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What age is too old to be a Lolita?

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No. This question gets asked literally every week ffs.

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lol sorry for getting your bonnet ruffled.

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No it doesn't. Most people know you can't be too old for clothing without having to ask.

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There's no age limit on fashion. Some might argue that sweet has an age limit, personally I think that as long as you look and feel good then you should wear whatever you like regardless of your age.
I'm 27, been wearing lolita for about a decade and only intend to stop when and if it stops making me happy.

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>nayrt but
most people do know that, yes. but there must be some people out there that don't know, because at least 50% of the time I'm on here there is a "how old is too old for lolita" thread somewhere in the catalog. might not be every week, but it's gotta be at least every couple weeks.

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Lolita isn't fashion though. It's immaturity.

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It's immaturity manifestation. Some men collect and play with Legos, some women want to dress like dolls and princesses. Not a bad thing but certainly isn't fashion.

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If you're worried that you're too old for lolita, you probably are. Lolita is only for those who don't care about what other people think of you and for those who stay young at heart.

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Oh it's you again

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>isn't fashion

It is by definition a fashion. Just because it is one you do not personally think much of doesn't mean it's not a fashion. There are literally thousands and thousands of people across the world wearing it, styling themselves after it, and making things revolved around it as a fashion.

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Why do gulls love bait so much?

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it's summer and we're bored

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do not take bait friend

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Yes it fucking does.
Try the fucking archives

If you have to ask, you're too much of an insecure bitch for the fashion. 3/10 bait got me to reply. Next.

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better than zero :D

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When you're dead


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28 if asian with good skin
20 if you get a lot of sun

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Shelby Cloud is in her mid-30s and not only still wears lolita, but still wears sweet. She is my main fashion inspiration. Age is just a number. And I strictly believe that the younger you act, the younger you'll feel and the less you'll age.

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what does hijabi hoe have to do with age?

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>Hijab and lolita

time to give her a fucking interview on television

also shit thread


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Everyone assumes I'm anywhere from 19-24. Turning 36 this year.

No fucks given. Couldn't afford this shit back then.

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Even if there is an age where you become "too old", it's not going to be the same for everyone. Everyone ages at different rates and in different ways, some people might look older but still look cute even if they're wrinkly (round face maybe?), others look too mature/MILF-y, whether people perceive it as weird on you partly depends on what your personality's like and what style you wear. Some fields it wouldn't matter or would be seen as harmlessly quirky, other conservative fields it'd destroy your chances of progressing beyond a certain point in your career when you're expected to "settle down".

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