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Lemme see that gay shit

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please guys I don't have anything and I need it like burning

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So what is this a cgl version of trap threads?

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bitch it might be

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Romance is stupid, most couples break up anyhow. If they really loved each other they should express it by killing themselves so they can be together forever in the afterlife.

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Why don't you just look in a mirror, fagtron

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I would have considered helping you if you weren't so defensive.

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not that anon but


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Illuminati is still good fap material

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fuck yeah gimme the mana fap material

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Why are lolitas so gay?
I first started lolita at 14 when i thought i was just bicurious but the more i got into lolita the more i realized i liked girls.
>tfw now 21 and full on lesbian,never dated a boy ever since that one time where i was 13

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They aren't, you just chose to be.

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Anon that's not how it works. You don't "chose" that.

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view it this way: 1% of the female population are lesbians. lolita is a female dominated hobby, therefore, more lesbians
>tfw no bitchy gyaru girlfriend
i just wanna be a lolita/gyaru couple

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I thought that was a brolita/lolita couple? Doesn't count because it's still hetshit even if the dude is wearing a dress

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Only 1%? B-Boy...
>tfw less chances than ever to find a gf
But that's pretty true, there are barely any males in this fashion.

I feel you anon.
>tfw no yankee gf
Anna Tsuchiya will always be my first girl crush (after Sailor Pluto if she counts, being 2D) ;_;

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Yeah the one in black is a brolita, one of the cutest and most well dressed ones but a guy all the same.

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Yup. That's a dude. It has been confirmed before.

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They're pansexual.

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Yes, you do. Baka

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So a pretentious bisexual. Ok, still doesn't count, same sex couples only please

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I think women in general, even normies seem to appreciate lolita, probably because it's so extremely feminine but in such an extravagant way that it's a powerful statement. Like, there's gotta be a connection between an attraction to lace, frills and a very feminine aesthetic and being attracted to females themselves.

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What does marketing have to do with that?

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I'll always love that pic

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Ooh that's an interesting way to see it anon. But, once again, a scientific study showed that every woman is at least a tiny bit bisexual

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Nah, sexual attraction is based on sex, which is comprised of genitals, pheromones, secondary sex characteristics, and hormones, not what someone is wearing. If you're sexually attracted to frilly dresses and makeup, that's called a fetish
>t. a lesbian and biologist

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Oh, I see! That's nice to have a lesbean expert ITT.

But the real question is: why are girls so cute?

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It's all right, like 5% are bisexual. A lot more women-oriented women are bi than gay, according to most surveys. With men it's the opposite, probably because of differing social stigmas against each group.

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I feel like you misunderstood me, anon. I was suggesting that certain elements of lolita would appeal to someone who appreciates feminine beauty, which is not necessarily sexual. Men are, in general, attracted to skin and bewbs and all that, while lolita emphasizes the subtle elegance of the female form in a way that women tend to be drawn to. Hopefully that makes sense.

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>lolita emphasizes the subtle elegance of the female form in a way that women tend to be drawn to

You mean boobies? I love boobies.

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>tfw I really like the androgynous pretty boy aesthetic of FtM transtrender cosplayers

I just want a gf like Haruka Tenou. Feels bad man

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just bants my friendo

lewd af but ok

any alternative hobby or subculture has a higher instance of LGBT+ because knowing you are not cis-het kind of makes you more willing to explore subcultures. if you realize you want to rub your nutsack on another dude's abs and accept that, cosplay or jfash by comparison doesn't seem that odd

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I <3 brolita/lolita couples. they're basically lesbians. fuck off with your narrow definition.

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Not even the gayest thing ive seen those two do.

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>a scientific study showed that every woman is at least a tiny bit bisexual
Sure... that's what lesbians and guys searching for a threesome say to themselves.

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Except it's true, you dip. At least for most women.

Yeah no. Still a boy and a girl. Thus, not gay.

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I'm a lesbian and I don't believe that shit is true. I don't think drunkenly making out with another woman to appeal to men at a party suddenly makes most women bisexual

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What's with all this pride stuff on the board recently?

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Ah, I didnt meant like that.
But the study proved that they were subconsciously bi. Even if they wouldnt even make out with another woman.

It's pride week, baby. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the faggotry

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they soft
they smell good

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Lolita celebrates female beauty, that's why, you're constantly exposed to it

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Get out you retarded fuck unless this is a trans woman which has already confirmed to not be the case

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Bisexuals care about the gender of the people they're dating. Pansexuals don't. Some bisexuals are trans exclusive, Pansexuals obviously aren't.

A literate woman can be more attractive to a bisexual than a literate man, for example, while the gender of the literate person doesn't matter at all to a pansexual. I for example don't like short haired guys, and only find short haired women sexually attractive. A pansexual wouldn't care about that as they purely focus on the person themselves.

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It's only lesbian if the "brolita" is a trans woman lolita

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Nope. That's still het.

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Het is man + woman. Trans women are women. Get the fuck out, you disgusting piece of radfem shit.

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>Trans women are women
This is where you're mistaken.

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>the study
All right anon, "the study" says the absolute truth even if it exists or not. You got a chance with almost every woman, they'll all go bi for you. I'm even feeling a little lesbian right now.

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Even that explanation drips with an air of moral superiority. As if pansexuals are somehow above worldly material desires.

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>reee radfem
nayrt but go back to tumblr.
God, I thought we could have a cute gay cgl thread but retards like you are making this thread go political/dumblr. Go back to /lgbt/ or /pol/ if you wanna argue about that shit, fags.

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Naryt but being a decent human being is part of my life, sorry assfuck. How about you piss off or get hospitalized because you seem to have a severe brain defect.

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I feel old now posting this anon

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Sorry to break it to you but some lesbians care about lgbt

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Why is the 'T' included anyway? It's not a sexuality and grouping them together only makes it harder for same-sex couples to gain acceptance.

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this perfect thread topic incorporates my two hobbies; jash and girls

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because it's still a minority and some trans ppl are gay too

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You know who started the riot that is now being celebrated as pride, right? Two trans women alongside cis gay men.

It's okay you've never been to a gay bar, else you knew there's tons of trans girls there.

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No idea. Transgender people don't need a place like lesbians do. Being gay is a lot harder, too, because we don't reproduce and that's considered being a lesser human being. Transgenders get pregnant all the time or knocked up a woman already.

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Not gay imo, just friends.

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>being gay is a lot harder
yeah keep telling yourself that

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maybe, but a girl can dream

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Ignore this troll. They've been shitting up multiple threads with trans bait.

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love these two

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How is girls holding hands even gay

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There's a shortage of actual material, so this sort of thing will do fine.

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It's gay because they have been in a gay relationship for 6 years, anon.

>> No.9516945

It's not fine, it's boring and a far cry from actually gay.

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Any gay oujis?

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Still a pretentious bisexual. Attraction is based on biological sex and there are only two sexes. Take your virtue signaling back to tumblr
A male and female couple is still het, no matter how they ~identify~

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is this better?

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I miss the winterball, it was silly but fun.

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what is this from?
>sorry misako

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Lol nope, but nice try.

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im sorry you don't grasp gender but it's okay your still loved by someone

>> No.9517077

Sex trumps gender.

>> No.9517080

>more like gay-yaru amirite

ba dum tss

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Yeah, that's why trans girls who have penises still get their name change and are recognized by law. Try harder.

>> No.9517088

Nayrt but lol right because attraction is based on name and legal status not sex. If a man is named 'Emily' or whatever he's still a man.

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You've never actually met a trans girl, have you. Your asshattery isn't even entertaining anymore.

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For the love of Mana, take that trans and sex/gender bullshit out. Don't ruin a cute thread.

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That reflects the best way of dealing with the situation currently, but it's an imperfect solution. A better approach would be altering the brain to match the body, rather than the body to match the brain, but we currently lack the ability to do so.

>> No.9517109

I've always known I was bi based off my fantasies and the porn I like, but the more I get into lolita and meet these fun, interesting girls, the more gay I feel. It probably doesn't help that I have sort of a crush on this one girl in my comm and I'm about 90% sure she feels the same (and I know she's a lesbian).

>> No.9517140

I wished there were Sailor Mercury & Sailor Jupiter cosplays doing lesbian stuff. Make this happen.

>> No.9517154

What does that even mean you weeb?

>> No.9517163

This thread is hilarious. I love how lesbians seem to be the biggest bigots of all. Fuck all you hypocrites

>> No.9517184

not anon you replied to, do you even google newfag?

>> No.9517191

I googled and got New York Archivists of the Round Table.

Are you going to tell me or be a baka?

>> No.9517205

NAYRT, It's literally "Not Anon You Responded To"
Urban Dictionary, for real

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top quality kek

>> No.9517275

Calling an obnoxious faggot who shoves their politics into everything an obnoxious faggot isn't biggotry anon. Go back to Tumblr or lgbt if you want people to tiptoe around your feelings and take shit from your victim complex

>> No.9517289

Kek, meeting "trans girls" irl is what made me realize all the embarrassing tumblr gender bullshit carries over into the irl trans community too. Sorry buying a couple dresses, growing your hair long, and being on estrogen for two months doesn't make lesbians attracted to you.

>> No.9517306

Tumblr newfags get out or at least learn to blend in better, sage for embarrassing.

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At least I'm not a newfag.

You fell for the ol' pretend I'm retarded attack! LOL

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How has no one posted the Wunderwelt promos in this thread?



>> No.9517464

I remember this. Rainedragon posted a thread about the videos on RC. What a hypocrite as she's a lesbian.

>> No.9517465

What was the thread about? I don't remember now.

>> No.9517467

Why do you woken constantly create drama? It's pretty stupid considering how normies see all of you as weebs. You should be sticking together more.

>> No.9517468

If you search wunderwelt on RC, it will come up. She posted it in March 2016. There was a lot of flak from her that the Mod for RC:U started a discussion on RC:U.

>> No.9517477


You girls have some serious issues.

>> No.9517480

even if not gay this is extremely cute
>tfw no friend to wear lolita with and stabilize each other in heels
>tfw cutesy rolling bags will never be a thing

>> No.9517492

Oh man you sure got us! Good thing you came here and told us that.

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im a lesbian and im attracted to only women. trans women included. because, y'know, theyre not men.

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God damn anon, now I'm going to read it as "New York Archivists of the Round Table" every time

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Someone is a insulted.
Want some cheese with that wine?
I've got gouda.

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Gender is directly tied to homosexuality, sorry to destroy your little bubble

>> No.9517745

Not you, you cunt. Don't speak for the rest of the world and shove your transphobic hate up your bigot ass.

>> No.9518263

Insulted by what?

>> No.9518336

ntayrt but it's really shitty to try and dictate who others should be attracted to, especially with lesbians who society has been trying to force to love the D all their lives. Just because you're attracted to trans women doesn't mean all lesbians are. I'm a lesbian and I'm not at all attracted to the vast majority of trans women. I'm not a TERF bigot so I never bring it up in company but it's kind of depressing that people think you're a bigot because of something you can't help.

>> No.9518343

>"Im just pretending to be retarded."

>> No.9518347

No you arent.
You just haven't had the right man yet, you edgy emo child.

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They have dicks tho, they're men.

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well, after all this place is more crowded with women

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Anon, are retarded? They were watching sexual content regarding female and male bodies during the study, which is no suprise if they found it sexually arousing. People watch all kind of material for sexual arousing and that's doesn't tell their orientation whether they are gay, bi, straight or whatever, only what they find arousing.

A study doesn't speak for every single woman, more like a sample which was as small as 300+ something in total. So, not all women. Do you just blindly believe everything you read without any kind of criticism? The study sounds as stupid as the one that says that bisexual women exists because men find it hot.

Something you and the idiotic study didn't consider:
>Evolutionary mechanism and preventation of genital trauma: during evolution of humans, women have been forced to sex and to become aroused quickly and to any sexual situation could mean lubrication, and it might have been beneficial for women to respond to any sexual situation with some level of arousal.
>The study doesn't include cultural influences on female sexuality
>Women are more (sexually) objectified than men which might play a role for other females to respond to other female bodies with sexual arousal regardless whether they are gay or straight.
We are forced to see women sexually arousing whether we wanted or not.
>This study falls to western, educated, industriliazed, rich and democratic demographic and the results cannot be applied to wider populance.
>Concluding that women are bisexual on basis on their sexual responding overlooks the complexity and multidimensionality of female sexuality.

Good for nothing study overall.

>> No.9519945

True, but you all hate each other for no reason. It's like watching mentally challenged people fight to see who's smarter.

Yeah someone may be the smartest but you're all retarded.

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>this thread

>> No.9519959

Why did she make such a big fuss over it? I can see people finding it a little odd, but it was pretty harmless and catered to a lolita specific audience, not the normies she was afraid would pick up on it. Also:
>In all of the videos I've seen, when a gentleman (or lady) is present, even if they are visually dressed as a matching pair, the interactions are super, super sanitized. In fact, most men in videos have the allure of a coat rack (even excluding the deer stalker video where a guy was actually treated as a coat rack). I've never seen a kiss, or a hint of a kiss in any of it.
She did see this, didn't she? https://youtu.be/t7hugwDpzQ4

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This so much.
I find it amazing how some members of a community who fought so hard against people telling them how to feel, are so into this shit.
I have bi/lesbian friends who believe it. I mean, they hate it with a passion when a douchebag comes and tells them "you're not a lesbian, you just need the right dick". And at the same time they go telling me how most women are bi but they just don't know it yet.

>> No.9520686

>this straight couple is basically a lesbian couple because a guy put on a dress
that's not how that works at all

>> No.9520700

that has nothing to do with the couple in >>9516025, though. even if they're both bi/pan/whatever, it's still a guy/girl couple, and therefore a straight picture

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Samefagging because you're all terrible

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You're welcome.
contribute to the thread or take it to Tumblr ya dickheads.

>> No.9520796


Is that fanime?

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>tfw you'll never be a lolita's ouji because you can't coord boystyle worth shit
This is why I need to make more friends so I can have someone basically dress me.

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My favorite image of all time.

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How does /cgl/ feel about these girls? They may do patreon lewds together but they are an actual IRL couple.

>> No.9520969

i'll tell you after you post more, anon.

>> No.9520978

Thank you anon! <3

>> No.9520989

Literally who cares.

>> No.9521761

>Transgenders get pregnant all the time or knocked up a woman already.
Those aren't real transgender people, those are trenders or autogynephiles

>> No.9521809

>tfw im a Haruka Tenou but all the Michiru Kaiohs expect me to be butch and dominant

Is it too much to ask for a gorgeous lady to think I'm cute and want me to wear pretty dresses with her?

>> No.9521974

Akira makes my kokoro go dokidoki.
Her singing voice is beautiful and she's such a cute dork and she looks so cool in the pics

>> No.9521975

I-I would wear dresses with you and call you a cutie

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>tfw when Haruka as well and soft butch but submissive
>tfw canon Haruka was definitely not the dominant one in the relationship

One day anon.

>> No.9522158
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Akira doing kabedon is the greatest thing in the world. Well, aside from Triple Fortune doing it. They've mastered the art.

>> No.9522159
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>> No.9522162
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This thread is making me question my sexuality

>> No.9522205
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>> No.9522253

ohmygodddd look at those petticoats, this is great

>> No.9522259

Maybe I should watch Utena eventually

>> No.9522288

heavily seconded!

>> No.9522356

My friend is a huge RGU fan so I saw the movie and all I came away with is that lesbians and people transforming into cars. It's worth it for the weirdness.

>> No.9522360

I wanted to see it because it looked cute and full homo and i'm in need of some cute gayness lately but apparently it's something darker than that

>> No.9522367
File: 569 KB, 500x333, tumblr_myujlw8JBQ1qzdpr4o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeaaaah it's definitely darker than that. More like battle to the death with swords for the right to own the Rose Bride and do with her what you will. Utena is basically the knight in shining armor to save her and along the way some dark crazy shit and everyone's out of their damn minds.

Ever seen FLCL? It's like that but with lesbians. You can watch it three times and still not fully get it.

>> No.9522478
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>> No.9522482
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>> No.9522484
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>> No.9522487
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>> No.9522594
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>tfw engaged to a guy friend for a visa
>tfw i'll never get the lolita wedding of my dreams

>> No.9522687

This is cute but that unfocused shot... I can tell the photog was aiming for artsy but it doesn't work.

>> No.9522755

This is my guilty pleasure dream.

>> No.9522990

I was so unprepared for how physical they get. I kept loosing my balance.

>> No.9523250

Does femme/butch culture still exist? Butch lesbians are so hard to find and anytime I find one they're always weirded out by my clothes. I just want a butch girl who thinks j-fashion is cute

>> No.9523293

Six months.

>> No.9523342

I'm sure in some circles there is.
>tfw the only LGBT club here is full of nonbinary teens and allies that use it as a friend hangout

I'm a lone butch-ish lesbian cosplayer/starting-lolita.

>> No.9523432


>Sage for non gull convo

I've noticed that there are a lot more butch women in the US South?

If you're just looking by terminology, I know that black lesbians seem to have started using "stud" instead of "butch"

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