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Old one (>>9536874) is saging.

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet:

We left off last thread with the release of Let's Go, Baby! and the vocal and dance showreels from Minty Pop Girls, whose debut single is going to be released in a few days. Both cringe and quality content welcome here, as are discussions about idols and odottemita in general.

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Minty Pop's Vocal Showreel

Let's Go, Baby!

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What do you guys think of this group? I've seen them mentioned, but nobody's said too much. I think they have potential, but need to work on being more in sync. Their Sunny Day Song preview is really messy.

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Obligatory terrible t-shirt design for terrible group. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWKzsUghcXB/?taken-by=vestiilya

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I think they're sweet girls. Their practices look a bit messy in spots, and maybe they shouldn't share practice videos for that reason, but I agree they have potential. It's hard to judge them accurately when they haven't released a cover yet. It helps that they're all friends IRL, I think, so there probably won't be a lot of drama/turnover/shit that ruins small idol groups. I hope they can continue to improve, and am looking forward to the first cover they release.

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I found another preview on the group's IG

Also, did they not clip off the sewing at the edge of their skirts or is that how this cosplay is suppose to be? I thought these skirts were suppose to be flowy.

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Their Eli seems to be pretty decent, at least compared to the other members

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They're supposed to be flowy, at least Eli and Umi. They didn't see the skirts properly. They're also supposed to have pleats.

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Those are most likely Bodyline's version of those costumes. I used to own the Eli version and for whatever reason, the skirt is sewn that way even though it should be a regular old pleated sailor skirt. (Potentially the cards make it look like the skirt should be more fitted to the legs? idk)

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My friend got the Rin costume from this set from Bodyline, and it was garbage. The skirts don't really have much give to them, even though they should be pleated and have plenty of movement.

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The skirts are pleated, they're sewn at the hem to make sure they don't come unpleated during shipping. You're supposed to seam rip it.

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Samefag, Nozomi is built like a midget and she looks totally lost

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Damn, I would not have guessed that's why they're like that. Oops. I ended up selling it because I had accidentally bought the wrong size but I was also very confused by how the skirt was made which contributed to me wanting to get rid of it. Thanks anon, I learned something new today.

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o shit. hmmm.

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Mijuku Dreamer dance cover from Aquarius (who did the Happy Party Train dance cover from a few threads ago)


This one definitely shows more practice than HPT. Hanamaru still looks uncertain and looks around at everyone a lot, even though her moves are generally in sync with everyone. I hope she can become more confident in her own abilities and smile while dancing, since her body language is really off right now. But overall it was a pretty good performance.

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What shoes do y'all like to dance in? Jazz shoes are my go-to, since they don't hurt my feet like flats or converse-style sneakers. I did musical theatre for quite a few years, so I'm just used to them.

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6 inch heels all the way ;)

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I practice in tennis shoes, since they have good arch support. Our performance outfits don't always use great shoes, so I have a pair of arch support sleeves that I wear under my socks for those. Makes crappy shoes a lot more comfortable :)

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I cannot believe people still do not look at Bodyline skirts and think "hmm this would look better if I removed these huge stitches." It's almost like I'm not on a board dedicated to cosplay...

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I have a pair of nike air maxs which are pretty good but I do sometimes use jazz or ballet slippers instead, depends on how I'm feeling. The costume we perform in right now has white ankle boots with a 2 inch heel and they are okay but they're from taobao and I find them to be a bit too narrow for my feet. Definitely only wear them for when we have dress rehearsals or actually performances.

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Let's Go, Baby! is so frustrating, like, just practice the dance and put more energy into your moves and the vocals ffs, it isn't hard

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There are a ton of people leaving really nice concrit on Let's Go Baby, I hope they take it all into account.

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Umi's moves are so off and she looks depressed

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Is anybody else bothered by the mismatched lip syncing? It seems like the Mari and Kanan don't know what the lyrics are and are just fudging it and then the Ruby and Hanamaru don't lip sync at all. I feel like if you practiced the song enough times, the lyrics should be well enough in your head that you can lip sync the parts that don't even belong to your specific character.

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Eh, not really. Lip-syncing is just a bonus for me, like if they can nail it that's great but I'm not gonna deduct any points if they can't. Lyrics are hard, especially if they're in a language you don't speak. You might have the general sound of the words in your head but that's not the same as being able to form the words with your mouth. And for a group that solely has stuck to dancing so far (nothing vocal) I don't think lip-syncing is super important.

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Chika really bothers me. Dia is cute though.

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Anyone have tips for finding places to film dances?

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Go scouting around your area? If your to lazy to leave your house, use the street view of google maps.

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yup I practice so many time with my group that the lyrics mouthing just come naturally personally

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Impressed with Minty Pop, I hope they succeed.

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Same, her face shape and the way that she lip syncs is annoying.

For lip syncing in general, my group tends to not do it at all for live performances because we tend to want photos back without the awkward expressions that are pulled while looking as though we're attempting to sing. So we hold off and emote enough during the performances, and film it later in our own time and environment while doing the lip syncing.

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anyone know how to nicely kick someone out of your group for being irresponsible, immature, annoying, and never practicing the dances?

asking for a friend

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...be a reasonable person and calmly explain how you feel?

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Not really a way to do that without it becoming dramatic, if the person in question is annoying and immature. No matter how nice you are they probably won't take it well.

My best suggestion would be to have the leader/person they respect the most take them aside for a one-on-one. Perhaps show them some recent videos where they're visibly bad compared to everyone, and ask the person how they and you can keep this from happening in the future. Maybe they're not good at learning/practicing on their own and they need advice, or a space to practice. Maybe they're too busy with other stuff - offer to have them be a part-time/side member where they only join you on certain dances and thus have less to learn? (unless you're a cosplay group and need the character for each dance).

If this doesn't work, you can issue the person a "final warning" which will probably piss them off, but will give them a last chance to shape up so they can't go around saying "they kicked me out with no warning because they're all bitches!" or something of the sort. And no matter what, be kind but firm. Don't be insulting about it, but let them know it's a direct result of their choices (the choice not to practice) that this is happening, not because of anyone's personal feelings. Hopefully it goes well for you all.

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professional love live group??

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that's actually some solid advice, thanks anon

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Hip hop sneakers. Supportive but still have enough bend to them.

>> No.9553688

They're gonna regret calling themselves that I'm sure.

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Ooh, those are something I want to look into! Any favorite kinds?

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Talk shit about said person to everyone else until everyone else hates her just as much as you do.

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It's a problem which is extremely difficult to deal with, because normally after the encounter they feel slighted and will often hold it over you, make it uncomfortable and usually leave. This is what happened with a few of our members.
What we eventually did was implement some rules. For example if a person hasn't bothered to learn a dance and therefore cant perform it in its entirety without the video for support then they don't make the final cut.
You can always tell who these people are from the final thing when you've filmed it and its a smack in the face to those of you who have worked hard to make it look good. Don't let one person screw it up for you and always look out for the ones who are willing to do the time because they won't put up with it forever.

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It bothers me that they call themselves jpop idols and they cover kpop dances...

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You mean the solo portions? It's a dance showreel, it's meant to showcase what they're capable of. If someone is serious about being a good dancer, it's important to be able to dance to a variety of music. Honestly this is the pettiest thing to pick on.

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Ok but 1,2,shine that one Canadian ll group uploaded a Pv and yikesss that honoka is.. so bad.. https://youtu.be/yzNEL7o03u0

>> No.9554442

I think they're all pretty lacklustre to be honest.

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jfc some of these girls are so ugly

>> No.9554458

Nico's eyebrows...

>> No.9554459

What they alone doesn't make what they do as a group invalid. They also don't call themselves jpop idols. They say they're an idol group based on Japanese idol ideals. Their group dances are Japanese. I agree with >>9554334.

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The honoka.. the hanayo too.. I think the only cute ones are the umi koto and rin

>> No.9554549

that nozomi....
the rin is good tho!
umi and honoka are passable
the rest ehhh

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I think they're better than the normal LL dance covers? The video have a nice montage and good quality, cosplays are good (some niptick) and the girls are more or less good looking?

I dunno, but this video is A LOT better than Stellure's, for example only in the video montage diference and background.

>> No.9554866

They aren't awful, but being the best in a pile of bad groups isn't really an accomplishment.

The video started out okay, until it got to the part where they form three lines.. It downgraded from there. No one was aligned properly, Nico didn't even try to make it to her line on time. They really should have worked more on perfecting the dance before filming a cover.

>> No.9555025

There were plenty of criticisms on their Bright Future MV too, but it doesn't feel like they took any of that into account when they made Let's Go Baby (except for autotuning their voices to be on-key which was one step forward, but everything else from the sloppy choreography, bland lyrics and vocals, and lame location took them several steps back.)

I'm curious how the other subunit's MV will turn out, but I don't imagine it'll be much better.

That's a bold claim. What makes them "professional" as opposed to literally any other Love Live! cosplay cover group?

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I'm pretty sure this is their other account for some reason but "We will be renting out a stadium for shows!" Again with the "professional" claim.

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I can already hear the lawsuits from Lantis

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why do they have two almost identical accounts?

>we will be renting out a stadium for shows

>> No.9555291

What is the deal with copyright infringement in New England? First >>9553038 and now this? Lantis must be having a field day

>> No.9555292

Not really but just make sure its not too big or too tight.

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>> No.9555343


Wow I thought the "professional" description was just a joke. Now I'm kind of concerned

>> No.9555364

Where are they getting the money to rent out a stadium? That is not cheap. Maybe they're rich and their parents are trying to help their little princesses reach their dream!

Honestly though, these girls are about to get sued the moment this is brought to Lantis' attention. Music, characters, merch. It's a field day.

>> No.9555388

My group has been thinking of renting out our studio hall for a show one day.. But a STADIUM? For an upcoming group with only 6 followers they want to rent out a stadium? Someone pass me whatever they're having.

>> No.9555441

>picking apart idol groups as if they're professional
Nobody's demanding professionalism or perfection from these amateur idol groups. I don't think it's too unreasonable to expect wannabe pop idols to spend more than a weekend practicing and to put some enthusiasm into their performances.

>the thing I like about net idols is that they aren't perfect
>it's nice to know you can still be loved with flaws
Even real idols are flawed, but they're still admired because they always strive to improve themselves.

>renting out a stadium for people to watch you do Love Live dance covers
It sounds like they want to put on a show similar to the LL seiyuus' concerts? Why not just stick to performing at conventions?

>Where are they getting the money to rent out a stadium?
They'll probably ask for donations to fund their performance...

>> No.9555844

That cover of blood, sweat and tears is poor, she obviously knows what she's doing but executes it so poorly it's just cringe worthy

>> No.9555892

I think what >>9553478 said is going to be your best bet but that really only works with people that are able to take critique/are sane. I know my group had similar issues with a member (less so on the not practicing/learning dances and more so on the annoying, immature, and dramatic part) We gave her tons of chances to improve her attitude but she just didn't even know how to be a normal, nice friend let alone dance group member. We were going to have a sit down talk with her to work everything out but she exploded on us in our group chat before we had the chance so I just messaged her and told her we were kicking out and that we were sorry it had to come to this. Sometimes you can't reason with crazy.

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Petra and Noora formed a group with a member of Dempagumi.inc and will be releasing a single and performing at idol festivals this summer. Good for them!
They're obviously damn good dancers, but I don't think I've ever heard them sing. I hope their performances will be posted online.


>> No.9556348

Your in luck anon! I was just about to post this!

>> No.9556384

What does everyone feel about the brand new idol group Magic Era on Instagram? Seems a little impractical. A bit odd we haven't seen their faces in my opinion, but maybe they're just doing singing? They say they've written songs already but they all say that lmao. The leader Faye is an absolute mess, read their story.

>> No.9556403

>talking about a newbie instagram net-idol with only 20 followers and 4 posts (mess drawings)
this is selfpost to claim attention or vendetta

>> No.9556425


As someone who have seen Odottemita groups with more money than Stellure's members due to their family BG I have to say good luck. They should start small like dominating the local Con Scene and work to establish themselves first before anything else. The only group who makes public appearances outside of cons here is EPS infinity and Elgin Park has a lot of well off families living the area. So far they have only appeared at culture festival stage and as part of several acts.

You can take a guess on who pulled strings for their daughters to debut on stage

>> No.9556435

Thank you so much! I was able to find another performance of theirs in the related videos:

They look great as always, and they even sound great too! I'm impressed.

>What does everyone feel about the brand new idol group Magic Era on Instagram?
Nothing... Never heard of them and there's nothing particularly noteworthy about them based on what they've posted so far.

>> No.9556459

Why are so many small idol groups like Rising Tide and Magic Era popping up? There is literally no need to start an idol group if you're not going to commit to dancing.

>> No.9556491

I think more than half of it is just idol culture roleplay at this point. How many of these groups popping up are just shitty Love live OCs? They shouldn't even be considered part of this thread unless they've put out covers or content, honestly.

>> No.9556498

Stop talking about no content net idols. You're wasting your time

>> No.9556655

I'm wondering if Novastars, a pretty big LL role play group, has anything to do with it. On Net Idol Confessions someone said that Novastars is "keeping the net idol community alive." If anything, they're stifling actual net idols and promoting crappy RP accounts.

>> No.9556658

I don't understand why a lot of groups that are just starting up begin by posting drawings of themselves and member profiles before they even have any content planned? Why not start out with a dance practice? Or actual pictures of the members. Then once you've done that make sure your passionate about what you're doing. Don't just do it because you see other people doing it. There's a lot of effort and hardwork that goes into it. If you're not 101% into what you're doing it shows. If you need help or tips ASK FOR IT. Look up stuff. Don't just take inspiration from love live, look at other real life girl groups. Consider different concepts. Not all groups have to look frilly with over done outfits and poofy skirts. If you want something to actually come out of what y'all are doing then you gotta not only put out the effort but think outside the box as well.

>> No.9556671

When is Yukapon making a comeback?

>> No.9556673

Any suggestions on how to get people to join a facebook group? It's just a general group about jpop dance. Think YoutubeDanceCovers but specifically geared towards jpop.

>> No.9556694

This. There's a lot of reasons why Minty Pop is better than Stellure, but one of them is that MP actually posts content besides art and selfies.

>> No.9556717

What do you do when the other person is a leader as well? We've been co-running a love live dance group for a while with a very good friend of mine but she has been absent from a good majority of the practices, is late when she does show up, always messes up whenever she's in charge of bringing/making something, and yet still wants to be in charge.
I want her to step down but even the thought of it would send her into a bitch fit.
Sorry for the blog post but damn I feel stuck.
I have never heard of this group...

>> No.9556759

Honestly, I've noticed that real life groups created by audition have more potential and better quality than groups made by a group of friends. Minty Pop for example was created by a man who had a history in music and production (from what I remember). I think girls 14-17 need to get either more help or need to stop until they do proper research. Idol culture is drastically changing and Love Live SIP doesn't reflect that. Love Live Shunshine doesn't either but musically is much more diverse. Actual idols are there for a reason. There's a formula for a reason.

>> No.9556806


At the minimum they need some people that isn't part of the group to do the grunt work. You are there to look good and dance well enough to not be cringe.

>> No.9556947


Why on earth did the Mari wear stripper heels?? She obviously isn't used to them, and they make her look even more awkward than she already does.

>> No.9556962

If anyone wants some good cringe, Nijimaru Idols is absolutely horrendous.

>> No.9556963

every time she nearly rolled her ankle i cringed in fear

>> No.9556998

Yoshiko looks completely lost.

>> No.9557001

I've always wondered why groups go to conventions and then choose to "perform" in the hallway. I get that this is Comic Con so it's not targeted towards idols but at least perform at a LL gathering or something. I just assume that groups that choose not to perform at a con stage, which is usually voluntary sign up, just don't feel like committing to a deadline and have some doubt that they won't have everything together in time.

>> No.9557071

>Idol culture is drastically changing and Love Live SIP doesn't reflect that
In what way?

>> No.9557190

Riko is hilarious

>> No.9557208

No con I've ever been to has had a voluntary sign-up stage space. The stages are usually reserved for main events, and dance groups aren't always given panels. Sure, they can perform one or two songs at a meetup or one song in a masquerade, but since a lot of dance groups are moving towards holding full-sized events where they dance to several songs, there isn't always space in a convention schedule for that, so they resort to hallway shows.

>> No.9557234


The expression Yoshiko makes when the shoulder piece falls off her.

>> No.9557301

Love Live is still very "traditional" idol. Big, frilly, cutesy, bubble gum. Idols these days aren't always that. In fact, idols these days for the most part are moving away from the overly cute picture of idols. LL basically relies on that overly cute image. These days, idol groups have many different forms of music and style. An example is H!P groups like ANGERME, MM, MomoClo, 48. They change as the tides do. Love Live doesn't.

>> No.9557319


I dunno, some of the cards do break the mould, but its not often. Their rock sets for example are pretty badass, and I wouldnt exactly put them under the 'cute' category.
And as much as it was a pisstake, they attempted to parody Kiss but ultimately it wasnt for them and it would have been pointless to try.
The key difference here is that LL are high school girls, and a lot of the ones youve listed have been around for a while and the girls involved have grown up and evolved, it makes sense that they'd change whereas the characters from LL don't because its all based within the space of a year or so.

>> No.9557331

I'm not talking about their cards nor the anime. I'm talking musically. Yes the cards break the molds but the cards are for the game. Music wise, a lot of the songs are the same.

>> No.9557429

Musically, they break the mold as well, though. BiBi and Guilty Kiss focus on more mature songs, and aren't really cutesy. Then you have Thrilling! One Way, Wild Stars, and even Daydream Warrior to an extent.

>> No.9557447


Not forgetting loveless world and after school navigators

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Their old hanayo looks so unfortunate in every single photo. I can't tell if it's the bad wig, the bag expression or both that makes it looks so awkward.

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>When pure horror look into your eyes and say:

>> No.9557506

I go to/assist a LOT of cons and I can see that becoming a thing, the issue is functionally logistics

>> No.9557508

I am >>9555892. One part I left out was this girl was delusional enough to think she was our leader and that she founded the group which was not true at all. She basically wanted the credit and perks of being the head of the group without all of the effort and hard work, seems like your friend is kind of doing the same more or less.

I know it's hard but if you want your group to benefit and thrive, you have to cut the people that are only holding you back. Obviously it's dependent on where you live but I'm sure if you're in a big enough city, if you held auditions, you'd find people leagues and bounds ahead in skill and willingness to help out. That's what we did and it really helped weed out the people that weren't going to put in the effort or didn't have the drive to improve.

I believe in you anon!

>> No.9557512

Idk if you can call this a comeback since she doesn't do idol activities anymore but she does make youtube videos about her life in japan.

>> No.9557513

She also has no rhythm. She wasn't in time with the music at all.

Why is Chika wearing Hanamaru's costume?

>> No.9557514

Because it's all about the roleplay. Playing pretend. Net idol is becoming the new EZ bake oven.

>> No.9557519

Ngl, but I get pretty butt hurt when I see brand new idol RP groups that already have 100+ followers, while my group has been working hard for months and doesn't even have 100 yet.

>> No.9557528

My group took months to reach 100 too but at least you know people are following for content and not just pity follows.

My advice is to follow back other non-RP groups that you guys actually like and to try dominating a certain tag, if you guys are a cosplay group, for a specific costume or song.

Would ask you which group so I could follow but that probably wouldn't be a good idea.

>> No.9557547

Yeah, that might not be smart, haha. Thanks for the advice, though, it's really helpful!

>> No.9557562

Currently 8pm in London. I wonder how soon Minty Pop will release the video. Even turned on notifications so I don't miss it.

>> No.9557743

Still nothing

>> No.9557874

Everyone likes to have front row seats for a car crash. I suspect that's what most of the follows are hoping for.

>> No.9557960
File: 187 KB, 1440x1337, 20170711_193948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Minty Pop's single postponed until tomorrow.

>> No.9557970
File: 399 KB, 1242x1066, You_Doodle_2017-07-11T23_42_26Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder what these difficulties are. Maybe unfinished editing or corrupted product? Normally I'd be a hardass with groups that don't deliver when they've announced a date, but seeing as they have had material and waited before announcing a date (as opposed to saying the date weeks before anything starts), I'm letting it go. I hope it comes out tomorrow or my patience will wane.

>> No.9557972

Beat me to it.

>> No.9558049


>> No.9558056

The vocals are disappointing, but the dancing was good!

>> No.9558061

Not awful, but not the best. The vocals were lacking, but I liked the choreography, even tho girl in the cinnamoroll shirt (Sophie?) was really off. A little sad they don't have the full song up.

>> No.9558070

Not gonna lie, I'm disappointed. The vocals shown in the showreel weren't there, the shots in the teaser seemed useless, the dancing was off (but still good), the costumes weren't used which made them seem like a waste. I kind of expected more considering the work that they seemed to put in but it's cute so there's that.

>> No.9558128

That's quite alright. The lack of smiling and lip sync bother me but it feels like nit picking because they're mostly in sync and seem to know their moves

>> No.9558142

I want Eli, Kotori and Umi to ditch the rest ou'd the group and do their thing. They're pretty, skinny, and dance good

>> No.9558147

The instrumentals are reminiscent of Dempagumi.inc which is cool. Vocals are weak but not painful to listen to. Dancing's okay but I feel like there could have been more to it- maybe a bit faster-paced and bouncy, and some changes in the formation rather than just dancing in place.

Overall, it's decent for a debut. Better than plenty of other net idol groups we've seen here, but still lacking compared to the best. I can definitely see them improving in the future.

>> No.9558165

Post it here

>> No.9558325

this seems like it would be a pretty enjoyable video if i could understand the other parts. I guess we're not really her target auidence but i wish she would've translated like she did for the english.

>> No.9558344

Turn Youtube captions on!

>> No.9558369

thanks anon! didnt think to check.

>> No.9558398

The Maki looks so awkward because in some shots she has her hat and then in others she's lost it to the floor. Could they really not re-record that version of the shot another time? Could she not properly secure the hat so it wouldn't fall off??

>> No.9558464

Tauri is new best girl.
The dance was extremely boring. No wonder they "learned" it so fast. The location was also pretty terrible. Why film it in front of an empty store front?
I loved their outros though. Cutest part of the video.

I think this was quite cute. If I were in the audience at the con, I would have enjoyed myself and applauded them. They look nice, also.

Be creative
Ask to use private property
Don't be afraid to have bystanders when you dance
Do not include the public in your footage

Come on, I think this is about as good as an average group of girls is going to get. The video quality is nice, they obviously took the time to get nice shots on a good camera. The cosplay is crafted well all around also.

Selfpost, anon. Let us know what you've got to give.

It's amazing how two pleasant looking girls can do such simple stuff and be so adorable.

Sounds just okay.

It's kind of a bummer they're wearing the same outfits

I heard this con was a shitshow

Why is that girl wearing a pastel potato sack

>> No.9558488

it's sad how hard she tries to still be relevant

>> No.9558741

Also Saint Snow and A-Rise. They're not the main groups but from the same series so they count- One is rock and the other is more dance/techno/mature.

>> No.9558800


They have exceptions ok, but don't forget all the big idea, Muse/Aqours is a tradicional cute, frilly idol group.
It's like if you say Aikatsu isn't about tradicional cute idols because they have some excepcions.

>> No.9558822

Exactly. An evolving style is COMPELTELY different than having a few exception styles. Like I said before, Aqours does slightly better than U's but point still stands that they are frilly idols and don't full relay idol culture these days.

>> No.9558864

I mean I think it's also a bit unfair to expect them to evolve like how real idol culture does over time. They are anime characters after all. The fact that Muse lasted longer than 6 years is pretty impressive but also not expected. Even though they did last for a decent amount of time, I think it's unrealistic to expect them to change considering that we all knew they would stop their activities at some point.

>> No.9558881

ok im going to be honest im a new lurker to these net idols but why does everyone have such low energy in their videos? vocals are breathy, dancing is lethargic... everyone is so... bad?? are there any who are actually high-energy and have good sound production?

>> No.9558882

Please keep in mind that my original post (>>9556759) was responding to >>9556658. It's not a matter of expecting the girls to evolve. It was a matter of how people who want to be idol fans ONLY look to Love Live for idol inspiration/ideas. I don't expect the groups themselves to evolve but with how one dimensional (for lack of a better term at the moment) the styles are, it's not a good formula for an actual idol group.

>> No.9558885

Because they're all amateurs and many of them are minors. The level of energy that makes a good performance is something that you get through a lot of practice; it's more difficult than it seems. Breathy, weak vocals are natural until you train yourself otherwise.

>> No.9558887

There are but they're rare. A lot of the girls posted here are under the age of 18 so when it comes to time, they're mainly dealing with school. Along with that, they don't have any kind of training and don't try to train themselves. There's also this mindset that trying their best is good enough when it's not but close to none every try to accept that they need to work three times as hard as they are or more.

>> No.9558896

Thanks, i guess I just grew up with a vocal coach and dance coaches who would have made you WERK so seeing this level of effort for something that they obv want to do and love is... disappointing? girls need the dance moms teacher to come out and bust their butts into gear

>> No.9558899

Ah, my bad. I think it may just be the ... era if you will, that we are in right now then if we're talking about why young people in this age are only looking to series/groups like love live for inspiration. I remember when I first discovered idols as a young weeb, it was because of groups like Buono! and Guardians 4 that I began to discover H!P and AKB. And the only reason I found out about them was because I was watching Shugo Chara and the like. Back then, the concept of "idol anime" was not super prevalent like it is now with maybe the exception of certain characters being idols like in Macross or series like [email protected] Those series lead me into groups that were apart of a larger landscape of idols. It just introduced me to a concept that I fell in love with.

If you compare to nowadays, specifically with love live or uta no prince sama or aikatsu or insert any popular idol series here, those shows not only provide you with an entire cast of characters to love and support with very few other characters that serve different purposes, they also typically have real life counter part groups that hold lives and have merch and do meet and greets and come to conventions etc. There's no need to venture out into that larger landscape of idols because those groups and shows can give kids now a days all the idol content they could want. Not to mention half the time they aren't real people, they're anime characters which are much easier to project your fantasies onto and what weeb teen doesn't want to roleplay as their favourite super kawaii and perfect bright hair coloured anime idol.

Sorry for the essay, apparently I just have a lot of thoughts on the theories of the evolution of idol love.

>> No.9559168

hey other girls from central PA, did we ever contact one another??

>> No.9559173

her eyebrows tho.....

>> No.9559205

>are there any who are actually high-energy and have good sound production?
Honey Hime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q7k6Tre_6Y
4TE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ae-1O7VFGg
Lumina Scarlet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvy7cdlWytU
I feel like I promote these groups every thread but they really do deserve more attention lol

Does anyone know what on earth happened to 4TE? They haven't updated any social media in over a year...

>> No.9559277

Maybe they quietly disbanded? Their site wasn't even renewed & redirects elsewhere.

>> No.9559312

Is it that sad to make a personal vlog? Get over yourself.

>> No.9559359

4TE is the only original jpop type group that I genuinely adored. I keep up with Micchi outside of the group because her dancing and cosplay are perfect. I actually found her way back when I first got into jpop idols so I'll probably follow her regardless of if 4TE continues. I can't believe she's posted dancing and singing covers online for 10 years which is probably why I can't think of any other net idols that can compare to her.

Were you the Party Time anon from the last thread? But also you literally described my life since SC and Buono were how I got into idols before getting into idol animes.

>> No.9559379

I haven't heard much from the members unfortunately

Also you forgot Gametime and Ai Na No from Oishii Project

>> No.9559388


wtf is riko doing

>> No.9559635

i never got anything

>> No.9559669

I know I posted this a few threads ago, but if any of you who have a group feel comfortable sharing, email me your group social links! I'm not a douche and I won't shame/post you here, I just genuinely wanna support you all. :)

>> No.9559673

woopsie forgot to drop email

>> No.9559741

I know wigs are cringy, but what about cosmetic contact lens and nothing else?

>> No.9559813

Tauri is actually a qt but that dance was pretty horrible. Way too boring and low energy.

>> No.9559817

was there a central PA idol group startup I missed?

>> No.9559902

What a waste of a good instrumental. Singing was bad, dancing wasn't even in time for most of them and the production value was shit... I expected something way less cringey.

I think everyone saying vocals are decent/not terrible needs to up their standards...incredibly weak and even the mixing was bad. What a let down.

>> No.9559916 [DELETED] 

kinda. A couple of girls in the central PA area were planning on contacting each other and seeing if they could set up a group, but AFAIK nothing has come of that yet.

>> No.9559920

kinda. A couple of girls in the central PA area were planning on contacting each other and seeing if they could set up a group, but AFAIK nothing has come of that yet.

>> No.9560382

I was not that anon, but when I saw that I was like, "Yes more people that share my love for old time H!P" haha. I'd really love for my group to be able to cover some of those songs but we only stick to one series at a time so I don't really see it happening. Although, I was able to get some of them to like less popular/well known series like aikatsu and pripara so we'll see what we can do next year!

>> No.9560413

random but i hate the ending to that dance, the awkward pause and pose is eh..

hanamaru was the only one who knew what they were doing/had the energy for it.

>> No.9560429
File: 1.08 MB, 984x1402, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.38.22 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is anybody going to this, this saturday? Seems like the idol cringe will be plentiful.

>> No.9560436

Decoloid is the only group i know from that lineup and there pretty decent. If your going, they will probably be the only group worth watching.

>> No.9560653

Does anyone have a mirror of Rising Tide's I Am Scorpio? It was hilarious.

>> No.9560762

The new members replacing Umi and Hanayo in Project Starlight were announced on their Instagram earlier.

>> No.9560778

Looks like "Zeus" completely ripped off the Aqours First Live logo. That probably goes to show they aren't really worth watching.

>> No.9560847

Amateurs. People who have no idea how to dance or sing pretending to dance and sing.

>> No.9560899

They were members of Wildness Stars, another Live Live group, before they joined

>> No.9560900

Wild Stars and Love Live, autocorrect is not my friend today

>> No.9560902

Wild stars and Love Live, damn autocorrect

>> No.9561079

didn't you have to audition for starlight? are you saying these girls willingly left their group behind for what, popularity? I see Wild Stars posting about needing four members...wow...I feel like that might have made the ones left behind feel like shit

>> No.9561120

I mean if terms of a hard working group that actually maintains nice quality performance and apperance wise, i rather ditch the group that thinks "we did our best" for the group that thinks "we want to do the best"

>> No.9561127

ok here you go

>> No.9561172

>their purses sitting on the bench in the gazebo in the Honey Hime video

I was going to laugh but it's actually pretty charming. They're more endearing than I expected them to be.

>> No.9561537

God I feel awful because they're honestly so sweet but they are so cringey. It's not horrible when you think about them as 14 y/o kids wanting to have fun with their other weeaboo friends but there's no hope for growth at this stage.

>> No.9561636

Exactly. I'm sad that they're probably never going to want to improve.

>> No.9561701

I saw wild stars at the a-kon maid cafe and they were pretty good

>> No.9561727

Does Boyish do like, boy idol songs? That might be refreshing to see.

>> No.9561731

they're not horrible, I was expecting much worse

>> No.9561754


In the mood for seeing some cover group performances at events. Anyone have any to share? Good or cringe.

>> No.9561773

what makes it even worse is that there are videos where it's clear a member isn't wearing shorts. I was watching some for the heck of it and was shocked to see flashes of underaged butt-

>> No.9561775

What... what was the donut part? I'm so confused.

>> No.9561784

Oh crap, I didn't even notice that. You'd think someone would tell them!

>> No.9561785

i was wondering why the chubby ones were wearing skirts a size too small for them but then realized this was the group that popped in earlier threads about the exact same issue. You'd think they'd fix it by now.

>> No.9561797

In the original dance there is a photo montage so I guess it is a time filler?

>> No.9561815


No doesn't seem like much of a change.
But I did actually enjoy this one as far as LL goes. It does get hard to mess up Start Dash after a while so. Kudos.

>> No.9561821

i just watched that one, they're definitely on the more in sync side of dance cover groups. Too bad if you look as some of them individually they just end up flailing at times.

Judging by the end of the video are their two best dancers leaving? if so then sadness.

>> No.9561839

>That American flag in the stage
Damm Amerifags

>> No.9561877

Kinda. They do songs by IDOLiSH7 which is a male idol group and rhythm game like Love Live I believe.

>> No.9561893

They left after that yeah. It was a while ago.

>> No.9561973
File: 124 KB, 640x981, IMG_1232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting ready to bring out the popcorn for this competition.

>> No.9561975


I know Zeus gets flak from previous threads. I mentioned them a couple of times and they are rarely positive. And yes their dance is cringe and their saving grace is they are a) Asian so mostly immune to the cringe complaints that other groups get and b) They arent as distant from their fanboys especially for a Mainlander Cosplay Dance group. If you compare them to Sigma since they made their debut in the same year as Sigma's first live at AR Winter with former member Hina

This is in comparison to Natsu and their little subgroups who are mainly CBC but they are connected to Vancouver's University Anime Clubs and Con Scene so more people can interact with them and not feel intimidated as the other cosplay love live groups in Vancouver

>> No.9562037

>If you don't have much skill, it's the idea that counts for you!

Then what the fuck is the point of the contest? To see who can out imagine everyone else?

>> No.9562084

Not to mention that you can do ~*anything*~ and it'll count as an entry. How do you judge a dance cover against digital art, or costume design against a song?

>> No.9562115

these contests are literally just instagram-follow ploys, isn't worth much attention

>> No.9562214

Eh, still going to watch it to see how many train wrecks there are. I'm in need of some nice, easily-locatable cringe.

>> No.9562300

Can't remember if I've posted this here before. This is a con near me. I find the girls quite charming. Maybe it's because I know we all live in butt fuck nowhere.

>> No.9562304

Those poor chubs. It's like they ordered outfits online in a pack, and they were One Size Fits Most. What is the one in jeans?

The flowers got me.
It's a nice cover. I wish we could see the size of the audience.

>> No.9562581


Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu from Aquaria. Some pretty obvious problems syncing up at points, but the energy is good for what is in my opinion a really boring choreography. I never noticed how cute and expressive You is!

>> No.9562682

This is pretty good! I hope this means that they're improving

>> No.9562703
File: 86 KB, 222x226, R_923_You.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to marry that You.

>> No.9562732

That You is so perfect oh my

>> No.9562748

>What is the one in jeans?
Isn't that a guy?

>> No.9562859

that you is so perfect. why does the most depressed looking least energetic girl always choose to be chika?

>> No.9562908

The redhead and black girl are kawaii AF. They have good energy and seem to be having a lot of fun.

I think the group looked nice because no one had terrible wigs. It's been mentioned in previous threads but sometimes natural hair with cute accessories looks tons better than color-accurate wigs that come straight out of the package.

>> No.9562921

I think natural hair is always best unless you're cosplaying a specific idol. How many real idols wear bright wigs?

>> No.9562980


Not many, discussed it with another Odottemita who do cosplay choreo. It is hard to dance in as you have to keep it on your head and less bloodflow from dancing a wig so performance suffers

>> No.9563071

I watched this when it came out but wasn't really able to go through it in-depth until now.

Instrumentals: REALLY good. Much more rock-heavy and energetic than I was expecting from a cute idol group, especially as a first song. I hope they continue to work with whoever composed it.

Dancing - I wish there was more of it! They didn't actually start dancing until the chorus, and that was a little lethargic. The musical interlude after the chorus had some stronger dance moves, but overall they needed to be a little more precise and also...brighter? in their movements. It felt like they had recently created the choreography and had only time to learn it, but not to make them sharp and punchy. They also should have put the strongest dancers in the front.

Vocals - Weak, but passable. They were all in tune and I liked the harmonization. I know how difficult it is to project your voice, so I'm not too harsh here, but I hope they put some serious effort into strengthening their voices. If they plan on singing and dancing during their debut performance they will need the strength.

Lyrics - appropriate for a debut song; they introduce the group and carry a message of excitement for what lies ahead. I also like the addition of cutesy Japanese words that weebs are likely to know. It echoes the way a lot of j-pop uses English words. But the way the lyrics fit into the chorus melody is...weird? It feels like they forced the exact lyrics they wanted into a melody that didn't really fit the cadence of the words.

Video - Cute! Good, HQ video, and they have a great sense of where cuts and scenes should change in a MV. My biggest complaint is that they don't include any dancing shots at all until the chorus. They should include some choreo in the first verse, since all the shots of them sitting and being cute are kind of low-energy. An outfit change would be great too!

Overall I think it's a satisfactory debut, but I'm looking forward to seeing them improve!

>> No.9563176

if they truly recorded with one mic why does everyone sound like a different quality

>> No.9563192

It might actually be her face tbqh. She looks like she is trying but she might be like me and just doesn't have a cute smile (which usually turns out weird or bitch face)

>> No.9563194


riko's face at 0:43 when she realised she fucked up tho

>> No.9563339

I feel this so bad. It's such a slap in the face when you have seven dancers who are working their asses off and come to every practice, but you know the final product is going to look sloppy because of the remaining two who barely ever show and don't even seem like they want to be there.

>> No.9563401

Why does the short hair/undercut girl look like she's flailing wildly? She has like... no control of her limbs. Instead of doing the moves neatly she just lets arm arms and legs swing around.

>> No.9563439

Because of the effects applied to the voice and the voices themselves. I have friends who record on the same mics but have two different voices. It makes the difference especially if it's not professionally recorded.

>> No.9564131

How Sophie gonna do bts like that.. I'm cringing so hard.

>> No.9564145

agreed, i don't see why people are praising this, it's a bit cringey. They aren't even in sync with each other

>> No.9564151


Related to Summerfest as I checked out the performances but do other net idol groups like Minty Pop have the following:

1) Personal Wota cheer squads
2) Handing out swag bags of Collectable pics of their performers like Zeus did
3)Fandom jackets.

Reason why is Zeus is going the full nine yards of promotion and their fans are loyal enough to back the investments.

>> No.9564152

I really like Miley and Kerry from Minty Pop the best. They're both super pretty and are likeable in a calm, grown-up sort of way. It's refreshing to see idols in their twenties not trying to act like kawaii kids.

>> No.9564159

Personally I would never make fandom jackets or any sort of merch until my group has the skills and content to back it up, lol. We have a few fans but it's cringey to make stuff like that for yourself unless you're already a quality group. I don't know if Zeus is, so I'll check them out later.

>> No.9564224


No need, I got you covered


>> No.9564250

the one in the white hat looks like she doesn't know where she is lol

>> No.9564264

one in the white hat needs to go or get gud

>> No.9564355

I went and actually looked at Zeus's page seeing as nobody else will and they're all cute asian girls


They seem decent too

>> No.9564358

Okay saw this and eh

Watched another one of their videos and their Kanan seems totally lost

>> No.9564413

Can I just say how over this group I am! I have heard horrible stuff about all of them! And anytime I have met any of the members they seem to act like complete snobs! The Mari acts like she is always drunk! The Riko looks like a dead fish no matter what photo you look at the Honomaru is stiff as a board and if she has taken a single dance class in her life would be a miracle! The Kanan needs to realise not everything is about her and dance like she is part of a group. The Ruby needs to dance less like she needs to be a perfect doll and more like an idol!

>> No.9564423 [DELETED] 

!!!!! . !.!!!!!.!

>> No.9564436


Wow, savage.

Why don't you post yourself doing better?

>> No.9564438


>> No.9564440



>> No.9564443

are you okay?

>> No.9564507

all this sameposting

>> No.9564531

Lmao which one of them bullied you in middle school, anon

>> No.9564578


I remember their full group live and their kanan and mari were pretty bad but that video look decent

>> No.9564627

Well let's be fair, the wotas seem to cheer for everybody just as much as they do Zeus. I wouldn't call it a "personal wota cheer squad"
facebook /joukazu/videos/vb.588728117823504/1787765151253122/?type=2&theater

>> No.9564689

I mean Kanan is the lead in Happy Party Train and third years are the focus of Mijuku of course she's going to stand out especially if she filled in the choreography gaps from the pv of HPT. If anything they're obviously a cosplay group and their costumes are amazing which is why they're so popular. Get over yourself.

>> No.9564779

Personal vendettas are bad things. Take a step back.

>> No.9564819

I like them too, Miley in particular seems so sweet but kinda pushes out, I haven't seen her in many vlogs/photos as much as the others.

I really don't like that Sandie though, she seems so arrogant for someone so mediocre. She has her own fan pages and just generally has an aura of being up herself...
I saw her at hyper Japan in the fashion show and walking about and I just got some seriously bad bitchy vibes from her... I can't explain it I just don't trust her one bit...

>> No.9564856

Delete this, holy shit.

>> No.9564952


Someone should mash this up with Lets go Baby and no one would be able to tell the difference.

It really irked me how one of the girls had a cat ear headband in some shots but didnt for others, but they put the clips back to back so it was glaringly obvious.

>> No.9565173

I couldn't for the life of me tell, but was Sophie wearing a Honey Cake replica in the new Minty Pop vlog, or was it the real deal? Something about the dress seemed off to me, but it could just be my overactive imagination.

>> No.9565405

You already shitted up past Australia threads with this nonsense. Is it your job to complain about Aquaria online? Do you even do anything else?

>> No.9565424

these shoes are cute as fuck

>> No.9565463

Sorry they rejected your audition lol

>> No.9565472

K-Pop and love live should never go together. Its the cringiest combination ever, even done in irony.


>> No.9565503

Wasn't this posted and discussed before? The overall agreement was yes

>> No.9565511

hi Aquaria

>> No.9565641

Haha nope just someone who can read video descriptions and has some knowledge of LL.

I don't see a problem with praising nicely made costumes especially when the costume maker even provides thoroughly written tutorials for free.

>> No.9565655


I would disagree on that, I would totally dig Guilty Kiss cosplay set doing a Dreamcatcher cover, this looks like something that sounds just like Guilty Kiss when they announced themselves as a metal/rock concept.


Or Bibi/Solge covering Sistar/Secret/2011 Diva group wannabe.

And Twice and newer groups in KPOP is fine for LL! since they share the same music/concept philosophy aside from the occasional performance that shows their music genre diversity by covering some random top 40 artist choreo.

>> No.9565665

I'm almost astounded by how many 'net idol' groups there are that are just accounts entirely full of Love Live OC drawings. Like, why call yourself idols if you don't actually do anything? You may as well just make RP accounts instead of deluding yourself.

I tried to find some net idol groups on Insta to share here but I can find pretty much only these LL rp accounts.

>> No.9565812

Don't forget the ones with the rare vocal covers of Love Live songs, haha.

>> No.9565822

Girl if you think this is as bad as some of the shit in this thread, you're insane.

>> No.9565847

agreed in my opinion it just gotta fit ,not any random kpop song

>> No.9565848

Ok I was expecting something horrible, this is pretty cute. But I like twice and love live so..

>> No.9565850

the problem is mostly nozomi looking like she wanna die the entire thing

>> No.9566773

Oh look Aquaria defending themselves again!

>> No.9566841

I don't see how that post is Aquaria defending themselves.

>> No.9566910

I'm curious to know where these thoroughly written tutorials are.

>> No.9566942

Their You has a FB page and the Aquarium cosplay tutorial was a pdf she posted there and the Happy Party Train tutorial is on her Patreon and also free. Both are around 30 pages with simple illustrations and actually covers all 9 Aqours girls so I really wasn't exaggerating when I said "thoroughly written."

>> No.9566950

that mess got a tutorial?

>> No.9566958


I think I had the opposite interaction, I think I spotted them at MCM and Miley had this resting bitch face whilst the others seemed really nice.

>> No.9566964

I hope the "mess" you're referring to is just the dance cover and not the costumes, they are pretty well constructed and the tutorial is for sure thorough.

>> No.9566979



>> No.9567016



>> No.9567071


Shit son, thats amazing!

>> No.9567080


Well at least they made their own outfits and not buy it from Taobao and just customize it to fit.

>> No.9567125

Damnnnn, this is so detailed. Props to them.

>> No.9567153

this is really impressive. she really is the best person of the group in every sense of the word

>> No.9567155


Costumes are pretty but they certainly have construction faults. The skirts look like they just have elastic on the top with no waistbands which you shouldn't be able to see anyway but some of the shirts are too short. Half the skirts look half as full as others. The hat's clearly weren't secured down enough. The LEDs flickered and barely worked. Riko's sleeves are too short while the Hanamaru's are too long but her costume is ill fitted everywhere.

>> No.9567503


ah yeah tought it was about the dance, my mistake

>> No.9567570


>> No.9567613


oh my god I can't stand when dancers just decide to fix their hair during dancing video/performances

and some of them just decide to do it the entire time ffs

>> No.9568296

I'm gonna call it now
That fat girl is "trans"

>> No.9568315

Damn who sat through this for a full hour at the con... I couldn't get past the cringey opening statements.

>> No.9568384

Ah yes, the flannel tied around the waist, the classic kpop cover dance attire.

>> No.9568457

Everyone looked like they wanted to die during Massara Blue Jeans. Also is that Atsu?

>> No.9568571

Seriously, why is that a trend? It confuses me so much.

>> No.9568827

because they see kpop idols do it in practice videos, thus making it the "cool" thing to do


>> No.9568835

>tfw I can finally sing
>tfw new job doesn't allow idol time

>> No.9568859

Makes perfect sense now, thanks!

>> No.9568862

But they realize those are practice videos, right? You don't wear practice clothes to a serious performance. Even dance cover groups that don't adhere to a frilly "idol" style still make an effort to look sharp and cohesive in their covers, like such.

>> No.9568930

Are there any good Idol groups in Australia?

>> No.9568979

I also think it has to do with insisting on wearing leggings to perform in and so the flannels hide your butt. They also slim you if you're also wearing a croptop.

>source: my uni's huge mostly kpop but also jpop/cpop dance club

>> No.9568983

Are you located in Texas? This sounds exactly like majoirty kpop with jpop/cpop dance club

>> No.9568991

No, Ohio. If I had to guess I'd say we have about 50 active members and 50 inactive

>> No.9568997

Same with our club. The only thing is alot of people, members and people wanting to join, have shown interest in performing j-pop but the club is so focused on k-pop the club leaders and president don't take any of that interest into consideration. Its probably the reason why people stopped joining and members stopped coming. Its the reason why i stopped going.

Sorry for the soapbox but i'm tired of k-pop. I really never got the appeal since its sounds 100% exact same like american music but sung in korean. No offense to anyone who does like it.

>> No.9569029

Wow mine is like yours in the good timeline. I was the only jpop person on the organization board and it was so frustrating always reminding them like "hey...I know practice videos are hard to find but I know how to read and search in japanese...there's this new group called blahblah...". The new president is an otaku and listens to everyone so things took a turn for the better and now we have so many Japanese students participating, it's great.

I have a love-hate relationship with kpop. By now I can find the differences from it and American pop, but they are slight, and it's even trendier and samey amongst itself and I hate flashy Korean superficiality. But the dances and production value is so fun to watch...

Sort of on-topic and related, I've noticed an increase of videos on NA Youtube by avex, which is great. Part of the reason why it's so hard for idol dance cover groups and clubs like ours to dance jpop outside of anime idols is because of retarded Japanese copyright so thanks avex, learn from the kpop industry.

>> No.9569040

Avex is one of my favorite things right now, since I don't have to worry about Realize! disappearing overnight while I'm in the middle of learning it.

The only K-Pop I've ever liked has been from Girls Generation and Orange Caramel, haha.

>> No.9569072

There's a lot I really dislike about Kpop.. The culture around it mostly. Idol culture can get pretty creepy in Japan, but the absolutely terrifying and obsessive nature of Kpop fans and the culture surrounding groups (the superficial stuff) really beats it out.

I also really hate American pop music, yet I still find myself enjoying a lot of Kpop idol groups.

I think what really draws me to Kpop is that groups are actually talented. Plenty of shitty singers can make it big in America and most pop stars can't even handle good choreography. Kpop artists train and it shows. Even if I don't like the similarities to American pop. the impressive vocals and choreography keep me listening.

That said, I'll still always be a filthy, idol-loving Jpop fan, first and foremost.

>> No.9569093

Dude, there are tons of shit voices in kpop, it's a little koreaboo to say otherwise. I don't have names because I don't listen often, but on a couple I've heard and thought "wow, this girl cannot sing". There's a layer of fakeness to it. Plus the girl rappers are so nasally.

Anyone can dance if they train from being a kid or teenager. If you run the same dances over and over again like the robot you are you'll perform well. Talent is not looking pretty.

>> No.9569158

A lot of this is way more biased than what the person you're responding to said. It's not koreaboo to say K-Pop vocals are better than western because for the most part they are. Keep in mind that K-Pop isn't like J-Pop where you learn singing and dancing equally. In K-Pop, if you show proficiency in Rapping or Dancing as opposed to Vocals, that's where they're going to train you more and harder which is why some girls have shit voices. One example is HyoYeon song SooYoung from Girls Generation. While I love them to pieces, their voices aren't the best despite having to improve, but that's not their strong areas anyway. It's rapping/dancing and dancing. As for the rappers, there's plenty of K-Pop rappers that aren't nasal.

And that "anyone can dance if they train from being a kid or teenager" is also kind of shit. There are shitty dancers who may be one of the best vocalists within their group (focusing on GG still, Tiffany is honestly said to be the worst). She's been doing this for a young age and the same goes for J-Pop. Some girls have been doing it since early teens and still aren't the best and then there's girls younger who do the same dances better but that's because dancing is their strong suit.

And then there are people who aren't the best and probably the worst. SoHye from I.O.I for example. As much as I love her, she was absolute shit at the start of P101 and slowly got better but she also wasn't training to be an idol in the first place so her growth is pretty exponential.

>> No.9569160


>> No.9569204

Or, you know...they might be trained for whatever position they have and STILL be shit and untalented. I know Korean girls are perfect and I but still

>> No.9569266

Oh no, trust me, there are tons of awful singers in kpop. In my experience, there just tends to be a significantly higher number of talented or proficient people.

Call me Koreaboo, but I feel comfortable in arguing that the top ten Korean pop artists right now are *generally* more skilled in singing and dancing than the top ten artists in American pop right now.

>> No.9569322
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Opened a new thread and I made a mistake so I'm moving this to here, whoops

Hoshi Teruko changed her name again.. and shes starting another idol group??
It is going to take more than just a simple name change for her to improve on her singing and dancing. This is the third time she changed it too?

1st? - Hoshi Teruko
2nd - Hibiki Harukaze
3rd - Reed Kitsune
4th - Saya Akahoshi

>> No.9569324
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Adding onto what I said before

I Looked up her idol group "Trickery".. link provided


I find it baffling that shes really set on becoming "professional". I dont know how the hell thats going to be accomplished with the skill level and experience that she has.

>> No.9569342

Nobody even said Korean girls are perfect. Did you even read what I wrote?

>> No.9569537

That audition form is so not thought out at all, how does she expect to be able to create a professional idol group when she can't even make a google form that makes sense?

>four more female members ages 15-17.
An incredibly tiny age range filled with people that most likely don't have the time, money, or experience/effort to dedicate to a group? Perfect.

>Best way of contact: mail
Seriously... is somebody going to actually say they want to be mailed info about the group? Why would mail be their preferred form of contact when they're signing up for the group online through a google form?? Honestly, somebody that has a PO box in New York should request info via mail and see what happens.

>> No.9569617

I hope she means email, and just forgot the "e". But seriously, who starts a group and doesn't even ask for previous experience?

>> No.9569688

Fat chance. The choices are "email, phone, mail".

>> No.9569774
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Sometimes I wish I was an idol and it gets to the point where I just want to go about it but I realise I don't have the strength to just dance around in the outfits that idols wear.

Can anyone post horrible performances to make myself sure I would never seek that path.

>> No.9569809


>> No.9569823

that Honk is a super cute dancer but did she forget to clip in her ponytail or something?

>> No.9569856

Honestly the honoka is the diamond in the pile of crap that is nijimaru

>> No.9569870

Probably not lol. Everyone's too obsessed with being the New Famous love live cover group, and the only ones who aren't awful are aquaria and amuse.

>> No.9569898

There's 3 that I enjoy, but that's because they are good cosplayers and actually put in the effort to make their costumes and they make them well.

>> No.9569932

yeah but do they dance well

>> No.9570147

the real question

>> No.9570281

It's a wonder how some of the better love live groups actually manage to get 9 girls to consistently show up to practices. I recently joined one and it seems like that might be a huge problem.

>> No.9570426

For one majoirty of the members in the better love live groups are not underage.

>> No.9570689

Yeah, but even that doesn't seem to make a huge difference (Some successful groups have had younger members?). People can be super flakey. I've experienced that in almost every cosplay group I've been in.

>> No.9570696
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>tfw every cosplay dance groups didnt realize the message of the LL! Movie and Sunshine.

>> No.9570702

Wasn't the message "let what makes you unique shine, instead of trying to be like other groups"? If so, that doesn't really apply to cosplay groups because they're not original idol groups putting out their own content. If they were and they were still trying to be like Muse (cough cough Stellure), then it'd be more of an issue.

>> No.9570709

Is the fattest one even part of the group/

>> No.9570795

MIRAI TICKET performed by Aquaria


>> No.9570824

>In the mood for seeing some cover group performances at events. Anyone have any to share? Good or cringe.
This is way WAY high-caliber compared to what we usually discuss in these threads, but how about this idol dance cover competition for university students? The competing groups and the event itself are really impressive.

>acknowledges how naive she was in her previous attempts to become an idol
>still convinced that she can become a professional idol in Japan
>not only that, but also thinks she can lead a group of 15-17 year olds to becoming professional idols too

>> No.9570843

Holy shit those university girls are amazing. I feel so motivated just from watching the videos.

>> No.9570935

god they really need to work on synch

>> No.9571228

yeah she is, just look at their other videos

>> No.9571230

Yep I was there.

>> No.9571232

Not for the one in the white shirt.

>> No.9573426

I'm not sure if I'm the only but I'm sick and tired of seeing new LL groups everywhere! They are literally all the same and they get pissy if they're called cosplay groups instead of a net idol. They think they are net idols when they are performing as anime characters and 9/10 dressed poorly!

>> No.9573603

help my friend's LL group has a terrible name and I want to suggest a decent name but I have no ideas

>> No.9573913

Throw a dictionary at them.

>> No.9573915

What is it?

>> No.9575035
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Local group posted thier set list for a con they are preforming at. I'm cringing at this graphic design is my passion bs. Not to mention they only got in bc the con is desperate for panels. Another love live group is performing their too, with a maid cafe for some reason.

>> No.9575053

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