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Previous thread. >>9546535

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!

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JFC, I want to be Instagram famous so bad. I keep posting pictures of cosplay and toy photography, but I still have fewer followers than girls that do stripper cosplay.

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the obvious answer is do stripper cosplay

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Stripper toy photography,
Imagine a gaged Thomas the Tank engine
You'd corner the market.

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I am male and would never pass for a trap.

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Male stripper then?

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Well with that attitude you won't.
The first rule of being a trap
is to BELIEVE in yourself.

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>sneaky zebra recorded me and my friends at AX
>they uploaded a vid
>we aren't in it

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For once I've got a good one.

I got a job offer during AX, an insanely cool one, and unless something catastrophic comes up I'll be taking it. A company in the industry is opening a branch in the US for the first time, and I'll be running it. Among my responsibilities will be running a booth and coordinating cosplay, I'll probably end up working with some of you guys.

I'm nervous as all hell, though. It's a shitload of responsibility, and though I've been in management positions before it's never been on this level, nor has it been in the anime/con world. I hope I can do it well.

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My mom's a tailor and I never got a chance to pick up sewing and feel like I missed an opportunity.

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I got drunk at a con this past weekend and let some guy finger me in the hallway. Definitely not my finest moment but +10 for him maneuvering around 3 pettis

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Nice! From this I feel like I probably know you irl, so congrats from a friend and best of luck!!

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Details? You don't need to tell us who you or they are, I find stories of being scouted inspiring.

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Make unboxing videos in your cosplay.

Then strip your cosplay.

Corner two markets at once.

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Haha thanks! Now you've got me wondering who it could be though.

It was sort of a "stars aligning" kind of thing. They're a business that does merchandising and marketing in the industry, and they span genres in a way that fit perfectly with my history and skillset. The contact it came from is an old friend of mine from the Japanese cosplay scene, we met years ago (close to a decade) through another Japanese cosplayer who lived in the US for a few years and now he's working at this company.

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I'd have to get back in shape for this tho.

I'm too doughy.

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>buy dress set on lacemarket, used
>BNWOT version of the set turns up, $140 cheaper 2 weeks later
>just kill me.

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That is interesting. The Wheel of Fate spun in your favor.

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AX was pretty shitty this year. Too many normies and memes, 500 of the same cosplay each day, no one bothering to talk to other people, just a quick snap and run off to the friends they already brought with them to do the "OMG! Look who I just saw!"

Also; Saw JNig in person for the first time, holy shit she looked busted.

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I think about killing myself a lot because I can't find a decent job in my field. I turned 28 today and I'm still a complete failure.

Cosplay as a hobby is the only thing that's kept me even mildly un-depressed. It's a good feeling, getting con attention.

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What field and area?

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Graphic design.

I work at the airport.

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I feel ya. Anything in the visual arts is a big gamble.

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>been without any income, job or school for a year now
>applied for multiple jobs, nothing ever came of it
>starting school tomorrow full time
>just got a job offer from my favorite nerd shop through a friend, full time
>all of my ughs

The good news is that the shop is interested in having me and might still want to hire me part time once I've gotten used to school.

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Having worked in graphic design immediately after college and fucking run for the hills to another field a few years later, I'll just say that even if you get a job in the field, you're likely to not feel much less frustration and dissatisfaction. You'll likely be underpaid to begin with, undervalued, and constantly hear "well, I could do that at home" from clients.

Use your job at the airport to get a leg-up elsewhere, or start doing freelance stuff on the side if you're really intent on making it in design. Even if you're just doing logos for friends of friends at first, start building a portfolio and apply anywhere you can. The best design jobs are within branding firms, in my experience. If you can get in with them via freelance, you'll be good. Having to interact directly with customers is bollocks, but more likely the lower level you start.

Avoid design jobs attached to press or print shops if you can. They're a last resort because you'll likely get tagged as a CSR/office bitch in addition to design duties. They also typically require an NDA, so any original design work you do for them won't be usable in your portfolio, and most of your job will be typesetting.

I wish you luck, anon. And hope you're able to find your ideal job.

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>babbys first time as meet's host and am younger than everyone so, like, actual babby's anything first anything
>lot of people coming but still manage to plan out a flexible schedule for everyone to get in on the action
>house is big enough for many day guests and commonly deemed suitable for everyone anyway
>people say they want a tea party and lots of treats so I spend the time and money I can to put together a nice table of sweets, simple food and whatnot
>meet day happens
>I get constantly ignored even when trying to speak about semi-important stuff I was _asked to speak about
>suddenly people wanna go outside to a fancy cafe ..... wait what?
>"we have the same things here though? right?" and am just wondering what about the tea party they all seemed kinda excited about
>well, everyone goes to cafe and around the town including me because I don't want to get left out
>feel like I'm in the sidelines the whole time and people just seem to want me gone(?) even though I don't really say anything
>meet ends
>house is a little messy and a lot of extra food
>feel like I'm a boring pain in the ass and actually cry like the secret crybaby I am

I never want to host a meet again. I thought I could handle it and people seemed really nice and understanding prior but I was wrong. I'm so embarrassed about everything, and I even wonder if I was delusional about the whole thing somehow. I know I don't have that many leader qualities, but damn. I was ASKED to host that meet. I was ASKED to. I cringe when I remember that day, it was so embarrassing and I embarrassed myself by being so naiive.

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>"well, I could do that at home" from clients.
I hate these fuckers

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Oh, anon. I just want to hug you. Good effort.

But never host a meet in your own home. Unless it's a swap meet, don't do it. It's not worth the effort, at all. Next time you host a tea party meet, just arrange it at a nice high tea at a hotel or similar.

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>know my sister has a crush on this guy I cosplay with
>decide to ask him about her
>message him "hi"
>he's typing...
>he sends me a gif of a naked woman tied up, getting soccer balls kicked at her tits
>"Sorry, that was meant to be a cat waving."

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Holy fuck lmao

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I'm trully sorry, but that made me laugh out loud.

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>Dream dress comes on sale
>Had the money for it yesterday but not today
FUCK, now I gotta sell shit asap

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Cosplay mukbang
Cosplay ASMR
Cosplay Let's Play
Cosplay dance covers
Cosplay clickbait

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I want to see someone fit and combine all of those in the same video/stream one day. Imagine.
ASMR mukbang. In a cosplay. While playing a dancing related game. With clickbaity thumbnail and title. I'm dead serious.

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They should unbox the food at the start, strip at the end, and shave their eyebrows just for the extra views.

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From last thread:

You going to magfest anon? That's when I'm planning to bring it out, but I might have it together for a local con in November as well

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I never understood why people worship pro cosplayers.

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>just found out today that japanese actors (including a big favorite) and a band I love are at Japan Expo
>the thought they'd ever come to Europe had never even crossed my mind and since this week was my graduation ceremony, I never even bothered trying to make plans to fly for JE
>now I won't ever have another chance to meet them or at least see them live

I've cried already, I'm really upset. It's such a stupid reason to cry but I highly doubt they'll return anytime soon or even at all. They're so damn close and yet so damn far. Even if I managed at some point to fly to Japan for a show instead, it would be shittons of money and I don't even know japanese to book the stageplay tickets in the first place, let alone get a chance to meet the actors.
I feel like shit, I'm an incredible moron.

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it's the 'zomg so random xD' thing that make people think Jessica is cool. I don't get why either, she's like the soccer mom of cosplay.

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>getting to meet David Hayter
>getting David Hayter to sign my Patriot


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How long ago was this?

>> No.9550463

It's happening in August, I'm just hype for it already.

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Oh. Which con? Man, I wish I was an MGS fan earlier, I could have gotten an autograph when he was at AX.

>> No.9550478

I know the exact gif you're talking about. Jfc.

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Oh my gosh anon that is too sad. Maybe in time, it wouldn't hurt to try to get closure by asking someone from that meet what exactly happened. Maybe it was a miscommunication issue.

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I'm sorry anon, your comm is full of assholes.

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>work stress and general anxiety means I inadvertently clench my jaw a lot
>never thought it was a big deal before and didn't notice I was doing it half the time but it turns out this is why my jaw's got squarer and less kawaii recently
>can't afford botox or custom-fitted tooth guards to fix it, trying to consciously relax my jaw but can't prevent myself grinding my teeth in my sleep

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>friend commits suicide the weekend before the con I was expecting to see him at.
>friends who are working the weekend there were roommates with him.
>I feel nothing but a sense of "what now?"

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Boston Comic Con

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Shock makes these things hard to process anon, it's to be expected. When a close relative of mine OD'd I didn't really take it in until a week later, it just seemed like another shitty thing in a string of shitty things that year.

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Woah, either you DO know who I am or you just unintentionally made a really great pun.

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I am feelin' down because every time I try to join a community, I'm reminded how boring I am. I know it's not important, but I always (shallowly) wished for people to think I'm cool or whatver...and my posts never have gotten much more than 30 likes. Like damn, that's the lowest I've ever seen on CoF. No one gives me feedback, either, even tho I ask.
I'm not ugly, my coords aren't bad, I'm just...boring and asocial.
I'm a big boohoo baby I know but MAN a lifetime of being second-rate grinds on you. I have a useless degree, a dead end job, and I can't afford to leave my parent's house. I just want to be something, man.
(Am 23 btw. At least I have my youth lmao)

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My fucking sides

>> No.9550892

I'll worship you if it makes you feel better.

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Dw, I've seen lower on CoF. Only for really ita coords though. If it makes you feel better, my personal worst is 39, and a lot of my earlier coords got below 100 if they were in boring/unpopular substyles, even though nowadays a lot of what I post gets 300+. It's funny because the outfits weren't actually any worse than my current ones, but once I got a better camera and started taking nicer pictures the like count shot up.

Does your photo show your full coord? Does it show it from the preview or do you have to click on it to see more than half the outfit (if not, mirror/collage it until it's at dimensions that will be instantly viewable on Facebook)? Are they well-lit enough to see details? Are your poses really unflattering?

All of these things can destroy the like count of coords that are otherwise fine, as can being fat, really ugly, or an obviously non-passing brolita (some of the time, other times they get pity/bravery likes).

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You could start by changing up your word choice

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Are you a girl though

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Your comm sounds like a bunch of lazy people. Also the one who suggested they go to a cafe didnt have the guts to host a meet. She used yours. Well f them. Just keech off their meets. No one can say you didnt try.

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I'm pretty much the mod of a dying comm. The old comm died a while back and some of my friends who were in the old comm decided to make a new one along with me. The three of us are the mods, and there are others in our group. We keep trying to make events, but only the three of us show up. Its fucking horrible cause we want to have a thriving comm and make bigger events like fashion shows at comms and large tea parties, but if it's just the three of us its impossible to achieve those. Doesn't help that our country is really small and a lot of people are moving out (hence why the previous comm died out). We're in the process of creating a facebook page (apart from our group) and making events in local cons to see if we can attract more people. We're even focusing on J-fashion in general to get more than just lolitas, but so far our game is weak and it sucks honestly :( I love hanging out between the three of us but I just want to make bigger events and meet other lolitas too yknow.

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anime money will help you get back out on that mountain pass

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I sent my mom a cosplay music video I was in, totally forgetting that it has close-ups of asses twerking at various points.

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Coming from someone that gets 1k likes normaly, its the fucking same, the world is a lonely place.

>> No.9551332

They're up there in my most hated client types. They're second to the people who decide at the last minute that they want something COMPLETELY different, and get pissed when you tell them it'll cost extra because they already approved initial proposals and drafts.

My boss used to let that type have the redo work for free, every damn time, then get mad at me when I told him that we'd be taking a loss, because I can't redo a week-long design job in 5 minutes, no matter how much he yells.

"But you already have all the content typed up!"

Yes. And none of the formatting, or photos, etc. ready.

Plus the client will have to proof it, again. And they might change their minds, again. (they usually did)

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average around 800-900 likes and i'm still worthless and wanna kms. likes on a photo are just likes on a photo. doesn't mean any of them actually care about you or would pay any attention to you outside of that single instance. think of it like this: how do you feel about every person whose CoF photo you've liked? it's so easy to just click that button and scroll down, right? does that person actually matter to you every time? probably not. it's just a blip in time. that's how i see it at least. people see a photo, they like it, they move on, and they forget about you.

for what it's worth, make sure your photos have good lighting and that people can see the entirety of your coordinate. pose in a flattering way. take lots of pics and choose the best one.

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My Putumayo JSK arrived in the mail today- I was super worried it wouldn't fit as i recently got a Putumayo skirt within my measurements but it's unflatteringly tight around my giant hips.

But it fits perfectly!! I'm so happy, I look super cute in it. And it's not too short like I feared it would be either. This has motivated me to tone up a bit so my hips slim down a little and I can rock the skirt too!!

>> No.9551371

Link that shit

>> No.9551379


>can get gf/dates
>specifically want a goth loli gf though

Pls gib

>> No.9551384

Maybe when I get my 6' amazon to breed with, I'll help you out

>> No.9551404

good on you

>> No.9551405

I'm an ausfag unfortunately, chug that milk and get bulking though anon, you can do eet.

>> No.9551415

Why do you specifically want a lolita gf? Like are you actually interested in alt fashion or is it a fetish thing to you?

>> No.9551416



>> No.9551419

Same for me. I'm interested in both. I would love a girl who enjoyed wearing beautiful and elaborate dresses all the time and also big dresses make my peepee hard.

>> No.9551421

Does it have to be a gothic lolita?

It seems like most guys I talk to that want a lolita girlfriend always like gothic the most. Why no love for sweet?

>> No.9551423

I'm not the original guy but I do like sweet and all varieties of lolita. I'm into interesting fashion really and I love victorian style dresses probably the most. I do prefer gothic because it just appeals to me more personally but I enjoy sweet and other styles as well.

>> No.9551428


Alright, I'll retract that goth bit. It's just what came to mind first. Sweet is perfectly acceptable.

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Okay, what you do is join a comm. Wear your mother's dresses to meetups and masturbate in them. Then pressure underage girls into discussing sex with you, make sure to tell them it's for "research" and have them answer on camera while wearing lolita. If they say no be sure to make call out posts on tumblr, before repeating on your next potential kawaii loli gf.

Works every time.

>> No.9551438

Sounds good but really how many underage girls with no income are going to actually be lolita? I'm genuinely interested because it seems counter intuitive that a kid with no money and parents who definitely won't understand would be able to pursue this interest. I'm not trying to find underage girls or anything just interested.

>> No.9551440

Plenty of teenagers have jobs. Other's get an allowance to spend on whatever they want. Bodyline, taobao and second hand brand are not that hard to save up for.

There are minors in pretty much every comm as far as I can tell.

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>tfw look pretty masculine. Decently attractive but masculine
>wish I was more androgynous so I could pass as a decent girl
>wish I could dress up in girly clothes and lolita because I like the look
>wish I could go out in public wearing that stuff and not be totally obvious from a distance I'm a dude
And to top it off I'm not even gay so even if I did do all that stuff I might get gay male lolitas hitting on me or something. Not that I'd be offended at that but I don't want people to assume I'm gay just because I want to be girly.

>> No.9551460

getting assumed you might be gay is part of the territory when you're a male in a predominantly female fashion.
You have to not give a fuck.

>> No.9551461

I know. Just sucks.

>> No.9551463

I want to kill myself everyday and I have for years. I'm going to out of state cons and joining cosplay groups solely to cross off bucket list items, knowing that I could lose my resolve and off myself any moment. It just sucks cause I can't even enjoy these things. I guess if I could, I wouldn't need to die.

>> No.9551466

You probably need medication. See a doctor. There's nothing shameful about taking medication. Some people really need it.

>> No.9551476

i'm probably in the minority but my parents bought me a bunch of lolita when i was a minor. i joined a comm when i was 15 and i had already accrued ~40 brand dresses by then. the comm i'm in still has minors who usually saved up their cash. it's not unheard of. stay away from the kids pls

>> No.9551495

Im a male trap and get away with it every time, but cant cosplay widowmaker, raven or jinx(My favourite gals) because my upper lip sweat is noticeable when I have face paint on

>> No.9551506

Anon what general region are you in? I know a handful of cis/het/just-occasionally-gender-nonconformist dudes between lolita and the drag communities, and if you're near my comm I'd happily help you achieve your frilly dreams.

>> No.9551509

Texas but I'm far too beta and ashamed to even attempt. Thanks for the offer though.

>> No.9551532

I always do "couple cosplays" with my friend, and not so much just the love interest ones but friend ones too.
Problem is I dont have a job so I make all of my stuff, while she orders everything online. For the most part, something will always be off about my outfit due to me making it, or ill look generally mediocre, but then she complains about her own cosplay and how she looks bad.
It annoys and upsets me, because if she thinks she looks bad, how do I look?

>> No.9551541

Not super on topic but I have nowhere else to vent this

I think my family is going through a bad point with money right now. I bought dinner home for everyone tonight and everything was labelled wrong and my dad ended up eating half of what I ordered for myself which is no big deal because I ordered a bunch of sides that i often get in place of a meal anyway but because I couldn't eat what I ordered for him(dietary) he is refusing to finish anything and not believing the sides are enough. I'm just having a premature midlife crisis because I don't have money issues my income for my age is quite substantial but I know my parents wont accept any help from me but seeing my dad turn down food is kind of heartbreaking as well because it makes me question if he's skipping other meals too.

Does anyone have any advice for this? How do I parent my parents?

>> No.9551543

Be thankful you still have your youth anon. I'm approaching 51 and my life is a shitshow.

>> No.9551550

I feel you anon. I'm not too masculine, but not very androgynous either. All I know is I would look like shit if I tried to dress up in cute clothes.
I've been trying to learn how to do makeup to see if that can help at all but it just seems so damn hard. And even if I looked decent, I don't have any friend's who are into lolita or anything and wouldn't really know how to start on my own.

Maybe I can be a trap in my next life.

>> No.9551555

Something ive learned from being a trap, never judge your look until you put lashes on, they can litetally make a look 10000% better

>> No.9551577

Anon idk how to help. I'm in a similar situation. My mom fucked her own business over by being an argumentative Trump supporter to her customers last fall and is jealous of my salary which is now almost double hers.

Are your grandparents still alive? Or your parents' siblings? That's my next move. I'm going to appeal to them to talk to her and get her to seek help.

>> No.9551599

Holy shit that's surprising (and lucky). I got into lolita when I was 16 but I saved up birthday/Christmas money for it. I had a part-time job towards the end of HS but it was like 4 hours a week so I didn't make much. Mostly just had Bodyline/Taobao and a tiny bit of second-hand brand until I went to college and got a better job (bear in mind that this was like, 4-5 years ago, so Bodyline was much cheaper than now and the second-hand market hadn't dropped to rock bottom prices yet). My parents didn't like lolita so there's no way they would have paid for anything directly.

My first comm and the comm I'm in right now only have a couple of underage lolitas (who shows up to meets, there might be more I'm not aware of), but in another one I know it's like a quarter of the comm.

Solid advice for lolita and make-up in general desu, I notice this with a lot of YouTube make-up "gurus". Even if their blending/whatever is mediocre the final look looks put-together once they put lashes on.

>> No.9551603

Same anon. My mother is super into lolita and is super enthusiastic about all of it. I got into lolita I was probably around 15-16 and by two or three years i had a full 50+ main piece wardrobe.
My mom is very petite so she even wears my clothes sometimes, which considering shes bought most of them, i dont mind. She even checks the auctions lmao, its great

>> No.9551606
File: 13 KB, 128x128, JPEG_20170522_223619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see a new cosplay photo set in a lovelive group I joined.
>You look so sassy!

No, no, they look like they're channling grumpy cat. Like, at least fucking TRY to smile.

>> No.9551609

Im tired of grump face too, if it suits the character you can do it, and not to say a character won't be caught pulling that face at one point, but if its an idol, really? Put some characterization into your cosplay

>> No.9551769

Everyone is always way more critical of their own flaws, so it really could be that she legit thinks her costume looks bad while she doesnt even notice the flaws in your cosplay.

>> No.9551868

I'm male and I love sweet. I don't really like gothic very much.

>> No.9551886

Sweet only, I don't want a heartless goth woman.

>> No.9551933

Because goth fashion is hot and lolita fashion is lovely, so when you mix the two you get the greatest thing ever.

>> No.9551966
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> tfw just bought whip magic

>> No.9551987

>Just came back from a con recently
>usually never interested in panels or events
>always did extravagant group cosplays with my group
>big group cosplays are always planned for the biggest day of the con
>was getting really bored of just standing around the whole con just to take pictures these past couple of years
>con decided to have a fuck ton of good panels and events this year
>asks group to skip out on group cosplay for a day and reschedule to another day because of an event I just HAD TO GO OMGFUCKME
>group decides to be super passive aggressive the rest of the con
>finds out it's be cause I missed group cosplay on the biggest day of the con

Like shit man, I'm usually an easygoing apathetic bitch that doesn't do much besides cosplay at cons now. Can you blame me when a con finally brings in something relevant to my interest?

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if you ever move out to southern California the comms here are super chill about that so hit us up

>> No.9552045

also, having been cosplaying since 1999 and sewing costumes since before then, i fucking guarantee you nobody notices 90% of the mistakes you know you made. you only know they're there because you made them. Cosplay communities haven't been kind to ebay-chans; I'm guessing your friend is self-conscious around YOU, anon.

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File: 46 KB, 500x330, tumblr_inline_o82jkz9drx1r36zvb_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm fine being tall outside of cosplay, but being tall fucking sucks when all the characters you like are on the shorter side or even average. All my friends are short too, so I can't even look small in comparison to them.

It's a minor issue compared to shit other people deal with, but it always annoys me.

>> No.9552196

The comm here is really shit, and doesnt care if your cosplay is bought its all about canon. It also has gone pretty fucking stale, to the extent of there only being like remaining cons in my city (the capital)

>> No.9552214
File: 664 KB, 621x621, 1496693203754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>left /fit/ in 2013 or so because it became a cesspool
>found anime, started cosplaying in 2014
>trying to get cosplay suggestions that fit my body
>not trying to be the half naked dugtrio, or kamina, or (generic shirtless male)
>Get called a manwhore and gb2/fit/ anyway

>> No.9552217
File: 111 KB, 640x690, IWY0dLh_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bruh I'm in NorCal and I wanna trap it up at AX next year hook a fampai up

>> No.9552238
File: 65 KB, 640x640, memeslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend's brother is single and depressed. Should I introduce him to the girls in my comm?

>> No.9552261

We all have to parent our parents a little bit eventually Anon. My dad does this, too, in fact we've been in this same scenario. In my case, it was more out of concern that I would have enough to eat of the food I ordered/wanted/bought. If you're able to and have that kind of relationship with your parents, maybe try talking to them about your concerns! That's always my first step when I'm worried about my parents. The hard part is not coming across as patronizing to the people that wiped your butt as a baby.

>> No.9552262


You know the rules about bringing snacks to class. You're gonna have to share.

>> No.9552287

I remember reading the exact same post like a month ago.

>> No.9552289

Nayrt, but I wear some pretty out there jfash and other stuff so I think it would be neat to be with someone that also wears absurd things. Also the lifestyle aspect of it and the tendency for lolitas to lean towards femininity seems to be a better deal than some of the other lifestyles involved with the nerd/weeb culture. It's worked out decently in the past for me so there's that as well.

>> No.9552300

My bf wasn't seeking out a lolita gf specifically but the dude loves sweet. Imagine a manly man t-shirt and jeans kind of dude getting giddy over pastel vomit.

But you have a point, most guys I've talked to who "like lolita fashion" (air quotes because some just like the girls who wear it) prefer classic and gothic. I think sweet is almost threateningly cute to them and they wouldn't be brave enough to be seen with a walking birthday cake. Some can't handle the stares or manage to have the same level of IDGAF. Sweets deserve better than that!

>> No.9552305

Only if you dress him up

>> No.9552319

I'm so happy my man loves my pastel vomit AP style all the while not fetishizing it.

>> No.9552323

I met a girl at a con and tomorrow we are going to meet up for the first time outside of a con to shop for cosplay and lolita stuff.

It'll be nice if a relationship forms out of it since I have been single for 4 years now, but even just a friendship would be nice.

Wish me luck.

>> No.9552330

Be careful about dating lolitas. Multiple times a day they release foul-smelling air from their anuses.

>> No.9552357
File: 1.98 MB, 380x350, jesustakethewheel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>about that time for my yearly taobao order
>a few items to finish up a coord that I wanted to put together
>maybe a few wigs
>I'll look around for some cosplay pieces too, just in case
>find store of lolita accessories that I love
>depressed af and retail therapy is my true love
>pic related

Other feel
>I'm the brolita from the last thread who's nervous about wearing lolita in public
>on recommendation of a fellow gull, I did make an IG account... but I haven't started posting yet
>trying to decide how many stickers to cover my face/phone case/identifying things in background is too obnoxious looking
But thank you for the suggestion, it really made me happy and hopefully I'll get the courage to post soon!

>> No.9552358
File: 90 KB, 660x495, wtfcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see a good cosplay for sale on Facebook
>mfw "panties included"

I don't wanna wear your undies, dude.

>> No.9552362

I wish more guys wanted lolita gfs because of genuine interest for fashion. I love talking about/making clothes. But the best I can seem to find is either guys who don't really care what I wear or guys who treat my fashion like a fetish sex costume.

>> No.9552363
File: 66 KB, 1893x347, partyfart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9552364
File: 50 KB, 342x720, NoodlePhase3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make sure you post your instagram in the instagram thread once you start posting.

If you want to cover your face, you could wear a mask like in pic related. It could look good.

>> No.9552365

tfw when you are the ugly one who can't dance in your cosplay group but they don't kick you out cuz you're nice :')

>> No.9552367
File: 61 KB, 702x960, dvadewdorito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the best posts on this sub. Can't believe it's almost a year old.

>> No.9552368


I'm a girl and I think it would be cool to have a lolita gf cuz I've always found it beautiful and interesting but I'm not dedicated enough to really try it myself :P I cosplay idols tho so we couldn't judge each other for being weird lol

>> No.9552370

I love drinking tea and dressing fancy, but only normal clingy women seem to be drawn to me. I know brands, general info on styles and cuts, and some names of the more common dresses. I would love to have someone who would teach me and help me with a EGA (possibly Ouji) coord.

>> No.9552391

W...where do you live anon?

>not looking for a date but an ouji friend seems fun

>> No.9552393

Have you tried to practice dancing more to get better at it?

>> No.9552395


lmao yes I practice.

I don't think I'll ever be as good as the members who have been dancing since childhood but I'm just not trying to not look like an idiot when we perform mostly and do the best I can

>> No.9552398
File: 904 KB, 427x240, ew gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw this is a board
plz go reddit trash

>> No.9552399
File: 1019 KB, 500x373, vUpr16r.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw a childhood friend finds you on FB after literally years of silence
You chat and catch up, share photos, then she suddenly wants to tell you all about their lolita wardrobe because "omg! we have so much in common after all this time!?"

>"Have you heard of Milanoo before? They have so many cute, cheap dresses!"

>> No.9552400

I'm a guy who loves Gothic and Classic but doesn't really like much Sweet. (Restrained solid colors or simple patterns can be OK, but I can't stand prints.) I like dark, "mysterious," elegant kinds of women - vampire princesses, witches, and that sort are some of my favorite characters in fiction - and the darker lolita styles are about as close as it gets IRL. It also doesn't hurt that I'm in my 30s and was around for the heyday of J-Rock fandom and for the era when GothLoli was very common in anime. (I loved Chobits, Rozen Maiden, etc. back in the day.)

>> No.9552405


agree so hard

>> No.9552412

There's only one comm near me, and I've requested to join a couple times and never got accepted. I messaged a mod, with no reply. At this point, it'd be a little humiliating to keep trying. But, I have no comm and I'm pretty lonely sitting in my lolita clothes alone. I have no SO and not a lot of friends, and I thought I'd finally find people into the same stuff I could talk to. Guess not?

>> No.9552414

[email protected]
>Having more Jfashion friends is always great.

>> No.9552418

Sometimes silence is gold

>> No.9552427

Save her.

>> No.9552443


Lol are you >>9552400 me? I'm also into a guy into Gothic and Classic. Sweet is also cute when it's just a tad toned down so it's more like an impressionist pastel watercolor than a birthday cake. I like the resemblance to historical styles (my favorite is probably the high waists of Empire/Regency era) and the elegance and careful arrangements in coords compared to modern casual fashion. In my 30s as well but didn't get into J-rock. The brands that have made the most impression on me so far are Victorian Maiden and Moitie.

>> No.9552477

Damn, I might actually be you lol, pretty much everything you said was stuff I agree with but omitted because I couldn't find a way to include it without the post being a rambling wall of text. I actually wasn't a huge J-Rock fan either, but a lot of my friends in the con scene were and I was exposed to the aesthetic a lot because of it.

Another thing that's probably a big factor for me is that the first girl I ever really fell in love with was a GothLoli. We didn't date for long, but she's the one who got me into the fashion and is probably part of why I still have such a soft spot for it.

>> No.9552483

>/fit/ became a cesspool
So you went from a cesspool to an even bigger cesspool?

>> No.9552488

>Another thing that's probably a big factor for me is that the first girl I ever really fell in love with was a GothLoli. We didn't date for long, but she's the one who got me into the fashion and is probably part of why I still have such a soft spot for it.

that's just creepy dude

>> No.9552490

>gaining a fondness for something based on past experience is creepy
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.9552493

Hot topic is selling a yuri on ice poster/scroll for less than getting it at the convention.

was really really not expecting this

>> No.9552495

I get how that could come off the wrong way, but it's not like I'm still holding a torch for it or anything. She was just the one who introduced me to real Lolita fashion, the brands, styles, etc. Also, just to be clear, this was a girl I actually dated, not some random girl I orbited or anything.

>> No.9552498
File: 11 KB, 218x190, f0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want a cosplay weeb seagull gf
>in no position to have a relationship (no job/money/car/own house/etc)
>disabled, on welfare and being in a relationship will probably be a shit deal for any girl
>this isn't even a /cgl/ feel


>> No.9552502

>want a cosplay weeb seagull gf
>in position to have a relationship (good job/money/car/own house/etc)
>average looking at best
I just want to spoil a cute weeb or lolita. I don't even care about sex anymore.

>> No.9552503

Just go to a con bro. What are you waiting for?

>> No.9552507
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get crush on Chinese girl from the con
>friend says "You need to have kids with her."
>"I don't want kids."
>"But white/Chinese breeds are sexy as hell!"

>> No.9552509

I just got back from AX. All the girls were either taken, fat, or obviously not interested.

>> No.9552510

L o n d o n

>> No.9552511

>want a cosplay weeb seagull gf
>in a position to have a relationship
>too emotionally broken to have one

>> No.9552512

I'm in

This too. Probably why I don't try anymore.

>> No.9552515

Some fatties could be redeemable if they lose weight. They just don't need to look like freaks. See >>9549682

>> No.9552516

Buy me burando and I'm yours forever

>> No.9552517

Buy me burando and I'll be your gf.

>> No.9552519


>> No.9552521

I would buy something lolita every paycheck if I had a lolita gf. Well aware of the cost.

While I agree, getting a girl to lose weight is very difficult. Also a sure sign they'll let themselves go after marriage.

>> No.9552523


>> No.9552528

>irl you're a mcdonalds cashier

Hello I like long walks on the beach and champagne by the fire. Giving you my dating profile there since I'm sure you'll get many.

>> No.9552529

Are you 420 friendly?

>> No.9552537

>implying you're even in a 1000 mile radius of me

Hard not to be in California.

Temp email
[email protected]

>> No.9552541
File: 26 KB, 238x357, 1499316179923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people are hooking up now because of my feelpost

>> No.9552542

Fly me out my dude

>> No.9552544

It's ok nothing will come of it, like always.

>tfw no thirsty ass lolita gf using me as an ATM machine
Would probably be the best relationship I've ever had at this point.

>> No.9552547

>want a weeaboo gf
>have been called a hot guy, beautiful man, etc.
>too autistic and broke to get one

>> No.9552551

How many emails did you get?

>> No.9552552

Any good phase3 Noodle cosplays?

>> No.9552554

Thought you were actually dropping your email and then I read it kek

>> No.9552555
File: 152 KB, 631x457, bloodborne oh shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>on this sub

>> No.9552558

idk why I come here anymore.
i'm trapped.

>> No.9552563

>>friend says "You need to have kids with her."
The fuck? Your friend sounds stupid as hell.

>> No.9552575

stockholm syndrome

>> No.9552579

>Hard not to be in California.

I've lived in LA for almost 31 years, and as somebody who doesn't smoke I can attest to how damn hard it is. People here act like you just told them you're a pedophile or torture small animals when you say you're not into weed.

I wish I were into the stuff, my social life would be so much easier.

>> No.9552612

Sounds like you're more attracted to a fictional, romanticized version of what a gothic lolita is like than you are to real women who wear lolita.

Like you read a few too many Takemoto essays.

>> No.9552620
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw not currently at a con

Cons used to make me happy. Now they just get me up to "normal."

>> No.9552621

Nah, I'm fully aware of what the real thing is like (I've had a bunch of GothLoli friends and as mentioned I dated one a long time ago), but the look is still appealing.

>> No.9552624

He just wants to know the love of a real ancient vampire waifu. Let him chase his dream.

>> No.9552627

>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.9552632

My friend has a boyfriend who's really supportive of Lolita, and even helps her plan out coords and help her get ready. I tried looking for something like that. But because azn don't raisin and I still look 12, the only guys I've met who like "Lolita" just like the age play fetish. I've lost all hope.

>> No.9552638

Then you'd know it's gothic lolita not GothLoli. Since loli is used to refer to lolicon 90% of the time and the majority of us want to distance ourselves from fetish shit.

>> No.9552641

Ah, sorry. I'm just coming off a straight week with Japanese industry people and I'm still kind of in that mode of speaking. One of them noticed my soft spot for the style and was ribbing me about it for days, and so in my head it's currently still "gosurori" since that's how they were saying it.

>> No.9552645

Pretty sure that can't be your only problem, possibly you aren't looking in the right places. I'm Asian, into lolita, young looking enough that I still get mistaken for a high school student job shadowing (this being over ten years after high school) and all of my boyfriends have been fine with or interested in lolita, including AP's super sweet stuff. My first boyfriend actually got me into jfashion after seeing old street snaps and telling me I'd look cute in it.

>> No.9552647
File: 17 KB, 716x520, lethimfinish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hoping my bug bites go away before the con.

If I keep getting them, I may have to stop sleeping in the garage.

>> No.9552650

Well it makes you sound like a weeaboo at best and a lolicon fetishist at worst. Especially paired with your "vampire queen and chobits" spiel.

Being super cringe will not get you that qt waifu man.

>> No.9552654

Showed thread to boyfriend:
"Gothic is elegant and sultry, classic is something I see you growing with as you get older but sweet? It seems like an meaningless attention-grab that looks ridic in anyone without a baby-face."

>> No.9552655
File: 163 KB, 879x400, ur-thread-is-gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dress up is gay

>> No.9552668

Meh, this is 4chan and we're on a cosplay/Lolita board. Being weeaboo is a foregone conclusion, and if there's one place on Earth where I can do it honestly it's here.

Besides, I'm not actually trying to find a waifu. I'd rather be alone and my real cringey self than in a relationship with somebody who likes a fake me.

>> No.9552669

Man I love my gf but she wants to cosplay a character with tighter clothing that would not look flattering on her
How do I tell her this without completely shitting on her

>> No.9552680

i don't think your issue is that you're azn and young looking, it's probably something else. don't make excuses.

>t. youthful azn with a boyfriend who supports me wearing lolita

>> No.9552681

good thing i have a baby face

>> No.9552686

I'll never be a real girl as much as I like to think I will be.

>> No.9552697

>have to use toilet during meet
>toilet broke
>understandable, have a great day

>> No.9552699

>mfw i just bought a pair of tea parties described as having a moldy smell

i wonder how bad it's going to be

>> No.9552709

Good luck. Getting pit smells out is hard enough, can't imagine dealing with trying to get feet smell out.

>> No.9552710

this brings up painful memories of last year
>Best friend needed someone to cosplay x character for a group
>Decided to join in cause I love that character
>"also, we want to join the masquerade!!!"
>Suffer from serious stage fright but ok, it's just a cat-walk and nothing else
>On the day of the con: "also, we're gonna be dancing at the masquerade"
>Can't dance
>Hate dancing
>I'm the only one who hasn't even practiced because they all forgot to tell me before the con
>Agree to do it anyway cus peer pressure
>Drama ensued after the con videos came out and I was completely out of sync with everyone
>Nobody in this 6 woman group stopped to think how I might feel about humiliating myself on stage just to be a good friend

Be grateful they keep you around anon.

>> No.9552717
File: 536 KB, 2048x1024, IMG_5760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fwiw I'm the anon in the weight loss pic, and I was actually that fat when I *got* married. I lost all the weight afterwards lol. Perks of having the world's most supportive partner--he never pressured me to get skinnier (he's had a crush on me since high school almost 10 years ago, so I always told him he's biased), But when I said I wanted/needed to get healthier and fit into the fashions I loved, he did everything he could to help and encourage me. And since I wasn't very attractive when we got married, it also gives me this awesome security knowing he likes me for who I am, not what I look like ("but she has a greeeat personality/sense of humor" etc etc.). Investing in someone who you enjoy spending time with sometimes pays off, just don't go in expecting to change them.

>> No.9552718

Lots of baking soda my dudes

>> No.9552721

Thats good but most people don't have that mindset.

>> No.9552736

Just bought my first two brand dresses, I am so happy.
One was bought directly from AP Paris.

>> No.9552814

Heaven forbid someone who likes lolita be a weeaboo.

>> No.9552816

Get a mosquito net. And stop sleeping in the garage.

>> No.9552881

Gosh darn you're so cute when you lost weight.

>> No.9552917
File: 114 KB, 775x768, 17426161_1302709189822128_8201806311280636261_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a pair of tea parties
What is this? Did you mean "panties?"

Yeah, I slept in the house last night and it was great.

>> No.9552919

>Did you mean "panties"?
Tea parties are a type of lolita shoes.

>> No.9552923
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tea PANTIES with a moldy smell

>> No.9552960
File: 226 KB, 400x570, 6982ADFC-DD13-445B-9395-3707B96745E6-31897-000016026DE0DAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recently cut off a long time lolita friend of about 5 years+.
Found out that she was badmouthing me and my other friends to another mutual friend in addition to doing a bunch of other shitty stuff.
She turned out to be a selfish asshole who only cared about herself so no loss there.
She might still come to meets though so things will probably be awkward now. I'm just disappointed that I wasted all that time and care on a lousy person.

>> No.9552964

Why are you even on cgl?

>> No.9552967

Because I cosplay and I like all of your company.

>> No.9552988

b my gf. I'm not into little kids but like elegance.

>> No.9553000
File: 93 KB, 1280x780, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hoping my bug bites go away before the con.
Just get a breast reduction!

>> No.9553018


>> No.9553025

What has cgl become.

>> No.9553043

really like attention from guys, its why I dress trap, but I hate when things don't progress from there and we don't begin talking because I have no con friends that arent dramatic and draining for rhe entire con

>> No.9553102

Try to just find a neutral background, it's easier than trying to cover the background up with less chance you'll miss something.

I don't think you're creepy, but I agree with >>9552612 - I'm yet to meet a gothic lolita in any of the comms I've been in that was actually dark, mysterious and elegant. If anything, the classic lolitas are more elegant, while most of the gothic lolitas are unabashedly into cheesy stuff like Halloween, Tim Burton and corny horror movies.

Some comms have mods that aren't active in the fashion any more, or rarely/never check their "other" folder. Try messaging a different mod.

If he dated the girl 10+ years ago he's not wrong, just outdated. It was common for people to use gothloli and not gothic lolita back then.

Spray 'em with disinfectant and leave them in the sunshine, sounds like mildew. Don't let them contact other stuff and avoid shipping them with other stuff, the smell will spread.

>> No.9553105

I honestly thought she looked cute before, it's not like your husband was making some huge sacrifice to be with you.

>> No.9553110

this is why we needs separate boards

>> No.9553114

Because someone doesn't know a lolita term? Isn't that a little over the top?

>> No.9553209

>gotten myself into a large amount of debt through a series of bad choices & poor money management
>have to turn it around, theres no other way
>could sell my lolita wardrobe but it wouldn't make enough of a dent to justify the sads that would come with not having lolita
>old af but still running smoothly imac bites it
>don't have $1000 to replace it so just using backup laptop that cant do much
>not sure if can get info off my mac including tons of lolita pics, old memories, important documents
>start focusing on paying off my debt
>going to take almost 2 years at current income level
>need to make more money
>what else is new
>too sad to move anyway

>> No.9553213

I can adopt you. How big is the debt?

>> No.9553220

thanks for the tips, pals

having a pair of AP tea parties was on my "lolita bucket list" of sorts so hopefully this ends well

>> No.9553228

Maybe vinegar not disinfectant if you're worried about bleach/chemicals damaging it, or just disinfect the insides.

>> No.9553232

i guess the game plan will be to fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and just go to town? i'm not sure how baking soda would go into play, sprinkling it on the inside i'd think. and leaving it like that for a while?

thank you /cgl/ for teaching me how to save stinky shoes

>> No.9553241

>buys dress from auction
>dress has huge unknown yellow stains on the skirt
>can't return or get partial refund

>> No.9553296

yeah, sprinkle it. Don't do it when it's wet from the vinegar, do it when it's dry if it's still an issue. leave it in there overnight then knock it out, you can add essential oils to it too.

>> No.9553305

>free Chick-Fil-Ass on Tuesday
>gotta prepare a cow cosplay
>have food poisoning from undercooked eggs

>> No.9553443

God, to me it's hilarious but being a woman must be so horrific knowing you're full potential is how pretty god made you.

>> No.9553446

I just heard goth loli used in dragon maid but that was an actual loli so I don't know. She wasn't in gothic style either. Japanese people seem to still use the term.

>> No.9553450

Prostitution or just get another job.

>> No.9553452


omg my situation was similar but thank fucking god we didn't perform at the masquerade just at a meetup

>> No.9553456

More information required

>> No.9553460

She isn't an actual lolita. Very rarely does anime get lolita right and most people get their initial info from anime which makes them uninformed as well.

>> No.9553467
File: 118 KB, 354x704, kanna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a lolita. Just not gothic.

>> No.9553477

She's a loli I'll give you that
You're a dumbass if you think she's lolita though. Or a cosplayer.

>> No.9553483

I never said she was a cosplayer but she's absolutely lolita.

>> No.9553490

lolita? hell no. idiot.

>> No.9553497

>finally put a lot of thought and effort into personal color analysis
> uncover the horrible truth about why nothing in my wardrobe looks good on me

I didn't feel confident in anything and now I know why, at least. Anyone know where to get taupe blouses? Ivory, cream, and white are all out. Time to sell. There's something to be said for just wearing what I want to regardless of my coloring, but I want to wear what looks good and that isn't what I have.

>> No.9553501

Alright. I'm done responding to you dumbass because you're either baiting or too much of an idiot to really reason with. Let me know when she actually starts wearing a petticoat or at least has a dress that goes to her fucking knees.
>Pro-tip pop into a lolita general some time and learn what the fashion actually looks like

sage because I'm still talking to you, dumbass

>> No.9553513

The fuck is that lolita?

Make sure you're sure that they don't flatter you and taupe does before you make the big sell. Go to a physical normie store and try a bunch of colours IRL (with natural lighting if you can).

>> No.9553611

Chick-Fil-Ass gives you some free food if you show up dressed like a cow on Cow Appreciation Day.

Even taping some black paper spots to a shirt is good enough.

>> No.9553626

I've never heard that

>> No.9553631

>need to buy wig by this week
>arda-wigs have it on backorder

>> No.9553672
File: 18 KB, 325x325, Dock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/g/ here, just letting you know the data off the mac is in fact retrievable (as long as it wasn't the hard drive that failed)

You're short on cash so you probably can't pay for a computer repair guy, but just letting you know that if you got the hard drive out and put it in pic related you should be able to get the data off.

Also for the purposes of me not wanting to indebt myself in the future what exactly got you in debt if you don't mind sharing.

>> No.9553707

Within a year I have managed to turn a close friend and my sister into lolitas. Whoops.

>> No.9553711

Why the fuck would you wait so long?

>> No.9553712

I fucked it up when cutting it. I bought it a month ago and it came in 2 days so I assumed everything was going to be fine.

>> No.9553764
File: 1.05 MB, 800x1149, 1468103058625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

second /g/ here, just letting you know the data off the mac is likely retrievable, even if the hard drive failed

Hang onto it even if it doesn't work since a recovery process often can save the majority of your files, even on a "dead" hard drive.

Also please let us know what got you in debt.

>> No.9553778

>really like this one girl
>friend says she's asexual
>I'm extremely sexual

I'm kind of at a loss, I'm not sure where else I'd look after her but that is potentially a deal breaker

>> No.9553807

I keep eating because I'm depressed.

I wanna meet Stan Lee at HasCon, but I don't wanna be fat for it.

>> No.9553811
File: 103 KB, 900x642, Forgot+to+wear+his+programming+socks+_0132a70c17763b29f4bb15097dd7d3b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no programming socks

>> No.9553869


>> No.9553884

>I don't think you're creepy, but I agree with >>9552612 - I'm yet to meet a gothic lolita in any of the comms I've been in that was actually dark, mysterious and elegant. If anything, the classic lolitas are more elegant, while most of the gothic lolitas are unabashedly into cheesy stuff like Halloween, Tim Burton and corny horror movies.

Oh yeah, I'm well aware of that. I'm just talking about what the aesthetic implies and why I like the look, not making assumptions about the actual people who wear it.

>> No.9553893

My Lolita "best friend" is replacing me with someone else.

I've been having a really hard time connecting to the fashion for the past year and this feels like the final nail in the coffin.

>> No.9553909

Fuck Stan Lee

>> No.9553959

Who wouldn't??

>> No.9553974

I always knew computer science was for faggots

>> No.9554011

Fucking keeloids. I hate these things.

>> No.9554034
File: 5 KB, 210x240, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get all hyped for midwest
>It's just a smaller version of ACEN
>Rave is pathetic

Oh well, at least I got the kinks worked out of my cosplay. Now I know what I'll have to fix and work on.

>> No.9554058
File: 17 KB, 400x304, 1497892976298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


A weeb breeding ground manifesto part 2, electric boogaloo

>> No.9554301

ty to both of you! i believe it's just the graphics bc the entire screen just goes purple when i try to use it.
my debt came from two places. i started a new business (one of those network marketing things) with my mom that we were both excited about. she was turned down for credit but i was given about 8k. so i paid for everything to start. she intends to pay me back for her half but i honestly wish i never even started this business with her. i like the business but i feel like i was manipulated by her into saying yes. we even went on a trip for the business.
the second place is my own fault 100%. i work in retail & have a shopping addiction. constantly surrounded by enabling coworkers who also shop a lot & combined with helping people spend money on things they dont need all day. i just let it get out of control. stuff just makes me feel better.
the majority of the debt is in the first piece, so a part of it is not "mine" but is just sitting there affecting my credit while my mom runs off and lives (as she likes to say) a """gypsy"""" life.

>> No.9554309 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 470x304, 1392617113196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so triggered gulls. There's this one seller on mercari that keeps buying things I'm saving for or buys things literally on the same day/minutes before I want to buy them.

>> No.9554311

I'm so triggered gulls. There's this one buyer on mercari that keeps buying things I'm saving for or buys them literally on the same day/minutes before I want to buy them.

>> No.9554317

It's been a really good week for me, gulls.
I crossed 5 things off my wishlist.
2 of those things are honeycake.
Another is an AatP Witch hat.
I'm in such a good mood now.

>> No.9554336
File: 14 KB, 187x134, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

discovered a seagull badge in steam
good day today.

>> No.9554470

it's probably me, what are some things you've been trying to get?

>> No.9554472

Old school and mostly moitie.

>> No.9554476

I'm absolutely obsessed with lolita.
Whenever I find an item I like and have the money for it, I buy it. Lolita is my priority in life. I could maybe travel more/do more things with friends/...but lolita it my top priority.

I'm affraid of not finding a job or something not only because I need money to live but also because that would mean I would have to sell most if not all of my lolita. That and not being able to buy any.
I'm beginning to have more lolita clothes than ""normie"" clothes for when i have to go somewhere with my parents/the hospital/...or when i'll have to work but I can't bring myself to put money into normal clothes that aren't lolita.
I'm too lazy to dress in lolita everyday (I want to feel rested,do my hair and makeup properly which i usually don't do, i just brush my hair or put it in a bun and voilĂ ) but I take so much pleasure in looking at my dresses,my accessories,the details,...

Thank god for my wallet i'm more into old school or 2009 prints but god, sometimes i'm so obsessed with having more money for more lolita it's annoying. I wouldn't ever sell my body or something of the like for it but I wish I had endless funds to fund my obsession. I love this fashion so much.

When I don't have money and am not stalking LM/FB/Fril/Mercari/rakuten/mbok... i'm stalking lolita blogs (english,japanese,spanish,french,...) and japanese keywords for some obscure mangas,dramas or animes or videos with lolita in it.

Lolita, not even once.

>> No.9554586
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to be cos-popular
>not white or Asian
>not female

Is there any hope for me?

>> No.9554614

If you're attractive

>> No.9554644

nope not me

>> No.9554645

came back home to visit my family for a couple weeks since it's summer. I brought a ton of lolita since my closet is finally big enough to start transitioning to a lifestyler. my mom decided she'd help me out to "outgrow this awful child-like habit" quicker by giving many of my dresses to a 13 year old neighbor girl. I had to beg the girl's mom for my dresses back, and have never been so humiliated.

>> No.9554647

Yeah, if you're attractive+good personality+good cosplay.

>> No.9554648

You sound like me apart from the 2009 prints and endless money, I'd max out at about 10k a year at most because I'm picky and there's just not that much I want.

I relate to your obsessive stalking and searching through lolita media too. I'm a little sad right now because I've got a good-paying job with many hours but it means I have no time for personal projects or contributing to the community.

>> No.9554651

Jesus that's awful, thank god you got your dresses back. Does your mom and the girl's mom know they're valuable?

>> No.9554652

If my mom pulled that, Id have her pay me the max value of each and every item

>> No.9554658

thanks, i'd have no idea what to do if the girl's mother refused. my mother knows after my several attempts to get her to understand even a little, but the girls mom had no idea about the value.

>> No.9554659

I'd call the police. Not even kidding. That's theft, and your mother is never going to learn that your items don't belong to her automatically because you're her daughter unless there are serious consequences. The material value of the dresses alone makes this akin to her giving away all of your high end electronics.

>> No.9554721
File: 116 KB, 342x324, makomess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I see my sister, she brings her boyfriend and ignores me. Every. Damn. Con. The dude doesn't even cosplay; He just wears a "Vape Nation" shirt.

Christ, I'm glad you got your shit back. Thee are some really cruel mothers on this board.

>> No.9554754
File: 64 KB, 640x751, frostedyeah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be Chinese
>mfw I meet a white American guy at the con who speaks more Chinese than I do

>> No.9554766

>want to crossplay badly
>the realization hits me that, instead of an ugly man, I would be an ugly woman
>only con I go to is my local con that tons of people I know go to
>never do it

>> No.9554774

Shoulda killed her desu

>> No.9554789

a friend of mine who kind of "pissed" me off at a con's birthday is today. should i wish them a happy birthday. i havent really talked to them since ax

>> No.9554793
File: 19 KB, 540x540, 19430020_1586903557995811_8049325793628351721_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw man. I hope I can work. I have chronic fatigue and i'm just so easily tired that working would be impossible atm (would get fired in a heartbeat for being late/not being energetic enough) and that kills me.
Couldnt even finish high school due to that (and hardcore bullying because i'm asperger, now i'm finished taking online naturopathy/aromatherapy courses,with actual legit diplomas but i'll probably have to do something for a year irl to get validation and wait for the hospital to call me back for solutions)
I just wanna work and be "normal" to live my passion to the fullest. I don't wanna be a NEET forever.

Go and live the dream anon! I hope you'll find the time somehow. It's nice seeing someone so passionate. I thought I was a creep for being so into it.

>> No.9554797

Why did they piss you off? If it really is your friend,you should. And maybe try to talk to them about it? In a nice way so things go smoothly.
I always tell things to my friends ("Hey,i don't mean to say i hate you or anything like that, but that thing you did really made me upset back then...")

>> No.9554799

If you are only mildly upset with them then you should still say happy birthday.

>> No.9554801
File: 34 KB, 450x500, franklinfail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I irredeemable otaku trash? Last week I poured out a ramune at a friend's grave.

>> No.9554816

i can relate to this i guess

but my thing is that lolita is the only thing that makes me happy so i keep filling the hole in my heart by buying more and more things. i obsess over one thing, buy it, am happy for a little bit, but then obsess over something else. i have a pretty big collection as a result, but i don't post coords that often and nobody i talk to knows the extent of it. i want to kms but i make sure that there's always something in the mail or a new release to wait for so that i don't actually do it.

>> No.9554826
File: 184 KB, 586x577, image_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>best friend is incredibly depressed/desperate for a gf
>One day he's talking about suicide and how he has nothing to be happy about
>Ask him if he'd like to join me to anime matsuri next year to help get him to look forward to something also he's my only friend whos into that

>Mfw he agrees and asks if he can hold my hand while we're there if I'm not with my bf anymore by the time it comes
>Realize I can't dump my boyfriend for another year

Ugh I see him as a brother and I have to say he's actually really ugly. I've told him before we'd never date idk why he puts me in that spot

>> No.9554828

If they pissed you off enough for you question wishing them a happy birthday, probably not?

>> No.9554829

That's kind of sweet, desu. Especially if you guys were weebs together.

>> No.9554830

If they would have liked that then no. I mean yes but you didn't do anything wrong.

>> No.9554831

>good personality
o i am laffin

>> No.9554834

Just tell him you don't want to hold his hand...?

>> No.9554837

You have to if you're not white/azn or female.
Men generally need a good personality to make up for the lack of vagina.

>> No.9554839

Why can't you dump your boyfriend? Also why not hold his hand to make him feel better? If you're worried about him I don't see what's wrong. You're not cheating on your boyfriend.

>> No.9554843

Can you trap it up?

>> No.9554844

>pick two

>> No.9554861

>not holding hands with your friends
Doesnt even sound like you like him desu

>> No.9554867

it's not too late to go back to school and expand your major so that you're doubly qualified.

Learning a new language can also give you an extreme foot in the door as well over other people trying for positions; I'm not even joking when I say learn languages. You can learn them in 1-2 years and communication is one of the biggest things any company or job looks for. You learn more than one language and you are almost guaranteed a shot at success.

A friend of mine didn't do anything with her life until she hit 35 and she's currently running her own business. There's a lot that can happen in a year and just because you're not successful right now doesn't mean you won't be. There is no age limit on success.

Amber is that you?

>> No.9554885

we both went to ax last year and had a good time so we talked for the whole year about going again. I said i could pick them up from the air port and drive them to the con and drive them to the hotel. i thought we would atleast meetup ONCE the convention but we never did for such stupid reasons. they tried to be as nice as possible about it but it still kind of pissed me off and made me sad. :(

>> No.9554900

I think the issue is anon doesn't want to date the guy, and doesn't want to lead him on by holding his hand. There are some guys out there that assume if you touch them you must wanna be their waifu

>> No.9554901

yeah that's you being too sensitive. shit happens, don't ruin a friendship over it because you couldn't meet up at a con which are known for being extremely busy/time-consuming. especially if they were nice about it like you mentioned, they most likely had already made plans with someone else.

Unless they specifically told you they were going to meet up with you and you went out of your way to pick them up/spent money doing so, there is no reason to be upset.

>> No.9554904

he's going to use you as an excuse now, any time you say no to him he's going to guilt you.

either end the friendship now, or suck it up and tell him you can't hold his hand. you don't sound like an actual friend, either, so do him a favor and stop trying to make yourself feel good by giving him 'charity'. he'll be much better off when he's able to find real friends and now ones that don't actually help him grow.

>> No.9554908

you're obviously wanting people to tell you yes, so you obviously care very much about your otaku image. you sound annoying

if that's the case then anon needs to make that very clear to him and is most likely knowingly leading him on regardless because she doesn't have many friends

>> No.9554911
File: 30 KB, 750x450, apparently me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I take it as a complement when my friends call me Fabio?

>> No.9554916

Then she just needs to make it clear it's not that kind of situation and she's just holding his hand to make him feel better because he wanted it. Skin hunger is a very real thing and just touching another person can make someone feel a lot better if they never get it.

>> No.9554918

They're probably doing it ironically. In either case sure.

>> No.9555031

Then go to another con.

>> No.9555046

If it makes you feel better anon, my "good-paying" job is not that much above min wage, I just get a shitton of hours so I make bank because I'm working 60+ hours a week. It's not a good enough good job for me to hire a cleaner or eat out a bunch on top of buying lolita, so my work-life balance is shit and all I seem to do is work and chores.

I'm an aspie too but I wasn't diagnosed until adulthood, although desu I'm amazed I wasn't diagnosed as a kid because it was super fucking obvious back then. I'm from a generation when nobody expected girls to have autism so everyone just wrote it off as "she doesn't enjoy hanging out with the other kids because she's smart, she'll make more friends once she's in high school/college/university with people her own level!" instead of realising I had no fucking social skills. Lolita is literally my autistic obsession now and it sounds like it might be yours.

>> No.9555108

thanks for your help. its gotten pretty late here so i have decided i will send them my wishes tomorrow. you know for some stupid symbolism on being late.

>> No.9555115

>i'm aspie too
I saw several aspie gulls on the board (also lesbian gulls) and it made me so happy and i felt less alone. Also you give me hope I might eventually accomplish something. Fuc my chronic fatigue though, I hope i'll find a solution.
Yes it might be. My parents must be disappointed. I heard them talking once about how some aspies have obsessions that help them in life (like this one guy was obsessed about Egypt and got a job out of it) and they casually said "If your obsession was useful you could do something out of it". Rood.

>> No.9555136

Oh hey, I'm also a lesbian. There are so many aspie lesbians on this board, fucking hell. Sometimes I wish I liked something more useful. When I was younger I did really well in school because my obsessions were more academic and I basically spent all my time reading and learning about science stuff, but now my interests have changed I'm just a well-dressed disappointment (to be fair, I wasted a *lot* of time on vidya before I got into lolita and I've not literally failed my course yet, but I'm not performing well). I still enjoy old hobbies that relate to lolita (stuff like history and literature) but I really drifted away from hacking and nerd culture, which is kind of a bummer because I'd have much better employment prospects if I'd gone into computer science like I wanted to as a young teen (I went through an awful few years with personal life issues and mental health problems and I just couldn't be bothered constantly trying to prove myself and deal sexism in male-dominated fields any more, plus I couldn't apply for most of the good courses because as a stupid teen I dropped maths because I hated the teacher even though it was my best subject).

I'm rambling but learn a programming language and/or a foreign language if you have the skills for it, it gives you a ton of mobility and employment options and you can work from home and do freelance stuff with it. It's a good industry to be alt in. It must be nearly impossible to persist with chronic fatigue though, I feel for ya anon.

>> No.9555152

Depends on your gender I guess

>> No.9555156

There is no mistaking that I am a man

>> No.9555167

Not to armchair diagnose myself too much, but I have a feeling I might have aspergers. A teacher in high school told me about it, thought I might have it and told me to see a doctor for diagnosis. I did some research into it and it fits what I am perfectly. My parents refused to get me checked out of fear it'll impair my ability to get a job with it on my record. Did you face this challenge at all? I'm about to enter the work force, and old enough to go myself now, but I'm still worried about it.

>> No.9555168

Saturday my friends and I all phonebanked for Kalahari rooms and none of us could get one. It sucked, but then we discussed that if we didn't get a room, we could always try Colossal East or just plan a week trip to Sandusky over the summer just our friend group. The whole event and that conversation made me think about how much the whole convention scene has changed for me. My first major con since right after high school was last year's Otakon, and I was pretty much alone for the majority of it. I didn't really have any friends nearby, my closest friends all go to school far away and I hardly see them anymore. I was working a lot and that was pretty much my entire life, and I was miserable. Now I have a friend group that these are the people I spent the last con with and had the most amazing time. Instead of worrying about photoshoots and MAYBE the really good cosplayers from the same series as me will follow me back on instagram, I focused on hanging with friends and having a good time. And we didn't get a room, but I spent that morning cuddling my boyfriend while we phone banked and later that day we all hung out and made jokes about it and are still planning on doing fun stuff together and going to other conventions. I absolutely love my friends, and my life, and I've been having a really rough few days beforehand (medical problems, car problems, a job offer maybe getting redacted because of a computer error), but holy shit, looking back at how much I've changed in the past year? I'm so lucky.

>> No.9555351
File: 37 KB, 800x592, harlequin-fabio1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then it's a complement and you know what you have to cosplay next con.

>> No.9555590

I don't go to AX anymore because I'm old enough to fuckin hate crowds now but sure!

>> No.9555748

You'd have to look up the laws in your own country. I'm from the UK and AFAIK it's illegal for employers to ask about your mental health issues / disabilities at interviews and discriminate based on that, and you don't have to declare it unless you're a danger to others / criminal record. You have to declare it for things like travel insurance though, but you can choose not to have it in your coverage if it's not something that affects you day to day, so long as there's no way the insurance company could claim you broke your leg/whatever due to autism and get out of paying that way.

>> No.9555760
File: 266 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170710-145121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually I'm wrong, they can ask under some circumstances, pic related.



So an employer without a good understanding of autistic spectrum disorders might think they're within their rights to turn you down for a job which requires, say, good social skills for customer interaction, even if you could actually handle that and they're just making assumptions based on a label. I'm not sure how that'd play out IRL. It'd be illegal for them to do that but you'd have to take it to court to legally challenge it and it'd be hard to prove that's why you were passed over. There's no "list" you're on though, you choose whether to tell them or not.

>> No.9557694

If you think you are then I would research it, gather evidence for symptoms and provide it to your GP. It'll be a long journey but if you do then they can help with the struggles that may arise.

>> No.9558845 [DELETED] 
File: 766 KB, 960x540, mpv-shot0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This girl was walking around Anime Expo.

Literally 10/10, perfect body and cute face, I actually forgot what thin girls looked like because they're all so fat now.

>tfw busted a nut to this video

>> No.9558859
File: 903 KB, 1280x720, [FFF] Hibike! Euphonium - 02 [4C137C11].mkv_snapshot_12.33_[2015.05.01_16.45.22].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute face

>> No.9558877

Please. I'm more beautiful than her and I'm a guy

>> No.9559720

Slip groceries in the house, bring over lunch, and sneak pay the gas/light bill. All holidays should be help not regular gifts.

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