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Old one is dead. >>9517546

Share those cosplay and lolita-related feels, my gulls.

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>3 day con coming up in a few hours
>want to look my best
>only 1500cals a day, relying on soy isolate protein drinks, and not drinking alcohol on the after party (just diet coke and if people ask its a JDcoke)

I hate myself for being super prone to water retention on the face and lower back if i dont watch the carbs/salt.

Meanwhile this college part timing coworker of mine eats fucking sandwiches + potato chips and non-diet coke for his lunch break and is lean as hell with a defined qt face.

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>only 1500cals a day

Are you looking to lose weight? How tall are you, and are you a girl or a guy? That's maintenance/just above for a lot of people.

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male 5'9 173lbs on the juice.

My maintenance is closer to 3000 but I want to be lean and defined for the event.

ill inevitably pig out on all those pandan breads/sushis/melonbreads at the last day so being on a deficit now also helps with that.

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>standing on the street corner in lolita
>little guy comes on the signal
>try to cross street
>feet are bound
>realize that my panties fell to my ankles

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b8. You don't just notice a sudden breeze on your cooch and not panic.

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How you gonna feel a breeze under all those petty coats?

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>constantly sick and or trying to get over being sick
>haven't been to meet in over a year
>haven't been to a con in about as long
>terrified of losing job
>doctor leaves voice mail about recent blood tests and says "we need to talk, please make an appointment with my office manager"

All I can hope is that whatever she found isn't fucking life-threatening. If she can say "hey! Your thyroid's been fucked for the two years, let's get that fixed!" I will be fucking tickled pink, but I'm terrified it's something worse. I've been feeling like such garbage and barely function.

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>tbr package finally comes
>rip cardboard apart, that box is tough
>begin trying on blouses
>realize my finger has been bleeding for 5 minutes

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>not able to sell my wardrobe for 3 years
>finally have courage to sell 2 dress on comm
>everything went so well and made new friends
>feel good to see buyers are happy too
>ok now I need to step up to sell some more
>got a part time job
> lost all my will to sell the dress because of my nervousness

Most of my nervousness comes from thinking that if i let my dress go, I might regret it later on. Maybe I will keep my star money op and classical strawberry jsk for good... I am starting to become a hoarder.

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I learned that I was pregnant 3 months ago. A few days ago, I started bleeding vaginally at work and got myself to my OB/GYN ASAP. They did an ultrasound on me and it was dead. I feel completely upset and sad this occurred. I don't know diving back into lolita fashion is right atm. I quit lolita about a year ago and this was the 2nd miscarriage. I'm just not ready to be a mother.

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Heavy feels, anon.

A girl in my comm miscarried in 2012, and still came to tea the next day. She has a beautiful son now.

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Sage for offtopic

>Going to Atlanta for a wedding
>get on the plane in Seattle
>just before leaving the mechanics find out it's broken
>end up sitting on the plane for 2 hours before they even let us off
>sit around Seatac for 3 more hours
>finally leave
>get into Charlotte
>weather delays all over the place
>terminal is full of planes not being used
>sit on the tarmac for another 1 1/2 waiting for a gate too open
>finally get into the airport
>hotels all full from people delayed by weather
>stuck in the airport all night

At least I stole a pillow from them, I guess.

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Sounds more like diabetes.

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FINALLY made a weeb friend in my new home. She does cosplay whereas I'm into Jfash but she seems incredibly sweet and we've made so many con plans already and I'm just so happy! I was so lonely for so long.

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They tested for that first when I lost a fuckload of weight in the beginning. Sent me to a dietitian to test for food allergies or sensitivities after that. Also clear. The thyroid thing only came up because I've started having heart palpitations about six months in. Multiple tests, including an ultrasound and 24-hour monitor later, heart was given the clear.

They even did the "maybe it's anxiety!" thing and put me on meds for that, but it made the heart issues worse, so they dropped them after about six months.

At this point, I just want an answer so I can get back to normal.

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>2-3 years ago my relationship sucked
>live with my boyfriend
>refused to bathe unless I bathed him, brush his hair, eat unless I brought him food
>mooched off of me completely
>financial manipulation, he was in charge of my funds and committing tax fraud at the time, any time I asked for my money he'd tell me I'd have to deal with the fallout of that
>broke up with him
>he didn't believe me
>didn't get the hint until I packed up my most prized possessions (burando and cosplay)
>find another guy whilst still living with him
>sudden 180 after realizing i was ACTUALLY going to leave him and my relationship has been better since
>no tax evasion
>i'm in charge of my money now
>he got a job and uses most of his paychecks to spoil me (any convention I want, expensive dates, new burando sets)
>we've never fought since, outside of normal couple bullshit
>he's improved himself as a person, went to anger management classes
>don't want to be in a relationship with him due to his past behavior but current relationship is so fucking good I doubt I could find better

I want a financially stable lolita gf instead, no more moochers.

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>finally get out of abusive relationship of 3 years
>meet a new guy
>fall for him hard, he falls for me
>he loves lolita whereas all my previous boyfriends have hated it
>has agreed to buy me a dress with a print we both love
>genuinely excited to get back into lolita

It's his birthday next month, I'm going to get him something really amazing.

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Best of luck anon

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>Crushing on best friend hard.
>Seeing her soon.
>Never had a crush on a girl before so this is weird.
>Cosplaying with her at a con.
>She's gonna look so cute oh no.
>Don't wanna ruin friendship.
>Need to let feels go.

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Dump his ass

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I know these feels
>its about a girl I know lurks /cgl/
>can't talk about feels here

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None of my friends are really into cosplay or cons, despite some of them liking anime and vidya. I managed to convince them that we should stay in a hotel together for an upcoming con and they all agreed. Had everything all planned out and ready to make the reservation.
>happy feels
Then it turns out one of them can't go, so we're not getting a room. We can still go to the con, but it's an hour away so I really would've appreciated the hotel. Plus I think it would've given a fuller con experience.
>sad feels

I just want some cosplay friends I can reliably attend cons with.

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>be rich
>decide to pre-order a Figma

>be poor
>order will be processed any day now
>no cancellations accepted

Fuck, I need $20.

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>tfw no turkish bf

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My sister and I were putting on our coords in the hotel and I swear she farted for five seconds straight. It was terrifying.

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yes, yes you are

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Narcissistic abusers panic and act nice when they think they'll use you, he'll go back to his old ways once he feels secure.

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>find out a good friend of mine is a camgirl
>'how do you think I afford cosplays?'
>tfw I've been busting my ass trying to find a new job because I'm broke
>the idea sounds more appealing the more I think about it
I don't care so much about being able to afford cosplays, even though it would be nice to not have to take a year off,but I would love to be able to afford to live.

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camgirl here. its a fucking job
imagine doing customer service while masturbating and having internet retards insult you.
so many people go into it thinking "hurrdurr just sit around naked and get paid right?" and end up failing miserably. If you heard this was easy you were lied to or perhaps just believing stereotypes

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>after years of being poor, get low paying, but full time job
>monthly expenses absorb most of salary, but scrimp and save
>bank account finally going up, tiny increments, but up
>let myself have nice things sometimes
>been cleaning and organizing apartment, getting things done
>preparing to get boyfriend a statue he loves, but has not gotten due to one area of poor paint application
>going to buy it, and fix it myself, surprise the hell out of him
>feeling good and confident
>going to apply for better paying jobs because I feel capable and deserve it

Then I lost my job in a mass layoff on Wednesday. Bad decisions had been made by higher ups, and we all got fucked.

>tell friend I won't be able to go to our annual convention trip together
>friend messages back 'merry Christmas and happy birthday. I will not let this shit take away something you love.'
>cry because I have wonderful people in my life

We've dealt with 7 deaths in the past 8 months, and 2017 has been an absolute piece of shit, but bless that frIend.

It's gonna be okay.

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Lmao are you seriously trying to whine about how hard it is being a slut for pay?

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Get out of there.

People that bad do not change. This is a mask.

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> On cut to get to goal weight and fit brand better
> Horrible, horrible sweet cravings.
> Find Halo top at local Walmart finally
> Three dollars cheaper then at other store, which had monopoly on it for months.
> Eat pic related for lunch
> So fucking good and I'll be able to meet my calorie and protein goals, craving completely gone

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>parents ask to borrow a large sum of money from me
>4 top tier dream dresses pop up
>one is basically NWT
>can't buy a single one

work life has been really stressful and this secret ongoing situation with my parents is killing me. without retail therapy, i feel utterly trapped and miserable.

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Look anon, this is going to be hard, but put your foot down. Once might be okay but twice is a pattern of behaviour, and if you keep enabling them they're going to walk all over you and keep using you as a personal piggy bank. Telling them no will let them know their behaviour is unacceptable and they need to be more mature about their finances.

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I can't imagine masturbating, and it feeling like actual work. Sounds horrible. lol

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If you were wearing bloomers or tights, your panties wouldn't have fallen down you whoooore.

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The idea of a qt gull camgirling or prostituting to afford qt cosplays/lolita turns me on.

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thank you anon, i agree with you and i know i need to say something. part of the issue is also because my brother is attending a good private uni, so if i say no i'm basically forcing him to drop out due to financial difficulty.

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So they'll bankrupt themselves and take your money to put your brother through school? How is that fair? You definitely need to tell them that's not okay. If your parents can't afford it your brother should pay for his own schooling.

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>only have $500 left in bank account
>paycheck from old job will clear and bring in another $600 but I'm moving to a new place and need to pay $950 upfront
>got a new job, pays much better than my last one but I'm on probation until July
>will get a $1000 paycheck for my probation period even if I don't get it, enough to tide me over until I find another position
>know I should just sit tight and not spend anything until I'm sure, but...

>still haven't booked travel and accomodation for a con in the summer and it's going to be $300
>big event coming up, I have all the main pieces but completing my coords will cost $300
>totalled up the cost of extra bits and boring filler (e.g. tights) I'm looking at for my wardrobe and it's $200
>most of my clothes are boxed up in storage until I move so I can't fund it by selling rarely-used pieces
>gotta fly out to visit family, need to pay $110 to renew my passport
>still haven't paid shipping on a bunch of stuff from Tenso and FJ
>still haven't hired a removal van or bought extra furniture/appliances needed for new apartment
>expensive meetup coming up and I prepaid for high tea so even if I don't go I'll lose $30
>MmM just released Neo Gothic Arch and four of my dream dresses are up simultaneously
>four friends/family have birthdays and I have to buy gifts and go out for drinks to be polite

Just have to work hard, hope stuff doesn't sell out, and pray booking accommodation and travel late doesn't clean me out. Looking at my spending laid out on paper is horrible, I feel guilty for casually spending so much on lolita. A bunch of my normie clothes have worn out and at this point it'd honestly be cheaper to become a lifestyler than to replace them, but I don't live in a great area so it's not really practical.

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> At college
> found "bug bite" that didn't go away, so I went to doctor
> Had a relative check for beg bugs ( they used to do extermination )
> The one I had got bigger, two more apeared on opposite leg. along with small skin college bumps every where. The skin colored ones itched till I bleed and anything I wore got blood on them. The larger ones seeped out a fluid
> went to Doc 1 who told me I had mild infection was given medications and creams
> bumps in legs increased in sized darken the skin around them. Sill bleeding on clothes
> went to Doc2 who told me slight infection but with a common skin issue
> had 2 types of antibiotics and 4 types of creams. I was taking this along with antihistamines to help me sleep. ( I also had a variety of different medications I was on already for eczema and epilepsy .I also have prescription pain killers for other issues I have too.I also have a bunch of other issues that no one can help me with ..but that is besides the point.)
> Doc3 pretty much goes "what the fuck were they giving you?" you have extremely resistant from of MRSA. ( she also mentions " All of the meds will end up killing you hun")
Puts me a an EXTREMELY strong antibiotic
that may be recurrent and will be hard to beat
> By this point my entire body is scarred,I still bleed and ache and have giant boils on my legs . So I don't touch anything to do with lolita. My confidence has always been low but, all of this made it lower. I don't go places and have been isolated my self from people I know. I even don't go to the gym. Especially since the recent meds, make me temperamental and emotional. I can barely focus on school and my internship too....

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>Roped into cosplay group with friends for a series I don't care for anymore (still like, just not my main interest)
>Friends are aware I don't want to do it
>"We'll have a full group anon! Won't it be great!" nope
>tfw introvert too scared to say anything

I'm hoping they'll loose interest in it, but I've already bought all the materials + wig. Luckily it's just a school uniform, so it's not too stressful on me

>Friends openly insult lolita in front of me, call it pedophilic and weird despite me correcting them
>Tell me and another friend to shut up about our interest in a video game because they "think it's stupid"
>Refuse to watch any anime I'm into, or play any games I'm into, but expects me to watch what they're interested in
>tfw refuse to watch bnha because i'm petty
>Tells me I need to stop making so many cosplays or stop cosplay as much as I do at a con (2 friday, 3 saturday, one sun)
>Thrifts all their cosplays, while I make mine and has the nerve to bitch at me for being better

feels bad gulls

>> No.9522345

Holy shit anon, that's awful. I hope you get better, it must have been really difficult to continue with school + interning during that.

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>be mega weeb all throughout middle school and high school
>go to every con with my best friends (guy and a girl)
>love triangle meme
>secret lovers with girl ( i think both of us didn't want to hurt him although i think he knew)
>junior year
>mom dies
>no dad so i have to move in with my older brother 3 hours away
>depression , new city. no friends
>slowly lose contact with all old friends
>only person i keep up with is her
>she visits me as much as she can by train
>helps me out alot with my depression
>shes a 4.0 student with great options for schools
>i was pretty average , but my depression took a toll on my grades, due to skipping class so much, had to enroll in a charter school
>one visit we talk about what school shes going to choose and how cool it would be to move to LA, San Francisco, Texas, etc
>"you know.. i wouldn't mind going to [LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE] for a while.."
>immediately realise im pulling her down and dont deserve her
>definitely not going to college, probably end up working as a mechanic for 40k a year the rest of my life.
>feel like i need to disappear
>sign up for the army,
>decide not to tell her, but i sorta float the idea in an off hand manner
>she gets mad at me and thinks i want to die (which i don't, i just want to disappear)
>keep quiet as graduation nears,
>she wants me to take her prom at my old school
>really don't fucking want to, but agree reluctantly
>plan to tell her i'm leaving after prom
>i get my ship out date finally
>its a week before prom
>don't have the heart to tell her face to face

>day im shipping out to OSUT in Georgia
>send her long text explaining everything
>delete all forms of social media, change my number and intentionally lock myself out from accounts (have no personal social media to this day)
>never hear from her again


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Did we ever find out what happened to "dad masturbated onto dress" anon?

>> No.9522354

Good for you anon! He sounds lovely, I hope everything works out!

>> No.9522357

We never find out that kind of stuff, like jogger anon for example. I just assume none of that stuff is real and is made up for (You)s.

>> No.9522376

>"dad masturbated onto dress"

>> No.9522381

Easier than having $30 to my name? Yeah
I never said that it wasn't work either so idk where you're getting that from. Ultimately, you CHOOSE to be a camgirl which means you accept everything that goes along with it. I can deal with idiots online if it means being able to afford food

>> No.9522389

It honestly makes me feel like shit when I realize I spent 4 years studying stem and working 50 hour weeks to make less than half what 18 year old cam girls and porn artists do
Like, it just blows my mind that someone can get paid 100k a year to jerk off on camera and have boobs

>> No.9522393

Go to the hospital. I've had mrsa before. It can be DEADLY. Go to the hospital and get treatment. You will likely be on iv antibiotics for a few days. Hopefully it isn't VRSA. If it is VRSA you may die. Go to the hospital asap.

>> No.9522395

>meet amazing guy who supports my lolita hobby
>mutually like each other and thinking about dating
>find out he's really lewd
>worried he will fetishize lolita
>not sure how to check on this without making it awkward

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I am a 24 year old male virgin.

I'm actually really attractive and /fit/, except that I'm short, but the real reason I'm still a virgin is simply because I could never afford a girlfriend. I'm a NEET living with my mom, have been ever since I dropped out of high school.

>Inb4 "It's your personality"
No it isn't.

Thinking about going to a con to try and get laid. I will either not tell them about real financial status, or if they ask I'll lie and say I'm employed in IT (I know a lot about this subject) and make $60,000 a year.

Been studying PUA to help, even though I think a lot of it is bullshit.

You also could have just acted like a proper wife, instead of a feminist, and married a financially stable guy and never had to work.

I can't believe women got tricked into thinking that's "oppressive", but working as a wageslave is "empowering".

A female by default has very high sexual value which can be liquidated into cash, that's why over 80% of the homeless are male.

>> No.9522399

>You could have acted like a proper wife
I am a man

>> No.9522404

Yeah, go to the hospital and infect everyone there too.

>> No.9522405

Oh, well yeah you have to work, stupid.

Your sex is worth less than $0.

>> No.9522408

Did you mean to post this in /r9k/? You're on the cosplay and egl board.

>> No.9522412

Oh I just realized you were an r9k Crossboarder

Opinion discarded. Go take your 'enlightened' views on gender issues somewhere else fag

>> No.9522417

Does it matter? Are you upset he finds the clothes attractive?

>> No.9522423

Most camgirls don't make anywhere near that, we've had a lot of anons talking about it in deleted threads before. The window of time in which you can make money with it is also small, and if you're doing it full-time there'll be a huge, suspicious employment gap on your CV when you attempt to re-enter the workplace because you're too old to cam. For most people, it's just a stopgap.

>> No.9522430

Not quite $0, if you've ever been on any gay pornsite you'll see a lot of male cams advertised. Wouldn't be surprised if they make less money but the demand is the same - older guys wanting younger men this time instead of women.

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its been 5 years

>last summer
>back from deployment
>particularly bad one
>drunk as fuck
>haven't been able to be in a serious relationship
>one night stands, and a fwb for a while
>think of her
>look her up on social media like a fucking idiot.
>find her
>she lives in [censored] now
>she has a boyfriend
>realise its guy best friend from high school
>they're engaged
>my stomach fucking turns
>the salt is pouring from my eyes (like that crying wojack face)
>feel like i was robbed of my future (i know)
>stalk her all night
>guy best friend is actually going to grad school in another state
>she still goes to conventions
>shes going to a convention in a month
>hes not going to be there
>decide i'm going to go in my drunken demented state
>have shit tons of leave since i only really go to my brothers for a week once a year
>get permission, buy my tickets and convention pass
>on plane
>still have no idea what the fuck im going for. to ask her to not marry him? to say goodbye to her? to look at her one last time and leave?
>land in city where she lives
>hotels near con are booked so i had to get a room a few miles away, not too bad

>day one of convention
>stalk her social media
>i know shes wearing a [censored] cosplay
>brought really shitty cosplay with mask
>look for her while in my disguise
>cant find her for almost the entire day
>give up by 6pm
>thinking of just fucking off and going home
>go into dealers room looking to atleast get something cool to take home with me
>reading some fucking manga
>hear a familiar voice
>look behind me and there's a girl in a [censored] cosplay
>cant really see who she is because her fucking wig
>she comes to the stall next to me
>looks straight down and listen to her talk to her friends
>talks about buying stuff for guy friend


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>manlet lifting to compensate for his height

>> No.9522459
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>> No.9522462

I'd still be lifting weights even if I was 6'7".

But yeah, especially as a manlet you do need to lift weights. Dwarf-mode is way better than having lanklet proportions on a miniature level.

>> No.9522476

They have to win the genetic lottery to do that well for themselves, but most of them take the money and burn it all on stupid shit anyways. The majority end up destitute and only last a few years at best, or worse end up being with the wrong group of people and get involved in even dumber shit like drugs. It's not sustainable, and definitely not something you can make yourself financially secure for the rest of your life with.

>> No.9522481

this is amazing anon, thank you for telling me about the existence of this

>> No.9522483

>>Inb4 "It's your personality"
>No it isn't.

I got bad news, friend....

>> No.9522485

get rid of those friends anon, they sound like total dicks

>> No.9522493

step one: become a "proper husband" get a job and move out of your mom's house
step two: turn gay, because with the way you talk about a ""proper wife"", no female will ever want to be within a 100 kilometer radius of you.

>inb4 "TRIGGERED", sorry i'm not stuck in the 1950s

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anon, do you know what hospitals are for?

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I booked a hotel for AX with a bunch of gross weirdos I barely know, but my sister just informed me that her bf no longer wants to go to the con and has an open slot for me.

I so desperately want to cancel the hotel reservations I made so I can be with my sister. I feel like such an asshole if I do though.

>> No.9522535

As much as it sucks, don't be that guy who ruins it for everyone else.

If anything, you can just stay in the hotel room that your sister is in without cancelling the other room for the other people. Hotel staff probably won't notice or care.

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>studies PUA
>uses "wageslave" unironically
>24 year old NEET
>"act like a proper wife instead of a feminist"

Gee, I wonder why you're still a single virgin anon. You sound like a real catch.

>> No.9522599

Definitely not his personality.

>> No.9522609 [DELETED] 

>Gee, I wonder why you're still a single virgin anon

I know why, you know why too.


Really you could have just said this, that is the _only_ reason I've never had a girlfriend. All women are literally prostitutes.

>> No.9522625

QUICK reminder that replying to trolls has gotten multiple feels threads deleted in the past. I'm just gonna hope this post is the last reply to this dude and assume samefagging if anyone else replies to him/her.

>> No.9522632

I gained like 40lbs after a bad breakup and fell out of lolita for a few years. I miss wearing my dresses but I haven't lost all the weight yet. My sack dresses fit but make me look even fatter than I am.
Really wanna wear one of my dresses to a ballet Im gonna go see in a few weeks but I feel really self conscious about it.. Theres no way i'm gonna get all my weight off before then but I just wanna wear my damn lolita clothes again!! fuck!! But I know theres gonna be other lolitas there that day and I dont want someone snapping a picture and posting me here lmao I'd fucking die

>> No.9522667
File: 489 KB, 420x315, 454548485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

continue pls

>> No.9522681

I've never seen anyone post obvious candids to the ita threads on here, people get their material from stuff people willingly post online. Plus a shitty snap taken in a dark theatre likely wouldn't show your identity anyway.

>> No.9522684

Why not get it out? The whole point of this thread is to talk about our feelings and give eachother advice. :)

>> No.9522699
File: 1.30 MB, 500x255, nohappiness.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this feel, anon. It ended with her getting engaged to her boyfriend of several years with me saying nothing.

>> No.9522703

>bf likes lolita
>not even in a weird way
>compliments my coords
>tells me i'm cute
>never tries to make it sexual or weird
>encourages me when I feel down about my coording skills
>has never even said "anon don't you think you should tone it down?"
>enjoys me explaining stuff about the fashion and is genuinely interested (not in wearing it but in the theory etc)

This is the first time I've ever had a bf who is 1000% supportive and has never tried to get me to wear more "normal" stuff (which I do sometimes anyway). It's not even a new relationship but it still feels so surreal.

>> No.9522726

That would feel surreal, usually I'm asking myself to tone it down. I feel like I have no idea what's acceptable to other people any more, sometimes I'm wearing an outfit that I think is pretty average lolita and I ask if I should change and friends all go "Nah, you look great! It's not weird-looking!", other times I've worn what I thought was super toned-down dark-coloured casual stuff (the sort of thing that gets CoF comments suggesting you post on the otome group instead) and friends have got embarrassed, said I looked super eyecatching/weird, and asked me to change. I have no idea where the line is any more.

>> No.9522774 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 480x640, 1496531120836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no cgl gf

>> No.9522784

t. Their crush trying to get it out of them for manipulation

>> No.9522804

in that case, go for it. I was in the same situation before I got into it.

a word of advice, the more money you have the more you will make. which is shitty. no one goes "fuck those poor girls, I'm only tipping rich girls" they'd just rather give money to someone who has a nicer quality cam, nicer backdrop, nicer microphone.. so its a slow crawl. if you wanna drop a throwaway email I could help you.

most camgirls don't earn that much, and have a job on the side. you have to work your ass off to earn that much (for example, I myself also work 50 hours a week). you're looking at the top 20% however, the top earners of websites earn about $1k a day. I understand you work hard, but there's nothing really to be jealous over? If you want to feel bad about your career decision feel bad about your career decision, I don't see the point in bringing camming into this unless you'd rather do that instead..

>> No.9522814

it's more that I spent the last 5-6 years basically avoiding all social contact to try to further my career and when I look around I see people coasting along and who are considered wildly more successful than I am. The fact that men can't make a living streaming or camming twists the knife a little further, because aside from a very small portion of gay guys, everyone's looking for a girl.

>> No.9522818 [DELETED] 
File: 2.97 MB, 960x540, eat them all.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9522823
File: 51 KB, 277x265, not hurt at all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no tall gf
At least I have you, beer

>> No.9522834

Is that come?? :(

>> No.9522837

There's plenty of gay guys who are interesting in paying, but so many dudes just throw dick pics left and right (unsolicited dick pics is a legitimate problem) and the fact you can find people jerking it on omegle just makes it harder for guys to do well. Dudes who do well are 8/10+ , look underage, or are taking in the ass on cam. It honestly upsets me that so many dudes are begging others to look at them naked- it just greatly devalues the male market.

I understand. its annoying working your ass off to find others seemingly coasting through life, and it does happen. the last 3-4 years I've been avoiding social contact to work my ass off as well so when I see some girl hop on cam fully clothed, insult her viewers, and log off with $800 anyway It makes me lose my shit. (typically that's only the case for actual pornstars or girls who look very underage) Shit like that just pushes me to work harder out of salt.

>> No.9522840

Thanks, anon! I'm going to talk more with my friend about it as well but I'm looking for as much info as I can get. Yeah, I figured as much. I do have a bit saved up so, if I get everything figured out, I should be able to at least get some decent equipment.

I'm still looking for a full-time job (and I'm in school) but, with hours cut at my current job, I really am not making enough. If I can make some extra income, it would really help me out.

>> No.9522842

>this guy got a gf
>I can't
Shoot me

>> No.9522843

Alternatively: let those other people know that you have the option of staying with your sister. Make sure to assure them that you have no problem going through with your end of the reservation, but obviously you'd rather stay with your sister because she's family. One of them might know someone who is looking for an open spot and would be willing to take yours.

>> No.9522844

You are welcome, I have eaten a lot of bad, low calorie ice cream since I started dieting and this is the first that actually tastes like ice cream

>> No.9522847
File: 18 KB, 800x450, IFZUeGNHxpmzYCD-800x450-noPad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's milk
open your fucking eyes

>> No.9522848

So it's actually good? I've seen it at my local Publix, but I was wary to buy it since most low calorie ice cream is shit.

>> No.9522858

>[email protected]
emailed from my throwaway

>> No.9522861

Depends on the flavor. Some are terrible.

>> No.9522871

Milk does not have that consistency, that goopy strand on its body is definitely not milk

>> No.9522874
File: 150 KB, 198x328, 57A2E48E-55E8-4F47-874E-2BE57E228605-200-00000060529DDA3F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't get a gf because I hate myself
>hate myself because I can't get a gf
I hope there's a solution at the bottom of this bottle

>> No.9522879

All I know is, birthday cake flavor is great.

>> No.9522882

Let me be your gf and problem is solved

>> No.9522886
File: 1.12 MB, 1280x1729, tumblr_oqq0e4MNYF1sqhm5so5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tend to default to the same few sad/mysterious poses because it's easier to keep a neutral face than to try and smile without my face looking awful. It keeps my pictures looking pretty but it's all beginning to feel a bit lifeless. I've been looking at old KERA snaps and especially pictures from gyaru magazines and realised that I'm so used to seeing sad-looking models (not just in magazines like Larme that push a sad waifish look, in high fashion too) that seeing grinning girls waving their arms about was almost a shock. I'm not a huge fan of gyaru but the models seem so vivacious and like they're enjoying their youth.

>I just wish I could get natural-looking photos of me smiling but it's impossible to get right
>scared I'll regret stepping out of my stock pose comfort zone because candids of me laughing at meet-ups always look horrible

>> No.9522891

Do you like tulips?

>> No.9522892
File: 107 KB, 494x400, animedeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My new dress is way redder than I expected and my brother caught me masturbating to Trailer Park Boys.

>> No.9522893
File: 12 KB, 246x185, 1319042556417ad30f36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rotting milk

>> No.9522907

I've had no motivation to finish up the last steps to a cosplay and the con is next weekend. I've tried them on and I just feel and look bad in them.

>> No.9522908
File: 37 KB, 740x509, DisgustedTomone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9522921


>> No.9522938


>> No.9522945

Gf left me in January and the bed still feels so empty.

All because I said her sister was ita.

>> No.9522953
File: 244 KB, 678x769, IMG_4261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me, drinking since I was barely a teenager
>Give up alcohol two years ago
>Still genuinely proud of myself for shaking my addiction
>Get my $150 ClosetChild order today
>Rip it open like an animal
>Immediately get bored, go online
>Buy 200 dollars worth of more shit

>mfw I realized today that I just replaced alcohol with shopping and that I'll probably be addicted to something my entire life

>> No.9522961

I'm addicted to shopping and junk food. Should I switch to alcohol?

>> No.9522962

Alcohol can also make you fat. Switch to shopping and exercise.

>> No.9522975

But shopping will make me poor.

And if I'm poor, I'll never get a new grill.

>> No.9522977

Then let's date

>> No.9522982

I'm OP of the shopping post but exercise addiction is gross sorry
But fast food is also gross. Don't get addicted to that either.

I guess obviously there are worse things to be addicted to than shopping.

>> No.9523001
File: 166 KB, 500x334, nOk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Graduated college by skin of teeth
>Parents are talking about getting divorced
>Dog has cancer
>Emotionally broken
>Get text from girlfriend of 1.5 years
>"Hey, anon, I think we should see other people"
>Be single, depressed, and fat
>Sleep 12 hours a day
>No longer have any desire to go to the next con because I'm too fat to fit into my costume and look halfway decent.

It's not going to get better, is it?

>> No.9523016
File: 49 KB, 642x642, 18556039_362186800850979_7653872158478008147_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I wasted five years of my youth on a girl who just ended up walking out.

Cosplay is all that give me hope. Pretending to be someone else for a few hours.

>> No.9523021
File: 479 KB, 400x212, tumblr_lnq8lbyXcm1qbvovho1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>>Headed for my first year of college in the fall
>>Taking a bunch of art classes and Japanese
>>Have a decent paying job
>>Dating an amazing boy who buys me jfash because he thinks I look cute in it
>>Closet is growing with lolita
>>Self-confidence is through the roof
>>Parent's bought me a $750 Nikon camera as an early bday gift

A couple of months ago, I posted about how lonely, broke, and hopeless I was. Now things are so good and I feel like they'll keep on staying good - and get even better. I'm so happy, gulls.

>> No.9523026

It'll get better, anon. Getting over breakups takes time, that's all. And at least you graduated.

>> No.9523045
File: 76 KB, 908x601, 18034021_1878938055688004_8262671901295002416_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I wore my VKS to a thing and I think my sister saw my balls.

>> No.9523105

At every con I've been to this year, I've had a mental breakdown.

I do these things and go to these cons to help distract from how empty my life is, but... maybe I'm just running. Running away from my problems.

In the end... I'll always be empty.

>> No.9523112
File: 2.27 MB, 1920x2560, 1492870708175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is pretty typical, unfortunately. People who have addictions are trying to make up for something else missing in their life. Entirely normal for people to overcome an addiction and never address why they started it in the first place.

>> No.9523122

>Unwilling to buy lolita shoes because of shipping prices + Taobao in general + heel
>Wore ballet flats for first coord
>Looked so out of place
>Ballet flats shaming
>i cri everytiem
>Finally gets a cheap chair with heel from Taobao
>Worried about sizing and comfort
>Receives then today and tries them on
>Fits so well + good padding, looks amazing with my dresses
>Never want to take them off
>Happiness after all that worry

Really no regrets here. I want to go for those piano leg heels in the future.

>> No.9523124

**Cheap pair

>> No.9523127

I wish taobao shoes lasted longer.
>taobao shoes lasts about a year or less for me, I wear lolita every time I go out with friends
>had a bunch of different color shoes to match every coord
>decide fuck it
>wear black mary janes (I've had for years and they're STILL good) with EVERY coord
I'm awful. but again, I'm oldschool.

>> No.9523130

>tfw no cgl gf to watch anime with and listen to her talk about Lolita history and stuff
>want to try my hardest to get a gf that just likes anime or something
>at the same time I don't want to because I don't make a lot of money and past events make me feel like the relationship will last a couple of days
>thinking of joining the army so I can serve and probably get shot
>still go to cons anyways so I can attempt to find someone
This is what it feels like to be alone huh. Maybe I should cosplay as someone for my next con, always wanted to cosplay

>> No.9523140

wow its like a male me

>> No.9523142

>tfw I have a wide jaw
Makeup and taping only helps so much. I just wanna be a handsome ikemen but it'll be so obvious if I photoshop my jaw.

>> No.9523144

I am male

>> No.9523147

Thats literally what I said, youre a male version of me (a girl)
But Im redacting that statement because I wouldnt be retarded enough to misread that

>> No.9523227

>find a bunch of childhood pictures from when I was really young
>tfw I was really ugly even as a kid

It didn't make me feel nostalgic, it just made me feel like crying for being such an ugly being

>> No.9523233
File: 38 KB, 500x387, 19224783_1287220621391862_7621539024044641615_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>accessories I ordered finally come
>open box
>terrible smell
>mfw there's a dead mouse in the box

>> No.9523278

Make sure it matches your coord.

>> No.9523289

I got outbid on LM on a relatively cheap indie dress and even though I told myself I would let it go as "not meant to be" if that happened, I'm itching to hit BIN. I've spent enough money this month and it's not even a goal dress or anything, just really cute.

>> No.9523321

I don't like it, the texture is shit and they're all very unsatisfying

>> No.9523324

You won't get shot. But you will make money and have pretty much no expenses so it's a good job for that reason

>> No.9523344
File: 166 KB, 1280x720, 9465131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to cosplay as Yennefer
>no cute Geralt bf

>> No.9523369

Are those MJs from any particular brand? I'm looking to replace the ones I've had for the last decade but everything I find is either not cute enough, too high heel/platform or not durable enough. I'm looking for a max 1inch heel, no flats. You'd think that was easier to find but alas.
>keep buying cute black heels and platforms because my mind keeps telling me "oh yeah I need new black shoes"
>none of them fill that comfy everyday niche
>mind keeps yelling "black shooooooooes" and probably won't shut up until I find the holy grail black MJs
>such suffering

I was an ugly little gremlin with a horrible monobrow that I didn't start plucking until middle school, so the majority of my childhood pictures are an embarrassment. I've literally had to beg my mother not to put them on her (very public) Facebook.

>> No.9523380

Camgirl here too, why are your clients insulting you??? I've literally never been insulted, sometimes I start streaming when I'm feeling down just to get compliments and feel better about myself.

For me it's just like I got a job running my social medias. idk what you mean by doing customer service while masturbating, unless you're talking about private shows typically most girls aren't constantly reading their chats when they're actually getting it

>> No.9523392

>nicer quality cam, nicer backdrop, nicer microphone

If you're cute and friendly, you should be able to get a viewer to buy you all of those things within your first few months.

>> No.9523397

>Likes Mary Magdalene's designs
>Mary Magdalene's max waist usually at 66 - 68 cm
>waist at 68 cm

At least Perfume Bottle is a bit more lenient.

>> No.9523419
File: 1.13 MB, 540x540, IMG_3292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Going to my first massive lolita event in the morning
>3am can't sleep
>not even mad, too excited
>have to start getting ready in 3 hours
>the urge to start getting ready now is strong
>must fight it
>must get sleep
>still so fucking excited

>> No.9523423

Get a cheap shapewear from Walmart or any other women's wear shop. Does wonders when you just need a few extra cm.

>> No.9523438

I don't think people understand that it consists of entertaining retards for hours while you're completely uninterested.

It's like babysitting except if you lose the viewer's attention, you lose your source of income. And you're competing with thousands of other sluts.

>> No.9523475
File: 15 KB, 624x351, bluemonday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to teach me to get into cosplay with
>we'll never go as a pair like the great Saiyaman and Girl, Gallade and Gardevoir, Venom and Quiet, Guts and Caska, etc.
>we'll never enjoy the con together, play games together, or even enter a game tournament as a duo and wipe the other players
>we'll never go back after the end of a con and watch anime together
>she'll never tell me about her Lolita stuff and I'll never tell her about fighting game stuff
How do these feels end /cgl/? Am I being too unrealistic with these goals that I know will never happen?

>> No.9523491

Are you east coast? This sounds like my friend's issue in their group down to the bnha thing.

>> No.9523492

Anon pls continue i'm invested

>> No.9523493

What are you doing on this board exactly when you need a "gf to teach you to get into cosplay"?
Fucking loser go back to r9k.

>> No.9523506
File: 31 KB, 402x292, 1496496127849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to first ever con
>see people having fun in cosplay
>throw together cosplay for the next con
>first time doing half of these things
>get to con
>feel really nervous
>someone asks to take my picture
>reluctantly agree
>the next day, see it show up in the bad cosplay thread, and people tear it apart for almost everything

>> No.9523509

cosplay is a girls club anon. as much as you hear women bitch and moan about how hard it is to get into male dominated hobbies like gaming and comics, it's just as hard for a guy to get into cosplay. I assume he meant teach about wigs/makeup/clothing/sewing, since it's so shamed that it's practically forbidden for guys to be into or do those things.

>> No.9523514

I've cosplayed once and it was really bad cosplay, you remember that avenger costume made of beer boxes? Think that.
I see cosplays and those dress y'all make and its so detailed and all.

>> No.9523528
File: 30 KB, 680x400, 984651651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww now you're sounding genuinly cutely autistic.
Sorry for my harsh reply before. Hope you'll find your dream gf one day.

>> No.9523533
File: 109 KB, 500x681, flirtyhank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girls are attracted to autism now
My time has come.

>> No.9523538
File: 40 KB, 225x225, 20170501_030449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9523547 [DELETED] 
File: 205 KB, 1140x1212, minionquotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need a new gf.

I swear, my standards aren't too high. All I really care about is "likes anime" and "isn't obese."

>> No.9523552 [DELETED] 

that's a tough one anon. With the new "fat positive" mindset, you need to be pretty attractive to get fat girls. Hell, I work out and practice good hygiene and still get rejected by fatty chans on okc and tinder. Dating and relationships just aren't enjoyable for men right now with how high the bar is set for us and how low it's set for women.

>> No.9523555

>isn't obese

anon, you need glasses

>> No.9523556

The question is are you yourself obese?

>> No.9523560

The thing is that attractive girls that like anime and nerdy stuff are not into weeb losers. Why would they?

>> No.9523563 [DELETED] 

that's exactly what I meant. even obese girls have high standards and want a 6 foot tall prince charming to come save her. That's honestly why I gave up on online dating. The amount of self-entitlement that even fat and obese girls developed after being messaged by "creeps" just astounded me.

>> No.9523564

God I'm so thankful I don't live in the US

>> No.9523565
File: 27 KB, 181x220, 1460439234807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>need a new gf
>need a new

That's the kind of mentality that will never get one.

>> No.9523570

That's nice. What do you actually have to offer a potential gf?

>> No.9523578

Everything has sucked since my last one escaped.

I am tall with good taste in anime and a clean criminal record.

>> No.9523580
File: 465 KB, 620x618, 1465987328968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And ladies aren't throwing themselves at you? Huh. I wonder why?

>> No.9523581

>tall with good taste in anime and a clean criminal record
So nothing, okay.

>> No.9523589

What more can a person offer?

>> No.9523590

They mean money. Women here only see men as walking ATMs

>> No.9523597 [DELETED] 

why do I have to audition for companionship? Is her time really worth so much more than mine that I have to be on unequal footing to even have a chance? Seems like a load of shit. If you're not trolling and this is how women actually think I think I'll just stay a virgin the rest of my life by choice

>> No.9523598 [DELETED] 

I make a modest $30/h. What else do I need to make myself more desirable? I recently learned how to get properly fitting clothes.
I just want a non-fat average looking gf who won't be upset I watch anime.

>> No.9523599

Why would you not have to? Women have a plethora of choices, of course you have to audition.

>> No.9523615
File: 83 KB, 708x708, DhOPpA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not making 6 figures in your early 20's.
Are you even trying?

Obviously you need to pay for two trips to Japan a year, while buying them 12k/year of lolita dresses and picking up all the merch they can find at all the cons you'll be taking them to. Along with an occupation that has enough vacation time to do so. Those are the minimum requirements for not having a fat weeb gf. Sorry you're just not good enough to meet the bare minimums anon, but this is what's preventing anyone from loving you.

>> No.9523616


You people have a really warped view of relationships and dating.

>> No.9523617
File: 619 KB, 1200x1200, cryingassoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I wanna know.

>> No.9523618

>not auditions
Literally the same shit nowadays. You're given a list of choices and narrow them down based on personality, looks, and performance.

>> No.9523622

I would do this if I could even find a qt lolita gf. I'd love to spoil my autistic anime loving weeb lolita loser gf every day.
I'd worship the ground she walked on at that point.

>> No.9523623

Personally speaking my one and best choice is my own company. If a guy is interested in dating me he should have something to offer that would make his companionship preferable to my solitude. So far this hasn't happened, most guys are creepers who want a trophy girlfriend/living onahole.

>> No.9523625

>/cgl/ - dating advice

>> No.9523627

I want to date someone who doesn't mind my geeky hobbies too but everyone I 'meet' online has been a creep and/or liar

>> No.9523631

What makes them a creep and what do they lie about?
What websites do you use?

I haven't touched online dating since any half decent looking girl gets 500 messages a day. Seems kind of silly.

>> No.9523632
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since we're on dating advice now...

Cute girls keep liking my cosplay selfies and pics of my toys on Hipstergram, but how do I get them to become waifu?

>> No.9523634

look champ
I want a gf too
but even I know that the gf meme won't fix anything and might bring more despair than it should

>> No.9523638

I don't use dating websites or anything I just sometimes email with people I know from here or other hobby-related websites. I mean as soon as I show interest in them in a romantic way or suggest to meet-up they make me feel like they will lure me into their basement to keep me there forever or murder me.

>> No.9523644

Start talking to them? At least one of them, and make sure she lives somewhere close to you unless you don't mind long distance contacts. See if you like each other as people and not just pretty faces and you might get somewhere.

>> No.9523647

You know what I mean
Dating is about companionship, not a measure of how much you can put into the transaction. Im just jaded about all the women who seem to be obsessed with only what the guy offers when most shit anyone offers can't be quantified

>> No.9523649
File: 10 KB, 236x204, f7daee98ce59d8e54cbd3591c8447424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm happy for you anon-kun!
Nice! Why are there so many abuse stories on /cgl/ though?

>> No.9523651

>>has agreed to buy me a dress
Was it your birthday?

>> No.9523654

>Sort of a lifestyle lolita
>Don't own many dresses
>Really want to get more into lolita fashion but money
>Have a job, but it's not very well paying
>College age
>Still live with my parents
>They're pretty wealthy

Is it scummy to ask your parents to pay for a dress? I don't ask for much, but I still feel like I'd be mooching, you know?

>> No.9523656

Oh got it. 4chan is the only place I've had any good experience meeting anyone. Too difficult to find losers in real life.

You won't find tinder or dating profiles covered in anime, and usually if you do they're really unappealing.

Seems my only hope is cons. Otherwise I'll just die alone I guess.

>> No.9523659

If you're living with them you're already mooching. It's probably worth more to not ask and wait until it's something you actually need rather than just a dress so you can feel pretty, like healthcare or helping with car issues. Just because you know they probably would do that for you, doesn't always mean you should make them.

>> No.9523661

Maybe ask your parents what you can do to earn it instead of just straight up asking for a dress.
On another note, how can you be a lifestyle lolita to any extent if you don't own many dresses and barely wear the style? You can enjoy the lifestyle aspects of it but you're not a lifestyle lolita if you don't actually wear the fashion.

>> No.9523665

I would do it, why not? If they're healthy adults they can say no if they don't want to.

>> No.9523669

Do you have a birthday coming up, or some other special occasion? Even if not it's probably fine to ask, but I agree with >>9523661 that it might be better to offer to work for it, just to stay on good terms with them and not seem like you feel entitled to their money. But you know your parents and we don't, so if you think they wouldn't care it's worth just bringing it up.

>> No.9523673

>The most popular goth lolita is a boy

damn really makes you think

>> No.9523677
File: 822 KB, 1070x804, 26g23ofxxx8x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally get relatively good job
>stable living situation
>save up enough money to buy materials for cosplay I've wanted to do since high school
>suddenly car breaks down out of nowhere
>drain savings paying for repairs
>welp guess I'm waiting on that cosplay after all

>> No.9523685

My thoughts exactly.

>> No.9523700

you're not a lifestyle lolita if you "don't own many dresses" and only "want to get more into lolita fashion."

>> No.9523704

>>9523673 is probably referring to Mana.

>> No.9523707

nayrt but that's your opinion. I don't think you are a lolita at all if you only own one full coord but a lot of people disagree with that too. However there's no ''right'' way to be a lifestyle lolita and it's not the same as being a daily lolita.

>> No.9523710

>but that's your opinion!
and that's one weak argument. you're not a lifestyler if you don't wear lolita every day and if you don't have enough main pieces so that you're not wearing the same things over and over. then you're just a normie who thinks you're a lifestyler because you drink tea and wear lolita sometimes.

>> No.9523712

lifestyle lolita doesn't mean wearing lolita every day

>> No.9523713

>t. someone who thinks they're a lifestyle lolita but isn't

>> No.9523715

Erm, as the one who asked the question, lemme just say that none of the other comments have been me thus far. I may have had the wrong definition of a lifestyle lolita; apologies for any confusion.

>> No.9523717

I'm not a lifestyle Lolita, I just have different opinion about it and your opinion isn't a fact.

>> No.9523718

considering you're pushing your (wrong) opinion on me it really seems like you have a personal stake in this argument, wannabe-chan.

>> No.9523719

Lifestyle lolita is someone who incorporates lolita into their lifestyle and daily lolita is someone who wears lolita daily

>> No.9523722

lifestyle lolita is someone who wears lolita MOST of the time aside from places where they can't as a rule like work. if you don't wear lolita most days then you aren't a lifestyle lolita.

>> No.9523723


>> No.9523726

Say that in the lifestyle thread lol. Most people wear PJs or cute roomwear after work. Why would you change from your work clothes into Lolita and into PJs a couple of hours later?

>> No.9523732

Okay, I think I get it now. I was using the definition >>9523719 gave as opposed to the definition from >>9523722.

>> No.9523778
File: 1.53 MB, 1161x1920, tumblr_o1md24Jou71qgd40oo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>During high school, was always the artsy student who wasn't good enough
>Ended up going into engineering
>Still love art, so use cosplay as a way to have the best of both worlds
>Struggled through college, assumed I was going to get a shitty engineering job making boring shit
>From left field, suddenly get a job offer from a company
>They make high-end, artsy products. Not gonna elaborate further for privacy.
>Talk about "Prop making" during my interviews with them. Made points of how I would do my own research, work within a set of deadlines and learned to improve. Never explicitly say "Cosplay", end up using comic con as my comparison.
>They fucking loved me
>Going to be making $65,000 starting salary with plenty of room to go up
>Get to engineer and art at same time
>Facility has a decent workout room
>Can finally afford my own place
>Have diet plan and workout schedule to lose all my college weight
>Goal is to be beach-body ready before next colossalcon

We're all gonna make it

>> No.9523809


>> No.9523813
File: 1.26 MB, 400x400, dogattacksbaby.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uuggghhhhhh, this girl I really wanna date lives four hours away and only speaks Vietnamese. It sucks.

>> No.9523814

My gorgeous hair, beautifully handsome face, muscular body, supreme intellect, unparalleled resourcefulness, and rugged masculinity. G-dd*mn I'm so hot

>> No.9523815

You can google how to do any of those things. This is the information age and there are hundreds of tutorials out there if you actually try instead of waiting for your manic pixie dream girl to come along and spoonfeed you.

And honestly if you let other people's opinions of what is or isn't acceptable for a guy to do stop you from pursuing what you want then you obviously don't want it enough to be any good anyway.

I'd say the same to.any girl bitching about getting into guy hobbies being hard too, by the way.

>> No.9523816

>what is reading
I didn't say anything about wearing it right after work you dipshit. In any case the lifestyle thread is filled with people just like you who think they're lifestylers because they know how to make tiny sandwiches.

>> No.9523818
File: 1.30 MB, 1280x998, 08924089342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon but >pic related
I browse /fit/ for their FPH threads and it looks like these kinds of situations are common, unfortunately.

>> No.9523820

Damn, I saw the filename and was kind of bracing myself for the .webm

>> No.9523824
File: 54 KB, 600x600, IMG_0372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not them, but given the choice between working hard in school to make 120k in the private sector or working just as hard to be a USAF fighter pilot there's no competition. Who needs a gf when you make a living larping as Max Jenius and murdering people?

>> No.9523831
File: 723 KB, 499x281, iouerioureq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds... absolutely PERFECT. I am so fucking jealous of you right now, anon. Feel my raw, infinite envy!

lol Really, though: congratulations! You worked hard and it paid off. You fucking made it and it's awesome!!

>We're all gonna make it
See you in /fit/, homeboy.

>> No.9523832

>Why are there so many abuse stories on /cgl/ though?
Weebs have low self esteem and are easy to take advantage of.

>> No.9523833
File: 72 KB, 600x361, 32eifK6x1qkjrb6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hit the nail on the head, anon. Too accurate. All weebs I've met either have from anger issues and an inability to process emotions or are complete doormats. I'm a lucky weeb who's been both.

>> No.9523847
File: 27 KB, 346x911, 2530e2a7c921d944b864377a9576f9ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's like babysitting except if you lose the viewer's attention, you lose your source of income. And you're competing with thousands of other sluts.

Yeep. I'd even as far to say it's like baby sitting a group with some sort of mental disorder
you're trying to help and they keep shouting obscenities and ignoring you

you've never been insulted? I call bullshit. Maybe you just read slow and have a good mod where you don't have to see it. I have an extremely fast reading speed so I see EVERYTHING.

>> No.9523856
File: 78 KB, 179x179, danpanic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gorier than you expected, right?

>> No.9523875

>just google it
anon we both know that's not the problem
it's the fact that even attempting to learn these hobbies is social suicide for a guy
I wouldn't expect a girl to even know about that since there's really no hobby that has the same stigma attached to it if women get involved
Especially combined with how picky women are for men if this thread has anything to go on, guys have to be ultra careful otherwise they're going to be living their entire lives alone because they have gay hobbies like wigs and sewing

>> No.9523883

Im going to start to listen to mana now what am i in for

>> No.9523884

I don't know bro, I'm pretty sure a lot of girls would rather have a femboy more so than a fuckboy. Then again I'm sorta femboy that looks and acts like a fuck boy without the fucking.

>> No.9523899

asking the girls here, they all want a buff dude who makes a shit ton of money

>> No.9523901

I see you completely ignored the part where I said that if you let "stigma" stop you from doing what you love then you don't actually love it enough to good at it. Clearly no talent has been lost by you giving up before even trying.

I've cosplayed and done lolita for a long time, and I've known many men who do either or both. Their love lives are fine, I'd wager better than yours, and none of them needed a woman in order to pursue their passions. Society isn't stopping you, women aren't stopping you, you are stopping you.

>> No.9523909
File: 130 KB, 344x472, mahdrills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your friend's little sister is running around the con like a maniac, jumps a banister, and lands right on her nuts

>> No.9523910

I find it really hard to believe anything you spew out

>> No.9523911

Because you want to blame everyone but yourself for the fact you can't cosplay. Wait for your manic pixie dream girl forever.

>> No.9523912

>willing to buy me things
>maybe even pay off my debt???

pls leave contact info

>> No.9523915
File: 17 KB, 270x320, 90898977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>have a tumblr where i post my coords
>checking out the blogs that reblogged my photos
>one of them is a person who keeps a thorough count of all of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they eat/have ever eaten

>> No.9523924

>3am in living room of hostel
>as i go to wash my teapot i got contact with a seemingly underaged cosplayer with a bigass rainbow alpaca
>"thats a nice alpaca" as i head to the kitchen. like seriously i would buy that if i saw it in that con
> shes gone as i come back

i must be one autistic motherfucker, that was just a legitimate comment.

>> No.9523925

that doesn't seem right
but also why is there no one calling out these shitty women for waiting for their christian grey or prince charming?
seems like a shitty double standard, along with the shitty double standard about cosplay and fashion that guys have to deal with an uphill battle for no reason

>> No.9523926

I didn't say I didn't make a shit ton of money, but being buff I'm out. I'd rather be skinnier so I can fit in more Ouji shit.

>> No.9523933

it doesn't matter if the guy wants to fit into ouji, the woman is the gatekeeper of the relationship

>> No.9523942

>her nuts

>> No.9523945

I was thinking about this, too.

>> No.9524017


>> No.9524079

How was the event, anon?

>> No.9524086

So then you don't wear it whenever you can.. You don't need a big wardrobe to wear it every weekend so then anon could still be a lifestyle Lolita. I'm not a lifestyler, I don't do any lifestyle stuff except drink nice tea.

>> No.9524091

If some guy is going to come in here and say he'd do anything for a girl, spoil her and stuff, of course someone is going to react that way. Not just female cosplayers but catfish. Like I'm not looking for a relationship but I wouldn't mind if someone would help me with my college debt but I know that's not going to happen and any guy I meet here is just going to pressure me into sending nudes or talk about his fantasies.

>> No.9524093

>drinking nice tea
>"lifestyle stuff"
No, that just means you drink tea. There's nothing "lifestyle" or "lolita" about it.

>> No.9524104
File: 1.16 MB, 625x626, 1477274246299.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can see what might make you think that, but being a person, beyond what you think will make you date-able, is the real thing that makes you date-able. Have your own interests and become a whole, self-fulfilling person, then you're more likely to get a date. To summarize, you do you and someone else will want to do you.

>> No.9524109

r u one of those people who thinks lolita is not a subculture?

>> No.9524114


>> No.9524117

S-she literally just said that she's not a lifestyler? What is reading comprehension?

>in a great relationship, boyfriend loves lolita and aristocrat and wants to wear some toned down aristo with me
>6' 3" and fit/lean, but broad shouldered
>look at boz coat
>shoulder width measures 43.5cm
>double check i'm in the mens section

I'm headed to japan in a few weeks and I really wanted to surprise him with some aristocrat

>> No.9524128

How much cm does he need?

>> No.9524140
File: 414 KB, 640x633, 1496193335766.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9524143

I dont have his measurements but definitely somewhere around 50

>> No.9524197

>hanging out with friends in front of Smashburger, drunk
>friend starts throwing shade because she says I spend a ton of money on frivolous things
>her example is a keychain I ordered from Japan for an itabag (it was $10 and another $10 for shipping)
>of course I'm surprised- I'm known for being cheap. "did you see me walk up with the rest of you all to go buy a fast food? no"
>I never eat out, buy cheapass food, only buy clothes/furniture from thrift stores, save all of my money
>only occasionally splurge on lolita fashion and weeb shit, and it's with money I earned while I was in school or at my current job
>this friend is over 60k in student debt, would be much more but her parents shouldered the rest of it and will be in debt the rest of their lives
>meanwhile, me, 1k in student debt because I did well in school and won a giant scholarship, then kept applying to scholarships while in school to keep up on expenses
>she counters "well I'd like to see you try to live on your own." she lives with her boyfriend paying him cheap rent, and they both do laundry at her mom's
>her comment strikes a nerve because I moved back to my home state after graduation unexpectedly
>I gave up job opportunities in the state I attended school at and pushed back grad school plans after a very close aunt who lived with my mom passed away
>my mom asked that I come back to live with her because she can't live alone, and I need to help take care of my aunt's children who now only have their cocaine-addicted uncle
>friend is trying to imply I mooch off my mom when the entire reason I came here to take care of family at the cost of delaying my own career plans

I'm sure she doesn't realize how much that got me, but I'm upset. I'm still down about delaying my plans, and hearing people essentially call me lazy and dependent is horribly irritating to me. Lolita and weeb junk are pretty much the only things I allow myself to indulge in, and even then, I feel guilty because of shit like this.

>> No.9524201

You sound like a great and very responsible person. Don't let that idiot's comment get to you.

>> No.9524224

Your friend sounds bitter and jealous. Even if you did have to move back home you did it for the right reasons and your 'friend' needs to fuck off just because they're unhappy with their own life.

>> No.9524230

It was great, anon! I had such a good time and GOT. COMPLIMENTS. it's made me confident enough to wear lolita daily! Sorry I'm still at a high from the day it was just so much fun

>> No.9524233

Whoops, meant to reply to
>>9524079 this one<<<

>> No.9524294 [DELETED] 

>get sexually assaulted at a con
>guy who did it is a FWB of my best friend
>she takes his side over me
>throws 5 years of friendship down the drain because why not

Everyone is out to get you and don't ever put trust in anyone. They'll throw you away because they got a good dicking from someone who is a total dick.

>> No.9524306
File: 173 KB, 866x1300, 41182716-Tailor-is-angry-because-sewing-machine-is-not-working-Stock-Photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be sewing a buttonhole
>First line goes well
>Change to the other line
>Suddenly needle explodes
>Find three needle pieces, I'm sure some are still missing
>No problem, change the needle
>Begin to sew again
>The second needle breaks half on the same spot
>Get little scared of the machine breakage
>Look closer to the fabric
>Unnatural lump at that spot
>There's a pin inside
>Rip the seam open and take the pin off
>Get the buttonhole done

>> No.9524325

anon, you're an idiot but at least your machine didn't die

>> No.9524382

Why are you all so weak? Like seriously get some thicker skin and grow a pair. Half of your problems would be solved if you just did that.

>> No.9524385

I actually have never heard of VRSA... I most likely have to look it up. I probably should, especially since things are not great right now....

>> No.9524387

Never exploded a needle but almost sewn over a pin so many times. At least you'll serve as an example, I'll pay more attention from now on

>> No.9524388

What the hell, she sounds like a terrible friend. She's definitely projecting super hard- I bet she knows you're not actually mooching but wants to pretend you are to make herself feel better about her own situation.

>> No.9524389

In an odd way I understand what you mean. But, you have to remember many medical practitioners are carriers of MRSA anyway and many people carry staff on their skin normally. Not to mention MRSA can be pretty much on anything and anywhere. On the other hand if what the other anon said is true about VRSA I should go to the hospital.... especially since the old antibiotics didn't do anything and the new antibiotics seem to be doing a little but not much and I have been on them for like 15 days now lol.

>> No.9524414

Anon, this thread isn't for your very worst life problems, it's for cgl-related feels. Of course a lot of them are going to sound minor. Please stop projecting your insecurities on other people who are following thread guidelines.

>> No.9524457
File: 147 KB, 321x321, snooploli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're women, anon.

>> No.9524473

I know this is bait but just yesterday there were a bunch of guys throwing a tantrum about how they needed gfs to teach them how to sew, sooo

>> No.9524479

>honestly thinking the posts here are genuine

>> No.9524492
File: 25 KB, 600x491, 1486695873285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My Landlord got mad at me and demanded I stop working on cosplay in my apartment. Someone has been complaining about the noise from my tools and the smell of paint, so I've been told I have to stop or get evicted.

Is there any place you can rent a workshop area, or will I just have to buy everything until I can afford to rent a house with a garage?

>> No.9524501

Why are you so loud? Get an air purifier and a good fan and work close to your window. Get insulation and work quieter. May be best if you could get a dome in your workspace

>> No.9524511

lolita sometimes makes me have bad feels about my body

>boobs too big
>waist is small enough for almost everything
>too tall so waists of dresses lay on ribcage
>bordering underweight
>nervous to lose more because do not want to be spooky skelly

i had to pass up the most recent MMM release because im over bust measurements by a lot and it's just weighing on me anons

>> No.9524512

Yes check Craigslist, people rent rooms for office space and art stuff.

>> No.9524514

I'm not that loud, they just hate the sound of my Dremel. The walls in my complex are thin and I have a tiny studio so there's really only one place with space to work, and I can't really change my setup at all.

>> No.9524515

>girl I barely know messages me on FB
>"hey, not sure if you're busy but i need help with this cosplay for X upcoming con"
>"I don't know how to sew at all"
>uh, can you send me a picture of what you're trying to make?
>it's a complex, sewing-intensive outfit from LoZ with a difficult wig
>this acquaintance i've met twice wants me to basically make her a cosplay for free
I was thinking I'd just recommend her some patterns she could alter and leave it at that, but this outfit is so weird that I can't even think of a base pattern she could use. I don't even take commissions, so I have no idea where this message is coming from.

>> No.9524522

She probably just doesn't even know enough about sewing to be able to discriminate between something which is relatively simple and relatively difficult. I did almost the exact same thing to a friend a few years ago when I was just starting, thinking they'd be able to just list off a few easy steps to get me on the right track, and instead they just told me the level was way too high for me and I should switch to a different character, so I did that and it was fine. I would just tell this girl that, and as long as it was a genuine mistake and she wasn't angling for a free commission she'll probably take it well.

>> No.9524523
File: 153 KB, 960x720, loliarrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit it off with cute girl
>she lives two states away

>hit it off with cute girl
>she's 15

>hit it off with cute girl
>her girlfriend shows up

>> No.9524524

>Is there any place you can rent a workshop area
Look up hackerspaces

>> No.9524528

I feel this way too. I like my body because I naturally have an exaggerated hourglass shape, but it makes my bust too large to look decent in a lot of things.

Why couldn't I have fallen in love with gyaru instead of lolita

>> No.9524534

This. Just say "hey this is a really hard piece, and I'm having trouble finding anything I can recommend that will help you. Are you dead-set on this or is there a simpler cosplay you can do?"

>> No.9524540

This so much

>dick too big
>six pack too chiseled for almost everything
>too tall
>bordering too strong
>nervous to gain more because do not want to leave humanity behind

Life is so fucking difficult anons.

>> No.9524543

>struggling with the familial guilt. >Parents are abusive pieces of shit(emotional, physical, and sexual), but still feel like I should talk to them because FAMILY.
>Have been unsupportive in every hobby and activity where I want to try to improve myself.
>"we don't want you around those freaks" "nobody will buy your stuff" etc.....
>Realized that if I didn't try keeping up the relationship, they'd ignore my existance.
>they haven't spoken to me in over two months because I haven't been the one to call them.

Fuck these people are horrible human beings and I shouldn't feel guilty for not wanting to be the bigger person in this.

>> No.9524544
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the fattest chick in your comm lands herself a one-chin while you only get approached by the greasy obesey

>> No.9524545
File: 363 KB, 256x198, 1497724897244.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well what do you look like? What's your personality? Hard to imagine why you don't get approached more.

Considering you're dealing with weebs they're most likely too shy to approach you. How do you think you'll respond when a normie does approach you though?

>> No.9524548
File: 291 KB, 700x700, 1496817298968-fit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Life is suffering

>> No.9524552

I would also say if you hint that she should try something easier and she still refuses to switch, I don't think it would be rude to say you can't really help and point her in the way of someone who does take commissions.

>> No.9524559

>wear dollar store panties to the con
>they fall apart within an hour

>> No.9524564

I mean this in the nicest possible way, go to the gym you fat faggot.

>> No.9524565

That's what you get for listening to cheapskates on /cgl/ senpai

>> No.9524566

Well what do you have to offer a boyfriend?

>> No.9524569
File: 144 KB, 492x399, 1497201483334-fit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you dude, gf of 3 years just dumped me and left me for a wall eyed skinhead. Took a bunch of people I thought were my friends and turned them against me. She was cruel, fat, and was obsessed with trying to get me to peg her, and worst of all hated my family and kept trying to drive a wedge between us.

All I have now is a mixed bag of shitty emotions tempered by the gym and my Warhammer cosplays. On the plus side, just started dating this qt ballerina, things looking up.

>> No.9524570

>starting a small collection of lolita dresses
> outfits are simple and I don't meet other lolitas or post anything online.
> finally figured out I want to stick with sweet style and have a high enough paying gig to do so
> start dating older guy with crazy high paying job.

Fuck. I don't want to look like some gross age player in public but I don't see myself falling out of love with the guy or the style anytime soon.

>> No.9524572

I-im halfway to Geralt mode right now

>> No.9524574

How much older is the guy?

>> No.9524579

17 years. We generally care about each other but it did take him some time to get over our age difference. He doesn't mind lolita but he generally prefers my gyaru sets or when I dress slightly more nornie.

>> No.9524587

I'm curious, why? Is it the money meme, a thing for older guys or just chance and all that true love hooha?

>> No.9524589

You really do sound like an age player or a gold digger

>> No.9524590

Post the tumblr senpai

>> No.9524594

We actually have some common ground and our personalities work really well together. He isn't into jfash or conventions but he tries to understand it which is cool.

>> No.9524622

You'll probably forget about it in a few weeks. If it's not something you really love, you're just spending money that you might need later for a dream item.

>> No.9524625

Tim Horton's employee discount.

>> No.9524627
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, platinum-amused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I assume he meant teach about wigs/makeup/clothing/sewing, since it's so shamed that it's practically forbidden for guys to be into or do those things.
Don't know where you live, but I got into all of that without any help from a girl – and it's not like Germany (where I live) is a place where it's completely normal to run around crossdressing. It is weird, it is looked down upon, yes, going out in public is hard – but I can't imagine it gets easier with a gf.
What is difficult is joining “the community”, though; especially when it comes to Lolita. I have a couple of cosplaying friends now, but all of them are male or mtf. Girls may compliment you and you may start talking, but it somehow is more difficult to actually get to know them than to befriend men (at least for me).
Well, life's hard in one way or another for most of us. I for one am glad I can live in a time when males are able and allowed to wear cute dresses at all.

>I've cosplayed and done lolita for a long time, and I've known many men who do either or both. Their love lives are fine
To give you a counter-example, I do both and mine isn't. I wouldn't know how that's related to either, though.

>> No.9524641

>but it somehow is more difficult to actually get to know them
I avoid becoming too friendly with guys because in the end they always try to sleep with me, or they think I'm trying to sleep with them. The male friends I have are from when I still had a bf.

>> No.9524649

in America, it's not considered normal or even acceptable in most areas, unless you're deep in a major city.
I even got weird looks and questions from employees when I had to ask them for a small sewing kit so I could reattach a button. They kept asking about "can't your girlfriend do It hun?"

and I used to know a girl who worked at Victoria's Secret and then selling makeup. She would tell me about all the "freaks" buying and asking about things "for their girlfriends" and how the employees always have a laugh when they leave.

Things like this are really far from the social norm for guys here.

>> No.9524655

I'm not entirely convinced that this isn't some long-winded bait but if you're so thin-skinned that you can't handle randos talking about you behind your back this hobby probably isn't for you.

>> No.9524687
File: 174 KB, 279x400, 1443948146936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been to my first big lolita event
>this is going to be amazing
>holy shit it was the most boring thing I ever did
>everybody is praising the event

I feel so bad about myself. I always wanted to go to a lolita event and it hurts so much to find out it's not my thing at all. I wanted to like it, I wanted to make lolita friends, but trying to bond with strangers only talking about dresses doesn't work for me. Especially if this what 90% of the event is about.
Well, back to being a lone lolita.

>> No.9524690

Oh no honey, I feel you. I've been a lolita for nearly 5 years and I never go to events anymore, I've basically graduated to being a lone lolita. Tea parties are the fucking worst.

>> No.9524723

be direct but polite, tell her you can't make the outfit or direct her to a base because of its complexity and if she's a decent person she'll surely be understanding about it

>> No.9524725

The only events I go to now are tea parties. I want to stop tho because my comm is full of alt righters.

>> No.9524727
File: 202 KB, 318x325, 832286.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9524737

>Be me
>Get dumped by Lolita gf (saying I should find someone who's content with my looks)
>I get with a girl that tried to get with me 7 months ago; we'll call her B
>Gets with B (protected relations)
>B smokes weed in my hotel room while I'm downstairs in the lobby
>MFW rooms smells like weed
>I kick her out of my room
>I wore protection while having relations, but blood got on crotch and she said she's clean
>I go to the emergency room, because I'm fucking retarded and drugs scare me
>I offer to pay for the blood test and give her $100 if she come to the hospital at 2 AM. (I have a doctors note)
>B gets pissed that I'm freaking out and calling/texting her at 2 AM
>B edits text that makes it seem I was offering money for relations and sends it the mods. (obviously being questioned multiple times about her cleanliness offended her)
>I get kicked out of the comm
>Comm mods refuse to listen to my side of story, because they think I'm guilty AF.
>My ex girlfriend who I hate with a passion convinces them to listen,
>The mods get unedited text from another person that shows B was lying.
>My reputation has been cleared and I can eventually return to the comm (according to one of the mods), but fuck I'd have to deal with my ex and B.

>> No.9524740

Why did they even let you into the emergency room with something like that?

>> No.9524741

>I'm fucking retarded

>> No.9524743

because when I said blood got on me they started worrying too. Anyway everyone agrees that I way over reacted.

>> No.9524756

>Be me

Who else would you be?

>> No.9524761

Good. Fuck kids at the con.

>> No.9524762

just do your stuff outside at the parking lot and take it inside when it gets dark or rainy

>> No.9524767

>be you
>be a total newfag
And I don't throw that word around lightly

>> No.9524769

Please for the love of God, lurk at least One Day before posting.

>> No.9524786

Both of you just fell for this meme.

>> No.9524853

>assuming someone you apparently liked enough to have sex with has an STD because they smoked weed
>go to emergency room and waste everyone's time and money because of your assumptions
Jesus, you are a fucking retard.

>> No.9524862

just a rebound.
I brushed my teeth like 6 times that night and used to 2 things of mouth wash. I took like 3 showers that night.

>> No.9524874

You don't choose who you're born with in life, but you can choose who stays. Cutting out toxic people is hard but its for the best, keep it up.

>> No.9525036
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finding something attractive and fetishizing it are not the same thing, anon. there's a dehumanizing element to fetishizing something.

>> No.9525040

It's literally the same. Everything I find attractive I want to fuck.
Every article of clothing can be sexual.

>> No.9525042
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fuck off, having huge boobs and being tall is incredibly inconvenient when you're into lolita and really any other cute, feminine style

just because it wouldn't make you self conscious doesn't mean it wouldn't someone else

>> No.9525053

Having a large dick, being tall, and chiseled abs is incredibly inconvenient when I just want to be a trap and cosplay as cute girl characters.

>> No.9525055
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thinking a person looks attractive in lolita =/= lolita fetish.

there is definitely a difference, one being that people with lolita fetishes often want to fuck you while you're wearing your lolita clothes. they tend to expect you to be a luvly loli and typically expect you to be submissive/childish/into maid shit because that plays into their fetish. their "attraction" is independent of you, it's centered around lolita itself.

i'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but you're definitely fucking lost if you don't see the difference or why someone might not like it.

>> No.9525058
File: 373 KB, 540x684, 1492828445663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fair enough

>> No.9525061

I want to fuck a submissive girl in lolita and don't care about lolita at all. I'm pretty sure most dudes would want to fuck a highly feminine girl in feminine clothing. It seems like a silly thing to be worried about.

>> No.9525066
File: 760 KB, 760x839, 1497395129320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if what you're wanting to avoid is some dude wanting you to be submissive for him because of your feminine wardrobe, then it absolutely is a thing to worry about

it's fine for women who are submissive i guess but don't you guys know we get fucking sick of you making everything about you and your dicks? i want to enjoy frills without dealing with your nasty boner.

>> No.9525078

That's fine. You can have your frills. Men don't just pop boners all the time you know.

>> No.9525203

thanks for being nice anon

tbf my tits aren't huge, they're small in Western sizing (89 cm). just too big for moitie.

>> No.9525544

No you fuck off with your weird humble bragging shit

>> No.9527090

i love you

>> No.9529140

>Big boobs
What are binders
>Be tall
You can use underskirts. I have the ribcage problem and i'm on average height, so maybe it's the dress and not you.
Made me kek

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