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Last one hit bump limit. >>9521675

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!

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After a serious discussion, we discovered that almost every girl in our comm is wearing the wrong cup size.

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does it matter? I didn't think they came in different sizes

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>so many fucking attractive people in the cosplay community
>no social skills to even dare approach or befriend them

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>attractive people

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you must live somewhere else
here in the midwest everyone is fat and ugly and the costumes are low effort

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Your comm must be active if they all need to wear a cup.

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>no social skills
Good job, you fit in with the rest of the cosplayfags

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Were you wearing your glasses that day?

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>shows con pics to my mother
>she gushes over all the hot girls
>scolds me if I get photographed with an obese

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>white girl in our comm has dreadlocks
>never wears a wig
>reeks of weed
>plays Snoop Dogg on her phone during tea

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>white girl in our comm has dreadlocks
>never wears a wig
>reeks of weed
>plays Snoop Dogg on her phone during sex

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what do you people do at these tea parties jesus

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>during sex
I meant to say during tea lol

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Damn, invite me I'll cosplay as whatever you ladies want.

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Lmao. They let you in the comm if you only have one nipple??

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Long awaited dress arrives tomorrow.

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Awww, what dress??

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>Sunday lolita brunch
>one bitch totally flaked
>had to bake the biscuits and cut the cheese alone

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>can't tell if male or stupid or troll

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Photoshop skills ON POINT.

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A male that doesn't have autism.

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Or just a joke
Get the sand out of your cooter

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She should wear a cup to keep it out.

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I just got sized. I got fatter so now I'm stuck at DD instead of just D.
>mfw I need to cut back the sugar and up the exercise so I don't end up looking like Momokun the next time I cosplay.

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The curtains close to make a nice kuro dress.

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Does the carpet match the curtains?

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Why do bitches bring their dog to con??

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I've been dealing with probably toxic friends when it comes to cosplay & lolita and it feels like it's destroying me. If I cosplay a series they're not familiar with/don't like, they'll blatantly talk about how much they dislike it in front of me. I have a few cosplay friends that are significantly better than them, and they'll all shit talk my other friends in front of me but will brush it off when I say it's rude by saying "Oh! They just make us ~uncomfortable~". I was told by one of my closer friends not to book photoshoots at cons because they want to see me, but won't even talk to me at cons. I can see this friend group frequently, but a lot of my con friends I can only see once or twice a year, and they have the nerve to bitch at me for seeing them. I've had my costumes and coordinates (they're some of those tumblrinas that think lolita is pedophilic and sexual) insulted simply because they don't like the series or because they dislike lolita. It probably shouldn't bother me like it does, but it still bothers me some. It's been a huge factor in my depression and I've begun to lost my will to cosplay because I dread them judging me for it.

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I've never seen a dog at a con unless they're service animals.

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>pic related, it's me and my bitch

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>take a chance on a seller with no sellers feedback
>been over 24hrs and no response
>every time this happens to me with new sellers they take over a week just to get back to me about the auction or just flat out never respond
>can't stop giving newbies chances
>just want my fucking dress without the anxiety

Idk if I'm stupid or what but I keep taking chances on new sellers thinking it's a good idea and it always gives me terrible fucking worry.

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>buy cosplay parts from seller
>seller still won't give me an update and says it's "processing"
>whenever I ask, I hear "please do a patient wait"
>con in 2 weeks
>still no word on shipping
>they charged me 80 dollars for "rushed processing"
I learned my lesson I guess

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Every time I do a sardine run with other girls, some dum cumpster brings her little rat dog to the hotel.

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>My friends are extremely rude to my face, don't talk to me at cons, and insult my costumes and coords. I no longer enjoy this hobby because of they way in which they judge me.

Sorry anon, but I'm not sure if these people qualify as friends. It's sometimes ok to have some playful shit talk, but it sounds like your entire interaction with them is negative. Ghost them and search for a new group.

If any of them are salvageable, you could attempt to keep in touch with them separately from the main group. That said, a full sever is probably the healthier option in the long run and has the least chance of developing into weird drama later on.

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>a sardine run

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there were a couple at Acen as props
one cowboy bebop cosplayer brought a corgi as an accessory

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It's when you pack too many people into a room to save money.

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I've essentially funded my roommate's success as an artist. All of the supplies he uses are mine (tablet, button machine, laminator, etc) but now that we're moving into separate apartments, I don't know what to do. I want him to be able to continue to make and produce art, but it's... my stuff? I'm an exceptionally generous person so it never bothered me that he used it since we're post-college broke bitches and his success makes me happy. I'm just not sure what to do about us moving out, because I would like to take my stuff with me since I do use it occasionally, but I don't want it to look like I'm holding it hostage if I don't use it.

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offer to sell it cheap or just take it back.
You did a nice thing anon.

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How far will your roommate be living once you guys move? If it's reasonably close, they could swing by your place to use stuff like the button machine in exchange for paying for food and such, otherwise I'd consider selling the stuff to them at a discounted rate.

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it doesn't really sound like success if they still can't afford the basic tools and need to borrow them from someone else

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For an art type, there's different kinds of success. Financial is only one of them.

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>working a fundraiser w/ local costume club
>wearing a helmet, can't see shit cap'n
>a mom comes up to me
>"I'm really sorry to have to come over and ask this but my daughter wants a picture with you and she's too scared to do it herself"
>yeah sure you betcha
>little girl is like three??? can't hardly see her because of my field of vision
>I'm posing, she's standing there scared stiff
>all of a sudden, tiny little girl hand grabs my fingers
>she just really wanted to hold my hand for the photo
>silently losing my ever loving shit from how cute it is

My Seagull heart grew four sizes that day.

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Underrated filename.

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At least it didn't shrink by 4 sizes.

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Seriously? That's news to me, Cons in my area won't allow normal dogs to be wandering around for health and safety reasons.

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>expecting big-business procedures from small one-off producers.
Good lesson to learn.

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Just take it back. Stop being a pussy. You literally just solved your own problem within your question:

You funded him being a success as an artist. Tell him he has to buy his own supplies with the funds he made from your supplies. It doesn't matter how much you use it, it belongs to you and he's aware.

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>Living in Singapore
>Weather's been feeling like 40°C (104°F) here
>Check weather forecast
>Tfw weather hardly goes above 36°C (96.8°F)

My cupboard is full of blacks and I am full of regrets.

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It's not like I'm buying from a small no name seller. This was one if those large cosplay resellers based in China. Their service just seems to suck

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>At a con, has time to kill
>There's a "Philosophy of Harry Potter" panel going on
>Decide to pop in for the nostalgia kick
>Approaching the room, see that it's full and overflowing
>This looks promising!
>Get closer, begin to hear the panelists inside
>"...and he's one of my favorite characters because even at his lowest point, after Lily, the love of his life, died..."
>mfw doing a full 180 and walking away

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>Have friend I cannot stand
>Few months ago friend asks "Hey are you going to Otakon?"
>Wasn't planning on it really, no
>"OMG I found a hotel for like REALLY cheap and all the people we roomed with at another con can all pitch it it'll be super cheap and it's right by the con center"
>Eh, whatever, I can hang out with some of my newer con friends that are going
>Book the room in my name/my card because "Yeah I don't wanna put the charge on my card lol"
>Few weeks later
>Dealt with a LOT of shit hosting a room for Colossalcon, ended up splitting the group and we all found crashspace somewhere else
>"Anon if you don't wanna deal with drama I'll take over the room!"
>That would be fucking awesome actually
>Shit friend (SF) makes a group, literally types out a 6-paragraph list of rules
>One of the friends (involved in the Colossal room BS) drops out, takes another person with her
>"That was all according to plan, I'm tired of that bitch because she fucked up my cosplay group by having her's commissioned :)"
>Room is still in my name, every time I ask her if she wants to transfer "I dont have enough in my account rn my mom won't let me"
>This bitch is almost 30
>Friend group that I mentioned earlier, the only reason I really wanna go to Otakon, messages me asking if I have a room
>"We have a room and we need another person for, would you be interested?"
>Half a block more walking distance, but they'd give me a ride as well and like I said are some of the only people I'm going to the con to see
>"Yep, put me in that room!"
>One of the people SF absolutely despises for some reason
>Still has original room in my name, desu I am thinking of giving the ultimatum of if you wont ACTUALLY take ownership of the room I'm just cancelling the reservation
>Don't know how to say "Hey, I'm jumping ship to a different room" without them doing their thing and saying I'm a "toxic, problematic person who can't be trusted!!11"

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Lmao, wtf! Is she for real?

>> No.9525644

who the fuck makes rules for a room that's not even in their name???
give her an ultimatum, or give the room to someone else in the group who doesn't need permission to get a hotel room.

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I normally don't say things like this, but you really should browse /pol/, or at least /int/, more often.

>> No.9525661

Oh boy. I feel you, anon, I like Snape and he's the major shit in charge; I don't condone his behavior whatsoever but I do like him as a character. People who pretend he's anything but a shit, or that his love for Lily was healthy and the things he did were desirable or justified, are just a little bit delusional.

>> No.9525663


Yeah I too never have any sympathy for Snape. Dude made his own bed and ONLY helped the good guys out cause he personally had something to lose.

Still continued being a dick to children. Still carried around his teenage angst against Lupin even though that's the shit that got him where he is now. He was and is an asshole cause he's only interested in the past's score.

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Why would I go to shit boards like pol or int?

>> No.9525710

At the very least it would explain the issues with dealing with Chinese companies.

From people who deal with them regularly, they're like less empathetic versions of /pol/s "happy merchant" meme. And that's before looking at their dealings in Africa.

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>after being a NEET for two years finally decide to get a job since i feel better mentally
>super scared about getting chewed up and spat by the "big bad adult world uwuwu"
>only 20 with no big degrees or anything
>i'm just a simple girl that wants to work as a florist,or sell in a bakery,...
>realize i have little to no normie clothes, barely any normie shoes,...
>realize my shorts/skirts out of lolita are considered "too short" to be pruhfeshunal

Having to be normie sucks. I hate it.
I'm getting lots of pressure from my family to fit in the mold,they tell me to never EVER talk about my hobbies,that i have to be a perfect clone,that i won't be taken seriously if i dress too "cute",that i have to keep my autism level to minimal (i wish i could control my asperger but that thing is just a part of me, i really try my hardest to not be "weird")...
I just fucking hate this, i don't even feel like a "real" adult, i just feel confused, lost and angry/scared (people going "well welcome to the adult world honey, now deal with it or cry moar xD" when i open up about it)

I hate this whole pressure to fit into a mold to please society, what's the point? I just don't get it. I really want to work because doing nothing but translating stuff for anons/doodling/... all day is depressing and that means mo money for mo burando,future projects,... but geez.

>> No.9525738

Protip: most people 18-30 don't feel like a real adult, not anymore anyways.

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Thanks anon. I've been ghosting them for a day or two to see if any of them would even bother to check in on me, and only one has. We're all rooming together for a con in 3 months, so I hope no drama comes up before then or we can work stuff out. They've all dragged me into a cosplay group I don't want to do, so I'm tempted to say 'fuck it' and drop the cosplay.

>> No.9525749

I hate that people always end up talking about my job when I go to cons
Every time I try to talk to someone there, it eventually drifts to jobs and they don't let go when they find out where I work. I fucking hate my job but it pays the bills and it feels like shit when this happens.
>Anon how much do you make?
>Oh i really want to buy this but it's sooooo expensive (looks at me)
>I hope my card doesn't get declined, I really want this (looks at me)
>Money been so tight lately but I really want this
Seriously, almost every girl I've talked to for extended periods of time at a con starts to do this and it gets annoying really fucking fast

>> No.9525760

Most people hate their job, thems the breaks. If you don't like it, then work hard at what you love and monetize it.

>> No.9525767

>tfw you go to goodwill to see if they have any black sheets for a cloak

>tfw you find actual fabric yardage in the amount you need

best $4 spent this week.

>> No.9525793

Or you know, you could lie/say you don't want to talk about work when you're having fun/give a vague answer.

It's not hard to dance around unless you WANT the attention.

>> No.9525800

I..Is this bait? I mean, when people talk about jobs here, they ask questions about how it is to work ... or what it's like to do ..... It's also a taboo to mention your salary here, so I feel like either you are looking for these people or you don't mind showing off how much you make.

I never get asked how much I make.. The only time someone asked, it was someone who was studying in the same field, so it could have been relevant to him.
Where do you live that people are so open and curious about what other people's income is?

>> No.9525803

>what's the point?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04wyGK6k6HE 37:30-40:45

>i just feel confused, lost and angry/scared

>i really try my hardest to not be "weird"
good luck, i believe in you desu

>> No.9525806

It's about my job. It sounds way more prestigious than it really is and makes it sound like I'm a 20 year old making 6 figures when I'm not

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>> No.9525828

Peterson a hero we don't deserve.

>> No.9525834

Most of the time I don't really consider what I'm saying because I never ran into people who would pull this kind of manipulative stuff. I had no reason to be vague or lie I just give an answer, but I guess I have to be more careful now with how con people are

>> No.9525867

Cut them loose and go be fabulous. I believe in you and they're holding you back.

>> No.9525902

Really? I just feel like some lost kiddo sometimes so it's really reassuring to know.
Ilu anon. I'll do my best, thanks!

B-But I don't wanna hate my job. I'll do my best to work in a field i sort of like at least.

>> No.9525904

I'm so sorry for the slight OT, but I see family issues brought up on here sometimes and seagulls.. I'm at a loss.

>Have nerdy sibling, but don't get along
>Hate each other to the point of ignoring one another constantly
>Tried to reach out 6 months ago cause I'm tired of not having a normal family and tired of my parents being so devastated all the time
>Their behavior towards me has gotten worse since then
>Treats me like the plague, will leave the room if I enter, will never sit next to me
>Recently got aggressive cause I was in the rather big kitchen cooking my dinner which meant they couldn't get into that room cause they think I have cooties
>Their SO hates me and treats me likewise cause the SO only ever got their side of the story and thinks I'm batshit because sibling thinks my mental illness is a made up story to get attention
>Anytime they just so happen to walk into the room while I'm talking to our father about a nerdy thing, they'll scuff and tell him that it's shit only to tell him how awesome it is a few weeks later once he's forgotten that I've talked about it (has severely halted my relationship with my father)
>Had enough tonight and had a mental breakdown cause I'm moving in 2 months and my sole reason is to get away from this sibling which depresses the hell out of me
>Parents confronted them cause they agree with me, told them my side of things
>"I never do that", "That's just how I am", "that bitch can rest in peace if she can't handle it", denial denial denial, no ability to handle criticism, thinks I'm making shit up to get attention

I love the hell out of my parents, I understand they're just being fair, I know it's not just my sibling but me as well, but I don't know what the hell to do anymore.
I want my parents to be happy, I want a happy family, but I can't pretend to be ok with this treatment anymore.

>> No.9525969

That's why you don't have non responsible friends.

>> No.9525972

What's your job? Beyoncé's personal assistant? I'll ask about it too desu

>> No.9525989

You can't just say all this without telling us what your job is, anon.

>> No.9526006

Many girls in general are wearing the wrong sizes because of marketing ploys like the add 4 rule.

>> No.9526016

What the hell did you do to them? They obviously loathe you for some reason. I guess maybe get to the root of the issue since I feel like there's details you're obviously leaving out. Siblings don't just loathe eachother for no reason.

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File: 179 KB, 320x180, radiating love.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got told I was a beautiful man yesterday

>> No.9526051

We all think it started when we were kids. Tldr of a two episodes I can think of;
>Went to the same school, sibling was two classes higher than me, got bullied by students and teachers
>I was one of the most popular kids in school, loved both by students and teachers, never asked for it
I know the above was a legit issue for them - I unfortunately witnessed a family member die when I was 8, which has fucked me up for life, my response at the time was to go into my room and play with my toys cause I didn't understand the situation.
Sibling who did understand the situation used this as a way to paint me as an uncaring psychopath in hopes of sending their bullies after me.

>Sibling entered puberty early and lost interest in toys very quickly
>All of their friends came to me after that cause I still liked playing with toys, never asked for it
>There's a single childhood friend we both had in our life, said friend gave up on them a year ago because of how sibling was treating me, sibling blames me for ruining their friendship now just like they blamed me for stealing their friends when we were kids

The above episode with me witnessing the death of a family member gave me PTSD which later turned into anxiety and depression so I've never been totally normal in the head, but I have spent half of my life on changing myself for the better, going to therapy and social things to learn how to deal with people and myself. It hasn't been easy on anyone.
Sibling has supposedly (according to my mom) shown annoyance in hearing my parents tell their friends that I'm doing well in regards to my mental problems, because they felt like my parents love me more since they only talk about me all the time.

They also cannot handle criticism to save their life, is sadly the type of person who will only hear half of a sentence if it contains anything negative about them and not listen to the part that goes ".. it's not all your fault, I'm to blame as much as you are".

>> No.9526052

>Living NEET life and only leave house 10 times a year
>Having obvious vitamin deficiency symptoms and want to get some free supplements
>Need to go to doctor appointment but can't be botherd to dress up
>Feel insecure if not fully dressed up

How to get off my ass and find the motivation to finally go to doctor

>> No.9526054

My advice is to honestly not listen to them. Just because your relatives had to keep their head down and turn into a perfect safe-for-work person, doesn't mean everyone does for the line of work.

I work for businesses such as theme parks or carnivals in the summer, then do holiday related work around the Halloween to Christmas months. Most of these places don't care that much about what you wear and being different or "alternative" is looked up to, if anything.

If you don't feel right looking absolutely normal, just find a line of work that does well for you. Look into jobs that allow tattoos and alternative hair colors, because they tend to be very open minded, if not encourage originality.

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File: 8 KB, 208x148, 1476588496379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate having a "healthy sized" body by european standards. Healthy is too fat. I wanna be petite.
It striked me how big and disgusting i was when i saw a small lolita from my comm. She's so small,so skinny,so beautiful and I felt like an ugly fat giant.
I hate being average height (5"4) and average weight (116lbs) it's too big. I have small tiddies on top of that, it's like the genetic lottery is mocking me. My only redeeming quality is fitting into azn unique sizing 95% of the time.

I feel like i'm taking too much space, I just wanna disappear sometimes. I fucking hate myself.

>> No.9526074

You just need to go. If you can't find the motivation yourself it'll never happen. I was like you for a long time too.
Finally got so disgusted with myself and developed motivation, which turned in to discipline.

>> No.9526076

Small tiddies is a blessing. You'll look 100x better and have WAY better clothing options. Drop maybe 10lbs at most and you'll be great. Don't develop an eating disorder though.

>> No.9526089

Anon my proportions aren't much different to yours (5'5, 110lbs) but trust me how you view yourself is nothing how other people view you. I know you look down and think how disgusting your body is, but when people see you they go holy shit that person is petite. I've had it said to me multiple times and it still catches me off guard because i feel like a big, tall fat buffoon.

I love seeing a really small petite person and being overwhelmed, likely the exact same happens to you.

>> No.9526103 [DELETED] 

In the same boat anon, Similair proportions, exact same feelings.
Recently went through my depressed stage and gained 5 pound, lost it since then back to normal weight I was at but it's sort of encouraged me to keep dieting until I reach that ideal I have in my mind, we may not be able to make ourselves shorter but we sure can change our body sizes so that we can be as close to our ideals as is even possible for us without going to ana territory as I don't fancy being a bone sack either.

>> No.9526111

Fucking kek.

Are you seriously so beta that you're complaining about people thinking you're financially successful when you know over half the people here are NEET's, work shit jobs, or have a useless degree?
Grow a pair anon.
They think you make 100k so they ask for shit from you? You think it's just the girls at cons that will do this? Nope, it's all of them.
If it worries you so much, then you're probably gonna have to wait to try dating people that have their own stuff going in their mid-20's. At least until they make enough to provide for themselves instead of living off their parents.

Also, your job probably isn't THAT interesting or prestigious outside of talking to 16 year olds at anime conventions.

>> No.9526112

>fiancee and I decided to have a city hall marriage to save money
>I'm ironing out details and stuff
>he tells me not to worry cause we have a bunch of time.
>"Focus your energy and money on finding the perfect lolita dress to wear for our special day ."
>I'm already marrying him. There are no words for how happy he makes me.

Good vibes for everyone.

>> No.9526114

Yeah they are, i've just been teased about it a lot and am kinda insecure about it sometimes.
I wish I could drop some lbs but i have an oblong face (god i hate this, but at least i have features that make me look younger so it's not too bad) and losing weight makes it longer
I had anorexia but i'm out of it, i just still feel like i'm too big sometimes and still count calories/weight myself every week

Aw thank you that was reassuring. But yes, I know that, I just tend to see all of my flaws and see the worst in myself.

>> No.9526119

I mean, based on how you're talking I wouldn't say you're out of it. If you're "in recovery" but still counting calories and obsessing over an almost underweight BMI, you might want to see a therapist if you're not already. Speaking from experience.

>> No.9526125

congrats anon! this warms my icy heart. I hope you'll post pictures of our wedding coordinate somewhere on the internet. I'd love to get more inspo!

>> No.9526145

It's the humidity that makes SG weather so unbearable

>> No.9526147

Can I ask what you do exactly or how you even told them to begin with?

>> No.9526152

Does she at least style her dreads or keep them neat (like salon manicured) ?

>> No.9526177

thank you!
It's a nice piece of encouragement considering I lost out on an absolute dream dress due to some paypal mess.
>still fighting on that
So hopefully I can find something nice to fall in love with. Looking at you BtSSBnyc.

>> No.9526194

Okay, this all makes much more sense. Sorry about all you went through, anon. The thing with your family member is traumatic and I'm sorry people saw you that way. Just wanted to say you're not messed up or wrong for how you acted at all there, because I'm sure you've been blamed of that a lot.

I think the root of the issue from what I gather is that your sibling saw you as a popular person and someone who seemed to be "happy for no reason" despite you working towards getting better. They definitely think they're unloved compared to you. Their grudge against you is pretty dumb to have this far into life.

The truth is you've already reached out probably more than you needed to for all this and they are a very toxic person in your life. Your parents are aware of what you've done to reach out. You have done your part, but I want you to remember they have to do their part. Definitely move out and get yourself some fresh air.

>> No.9526200
File: 85 KB, 1044x684, 1493575550245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leaving for con in 8 days
>costume is still in china with SS
>waiting for them to send it to me but not had any payment notifications yet

>> No.9526210

>not a midget or some overly tall freak
>not a skeleton; perfect weight
>flat chested
>"it's like the genetic lottery is mocking me"

Anon, you got the perfect body.

>> No.9526223

Thank you anon. "Fortunately", the only person who bullied me over that whole thing with our dead family member was my sibling, everyone else was extremely understanding of it, and my popularity got boosted because everyone felt bad for me on top of it.

I am very sure it's a deep seeded jealousy issue myself that has turned into pure hatred on their part, and I feel like my own problem with them is that everytime they got bullied, they bullied me in return which never really stopped.
With that in mind, I try to be as understanding as possible, but I do honestly think they're a despicable person and I don't understand how they're ok knowing our mom cried herself to sleep tonight because of them.

I've thought it over myself, and I think the best thing I can do is plead with my parents to call my sibling out anytime they catch them being aggressive towards me while I'm still living at home, or anytime I visit in the future. Since my sibling brushes it off as "Thats just how I am", I feel like my parents telling them off for it is likely the only way to solve this now, as much as I hate having to go there. It can possibly fuel their jealousy issues even more, but I'm trying to stay positive and hope that it'll spark an attitude change instead if they get a taste of their own medicine from someone that they respect.

>> No.9526225
File: 227 KB, 620x412, 1490555485358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see you also bought from China, and can share in the feel.

>> No.9526229

I feel like a cheapass buying full costumes for just $25

>> No.9526234

I don't get why you are keeping the sibling gender neutral. Knowing if he/she is a he or a she or other is kind of important in this kind of things.
Extra important in case of trans.

>> No.9526243

Keeping it neutral for the sake of being anonymous really, but I personally would have thought that the catty line "that bitch can rest in peace if she can't handle it" gave it away. - The sibling in question is female.

>> No.9526246

I got down to my 'goal weight', but I feel like an imposter whenever people call me skinny. It's just one of those weird psychological things.

I realized that some people can look okay while being super skinny, but most people just end up looking like skeletons. It sounds like you're at a good weight right now for your height, so you should work on improving either nutrition or general fitness. For what it's worth, you probably look really good even if you have a negative self-image.

>> No.9526247 [DELETED] 

>get new, professional, relatively high-paying job
>autistically blab to my boss on day one that I'm planning on going to a con later this summer
>going to... WHAT anon?
>oh... I think my niece went to one of those once... sounds uh interesting
I normally don't have any problem separating my weeb side from my professional life, I don't know what the fuck my problem is today. I tried to play it off as something I didn't know anything about that my friends are dragging me to but I'm so embarrassed.

>> No.9526266

Umm, well, in theory. But guess I call so many different types of people "bitch" I can't even tell anymore.

Good luck with everything!
And do try and get away from them. Distance tends to work wonders on softening up family-borne bitchiness.

>> No.9526320
File: 70 KB, 250x241, 1493047571443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw still too mcuh of a pussy to buy makeup in person, just on amazon.
I guess it's a step in the right direction though, lots of cosplayers don't even give a shit about basic stage makeup

>> No.9526360 [DELETED] 

Try to curb this thinking before it becomes an eating disorder. I remember I was thinking about doing a research paper on anorexia and thinspo. The internet culture around it was interesting to me, so I followed blogs, looked up diets, read about recovery stories, etc. But looking at all those pictures of much skinnier, more 'beautiful' girls eventually started affecting my self-esteem (for about 2 weeks, these pictures actually started making me feel like shit) and I had to stop.

You really gotta try to distract yourself with other things, an obsession with your image is dangerous. It's okay to care about your appearance, but you're already at unhealthy levels of obsession with it, which is clear because you said you hate yourself. You should want to be a healthy weight because its the weight you feel best at.

>> No.9526394
File: 34 KB, 600x315, lolicruise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw my mom is helping me get in shape for con season

My nipples are gonna be so high.

>> No.9526398
File: 111 KB, 580x807, otoyomegatari-5283881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Read Otoyomegatari
>Anis appears for the first time
>omg I have almost the same body type
>Flat adult characters are rare so have cosplay ideas
>Get to the point where her sismance with Shirin begins
>tfw you don't have a chubby friend to cosplay with
>Feel sad

>> No.9526400

>buy a kokokim set off of secondhand store on rakuten
>they email me to confirm my address
>give them my address
>they get back to me and say that it's not right or some shit
>wat.jpg i've shipped with sagawa express and japan post no problem
>spend 3 days emailing back and forth that the address is correct/use different formats
>still says my address can't be confirmed

i'm pulling teeth here, i've had things shipped to my address no problem, idk what the deal is

>> No.9526434

Not the anon you're replying to, but
>that bitch can rest in peace if she can't handle it
>if she can't handle it

>> No.9526450

I'm happy for you, anon.

>> No.9526455
File: 28 KB, 720x400, QwYw8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon (you)'re replying to either but that quote is definitely being said by the sibling, which means anon is a girl but the sibling's gender was still unknown.

>> No.9526491

>beautiful girl gets a con crush on me
>she lives all the way in China (I'm in the US)
>family only came to the States to watch her grandmother die

I want her. Help, guys.

>> No.9526504

Fucking normies.

>> No.9526548

so you're a "man" right?

>> No.9526646

Do it anyway! The world needs more Otoyomegatari cosplay! You'll find your Shirin one day for sure!

>> No.9526664

I don't know if it was because I had just got back home and was still travel sick, or because in my language people tend to use female pronouns for cursing everyone from gay males to girls, or maybe I'm just dumb.
Either way, well, yes, it was pretty dumb of me.

>> No.9526703

I was in a pretty similar situation to you. Only 21 here and I dont really work or have normie clothes. My out was getting married to a man with a decent job so I can stay a house waifu-chan 5ever

>> No.9526709

Thats really fucking weird.. I wish you luck anon. Worst case scenario maybe try sending the set to your parents house/family members house/super trusted friend and see if their address works?

>> No.9526732

thanks anon. i wish i could, but i live in japan (on a military base, so i think that confused them) and my friends and family are back in the US and they do not ship overseas.

i got another email back from them and i think everything is ok now, they just sent me another order confirmation and didn't say to check my address again so i'm assuming they figured it out.

still fucking annoying though.

>> No.9526737

I have to buy normie clothes but I don't want to and want to spend my money on more lolita.
I mean, I need a new headbow, new lace topped socks, a mint cardigan,...
but i have to buy normie shit instead

>> No.9526740

i recently made friends with a girl who runs a vintage shop, and a few days ago hit me up asking if i knew where to get some peter-pan-collar blouses.
I have like five in my closet right now, mostly vintage but a good selection of basics--black, pure white, off-white and this sort of lovely mauve. I thought she was only looking to borrow one, but then she said she wanted to buy them. but she doesn't want to spend more than $20, and would prefer $10.
I don't want to tell her that this price is so low that it's laughable, especially since both of the lolita blouses are out of production and I won't be able to find them again. I feel like she'll get pissed, and I don't want to come across as stingy. I get that she usually shops at thrift stores so she's not used to 'brand prices', so i'm worried that she'll think i'm just trying to drive up the price unnecessarily if I tell her what they originally cost. plus, i'm worried that she'll just turn around and resell it in her shop, which would really irritate me. i don't mind loaning clothes out to friends, but I hate seeing people mark up dresses which I sold at a friendly discount to them.
so far, i just haven't responded to her messages. but she's good friends with the rest of the group that i hang out with and i'm worried that the longer i put it off, the more likely it'll be that she'll complain about it to our mutual friends.

>> No.9526746

Just tell her they're not for sale, because you still wear them. If anything, recommend the places that you buy them from, and she can see for herself what $10 can get her

>> No.9526747

Just say that you thought she wanted to borrow one and you're not looking to sell any of them? It's pretty straightforward.

>> No.9526748

Just say you don't want to sell any at this time. If she runs a business she's got to put up with people who don't take her offers

>> No.9526753

I have a y chromosome, yes

>> No.9526771
File: 10 KB, 275x240, 1497802623316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sees dress
>Cute as fuck
>Know cut would look like shit on me
>It's up for cheap but I know I wouldn't easily be able to resell it if it looks even worse than expected on me
>Conflicted feels

>> No.9526772

Does she have any other relatives in the US that are close to dying?

>> No.9526778

Time to start picking off her other US-based relatives one at a time so she has to stay longer.

>> No.9526780

>trying to get back into boxing
>sore as fuck body now from my last work out

all i want to do now is box but i cant. fuck you body.

>> No.9526842

Only my second day of cardio and my ass hurts.

But I gotta look good in cosplay this fall.

>> No.9526856

suddenly i feel really unmotivated to make friends, participate in my favorite jfashion, or attend any events. i have everything booked and planned for a major con and i want to cancel it all for some inexplicable reason.

what's going on with me? has anyone else suddenly felt completely demotivated before a con?

>> No.9526858

>only my second day of cardio

Wtf how out of shape are you?

>> No.9526861

Friend asked to do a duo cosplay with me and just bailed weeks before a con. Now I'm not sure if I want to go through with it, there isn't a lot of time to put anything else together.

>> No.9526865
File: 588 KB, 640x360, littlegirl.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminds me of this

>> No.9526936

>I'm 20 and don't want to dress like a normie and get a jooooob
I'm not surprised you have no work experience; otherwise you'd dread the thought of wearing anything you care about to work.

If you give it some thought, I'm sure you could find a clever way to bridge your personal style and more professional attire.

Or you could just wine and live at home forever.

>> No.9526939

>I hate that people always end up talking about my job when I go to cons
We live in a capitalist society in which your worthiness of a stranger's time is gaged by your monitory worth.

If you don't like it, steer the conversation in a direction that's more interesting to you. I work as a bike mechanic, and while I absolutely love my job, it's a poor-fag position, so I talk about other things.

>> No.9526945

Ask yourself if you're really done being unhappy or if you'd rather continue to milk your unhappiness for attention on 4chan.

If the former; congrats! First step towards change!

If the latter; ok.jpeg

>> No.9526949

>"I don't want to buy normie clothes"
>buying normie clothes would theoretically increase likelihood of getting a job/better job
>getting a job/better job = increased income
>more income = more loli stuffs
Sounds like you can't see the bubblegum forest for the gumdrop trees, Anon.

>> No.9526951
File: 124 KB, 362x335, Clippy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sounds like you want to be told what to do:
Save that money for something that you'll feel good in.

>> No.9526956

>post coord to CoF
>gets cross posted
>one person replied saying my coord was simple but great
>post another coord to CoF
>gets cross posted
>tons of crit, some fair and some nitpicky
>a couple people defend my coord
>tons of replies to them saying "stop defending yourself"
>tfw I know better than to try and defend myself but they think it was me anyway
>based on the replies some of those people were in my comm

I want to try and wear the coord again while using some of the crit but I'm almost certain I'm gonna get shit for it either way. Nothing I can do but it just sucks.

>> No.9526975

>being this much of a poorfag
>having this much autism
>being this triggered
>gold digging neet confirmed

Awww, did your waifu not hug you today?

>> No.9526983

As a guy wearing ouji/EGA fashion, I've gone to Sephora just to learn how to do basic contouring and whatnot. I don't care what people walking by outside in the mall think when they see me in there, or what my mom says about how guys shouldn't wear makeup, I look better with it so I wear it. I'm a sucker for Prime though, so I definitely still get things from Amazon.

>> No.9526984

People who accuse you of defending yourself even though you're not that kind of person aren't worth associating with.

>> No.9526998
File: 140 KB, 1024x768, IMG_1459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9527003
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw our comm banned the fancy metal chairs because some girl hooked her thong on one

>> No.9527033
File: 27 KB, 411x411, 1493873462627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got called for an interview for a FT Pharmacy Tech job. It's retail, so it'll be minimum wage/slightly higher, but it's a great foot in the door for what I want to make a full career out of. Plus, they'll pay for my PTCB exam (supposedly) and it's more hours so I'll have money for cons next year! I'm really excited, I've been doing the 2 part-time job thing for years and I'm actually getting closer to a real adult job.

>> No.9527035

I've been defended by others and had people say "nice selfpost" to them and I've also defended some bits of other people's coords and had people say "nice selfpost" to me. It doesn't mean anything. It's Schroedinger's callout. Everyone is anon and if it was a self post, the self poster may feel chastised, but if it wasn't and the anon was wrong, they are anonymous, so no one knows who they are.

Anyone who doesn't understand this and gives you shit isn't worth getting worked up over.

>> No.9527039

Ugh, that is SUCH a good feel. Nice job!

>> No.9527040

Congratulations, anon! Having benefits from FT jobs will help you out a lot, too! Good luck in your career!

>> No.9527043

>tfw used to hate my 52cm/20" (at the fattest point) thighs
>tfw the thicc thighs meme is trending
>tfw feels a little bit better and less like a gross landwhale
I also lost an inch at my waist and am now at 25", my bust hasn't grown though,still a B cup.
Ah well.
The road on self acceptance is hard but at least I don't spend money in laxatives and the like anymore so yay, more cute clothes and cosplays.

>> No.9527049

Lately my best friend has gotten overly clingy, and while I do love her a lot, it's gotten really exhausting. If I mention I feel like cosplaying at a con, we HAVE to do a couple cosplay, otherwise she'll sulk. If I apply to AA, we HAVE to apply together, otherwise she'll sulk and refuse to apply by herself. She has a bunch of other friends to do these things with but whenever I ask why she doesn't do it with them she goes on a grand spiel on how ~it has to be you or it won't matter~, but every time we do these things together she's still more interested in hitting it up with her other friends and ignoring me for most of the con unless she needs help with something in which case I have to be there asap to fix her costume or deal with her part of the sales at the table. Not to mention I can never even show the slightest interest in anyone other than her if I don't want her to get sulky and passive agressive about how I should just hang out with that person instead since they're apparently so much better than her, even if all I did was say I thought someone random looked cute in their cosplay.
Whenever I try to bring this up with her she gets super childish and defensive with added quilt trip of "I know I'm a shitty person and should just kill myself since I'm nothing but trouble for you anyway" and refuses to listen when I try to explain that the reason I'm talking about these things is so we don't have to stop being friends.

I just miss the times when we weren't this close and we could hang out and have fun without having to deal with the whole idea that apparently best friends are a set and have to do everything together and if I want to do something by myself it means I hate her and want to break up. Sometimes I just want to do things by myself without having to change my plans to suit someone elses needs.

>> No.9527063

Ugh anon My best friend was similar to this. Its going to be tough but you need to sit their ass down and tell them, "you need to listen to me and don't talk just listen."
Tell them you're thoughts, that they can't keep being like this, that they aren't the center of your universe like you are to them.

It was really tough considering I had to do this to my best friend, but sitting them down and actually telling them how I felt really helped me get out of a stressful situation. They sort of went back to how they were before, which ended up me distancing myself a lot for months because of how bad it got and then they realized that they needed to stop, and now we're friends again.

>> No.9527086

This was me during high school and it ended up escalating to the friend who I was clingy towards absolutely DESPISING me and even 5+ years later will still bring it up to mutual friends in our comm.

What I did to get over it took therapy and being diagnosed with BPD to get better mindfulness techniques. From her perspective, her self esteem is so low that she's lost object permanence and that if you aren't there next to her, she doesn't see you as a friend. Does she have a history of mental illness? Does she have other friends she's done this to?

Sit her down and have a talk and basically tell her that while you and her are still best friends, you need to be able to have the freedom to do her own thing without having to worry about her. Also, reassure her that that doesn't mean that you "hate her" or anything like that, just that you two are separate people and should be able to do separate activities together. Encourage her to build other friendships, introduce some of your other friends to her and encourage her branching out. If she doesn't respond well (I should also mention, do this irl and not over text/phone), at a later time suggest her meeting with a therapist. Say "Look, I'm worried about you, and how you've been speaking and how you seem to feel like I'm your only friend and you need to be constantly around me. I think you would benefit from speaking to someone about this. Again, this isn't because I hate you and want to distance myself from you in a negative way, but because I value you and our friendship and I want to make sure you are healthy and happy and that our relationship isn't tense and we can continue to have great times together." Hell, suggest taking her to the first appointment if she's scared/if you want (don't do anything you aren't comfortable with). Odds are, she knows what she's doing is toxic and just needs to take the first steps.

>> No.9527102

>at least I don't spend money in laxatives
>waist and am now at 25", my bust hasn't grown
I can see where your problem goes. to. shit.

>> No.9527118

I finally decided to kinda leave lolita. I had something that happened a few years ago that really put things in perspective for me. I know not everyone takes lolita like this, but, I had a good long look in the mirror and I decided I'm just tired of feeling like a child. I don't think I'll be wearing business suits anytime soon but I feel like I'm ready to be done. I'm keeping some if only for wearing to conventions or because I had a lot of plain IW anyway, but aside from that, it has got to go.

I'm half scared and half excited though. Lolita has consumed a large portion of my life. I'm 26 now and I'm almost at as loss as to what may come in to replace it or what I am opening myself up to. I always kept my hair a certain way so it would work with lolita or I'd always buy normie stuff that would maybe work well with the look. I now feel like I have options to change these things and it's daunting.

>> No.9527121
File: 344 KB, 894x967, IMG_5327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just some good feels

>Known one trans friend for six years
>known his trans boyfriend for four years
>they've been dating for two years
>I had feelings for both of them prior to them getting together
>I actually helped set them up because friend 1 confessed to me that he liked friend 2
>they're both my best friends
>we cosplay together all the time, usually do trio cosplays
>I've still had feelings for them but obviously said nothing
>over the weekend they both confessed to having feelings for me
>asked if I would want to be with them
>I'm now in a poly relationship with my two best friends and I'm so happy

>> No.9527122

weeks not years*

>> No.9527124

>girl hooked her thong on one
why the thong tho?

>> No.9527127

Thanks for the replies!
I was really surprised that she started acting this way since when we first became friends she eventually told me that the person she was dating did pretty much the same stuff and that led to their break up since she couldn't handle it so I was really confused when she then started doing the same stuff to me that she didn't want to be done to herself so bad.
I've told her that it'd be good if she had a professional to talk to in general since she's had an especially rough year in many ways but she's pretty hell bent on not going because she thinks it makes her somehow pathetic (which is pretty hurtful to hear since I personally have spent a lot of time talking to doctors and psychiatrists in the past when trying to get my own life on track). But who knows, maybe I'll bring it up again and suggest going with her to drive the point home that not only do I need her to get better, she herself needs it the most, for the sake of our friendship and her whole life in general.

>> No.9527130

Extremely degenerate ew lmao

>> No.9527140


>> No.9527151
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're not allowed to come to the meets commando.

>> No.9527152
File: 85 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>offered to help make friends cosplay before the con
>all friends have been kind and sweet about letting me finish my stuff in time and to not worry about overloading myself
>all except one
>had to make ENTIRE cosplay for them (small stuff for everybody else, everybody at least TRYING to make their own stuff)
>hasn't said thank you, hasn't mentioned about giving me some cash for makin everything for them, keeps asking me to make more shit for them even though i've told them plenty of times that I won't have time to do any of my shit

>another friend asks if I can do something for them
(again a small thing, fixing/touching up their cos) offers me big bux $$ for doing this one small thing
>realize friend who is tipping me doesn't have a well paying job, and friend who does have a good paying job isn't giving me shit for all the work i'm doing

I mad. never again.

>> No.9527167

It's going to end badly. You've been warned.

>> No.9527176

stop doing stuff for this asshole. they just want to see how far they can push you into doing stuff for free.
theyll never learn unless you cut them off or screw them over. purposely half ass the cosplay or dont finish it.

>> No.9527183

>25" waist with 20" thighs
I'm sorry anon, but that is delicious. I hope you find someone that can convince you of that.

>> No.9527196

>25" waist
>thinks she's fat
Anon plz.

>> No.9527199 [DELETED] 

Not exactly /cgl/ related, but I met a guy at a mini convention about 7 months ago, then we ended up dating about 2 months later. It's a serious relationship; we exchanged "I love you"s a month in and we've met each other's parents. We're both working adults so we don't really get to see each other often, and I'm the type who is okay with living with my significant other relatively early in the relationship (I'm bi so there's a lesbian joke about moving in too quickly in there somewhere). Today I gauged his opinion about us moving into a place together, and he said it was too early. No worries, that's why I asked. He also said that the question made him uncomfortable and that "he knows I've had problems with money and personal issues lately and didn't want to have to get involved with those." I mean, my money problems are relatively taken care of, I just recently had car problems and tuition all hit me at once and voiced that, and I'm not sure what he meant by "personal problems." He acted fine around me afterwards, he cuddled me, kissed me, etc. but I still feel like I kinda fucked things up by mentioning us living together too soon. I just wasn't sure about if he wanted to or not, it's honestly no skin off my nose, only if I fucked things up royally.

>> No.9527210

I'm so happy for you!! Those are some heart-meltingly adorable good feels, anon. Hope all of you are happy together, and cosplay all the ot3s!

>> No.9527212
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bad feels and worse feels...

>friend's grandmother just died
>she wanted to be buried in my friend's favorite coord

>> No.9527217

fuck, I'm going there in two months and most of my clothes are black too.

>> No.9527228

Wouldn't it make more sense to ban thongs than to ban the fancy chairs?

>> No.9527235
File: 34 KB, 480x542, sweatburr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So girls can show up with no panties and get the seats filthy??

>> No.9527276

Its okay anon! Actually I have a really similar case to you, I used to count calories and weigh myself every day and started developing anorexic habits when I was younger, got down to ~46kg (101 lb) from passive/lifestyle exercise and starving. I snapped out of it and started to realise how much being obsessed with food was fucking with my life.

I've carried some of those habits with me, looking at my body a few times a week in the mirror, occasionally counting calories or at least noting how many calories are in something before i eat it and some tasteful starving/restriction. I think they're perfectly healthy, but i'm still a tiny bit dissatisfied with my body so i'm working towards slowly shifting my lifestyle to allow me to be ~48kg (105lb).

Anon, you should love your body but its completely fine and actually healthy to (sometimes or always) be unhappy with it! I really hate this nu-age mantra for forcing yourself to accept something which you don't like, but can easily change. Complacency is really damaging, and it is much more trauma and effort to accept and flaunt something you hate than it is to change it. If you cant find a reason to hate your body, but still do, then there's an acceptance problem.

>IMO some acts of body positivity is borderline self mental abuse.
But let's not go there.

>> No.9527322
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I think about how not every girl can afford lolita

It makes me sad.

>> No.9527329

What's most shocking is that the girl wasn't wearing bloomers. Jfc. What are you people doing?

>> No.9527332

are you slightly efamous by any chance?

>> No.9527354

I wouldn't know.

>> No.9527357


>> No.9527385

Funnily enough I have been sorta made it look bad, not intentionally but since im not getting paid, theres not that much motivation. And the fact that they sort of have weird body proportions, a heftier kind.
But yeah this was the first and last time I ever do something for this specific person.
We don't hang out much thankfully.

>> No.9527388

I too turn into a hand with a too-tight ring and claws when I think about girls unable to afford lolita

>> No.9527407

anon said commando is already banned. so, ban both commando and any panties that aren't full seat coverage.

>> No.9527427

Ugh the market is shit lately, don't get it. I've been trying to sell things that didn't fit well for what I paid and only sold a couple things when reducing them to 20-30usd less

>> No.9527452

tfw you buy a jacket that's listed in black, pictures show its black, and when it arrives its dark brown

Ive already bought the matching socks in black and now I have to try and find a brown pair

>> No.9527456

People tell me my coords are nice, but I don't believe them. What's wrong with me?

I'm 27. Too old for this shit.

>> No.9527460

I just saw a video of some guy jizzing onto a Twinkle Mermaid OP. Why has Mana abandoned us?

>> No.9527472

That's my secret.

I'm always an obese woman's hand.

>> No.9527484

>I'm 27. Too old for this shit
Then why are you still here anon-sama?

>> No.9527499

Trying to enjoy the last few minutes of my youth. But I get discouraged.

>> No.9527518

Do it. They're not worth it, and you can make new friends.

>> No.9527535


>> No.9527542


>> No.9527554


>> No.9527609

I don't think she can legally wine yet.

>> No.9527616

I'm guilty of just defending randoms a lot. If it feels like it's specifically a vendetta, I think it's just fun to grate on those people since their posts are stupidly angry and I love how it's their hill to die on. I obviously get told the "stop defending yourself" meme a lot. It doesn't mean anything.

Just realize that nothing on /cgl/ has any impact on real life. It's just like how people here worry actual lolitas are bitches and they'll get called ageplayers if they're sweet. It's just memes anchored to this board.

If someone brings drama from here, you have to point out it's suspicious they know and you just don't look at that place.

>> No.9527646

Pls giv me ur burando

>> No.9527651

Relax, dude, you'll be coming in during the monsoon season, so you're looking at weather between 26°C (when it rains) and 32°C (when it doesn't).

>> No.9527653

Because shitposters

>> No.9527660

>last few
You still have a decade or so anon-sama.

>> No.9527670

>I shouldn't defend myself
Wtf is wrong with you weebs? Seriously, there is nothing wrong with defending yourself. Some people are wrong and you are right to tell them. Don't let others belittle you. Have more self-woth. Sheesh.

>> No.9527681

First of all, I didn't say anything like that. Second of all, learn board culture, you dumbass. You look like an absolute idiot trying to fight a swarm of anons that are there to shitpost and critique dresses.

>> No.9527694

>Replying to creepy thong bait poster


This weirdo is so annoying, every thread shitposting about diapers and thongs. Protip, no one would ever see that at a meet. Stop posting, it's obvious you're a guy

>> No.9527712

>"I-I d-didnt say anything l-like that"
Yes you did.
>You look stupid
You like an idiot letting them shit on you like that.

Sheesh, just take the advice it'll only help you.

>> No.9527732
File: 198 KB, 600x728, 16473030_1849778815311505_5770029447829960438_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moving to LA from Finland next month and i'm super nervous if i'll even be able to make new friends there
I've always been the quiet type who doesn't have close friends and i don't want my bf to be my only social contact, so i'd love to find people with similar interests (cosplay and weebstuff in general) to hang out with and maybe find a bff or something lame (and to finally overcome my shyness)

I just rly want to have at least one good friend who i can open up to but i'm scared i won't be able to make the friendship stay alive

Is it impossible for a 19yo foreigner to find sane people who like weebstuff or something in America?

>> No.9527758

Hi anon I am >>9526956 but I am not >>9527681 and as far as defending myself it's not that I'm against it necessarily but like they said
>you look like an absolute idiot trying to fight a swarm of anons that are there to shitpost and critique dresses

If you shut up people move on and forget. But whether or not it's me or some anon defending my coord, I'm gonna get a reputation for being a bitchy ita that can't take advice, and as someone who teeters on the edge of efame I'd really rather avoid that. As I said in my original post there's nothing I can do about it either way, but it just sucks. Especially since the people in my comm who were replying to the anons defending me were being kinda aggressive about it. That part is especially frustrating since I've only ever been to a handful of meets and had a great time at all of them. Guess I gotta be more careful, or just stick to being a lonelita.

>> No.9527799

Not in LA.

>> No.9527804

That's quite a big step anon. You studying there or something?

I am sure there is plenty to do in LA to be able to make friends!

>> No.9527831

So that's just it, you're just going to rollover and take it?

There's a difference between being someone that can't take criticism and someone who defends themselves and that they like. In this case it's not objective, it's subjective. Meaning your opinion is the main and only one that counts.

When brides go get their wedding dress they get the one they love because they like it and believe it is their one, regardless of what others think because it's what makes them happy.

Don't lose yourself because of some fake efame. If you like the outfit then claim it, don't let some jealous fags tell you otherwise. If they criticize you and get mad because you decide that you like it anyways then they really aren't people you should bother with. They're not your real friends and you should forget about them.

>> No.9527851

LA is the capital of American alt-comedy. There is a lot of comic book talk, but I consider comic book culture weeb-adjacent. There are comedy shows at multiple venues every night of the week.

Check out UCB (Franklin), UCB (West), and iO West for starters. I'd also suggest the Nerdmelt showroom, but I think they are renovating the space right now.

There are a quite a few big stand-up comedy places in the area as well, but traditional stand-up comedy is usually meaner and much less friendly to weeb culture.

As you're probably aware already, Anime Expo and WonderCon are pretty huge conventions in LA, and Comic Con is relatively close (2-3 hour drive).

I don't want to completely sugar coat it, so I will add that LA is a scary place for new people. Public transportation isn't great, so you'll need to drive or Uber/Lyft in order to go anywhere. The traffic is horrendous. Many entertainers that move there go through a depression and their first year before they find a reliable friend group. There is just a ton of really talented people in the area. A lot of the popular kids from smaller towns across the United States move to LA to pursue their show business dreams, so the standards can be ridiculously high.

>> No.9527864

Try and see about joining groups related to your interest! It sounds pretty obvious but it worked for a girl I know and now we're good friends, she was from The Netherlands and is still also 19. I absolutely love her! We found out we went to the same school together and hung out there before I graduated.She's been such a great addition to my cosplay group and we hang out every other weekend just to lay around and draw art together. I hope it all works out for you, anon!

>> No.9527876

>i'm super nervous if i'll even be able to make new friends there
>my bf

I hate when people who have a bf/gf complain about being lonely.

>> No.9527886

>being this jealous
Aww, do you want a bf senpai?
Don't be so salty, I'm sure someone will claim you as their waifu.

>> No.9527936

My friend is bringing her bf to the hotel. Last year he clogged the toilet four times, and pressured me into letting both of them sleep with me.

>> No.9527954

nayrt but there's a difference between picking your battles and letting people walk all over you, although the bit about subjectiveness is true and more lolitas should take that into account in my opinion

>> No.9528036
File: 118 KB, 800x549, mikuattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when somebody brings up DDLGs at a meeting

>> No.9528041

I know this might come as a surprise to a shut-in like you, but some people need more than one other person in their life in order not to feel lonely.

If you don't have any friends and rely solely on your significant for all your social interactions, you're probably putting too much pressure on them and run the risk of wearing them down.

If you had social skills, this wouldn't come as a surprise.

>> No.9528045
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was telling my mom about lolita stuff today and she told me I'm never going to get married.

She didn't even say it as an insult or anything. Just as a statement of fact.

>> No.9528046

my mom said the same sort of shit and I got married. moms like ours are bitches anon, don't listen to her.

>> No.9528048

one time some random lady scoffed and told me this while I was wearing toned down (no wig) sweet and walking with my husband

middle aged ladies are cunts

>> No.9528059

My mom's not a bitch. She's just worried about me. My 20s are almost over and I've never had a serious bf.

>> No.9528068
File: 311 KB, 719x700, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_noai_nioshi__95f040d56bfe43204fdb2cdba7ede5c3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, main reason i'm going there is to study
Thanks, and i know it's kinda scary. I've been there before for a while and know how things are. Not going to use public transportation, glad my bf has a car. The city i'm from has about 25k people so there's a _small_ difference compared to LA. Still pretty nervous about the cultural differences but until now it's not been too much of a problem (though eating bacon with your hands is so weird?? And people kept looking at me for some reason but i don't mind as long as they don't come too close)
Would work if i just knew more about the groups and how to join. I'll try to look for some!

Also saw some real deal Murrican weeaboos at a JP store and the image of an obese weeb with a way too small Sailor Moon shirt is forever burned in my brain. Didn't believe they actually existed until then.

>> No.9528103

I wish you all the luck in the world, anon.

>> No.9528138

Since we're on an anonymous messageboard, would you like to share why you've never had a serious bf?

Relationships aren't always that great. Plenty of people get into relationships for the wrong reasons. If you don't feel like you're missing out, you'd probably be fine without one. There are a ton of small sacrifices that you'd have to make in order to transition away from the single life.

>> No.9528147

What put things in perspective for you, if you dont mind answering?

>> No.9528148

Is that something you want to do? Like do you think it will really make you happy or are you sad that she told you that? Some people live happily without it, just don't get so caught up in someone telling you that you can't do somthing without asking yourself if you really want to.

>> No.9528198
File: 73 KB, 495x276, thongdiaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every thread shitposting about diapers and thongs
Don't forget thong diapers. And farting.

>> No.9528245

It's a long story but if you want to hear it, here goes.

I held someone's hand.
I know It's common for women on this board to make the claim of sexual assault and I am not here to judge them. I, however, was sexually assaulted by an ex about 5 or so years ago. I swore that I would never open myself up to a relationship again.

The assaults kind of changed me in ways I didn't realize. I started collecting toys, stuffed animals and lolita as a way to separate myself from others. I think I may have been trying to regain some innocence that I had lost. You see, I grew up in a religious family and while my family did not place blame on me for what happened, many within the religion itself were not so kind. I felt like I was made into something vile and was told as much. I wanted to regain a little piece of something pure. When I had switched churches, the people in the new one did not find lolita to be fetishy, but cute and stylish. I could wear some of my plainer pieces to services and be complimented up and down for it. It was a way to gain acceptance while being slightly rebellious if that makes any sense at all. I had become pure in their eyes.

Up until recently, I was determined to keep things like this. Never would another man sully my body. I was only ever going to worry about my satisfaction and any man that turned his nose up at me was the problem. This became less and less satisfying of a life. While I do not place terrible importance on finding myself a man, I did feel less and less happy wearing these kinds of cutesy clothes. I went from feeling amazingly confidant to feeling rather stupid. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do next, but I knew something was going to change.

Sorry I'm writing a novel here. I will continue in part two.

>> No.9528278

Part 2

Now during all this time I had made several male friends online, one of which moved to my city. We had met in person once before and it was ok. Not great but ok. He seemed kind of interested in me but not on a terribly deep level. I was not offended nor was I terribly interested. I was irritated that he kept touching me as a joke though. I would lose my ability to move and I guess he found it amusing.

I went home irritated and complained to him about his behavior. He apologized as he didn't realize I was upset. We rip and insult each other all the time and this kind of behavior seemed acceptable. He learned and did not do that again.

About half a year later, he moved to my city. He was very insistent we hang out again and we did and it went fine. No annoyances, no unwanted touching. Just two friends having coffee and walking around the city. It was nice.

We hung out again exactly a week later. That's where things kinda went somewhere. I dressed up nice wearing a simple IW jsk and a cardigan, trying to look like a human being for this friend. I had a beret on and I was adorable. We saw a movie and all was great. After the movie we went for a walk and something kinda just clicked in my head. I find him attractive, this is weird for me as I had actively been ignoring men for years. Dammit, he's cute and charismatic and he is talking to ME. He had always kinda made little nudges to us going on a date or something and here we are. I, having a policy of transparency, blurt out that he is cute. He asks if I'd like to hold his hand just to see how that felt. I went for it and immediately cried.

Everything hit me all at once, my anger about being persecuted for being abused, my lack of experience with men, the fact that I haven't held anyone's hand in 5 years all just slapped me in the face and I cried for so many reasons.

Part 3 next

>> No.9528282

He was as nice about it as someone could be. We spoke about it afterward, about exactly WHY that happened and he simply said
"You're dealing with a lot and trying to grow as a person. You'll be fine"

I had a good look in the mirror that night and told myself that this isn't any way for someone MY AGE to act. I'm done being a child. I felt as though things became clear. I had been pushing away people this entire time with my mannerisms, my clothes, everything. I realized that this is not who I was. Not at all. I was not going to allow myself to be made into such a fool at my own hands. I was finished.

I feel like years of therapy and pushing down my own feelings had culminated in that moment and I was ready to move on. We held hands again a week later and no freak outs happened. Do I want a boyfriend? I don't know. All I know is that I am ready to move on now.

I am very aware that not everyone who wears lolita is trying to run away from some terrible past, but I was. The day after I held his hand the first time, I threw out all of my stuffed animals that weren't gifts, put up several dresses for sale and started to purge my collection of comics and books. I feel very sure that I am moving towards something better.

At any rate, sorry I wrote a novel and I hope the rest of you continue to enjoy yourselves. Thanks for listening.

>> No.9528285

I'm sorry you were assaulted and it's good you're doing better now but you sound absolutely insufferable. Good riddance.

>> No.9528311

I really empathize with your story, but...

You should be careful of trying to shift your entire lifestyle all at once. It feels like you're undergoing a form of all-or-nothing thinking. You can be a responsible adult and also wear cute clothes.

You don't have to burn old hobbies on the altar of your new identity.

>> No.9528315

Nayrt either but there's a pretty big difference between defending yourself on here and defending yourself irl or on a non-anonymous forum at all really. If everyone is anon except you, you're the only one who has anything to lose by responding, especially when there's a strong culture around that being a bad/embarrassing thing to do. Plenty of people will just throw out smaller and smaller criticisms that they don't really believe in, and at the end of the day, everyone forgets the details and just remembers a negative impression of you. If you don't care about that then cool, that's probably healthy, but then why are you 'defending' yourself in the first place? Generally I think it's best to save your energy for fights where the other people actually have to care about their reputation too and can't just lie wildly, it's pointless.

>> No.9528318

do people actually get a negative impression of people who defend themselves on here? thats super retarded. So I could go in the CoF thread right now and ruin someones reputation, thats cool.

>> No.9528319

I had been unhappy for quite a while, it just took some kind of catalyst to push me forward. I have a kind of collectors mentality and have a hard time parting with things I no longer need or want just for the sake of keeping things around me.

I do struggle with an all or nothing kind of thinking though. Because of it, I'll be keeping my most cherished pieces even if I might never use them again.

>> No.9528323

In my experience going into the workforce when I was 18, nobody expects you to have the same life outside of work. You put on your uniform for work and you take it off when you get home. You only need to buy a couple things to wear for work. Usually, black is a safe bet. I keep a couple pairs of dress pants with a more modern fit and some plain black boat neck t-shirts and sweaters. You'll be fine pairing that with a nice necklace or ring. Usually you'll be busy working so I wouldn't worry about talking to much about your hobbies.

I rambled just trying to say don't stress it. It's only a job. It's not your life. Work hard, play hard.

>> No.9528324

God, you're so new it hurts. It must be summer.

>> No.9528351

That is fair. I would suggest that you have a destination in mind before continuing your current closet purge. For most people, new hobbies and interests become higher priorities and end up phasing out the old ones. Getting rid of pieces of your old identity can be cathartic, but catharsis is overrated.

If you are truly committed to letting go of your past, you should stop coming to /cgl/. It's like a recovering alcoholic stopping by a local bar every night just to have a cup of water. If you consider the hobby a personal vice, you are tempting a relapse.

>> No.9528371

Wondercon is no longer in Los Angeles, its in Anaheim again. I only point that out because for people in LA proper, Anaheim is miles away. But LA Comic Con is there in October!

>> No.9528441

>be me
>was violently raped a month or two ago
>initially had support from family and a couple of select friends
>mfw a month later and the people closest to me are acting like it never happened
>everyone is cold and distant
>most of the people i talk to don't know
>don't talk about it for fear of bothering everyone or coming off as an attentionwhore
>act like everything is okay so i don't burden anybody
>no support
>want to kill myself
>only thing keeping me alive is having something new in the mail to wait for
>mfw shopping addiction but still too afraid to wear lolita outside

i'm probably going to blow the last of my money on the things that i want, enjoy them for a little while, and then off myself when the happiness wears off

>> No.9528445

I'm very sorry to hear that, anon. Is therapy not an option?

>> No.9528486

>initially had support from family and a couple of select friends
>mfw a month later and the people closest to me are acting like it never happened
>everyone is cold and distant

Reach out to them, anon. They are attempting to give you some space to figure things out. They will blame themselves if you end up killing yourself.

>> No.9528515

Im going to NYC Saturday on a lolified hottopic dress outfit because like hell im wearing burando on the train and subway. My like, shitd get all over it. But i still wanna look pretty af.
I feel so ita for doing it, even though I know its not lolita.
But hot topic itas ruin shit.

>> No.9528518

Honestly quality can make a huge difference, please take care of your skin. I've had friends buy stuff off Amazon because of Prime and like, just know what you're putting on your skin. It can be something instant like outbreaks and acne or just shit you're slathering on that can be bad long term.

>> No.9528542

Kek. You're going to be a hot topic ita on Saturday.

>> No.9528564

>tfw know anon will never update us and it'll end badly but hope against hope neither come true

>> No.9528565

I'd honestly get a little rash after a con than have to walk into a Sephora and deal with the embarrassment of having to explain why I want makeup and risk being seen by my coworkers
They already joke about me being a fag, I don't want to add fuel to the fire and actually get fired

>> No.9528610

You can buy stuff from Sephora online though?

>> No.9528622

Correct. That is what they meant.

They are saying that they'd prefer to buy stuff online without trying it in-person first. They would rather get a rash from not trying stuff ahead of time than risk potential humiliation from trying out makeup in-store.

>> No.9528634

'13 Reasons Why' is a terrible show. Please stop watching it.

>> No.9528638

This isn't super cgl-related, but it does sort of effect my local cosplay community. I have no idea what to do though and need some advice.

I went to see my family doctor today, it was mostly a prescription refill/blood test appointment but I've been depressed and wanted to ask about a referral for therapy/counselling/etc.

My doctor asks why I'm depressed and I explain to that her I'd like to have some grief counseling because a friend of mine was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend recently (the friend was Indigenous/Native American).

The doctor recognizes the details of the case from it getting reported on the news and responds: "Honestly, I don't think you should worry about it, there's just something genetically wrong with indians anyway and we'll never fix them so just don't think about it, they're not worth feeling depressed about."
The doctor said this while she had the needle in my arm, so I had no idea what to do or say so I just sat there silently and she continued on saying some really racist things, almost eugenics type stuff. She wasn't joking either, or being sarcastic, she seemed to really believe what she was saying and didn't care what I thought.

I left as soon as the tests were done and I told my parents and my best friend. My parents were supportive but sort of shocked but not surprised because of the rich social group the doctor hangs out with. My friend told me though that some of our friends in the local cosplay group go to the same doctor. Apparently one mixed-race girl has a really hard time with the doctor as do some other non-white people.

I've had to deal with racist people socially before but never professionally like this. Does anyone have any advice? I don't think it's right for non-white patients to get treated differently, but I also don't feel confident speaking out on my own yet. I have no idea what to do, I think this is maybe too serious for my friend group/cosplay group to handle ourselves, but what even are the options?

>> No.9528641

Record her maybe? I honestly have no idea.

>> No.9528651

Report her ass to the company that owns the hospital that she works for.

>Nightmare mode
Lawyer up and take that bitch to court

>> No.9528653

Do they own the practice, or do they have any superiors that they would have to report to? If they do, it may be worth writing a letter for their boss showing your side of the story and stating your concern. Even if management is fine with that sort of behavior in private, a doctor who is openly flaunting racism is a liability.

An actual audio tape delivered to local news could become devastating, but I would not recommend attempting to go vigilante justice.

The most practical move is to leave a bad review for the practice on a public website and change doctors moving forward. Vote with your feet.

>> No.9528703

bait her into talking again and record her
then take it to some news

fuck that. if celebrities can ruin their lives saying nigger being all for ACTUAL EUGENICS should not be something we accept from doctors

>> No.9528710 [DELETED] 

This obese chick in my sister's comm keeps yelling "Hey eter" during meets. It's pretty annoying.

>> No.9528712
File: 762 KB, 400x400, cry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see my ex and his gf are broken up
>start stalking my ex's now ex gf
>she actually seems really cool and I kind of would like to be her friend
>see that she is struggling with body/confident issues
>want to reach out but know there's no way I can without looking like a creepy ass weirdo
>apparently she's taking a break from cosplay now

It's not like she doesn't have friends or anything, so I know she has support there. I don't know, I'm just a lonely freak myself so that's probably why I got the idea that we could be friends. Never going to act on anything of course.

>> No.9528717

I am in AZ so I'm close if you need someone to talk to! I was just in LA if you need advice on anything

>> No.9528742

This. People might think your exotic, though.

>> No.9528752
File: 21 KB, 500x382, DCb-PyrUAAAtjw9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>buy item from etsy seller
>item says nothing about wait time or anything in listing
>no updates for a month
>finally escalate to using paypal after they don't reply to my email for like a week
>they have mental health issues and just moved out of a bad situation w abusive roommates and used the money they made as support while settling in to new place
>don't have money to ship the items yet
>i was not even aware these were charity item, it didn't even say that on the listing
>mfw if i wanted to just give you money, i would have donated to your ko-fi, i gave you money for an item
>at least just update about it taking a while on ur account's page instead of letting me hang out here w no updates
>an update is all i wanted but it's like pulling teeth
>now i feel bad but also mad
>not even mad about the shipping time, mad because ppl don't know how businesses/stores work

>> No.9528767
File: 401 KB, 500x282, ryukosperiod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This con girl got a crush on me, and I tried not to lead her on, but now she wants to leave her fiance for me. Wtf.

I want Taco Bell so bad but it's closed.

>> No.9528772
File: 55 KB, 217x190, good stuff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might be a beautiful man, but I am an awful, rightfully self loathing creep. Someone please terminate my existence

>> No.9528898

A lolita friend and I are moving in together for a year or two as roommates. She's really nice and we get along great.

Downside: she has ferrets and I assumed she was going to leave them at home. I don't know how to politely tell her that I hate her stinky weasels and I don't want our apartment to smell like shit. I'm going to talk to her soon.

>> No.9528899

Bruh this is a scam.

>> No.9528929

Loan me your burando so i dont have to dirty up mine for NYC 8D.
Im at least going to look semi normie, at least.
(Another part of the reason I'm not wearing lolita is because we're suddenly going with two other peolle that I don't know, and I dont want them to be weirded out by me. Lolita is Not a good first introduction, desu)

>> No.9528945
File: 39 KB, 700x393, 1495402139080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>win auction for mid-2000's JSK for under $30
>always been interested in lolita, only ever wore Bodyline
>never realized I could get burando for this cheap
>suddenly start following auctions and secondhand shops
>buy more stuff
>check bank account today, $55 balance
>JSK from 2006 I like just went up on Rakuten

Hoping it'll sit there for a while until my paycheck comes in at the first of the month.

>> No.9529014
File: 17 KB, 285x279, cóncernmoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend does some fantasy elf themed photoshoot
>wears only a petticoat, no actual skirt/dress

>> No.9529142

>Has access to an entirecatalog of drugs, syrunges and other potentially dangerous medical items
>"Certain races are inherently inferior lol"

Yeah report that shit before somethi awful happens

>> No.9529193
File: 33 KB, 435x327, sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit it off with girl at con
>exchange Instagrams
>all her posts are memes about eating pussy

Guys, I don't think she's into guys.

>> No.9529194

There's this lolita in my comm i like a lot.
Well, I LIKED her a lot until i saw she spouted that SJW "white racism doenst exist, white privilege everywhere!!1!" bullshit and answering with male tears/white tears if someone tries to tell her she's being a feminazi or one of these "muh opreshun" niggers (and don't you dare say "nigga" in front of her,she'll loudly gasp because it's racist)
Fuck SJWs

>> No.9529201

>saying nigga in frilly dresses

>> No.9529210
File: 57 KB, 699x502, damncosplayers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>saying nigga with a hard r

>> No.9529213

Tara mongoose is having a heart attack somewhere

>> No.9529252

Omg, did anyone save that screenshot where the white cosplayer is crying because she heard someone say "the n word" at the rave? I saved it, but lost when my laptop fell out the second story window.

>> No.9529254

>the n word
whenever i see someone write that i roll my eyes so hard. Just say the word already. it's like the c-word or f-word because saying fag or cunt is offensive uwuwu. I mean you shouldn't spout "lol fag nigger cunt" like some edgelord but these people are unsufferable.
You're oppressed,we get it, stop whining

>> No.9529258

Racist white trash confirmed.

>> No.9529318

>boohoo racist :(((
it's funny that when we don't agree with libtards views we're seen as meanie racists right away.
Go back to your cotton plantation and whine some more

>> No.9529325

Tempted to get a pink toilet for lolita photoshoots.

>> No.9529364
File: 158 KB, 500x602, boo hoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't expect white trash to understand such complicated topics like "common courtesy," and not saying offensive things just for the sake of being contrary.

>> No.9529542

>get a pink toilet for lolita photoshoots.
what exactly will you be taking pictures of?

>> No.9529544

>Not having a kawaii bathroom

>> No.9529545

honey you are being an edgelord right now.. she was quoting someone, not trying to avoid saying nigger

>> No.9529564


Alright kiddo, I'll have you know you stepped deep in the proverbial internet shitstorm. I'm a veteran of over 300 gul fights and I will kick your sweet hiney right off the goddam internet. You are nothing but a stain on a thong diaper, and I'll wipe you off the internet like you wipe the cum off your face. Sweety your done, you might as well quit the fashion now. I'm trained in over 100 types of coordinations and am the top inspo for many designers. I've contacted my secret networks of dramawhores and fans in comms across the worldand your filth you call close is heing traced as we speak. You think you can get away calling me honey over the internet? Think again bitch. I have over 700 subscribers just waiting to dislike and concrit everything you post. I have an entire arsenal of r9k orbiters just waiting to ruin your life for me. If only you could have known what your snarky comment would unleash, tou might have saved your burando, but no. Your fucking toast baby

Donate to my patreon

>> No.9529568

I kinda wanted to see what other advice styleadvice-anon had to say in the Hamplanet thread...

>> No.9529578


>> No.9529590


>> No.9529591
File: 19 KB, 148x149, hoboi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw this whole post

>> No.9529595

delet this

>> No.9529597

Try making a fake shipment on USPS and see if they try to auto-correct it to a slightly different format. If they do, send them that; it could be that they're trying to run it through some kind of auto-tool and it's breaking.

>> No.9529614

you need a pink toilet seat for that?

>> No.9529621

I really wish somebody would stir up some crazy drama. This summer is dry and boring.

>> No.9529637

just tell them to ship it anyways. It is probably something incredibly minor like Road needs to be Rd or something that doesn't even really matter.

>> No.9529741

Honestly youtube is great to see stuff before you try it on. I seriously learned a lot about quality make up and skin care that works for my skin by finding youtubers with similar skin types and it just made my life easier since I generally only crossplay and cheap Amazon shit would fuck up my skin a lot.

>> No.9529759

>tfw the only thing you have left to do for your cosplay is cut and layer the bangs on the wig

>> No.9529811
File: 99 KB, 743x800, 1497836205328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kind of a minor victory but i finally bought my first real burando piece (BTSSB) after years of wearing bodyline and handmade! i'm so excited to compare the higher quality to the rest of my wardrobe and see what i've been missing out on

on the downside though i realized it really says a lot about the state of my depression when the only thing that feels good anymore is the adrenaline rush of buying things online and waiting for packages to come

>> No.9529820
File: 45 KB, 960x733, 1495567778220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There would never be a magazine in the West like Girlism cause
>muh elitism

>> No.9529842

Paid for a dress after waiting a couple months because the owner was having trouble and never sent the invoice, I had actually forgotten about it
Finally paid 2 weeks ago but she hasn't checked her LM at all and I don't think she's sent it out
She's super active on FB but I don't know if I should message her on there to get her attention or if that'd be creepy

>> No.9529846

Poly-anon here. If you want an update I can tell you that we've discussed our terms and went on our first official date tonight.

>> No.9529848

Be the change you want to see

>> No.9529871

That identical feel, anon. I'm >>9528945 and online shopping is all that gives me joy lately. That and maining Mercy on Overwatch but that's another thing entirely I think.

>> No.9529904
File: 42 KB, 480x640, 1495543954060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to go hang put with this girl i met from a con tmrw. I kinda hope it turns into something, but deep down I already know it isn't. I wish I had gotten atleast semi/fit/ this summer. Disappointed in myself and just wanted to vent. I really hope she doesn't bail lol.

>> No.9529912

I would tell them you were under the impression there wouldn't be pets and you're not comfortable with them moving with her. Good luck!

>> No.9530030

>discussed our term
I know it's off-topic but what exactly does this entail? I'm really curious how this kind of stuff works.

>> No.9530049
File: 203 KB, 824x528, 8964895634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw that first cut with a new xacto blade

>> No.9530051

Not exactly full on drama, but hop over to the ita thread if you wanna see a bunch of gulls snapping at a DD/LG random

>> No.9530052

And how the fuck is this /cgl/ related?

>> No.9530066

Prop making. Don't tell me /cgl/ buys their props?

>> No.9530070

>no friends
>inactive comm
>never had a bf

All this burando and nowhere to go gulls, whats a girl to do

>> No.9530074

this is me except i have a bf who lives across the country, so i don't see him

just make dates with yourself and run errands in frills. make an effort to find places you enjoy and become a regular. i wear lolita 5 days a week and sometimes it feels like a waste but in the end i don't care because i feel cute.

>> No.9530076
File: 143 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Teekyuu - 05 [BD 720p AAC] [284D3FF1].mkv_snapshot_01.17_[2016.10.12_23.46.31].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hit 7/11, buy some malt liquor, and shotgun it watching Teekyu

>> No.9530080

>is tired of being a fatty chan
>cuts portions down, eats more salads, exercises
>loses 3 pounds
>can't wait to keep getting healthy

>> No.9530088

Proud of you anon! Si salves, salveo :)

>> No.9530090

Do you live in Toronto? Do you have pink hair? If you're my tumblr queen attentionwhore step-cousin I will literally vomit.

>> No.9530091

>tfw you find hall photos of your cosplay group and your friend bitches about you being the only one visible in the shot
Stay salty, Jan.

>> No.9530097

Anon thought you were talking about self harm.

>> No.9530139
File: 1.61 MB, 390x520, 1443946871231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw this is my life

>> No.9530147
File: 33 KB, 736x413, 1482178864142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Find my favorite artist in the AA
>Get a lovely comission as usual
>Have a nice chat after
>Got her excited in my interest in playing nier (it's her favorite vidya series)
>Gets really into the topic and tells me a few pointers
>Add her on FB
>Later find guy I've been following on instagram since Afest last year
>Adore his Felix cosplay and mention how much I love his Rory genderbend
>Tells me he's going as Rory the next day
>Find him soon the next day
>Take pics
>Find him again throughout the days
>Silent chill near by wanting to talk but a little too afraid to approach him again
>Realize this might be creepy and scoot away
>Last day walk into him again
>He notices me and shakes his head up like "wassup"
>We have a slight chat before he heads off to eat and rest
>He mentions he will be at Afest and is bringing his Rory cosplay again
>I think I might be a little gay now
Overall good feels, chatted alot more with strangers then I ever have so that is a major improvement on myself

>Spot a qt Yuno cosplayer
>A few others go for her picture
>Wait my turn
>Liu Kang dude comes around
>Yo wussap
>Chat for a bit, he's a pretty cool guy
>Learns the qt Yuno is his gf
>Somehow get comfort to say Yuno is my waifu
>Gf overhears this and "aww's
>He asks me if I'd like a picture with her
>Ask qt Yuno if that's okay with her
>Says yes and even lets me hug her
>Liu Kang dude is going to Afest and says hopefully we'll meet up

>> No.9530256

Nope, not from Toronto.

Well for us it meant going over each person's boundaries and what is okay and not okay to do. We don't want to make anyone uncomfortable and want everyone in the relationship to be happy and healthy.

>> No.9530299

Hang in there my dude, she might be Bi,
there is always hope

>> No.9530463
File: 45 KB, 607x428, 1495854050623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assume most lesbian women are actually bi, and conversely that most bi men are totally gay.

>> No.9530507

How many of you perverted sluts had yaoi fantasies about your classmates when you were younger?

>> No.9530979

Implying we'd have fantasies about filthy 3D boys.

>> No.9531010

I'm far too dazzling for any woman not to have fantasies about

>> No.9531012
File: 144 KB, 358x429, popopopwatchingmothafuckasdrop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a lesbian, please go fuck yourself. I'm so tired of fuckboys being unable to take a hint of what the word 'lesbian' means.

>> No.9531200

That fresh xacto cut through foam is what dreams are made of.

>> No.9531358
File: 24 KB, 345x458, tvvpje.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But then surely you've had to have experienced "lesbians" leaving their woman for a man right? Why can't the person mentioned by anon not be a girl that eats pussy AND enjoy a good dicking? As an LGBTQ person don't you think some people could have a fluid sexuality for when they meet the right person? If things really hit off like anon thought, then why can't it work out? Even in my post I didn't say ALL LESBIANS, so the only person here making this completely about themselves and their assumptions is you.

>> No.9533305
File: 11 KB, 250x250, 1484407122766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post those nudes and we'll see if you're a self loathing creep that needs a gf :^)

>> No.9533404

sounds like me, except the beautiful part

>I think I might be a little gay now
plottwist, you are totaly gay

the biggest irony would be, if you fall for dick one day too

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