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Previous thread: >>9511864

Previously in Lolita General:
>new AP print
>wtf sales
>Lief x the Leighs
>Innocent World sale
>Swimmer closing down
>body type and cuts
>mini top hats
>chemise OP
>bad lolita meme

Who is your favourite lolita model?

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I love Risa, in and out of lolita. I want to marry her, I want be like a sister to her. To see her live was my dream come true.

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>Who is your favorite lolita model?
Her business with the Leighs left a bad taste in my mouth but god damn I still love Misako a lot. I know some people say she's robotic or emotionless or that her smile is weird but I think she's adorable.
I also really liked IW's Model-san, even if she kinda did remind me of Tom Felton.

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Has she modeled for anything lolita related other than AP? I don't dislike her but I prefer models who don't just wear lolita for work. I do think she fits the spirit of lolita with that sweet with a drop of poison thing.

My current fave is spica light if it wasn't obvious yet.

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I've never seen Spica Light before, what brands does she model for? Other than Seraphim, obviously.

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None. But I only just started liking her today so I'm not sure lol. She also models for wunderwelt.

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What do you do if a seller did not disclose small damage? Ask for a small amount back, or just leave negative/neutral feedback? People should just be honest and not do bad business.

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>Swimmer closing down
Wait, what? What's the TL;DR version of that?

I saw Risa once at an event. She's just as pretty in real life as she is in photoshot images. We didn't socially interact, so I can't comment further, but she definitely catches your eye in a crowd and I can see why her career has taken off.

>chemise OP
I'm all for experimenting with cuts at this point, as long as the shape stays intact. Tried on AatP tailor-themed JSK with te deep v-neckline and really liked the unusual choice in bodice design.

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Would it be rude to "make an offer" through an SS on Mercari? DD popped up, but it's higher than usual. It wouldn't be too much of a lowball, just like 5,000 less on a very expensive item.

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I don't think japanese would like it. it's not common in japan's culture and not kawaii. if it's your DD, just suck up that 5000 yen anon

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According to some anons it's possible but be extra careful and check the listing in case the seller specifies that they don't accept offers. 5k is a bit much though.

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Depends what the small damage us? It could be possible it wasnt noticed beforehand?

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Ask for a small amount back, and mention it in the feedback that she did refund you a bit. If she refuses, neutral, unless the damage is unfixable and noticeable, then negative. Either way mention it in the feedback.

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Check Chibi Tenshi's facebook

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If you look at comments on some lolita listings (at least on Mercari), it has been done before. I've asked a seller to split a set and they graciously did so and asked to make sure I was ok with the price. Ask the SS if it's not rude to do so, just to be sure.

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>I'm all for experimenting with cuts at this point
>at this point
Chemise à la reine style OPs aren't a new concept in lolita, just not a very common one.

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Does anyone own this? I want to get it for lolita (to wear over an OP) but also just wear it with a blouse in the summer. I can't tell if it's gonna be see through though
(also sorry for accidentally making a new thread earlier)
link for reference

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Because they take years to design. YEARS.

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It doesn't look like it could fit the volume of a petticoat so it wouldn't have the silhouette you need for lolita, and the material looks oddly shiny, what is it made of? Doesn't look like cotton the listing claims it is.

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I love both of you anons

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I'm not sure what it's made of, honestly it looks almost like chiffon to me?
Also I figured it might not hold a petti that well so that's why i was hoping it could be used in a casual way too.

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I'm not a lolita but I lurk threads sometimes and I was wondering if I were to buy a replica bag to use as a general bag would I be offending any official lolitas? I'm in love with this design and it would fit into my normie style but since I'm not going to be wearing it with lolita I'd like to get some opinions on it first

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Your question is no different from some normalfag asking if it's ok to buy a tip-off Gucci purse, a rip-off is a rip-off. Replicas are also usually shit quality, don't expect any replica bag to last you more than a few months. I have the same bag as pic related and it damages quite easily, don't expect any cheap knock-off to fare any better.

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Lolitas might look at you funny because a replica is a replica but I don't think people will really give a shit. Was there ever a replica made of this bag though?

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I would judge you
It's even worse than buying a normal fake bag because it has a print

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Have we talked about the girl making a "documentary" about the SF comm yet? A little nervous about some of the people who responded to her public inquiry.

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Bodyline l596 (their Mary Magdalene replica OP, pictured) is fine to throw in the washing machine on gentle cycle, right? it really doesn't look like a print that would run considering the fabric is basically furniture fabric, but just making sure

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I've tossed all my Bodyline in the wash on cold and delicate/gentle and not had any issues. They're even dryer safe if you've got it on the lowest setting. Only issue I've ever had was when I didn't check and put baby first ita walolita dark-print in on hot wash and it bled horribly. Looking back on it now it was for the best.

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>official lolitas
Of course it would offend official lolitas. Non-official lolitas buy replicas and knock offs.

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Why is RoseMarie Seoir invited to Lolita events? Sure her stuff is nice but it really reeks the "other", nymphette-style lolita and has nothing to do with lolita fashion.

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>Favorite lolita model

Odd choice, but this gloomth model, Sandra von Ruin. I think her flaws make her look uniquely beautiful and it makes me more confident in the flaws in my own appearance. I also like her non-lolita outfits, particularly the trad goth ones.

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It's considered neo lolita. I don't think it's automatically bad to be inspired by the Lolita film. Pic related has cross straps and a hime cut which are both typical for "our" lolita fashion.

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They were in Eternita as well

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definitely an odd choice, not just because I've literally heard of her, and I would not count gloomth as a lolita brand at all, more like a tacky mallgoth ita abortion, but because she looks inbred as fuck, not ~uniquely beautiful~ at all, talk about fish face I mean....

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I mean that's your opinion; I think she once mentioned she has some sort of genetic thing that makes her mouth look like that. It's kinda out of her control.

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Is yesasia a good place to buy jmagazines if you live in the EU?

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It's not out of her control, maybe if she ran into a wall really fast it could fix her features?

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Why would you pay to support art theft, lolita or not. Replicas look very cheap anyhow, it will look like a shitty kid's bag not just a quirky purse. Brand bags, especially gently used, don't cost much more or more at all than your average purse you'd find in a department store.

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I'm with you, I'd love to see her proper gothic lolita. I like weird, borderline ugly edgy girls.

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This is such an obvious selfpost it hurts. Please go back to whatever hole you crawled out of because you won't get any asspats here

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>Who is your favourite lolita model?

I like Rinrin. She has an interesting face and I like her style both in and out of lolita. Plus she has a sweet personality that seems genuine. I was at an event with her and she took the time to talk to everyone one on one.

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Usually that's a problem with teeth that braces can fix.

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Hunting for some ouji shoes for a friend. He's looking for something chunkier and more cutesy; less mature/aristo. Something durable, comfortable, and versatile at a mid-range price. I was thinking maybe some plain black creepers would suit him but I'm not sure.

>> No.9516084

Side note, I know barely anything about ouji but I'm the only person in his life that knows anything at all about j-fashion and putting matching outfits together.

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I like creepers with gothic but if he wants cute and chunky what about RHS?

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Seconding golf-shoe style RHS. The oujis in my comm use them all the time with different coords and they're very cute.

>> No.9516136

Did not know they made RHS like that. That could definitely work. Starting him out with some staple pieces from F+F because of the custom sizing, but any other good shops that carry ouji/boystyle stuff at reasonable prices? Maybe some taobao shops that have sizes that don't run super small? He's not obese by any means but the asian sizing has proven to be an issue thus far.

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I used to think Rinrin had the best face of the recent models but the more I see of her in interviews the more I think she's an idiot who doesn't really know much about lolita. I think Misako's smile is weird and I hate Risa's ero nymphet thing. I don't love any of the western models either so I guess I don't have a favourite right now, aside from quite bland non-distinctive models like some of the Japanese girls that model for IW regularly.

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Does anybody have experience with Ronova's pettiskirts? I got one today and I really love it, but I'm curious how it'll hold up.

Mine has built-in bloomers and a really charming design so I hope it stays nice and poofed.

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Misako, hands down. I feel like criticism of Misako has always been so petty for how important she is.

The truth is she's long been beyond "lolita model" and is more like the face of lolita or a lolita icon. If you're going to think of a big figure within the industry, no other lolita model holds a place like she does. She's a lot like a spokesperson for the fashion as a whole and is not like an outsider looking in. She has been in the game for years, from Yan's couch to Baby model. She knows everything about the industry and has been everywhere to see foreign lolitas as well and do the whole kawaii ambassador thing.

In comparison, look at to gyaru that died off in apathy along with almost nothing for overseas presence. The Japanese gyaru treated gaijin gyaru as "not real gyaru" and were content in that. It simply doesn't exist anymore, really. On the other hand, Misako really hustled to make sure the overseas community felt ever bit as important as the Japanese lolitas. She just cares about lolita fashion and it's longevity, otherwise she would not be doing all she does.

I think proof of her importance is no one can remotely replace her as well. She is not a simple pretty face hireling like Risa, she isn't self-absorbed and political like RinRin, or some mysterious nobody like a lot of IW models. That thought it both really cool and scary to me. I don't think we're ever going to get another model as involved, knowledgeable about lolita, and there from it's birth like Misako.

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Why is there so much hate on sweet lolitas (and what is the origin of that "sweet is ageplay" meme)?

>> No.9516205

I'm pretty sure the whole "sweet is ageplay" meme started waaayyyy back when Toy Parade was first released/a bit afterwards. Some people started making secrets about it (this was when secrets stil came from lolita secrets and not BTB). It came up fresh anytime a new baby-ish print would release, like Toy Fantasy, Dreamy Dollhouse, and Dreamy Baby Room

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>Being this retarded
Are you the same poster that thinks every mannish girl is a trap too?

>> No.9516214

It is just that, it's simply a salty meme. I wish people would stop taking it so seriously. I've never heard the term "ageplay" in the real world, much less been asked about it in lolita. It seems to exist solely on /cgl/ to attack the most popular substyle right now, which is just sweet.

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with this, but are there any attainable dresses with a Greeek-esque statue print? I was looking through J+J's stuff on lolibrary to see if there was anything since it seems like something they might put out, but I've had no luck. I'm hoping to do a themed coord, if possible. Pic related is the style of statue I mean.

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What's that I hear? Macintosh Plus playing softly in the background?

>> No.9516233

you're the retarded one if you don't realize whoever keeps posting that is obviously baiting or trolling, but pray tell why you think this naked mole rat who calls herself a lolita model is worth defending?

>> No.9516238

Damn, that wasn't on my mind at all, but if I do get this concept of a dress, maybe I'll do a vaporwave coord after.

>> No.9516243

The meme has existed for nearly a decade, doubt it's going anywhere. and it's not just /cgl/ that thinks it, lots of normies think it too.

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Why does every lolita documentary have to feature "brolitas" if 99% of lolitas are girls? It makes us look even weirder and is just not relevant

>> No.9516285

Cause "diversity"

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Hey guys, the help thread seems sparse in lolitas so I thought I would ask here. I haven't posted in years, lol.
If I'm selling an offbrand JSK and lost the waist ties, what would be a fair percentage to take off? The waistband has good shirring so they aren't really needed if that counts for anything.

>> No.9516326

I mean, it depends on how much you're selling it for, if it's offbrand I wouldn't sell it for more than ~$75 if I'm honest, so maybe like 10-15% off?

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>favorite lolita model
Ive always adored Yoshiko (aka Bodyline-chan). She was always so cute even in some of her derpier photos. Btw anybody happen to have that one herp a derp photo of her singing into the microphone in an idol costume? I cant seem to find it anymore.

Also, fuck Misako. Model-san will forever be the best lolita model. I wish she still did things for IW

>> No.9516356

How is any of that pokemon inspired at all?

>> No.9516440

Celestial harmonia

>> No.9516441

Looks like shit construction and materials.

I can see more pokemon inspiration than I can lolita. This looks like that tumblr trend of putting flower crowns on everything.

>> No.9516442

ScarfingScarves is salty, I guess.

>> No.9516444

How can flower crowns alone be lolita? Maybe if they were accompanied by garments, but the "trailer" didn't show anything else.

>> No.9516463

I know your pain. Video related.

>> No.9516467

Because they're sensationalist bullshit. Most lolitas are actually ridiculously boring, but a man involved in a dominantly feminine hobby? That's controversial! That's something people will tune in to gawk at!

Because surely he's a fetishist. Or trans and in denial! Excitement! Energy! Even if he's the most vanilla brolita ever and just likes frilly shit, they'll find some way to edit the footage and his quotes to make him sound either deviant, repressed, or mentally ill.

The same thing happened when our comm was asked to make a documentary. Most of the girls' applications were denied or ignored, and they focused on the brolitas. In the end, the documentary didn't get made due to lack of funding or something. Thank fuck.

>> No.9516468

Sorry if this has been asked before, but how much is Melty Ribbon Chocolate worth? Theres one on Lacemarket for $600, but I feel like they're scalping.

>> No.9516471

depends how much the markup is, how much shipping and how much you want to buy. if you want to get just one or two, try looking them up on CDjapan, there you can get the magazine for the original price, shipping for 1 to 2 pieces should be between 700-1500 yen if you use the cheapest shipping and will mostly only take 3 weeks to get here (I live in the netherlands for reference). if you want more out of print volumes, I would suggest bookstoron on ebay, while their markup is quite high (aprox 20 euros for a GLB), their shipping is only 4 per piece

>> No.9516487

I absolutely love their petticoats. I have one with bloomers attached that are now over a year old and it's still my favorite.

>> No.9516498

Seems high to me. Most that sold that high had the beret. Not scalping, but not reasonable imo. Someone who has more money than sense will likely but it though. It goes for less on the Japanese market.

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Midori <3 Her face reminds me of those Precious Moments characters

>> No.9516509

Nice! If I may, how do you store yours?

>> No.9516544

How is rinrin political?

>> No.9516548

Tough I remember those secrets, people got used to it. It was just a small vocal group anyway. Now I only hear people bitch about ageplay on cgl and sometimes on fb by people who also go to cgl

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>> No.9516584

*shrugs* Sure why tf not?

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File: 311 KB, 496x747, 91664670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We often talk about favorite prints and dream dresses but which main piece do you wear most often? Mine is pic related. It's also the most expensive dress I own because it's the only one I bought new, but because I wear it all the time it was worth it.

>> No.9516594

Does this actually hold a petticoat? It looks more straight up and down like a Wednesday Adams style dress.

>> No.9516596


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My favorite models are Misako and Mana.

Misako because of what >>9516194 already said. Like she isn't replaceable at all.

Mana, because he was the one who got me into Lolita and he's the only other 'public' person aside of Misako of whom I could think is so deeply involved with Lolita.

Tbh, I never thought rinrin looked cute, her faceshape is so off I thought she either was inbred or got tons of surgery which at some point went wrong. I don't know about her personality, she might be a qt but look wise she's a nono for me.

Oh, and back in the days there was this Goth Lolita, she'd appear in every bible, also in kera streetsnaps and the gothrori. I can't remember her name, but she was somehow really impressive to me. I wonder what happened to her or if she's still around

>> No.9516616

I ask japonica to haggle all the time. And it worked every time as well.

>> No.9516625

that's not an apron. thats pajamas.

>> No.9516639

Seconding, love Midori and of course Mana forever

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File: 88 KB, 452x700, 9377_5720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't think we're ever going to get another model as involved, knowledgeable about lolita, and there from it's birth like Misako.

Not denying that Misako is an icon, but she is nothing compared to the GOAT lolita icon. Far more than just a model, he pretty much created gothic lolita.

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File: 35 KB, 272x547, 094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you mean Manamu? Or maybe Choco-nyan or Sachi? Though they would wear gothic less.

>> No.9516663

Thoughts on the creepy Wunderwelt ad?
Not happy with the almost erotic feel to it. Lolita is not about being sexy

>> No.9516665

>'tell us about your costume'
>A red lip and smokey eye defining look are typical for gothic lolita
>"Adding things like my arm warmers took the longest but this was a self build''

I was waiting for him to correct the host when he called it a costume; my hopes were too high.

Mana. I love Midori too but Mana was an aspirational figure whose crossover of music and fashion introduced me to lolita.

>> No.9516674

Post the picture.
On another note, Wunderwelt should really change their layout. There's so much content on their website but it's hard to find because they decided to plaster everything with banners.

>> No.9516681

How long does it take for IW to answer if they have the item?

I ordered this weekend for the sale and I am dying to know

or how fast do they update their sales? maybe the item was sold out already even though I could order it?

>> No.9516683

>favourite Lolita model


>> No.9516691


I once waited a whole month for a sales invoice.

Kinda mentally preparing myself for when they reply and tell me everything except one tiny accessory is sold out, sigh.

I wonder what is up with IW though. None of their sales have ever been this low-priced.

>> No.9516699

I mean this one!! She always impressed me, Idk why. She's not attractive, but she had the spirit

>> No.9516710

Does mana-sama still model?

>> No.9516716

has anyone ever had trouble with Closet Child being a slow shipper or Japanese post (domestic) taking more that 7 days?

I ordered something from CC through FJ, and it still hasn't arrived at their warehouse (ordered on the 30th of may, it's now the 12th of june).

should I worry or is it more possible that the japanese post is slow?

>> No.9516717


I ordered saturday last minute. After thinking a lot. Maybe everything was sold out by then.

>> No.9516719

I'm still convinced it was gothic/classic leaning lolitas who were pissed that sweet lolita had become so popular. On LJ and especially in loli secrets there was an attitude of looking down on sweet when it was becoming hugely popular vs the other sub styles in 2008/2009.
It's pathetic, and I say that as someone who only really wears oldschool sweet. People call shit ageplay just because they don't like it and to belittle its legitimacy in the fashion without them having to sit down and pick it apart.

>> No.9516721

My mom was very concerned about the term "Lolita" and was hard to convince is not a fashion to behave as little girls, or to pander to adult men who rather have younger girls.

>> No.9516725

>out of her control

she could not wear those shitty eye contacts and malformed makeup

>> No.9516735

Midori is the first lolita model who made me say "who is that?"
She's so cute and apparently really nice in person too but I've never had the opportunity to meet her.

Agree with all of this, too.

Wasn't she in that one short docu? IIRC her coord was witch-inspired and she joked about not being allowed to fly because of her appearance.
omg nostalgia

I have this one Meta jsk which is super comfy, can be dressed up or down, and best of all can be tossed in the washing machine no problemo so it's pretty much my go-to main piece for all sorts of occasions.
I've never been able to find it on lolibrary, though.

>> No.9516739

Same here. Every few months out of nowhere she'll be like anon, are you SURE it's not a sex thing? Like maybe I've just been super naive for these last ten years.
I wear old school sweet and even though I've never heard the term "ageplay" outside of cgl and tumblr, the idea that sweet lolita specifically is about appealing to pedos is very very common among people in my area, even if they don't know it's called lolita. My favorite dress is from 2006, bought new at the time, and I vividly remember several people asking me why I was trying to attract pedophiles the first time I wore it out. It's not a new thing and it's not some kind of classic/gothic seagull conspiracy. I wish.

>> No.9516750


Can I ask where you guys live? I wear sweet, I just want to make sure I never wear it anyplace I'd be harassed for it.

My comm is still 80% 2011-era pastel sweet, and normies would assume some kind of cosplay way before any kind of sexual stuff. It's so bizarre that people would stop you on the street and make sexual comments. I wouldn't know how to react to that tb.h

>> No.9516784

I've lived both in America and Europe, and in both parts I've got those weird "are you sure is not a sex thing"? Even wearing gothic.

My mom is even scared of goths and asks me to not wear black because people thinks they are satanics or school shooters.

I've heard some japanese believe the pedo-bait thing too. The more religious, the worse

> I just want to make sure I never wear it anyplace I'd be harassed for it.

If you are going to worry about what people think, just wear jeans.

>> No.9516788

Not sure about modeling but according to his twitter he's performing with Moi dix Mois again, I imagine that's keeping him busy.

>> No.9516791

D-did anyone else suddenly start getting newsletters from Milanoo?
>mfw i've never even signed up with them because I knew they were shit from the start so wth??
Did they somehow get my email or something?

>> No.9516839

>I've never been able to find it on lolibrary, though.
You could add it! You don't need to know all the exact information to add something. Once you've added it, maybe someone who knows more will update it.

>> No.9516841

Well yes he had a lot of activity with that as it was his anniversary

>> No.9516844

I hate those people. I don't understand why they associate lolita with ageplay, like it's one thing if a normie does it because of ignorace but from other lolitas I expect better. Unfotunately there are still a lot of cunts like that, who cry ageplay as soon as they see a teddy on a print or because they don't like high-waisted cuts.

>> No.9516845

He only models for his own brand, so in order for him to model, he first has to release new items. (MMM seems to take ages now, before they release new stuff.)
He used to have other models in the past for glb, but I believe he is the only model now. Also the only thing he is featured in is KERA, but with that becoming an online platform, I worder if there still is modelwork for him to do.

Luckily he is working on a new CD with MDM and will maybe tour again. But then, also releases for MDM seem to take ages. And they don't have a lot of concerts, I believe the only event planned atm is one for a new guitar release. I really wonder what he does in all the time inbetween...

>> No.9516849

I kind of like that Moitie doesn't have a lot of releases because I can only afford to buy new from brand twice a year. It also adds to the exclusivity and I prefer that Mana designs the prints himself.

>> No.9516851
File: 63 KB, 300x444, Are_All_Men_Pedophiles_Correct_Poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nayrt but I'm in thr Netherlands and I get pedo sex doll comments in sweet, plus we had this "documentary".

>> No.9516856

Thanks. I heard cdjapan doesn't mark down prices and yesasia does, plus I think yesasia has free shipping? I want to buy GLB and Eternita, I can't find them on the German amazon.

>> No.9516857

I can understand that, but I must say I hate their exclusitivity. And then I mostly mean their sizes, I will never fit it in those, at least never with a healthy weight. (I know a lot of dresses run bigger, but they never mention that and I won't spend so much money not knowing if it will fit or not.)
Moitie was looking for a designer last year, that needed to have a Graphic art degree. So I don't think Mana really does the prints designing himself.

>> No.9516864


That's pretty wide.... wasn't expecting two whole continents.

Thanks though, it's much appreciated. I'll make sure to dress appropriately if I do go there.

re: the Japanese, whatever they're privately thinking, I've only gotten positive or surprised reactions in sweet lolita. Can at least confirm you won't get harassed in sweet, your real enemy is how narrow the shops and most places are.

>> No.9516866

God, I remember this shit storm. What became of it? Was lolita even mentioned in it?

>> No.9516868

if people think fetish before
any other reference when they see someone wearing an admittedly outlandish style of clothes they have never seen before, then they are the perverted ones and you should take it as a sign to avoid them as much as possible because they essentially just outed themselves as a major creep. it's not a reflection on you as much as them.

>> No.9516870

CD Japan doesn't mark items down, only as gift. Yesasia only ships for free above the $50. I don't know if they still lower the value. (They ship from Hong Kong, so you can always ask. A lot of Chinese sellers do it.)

>> No.9516874

I don't think there's much you can do to avoid harassment other than not wearing it at all, and in all honestly you might get harassed anyway. Sweet stands out because of the colors on top of the silhouette so you're more likely to garner attention, whether positive, neutral or negative, and if that bothers you consider wearing black or toning down your coords, just keep in mind that won't necessarily help. If someone chooses to harass you, they'll do it regardless of what you're wearing.
I wear lolita whenever I go out (which can be up to five times a week) and rarely get negative reactions, while girls in my comm have vastly different experiences. Unfortunately it's not really something you can predict.

>> No.9516879

was this shit even Dutch though? I can't remember it as such.

I never had any sexual comments on my outfits, except from two young boys callng me whore somehow. might be because all the creeps walk around Amsterdam and such

>> No.9516889

Wtf is up with their website, I went to check the price and not only couldn't find the price but half the links were broken

How do you plan on even buying one of their petticoats? Seems shady they aren't upfront about costs and ordering

>> No.9516895

I'm also in the Netherlands and it's never happened to me. My dad even proudly tells his customers that I wear Lolita because he thinks it's cool that I look different and nobody in the family has ever said anything about the name or that it looks ageplay (I wear sweet).

>> No.9516896

The profs names sounds Dutch and the director is Dutch, so I guess it is. The Lolita girl also reminds me of someone from our comm.

My experience is that the most creeps are in Utrecht. Men raising up skirts to see what's under it, people asking what's under it, men who keep asking if we are sex dolls or prostitutes/insisting we are and comtinue with asking how much, people starting about fetishes, men following us, etc. The ones in Rotterdam were just mean and ignorant, in Amsterdam I only got compliments and a lot of people who (want to) take pictures. In other cities just curious people with cameras. Never really had anyone start about that movie or about phedofiles though, but I don't wear Sweet. Most comments are like "Are you in a play?", "Why are you wearing that costume?", "Are you one of those Anime girls?" and from the ones that do know Lolita or recognise the style, they mostly start about the Living Dolls, sometimes positive, but mostly negative. (Thank you TLC and the girls featured in it!)

>> No.9516897 [DELETED] 

They do usually mention it has full shirring. I have a 72cm waist and I even fit some of their unshirred stuff.

>> No.9516903

They do usually mention it has full shirring. I have a 72cm waist and I even fit some of their unshirred stuff. The latest print he designed himself was Table Ornaments. He doesn't design everything himself but a graphic designer can do a lot of stuff, not just related to designing the print.

>> No.9516919

They do? I feel like CDJapan never does, same with Closet Child and many other stores. I only get to find out sizes through the sweet people on Lacemarket. I know you can mostly recognise the ones that are full shirring, but those are always those same style empire/high waist dresses, which I can't fit lengthwise. I have found a few others with partial shirring that I can fit, who have a lower waist, but it aren't many.
Must say that's not my favourite print. I wonder if you can find out who designed which prints. I always thought it was Mana only, but know I just wonder since they have more designers. I know, but the job description was only for designer.

>> No.9516936

On their webshop they say if it has shirring. I mean, we have a graphic "designer" but she just edits photos and makes newsletters.

>> No.9516955

>plaster everything with banners.
What is Japanese web design.
But I agree, it looks awful.

>> No.9516958

True but even then its pretty shitty to get yelled at and called a slut when your just minding your own business
Its just how things are tho

>referencing TLC but not any of the Dutch programs Leyla whored us out to
Kinda funny t b h, all that effort to be on tv and nobody remembers her for shit

>> No.9516960

Then I will look there a bit more. Because a lot of other stores don't and Lolibrary doesn't have the real sizes only the mmm ones. Ah like that, they might do that as well yes.

>> No.9516969

Man Bijt Hond featured so many "crazy" people, so I can imagine her appearences in that aren't remembered. Same with the times she was on the news and when she was in that shop program. (That last one wasn't watched that heavily.) Nobody remembers the Hotter than my Daugther and Lust, Liefde of Laten lopen episodes as well.

Still don't understand why people want to be on TV, they ALWAYS edit things negativly. Even when your mom is friend with the host...

>> No.9516997

Same. Nobody wants to see a show about well-adjusted girls who just like dressing out of the ordinary and live otherwise normal lives. They want freaks and drama, and the people who make those shows know this. It doesn't matter how great you are or how hard you've networked, unless you're the one funding the show and doing the editing or at least the one giving the final okay, there's no way to know you won't be portrayed as some deranged womanchild with daddy issues. They'll edit soundbites together if they have to.

>> No.9517000


Yeah the person who wrote the inquiry specifically said she was looking for "a lolita of color" "a religious lolita" "a brolita" like okay cool this will go well. I'm honestly hoping this one doesn't get made as well.

>> No.9517017

A whole month? Oh fuck.
I have noticed that lately they stopped asking whether a customer wants to cancel the whole order if something from the order is sold out. They just invoice for the rest. I am afraid they are going to make me pay for shipping of a single hairclip.

>> No.9517025

Yeah, their website is really weird. I had only heard of their pettis by word-of-mouth prior to seeing them at an event. I think that most people just get theirs in person, but there's also the option to register online which I know nothing about. I'm not really sure why it's made so difficult to get one, but that's why running into their booth was really cool.

>> No.9517045

I'm not in the Dutch comm but I thought the Refinery29 video of the comm in Amsterdam was one of the best portrayals of lolita I've seen in mainstream media. No idea about any of the others though.

>> No.9517074

I ordered directly from their website and they shipped my order the next day, also the package arrived in a week (or maybe a bit more, I don't remember that well), what you would expect from EMS

>> No.9517081

Has anyone ever seen this moitie jsk? I wonder if it's old?

>> No.9517086

I'm talking domestic shipping from CC to fromjapan, anon. I luckily never had problems with EMS when shipping international

>> No.9517098

Related, how long does Haenuli usually take to ship orders from her storenvy? I've been waiting for a week now and not so much as a peep about having shipped.

>> No.9517173

That was a good one yes, but that is just a Youtube video, so not many people who we meet on the street have seen it. Unlike programs that were broadcasted, people see those sooner or see an add for one. And those are mostly the bad ones. A dutch vlogger also did a video about the style, which was okay, but what gets broadcasted on TV is bad. (Because frankly, people will most likely watch a series that shames or makes fun of people, than one that actually takes the time to portray us right.

>> No.9517206

Who is this Leyla person? I'd love to know the story.

>> No.9517256


I don't get any harassment. Like, at. all. Even the itas are assumed to be cosplayers and the ott girls get asked where the party is.

That's why I asked where the anons are from. I'd probably just avoid visiting those places, or at least not pack sweet for the trip.

Those anons who live in those places have my sympathy, though.

>> No.9517257
File: 84 KB, 492x598, derpytear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I get less salty, gulls?I don't want to become a "total luvly uwu" but I want to be just the right amount of luvly and salt. Sometimes I feel like my words are too harsh. I never say anything but when I criticize itas with my friends I feel like i'm being too harsh and forget that I once was a newbie too.
I also wish some of us would tone down the salt. I just feel like sometimes we're being too petty over meaningless things.
Sometimes I even feel bad about going on the chans and feel kinda embarassed about it. Hell, I shouldn't be, but I hope people don't think of me as some big meanie.

>> No.9517266
File: 74 KB, 600x415, CisFzg4W0AAN45m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot of people use anonymous imageboards as a way to express their unpleasant emotions in a way that will have no repercussions on their real life. As long as you're not doing it so poorly that people can tell who you are you'll be fine. Honestly the key is not getting emotionally invested with what's said here or you'll end up salty and raging at every second post, try to have a sense of humor and don't carry over any /cgl/ behaviour to the real world, that's cringy as hell.

>> No.9517267


How recent is this? I thought they asked if you were obviously reserving a full set, and they don't ask if you're ordering a bunch of random items or your order is from the sales section.

I did a thing where I wrote in the comments section that I only want the order if a particular dress was in stock. It wasn't, so they cancelled my order.... not really sure if they're happy about it, but at least I didn't have to pay shipping for a bunch of small accessories, I guess.

>> No.9517283

This year. My friend told me she received an invoice for socks only when she ordered a dress and socks. I am not sure whether they were from the same series or not.
I also received an invoice for two out of three dresses ordered on a sale this year. They made a comment in the invoice that the third one was sold out.
A year or two ago they wrote email messages asking whether I wanted replacement or to cancel the whole order when something sold out. But I guess this is not a change of policy, just their staff not caring enough for customers.

>> No.9517287

forgot to add, they used to ask no matter what I was ordering, even if it was a sale.

>> No.9517311

Well,you're right. But sometimes i feel kinda bad even about that. And none of the people i know go on the chans because they don't really speak english or understand how it works. But some of them think 4chan is some underground thing and that degeneracy like /b/ is all of 4chan. And i'm always scared they'll think i'm some degenerate or a super meanie that saltpost all day.
>/cgl/ behavior
what would that be? I'm kinda confused on this one. Besides using terms like "kek"?

>> No.9517367

Thanks a lot anon! Looks like that's too small for me then, since my cell phone is 7.5cm wide. I'll have to take my chances buying a pochette.

>> No.9517543

This has definitely been asked before, but I can't find it now. Does Zen Market do Mercari? I'm looking to buy something quite expensive, but my usual SS would be like $45 in fees.

>> No.9517553

Unfortunately not

>> No.9517675

drink more water, anon

>> No.9517725

Maybe they have less staff now. It would take a lot of time to contact everyone personally when something is out of stock during sales.

>> No.9517778


That's interesting (and slightly depressing) to hear. I reserved a few dresses and bought a few things this year, I chalked up the not asking due to only reserving main pieces and buying a bunch of totally different items.

Thanks for the update.

>> No.9517787

>/cgl/ behavior
There are several memelords in my comm who need to let the world know they post here with every breath they take. Examples include IRL wordfilters, calling anything and everything they don't like autistic, acting out reaction images with their face and body and yelling any text on it out loud, using the word ita constantly, using the word normie constantly, greentexting in speech (which is as awkward and bizarre as it sounds), and of course constantly namedropping cee gee ell and fourchan as well as specific threads on here.
A mild example would be:
>girl A does something stupid
>girl B whips out her phone and says "I'm posting you to the ita thread kek!"
>girl A yells back "Being this autistic! No fun allowed!"
>girl B says "Ceegee-ell thinks you're an ita fampai! Pepe face!" as she pushes out her lips, squints her eyes and brings her hand to her face

Most of them are 18-20 and I hope they grow over it soon.

>> No.9517821

I would quietly excuse myself from the comm if that were mine. That's just inexcusable.

>> No.9517826

Do you gulls watch any series that remind you of lolita?
Watching Gossip Girl and it makes me think of lolita somehow.
there used to be a french anon under the name of gossiplolita who made a blog similar to the gossipgirl website and would do the same as in the serie 'cept it was lolita centered (fr only)
she stopped since years now but heh

>> No.9517843

fug this might be my comm
it's all ironic i sware on me mum

>> No.9517848

Okay I give up. I can't find that stupid "poo doll" skirt that was just posted somewhere here in the last few days. I don't know why I didn't save it. Help a gull out?

>> No.9517865

those memes should never reach the spoken language.
Is not cool. The symptom of becoming mainstream.
Traditional 4chan would despise claiming memes and not hiding your power level
Like those idiotic kekistanis printing t-shirts and going out in the streets to meme-protest, the most unfunny shit.

>> No.9517932

i cringe evrytiem
Like I said though it's mostly the young'uns and the older members aren't nearly as bad. I manage to avoid the memelords most of the time. However sometimes there's a meet where most of the more mature girls who were 'going' suddenly drop out last moment and I end up surrounded by these people with no one else to talk to. Those meets are really bad for my heart.

Yeah they all say that. It doesn't make it better.

>> No.9517957
File: 3.40 MB, 2923x1681, 1477362586891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This can't be real. No one can be that autistic.

>> No.9517981


>> No.9518026
File: 75 KB, 418x570, 7WAHd1b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From btb

>> No.9518139

She said she checked it before and no damages, so she won't refund. I sent her pictures via email, hopefully she will agree. It's small, just a small amount of pilling under the sleeves, pin holes in neck tie, and a small spot.

Does anyone know how to remove pin holes, piling and small spots? It's on Charlotte's Bear OP, I really need help.

>> No.9518157

For pinholes you just have to manipulate the fibers a little bit. Like, moving them back into the spot with a toothpick or another fine tool. I've always heard you can just use a shaving razor to remove minor pilling. Don't know about the spot.

>> No.9518160

Be VERY careful using razors to remove pilling, you can end up cutting the fabric. Could try Tide to Go on the spot.

Some sellers don't consider pilling damage even though it's listed as such on LM, I had a seller kick off before when I complained after she sent me a blouse covered in undeclared pilling. She gave me a partial refund in the end but whined about how I was being unreasonable the whole time, even though it was on literally the whole blouse and not mentioned in the listing at all (I still haven't been able to get it all off).

>> No.9518167

Did you get your invoice anon?
I've got mine today. Unfortunately all bigger items of my order sold out, I was invoiced just for accessories. I am so sad now, I had to wake up after 3 hours of sleep and spend my day on energy drinks for this sale. And all for nothing in the end.

>> No.9518178

Some people just don't understand what is damage. If it doesn't look new, it's damaged to some degree. Describe everything so there are no surprises for the buyer.
For pinholes, try steaming the garment in that area and manipulate the fibers. I'm not sure what kind of fabric Charlotte's bear is, but I wouldn't risk the razor method on Polyester.

>> No.9518210

Could anyone tell me what size JetJ's M in shoes is? I'm a US 6.5/23cm.

>> No.9518213

Tf do you get pilling on the entirety of a blouse? I thought it usually just happened on parts that rubbed, like the underarms?

>> No.9518214

I wonder if I could take it to someone who knows what they're doing for repair? I'm literally terrified of damaging brand. For the pinholes, do you use an iron or just steam? Do they just disappear after being ironed? The tie is a light, shiny polyester.

>> No.9518337

Not that anon but I've gotten piling on my normie t-shirts just from excessive washing, I'm assuming that was the case here.

>> No.9518339

Any IW happy packs yet?

>> No.9518373

Still waitin'

>> No.9518388

>>9518337 is probably right, when I looked at it it seemed it'd been washed/tumble dried in a machine set at too fast a spin, possibly more than once.

>> No.9518428

I'd take my guess at a release between 2002-2005, I might have seen it in black before?

>> No.9518710

I'm trying to lose weight, but also wanting to do a wardrobe clear out. Should I clear it out and start trying to sell (especially with how frozen the market has been) or lose weight first? It's about 20-30 pounds, my back is just too wide for my unshirred pieces.

>> No.9518737

Ahhh that's where it was! Thank you!

>> No.9518751

I think the criticism of Misako is important because of how important she is to the fashion. Like you've said, she's pretty much the face of the lolita, and so her actions kind of reflect the fashion as a whole. Her refusing to say anything about Anime Matsuri and continuing to work with them is a bad reflection of the community and says to people that the lolita fashion community is willing to coddle sexual harassment. And the kawaii ambassador name is pretty dumb if it can be essentially paid for with bribes.

>> No.9518756

I would wait until you're closer to your weight loss goals first. Something you own may look better than you thought it would and you'll miss it if you sell it now.

>> No.9518942
File: 112 KB, 595x842, sweet_bakery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just what cgl loves. High waisted cuts and sack dresses.

>> No.9518945

That skirt is pretty cute though.

>> No.9518947

I love that skirt, but the print is pretty similar to Petit Patisserie. I still want it, because sax cake prints are my jam.

>> No.9518949

Skirt is very cute, but it looks really short? All the other cuts look terrible, especially the JSK.

>> No.9518954 [DELETED] 

Sorry, Jill, but you definitely do look like an age player to people on the internet. I almost want to ask you the link to your paysite.

>> No.9518958

That print is really fucking ugly, nothing of value was lost.

>> No.9518964

Meta lucky pack incoming!


>> No.9518968
File: 170 KB, 300x400, Meta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Same fucking print

Jesus I can't tell who is not even trying anymore

>> No.9518975

It's a high waisted skirt newfag

>> No.9518976

I might get the socks

>> No.9518979
File: 28 KB, 407x286, IMG_0941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sax colorway
>for a baked goods print

Looked terrible on MCD, looked terrible on baked sweets parade, and looks terrible here.

>> No.9518981

You are right that it's short, but it's not meant to be a full Lolita skirt and more for casual wear. They have been releasing this skirt shape countless times already (recent example that comes to mind is Dolly Dot). It's quite comfy.

Other cuts are terrible, I agree.

>> No.9518983

That's not a high waisted skirt.

>> No.9519000
File: 197 KB, 400x600, TB2MknjpVXXXXXgXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!2726870557.jpg_600x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The similarity really bugs me

>> No.9519002

Brands rip off other brands all the time. How is this just now bothering you?

>> No.9519003

These all made me think of Memorial Cake. Just without the added border portion of the print.

>> No.9519004

AP looking like taobao is what bugs me. Brand should not look like offbrand that much yet here we are.

>> No.9519005

The ap version looks to have much nicer details, and this rip-off thing isn't new. Chill.

>> No.9519009 [DELETED] 

Dude "bugs me" =/= freaking out about rip offs. I was pointing out similarities as a conversation topic. I get that you were eager to shut down a newfag or some shit but you're taking me way too seriously.
>tfw you just wanted to discuss the blurring line between brand and taobao in terms of design

>> No.9519013

Dude "bugs me" =/= freaking out about rip offs. I was pointing out similarities as a conversation topic. I get that you were eager to shut down a newfag or some shit but you're taking me way too seriously.
>tfw you just wanted to discuss the blurring line between brand and taobao in terms of design

>> No.9519016

To note I am a fucking idiot
I thought those were cupcakes on the Meta dress. It's fucking egg shit surprise.

Still similar in pattern tho.

>> No.9519064

don't worry, I get how you feel.
brand, especially AP, used to have a certain quality and detail-obsession that really set it apart from imitators. knock-offs always looked more embarrassing because of that magical standard that required a lot of money to stick to.

Now, I feel like AP is getting lazy/cutting corners design-wise. the materials aren't as varied and it really looks like the-print-is-what-you're-paying-for taobao-tier. To me, every new dress has looked like a subpar MCD clone: high-waist or sack, made out of light, negligee fabric, with few details other than a yoke.

diner doll was pretty good looking.
I guess I just feel like there used to be this vibe that each series was designed for princesses to wear in their day-to-day. now it's just all pullover sleep dresses for any old fashionable, non-impoverished jane. these are just my feelings though and I might be a classist bitch lol but I love that ooak, as-expensive-as-it-looks appearance that new school normally has. my disappointment in recent releases has really supersized my appreciation for detail-porn dresses and traditional and old school styles.
>sorry for blog

>> No.9519066

>diner doll was pretty good looking

Disregarded your opinion at that point. Ricrac is a fucking sin.

>> No.9519081

Being this new that you don't know the taobao brand was ripping off ap's petit patisserie

>> No.9519087

Eh, more sax baked goods prints for me, then. I do prefer the ivory colorway at a second glance, though.

>> No.9519124

I'm triggered by literally everything about this print series

>> No.9519128
File: 1.42 MB, 1058x660, IMG_5441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A comparison of old AP vs new AP from a previous lolita general. I think it highlights how lazy and sloppy AP has gotten in both dress designing and print designing

>> No.9519182
File: 40 KB, 540x418, 1360323698758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that jsk cut

>> No.9519252

Offbrand means from brands that aren't made for lolita, eg H&M

>> No.9519261

Odd question but where in Canada do you think is the most densely populated with lolitas?
I hear Calgary has a pretty large comm which honestly surprised me. Next to that I'm guessing Toronto and Ontario

>> No.9519266

*Montreal not Ontario holy fuck I'm a retard

>> No.9519284
File: 216 KB, 425x567, 119071097_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moitie has some new stuff: http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/

>> No.9519290

chance sof this selling out fast or getting scalped prices after one month?
Gotta wait for next month to get paid

>> No.9519291

would never buy second hand or for sale, not even for free

>> No.9519300 [DELETED] 
File: 199 KB, 425x567, 119070995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neo Gothic Arch

>> No.9519301
File: 182 KB, 425x567, 119070995_o3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neo Gothic Arch

>> No.9519304
File: 88 KB, 725x230, ¥´¥·¥Ã¥¯¥¢¡¼¥Á¥×¥ê¥ó¥È3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The print is slightly different. The cuts are completely different.

>> No.9519305
File: 241 KB, 425x567, 119071126_o2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like that they used different shades of blue

>> No.9519306
File: 248 KB, 425x567, 119071113_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no skirt unfortunately

>> No.9519314 [DELETED] 

There's no way to know how much stock they make.. Gothic Arch is their most popular print after Iron Gate but some releases stay available for an entire season.

>> No.9519315
File: 77 KB, 425x567, 119070904_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no way to know how much stock they make.. Gothic Arch is their most popular print after Iron Gate, and the original Gothic Arch has more limited sizing. But some recent releases have stayed available for an entire season.

>> No.9519325

She has a paysite?
I don't think it's allowed to name people on here

>> No.9519326

Again, I wasn't claiming anyone was ripping anyone off. You assumed that's what I was saying in your eagerness to shutdown a newfag. I explained already what my aim was >>9519013 and this post >>9519128
illustrates it as well.

>> No.9519337

Ok I love baked goods print to death but this looks like an ugly Petit Patisserie.
It looks bad and like something I would see on taobao for 30$

>> No.9519338

God I love the baked goods on the print but their placement,the colorways,the cuts and everything is just bad and kinda cheap looking.
At least my bank account is safe.

>> No.9519342
File: 212 KB, 750x632, TB2li.iXrtlpuFjSspfXXXLUpXa_!!2983412832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Emily Temple Cute a lolita brand or not?

>> No.9519343

I really want to buy the skirt in back, what is usually the waistsize?

>> No.9519349
File: 136 KB, 924x784, 531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's an otome brand. They sometimes make dresses you can style as lolita, including skirts wide enough for a petticoat.

I'd hesitate to ever call it a lolita brand, and if you're buying secondhand you need to watch out for the skirt width. Some of their dresses only look like they can hold a lolita petticoat, but are really good for no more than a very flat petti, so you can't do much more than casual/soft lolita with it. Pic related, this is the most that you can do with this particular dress, and even then I'd say the petticoat is already too much for the dress.

And the thing about ETC is they have done re-releases of several of their popular prints, sometimes changing the dress shape or the skirt width. So definitely be careful if you want to buy secondhand ETC for lolita.

>> No.9519353

It's allowed as long als you don't go overboard. Simply "hi [name]" definitely isn't against any rules, but it is annoying.

>> No.9519354

It's soft lolita.

>> No.9519355

Saying she has a paysite tough? What does that even mean?

>> No.9519358

Ugh I've been hoping for them to make skirts again but
not like this
and that jsk is the ugliest thing i've ever seen

>> No.9519361

I don't think anon was serious, but what they probably meant was that this Jill looks like does ageplay-themed camming for money. A very specific version of "you look like a ho".

>> No.9519362
File: 208 KB, 645x484, DSCN6848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know what dress this is? The brand is Angelic Pretty but otherwise wunderwelt didn't say.

>> No.9519366

I don't recall the name but I believe it's from 2006, if that helps.

>> No.9519374

Thanks. I checked Lolibrary for that year and found one similar (laces instead of bows) but still not the one they're selling. I'll just check by year and see if I can stumble on it.

>> No.9519450

Oh my, that JSK is horrible.

>> No.9519471

god sack dresses trigger me so hard

>a-at least the skirt is cute tho...

>> No.9519521

MCD was mint, not sax.....

>> No.9519523

Anon possibly meant Cream Cookie Collection.

>> No.9519525

iirc Japan considers it a lolita brand.
casual Lolita is also still Lolita. not everything needs giant bell shaped petticoats to achieve the right look.
A-line pettis exist too, don't they?

>> No.9519536

Look who's an idiot and didn't see the 2016 release.

I did not.

>> No.9519538
File: 358 KB, 500x600, IMG_0943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check your facts

>> No.9519540
File: 160 KB, 500x600, MCD-sax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon is right, it did come in sax.

>> No.9519546

Wait a couple months, the market always drops at this time of year and always picks up just before lucky pack season.

>> No.9519548

not the anon you're replying to but she often talks about feminism and lolita which a lot of gulls dislike. personally I'm neutral on it but I see OPs point

>> No.9519551

ofc i'm right. I'm not a fucking casual.

>> No.9519553

I actually unironically like door-chan. She's pretty cute and I like her normal coords desu

>> No.9519563

haha you all realize that this girl in the docu is one of our mods :')

>> No.9519617

Yeah, that's not helping.

>> No.9519650

that style is usually max 70cm, sometimes 72cm

>> No.9519676

There were plenty of rumors about how she ended up being used in that poster, from the possibility she didn't know what the pic would be used for and was lied to by the producers, to implication that there were other girls into this who dropped out when they found out what it was for and she stayed because she didn't care.
Can you shed some light on this? I'm genuinely curious about what happened there.

>> No.9519711


Most of Japan also thinks Misa Amane is a gothic lolita.

As for casual lolita, you can also do it with t-shirts and skirts, but we don’t include t-shirt brands as lolita brands.

Most of my commentary was practical anyway. The most common time I see otome brands brought up in lolita is when some newb can’t figure out why they look like ass in a skirt that’s too narrow for a petticoat. So if some newb asks if it’s a lolita brand, I’d go ahead and say no, and warn them about the skirt problem. That’s all.

>> No.9519720
File: 1.11 MB, 1098x603, 2017-06-14 20.54.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So am I spelling this wrong or what? Cant find any information on it

>> No.9519728
File: 77 KB, 300x400, 06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Forgot to address the question about A-line pettis. A-line dresses and A-line pettis can get very, very poofy. In fact, Mary Magdalene's princess seam dresses, flared skirts require a very poofy petti, otherwise the skirt ruffles weigh down the skirt and make it look messy and sad. Don't confuse it with a "daily petti" or flat petti just because some girls use a flatter A-line instead of cupcake. A proper A-line lolita petticoat is every bit as poofy as a cupcake petti.

>> No.9519731

Other anon is right tough that a lot of Japanese lolitas also treat ETC as a lolita brand, if you are not retarded or new you can tell which dresses are suitable and which are not

>> No.9519737


It's like like looking for old school, anon. The Japanese girls never gave it a proper name, that's why you can't find it with easy search words.

>> No.9519743


Anon. non-retarded, non-new girls don't need to ask if ETC is lolita.

>> No.9519760

I already thought I recognised her. Why on earth did she agree with it?

>> No.9519775 [DELETED] 

But it doesn't make sense to tell new girls that it's an otome brand either

>> No.9519803

I don't know why you would explain this. If dumb anon doesn't get it, leave her to her mouthbreathing.

>> No.9519835

I don't know why you want people to think some random nobody had a paysite

>> No.9519989
File: 49 KB, 1080x570, 16442817_1223410374372881_393726612_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be a crime if I purchased the replica of a headbow that goes with my brand dress?
It's an old (2009) Baby release and finding the headbow by itself is just impossible no matter where i look. From what i've seen they're not even bad looking but i'm worried about looking tacky. I own 80% brand in my closet and have never owned any replica items besides a pair of tea party shoes and lace up socks.

>> No.9520000

>tfw 5"4
>tfw the shoes i love and have been wanting lately have a 2.3 inches heel
>tfw already feels too tall even in flat/super small heeled shoes
even if i'm "average height" i consider it too tall. I wish I was smaller and cuter.

>> No.9520010

Wtf 5.4" is short af

>> No.9520029

If you don't post it online it's likely nobody will give a shit, I've noticed local comms are much more chill about replicas.

>> No.9520031

why do you need that bow specifically, though? it's not that hard to find headwear that would match things, even if they're not from the same series. a replica is a cheap cop-out.

>> No.9520032

5'4" is pretty much dead-on average for a woman in the US, UK, Canada, France...do you come from Sweden or something?

>> No.9520038

Because muh OCD and not having the matching headbow makes me weirdly anxious (even though i do coordinate it with other things than that)

>> No.9520278

New LWLN. It looks like another "feminism" one though so I'm probably gonna skip it.

>> No.9520300

tl;dr version: lolita fashion is feminist the way that the avocado toast millenial meme is revolutionary and countercultural.

I personally still have a hard time being convinced that a fashion aimed towards women that is inherently materialistic, image-obsessed, and doesn't actually go against conventional beauty standards could be feminist.

>> No.9520301

That was the least offensive of the 3. I wish she would of done this first and been done with it.

>> No.9520321

Misako's English Wikipedia page is now up!


>> No.9520330


I'd do it, but be mindful there may be a total mismatch between the two. I have trouble believing replicamakers have every single colourway in hand to match accurately, far more likely about half the replicas out there had their colours guessed at from a screen, so irl they may not match properly, it's going to be really obvious when you have the real thing paired with the replica. This isn't even considering that the fabric type, trim etc may not match.

>> No.9520368

I feel your pain, I'm missing a headbow from a baby series. Really though, just grab a waist tie and bring it to the fabric store to find a perfect match. It might take multiple fabric stores, but it's worth the effort. And who knows, maybe one day you'll find it and have multiple options of coordinates.

>> No.9520388

You realize Hispanics/Latinos/Asians bring the average down. 5'4" is short for white and black people.

>> No.9520405

>doesn't actually go against conventional beauty standards
That's debatable.
>"you would be so hot if you didn't dress this way!"

>> No.9520420

Can you think of anything else in our world that is such a strong display of extreme femininity, for no one's pleasure but the wearer, displayed in such a powerful, positive way? You've probably been misled by the modern wave that has expanded feminism into this all-encompassing term for racism and all the other isms but in the bluntest terms, lolita is a choice exacted by someone to express themselves and appear extremely feminine, outside of society's norms for that. I think that's pretty bold and could be seen as political but clearly some lolitas don't see it that way and that's totally fine. What makes something feminist or not is ultimately up to the person's intent.

>> No.9520491

this is the only installment I've watched of this topic but I actually found her discussion of the fashion in terms of feminism to be really a relief.
I'm so used to people bashing anything political or feminism related on here that I was worried she was going to say a bunch of discouraging stuff. what she discussed hit home and was right on point for me.

growing up with a painfully unaware, misogynist father and heavily complicit mother, I really struggled with how to style and present my body in a way that I agreed with (i.e. for me and my interests and not for the pride/pleasure of my dad and male classmates). I wasn't allowed to practice gothic fashion but I adored it for its repellent quality and delved into it in secret for years. window shopping for goth clothes is how I discovered lolita a decade ago, and I revere any style that is feminine, beautiful, and decadent for the enjoyment of the individual in participation in a community/culture, and not solely for some empty reproductive song and dance. being scary is wonderful and I greatly prefer it to the sexiness obsession we're suffering.

that wordy rant aside, I think she expresses a major part of how I feel about this fashion. I fucking love how pretty I look while also keeping everyone at multiple arms's length distance because they can't process it.
>excluding older people and little girls, whom my coords seem to attract magnetically...

>> No.9520499

I'm suspect of calling any uncritical celebration of femininity for femininity's sake feminist. Lolita shares the same problems with makeup culture when it comes to calling it feminist because while both individual and self-celebration, they're still on some level promoting the idea that a woman should focus her energy on making herself pretty.

The few hardcore lifestylers aside, lolita is primarily about what you look like, and while >>9520405 makes a good point about how our aesthetics are different from those of conventional beauty standards, we still do adhere to them pretty closely after we take out the frills and sexual modesty. Thinness, youth, and traditional markers of good femininity (being well-dressed, made up, etc.) are still valorized and celebrated whereas traditional marks of un-femininity (itas, fatty-chans, etc.). And this might just be me being second wave, but lolita never calls into question the association between femininity and womanhood.

I agree that wearing lolita can be a feminist choice on an individual level, but collectively I just don't see it.

>> No.9520505

I've always wondered why people identify themselves with previous waves, even though they are really just there to demarcate period-specific phases in the movement's development.

>> No.9520514

I was just trying to identify that the point I was trying to make might be a bit outdated in terms of what are the "important issues" right now, but I do have a soft spot for the stuff they during the second wave.

To keep it on track, I'm just glad Tyler didn't try to bring cultural appropriation into the whole "is lolita feminist discussion".

>> No.9520517

I'm a lonelita from a country with very little comm activity, so I can see how our perspectives might be different. I was certainly not talking about the lolita community as a whole, but lolita as a lifestyle choice or at least a hobby for one to pursue, be they male or female. I think you're looking at it from an western standpoint when that itself is an interpretation, a projection of your morals and views onto something not intended as such. Originally in japan lolita was about rejecting the traditional beauty standards imposed on women, and if you look at old street snaps you'll see that. Also for you to say that womanhood was never questioned and thinness is valued overall is ridiculous as a man invented the fashion and brolitas and chubby girls have always been considered a big part of the community. And I don't see how being ita classifies someone as unfeminine at all, it just means it's a poor attempt at the fashion, let alone how that relates to whether lolita is feminist or not.

>> No.9520528

Lolita may be associated with chubby girls in Jpn but it wasn't exactly invented by a man

>> No.9520538
File: 968 KB, 500x352, tumblr_n6tu7odgqB1ss9hilo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well perhaps that was an exaggeration but not as much as little miss second wave's post was

>> No.9520554

There is no evidence that explicitly indicates that a man invented lolita fashion, or that lolita was originally about rejecting traditional beauty standards. Mana, Takemoto Novala, and Isobe Akinori are credited to be some of the people who helped establish and popularize lolita, but they by no means invented it. And without primary source commentary, looking at old street snaps are worthless because there could be a million different interpretations for a reason someone looks a certain way. The only thing that lolita has been established to have rejected (in the context of this conversation) in Japan as of right now is the idea of becoming the good wife wise mother, which is tangentially related to beauty standards at best.

Brolitas and chubby girls (or at least chubby by lolita standards) have been until very recently mostly at the margins of the community. Even now it's much easier to list off brolitas and fatty-chans who are vilified by the community than those who are celebrated. And of the brolitas who have been established within lolita publications (Mana, Kaya), they owe a substantial amount of their popularity and establishment to their involvement with Visual Kei as opposed to just being famous/celebrated for lolita.

I admit that my perspective is informed by and comments primarily on the west, but you should also keep in mind that Japan has no real concept of feminism to begin with so any discussion about whether or not lolita is feminist unto itself projects morals and viewpoints that were not originally intended.

>> No.9520575
File: 16 KB, 400x400, secpic_seagull1_b1233704043_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love when people can only attack an opinion instead of forming their own, nice essay bro

>> No.9520587

>that would be so hot if you didnt dress this way.
No. With all those layers by 40°c I am hot enough

>> No.9520599

It counters the way Japanese women were supposed to behave by letting them spend money and effort on themselves and standing out instead of keeping their head down, marrying some salaryman and starting a family before age 25. In the west, women spending tons of money on their appearance to make themselves happy while staying single into their 20s wasn't nearly as frowned upon.

>> No.9520650

I really do not like "lolita" and "feminism" even in the same breath and I have no idea why this is somehow a part 3 (?) in something that's meant to be a show about "lolita news".

>> No.9520658

Got my LP today not a bad haul overall

>> No.9520705


pics pls, let us live vicariously through u anon

>> No.9520718

LP for which brand?

>> No.9520719

probably Innocent World

>> No.9520722
File: 89 KB, 511x376, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Lief x the Leighs
Goddamnit, what annoys me the most is that they are now actively promoting their store through the original post on Lolita Updates. Fuck off, we see through you, this is not your personal page

>> No.9520725
File: 69 KB, 350x350, B28BMRDCAAIg8zM-350x350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Who is your favourite lolita model?
Yui Minakata hands down. She is just so pretty

>> No.9520726

I have them posted in a feel thread if you want a peek. I dont really want to double post it.

>> No.9520765

isn't this against the rules of Lolita updates?

One day I was trying to sell one taobao dress I had ordered, and still waiting for (something like transferring the order, my SS would accept), and I got complaints from the mods.

>> No.9520786

Personal sales aren't allowed because they don't want to deal with monitoring scammers/bad sales. Since these assholes own an actual store, it's technically kosher.

>> No.9520788

that's not really a lolita update, youre trying to basically sell something, not announcing a release

>> No.9520790

Anon... I think Google did some autocorrecting there

>> No.9520804

So how should it be written?

>> No.9520805


Thanks anon. Wow, you got some great stuff, I love all of the dresses and the sailor boleros. 3 of that same flower dress is a bit weird for IW, I see why you aren't more excite over it.

>> No.9520812

I think it's cool that she does other type of videos now (I actually don't hate feminism) but next time she should give it a different name and keep the news videos about news

>> No.9520816

saying you opened reservations or still have x in stock isn't a new release either

>> No.9520819

Can someone help me out? When ordering parasols from AP online shop to Tenso, do they need to be shipped alone or can I buy other things at the same time?

>> No.9520830
File: 418 KB, 500x600, 78507c84-bbf5-5e55-83e0-948b8fca2c27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I love the design and I found one for sale but how the hell do you even use this? I can't find instructions or examples of the phone in it anywhere.

>> No.9520833

Nice job anon! I'm happy something is coming of the efforts to improve the Wikipedia page.

The UK's population is only 4% Asian (less than 1% East Asian at that), it's not going to drag the average down that much. When we got lined up in height order for my final year photo I was dead-on median average in my majority-white school at 5'4".

>> No.9520835

I'm guessing it's supposed to be a notebook-style phone case, maybe it's magnetic?

>> No.9520855
File: 492 KB, 500x214, 1348532599560.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>FromJapan has 10% back on Rakuten
>didn't know about it until right before midnight JST
>load up cart with dresses
>12:11am Japan time
>just missed the sales window

>> No.9520898

If it's not urgent, it'll be back in a month. They do this sale pretty much monthly, for expensive items it can be really worth checking if the same store has a Rakuten outlet (e.g. buying Queen Bee shoes from their Rakuten instead of Wunderwelt Fleur).

>> No.9520902

For me it was just all cheap under 2000 yen dresses but I do love extra discounts. I'll probably sit on everything and wait for another Rakuten sale since they're not gotta-have-it-now dresses and they've been sitting in the shop a while with no buys.

>> No.9520941

That says "Otome GE kei" instead of "Otome Kei"
Otomege = Games aimed at girls which feature hot guys. However Otome Kei also shows up the same results.
You might have better luck looking for ガーリー ファッション or 乙女ファッション

>> No.9520944

I'm not into gothic prints, but I love these cuts so much, I'd totally buy them without the print. I hope they do more solid dresses like this in the future, this is totally the route they should be sticking to in the future.

>> No.9520965

Why do you think I care about the UK. I'm American, I only care about America.

>> No.9521014

If you want to be pretty for your own sake, there's nothing oppressive about that. You can enjoy makeup and cute clothes in your free time and still have issues with people not taking you seriously at work compared to male coworkers, and other such things. I think that's why a lot of people are feminists, we get treated shitty solely for being feminine

>> No.9521019

I know, I really wanted a pair of Lief's nice leather shoes but now I'm glad I didn't get them. Still thinking about it but the size and colors I like are sold out, which makes it easier

>> No.9521212

Thank you. It would wonderful if others would be interested in contributing to Misako's and related lolita articles on Wikipedia too.

>> No.9521255

Has anyone had experiences with this before?

>> No.9521258

I don't know if it's relevant enough but someone translated a page of Misako's book in the soft lolita thread

>> No.9521347

I would need the title of the book, page number, year published, publisher, etc. Gotta make sure it's sourced and formatted correctly.

>> No.9521354

Here you go >>9519443 >>9519864
I think it's just called Lolita fashion book

>> No.9521370

>have the brilliant cross purse and it is my fucking favorite accessory ever
>my phone is ancient and would never fit into this case
to live is to suffer

>> No.9521450

Time to buy a new phone.

>> No.9521454

You didn't say you were from the US but you made out all white people were tall, it's a majority-white country where that's obviously not the case. sage for irrelevant.

>> No.9521465

So Nan Desu Kan.
I'm planning on going for my first out of state con and it seems like they've had brand guests for years.... but they haven't announced any this year.
Is this typical? The convention is two and a half months away and I'm getting worried

>> No.9521508

>tfw somewhat new Samsung Galaxy phone and still don't know if it'll fit

>> No.9521510

Wasn't there a big drama about it last year? Like the organizer being a bitch to the comm about it so the comm bailed on helping them.

>> No.9521514

I'm going to need someone to take measurements of that phone compartment. Immediately.

>> No.9521518

God I hope not. I'm driving ten fucking hours to go.

>> No.9521522

You probably could order it together, but tenso will likely be retarded and get an overly large box to combine your items. I've had them get a ridiculously huge box and fill the remainder with packaged air when I ordered foldable floor chairs. Which obviously increased the weight because of the excess cardboard. I even asked them to attempt to reduce the weight. They, in fact, did not.

>> No.9521529

You didn't even look it up did you.

>> No.9521533

OP here. It's up for sale in two days and I'm going to try and place an order for it as soon as it goes up. If I snag it and it doesn't fit my phone I'll provide measurements for science and see if any gulls can use it instead.

>> No.9521548

You are an angel and I will kiss your tea parties if you go through with it.

>> No.9521607

It's typical of NDK to do that last-minute stuff. The local lolita community disassociated with that con last year after NDK organizers were very rude to the comm.

>> No.9521824

No one can source properly on the other pages so everything keeps getting deleted.

>> No.9521954

My cow tits roar with anger

>> No.9521969

new thread >>9521280

>> No.9521992

Just watched her latest video. After 2 minutes I think she should drop the anchor voice and lose the puns. She doesnt have a lot of material so the filler becomes too long. I did like her views. She hit a lot of spots I havent heard before.

>> No.9522176

No "offbrand" means almost like store brand. Example frosted flakes and flakes o'frost. H& m would be discount fast fashion.

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