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Old thread hit limit. >>9503587

How are cosplay and lolita making you feel lately, gulls?

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>ask out my con crush
>"sorry, maybe when I'm 40"

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My friend and I are competing in a cosplay contest together. We've been feeling confident, but the closer I get to finishing my cosplay the more anxiety I feel. I started with the mindset of "whatever happens happens, just do your best" but I'm still anxious that I'm not doing enough to stand out. I guess I'm just scared of letting my friend down... It's her first time competing and I want her to have a good experience. Pray for me gulls, I gotta keep my shit together

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I mentioned a cosplay I'm doing and a friend of my decided that she's going to be in my "group" and has already invited another person without asking. I do not have a group. I am doing this alone. She has not watched the show, does not intend to before the convention, and does not like the studio that made it. Last year when we went to a panel for the studio she kept trying to get me to leave because she didn't want to be there. Whenever I mention working on anything she wants me to share references and information even though our characters look nothing alike and do not wear anything similar.
This just feels so pushy and annoying. I don't know why she's trying to make this involve her when she has no investment in the show or its characters or studio at all. Last year we tried to cosplay together and she didn't buy a single thing or tell me that she didn't until the week before the con despite that I had all my stuff.
I've never been an overly social person and I'm not confrontational so it sucks that I can't just do my thing on my own and I'm going to have to ask her to step back. I'm wondering if I could just ignore her talking about her "cosplay" because it probably won't happen anything.

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Two happy feels

>me, super depressed, gain a ton of weight, orca-chan's fatter cousin
>spend past two weekends out of the house helping friend run a booth at festivals
>bumped out of depressive state, lose 6lbs in one week just from all the moving around

>find good friend's god-tier dream dress, but she can't afford rn
>financially stable enough that I could buy it for her and she pay me back whenever

It's been a good week gulls.

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I am worried about finally joining my local comm when I return to university as I'm not a very good looking person. I've been a lone lolita for my whole time in the fashion and feel silly now that a community is within reach and my insecurity is holding me back.

What a sweet friend you are anon, that's really thoughtful of you to use you stability to help a friend out. I hope your mood continues to improve and you meet whatever weightloss goals you have set yourself.

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I wish I could earn money with buying brand and planning coords. I have no other talents or skills and everyone in my age is leagues ahead of me.

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What the he'll?

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I'll be your nerdy cosplay bf and buy you dresses.

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>birthday this week
>came into extra money so getting dslr i want
>imagining all the cute outfit snaps and traveling snaps I'll take in Japan

Fuck yeah.

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When I tell my parents I'm hanging out with "high school friends" I actually mean "girls who are currently in high school."

Such is the life of a con creep.

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>ingrown hair on my face
>visible bump
>too deep under the skin to drain

Guess I'm just gonna look like I have the mumps at tea.

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>losing 20 pounds for a cosplay
>10 down 10 to go
>sudden plateau for two weeks
Should I just make the cosplay for my target weight and assume I'll hit it or should I wait longer to see if I can keep it up first? I've got until next fall, but it's killing me because I really want to get started on it but I feel like I should wait.

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I feel like the guy I'm currently dating is losing interest:
>He accidentally confesses his love about a month ago.
>First and last time
>I confess to him yesterday
>No response
To make matters worse, because of work and distance we only get to see each other maybe 2 days a week.
Next weekend I have to be out of town so I suggested we hanged out today Sunday.
>"I kinda fel like staying in, doing chores and whatnot."
Why do I fall for emotionally distant guys seagulls?

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Im a total meetlita and I didn't realize people felt so much disdain for meetlitas and conlitas until recently. I have no idea how people manage to daily lolita here (in Texas) and not just melt. I dont think I could daily with my lifestyle... im pretty outdoorsy/gym slave rn but maybe I'm just making excuses.

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Wait, how are you dating if he's only said he likes you once and you didn't respond until yesterday? It sounds like you guys aren't going out at all desu.

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I might be translating things incorrectly. In my language dating is what you do before you call each other boyfriend/girlfriend.

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>may or may not be kicked out of uni for shit grades
>parents don't even know
>may or may not get one last chance to stop fucking up
>on top of all this had to bail on my first con

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>mfw slowly realizing I'll still be ugly on the inside no matter how beautifully I coord

Getting into lolita has really thrown into my face what an escapist I am. Maybe my whole ~aesthetic~ is just another desperate attempt to mask my disgust for myself. There's not exactly an EMS option for improvement.

Dae run from those creeping feelings of inadequacy in your platform shoes?

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The upcoming fall semester will be my last chance to pass 67% of my courses and maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA or I'm gone. :( And on top of that my supposed friends took advantage of me and upcharged me around 100$ last con. I feel like a failure and a mess.

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Only cgl has preferences for those who wear lolita only to cons. I've never seen anyone get upset over lolitas who only dress up for meet ups.
Most of us have responsibilities and other interests outside of the fashion. I myself love hiking and being outdoors too, but like to take a break and wear frills once or twice a month.

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>can't wait for upcoming con ive waited a year for
>once its over I have to wait a whole other year for it to come

man I can't wait but I feel as if I have to make sure the little time I have can be spend effectively

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>taking bathroom breaks several times in one outing just to stand in front of a mirror and berate my own physical appearance for a few minuets straight while simultaneously applying makeup and fussing over my clothes

I'm pretty sure I have an actual disorder at this point. This can't be normal.

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Start out with something you will be able to alter later. I'd go with making the cosplay for your current measurements and then alter when you loose weight.
Unless you do heavy lifting or loose a lot, 10lbs won't make suuuch a difference in measurements that you can't alter.

Do you check your progress? Maybe compare your starting measurements with current ones, see how much you changed during weightloss

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>fwb with this amazing guy
>takes me to his viking reenactment group practice today
>sunburnt as all hell
>got a qt to follow me on insta
Good mental feels, bad physical feels. I hope my sunburn clears up before my next meet.

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>finish my Mako (Kill la Kill) cosplay
>start crying because I'll never have a friend as good as her


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Anime isn't real life, weeb.

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Not that anon, but a friend like Mako would be life-saving.

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>when I want to tell a wheelchair cosplayer she looks cute, but am afraid I'll seem condescending

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Recently I looked over my finances and realized I can afford to go to Japan without putting me in the hole! I wasn't planning on going for a few more years but it feels great to know I can go as early as this fall if I wanted!

But the question now is should I?

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I hear you. My wife got mad at me last Christmas because I replaced the baby Jesus in our nativity scene with a Miku.

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Just tell her she looks good without adding "for someone in a wheelchair".

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>parents give me money to spend on better food and hobbies while I work to get my degree
>spend some of that on lolita

>first lolita meetup, years ago
>girl tells me that she looks down on people like me who spend their parents' money on lolita and that we're leeches who contribute nothing to society
>feel shitty
>spend less, stay away from meetups for a while
>make friends online instead, always avoiding subject of finances because I don't want anyone to think less of me
>only recently start attending meetups again
>find out that this girl is actually a NEET who lives with her parents rent- and chore-free
>her monthly check is not from any kind of employer but is actually money from the government meant to stimulate 'vulnerable young adults' to develop useful skills and become more independent
>she spends 100% of it on lolita, cosplay and other frivolous weebshit and has been for years, even bragging about it
>mfw I took this person's opinions seriously

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>been trying to maintain a healthier sleep schedule
>boyfriend's an insomniac
>if I don't watch exactly an hour's worth of tv shows with him before bed he will not sleep.
>he procrastinates watching the damn shows with me too
>refuses sleeping medication since its "unnatural"
>missed ILD because I slept through all my alarms
>come to mention it, missed the ILD before due to the same reason.
>any time I bring up not staying awake for his needs, he guilts me, saying he bends over backwards to me in other aspects of life (which is true) and the least I can do is watch tv shows with him.

How can I refuse staying awake for him without seeming like a huge bitch?

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Maybe suggest doing it at a regular time instead of letting him procrastinate? It's great that he found something that helps him sleep but you need sleep too, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your free time and sleep cycle for your boyfriend.

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>been wanting to change my style and put more effort into my appearance
>started to really like the fashion in old series like Ranma 1/2
>tempted to base my style off of series like that, but not sure if it's a good idea or how to even start
Did any of you feel confused and overwhelmed when you found your preferred fashion style?

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Not really but to be fair I started experimenting with fashion when I was very young so I didn't really think about the technicalities like "how am I going to pull this off?", I just thought "what do I want to wear?"/"what do I want to look like?"
So my only advice to you is to just start. Browse stores that have clothing in styles that you like, figure out the colors that suit your skin tone (remember that undertone matters!), memorize your measurements if you're shopping online, look at pics or art that inspires you and just go for it, buy one, two, three things that you like and try things. You'll figure things out eventually.

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>have a little extra money to do a dream cosplay
>realize quickly that it's beyond my skill/supply ability (involves a lot of work with vinyl & leather, which would break my little sewing machine, has very carefully mounded armor parts)
>consider buying it but the versions available are very lackluster
>cost to commission it would be insane, way out of my budget
>tempted to buy it but I know I won't be as happy with it

feels bad.jpg

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>never had a gf
>hate myself too much to get one
And the cycle continues

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I can't get over my face being ugly to wear anything /cgl/ related that I buy and I've been this way for years.

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>meet guy at con last fall
>don't ask him out because he lives 5 hours away
>be semi-flirty with each other on Insta
>suddenly he's posting pics with a girl

Top lel.

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>parents give money to spend on hobbies
>spend it on a hobby

how... dare you?

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tfw buyer/seller won't leave you feedback on lacemarket even though everything went down smoothly.

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So far I've lost 1" from my boobs, 1.5" from my waist, and nothing on my hips, so I guess it's not a huge difference, but I'm going for something skin tight (which is why I'm losing weight) so I'd like the fit to be pretty exact. I guess there are a couple parts to the costume that aren't as unforgiving, though, so I'll just be really strict about calorie counting for the next month and hopefully by the time I'm done with the rest I'll be at my goal weight.

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>know guy irl, we play MTG together and met through mutual friends
>hang out at cons because he works at vidya booth
>says he feels closer to me than other friends in group that we met through
>we talk at least four times every week
>he dates girls for a few months at a time but it doesn't seem to permanently work out
>have feels
>he's single again
>lowkey suggest we go to a movie together
>"I'm too poor right now anon"
>too autistic to figure out whether he's legit too poor or is trying to turn me down gently

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>try to get my brother a gf
>he keeps turning down the girls for being 100+ pounds overweight
>just sits in his sewing room with his Vietnamese girl toys

I'll never be an aunt.

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I'm so close to burning the things I have for sale and sending pictures to all the people who asked for shipping quotes or showed interest otherwise but didn't reply after that. Literally just write "no" or "I changed my mind". It takes two seconds.

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Offer to pay for it, if he comes up with another excuse then you'll know it was a rejection.

>> No.9508922

Argh this! I usually send a gentle reminder a week after things have been delivered but I guess I'll have to let it go.

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I have the same problem with menhera because it's totally different from what I usually wear.
I don't know if it can help you, but I'd suggest to browse some scans from Zipper magazine. They show a lot of different styles and outfits and I think you could find something that can work with a "Ranma kei".

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>no gf
>never had gf
>probably never will have gf
>mfw i am the brother sitting in the sewing room with his philipine television serials and backward korean coloring books

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Not at all true. A lot of people hate accepting 'charity'.

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Dump his ass

>> No.9508968

valerian root is your very best friend. it's 100% natural. knocks you out in under 20min too. get that shit.

>> No.9508978

>literally volunteering to be a betabucks
She will never respect you, anon. She'll use you as an ATM until her contempt for you outweighs the utility you bring.

>> No.9508985

Drop out, find a job for a little while, and go back to a different school. That's what I did, I got to keep a few credits I passed and start over fresh with the gpa. I tanked mine so hard I couldn't bounce back.

Depression is a bitch. Indulge in your hobbies, even if lolita is expensive, it helps me stay sane

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>cosplaying Luka at the con
>12yo Rin asks me for a picture
>her mom screams and apologizes profusely
>girl says it's something she saw on deviantart
>mom leads her away while I'm still stunned
>die on nearby bench
>obese vendor offers to kiss it better

My nip actually bled a little.

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My confidence has been so low lately, like it's been shot. I'm getting more anxious (or well what I perceive to be anxiety).

How does one know if you've befriended someone? I messaged a cosplayer the other night just to chat about shared interests and... I can't help but feel like it was a pointless endeavor. Or maybe I'm just expecting too much. Like maybe I should go into this thinking "alright let's talk to them but if nothing comes of this oh well". Maybe I'm overthinking. I overthink a lot. I don't want to creep people out. I just want to befriend people. But then I think "well people already HAVE friends and i'm just a stranger" or I think "they probably get hit on or get creepy messages all the time what's the fucking point"

My mind and my heart is a fucking mess. I don't know what to do. I want to socialize and have good, strong friendships and maybe get into a relationship and enjoy myself but I'm terrified of everything blowing up in my face or me fucking things up or burning more bridges and messing up even more. I'm... so alone, and scared. I can't like... disconnect or detach myself from my fears. I feel everything at once and I worry too much for my own good and I... hate it. I hate myself so much.

I go to these cons to try and befriend people but I'm so terrified of messing up, and at the same time, I don't want anyone to know or see my weaknesses. Nor do I want to bother anyone. I kind of just want the next con to come already so I can forget about it after and then go back to being a recluse. Then be bitter that I'm lonely. Then fucking wring myself through this eternally vicious cycle.

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Pls be real
Also, check'd

>> No.9509074

Penguin girl is my spirit waifu now

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Her name is Hululu

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Nice trips.

Tell her that's not what "breast feeding" means.

>> No.9509085

>104 lbs, 5'4"
>still feel like a fat fuck
>know I'm healthier than I was at 95 lbs
>still want to be 95 lbs

>> No.9509092

Like she said, make it a regular time. He is literally going to ruin your health going about that. Just say "I'm OK with watching an episode or two with you if we start at this time, and end at this time. I have to get to sleep though, and I keep missing important appointments." If you are dating, you should be able to upfront with each other about things. Maybe talk about whatever issues he has to be accommodating for you too and work on compromising more.

>> No.9509096

Maybe make a backup plan that doesn't involve money and see how it goes? Like a free city event to go together to or something? If he still refuses then yeh...

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>terrible self esteem as a result of 13 years of undiagnosed clinical depression and anxiety
>used to wear giant sweatshirts and make myself as small as possible
>starting to wear cuter clothes
>still slouch like a motherfucker

ive been trying for years to force myself to stand up straight to no avail. I have pretty ok self-image now, its just instinct for me to slouch.

>> No.9509117

Same. I should probably drag my ass into therapy but I'm too embarassed. I still live at home and my dad doesn't get mental illness and my stepmom always preaches how pathetic people thinking about suicide are. Will hopefully move out soon. Despite everyone telling me how I'm looking like I'm collapsing I still wear lolita. You can do it too! I hope you will feel better anon.

>> No.9509118

Try corsets, anon!

>> No.9509128

want to be my friend and be depressive together? we can share music and make up imaginary plans to hangout that never get fulfilled and cry about being alone and bitter.

>> No.9509133

Do or die, anon. You can do it, that's not hard to pull off, and don't feel like a failure. Currently scraping by paying for classes to get back into my dream college after getting the boot for fucking up. Be thankful you have that last chance to redeem yourself.

>> No.9509136

If he refuses to help himself with medical help for a medical problem you should probably leave him before he sucks the life out of you. If they won't help themselves why should you suffer to help them?

>> No.9509138

Omg anon you missed such an opportunity!!!!
>oh I'm too broke for the movies
>haha, I wasn't planning on charging you at my house lol

>> No.9509142

>"I don't have gas money"

checkmate, atheist.

>> No.9509145

TFW spot cutest dress ever on CC for dirt cheap, sells out within the day
Goddamnit. I mean, I was expecting it, but still.

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Thats not normal.
can't be with your waifu? Be her.
see above
As long as you keep your face clean and wash, you should be ok. Maybe even change your hair style to better match your face.
Every since I met a girl who obsessed over actual neckbeards, I realized that no matter who you are, SOMEONE will find your attractive.
I hate meeting people who live very far away :/ I'm only interested in local relationships because I want someone to actually go out with.

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thanks anons. I'll set a hard cap of when to watch shows with him.
>valerian root
I can't put him to sleep with pills (or even the gummy pills) but I could absolutely give him a tea version. Thanks anon! So far "sleepytime tea" hasn't been doing shit for him.

I posted that at 4 in the morning out of desperation. I turn into a HUGE CUNT when I'm tired. when 5 am rolled around, he had a talk with me trying to talk to me about my "sleepy attitude problem" and how instead of going to bed I should learn to fix it. needless to say I was fucking pissed, it was 5 in the goddamn morning and he was trying to walk me through changing my attitude rather than let me get some fucking sleep.

If I go to bed on time I never turn into cuntzilla so I hope him getting some sleep on time with the help of some tea and sticking to a schedule for shows will help both of us out.

>> No.9509155

I often overthink things like 'what of there would be a fire and I lose everything I own' and wonder if I'm too materialistic. I keep everything people once gave to me, like cards, plushies, sewing supplies. I also own clothes that are rare and old metal trinkets. My room isn't messy but I have so many things, but if I sell anything I might need it later on for a cosplay or something.

>> No.9509162

>want to be someone's jfash senpai, help them with their coords and gift them shit
>too autistic and social anxiety ridden to do this

>> No.9509166

Oh shit, I know that feel. For me I don't turn into a cunt when I'm going to bed late, but when I fall asleep for a while and then someone wakes me up for even a minute I become the meanest bitch.

>> No.9509168

Be my jfash senpai.

>> No.9509169

Practice walking around with a book on your head. It's old fashioned, but it could help.

>> No.9509172

If it helps, I keep all my cards and small things from people in one box. Might not have a chance to grab it in this hypothetical fire but it feels better knowing it's all in one spot and easily movable.

>> No.9509178

FIVE AM jesus, I'd be a bitch too at that point. I hope the tea or setting a schedule works for you guys but if not you really should dump him, that's completely unreasonable.

>> No.9509185

i-if you want me to anon, but you've been warned about my anxiety.

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>be me
>never been super close with mom
>traumatic event happens with both of us involved
>inseparable as a result
>she's always accepted me wearing lolita but never participated closely or paid attention to my wardrobe
>mfw now she likes window shopping with me most days
>mfw teaching her how to use secondhand websites and shopping services
>mfw she just called me into her office to proudly show me that she ordered something for me off of wunderwelt by herself

i'd like a jfash senpai! you clearly wouldn't have to gift me stuff but i like to share coords, give advice, and get advice. having someone to window shop with is fun too!

>> No.9509196

>can't be with your waifu? Be her.
I'm a man though. Does that mean I should be Rei from HnK, Diomedes, Cuchulainn, Chuck Yeager?

>> No.9509203 [DELETED] 

see >>9504587

>> No.9509207

If you want anon, I like giving gifts though.

>> No.9509213

>be dude into cosplay
>have no guy friends in my area serious about cosplay
>guys I meet at cons are creepy shits or full on autistic
>forever lumped in with creepy guys
>just want some bros to do cosplay with
>girls sometimes get offended when I vent about it like they arent good enough
>girls offer to cosplay guys with me
>will never get to crack open a cold one with the boys

>> No.9509216

>tfw two bros to do cosplay with
>tfw we all just want to dress up as girl characters
The costumes are just so much better.

>> No.9509217

I was thinking of doing this but then I would feel kind of annoying, since it's been more than a few weeks.

>> No.9509218

that's fine! i'm just not expecting anything is all. my throwaway is in the name field, shoot me a message whenever

>> No.9509222

>tfw no weeaboo friends of either sex

>> No.9509249

Real feels right here

>> No.9509260

Similar feels here, except I don't have serious cosplay friends of any gender.

>> No.9509288

>subtle way of saying you do want gifts

>> No.9509299

As long as she doesn't expect new gucci weekly. I have disposable income, no social skills, and I like to spoil people. I'd throw it all at my family but it's lost on them and buying Jfash stuff makes me happy even if it isn't going to me.

>> No.9509318
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oh BOI I really want to cosplay sonic characters because I'm hyped as fuck for the new sonic games. Ever since I was a 12 year old with shitty sonic OCs I've wanted to cosplay amy or metal sonic and I can do it now but... It would be so cringy. That's the only thing keeping myself from cosplaying them, It's sad.
My sides
Go ahead and tell her
I used to act like a rope was pulling me up, it worked fine for my slouching problems. You can always use corsets too, but don't use them too much.

>> No.9509358

>finally made an irl friend who wears lolita this year
I never had the courage to wear lolita out by myself and sold off most of what I had because I felt bad just having it sit in my closet/wearing it to cons. I might try getting back into it now I have someone to wear it with!!

>> No.9509370

is that you tohno

who doesnt want gifts

>> No.9509371

Same, I feel like lolita is one of the few things I excel at but it's so useless

>> No.9509392

no, i'm not tohno. just an incredibly socially inept girl who wants a friend to spoil and talk about jfash with.

>> No.9509393

Maybe you can post in the friend finder thread? I made some really nice friends through there. You can always just post your info and wait for people to contact you, too

>> No.9509405

Do you mind if I send you a message as well? Just want other people to talk to as well

>> No.9509422

He'd rather be single than have a whale for a gf
Better start coughing up the skinnies

>> No.9509423

I don't know why I haven't, my social anxiety is really weird in that I can go out in Lolita to get groceries but somehow posting in a friend finder thread is difficult. Maybe I'm just an idiot. Who knows? There's not a lot of sense to it.

Sure. I guess I'll just put my throw away here.

>> No.9509428

I also would like jfashion friends. drop your email or send me a message!

>> No.9509481
File: 198 KB, 500x398, lolilsp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>taking my 12yo sister to the con
>says she's going to change into her costume
>wait on the couch for half an hour
>go up to check on her
>mfw that bitch is watching TV naked

>> No.9509525
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ..feel things really deeply for someone.
She and I have hardly talked, though I've tried.

Her determination, her fire, everything about her just..glows with a sort of radiance that burned my everything so hard I just want to think about what it's close to someone, getting the chance to be that warm again. I've never just thought about someone in so long and just let out a deep dreamy longing sigh just knowing they exist.

They're currently taken. And me? I'm currently a little overweight. I have a good career, some cosplay skills. I'm..okay looking. But i'll fix that. I'm going to put myself through hell. Whatever it takes to get my body to a point where it's shown off.

I'm learning a song from a game we both like to sing to her because I think she'll be at a Karaoke i'm going to soon. Just for a little bit, I want her to look at me.

Then, when i'm done with eveyrthing i'm putting myself through to become a better person for her, at the end...I'm just going to thank her.

I don't want to be that guy..but I feel like it's inevitable. I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable situation where you have to turn me down, so I'm not going to push too hard at all. I don't want to come out of nowhere and just say "I love you", because you don't know me, and I doubt you ever will.

So i'm going to change everything about me for a chance to get close to you. And i'll get shot down. Oh, I know I would. We're not that close. You're in a relationship...I don't know what that status is, but that doesn't really mean much to me.

I'll fight for the chance to get a few minutes to show you that just the thought of being close to you is enough to change my entire life.

After that moment, i'm not sure what you'll do. You'll probably ignore me, unfriend me, or just wtf at me. I'm not going to press or beg. I'll lower my head, and walk. I'll break.

Then I'll hope from there that someone can feel the same way about me, that I feel for you.
To K, signed J.

>> No.9509531

...is this a meme?

>> No.9509538
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Skyping with my con crush
>start laughing because he's funny
>laugh so hard I fart
>mfw I realize that blood from my period trickled down into my buttcrack, and I just farted it all over my sheets

Hello, laundry.

>> No.9509543

How heavy is your flow that this is plausible?

>> No.9509545

Also, how explosive are her farts?

>> No.9509546
File: 43 KB, 600x450, 1472465356983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to con
>see cosplayers having fun
>decide I'd like to cosplay at next con
>buy cheap outfit online and make props myself because I suck at sewing
>props are almost done, but the outfit is nowhere to be seen
I'm trying to focus on the other parts, but if it doesn't come until 3 days before the con, I'm screwed.

>> No.9509549

Pin her down and forcefully dress her. Wasting con time is a serious offense.

>> No.9509551

That sounds like the monologue of a cheesy shoujo-drama MC.
If it's not pasta, don't do the singing thing, it sounds like it could go horribly wrong. And desu you sound pretty obsessive over someone you barely know. Whatever you want to try to get closer to her, seek a second opinion of a down-to-earth person about your plans first.

>> No.9509556

..Not a meme. Yeah. I'm retarded.

My singing voice is alright. Seeking a second opinion, i'm almost positive anyone would tell me that i'm crazy for chasing her. But that doesn't mean I can just forget.

>> No.9509570

Dump her ass.

>> No.9509571

Hm. If you're serious, I guess I would say that anything which causes you to positively change your life can be a positive, but just be careful not to make her uncomfortable or to give yourself a bad reputation in the process. If you work out and better yourself and let a few months pass, you might find that you don't care much about this girl at all anymore, and regret doing things like singing to her. Maybe it's better to wait a while and see? If she's in a relationship anyway, it's not like your chances will get any worse than they are.

>> No.9509583
File: 827 KB, 1920x1080, miyazono-kaori-shigatsu-wa-kimi-no-uso-sad-smile-tears-whyudoindis-anime-4025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anonymous 06/05/17(Mon)22:39:04 No.950

Exactly. I don't think anything could come of me singing to her. She wouldn't know that's what i'm doing, and it's not like i'm going to mention it until I have a better myself to give to her, and maybe even then..

I mean, i'll have to make her uncomfortable a little bit at one point, but it'll just be a small thing before she wtf's or blocks me. I don't think there's much to lose. I..haven't ever felt like this before, and i've actually been in a lot of relationships.

I don't want to bother her, but there IS a small line I have to cross for just a moment to tell her how I feel. There's no more point in pressing in after that. Nobody knows about this but us, /cgl/.

The last thing I want to do is inconvenience someone who I want to be next to so badly. I'm not going to terrorize her, stalk her..(..well, I guess maybe a little facebook stalking just so I can get to see her every now and then....and keep myself motivated. )

Hell, i'll even pop in these feels threads every now and then to let you guys know if anything changes.

>> No.9509652
File: 24 KB, 414x426, tumblr_nzgyajVkMG1t7ugwjo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had sex at a con for the first time, also while in partial cosplay (I was only wearing my wig). Then on the ride back my boyfriend popped the biggest tent when I told him one of my cosplans.

>tfw making a cosplay just to get it covered in cum

>> No.9509712
File: 30 KB, 650x386, challenger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>join COF
>want to get on facebook and like all the nice coords
>force self to stay off fb because it makes me increasingly sad to log on
>start an fb page from a ghost account so i can get on the site without interacting with my friends
>ghost account not part of COF

Do I have depression? Am I a never-aging angsty child trapped in a pocket dimension? The jury is out.

You guys can't fathom what terrifying creatures girls are.

You know you're dead when you switch to second person mid-monologue
Good luck anon
Absoluetely this

>> No.9509716
File: 78 KB, 179x179, danpanic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it's actually possible to fart your period across a room??

>> No.9509721

I'm a girl. I just don't have a heavy flow apparently, because this wouldn't ever happen with my period.

>> No.9509723
File: 118 KB, 800x549, mikuattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just need to build stronger farts.

>> No.9509745
File: 16 KB, 620x374, sadreact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tackling my dream cosplay
>i could probably do the whole thing myself but I'm time poor, not that skilled, and happy to pay someone to do a better job
>i make the decision to commission part of it
>big mistake
>con is 2 weeks away
>commission arrives and it's shit
>doesn't match proof pics, sloppy work all round
>now starting the painful process of getting my money back

>> No.9509836

As someone who has done something like this before, let me say this as clearly as possible:

You are about to fuck up and make such a spectacular ass out of yourself that the subsequent shame and frustration will be literally life-changing.

So, uh, go for it? I want to say "STOP YOU MELODRAMATIC FUCK" but at the risk of getting all Todd Howard on you, I wouldn't rob you of your destiny. Sperg on.

>used to have friends I was proud to help and be around
>my personality changed over the years from hot-headed and rash to collected and careful, always looking to take the high road when possible
>friends collectively abandon me over stupid bullshit last year
>feel my old self coming back on occasion, start getting real hostile to people and extremely inconsiderate when even slightly irritated
I'm not sure if I should just let fly because holding my tongue apparently didn't do me a single lick of good, or if I'm losing my grip on who I am at this point out of sheer anger and hatred towards my old friends. It's *really* bad sometimes too, to the point where I'll say something and people will just stop and go "holy shit dude" after I spit venom at whoever or whatever I'm pissed off at at the time.

>> No.9509883

Soon there'll be the first time I participate in a cosplay contest. I have to make a 30 second scene or something, and if I get into finals, another 60 second one.
I have no idea what am I supposed to do.
On the other hand, I love my costume. It's the best thing I've made so far. And it was the first time I actually put lights in and the first time I got behind a sewing machine(man, those are complicated at first).
Feels extremely weird.

>> No.9509908

>3.0 GPA

Oh cmon anon thats a low-B average. And From the sound of things, I doubt youre at a tough school. Get a grip, get out there and get it done.

>> No.9509921

I know these feels.
>Good job, well adjusted socially, startimg Doctorate soon
>Hobbies include vidya, cosplay and /co/
>All other guys who like this shit are /pol/, autistic or super creepy
>Be lumped in with them

Doesnt help that I live in redneckvilla. But hey cant beat the cheap rent.

>> No.9509930
File: 136 KB, 1024x683, IMG_0584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be friends with grill who's into /cgl/ stuff
>she's fucking hilarious, a blast to hang out with, into /tg/ things too
>starting to catch feels for her
>unsure if she's into me or not
>don't want to ruin friendship by admitting feels for her and her not feeling the same for me

Grills of /cgl/ send help

What can I do to see if she likes me or not without asking directly?

>> No.9509931

grats on the mom gains, anon!

>> No.9509933
File: 138 KB, 1000x750, Arizona stuff 127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Show her pic related. If you get a positive response, she likes you.

>> No.9509939

This is creepy. If you care about her, don't weird her out and just leave her alone. She's in a relationship, you'll just make her uncomfortable, and believe me from a girl's perspective, guys doing that kinda shit just comes off as unsettling and gross.

You sound like you hardly even know her. Stop romanticising your obsession and grow up.

>> No.9509940

Um.. was the con sex with your boyfriend?

>> No.9509942

I think the bigger question is why she was Skypeing with no pants on

>> No.9509948

We actually had a conversation about nudes. Basically we agreed that they're overhyped and not really fun. So whippin out the D isn't gonna work here

>> No.9509959
File: 9 KB, 246x227, 1453599606475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else get -very- wet randomly while in cosplay? This is very embarrassing but I have no one to talk to.

Panty liners make it look like I have diapers, especially when wearing more tight cosplays.

Idk, I'm not even sure I get horny, I just start flooding down there whenever I'm in a cute cosplay and nerds want a picture or whatever.

I'm disgusting, kill me

>> No.9509960


If it isn't too rude of me, I would like a j-fash senpai also, as I'm just getting into j-fash
and would just really like a friend with the same interests

>> No.9509977
File: 383 KB, 500x281, sdsdf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fact that you think you're ugly on the inside probably just means you have a very low self-image.
If you'd really be a bad person, you wouldn't even consider that you're a bad person, you wouldn't reflect on it like you're doing. You're thinking about it so you want to be a good person and wanting to be a good person doesn't make you ugly on the inside.
Don't be so hard on yourself, anon.

>> No.9509993

Yeah? I'm no slut.

>> No.9510021
File: 37 KB, 500x474, angerymiku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you that girl who gets wet around DDLGs? Another girl from the last thread told you about those absorbent thongs.

>> No.9510049
File: 66 KB, 427x309, sad-bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I have maybe a year until i'm in the perfect shape that I want to be in. Mostly girls have just used me for my money when we've dated and then broke up with me when they're done or cheated on me. Maybe i'll get the chance to talk to her more and get closer.

I mean, it is kinda creepy I guess, but ..that's why i'm staying as far away as I can and i'm only going to interact once, just..very carefully. Not really saying I love her in that moment, but that I consider her to be something so inspiring it's inspired me to change myself, entirely, even without the chance to barely talk to her.

..just a short, tiny little thing. It won't inconvenience much. She can then kick me to the side and I can move on. I don't really have any self esteem, and most of the time wouldn't even consider uttering something like this to a girl because i'm a worthless person. So it'll just be a short little thing, not too in depth. Maybe a paragraph. But I have a lot of work to do on myself, until then.

>> No.9510058

No this is my first time posting about this problem on cgl.

>> No.9510073

What kind of thick panty liners are you wearing that they're even *visible*? Are you some kind of dumbass using regular pads?

>> No.9510079

tampons, anon. They are a life saver.

>> No.9510095

Someone in the last thread pointed out tampons won't help with this because the wetness is coming from outside glands.

>> No.9510097

Honestly you are probably pissing yourself a little. Do keegals

>> No.9510103

I get randomly wet sometimes, with varying volume. Not horny either, probably just hormone shifts or discharge or idk. I think thin pantyliners help. They don't stand out as much as you think. Just go rechange them as needed.

>> No.9510123

>message a cosplayer
>admire their cosplays, talk about the series they're into
>they either don't respond or if they do it's VERY blunt
>they probably hate me

I want to fucking shoot myself.

Seriously. I hate that I'm like this.

>> No.9510128

Okay well somebody else had this problem and it was recommended that she get a pair or two of these.

>> No.9510144

Life is too short to not tell someone your feelings. If she rejects you, you'll get over it within two weeks probably. I had the same thing happen to me, and our friendship is still strong to this day.

She probably doesn't hate you, she might be really busy, have a lot of messages to respond to, or be socially awkward. I wouldn't let it worry you.

>> No.9510152

Fucking DO IT


Just straight up ask her out. Don't beat around the bush you will FUCKING REGRET IT.

>> No.9510157

Well we are going to get sushi tonight. I might try to slip it by her or mention something jokingly

Wish me luck lads

>> No.9510158

I'm praying that this is a troll, however, if you are not a troll, you need to respect the relationship that she is in and do not make any advances towards her. She is not interested.

>> No.9510181


It's not my intention to spook you at all, but I recently competed for the first time with my other half (having done it solo for some time) and it went horribly. Everything that could have done wrong DID. But he honestly didn't seem to mind and he isn't put off, and I doubt your friend will be.
If it goes tits up then at least future attempts are always going to be a million times better than your first together, so don't be afraid of failure if it comes your way, embrace it and use it to improve.

>> No.9510198
File: 21 KB, 236x471, c3d03b6299b84b56c80c8659d15942b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>rarely buy lolita these days because I'm content with my wardrobe
>see a WTB post for a dress I've been considering selling for some time
>decide to take a look and see what the buyer is willing to pay for it
>no amount listed, and I'm still hesitant to sell..
>decide to scroll through the group for shits and giggles
>"hey maybe someone else might be looking for a dress I AM willing to sell"
>find dream dress
>amount asked is above market price, but it's been a hot while since I've seen it for sale
>brain is like "jump on that shit you fool!"
>thankfully had the funds to support the large purchase
>seller replies and the dress is MINE
>so happy, do the most obnoxious victory dance around my house while screaming 'Wanna Be a Baller' at the top of my lungs

I'm so happy guys! It's been a dream dress of mine for a few years, and I FINALLY got it!

>> No.9510232

You're adorable, anon. Congratulations!

>> No.9510242

what dress???

>> No.9510247

Thank you ^^ though I don't think you would have found it as adorable if you saw it in person haha

Romantic Rose Letter in my #1 cut and colorway!!!!

>> No.9510255
File: 93 KB, 480x518, IMG_6039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> super salty over the ILD meet I went to
> meet was shit tier with quite a few itas
> feel really tempted to post some of these itas
> don't wanna be named and shamed tho because the comm photos were only posted on personal social media

>> No.9510266

>life has been pretty bad
>want to die more than I have in years
>at least I got to meet a cosplay friend for the first time

Seriously don't have any hope for the future anymore. I guess it'll be better to be dead than to keep being a disappointment.

>> No.9510270

Honest question. I have to be completely honest, I have zero social skills.

When you're talking to people and you ask about stuff (like say you're at a con, you talk to someone and ask about their interests or cosplays) and they never ask you things in return, do you just... give up?

Like... conversations are a back and forth are they not? Say you ask too much and you only get responses and they don't ask you stuff in return, or they never even initiate conversation with you then what's the point? Wouldn't you just be bothering them? Is it acceptable to talk about yourself anyway? Like "hey you're into this series, right? me too, my favorite part is...", like that. When does it ever come across as unwarranted?

This may sound completely tactless but I've just never had anyone come up to me and actually want to talk to me. I have no idea what that's like so I want to understand what it'd be like on the other side.

>> No.9510273

Congrats anon!
I hope I'll get to that point of being content with my wardrobe sooner rather than later. I love wearing lolita, but buying and selling it makes me anxious as fuck.

>> No.9510280

>have oldfag lolita friend
>been around since the lace monsters of yesteryear
>has amassed a huge wardrobe over the past decade or so
>helping her closet clean when she pulls an old sugary carnival replica out of a box
>offers it so me since I'm crafty
>stupidly excited to cut the replica up and make a cute tote bag out of it

Bad IRL feels
>associate degree: obtained
>immediately went into environmental sciences after having an amazing professor
>one year later
>taking microbiology this summer
>slowly beginning to realize I have way more passion for microbiology than I ever had for enviro
>thinking I only really liked enviro to begin with because I had such an amazing professor
>cue meltdown and crisis of self
At least I can take out my frustrations on a replica.

>> No.9510290
File: 41 KB, 200x200, dcb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Run an ageplay brothel

>> No.9510308

for me I message them, and then realize they know literally nothing about crafting or anime and just cosplay for attention or money.

>> No.9510309

You can definitely talk about yourself during conversations like in your example, absolutely. If the conversation feels one sided the other person might not be interested in socializing at that moment, and in that case you can just say something like "Well nice talking to you, have fun!" and walk away.
Don't give up though, socializing can be like that sometimes and you won't make a friend out of every single person you talk to, but you will eventually.

>> No.9510311

Cut that bitch up, anon!

I know those feels, too. For about two years I was super passionate about a certain subject in part because I was so enchanted by (and had a pretty big crush on) the professor/supervisor. I basically dedicated my life to that subject and felt like it was my calling. Then when that professor was called away and I got a different supervisor I found out that the subject alone wasn't enough for me, what motivated me most was my desire to impress that one dude. I ended up buckling under the pressure and competitive nature of the field and had to take a few months off for my mental health. I managed to pick it back up later and finish my degree but now I'm wondering what to do with it since I'll likely never again have that kind of intense (albeit unhealthy and unsustainable) motivation and instead feel kind of apathetic to everything.

Would it be possible to add more microbiology stuff to your programme and see how you like it without jumping ship completely? I'm not sure what you're doing but it might be good to talk about this with a counsillor or programme coordinator or someone like that at your organisation. You won't be the first or the last person with this issue, it happens al the time.

>> No.9510322

>fiancé says he want to cosplay with me
>I only cosplay from games and visual novels I really like
>he wants to play the game before cosplaying it which I think is understandable
>won't actually play any of my games though
>"Why can't you cosplay from one of the games I like, anon?"
>all he plays are city building games and traffic simulators
>what am I going to cosplay, a road

>> No.9510325

Cosplay a dump truck.

And then dump his ass.

>> No.9510326
File: 82 KB, 500x434, IMG_0618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9510328
File: 34 KB, 139x119, 2016-12-30 19_07_10-~Monmusu Quest! New Game+ Part 3 Half Demo Beta Alpha Turbo HD Remix v. 2015~.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be that friend for the people around you and you'll eventually find friends that'll be that friend for you.

>> No.9510333

I always fear that conversations are one sided and I have the terrifying DREAD in the back of my mind like "yeah no they probably hate me, they probably think i'm a creep, i should just leave them alone"

Like... I acknowledge and perfectly understand that things will not go off without a hitch so perfectly. I sometimes wonder how it even happens. Like these things take time. I also acknowledge and perfectly understand that not everyone is going to like me and that sometimes I will fail to befriend people.

I still... want to, though. I still want to... not be alone.

>> No.9510334

Underrated post

>> No.9510339

New pasta

>> No.9510345

I was working my way towards a degree specifically designed for geoscience, so micro doesn't fit in too well. And honestly what got me into science was reading The Hot Zone, so I've always had a soft spot for micro, I just never thought I was smart enough to pursue it. But I'm now just realizing that I actually CAN do the academic work for the major. Just feel like I'm at a huge crossroads.
Sorry for the blogpost, I'm too scared to tell my friends I'm considering a major and university change.

>> No.9510347
File: 12 KB, 300x226, lmswexamprepself-determination.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Like... conversations are a back and forth are they not? Say you ask too much and you only get responses and they don't ask you stuff in return, or they never even initiate conversation with you then what's the point? Wouldn't you just be bothering them? Is it acceptable to talk about yourself anyway? Like "hey you're into this series, right? me too, my favorite part is...", like that. When does it ever come across as unwarranted?

I used to think like this. You're assuming other people are worth more than you. This board is full of lolitas ( the female equivalent of fedoras) that are legitimately mad that people like them too much.

Modern feminism and the like has led people to think that even talking to other people is a social privelege. Nobody owes ethem any more not being talked to any more than you're owed to not get junk mail.

Some people not gonna like you. They can deal with it. Some people gonna like you. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, as our lord Gretzky says.

Not being talked to isn't a human right. Just toss the conversation when you feel it's a dead end. Ask questions, and then ask why, and how. It makes it easier to talk about one thing for longer.

If after two or three of those chains you don't have a common topic, break, and move on. This is your chance to fucking shine, and not have to deal with talking about sportsball. Conventions are a fucking privelege. You waste that, it's on you, buddy.

>> No.9510348

Do that shit anyway. You'll find someone that has matching interests eventually.
Also, have you ever considered the possibility of someone you talk to lacking social skills as well?

>> No.9510351

I had that one coming.

Close, but no.

I often feel the same way, and excuse myself from the conversation so I won't be bothering them further. Then later it turns out that they thought I was stuck up and dropped out of the convo because I didn't think they were interesting enough for me when it was literally the other way around. Shit sucks.

>> No.9510356

Shit, mate, this is exactly what I wanted to say, but you're faster.

>> No.9510363

>Modern feminism and the like has led people to think that even talking to other people is a social privilege.

I'm not sure I follow. Please explain.

>> No.9510367

You have a decent message but you're being insufferably edgy about it.

>> No.9510396
File: 274 KB, 874x1427, Screenshot_20170606-172706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill me. I'm fucking done.
This was the last straw; I'm going gay.

>> No.9510411

I'm thinking of this but concerned it won't get me anywhere since >>9508958 is a possibility.

Sadly there aren't a whole lot of events of interest like that in our city.

Lol, >>9509142 is right.

>> No.9510419

There's something about people who use eh, uh, ah, and meh in written sentences that makes me want to punch a wall

>> No.9510433

Better than the people who write

>> No.9510442

Are you me, anon? I feel like without lolita, there is nothing interesting or admirable about me. I'm a selfish, mean asshole but at least I know how to look pretty. Eventually, my looks will fade and my shit personality will be all I have and then I'll have nothing.

>> No.9510444
File: 62 KB, 634x357, 3E69761800000578-0-image-a-1_1489868330997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ageplay seems to be splenda daddy paradise, so I don't think the customers would be willing to pay the extra fee for spilling on precious brand. Otherwise 7/10 idea, would run a 18th century high class whorehouse and hold teapartys afterwards.

>> No.9510490
File: 120 KB, 264x265, 1496408618937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gf isn't as much into animu and vidya as I am, or as social with others
>take her to comic-con anyway to see what she likes
>can't hang out with friends much now because she can't really get into the conversations we're having and feels singled out
>or attend any parties or go drinking with them because she won't fit in at all
>surprised at how many cosplays I can spot in the halls despite them being current-season stuff
>only ends up meeting some youtubers and buying small amounts of merch like earrings which feels like a wasted effort
I'm annoyed but at the same time impressed that she puts up with my shit

>> No.9510503

She's bored of you and is gonna dump you soon anon

>> No.9510510

dump her ass

>> No.9510597 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 960x540, 18118489_350250148711311_5064171401495223757_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just realized that I only chase women who are fresh out of high school because anime made me want a little sister I can put my dick in.

>> No.9510604 [DELETED] 

No it's more because women age terribly and are past their prime typically around 26. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuck girls in their prime friendo.

>> No.9510616 [DELETED] 

It's more so western/white women who age terribly. Pls don't group us all together.

>> No.9510619 [DELETED] 

>woman's prime is 26
You again?

>> No.9510634
File: 51 KB, 640x640, 10175960_831093297017143_7091583307682018400_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not that anon but I needed to hear that "suck it up buttercup" advice

>> No.9510637 [DELETED] 

What? Women are actively on the decline after 26. Except fucking Asians, they're mythical creatures. And also happen to be the best relationship material.

>> No.9510642 [DELETED] 

what about men?

>> No.9510644
File: 351 KB, 500x280, tumblr_me7l03XF1t1rm2bf3o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Had first real photoshoot a few months ago
>Wonderful time with the photographers, felt real guided
>Felt super good walking around con too, "wow I feel so pretty"
>Make sure I look okay before photoshoot, costume intact
>Months go by and slowly get back the photos
>Neck piece is side ways in almost every shot, bra is hanging out in most and wig cap peaking out
>Photos turned out great though ;__;

>> No.9510648 [DELETED] 

Men are a much more mixed bag and some age terrible (due to balding). Usually around 35 men are on the decline but that can easily go to 40.

Men become more desirable as they age due to more prospects. Car, house, high wage. They have more to bring to the table than just looks. Even then, their looks don't instantly go to shit, as men are are 'allowed' a more rough appearance for attractiveness. It's pretty unfair but that's how it is.

>> No.9510654 [DELETED] 

Men are on the incline from the teen years until their early 30s where they peak and dating/relationships start to not suck so much for them. They then decline after around 35 unless they really make something of their mid-life crisis.

>> No.9510667


Poor soul, you're looking in the wrong place. NC and the surrounding areas are shit.

>> No.9510689
File: 65 KB, 500x405, 1451537490243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but I want to.

>> No.9510692 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 223x349, chiyochans dad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not too subtle with that yellow fever there are you?

>> No.9510695 [DELETED] 

Actually my problem is I don't find many Asians attractive. I like white women or mixed ones, hence my dilemma. I'm thinking of finding one I do like and settling but it'll come down to their personality at that point.

>> No.9510721

So yeah I'm going to come out to my parents and several friends in a few weeks that I'm trans. Wearing lolita for several years has opened me up personally. I would feel happier if I was born a woman instead. GF already knows and she's staying by my side.

>> No.9510743 [DELETED] 

Nice. You'll probably want to suicide. Highly suggest not trying to transition.

>> No.9510747

Email me, anon. Or post your discord. And we can share music and feels and fashion and whatever else.

>> No.9510748 [DELETED] 

The reason Asians appear to age better is ebcause their culture values a healthy diet and, even more importantly, they stay the fuck out of the sun and wear sunscreen religiously. This has never caught on in the West. So many people think I'm crazy for wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, it's like "you barely go outside! you work inside!" or "but you're not going to the beach or a park lol!" and while it doesn't happen as often as it used to whites will shame other whites for being "too pale" and say they need a tan.

It's almost like your average Western girl doesn't care that all that tanning and sun exposure is gonna make her age like sour milk.

>> No.9510751 [DELETED] 

Adding to my reply, Asians also value skincare more than Western girls for the most part. They start anti-ageing skincare regimens early while white girls wait until it's too late and they already have the wrinkles they could have worked on preventing.

It's not that Asians age better, genetics only partly comes into play. It's mostly the lifestyle and sun loving culture of the West that makes white girls age like shit.

>> No.9510759 [DELETED] 

This isnt entirely true. I didn't start taking care of my skin till i was 22 and I eat like garbage and I still look 16 at age 27.

>> No.9510763 [DELETED] 

most western white women don't think about taking care of their skin or eating healthier until they have kids and start to think "wow I just had kids, I feel so old"
Hell, I made it to 23 before I knew what lotion was. I always thought black people masturbated a ton

>> No.9510780 [DELETED] 

>black people masturbated a ton
Top kek. Thank you non-ashy white person

>> No.9510787

>2 dream dresses listed on LM
> just graduated college and is swimming in funds
>literally cannot bring myself to buy the dresses
>wtf is wrong with me

>> No.9510803

That's the main reason I crossplay desu.

>> No.9510813

A booth in the dealer room was selling boob stress balls.

Who the fuck thinks crushed tits are relaxing?

>> No.9510815 [DELETED] 

most people who say things like this actually look older than they think

>> No.9510819
File: 16 KB, 278x320, 410ZqDYO7NL._AC_UL320_SR278,320_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk i have one of these and i find it pretty relaxing

>> No.9510824 [DELETED] 

I've had someone refuse to sell me alcohol because they didn't believe I was old enough to buy alcohol even though they saw my ID, I get asked what school I go to all the time, people flat out tell me I look young for my age, etc. I'm pretty sure on this one anon.

>> No.9510828
File: 332 KB, 1745x953, 81e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be at ACEN
>Buy adorable little octopus plush with top hat, monocle, and mustache
>Put octo-Bro in chest rig because I'm cosplaying metal gear

>Later in the day

>Check pouch to find that he somehow slipped out.
>Shrug it off, but very sad about it deep down.

>The next day

>Friend who was cosplaying Chaika presents me with octo-Bro
>Turns out she somehow noticed me being upset over the damn thing despite my fifteen layer wall of emotional barriers put up
>Was actually really touched by that
>Went back to vendor and explained the situation
>Vendor gave her free octo-bro

I buy an octopus from that stand every year now.

>> No.9510860
File: 16 KB, 320x320, nanithefuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa! What a freak.

>> No.9510862

I love these guys!

>> No.9510876

I find crushing the real thing more therapeutic.

>> No.9510881

Thats so cute anon!

My feels:
>con is next week
>super excited for my cosplay, worked really hard on it
>going to have my very first photoshoot ever
>excited but terrified, what if my costume breaks, what if i dont look as cute as i think, what if im a terrible model and the pics come out shitty
I wish i had more self confidence...

>> No.9510884
File: 417 KB, 768x969, clubpenguinsgone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dabbed so hard I accidentally threw my fidget spinner and hit my friend's mom in the nipple.

I hope the next con is better.

>> No.9510886

Instant karma.

>> No.9510892

no bully

>> No.9510897

If it's squishy like the soft tiny dick it resembles, I am so in.

>> No.9510902
File: 54 KB, 720x419, sexyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9510906

not to be rude, but this sounds really possessive and codependant. you should try actually talking to her instead of kidding yourself with this weird self-masturbatory narcissistic bullshit

>> No.9510910
File: 55 KB, 600x889, hostilechirping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lose my doll at the con
>handsome guy returns it
>get a crush
>mfw, a year later, he's married to my friend, not me

>> No.9510920
File: 15 KB, 552x539, daphuc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that picture

>> No.9510959

If you both know she's not into it, why is she going?

>> No.9510970

I assume their gf was trying to make an effort? My boyfriend isn't really into cons (though he likes anime/vidya just as much as me) and he's come along to a few with me, just to be nice and spend some time doing my kinda thing.

>> No.9510972 [DELETED] 

Godspeed, anon!

>> No.9511046

Because not bringing your partner along to a weekend away is kind of harsh, wouldn't you say?

She still enjoys the company, she just doesn't get a lot of the things I like (with the exception of like, 4 or 5 shows)

>> No.9511048

I wouldn't say that, no.

>> No.9511052

Not really? If it's something only one of us is interested in, the other one usually stays home. We're not going to die if we're not attached at the hip 24/7.
I'm just imagining dragging my husband along to an extravagant lolita event and oh no, the poor guy. Maybe I should do it one time just to photograph the look on his face.

>> No.9511062

It's more the fact that she just moved here and has no friends whatsoever to hang out with, so she'd just be sitting inside all day (and she wants to do anything but that)

>> No.9511081

What dresses, I buy things and then sell them when I get bored of them, which is always pretty fast. I hate that some people collect forever and my dream dresses never show up because of it

>> No.9511121
File: 803 KB, 150x125, judy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sister getting married
>99% of my wardrobe is lolita and would attract too much attention at the wedding so I need to buy something new
>local stores only have shit that's either super frumpy or too sexy for my tastes
>check local webshop selling retro/vintage fashion
>minimum XS: 72cm waist
I guess I'll just go hunt for something simple from IW.

>> No.9511125

*minimum size

>> No.9511127
File: 88 KB, 500x333, 2073729665_2cf73f1654_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only in America would everyone be so "body positive" that they wouldn't make sizes for petite people.

>> No.9511128

You'd think so, but the webshop is a European one. The brands might be American though, I didn't bother to check.

>> No.9511129

>European shop has a certain size
>Europeans still find a way to blame this on Americans and call Americans fat
Just stop

>> No.9511130

That's so bizarre to me. Innocent World definitely sounds like a better bet. I hear they're having a summer sale starting tomorrow!

>> No.9511131

I'm American my dude. It's just facts. Look up vanity sizing.

>> No.9511132

>paying attention to the Europoors
I'm surprised they even get time to shitpost in between being blown up and cucked by Muhammad.

Isn't this public white woman gang raping hour in Yurolandia?
The con horror stories make it seem like that's every hour, on the hour.

End yourself.

>> No.9511134

>It's just facts
It's just a fact that American consumers control the clothing sizes on other continents?
Does it hurt to be that dumb?

>> No.9511139

>wear uchuu style fairy kei outfit to a concert
>real nervous that I look silly
>Instagram model looking girls at the back of the venue compliment me
>merch guy thinks I'm hot and gives me free stickers
I feel so validated

>> No.9511156

Wew sis you seem upset. Is everything okay?

>> No.9511160
File: 145 KB, 702x397, tumblr_mo5y4rMUIu1qjfkguo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be pale Asian gril
>grow up admiring jfashion and kfashion models
>worked hard and reached body goals and fashion aesthetic
>tfw butterface
>have more than enough money for double eyelid surgery but need to travel for a better surgeon than the ones in my area
>just want a friend or family member to accompany me so I'm not alone
>offer to pay for all the food and travel expenses
>tfw everyone says they're uncomfortable with the idea of me getting plastic surgery and refuse to come

>> No.9511169

Why is my dress taking so god damn to get from Europe to North America?
This is the second time it's been sent and it was ordered two months ago. They sent it back without a reason as to why.


>> No.9511171

Fellow Asian butterface here, I will accompany you and make sure you heal up beautifully. Then we can go shop for cute clothes.

>> No.9511172

I'll come.
As long as you're confident in what you're doing, I'll support it 100%.
Do you have a sort of grounding/emotional support item to take with you?

>> No.9511179
File: 43 KB, 376x410, thisslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make post about my little sister cosplaying
>come here, find out I've been warned for OT

Steal him.

There's nothing wrong with looking Asian.

>> No.9511192
File: 47 KB, 492x487, crying pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw can't cosplay my favorite girl characters because I'm a guy

kill me

>> No.9511197

>all the best characters are girls

>> No.9511200

That's quitter's talk, anon. >>9504587

>> No.9511203

Does it hurt to be this mad? Jesus.

Everyone is Europe is also fat then. Feel better?

>> No.9511209

Almost all of my characters are genderbends.

>> No.9511248

You fucking what? I'm 6'2 200lbs and hairy as fuck I dress up as my favorite girl characters. Literally no one cares

>> No.9511284
File: 125 KB, 360x366, 1488670466414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waiting for a package
>it's supposed to arrive on Saturday
>being super impatient because I'm super excited
>Trying to not stalking the tracking page, but it's hard
Planning on doing some cleaning tomorrow for a distraction. Dunno what I'll be doing Friday, though. Maybe I'll watch some cute animu.

>> No.9511287

drive to package facility and pick it up early.

>> No.9511359
File: 48 KB, 480x542, IMG_2148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're trying to be elegant gothic lolita aristocrat vampire romance but your husband keeps blasting Fall Out Boy

>> No.9511423

I'm kind of not looking forward to the next con I plan on going to (I can't back out, I already bought the ticket and rooms).

I'm just so worried I won't have fun. Like my confidence has been so low lately and I've been getting more and more anxious about shit and I'm worried I won't enjoy it. At the past few cons I've been to I've always had some sort of mental breakdown because of my negative thoughts. I hate myself so much.

>> No.9511431

>mail out cute gift for anon
>gift exchange thread dies without anon mentioning they got it
>no tracking so no idea if they did get it
>months later
So what ended up happening with the White Day exchange?

>> No.9511478

Not a single person is supporting your decision? Are you doing it for some stupid reason like 'I want this boy to like me'?

>> No.9511488

That is a cute problem to have

>> No.9511490

>first time making a costume by myself
>like the way it works out so far
>first test fit
> oh man what have I done
>man, this is bad
I don't know what the fuck is going on.

>> No.9511497
File: 137 KB, 333x321, 1341672888925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every year go to con alone
>Cosplay alone and wonder alone
>Every year a blast
>Made some new job friends
>they cosplay too and want to room in with me.
>As they start telling me their plans i realize this year might not be as fun as the former others.
>Cant get out of this one because im too beta and already too far into planning, they have no other room to stay in but mine.


>> No.9511503

Why not as fun? You won't be able to do 100% of the stuff you want to but you can still do a lot of it.

>> No.9511505

what era fall out boy?
if it's post-hiatus, fight him

>> No.9511520

Honestly with cons I feel like its better to go solo and meet up with people at the event versus being stuck rooming with other people.

>> No.9511540

Yeah unless you go with good friends.

>> No.9511549

Agreed, I never understand how people can just sign up on Facebook pages to find people to room with. I'm not that much of an introvert but he idea of rooming with complete strangers makes me want to vomit. How can you trust them to leave your stuff alone or to leave the hotel room looking nice or to not invite random people into the room?

>> No.9511552

>how can you trust them?
suitcase locks are a good start

>> No.9511555

Yep I'd fell really uncomfortable doing that. I'm going with close friends I've known for over a decade.
Could not imagine rooming with randoms.

>> No.9511599
File: 119 KB, 514x335, lolinobf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anime cons made me realize that I have a fetish for girls who are losers.

There's a lolita in my sister's comm who rarely showers and lives off her mother's obesity bucks. She's hott.

>> No.9511602

Hopefully one day I make enough money to get a cosplay girlfriend.

>> No.9511606
File: 131 KB, 1079x1088, 13220541_10209856420029707_3089682369476166855_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been noticing that as I get older, my relationships with friends from the past fall apart. It's not because we don't still want to be friends, but neither of us are able to connect after a certain point. We're literally living different lives. Of course I'm still interested in what they've been doing, and vice versa. But it's hard for me to share my life with them because I know they just wouldn't understand it. There is a huge disconnect and I feel alone because they have been my friends for over a decade.

But then on the other hand, I have met people in the lolita community, that share similar lives/interests/goals, and are making the effort to be friends. I feel bad that I'm unable to devote any time to my old friends, so I feel reluctant to give any of myself to new friends.

Sometimes I think I sabotage my own friendships because I just can't let people in.

>tl;dr I wish I could find a friend that would be down to hang out both in and out of lolita.

>> No.9511636

>I have a fetish for girls who are losers
You came to the right sub.

>> No.9511640

You don't love her. You admitted you've barely interacted with her. Leave this poor girl alone.

>> No.9511646
File: 1.21 MB, 280x200, 200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been a cosplayer for over ten years
>over time cosplayed anime/games less and themed outfits instead
>now starting to lose interest in cosplay at all
>still like to go to conventions
>always liked seeing lolitas
>worn Bodyline before to a convention, got compliments
>just bought first brand piece
>already thinking up coords and wanting to bid on more
>can't wear lolita in everyday life though with college and workstudy mixing student and 'professional' life
>don't want to be looked down on for being a conlita
>it's really the only practical time to wear it

I just want to use conventions to get away for a bit and wear everything I can't at home now that I'm not as into cosplay as I used to be.

>> No.9511648

So do it. I use cons as an escape as well.

>> No.9511662

>don't want to be looked down on for being a conlita
Yea, that's only a thing on /cgl/. JFash fans who don't use this board literally do not give a shit. Are you really going to let the opinions of salty anons stop you from doing something you enjoy??

>> No.9511669

Thanks I've already bought a dress and bookmarked a few more so I might as well. I just feel bad about putting them in my closet just to wear at cons though. I mean I can understand being salty over itas who do "lolita cosplay" and all, I just didn't want to get lumped in with them because I'm not a regular lolita wearer.

>> No.9511675

You can find other times to wear them casually. Like going to the store.

>> No.9511678

>pop on my BtSSB to go to Tractor Supply and buy 50lb of dog food

I'd probably laugh myself sick.

>> No.9511688

I kekked. I don't get people who suggest >>9511675, it's not like I'm going to a cute little grocers or even popping to the local Waitrose. I'm going to Lidl or Aldi in a shitty area where you get stares wearing any kind of skirt and then carrying 4 plastic bags and a rucksack bag by hand because I don't have a car. No thanks.

I plan outings to wear lolita outside of meets/cons, like going to a museum and other touristy shit, and I tend to wear lolita every day when I go on holiday, but if you don't live in a nice area or an extremely big/alt-friendly city it's not practical for every day.

>> No.9511705

I'd love to find a girl like that.

>> No.9511713

See we don't even have museums here. There's a little estuarium where I can take a five minute tour and see some baby gators and poke a crab if no one's looking but other than that even normie's here can only drive around, cruise the Walmart, or go to Belks and pretend to shop. That's all we got unless you want to sit and stare at water and boats for hours.
I wouldn't hesitate to wear lolita when I went off on vacation though. I've worn Jfashion on holiday before and loved it so doing lolita would be no different.

Mate if you're homo as all hell and enjoy ankle biter dogs who wear sweaters half the year then hit me up.

>> No.9511718

Depends if you mean take it in the ass homo or likes to cosplay girl characters homo.

>> No.9511721

The I cosplay guy characters but am a girl into fellow girls and would wear ouji if someone dressed me type of homo.

>> No.9511723

New country lolita sub-style: farm lolita. Every dress is made out of durable denim and heavily embroidered, and comes with a practical apron. Wellington boots instead of tea parties.

>> No.9511747
File: 247 KB, 629x639, idks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think my con crush ran off with another grill while I was working up the balls to ask him out.

>> No.9511749

I've gone to Lowe's before in bodyline to buy building material when I was renovating my house. There's something really empowering about hauling giant slabs of sheet-rock and power tools around in a frilly dress.

>> No.9511768

I'd be too scared of fucking my shit up.

>> No.9511773

>tfw will never be a cute girl with a cute girlfriend who dresses up as a guy but is also in to lolita
Fuck why even live at this point.

>> No.9511780

Bless you lot. When my dress arrives I'm gonna heft some dog food just for you all to celebrate.

Some gulls are into dressing up their guys, you never know. For me it's a bit odd because I'm so masculine everyday so wearing lolita is a bit like having a secret identity because I put on a wig, the clothes, and actually wear makeup. Otherwise it's all denims and mens flannel.

>> No.9511796

you snooze you loose

>> No.9511816
File: 75 KB, 799x435, nojokesplz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet up with friend I haven't seen in over a year
>she mentions lolita
>oh cool, a lolita friend!
>she mentions the daddy/little girl relationship she has with her bf
>mentions lolita is just an ageplay fetish
>mentions diapers

Unsure how to take this all in.

>> No.9511833

Your friend is a degenerate.

>> No.9511842

Stop being their friend.

>> No.9511846

ask about princess points and when she gets her cummies

>> No.9511852

Take her to the con naked and tell people she's the Meek.

>> No.9511853
File: 9 KB, 480x346, 1453971541929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw didn't bother going to fairly enjoyable and sceneic con this year because of lack of funds and not wanting to take time off work, chose to go to later, local one instead
>Go to write for that weekend off in work schedule book
>The whole month is crossed out with "NO" written several times over
>It's still over a month until this con so I wasn't worried about asking for it off earlier
>I already paid for the tickets as bf's birthday present

>> No.9511855

Time to invent a family member who dies suddenly.

>> No.9511867

I fucking hate this at work.
Protip: if I ask for day(s) off months in advanced I don't care if it's approved or not, not going to be there.

>> No.9511881

Is this a retail job? This sounds like retail bullshit. I wasn't able to get days off sometimes unless I asked 2 months in advance

>> No.9511919

@ anyone who has dealt with a creep at a con or a creepy message online

What are creeps like? I want to know because one, that gives me that perspective, and two, I'd know how not to act.

>> No.9511937
File: 30 KB, 400x400, balletboots1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a creepy message online
Oh boy are you in for a ride.
An example off the top of my head: A few years ago there was a guy on my friend list who would leave comments on my pics about how I should absolutely wear pic related with my coords, and whenever I shared lolita-related content on my page he would comment about how "hot" it was.
Nothing too offensive but it was creepy, especially since he had a girlfriend.

>> No.9511957

Some online experiences:
>Requests (yes, more than one) to know my shoe size, because my feet are "just too perfect"
>Girl who asked me on a date because she "always wanted a little dolly for her shelf"
>Person who threatened to straight up kill me and bury me in a glass coffin because it would be "beautiful"
>Someone asking if I sell cocaine (??????)
>An ominous, anonymous bible verse with zero context ("Matthew 4:17 Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.")
These are not including the unsolicited requests for dates, nudes, etc.

IRL experiences tend to be more complicated, especially if they're con creeps. It's not usually a quick interaction and then I walk away feeling gross...it's people who try to chat me up for a bit, then end up finding all of my social media and hounding me for dates/nudes/whatever for months afterwards. In typical niceguy fashion they tend to get mega hateful after continued rejection so I'm pretty quick with the block button these days. It somehow got worse after I got married, too.

>> No.9511969

>start cosplay Ig
>get private message
>oh boy, my first fan-mail!
>"plz fart on cam dress as dragon maid"

>> No.9511994

It's not anyone else's fault you live in a literal shithole, though.

>> No.9511997

One time an ugly guy tried talking to me, what a creep.

Basically any ugly/poor guy who talks to me or shows sexual interest is a creep.

>> No.9512026

I'm in a similar situations. It seems like I can give attention only to one person at a time and at the moment that person is my boyfriend. I just... forget about the others. I forget to send them messages, reply, call them and when I plan to meet them... most of the time I just find an excuse to not go. It's actually easier to keep my friendship with online friends and I usually care more about them. I feel bad because I'm not able to talk to my best friend anymore.

>> No.9512035
File: 70 KB, 800x534, 17158390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if creepy, but I thought this was pretty bizarre. I post my cosplays on deviantart once in a while, and one time I got a private message about one of them. It said something like "i like it plz pose with the hands up like this" with an image of some plain unsmiling blonde chick standing with her hands up at shoulder level, kind of like pic related.

Still wondering what the fuck. Some kind of next level fetish?

>> No.9512039

Some dude told me I was cute but I could lose weight with laxatives.

>> No.9512051

you're not even trying

If it is a fetish then that person should look into ASMR on YT. Apparently hands and finger movements is a thing there, too.
...I don't know why I know this.

>> No.9512065

I have bought raw meat to my dog, gone to a event in a farmer's market, stable and to a tractor event in lolita. I didn't let the meat, horses or pony poop touch my lolita though.

I started to exercise this year and while I haven't really lost any weight I have lost few cm's from my waist and I'm already in a lot better shape. Makes me less sad of my arms not fitting in some of my pieces. I have managed to eat a lot healthier and first time in years I actually enjoy exercising. I have a foot injury though and since I started the foot has been hurting more and my hands shake a lot more which makes me fear they are related and I will make it worse or something. But I want to be able to fit in to that brand so I'm not going to let that fucking foot stop me from achieving something again.

>> No.9512072

Did you try?

>> No.9512085
File: 111 KB, 800x1249, 2013-08-05-beartato-problemsolver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My shoes broke last week. Completely ripped from wear. I only own one pair of good shoes, most expensive and best con of the year is this weekend.
But no worries, right? Because I ordered new, awesome shoes and they look great and tracking says they would arrive either yesterday or today.
>check tracking
>"your delivery has been postponed"
W-what do I do anons
I'm too poor to go into the store and buy another pair of shoes while this one is still in the mail.

>> No.9512088

Last year i got into a real bad depression
> got into therapy
> hired a personal trainer
> lost some weight since begin this year.
> feel good.
> still can't tell a person I cosplay a lot with that i like them.
> hate myself for it
> start feeling bad about that
> feeling like shit while working.

I feel like shit. but i look better then last year.

>> No.9512098

>tfw your online crush/best friend of almost 10 years now lives on the complete other side of the country
>tfw very close in age (born in the same year), multiple shared interests [including /cgl/ and fandom interests] and constant chatting at least every other day/every few days for the past nearly 10 years (to the point where we both revealed personal thoughts, details, and secrets to each other, multiple shared mutuals, have seen each other's photos and spoken over the phone/etc...)
>tfw you're both unemployed and unable to get/find worthwile, stable jobs in this shitty as hell economy
>tfw never able to ask her out because of this
>tfw also a girl
I could try, but if she was even interested, I'd hate myself if I got her hopes up only for it to never work out...

>> No.9512134

Duh anon what kinda question is that. Weeb lyfe

>> No.9512137

I'm both ugly and poor so I'm fucked.

>> No.9512150

>love sewing
>depressed w no motivation to sew
>even more depressed because i can't sew
>start having to buy cosplays instead of make them
>i still look cute, but i'm dying inside because it's not the same as the feeling of making cosplays?

i fell in love w this hobby because it's like a concept of wearable art. i never look down on people for buying stuff, and i even bought stuff before, but i feel... weird... i wish i could sew again. fashion is literally what i wanted to do after college and now i'm having a fucking crisis.

>> No.9512186

I'm not doctor but your hands shaking is probably more to do with your blood pressure/sugar. I get handshakes a lot when I haven't eaten or when I'm overexerting myself.

>> No.9512199

No. You want to go in Spring.

>> No.9512212

I know this feel anon.

>tfw living in the hopes of winning the lottery just to make this dream come true.

>> No.9512303

>you're not even trying

I don't need to try, it's how females actually think and act.

"Ewww that guy is a creeper"

"Ewww he's soo creepy"

This directly translates to: "An ugly/poor male tried to talk to a female".

There's literally nothing an ugly/poor guy could do that wouldn't make him a "creep", other then just never having any contact with females.

>> No.9512318

The only people who think like this are creepy betafags. My condolences on not having sex.

>> No.9512374

Hot glue them old shoes.

>> No.9512384

Took the Megabus in lolita. :/ Never again.

>> No.9512410

How many stains have you found

>> No.9512533

Wanted to just say that the injury may have caused nerve damage which can cause the shaky hands. Got my blood tests done recently and unfortunately they found absolutely nothing.

>> No.9512550

Just leave for the day then pretend to have painful periods
I mean, they're not going to fire you for 1 absence, and even if they do, who cares, you can find another wageslave job

>> No.9513656

Met a creep at a con who seemed normal at first but gradually got creepier as the con went on. I was cosplaying a Touhou character and he asked me if I was "wearing bloomers or panties". I laughed it off but then he asked my 12 year old sister the same thing later on. Also brought up shit like con orgies and hentai in front of my little sister too. What really solidified the creepiness was that later on someone in a facebook group i was in said they caught the same kid trying to take upskirt pictures. Just be careful and listen to your gut if you are feeling creeper vibes from people anon.

>> No.9513737

That was me anon. I couldn't help it because you looked so hot in your cosplay :^)

>> No.9514869

this is incredibly fucking hot

>> No.9515269

All I want is some poc girls to cosplay with. I love my white cosplay friends, but sometimes it hard to explain why certain cosplay/makeup trends don't look right on me.

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