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Previous thread. >>9535669

Come here to vent your cgl-related feelings.

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tfw your comm practically ceased to exist and you keep trying to make events but no one shows up except the same 2-3 lolitas

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>tfw you shopping addiction is in full swing to distract you from the fact you're literally starving yourself

I've had 20 packages come in within the past week and a half.

I-It's okay because I'm spending so little on food so I have extra spending money though, right?

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>1 year ago
>be in Comm
>have an awesome bf
>bf dumps you
>learn that bf is dating another lolita
>the lolita is Asian
>find out from another friend the reason
>bf wanted an Asian gf
>Asian gf wanted white dick
>Asian gf is friends with the Admin
>Admin bans you for creating drama
>never started drama outside of messaging close friends
>apply for membership last week
>denied again as stated previously
>learn that Asian gf is now an Admin

Men are awful beings.

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First cosplay community I was ever a member of;
>Ages ago at this point, I was a young widdle teen back then
>Also very sheltered, far away from everyone, and no idea how to talk to people
>Everyone was nice by default but most of them talked shit behind my back
>Ended up cutting contact with everyone after I realised nobody liked me because it fueled my social anxiety and depression like all hell
>One girl whom I considered one of my besties was overall nice to me but extremely unreliable, slept with my crush while I was in the room, and stopped inviting me to hang out once she moved close to all of the other people in the community

Timeskip to now;
>Checked out old community recently to see what's good, how much bigger it has gotten
>Girl from above is now unable to work, go to school, leave her house, because of her anxiety, not really a part of the community anymore, nobody talks or hangs out with her anymore. She makes a living off of being a camgirl and it's not going well so she's dirt poor.
>Part of me is laughing
>Part of me wants to reach out and support her because I've been there myself

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I hope you're ok though anon. Hard to enjoy new stuff if your health isn't well.

>speaking from experience as someone who starved herself and said aha more money for Lolita! Enter the hospital

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Feel of the day

>I have no friends on campus
>that isn't to say I'm a loner, I have acquaintances from class and online buddies I know irl
>they're all dudes
>therefore I almost cried when I saw a Chinese Lolita in campus the other day
>no comm exists here
>it's just hard to be social in my favorite hobbies
>cosplay club is a screaming shitshow
>anime club wants to fuck me so I'm not going back
>science clubs run by two assholes
>no car=no con

Not the worst feeling ever but it's been simmering for a while. The internet has helped.

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I appreciate your concern anon. I have an event that triggered it coming up and I swore to myself after the event I will seek help. It's just a few months.

I probably won't die and I'm making sure that my daily intake includes one banana so I won't have any potassium issues.

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>exhausted and overworked at my job
>get reprimanded for not doing enough
>feel constantly burned out
>on the brink of a nervous breakdown
I can afford brand easily now... but at what cost?

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>friend from out of town comes in for con
>she cosplays from series with other semi-friend of hers because semi-friend asked
>barely hang out with her at all on Saturday because of this
>turns out semi-friend was just using her to man her booth without paying her and friend was too nice to leave
>friend had to leave on Monday
>mfw we could have hung out more if not for my friend's semi-friend using her

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Ugh, tell me about it

>cosplaying a currently popular character from a video game
>cosplaying her cos I played, and loved, the game
>bf starts moaning that "oh women are stupid bitches that cosplay from games that they're never played and it ruins the community, they're all vapid and worthless"

Such an idiot

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If you are still friends with people who are in the comm have them tell you about what meets are coming up and just go anyways?

If anyone confronts you just say that you are surprised that someone would want your leftovers and that you don't give a shit about their relationship (even if you do).

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Male NEETs do more to benefit society than the vast majority of people who work, why? Because more men dropping out of society will:

1) Reduce hypergamy, in other words reduce the insanely over-priced cost of pussy, and lower women's extremely entitled attitudes
2) Reduce feminism
3) Fix the extremely broken marriage/divorce laws, where women are rewarded for divorce and ruining men's entire lives
4) Raise wages

I'm a NEET and I feel like a million bucks, I lift weights almost every day, eat healthy, and have all the free time in the world. The only downside is that it's literally impossible for me to get a girlfriend/wife, even if I had 10/10 looks and a great "personality".

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This is some next level denial.

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Just more bait

Shit isn't even /cgl/ related

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I understand. Also try watering down pedialyte or Gatorade, minimal calories with all the essential salts. I fucked up my heart permanently without going underweight because of not doing that.

>> No.9546757

What industry anon? It doesn't sound worth if you can't handle it (I don't mean that as an insult either, sometimes you just can't handle shit)

Want a medal?

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I want a female for the purpose of sex and having children.

Metaphorically you could say that is a medal, or a prize that is won by men. They won a competition against other men for access to pussy.

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You don't deserve children if you won't get a job and provide a decent living for them.

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I always get confused at first when I see people vehemently against cgl.
It always takes me a second or two that they're referrying to caregiver/little and not this shit hole.
Even if it is this shit hole that they're talking about, i can sympathize on some level

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I am well aware that all women are prostitutes, and I need money to afford them. I said that in my first post that even if I had 10/10 looks and a """great personality""" (which we all know is what women value most), I wouldn't be able to get a girlfriend/wife because I have no money.

Any job I could get wouldn't pay enough anyway.

Partly because women entered the workforce, and also voted to import third-world immigrants, both of which have lowered wages by creating a surplus of labor.

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Don't encourage it, they'll never leave if you give them the attention they're so thirsty for

>> No.9546805

You sound really lazy to me and are just making excuses for your lazy lifestyle.

Also making yourself a victim because wah wah women and foreigners taking my jobs is really pathetic too but oh well it's your decision really.

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Yeah I shouldn't of bothered, you really can't talk any sense to these people...

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>no qt cosplay gf to do yuri cosplays with
>only single people in country's cosplay community fujoshis older than me

I just need my Anthy, man.

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Wow, you ladies have some issues.

I will never understand women. It's like you all like to have no common sense or something.

Pic related.

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Aww had it been 10 years ago I'd do Anthy with you.

>> No.9546840


Survival of the fittest man. You clearly can't cut it in the world and your genetics are being weeded out.

>> No.9546846 [DELETED] 

I am more muscular and stronger than 99% of men.

I also have a professionally tested IQ in the top 3% of the population.

Survival of the fittest doesn't apply in post-modern society, it has nothing to do with which men gets to breed anymore. The men with money get to breed, whether they're disgusting fat slobs, or scrawny twigs.

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Cats are so cute man
Look at his little white paw aww it's like a little glove

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He's right guys, I've seen it myself with my own 2 eye. He's shredded, this man beat me in an arm wrestling competition. Almost dislocated my shoulder.

Bro, please spread your genes. We need more real men like you, I'm too weak. I shouldn't reproduce. Take my gf and fuck her please.

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"Great personality" Stop being a beta chuck.

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You just need to find a woman who enjoys supporting a guy. We exist, we are just really fucking picky about our manwhores.

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Not really CGL related but a feel
>Underwire in last bra snapped while at work
>Bra no longer carried in stores
>Boobs too big to go bra-less to work tomorrow while remaining professional
>Overnight shipping will not get bra here in time for next work day

So frustrated right now.

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Come to /biz/, fellow NEET. we /getting rich/ up in here

>> No.9546907

You only had one usable bra? wtf?

>> No.9546912

Whelp there goes our feels thread streak of no robots baiting stupid gulls.
It was fun while it lasted

>> No.9546915

Literally just ignore it and post relevant feels and it'll get back on track

>> No.9546917

I was going to replace the other ones but at $50 each I told myself that having that last one was enough.

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>If you are still friends with people who are in the comm have them tell you about what meets are coming up and just go anyways?

The friends I have in the Comm told me not to go when I received the banhammer. We still do private meets involving me. However, I want to rejoin my Comm even though I'm banned. I know the Comm has a meetup next month at a cemetery for Obon so I'll go to that. If they spot me and want me gone, they can call the police. I won't leave on my own.

>> No.9546932

As long as it's an event held in a public space, I don't think they can make you leave.

>> No.9546933

I have to wear a different one every day of the week or I get skeeved out. You realize your pits are like... right there to rub against it right?

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>no friends irl
>attend college just to please parents
>been looking for a job for 8 months
>had an interview last week
>really hope I get this job because it's a full time position
>if I get this job I don't have to worry about college and take as long as I need to graduate
>also have crippling self doubt and for the past week have been having nightmares and waking up crying

Everyone has been telling me that I will get this job and the interview did go well, however I literally want to die due to the stress of waiting to see if I actually got it.

Last job interview I went on, it went well but I was still rejected so I have a lot of self doubt now. I just want enough money to go to a con later this year and maybe make some friends. I left my house maybe three times in the past two weeks, I spend all my time in my room.

I want my crippling depression to go away.

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All I want is to be friends with another girl who really gets me. I want to wear lolita together, spend lazy afternoons drinking tea, be able to talk about anything, give each other advice, and help each other with cute arts and crafts. Doing all of these things by myself all of the time feels lonely. All of my male friends end up leaving me once they realize they're never going to get in my bloomers, and I haven't been able to form a connection beyond shallow niceties with any of the gulls I've talked to.

I think I'm hoping for too much, because the chances of finding somebody who shares my interests and is willing to connect with a literal autist like me are very slim. I have so many acquaintances but no real connections, and it's very disheartening.

>> No.9546980

That was a relevant feel, though.

>> No.9546984

I think that is a you issue anon. Your pits aren't why you should have more then one bra.

>> No.9546995

Same. But I trust nobody, so I don't let people get to know much about me.

People tend to hate who I am behind the niceties. I like many things that freak people out, and have problems with cognitive dissonance (I can be empathetic AND want to bully people at the same time, it's a little fucked up).

I'm more open-minded than many people are comfortable with, mostly because I just don't care. I can be a pretty morbid person. I think all of that puts people off.

It's hard to even maintain any sort of online relationship too, since I have to leave things about me out of the conversation. If I let certain things slip, if they went looking, people would find out immediately who I was. My looks and interests stand out, so when put together, I think I may be the only person left in the pool to guess from.

I think I'm asking/hoping for too much as well. I also live farther away from any large comms, so no hope of finding anyone within physical contact range who isn't an ita. FML

>> No.9547013

I'm sorry that's the case anon. I empathize with you. I have a hard time trusting people and I feel like I might come off as too cold because I keep information vague, so I tend to overcompensate by being overly nice and agreeable... Which probably just puts them off more.

It doesn't help that I'm super socially inept and once a conversation has stagnated or somebody hasn't responded to me for over a week, I can't bring myself to liven things up again. I'm too afraid that I'll come off as clingy or bothersome. All of my online relationships fall through the cracks because of this.

I guess I was destined to be a lonelita forever. RIP in peace.

>> No.9547027

Be careful. I've done the same thing.

>> No.9547048

It'll get better eventually, anon.

>> No.9547057


I'm in a similar situation myself. I struggle to trust people too and to be honest I think people give up trying to get to know me more because I'm hard work to open up about myself and I'm most likely boring because I feel super self conscious on what I'm saying to people all the time...

>> No.9547061

It'll be okay. This isn't my first time around. I'm staying hydrated with electrolyte water, taking vitamins, and not working out more than an hour on days that I fast.

It's a much shorter time span than a lot of my relapses and I've pretty much promised myself that after the event is over I have to get help.

The hardest part is going to be shutting my family out for a few months so they don't step in until I'm ready.

I'll try that, but I don't like sugary tasting drinks so I may end up sticking with electrolyte water.

>> No.9547072

Start your own comm

>> No.9547082

Brastop or bravissimo?

>> No.9547087

In meantime nursing bra or the biggest cupside bra you can find with like a 46 back or something, just curl up the back panels & sew to fit.

>> No.9547091

>tfw eating burgers and doing one armed push ups to Van Halen and the Bad Brains
G-d Bless America

>> No.9547094

I'm laughing like the retarded adult i am
Women can be autistic too fyi
Yeah, waiting for a call fucking triggers me so much
You probably already thought about this, but what about comms? The chances to find your soulita are bigger this way.
I'm actually redpilling my bestie into lolita. She is a cute tomboy, but i want her to be my shiro twin just once in a while.

>> No.9547097

http://chaoticallycreative.com/2012/07/05/how-to-repair-an-underwire-bra/ look anon! This might work

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>he isn't getting a degree to be military officer and/or civilian service for the sake of of his country and make a decent, stable money to provide for his future wife and 4+ children
What's the matter anon? Don't think you can hack it?

>> No.9547118

...This seems a bit dramatic? Get your friends to take pics though, in case shit goes down we can get another "I'm going to need to escort you out of lolita" meme.

>> No.9547120

Aren't you going to end up scarily thin by the event and fuck yourself over?

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Tell me more, anonymous

>> No.9547129

This will only work if the people involved aren't utter psychos willing to make up terrible lies to try to drag you down.

>> No.9547132

Probably not what I would consider scarily thin but other people might. But the thing is, this isn't for other people, it's for me. I feel most confident when I look waifish and I want to be confident for the event.

I KNOW objectively that this is fucked up and unhealthy but anon, i'm an adult. Mommy and daddy don't hover over me and make my choices for me.

Do you drink? Do you smoke? Don't you have any bad habits that could destroy your health? Everyone has bad habits.

>> No.9547148

Not that anon (I'm >>9547027) but I'm struggling with an ED, what some would consider scarily thin (I like it but who knows at this point, I'm mentally ill), and do the same sort of shit. I recently fainted and hit my head on concrete and now have medical bills up the wazoo. I trust that you know what you're doing but nneed to be so defensive when you post publicly about starving yourself and people are just looking out for you.

>> No.9547154

>Do you drink? Do you smoke? Don't you have any bad habits that could destroy your health? Everyone has bad habits.
Nope. I've been very underweight in the past because I lose appetite when I'm hungry, but while of course everyone has minor unhealthy habits not everybody has intensely self-destructive habits like this. Watch out for yourself anon, you could literally die.

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>woke up at 5am to finish my cosplay for the weekend
>fell back asleep in the dog-bed around 7am
>slept until 3-fucking-pm
>lost a bag of Wendy's and got elbowed HARD in the nuts
>dog is scared of fireworks and cosplay still isn't done

Kill me.

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>be man
>in pretty good shape
>hair is receding
>I'll never be a cute girl

I don't want to become a girl, I just wish I was born one sometimes. I would love to have long pretty hair that I could style. I also wish I could go shopping for dresses and cute outfits. The female body is so much more beautiful than the male body. I can't complain, I've done some cool stuff that I wouldn't be able to as a woman, but I wish I could be pretty and cute, too.

>> No.9547185


>being a woman is all about pretty dresses and having long hair and shopping!

You're creepy. Stop.

>> No.9547213

I sorta feel ya. I once drunk dialed my sister and told her if I had been a girl, I would have been so much prettier than her she would have a complex about it. Plus, I have really long, beautiful hair women envy, but I have no clue what to do with it

>> No.9547228

"Cosplay is a fun hobby!" I say as I scream in frustration at my cosplays

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File: 43 KB, 376x410, thisslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf are ass-butts?

>> No.9547283

>>I'll never be a cute girl
this is why its better to be a man and accept it.

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>tfw rail thin, borderline anorexic
>tfw bf has a bigger, nicer butt than I ever will have
>he tells me I look fine as I am, but I cant help but get incredibly jealous when i see him walking
>tfw the bitch side of my brain is taking over, and ive actually started to resent him for it

I think i might be one of those psycho chicks guys warn each other about, and I cant help it. I really like this guy too, hes so confident and fit. Im afraid i wont be able to hide my power level and scare him away, any tips?

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File: 201 KB, 645x645, notahegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, my little sister is 13 and she does ahegao in all of her pics. What's the problem?

>> No.9547364

buy yourself some peanut butter and flinstones vitamins with iron, homie

>> No.9547371

My husband works at a job making just a tiny bit over minimum wage. I'm the breadwinner. He was unemployed when we got married.

I'm very attractive (I'm in an industry where the better you look the more you make) so it's not like I couldn't have whoever I wanted. I just want him. Because he's nice and fun. Not a fucker like you.

git gud fag

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File: 214 KB, 500x601, 5165164898465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This sounds like some form of anxiety if you ask me. Have you tried seeing a psychiatrist and getting on meds?

Also are you actually an ana-chan or are you just naturally thin? Honestly toning your butt is easy and you'll start seeing results relatively quickly, even with only a little bit of effort

>> No.9547390

I didnt ever think thats what it meant until now. Thanks for solving my mystery as well anon

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>I wouldn't be able to get a girlfriend/wife because I have no money

Meh, not even 10/10 looks here and I managed to rope an older chic into providing for me while I sat around being useless. Try harder anon, someone out there will replace your mother that never loved you.

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>once in a while I will notice my costumes would have been moved around, I just think that it's me being paranoid
>have an older sister, who really dislikes me, because she really wishes to have a sister and will do anything to belittle me
>get home early today, hear loud jazz music playing from my room
>walk in and see sister wearing my p5 costume with a cucumber up her snatch

I don't know if I am bothered or amused, but it explains why my costumes are in disarray all the time. On the plus side she promises not to belittle me anymore, if I don't tell.

>> No.9547467

Accept it? I love being a man. Being a woman look terrible to boot. I just would have been prettier than my sister if I were a woman

>> No.9547505

So I'm a weeb/ouji with the aesthetics of a fuckboy.
A few not-nerdy women want to go out with me, but I like weeb girls.
My friends say I dress too nice and suggested I pursue a more casual look.
So I'm trying to reduce my fuckboy appearance and try a more beta look.

>> No.9547511

is this a poem or what?

>> No.9547515

Nope, just reddit spacing

>> No.9547585
File: 179 KB, 858x564, gigawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just found out my con-crush is male. Jesus, those are some on-point trap skills.

>> No.9547591

Why do people who say this not realize that if they are an ugly man, they'd also be an ugly woman.

>> No.9547611

I'm not an ugly man. I just think the female body is more aesthetically pleasing.

>> No.9547615 [DELETED] 

Doesn't matter how ugly you are as a female, with a change of attitude there's still tons of thirsty men ready to financially take care of you, have sex with you, pay you money for sex, give you attention, whatever you want.

This is why there's so many MtF trannies, they want to live on easy mode too. (FtM are just delusional and believe they'll be respected more if they were a man)

Too bad neither of these actually works when you're a tranny.

>> No.9547627

I'd love to have a female friend I know there won't be any sexual tension with. Are you in Cali? I wouldn't be able to be cute with you but I'd go for tea and talking.

>> No.9547633

Sorry friendo

>> No.9547643

>Doesn't matter how ugly you are as a female, with a change of attitude there's still tons of thirsty men ready to financially take care of you, have sex with you, pay you money for sex, give you attention, whatever you want.

Why do you believe this?

>> No.9547646

Why do you not?

>> No.9547667

Because I don't stereotype 7 billion people into having 1 of 2 personalities.

>> No.9547672

Im not actually anorexic, just naturally thin. And i feel like its more of a self image/confidence issue, instead of anxiety. I just cant get over my jealously of other people, i try to supress those feelings but they always spill out and fuck up my relationships. Ive tried to improve myself in the gym before, but its so hard for me to eat enough excess calories that i end up LOSING more weight. Inferiority complex's suck.

>> No.9547674

That isn't a personality though? It's a statement. It's true women have it 100x easier finding someone, regardless of looks. It's just fact and there isn't anything wrong with that.

>> No.9547694 [DELETED] 

Yeah its easier for girls to find a partner, but on the flip side they're predisposed to chasing the same high value males who take advantage of them. Females are also valued primarily on looks, whereas an ugly man can be sucessful sexually with confidence, status, resources, ect. Not to mention female sexual market value goes down as they age, where as mens goes up. Neither gender has it better, we're all humans doomed to suffer and perish on this cursed rock.

>> No.9547717
File: 220 KB, 423x329, linkwtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend's sister is barely 13 and her parents let her do all kinds of "sexy" cosplays like MeMeMe, Street Fighter Cammy, whatever. I don't know why they think this is okay??

>> No.9547762
File: 10 KB, 480x360, ulala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found my old flip phone, and this was the only photo on it. An Ulala cosplayer from the mid-2000's.

>> No.9547961

What are they supposed to do, tell her she can't cosplay?

>> No.9548054

>want to get into cosplay
>feel like I should force myself to cosplay as a popular character or whatever the flavor of the month anime is just so people will notice me and take pictures
>have zero interest in becoming "e-famous" however
>just want people to notice my cosplay just so i feel like my cosplay was worth the price making it

yeah yeah, i know cosplay should be done for fun and generally with a mentality like this i shouldnt bother with cosplay at all.
ive always wanted to do full armor stuff like monster hunter armor or something kamen rider related.
but I dont want to spend money on materials and months of build time only for my cosplay to go unnoticed.

>> No.9548071

I don't understand why you're even trying to get into cosplay if you don't want to be efamous or dress up as characters you like and have fun making costumes.

>> No.9548122

I don't live in Cali but I'd still be down to talk if you are! Drop me a throwaway email or something if you want.

That's a cute term. Going to use that from now on. But yeah, I'm getting more and more tempted to actually be active in the local comm since online friendships haven't been working out that well. Spaghetti falls out of my petti around large groups of people but I'm beginning to feel like joining a comm is the most reliable way to find friends. I hope you and your bestie have fun.

I would suggest that we all try and be friends but I imagine a sitcom-esque situation where we all just stonewall each other for hours straight.

>> No.9548138

She probably shouldn't be cosplaying revealing outfits in the first place.

>> No.9548141

When I do cosplay, I actively do really obscure stuff. I feel like it's more special when someone then DOES know who I am/what I'm from. Also, I'm usually with my more normie tier boyfriend, so then our entire con experience isn't being stopped for photos every ten seconds.

>> No.9548147
File: 505 KB, 912x960, 1490764360132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait you're a man cosplayung as girls?

What a massive faggot. Your sister was right. Give me her number so we can hook up and both laugh at you.

>> No.9548163

YES. Are you high?? That's EXACTLY what her parents should do.

>> No.9548170

Yeah, wtf.

Nevermind you're just a pedo.

>> No.9548175

Sorry, I meant "attractive" woman.

>> No.9548177

Sorry, you meant massive faggot.

>> No.9548179

I'm sorry you weren't born with an attractive face, virgin.

>> No.9548183

Look in the mirror lately?

>> No.9548194

>high cheekbones, slightly wide set, hooded and upturned almond-shaped eyes which are seen in most MMs, good brow ridge, hairline that hasn't budged since childhood, non-bulbous and sharp nose, prominent jawline, facial thirds all equal, lips not too thin or too plump, nice gonial angle, etc

I like what I see. Yet, even with my objectively good face, I still wish I was an attractive woman.

>> No.9548195

As a fellow kamen rider cosplayer, cosplaying obscure characters is the best. Tokusatsu fans are kinda rare at cons so when one sees you cosplay kamen rider they will absolutely flip their shit over excitement. Plus its much better to meet a handful of super cool people who are fans of the same shit you are into, than meeting a billion people you cant even chat with because you dont actually enjoy the character youre cosplaying.
Follow your heart dude. Cosplay the characters you love.

>> No.9548197
File: 44 KB, 480x626, Goku-roasts-saitama2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>high cheekbones, slightly wide set, hooded and upturned almond-shaped eyes which are seen in most MMs, good brow ridge, hairline that hasn't budged since childhood, non-bulbous and sharp nose, prominent jawline, facial thirds all equal, lips not too thin or too plump, nice gonial angle, etc

WOW, those are all the features of a MASSIVE FAGGOT.


>> No.9548198

Absolute uggo detected.

>> No.9548205 [DELETED] 

I have a really shitty body. Im not fat or anything, I just have a very unfortunate shape. Its such a downer because the rest of my family was blessed with such good hourglass figures.

Meanwhile me:
>Narrow hips
>Flat butt
>Knocked knees

My only saving grace is my big boobs, but Jesus dude, I can't have sex with my boyfriend without feeling insecure. I'm seriously considering having some work done after I graduate uni

>> No.9548224

Wow, that's very 2005.

>> No.9548229 [DELETED] 

>1) Reduce hypergamy, in other words reduce the insanely over-priced cost of pussy, and lower women's extremely entitled attitudes
>2) Reduce feminism
>3) Fix the extremely broken marriage/divorce laws, where women are rewarded for divorce and ruining men's entire lives
>4) Raise wages
>5) Pray the Gay away

Completed that list for ya.

>> No.9548239
File: 891 KB, 1280x720, 1433516084154.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't drive or travel because i am the fucking loser king
>only con i can attend is some shithole in the wall con that nobody here talks about
>even if it's a small garbage con i still want to go
>can't find a reason to go, i need a "reason" to go first because i am also autistic
>not fit enough and no money to cosplay
>not attractive enough to show my face in public
>will probably virgin walk around the con all alone which is a fate worse than death

Why was I even born?

>> No.9548253
File: 1.24 MB, 500x281, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_305m238r2b404kk40444cwksw_640.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see dream item in another colorway on lm, really pricey though
>50 bucks for the bat ring plus expensive shipping to europe
>watch auction all weekend, but decide not to buy and let it slip
>really sad afterwards
>check mercari today
>see bat ring in preferred colorway for decent price
>instantly e-mail 3 shopping services
>they got it

I love mercari so fucking much.

>> No.9548281

posted in the sinking thread so-

I'm in county durham, so even more bumfuck than cumbria. i've just had some luck looking up facebook groups but I cant find many groups at all based in the north. I can afford tickets to most areas around here, they're usually 20-30 pounds but when I start wanting to go down south tickets are more like 70+. how are you finding these comms that do regular meetups in the cities you mention?

>> No.9548305

Workout you-

I'm not even going to bother getting worked up. You wanted you can literally get what you want, you just don't want to. If you don't care, no one else will.

>> No.9548319

Go join the tea party club and post with your location, people will come forward and recommend local active comms

>> No.9548331

Yeah the lemon tea party is pretty amazing.

>> No.9548334

Oh man, I have family in County Durham and my lingering memory of it is that it's racist and close-minded as fuck, not a fun area to be alternative in (unless you're actually in Durham and not a poor rural area).

Like >>9548319 said, join the Tea Party Club, which is the Facebook group for the whole of the UK. Check the 'Files'/'Docs' tab before you post since you'll look stupid if you don't - there's a list of UK comms there (it might not be visible on mobile but it's there if you check from a computer). The most active comm near you is probably either Leeds or Newcastle or even Edinburgh, York and Hull are fairly quiet these days.

>> No.9548336

Anyone else feel like only a select few people in any particular group end up paying for the food whenever there's a meet-up? I'm always the one fucking paying for everyone's food and i don't know how to bring it up without sounding mean but fuck

am i just getting taken advantage of?? like whenever someone says they are having a hard time with money i feel like i have to help them but its getting ridiculous there are 2 girls who haven't paid since the first meet in my local comm

>> No.9548341

>studying English
>barely passed because my English isn't native/posh enough.
>All of my classmates are completely devoted to English culture and language.

I feel like I should just quit cosplay and my interest in Japanese culture and language and completely devote myself to English too, even if it would make me unhappy. I love my hobbies and I don't want to quit. However, I need a decent job to be able to survive and the only thing that I'd love to do is teach.

I know these are first-world problems, but this is the first time I got to actually go to university and have a chance at graduating after a very shitty life and I don't know who to talk to about such a minor problem.

>> No.9548344
File: 161 KB, 328x282, 6t5646576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've applied to the tea party club

christ hahaha, I don't need reminding how completely dead this area is. I'm not in durham but nearby. also near newcastle so that's a decent option.

Thank you both for the advice, I'm determined to find j-fash people around me.

>> No.9548347

Where are you from?
Don't quit your interests and things you love to fit in with your classmates. Can't you learn english and still be a weeb? you could always teach english in japan lmao.

>> No.9548350

Good feels.

>gained 40lbs over the last year from changing method of bc
>go back to what i was on before
>gaining stopped but stressful new job
>More money could buy lots of brand
>Could only wear about 5 dresses out of the 30+
>dropped bread, sugar and carbs (except veggies) from diet
>lost 20lbs in 2 months and about 3-4" from everywhere
>Can now wear half of my wardrobe
>10-12lbs away from fitting into everything
>20 from everything fitting great.

>> No.9548363

What? Don't put up with that bullshit anon. If they're coming to meets it's their responsibility to pay their way, unless it's a close friend and you actually WANT to pay their tab. I don't think you should feel guilty. If they can't afford to pay for their food at meets, they either shouldn't go to the meet or shouldn't order food. They can bring their own snacks or whatever.

Next time the tab comes just pitch in the amount that your food cost and let everyone else figure out the rest.

>> No.9548369

Holy shit my sides, perfect representation of the North East right there.

I've never heard of this happening and it definitely sounds like you're being taken advantage of. If girls are low on money they shouldn't come to the fucking meet, or should bail out before everyone heads to a restaurant at the end and go and eat at home. That's what I've always done and what a few people in my comm do - there's no shame in being upfront and saying you can't afford to eat out right now instead of sponging off everybody else.

>> No.9548372


>> No.9548393

sounds like the asian lolita is just as much a bitch as the other admin and your ex

>> No.9548402

>Asian bitch steals bf
>Asian bitch accuses you of drama
>Asian bitch bans you from comm
>Asian bitch becomes admin, blocks you from returning
>bluh men are terrible

>> No.9548404

Nice, im happy for you! Keep losing weight the healthy way.

>tfw lost 17lbs in 8 days from surviving on whiskey, smokes, pot, and cornflakes
>just looked in the mirror, i look like a vampire that survived auschwitz

On the bright side, ive been able to cut back on most of my liquor consumption! A liter lasts me 4 days instead of 2 now, Im limiting myself from now on. And hey, being a spooky skeleton will help a lot with my cosplays too. I just hope the short term damage im doing is reversable in the future when i get my shit together. Also, i dont recommend anyone try this, i feel ashamed that this is my life.

>> No.9548407

doesn't matter if you're autistic

>> No.9548412

This is good but you need to be honest with yourself as to why you gained the weight or else it will come back again. Birth control is only responsible for a margin of 5-10lbs of water weight put on in any given individual.

So where'd that extra 30lbs come from?

>> No.9548414

I relate anon. When my family visits I put on a nice face and take them around town but the only reason they visit so much is they know I'm super depressed/anxious.

>> No.9548415

If t makes you feel better, online communication is pretty damn hard most of the time

>> No.9548419

>everything can be solved with exercise!


>> No.9548420

Nayrt but not really anon.
Those elements of femininity are the ones most taboo to men, so it makes sense they see them as the epitome of being a woman.

It's the same as dressing up like a pretty anime character from a show you love. You don't really have superpowers and you aren't really Sailor Mercury but it's something cool you want to explore

It's not like they're saying women are only existent for their long hair, there are plenty of other aspects.

>> No.9548425

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

Do the one you like Saturday and the popular one Sunday.

A friend of mine wore a dance outfit from a high tier marching band and still got recognized twice ant an anime con

>> No.9548434

Not the other anon, but I'd love to get in touch. I'd like some girl friends sharing the hobby.

Sharing a related feel. Order is just slightly too heavy for SAL so had to pay for EMS. At least it'll get here faster r-right.
Now pray for me gulls that customs doesn't hit me.

>> No.9548445

>working out won't solve ALL of my problems so I won't do it

Protip: NO single thing will solve all of your problems. IE: your autism.

>> No.9548451

i assume everyone on this board is a lowlife bpd 16 year old girl, so the premise confused me for a minute

thats good you got something out of it but thats weird as shit on her part. do you think she will do it again?

>> No.9548455
File: 216 KB, 1280x1280, 1498491807254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you in america? I'm curious to know how much you pay in shipping to get items from japan. living in the uk i don't pay that much japan->uk but i recently had to pay 70 pounds shipping a fucking box from america and I'm so salty about it

>> No.9548458

dont dress differently to get girls you dont want, man. as a "weeb girl" i can say if someone im interested in has a "normie side" thats not just for work, im far less inclined to pursue them.

what do you consider "fuckboy aesthetics?"

>> No.9548478

Sorry, Europe. I payed around 50 euro for one skirt, one JSK and one OP with EMS shipped from Japan to my house. With SAL it would have been no more than 30.

>> No.9548480

back up that "fact" then.

>> No.9548492

I wonder if it includes a douchey customised car....if this is who I think it is yep it makes him look like a complete fuckboy

>> No.9548495

Fucking same. I can only discuss it anonly tho because I'm so ashamed of this immature behavior and my ever spiraling ED/body issues (which I'm trying to remedy with this hobby). I hope you're even slightly more okay than I am, have it good and please take care of yourself.

>> No.9548511

I want to meet some girls who have the same interests in games/anime/weebshit I have but outside of cons I don't know where to go, I always hear of people meeting their gfs by internet and then meeting up, but even I don't know how to do that. I also work/live alone in Ohio so my interactions with anyone like such is limited to AX when I come see my family in Cali. This year, AX was way too crowded even during one of the cosplay meetups and left me too nervous under the burning heat to try and chat with anyone.
Guess Im going to fail the Amagami Challenge again this year.

>> No.9548516

>Tfw I understand what you're talking about and sympathize, I could say #NotAllWomen but I think we all know it's too many damn women, (even if they're self-conscious about it or "not")
>Tfw I'm a woman headed into a damn well-paying job and am engaged to a man who's of common worker class /currently unemployed
this is highly off topic BUT third world immigrants honestly in all actuality are an undeniable pest within the workforce AND for so many other reasons too but let's leave it at that before anyone gets too pissy

>> No.9548517

How is it any of the Asian girl's fault?

>> No.9548518
File: 33 KB, 606x307, kurage11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bum it when I'm at the house.
Going out clothes: I typically wear a button down with a vest if I'm going out. I usually pair it up with a LV or MK belt.
Work clothes: I typically do a white button down with black slacks.
I feel like male Tsukimi when I dress nice.

>> No.9548519
File: 68 KB, 500x580, well fuck me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know anyone that knows me irl will 100% be able to identify me from this, but I'm so fed up I can't find it in myself to care anymore. Blog post incoming.

I'm 18. Two months ago, my family and I were evicted from the home I grew up in, and since then my life has been spiraling out of control. One of my friends from my comm who I had VERY recently gotten closer with offered to let me stay in her home for a set amount of time. Me, her and one other girl from our comm were close "besties" or whatever you want to call it, but the other girl was convinced I was trying to steal her husband or something? It kind of came out of nowhere, but I hadn't been that close to anyone besides my abusive, recently ex boyfriend. So there was a huge fallout and now neither of them want anything to do with me, and I'm not very comfortable going to events anymore, so I think I'm losing touch with my community.

Going back to my home situation, I made sure not to stay at anyone's home that offered help more than a week at a time as to not impose, so I was already on my way out of their home by this time, though I had planned to go back. Obviously, I decided not to, so I was sleeping on a roof of a parking garage for a couple days. During this time I was told a very close family friend died of a heroin overdose. I learned my parents were getting divorced when my dad's new girlfriend let me stay at her home, and I was honestly relieved since they were both physically abusive towards eachother and fed off of eachother's drug addictions. However, after their separation my mom spent every penny in their joint bank account and then some; when we got the new apartment a couple weeks ago, we were stuck paying way more than we should have on top of the financial shithole we were already in. I'm stuck paying two shares of rent out of three because my boyfriend had said he would move in and decided not to last minute.

>> No.9548524

How is it not?

>> No.9548526

First time cosplaying at AX. I'm glad I did a popular one my first round. Was worried people would dislike it, but I was getting pics non-stop. Going to do one popular one obscure next year like the other anon said.

>> No.9548529

She is a mod of a community and should only ban people for fair reasons instead of bf/gf pettiness.

>> No.9548530

Way late but here you go.

>> No.9548531

Not saying I disagree, but boyfriend is at fault for dumping girl without being honest he didn't want her earlier.

>> No.9548533

>fitness comes in all shapes and sizes
>I don't need to workout
Lardass detected

>> No.9548534

>tfw no female seagulls want to be friends with a thirsty anon like me

>> No.9548537

Whomst are you quoting?

>> No.9548539

The lardass that thinks it's okay to be a fatass.

>> No.9548541

>cosplaying in 2 days
>have visible red spots/acne marks on my face
kill me

>> No.9548542

That anon didn't say any of those things

>> No.9548543

That's mind blowingly shitty anon. It's terrible to lose connection with friends over something fucking stupid. If they're worth keeping they'll eventually mend ties with you, otherwise it was probably best

>> No.9548550

Nice try, I know it's you lardo. Stop samefagging, its a bannable offense.

>> No.9548551
File: 1.14 MB, 720x405, vHWMKat - Imgur.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the car is stock, but it is very douchey. I thought having a exotic would make me cooler, but it made me look like a complete fuckboy tool.

>> No.9548556

Lardo here, that guy wasn't me.

>> No.9548558

Wow, this is long. Continued.

During this whole time, my boyfriend was guilting me for bringing so much stress in his life on top of being abusive to begin with. I couldn't even tell him when my close friend died because at that point he had made it clear that I was not allowed to bring any more disasters in his life. I don't blame him, even if some of what's happening isn't directly my fault, I was a huge stressor for him. I just wish he would have handled it in another way than tearing me down and saying the most hurtful things he could think of.

I found out he's been lying to me about something major, on top of other issues (including the way he speaks to me) so I finally took everyone's advice and actually said something instead of saying sorry for shit I know isn't my fault. After 2 years, we broke up three days ago.

This whole while, I've lost so much weight. It's so hard to eat now. I can't even keep track of how much I lost, but it's upwards of 40 pounds. I throw up all the time without making myself, but it's gotten kind of addicting to the point where I find myself considering forcing it. I haven't done it, but it scares me that I want to. I used to be so chubby and I love how I look now, but I'm still not completely happy with it. All that said, I really wish I had a bigger apetite. Not eating fucking sucks, I used to love food and now when I think about most foods I feel nauseous, much less SEEING and SMELLING food.

My life is out of control and I know a lot of it is my fault but I don't know if it's repairable. I've been seriously considering suicide, but I don't want my ex-boyfriend to kill himself. He always said if I did he would too, and I might be full of myself for thinking he still might after we're broken up or that he would have even done it to begin with, but I still love him so much. I still think about him and want him to be happy, I don't want to be the cause of his death.

>> No.9548573

I honestly think I'm just very depressed and my situation isn't as bad as most peoples', but it just feels like everything is crashing down around me.

And for sure, I know losing them was for the best. I should have guessed when I heard them gossiping and talking shit about other people that I was no exception. I was already the odd one out, I should have seen it coming. I just wish I never got close to them to begin with.

And it was certainly stupid. She's a very jealous person and read way too much into things and I had to pay for it. I know she lurks here, so I'm embarrassed to even say anything, but I'm so sick of everything going on I don't care what she thinks of me anymore.

>> No.9548576
File: 41 KB, 374x565, 1499131366493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just kill yourself already my man

>> No.9548588

What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.9548589

You're trying way too hard in every sense. The designer logos, the flashy car, you need to have a serious look at yourself and work out what feels authentic to you, this conspicuous consumption makes you look like a complete fool. Stop trying to impress people. I can smell your desperation a mile away and ive only seen what's public on your fb.

>> No.9548595
File: 67 KB, 500x300, Facebook-c50cf6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just fucked up, family.

>> No.9548596

OP here, don't worry about it. I'm posting on the internet, I know what I'm in for. No need to stick up to one anon for another, but thank you.

>> No.9548599

Alright, anon. I wish I had advice for you honestly. I wish you the best and hope that things get better.

>> No.9548602

These kinds of posts make me sick. Can you suck each other off any harder?

>> No.9548608

I just didn't want to be whiteknighted. I'm already sharing my sob story, I don't want to go full on pity party.

I appreciate it.

>> No.9548624

Its a blogpost.

Basically it severely fucked up my hormones. I normally, even on carbs and sugar could go a good while without eating. It got to the point where ibwas getting such bad blood sugar crashes that some juice or crackers wasnt cutting it. I was getting faint and light-headed at work. Like I was eating huge portions and even that wasnt helping. For awhile I tried calorie cutting, did it before and dropped 60lbs that way. It did nothing. I also started getting severe anxiety issues out of nowhere. Shaking, heart palpitations, angry at everything. My hair was falling out in clumps. I ended up quitting the pills i was taking cold turkey and i got back on what i used to take and had no issues aside low libido which is why i switched. After a few days of quitting, the hunger and anxiety was largely subsided. The weight gain was probably caused by a lot of things, i probably had metabolic disorder going on or pre-diabetes from what i was eating. It runs in my family though, both types. The pills i was on made everything worse and not manageable. Cutting the carbs and sugar out has pretty much resolved a lot of my issues. I'll probably be sticking to eating this way permanantly. I cant tolerate bread or sugar anymore if I do have it.

I tried really looking into the problems, but there's very little research into how different hormone levels in bc effect people differently. My doctor was just like, exercise. But nothing outside changing my diet fixed the problems and now the weight is coming off.

>> No.9548650

conspicuous consumption, hmmm
That would make sense why I like the whole ouji fashion. Lolita fashion in general has a few conspicuous consumption elements (brandwhore) to it.
As for authentic, I really don't know.
>I can smell your desperation a mile away
please elaborate.

>> No.9548661

>TFW after getting on thyroid medication and getting my birth control changed I've already lost about 10 lbs in a little less than a month

Thank the Lord, it feels so good to see my weight steadily decrease when it wouldn't budge before. I'm ready to become the skinny me I was before all this mess happened.

>> No.9548662

fuckin sure, jan.

>> No.9548670

If you ever move to Wa, I'm your gal. ;n;

>> No.9548673

you could buy some concealer anon, try posting in the makeup thread.

that's an awful situation anon. are you in america? I know that there's various places you can stay, you could possibly try living in a women's shelter to have some stability. You need to let go of your abusive ex, and stop feeling responsible for him. it'll drag you down. and try to slap yourself on the wrist when you think about making yourself throw up or suicide, it's not going to help.

>> No.9548675

Alcohol has more calories per gram than fat does though

That's what make-up's for. It should hide the worst of it unless it's very textured acne.

>> No.9548690

I'm in America, yeah. I've thought about shelters and such, but it seems so scary. I think I can get by if I try my hardest, I'm just unhappy overall.

I try not to feel responsible for him but it's so difficult; growing up he provided for me in place of my parents for the longest, I feel like I owe him even if I don't think he's a very nice person. Looking back, I wish I didn't mix caretaking and dating so badly. It caused and is still causing so many issues.

I'll agree I shouldn't think about suicide, but I'm still not too convinced throwing up is such a bad thing. I know it's not normal to want to, so I know it's not good, but I can't find a reason to not do it besides that.

>> No.9548694

you sound insane, go see a counselor

>> No.9548698

You got it wrong. Asian bitch didn't ban her initially, it was just another Admin.

I feel sorry for her cause her ex wasn't honest. However, blaming his new gf for Asian is not right. If she got plastic surgery to look "Asian" enough, she would still be with his ex.

>> No.9548703

hearsay is never considered legit evidence.

>> No.9548725

Throwing up is very bad for you. It's so acidic. You can look this up in Bulimia terms as well. It could ruin your stomach lining, throat, mouth, and teeth.

>> No.9548726

There are plenty of reasons not to do it. it fucks up your teeth enamel and oesophagus, gives you bad breath, and causes swelling of the parotid glands resulting in "bulimia cheeks". it's really fucking bad for you and if you keep doing it the harder you're going to find it to keep food down without getting acid reflux or other issues, which will make your life even more of a misery in the future.

>> No.9548745

She's not insane. She broke up 3 days ago, that's not gonna make it easy. Some people have hard time cutting all strings right away

>> No.9548748

Okay, maybe I'm a touch retarded for not thinking of all this. Thanks.

>> No.9548752

It could fuck up your teeth and cause swelling in the face. It can also cause a certain nerve in your stomach to stop working over time. Your digestive system stops giving the working signal that let's us poop normally. You'll experience days at a time without a bowel movement, and in some cases end up relying on laxatives to rid yourself of pain. It can also cause an imbalance in your body's chemistry alongside dehydration which can cause a heart attack. The more likely outcome is your blood pressure suddenly started dropping, and without intervention, you start going into a coma because your body can't maintain it's cardiovascular function. However, it could take years for these sorts of things to happen. It's your call. You could be fine, you could not be fine.

>> No.9548756

I figured it was that sort of thing. I didn't know it could do all that, but I was sure it could be a danger to my life long term. I'd love to tell myself I wouldn't let it get that far, but that's what everyone who got addicted to anything has said, so for now I think it'd be best for me to at least try to fight the urge to make myself do it.

That said, I throw up involuntarily two, maybe three times a week. Obviously there's a root problem causing it that needs to be addressed, but as far as effects from that, am I in danger in any ways similar to what was described here and >>9548726 >>9548745 ?

>> No.9548761
File: 84 KB, 540x540, tumblr_onc15ulWdi1vwl8mqo1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at recent con
>cosplay is all done by myself, it looks good, but it's from a small anime so i dont expect many photos
>get about 6 photos taken in 5 hours, that's fine

>later change into normie clothes
>hair (brown) down, white top, overalls
>get asked 8 times in 2 hours if someone can take a photo of my cosplay
>ask what cosplay
>get told misty (from pokemon)

i'm not even salty about the lack of photos taken at the con since i was expecting it but the fact that so many people would not only think someone that's not even close to being misty (she doesnt even wear overalls??) could be misty, let alone see it and think "i should get a photo" is really appalling desu.

is this how low people's standards have gotten for cosplay? hell even the laziest misty cosplay would have red hair or put their hair in a ponytail. i can understand people thinking maybe i was just some /really/ shitty misty, but fuck, actually asking for a photo just blows my mind.

>> No.9548764

post pics

just of the clothes if you want

I wanna make sure these people are stupid so I can laugh at them confidently

>> No.9548765

You are unfortunately. Like I said, it could take many years before anything bad happens. See, in my case, I have perfect teeth, no gastric reflex, and never had swelling. I experience bowel and cardiovascular issues. Some people may not have bowel issues, some may never have issues with their heart. You may get any combination long term. Some people have spontaneous throat rupture related to it and die even after stopping! (That's very, very rare though.)

You definitely want to fight the urge. Unfortunately, it is sort of the thing it's hard to care until it actually starts to happen. I didn't stop until I almost went into a coma. That made me realize I was going to die if I continued. You want to address it, and just be sure to brush your teeth afterward, drink plenty of water, and that sort of thing. Make sure to keep sports drinks around, some little snacks such as bananas, and stay hydrated. Try your best to take care of yourself even while being unhealthy. Remember to take a multivitamin that has your minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and possibly even iodine. At some point, you should address the involuntary puking. You don't have to tell them you are making yourself at other times, but see about getting that under control. It can damage you. I'm not going to attack you for doing it, but be careful. Also, it's always better if you can not do it.

>> No.9548783

So far in those settings, I've had people stop me to inquire about a picture of my costume. I've gotten Rei, Ramona, Misa, and Harley. I've never cosplayed in my life. I think people are just dumb. In my case, all they focus on is my hair and somehow fail to see the rest of what I'm wearing.

>> No.9548786

I got told by a dentist when I was throwing up involuntarily a lot (due to anxiety) that you shouldn't brush your teeth immediately afterwards as the friction+acid can erode your enamel worse. She suggested rubbing toothpaste with a finger and rinsing, or using mouthwash, but don't brush teeth for a few hours.

>> No.9548790

When I was with my ex he had a mindset that if I wasn't going to eat much at all, I should only eat things good for me, but I was never able to keep the things he let me eat down so I would sneak things like Gatorade because my mom had told me I should drink small amounts of watered down energy drinks to make sure I don't pass out often. It was obviously a choice weighed more heavily on my relationships with those people when I went with or without it, but now that I'm more oriented towards not dying and stuff, do drinks like that actually help or do they do more harm? I can't tell if my ex's logic was flawed or not, I can still hear him in my head going "Are you trying to kill yourself? Don't drink that, it's just sugar!"

>> No.9548793

I know this is true for eating acidic things, so it would make sense. Using my finger seems like the best option, thank you.

>> No.9548795
File: 178 KB, 300x479, IMG_0660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to do pic related
>would have to put on 30-40 lbs to look the part better, but I worked so hard to lose those same 30-40 lbs
>also would need to shave my head and my beard
>need to get started on making the minigun but too poor right now
>considering selling plasma to get the project off the ground

>> No.9548796

I guess I always rinse after I brush so the rinsing may have been more beneficial then the actual brushing. I would take this person's advice.

>> No.9548798
File: 393 KB, 285x551, apparentlymisty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the exact outfit how it was being worn lol

it's worth noting as well i still had my makeup on from my cosplay, so i had a lot of makeup on and it wasn't anything near what would be "acceptable" misty makeup.

>> No.9548806

Well, the sugar is more to help with your blood sugar crashing and such. When you feel real dizzy, sugar or quick energy is sometime what the body needs. There's also the small amounts of potassium and whatnot that comes with it. I mean, I wouldn't constantly down sugary drinks, but they have their purpose. Sometimes your body needs energy, and it needs energy quick. The best choice would be advice from a legit doctor, not the experiences of someone on /cgl/. I'm not trying to convey I'm an expert by any means.

>> No.9548810

Beard couldn't stay, but then make bald caps

>> No.9548811

I know how that feels. I went to my first con in street clothes of a plaid shirt and jeans and was asked about my Woody cosplay

>> No.9548825

You're posting for this kind of relationship advice here- you must be desperate desu

>> No.9548832

Also the fact that you cant respond to me asking you to be authentic- you need to find what your real personality and style is when you're not trying to impress people.

>> No.9548835

What the actual fuck? I can't see how anyone could misconstrue that as a Misty cosplay, let alone 8 people.

Was this at an anime con or a comic con?`

>> No.9548838

Yeah, I think I got too deep in posting in this thread, I really should see a professional about that stuff.

That said, more OT: through all the BS that's been happening, I've gotten close with the music scene in my area, particularly punk and folk punk stuff. Considering I'm one of the much, much younger people in the scene to the point where people feel uncomfortable with me being around, I've been hesitant to wear my lolita much. I met them when I wore it everyday, but since then I've had to sell some stuff out of my already small wardrobe, and I don't even know if it's worth it since I get accused of ageplay shit on the regular. Why can't I just wear pretty dresses, man?

>> No.9548844

if you have a lot of personal problems that are inhibiting your ability to live your life, I highly recommend trying to see a counselor or therapist

it is nice to vent to anonymous strangers on the internet, but it's a lot better to vent to someone who can actually help you

>> No.9548851

Your ex is mostly wrong.

Unfortunately eating is not a perfect science because humans aren't perfect. You need fats, sugars, complex carbs, and protein to live, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. How you obtain them is up to you really. Some foods have better ratios than others.

That said, people assume sugar=evil. Sugar in small amounts regularly, or (depending on who you ask) large amounts infrequently, is fine because it's a quick energy source for your body. It enters your metabolism fast and burns out fast too. So Gatorade provides some salts and nutrients, and also sugars that boost your energy. Fluid loss is extremely dangerous from vomiting/purging behaviors and it's important to supplement with not only the electrolytes but the sugars too to help maintain nutrition.

If you have the chance, a nutritionist or dietitian consultation isn't a bad idea. They aren't gonna lock you up for considering voluntary barfing, and they can give you a better answer than anyone on here.

>tldr "that's pure sugar don't drink it" or "only eat healthy foods and you will be healthy" are both mostly bullshit. It's possible to have some liquid sugars on occasion and plenty of "healthy foods" aren't good in excess.

>> No.9548853

You could try and get super /fit/ on your arms and wear some body padding. Not a fatsuit, but here and there for the illusion of bulk

>> No.9548855

anime, small local con. there were barely any people there.

>> No.9548871

I appreciate the advice, but with all my said problems inhibiting my ability to live, you think I haven't tried that? I got treatment when I was younger and legally obligated to be given it, now shit's expensive and it's a lot easier said than done to "get help." Sure, there are programs, but I've been stuck on waiting lists for longer than it's been since shit got really bad.

Like I said, thank you, I know when people tell me "just get professional help" they really think that's the right answer, but it's a lot easier said than done.

However, moreso than my inability to get immediate treatment, I think there is something to gain from maybe considering an alternative to venting to strangers on the internet. I definitely love /cgl/ as a form of escapism from my real issues, but maybe I should be out trying harder to improve my life than complaining to people about it online.

Thank you, I got learnt today. As previously stated, most treatment won't be within my reach, but I will probably spend hours reading about dietary shit later, maybe even try to find places where people with EDs might share some tricks they use to stay alive while your body wants to reject most shit.

>> No.9548879

Ah, it's a feels thread. It happens.

I'd just wear pretty dresses. If people accuse you of age play then just tell them you like fancy dress. The association with trying to convey the look of a child kills me. Do you wear your hair in pig tails? One thing that may help is avoiding the pig tail type styles which most sadly associate only with young children. The best way I'd fight that is tell people it's not based off children, but it conveys the way women use to dress way back when. Way back in the day, children wore the more demure dresses with lavish styles reserved for grown woman. There's the fact they remind people of the porcelain dolls, but those dolls were generally wearing adult clothing. Tell them to picture a frivolous ball, not a nursery. I've never been reminded of children when I see lolita fashion.

>> No.9548881

I'm nutrition anon and I would be careful about entering ED sites. They can be very... persuasive

>> No.9548883

Low carb anon from above.

I drink powerade zeros pretty often. They do contain enough electrolytes to keep you from passing out or getting weak or great for nausea. I usually drink water or tea though. But good after a workout. I used to drink them to get thru low carb flu, but i dont have that issue now.

>> No.9548891

I think I'm gonna have to do that. RIP beard, you've been a keen ally for the last 9 months

That's a good idea. I'm currently running C6W intermediate program for a Powerlifting meet in October. I'm focusing on bench and upper body anyways because it's my weakest lift. Rev up those rich piana memes, time to start those 8hr arm workouts

>> No.9548892

I wouldn't enter an ED site. I agree. There's plenty of sites about ED written from a medical perspective that drop tips and hints about what goes on with the body, and what someone affected by ED needs. They also outline physical symptoms that are signs of a serious medical issue approaching. Also, one can think outside the box. A site for gastric reflex may have tips to lessen damage from acid, and a site for diabetics may outline the symptoms of low blood sugar.

>> No.9548913

i'm guessing it was because of your boobs or you have a pretty face or something. Sometimes people at smaller cons are desperate to just take pictures of anyone.

Or just bored people taking pictures of normies for the lulz. I've known people to do that.
either way
>tfw no one takes picture of you in cosplay
>tfw people not even in cosplay get more pictures than you.

>> No.9548925

Resource anon here:

I'm a nursing student so I can also ask for some more resources on your behalf during my next shift.

>> No.9548927

>tfw stopped tons of times for pictures
>cops stopped our group and requested a picture
>performers from events came up to us after and wanted pics
>first time cosplaying and it was generic/overdone

>> No.9548930

>planned and bought two $500+ coords for a con
>both dresses have similar unshirred high-waisted cuts but slightly different listed measurements, thought it was nbd since I was well under max for both
>realised when everything arrived and I tried it all on together that neither of them fit properly because I'm too long in the torso for that cut
>first dress just about fits at my current size, 1" less or a bit of shapewear and it'd fit perfectly, nbd
>second dress looks awful even with shapewear, it already fit a little awkwardly when I tried it on last year and I've gained weight since then
>will probably have to diet down to 84cm bust *and* use shapewear get it to look flattering
>still scared it won't fit even if I do that since I looked through the tag on insta and realised it was boobloafing on nearly everyone, even girls that look skinny
>worried the other dress will be too baggy if I lose weight
>no other outfit options since I don't own anything else from the brand guests

I'm really happy with my body type and appearance out of lolita right now (92cm bust, 63cm waist, face looks cute) so I don't really fancy dieting down even if it's possible because I'm naturally busty and losing enough weight to reach 84cm would probably make my cheeks look hollow (I've just been looking through photos from a couple of years ago when I was thinner and I really don't like the way I looked). I just feel depressed, I wish I could just sell the smaller dress and change my outfit but it's too late to put another outfit together and I'd probably make a loss even if I sold.

>> No.9548937

Emailed both of you!

Aw, thanks anon. I'll keep you in mind. Feel free to drop your email anyway if you feel like it.

True. I'm much better at it than IRL communication though.

>> No.9548938

My comm canceled its next meetup (for very good reasons, I'm not disagreeing) but I had one of the better coords I've ever put together planned for it and now I have to wait to wear it somewhere T___T woe is meeee

>> No.9548955

Does the second dress come in any different cuts which might fit better?
Might be worth posting a WTT?

>> No.9548960

Check your thyroid hormone levels. Last summer I gain about 20kg just because my thyroid was fucked up and thanks to that I got prediabetes. Just remember that TSH level for young women should be under 2.5mIU/L (not every doctor tells you that).

t. medic seagull

>> No.9548964

It does but they're both fuck-ugly, sadly.

And I just got a related feel: work are cutting my hours in half so there's no fucking way I can buy another coord in time. Maybe I should just sell my day 2 ticket or find something that can cover the chest area without looking shoehorned in.

>> No.9548968
File: 24 KB, 250x333, noblejsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This throwaway email (badruthase) is more complicated than I thought. If you could send me another e-mail with your discord tag I'm comfortable adding you there and chatting further, since I'm not sure how to reply with this throwaway.

Pic related is the dress that describes my style well.

>> No.9548976

Get used to the thought that picturesthat got taken will be used as fapping material.

>> No.9548990
File: 18 KB, 209x169, IMG_0164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


tfw you try to save money for a new camera so you can start filming higher quality dance covers but then you suddenly are asked to pay bills for family

>> No.9549003

>not consistently paying rent for living with your family

>> No.9549009

How do I find a /cgl/ boyfriend who can coord with me

>> No.9549012

>shopping and fashion are one of the few things I enjoy
>constantly anxious about work, scared of losing job and not being able to afford lolita/jfash/a new sewing machine/meets/a new camera
>fear and anxiety make me procrastinate more
>got prescribed anti-anxiety meds by the doc but they make me sleepy
>get most anxious when I have a big project due but can never use the meds because they make me too tired to work?
>life and lifestyle is awful but too busy and anxious to fix, focus only on work
>trapped in a spiral of life getting worse, browse auctions and cgl instead of fixing it or doing something I actually enjoy

>inb4 "seek professional help"
not considered a serious enough case to get more than just meds for free in my country, was stuck on waiting lists for years even when I was, can't afford to go private partly due (a) to constant fear of losing my job

>> No.9549013

>inb4 torrent of thirsty dudes responding to this post

>> No.9549018

I'm not responding to it because it didn't specifically say that the poster was a female girl born with a vagina.

It could just be a gay dude, and that's gross, man.

>> No.9549028

I'm an anon from before, not specifying which one, but I've settled on taking enough anxiety pills to die tonight. What do I do with my dresses? If I don't plan ahead of time they will go to waste.

I just got really sad remembering an anon who was dying of a terminal illness asking a similar thing, and talking about what dress she wanted to be buried in; I hope she is still alive, but I don't think so.

>> No.9549041

Give them to any lolita you know and like enough for it or leave your family the proper instructions to put them up for auction at lacemarket or something.
If you want your family to have some extra money leave them the values of the dresses as well. Best to do all of this in a note they can verify as being yours if you only have until tonight.

Good luck, anon, whatever your final decision may be. I hope you find peace.

>> No.9549044

I'm sure we're not acquainted, it was just odd how I know the mod from my comm and she feels very much the same as you and tries very hard for the comm to be active. I really love lolita and want to get a nice wardrobe but I'm taking baby steps since I don't have the financial possibilities for more atm.
Thank you for your kind words, I wish more people were like you. I intend to take on your advice and engage with my comm more despite my small wardrobe, I'm friends with the mod too at least and she's very supportive too, which will make it easier. I hope more people find interest in lolita and join your comm, anon. You genuinely sound like you put a lot of effort and passion into lolita and getting others to enjoy it too.

>> No.9549045

>there are cute and pretty seagulls commiting suicide while i'm over here wishing that i was a cute and pretty seagull

I totally wish I could take over the corpse of a dead gull and live out my fantasies.

>> No.9549050

Maybe trade for a dress with a similar color scheme, so that way you can use the accessories you bought?

>> No.9549060

Just mention lolita when you are with someone. You might be surprised who likes lolita and who doesn't.

>> No.9549063

I planned on leaving a note, I think I'm going to give them to someone I have loved for a long time. They don't wear jfashion regularly, but they know this is one of the things I'm most passionate about and I want them to do good with it, even if it means selling it. I just want to give them something I know they will understand the depth of.

Thank you anon. You're a warm hearted one.

>> No.9549068

I'm suicide gull, you can have my corpse. <3

On a weird note, I always told people I wanted a Norwegian forest cat named after me when I was dead, but now that I'm there, it seems weird and not very purposeful.

>> No.9549074

i didnt let anyone who mistook me as misty get a picture.

>> No.9549090

I honestly felt the same feels this evening, but I don't think I could ever be brave enough to follow through. I hope the bad feels go away regardless if you follow through or not. I'm here if you want to talk about suicidal frilly feels with someone who understands.

>> No.9549092

>caught my 11 year old little sister reading Kingdom Hearts yaoi fanfiction

How do I stop her from becoming a friendless weeaboo? I just don't want her to make the same mistakes I did.

>> No.9549105

Oh hey, I'm thinking of killing myself too. I got raped and the dude bit me and bled into my mouth at some point and I can't know if I have HIV until months from now. I'm nope-ing the fuck out.

One of the only things that's stopping me is that most of my wardrobe was gifted to me by friends/family and I would feel like a massive dick for essentially wasting tons of money.

I guess I could make elaborate plans to mail things to the people who bought them for me and leave instructions on how to sell them/how much to sell them for if they don't already know. I'd rather just get things over with quickly though.

>> No.9549112

>born too early for body transplant technology
>born too early for perfect corpse preservation technology
>can't just put a dead gull in my freezer and wait till someone invents a way to transport me into her body

Why does life have to be so hard?

>> No.9549113
File: 1.52 MB, 400x281, clay motion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sister wearing my p5 costume with a cucumber up her snatch

>> No.9549116

I don't think less then 24 hours is enough time to guarantee your dresses end up where you want them. Generally you have to write out a will or hope your family reads your note. Random people can't just say, "Oh, hey, this note I was given says I get to have this," nor will a suicide note be treated as a legit will. Your family will decide what to do with your dresses. Do you trust them to take the time to follow what you have written? Or will they just toss it to deal with aftermath as quickly as possible since they are mourning. Usually the latter happens without a will.

>> No.9549119

Go get PEP now!

>> No.9549123

Adding to >>9549116, I don't even say all that meaning to be a douche. It just seems you are very concerned about your dresses. Perhaps you should seek out a written will and then see how you feel after that is done. You may still feel like killing yourself, you may not. Am I trying to talk you out? Yes. However, I'm being dead serious that you need a legal will to guarantee your possessions are not tossed. It might be worth looking into. It can take a good day or two, or longer, to get a will written out.

>> No.9549125

take her to anime conventions to make friends so she isn't friendless.

>> No.9549130


For the off chance the two of you want to get in touch. I'm >>9549090 and I could use the room to vent without derailing this thread to much. Made a server. We'll see. Link is good for an hour. https://discord.gg/bptDk

>> No.9549142

With past bfs none of them really cared which is good enough, but I would be really nice to have someone whose into dressing up a bit to (not a brolita though) maybe I need to look at effay

>> No.9549150

You should maybe wait until you actually have HIV if that's the big issue. I mean, HIV sucks. I can't rightly tell you if that's the right or wrong choice. However, if the HIV is main fear leading to suicidal thinking, it's at least worthwhile to wait until you know you actually have it. The rape itself is harder to address other then that certainly weighs on someone.

>> No.9549152

Try a boyfriend who likes cosplay and REALLY likes you, then train him

>> No.9549156

Aw. Thank you for leaving this anon. I do hope this helps somebody.

>> No.9549162

>then train him
like a pokemon?

>> No.9549168

No judgement from me here but I would still suggest you try a hotline the day you commit, they have a pretty good prevention success rate. Your meds can cause these thoughts to increase (probably)

Also depending on the Med and your body they might not actually kill you.

>> No.9549178

Yup. He will evolve into oujichu.

>> No.9549296

Its just luck, really. I'm male and love ouji, but just looking at me you'd never thing that. I recently met a girl I like who likes lolita too. We just sorta met at a con and started talking and later found out we both like lolita.

You could also try asking other lolita girls if they know any guys who like lolita.

>> No.9549298

Unfortunately a lot of them are themed and very closely matching to that specific dress, which I bought because it had a specific motif you don't see that often, so it's a bit of an oddball in my wardrobe. I'll figure something out though, I just realised half an hour ago that the reason my boobs were 2" larger than last time I measured is because I just started my period and not because I'd gained weight,

It's probably harmless and she'll get over it herself if she has positive outside influences. If anything, trying to restrict or belittle her interests will make it worse, as she'll find a load of fujoshi weeb friends to share her enthusiasm with, end up with a social circle that revolves around fandoms, and stay a shameless yaoi fangirl weeb forever. Making generalisations based on my own experiences and that of friends I have here. I had an obsessive yaoi phase in high school and read hundreds and hundreds of fanfic and manga and watched a lot of trashy fanservice anime, but I got bored of it. Nowadays I just read the odd thing from a favourite ship and look for doujin fap material occasionally and that's it. Whereas acquaintances I have with a lot of fandom friends sperg out about their "husbandos" and share porn on Facebook accounts with all their normie friends on and it's so tacky.

What >>9549119 said about PrEP is absolutely right, HIV is extremely (and fairly cheaply) treatable these days if you catch it early and not a death sentence or even something you're likely to pass on to a partner as long as you take those two pills a day. I can't express feelings about how horrible it must have been to be raped, but worrying about HIV isn't a reason to kill yourself.

>> No.9549300

OG suicide anon, I can't believe how mean this world is to people. I hope something changes in all our lives and we are still alive in a few years. I can't see it for myself, but hearing other gulls say the same stuff breaks my heart more than anything. Maybe I'm cold blooded for listening more to you guys who haven't asked me once not to do it rather than actual irl people who don't want me dead, it might help that we're anonymous, but something about us being similar from the limited info we have of eachother tugs at me. We're gulls, we're on the feels thread, and we want to kill ourselves. Maybe I'm just sentimental.

I think the link is expired by now, but I would love to chat.

I do trust my family to do that yeah, I've been like this for a while and we've discussed what I'd prefer to happen and after seeing how they've dealt with death in the past, I trust that they will respect my wishes. They know how much my closet means to me, they watched me grow up with this fashion. I don't think they'd do anything I wouldn't want with them. That said... I guess I can never know, right? If the process won't take like, months, I think it's definitely worth it. I need to know that the biggest part of my life won't be tossed aside and I'd just end up as some fancy text in a tattoo on someones arm or a facebook sob story. My dresses are who I am.

>dead serious

>> No.9549314

Tried calling a hotline a couple weeks ago and they hung up on me, hah. It *seemed* like an accident but came off as "Wow, not even someone TRAINED to listen to me can handle me, I really am insufferable."

I'll consider it though.

I'm not prescribed anything anymore, and I'm certain it'll kill me; it's Valium. That makes the decision weigh on me more though, I think. I've tried to OD on psych meds when I was prescribed, and obviously failed, so I think if that's all I had I would have downed them by now since it doesn't seem as heavy a decision since I only might die. With this, I know if I take a quarter of the amount I have, I'll definitely be gone.

>> No.9549315

I'm a fucking atheist and I'm praying for you.

>> No.9549322

I wouldn't dictate what's reason for someone to kill themselves I don't think, but that might be me reading into shit too much like a tumblrfag. Though I agree, there's many ways to work with HIV that aren't as awful as you'd imagine.

>> No.9549323

Actually PEP has a 90% cure rating of HIV if taken with in 72 hours of exposure.

>> No.9549349


Please don't do this you guys. I don't care if it's for even the stupidest reason for you to stay here. Please don't do it. Just stay. There's so much in this world even if it seems dark right now. Who knows how things will change if you just stick with it?

I'm not expecting my message to change any of your minds but I couldn't sit here and continue on with my business without at least trying to convince you otherwise. I am resource anon from earlier so if you need resources I will happily give them.

>> No.9549356

here goes. https://discord.gg/cc8CP
Not sure if it means anything to you, but it breaks my heart too knowing other gulls, so that means you, feel this way.

Thanks for your kind words.

>> No.9549361

Hey I'm not part of this discussion or anything but do you gulls mind if I join the server just to watch the conversation unfold?

Yeah fucking creepy as shit I know.

>> No.9549370

Haha, they did that to me too. As one suicidal person to another though, I think it's a bit wasteful to kill yourself like that. Like people would have to find your body and deal with all the funeral mess. I personally would prefer to leave as little chaos behind me as possible. It seems like you care about what you leave behind too. Though honestly- and I don't really have any place to say this when I was close to attempting myself- just wait out the storm a bit. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time, but when small happy things occur, I can't help but thinking "well, aren't you glad you didn't kill yourself that day and are still alive to experience it?". And really, I am. Though the wanting to die never goes away either lol.

>> No.9549384

It's a girl's rear front boy pussy

>> No.9549395

I know, that's why I was recommending it, but I also wanted to let anon know that even if she's outside the exposure window and does get HIV, the same anti-retrovirals can reduce your viral load in your bloodstream to undetectable levels.

>> No.9549397

Anon who got raped here, will this link stay open for more than an hour? I can't join right now but I might want to talk to other people at some point.

Also I'm on mobile so it'd be hard to (You) everyone who responded to me so I'll do it in one go. Thanks for showing concern for me. It's not JUST the possibility of having HIV, it's the entire ordeal on top of a lot of little things that make me want to die. I don't want to live in a world where a man, my neighbor, can force his way into my house and rape me in my own home. I don't want to live in a world where someone can be raped multiple times in one lifetime, or where rape even happens at all. I am too weak to live in a world as wretched and scary as this one. I can't live with a body that has been violated. That's my motivation to die. Having my blood tainted would be the icing on the cake.

>> No.9549401

It is set to expire after 12 hours now. I personally will fall asleep somewhere in the next couple of hours, but I'll be back after.

I hope for now you will get through the night safely and that your bloodwork checks out clean.

>> No.9549407
File: 33 KB, 465x442, incrediwat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels threads are interesting.

One minute, it's "I'm going to kill myself because my parents died in a bus crash and my house burned down."

The next, "Our comm is breaking up because someone pooped in their thong diaper."

>> No.9549408

I was seriously about to give up cosplay until AX this year. I had the most amazing time and met some really nice people.

>> No.9549409

Lolita makes me feel more fat than anything.

Tired of going days where I'll eat like one boiled egg because Id rather kms than eat anything else and then days where I spiral and just find my body making its way to the kitchen and just consume anything and everything in my way.

Not to be a bitter fatty chan, but I see girls on here complaining about being fat at 74cm waist and man I WISH I were 74cm waist again. I remember when I was at that size i thought I was fat but looking back on pics of myself from then makes me cry for my former self. I was thin and beautiful and I didnt even know it.

Sorry. I binged today so I feel worse than usual.

>> No.9549414
File: 58 KB, 700x388, IMG_0361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I probably am not doing any better off, but thank you anon. I'm ashamed as well but ever since I was around 7 or so I've been terrified of being what I perceive to be ugly. It didn't help that years of ballet had me surrounded by people who encouraged me when I lost too much weight.

>tfw no matter how much the scale says you lose you think you look fatter and fatter
>tfw your skirt falls down because it's too loose when it fit just fine a few weeks ago at work
>tfw you feel cold constantly and bruise like a banana and your hair is constantly thinning
>tfw you are terrified to go to a dentist because your teeth are rotting and your dentist will know why
>tfw you do so much to feel beautiful but you'll always feel ugly

>> No.9549429

I'm new to this, is that really why I bruise so easily? I really thought I just got more clumsy outta nowhere and couldn't figure out why.

>> No.9549432

Yep, it's why. I scratched an itch and got a bruise from it today. My boss asked if my boyfriend was treating me okay. Didn't know how to answer at all.

>yes sir, he's treating me great, it's just i'm starving to death you see

>> No.9549458

I had a full thyroid panel done when the real symptoms began. Hair falling out, not able to lose weight, weak, lethargic, wanting to sleep all the time, very cold, the summer before last when it really started I was wearing hoodies in 80 degree weather... all hypothyroid symptoms and I swore I had it. But everything came out in the normal range so it was a little baffling. I changed the bc, and for the most part those symptoms went away too aside the occasional lethargy and wanting a nap.

After the diet change, I'm feeling much better. Honestly, I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager. I need to go back for a checkup and I might get more bloodwork done to see what changes have happened in my system after this. Just from my own observation though, I feel 1000% better.

>> No.9549482

My last boyfriend was very emotionally abusive but people assumed he was also physically abusive and that I was lying for him because of the emotional abuse, I can relate to the not knowing how to react to that. I would say no, I'm just clumsy, but isn't that what all battered women say?

>> No.9549499

As I said, that weighs on a person. It'd be good for you to talk to other people. The world is a terrifying place. I guess I'm more saying wait to see if the cake comes without icing. It also gives you time to decide if you absolutely want to. It might not be so good a decision to do it immediately while the memory is so fresh. I am concerned about your living situation, and if the man is still present. It's problematic if you cannot get away. You should talk to some people first. There's nothing wrong with the way you are feeling right now, not after something such as that. I hope things turn out for the better, and if they do not, I hope you find peace.

>> No.9549503

Sometimes I forget just what people are capable of

>> No.9549540

I don't know what area of the world they live in, but 24 U.S. states have made it a punishable offense to not disclose an HIV-positive status before having sex. Therefore, it can be difficult finding a partner. That aside, it's a painful way to die. It's also a reminder. I sincerely hope they find the will to stay alive, and find support to vent their feelings. I hope they are alive long enough to heal emotionally. It is important though to realize HIV is a death sentence, and to word it otherwise is sugarcoating the truth. It doesn't mean that the life in-between isn't worth living. It's also true that life is worth living even after rape. Rape makes it hard to see the beauty in the world. Hopefully they can hold on long enough to see it again.

>> No.9549558

>HIV is a death sentence
Are you living under a rock or are you just incapable of staying up to date with medical progress?

>> No.9549567

Fuck. I didn't think about context when I used that phrase.

No, it's not a month long process. It's not that families mean to throw away their loved one's possessions, it is usually just the very last thing on their mind. The last thing they want to deal with. Plus, if you write a will, the court helps take care of everything such as contacting the recipients. Takes some load off the family. I hope everyone finds their answer.

>> No.9549572

I live in a city with one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the U.S.. I guess I'm just jaded.

>> No.9549573

And as I said, the life in-between is still worth living.

>> No.9549579

/o/ here,
What car?

>> No.9549586

Eyy, I'm thinking of doing the scout for my next con

>> No.9549587

>HIV is a death sentence
Lol, not in 2017.

>> No.9549593

Would you like to have HIV? I didn't say it was an execution happening tomorrow, but I can feel some sense of sympathy for the fear that comes with the possibility of that diagnoses. Enough not to blow it off as something so benign.

>> No.9549597
File: 46 KB, 525x289, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey anon, just in case you haven't necked yourself yet. I just got a HIV test and I'd look up the rates of transfer if I were you.

I had unprotected sex with a dude and I was freaking out about having HIV. Went to get the test and the doctor was showing me the chances of transfer for different scenarios to chill me out. Even if he was HIV positive there's still quite a large chance you didn't actually contract it, some quick googling says it could be as low as 0.3%. Hold onto that as hope until you can get a definitive test.
I'm tremendously sorry about what happened to you though.

>> No.9549709

>taking enough anxiety pills to die tonight
please kys (kiss your sweetheart)

>> No.9549714

>you won't get HIV/AIDS goy it's almost impossible!
Please tell me you don't actually believe this

>> No.9549723

Nayrt, but would wearing LV or other normie brand stuff actually be a turnoff for fashion minded/lolita weebs? I just want to look like a protagonist from a shonen manga and some of their stuff is pretty fucking neato because of it's relative absurdity. Jfash can already be expensive for each item with shipping, so not sure if LV is too far out you know?

>> No.9549728

>objective fact
>please don't tell me you believe this
I'm saying if it's after the fact there is no use freaking the fuck out, take a look at things analytically and use it to calm you down until you can get the results for sure.
I'm not saying go and bath in a bath of aids, of course still take every HIV prevention step possible, PrEP can be a life saver.

Maybe it's because I don't live in a shithole though.

>> No.9549731

Or, I don't know, don't engage in actions that could result in you getting HIV? No no of course not because then you wouldn't be able to be a stupid faggot and you love to do that

>> No.9549733

>don't engage in actions that could result in you getting HIV


>> No.9549739

Maybe in the US because so many poor Americans don't have access to healthcare or the money for drugs, or didn't get tested and realise they have it. I live in a city with one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the UK and deaths are rare here now thanks to programmes distributing PrEP and other anti-retrovirals, although the misconception that it's a death sentence remains. There are actually concerns that young gay guys have become complacent about condoms because they know it's not a death sentence. All the focus now is on raising awareness to reduce new infections, and on ensuring the 1/7 HIV-infected people who don't realise they have HIV get diagnosed and treated before it's too late (people do still die without knowing they had AIDS). If anon has insurance or $50 a month spare she won't die.

>> No.9549748

You absolute fucking moron, you think anon wanted to engage in rape? kys

>> No.9549765
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>meet cool new friend at con
>find their twitter
>they're a furry

>meet another person who seems cool
>find their instagram
>"demisexual genderfluid feminist"

>> No.9549771

Most people don't get raped once in their life. Seems pretty easy to avoid to me.

>> No.9549777
File: 44 KB, 640x495, IMG_0923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jfc even as a bottom of the barrel troll this is in bad taste

>> No.9549779
File: 249 KB, 502x447, 1491957515169.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meeting new people at con

How do you do it? Do people approach you or do you approach them? How do you decide that they're your new friends?

>> No.9549780

I was raped twice, once when I was a helpless kid and once in my own home during the middle of the day by a man who was twice my size. I don't know what your point is, but when it comes down to it, rape isn't something you can always "avoid."

You're probably just making a sad attempt to troll or whatever but I hope you aren't really as dense as you're making yourself out to be.

>> No.9549782

You must have been a pretty sexy kid.

>> No.9549785

burn in hell

>> No.9549787

>waaah waah waaaah when bad things happen to me it is somebody else's fault not mine
I guess some people are born failures

>> No.9549797

desu I might get some flak for this, but I firmly believe access to and willingness to use a lethal weapon, although not perfect, is both an effective deterrent from and an appropriate response to a dangerous assailant

>> No.9549804

What kind of sad pathetic miserable life you must lead that you decide to joke and mess around with one of the worst things a person could experience. Get a new hobby, you're horrible at baiting.

Oh yeah? Should my 8year old self have been carrying a lethal weapon? Should I have had a gun in my clutch on prom night? What about the time I was assaulted in broad daylight when I was taking a walk around the block to play pokemon go? Do I just carry a lethal weapon with me at all times? Fuck off, anon.

>> No.9549809

Look on the bright side, you must be really attractive if guys just want to decide to rape you all the time. Attractiveness is a good thing.

>> No.9549818

Idk about 8 but yes you should be carrying an easy to use knife and pepper spray as a fully grown woman. Why would you not?

>> No.9549820

Why does innocent world put stuff up on the summer sale that's already sold out, it got my hopes up

>> No.9549822

>blaming the victim and not the people who perform the assault

what the fuck am i reading

>> No.9549826

Victims are 50% responsible for their rapes.

>> No.9549829

>although not perfect
Nothing works every time, but being ready, willing, and able to kill an attacker, combined with proper situational awareness, is probably the most effective way to defend oneself

>> No.9549830

figure out how serious they are about it. For some people it is just whatever, for others it is the entire identity.

I can tell you how I made 2 friends. 1 was in lolita and had a table next to me in artist alley so we talk about that and found out we play the game mmorpg so we added each other on steam.
The other friend I made was cosplaying Mello and she didn't have any chocolate so I gave her a chocolate bar to match her cosplay. We just sorta became friends after that.

Basically, try to talk to people who you are stuck next to like in line to a panel or autograph and talk about something they are wearing or whatever. Also give yourself a reason to go up to someone. One friend I made just came up to my table and gave me candy and pokemon cards.

>> No.9549838

>I got mugged I don't understand I was only flashing my cash everywhere

>> No.9549841

>What kind of sad pathetic miserable life you must lead that you decide to joke and mess around with one of the worst things a person could experience.
at least I've never been raped

>> No.9549847

Excuse me? I asked why the fuck would you not carry a way to defend yourself in case of attack. I didn't say it was the victims fault you stupid bitch.

>> No.9549853

I don't lock my door at night and I keep my car doors open. It's not MY fault if someone breaks in. Also make sure nothing in my house can be used as a weapon. Not my fault if I get assaulted.

>> No.9549858

You're placing blame on the victim for not carrying a weapon, when the person who should be blamed is the one who assaulted them. >What is reading comprehension?

>> No.9549860

If I ride my bicycle just barely over the shoulder line it's not my fault if I get hit by a vehicle.

>> No.9549870

>eating bait this hard
Never change, seagulls, never change.

>> No.9549872

I'm saying you should carry a weapon to defend yourself when needed, not that it's the victims fault.
Of course the attacker is at fault you fucking retard. That does NOT mean you shouldn't take precautions.

Do you use condoms? Birth control?
Lock your doors? Apply sunscreen? You're already taking precautions. Why wouldn't you have some for attackers? This isn't just for women against rapists. I'm talking about defending your home, family, and wellbeing.

>teach rapists not to rape!
This is always a stupid argument. Teach murderers not to murder, teach thievs not to steal. They've been here since the beginning of time, you should be ready in case a crazy person strikes.

Is it the victims fault? Never. Should a potential victim be ready in case of attack? Always. To say otherwise makes you a delusional flower trapped in a bubble.

>> No.9549878

Look at mr toughguy over here "kill an attacker" yeah sure. What do you think you are, wolverine or something? We're talking about the average cute tiny gull who would go into shock and panic when getting sexually assaulted.

>> No.9549883

Not every girl is weak-minded, thanks. A little self defense goes a LONG way.

>> No.9549892

A stronger attacker can easily overpower you and turn it on yourself, it's an incredibly dangerous thing to do and could result in you ending up dead. Even for standard knife crime, which is usually guy-on-guy without as much of a size/strength disparity, people who carry are most likely to end up getting stabbed with their own knife. depending on the state/country you live in and their self-defense laws you could also end up in prison for killing someone even if you succeed, since it's your word against theirs that they tried to rape you before you killed them.

everyone stop replying to OT bait now, please

>> No.9549894

Get a gun. Learn to use it. It could save your life

>> No.9549898

The last time I was sexually assaulted, I was afraid to make a move for fear the guy had a concealed weapon. I'm not tryna pull some twist on him only for him to then pull a gun or knife on me, are you fucking crazy?


>tfw all this obvious bait but just so ANGERY

>> No.9549899

This. Just spread your legs and enjoy the ride am I right?
How about no.

>> No.9549903

Have you been in that predicament yourself? No? Then fuck off with your hypotheticals.

>> No.9549905
File: 50 KB, 458x308, lets-not-turn-this-rape-into-a-murder_o_264272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>attacking a guy two to three times your mass

>> No.9549908

Yes, I have.
But I'm talking man on man rape attempt, so it's different. First thing I did for my girlfriend was get her self defense classes and pepper spray.

Which she carries at ALL times.

One small flick between the legs or pepper spray will bring down even the biggest guys.

>> No.9549911

Not if they're grappling you in a way that they can't do that.

At least a gun doesn't rely on you being stronger, doesn't require you to be within grabbing distance to use it, and makes a loud enough noise to alert people in the local area even if you miss. A knife is a terrible idea.

>> No.9549915

Then get a gun.
In my opinion pepper spray is best, since chances are they're within grabbing distance already and the safety is easier to undo. A knife is just an example.

You should have any form of defense you know how to use. Fists, legs, pepper spray, knife, gun, ANYTHING. Man, woman, or other you should always be ready to defend yourself. Take up classes if you don't want to use a weapon. There are classes specifically for these scenarios. Please don't dissuade people from finding ways to protect themselves.

>> No.9549921
File: 1.28 MB, 300x300, 1480729391478.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*wears a cup and goggles*
Heh.. you're done kiddo

>> No.9549924

Rapists usually don't but if they're that prepared chances are they've been stalking you.

>> No.9550088

You are a selfish retard, grow the fuck up. You're not a 12 year old.

>> No.9550091

>people taking the bait yet again

>> No.9550386

If you're still here I posted in the new feels thread m8

>> No.9550430


>> No.9550436

what the literal fuck haha

>> No.9550460

US anon here, it depends. Small headbow with ePacket can be like 12-15$, a couple dresses are $20 usually, and big orders with purses and shoes or several dresses gets fucked and ends up like 80-100 and more regardless of method. Can't remember Bodyline shipping on big orders but I think it was 35 or 40

>> No.9550758

It's similar then, if a little more expensive than shipping to the uk. It's so annoying when a packet goes over some arbitrary weight class and ends up tripling in price. On ebay I pay about 6 pounds for very small items, and around 11 pounds for a dress or two, for reference.

>> No.9550965

>attracted to cosplayers because it showcases they are 1) nerdy and likely have many mutual interests, 2) aren't completely unmotivated/can be ambitious/passionate about an interest (seriously 90% of girls interests are just fucking posting on social media) and 3) shows they aren't entirely socially retarded since you have to be somewhat social to dress up and take pics with random people
>don't cosplay myself, actually have a ton of normie interests and friends

idk why im posting this

>> No.9551053

I'm cosplaying for my first time in August but my social skills are pretty weak (even have diagnosed anxiety disorder/selective mutism). They all vary somewhat cause they can 1; have shit taste, 2; halfass their cosplays and/or 3; be like me and have anxiety issues though cosplaying ought to work on that one.

>> No.9554731

Coming back to /cgl/ after a few years away to see it hasn't changed too much. That's cool, I guess.

As for my feels, they're pretty shit. I stopped coming to /cgl/ bc I gave up on cosplay, cons, anime, and games when it started getting mainstream popularity because a certain person from my past hopped on the bandwagon and, long story short, basically used my hobbies and her popularity to steal my entire friend group and use my depression and the extremely abusive situation I was in to turn everyone against me. I'm about to turn 25 and I have no friends, no boyfriend, and now I have no hobbies and i just also lost my awesome job to another two faced bitch who got me multiple writeups for things I never even did. I just wish I were dead. Now I just feel like an empty, worthless shell.

>> No.9555657

? Stop befriending people based on looks?
Sounds like peopel are jealous of you. Dont be such an open book.

>> No.9556289

They were all my long term friends from elementary and middle school though, which is probably why it hurt so bad.

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