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Old thread kill. >>9507896

Share those feely cgl posts.

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Sorry if this rude, but when you do it in lolita, do you prefer to be spanked on the back or the front?

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>use bathroom at meet
>mfw peeti coat is soaked in pot water

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My gf is starting to not want to do cons. She likes anime and games, likes cosplaying, likes partying and stuff, but after this last con being a little less cool than the year before it she doesn't want to do the next con I have an artist table at.
She was going to make ribbons and little accessories and stuff, but I guess they aren't turning out good because she's talking like she isn't even going to request the time off of work and the deadline is approaching.

I never make her pay for her hotel space, so it's not going to damage me there, but I don't think the con will be as fun without her. I've been to a few without her since dating her and they all ended up feeling listless. I walk around with some friends if they're there but she is just fun to stick with for the long run.

Also, cosplay sex is my Big Kink and she only ever gets fully suited up for cons. Sometimes she throws me a bone and wears the outfits at home but she goes all out with makeup and wigs at cons and being able to drag her off when the hotel is empty and mess her up a little is one of my favorite parts of any con.

We click in like every way other than her libido being like a quarter of mine, and neither of us are interested in breaking up or anything, but I'd really like to help keep her interested in cons.
She's a little bit hard to get info out of regarding her feelings, but she said stuff like she thinks she's too old and she's worried about requesting time off even though they are months apart.

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Why is this so impossible to find videos of

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I feel the same way about online friendships. It's nice that the time difference makes it more socially acceptable to drop conversation and pick up when you can. I wonder if our ever growing dependency on social media is playing a part in that? Not just on a macro level, but as a community, we heavily rely on the internet/phones.
I find that my close lolita friends are from all over the world, but the ones back home are at a disconnect.

>maybe we can be online friends, anon

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The front.

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> On my way to local convention
> Overhear a girl on the train talk about me to her friend
> Feel super self-conscious and awkward
> The girl asks me if I'm also going to the local con
> Smile and say yes
> "Oh I knew it, I told my friend here that you're dressed in this very kawaii lolita fashion!"
> Thank her for the compliment, wish them a good con before parting ways

> My face when I'm a gyaru wearing my Liz Lisa dress

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PS. Sorry about the shit English, I'm tired.

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rant incoming I guess
>ask to do the carpool list every week
>friends just never respond or said they're doing it later
>fuck it we doing it now because it's a month until the con
>make list and put people into places based on whatever info I had
>its not even the final list, told them changes will be made if they had problems with it
>immediately get responds "what are you doing? you should have asked us, don't put people in my car if you didn't ask, not cool, you don't know what my car situation is"
I DID ask for the past 3 weeks. You never responded. And it's not like I placed a random stranger in you car, I placed one of your good friends whom we are rooming with together with. I just felt like I was getting a huge negative response when I was trying to work out a positive situation for everyone because no one wanted to plan ahead. And I wasn't even forcing them on you, I said tell me if you have a problem with the list so I can change it.

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What is a carpool list?

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A list of drivers and riders.

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Why would you need to compile one?

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Because planning out who is riding in which car would assure everyone is getting a ride. We almost ran out of car space to fit everyone.

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Sounds a little controlling to not just let people figure that out amongst themselves.

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Not that anon, but nothing wrong with planning out who is riding with who in advance rather than arrive on the scene and have to deal with a handful of meltdowns because abloobloo I get carsick in the backseat, abloobloo I don't want to sit with this person, abloobloo why can't you let the extra friends I brought along without tell you come too.

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Depresso incoming.
I just graduated, and I loved my school beyond all reasonable measures. Without it I feel som empty inside and my overblown uncertainty about the future makes me unstable as fuck. (I thought the university would release their preliminaries in June, but fuck me it's July.) Skimming through some poetry I got as a gift had me laughing one line and breaking down crying the next. I feel so fucked up.

While in school I lost all time and dedication to cosplay. I still included it as my major hobby, held speeches about it for assignments, but just wasn't productive. After graduation I ought to power up and finally start again... But I'm just stuck moping about and consuming media instead.

I had one flash of happiness with the hobby when my little sister asked me to style her wig. She had it on, I cut and styled it, made a mess, cleaned up, talked all the while and laughed a lot. I'm not into the series, but praised her for picking a cute character, etc. It was fun. I still love cosplay.

There's just the deep chasm of not finding a want to work on my own projects. I've got materials for some just lying there waiting, but I'm so dead inside. To boot it off I'm feeling ugly compared to all the active cosplay girls in my social network. Right now they're tagging eachother on a "what are the next 10 cosplays you'll do" or whatever, and I can't even fathom the thought. Ten more? My cosplanner has seven and I want to delete three of those.

Bless /cgl/ for existing for rants like these. Reaching out on fb would just make the pretty girls bless me with a hugbox, and I don't want that. I want to feel a fire within myself again. Ready to cry now, bye.

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>do it in lolita
Why would you want your lolita to get dirty, sweaty, and peed on??

>spanked on the front
What, on the v-jay?? Nobody wants to get spanked there!

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I prefer to do the spanking.

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I fucking asked again and again and again and no one cared. And it is better than arriving at the day and X friend doesn't have room in his car because hes apparently driving his gf's 7 bestie girlfriends and never told us about it. Now 4 people have to find rides on their own even though it was implied if we're rooming together we should watch each other's back and get there together. See that? Make a list and figure out what the fuck is going is better than not.

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Wish I had a higher resolution photo but I finally got my hands on these bun covers after admiring China-kei from afar for a few weeks. And I got them right before the shop closed again too, I'm so lucky

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>peed on

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Wow, I'm a cosplayer and had no idea that this is actually a thing that Jfash girls did. I guess the fashion really is a fetish afterall.

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it's not, anon is baiting poorly

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I'm going to make some cute spanking videos in my brand next month and stick them on manyvids. What should I tag the video as?

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Anon, it would be great to have a new online friend to chat about lolita and clothes with (if you don't mind bad English and great shyness)

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Girl just double buckle. My aunt did that so she could fit at least ten kids in her mini van (oldest ones went to the trunk) and we are all alive today. Have several duck down as you pass police officers. Is it hillbilly? Yeah and it gets the job done.

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>Double buckle
>Carpool to a con
Nice try idiot.

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Idk what difference a con makes, everyone already disregards the fire code and room stuffs.

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>overstuffing people into a car
>for a long trip
Do you like to suffer or something.

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>Birthday today
>Have to spend evening with crazy family members I want nothing to do with
>Also have to work
>PAX tickets go up while I'm in a meeting
>By the time it's done everything's gone

Happy fucking birthday to me I guess. Just fucking kill me.

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8hour car ride. Hell no. I'm one of the drivers so I really don't, nobody is sitting on my lap but it's going to be hell for everyone else.

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Oh I havent done it since I was like, ten. But hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

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Happy Birthday Anon!!!

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>when your allergies act up at a meet, causing you to sneeze, causing you to fart, causing the air bubble to go up your vagina

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>my ex has a new guy
>they're doing a couples cosplay that we planned to do

Please kill me.

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>have anti-lolita boyfriend who I've been dating for around 2 years, never wore lolita because he hated it.
>he dumps me out of the blue around 3 months ago
>really tough first week
>start realizing all the money I could spend on him I could use to pursue lolita
>buy a shit ton of things, finally feel kawaii
>potential to have cute lolita gf or cute ouji bf
>can also freely fart in my own bed and poop not before a shower

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Aw anon. You'll make it through this.

>> No.9512798

>poop not before a shower
I was 100% in support until this.

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Such a good feeling. Sorry you got dumped, but it sounds like you're going to be so much better off.

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>making prop
>Everything going good
>Putting last piece in
>Doesn't fit
>Everything else glued together and good
>Have to custom make it
3 tries so far, it starts out too big, then too small and never seems to fit

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This anon here, from last thread

It's not retail, but the only thing worse: food service. I texted the boss to ask what was going on and that I'll be out of town that weekend and what I could do about it, but I have been Ignored. Pray for me /cgl/.

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We'd been together for five years, so I'm p sure I'll never love again, but whatever.

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>not showering after a poop

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I meant that I'd always poop before a shower so that the smell wouldn't linger, now I can poop whenever.

>> No.9512870

I read that first line as "making poop" and the rest of the post was horrifying.

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Here's my throwaway! I hope to hear from you soon~

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Just found out my 29yo big brother is a virgin.

Should I introduce him to the grills in my comm?

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As a 26 yr old virgin, definitely yes.

>tfw your younger sister will never introduce you to her comm friends because she's not onto lolita

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If Labour win tonight I win enough through bets to buy a load of brand.

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>Tfw no one to do couple cosplays with
>too anxious to try and befriend people
>any time i've tried to reach out to people i just creep them out because zero social skills
>messages i send often never get responded to
>usually a "Read" or "Seen" and nothing else
>this happens all the time so i'm just lead to believe people don't like to talk to me
>or that could be anxiety but i don't fucking know anymore
>try to reason with this but end up stuck in a vicious cycle like
>"well they're busy so i shouldn't complain"
>"in fact me complaining sounds like i'm entitled to their attention"
>"wow i'm a really awful person aren't I"
>take pics of cosplayers at cons
>too anxious to stick around and chat
>another vicious cycle
>bitter and alone, wanting to change but too terrified of messing up even though i acknowledge that's how life works
>again, just stuck in vicious cycles

I kind of want to die.

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If he isn't hideous. Make sure you help him look presentable before introducing him or you'll just scar him for life.

>> No.9512914

Why do you feel the need to poke around in his life?

>> No.9512920

>be 27 KHV manlet
>tries to befriend a group of qt Chinese LL cosplayers
>gets rejected

Why even live

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>denying your brother his wizard powers
Or you could just take his virginity your self like the succubus you are.

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I wouldn't call myself a wall flower but at cons I feel like people only end up talking to me as an afterthought. Everyone wants to talk to my friends because they're outgoing and kind of popular but it feels like their eyes just slide right over me and won't even say hello out of politeness. I love hanging out with my friends at cons but it also feels like shit sometimes. Does anyone else feel this way?

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How do you make it to 27 without at least a hug? At cons people give hugs out like candy.

>> No.9512958

As a KV dude (granted, a decade younger than her brother), I think what she's doing is admirable. Really shows that she cares for him and wants him to improve.

>> No.9512973

>tfw have no local friends or family to introduce me to anyone.

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r9k should not be giving advice to anyone, and being a virgin at 19 is not an issue. being a virgin even in your twenties isn't an issue unless you make it one. If he still doesn't want to date someone, trying to force it or bring it up is only going to strain the relationship.

I mean, I get that you pathetic fags have this fantasy that someone will match you up with the perfect girl for you, but that's not what everyone wants.

>> No.9512991

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Trips confirm it.

>> No.9512993

You have no idea if he wants to or not, so why not leave it up to someone who actually knows him? He can decide if he wants to follow through.

>> No.9512994 [DELETED] 

>anyone guy on this board who's a virgin is a "pathetic r9k fag"
Ok anon.

>> No.9512999

>any guy on this board who's a virgin is a "pathetic r9k fag"
Ok anon. I hope you recognize the irony in this statement, given that in that same post you said there was no problem with being a virgin in your 20s.

>> No.9513003

the person who would know what he wants is himself. I'm just saying that if that anon tries to push it, it could backfire and mess up their relationship.

so you notice a typo and delete your post, but miss the 3 posts above you describing themselves as "KHV"s? "KHV" is the defining trademark of the loser r9k sadboys, and it's not exactly a secret you guys creep on the feels thread here.

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I swear, without cons or cosplay I'd fucking kill myself. It's where I get 100% of my meager self esteem from.

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>"KHV" is the defining trademark of the loser r9k sadboys
What anon???? I'm not sure if you're new to this website, but KV/KHV has become a pretty popular acronym throughout multiple boards. It's just a short way to say that they're inexperienced with women.

I think you need to simmer down a bit. It's honestly quite a bit comical how you're accusing half the thread of being from r9k.

>> No.9513009

You're delusional and assuming he's a virgin by choice for some fucking reason. He most likely isn't.

>> No.9513011

just the creepy people who don't want to keep their noses out of other people's sex lives, not half the thread anon. Do you need help? seems like you're pretty delusional if you think that me saying 3-4 posters are from r9k means I'm accusing half the thread.

if you're 29 and are still a virgin, you have had chances to lose it, but didn't take them. fat women exist, ugly women exist. The fact that someone went for that long means he prioritized other things over having sex, which isn't a problem, but it means that yes, he is a virgin by choice. Trying to pry into your brother's life or push something onto him you're not sure he wants is a good way to damage your relationship with him.

>> No.9513013

Only introduce him to your friends. I don't want to make awkward small talk with some random chick's 30yo virgin brother, even if she's in my comm.

And please don't take him to meets for the love of God.

>> No.9513016

I frequent /a/co/cgl/m/o/v/vg/toy/tv/ and thats the first time I've ever seen that acronym

>> No.9513018

KEK this entire post holy shit.

First off, you're insane for accusing so many people from being from r9k just for using a common acronym.

Second, do you really think all old virgins are virgins by choice? Ever heard of social anxiety? Ever heard of insecurity?

>> No.9513019

No, it does not work that way. There is a difference between not wanting to sex a fat girl and being a virgin by 'choice'. If your only options are fat ugly girls of course most people would 'choose' to be a virgin you fucking retard.

Even so there are people who are so socially reclusive they don't know how to go for uggos. That isn't by choice. How delusional are you to believe everyone who is a virgin late in life is done by choice?

>> No.9513024

It's on a and v all the time. Probably co too. It's on fit, adv, and plenty of other boards.

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>frontal spanks

>> No.9513061

I mean, it's a fetish for some but not most.

>> No.9513081

>not wanting to sex a fat girl
>not a choice
It's a choice. If you're desperate enough, you'll go for anything. Chances are, you're just not desperate enough and can comfortably choose not to. What's stopping her brother from calling up a hooker in a hotel.

>> No.9513082

girl i fully support your right to poop whenever you damn well please. glad you're feeling okay about your breakup and looking forward to new possibilities!

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>dating a guy who hates your hobby for two years

>> No.9513089

fuck off retard

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T-thanks anon...

>> No.9513123

No, there''s a reason (good or bad) that he's still a virgin.

>> No.9513185

Well, what sort of things do you usually do during a con? Do you just shop and cosplay and do the Artist Alley thing? Or do you guys go to panels and stuff? Try out new things at the convention or do stuff in the city it takes place in so you guys can share something together in case the con does suck. Like go to the beach or the zoo or whatever is nearby.

>> No.9513247

I'm having some bad feels about fuckboys I can't escape because of work/mutual friend shit, but to cheer myself up I'm going to post some positive feels.

>getting close to my coworkers finally, invited to hang out with them pretty regularly and it's nice to have a new friend circle
>one of my best friends just took me on an all-expenses paid trip to a theme park in another state because she said I saved her life when she was suicidal by being supportive
>enthusiastic about drawing again because I got over "I will never do better than ugly animu shit," improving slowly but steadily
>found stores with adorable weeb shit and I'm excited to blow cash there
>my young cousins are out of school (they're practically my little sisters), so I can spend time with them and weeb out with them because they are awkward nerds like I was at that age
>reconnecting with old best friend after a terrible falling out years ago
>lolita wardrobe is pretty satisfactory, it's too hot to wear out but I love looking at my dresses hanging in my closet and only have a few more dresses to go
>itabag merch coming along nicely, can't wait to actually place them on the bag I have coming in the mail

I gotta remember that 99% of my life is pretty great and not let the little things get me down.

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>obese chick sexually harasses me at the con
>come across her later on the con's Fb page
>check her profile
>"I hate it when fuccbois can't take a hint"

>> No.9513273

TMI I'm sorry, but I'm just really sad.

I thought that the big problem in my life was that my boyfriend and I were moving into a more expensive apartment and that then I wouldn't have money for lolita any more.
The new apartment is awesome, it has a balcony, a huge kitchen, and a secluded home office space for my boyfriend to use when he wants to be alone. It also has an extra bedroom for him to use when he wants to sleep alone, plus I'll get to have my own private bedroom and bathroom and a walk-in closet.

I thought that the problem was the expensive rent. The real problem is actually that my boyfriend and I are both respectively and mutually excited to be essentially turning from a couple into non-interacting roomates because neither of us is willing to admit we can't stand living together anymore.

Is this it? Is this where I turn into my parents? Divorced but living together?

I didn't mean to screw this all up.
Maybe I should have broken up with him when I caught him trying to cheat on me.
Maybe I should have broken up with him when the insults and the tantrums and throwing things started. When he wouldn't let me have any friends.

I'm going to have tons of space right? He's not going to seek me out and scream in my face and call me ugly anymore right? If he has his own space he'll be fine and he'll leave me alone and I'll be allowed to have friends?
(Pls God I never wanted to turn out like this. Please make him not angry anymore. I didn't mean to make him hate me)

>> No.9513285

Anon that's really bad. I want to be supportive and all for you, but it' s mainly your fault. He is your boyfriend, not your husband, just break up with him and walk away. Seek help. This passive behavior and avoiding problems won't solve anything.

>> No.9513289

He probably doesn't want to pay for sex or go for someone ugly. Luckily his sister may have some good looking friends.

>> No.9513292

Why did you sign a lease with someone who would call you ugly and scream in your face? My bf and I have had our differences, but we would never insult one another that way. Dump him. Being able to split rent is not worth staying in a shitty relationship.

>> No.9513304

anon, get out of there
that's really not healthy

>> No.9513306

anon, get out of there
that's really not healthy
break up with him please

>> No.9513311

>people being this dumb and believing this shitty bait

This board makes all girls look like morons

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My old comm was known throughout lolita-land as "the horny slut patrol." Maybe introduce him to them?

Yes, I'm a lonelita now.

>> No.9513348

Have you told your partner all this? Talk to her about it! I think if you click so well (you seem to from what I read) there is nothing anons here can advise you beside talking this through with her. Seriously.

>> No.9513353

Stop being afraid to look like the 'bad person' for starting the breakup.

Set up an ultimatum, 2 months for example. The relationship has to be better by then or you leave. Put an alarm on your phone to remind you on that day about this promise to yourself.

Have a mature conversation this evening, saying that you feel your relationship has been slipping in the past, and you feel that this new living space can give you both opportunity to take a breather and have your own space. But during this time you both have to put effort into mending the relationship.

>> No.9513358
File: 1.86 MB, 500x279, tumblr_nhqa5nxKuw1ql5yr7o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hang out with friends, we start talking about work
>least favorite "friend" shows up with his gf
>friends gf shows up with lunch (fastfood), finishes it while we are talking
>after the meal, starts crying since "we make so much money and she doesn't make much but she tries her best"
>ask her what she does for work
>sells stuff on etsy
>tell her I used to sell similar stuff on etsy and did well, so I could help
>look at her stuff
>generic craftsfair/thriftstore items
>made some awesome steven universe stuff
>refuses to sell them
>made some awesome kawaii stuff
>refuses to sell them
>made some amazing cosplay accessories
>refuses to sell them
>ask to see her etsy store
>she told me she doesn't even have it open or items listed
>mid conversation she gets up to get a second meal even though she just ate
>she comes back with more fastfood, tells me in front of everyone that it made her feel like shit that I "rubbed in that I did better than her on etsy"
>k den

I'm done with said "friend" and his pet cow.

>> No.9513360

Anon you are being abused please get out of there, break up with him, break out of his controll and seek help.

Or maybe seek help first, do it quietly if you must, call a hotline for domestic abuse, and then break up. This is so unhealthy

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how am i supposed to tell my mom she sucks at making lolita dresses. i love her so much that i don't wanna tell her that but someone has gotta tell her somehow. god help me

>> No.9513425

Have her post her work here for evaluation.

>> No.9513427

>impulse buy on lacemarket
>seller has one negative review, tons of positives, take the chance
>takes a week to send invoice
>no message why or even a thanks for buying
>realize I selected the wrong shipping address
>email seller to ask for a change of address
>she took so long to invoice, there's no way the dress is sent out yet
>a few days later, still no reply
>very nervous

Am I just a paranoid newbie or how do I get this girl to answer me?

Bonus feel:
>local con this weekend
>didn't bother taking all of the days off of work
>several cool events on Sunday, including swap meet, not much the rest of the weekend
>tfw only working Sunday

>> No.9513448

>pot water

I realize now that wherever you're from, this means toilet, but initially I thought you meant bong water...

>> No.9513461
File: 50 KB, 640x360, 1339801538936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's an easier way

>> No.9513505

What's actually wrong with them? Is she using poor or improper fabrics? Bad craftsmanship? Or does she just have terrible color/design taste?

If it's just something like poor craftsmanship or fabric choices try having her watch some tutorials or guides with you. If you can't confront her directly about her skills, or just don't want to hurt her feelings, then present it as a sort of "bonding over common interests" time. You might be able to help her improve her work.

>> No.9513557

>be at AN for 3 days
>tfw didn't make any cosplayer friends
>tfw qt Chinese cosplayers don't want anything to do with me
>tfw a certain famous cosplayer literally told me to fuck off
>tfw was alone in my hotel room at night

>> No.9513630
File: 116 KB, 755x300, yayabless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a certain famous cosplayer literally told me to fuck off
Let me guess....

>> No.9513642

>tfw you have a wtb list with like 100 brand dresses
>tfw not a single goddamn one is up for sale in your preferred cut or colorway because they're mostly older prints or solid colored or oldschool

>> No.9513677

>Refuses to sell the awesome things
Any reason why?

>> No.9513681

How well are you looking? Older non printed pieces come up all the time secondhand. You might have to be patient and look well but you'll find them eventually.

>> No.9513708

Have you ever seen a toilet flood during a meet? Because it sucks ass.

>> No.9513712

Brands keep,stealing a design from this company i like

>> No.9513724

Are you checking y!j? Use buyee if you're nervous, is so easy

>> No.9513742
File: 84 KB, 736x481, mcloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ask your girls straight up if they'll hump your brother.

>> No.9513830

I know, I do look for them on Japanese secondhand sites too. Thanks though!
It just seems like my preferred cuts and colorways never want to show up, despite having such an extensive list...

>> No.9513839

"they're not good enough"

>> No.9513844

Dump his ass

>> No.9513853

Was in the same exact kind of situation way back, call your parents and tell them what happened. Pack your shit while he's at work, give your key and final paperwork to the landlord then never look back. If you stay things will get worse and worse and worse until you either want to murder him or kill yourself. Get out asap for your own sanity and finances.

>> No.9513860

This reads like textbook abused woman who thinks it's her fault/he'll change/but he loves me/etc etc. And guess what? Not one of them has ever ended well. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he has never ONCE done the things you just described.

>> No.9513865

Why do fatties always get so offended when you reject them? They should know their place in the social order

>> No.9513867

I kind of want to hear his side of the story desu

>> No.9513895
File: 97 KB, 1000x1000, sasharamen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanted to take my bf to tea, but he broke his finger fidget spinning.

>> No.9513933

unpopular opinion/venting time:
i'm real torn on the subject of replicas.
on the one hand, i own one, so i guess i'm biased. i bought one of oojia's midsummer night's dream replicas when she was first starting up her business. at the time, this was before any brand had ever re-released a printed dress, so in my head I justified it like, 'this is the only way i'll ever get to wear this print, because nabbing the original was such a bloodbath that nobody is ever going to let go of it for less than retail value, which i couldn't afford in the first place'. and... i've worn a grand total of twice in the several years since. i'm weird about wearing it out to meetups since I feel like i'm going to be judged. but at the same time, i see people shit all over girls who wear replicas, and I just want to be like 'chill out, ffs. a) it is nowhere near the quality of brand (mine arrived with the all magenta in the print about a half-centimeter off from where it's supposed to be placed, the 'blacks' are basically pewter gray, also the fabric is pretty stiff and I had to replace the bows altogether) b) there's very little resale value in the replica market, so it's wasteful af and c) the kind of people who wear nothing *but* replicas are usually very quickly ostracized from the communities as being tacky and poor.
idk i get by and i save up little by little every month in order to make my purchases, but it makes me feel awful because people say things like 'you shouldn't wear lolita if your finances are that strained'. it wasn't always this way. when i was first getting into lolita, i had a much better job and now i feel like my community expects the same resultant high standard of quality in all my coordinates.

>> No.9513941

Post your list, I feel like shopping and don't need to spend any more on myself for awhile

>> No.9513944
File: 250 KB, 477x322, tumblr_my7ht9Xsod1shho8io1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying my best to have a friendly and welcoming comm that's active, and failing to do so, is making me depressed.

>> No.9513997
File: 85 KB, 804x802, 200F7207-75D1-44A5-AEDD-EBFA6186B6E5-543-0000007DEF8F19D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no woman will ever love you, because you don't love yourself

>> No.9513998

Okay, but what's a "peeti coat"?

>> No.9514003

people like reasons to shit all over others, esp lolitas. you can always wear the replica around normies if you want to uphold a higher standard for events.
if you have your replica on hand, can you post a side-by-side?

>> No.9514004
File: 97 KB, 264x264, franniewtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My sister's comm keeps obsessing over pride month.

Am I the only young person on the internet who's gay, but doesn't make it my entire personality?

>> No.9514008

This post made me realize my sister has no idea what's really going on in my life, because she only ever sees the confident, stoic manly man side on me when we're together

>> No.9514010

don't worry, I say that every time too. I hope your ex's new guy has visible hotglue and slightly off fabric choices.

>> No.9514021

It's so obnoxious how it's a lifestyle now.

>> No.9514023
File: 267 KB, 219x300, tumblr_m3k5hz0T3R1qldorq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been dating this boy for 5 months now
>he's amazing nd sweet and funny and our personalities go really well together
>finally introduced him to my lolita collection (been hinting it since we started dating but never actually went indepth about it)
>he thinks it's weebish but is supportive and thinks i look cute in it
>even buys me a meta jsk as a random gift
>says he'll protect me from any weirdos that try to sneak pics when we go out and im wearing it
>mfw i finally found the dream boy

I've mentioned to him before about wearing ouji with me and he's said that he would think about it for a con or something, so I'm hoping we can do matching coords at some point!

>> No.9514067

I absolutely hate people who make being LGBT their entire personality.
I don't care that you are lgbt, and writing "gay" literally all over your online profiles and clothing is just obnoxious.
Pride events are "ok", but I genuinely don't get the point of them.

Oh, but if I say any of that on somewhere like reddit, I'm homo and/or transphobic. Because if you don't worship LGBT people like gods, you must hate them! ugh.

>> No.9514122

I'm skinny fat and decided to work out 3 months ago. When does the face fat usually go away? Feels bad.

>> No.9514125

Depends on the person. Sometimes it's the last thing to go.

>> No.9514207
File: 52 KB, 640x640, received_10210977800418366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm poor as shit and can only go to one con a year, but when I go, I tend to not eat all weekend and stay up the entire time, getting maybe 5 hours sleep Sunday morning.
But for some reason, this year I kept falling asleep by 10 and waking up at 6, which is literally my grandfather's sleeping schedule. I don't know if I'm just starting to get old or what, but I could not keep up with my younger sister and missed all the fun late night stuff.
>feels bad man

>> No.9514209
File: 341 KB, 2048x1152, 18836885_10207249114586513_5488377635438567875_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf wants to do a Boko NoPico cosplay
>ask him wtf his problem is
>he laughs and starts dabbing

I don't know why I'm with him.

>> No.9514213

>tfw the horny slut patrol will never lure you into their van with promises of rock cds and beer

>> No.9514223
File: 287 KB, 500x600, romantic_cat_jumperskirt_mt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>super happy for another cat print
>also sad because no disposable income currently
>decide to wait for Romantic Cat to pop up on the 2nd hand market

fast forward a bit
>see Romantic Cat in a couple different colorways in OP/JSK cut and it's just. so terribly constructed, it looks like a replica
>Both girls had coorded it nicely, it was definitely just the garment itself

Is my favorite brand going to shit? Their newer releases also look poorly constructed. fuck

>> No.9514227

Dabbing aside, what's wrong with BnP cosplay?

>> No.9514229

Isn't that the animu where a little boy dresses like a girl and jerks off strangers?

>> No.9514232

You shouldn't be actively involved in a luxury hobby if you can't responsibly afford it. That's not meanie elitists trying to hurt your feelings, that's common sense.

>> No.9514239

Reading this made my heart hurt. Please, anon, you don't deserve this. Don't just post this anonymously. Tell someone in your life who actually gives a shit and will help you get out of this.

>> No.9514242
File: 5 KB, 252x200, 17799409_659789860873481_8700882181089376991_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get off 4chan and get a real person's help, plz. This is so fucked up.

>mfw all these "bang your brother" comments

>> No.9514243

I don't give a fuck how people spend their money. If you choose to spend all your disposable income on lolita, more power to you.

Replicas are becoming less and less relevant. Lolita is more affordable and accessible than ever with Taobao shops churning out so many prints/designs and Japanese brands being rerelease-crazy. There's not as much incentive for newbies to go for them, and the ones who do haven't done their research and realize how expensive poorly made replicas are compared to non-replica, better quality dresses from Taobao stores. I don't care if I meet someone who wears replicas because I befriend people who I disagree with on a very basic moral level all the time, so eh.

I made the mistake of buying a Oo Jia replica early on. It's not terrible, but I was an idiot and could've bought the dress I wanted for about $60 more and in my preferred colorway if I had been patient. I accidentally bought a non-print Mary Magdalene replica (I had a really inexperienced eye), which was annoying. Both of them collect dust in my wardrobe, I'll probably give them away or just die with them.

>> No.9514245

He sounds like a meme loving fuck. What's the problem?

>> No.9514303

>Finally save enough to buy the dress I want
>Routine dental appointment, should be $40
>Wasn't routine after all

I could deal if it was down to poor maintenance i.e. my fault, but apparently its bad luck and wisdom teeth.

>> No.9514327

>bf always makes me crawl on the floor and fucks me in any cosplay I get

do boys only like cosplay because it's hot

>> No.9514370

>a thing revolves entrirely around how you look
gee I wonder

>> No.9514380

I haven't worn lolita in months and very rarely visit cgl anymore. I still love the dresses I own and the aesthetic in general, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't just sell my wardrobe and call it good. I barely talk to my lolita friends anymore, not that I had many in the first place, but I don't want to totally lose the couple that I do consider good friends because we'd no longer have in common the thing that brought us together in the first place.

>> No.9514381

>not appreciating the effort and art that goes into it

men are PIGS

>> No.9514403

I appreciate how hard it makes me.

>> No.9514416

What print or dress?? I love meta

>> No.9514515
File: 1.64 MB, 1528x688, lolitawtb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon I hope you only mean looking
anyway these are my higher priority items. I didn't bother with the whole list because it'd take too long and most of it is oldschool or older stuff in general but yeah...
>yes, I know my taste is all over the place
I should probably post in the wtbs/dream dress threads at some point, though I was trying to see if I could find them on my own.

>> No.9514522

You might want to stalk Wunderwelt, they stock quite a few old school pieces. Old school Baby in velveteen is pretty easy to find there too. Don't lose hope, I'm sure you'll find your dream pieces one day!

>> No.9514529

Same reason betafags get super offended, they feel entitled to date who THEY want, regardless if the people they want to date aren't attracted to them. They feel like they deserve a hot bf/gf

>> No.9514536
File: 25 KB, 274x266, 1493430915318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Three months ago i got hired at a great place to call my career working for two lawyers. I was so excited about full time, steady pay I thought I could finally afford Lolita since I've always admired the fashion but could never afford it. I lined up all these dresses, accessories, and wigs that I loved and planned cosplay that I could achieve thanks to a new and improved budget.
My relationship with one boss started to deteriorate and she started to openly hate me while I was on good terms with the other. I finally passed my three month probation where I was promised I would be put on salary.

>tfw I got let go yesterday.
>tfw my last paycheck goes into my rent
>broke again

>> No.9514540

your ex-comm sounds like fun

>> No.9514547

Look. Get the fuck out. You can do it. It'll be hard but it's possible.

I was 4 months into a lease with a toxic individual who was turning me into a toxic pile of sludge as well and I was able to get myself the fuck out. You might need to sell some dresses or something but YOU CAN GET OUT OF THIS LEASE. if you want. Usually you just have to forfeit security deposit and pay for an additional 1-2 months and then you can get out and don't have to worry about your credit going sour.

Good luck getting out of that shitshow of a situation

>> No.9514559

>she tried.jpg
Was it floral or frilly with lace? I've noticed that most people can only remember that lolita = ruffles and lace and completely blank out on the silhouette, meaning that ruffles and lace also = lolita. My mother sometimes buys me these frilly vintage cocktail dresses at thrift stores that are always way too short and often skintight, but she think that because they have ruffles they're perfect for my lolita wardrobe. It's silly and a bit frustrating sometimes, but she means well and I appreciate the gesture. I just return them a few weeks later and if she asks, I say they didn't fit.

>> No.9514591

This. Awkward boyfriends at meetups are bad enough. Some girl's brother who's actively looking for a qt loli gf? Pls no

>> No.9514602

I wish my little cousins were cute weebs. Instead they're Kylie Jenner clones who think dating a mediocre YouTuber and having a bunch of social media followers is the height of personal success.

I know this feel. My dental hygiene is flawless but three of my wisdom teeth decided to fuck my shit up all at the same time. Most is covered by insurance but not everything. I need that money for burando, damn it.

>> No.9514607


Damn. Reading these made me super thankful my parents took the initiative and had an oral surgeon go ahead and rip out all 4 of my wisdom teeth at once during their brief stint on public assistance/medicaid during the recession. Thanks Obama (literally).

>> No.9514614

Dentists in my country aren't willing to remove wisdom teeth if it's not truly necessary. I'd prefer if they removed #4 too while they're at it but since it's calmly chilling in place and doesn't seem to pose any real problem at the moment, they won't touch it. I think it has something to do with the possibility of complications and lawsuits if something goes wrong during an unnecessary procedure.
Like I said though, most of it is fortunately covered by insurance so I'll only be missing out on one dress and not, like, ten of them.

>> No.9514630

>tfw when male and enjoy cosplay purely for the crafting side of it
>not taken seriously because of people like >>9514327

>> No.9514633
File: 81 KB, 500x681, IMG_4925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you'll never have a cute crafty nerd bf to go to cons with and just be dorks with each other

>> No.9514639

Thanks anon!
I do check WW a lot too but either they're never in the specific cuts/colors I want or they sell out the day they go up, before I can get to them and then take an eternity to show up again. (Or they just never appear there...)
Hopefully I can snag them someday though!

>> No.9514643

Do they put you under general anesthesia when they remove wisdom teeth in your country? Generally in the US you get put under, so it's safer to just remove them all at once since the general anesthesia is the most dangerous part of the procedure.

>> No.9514652

I guess I'm just unlucky.

>> No.9514687
File: 2 KB, 83x125, 1478984459162s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw when you want to go to a loli comm, but your family is made up of politicians and it'd be bad for image if I join something called "lolita"
w-what do i do gulls? is there any way to discretely be part of the lolita community?

>> No.9514697

I got you.
First you're gonna need to invest in wigs. Then make sure any lolita social media has no relation to your identity irl. Finally don't go with sweet just so you don't look ridiculous if your cover really is blown.

>bonus tip: Change into lolita somewhere other than your house.
>bonus bonus: look into terms like "soft lolita", "otome" and "casual lolita" for more subtle ways of joining

>> No.9514699

Participate mostly online (using a fake name on Facebook?) and wear your frills on your free time, when you can? Not sure what to suggest, your situation is quite unique. I do hope you find a way to participate in it if it's something you truly enjoy though.

>> No.9514719
File: 603 KB, 833x767, youdisgustme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my comm found out I used to be in prison


>> No.9514726

What'd you do to wind up in prison, homie?

>> No.9514730

Four months in county for assault on a smaller bitch.

>> No.9514736
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did your petti get wrinkled?

>> No.9514751

What about a skilled, beer swigging football jock bf who has excellent taste in anime?

>> No.9514755

Use a pseudonym, stay away from drama, and for the love of g-d, don't save thumbnails

>> No.9514756

Well, if you go to southeast conventions, you could.

>> No.9514762

>haven't gone to cons for years
>a band that gives me incredible nostalgia is coming to a con in my state
>hyped as fuck
>have to go
>but no one to go with because i'm autistic and have no friends who would be into that or who I would want to see me go insane over the band

I'm going but going to cons alone is terrifying for me. It's an absolute whirlwind of emotions.

>> No.9514780

nayrt but damn, general anesthesia just for your teeth? Here (euro) you just get a shot of local anesthesia. Had 3 wisdom teeth taken out that way, fully conscious, never felt a thing. Until the anesthesia wore off, obviously.
I finally understand those youtube videos of people completely off their rockers after getting their teeth pulled, general anesthesia messes with your head.

>> No.9514786

Just... get a second facebook? If you're an adult, what you do in your own life is your business. I can see this mattering if you were in the first family or royal family, but come on.

>> No.9514789

My wisdom teeth were impacted, meaning they had to cut my gums open to extract them and sew those bad boys back with stitche which was weird feeling. I'm sure they use general anethesia in most places in cases like mine.

>> No.9514791
File: 238 KB, 430x440, effmiku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're the only girl in your comm who didn't like the movie you all saw

>> No.9514802

I'm the anon you replied to and there wasn't anything weird about my wisdom teeth (none were impacted). It would have been kind of a struggle for me to find anyone who'd do it without general anesthetic even though there were no issues

>> No.9514826
File: 27 KB, 451x232, 1486583546271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have all my costume blueprints drawn down on EVA foam mats
>Forget I lent my father my band saw for the weekend
>Feel that itch to make progress
>Foam is too thicc to go at with an exacto and get a clean cut
>Despise the finish hot wire cutters leave behind
>Nothing, but agony
>Go out and buy largest tub of modge podge I can get and have it mocking me the whole weekend
>Won't be able to get anything done until next Saturday

>> No.9514848
File: 62 KB, 540x381, 02511540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to have an AA table for the first time ever at an upcoming con, and since it's been a dream of mine for many years now (didn't feel confident enough to apply until just now) I've made sure that everything is flawless on my end so that nothing should go wrong.

Except that today I heard from my relatives that a cousin of mine with the social skills of a rude shoe is going to be at the con too. It's an age restricted con so I totally forgot that he could actually attend it since in my mind he's still the super annoying little kid he's always been, except now he's the super annoying little kid old enough to drink and thus attend said con.
Apparently he also really likes to spend time at the AA too, probably because the people there can't run away from him. He has zero tact, no filter whatsoever, often blurts out really rude and inappropriate stuff, can't take a hint, still doesn't get the hint once you stop hinting and tell him outright that he's annoying and should leave you alone. He'll just come back in two minutes.
And this little nuisance is unfortunately probably going to also visit my table, most likely be a little confused about why their cousin has drawn lightly dressed pretty boys to sell at a con, will definitely ask me about it really loudly at the con itself, and then a week later at his sister birthday party, that I also promised to attend before I knew about this, tell all about it to everyone present because he has no concept of things that should probably not be shared to our narrow minded country bumpkin relatives.

I want to try and stay optimistic and hope that maybe he'll miss my table, can't attend the con at all, or has magically grown a new set of appropriate social skills during the time we haven't met, but during my short life so far I have learned that people never ever meet my expectations unless I'm expecting the worst, in which case they usually even exceed them.

>> No.9514938

>tfw everyone has shit taste

>> No.9514941


>lying for replies

>> No.9514944
File: 155 KB, 600x477, ech.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When your feel gets ignored because some anon is too retarded to leave her obviously abusive relationship

>> No.9514946

Dump his ass



>> No.9514964

Cosplay anon, cosplay. If you do it right he won't recognise you. If he does come over to look at pictures of half-naked pretty boys then you've got him by the balls.

>> No.9514975

I've started doing some really professional-looking jfash shoots with a friend, and now I want to try for that standard in cosplay shoots- I'm not hardcore into cosplay (mostly just like doing wigs, I buy/commission most of it) but I really enjoy doing shoots and getting into character. I'm kinda hype but at the same time this is with a different tog I haven't shot with before, and I'm kinda worried he might be a bit up his own ass and not give me the creative freedom I'm used to with my friend. Plus a mutual hinted that he might expect to be paid for the shoot but he has not mentioned this to me at any point. So now I'm feeling like a dumbass and wishing I was just shooting with my friend next weekend instead.

>> No.9515009
File: 89 KB, 769x824, embroid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9515089

>birthday coming up
>every year for my birthday, bf takes me to AX and I spend about $700 there (with my own money, bf provides accommodations and food)
>this time I don't want to go, and instead save the money for something else
>I'm not interested in anime anymore, only fun part of cons is socialization, AX makes my feet hurt like a bitch and theres way too many damn lines
>bf keeps asking me if I want to go to AX for my birthday
>answer each time is no

I just want him to admit its more for him, and even then I still don't want to go. I'd rather go to a small local con, its easier to socialize at those.

>> No.9515097

I had 4 impacted at once and needed general anesthesia because m-muh anxiety. It isn't too bad and my insurance covered all of it because it could be filed under medical instead of dental. I was fine after an hour. (Mostly said I was like ylie Jenner because my lips were very Kswolen)

>> No.9515101
File: 78 KB, 369x530, 7ff29f85-f714-4ae9-bfc1-95a236a9884b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>straight and doesn't understand pride parades

>> No.9515175

You COULD message him asking about what is the price for the shoot, if any. Then if he is in fact charging you can back out well in advance so he's not put out by a messed up schedule. You gulls are so afraid to rock the boat sometimes you dig your own graves.

>> No.9515185

Camgirl-chan is back

>Settling into comm nicely
>Actual friends and we even hang out after meets
>Say I'm a student when asked what I do
>Feel bad keeping a secret from my actual friends

Should I keep on lying to these girls that are my actual friends? It feels weird. Is it going to be worse if they find out eventually from someone else and not from me? If somebody finds out and spills the beans to mods will I risk getting kicked out of a comm for my line of work? Halp

>> No.9515186
File: 9 KB, 130x167, astounding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went with a guy to It Comes at Night yesterday and we hated it so much he broke up with me.

>> No.9515188
File: 198 KB, 484x645, sweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sweet Shooting Star!

>> No.9515190

I mean, it would be weird if you just out and said that you're a camgirl at a meet. That's not something people generally talk about - I think being secretive about it is to be expected.

>> No.9515205

Oh man your list is harder to find than I thought from your initial description, that velveteen baby dress always comes up in wine and the meta is a bunch of people's dream dress. I was hoping to find some of them for you but I haven't seen any of those lately that I remember

>> No.9515210

Forgot to say though I did see the bxw version of the velveteen jsk on LM awhile back. There is no listing right now but I've seen both the black and bxw come up there for cheap

>> No.9515213

Wew that's very cute but looks hard to coord with the cut and so many colors

>> No.9515215

Hide it. If they kick you out just tell them what the fuck like you know nothing. Honestly I think it's two unrelated things and the professional thing to do is stay out of people's private life.

>> No.9515223

me. It sucks.

>> No.9515225

I figured that as long as I keep everything else pretty simple, I'll be able to coord it pretty easy! Thinking of bringing out that light blue some more with the same color tights and bow, then doing white for a blouse and the dark purple for shoes.

>> No.9515232

I don't talk about it at main meets and never ever would, I'm just saying like what if I'm actually hanging out with some people from the comm at their houses one on one? Should I still keep it hidden from the couple of people who are becoming my increasingly closer friends?

I feel like they've gotta wonder. My family isn't rich at all, yet I have a closet full of brand.

>> No.9515233

make camgirl friends you dope

>> No.9515237

Tell them if you trust them to keep it to themselves.

>> No.9515240

If they're wondering why you have the money for your brand then they're not the kind of friends you want cause it's none of their damn business

Follow what >>9515190 and >>9515215 said. It's unrelated to your friendship and not being fake or anything. Don't wreck something good just because you have anxiety about your line of work.

>> No.9515241

Our comm mother just found out she's HIV+ so we're trying to throw a cool party for her. But our budget is only $350.

>> No.9515280
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a guy break it off with me because I kept posting "ironic tumblr memes."

>> No.9515315

>tfw everything is shit

>> No.9515317

That sucks, anon. How come the one boss started to hate you?

>> No.9515340

Do you have an online name you go by? Lolita girls are cute I'd pay for that.

>> No.9515343
File: 642 KB, 726x1040, 1389294628900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>invite best friend to room with my group for con
>half of us know him so I assume it's going to be fine
>he starts inviting strangers whom even I don't know
I think I fucked up.

>> No.9515345


>> No.9515350

>really love my local comm and friends in it.
>random girl latches onto mods for brownie points.
>blatantly lies about every single thing in her entire life.
>excused it for a long time, figured it was a personality disorder and hoped someone would call her out.
>no one has said a thing and feed into constant lies and manipulation.
>honestly at this point, kind of just want to leave because it's everywhere at this point.
>tfw have no escape without causing dramu.

>> No.9515439

what band anon?

>> No.9515456

It really wouldn't be wise for me to share it but if you post a throwaway email I'll (unwisely) consider sharing with you

>> No.9515458

Be prepared for multiple emails to be posted.

>> No.9515552

What ever happened to that Akihabara gull who met a guy? I'm doing the teach in Japan thing so I can shop for lolita more easily. Meet a nice guy and become friends. We've been hanging out and it's been fun. He's respectful of my fashion choices. Fast forward to now, he says he'll cook me a traditional dinner. This turns into him wanting to cook dinner at my place since I actually have a kitchen.

>messages me and asks to call me and talk on the phone, which I hate because it's so hard for me to moonspeak over the phone
>hour or so later he calls me anyway
>"Why are you calling me?"
>"I just want to see how your day went, Anon."
>Chat briefly about upcoming dinner plan even though I don't want to talk
>"Anon, I'm coming over to your place after work..."
>"To cook me dinner, right?"
>I'm getting a weird feeling about allowing him to come over
>he abruptly wants to get off the phone and can't talk to me even though he's the one who called

I've been hanging out with him in groups and alone in public and he's a nice guy, but there is something about Japanese guys being alone with me behind closed doors that makes me uncomfortable. I feel bad treating him like that when he hasn't done anything wrong. I just want to be a cute lolita with Japanese language shopping skills and nice friends. Is that too much to ask for? I hope I'm overthinking this.

>> No.9515554
File: 46 KB, 500x330, tumblr_inline_o82jkz9drx1r36zvb_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My (and all my friend's) experiences on being a foreigner in Japan and dating/meeting Japanese dudes: total one night stand fuck boys or weirdly clingy and wanna be serious right away.

>> No.9515579

This is most guys everywhere though.

>> No.9515582

LM.C. I saw them ages ago with my best friend who I lost contact with because of an unfortunate home situation and their music takes me back to innocent times.

>> No.9515596
File: 101 KB, 764x609, 18519780_362587700810889_8553138049256653108_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get better memes.

>> No.9515604

Nah. There's in between guys elsewhere. The kinds of dudes into foreign chicks in Japan are usually one of the two extremes above. Particularly if you are in a part of Japan with not so many foreigners.

>> No.9515606

Sure there are some inbetween, that's why i said most.

>> No.9515619
File: 56 KB, 508x300, RqGp5HT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

marry me

>> No.9515625

Maybe suggest to have more people over at the same time and turn it into a fun group thing? You don't have to let this guy into your home at all if you're not comfortable with it, but his reaction to the possibility of not being the only one there can be telling.

Japanese guys who actively want to date gaijin are a special breed, though. Some think all gaijin are easy and expect sex on the first date (and wil get angry if you don't comply), others just want an 'exotic' trophy girlfriend/wife to show off to their friends or business associates. Decent Japanese guys who date non-Japanese exist, but if you're a pretty gaijin and a Japanese guy makes a bee-line for you and tries to get close to you fast, beware.

>> No.9515632

>Japanese guys who actively want to date gaijin are a special breed, though.

Are we just ignoring peoples personality just because they have a type now? Making insanely broad statements like that is misleading.

Most men either just want to fuck or want a wife so why stereotype a specific race for being into another race?

If you walk around Shibuya/Roppongi expecting a decent guy to come in and sweep you off your feat you're delusional. That's where this stereotype comes from.

I highly doubt these tales of some villainous Japanese Gaiji hunter come from Gaijins in Nagano or Hokkaido.

>> No.9515646
File: 18 KB, 238x255, 3955F59D-F42A-4501-979E-77A339849D8F-2693-0000025FF1B5FAF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to make friends and stuff, but I don't want to make people have to suffer being subjected to my presence

>> No.9515654
File: 769 KB, 720x856, 20170211_132255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We started off on a good foot, but it went downhill pretty fast. To sum it up, she was a bitch. I was scrutinized for asking questions to the point where she was questioning my education and my personal life. It just got really toxic from there. She hired her friends daughter who had no relevant education and trained her in my job and I just got demoted to standard clerical work.
I didn't expect to be let go, just thought I was going to be a basic clerk.

>> No.9515667

[email protected]
I don't expect a reply so it's ok either way.

>> No.9515677
File: 145 KB, 504x403, suicide-donald-duck-in-drag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hop on the juice and train hard to cosplay as fightan chars
>go as terry this time
>workmate of mine goes "hey you're dressed up as pokemon!"

b-b-but ash doesn't have blue eyes... or blonde hair... or a ponytail.. or a ripped sleeveless vest.. or 16 inch arms.. or muscles...

>> No.9515683

>Comm meetup is next week
>it's for a pride parade
>not interested
>decide not to go

I'm not homophobic and I don't fall underneath a spectrum. This is not a space I need to go to.

>> No.9515713

don't worry about the normies anon, I bet your cosplay was great!

>> No.9515715

What I'm saying is is that's it's practically unheard of for a gaijin-hunter to date anyone for their personality. A lot of the time they can't even communicate at any serious level.

>> No.9515722

I will refer you to my statement of

>stop reading stories from white girls who hang out in places like shibuya and roppongi and taking them as what your average japanese guy who would date a foreigner would be like

It wasn't explicitly stated as strictly about gaijin hunters.

> My (and all my friend's) experiences on being a foreigner in Japan and dating/meeting Japanese dudes: total one night stand fuck boys or weirdly clingy and wanna be serious right away.

Falling back on the "b-but gaijin hunters!" isn't even related to the original statement.

>> No.9515725

You should probably read a conversation before joining in.

>> No.9515727

Same here. My comm is currently falling over its own feet reblogging drag queens and saying how we should do every meetup at pride parades from now on. I have several friends under the LGBT+ umbrella but none of them want anything to do with pride parades and, to be honest, neither do I. People have already been asking me why I don't want to go to drag shows with them and I'm sure they'll eventually come to the conclusion that I'm an awful homophobe, because god forbid someone just isn't into loud, tacky, over the top performances like that.

>> No.9515775
File: 646 KB, 900x1200, dontswear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>having fun at tea
>mfw some girl starts talking about how her little sister got kidnapped 20 years ago and was never seen again

Party foul.

>> No.9516002

A petticoat soaked in pee, obvi.

>> No.9516096

>How many guns can you fit under one dress.

>> No.9516099

Maybe he wants a trade in for a younger fitter model. An this com is the only one he knows that do trade ins on warranty.

>> No.9516114

> big problem in my life was that my boyfriend and I were moving into a more expensive apartment and that then I wouldn't have money for lolita any more.
The new apartment is awesome, it has a balcony, a huge kitchen, and a secluded home office space for my boyfriend to use when he wants to be alone. It also has an extra bedroom for him to use when he wants to sleep alone, plus I'll get to have my own private bedroom and bathroom and a walk-in closet.
>I thought that the problem was the expensive rent.

Grow the fuck up. You want to look cute or be homeless. Your choice.

>> No.9516116

>My (and all my friend's) experiences on being a foreigner in Japan and dating/meeting Japanese dudes

You can not fit as many as you want into your suitcase as a souvenir

>> No.9516138
File: 7 KB, 318x313, aaaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stopped giving a fuck recently and started wearing lolita to school
>one of the teachers has previously loved my dresses, so decide to go show her
>after fawning over me for a few seconds, first thing she does is lift up the edge of my skirt to look at my petti
>too confused/shocked to say anything
>internally looking like pic related

>very depressed
>it's not getting better and I don't really know what to do with myself

>> No.9516145

making a big deal out of nothing.

>> No.9516146

Are you me, anon? I'll be your friend if you can tolerate me.

>> No.9516169

>someone you aren't romantically interested in lifting up your dress isn't a big deal


>> No.9516172

>girls admiring other girls' clothes

>> No.9516174

I don't care if it's another girl, I don't want someone to lift up my skirt. Youre honestly asking to get smacked if you go around lifting up girls skirts. Unless you're somehow going to save their life by doing it no context makes this okay.

>> No.9516185

>con coming up
>competing with a friend
>started working on cosplay asap so I could relax and have plenty of time to add detail without con crunching
>leaving for con in 5 days, cosplay still needs a few details but I'm not stressing
>out of no where friend messages me saying she doesn't want to wear the cosplay anymore
>says she can't stand it and wants to change her character
>cosplay is too awkward to wear alone much less compete so I agree to help
>probably gonna have to do everything because she can't do shit by herself

She felt bad and was crying so I didn't tell her I was mad about it but I'm really pissed. I've been anxious about this too but I put those anxieties aside because she wanted to do this. I'm pissed she couldn't be bothered to do the same for my sake. I don't think I'll ever want to cosplay with her again after this because she's just so unreliable

>> No.9516189

Is this fucking japan?
You would think people would not have such a big deal about bringing shame to our family types things anymore. Your actions shouldn't reflect politicians works but its a stupid world and people judge for the stupidest thing.

>> No.9516192

Did she also flip up your petti and see panties? If not, nbd.

>> No.9516195

I'm not even the original anon, I just have some modesty. You would probably get arrested if someone called the cops on you for lifting their skirt.

>> No.9516202
File: 133 KB, 1080x1080, 1469711530176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I learned the hard way to not order from "professional" cosplay stores as opposed to just buying pieces off ebay or Facebook groups.
Paid out the ass for shipping on an already expensive order because they said it needed to be rushed to a "1 week tailoring time" for the time frame I chose. Nothing so far from them, and it's been about a month at this point. No shipping number, nothing but an invoice and a response from customer service to "do a patient wait" when I asked them what the hold up was. Kind of thinking about disputing through paypal if it drags on much longer with no news at all.

I guess everyone has to learn at one point or another

>> No.9516206

Most people aren't cool with others randomly lifting their skirt. I thought this was common knowledge.

>> No.9516217

I'm not a loli, but I really wouldn't want strangers touching my clothes.

>> No.9516261
File: 134 KB, 678x875, IMG_0888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying not to fall into a pit of dispair after a meetup that didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. I was having a good time but my mood is so easily affected by others.
Maybe I'll find something new in the lolita movie thread to cheer myself up.

>> No.9516267

are you some low teir camgirl? everyone knows 4chan users don't pay.
here's as far as 4chan's camgirl admiration shows
>record her without consent and post her
>come in and namedrop yourself or other people find out you're a camgirl
your name gets posted on /cgl/ and you get raided

>> No.9516275

y-you mean real life isn't like my japanese animes?

>> No.9516278

if you're hot, you can do whatever you want
just like in your animes

>> No.9516353

This isn't /b/.

>> No.9516382

>Tfw sent out LM package last Thursday
>Still hasn't been scanned anywhere and tracking doesn't work
>Not even acceptance
Yet again, my post office and sorting center fuck up, I feel like it sucks some of the fun out of this hobby to have to go through mail hell every time I do anything. I'm anxious everytime I sent for or sent out anything.
I feel bad for the lady at the post office though, she sounded sick but was running around doing everything while her supervisor sat on his fat ass on his phone and wouldn't help her.

>> No.9516398

I'm sure we'll get along fine. Fair warning, I am male

>> No.9516409

>>very depressed
>>it's not getting better and I don't really know what to do with myself

Talk to someone!

>> No.9516424

Didn't your mum ever teach you to look with your eyes, not with your hands? I don't want any strangers putting their potentially dirty hands on my $300 dresses. Never mind the invasion of privacy that peeking under a woman's skirt is.

>> No.9516438

I have a room for Otakon that's in my name right now, but I'm transferring it to a "friend" that I actually cannot stand. I've roomed with them and rode down with them and they are just an awful person to be around, especially when their girlfriend is involved (she's rooming with us) because they're one of those "I'm ace/aro EXCEPT for my QPPs who I get to make out with so all I do with my gf is make her wear matching cosplays and then boss her around the entire weekend and talk shit about her behind her back for not staying 20 feet away from me when I feel like it!!" Tumblr people. I got asked to room with a group of people that I'm friends with and in some cosplay groups with, and it would be about the same price. One of the people in the room, incidentally, the "friend" absolutely despises because they used to be college roommates and there's drama between them that I've only heard the one exaggerated side of. I'm passing over the room tomorrow, how do I also say "by the way, I'm going to be staying in a different room" without them doing what they usually do and freak the fuck out and say that I'm doing it for malicious reasons?

>> No.9516512

>weigh myself before con like I do every morning
>weigh myself after con
>gained 8 lbs in 4 days

please just kill me

>> No.9516527

How? You would have had to eat more than 7000 fucking calories every day.

>> No.9516533

A friend of mine recently tried to hold my hand in the car and it was the cutest shit ever. We were doing something and he just grabbed my hand and held on. Felt like I was in an anime because he's like that awkward, shy kind of guy.

Too bad I'm taken and he knows that. When I had to leave, he hugged me and said he wished there were more girls like me... I'm so sad for him.

>Cgl related cause I was wearing lolita so it made it 1000x cuter

>> No.9516577

fuck if I know

I had some junk food, sure, but I had significantly less than most people in the room and rarely ate anything of serious substance both because I'm terrified of gaining back all the weight I've lost since college and because I'm an incredible cheapass. Con food isn't good for you and I know it, so I typically only ate like half the portion size of whatever everyone else was eating. I eat like 1500-1700 calories a day normally, so even "a lot" for me shouldn't have been *that* much.

I don't know why the fuck my body just decides to kick me in the teeth like this every time I slip off the wagon even the slightest bit for a couple of days. 3 months of diet and exercise (and then some), gone in a fucking weekend.

>> No.9516582

>implying /cgl/ hasn't raided camgirls

>> No.9516587
File: 1001 KB, 899x716, fuckingpissed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dream dress shipped out
>Have to bother seller for tracking number
>Wrong postal code on receipt
>Tracking hasn't updated for six days (not normal)
>Bitch didn't mark the package down so I'm gonna get fucked up the ass on customs even if it does arrive

I hate European sellers so much. I shouldn't have bothered but it was my dream dress, now I'm probably out a sizable amount of money.

>> No.9516590

It could be that you're not shitting enough.
I can gain or lose 5lbs in a few days depending on how much my guts hate me.

>> No.9516599

if it makes you feel better if it doesn't say delivered then you can paypal dispute it

>> No.9516609

It's one month out of the year, I'm pretty sure you can deal with it

>> No.9516664

We've done a few public meets alone and in a group and it's been fine. If anything our plans usually extend because we have such a good time hanging out and talking to each other. We're becoming good friends and I'm fine with having a friend over for dinner, but not if he thinks he can sleep with me. I just don't want to put myself in a bad situation that I can't safely get out of. It makes me nervous.

I work with a lot of western men and we've become friends who travel together and there are no problems besides them being mildly disgusting. Sleeping on futons next to each other, cooking together, playing games are all stress-free, even if they romantically like me. With many Japanese guys, they can be very normal until you're alone behind closed doors. I'm nervous if my friend is like that.

And I should have added on that communication isn't an issue. We can talk to each other about almost anything because we're very easy-going. That's why I was so surprised he suddenly had a hard time talking on the phone and abruptly wanted to get off. He also really wanted me to turn on my camera option so he could see me, but he's pretty fluent so he doesn't need to see my face when I speak. It all just makes me suspicious.

>> No.9516666

I've been in the cosplay community since 2006, but still haven't gotten the gist on why there's so much drama surrounding Yaya Han. What's with her? Why do people love her or hate her? Is it the new cool thing to do?
I've heard some things from her, but bot overly bad that I feel she deserves that much of the hate she's getting.

What's the gist?

>> No.9516680
File: 19 KB, 480x379, 15094403_1219734268087037_181718878085385961_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally achieve a decent-sized wardrobe and even get my holy grail dream dress
>haven't worn 80% of these pieces out
>recently moved away from a great comm and can't find opportunities to wear it out
>socially anxious, I do okay if others dress up with me but my new comm is inactive and disorganized
>only person who wants to dress up with me is a dandy who is all over my dick and a well-meaning ita who thinks wish.com has good lolita pieces, despite me gently saying otherwise

what do, gulls

>> No.9516737

>What ever happened to that Akihabara gull who met a guy?
That might have been me, I posted about meeting a guy who was interested in Akiba-culture quite a long while ago. Nothing came out of it, our personalities didn't work out together.

Since the topic is on Japanese dudes, I might as well share a new feel.

>Out shopping, young dude asks if I want to model
>Pretty much every Western person gets asked to be a model at some point while living in Japan, I've done it before too and it's been fun, so I agree
>Dude messages me later that evening
>"anon, do you by any chance like this one particular anime?"
>I do, so I tell him that
>Turns out he likes it too
>We spend hours talking about our favorite characters
>We have a bunch of other similar interests as well
>Haven't known him long enough to ask if he's into cosplay, but definitely will in the future
>I've been dreaming about doing a pair-cosplay in Comiket, could this be it

>> No.9516740

>tfw no boyfriend to cosplay or watch chinese cartoons together
One day

>> No.9516744

How does one go about modelling in Japan without risking being chained to the Mr Yan waifu couch? In the west I'm just another dumpy white girl but I'm still cuter than Model-san (sorry Model-san) and the girl in the lolita general OP, and modelling for a cute Japanese fashion brand seems like such a cool experience even if it's just a one-time deal. Responding to some dude in a forgeign country going "hey psst girl you wanna be a model" sounds like a true crime novel waiting to happen, though. Are there safe, legit ways to do it without first having to join an agency? How did Door-chan do it?

>> No.9516745

>no gf to do qt crosspair and watch low budget hentai with
Idk why even live anymore

>> No.9516755
File: 17 KB, 600x626, put-the-katana-down.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got back from a con and literally everything is boring now. I can't think of a single thing to do. Life sucks.

>> No.9516756

>struggle with an ed (bulimia) since 16
>escalated twice (once at age of 19 and 24)
>met my bf at my lowest weight, never be happier
>I lost 25kg
>now I got 15kg back due to happy relationship
>bf talks about sport and diet and I got triggered af
>recently I moved away from him due to work problems
>job is shit, town and people too
>can't motivate myself, hate myself
>will I ever get rid of those thoughts?

>> No.9516760

I actually have no idea about "real" modelling for brands and stuff, I've turned every offer down so far. I've just done salon-modelling and modelled for beauty students; those are safer and easier, plus I have an actual job that I can't skip. I almost joined one modelling agency after being asked to, but after doing research I found that some of their models were recently turned to gravure-models and decided to nope out.
There are scammers out there, so it's best to be careful. If someone comes to you on a street asking you to model, just ask for a business card, website, instagram or anything similar. Sometimes people scam using other photographer's pictures, so check pictures carefully too.
Getting into an agency is probably the safest way to do actual modelling, but one-time gigs from salons and students are a great fun. They might not be "real modelling" to some people but they're usually great experiences.

Sage for no feels

>> No.9516766

thanks anon, I've been trying but it feels like people around me are pulling back as well/choosing other people to spend time with. I'll prob feel better soon enough, but feeling shit isn't fun, ya dig?

that always happens, life is just kinda dull after con
I'm only going to my next one in september and I don't know what to do until then

>> No.9516774

First time I went to a con I completely changed my life around. Lost 80lbs so I'd look good in cosplay and saved thousands just to blow at cons.

>> No.9516827
File: 378 KB, 500x280, bhhgeyiM1rsqhq5o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm aware, I'm just feeling a certain way right now because this is the first time that dress has appeared in the right size, cut, and colourway for three years now, and if it disappears due to seller incompetence I'm going to feel a certain way.

>Tracking still hasn't changed status today
>Either it's already lost or seller really cheaped out on shipping

>> No.9516833
File: 1.30 MB, 500x255, nohappiness.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>May have opportunity to go to the Philippines for work
>Not guaranteed but might also be able to go to Japan for a few days over the weekend while I'm there
>Cuts into my con season
>Literally just a tiny local con and cosplay making time I'd be missing but that's the only time I get to see so many of my good friends all year because they live so far away and drive in
>Obviously should go to Philippines
>Why am I hesitating

>> No.9516867

I'm part of the LGBT community myself and so is my partner but I would never want to have a meet up at pride or even wear lolita to pride. At my local pride, it's usually very hot, sweaty and crowded so the conditions are not ideal for lolita. I also don't want people to assume that lolita is like a kink or costume that I'm bringing to pride.

>> No.9516898

Just came back from Philippines, if your plane makes a stop by any chance in Ganzhou Airport, grab a Philippine's SIM card, there are some vending machines there and they costs 100¥, come with a 300PHP card and a sim card.
Always use Uber or Grab, taxis are quite insecure.
Please be safe!

>> No.9517031

Water weight if anon was doing a wrestler's diet to look good in their cosplay

>> No.9517139

Is that like a liquid diet?

>> No.9517190

>Have best friend I have known for 14 years, knows everything about each other, we're closer than sisters
>Both into Harajuku fashion, entered local com in 2014 and been to a lot of meetups
>Friend is really cute, nice face, nice body, but god she doesn't know how to dress herself or do makeup AT ALL.
>She admits she doesn't know how to do great outfits
>I dress her because I don't want her to embarass herself, propose to also do her makeup but she refuses, whatever
>Been dressing her for almost every meetup, everytime I was the one dressing her she got compliments
>The thing is, I have been dressing her with my own clothes, because she keeps buying ugly af stuff she thinks is cute
>Get a little jealous when I see people praising her when she wears my outfit, and I can't wear them because people will notice I'm wearing recycling
>Everytime I get a new cute piece I have never worn before, she wants to wear it first to meetups.
>She then has the audacity to tell me I buy too much clothes

Idk it seems very petty but when I try to talk to her about that without seeming like a
jealous bitch she doesn't understand and I don't want to hurt her feelings because I love her.
At the same time she never thanked me for making herself look decent and juste assume I have to dress her everytime

>> No.9517193

Just date me, anon. I'm a beautiful man

>> No.9517214

Just refuse to do it anymore. Leave it to her & let her ita ways shine through.

>> No.9517219

Not that Anon, but I think they mean dehydration. I used to have friends that wrestled in high school and they wouldn't drink water, and constantly spit to make weigh in.

>> No.9517268

Just realized a lot of my sentences don't make any sense, I'm really tired.

But if I refuse she will juste randomly pick stuff from my closet and I absolutely don't want her to touch my few lolita dresses (she's been expressing that she wanted to wear them recently but thinks it's ok to not wear a petticoat with it)

>> No.9517271

Why does she have free access to your closet at all times? She may be your best friend but this is ridiculous. I'm sorry anon but you need to stand your ground and be firm with her, she's taking advantage of you.

>> No.9517280

Tell her this ain't a library. You need to stop enabling her and get her to coordinate her own damn self. Maybe if she shows up looking like an ita, she'll learn to have better taste and stop leeching off you. Offer to give her advice but keep it at that. The least amount of spoonfeeding the better

>> No.9517284

nayrt, but wean her off of your stuff by suggesting outfits out of her crappy stuff. You don't have to think it's good, but as long as she does, she might buy it. Then you can wear your own new clothes first. If she gets mad that you won't loan her clothes anymore, make up some shit about you wanting to see her in her own style.

tl;dr Learn to BS her out of your closet or ditch her.

>> No.9517290

Why are you letting her into your room? Why let her touch your stuff? If she tries to take something tell her she is no longer welcome in your home and remove her forcibly if necessary.

>> No.9517291

I guess my eye for cosplay has improved. I just tried on my old Miku and I can't get over how much it looks like it's made from trashbags.

>> No.9517364

>First ever LP from IW
>Stuck in customs
I'm scared how much I'll have to pay to get it out (UK anon)

>> No.9517366

>commented on a photo of haenuli
>Later see that my grandmother has left a comment on the same photo
>She thinks the photo is of me, comments that she loves me

I love you too grandma <3

>> No.9517374


>> No.9517375

We have this mentality that what is mine is hers, and what is hers is mine kinda so I guess that's where the issue started

I think I will start telling her to dress herself and give her some advices at first or something..

Thanks gulls, I needed to know if I wasn't the one being too egoistical in this situation

>> No.9517377

What a cutie

>> No.9517411

I've had an ingrown hair on my face since the con and I want to diiiieeeeeee

>> No.9517426

Why the fuck would you shave your face

>> No.9517479

I have more hair on my face than most girls due to being male.

>> No.9517531

>It's been 1 month since I broke up with my ex fiance
>it was for both our sake
>can't get over it
>threw a party to get over it
>no one showed up
>tried to die
>still feel like shit
>still have no friends
tfw no cute lesbian lolita wedding
tfw buying new clothes doesn't bring joy any more

>> No.9517539

>tried to die
Glad ur ok senpai

>> No.9517618

I'm so happy for you!!! <3

>> No.9518316

Thank you, anon. You made me laugh.

>> No.9520017

Aha you don't know how to swip over the tails of your jacket/coat ahh haha you must have been so embarrassed

>> No.9520023
File: 84 KB, 1008x629, Must be so emmbrassed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot my pic

>> No.9520027

Dude just ask your girlfriend what she wants to do rather than going to a con I mean have you tried have fun with her outside of a con?

>> No.9521315

I can be your friend.
Also broke up not long ago and feel like dying. We can die together

>> No.9524669
File: 8 KB, 261x146, 1491365251663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my ultimate wish...

>> No.9524673
File: 161 KB, 762x900, 1466910612733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you sound like someone i'd like to hang with

>> No.9524686
File: 12 KB, 100x100, 1497378756202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too, anon

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