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Old thread hit bump limit. >>9512391

Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burando to Goodwill? Share those cgl feels!

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who /terriblebodyimage/ here? I can't tell if lolita makes it better or worse

>friends planning con trip a ways out of town
>lots of coordinating to do
>try to ask questions, propose hotel plans and stuff
>left on read whenever i talk about the trip
>friends start to talk to me less and less

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wrong react

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>skinnyfat guy
>literally every guy I see at cons either uses steroids, is ridiculously skinny, or is 6 inches taller than me
I seriously hate this
it was bad enough when some girl I was chasing after all weekend turned me down because she wanted a shot at boning a 6'5 transvestite

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I'm fucking fuming because some random cowardly ass no-dick cocksucker gave my kid sister a wedgie at OMGcon. Then he disappeared into the crowd.

If anybody saw it, he was wearing dinosaur pee-jays and she was dressed as the blue haired man from draMAGICal Murder.

She's only 12 and she had her underwear almost ripped clean off. If anyone knows who I may be talking about, PLEASE comment. The piss-shit-and-cum-cocktail-guzzling con security did JACK SHIT.

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Call the police. I'm pretty sure a grown man touching a 12 year olds underwear is something they should handle.

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Are you me?

Besides the 6 foot transvestite thing i think you might have to handle that one on your own

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Wait why was your 12 year old sister dressed up like the protag of a gay porno.

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I've been a lone lolita for 4-ish years and I just recently got the courage to join the facebook group for the local comm. There's a meet coming up soon (on the 24th) and I'm really, really freaking out about it. I'm scared to death of going but I also don't want to be a lone lolita for the rest of forever. It's stressing me out way more than it should.

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>Girlfriend broke up with me Halloween night
>Start working out, getting life back on trap
>Stress of college starts adding up. Each class has project.
>Don't have time or motivation to make healthy food or work out
>Too focused on not failing class so I can graduate
>Each day end up buying shitty food
>Gain ton of weight
>Was already chubby before
>Straight up fat now
>Anime Midwest in 25 days
>Staying at home with parents
>Diet has been worse than ever
>All the food mom makes is processed to shit or covered in butter
>Any attempt at saying "Hey I'm making my own food now" devolves to mom taking it personally
>Starting to abuse my ADD meds to curb hunger and prevent snacking

I just want to start my career so I can get my own place so I can try to get my life back on track. I'm trying to get beach-body ready for Colossal, but my mother is passively sabotaging my weight lose.

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Did con security really not care that someone grabbed her underwear???

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Security said they would find him and went hunting, but never heard back from them. I think he got a way.

He did more than grab, it broke a strap on her thong.

Sorry for the picture, it's all I have on my phone.

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You'll be very happy if you go there and make a friend! I hope it works out. Just do your best to be social.

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So... they DID help?

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I think the first thing you need to do is stop making excuses. Understand that you have control over what you buy to eat and, if the only food being presented to you is overly fatty, you can control how much of it you eat. Don't turn into an obsessive calorie counter but do maybe ask to use a smaller plate and when buying food for yourself spend a little longer finding a healthier option.

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Why was your 12 year old sister wearing a thong that was readily accessible to grab

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Not that anon, but it's not super uncommon for girls to wear thongs at that age? It might seem young to us oldfags but I still remember hearing girls when I was that age that had just gotten their first thong. It's one of those "you're a woman now" things like a period is.

Also, shit happens. She could've leaned down to grab something and it have rode up. But based off what anon said originally, I'm guessing he grabbed both her pants and underwear and that caused it to rip when he pulled.

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>ordered three items from IW's sale
>two out of three items are sold out
>received invoice anyway
>paying ridiculous shipping fees for a headbow
T-Thanks IW

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K but where can I get a list of parents who let their 12 year olds wear thongs so i can smack them?

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So she already had a wedgie?

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>no conventions in my area but want to go to one 3~4hours away.
>No1 to go with therefore no1 to hotel with


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>when inspiration for the perfect coord for an event slaps you in the face after days of worrying

I feel like I was divinely inspired, it's literally perfect.

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>tfw some bitch wears a marijuana themed coord to tea

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>little girl with her thong pulled high, dressed as a gay dude
>gets a wedgie from a dinosaur

Cons are special.

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>super low on money
>Miku store has 50% off sale
>resist the temptation

I'm proud.

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Who else would dress up like a character from a gay porno?

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>hot girl asks me to crouch near her ass for a picture
>gladly oblige
>mfw poo smell

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>mom texts a pic of me in my coord to granny
>granny calls; says I'm going to hell for being fat

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>hanging out with friends (age group of 27-34 years old)
>one of the guys mentioned to me he started dating a cosplayer, I would like her
>goes on to say he met her while cosplaying deadpool/joker
>doubt I'd like someone who's impressed by that cringe cosplay but k
>other friend asks him "how old is she? lets hope she's not fresh out of highschool"
>he gets quiet
>"she is"
>everyone at this point goes "is what"
>he says "she is in highschool"
>entire group's face is pic related

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Anonymouse bitcoin debitcard!

I found it !


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Had a friend who dated a guy that young when she was in her late 20s and it was a disaster. She was only with him so she could mooch a place to live off his parents.

We didn't know he was that young until he came to a friend's housewarming. Dude got completely blind-as-fuck plastered because he was 18 and thought that's what you do at parties. No one else paid attention to how much he was drinking, because none of us realised he was only 18, or that he was guzzling drinks as quickly as he could get his hands on them. Someone eventually clued in to the fact that he had alcohol poisoning when he disappeared for about an hour, because he had basically passed out in the spare toilet, covered in his own puke.

His girlfriend was off somewhere else having a catch-up and got mad that we didn't babysit his ass. We eventually did a rough count, based on what other people saw him drink, and estimated he downed a good 15-20 drinks in about three hours, before he ended up chain-puking in the bathroom.

They stayed together a few more years until she finished her masters. He proposed to her at one point, and she said yes (because otherwise she'd be homeless....). As soon as she got a new job, she dumped him, and found a new boyfriend. All in about the same week. It was kind of mind-blowing how fast it ended, but it was hardly surprising.

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>tfw will never go to a con in 2004

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>be me at 2:30 AM, organizing wardrobe
>notice strangely discolored button on one of my dresses
>brush it off since it's secondhand and years old but suddenly think: could this be a fucking replica or something
>spend the next half hour obsessively googling pictures of both the replicas and the releases
>print is aligned exactly like the first release
>lace checks out
>tag checks out
>it's real

now i can go to fucking sleep instead of obsessing over a button discolored either by age or by the last owner

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>Have no friends outside of conventions
>One friend only ever talks to me to ask if I want to fuck him, assume he got the "no" message since he's completely stopped talking to me altogether
>Two friends stopped speaking to me when they got girlfriends, but still speak to all other friends we share, many of them girls
>Those are some of my closest friends
>Near entire friend group ignored me when a family member died last month, but supported another friend in the same situaiton at the same time
>They never invite me to hang out but thinks I'm ok with listening to the fun things they do together without me
>Announced recently on FB that I'm quitting the community because the above behavior is making me seriously depressed, best friend liked the post and hasn't really said anything to me since

>tfw your entire social life is a lie

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I saw a girl at a con who couldn't have been older than 12 dressed as Shimakaze. Thong pulled high, asscheeks showing and everything.

Her mom was RIGHT THERE with her like this was normal.

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wtf mom

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A cosplay I wanted to do just cause it'll be cheap and fun is turning out far more expensive and time-intensive than I planned.

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i saw a similar sight, only it was suicide squad Harley Quinn, tiny booty shorts and all. blech. i was a bit of a jailbait kid but my parents didn't know about it for fuck's sake

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>tfw cons are different now

con, 2008
>get pulled aside by cosplayers from the same series and asked to hang out
>act in character all day
>never see eachother again
>repeat for each and every con

con, 2014+
>see another cosplayer from the same series
>hang out for a quick photoshoot
>no one hangs out
>no one acts in character
>everyone goes their seperate ways

what the fuck happened, I want to go back. I

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I have finally lost some weight. Let it be only 6 pounds/3 kg it feels good. I already fit a bit better in some dresses. It's not much but made me feel so much better and more motivated to loose the remaining 5kg to hit my goal weight. Hopefully I will then fit into some of my dresses with my arms.

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At the same time, panels and guests are better. I remember travelling long distances to see guests at conventions in 2004, thinking that it'd be my only shot to see [band/actor/producer from Japan] ever. Now, overseas guests do circuits and hit tiny local cons whose biggest guests used to be local authors and shit.

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Not only that, it was easier to make friends back in the day. Nowadays, everyone has their group and rarely socialise outside of it.
Last many times I've tried to make new friends, I've either only received facebook page information (to go and like it) or be told that they only give their contact info out to their nearest friends.

I just want to go back to the old days, no social media, noone striving to become famous, people actually caring about the source material of their cosplay, people/cosplayers/photographers actually being there because they love popculture, etc.
I never thought I'd say this but.. I actually miss obnoxious cosplay teens. My last straw back in the day was 5 teenage girls shrieking "YAOI" and nearly deafening me, but I miss that. I want that back. I don't care about partying, fucking or sitting around with the same people all weekend, I want to meet new people and be a stupid nerd with fellow fans again.

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I'd get slapped with yaoi paddles and get glomped just to go back to those times.

>see ouran HS group
>one guy in the group (mori)
>ask to take a picture with them, with them pretending i'm a patron of the host club
>The Mori smacks me in the goddamn face with a heavy "IM YAOI" wooden picket sign, covers my face with his sign ruining the entire photo
>holy fuck it hurt and the photo wasn't good.
I'd take THAT again.

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I miss the yaoi crowd too. They still exist but they're not quite the norm and suddenly you're either a moral ruler or you're disgusting trash because fiction = reality kek
I do AAs and I always get anxious people will throw a shitfit at the mxm ships I draw being teens from whatever show, because apparently some folk think you're a pedo for liking cartoons fucking if they're not 18 (the magical age where everyone turns into a mature adult after the midnight of their 18th bday, makes me think these people were never
teens at all, or didn't know many teens. Anywho). This shit feels like it went full circle because I remember in the late 90's/early 2000s everyone going into hysteria about hentai and thinking all anime was weird japanese porn. Then we had peace and lj groups and whatever wank happened, everyone kept to themselves or on fandom wank and encyclopedia dramatica or here. Now we have blue hell.

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Tfw E3 this week and Anime Expo at the end of this month after i just move and spent a lot of my money on a quite fair bit of furniture.

I feel like I'm not going to make it to AX, but we will see. Not too bummed since I picked up my pass during the black Friday sale.

People wear thongs for non sexual reasons, like the fact that they are comfy and/or don't show lines. How sheltered are you? The first thong thing is pretty common, and is generally a joke by the mom. Better to curb it by having a parent joke about it/buy it than have them sneaking off to try and buy a thong by themselves to "act sexy".

>> No.9517988


know of at least one cosplayer whose mother is treating her and cosplay like one of those fucked up beauty reagents , basically roleplaying as manager of a famous softporn cosplay model

>> No.9518011

>Crossplaying as L in 2008
>A group of overweight Death Note cosplayers spot me and start following me, screaming "L!!!! L!!!!!!!!!!! LLLLLL!!!"
>I'm shy, but finally turn around and go "y-yes...?"
>A fat Light tackles me to the ground, gets on top of me and tries taking off my pants
>Mortified and scared beyond of cosplaying from anything popular for years afterwards

But fuck me at least these people made an effort at trying to be social even if that behavior is just not ok. I want this back again.

>> No.9518015


No IW invoice yet. Guess everything I wanted was sold out...

>> No.9518033

"bodyimage" more like who much I hate myself - image and Lolita makes it def worse

>> No.9518044

I got a crossplay story from that time too
>crossplay as Itachi to anime club
>two fat weebs see me
>nearly rip my goddamn arms off trying to fight over me
>never crossplayed again

everyone's so anti-social at cons now, I wonder why? I'd take that over being looked at funny for trying to socialize with strangers

>at AX
>see some girls cosplaying cutesy anime characters
>I am also cosplaying a cutesy anime character
>they talk loudly about magical girl wands on display and wishing they could get them
>at this point, I come in, tell them their cosplays are adorable, tell them where to get the wands and that they're customizable, saying I want one too
>I have never recieved such stank faces in my life for trying to be helpful and informative before and I work customer service

>> No.9518048

>Have to pay £140 customs
Kill me

>> No.9518055

>seller charged me 90 dollars "rushed tailoring" fee for it to be done in 2 to 3 weeks
>Been 3 weeks
>Seller keeps dodging me
>No time for anything else before con
When do you guys draw the line and just charge back? I'm starting to think it's never coming.

>> No.9518057

The day after I receive a late delivery.

>> No.9518077

Does anyone else find brolitas sexually attractive?

I woke from a dream where I had successfully wifed up a brolita.

>> No.9518080

You sound like a fetish baiting brolita.

>> No.9518084

This is why im a lone lolita. A stuffed bear is my best friend now. Sad!

>> No.9518091

I think a bunch of my friends are turning on me. they all have separate discord that i have not been invited to

>> No.9518097

Forgot to ask my SS from taobao to mark down a package. Now customs will hit me.
I should not have assumed they mark down as default.
never again

>> No.9518104

It not common where I come from and I've worn thongs before and they aren't at all comfortable. Having something riding up and caressing my asshole isn't comfortable.

Stop making excuses.

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anon, go to a third world country. I live in one and we're only just getting anime cons- from what the pictures I've seen of 2004 cons i'ts exactly the same just different characters. pic related is from the last con I went to, december last year

>> No.9518121

Ask them to invite you instead of jumping to conclusions.

>> No.9518131

It's as if different people find different things comfortable. Thongs were uncomfortable to me for a while as well until I bought the right ones and now I wear them as my primary underwear because they are comfy. Get that thong out of your ass and live a little, anon. :^)

>> No.9518134

Nothing wrong with that. She's probably not a good conversationalist, but the sex is great I'm sure.
I doubt he's looking for a wife/life partner.

>> No.9518143

My friend is 30 and has worked a minimum wage theatre job for 13 years, lives with his parents and has an unusable degree. He only dates highschoolers because people around his age know better. Last girl his age he dated was fucking insane, its all he will get. He is looking for a wife. He wants to settle down and marry ASAP. Its sad, yet amusing to watch.

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This sounds like me in two years.

>> No.9518245

>get some photos back from a shoot
>one awkward pose makes me look pudgy
>know I'm nowhere near overweight but can't stop thinking I'm fat
>because of ONE bad photo
As if my relationship with food wasn't already unhealthy. One of my main fears in life is getting fat which really impacts how I eat. I wouldn't say it's an eating disorder because I eat but not nearly as much as I should (usually only one decent meal a day, sometimes two on a good day). I've been working on a meal plan but now I just feel like I'm gross and shouldn't do anything but workout more.

>> No.9518251

Sounds like an ED to me anon.

>> No.9518257

How tall are you that other guys are 6 inches taller than you?

>> No.9518259

Nope. I hope my bf never shows interest in wearing lolita because it's a huge turnoff for me.

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>tired at the con and want to sit down
>decide to hit one of the rooms
>some chick is rapping onstage
>"twerked so hard, lost my weave! bad dudes out on christmas eve!"


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>surprise no work day
>feel so happy about it I decide to go get some cake in lolita
>get on the metro and head to cake shop
>feeling so good I decide to get off a stop early and walk through a park
>walking through the park without a care in the world when I hear something coming from behind
>I turn around and immediately get jumped on by a huge white dog
>scares the fuck out of me so I slap it away
>it gets back up and bites my jsk
>start kicking and screaming for help
>slowly tearing my jsk
>feel so desperate like I'm going to die maybe a panic attack idk?
>literally crying as it rips away my jsk
>hear tire screech and suddenly this guy comes and kicks the shit out of the dog.
>dog takes a huge chunk out of my dress
>collapse to the ground and sob uncontrollably
>The guy wrestles with the dog and holds on to it's snout so it can't bite him
>a hipsterish looking couple run out and start screaming at the guy
>I guess they're were at an enclosed dog park and the dog somehow got out
>they get control of the dog and the boyfriend starts getting in the dog kicker guys face. (Probably saw when he kicked the dog)
>he slaps the shit out of the hipster guy and the gf starts yelling STAHHHP STAAHHHP while trying to hold back the dog
>i sorta block out the aruguing because im still in shock on the floor wanting to die.
> I snap out of it as the guy picks me me up and puts me in his car (not literally just like stands me up and walks me there)
>he has a smirk on his face and asks me how much my dress was worth
>I look down at my ripped AP jsk. Pettis ripped the fuck out as Well
>got it second hand for 180 but I'm too much of a beta and I tell him 140
>sob in the car as he talks to them
> I look so fucking crazy the entire front half of my jsk is gone and my Pettis are a mess.
>the boyfriend goes across the street to a gas station and comes back and gives the dog kick guy something
>We drive off and he hands me 260$

>> No.9518283

I know a guy like that. He's always saying that the teenagers he dates are mature for their age, but they're really the opposite. It doesn't take long for them to wise up to what a loser he is and dump him. Women his age won't touch him with a ten foot pole. His best chance is to date someone who's as much of a loser as he is, but his standards are higher than they have any right to be.

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He demanded money from them otherwise he was going to call the police and have his dog put down. Also he kept 40$ as a "commission fee" . anyway,

>he drives me home
>not sure if I'm more scared of the dog or how he extorted them.
>I thank him and awkwardly run into my apartment with my fucking Pettis flopping about.

It was one of the worst days of my life. At Least I got money I guess...

>> No.9518286

I guess I have a hard time classifying it as that. I had a shitty diet for years and now I eat healthier but I still don't eat as much as I should (I don't get near enough calories in a day). I'm rarely very hungry so it's a matter of training myself to eat at certain times which is hard for me.

I used to live with someone who was obese and seeing the way they ate disgusted me so much that I never want to be that way. It's definitely something that I'm trying to work on but I worry so much about my body. It's stupid but those photos really ruined my day

>> No.9518298

My abusive ex proposed to his new girlfriend at the con I went to last weekend. Nobody knew about our relationship so it's not something I could talk openly about. Now all my friends are happy for them and I feel totally empty inside.

>> No.9518302


Why? Do you still like him? Or because he's abusive?

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>> No.9518330

At least you can make the rest of your JSK into kawaii pillows.

>> No.9518367

6 feet tall

>> No.9518380

rooming with random people can sometimes be the best! They might be looking for new friends too. I do it every year for AX and its been so fun.

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>want to commission a costume piece
>go to a friend of mine because he's done some nice small pieces for me before
>item takes five months to make despite being relatively simple
>okay, no biggie, I told them I didn't need it until August
>item arrives
>broken in two places
>let them know, they tell me how to fix it
>okay sure I can do that
>fix it up, attempt to try it on
>the thigh strap is my waist measurement
>the waist strap is my thigh measurement
>I was supposed to have a shoot this weekend


>> No.9518409

Not necessarily, you might still get your stuff or at least some of it. I hope you don't have to pay out the ass for a hair accessory like I did though!

>> No.9518410

Absolutely not.

>> No.9518414

how tf does someone mix up a thigh and a waist measurement??

>> No.9518415

That's terrifying. Good thing truck guy made it right.

Turn your shredded dress into pantsus.

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>> No.9518419

Oh hey anon, a couple of comms I'm in had meets on the 24th too. You should go! You might meet new people and make friends.

>> No.9518420

Sounds like you never got your cake either.

>> No.9518424

I visited my first brand shop today. I tried on a dress I loved and the shop girl was very nice to me.
I'm so happy

>> No.9518427


>> No.9518429

Or ironing board covers

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Boy, that was wild from start from finish. Oh my god.
I'm sorry for you anon, at least you got some money so it's not completely lost. But he gave you money to make up for it so it's not all lost. I hope it wasn't a dress you were emotionally attached to or something.

>> No.9518437

I'm so sorry, anon, that's awful! What dress was it? Maybe post it in the dream dress thread (or here) so people can help you find another one to replace it? I'll gladly help you look if you want.

>> No.9518458

that's a cute cat

>> No.9518463

it's a possum ye twerp

>> No.9518469

its actually a tet.

>> No.9518476

Dassa rat

>> No.9518488

I need to go back to Lolcow then. A girl can dream...

>> No.9518496
File: 376 KB, 400x529, cat found.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9518504

>been planning to go up to NYC for 3 months to see Anastasia
>really want to hit up the baby outlet there
>check their site
>Anastasia dress sent
>holy shit, perfect to wear to see it
>play is at 2pm
>baby opens at 1pm
>oh well, I'll order it an have it delivered!
>sees the colorway that I want is sold out
I don't even think I'll be able to make it up to the baby store, now, with how the timing is working out.
I'm really sad now, because I really wanted to go to the outlet...

>> No.9518509

No, it's a cat

>> No.9518510

Aw that's so sweet, i know that feel and it's such a good memory.
What brand shop did you go to and where, i'm curious?

Silly gulls it's obviously a dog

>> No.9518521
File: 58 KB, 256x256, face-with-tears-of-joy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My cgl friend just told me she has no intent on dating ANYONE

I feel like this should hurt more but im somewhat fine with being friends makes the fun last longer

>> No.9518527

I wouldn't date you either if you use emojis like that.

>> No.9518622

>tfw fat dude
>tfw want to cosplay all the manga characters i love
>tfw the only character i've ever done a good cosplay of was fucking doctor eggman since it's one of the few characters i like with my body type

>> No.9518647

Haha that's sweet of her letting you down gently. Don't worry she'll be hooking up with a cute boy inside of three months.

>> No.9518657


By cgl friend , do you mean online friend or real friend?

>> No.9518684
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1474862929368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Legit question, why do people click the like button on Facebook sales they don't want to buy?
And is it just my bad luck or is it normal on there to say you want to buy an item but completely ignore the seller after that? It literally happened for the 6th time today in the last two weeks.

>> No.9518703
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I once saw a tween-looking MeMeMe chilling with her dad. Doesn't he know these cons are full of lolly-obsessed degenerates?

>> No.9518734
File: 90 KB, 660x495, wtfcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl in my comm always wears a diaper to meets
>it crinkles every time she sits
>comm treasurer publicly calls her out on her ageplay BS
>turns out she's been incontinent since a back injury last year
>ofw awkward silence

>> No.9518738

keep your ntr fantasies to /trash/

>> No.9518761

I aspire to be that kind of man

>> No.9518765
File: 24 KB, 600x484, 1497320751960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh my God thats so sad

>> No.9518771

Doesn't matter why they do it, just know that likes bumps your post to the top of the group and the posts with the most likes tend to end up on people's newsfeeds. People liking your sales makes more people see it, the more people who see it the more likely it is to sell.

You're whining about a good thing.

>> No.9518781

is she cute tho''

>> No.9518783

that poor girl

>> No.9518804

>the thigh strap is my waist measurement
>the waist strap is my thigh measurement
Nani the fuck

>> No.9518817

call her 'crinklebutt

>> No.9518863
File: 131 KB, 526x315, pic1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please tell me you are getting some sort of refund.

>> No.9518870
File: 2.60 MB, 640x360, 1434128373571.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Had to move crafting space three times in the last year
>Finally finished last move and almost done organizing.
I can't wait to actually start working on things. I wish I could afford decent storage but whatever.

>> No.9518880

If you start dieting now you could be in shape to cosplay them next year! That's what I did, and I'm on my final 5 lbs and extremely happy I did it.

>> No.9518883
File: 865 KB, 300x180, 1484853323-08.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Even if she was ageplaying what do you guys care? Was her diaper bothering you that much? I don't care if a gull gets fucked immediately after a comm meet. Aslong as her coord is nice and her personality is good.


>implying half of lolitas haven't had sex in lolita anyway

>> No.9518884

Maybe she was lying to throw you off

>> No.9518888
File: 5 KB, 200x200, lowqualitybait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying lolitas would fuck in lolita and risk their dresses when people can't even smoke in brand without being shamed

>> No.9518890
File: 529 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o3e6sbBShp1tlazn5o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cum isn't lava it won't ruin your brand. Also it's mostly the Pettis that get dirty.

>> No.9518897

It's not just cum, it's sweat too. Lolita gets unbearably hot in so much as the wrong weather.

>> No.9518910

sweat is washable.

i don't get it, does nobody here know how to wash their clothes?

>> No.9518913


this, sweat stains only really happen when you let it set in.

>not washing brand after every wear

>> No.9518919
File: 148 KB, 2500x1645, 105495DD-E4D8-483D-8DD6-796C50CFF569-3506-0000039135964336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9518920


ugg detected.

if you have a bf and he doesn't want to fuck you in it, hes a faggot. not that you would know since you've never had a boyfriend.

>> No.9518932

I hope you got hero guy's contact info.

I understood that reference.

>> No.9518937
File: 36 KB, 625x626, 164D907F-6982-461B-82A9-5B1FB2AA7F07-20004-0000161272EB6922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9518940

Your cgl friend, as in your friend who's on /cgl/? Won't she see this and know it's about her?

>> No.9518946
File: 122 KB, 1080x946, 18953248_669549436573661_9104631177414060453_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chauffeur my sister to her comm meetings
>get a crush on a girl there
>strike up several conversations with her
>find out today that, when she farts, it makes the air around her butt smell like poop

>> No.9518959


>sisters friend

stay away from underaged girls freak.

>> No.9518961

>air around her but smells bad post fart

you mean... she's human?!

>> No.9518967

Silly anon don't you know, real girls don't poop.

>> No.9518970

Dump her ass.

>> No.9518978

Sounds like she has to.

>> No.9519018

>go to first con earlier this year as a 31 yr old
>they really are full of stinky gross horny teens
>disgusting filthy faces and hands coated in presumably shit crust, ramune, and pocky
>greasy adult weebs embarrassing themselves infront of panel audiences
>pornographic fan prints lining the stalls
>the dance was full of white pimply teens doing drugs openly humping and gyrating more graphically than I've seen at gay clubs in the castro before last call
I definitely would not have been into this social scene as a teenager.
everything i've heard over the years was more true and more horrifying than i believed and i am saddened.

>> No.9519026

Go to a con that skews older. I went to my first Dragoncon last year and it had surprisingly few kids.

>> No.9519033

that's on the other side of the country.
are there any adult oriented ones on the west coast?

>> No.9519039

AX has plenty of adult events.

>> No.9519041

anime and video games are for kids, old man.

>> No.9519049

I felt the same way when I went to Acen
it just seemed like an excuse for 16 year olds to do coke and drink

>> No.9519094
File: 39 KB, 640x905, dih6m2kefuuxqchhspkvgco7h2s6lp2x_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Posted feel last thread about friend turned classmate holding my hand. I can't stop thinking about him but I know there's no future together. I've been trying to drown out my thoughts by throwing myself at my boyfriend, but it's not working.
It doesnt help that my bf dislikes lolita but my friend likes it... sigh. I'm hoping we can just go back to being friends without it being weird

>> No.9519095

Just have two (2) boyfriends.

>> No.9519098

I wish haha. But we're all working towards that next level, and I know both guys want to settle down. I feel like I share more in common with my friend than I did my bf, but my bf is a great guy and I can't leave him.

>> No.9519102

>I can't stop thinking about him
He can't stop thinking about you either, just so you know.

>> No.9519115

My thighs are same size as my waist, but I can't imagine them being bigger...

>> No.9519117

We're gonna make it, anons

>> No.9519121


>> No.9519126

Well we talked earlier today about picking up hot bitches for him at a karaoke bar this friday. I'm hoping that's his way of saying we're still cool? IDK...thinking about him makes my heart race and that's really bad

>> No.9519132

It can't be helped.

>> No.9519145

>my bf dislikes lolita
Dump his ass

>> No.9519151

I'm an ageplaying camgirl and nobody knows.

I don't wear diapers though. I ageplay as a 12-14ish year old.

>> No.9519162

do you look down on baby/diaper age payers?

>> No.9519178

I can't, we're kind of in it for the long haul...he doesn't mind that I wear it, but he's literally told me "I don't fucking care about lolita" when we got into an argument. I just wanted him to ask how an important tea party went...

>> No.9519181

>plan a couple cosplay with a friend
>best fucking cosplay ever, so excite
>finally finish our costumes, looking cute as hell
>con is next weekend
>friend gets sick and might have to skip the con
>fuck everything
I mean my character works alone too so Ill probably still wear it but its going to be sad and lonely as hell without her. Im desperately hoping she will get better in time for the con but its 2 days from now so the chances are kinda slim.
We even had a photoshoot scheduled together and everything. Obviously her health is more important than cosplay, but ive been looking forward to this for months so i feel really bummed.

>> No.9519199

Omg still analyzing over here. When we were hanging out, I made him an origami heart out of an old receipt paper. I threw it at him as a joke about leaving trash in his car and he put it on his dash. He also dropped me off last even though our mutual friend lives closer to him than I do.
>I just drew a picture of him and am going to hide it in his car on friday, is this wrong?

>> No.9519203

Yes, it's wrong. You're just going to end up hurting him more. I feel sorry for the guy.

>> No.9519204

This is either borderline or straight up emotional affair territory, anon. If you want to stay with your boyfriend you really need to dial back your friendship with him. Or break it off with your boyfriend and date this guy. You can't have both.

>> No.9519211

>all these monogamists

>> No.9519212
File: 415 KB, 654x702, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me wearing lolita to a con for the first time
>wearing head to toe AP
>either smile at or compliment every other lolita i see
>literally all of the bodyline-chans averted their eyes or made an unpleasant face
>all (but one) of the other lolitas in burando were extremely nice and complimented me back

and people say that brandwhores are the meanies

>> No.9519228

Most polygamists don't like being cheated on either. Usually you have to still tell your partner(s) you're fooling around with someone else at the very least.

>> No.9519234

anon. if you are even CONSIDERING other boys that hard, leave your boyfriend, he's clearly not doing it for you.
if you daydream about spending time with another man who likes you more than your own boyfriend, move the fuck on.

>> No.9519241

>worked my ass off this year to lose weight for a con fashion show
>just found out I wasn't even Ben selected for it
>a bunch of my friends were
>been super depressed ever since, can't even focus on work and reversed into someone while driving in

>> No.9519243

Thanks for giving me hope anon

>> No.9519251
File: 160 KB, 550x395, Sewing Galore By Rene.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I started in 1999 and man do I miss it. I've gotten somewhat used to not hanging out anymore but I miss making new friends.
I also miss when everyone made their own stuff. Not for the obvious reason though...
I'm fairly talented at sewing, meaning my stuff looks properly finished and all that. As a result no one cares anymore. If it's too good looking (unless it's armor or something equally un-buyable) everyone assumes you bought it.

Clean looking knife pleats? Taobao
Proper bangs? Ebay
Topstiching? You had it commissioned

No one thinks you made it yourself anymore.

>> No.9519258

>My abusive ex proposed to his new girlfriend

Wait it out. Abuse usually worms its way out into the open. When it does you can talk about it.

>> No.9519262

I went to AP Paris. I don't own brand yet but now I know I'll go for AP first. I'm checking sales everyday.

>> No.9519267


No seriously have two boyfriends. If you are under 27 you shouldn't be focusing on settling down.

That should settle where your loyalties lie.

>> No.9519268


Aw man Anon, I feel for ya. I hate it when something awesome is planned and then poof it's gone.

Maybe think about next con, and a non-con photoshoot. With the extra time you have now you can perfect everything.

>> No.9519270

Stop being a selfish slut and dump your poor boyfriend

Poly scum

>> No.9519276

>actually in an open/poly relationship
Though OPs situation isn't that at all...

>> No.9519299

This won't end well, anon. You should talk to your bf because there's more going on than him not liking lolita; you're clearly looking for something that he's not giving.

You'll either be able to fix it or you'll break up but getting this friend involved in any way is going to be trouble

>> No.9519385

You're literally oppressing those poor Bodyline-chans by existing... or something like that. You elitist binch!

>> No.9519389


UwU Do you wear lolita while camming? I've been trying to find legit lolita porn, but I've come up empty

>> No.9519407

I dont see the problem here? Just be proud of yourself. If you need validation that much, tell them its handmade.

>> No.9519415

Shout out to the retards who over plan shit to the finest unnecessary details. You da real retards. Stop trying to micromanage everyone you faggot broads. i deal with enough of that at work.

>> No.9519444

This sound really unhealthy, anon. If you're daydreaming about other guys and he's picking fights about hating your hobbies, you know that'll probably lead to a break up eventually, right? If you want to stay together because you love him that's one thing, but if it's just because you're betting marriage will fix all your problems, you'll probably just end up losing money in a divorce.

>> No.9519452

This is a red flag to me. Usually one would say "my (SO) is great and I love them" not "I can't leave them." This coupled with everything else you've said seems to indicate you'd probably be better off ending the relationship. It's scary but you'll be happier in the long run.

>> No.9519470

Is 135 lbs too fat to fit into Lolita dresses?

I am an ita but I don't want to be a fat one too

>> No.9519473

>move to Japan
>everything going great, having fun exploring around
>half of our household stuff comes in, including my lolita wardrobe
>have everything except for petticoats
>mild panic attack because i can't remember if i packed it in the other half
>kind of sad that i don't get to wear lolita right away

well, worst case scenario is that if i lost my petticoats during my move, at least they aren't horribly expensive. but it still sucks not having them in my wardrobe.

>> No.9519474

How tall are you/what are your measurements?

>> No.9519520

I'm 5'5 and I'm flatout obese. I have lost 30 lbs since but want my goal weight to be one that I can wear dresses without the fatty-chan comments. Accessories can be changed out and improved

>> No.9519524


>> No.9519526

Weight doesn't say much, what are your measurements?

>> No.9519534

Sorry, I'm currently 185 lbs at 5'5

>> No.9519543

>I am an ita
How do you know? Have you tried wearing lolita and failed or do you just think this is what newbies are called?

>> No.9519547
File: 8 KB, 208x148, 1476588496379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>will soon have to search for a job
>mother tells me how important it is for me to be a complete normie/not say anything "out of the norm"/dress "like everyone"/...
>yeah yeah i'll be a good little clone, chill ma
And then she fucking tells me
>don't say anything weird, no japanese expressions
>i never even use japanese expressions
>i stopped being a weeb since 5 years
>mfw my mother think i'm still a weeb who's too stupid to hide her powerlevel and weird hobbies
I mean i AM aspie and I can do/say "weird" things but geez, really? I felt lowkey offended.

>> No.9519571

I tried and just failed miserably. I felt so embarrassed afterwards. The girls were nice when I talked to them but cordial too

>> No.9519572

Once an autist always an autist. You'll forever be weird.

>> No.9519657

I'm 170 and fit into half shirred AP with plenty of room. Had a baby and still fat, my doctor discouraged me from losing weight for a couple more weeks, which is really irritating. Being fat is so gross. But normally I'm 145-155 and have well defined abs and fit into unshirred old AATP (65 cm waist). That's probably the smallest big brand, obviously MM is small, too, but harder to get and I prefer prints anyway

Hopefully that is helpful if you're not trolling, I don't see how you could be fat at your weight unless you have a strange build, no muscle, or are really short (in which case you will have other fit issues like sleeves and should lose weight before buying burando)

>> No.9519664

Welp, I guess I should just die then. I'll never "fit in".

>> No.9519672

You'll fit in with like minded people, anon. Being "weird" doesn't mean you have to be socially inept. Disregard what your mom said to you, maybe she doesn't know you well and simply remembers your old weeby behaviors so she was trying to help you, even if in actuality it wasn't helpful.
Good luck job hunting, you can do it!

>> No.9519673

See >>9519534

>> No.9519698
File: 1.63 MB, 720x720, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon. That was uplifting to hear. I always had a hard time fitting due to muh autism (and also have chronic fatigue, but i absolutely don't want to stay at home and do nothing waiting for my monthly neetbux) but I'll really try my best.
I know she didn't mean any offense though.

Is there any other fellow aspies around here anyway?

>> No.9519706

True, take your advice kid. No matter how hard you try you'll always be a weeb and eventually you'll be some weebs waifu or youll marry a normie and have to hide it for the rest of your life. Weeb.

>> No.9519714
File: 786 KB, 1280x720, 1426526992336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, but I never toned down and speak an unfortunate mix of six languages. Thankfully I work from home and write useless stuff, so no one has to listen to me speaking freakish mix of phrases. I also wear everything weeby at home, because I can.

I still have hard time fitting because muh autism and have never really talked to other female aspies, but I guess it wouldn't change anything. Though I had two long discussions about being aspie with a fellow aspie man last week and I think I understand myself better now.

>> No.9519724

Not trolling at all. I appreciate your honest reply and that actually makes me happy. Thank you

>> No.9519770

Nothing wrong with being weird. Like the above anon said you just need to find other weirdos.
It worked for me.

>> No.9519782

>work from home
what exactly do you do? I'm interested ngl. I learned english all by myself (my native language is french) but that's about it.
We're all weirdos and will never be normies but I guess that's ok in a way. We're not alone.
Yup. My friends are. But in the workplace where it's all cereal business, it's going to be harder

>> No.9519802

>have photoshoot planned for a week
>feeling increasingly shitty about appearance as week goes by
>don't eat for two days
>day of shoot, photographer is on way
I really want to wuss out and reschedule after losing ten to twenty pounds and replacing costume coat for one that fits better.

>> No.9519807
File: 18 KB, 401x401, otX8rqQ8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>too anxious to try and befriend people
>any time i've tried to reach out to people i just creep them out because zero social skills
>messages i send often never get responded to
>usually a "Read" or "Seen" and nothing else
>this happens all the time so i'm just lead to believe people don't like to talk to me
>or that could be anxiety but i don't fucking know anymore
>try to reason with this but end up stuck in a vicious cycle like
>"well they're busy so i shouldn't complain"
>"in fact me complaining sounds like i'm entitled to their attention"
>"wow i'm a really awful person aren't I"
>take pics of cosplayers at cons
>too anxious to stick around and chat
>another vicious cycle
>"they're probably busy i shouldn't bother them"
>"they probably have actual friends so i'm just a stranger i'd just bother them"
>"in fact me wanting to spend time with them sounds like i'd be entitled to their attention and time and that's not how it works"
>"i really am a horrible person"
>bitter and alone, wanting to change but too terrified of messing up even though i acknowledge that's how life works
>again, just stuck in vicious cycles
>finally, want to do couple cosplays with people
>can't do that if i'm this fucked up

Sometimes nothing makes sense. I'm always sort of waging war in my my mind and I don't want to drag anyone into it. I'm lonely and I don't want to be, but I don't want to burden, bother, or hurt other people.

>> No.9519812

I'm sorry, anon, that's a very unpleasant cycle to be in. Have you considered therapy? I'm serious, I think that talking to a professional about this might help you quite a bit.

>> No.9519817

I've thought about it, but I'd have to get myself in the right mindset. Like... I'd be terrified that I'd be wasting their time, especially if I can't fix myself right away. I know that's LITERALLY their job, they're supposed to help you but in the back of my mind that immense dread will be there thinking "they could be helping other patients right now, my problems aren't that bad anyway right, i'm just wasting their time".

I often have to stay stimulated to distract myself from these thoughts. But they're just distractions to what could ultimately be a bit of a problem.

>> No.9519822

Oh god, are you me? It's gotten better than before but I was at your level at some point. But consider therapy, really. Your problem IS bad. It's something that can grow worse and worse.

>> No.9519825
File: 658 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n4x4hb4qx81twvbvmo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wore lolita out in public for the first time last night to go to the movies
>not a lot of people but there was enough to have several staring at me
>it was awkward and uncomfortable
>ended up enjoying being out in lolita though and now i'm thinking about the next time i can wear it

Hopefully throwing myself out there like this will help eventually ease myself away from caring about the stares, if that makes sense? I had fun and I looked cute and that's what counts.

>> No.9519827

I really love the lolita fashion and even have a few dresses, but feel way too awkward in drag and feel like all of the real lolitas would judge me too much for being in guy in their frills.

>> No.9519828

Worse and worse... how so?

>> No.9519831

It's a process but you'll get used to it. Eventually you won't even notice the stares.

>in their frills
You own those dresses, they're yours. If you put an effort into your appearance and don't make it a sexual thing no one is going to judge you.

>> No.9519833

This is far too relatable.

>> No.9519837

You did not have to pay either. I also got invoiced for one small accessory out of a big order. I asked them if it was OK to cancel and they let me.

>> No.9519838

I'm sure there are plenty of aspie seagulls, me included. I'm also worried about fitting in at my future workplace. I usually manage to get along with everyone and be friendly, but always remain kind of an outsider, even with my powerlevel repressed to almost nothing. I'm starting to suspect that other people can smell the autism on me.
My mom is fortunately very supportive but she also sometimes brings up weeb stuff from more than a decade ago. She recently told a family friend that I'm really into Naruto. I haven't watched/read Naruto since I was 13. I'm 25 now...

>> No.9519846

Nayrt but it's a vicious cycle. The more you avoid people because you think they won't like you or you're wasting their time, the less people will make any effort to talk to you, the more you'll feel justified in thinking nobody wants you around, etc. It gets progressively harder to dig yourself out of that pit by yourself and the longer you stay there, the deeper it will be.
I have the same problem and in my experience, I'm often misjudged as aloof, arrogant or even rude when in reality I'm freaking out over the idea that my presence is bothering other people. That obviously doesn't help.

>> No.9519887

Oh damn, that would have been nice to know sooner. Thanks, anon! I'll remember that next time.

>> No.9519901

Dream big anon, and soon you'll be kicking dogs and extorting money from people to!

>> No.9519907

I only cum on brand

>> No.9519938
File: 30 KB, 801x720, stockannoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's 22.

>> No.9519941

Well... damn, that does sound bad.

No one makes an effort to talk to me as it is, so this keeps up, it'd probably just get worse. And I've tried to convince myself "just don't bother with people, you get less trouble that way" and that doesn't work either.

>> No.9519944
File: 48 KB, 500x500, cryingpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 27
>still no cosplay gf


>> No.9520007
File: 59 KB, 480x480, 13183306_821795674618192_1525796118_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as you style it like lolita and not a drag costume no one will care if you're a guy. Drag queens never seem to get j-fashion right.

>> No.9520043

>just don't bother with people, you get less trouble that way
I know this doesn't help but it's worked so far for me.

>> No.9520048

Put on your fucking big girl panties and make a choice. Either the bf isn't worth it or the friend will be a self destruct time bomb.

>> No.9520111
File: 674 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20170614_140846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the source on this photo?

>> No.9520161
File: 1.18 MB, 1196x678, anattemptwasmade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Erika Klash's instagram.

The tags make it even better.

>> No.9520209
File: 299 KB, 727x1000, IMG_5016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been sewing own cosplays for years
>over time slowly build a rep and get a few commissions here and there
>pretty nice side gig
>best friend and conbuddy always said how she wanted to commission me someday when she had a lot of money to drop
>offer a huge discount for whenever she decides to commission me
>watch her commission other people over time
>is insanely nitpicky
>constantly messages commissioner
>demands constant updates
>late on payments
>watched her demand refund for bs reason
>realize she's a fucking horrible customer
>the day finally comes when she asks me to do a cosplay for her
>pic related
>stupidly complex and metric fuckton of material
>gently deny her request for all reasons above
>calls me a pretentious cunt and blocks me on everything
>makes giant post on Instagram about how she can't stand elitism in the cosplay community
Welp. At least I don't have to make that dress.

>> No.9520210
File: 37 KB, 300x162, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con comming up, friends all decide we should do group cosplay
>hell yeah sign me up, getting the old squad together for cosplay again
>everybody working on their stuff, looks great, showing off wips left and right
>everybody commenting on how good so and so looks
>suddenly new person added to group chat
>who dis.jpg
>one of the bros in our group decided to add an extra person that they barely even know
>says they saw them post on FB and they were cosplaying from the same series as us so bro thought it'd be cool
>everybody a little taken aback but welcome newcomer with open arms
>me being iffy about newcomers decide to check their profile
>Newcomer seems like a high school weeb except they're 25 so I guess they never got out of their weeb phase
>see typical tumblrina/special snowflake posts
> "Doctor says I'm a pathological liar so don't hold it against me if I lie to you!"
>decide to immidietely disregard this person as a friend/part of the group
>days go by newcomer posts wips in group chat
>cosplay looks like utter shit
>nobody comments on it
>probably all thinking it looks terrible
>chime in with, h-hey anon maybe if you did this and that, your cosplay could look a little better...? I can give suggestions?
>"naw It's basically done, and I'm too lazy, next time I'll do better or even commission somebody else to do it"
>why the fuck even bother making it then

I really REALLY don't want to stand next to their shitty cosplay in group photos (their character is a different variant from our orignal outfits so they would already stand out)
And I keep making suggestions but they shrug it off and say "its the best I can do" but they clearly don't care or want to put effort in making it looks better
I have no idea why our bro thought it would be a good idea to add this rando into our closed friend group, Jimmies are rustled and I can already tell they're going to cause problems at the con.

>> No.9520214

Talk to the rest of the group about booting them out, why put up with a pain in the ass if everyone seems to be on the same page?

>> No.9520215

I think I'm getting to boring for memes guys. A friend sent me one today and I didn't even crack a smile. No chuckle. No nothing. I can't tell whether or not they're just not funny anymore or if I have a stick up my ass.

In cgl news; I'm finally starting to get my room to look the way I want and be frilly and comfortable. Which I guess will be good since I won't have any friends left once they realize I don't find their memes funny anymore.

>> No.9520223

Maybe your friends just have shitty memes. I know mine do.

>> No.9520229
File: 424 KB, 248x300, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've thought about this, but I feel like if I say something, the newcomer is going to say something back play the victim and turn me into the bad guy, I dont want to mess up the group cosplays we already planned..

I wish i could talk to everybody individually but not sure how to slip it into conversation

>> No.9520237

Make a new group chat without the newbie..?

>> No.9520277

Just saw your other post, I still think you'll fit a lot of AP.

Be careful of Meta though. People say meta is for fatties but literally none of my Shirred or unshirred meta fits right now. You could wear their full shirring but I think it's very unflattering. Especially compared to AP

>> No.9520279
File: 69 KB, 617x466, heyisthatanime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm just passed a "no vaping" rule, and this one bitch is so mad she hid an egg in the comm president's car. We don't know for sure it was her, but she's done shit like this before. I personally got my thong stolen by her in February.

>> No.9520295

But why pass that rule in the first place? I know a lot of people who vape aren't courteous enough to not do it around those who do not, but couldn't that just be implemented instead?

>> No.9520334

>got really wasted at a con this past weekend
>ended up giving friends the run around while they were trying to find me at 3 am
>i don't remember much of the night which is honestly a blessing, but do remember they were pissed
>obviously super annoyed with me the next day but don't say anything to me on the car ride home
>start crying almost immediately because I'm an easy cryer
>tell them to just not worry about if this happens again but they argue that that's not what friends do etc.
>self-loathing kicks in, realize I've convinced these people I'm a good person and worth their time
>cry more
>catch con plague and spend the next few days laying in bed wallowing in frustration and self pity
>contemplate breaking off friendship because I know I'm a bad person and this will happen again unless I decide to stop drinking at cons
>also don't want to break off friendship because they're really my only friend group and I know without them I'll probably spiral back into depression

Life is hard and then you die, /cgl/.

>> No.9520338


I don't think you need to date the friend (chances are, he's flirty with you because you're in a relationship and "safe" practice), either, but you're clearly not into your boyfriend if you're contemplating fooling around with this other guy.

>> No.9520356

Stop getting wasted at cons then, you dingus.

>> No.9520367

Don't get wasted/don't drink at all if you can't control yourself. I get the self loathing, trust me, but you will lose your friends if you treat them like caregivers. And I don't mean a taking advantage of them, I mean the fact that they do in fact care about you because you ARE a good person, but people have their limits and they can't drop everything and ruin their own good times to make sure you don't hurt yourself. If you really cared about your friends, you'd stop pulling that crap.

Signed, a person who has been the person dropped by friends because they got tired of taking care of my ass

>> No.9520369

At least you know now, friends and businesses together are a no-no

>> No.9520375

Honestly that's my plan: no more booze at cons. Forgot to mention that I guess. This really ties back to pre existing self worth issue that I've never properly dealt with that are just being exacerbated by my actions. Mostly I'm just so mortified over what I did that I'm not sure how to face them and don't think they'll want to see me again.
Thank you for letting me vent, /cgl/ it's been a rough couple of days.

>> No.9520396
File: 44 KB, 181x182, Oh god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Holding hands with another boy when you have a BF

>> No.9520400

>got my thong stolen by her
And "thong" in your country means...?

>> No.9520410
File: 42 KB, 495x636, 1413613626262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be guy
>Best friend loves cosplay
>Know her for a long time
>3 years ago, we went through this awkward drama because I liked her and wanted to ask her out
>Get shot down
>Come to the conclusion that I love her, but in a sisterly way. I have no sexual attraction to her.
>Last minute outfit crunch time at my house
>Trying on outfits
>Notice how nice her legs are
>Realize I'm sexually attracted to her after all and damn it's bad
>She wants me to go to all these cons with her

I'm back to square one. Fuck.

>> No.9520423

>a bunch of different mental disorders
>constantly distracting myself by making guys fall for me and sleeping with them
>have slept with so much of the local com because of this

Oh well?

>> No.9520441

Sounds like you need help with that mental disorder.


>> No.9520454
File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1490357893269.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally asked con buddy to dinner after con


>> No.9520455
File: 149 KB, 841x720, kirinoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm proposed a no-dabbing rule but it never passed.

>> No.9520466

its perfectly normal for young adults to explore their sexuality.

>> No.9520471

Fuuuck. I think I've seen a grand total of two people dab in lolita, and one of them was someone's 13-year-old sister dressed up at a con.

You have my pity if it's popular enough to need a rule about it.

>> No.9520497

That's a great way to have zero (0) boyfriends very rapidly.

>> No.9520610

Nayrt but my comm has a no smoking in the middle of the group rule (aka common decency) but coincidentally all the smokers in my community are huge assholes who think that standing two meters upwind of everyone else is good enough, and throw a fit when someone asks them to move farther away because "I'm talking to my friends here! YOU move!" and I'm ashamed to say, most of the time I do. I honestly would love if my comm implemented a no smoking ever rule because the smokers would throw a tantrum and probably flounce, and nothing of value would be lost.

Nayrt but then you've clearly not seen my comm's group photos.

>> No.9520654

>get three of the same flower dress in my IW LP
Kill me

>> No.9520662

Are they at least different colors?

>> No.9520664

Nope all the brown purple one

>> No.9520672
File: 278 KB, 765x709, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Overall the haul was okay, I'm a bit sad I didnt get a bag or a nicer bolero. Also the shoes are way too small for me.

>> No.9520683

I'd love some lolita friends but there is no lolita who live near me. Also I think all lolitas are salty cunts and "elitists" based on what I've seen online.

>> No.9520709

Wow, that's not very nice on IWs part. Also did you get three in the same color and then another one in a different color?
Glad there were some decent things too!

>> No.9520711

Nah there were 3 of the purple its just my terrible picture taking makes it look like more. I can understand two but three seems a bit too much

>> No.9520720

turn it into curtains

>> No.9520721

Ironing board cover

>> No.9520727

tfw you get offered plenty of commissions to make a living but you have to work a shitty job full time for 200 bucks a month to be able to graduate.

>> No.9520732

Can I ask when you ordered this and how long the invoice took? Just one of those many anons that ordered in the sale recently and is waiting for IW.

>those three dresses
Maybe do a trio coord with some comm members?

>> No.9520735

Im from the UK, I ordered on the 26th May the invoice only took them a day to send to me. I got my tracking number on the 7th

>> No.9520754

Well if you sell them anon, I'd be very much interested!

>> No.9520757

I have it listed on LM at the moment, you're welcome to give me an offer

>> No.9520760

there can be hurt feelings

you can keep being friends, but be a grown adult and have cognitive control. It is normal to have feelings and sexual attraction to others-than-your-couple, but that is just nature
at the end, only real love and support remains

you could end up dumping a good bf, who actually cares about you, and ending up with a superfluous feeling.

or Just break up and asume the consequences.

If you can't stop thinking about him, take distance, think of his bad sides, you might be idealizing him because you don't really know him that well. That is how the brain works.

>> No.9520767

Why are people falling for this terrible bait, you are all retarded

>> No.9520776

It means the latest bait

>> No.9520781

It sounds pretty realistic to me. What part is baity?

>> No.9520797

>inspired to make a cool Instagram but have nothing cool to post
>just got into jfashion but don’t own much of it in my wardrobe rn
>tfw pressured to buy stuff just to have new content to post

>> No.9520813

Clearly not. You also have my pity.

>> No.9520814

>less than 24 hours before con
>my lenses seem to have given me a minor case of eye soreness since yesterday

its perfectly fine when im with glasses but when i try to sleep and wake up its all slightly red and irritated.

hope it gets better by the time i have to wear my circles, already taking antihistamines in case i got an allergy to something since i got a bit of an itch too.

>> No.9520820
File: 138 KB, 600x839, not so smiley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no 6'+ gf
Someone get the buckshot

>> No.9520840

>recently went on trip with my boyfriend
>bought tons of cute clothes and miscellaneous items
>try to start a cute instagram and have cute stuff to post and make friends
>too depressed to even begin

>> No.9520841

Wow I'm so glad they sold out by the time I ordered. At least the black dress is nice? Sorry about your luck

>> No.9520853

https://lolibrary.org/items/iw-honeycomb-dobby-high-waist-jsk its actually this in blue.

>> No.9520873

Sorry this happened to you anon. Hope you manage to sell duplicate dresses very soon.
I am now terrified I might get the same in my luckypack too. Still waiting for one, EMS is terribly slow.
Hate to think that IW actually lied about the contents of their luckypacks...

>> No.9520877

I wouldnt say they lied since on the page they say "All Happy Packs please keep in mind very"

>> No.9520881

this is why I have trust issues

>> No.9520888

Why on earth did they post the contents then? They have never done it before for oddment packs.

>> No.9520891

typical mother, don't take it as an insult, she just remembers your worst moments and is worried about you

>> No.9520899

don't take this the wrong way, but your self worth issues are clearly showing in those 2 posts, please fellow gull, seek help, for your own sake <3

>> No.9520904

I live in a small town - a few 'local' Lolitas have a little comm, but there's not many of us, and there's not much to do for meets around here except go for coffee or ice-cream, and it gets a bit same-y after a while. I started seeing posts up from the big city comm for my region, and it's like a 4hr drive, but in the end, last summer ILD I went all the way to the city for a big meet up. While I was there, I met this Goth/Gothic Lolita who seemed really cool. I'm the only Gothic Lolita and one of few Goths in my small comm, and most of the Goths here are edgelord dudes 10 years younger than me trying to troll the local Christians (which is most people around where I live.) :/ I was really excited to make friends with her, but then as I got to know her, it turned out she was this special snow-flake, drama-stirring "my life is so hard! UwU" type who liked having stupid arguments over the internet, acting morally superior to everyone (while being really horrible to a lot of people) and now we're definitely not friends any more. She's active in her comm (but not popular, apparently she nearly split her comm a couple years back) and has been telling the big city comm lies about me, so now I don't know if I'll be unwelcome if I go back there. There's one other comm that I know of in my state, and it's even further away, and driving's expensive.

It's not that I don't like the people in my own comm, it's more that we're just limited in options here of stuff to actually do, so I was hoping to once in a while go up to the bigger comm where there's decent museums, a reasonable size art gallery and other interesting stuff, and now I don't feel like I can go back.

>> No.9520909

I'm the only Gothic Lolita in my comm, no other Goths in my comm, I meant town - my writing was shit there, sorry.

>> No.9520921

You shouldn't let one girl ruin your opportunity in that city, even if she successfully turned the entire comm against you (unlikely), you should still be able to enjoy the art gallery and museums without them.

>> No.9520926

>tfw lesbian lolita
>gf likes me wearing lolita but puts 0 effort into her own appearance and wears jeans and loose T-shirts erryday
>I love her and think she's cute but I'm lowkey disappointed we'll never twin
>kind of wish she was more muscular and boyish because then at least the contrast would look cool
>feel bad for thinking it because she's a person and not a fashion accessory

On the plus side, I'm really happy to be with someone who isn't embarrassed to be out with me in lolita like my past partners were. I actually used to prefer to be single before just because otherwise I always felt like I was inconveniencing friends by wearing lolita around them but like I was ditching them if I went out alone.

>> No.9520945

If she's that bad I'm sure her fellow comm members are aware she's full of shit when she says whatever she says about you.

>> No.9520974

I think part of it is that I feel like I need an excuse to go there? Like... just driving 4hrs to go to the city seems like a waste of fuel money, but driving 4hrs to hang out with the Lolita comm there and go on a meet with them to the art gallery or whatever... not such a waste.

I'm dreading both seeing her in person and maybe making it worse for myself by worrying too much about what she might have said to other people. It's probably not realistic that she'll have turned the rest of the comm against me, but I just don't know how awkward it will be, and I don't know exactly what she's said to the others, or how many people believe her (I know another girl from the city who has told me that the one I fell out with is known for being argumentative, opinionated, rude and for deliberately stirring drama, so I'm sure people there know not to listen to her running her mouth)

>> No.9520996

>see well-dressed lolita looking slightly uncomfortable in public bathroom at the sink
>don't wear lolita/dressed in normie clothes
>tell her i like her coord
>her face lights up

>> No.9521008

The logic part of my brain says that's reasonable, and that whether or not she organises stuff there, she's done enough stuff to piss people off for them to know she's shit stirring...

The anxious part of my brain says that there's got to be at least some people who believe her and like her otherwise she would have been booted from the comm and wouldn't get to organise stuff, so what if they DO believe her?

>> No.9521027

My bf is cheating on meh with a non-loli.

>> No.9521034

Oh I love that! It will coord so nicely with brown or wine

>> No.9521038

Can you convince your local comm or friends to go to the city? Otherwise start thinking of unconventional cute country meetups like kfc, your local drag racing track, and shooting

>> No.9521072

>chime in with

>> No.9521093

>bought a console for the first time since high school
>been making all my game purchases based off of cool cosplays I've seen.

>> No.9521108
File: 30 KB, 600x630, suffering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've gained a lot of weight recently due to stress and switching medications. I'm not a fatty-chan but I've gone from semi-skeletor to pretty chunky.

I tried on some of my clothes and got really sad because a lot of stuff that was really loose on me is now tight. I feel like I can't wear anything cute anymore because I'll look like a balloon.

I'm trying to make it better by exercising every day and curbing my sweet tooth/eating healthier. It's hard because I'm upset and all I wanna do is eat carbs and sweets but I know I'll feel worse if I do.

>> No.9521164

I think taking some friends would probably be the best idea. We can split the gas money! And maybe even stay the night, get more out of the day that way (otherwise 8hrs on the road for like... 3hrs of meet time is a bit much).

I know the ideas were probably a joke, but we straight up went to Dairy Queen for a meet once. It wasn't a proper one, like just a few of us meeting up, but I see other comms having afternoon tea in fancy hotels and going to Japanese gardens and stuff...

>> No.9521204
File: 211 KB, 496x750, sonicbuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Odd way to describe these heroic acts.

>> No.9521316

>stumble upon cosplayers on instagram that were douchey to me even though we were from the same series last con
>they are all friends with trashy cosplayer group I don't like
>tumblr "agender uwu" bios

And nothing of value was lost!

>> No.9521328
File: 7 KB, 150x137, 098098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was this at a con? it happened to me a few days ago when i was waiting for my friend in the restroom. if so, thanks again!

>> No.9521378

>have learning disability
>keeping hands busy helps retain info legally
>chronically ill, linked to learning disability
>vomit blood puke and stomach acid
>working at job to pay for cosplay
>sketch lines on piece of paper to help concentrate, apologize for needing to puke in middle of shift
>leaders are passive aggressive, think I'm lying, say I should stop moving my hands and just "concentrate", one says "oh I have dyslexia and it never bothered me"

as if I choose to be ill with a weird af functioning brain, just leave me alone and keep your judgements out of my life. Jesus. Not everyone's brains work the same. I'm pissed because I just want to be able to make money for cons without all of this bullshit

>> No.9521462

That sounds rough anon, I hope you're alright. I nearly got fired for chronic nausea/vomiting at a previous job and my superiors were trying to say I was faking it, even though I had literally thrown up in front of them before, so I think some people just won't be understanding no matter what. Maybe their superiors are nagging them about productivity and they're taking it out on you or something. Since then I've found a wonderful job with very understanding supervisors, though, so hopefully things'll get better for you too.

>> No.9521466

That's cute anon and that's kind of you.
Little things like that can make someone's day a bit better.
I try to smile at people when I meet their eyes lately

>> No.9521471

Underrated comment kek

>> No.9521520

I wish I'd said this when I spotted Harley Quinn at the mall on April Fools Day.

In my defense, she was fat.

>> No.9521564

Chun Li obviously.

>> No.9521604

Big meet coming up. Super excited. Only I've spent the past few days being dizzy as fuck. Try the Epley maneuver. Maybe I feel better? Still dizzy. Goddamnit. Eat all the ginger. Dizzy, but stomach seems to like it. Now I have to go to the fucking doctor and hope I don't tip over at the goddamn meet. Great.

>> No.9521612

anon you'll get there eventually!
One day you'll find the right girl for you

>> No.9521615

Good luck anon!
I know things will work out!

>> No.9521617

anon, you can do it!
I believe in you!

>> No.9521639
File: 27 KB, 250x350, 1425949554350.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gotten fat, working on losing weight again
>Only con I get to attend this year is suddenly next month, managed to forget about it
>Trying to figure which cosplays will still fit/look okay, or ones I can complete with minimum stress/$$$ in this time period
>Think about how I won't even enjoy wearing them because I'm not pretty anymore

>> No.9521652

You'll get skinny again. Until then, be the cutest chubby anon you can be!

>> No.9521656

>get on scale
>gained 50 pounds
>shit myself

>> No.9521820
File: 66 KB, 700x465, IMG_20160530_074238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been abusing amphetamines to lose weight.

I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore without being disgusted.

>> No.9522355

Lol I was joking but there is a comm that went to KFC ironically. Not sure why, I like casual meetups but fried chicken is so messy

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