants to hang out with her and how her old college best friend literally moved away from her and 'fell out of contact'.

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My closet broke today for the first time.

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Same here, until they kicked me out at 3am.

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This is bullshit and it makes me angry people like this can have friends, but I literally only have my SO, and the two of us have been searching for a squad of friends for so long it's ridiculous. We thought we'd found a group but they ghosted on us with no explanation. Actually, even worse than ghosting, they are still fakely friendly to us on social media every so often, but the weekly hangout session invites stopped all of a sudden last year with no explanation. This was after nearly a year of regularly hanging out.

I'm still upset that they excluded us from the holiday gathering/gift exchange that we'd originally been invited to (this was in mid-nov and we were told there'd be a gift exchange) When holidays roll around and we hear no word from them, we figured it must've been cancelled because people were busy or something, but there were pics on Facebook of the gathering. I still have a bunch of holiday gifts in my house for these people, like some pathetic loser.

I really wish I could just know what we did that warranted estrangement. I feel like then I could finally stop being so bitter.

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You should just cut them out completely, block them. Every time you see them on social media, doesn't it bring back bad memories?

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How do you break a closet anon

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>be me
>grow up on farm in rural midwest
>not have really any friends, kids at school think I’m weird, no one shares common interests
>have one tv at house that gets channels, no internet connection
>find anime one day
>only anime I can see is what comes in late at night that I have to sneak downstairs to watch
>be closeted weeb, still not have access to anything that good, still no friends
>be me now
>attend anime convention over the weekend
>see all the young kids enjoying themselves with their friends, surrounded by stuff they think is so cool
>feel like I missed out on having any sort of fun childhood/youth

It’s bittersweet; I love all you weeb kids, keep doing what you’re doing. I wish I would have had access to something like that when I was anywhere from 12-20, I feel like I’d of been so much happier and would have been a cooler person now from getting to experience stuff and actually have fun at that age vs. working on a farm and buying the 1-2 shitty anime DVDs I could get at Walmart at the time.

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Where I live the con scene is dying out completely. Im hanging on for dear life because its pretty much thr only reason I havent killed myself, but im finding more and more that everyone ive become friends with at conventions are really high matinence and dramatic
I basically feel like im dying at conventions, but feel even worse when im not at them

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Too many dresses on the closet hanger, it bend and broke down.

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Try to slowly and subtly plant seeds in your friends' ears, pointing out the inconsiderate things she does. Be sure to frame it like you aren't trying to throw her under the bus, but instead like you are being an accomodating person and want to "try" to work out the issues. IE "I'm worried anon doesn't like me because she yells/badgers me about x and it makes me feel shitty, what do you guys think I should do?" If certain friends seem receptive or agree that it's shitty behavior, stick with them and continue to point out bad behavior. Be careful about complaning about her nonstop or shit talking; if she's truly manipulated them into being her besties you won't get a good reaction out of that. Basically, play a slow game and see if anyone else begins to pick up on her BS - I thought for a long time that my friendgroup all liked this one obnoxious tumblr dramaqueen, but the second I brought up their obnoxious behavior they all admitted that they secretly thought she was annoying.

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>but im finding more and more that everyone ive become friends with at conventions are really high matinence and dramatic
I know this feel. I really do. But keep trying! I actually have found 2 con groups that are 0 drama and low matienece. (Except the one girl, but she has physical health issues, so its understandable, and shes really sweet and grateful for us when we help)
Dont give up hope. Hell, I met the one group on HOMESTUCK OMEGLE of all places.

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Sorry I can't into english, I meant my wardrobe hanger.

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>trying to do some skintight cosplay
>pantylines galore
>try to find a comfy g-string to wear under it
>they are super expensive

Why? How can something so small cost so much money?

>> No.9555820

buy one off Aliexpress, way cheaper

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Im a newfag normie and I got banned for asking a simple question. Because if you aren't being a dick to people here then you're baiting and breaking rules. Yet the people going Off-topic and calling me an 'incompetent' male get off without a warning.

Seriously, a lot of the women here are petty. Knowing that the mods not only tolerate, but actively participate and encourage in hazing is pathetic.

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Reading the rules and searching the catalog isn't that damned hard.

>> No.9555855

And what do you feel?

>> No.9555877

abloobloobloo, the woweetas and the cospleyers are beink meen 2 me :(((((

how about lurk more and keep your questions to the relevant threads newfag

>> No.9555914

Do you have some examples by any chance?
It won't let me browse the shop without making an account...

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>Working on my first sewing cosplay
>It looks decent enough, basically babby's first sewing job but I'm pretty happy with it
>Has a fan that points away from me because Florida heat but I'm not letting this fan fuck me up
>Mom comes in, makes a note about the heat, turns the fan on full blast and turns the fan towards me as I'm making a trim
>The fan pushes my outfit into mu scossors and creates a huge gash in it that will be a bitch to fix
>RIP, 4 hours of sewing

I might be able to fix it, but I think I should just make an entirely new outfit. At least I got the flow down.

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I relate to the frustration but I guess now you know: we're all petty bitches here.

That's just how it is, and we like it

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Gimme your lunch money

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Unless they're complete arseholes, I think they must have heard something they didn't like about you. Into any weird kinks? Have any un-PC views they could have found out about? Ever do something weird or creepy? Ever really nasty to someone? If you legitimately can't think of anything, then it might be that someone misinterpreted something or was told untrue gossip.

People don't usually do this kind of tactical disengagement unless they think you're a basket case who's gonna blow up if they ghost outright.

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You deserve that treatment, no one here is going to reward your laziness

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I'm wracked with depression and anxiety.
I think it's mostly from my birth control, I have the implant and I'm getting it out. It's gotten so much worse since I got it in, I've ever gained weight.
but what if I'm just a useless piece of shit blaming the hormones.

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>Into any weird kinks? Have any un-PC views they could have found out about? Ever do something weird or creepy?
NAYRT but none of this shit shoulf warrant not being someone's friend as a grown adult.
Especially the kinks and unpc views.

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>only use Instagram when depressed
>use it maybe 15 times over 2016
>lost my job in February
>start posting cosplay selfies to feel better
>life gets even sadder
>start posting 3-6 times a day

Life since 2012 has just been a death spiral.

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How tf did you manage that anon, did you not stop cutting when the fabric moved like a normal person?

>> No.9556054


I'm really jumpy when I'm focused on something, so when I saw that the fabric was kinda pushing onto my scissors, I panicked. I never said I was smart.

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>NAYRT but none of this shit shoulf warrant not being someone's friend as a grown adult.
Why though? It's not mature or adult just to blindly tolerate your friends views/actions, you have to have some common ground with people to be friends. Not saying everyone with opposing views should chew each other out, but being someone's friend is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. If finding out that info means you can't enjoy their company anymore, then you already aren't friends anymore. Formally acknowledging that and breaking things off is just the mature thing to do.

I'd stop being friends with someone if I found out they were into scat or pee, adbl or daddy dom. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the company of someone who enjoys those things once I knew.

>Un-PC views
what if you're like, "white-passing" as the sjws say, and they hold horrible views about your race or culture they just don't know you're part of that group? Or they do the whole
>You're so X for a Y person!
where they show that they think all the people in the same group are bad and you're just a rare exception?

>> No.9556072

>Why though? It's not mature or adult just to blindly tolerate your friends views/actions, you have to have some common ground with people to be friends.
This is why I ditched my redpilled friend during the last election cycle. We always avoided talking politics, but once he started screaming "LOL LIBERAL TEARS" and posting milo yiannopoulos articles about women, I was no longer sure he respected me as a person. "I don't mean you, I mean OTHER women, anon!" didn't cut it.

>> No.9556087

Are you at least getting free money?

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>new girl from comm decides to host a meet
>I'm the only one who RSVP'd
>don't really want to go since venue changed after I said yes (business is on holiday)
>feel bad because she obviously wants to hang out with someone and wear lolita
>she's still in her ita phase though and I'm not looking to nurture anyone at this time
>decide to go anyway in something casual
>girl brings her awkward gf who ne ever wears lolita
>meet turns into awkward gf berating me with personal questions
>"How can you afford lolita? What exactly do you DO? Do you have a grown up job?"
>"How come you're so skinny if you're a lolita? I thought you guys eat sweets all the time? I like sweets, especially cake"
>"How do you use the bathroom in that thing? Are you comfortable in heels? I'd never wear heels. Is that your real hair?? Can I touch it?"
>try my best to ignore inappropriate questions and direct my attention to the host
>she finally gets to talking when out of no where her gf blurts out
>"SIGH. I wish someone would dress ME in lolita"
>suggest her gf do it cause it'd be cute and start talking to host again about her dresses
>"no anon, I'd rather have YOU dress me because I like all of your clothes"
>awkward silence...
>"t-thank you?"

Needless to say I'm never going to another one of her meets. Nothing against her personally, but her gf makes me cringe. She even asked if she could play with my phone?? SHE'S 25

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>SHE'S 25
I legitimately thought she was underage. What the fuck

>> No.9556121

Target has good thongs/g-strings for $5.

>> No.9556125

That's what made it horrifying. I thought she may have been younger too, so I asked. But to find out we're the same age....really humbling experience. Guess I'm not that behind in life after all

>> No.9556133

I've done the same thing. Fixing it was easy but putting everything away was a biiiiitch.

>> No.9556142

I'll put it this way: if I find out you have weird kinks, I probably don't want to be friends with you. I'm perfectly aware that most of my friends are having sex, but I'm really not interested in the details.

>> No.9556151

I just got a text out of no where from my normie a/f sister. "Are you a lolita?"
Apparently her coworker goes to cons and knows this shit and i guess lolita came up.
At least she knows what it is now.

>> No.9556170

The thing is "un pc views" is incredibly subjective.
It can range from saying "gas the kikes and lynch the niggers" to simply "ISIS is an islamic terrorist group" or even thinking white people should be allowed to wear dreadlocks.
And unless someone is partaking in their kinks right in your face or never shutting up about it- what the fuck do you care what other consenting adults do when theyre fucking? Its not involving you and its not illegal.

>> No.9556209

No, but I probably should. Autism.

>> No.9556259

Yeah sure granted, unPC views covers a lot. Just trying to give anon an idea of the reasons people distance themselves like this. It's weird that they're being cordial to her face but purposefully discluding them, and the only times I see people behaving like this is because they've heard something bad about the person.

>what the fuck do you care what other consenting adults do when theyre fucking? Its not involving you and its not illegal.

I'm bio student with a heavy emphasis in microbiology and parasitology, and I don't want someone who has been handling faeces, urine or blood outside of a lab setting to be in my house or touch my stuff or my person.

Otherwise idgaf, unless they're being inappropriate and oversharing.

>> No.9556328

ME. Ever since I've started I've gone through phases of craziness. I wanna say it's the birth control, but what if it isn't? I've heard it can take up to a year to get used to it

>> No.9556332

All hormonal birth control, but especially progesterone (Mini pill, depo, implant, mirena coil) has been linked to causing depression and anxiety. They're trying to make it a contraindication for prescribing it now. So it's probably that, especially if you've never had an issue before.

>> No.9556333

But weird is subjective anon. Like some people think spanking is weird, others think spitting in your partners mouth is vanilla af. How are they supposed to know what you think is "weird"?

>> No.9556338

I wouldn't stop being friends with someone who was into scat or pee, I'd just be grossed out and wish I didn't know. I assume they can't help liking it and if their partner also likes it, what's the harm?

not abdl though, even if I believed being getting off on pretending your partner is a child is innate and can't be changed (I don't), it's your moral responsibility to repress that shit, not embrace it

>> No.9556340

>I don't want someone who has been handling faeces, urine or blood outside of a lab setting to be in my house or touch my stuff or my person.
I mean, I assume they wash their hands. Do you have friends who work retail and have to clean toilets, or who have kids and have to clean up after them?

>> No.9556344

They don't need to know what other people think is weird, they shouldn't be talking about what they' do in bed in such detail.

>> No.9556355

I did have anxiety and depression before. But it was a rare thing, like I'd have an off week once a year, or a mild panic attack here or there. I told my doctor and she said because it's progestin-only I was less likely to be depressed than if I was on the pill. That makes me feel like such shit, like are there no options then for me to have birth control but also not want to kill myself?

>> No.9556363

Whether that's okay totally depends on your friend group, when I was at university I was in circles of people that were very open about that stuff or would joke about it in a plausible-deniability way.

>> No.9556389

How do I ask my wife to cosplay a Blockbuster Video employee during sex?

>> No.9556419

She sounds infantile. Like very immature and eccentric. I wonder why she got so fixed on you though. Creepy.

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This one girl in our comm is a DDLG. We weren't going to say anything, but now she's tagging our comm's Insta on her fetish blog. I think it's time to kick her in the diaper and toss her out.

>> No.9556431

Sure, but if you're the kind of person to give out details of your bedroom activities don't be surprised if some people don't want to be your friend.

>> No.9556454

I'm not, but seeming "prudish" has always lost me friends, not gained them (outside formal settings like meets and the workplace where that sort of thing would never come up).

>> No.9556463

Take a trip to the storage locker and sort your belongings. I'm sure you can catch a lyft over there, with some snacks and drinks, and just do some work for a couple hours. I have sprints of losing my shit and just cleaning everything or sorting for hours or purging everything.
I think the time you spend alone sorting your stuff, deciding what to keep/sell or donate, will help you get your perspective back.

>> No.9556469

I don't shy away from discussions of sex. Its prolonged discussions of sex (or kinks) in public places that I have no patience for. That sort of thing is indicative of a larger disregard for social norms, and it speaks to the character of the person who does that. I have no patience for people like that, and I have no problem cutting them out of my life.

>> No.9556475

Ask /r/ Relationships. Lots of narcissist stories find resolution with their help.

>> No.9556481

I can only find thongs (which are still fairly visible under anything too tight) on target.

>> No.9556490

Get Mirena, lowest dose of hormones possible on the market. Lower than the implants even.
Look into it, it's not for everyone, but you do have options.

>> No.9556506

I went for an IUD, I'm not a candidate. My uterus isn't deep enough. They sounded me half a dozen times, moved down to Skyla, then tried to insert 4 different times. I was told it was very unlikely it would fit. That's when I went with nexplanon.

>> No.9556510

If anything, we were some of the most normal, PC people in the group, but we never shamed anyone for the stuff they'd talk about. They were actually the type of weebs to discuss kinks fairly openly so I don't think that's it. They had far creepier skeletons in their closet than us.

Looking back hard, the only thing I can really think of saying that seemed to offend them was when we said furries creeped us out in a discussion on furfaggotry. We got the whole "awww but they're so nice plus people like what they like you know" spiel and were side eyed for it.

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>new job is making me super depressed
>quickly becoming unhappy with aspects of my life
>want to at least make small changes in my life
>want to change the way i dress and look
>want to get into jfashion, but have to keep things simple for my job
>don't even know where to start
>also slowly losing interest in cosplay because it feels like i'll never get a chance to do it anymore
I'm just going to force myself to try to stay positive and try my best sorting all of this out.

>> No.9556640

I have no comm, and no friends into lolita/jfash/anime. There are no comms around my city for me to go to meets here, I have nobody to go to cons with, and I feel like owning lolita is useless for me now.

>> No.9556644

Make some friends and start a comm you lazy bum.

>> No.9556648

What you need to do is take a day off and prioritize what you want. I like to write my goals on flash cards and organize them by priority. Which ever ones are the big ones, I put on my fridge as a reminder. For the smaller, day to day goals, I put them on clothes pins and take them dub as I go.
Right now I think you're thinking too much and are getting overwhelmed because of how big these projects are. But if you break them down into smaller tasks, you'll feel better.

Example: wanting to change your style (I'm doing the same thing)
It won't happen overnight, and yeah it takes money. But it's free to look through your existing wardrobe and see what you have that could work with your new style, what would work with what, what you may need, and what you should purge. You could even earn a few coins if you have a consignment shop!

Try to keep your head up and focus on each day for what it is. You got this

>> No.9556653


Honestly? Disappointed, I expected more but I didn't expect much and you guys fell way below my expectations.

You kids take yourselves way too seriously. It's like watching a bunch of mentally challenged elementary school kids.

>> No.9556683

Not that anon, but some people are the only lolitas where they live. They could start a comm, sure, but they'd be the only member.
It's easier to make friends with people who share your interests. It sounds like this is anon's problem, they can't find others in their area with similar interests.

>> No.9556685
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Every time I get a new hobby or join a new community group I feel so great about meeting new people.
Then, 2 month's down the line I see people's true colors and realize I shouldn't even care about their approval at all. Happened with a lot of different groups I played video games with, IRL friends, and now a local cosplay group. Seems really depressing.

>> No.9556693

ah, this was me with a few different lolita groups. it doesn't change no matter what group you join, really. especially with lolita, there always seem to be an unspoken contest going on and i detect tension in even really mundane conversations

enjoy your hobbies for yourself

>> No.9556695

I meant more that they act like complete cunts to other people other than me or act really shitty in general. Like a guy I used to play games with that went on to be a twitch streamer full-time. I found out later he was a 31 year old NEET who spend all day making fun of 12 year olds online for fun.

>> No.9556712

Not who you're replying to, but money changes people. Often for the worse.

>> No.9556718
File: 137 KB, 715x879, 18194685_444415589239308_2206119605228538049_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kick her diapered ass out of there.

>> No.9556744

>i detect tension in even really mundane conversations

>> No.9556753

see, tension

>> No.9556754

knew someone exactly like this. also refused to credit the people who actually made their costumes for them and would answer questions like they did. would reblog your selfie but delete an hour later cause 'muh ocd'. even confronting them about their shit behaviour led to some 'im so sorrys i'll never do it again' and then continuing the same bs

drop her like she's hot. tell your friends your concerns, they'll probably have noticed the same bullshit.

>> No.9556767
File: 17 KB, 165x225, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Needed a swimsuit costume idea for colossalcon, messaged a Japanese fanartist on pixiv if it would be ok for me to sew a swimsuit using their design in one of their anime fanart works
>got super happy reply back, they asked to see pics when I was done
>send pics late June, still no response 2 weeks later
>heart sinks when I realize that they did upload something onto pixiv over this time
>as a last resort I make a twitter post and tag them as credit
>no response, my already high self loathing has peaked
>at least other random people on twitter/other social media liked it, but I still feel like the dumbest stupid person

>> No.9556768

> gorgeous dress listed
> i need the long version
> shitty angled proof photo, stock photo of short version, useless description
> filed as "tall friendly" and "long length"
> also filed as "petite"
> seller has other 93cm dresses listed as "tall friendly"

So what is the damn truth. I just want to buy it before the other people who commented asking wtf is up, in the case that it actually is the long one. Who checks "tall" and "petite" on the same dress and thinks it makes any sense?

>> No.9556771

They mean for skinny ppl petite not short. Yeah it's dumb.

>> No.9556774

>Who checks "tall" and "petite" on the same dress and thinks it makes any sense?
Lardass detected. Lose some weight then it'll make sense.

>> No.9556779

Pixiv sometimes doesn't send me message notif sometimes. I have to manually go to the convo and see if theres a response.

They could also not know what to say?

>> No.9556783

I feel bad for the host. Her girlfriend basically just said you dress better than her.

>> No.9556805

Regarding tension in friend groups

>become good friends with socially awkward guy
>we date for a while, doesn't work out
>had a few fights, it was messy but remained friends once emotions died down
>introduced him to my cosplay group
>he's still kind of friends with them too
>recently using his phone to order some things
>type my name in during payment
>predictive text brings up psychotic and ruined
>i mean i know we had some fights and i can admit where I went wrong but thats a bit dramatic
>mfw wtf has he said to my friends about me

At the end of the day I think this guy has bipolar from how he can be kind to mr but then angry the next second and my friends stuck by me instead of him so nothing of importance was lost but I just don't know how to feel about this because I don't want to start another fight when its probably just residual venting and we do get along well now. It does feel like our friendship is a walking time bomb though.

>> No.9556858

I think I've got a developing a crush on Mana.

Does that make me gay?

>> No.9556861

Damn, I didn't even think of it like that.

>> No.9556896


Did you try a different OB gyn? Apparently I have a pretty small uterus (according to my OB gyn the smallest she's seen) but after getting some medicine and using the informal ultrasound we managed to get it in. Maybe get someone more experienced with smaller uteri, seriously.

>> No.9556907
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con holds "world's largest twerking contest"
>go there
>it reeks of shit

This is what happens when you have 50 winking anuses in a small room.

>> No.9556909

Well, does trap is gay?

>> No.9556921

>order from bodyline almost a month ago
>tracking says it's still in Chiba
>Canada Post keeps going on strike

wat do gulls?

>> No.9556940

>really thinking about getting into Lolita
>Getting paid this week and I'll have some extra money left over to buy some stuff for a coord

I really can't decide if i should or shouldn't. How did you guys decide to get into Lolita? Do you wear it daily?

>> No.9556954

>mfw the price goes up $9

I'm gonna PUKE!!!!!!

>> No.9556957
File: 52 KB, 231x315, 1406233178185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get SDCC hotel with friend, things all seem good. Cheap, on shuttle route, etc
>Was finally getting a little excited, cosplay plans with someone else rooming with us.
>all in the past hour:
>find out person who reserved the room hadn't been looking for roommates
>find out his crazy girlfriend is going despite the fact that he knows I feel uncomfortable when she picks fights with him in front of me/in public
>then here's the kicker, he finds out he booked the wrong hotel and we're not on the shuttle route
>is an exhibitor, have to make sure I can get to and from the con relatively easily
>also, girl I was going to cosplay with bails, but I don't blame her, things were just not looking up for her. Just disappointed.

Wish me luck on finding a new room in nine days for not (by SDCC standards) a crazy amount of money!

>> No.9556972

Are you local to San Diego or just here as an exhibitor?

>> No.9556984

>How did you guys decide to get into Lolita?
I thought it was beautiful and different and really wanted to try it. It took me a while to get it right but when I finally did I felt more beautiful than I ever did so I stuck with it.
>Do you wear it daily?

>> No.9556987

did he book a hotel east of san diego?

>> No.9556989

I'm doing a taobao group order with some friends.
>my share for shipping comes out to over $100 because I bought so much

I've also cleaned out my savings buying so much this summer

>> No.9557011

Just there as an exhibitor, unfortunately. I live way up north.

It looks like north. I guess we're kind of near one of the shuttle stops, but considering I'm willing to pay more for something on an actual shuttle stop just in case I have to run to the room during the day, I'm still going to keep looking.

It's not out of the question if I can't find anything. My boss will just have my ass if I'm late.

>> No.9557025

>I've also cleaned out my savings buying so much this summer
I spent my savings on spraypaint and Wendy's. God I'm a disgrace.

>> No.9557028
File: 386 KB, 680x674, ekeDjdI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your savings was only enough to cover spraypaint and Wendy's
Is that really what you could even consider savings?

>> No.9557029

I spent $4,000 on Wendy's, anime toys, and paint since January.

>> No.9557030

I spent mine at the bar and on doughnuts

>> No.9557039

if its not to invasive which hotel because I thought most of all the SDCC hotels have shuttles unless you at one of the fashion or mission valley hotels.

>> No.9557045

It's one of the Mission Valley ones, so you already hit the nail on the head there. Just double checked, but it's not actually a SDCC hotel, either.

Don't want to say which one since I know he's finally started looking for roommates.

>> No.9557065


>> No.9557068

if your near the mission valley or fashion valley mall you have the trolley system its probably a bit of walk.

>> No.9557078

Are they on strike again? I thought Super Trudeu handled it?
> really am hoping for the postal banking system though

>> No.9557089

It said they were done on the 27th
but apparently not if my package hasn't moved for 2 weeks

>> No.9557104

My package has been sitting at an airport less than two hours away for the past two days.

Just give it to me already for fucks sake.

>> No.9557133

I'm in a state of pure disbelief right now

> Does the usual second hand site crawl looking for dream stuff
> Using FJ search while I'm at it
> My old dream dress pops up
> Ideal cut, ideal colorway
> Never have seen it for sale, wound up settling years ago for the second colorway at a scalper price and getting a damaged dress
> FJ says it's on Tokyo Alice
> Bullshit I am always checking these sites
> Check every page under brand name
> No dress
> Click FJ link, dress is there, for sale
> Buy it on the spot?

Is this real? This is happening?

> Typing this up, get emailed from FJ
> FJ confirming order
> Refresh page out of curiosity
> Dress is sold thank you :^)
> Check email again
> New FJ email
> "We've completed your order for the following item(s)"

I still can't believe what is going on. I'm expecting that "oh sorry Anon there was no dress/ this was something else"

>> No.9557144

I've really just been losing my love for lolita lately. Wearing it feels tedious and I only really enjoy the collecting aspect of it anymore. I've been thinking about just selling my wardrobe and using the money for more practical things but at the same time it makes me sad because lolita used to bring me so much joy and maybe if I was in a different city/comm i could find my love for it again.

>> No.9557204
File: 266 KB, 665x574, 1490596624265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What exactly is a /cgl/ thong?
What makes it different from a normal thong?

>> No.9557209

My scummy brother is on my last nerve. Sorry if its all garbled and messed up, I got no sleep because of him talking loudly and laughing until this morning.

>He has no job
>Streams all night talking loudly (sometimes really bad Engrish) and keeping others who have to work awake but sleeps throughout the day.
>Never lifts a finger to help around the house, but complains about one day where I didn't do the dishwasher because I was up at 6am and didnt get home until after 11PM to go and meet up with my dance group.
>Has a daughter, but talks down to her all of the time
>But thats only when he bothers to be around her, or has to. It was sunny out and he kept her shut in a room watching Moana for two days straight whilst he sleeps on the sofa. I eventually let her out and played with her.
>Ditches her with my parents who are at work all week and sometimes wont come downstairs until after 2PM, sometimes longer.
>He emotionally manipulated me into wrapping her birthday presents (Waited until he was about to go and pick her up when his ride arrived and then asked me to do it. She wouldn't have had things to unwrap if I didn't)
>I've not been able to consistently work on cosplay as much as I used to because she always wants to be with me because he sucks.
>He steals things. It started out with an expensive capture card and splitter because my OH got one better than his, then lied about having it. But since then it's extended to video games of mine. He's got hundreds but steals from my small pool so I notice.
>Be a complete pushover with a hate of conflict

I'm so sick of him and the way he takes advantage of myself and my family. My fiance is taking the wheel regarding the most recent stolen items because if I do it I'll start and I wont be able to stop myself from possibly telling him he's a waste of fucking oxygen.
We're saving up to move out and it can't come quick enough. It's such a shame because I love both of my parents but they let him get away with murder.

>> No.9557210

No, it was so much pain. I cried a lot. They said they could ref me to someone who would use anesthesia and ultrasound but he only does it once every couple of months etc. I've had an awful time trying to find a gyn to begin with. My first one on this trip said she wouldn't give me bc cos I wasn't married and bc isn't for deny god's will.

>> No.9557213

Is sucking your own nipples considered gay?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.9557218

>He has no job
>Has a daughter
>Streams all night
Your brother sounds like a winner.
I feel terrible for his daughter, please never treat her like a burden. You can't treat a child differently to get even with people like that, because really they don't care about the kid anyways so it's just the kid you're hurting. Sorry you have to deal with that.

>> No.9557221
File: 322 KB, 591x716, 1426457084693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw depression, social anxiety and possibly other mental health issues
>no friends, and too scared to dress in j-fash alone
I always tell myself when getting stuff "I won't have any problem wearing this, it'll be fun"
And then I get it and wear it out and get super nervous by all the looks, almost getting panic attacks
I've spent so much money on pretty clothes, shoes and stuff for lolita, and I've worn it outside maybe once
I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, I just want to be able to enjoy pretty clothes without caring what other people think

>> No.9557227


Oh dont worry, she isnt a burden at all and thats why I bend over backwards so much for her or promise to make time if I'm tangled up with something around the house. I wasn't able to talk about that in more depth because of chara limit, but she's more like the little sister I never had than a niece.
It's just sometimes I just really wish that he'd step up and say something like "lets go to the park while anon works on her magical girl!" or "Be careful, Anon has sharp objects out at the moment!" in the same way that I step in and take her off his hands for a bit when they're getting wound up with one another. My fiancé loves her to bits and will bring her treats back from work with him.
She's just so damn precious and I'm so upset that she got landed with someone like him. I try to make up for it by making little skirts for her from leftover fabric from my cosplays too and she loves them and dressing up.
She's 4 now but I might try taking her to a small local con so she can check out all of the people in the cool costumes and join in the fun.

>lowkey want to dress her up as a Mini Mercy from Overwatch. She'll sit and watch me play while commenting on how pretty the ladies are and asking if they're princesses.

>> No.9557230

if it is then so is fingering your own vagina

>> No.9557245
File: 99 KB, 723x691, 1499132787559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm glad that you're doing all that for them. Hits pretty close to home because I lost a child to a rather malignant woman and later developed unironic fatherly daughterfu feels for Kanna while watching Dragon Maid. It all happened quite some time ago, but the series made a bunch of unwanted thoughts resurface about never getting a chance to know who they'd become or being able to experience what you do with your niece. Going to a con recently and seeing the nonlewd Kannas run around being silly and smiling was like extra stabs to the heart. After getting back from that con, I discovered my extended family must have heard some of the story kid because my uncle randomly told me while drunk at a gathering, "You don't have forever to become a better father." Which of course, felt like shit to hear because there's not a chance for me to do anything about it now. I hope you get to watch them grow up and be the little sister you never had, anon.

>> No.9557259

touching nipples same as touching vagina, not gay
licking nipples same as licking vagina, totes gay

>> No.9557260

wear sunglasses. I find that it helps filtering out people's stares

>> No.9557323

>got promotion
>bought all kinds of dresses, including dream dresses.
>too fat to wear any of them. occasionally try on.
>tried on last month, nothing fit.
>can wear dresses that I haven't worn yet including dream dresses/high-tier wishlist items.

I could cry guys. I'm so happy.

>> No.9557364

Entering my sixth month of joblessness. Can no longer afford cons.

Maybe I should just sucking die.

>> No.9557366

So your life is over because you cant go to anime conventions because youre going through a tough time?
Uh, ok.

>> No.9557367

oh my god she needs to fucking suffer and burn for dragging you all people into her nasty pedo shit

>> No.9557376

Or maybe, MAYBE the word petite usually means super short & super skinny, you know, french originated description for a small-framed woman? Are you illiterate, ignorant or just plain idiotic? In what world does short and tall meaning the same fucking thing make sense?

>> No.9557384

My life is over because I'm 27 and useless. I've been out of college for five years and I'll never get it together.

>> No.9557387

uhhhh, I think you responded to the wrong comment anon-kun....

>> No.9557389
File: 1.44 MB, 1214x1109, 1469028962504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is not a /cgl/ related feel, friend.

>> No.9557392

Im the same age, anon.
I went through the same shit but worse. I have a decent job now.
Part of being an adult is toughing this shit out.
These hard times are just part of life.
And honestly if your biggest problem is not being able to afford Anime conventions, you've got it pretty good.

>> No.9557395

What did you go to college for?

>> No.9557471

Next hug I give her is for you anon. I'm so sorry to hear that.

>> No.9557496

Wow, that might actually be a good idea, thanks!
What kind of sunglasses works good with lolita? How do yours look?

>> No.9557551

I wear just simple black ones, luckily I wear mostly black. I can't really wear any fancy ones, because they'll look huge on me.

yesstyle has some really fancy ones, but avoid those heart shaped ones (because that's pretty much a reference to Nobakov's Lolita, and you don't want to draw any more attention)

>> No.9557555

More rounded ones, maybe with a very subtle cat eye, in cute colours. For the love of God don't wear red heart-shaped sunglasses (or most heart-shaped sunglasses in general) unless you want even more people than normal to think you're pedobait.

Over-ear headphones help too, if you're not in an area where you risk people yanking off your head to sell. People can't see in-ear ones from a distance but over-ear ones broadcast "keep away" pretty loudly. You don't even need to really be playing music, especially if you want to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe, but pretending you're listening to music is a good excuse to ignore catcalls.

>> No.9557556

Honestly her dad sounds so neglectful I wonder if it'd be easier to get her away or for someone to adopt her.

>> No.9557587

heart shapes sunglasses are on trend atm, this may be a time where you can get away with it.

>> No.9557595

I believe it is in reference to an older feels thread, where anons younger sister had her thong pulled/ripped by a rando at a con.

>> No.9557636

Maybe anon needs to travel? Example, I live in bumfuck Alabama but an hour away is a decently sized city that hosts a con, so it's reasonable to assume there might be people of similar interests there.

It's not convenient but that's the price of living in the sticks

>> No.9557640

Do it!!! It's one of the best things that happened to me

>> No.9557642

I thought it was a diaper thong reference.

>> No.9557643

no anon, just no. regardless wether it's a trend or not. for your safety, just don't

>> No.9557653

Anon I used to have anxiety really bad too. I used to be so afraid of other people I refused to speak in any class. I got sick of the shitty feelings so I decided to just throw myself up against the problem, consequences be damned. Basically I threw it in the "fuck it bucket".

Over time I went from literally incapable of speech to speaking in front of a large college auditorium. It took a long time but it helped my confidence in every way, and now I'm used to stares or whatever. I can finally wear Lolita out alone.

Just put yourself out there a little bit at a time. Wear cute shoes one day or do your hair nice. If someone stares it's because they weren't excpecting to see someone dressed like you, which makes sense. If they have any shitty thoughts then that's coming from their own life problems and doesn't affect you.

You can do it!

>> No.9557676
File: 106 KB, 605x650, 1379879892986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Prime Day sales
>Manage to buy some new workout shirts, a bunch of shampoo, and a PS4
>Bf is able to buy a coat and some golf stuff
>Still enough money left over to eat out at a nice restaurant for anniversary this weekend
>Might even be able to repair some old dresses on the cheap too

>> No.9557687

bitch please, you say that like it's an accomplishment to buy something from amazon.

>> No.9557688

Do it! It can be expensive, but its really fun. Don't be frustrated if it feels like its taking a long time. A year and a half in, I feel like I'm just now getting a wardrobe that I'm comfortable with.

>> No.9557768
File: 107 KB, 720x960, 19437529_1596343133770610_1824694530219765771_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or just a misspelling of "things"

>> No.9557779

Or when you get a bunch of broke, non-showering, stank, neet, parent-parasiting weebs trying to do a physical activity.

Just a thought.

>> No.9557784

She's poor and mooches off of her gf, what did you expect?

>> No.9557801

I'm really good at letting myself down

>> No.9557817

>"world's largest twerking contest"
What other activities are their at comms then?

>> No.9557818


>> No.9557819

You must be one of those people who works.

>> No.9557825
File: 59 KB, 600x427, IMG_1251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you're so lonely and bored you make an astrological birth chart for your usakumya russack
>tfw she has the same moon sign as your abusive mother and abusive friend

Fucking Aqua moons, how can I quit you?


>make a friend based on going to see a guest at a con
>will be my first con in like five years
>talk quite a bit, manage not to autism everywhere and things seem to be going well
>as soon as I change my profile pic to a more clear picture of myself she goes quiet
>replies with "that's great" multiple times in a row to stuff I say
>posts stuff but doesn't respond to me

What the fuck. I feel so fucking ugly and I know I'm "objectively" not but I'm already going through some ED issues triggered by the event and this reaction from her isn't helping.

>> No.9557827

damn son you objectively ugly and in denial

>> No.9557832

I'm not, I do have dysmorphia and constantly think I am ugly though. On occasion I'll gain a bit of confidence back but then something like this happens and I spiral back into nitpicking literally everything from my freckle on my cheek to my hip/waist ratio to thinking I have man legs from dancing.

>> No.9557833

Post pic

>> No.9557834

No, I admitted I have an ED and I don't want my followers knowing.

>> No.9557837
File: 50 KB, 500x375, 19894581_1763153163977247_5330030076682641190_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anons younger sister had her thong pulled/ripped by a rando at a con
Wtf is this? How young? Did they arrest the grabber?

>> No.9557838

Ate shit today. Twice. Looks like I got in two fights with pavement and lost. Because that's what happened. Worst of all? I fucked up my thumb and I have crafting to do.

>> No.9557839
File: 20 KB, 500x281, 1472917353874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to con
>Cosplay as uncommon character
>Girls keep coming up and asking for pics and asking what series I'm from
>Spill spaghetti
>they walk away

>> No.9557840

>do have dysmorphia/ think i'm ugly.
How about working on your self image instead of using excuses to gain sympathy on your insecurities

>> No.9557842

>I don't want my followers knowing.
You actually have friends. Or are you just a necrotic are everyone else in the world.

>> No.9557845

I'm trying but you do realize this is something most people who suffer from it struggle with their entire lives right? Why do you think it's so common to relapse into an ED? If I really wanted sympathy and asspats I'd post it publicly and have my followers feel bad for me but I'm embarrassed and trying to work on it so I'm venting in a feels thread.

Isn't that what these threads are for?

I mostly just post coord stuff and updates on products, I don't interact with them on a personal level and I only speak with one or two of them so they aren't my friends. I do have friends but that doesn't mean I'm not lonely. It's a mental thing.

>> No.9557847

>I do have dysmorphia
Do you? Or did you mean body dysmorphic disorder

>> No.9557852

Body dysmorphia/body dysmorphia disorder are interchangeable.

>> No.9557853

>this is something most people who suffer from it struggle with their entire lives right?
No not really it gets to a point where everyone accepts who they are. Some choose to improve further and others choose to accept it and be happy.
>It's a mental thing.
Nah either you are comfortable in your own loneliness or you are not and need interaction to get through life.

>> No.9557855


It's mostly myself and my parents who look after her and she's only here for half of the week. Her mum isn't much better and uses all of the days she has her putting her on day care and then it's her evening meal and bed.
In all honesty if they keep this up I can see myself being the one left to take care of her.

>> No.9557856

Nayrt but what? Dysmorphia is literally what people with body dysmorphic disorder have, that's the right way to refer to it. Are you confusing it with dysphoria?

>> No.9557857

Dysmorphia is an actual deformity on your body.

>> No.9557860

Alright, you clearly don't know what you're talking about when it comes to EDs.

As for the second thing, it IS a mental thing and your statement just backs that up. Why are you trying to tell me how I feel?

>> No.9557862

Body Dysmorphia.

>> No.9557867

Honestly, i feel the same way.

It's coming to a point that i was so dependent on the con scene and social media that the moment i left it, depression hit my like a kick to the groin. I honestly don't know what to do.

>> No.9557880

>Alright, you clearly don't know what you're talking about when it comes to EDs.
Sounds very necrotic of the whole thing
>it IS a mental thing and your statement just backs that up
I'm just saying you seem to be sympathy fishing for a more social out look than you have right now.

>> No.9557881

This is the feels thread where you vent and look for sympathy in your fellow anons. Are you new here?

>> No.9557882

>No not really it gets to a point where everyone accepts who they are. Some choose to improve further and others choose to accept it and be happy.
This is a stupid meme and I am sick of it. There is no magic period in anyone's life where they become happy or just suddenly look in the mirror and accept themselves. It doesn't happen when you turn 25, or 40, or when you get your first big girl job, or when you get married and have kids.

Many anorexics, once done with treatment, gain weight and say they are happy, post a lot of before and afters on instagram, but who knows if they really are recovered, actually mentally sound, etc. In fact, they're often overweight, not actually fit, and just as unhealthy and now promoting "body positivity" in a new, retarded way.

I have the same issue and struggle with an ED and BDD as well. Do you want to talk? I can leave some throwaway contact info if you need to vent more.

>> No.9557883

You don't get what feels threads are for, do you?

>> No.9557888

I try to make friends but whenever I meet someone that shows interest in me I feel like they're too high maintenance and ignore them. I have no idea why.

>> No.9557889
File: 1.23 MB, 1680x938, 1431802331342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lit. me

>> No.9557903

That's really sweet of you anon. I probably do need someone to talk to but as of the moment I'm not ready to go back into recovery and I don't know if that would be triggering if you're trying to.

>> No.9557904
File: 329 KB, 555x555, cutey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To this bored yes. It is curiously entertaining.
>This is a stupid meme and I am sick of it.
It comes with age. You have a choice to improve it if you want. The choice is always yours.
I'm going to guess sympathy fishing to make your feel better for your mistake because you can not accept the consequence of the actions you have or had taken. to lead to here looking for reassurance in your life. Due to others moving on with their passions and you find it challenging to even start doing that. So you seek help and advice. Or is it something completely different.

>> No.9557910

>it comes with age

this is bullshit because you can develop anorexia at any age.

>> No.9557912

Lonely neet pls go. You sound silly and uninformed about everything going on in this thread.

>> No.9557914

Holy shit you sound massively autistic. Please just go.

>> No.9557916

>It comes with age.
People of any age can have EDs, self-esteem issues, mental problems. You're reaching.

>Due to others moving on with their passions and you find it challenging to even start doing that.
Again, here you are implying that people with problems don't have passions, jobs, or other things going on in their life. I assure you that your coworkers and friends are probably struggling with their own problems and you don't even know it.

I mean, I'm not recovered at all, so. I just made this throwaway, but no pressure to email me if you don't want to: [email protected]

>> No.9557918

>to this bored
> b o r e d

>> No.9557924

>The choice is always yours
>You sound silly and uninformed
You are right but this is good research for people not to date.
Meh I'm sure people have the same opinion on you and maybe 99% of 4chan. So i'm going to just stay and enjoy.

>> No.9557927

Shit happens. O well

>> No.9557928

Research all you want, you're not going to find anyone to date with such a shitty personality and sounding as stupid as you do.

>> No.9557930

>the choice is always yours

You do understand what BDD is right? And you do understand that mental illness is not a choice, yes??

>> No.9557931

Are you Polish?

>> No.9557934

>People of any age can have EDs, self-esteem issues, mental problems
Yeap and develops over age.
>I assure you that your coworkers and friends are probably struggling with their own problems and you don't even know it.

I'm happier not knowing to be honest.

>> No.9557942

>you're not going to find anyone to date with such a shitty personality and sounding as stupid as you do
O well. Life goes on.
>you do understand that mental illness is not a choice
Like not discriminating cancer because everyone gets it.

>> No.9557943

Learn to spell and get educated on topics before sharing your opinion.

>> No.9557952

>Learn to spell and get educated on topics before sharing your opinion.
But I have spelled everything correct. And I'm sure everyone is educated. And this topic is mainly about emotions and dresses? I'am just guessing. Also anyone's opinion can be shared on an anonymous board bitch.

>> No.9557955

>but I have spelled everything correct

No you haven't.

>> No.9557957

Just a reminder to ignore the bait, report and move along.

In happy feels, I found a couple pairs of cute socks that will work for lolita in the Prime Day sales. Hooray!

>> No.9557980
File: 42 KB, 700x844, 18342463_1020723021392547_6591870082396207736_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some dude gave anon's 12yo sister a wedgie at the con and her thong exploded, or something. Happened at Momocon I think?

>> No.9557982
File: 395 KB, 577x375, real_existentialist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been trying to strike up a friendship with someone in my convention acquaintances circle. Messaged a few times on FB, liking each other's posts, etc. Suddenly nothing, I think maybe I said something awkward without meaning to. No real loss since there wasn't a friendship yet, but that person is cool and I'm sad thinking that i said something to make them not wanna talk to me.

>> No.9557983

> Orders finally came in
> Excitedly try everything on
> Everything makes my tits look massive

I need to try harder at losing weight. I want to be cute, not a cow

>> No.9558012
File: 97 KB, 257x377, 1495321114194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>12 yo wearing a thong

>> No.9558014

Yeah, i do. But my job is mediocre and i'm hoping to actually do something in my field

>> No.9558068

Not only wearing a thong, but dressed as a yaoi porn character iirc.

>> No.9558079

>want to go to a con
>realize that i only want to go to a con to connect with nerdy single females
>i'm nothing but a creep and i don't deserve to go to a con
>lay in bed in my parents basement doing nothing but wishing i wasn't such a creep

at least there's some merit in being self aware enough that i know i need to quarantine myself from the world

>> No.9558084

my exact situation but hoping to connect with males, not females.

>> No.9558093

it must suck being autistic AND gay

>> No.9558104

>tfw all I do at cons is connect with half naked males and compare abs while dancing naked together
>not even gay
God dammit all I want is a gf but its so hard to talk to women.

>> No.9558116

>want bf to do cute couple cosplays with
>too shy to talk to guys

>> No.9558118

you male or female (male) or born true female?

>> No.9558151

born true female w no social skill

>> No.9558154

Yeah right.

>> No.9558162

so unbelievable that a female has social issues?

>> No.9558168

unbelievable that a weeb female is single

>> No.9558170
File: 120 KB, 376x391, IMG_0409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>popular con coming up
>can't afford to go this year but will be going next year cosplaying Persona 5
>this year there'll be a bunch of persona 5 cosplayers there
>next year there'll be significantly less
I just want to make p5 cosplay friends.

>> No.9558171

i don't get out enough to meet new people, so it's not unbelievable to be single at all. how can you find someone if all you do in your free time is sit inside and watch anime?

>> No.9558176

because no matter what you do, as a single female there'll be guys hitting on you left and right and you can easily start a relationship unless you literally live in an isolation chamber surrounded by security

>> No.9558177

>guy won't leave loli lesbian friend alone bc he wants a cgl gf
>she's actually a lesbian not just saying it to get him to go away

>> No.9558181

>there'll be guys hitting on you left and right
well shit I must be a freak then. i've never been hit on, even in high school surrounded by people.

>> No.9558185

throwaway email? lets be friends, i don't care if you're an asshole

>> No.9558190

should be interesting.

>> No.9558202

ntayrt but it sounds like you're the one living in an isolation chamber m8, come to the real world and you'll find there are plenty of single girls and plenty of single weebs.

>> No.9558237
File: 13 KB, 126x188, 1498246210369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9558256

Please tell me how to find single weeb grills.I swear I'm very handsome

>> No.9558258
File: 144 KB, 180x180, ryukochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>used to watch My Little Penis with my 13yo sister
>cosplay main pony and her brother for a con
>fast-forward to now
>mfw we're going to see the MLP movie to celebrate her first year of college

Where does the time fucking go?

>> No.9558259

Do what the other guy here did and offer to buy chicks brand lolita.

>> No.9558269
File: 42 KB, 510x427, sad cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a part time construction worker

>> No.9558272

Fuck it's literally been 6 years.
What the fuck, I gave so much of my life to that.

>> No.9558274

Has this ever even worked out for anyone?
I have my doubts.

>> No.9558277
File: 74 KB, 618x926, IMG_5155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poorfag or no?

>> No.9558278

Shit, if someone offered to buy me brand while we dated, I'd date them. +1 get bf +1 get brand. best of both worlds.

>> No.9558283
File: 376 KB, 809x608, Goemon suicide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9558294


Just someone to hook up with, con raves. And lower your standards, beggars can't be choosers.

If you're looking for your waifu, you'll never find her. No real person can ever live up to a figment of your imagination that has no needs or real thoughts of her own. Best you can do is make a lot of friends and maybe one of them is someone you can live together with.

>> No.9558302
File: 30 KB, 300x235, same hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw, they're probably just excited to make a new friend and they want to get a good grasp on your personality and views before they commit to a good friendship. It's typically just that they're high maintenance in the beginning of the friendship before it evens out. Gotta stick with it until they've proven they're going to be bothersome in the long run.

>> No.9558359

My cosplay/congoing group is drifting apart before my eyes and I don't know if I even want to be friends with any of these people any more.

>friend no. 1 became an attention whore and spends all her time hanging out with skeevy otakus
>friend no. 2 got heavy into /pol/ alt-right bullshit, only got worse when she got a boyfriend even deeper into it
>friend no. 3 went the opposite direction and is headed into preachy sjw territory
>friend no. 4 never grew up and is still chunni as fuck, despite being in her 20's
>friend no. 5 became a NEET and now he barely ever leaves the house, even for cons

It's not fun being with any of these people, especially in public.

>> No.9558366

I would too. Best of both worlds. He gets cute gf and I get a bf to dress me up.

>but let be real that sounds like sugaring

>> No.9558376

why would anyone do that?
seems really weird to me to start off a relationship like that, so uneven where you have to give and they take.

maybe I'm just not desperate enough to be used as an ATM by some girl.

>> No.9558395
File: 372 KB, 270x135, 1408750020043.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got it anons. I got a room that's super close to the hotel and actually cheaper than the one my friend had originally booked (by a whole ten dollars, woo!)

Hopefully I just don't get murdered. I guess that was equally as likely with staying with my friend since he was getting randos anyways.

>> No.9558397
File: 118 KB, 800x549, mikuattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My biggest problem is that I'm a miserable failure, and if I have to live one more day as the moronic wretch I am, I may just end it all.

>> No.9558399

Nayrt, but OMFG you guys are so beyond cute, I'm unironically squeeing in my bed! I feel like fluttering rose petals at you!

>> No.9558404

Nayrt, and I actually mean this, but are you okay? Do you want to talk to someone or anything?

>> No.9558427

I'd like to be with them for more than just a nigh

>> No.9558463
File: 155 KB, 600x477, ech.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to change fashion styles
>want to sell all my sugary sweet burando to get $ for my new fashion style
>the demand for sugary sweet is really low right now
>like 60s fashion- paticularly go go styled stuff and mod dresses
>all the cool stuff has been thrifted and is being sold stained online for $50-$200 like its new and in mint condition
>anything I find cute online is wayyy to small for me or wayy too big

god I thought this fashion would be cheaper what the fuck

>> No.9558468

I'm currently switching substyles and am a little too into sugary sweet and am starting almost from scratch, are you selling anything anywhere online, I'm quite possibly interested in buying stuff, especially accessories.

Also, if you're into 60s mod stuff, try taking a look at your library and ask them about locating/possibly purchasing some of their older fashion/hairstyling/etc books from the period.
I donated my hair to wigs for cancer patients and dug up some vintage hairstyling books for when it was short, the books had how to do the curlers and everything.
Hope it works out for you!

>> No.9558472


I can buy a prostitute, how do I get a genuine relationship? ;_;

>> No.9558475

Sorry, meant to say "local public library" but try the local high school library too (when the librarian comes back from vacation in September) they love off-loading out of date crap, especially if you offer like $2 a book or whatever.

>> No.9558476

Realistically you'd still end up spending like 3-5k a year on a relationship, even with a normie. Bits of lolita aren't that bad, but the requirement of that to even start is quite absurd. Also if you're asking for a gf in the feels thread, you're pretty desperate buddy.

>> No.9558480
File: 147 KB, 685x964, 6bfdbd7f20a460f191ba4a0af568e716--friends-girls-mod-fashion[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haven't sold anything yet. I've noticed some of my dresses aren't in that great of condition and died a bit inside.
some normies threw drinks on my clothes.. twice. coffee and tomato juice. haven't been able to get it out but cant bring myself to throw these dresses away.
I've been considering just doing bundle sales to get rid of them, but its important to me they go to someone who will love them and not some ageplayer.

that's pretty solid advice. I'll make the push to get myself signed up for the local library.

>> No.9558481

Possibly not what you want to hear, but keep trying anon. Don't overlook shy girls either, we need relationships too.

Have a crappy emoticon heart: <3

>> No.9558482

>nobody flirts with me in any way, shape or form back in high school
>go to parties and have plenty of male friends and acquaintances but they all just go "oh anon you're like a cute little sister to me" when I express interest
>give up on dating and parties and focus on school
>get asked out for the first time in my entire life when I'm 22 and swamped by classwork
>suddenly other guys start flirting with me out of nowhere, at college, work and sometimes even randos on the street
>wtf where were you guys five years ago
Is this what being a late boomer is like? I'm slightly tempted to break up with my bf for a month or two just to see if interest from other guys disappears once I'm single again (for science!) but of course don't actually want to risk this relationship because it's pretty great.
I also didn't start wearing lolita out until after I started dating my bf so that can't have been the turnoff. In fact, half the time I get hit on is when I'm wearing lolita. I thought it was supposed to be penis-repellent?

>> No.9558484

I can't afford a prostitute. How do I find a genuine relationship?
How the hell do I pick you out?

>> No.9558485

Of course you'll spend a lot on a relationship.
But not on buying the other person bribes to be with you.
On dates and stuff you both enjoy, and the occasional gift, which needs to come from both sides.
I'd dump any girl who expects me to buy her Burando, without also giving gifts to me.

But Anon-chan, I'm shy too ;_;

>> No.9558486

also those posts are more of a desperate cry against the sugardaddy meme in here than asking for genuine advice, wouldn't mind any though, especially for talking to new people at cons...

>> No.9558487

OMG That is *so* horrible about people throwing drinks on you! People can be so horrifyingly cruel sometimes. Hopefully you're okay and weren't upset or hurt or anything?

My word alone probably isn't worth much, but I'm totally not an ageplayer/kinkster, I'm kinda feeling a little like a grandma-chan: a little too achey and tired to bother with sex, so I can gurantee a fairly sex-free existance if I buy anything!

>> No.9558489

lol, throw down some contact info and we can talk. I also have some fairy kei.

>> No.9558491

It's nice of you to ask. I just kind of resent myself for being so behind in life.

>> No.9558494

Shy girls are like spiders: you'll never even know they're there if you don't look in the quiet corners.

Realistically though, in the short term, try the friend-finder thread and maybe mention you're a shy guy looking for a shy girl. They might not make a post themselves but they'll be reading them, so maybe mention it's alright for non-posters to contact you.

>> No.9558496

...and now I'm shitposting for attention on a dress-up forum.

>> No.9558501
File: 114 KB, 753x479, alcsYu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbh kinda pathetic how you think it's impossible to do anything at all with your life. That's not how you turn it around. You need to be able to do things for yourself before anyone will respect you. At least come up with a plan, because other people had it much worse than you and have been more successful. It just sounds like you have a shitty pitiful attitude where you expected things in life to be easy and found out they weren't. You can at least be more productive than crying about yourself on a chinese carp fishing messageboard.

>> No.9558507

Try the advice in >>9558494 too for now.
Really, I shouldn't be giving relationship advice because I'm pretty friendless myself, but it's easier for people with interests like cosplay to find people who at least share that interest, after that it's a "sift out the icky peas" type situation, which can take a long time and feel lonely. You might never find someone *exactly* like what you're looking for, so it's best to look for friends, and then let it progress slowly into whatever may come, I would say.
That's probably my best advice at 4am. Have another heart though: <3

>> No.9558508
File: 602 KB, 963x720, 1459451944917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do girls have such a hard time making genuine friends?

>> No.9558509

anon, outside of making an effort to actually meet a girl, you need at least two out of these three things to get a meaningful relationship. wont be the perfect relationship, but it will be a relationship. If you are in school you only need one of the three, but will be expected to get 2/3 once you or the girl you are seeing is out of school. if you excell AMAZINGLY in one of the 3 ( rich af, hot af, legendary personality) you can get a relationship, but it will most likely be shallow.

>money (could be having a job, could be just having money)
>personality (a nice personality)
>looks ( be good looking)

no one exels in all three, and if they do they're either unicorns or most likely lying out of their ass.
from what I see of your personality, it needs some work... and lets pray that you're not NEET.

>> No.9558510

as a girl who keeps trying (and failing) to make genuine gal pals i ask myself this question every day

normies seem to be able to do it really easily and i want to know their secrets

>> No.9558512
File: 44 KB, 500x375, 1460070192717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can genuine friendships between women even exist?
I thought women always (subconsciously) compete with each other which prevents real companionships and leads to more cattiness.

>> No.9558513
File: 56 KB, 568x757, KAWAII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from a male point of view:

women have a much higher tendency to be backbiting cunts/weirdly incapable of dropping relatively minor issues/dramatic faggots.

I don't know any female classmates that still have friends from before middleschool, whereas I have had the same friend group since middleschool and past college.
This is more than anecdotal, males and female I ask have confirmed.

>> No.9558515

based off of the women in my life, it seems women are more likely to make genuine girl friends when they're older. maybe it has to do with growing out of that competitive instinct.

but i'm impatient and i want a lolita friend to be lazy and cute with while i have my youth

>> No.9558519

Neat! I think I did the email thing right, lol. It's a little too late at night/early in the morning for my brain to be working correctly.
Plus your image you posted is super cute! I can see why you like it!

Okay, hopefully I won't regret this, but someone I knew killed themselves, so I can't just leave someone who might be feeling depressed, or even just craptacular to be lonely without offering: my contact info is there, and if you really need someone to talk to, contact me.

>> No.9558520

I've been a NEET for four months now.

>> No.9558523

My female friends are the best and I love them. My friend group is majority guys so it's nice to have people to vibe with as well.

However I'm no longer friends with any of the girls from highschool- I wanted to be friends with them, and it turned out they all talked shit behind my back and generally disliked me as soon as I moved to another school for my last year. But highschool friendships often fall apart, it really varies from person to person.

>> No.9558527

Nice The Critic reference. That show was ahead of its time.

>> No.9558529
File: 722 KB, 245x136, stop fam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop being neet or you will die alone. not even joking.

>> No.9558532

>get job
>get married
>wife divorces you
>still die alone
sound advice f a m

>> No.9558536

If that's true then I can't have any real friends at all, since my male friends are always secretly trying to sleep with me

>> No.9558538

We all die alone.

>> No.9558539

if you managed to somehow snag a wife while still being NEET divorce is very probable.

>> No.9558541
File: 184 KB, 1920x1080, 1478702841696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right but, they're self admittedly a 27 year old MAN. They're not some confused teenage boy without control of their lives. They're a grown adult that's made the choice to sit around jacking off to cartoons rather than working towards anything meaningful in their life. They don't need pity from you because they've made enough on their own. They know what they need to do with their life without you even telling them. What do you think they'd want from you anyways?

>> No.9558543
File: 5 KB, 164x152, 13460759854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying you are attractive enough to make men want to sleep with you

>> No.9558544

Contact me, we'll be besties. You won't die alone.

Suck it.
(Not really, I actually hope you have a lovely evening.)

>> No.9558545

>wear cute clothes at home
>spend minutes to hours dressing up
>put make-up on despite not going out
Does anyone do this? Is this strange? I had a friend one time ask me what the point of that was if I was just going to stay at home and nobody was going to see it.
At least it helps me coordinate.

>> No.9558547

According to /r9k/ and some anons ITT it is impossible for any female to not have men lusting after them, even if they're fat and ugly. Which is it?

>> No.9558549

i don't leave my house much and i have too many clothes not to wear them, so yes. if i'm really feeling adventurous i'll walk out onto my front lawn and check my mailbox.

>> No.9558550

I hate AX as well, anon. You're not alone.
I'm really sorry. I have a friend who has that and it's awful.

>> No.9558551

>believing anything that comes from /r9k/

>> No.9558552
File: 14 KB, 316x230, 2b7c3fa29f1c35531870f46e64689aa71d7c5e5869f3f3a8b25b593ef6fb4b1e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


why would you lust after fat ugly chicks if you can fap to perfect 2d women?

>> No.9558554

Yeah you guys are right, also it's mostly my fault anyway, I just can't for the life of me, flirt, I do smalltalk, but never get interest across, and I'm way too shy to be blunt lol

that's nice anon-chan, but it should never be your responsibility to look after someone suicidal, in the end it's their life and decision. But it's still a kind gesture.

>> No.9558560

I've been through some really awful times, and some really lonely times, and have done things I regret. I know that sometimes just knowing one single living soul gives a damn can be really soothing even during the darkest nights and if that's something they need then I'm willing to offer it to them, even if I can't possibly offer anything else.

>> No.9558563
File: 356 KB, 572x380, O40do5r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> New cosplay requires a certain type of shoe
> Had almost the exact pair
> Donated it a couple months ago
> Can't find that type of shoe anymore because it's off season.
> Don't want to pay Taobao shipping for a heavy pair of shoes

It's not a big deal, but super annoying.

>> No.9558564

Are you a cosplayer or a loli? I'm both.

>> No.9558565

Actually, I'm studying psychology so someday it literally will be my responsibility.
That aside though, I just really like people, I find new people fascinating, plus I'm a walking encyclopedia and enjoy helping people with their problems so I don't mind people contacting me.
Plus I'm currently friendless too, so what can it all hurt?

>> No.9558566

i'm none of the anons you responded to but i'm wondering if you'd mind if i held onto your email. i'm a friendless sweet lolita going through tough times so it might be nice to talk

>> No.9558571

I'm a lolita, I've never tried cosplaying but I have some health problems (I rolled a convertible) but I have a crowd phobia too so I'm a little scared to go to a con honestly, but I'm working up to it!

Have you done a lot of cosplaying? It seems really fun and creative.

That's totally fine, I'd love to talk! I'm heading to bed right now so I probably won't reply until tomorrow if you send anything in the next little while. I hope you have a good night (or morning, looking at the time)!

>> No.9558576

Thank you! Have you seen a lot of it? It's currently on my re-watch list.
I'm a fan of Orson Welles as well (John Candy's version of him on SCTV is hilarious! The Liberace Christmas Special skit is awesome in general too!) plus I love roses, and all the good pseudonyms were taken and the idea just came to me.
(Sage for OT blog post?)

>> No.9558578

Yeah, I've cosplayed for four years now.

The Critic is one of my favorite cartoons.

>> No.9558583

Funny, you're the same person!
What were your favourite cosplays you've done? Do you have any planned right now? I'll have to check back tomorrow to see your reply because now I really need to sleep.
Have a good day, anon!

>> No.9558591

Got caught crossplaying by a guy I go to uni with.

>> No.9558593
File: 60 KB, 546x457, withhispenis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you can't find the perfect costume shoes in your size

My fav is Stocking, and I'm planning to assemble a Spider-Man. Thanks for the talk. Goodnight.

>> No.9559816

Maybe she was coming on to yo/u/?

>> No.9559951
File: 793 KB, 500x281, Inu-x-Boku-SS-Episode-6-gif-v2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, I'll look for some cute ones!
>avoid those heart shaped ones
>For the love of God don't wear red heart-shaped sunglasses
Haha yeah, that was what I was thinking as well
Headphones might be really good idea too, I have a pair of pink ones with some cute stickers on them
The sad part about that is that if someone wanted to talk to you (like maybe they're into j-fash as well, or just really like it) they would also be discouraged...
Oh well, I'm going to experiment a bit with this, thank you!
Thank you, but it really doesn't work for me. I've been in therapy about it for years, and tried a bunch of different methods. It is way, way better now than before I got help (I almost got panic attacks shopping at a grocery store), but going out in basically anything other than normal clothes still maybe so super anxious
I'm currently investigating if I maybe have something else, like maybe ADD
Thanks for your encouragement though anon, I really appreciate it
I know it's kinda pointless to reply because the thread is dying but I wanted to reply anyways because I got really happy for the help, thanks guys!

>> No.9561545
File: 239 KB, 846x370, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gaming event coming into town, not exactly a cosplay event per say but my group of friends cosplays for it and hang around observing the events
>One friend in group complaining about how they can't go to the event even though they're able to go on day one.
>Instead of going to the event on day one, they've convinced my other friends to go to Dave & Busters instead

This has been happening like every month now, where instead of doing something relevant to an event/con or do something new they always wanna go to Dave and fucking Busters.

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