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So we all know the ideal Lifestyle Lolita traits: good manners, feminine hobbies, and a love of tea and sweets. But not everyone can be maidenly all the time. What's your trait or habit that's so antithetical to the idea of a Lifestyler that Misako would piss her petti if she were to find out? Do you really fucking hate that hot leaf water that people call tea? Discretely pick your nose and put your snot in inappropriate places? Share your most anti-Lifestyle traits.... your secrets are safe here!

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I literally never wear female underwear. I've been opposed to wearing it my entire life, even when I was around 8 or so I hated it. I don't know either, I just hate it unless it's lingerie.

I'll wear spanx shorts or men's boxers with bloomers or something instead but FUCK actual panties unless I'm about to have sex.

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I'm never sure if liking petty drama is anti-lifestyle because it's not good manners, or if it's the epitome of being lolita since I've never met a lolita that isn't involved in some kind of drama.

I like drama, needless to say.

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I pride myself on having a very put-together room thats pretty much in line with the lolita aesthetic. Lots of soft pastel colors, a floral quilt, vintage ceramic trinkets scattered about... I even have dresser knobs shaped like flowers!

But goddamn I am one of the most disorganized people I know. Whatever gene that makes people be capable of and enjoy cleaning completely skipped me. I don't know if my floor has ever been completely clear for more than a few days at a time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which is a shame because I would love to share my bedroom on the room thread someday. Cross your fingers for me, gulls, that I'll become a functioning, clean adult one day.

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I smoke and burp in public

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I have my ratty baby blanket from when I was born, and I have to sleep with it every night, otherwise I can't sleep. I also fidget with the edges of it, running the silky bits between my fingers. It's a nervous habit, but it calms me down.

I always hide my blanket (and baby pillow, equally as ratty) when I have friends over, and I'm kind of ashamed of it. All of the rest of my apartment is beautiful and sweet and elegant.

I also don't want people thinking it's an ageplay thing.

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My sex toy collection is growing faster than my accessory collection.

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You're not alone anon, I do the exact same thing with my blanket.

My most non-lifestyle habit is I swear pretty heavily. I try to tone it down a little when I'm at meet-ups but I often forget.

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I'm into archery, I ended up trying it out on a whim a couple years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm not into hunting by any means, but we do have a few trails that feature stuffed targets.

I also really enjoy horror movies and psychological thrillers, with the Silence of the Lambs being one of my all-time favourites. I guess neither interest could be considered a "habit/trait", just things I really enjoy that run very parallel to the fashion.

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I'm a sweet lolita, but also a trashy malt liquor connoisseur who loves gross-out art and pretty much anything to do with the trash punk hobo aesthetic.

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I also still have my baby blanket lol.... only a couple of years ago was I able to start sleeping without it! Honestly I don't think it's that uncommon, nor do I think it screams age play

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I enjoy occasionally going clubbing and doing recreational drugs, and I often befriend normies while I'm out. Most other aspects of my life would be considered fairly lifestyler though.

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i am fidgeting with my extremely ratty baby pillow as i read this post

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>be me
>loves industrial
>smoke weed
>typically hate skirts

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>went junking over the weekend.
>five dip sticks, a car side mirror, a jaguar head rest, and dozens of makers marks.
This list would seem insane, until I tell you I'm preparing for wasteland weekend.
Also, there is absolutely no lolita element in my costume. Luxury hobbies don't work with the apocalypse and I refuse to damage brand, (for any of you who were wondering).

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I burp/fart more loudly when i'm alone followed by a sigh of relief. I also pee in the shower, look at my period blood/clots going down the drain,sniff my pad before throwing it out, pick my nose,...
I watch blackhead extraction videos and squeezing mine out/popping them is so pleasing.
I also have a dark sense of humor sometimes ("heh it's like kids with cancer it never gets old har har har" or dirty minded jokes) and tend to feel kinda bad about it.

It's funny because I'm this dainty sweet lolita and people think i'm so cute but i'm just gross.
Also I hate myself, that's not very kawaii, but i'm working on that

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I'm not girly at all, I really don't like sweet girliness or those type of expectations, I tend to dress way more neutral and chill.

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>remembers the day my mom took my yellow blankie with the lil baby bunnies eating carrots from me
>to this day, I remember feeling like something precious was gone forever
>have been trying to replace it all my life
>still not my blankie

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I only dress lolita for meets and shows, otherwise I'm either dressed in hot topic punk or like middle school boy. so /kawaii/


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I don't have a baby blanket or pillow but I do have a stuffed dog that my aunt gave me the day I was born, now super ratty of course.

I like fidgeting with the threads/different types of stuffing that's in it, as well as using it as a pillow at night, but I'm trying to stop because it's literally falling apart. So yeah, your not alone anon.

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I'm a nudist

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>I also don't want people thinking it's an ageplay thing.
Can relate.

I really take being taken seriously, well... seriously, because I work full time to support myself and don't have many filters between my work and home life, to the point that I often wear this stuff to work, or share news and photos about events with peers. So I REALLY don't want my employers thinking it's some weird baby habit.

And yet-
>I relax in my office with coloring books
>I can't resist miniatures, and impractically cute shit, so along with adult collectibles, I also have many gadgets and toys meant for someone much younger than me
>The only person I am fooling with all my realistic Hansas that "it's totes not a stuffie collection, it's an art collection" is me.

I feel these things are far more at odds with how I'd like to be perceived, (as a mature and just interestingly dressed grown woman, and not someone who might have problems or making up for a bad childhood), than smoking and swearing, which no one bats at eye at.

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that sounds more anti-cgl than anti-lolita imo, especially with that typing style

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that's adorable anon.

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I never had a security blanket, but my younger brother did. He's now a grown man with a beard that a lumberjack would envy, doing field work for geological survey firms in the middle of bumblefuck.

He still has his blankie. All of the cross-stitching has come out of it, and it's stained and ratty, but he keeps it under his pillow even now, and apparently keeps it zipped into his sleeping back during fieldwork.

If it makes you comfortable, and it's not hurting anybody, don't be ashamed, anon.

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I'm very curious as to what this kind of event entails; I've never heard of it before! is it like post apocalyptic larping?

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wow, thank you so much all of you!! Knowing how many people feel so normal about this is really reassuring.

oh, gosh, yeah. I also use coloring books to relax (and hide them lmao) and have some miniatures / toys that are definitely meant for children.

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Exactly that but immersion is required to attend. People draw from Fallout, Mad Max, Excape from LA... etc. They have live entertainment in the form of Metal Bands, other attendees, games, casino area where caps are currency... it's awesome for post apocalyptic fans/ fans of said series'.

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i make porn for a living (not of myself)

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What's your role? Cameraman? Director?

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cg porn. i handle 3d modelling and rigging, occasionally voice acting.

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I like to think I'm a Good Lolita(TM)..... but I don't think I quite qualify.

-about half my income is from working at a medical marijuana farm.

-I like urbexing, and as a result, get kind of filthy. Actually, I'm just a generally kind of dirty person. I wash my hands like once a day and shower 2x a week. Gross? At least I wash my face daily.

-my usual manner of sitting requires my legs to be in "separate counties", as my mom would say.

-crumpets and clotted cream? Fuckin gross.

-enormous weeb, WILL wear Naruto headband with burando if no one is looking

-I get a lot of fashion inspo from VERY non-lolita sources, but still apply them to lolita. Such as: sissies, kidcore, kinderwhore, anime (like nekopara). I don't go in for the sexual aspect but I like the mix of the aesthetics. It's pretty tacky. I don't post pictures of these coords online for good reason.

-I refuse to spend more than 190 on anything except necessities. (Not so much non-lolita as pathetic poorfaggery.)

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That's pretty dope, actually.

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I don't live the lifestyle or even own lolita at all. Does that count?

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Not gonna advertise?

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>Tried to like tea so many times but hate the majority of it

>> No.9526376

I don't like sweets and sweet foods in general

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That's so fake

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How is that anti Lolita lifestyle? Lolita is also about keeping your young girls heart

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I don't get the point of this thread.
>I'm a normal person with interests outside of lolita! Tell me how SPECIAL that makes me!

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Plus some of the things mentioned aren't anti-lolita lifestyle at all

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I'm a hoarder and not the cute kind. Until I had a breakdown and forced myself to start cleaning up, my room literally resembled an episode of hoarders. You won't believe the nastiness I found while cleaning.

I ran out of steam about 3 days later and I'm trying to get the energy and will up to finish. I threw away 10 bags of trash and donated 4 bags of clothes. I still need to organize my closet and do under my bed. I'm terrified of what horrors await me. But the rest of my room is finally starting to resemble a living space for the first time in 3 years.

I have to fight the urge to keep trash. Even today I made myself throw away some boxes I'd thrown in the closet last week because I might "need" them. It doesn't help that I also have a shopping addiction and I keep adding more things to the piles.

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Ayy anon you and I have common traits. I'm kind of a neat freak but I wore my supah kawaii meido chobits hairband with lolita while no one was watching,get inspo from animu and mango,and refuse to spend more than a certain amount on anything normal.
Also poorfag.
Can we marry yet? I-I'll clean and do the dishes

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>Whatever gene that makes people be capable of and enjoy cleaning completely skipped me.

I get stressed out when my room is messy/disorganized so that's why I find cleaning to be calming.

I also try to pretend I'm in a cleaning commercial when I'm cleaning dust and dirt so that makes it... sorta fun?

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I kind of have collecting issues too. When you've lived in the same place for a while, things just add up and you'll have junk leftover from phases of your life.

My shelves and everything not the floor is okay, but my floor has devolved into clutter between old clothing and cosplay related things. I ended up donating 3 bags of clothing of stuff I couldn't believe I had and even some cosplay (RIP whoever gets a tacky old maid Mikuru outfit). I even have two awful DoL replicas I'll likely donate from my early lolita days.

Lolita and the room inspiration threads actually really helped me want to do something about it and it already feels cleaner. If I can't post pictures about it on instagram, it's not good enough, is my end goal.

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>I also try to pretend I'm in a cleaning commercial when I'm cleaning dust and dirt
Thank you anon, I kek'd

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I would love to have a lolita room. I'm still holding on to so many things. I'm trying to make myself throw or give it all away. I still can't believe I had random shit and boxes stack to the ceiling. I had a small trail to my bed from the door and that was it. I'm really proud of myself that I've neatly organized my lolita stufff like I see on here. I bought a rack to hang just lolita on and a door shoe thing just for all my shoes. The stack in my closet is only knee deep now instead of being chest deep but it's still really bad.

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One of the boxes I threw away today has Angelic Pretty's logo on it and I'm fighting not to snatch it out the trash. It's dark so I can't go take it to the trash dump.

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>tfw even as a 3 year old you looked down at other kids who carried their disgusting rag to school
>tfw still sleep with stuffed animals, including lolita bags with straps removed

>> No.9526605

Thst literally is anti Lolita lifestyle, isn't it? How often do you decide to dress? Do in you just do floor/dressform coords?

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i like gangster rap. it's my favorite music to get ready to. i always blast it in the car, both in and out of frills. i keep it a secret since most people would think i'm being edgy or ironic.

i collect jars of dead bugs that i find and like. maybe not so out of place for a gothic lolita but contrasts with sweet.

i feel these posts. i'm really fond of toys and stuffed animals and for the longest time i was really afraid of anybody knowing. especially since i'm a sweet lolita and people make fucked up conclusions about me based on that alone. at this point i've stopped caring for the most part. i was raped over and over as a kid and if i want to carry around a small plush in my purse for on-the-go comfort i will do as i damn well please. same with coloring as one anon said. it's other people's problems when they start making ageplay assumptions, not yours.

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I'm smelly. And dirty.

I have hormonal issues with my sweat and need to take a medical deodorant so I don't smell. But even this will wear off after some time and I'm sometimes too lazy to wash and re-apply.
Often I'm running around with smudges make-up, dirty old tees and a messy bun.

Of course this only applies to when I'm at home and not leaving my house. But I still feel like I shouldn't run around the house so un-girly. My postman really knows my worst sides.

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I find that second one way more edgelord than the first

>> No.9526626

I don't take care of my shit at all. I have a pretty big collection (~70 main pieces) but have no issues leaving things on the floor/bed, having them in contact with my cat, throwing a lot of pieces in the washing machine, shoving socks/accessories in drawers, etc. Nothing is damaged and nothing is dirty, except for a couple of pieces I have dripped coffee on while wearing, so I laugh when I see people who are acting ridiculously anal about the care and condition of their clothing.

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I have to dress to leave my house because you can't walk around buckass nude in city limits but as soon as I'm home that shit's off in a heartbeat. It's honestly a little more out of necessity than absolute desire to be nakey all the time, I have a skin condition that gets irritated by the most random things so doing things like wearing bras or tshirts all day every day will leave me with itchy welts within a few hours.

But also I just like being nakey.

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Maybe because they didn't grow up wealthy/arent't wealthy, or because most Japanese lolita brands have very low stock.

>> No.9526643

>people caring about the things they spend money on
what fucking losers, right?

>> No.9526651

idgaf if people care about their clothes and take good care of them. what i'm talking about is the ones that go overboard. for instance, recently at a meetup, a girl started crying and freaking out because she dripped a piece of whipped cream on her AP, and another girl talked about how even though she was adamant about underthings and being super careful, she did her drycleaning after every wear of every piece. i'm not endorsing people to be as careless as i can be, but jesus christ it's such a waste of money and emotion.

>> No.9526652

yeah that's absurd

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I enjoy doing drugs on occasion. Weed, psychedelics, different kinds of uppers and downers, you name it.
Also I swear a lot and trying to keep it down doesn't work as well as I'd like.
I eat like shit, lots of sweets and cheesy stuff. I stay thin because I don't eat a lot, but the things I do eat are almost always unhealthy.

>> No.9526656

that's pretty lifestyle lolita

>> No.9526657

Are you me anon? I'm also into metal, although I spose that kinda feeds into the gothic side, and have recently picked up surfing.

>> No.9526688

Prior to this year I exclusively cosplayed horror characters (usually gory ones too), which is pretty un-kawaii considering I dress circa 2012 OTT Sweet. Obviously I love horror movies & games.

I also do historical re-enactment which could be Lolita if I played the right characters (I don't, I usually play a servant, handmaid, or shop worker).

>> No.9526690

I've seen sweet lolitas at visual kei metal bands

>> No.9526694

I also have a stuffed dog that my friend gave me when i was 4, still keep it but it isnt ratty, i take care of it i guess
Me too! I burp a lot haha. I dont like to, but i dont like to keep it either, it's gross either way.

>> No.9526700

>I don't have a single sub style
I love the color red because it suits me best, but I also love bold simple prints (think tartan, striped, polka dots). I own a few typical sweet dresses, a few typical classic, and a mix of others. Of course no one is required to to wear only one style, but it seems a theme that people almost expect of themselves. If it fits my color and style profile then it's good for me.

Otherwise I fit the demure tea drinker aspect pretty well, but mostly just because I'm shy.

>> No.9526707

Besides cleaning too much can fuck up the dress. I'd be pissed if whipped cream landed on any of my stuff though, I think that's normal. I'm not gonna make a scene but I would probably curse myself forever.

>> No.9526711

I can only get off to strangling people and just generally hurting them. Guess that kinda fits in with gothic though.

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This is something kind of lifestyle lolita I do but because of fucking DD/LG shit Im too ashamed to admit it to other girls in my comm or other lolitas I meet.

I love collecting toys and spend probably just as much on it as I do lolita. But I feel that admitting this to lolitas would give them the immediate impression that Im a "little." If anything Id probably compare myself more to the stereotypical autistic man-child that collects legos and shit

>> No.9526721

>having them in contact with my cat

>> No.9526722

that's ridiculous.. it certainly doesn't belong in an anti-lifestyle thread but then again a lot of gulls don't seem to know what lifestyle lolita is. just look at all the pictures of lolitas carrying around stuffed animals and dolls. looking at youtube videos of lolitas a lot of them have stuffed animals in their room.

>> No.9526723

I'd love that

>> No.9526729

nayrt but it's not so ridiculous if you've seen the gulls here sperging over any sign of somebody being an ageplayer. it's a witch hunt and i get why that gull feels it's anti-lifestyle.

>> No.9526735

I don't get unsweetened tea. Unless it's green tea, it just tastes weird to me, drinking something with flavor but no taste. It's like unsalted soup.

I'll drink it if I'm around a tea purist, though. My bf is one of those, and I feel like I'm betraying him by not disclosing the fact that I put stevia on my leaf juice. I'll tell him once we're married, because I don't want him to walk in on me with a hand on the teacup and another on the sweetener.

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Yeah Im the original poster and basically its the witch hunt thing. It seems like normally the two hobbies would go hand-in-hand but these days you drop any sort of "hint' that you could be into DD/LG and girls will lose their minds over it. I just dont want people spreading nasty rumors about me or new lolitas I meet rolling their eyes thinking Im a disgusting ageplayer. I feel like this is a bigger problem in the west than it would be anywhere else.

>> No.9526781

My job is fairly non-lolita (I work in a card store) and I drink beer quite frequently. Me and my lolita crew go to bars all the time after meets.

>> No.9526793

I haven't been in a comm for two years, I wonder if this is a recent thing? Nobody ever spoke about ageplay/ddlg when I was in my comm, nobody worried about it. I remember in livejournal days people would jokingly go to sex shops to look at ageplay shoes and people were generally chill about it.

>> No.9526794

>someone who prefers to wear men's boxers or spanx over women's underwear can't exist

Are you dumb?

>> No.9526802

My room is a mess. A literal fucking mess. I tried to make it nice, the intent is there, but that's not happening. I do take care of my brand and keep it organized and put away and cared for, but I think that's the only thing that actually is.

I got back into cosplay after leaving it for lolita as my primary "fun time" spending and now I have cosplay pieces strewn everywhere.

I can't stop being a fucking fangirl weeb. I'm in my 30's. I should like basic shit, but no. I cry over fictional characters and am incapacitated to do anything because of feels.

I get lazy about doing laundry. I wear pads to keep my underwear from getting too nasty and sometimes I rewear (everyday) socks until they are too gross. I mean I guess it's better for the environment and all, sans the pads, but still.

I've always had a ridiculous lazy streak followed by obsessiveness over things I love. But I think working 50+ hours a week really sucks up any motivation I have left to keep up with anything.

However, my blood is made of tea. I drink it by the gallons.

>> No.9526818

I love and try to live the lifestyle, with cute decor and ladylike hobbies like quilting, bird watching, and baking, but I love drugs and write /d/-tier fetish porn online and masturbate myself into a stupor almost every night.
>Keep collection of sex toys in an antique trunk with little hand embroidered sachets

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You're better than me. I'm a literal lolita hoarder. I buy piles and piles of brand new brand and I keep it all heaped in a lolita room. The rest of my house is clean and tidy but I can never be bothered to clean my lolita room. It's such a PITA to keep so much jewelry organized, and every time I come home from wearing it and take it off I'm so bushed I just throw it all in a pile. I wash blouses every 2nd wear, jsks every 3rd wear, and OPs very 4th wear. I wash my petticoats once every 6 months. I'm Asian so no BO and very little sweat. You can't tell the dresses haven't been washed, and even when I have to it's just mostly because of a food stain. I have a kawaii pink room, with fluffy carpet, and a cute day-bed with cute pillows on it. But usually all my brand is just piled up in heaps around the room, and jewelry and bobby pins and wig caps in every corner. I keep all my headbows and clips in a big drawer and just dig around in it. I will also keep my dirty dresses in the wardrobe until I can be bothered to wash them next, I usually save 5-6 pieces and do a hand-wash.

The funniest thing is I feel like a total Switch Girl. All the girls in my comm think I'm super well dressed and put together. I regularly get over 1000 likes every time I post on CoF. I always have the latest prints and hottest releases, and everyone knows I'm a mad collector have multiple colors and cuts of my favourite prints. I also make youtube videos, and I will just clean one corner of my room for filming.

I'm so ashamed of being so terrible at taking care of my shit, but I'm just too lazy to do better. Girls who keep all their still in plastic covers are insane. You'd think my stuff would be super stained and damaged, but it isn't. I still treat it carefully and hand-wash it, the lolita-room has sun-proof shades and is climate controlled with dehumidifiers running. It's just laying around in piles instead of being hung up and displayed.

>> No.9526833

I'm in the same boat as far as room mess!! I always feel so embarrassed when I take coord pics, because I obviously can't take them in my room.

>> No.9526836

In theory I'd like to live in a cute room, but I hate clutter and I don't like having useless stuff around (partly because I hate cleaning and want to have to clean as few things as possible). My place is very small so I focus on how to stuff more brand in it and keep everything practical. Also if there is a more expensive cutesy version and a cheaper plain version of something with the same functions/size then I will go for the cheaper stuff (for example drawer chests for my closet). I also never go out to do things one typically connects with Lolita such as going to a cute cafe, a museum or park etc because working and going to all the shows of my favorite band sucks all the time and money and energy that I have out of me.
At least I love doing my Lolita laundry, maybe that counts as a hobby.

>> No.9526843

At this point, being salty and contributing to online drama is part of the lolita lifestyle.

I like drama too, anon. I'll scourge the threads catalog every day to see if there's a drama thread going on. Especially the ones involving my own comm. I should be ashamed of myself.

>> No.9526846

>all these messy rooms and hoarders

I honestly didn't think this would be so common among lolitas.

I don't know how you guys manage to live like that. I'm honestly pretty fucking triggered to think that I've possibly bought clothes from you fucks

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File: 125 KB, 324x374, tumblr_oodagpfSEZ1roa35zo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My room is a mess 70% of the time. I tend to kind of just dump clothes around after I've worn them (bar expensive shit/lolita), and I wind up with a pile that gets moved from the bed to my computer chair, and then back again when I'm using my PC. However I actually really dislike uncleanliness, and I get a kick out of having a super clean and pretty room- I'm usually just way too unmotivated to get to cleaning in the first place.

My sleeping schedule is a nightmare, and I usually sleep super late and wake up in the afternoon, unless I have work.
I spend most of my time playing video games or just lying around in pyjamas. I'm often really lazy when it comes to showering if I know i'm not going anywhere for the next day or so. When i'm going out and about in my hometown I wear old shirts and leggings.

I also excessively pick at spots on my skin. Not just my own, but my boyfriend's too. It's pretty gross, really, but it stemmed from severe anxiety and I kind of can't stop now.
I do however love sweets + baked goods as well as sewing and drawing, so those are my sort of good lifestyle traits.

(I also like getting off to hentai (drawn not animated), is that pro or anti lolita lifestyle? I don't really know.)

>> No.9526849

Acting like you wear panties to the person you're going to have sex with..poser

>> No.9526851

I know it's not rare or particularly special, but it's sort of the opposite of a lolita lifestyle. My biggest hobby besides lolita are metal festivals. As much as I enjoy being dressed up, wearing make-up and daintily drinking tea, I kinda need the balance of being drunk for 3 days in a row, sitting in some dirty, muddy field, being gross and unwashed and moshing with sweaty metal dudes. I am generally a very put-together person and care about hygiene, cleanliness, proper social behavior and orderliness, so the 2 weeks I spend at festivals every summer are the balance I need to not become completely neurotic. Festivals are cheaper than therapy.

>> No.9526852

Why would you think things said in this thread are common? I've seen more anons grossed out by floordinates and messy rooms.

>> No.9526854

OH, I also pick my nose. Always have, probably always will. Not in public though.

I thought I would've seen more about nose picking but I guess i'm just gross.

>> No.9526857

There's only one person I have sex with and he is fully aware of my quirk, kinda hard to hide stuff like this from people you live with.

>> No.9526860

>non lolita clothes are androgynous af

i only wear skirts if im going for a uniform kind of look but it's all very toned down and minimalist. im too tall for regular women's clothes anyways so i end up just doing what i can with stuff from the men's section.

>this also makes me incapable of accesorizing because have no jewelry

>> No.9526862

Also me. Bf and I just don't like to wear clothes, we shower and lay about naked or partially clothed as we feel comfortable. Wearing any clothes when the climate is temperate is just chafing.

>> No.9526864

>it's sort of the opposite of a lolita lifestyle.
Isn't there some dude who wears lolita and plays in a goth metal band?

>> No.9526872


lol, honestly I think my problem stems from the fact that I don't get stressed out by having a messy room until my general life anxiety goes off the charts too. I work full time, and then after work I either go to the gym or see my friends/boyfriend to keep me sane, and so by the time I get home every day I just don't have the energy for general maintenance. I would like to try and make it a more solid part of my routine though, so I might have to try and pretend I'm in a cleaning commercial too!

>> No.9526876


I used to collect SHFiguarts and I flip flop between sweet/classic and gothic. So many little Kamen Riders, my friend. So many.

>> No.9526880

I think everyone does, the problem is just doing it in public or rubbing it somewhere. I mean, noses get dirty, what are you to do, scrub it with kawaii strawberry rose soap and a brush?

>> No.9526897

did you go to graspop in belgium last weekend? your post reminded me of that.

>> No.9526906

I actually know a few people I have both hobbies with in common, that's why I said it's not rare.
>some dude who wears lolita and plays in a goth metal band
I think I even know who you mean. I guess there's a difference though between producing metal music and just enjoying it drunk at some festival. The former is a bit more loliable than the latter, which is completely un-creative and lazy.

No, I'm not from Belgium.The one I went to last week had a bunch of the same acts though!

>> No.9526907

pretty much everyone picks their noses. it's only if it's in public that it becomes super gross.

also hopefully you wash you hands after, staph infection naturally lives in your nose. don't wanna spread that shit around my man

>> No.9526909

I was so into archery when I was a young teen! It felt like a more refined and dignified sport (and I'd sometimes like to imagine I was a badass fantasy character). I still have all my kit and I should get back into it but my local club is full of older men who I can't relate to.

>> No.9526916

I get large amounts of earwax buildup and it gets uncomfortable so I end up picking it out a few times a day.

>> No.9526930

I love horror shit. I think to like that stuff works out well if you're into gothic.

>> No.9526931

Have you...seen a doc about that?
There are also some over-the-counter drops that have helped me a lot in the past that you can use before bed to help you clear them

>> No.9526932

God I'm so jealous. I've wanted to go to WW so bad but I live far away.

>> No.9526934

omg I can't believe I didn't mention this about me

Probably not as bad as you but every few days I scoop out my earwax with my pinky fingernails. I wipe it on pieces of paper and USUALLY throw it away but I've been disgusting enough at times to leave it around. I get a pretty decent amount of build up and it's disgustingly satisfying.

>> No.9526941

I feel like archery is relatively elegant as sports go, I've always wanted to get into it.

>sniff my pad before throwing it out
That's my gross habit too. I also pick my nose and eat it when I'm alone and genuinely enjoy it, and scratch my vagina because I'm always getting yeast infections even though I follow literally all the advice for avoiding them.

This sounds really cool, I wonder if there's anything similar in Europe?

This is completely normal, especially if you're sticking to a single colour palette. Pretty much everyone I know has some mix of styles in their wardrobe.

>> No.9526980
File: 60 KB, 521x653, novalatakemotoyounggirlsandlust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aside from being generally unclean (I'm tidy but if I'm not leaving the house I'll slob around in the same pyjamas and not shower for over week, I only make sure I pass the sniff test if I'm about to put on real clothes), the closest I get to lolita music tastes is maybe dark electro/gothic EDM (I don't like metal so I can't get into VK). I listen to 90% electronic music plus a bit of indie and grime from my youth and I dislike most upbeat, cheerful pop music. I'll listen to a bit of 90s/00s cheese but I find a lot of happy songs annoying for some reason and I can't stand jpop songs with childish, high-pitched singers, so most of what I listen to is either dark and aggressive or ambient and chill.

I was very boyish until I got into lolita towards the end of high school (and pretty violent until my early teens, I got into a lot of fights). Even though my personal style's got a bit more feminine, I pretty much always wear pants and rarely wear make-up outside of lolita. Even if a larme/otome/mainstream girly outfit looks cute and flatters me, I feel extremely uncomfortable and just not myself wearing it - I'm debating selling some ETC and MILK items I bought for casual outfits because I feel so exposed and self-conscious whenever I wear them out.

I'm also a rotten girl and have masturbated at least twice a day pretty much every day for the past ten years, but I don't think that's inherently anti-lifestyle. Even Novala said young ladies love homosexuals. Besides, I keep it discreet and don't go posting about fujoshit on Facebook or talking about lesbian BDSM at meets...desu I think most casual acquaintances think I'm super repressed and only a couple of extremely close friends know I that I struggle sleeping without masturbating first and constantly fantasize about having a dick.

>> No.9526985

I swear a lot too but desu I think it's such a common habit that it barely counts as anti-lifestyle, I try to tone it down in lolita but most of my comm swear more than me.

>> No.9527146

Be my Lolita waifu that I can consensually torment but then chill out with and drink tea and watch movies with after a good strangling session?

>> No.9527181

I'd be pissed too but as an adult there wasn't really an excuse for her tantrum

>> No.9527192

I don't change my behavior when wearing lolita like some people in this thread seem to do? Like obviously I'm not going to work out in it or anything but I don't change my eating or drinking habits (although I'm a teadrinker all the time regardless), I don't change my swearing or try to be less crass, my interaction style doesn't change if I'm at a meetup with friends, etc. I'm not a rude person at baseline but I don't go out of my way to be sweeter/friendlier/better-mannered in lolita. I'm just me in different clothes.

>> No.9527200

I'm no lifestyler, but I do it just to be polite. Being at a meet isn't the same as just hanging round with friends - you're with people who are closer to strangers so you should be more polite than normal. If I'm out with a couple of friends in normie clothes I might swear a lot because I'm not bothered if waitstaff judge me for it, but if I'm at a meet I don't want it to reflect poorly on the group. Plus I kind of buy into that stuff about representing the fashion - you don't need an entire new fake persona, but it doesn't hurt to be polite and pleasant even if you're usually extremely casual and rude, since people will be forming their impressions on the fashion based on your behaviour. I do it in goth as well as I often feel like I have to win over people who've prejudged me as being depressed, aloof, etc., by going out of my way to show that I'm well-adjusted and friendly.

>> No.9527237

I bite and pick at my nails and toenails until they bleed. I can't wear nail polish because I'll scrape it off within a day or two.

I play loads of video games, and go out of my way to shittalk people in PVP. I tone it down if I'm playing with a friend or in a group, though. I also draw crazy /d/-tier shit that will never see the light of day, and am a huge fujo.

>> No.9527250

I don't shave my armpits (don't worry, no one ever sees my armpits because I never wear anything sleeveless) or legs (unless I'm wearing ankle socks), and I wear men's deodorant. When I'm not wearing lolita I usually wear men's clothing and no makeup. I spend a lot of time outside for my job so my legs are always bruised and bug bitten. I sit like a man or in really weird positions like with my legs up. I have a lot of typically "male" interests like old school shooters and bugs.

>> No.9527252

I am one of the most "dude bro" gamer personality types who yell creative and obscene insults when I die in video games. Titty physicsare an important part of games, btw.
I have a fat mouth and have 0 qualms about telling people what that can put where if I have an issue with them.
I've got a lot of patience bull shit, but when its run out, I dont hol back on anything.
I feel like an odd lolita out because Im closer on the anti feminism side of things I hate people who say lolita is a feminist fashion. Its a fucking weeby fashion. Not a god damned political club.
Also a thick philly accent is kind of unlolita lifestyle.

>> No.9527254

Me too. Maybe it's my autism, but as soon as I come home, I have to strip naked or I'll go insane. I hate wearing clothes, I feel like it drains my energy. Cute roomwear/pajamas would be a waste of money to me (but I'll still admire it) because I live my life at home naked, including sleeping.

>> No.9527271

I'm a lesbian and fit into pretty much all the stereotypes except for short hair

>> No.9527353

My nigga. WW is my dream.

>> No.9527375

You have a problem. Please seek help.

>> No.9527376

you're fat and irritable with an unshaven upper lip and Birkenstocks?

>> No.9527392

I wear boxers under my petti and adjust my bra in the open while in full coord.

>> No.9527510

>You're better than me. I'm a literal lolita hoarder. I buy piles and piles of brand new brand and I keep it all heaped in a lolita room. The rest of my house is clean and tidy but I can never be bothered to clean my lolita room.

I totally get this. Everyone needs their own private mess, and comfortable cocoon room.

>> No.9527534
File: 34 KB, 480x399, ssbanal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tea last week. Farted so hard I nearly threw my back out.

>> No.9527577

Yeah but V-kei is shit tbqh.

>> No.9527595

Only the second and last one

>> No.9527624
File: 16 KB, 299x250, blush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what to say.

>> No.9527634

>fucking weeby fashion.
You can be a weeb and wear lolita and others can be a feminist and wear lolita. I fucking hate anime and weeb culture.

>> No.9527726

>I don't want him to walk in on me with a hand on the teacup and another on the sweetener
This is crying out for some OC

>> No.9527728

Must be hard being overweight, try exercising some more and lose the shaved head. It'll make you more attractive.

>> No.9527753

I'll drink tea, but only unsweetened. I don't eat crumpets, pastries, cake, cookies, ice cream, or any of that sweet, doughy shit.

Nothing tastes as good as a fat, rare steak, or sashimi, or steak tartare, or other raw meat and fish.

And I'm on cgl.

>> No.9527760

I'm sorry I don't believe it is possible for a woman to be 'anti-feminist'. I used to be a dude-bro in highschool, I was a nerdy ass girl and spouted rightist memes like "I don't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die hur hur" and "make a sandwich kek". Then I realized it was all bullshit. Feminism is badly named, just like lolita fashion. It stands for equality, choice, and respect for human rights irrespective of gender. If lolita makes someone feel empowered, you wear it for yourself, then it's feminist.

I'm a feminist, a gamer, I love insult comics like Ricky Gervais and I understand that people are multi-faceted. I'm so happy to see so many messy lolitas though, I so often come home and just take everything off in a pile.

>> No.9527779

You're better than me. Honestly my room is about 500 times worse. My bed is a mattress on the floor which the edge of the door hits when you open it. ALL floor space surrounding the bed in the rest of the room is occupied and piled high with shit I haven't been able to let go of since the day I was born. I am particularly bad with keeping packaging and newspapers. My room is full of nasty shit, but I'm disabled/multiple chronic health problems, work a 60 hour week AND study full time as well as constantly moving between 3 addresses because of familial obligations, so after the day is done I open my bedroom door and pretty much just collapse where I am and some clothes will likely fall on top of me. I like to occasionally emerge from that pit and look cute in frilly things. Nobody would ever guess unless they saw me in my work clothes, which are usually covered in animal shit and full of holes.

>> No.9527787

I'm sorry, I'm a lady anti-feminist. Not anti equality, just very much against modern feminism because the movement doesn't know what it wants and puts men down while making excuses for and encouraging awful behavior in women.

>> No.9527791

You're just retarded then, you don't understand people all have different opinions and goals. There are modern feminists movements that actually do things for mens rights, unlike MRA's.

>> No.9527800

You can't discard an entire movement because a few people are misguided or have extreme opinions. Putting men down is pure misandry, and has nothing to do with feminism.

If you enjoy voting, driving, going outside, speaking, education, freedom of marriage, and not being shackled to men your whole life, you're a feminist. People are so quick to dismiss things they can accept as natural facets of life, but don't remember the only reason we have them is that feminists died and fought for them. Being able to inherit property? Own land? Own a business? Run a government? The only women who are anti-feminist are the ones who don't really understand what it entails.

Another anti-lifestyle trait I have is probably swearing like a fucking sailor all the time, and actively discussing sensitive social and political topics in public. It's not very ladlylike and elegant, but fuck that shit.

>> No.9527808

I'm obsessed with death and decomposition.

If I had to guess, I'd say most lady-like lolitas are not.

>> No.9527832

That's a part of the gothic lifestyle though, as well as lolita's original image of looking cute and sweet while being poisonous and strange.

>> No.9527840

there's an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse in my city that someone once (jokingly, I think) suggested holding a meet at

I was honestly very sad when it never came to fruition :'( there are few things that bring me greater joy than a juicy ribeye

>> No.9527845

You can simultaneously enjoy rights and freedoms given to women by 1st wave feminists, while still putting down the misandric nature of 3rd wave feminism. You can't throw a grain of sand without hitting a feminist that believes men are the root of all evil/the wage gap is legit/white people should pay reparations for things they've never been involved in/etc, I've left multiple friendships because these girls adamantly believe these types of things, and for another woman to disagree is just such a wild concept to these people.

The thing with feminists today is that they claim to fight for women, but when it comes down to it, today's feminist only fights for the women that buy into the 3rd wave movement, and the moment a woman in the movement even breathes dissent, she's left to the wolves, cast out. You can't pick and choose who is a feminist or not, every person who identifies as a feminist, is one, which means that the people in your movement that conflate feminism with man-hating, are feminists just as others in the movement that don't. If you exclude these women just for their views, you're going against the very definition of feminism, you can cry that feminism isn't about man-hating and victim complexes, but when you look at the movement today more than half of your group seem to fall into that category of thinking, even the goal of your movement is being lost due to the conflicting views within your own circle.

/Sage for blog post

>> No.9527854

I curse a lot, really. I tried to avoid it in meets but it just comes out so naturally I can't help it. I also smoke but not that often.

>> No.9527879

The only people I've met who were like that were teenagers influences by tumblr and I have no doubt they will grow out of it

>> No.9527895

Girl youre replying to.
I love how you feminsts revoke "women cards" and call other women sock puppets or catfish the second they say they want to distance themselves from a movement thats incredibly toxic.
Your exact attitude about "anti feminist girls just being edgy teenagers and theyll grow out of it" is part of the god damned problem.
Tumblr wasn't a thing when i was in highschool, beleive it or not. I started noticing hypocrisy and general hatefullness coming from prominent figures in feminism (Mary P Koss) and how they treat their own then they disagree with the fear mongering propoganda thats spewed (christina hoff sommers, erin pizzey, kathy young)
And I see shit that is perpeutated by feminsts that are in place to keep men down (child custody, the duluth method, huge fights to keep male abuse shelters shut down)
Maybe look the leaders and actions of your ideaology and modern movement and figure out why people hate it so much.
Sage for blog post

>> No.9527909
File: 59 KB, 500x333, lolipolice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol, thanks for telling women what we're allowed to think, dude.

>There are modern feminists movements that actually do things for mens rights
Like demonizing them for existing on the bus? Or throwing a fit because superheroes aren't fat enough?

>> No.9527923

Where are all the lolitas hiding that appreciate the bloat stage of decay and want maggot print skirts and would kill for a Vesalius-inspired OP? I know taxidermy and romanticizing death is pretty standard for goths but I've yet to meet a gothic lolita that would gush over liveleak or a medical journal. Not saying they aren't out there, just that I've had poor luck finding them and assume that certain aspects aren't regarded as very kawaii

>> No.9527940

yea, but at the same time. That one time a year that you actully DO clean the room is like going shopping all over again. So mixed blessings yea?

>> No.9527952

A woman saying she's antifeminist is akin to someone saying they don't believe in human rights because they only believe that everything should be treated with respect, not just humans.

>> No.9527958

Feminism does not have the monopoly on human rights.
What youre saying is on the same level as telling summon who dosent support peta that theyre against humane treatment of animals.
Feminism is a shitty movement and a shitty idealology- at least since the 1980s.

>> No.9527963

I'm currently in university and trust me, it's more than just teenagers. Some of them are almost as extreme as the ones online, and you know that they are serious. I know someone that was in an arts degree and she said that there were tons of them that went way overboard on this type of thing. I know teenagers on tumblr is a common stereotype, but it's not always just a "phase"

>> No.9527965

This thread needs to be nuked.

>> No.9527969

*someone not summon, fuck mobile.

>> No.9527971

Anon you're replying to, I'm in my 20's and so are my friends, they should have grown out of it by now if it were just a phase and not some poorly shrouded excuse to hate on men.

>> No.9527976

A lolita saying shes not a feminist is now a bigger cardinal sin than wearing a replica without a petti and while wearing a pair of chuck taylors with un matching striped socks.

>> No.9527984

To get this thread back on track, I'm a furry. I don't fursuit and would certainly never do so in lolita, and I'm not into the sexual stuff, but I'm still filth. I never let anyone know about this though. I go to comm meets regularly, and its never been brought up, so with any hope my secret is safe.

>> No.9527988

What the other anon is saying is basically that she's anti-animal rights activists because peta is shit

>> No.9527989

What have today's feminists ever done for men's rights? All I've seen your lot accomplish is patronizing them for their role in the big bad ""patriarchy"", trying to shut down men's shelters and support systems for abused men, wrongfully convicting men in rape cases, calling out "man-spreading" (news flash, men have testes and spread their legs for comfort), "man-splaining", and every other incident you use the man prefix on to use as cannon fodder for your hate-boner against them. keep on acting like you care about men, it's hilarious.

Making out every minuscule incident into some kind of attack on your womanhood just shows how feminism has lost its original purpose, you freaks are so bored and starved for real-world problems that you have started to invent issues to gripe about.

>> No.9527993

It's just that that cunt who got a replica headbow already talked about it in previous thread too so I don't want to give her more attention

>> No.9527996

Yep. And she cant disagree without admitting you dont need to be a feminist to be a good person.
Honestly, i feel like people who say theyre not bad people just because they support feminism turn out to be the worst people
Like the christians who insist if youre not a christian youre an amoral person

>> No.9528001


>> No.9528005

>first result
>fucking lold

>> No.9528008

A result on the first page called men "cave dwelling idiots"
Nice job looking at what you posted, moron

>> No.9528009

>not knowing Google gets paid for what they show first

>> No.9528010

Then dont post a google search link when trying to convince people of your argument.
You posted a link, i clicked it, and saw that the results.
Thats on you for posting it, not on me for clicking it and then laughing at the pitiful results.
Also, several are mra sites legitimately asking and one result saying men are cave dwelling idiots.

>> No.9528013

>thinking everyone you're replying to is the same person

>> No.9528019

> still defending the use of a Google search link as a basis of arguments, and then getting mad when people judge by the results.>>9528013

>> No.9528023

Stop confusing feminism with tumblr please

>> No.9528025

I'm a horrificly sloppy eater. No matter how hard I try I always end up having to wipe food off my chin. I think it's because of my messed up teeth. (getting braces this year ayyyyyyyyyye)

>> No.9528058

Huh? I was talking about >>9527252

>> No.9528061



>> No.9528121
File: 20 KB, 236x501, eedc8487cb34392b9f34cf5ddf9d60b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys vape?

>> No.9528511

I'm anti-feminist because fuck having a job.

Good thing my bf is full /pol/.

>> No.9528525

>I don't want a job so other women shouldn't be allowed one either!!!
tf hasn't this thread been deleted yet, it's OT as shit.

>> No.9528526

Not really, considering the shitshow that is modern politics. Also women had a negative influence on society as soon as they were allowed the vote, see prohibition.

I hate driving, I'm too anxious.

>going outside
I'd be a shut-in if I could.

Too shy. My parents/friends/boyfriend often speak for me in public.

I'm a few months from a master's degree and I hate every second of it.

>freedom of marriage
Arranged marriage means the guy can't say no either. Good for chubby autists like myself.

>not being shackled to men your whole life
Why not? I have no reason to resent that.

>inherit property/own land
All my family's property and land got stolen by Soviets so it's a moot point.

>own a business
That requires work, gross.

>run a government

Guess I'm anti-feminist.

>> No.9528529

Why would you want a job when you could not have to work? Seriously.

>> No.9528552

I get tonsil stones all the time. Sometimes I'll just be minding my own business and one of those disgusting things will come out and I have to find a place to discreetly spit it out. Sometimes indoors. I know I'm gross

>> No.9528617


drink lime and salt juice and try to get and rustle your tonsils

>> No.9528645

one of my least lolita traits is that I love to watch extraction videos of gross shit like this. cysts, tonsil stones, ingrown hairs.... blackheads are my favorite. very cleansing

>> No.9528933

I wish I was more feminine honestly, like I wish I fit the lolita lifestyle better. I have a low, gravelly voice and a really sharp face with a lethal case of resting bitch face. Whenever I'm thinking or listening intently to someone I furrow my eyebrows and whenever there's an issue at work people ask me to solve issues since I'm a confrontational person (I don't go marching into people's office screaming, but I fucking hate it when people don't just solve an issue, if you need something from someone or disagree just speak up and talk to the right people about it). I'm in charge of a pathology lab so I'm always around less than desirable bodily fluids and lots of pieces of bodies. I come home smelling like preservatives, cleaning agents, agar, and stale air.
I just want to be kawaii :c

>> No.9529086

I'm surrounded by a lot of girls who put on fake voices or make sure to talk in a dainty or elegant way, so I always feel crass for having a rougher manner of speech that I don't bother to change and like my vocal fry is out of place. I try not to curse or talk as bluntly, at least when I'm at a comm event rather than just with a couple lolita friends, but it does slip out sometimes.

Oh yay, another WW gull! This will be my second year, and I really need to get started on my costume. Good luck with yours, it sounds like it's coming together nicely!

>> No.9529106

Me too, fits my guro/gothic style and im not even ashamed.
Lolitaspreading has arrived.
You mean it used to. Feminism is dead nowadays. And lolita isn't a feminist fashion for hell's sake, it's a feminine fashion. It's very different.

>> No.9529107

I get them too. I always sniff it and feel gloriously disgusted. Sometimes I offer them to my cats and dogs to sniff and they also can't resist then look grossed out.

Other things I sniff:
>under my nails after scratching my scalp
>my pad before I toss it
>my cooch when I bend over outside and it's a hot day
>my cats buttholes
>my cats mouths
>my dogs buttholes
>my dogs mouths
>my cats paws
>my bellybutton lint
>the gunk I dig out from underneath my toenail
>my armpits

>> No.9529114

It's feminine but it doesn't cater to the male gaze at all which is quite unique IMO. Women are first and foremost judged on their attractiveness so wearing it outside is kind of ballsy. I don't think it's necessarily feminist but I can see why feminists would wear it. There's no such thing as a "feminist fashion", it was not created with feminism specifically in mind.

>> No.9529131

Resting bitchface is very lolita tough

>> No.9529151 [DELETED] 

My most anti-lolita trait is probably that I don't get along with my mother, like at all.
I see lolitas making posts saying "Oh my mom helped!" or you see photos and you know it was probably their mother taking them. I don't have that level of relationship, or even that level of interest from my mother, she's pretty cold toward me and fairly self absorbed, unless she's looking for someone to rip apart.

In my defense though, she hits all the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. She also *NEEDS* to be the prettiest person in the room, and if she's not she makes it so that she is (I'm talking Mean Girls style, or Feud: Joan vs Bette).

You wouldn't think it would effect my enjoying lolita but it does, especially if people really get going like "Oh my mom's so awesome...!" and I just find myself sitting there, smiling awardly going "Yeah...moms are great..." and meanwhile trying not to make eye contact so no one notices how dead I am inside.

>> No.9529160

Oh well, anon, Momoko didn't get along with her self-absorbed mother either.

>> No.9529170

I'm a radical feminist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.9529181 [DELETED] 

I actually forgot about that part.
Thank you anon! Funnily enough, I feel a bit better now.

>> No.9529200

I'm glad! Plus, strangers sure do love to assume that lolitas have daddy issues. Makes a change to have mommy issues, at least.

>> No.9529212

Fuck, I feel you. My mom is also disgustingly competitive and really bitter towards me. She had me when she was 19 and I look like her spitting image, so she hates me for 'stealing' her youth and being a better person and achieving more than she ever could. She's not diagnosed, but she displays all those BPD behaviours too. Everyone else thinks she's such a 'cool mom' and 'your mom is so young and pretty! she's so hip!'

I feel so sad when my friends tell me about their moms, and I see mothers being actually proud and loving of their children. When I wore lolita to a family Christmas dinner, everyone told me how gorgeous I looked and she said I looked like freaky and like a clown. When I bleached my hair she told me I looked like a hooker, when everyone else thought it was super cute.

Tell me your shitty mom feels sis. It's so hard for me to find someone to relate to. I could write some serious Mommy Dearest shit.

>> No.9529246 [DELETED] 

I'm glad that you're glad, anon!
Unfortunately, I can't say everything was great with my father, growing up he was a really strict hardass and a bit of a right-winger, but he retired a few years ago and really relaxed since. I also give him all my university textbooks to read, and he does read them, and I find he's let go of some of his crappier opinions. I really recommend it if anyone has a difficult father who likes to read.

Talking about issues though, I haven't stopped laughing since I found this out, but apparently when I was a baby and first started walking my parents used to have this leather "infant harness" dealie that was a cross between a backpack and a cat leash. Apparently my mother used to dress me up in frilly pink baby dresses and take me walking on this leather infant leash.
Knowing this...just.....explains so much......about my life...... >.<

>> No.9529277 [DELETED] 

You have my condolences, anon. The things your mother said are very mean. (I'm sure you look pretty, no matter what she says! <3)
Having a mother like ours are is really hard. Sometimes I almost wish she was physically abusive so I could see the bruises on my skin and know it isn't all in my head, and have physical evidence of what she's like instead of the emotional stuff and the gaslighting bullshit she pulls.

My mother is the same way with blaming me for stealing her youth and looks, before she was pregnant she was 5'10" and 115 pounds, but she had to put on weight to even get pregnant and the weight and the pregnancy aggravated her scoliosis and she couldn't wear high heels afterwards and she's never let me forget it.

Talking about something related but (slightly) less traumatizing did you watch the "Feud" show about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis? I was surprised they didn't go into much of the events that inspired the "Mommy Dearest" book/movie, but I was a bit relieved too. I previously tried to watch the "Bates Motel" series but the mother in that just really aggravated me, but then I kept feeling weepy afterwards and had to give up watching it.

>> No.9529439


>> No.9529530

A lot of people in this thread truely dont understand what lolita lifestyle is or what lolita is beyond the clothes

>> No.9529534
File: 61 KB, 600x600, vomit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This entire thread.

>> No.9529565

I'm secretly a big whore. Most of my friends and family think I'm a virgin but I'm really into rough and nasty sex. I like to hook up with people casually and just be slutty.

I feel bad because this probably fits in with the whole "bluh bluh bluh lolitas are WHORES" meme on here but its just the way I am.

>> No.9529567

I don't know that meme. I wish I wasn't worried about pregnancy and disease.

>> No.9529645

I love pimple popping, skin peeling and other stuff like that too. My most disgusting favorite thing to watch is botfly removal. Something about seeing the worms pop out and leave holes is so satisfying.

>> No.9529653
File: 214 KB, 502x476, too deep..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Something about seeing the worms pop out and leave holes is so satisfying.

>> No.9529663

Most of these are kinda gross I'm sorry
>When I'm cold, I'll tuck both of my hands in my pants and keep them between my thighs. Even when I'm not cold, I'll do it subconsciously cause it's kinda comfy.
>I don't shave during the winter and sometimes I'll look at myself in the mirror and stroke my pit beard out of sheer awe at how long its gotten
>Sometimes I'll slip away to the washroom to scratch underneath my bra cause I get itchy (genuinely wish I had cute boobs and could just go braless, but my tits are cockeyed) sometimes I have to scratch my inner thighs or buttcrack too
>I have a separate album composed on my phone of me doing Jojo poses in the mirror in lolita to laugh at with my bf
>My room is a sty despite how meticulous I try to be when I get dressed up (my wardrobe is in order, but all my normie clothes are just strewn about everywhere)

>> No.9529753
File: 64 KB, 680x830, 1498039401989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bite people if im comfy enough with them, I also cannot stop swearing

>> No.9529768

Look up OldTown.

>> No.9529775

I'm in for quite the drive, but I understand. Hope one day you can make your dream reality.
I might be the only wastelander in a rain slicker... if we happen to bump into one another.

>> No.9530134

Is that hard to get into and make a living off of? I've always sort of wanted to do this.

>> No.9530157

I'm sort of embarrassed because I'm disgusting but here I go

My floor is constantly dirty because I just toss clothes there. I smoke weed in my brand when I get bored sometimes. I leave nasty moldy teacups in my room (never actual food though) and forget about them for days. I don't make my bed. Sometimes I go a week without washing my hair if I don't have to go out. On top of that, I won't brush it either. I'll just tie it up. I curse a lot. I say morbid things out of the blue. I like getting shitfaced. All I do is eat junk food and sit on auction sites. Sometimes when I'm done wearing my burando, I toss it on the floor and just leave it there for days. My dog usually lays on it and I don't even stop him because I don't sell my stuff

The best/worst part? No one knows any of this. All everyone sees is my super organized closet and the acceptable portions of me and my room. I'm sure everyone thinks my living space is cute, but they couldn't be more wrong. I can't tell if these are just some really bad depression symptoms or if I'm just beyond caring about it at this point.

>> No.9530272

I'm buying some stuff off of closet child because I made some money off of dealing drugs at a music festival

>> No.9530279


>> No.9530290

No, I don't live in the UK. It was a similar festival in North America, I guess.

>> No.9530372 [DELETED] 
File: 229 KB, 375x327, e31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a legit pedophile (I like little boys)
I'm scared to let anyone know because they'll think I'm into lolita for ageplay reasons (I'm not)

>> No.9530373 [DELETED] 

Go to a therapist, then.

>> No.9530374

Pretentious hipster cancer

>> No.9530376 [DELETED] 

go to a therapist, that's sincerely fucked up

>> No.9530378 [DELETED] 

It doesn't cause me any psychological distress, though.

>> No.9530379 [DELETED] 

If you know well enough to never ever ever act on it then fine, just keep that shit to yourself.

It's not okay.

>> No.9530381 [DELETED] 

The reason you should see a therapist is so that you don't end up raping a kid someday because your fucked up brain tries to tell itself that "hey, I'm sure that little boy enjoys my sexual advances"

>> No.9530399

How is that anti lifestyle?

>> No.9530404 [DELETED] 

Kids don't really understand sex at that age, so as long as you don't physically hurt them it wont traumatize them. You could also tell them lies so that they wouldn't understand what they're doing. Like, you could tell them that if they suck your breasts long enough special milk might come out to make them grow taller. Most adult men wouldn't be traumatized by something like that, they'll just be pissed that they were too young to enjoy it.

>> No.9530408 [DELETED] 

Yawn. That the best you can come up with?

>> No.9530411 [DELETED] 

This mentality is exactly why you should see a therapist.

>> No.9530438 [DELETED] 
File: 125 KB, 960x720, 1493403698878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls reply

>> No.9530544 [DELETED] 

My most problematic anti-lolita trait is that I think I seem a little too lifestyle-y: between a weird confluence of physical appearance, mannerisms, and interests I come across as almost pathologically princess-y, like as if I'm faking it, and it puts people off. It might sound like no big deal but I think I get percieved as too "nice" and at worst as too prim and prissy, and so a lot of other females just avoid socializing with me (I actually currently have zero female friends, both online and offline, which seems to be unusual even for a lone lolita).

Appearance-wise, I'm shorter than average, and I have the Shirley Temple-style dimples and curly hair and a babyish face and I swear that puts 70% of females off just instantly. Add to that that I have larger breasts that are jiggly, even when wearing a binder, and a lot of people see the big tits and dimples and seem to assume I'm a vapid twit and just avoid talking to me (I'm not saying I'm NOT a complete vapid idiot, but it makes me feel sad when I smile at other girls, trying to be friendly and they either glare or just roll their eyes and walk away. I'm still not entirely sure what it is, but I've tried reducing my breast size with a binder/etc and some people responded better).

I think that combining with that I have mannerisms that come across as too "cutesy" makes me seem sick-y sweet, or fake, or like I'm trying too hard? I also have Aspergers and suck at socializing anyway. I tried changing my mannerisms but found it too difficult. I also have severe social anxiety but I'm bisexual too so if I'm talking to a girl who's attractive I'll get the shivery jitters.

My interests are really un-hip as well, I like collecting historically accurate dolls and bears (I'm >>9512532 since it's prob obvious) and my main Aspergian special interest has been 19th century arts and culture since I was a child and in the lolita-sphere I think it all makes me seem like I'm putting on a fake persona when I'm really not.

>> No.9530551

How is any of this an anti-lolita thing? Large breasts could make wearing the clothes difficult but you sound super cute to me, and your interests go well with the lifestyle too.

>> No.9530563

Do you arrange and pin them too ?any fav genus and or species ?

>> No.9530570

It's not total freedom (assuming you are female) it is completely legal in nyc to walk around with out shirt AND bra. My friends are very fond of that legality lol.

>> No.9530581

You sound really annoying.

>> No.9530593 [DELETED] 

I think people think I'm faking it though, like that I'm trying too hard to do the "living doll" thing the way some internet-famous lolitas do.
I think my interests and personality are almost too cliche right now because it's currently more popular to be a well-rounded person who happens to enjoy wearing the fashion than to be percieved as a one-dimensional obsessive with no interests outside of the steretypical lolita lifestyle.
(But then again maybe I'm wrong and I really am just a repulsive person lol)

I guess I'm trying to say that it seems like the style has changed, it's no longer as popular to be a strict lifestyler or a Victorian culture enthusiast, but that now people who still retain those interests organically are the outliers rather than the average.

Also, thank you for saying I sound super cute (it's been a rough day and that perked me up).

>> No.9530594

None of this sounds anti-lifestyle. There are some issues, but none of them anti-lifestyle including:

>Never turning it off.
You seem like you're always super lolita with your interests. But, it's really a non-issue. Interact with people who aren't assholes and accept you for you.

>Being autistic
I'm also on the autism spectrum, and many people who don't get it or only notice certain traits will find you annoying. This really isn't anti-lifestyle in any way.

>Being conventionally attractive
Not bad, but considering you're also socially awkward, makes the uninformed view you as a dumb hot girl. Plus, based on how you described yourself, you're super cute, so many will be jealous. And, since you're self aware, you'll come off as narcissistic. Best bet is to just ignore them and accept yourself.

This is the wrong thread for you. But, it's nice to have another autistic person here~

>> No.9530595 [DELETED] 

That's actually exactly my point, being annoying is very un-lolita.

>> No.9530596

same anon. I think it's the fact it takes so physical energy is why I dislike cleaning. I still power through and do it, but oh my god I feel wiped after.

>> No.9530597

You're on 4chan, there's loads of autistic people here.

>> No.9530598

honestly i kinda want to see what you look like. the face aesthetics seem unreal.

>> No.9530601

These days the lifestyle is a bit stigmatized because of lolita-at-heart types but I think there were always people who liked shitting on it (re: eatfuckingcake). You do you, anon, I'm sure you'll find someone to connect with eventually.

>> No.9530602

Same anon. there's tons of "autistic" people here, not autistic.

>> No.9530603 [DELETED] 

Are you saying the new lifestyle is to be non-lifestyle?

>> No.9530606

I think she means the new lifestyle is to be a Renaissance woman: well rounded, variety of interests, jack of all trades, fits into both niche and mainstream society without skipping a beat. Not lolita all the time like it used to be.

>> No.9530623

Wat? Honestly, this sounds like a big humblebrag, and not anti-lifestyle in any way.

>> No.9530626 [DELETED] 

>Wrong thread:
I guess I got a little too backasswards explaining, but >>9530581 sort of states it: I can be really annoying and that really seems to run counter to the lolita aesthetic, plus people don't like me, and being popular seems to be valued within a lolita lifestyle.

>Being conventionally attractive
I also wouldn't call myself conventionally attractive really because looking "cute" is really not in style, I find it's more popular to look like a celebrity, or a porn star or otherwise really "adult" rather than cutesy.

>Being autistic
Neat that you're on the spectrum too, do you have any special interests currently? Some of the people I've got along best with were people on the spectrum with parrallel special interests.

I'm really worried I do come off as narcissistic, but I'm not (I don't think?!!?) I just try to be a realist and step back and analyze social situations and go: "...Okay, they're probably thinking *this* because *this* happened, so I should counter by mentioning *this* to sound more appealing to them..." meanwhile I'm jittering like a rocketfuel-powered vibrator.

>> No.9530643

>I can be really annoying
Despite the idea that it's counter to the aesthetic, no one can control whether or not others deem them annoying. And, in any community, someone can have thousands of friends and fans, but a huge number of people will find them annoying.

>Not conventionally attractive
Some things never really go out of style like dimples, large breasts, and tall men/short women.

>Special interests
Video games have always been my biggest interests, but at the moment, I'm really into Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Particularly campaigns set in the industrial and renaissance eras. I think my interest in the eras I like to play in run somewhat parallel to your interest in 19th century culture. I wish 4chan has a PM feature so we could talk about this without going too off topic from the board.

I don't think you're narcissistic. I get where you're coming trying to analyze behaviors so you don't say something rude meanwhile the back of your head is being beaten with a jackhammer, but instead of a bit, there's a sledgehammer on the end. Yeah.

>> No.9530678 [DELETED] 

Talking about being annoying, you're right, we possibly are clogging up the thread/board, do you have a throwaway email or anything you could post? (I've been meaning to set one up for the Buy/sell thread but I haven't yet!).

>> No.9530682


[email protected]

It's my spam e-mail. Just shoot me a message and I'll send you my social media.

>> No.9530684 [DELETED] 

Thank you! <3
I'll probably send a message after dinner, I just got summoned.

>> No.9530706
File: 73 KB, 480x480, IMG_2876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon I don't know if anyone in your life has said this but good job and keep up the good work you're doing a great job.

>> No.9530768

But guess what. You have the CHOICE to not be in an arranged marriage. The ability to vote if you choose (and should). The power to become educated and run a business.

If you want to not go to school or work and be a stay at home mom in the kitchen, all the power to you. But feminism gave you the right to choose.

>> No.9530782
File: 19 KB, 540x540, 19430020_1586903557995811_8049325793628351721_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey,i'm autistic/aspergers too!
It's in no way anti lifestyle though.

Also being unconventionally attractive is in no way anti lifestyle either, i am not really attractive by society's standard (small,pale,slim but not skinny,short fluffy hair,small boobs,..) yet i think it's ok, i can be cute, and some people think so as well! You really don't seem uggo anon. You probably just "feel" ugly.

Also yay for social anxiety, I feel you so much. I'm a lesbian so whenever I see an attractive girl I get all spaghetti and shyly smile at her from afar like an idiot (and god helps me if she talks to me, i'll get super nervous). It's ok anon.

>> No.9530794

are we the same person? ive always been so afraid to post much about my trashy punk shit online because i know it probably like the opposite of what a lolita is supposed to be

>> No.9530795

Anon 9530594 here.
Looks like this is becoming an "autism and how it relates to cgl experiences" thread.

The way you described yourself sounds super cute/attractive. Or maybe I've been on tumblr too long and have seen too many pale blogs and this has warped my sense of aesthetic. Regardless. But, yeah. Looking a certain wait isn't anti-lifestyle.

Social anxiety/awkwardness/misunderstandings ftw.

>> No.9530805

i also enjoy drugs! very much so. i havent taken much in the past few months besides smoking weed regularly and a xanax here and there, but i have yet to meet another lolita to even know what a psych or upper or downer is. i want to nerd out, be my friend anon <3

ive gotten into the swing of eating unhealthy and sparsely very recently and i so hate it but its so great. im eating hot chips right now.

>> No.9530865

>My interests are really un-hip as well, I like collecting historically accurate dolls and bears (I'm >>9512532 → since it's prob obvious) and my main Aspergian special interest has been 19th century arts and culture since I was a child

Those sound as lolita as fuck.

>> No.9531001

I agree, I think that's fucking awesome. You have a way cooler job than most lolitas, I could bet.

>> No.9531006

honestly if this is how you portray yourself IRL then i can see why people don't like you. it's very humble-braggy and the only thing you have to say is "i think i'm cute and people must not like me for it!"

it doesn't really have anything to do with being anti-lolita lifestyle at all and you shoehorned your issues into the wrong thread.

>> No.9531007

Very proud of you anon, my mum won't admit she has this problem and I've seen how difficult it can be to take the first steps.

>> No.9531078

>My interests are really un-hip as well

Lolita fashion is.... "hip"? I really missed that memo

>> No.9531122
File: 152 KB, 299x290, tumblr_inline_oieb8rOeAL1twgjy8_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong with my mentality, if I may ask? There's lots of cultures around the world that expose sex to children at very young ages and they turn out perfectly normal. If we didn't teach kids that sex was evil and disgusting this shit wouldn't be a problem.

>> No.9531134


>> No.9531144
File: 53 KB, 480x640, tumblr_lpkhqwPdlh1qbat6to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How I am a bad lifestyler:

>I prefer being lazy
I like looking pretty and getting dressed up, but the clothes aren't comfortable. The moment I get home I take off the frills and change into something comfortable so I can relax and eat food. As much as I would love to live the dainty princess life where I always wear something cute and and always dolled up, I am just like Yukino from Kare Kano. A total phony.

>I don't like sweets.
I love spicy messy chicken wings, nachos, all kinds of dip and other unladylike and unlolita foods. And I do like to drink tea, I don't drink it nearly as much as the lolita lifestyle would suggest. And I don't use a teacup, I make it in some corny mcdonalds mug from the 90s with microwaved water.

>I don't like classical music
I listen to jpop and kpop sure, but I can't tell you what music is made by Bach or Beethoven. I prefer to throw on some Childish Gambino, Kanye or Tech N9ne.

>Period dramas are cool but gore is cooler
You can only watch Marie Antoinette 2006 and Amelie so many times. I'd rather watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, or other dark show rather than a quiet drama.

other reasons
>I swear
>I'm pretty lewd and have a rauncy sense of humor
>I like going out to bars and nightlclubs
>I don't know how to sew, or knit

>> No.9531212 [DELETED] 

>That comment section

>> No.9531219 [DELETED] 

>Lots of cultures that endorse sex with children under 10
Sources, please. Because I can't think of a single one and I've studied world cultures. And they better be academic-quality from university-level textbooks or I'm calling bullshit.

>> No.9531244

>>9527760 >>9527800

I advocate for feminism, the true meaning of feminism which is equal rights FOR WOMEN. Which was and should be the definition. My issue is, as someone who has lived in a third world country and has seen what actual patriarchy and sexism is. Where women have a choice to either bow down and not any self-autonomy to being raped and taken advantage of.

Western feminism has taken that to an extreme. Where do you see them making campaigns for the people who actually need feminism? The women who suffer female circumcision, the rape trees that dot mexico etc

I appreciate and love women, the strong ones that give everything to go forward and work hard. Those are feminists.

Not western infantile 20-40 year olds who think that should be payed more for less work, willfully ignorant. Not to mention they're all pampered as fuck. I lived the first 20 years of my life under the poverty line. I see these kinds of women everywhere, it isn't just a few. It's a fucking whole, this is in universities and colleges. The modern definition and attitude of feminism has changed, but to call myself one now would be an insult to those who paved the way before me because the women who fought for us would probably have shot themselves if they had seen the future of what it has become and it will only get worse.

So no, fuck off. Kindly.

>> No.9531248

I hope you get lynched one day.

>> No.9531253
File: 483 KB, 500x375, dead.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you are beige

sage for off topic

>> No.9531332 [DELETED] 

I'm physically disabled.

>> No.9531356

I don't have many anti lifestyler traits because I have indoors hobbies, not going to parties or other normie young people pastimes, loving kawaii items and trying to wear stuff that is almost lolita or frilly outside lolita. I think my prominent anti lifestyle lolita is just I love industrial, EBM, aggrotech, future pop and sometimes I fangirl for some artists. I used to do the same in visual kei, now I sometimes listen to it, too bad there aren't much good vk electro artists because I don't like most death metal or most vk artists sound too same-y or boring. My music taste is usually not so feminine and mostly fast paced/edgy shit.
I'm glad there is people like me!
I have friends online and offline but not so much and I hate socialising when some people don't share similar interests with me.
I'm as well not conventional beautiful in appearance (white but with a smaller frame, tiny boobs, not thin but average weight, short bob hair, perpetually teen in face despite entering my late 20s, super pale skin because I hate going to the beach), my personality could be perceived as weird and I struggle to find a partner since ages also because I have very unconventional taste in guys and hardly fall in love with anyone.
>tfw it's difficult in my place to find goth-y guys that are also into music you love and nerdy stuff

>> No.9531407

I am a professional dominatrix and fetish model. Went through years of training to develop spanking, caning, ballbusting, degradation skills + etiquette and aftercare. Have huge array of equipment, am a regular at events, conventions and have done shoots for fetishwear labels, products and other promotional shit.

Obvs don't tell the comm because I don't want them to assume that lolita is a fetish thing for me or my clientele as the two are wholly separate. Thank Mana that lolita changes my appearance drastically since I am distinctive.

>> No.9531577

How do you get trained?

It seems like most lolitas are against drugs/music festivals, and Japanese are very against drugs

>> No.9531581

Takemoto is one of the people who created the idea of lifestyle Lolita in the West and he did drugs. It's also common for lolitas to listen to metal, rock and other loud music.

>> No.9531706 [DELETED] 

There's so much fucking edgelord bullshittery in this thread.

>> No.9531732

I feel like my right-wingedness doesn't go along with me wearing lolita. With this I'm not reffering to /pol/-ish (haha, Polish) "uncucked kekistani veteran :^)" behavior, but a genuine conservative ideology.
I guess it's somewhat lolita; remaining a virgin till after marriage, yet I still don't feel like my political ideas fit into the lolita community/lifestyle I know of. It seems like 99% of the people in my cosplay/J-fashion community are left-winged.
I don't know.

>> No.9531887

I'm left-wing as fuck, but Novala wrote an essay once about how lolitas should be nationalists who worshipped the aristocracy but I don't think it was that serious.


Wanting to remain a virgin until marriage is a personal choice nobody should judge you for.

>> No.9531943

Maybe you should read up on what lolita/lolita lifestyle is actually about.

That goes for a lot of people in this thread.

>> No.9531958
File: 435 KB, 720x1280, Sketch2252462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if I will rustle a few feathers with my thoughts but here goes
> To be fair I was a full on shut in and wouldn't bathe every few days because of my chronic skin condition which covers me in rashes (fuck eczema so much) so why bother exasperating it
I don't smell or feel dirty but I guess it could be seen as gross.

>> No.9531975

Everytime I show people how I look like in Lolita they are like "No way this is you!". I'm usally all jeans and shirts, trying to keep my wadrobe as practical as possible. Adding to that my only girly interests are magical girls and lolita. Other than that I mainy play games and draw furry porn to get some money for my dresses. Not quite what people would assume what a lolita is like. But for me lolita is like a collectors hobby where I can put on my collectibles and be creative with it. There isn't something like your typical lolita to begin with because everybody views lolita fashion and what means to them differently.

>> No.9532206

Seek out another pro-domme and (respectfully) ask, submit yourself to an established dominant in the scene in exchange for learning skills (wouldn't recommend it), go to fetish workshops or find an operating dungeon that offers apprenticeships. Personally I learned from established professionals after seeking them out.

>> No.9532290 [DELETED] 

Can I ask what your disability is? I'm disabled (vertebrae injury) and I'm deathly afraid to contact my local comm that they'll think I'm unkawaii or disgusting or depressing.

>> No.9532529

I used to feel super unkawaii because I'm a veterinary nurse and most days I end up covered in blood, urine, etc. But at least knowing Misako Aoki is a nurse made me feel better

>> No.9532533 [DELETED] 

If your comm has a problem with you having a disability, it's not you who's unkawaii.

>> No.9532536

Unless it's a disability where they shit in diapers all the time, in which case it's definitely them who's unkawaii.

>> No.9532542 [DELETED] 

If someone's health is so bad that they need to use diapers, then they can dress however they want because the sheer suckitude of their life at that point has pretty much earned them that priveledge.

>> No.9532912

Don't be mean.

We only hate diaperfags if they ENJOY pooping themselves.

>> No.9533018

I really want to know what that original comment was.

>> No.9533020

My kind of lolita.

>> No.9533023

That them thinking "having sex with little boys is okay as long as you don't hurt them" is the reason that the person you quoted should be in therapy.

>> No.9533026

A good number of lolitas are also into games as well due to the fact that many conventions have gaming as a secondary or ternary focus. Not to mention, many cosplays are from video games leading lolitas at the convention to at least notice them. So, I'm not really getting how gaming isn't lolita-y. They're not directly related, but they don't seem anti-lifestyle in any way. Red pill me?

>> No.9533027

Oh. That's not anti-lolita. That's anti-basic human decency. Do not sleep with children. The cosplay/anime/whatever community has enough issues with that.

>> No.9533032

Yeah, the roadhog person is a disgusting piece of garbage.
Her "anti lolita" trait is that she's a legitimate pedophile. They deleted all her posts and the posts quoting her except that one.

>> No.9533035
File: 96 KB, 350x350, FILE1376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Farted so hard I nearly threw my back out.


>> No.9533059
File: 27 KB, 400x400, __chen_touhou__81df12013ec48fea3910a81c80cbbcba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love doujin music, specially lolicore. I fucking love lolicore (but only goreshit style, without the moaning), and I really really hate lolicon. I also like speedcore and gabber.

I also enjoy drawing disturbing things. I wonder if being a lolita and drawing disturbing things is really badly seen.

>> No.9533104

I wish this thread was more about what defines an anti-lifestyler rather than just "gross things we all do"
For me, the ultimate anti-lifestyler are:
>smoking in lolita
>drinking in lolita
>not trying to fake a cutesy voice
>not trying to fake perfect maiden-like manners (without being gross)
>having other clothes aside of lolita -though this is more of a conlita thing-
>just doing your normal life stuff, but in lolita

thinking about it, this is stuff that lifestylers could do too. I just hate the whole "faking cutesy" thing. If you're genuinely like that, that's okay. Don't just fake it or change yourself into an outdated stereotype.

>> No.9533107

How is wearing lolita while doing normal every day things anti-lifestyle? What in the world do you think the lifestyle is?

>> No.9533115

'The bloat stage of decay' isn't really my thing, but I'm a gothic lolita that actively follows the literature. I don't pay for subscriptions since I can get the journals free - I work in a hospital.

>> No.9533120

Nice bait, asshole.

>> No.9533135
File: 34 KB, 600x315, lolicruise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"If I call it bait, it won't be true anymore!"

>> No.9533139

Family stuff is so hard. I have a family of origin but don't have anything to do with them - my parents are awful, shite people that ruined my siblings and any chance at me having a healthy adult relationship with any of them.

My father did some vile things but it's the fact that my mother let him and threw me on my ass immediately after I turned eighteen that continues to ache like the barb that it is.

Hugs and love to any anon without any/their family of origin.

>> No.9533172

Have you never farted before??

>> No.9533173
File: 1.43 MB, 2048x1536, 1497581489856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motorcycles. I could come right home, pull off my dainty clothes and fold and hang them up, then put on my ratty dirty mechanic clothes and start changing the oil on my bike. Come right out that door thirty minutes later in armor clothes and hang out with the MCs down the road.

Everyone I know is sure I'm a lesbian, they just aren't sure if I'm femme or dyke.

>> No.9533187
File: 434 KB, 724x1024, 1169383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually feel you. I work as an EMT in part because scenes of violence or filth don't even phase me, and particularly horrible violence just makes me feel comfortable. Like nostalgia comfortable.

>> No.9533227

........It's a conlita thing to not wear lolita 24/7? What the fuck?

>> No.9533413

I totally feel you about I wish she beat me more severely. She really beat me as a child but in my culture that's condoned.

Isn't it fucked up how they blame us for being born? For them making bad choices? I haven't actually read or seen Mommy Dearest, because I feel like it would just make me madder. But maybe I will, because of your recommendation. What pisses me off the most is that my mom pretends to other people and herself that she's such a good mother, and always uses these honey coated fake endearments. Then she threatens me and forgets promises she made of her own accord. It's really fucked me up because I can't trust what she says. She always does things like pull my hair or throw away my stuff, call me nasty names and puts me down constantly. Things I can't give hard evidence for and she can plausibly deny. It's so fucked up.

>> No.9533423
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>farting at tea

I hope you at least left the table.

>> No.9533578
File: 49 KB, 750x712, 19248065_465332533814280_1606682236003948230_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like Disney Princess movies. I've never posted my coords to Facebook. I eat guacamole by the spoonful. If the toilet's broken, I just shit out the window. I'm not into yaoi.

>> No.9533590

Lesbian scientist, nobody knows nobody asks. I have the don't talk to me aura but I only get hit on by men.

>> No.9533634

>I'm not into yaoi
This thread just keeps surprising me. I can't even tell if y'all are trolling or if you really don't know anything about lolita besides that it's clothing.

>> No.9533640

>doesn't cater to the male gaze

I disagree heavily from personal experience

>> No.9533657

You personally experienced lolita brands catering to the male gaze?

>> No.9533838

>be me
>Daily lolita
>/pol/ poster
>Dip and smoke
>Own 5 firearms
>Drive a muscle car
>Enjoy powerlifting
>And power metal
>Pick nose when I can't find a hanky or Kleenex
>Laugh when my kid poops while feeding

Not to mention the amount of salty hate I post here

>> No.9533859 [DELETED] 

>any clothing line that has women expressing their sexuality ir sexual freedom is actually the patterwacky oppressing them by the male gaze.
Get the fuck out of here with youbsex negative bull shit and go an join the amish if you dont like women who show skin.
Yall first world feminists are so ass backwards because you reach so far to find reasons to be oppressed.

>> No.9533861

Have you read any part of this discussion? At all?

>> No.9533869

If lolita is a fashion that "dosent pander to the male gaze" that implies other fashions are.
Which further implies such fashions are "bad" because they "appeal to the male gaze".
Which denies the sexual agency of women who wear them by their own choice because theyre playing into the male gaze.
Let women wear whatever the fuck they want without telling them its political

>> No.9533885

There are fashion styles (Jfash too) that are often described as being appealing to boys. You absolutely can wear these styles because you personally find them pretty and not because you want to attract a guy, but that doesn't change the fact that toned down girly styles or the "mature" sexy styles that are common in the west are seen as attractive and appealing, while lolita, the more extreme substyles of gyaru and other "out there" Jfash styles are generally regarded as styles that don't cater to the male gaze. It's not a good or bad thing, it's an objective observation.

>> No.9533907 [DELETED] 

Are you a third world feminist?

>> No.9533913 [DELETED] 

I consider myself an egalitarian (i care about human rights without a superfluous focus on a specific gender only) and that I do care more about issues women face outside of the trivial first world more so than punishing men for the thought crimes of finding women sexually appealling.
First world feminism is a term for the asinine issues that are being brought up- stare rape, the non existant wage gap, manspreading/splaining/slamming, considering genuine compliments as harassment, fart rape, stare rape, etc.
Some peoe call it "white feminism" but i see plenty of people who arent white whine about the same things.

>> No.9533935 [DELETED] 

I don't know a single person who cares about those "issues" and I'm from Northern Europe lol

>> No.9533944 [DELETED] 

Its rampant in the US. It's illegal to "manspread" in NYC and people have gotten arrested for it.
There's requirements in a lot of universities to take a class that teached you have to avoid "microaggressions". University text books will talk about the things I mentioned (notably why mansplaining is a sign of oppression).
Theres a reason people are rubbed raw with feminism in America anymore.

>> No.9533956 [DELETED] 

I thought it was just your media promoting those things to keep people away from real feminism and make it into a joke lol I feel so bad for you

>> No.9533960 [DELETED] 

I'm from the US and the problem is that white feminism tends to be the loudest feminism. Same with radical feminism which is basically the same thing. The fact that controversy sells doesn't help.

>> No.9533964 [DELETED] 

Nope. We even have "equal pay day!" Where all the self congradulatory chucklefucks circle jerk on paying everyone equal wages based positions and houra worked.
And a male-rape denier (Mary P Koss) goes to thie white house to hang out with obama (this was in 2016) and talk about how hard women have it in America.

>> No.9534046 [DELETED] 

Egalitarian is considered the new snowflake these days.

>> No.9534056 [DELETED] 

t. Feminist who turns a blind eye to the bad shit in their movement and is salty when people want to distance themsleves from it
Feminists are more likely to be special snowflakes and egalitarians.
Its feminists who self dx, make up new genders and sexualities, and dye their hair blue

>> No.9534059 [DELETED] 

I think you're talking about american teens

>> No.9534064 [DELETED] 

You should be on more US college campuses.
A lot of these women are well into their 20's and 30's that are doing it.
Its not just young teens.

>> No.9534078

Don't lolitas and fujos have like 100% overlap?

I'm more alarmed that she poops out her window.

>> No.9534098 [DELETED] 

You have all these kids like you that think they're some kind of misunderstood geniuses. They rage against things like social justice and feminism for stupid reasons, rage about freedom of speech, and then police what people can and can't say anymore. It's moronic and ignorant, utter snowflake clusterfucks.

>> No.9534113 [DELETED] 

What youre describing sounds more like third wave feminism to me...
Are you from htraE?

>> No.9534337
File: 21 KB, 339x478, zw9NZA8_1_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does every /cgl/ thread turn into feminism sperging? Jesus Christ, I don't care what side you're on take it out somewhere else

>> No.9534355
File: 38 KB, 400x212, freees-logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's so boring, it's the same arguments over and over again.

I'd like to blame summer but it's been like this for at least a year.

>> No.9534358

There are some pretty vocal fujos on my comm but I don't think it's the majority. Even if you assume that there must be some around who are able to hide their powerlevel and not constantly share porn doujin of their husbandos on Facebook, I don't think it's more than half the comm. Nothing out of the ordinary for any female-oriented nerdy hobby.

Like >>9526980 said though, being a fujo isn't really anti-lifestyle.

>> No.9534492

I'm into it though I'm not a gothic lolita, more classic, sometimes sweet. I'm looking to get into taxidermy atm, going to start by diaphonising some fish.

>> No.9534912

She was being sarcastic

>> No.9535114

This might be more of cultural thing. Gaming isn't much of a thing here at coventions and the lolitas I met so far are super normie outside of lolita. They barely even watch anime and are only interested in the fashion or japan itself. Maybe I just met the wrong people.

>> No.9535162

100% dyke

>> No.9535577

>The ability to vote if you choose (and should)
yeah right till you vote trump and get labeled as patriarchy slave bitch, fuck feminism, machism and any other "ism", they are all the same kind of fucking hypocrisy

>> No.9535583


>> No.9535594


>> No.9535720

Why would you fake anything? Do you fake liking a fashion too?

Also how can you wear lolita all the time and not do normal stuff in lolita?

You sound confused senpai.

>> No.9535734

It happens everywhere these days it has nothing to do with /cgl/ it's a society problem. I was looking for movie reviews the other day and it was those same arguments over and over.
I like to play games and I'm interested in articles and interviews/talks about game design. I've also watched some esports, but I'm not into gaming or gaming lifestyle at all.

>> No.9536208

Bless you, best of luck with your taxidermy! Mind if I ask why you gravitate more towards classic and sweet than gothic?

>> No.9536216

I also thoroughly enjoy video games (and tabletop games), and spend a ludicrous amount of my free time in them. Preferably while wearing lolita.

>> No.9536225

I wish the fujos in my comm had the decency to keep it to their personal FBs. Instead they'll scream about uke boys assfucking in the middle of a crowded line at an amusement park, surrounded by little kids and their parents. Moments like that I wish I could pretend I didn't know them but since we're all dressed so similarly...
They're all very vocal anti-lifestylers btw.

>> No.9536232

conventions in the first place have nothing to do with lolita

>> No.9536289
File: 164 KB, 232x249, 1369254050790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Atleast not so hard that I almost threw my back out.

>> No.9536408

Being salty is a staple on the lolita life. Congrats, anon, that is lifestyle. I pick my nose too.

I think we should rename this thread as Girl Stereotypes we don't fit

>> No.9536486

Just say "Hey, there's little kids around, keep it down," it's not hard. Some people get over-excited and forget.

>> No.9536647

Which table top game are you playing?

>> No.9536720

Thank you! And I think it's just because I was goth when I was younger, and I wanted to take a break from it and go in another direction with my style. It's been a few years now and I'm thinking of trying gothic again.

>> No.9537477

Currently I'm running a homebrew pirate game with D&D 5e as a base. All my players seem to be having a blast, but none of them are lolitas.

>> No.9538870 [DELETED] 

Do people just have random personal definitions of lifestyle lolita? I like french poetry and punk music so does that make me a lifestyle lolita?

>> No.9540772

novala takemoto is also into taxidermy and he's more sweet no?

>> No.9545150

I shat my dress at Arby's once.

>> No.9547307
File: 222 KB, 347x318, Jizzkis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I shat my dress

>> No.9547777
File: 41 KB, 320x320, 1439175337431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I went to an Arby's

>> No.9547796

Their marketing has been targeting weebs lately.

>> No.9547804

And then there are those who do it on purpose.
We have one of those.

"They hear worse on TV!" "If they didn't hear it before now, I'd be shocked!" "Well, better to hear it from a stranger than their parents, right? HAHAHAHA"

It's obnoxious.

>> No.9548370

Lol Anon, are you me? All of those traits relate to me. You even type like I usually do! ( The ™, use of "fuckin".)
Godspeed, long lost twin.

>> No.9548909

Ah the I'm Not Like Other Girls™

>> No.9548966

I can't believe i forgot to post this but. I make most of my money growing cannabis. Not very rori.

God i want to find a better job tho

>> No.9548971

That's pretty lifestyle rori

>> No.9549088
File: 1.03 MB, 362x414, grinding teeth.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because lie all women follow.

>> No.9552955

I eat Taco Bell every chance I get. Eating it now.

>> No.9552976

I don't enjoy childish things, like fairytales or cartoons

>> No.9554008

What about spanking?

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