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It's a New Bright Future

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You forgot the doc, fag

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet:

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Excuse me while I keep my OP clean

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new thread but no content to start with but a picture? at least post the link to the pic related

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From a local con
I'm actually fairly impressed.
I don't watch the show, so forgive me for not knowing who the are. Girl in red during the first performance was really good. I also like all of their costumes (pretty okay quality)

Except for green fattychan over there. Fat girl fucking suck.

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This was posted at the very end of the last thread, but I think it merits reposting.


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You know summer is here when try hard OPs appear

Has anyone watched the Iro Bang video floating around facebook? They recently had their 1st stage and it looked to be a major success.

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Thank fuck for safety shorts holy shit. I can't say much for the Hanayo's top though, I was getting anxious watching the whole thing because I thought a titty might pop out.

They also clearly have a curtained off area to the side but instead of waiting in between performances in there, they decide to sit on stage? Umi was on her phone I'm pretty sure at some points and the Eli looks like she wishes she was anywhere but there. Same look for most of the singing bit at the end. Yikes.

Guy in green doing sound behind the stage @20:37, I feel the same...

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that rin needs to not sing again

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And no one was surprised.

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If anyone could add some context to this I'd appreciate it

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what are the comments?

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the 3 people holding the balloons in the back tho

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No comments or reactions.

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It's from the Love Live Movie. Muse get the other school idols to join them to perform. So these guys got other muse cosplayers to join them for the dance and just have fun with it.

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A+ for character choice for that Nico, one of the first genuinely young looking Nicos I've seen. Honk's dancing is great too
They really need to not just sit there looking bored while the others are performing though. Do some wota or cheer or something, they look like they don't want to be there, not really in the idol spirit

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I love this video, so many different adorable groups

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>kotori losing her skirt

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Can someone post a picture labeling the different LL girls? I know it's dumb but help a girl out.

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The whole attempt was a disaster from the get go. Well back to Little Mix and 5th Harmony for GG cravings.

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Literally just google love live. No need to be spoonfed basic accessible information

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Here you go, anon. I have too much free time.

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More Love Live! wannabe groups have been spawning in the wake of Stellure. Pic related is just one of many.

Speaking of Stellure...
>My goal is for Stellure to improve so much, that we can one day perform on a huge stage... one so big and extravagant, for a magnificent live concert and a massive cheering audience with lightsticks!

Let's calm down a bit there, Mimi. You're aiming for this:

while these would be more realistic goals for an amateur idol group:

but, really, Stellure would be lucky to even achieve something like this:

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how unfortunate that a fatty is the best dancer in the group

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They just released some more videos, and holy cow, even the guest/invited groups have good dancing and stage presence. How do groups from a 3rd world country look so good?

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Wow, are Red and Black even in the group? They look like those people in flash mobs that aren't actually a part of the flash mob, but think they can follow along and look cool anyway.

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>That filename
Exactly. "Completely original" my frilly wota rear end

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I was too focused on white-haired girl trying to caramel dance along and her other white-haired friend telling her to stop.

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They really know their way around idol culture and self-promotion.

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the chubby maid was so cute and soft looking. 10/10 looks like shed be a good maido.

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Honestly. Themes and gimmicks aren't even really necessary, but if you're gonna have one it better stand out from the rest. There's so many more interesting possibilities that these groups could go for besides the whole "We're gonna shine bright like stars!!!" shtick or outright copying μ's and Aqours.

>at least post the link to the pic related

I think you might like this:

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literally laughed my ass off in the first 20 seconds

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I hardly ever laugh out loud at anything I see on 4chan but this made me lose my sides.

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Fatty chan is by the far the cutest girl here

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On the bright side they don't have an fan following to inflate their egos. They should come up north, they would be more original than most of our acts here. But hey we got crazy wota willing to cheer you on at the expense of everything else.

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I agree with this so much. It's so stupid because almost no idol group has an actual theme.

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Yeah, they're confusing a "theme" with an idol image. Obviously each idol group wants to be memorable and give off a certain image, and sometimes you'll see reoccurring motifs incorporated into outfit design or something, but that's it. Sticking to a corny theme just ensures that you'll never be able to do anything different and that shit gets stale fast.

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>almost no idol group has an actual theme.
True, but idols still have to be talented and/or charismatic regardless of whether they've got a theme or not.
Stellure didn't gain their fanbase because they're talented or charming; they rely entirely on mimicking μ's and Aqours, and all these "i'm such idol trash!" weebs (who have pretty much no knowledge of idols outside of Love Live!) buy into it. Now all these new groups think they can try to do the same thing with the same results. One can only hope that someday they'll start looking up to better groups that actually know what they're doing instead trying to ape off of the LL! franchise.

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Literally no one is even debating that fact. If you'd like to get technical though, the definition for charismatic is "exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others." It may not be to us, but they've somehow had a charm on other groups that have literally popped up saying "we got inspired by Stellure!" I mean I agree with you but this wasn't exactly news.

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Does, kidols count?

Actually fuck that, they need to listen to this song


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Does kidols count?

Actually fuck that, they need to listen to this song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kpWkV7IBUw [Embed]

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Ah Marianas. Always so true. Love them.

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>Nico at 2:25
my fucking heart. thanks for sharing anon!

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How does one find girls for an idol group? I don't know many people in my area, and far fewer that are anime fans.
Also recommendations for PA idol groups would be awesome

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If Youtube Red didnt kill what little exposure we have for Idols because Japan despises digital streaming they wouldnt be turning to LL! For inspiration. AKB48 cut most of the west off with them not participating in YT Red and Jpopsuki collapsing only closed off more venues. Hard to invest when there is basically no opportunities to be exposed.

So they turn to Love Live as their holy bible for support.

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Where are you at in PA anon? I'm from PA and would be willing to consider starting something if it's with the right people

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I would definitely find out if there's already some existing groups in your area and ask or find out if they will be holding auditions/accepting members any time soon. Joining an already formed group is a lot easier than creating your own. The first group I ever joined I found out about because I was attending a local event and saw them perform, where they announced they were looking for more members. Even though I am not in that original group anymore, it helped build up the dance community here and led me to the group that I'm in today.

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I second the recommendation to look around first. If you don't find any groups holding auditions, or if the groups that are don't do the kind of stuff you want, then try posting in the facebook group of the nearest convention to you. That's what i did and I found some local girls that were also interested in dancing together!

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Honestly I don't blame things like YT being shit on why people only look to Love Live. There are plenty of idol groups who AREN'T blocked and even those that are you can still download videos and find them on Dailymotion or Vimeo. If they don't take initiative to download or even search, then that's on their lazy asses.

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I know the girls from Ice Qream, their vocals/dancing are still not superb imo, but they are really into J-Pop and idols other than LoveLive. They cover J-Pop groups, so they aren't "original" per se, but still, not LoveLive.

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Oh, I wasn't trying to argue with you, I'm just salty that better groups get overlooked in favor of mediocrity and copycatting. I've seen quite a few Stellure fans praise them as though they're the pioneers of amateur idol groups.

Still, I wish LL! was treated more like a gateway into idol culture rather than the gospel, if that makes any sense.

Thank you! I was about to say, just because AKB48 videos are region-locked doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other idol groups that are available to watch on Youtube like Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Dempagumi.inc and The World Standard, just to name a few of the more prolific groups.

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>I've seen quite a few Stellure fans praise them as though they're the pioneers of amateur idol groups.

If only they were there for the OishiiProject years...

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that's a real idol group. I'm fuckin jealous

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Lehigh Valley, how about yourself?

>> No.9509265

That video was really entertaining! They have good personalities and good chemistry as a group.

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They all have a different interpretation of the dance lol

https://www.facebook com/SusumeToday/videos/1870612949866151/

:/ i cant link this fb video for some reason but just put the period before "com"

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I'm from Pittsburgh and have been wanting to join an idol group for many years. Most of the ones I attempted to join never took of from auditions.

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You can tell they all learned the dance independently by watching the source video and didn't actually practice together too much. They're all technically doing it correctly, but they're not in sync at all. Practicing together, without watching a video, forces you to be more aware of the movements of your teammates and helps sync up your timing.

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yeah thats the problem with most idol groups, the leader sends the same video to everyone expecting them to do just as well as them

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I did this once at a con. It was a disaster. Nobody was a bad dancer, we just never met before that point (the group was just for fun) and so everyone bumped into each other (no formations were practiced) and people weren't in synch, didn't do the same moves, etc.

Now, in the idol group I am in, most of practice we go over group parts (solos are learned individually, since they are specific to the character) to make sure everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, and to make sure everyone is in the correct position. It involves a lot of drilling of specific moves, and going over the dance while counting, no music. It definitely doesn't turn out perfectly but it is a LOT better than what I experienced just meeting up at a con and doing the dance.

>> No.9509382

I feel the formation thing so much, but good for you for finding a group that works hard c:

>> No.9509406

That isn't the problem at all. Majoirty of the time they do not take the practice time to learn formations after learning the dance. There was a discussion in the last thread about how most groups don't know how to use practice time. Everyone should come in knowing the dance then use practice time to practice formations and cleaning up movements.

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This is honestly the worst. How could someone think this was okay?

>> No.9509463

This so much!
I organized a group to cover a LL dance (because it was the achievable), and I had asked everyone to learn their own parts beforehand so we could work on formations as a group.
Of course only half of them did. And one of the girls who's super into and used to dancing had it down pat, but didn't want to help teach the other girls because she was too busy dancing kpop on the side.
Sorry just ranting.

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I would really like to see this mentality of "we weren't perfect but we did our best" dissappear. None of these girls seem to understand that as an actual idol, which they all seem to aim for, doing your best is not enough. They don't get that if idols simply "do their best" they will fail miserably and nobody will want to see them. Despite many idols being cute (and that being their pull), there's still reason as to why they remain in groups. These net idols and wannabe idols don't have the same styling and variety shows and space to just be cute and just do their best. It's why they are not more popular: they don't do what the really need to do in order to go farther. They do absolutely nothing to be viewed as important enough to keep an eye on.

>> No.9509484

Your group members sound like shit. The girl who refuses to help needs to balance her priorities. If she cannot be committed to helping group members because she is "too busy dancing kpop". If she is "too busy dancing kpop" why is she in your group? I understand jobs and family making you busy but this is a stupid excuse. I'm sorry that happened.

Fucking this. Its mostly these cosplay and instagram idol groups like Stellure who have this mentality now and days.

>> No.9509490

I meant "If she cannot be committed to helping group members because she is "too busy dancing kpop", why is she in your group?" Sorry for shitty phone grammar

>> No.9509511

I think it depends on what the group is aiming to achieve and what they want from the experience. If a group is actually aiming to be cherished idols and have fans, they should be willing to work their asses off, and "doing your best" doesn't cut it, like you said. If it's more of a for-fun group, like a hobby that you take seriously but is still a hobby, "doing your best" is good enough and I'm not gonna judge a group for having a few flaws if they're not trying to be famous. Of course, those groups should also expect that they may not get the attention/fans that other groups will if they're just having fun with it, but that's okay too.

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Yeah pretty much everyone was super unreliable except for one other girl who helped me organize the group and practice times.
We probably had 5 practices before the con we filmed at, and each practice we never had all 9 girls. Really really frustrating. Luckily our guy friend would stand in for the missing member. I guess everything turned out okay enough, but we had a lot of useless footage.
It's over and done with, but I just needed to vent.

TLDR; Make sure your group members learn their own parts before hand so that you can work on formations and syncing small movements when you come together! Formations are so so important.

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I'm speaking specifically about groups that want to be famous and be known. But even just for fun groups need to step it up. A lot of "the best" that's I've seen and been exposed to is very low. Even as a hobby, if you're performing you shouldn't be sloppy. It's one thing to be a bit out of sync or to not go all out on costumes or sets, but you shouldn't half-ass it.

>> No.9509522

I agree, if you plan to perform you should aim to make it something you think people would want to watch. A lot of cringy groups fail to think about how they look from an audience's perspective. Even as a hobby it should be taken seriously. But what I'm saying is that I'm not going to judge a hobby group against a professional idol's standards. However, a wannabe idol group should be held up to that standard if that's the level of fame they're hoping to achieve, if nothing else than to show them the level of work they should be putting in.

>> No.9509572

Oh man those were the days. Wish we still had Dansu no Himitsu still.

>> No.9509608

I dunno, I honestly don't think any of these groups are actually "doing their best". If they were doing their best they'd probably be at least decent. Most of them will practice a handful of times at most and call that their best out of sheer laziness. The LL girls are shown to practice nearly every day before and after school.

Working your ass off = doing your best
Working for a few hours the day before =/= doing your best

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i love the guy cheering for them. hes actually way more entertaining than the dancers and that's pretty sad. it was nice of him to cheer so whole heartedly for them though even though they definitely sucked.

>> No.9509821

ikr he was the highlight if anything

>> No.9509970

Looks like I'm smack in the middle of you two in State College.

Are either of you in any kind of group right now or been in one in the past? I don't want to go in with people who are blind to how it works.

>> No.9510018

I'm a hour east of you this something I've been wanting to do too

>> No.9510036

SC anon here. What's a good way to contact you all?

>> No.9510046

LV anon here, sorry I have not been :/

>> No.9510072

Y'all this is really heartwarming lol. I get the sense that most of us who lurk the netidol groups have been in, currently are in, or want to be in a group and a lot of the criticism of the groups posted here comes from a place of wanting to learn from their mistakes. With that in mind if you make your idol group and aren't comfortable sharing it here, feel free to email me your page and I'll support you. Same goes for anyone else here who's in a group, i won't post your videos here, i just want to cheer you along :)

>> No.9510077

Oh hey, I'm in State College too. I didn't think there were other gulls around here, that's cool.

>> No.9510143

What even the fuck

https://facebook com/story.php?story_fbid=1673944322634396&id=131391066889737

>> No.9510168

Any dance people in Windsor, Ontario? I havent been able to find anyone yet and it's suffering. I know of Michigan dansu but I would only really be able to do a group in detroit, since traveling across the border all the time and then taking busses from there costs $$$

>> No.9510294 [DELETED] 

I dropped my email up there.

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Page not found, sorry

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>We're dressed up as an anime called love love

You're an anime? Not a character? Okay. I audibly said oh god when I realized you could see their shorts without them actually moving too much.

>> No.9510332

Did you add "." in the space between Facebook and com?

>> No.9510341

I did, and it lead to Facebook, it just isn't able to find the content. But clearly other people are able to view it so it's probably just messed up on my end!

>> No.9510377

Nebula Kiss is based out of Detroit and is taking auditions right now! Their app form says that you "must be in Michigan" but if you're literally right across the river and can make it to their practices, they might make an exception.

>> No.9510426

>tried to make my own idol group in highschool
>didn't know what an idol group was, just wanted to do fun dances to cute musical numbers
>worked on days to create the perfect 3 person choreography to "your never fully dressed without a smile"
>Annie was fairly popular with everyone for the time, so a lot of people seemed excited for this idea
>got 3 female friends down for it
>we all go to summer camp together
>we worked on it for a solid week, it was finally perfect
>were set to perform at the camp talent show (100 people in the audience maybe?)
>last day of practice I bring them all matching outfits and once they ace practice, I give them to them, saying they've done good, and these will be our performance outfits
>we even had one of the adults agree to be Miss Hannigan, everything was going to be daijoubu
>at this point in time, everyone is aware that we were doing a dance and starts getting excited for it
>talent show day arrives
>3 friends tell me they're too embarrassed to do this
>I understand, and say we can just record it instead.
>they said they were too embarrassed to even let me record it, even with the promise of not posting it online.
>talent show ended, only two memorable acts
>kept getting approached by other campgoers saying they really wished they could have seen us perform
>die inside each and every time

I was so close anons.

>tried to make an idol group and friends back out only after all the effort was put in

>> No.9510549

didn't work for me either

>> No.9510592

fixed https://www.facebook com/CBCPolitics/videos/1673944322634396/

>> No.9510625

wow that's uhm...not something I would want of myself on CBC...

>> No.9510674

oh my god

>> No.9510677

I'm like an hour away from you.

>> No.9510680

here we go and i have been before

>> No.9510766


Wow.. IroBang was doing so good and I see this cover and it felt.. so boring. Heavy Rotation's choreography has a big emphasis on individuality and at least showcasing every member involved. Like, they were so on point when it comes to synching up but.. it felt way to plain. The constant center didn't help at all.

I hope their other covers don't look cookie cutter.

>> No.9511313

K-OH! posted their debut! I want to see more idol groups on a real stage like this; I feel as if the lights and the proper sound setup make it a real performance.


>> No.9511355


From where we live. EPS was the only one to do custom switches and pre show setups. Sigma started doing that during AR winter, switching from Kira Kira Sensation to Mogyutto for the ų's subunit and Aozora Jumping Heart to Mijuku Dreamer

>> No.9511561

Holy shit Crystal Rose looks so lifeless and all over the place. Jenny really ruins the whole quality of the group too. It looked like she didn't care at all.


>> No.9511572

I feel like this has to do with the con itself. Many cons don't seem to actually spend money on good stages. I do like that they actually had video and seemingly custom lights.

On a slightly related Crystal Rose's UK unit uploaded their highlights from the same con. They really should stop performing together if they don't plan on fixing anything. All of their sets are so lifeless and boring. Aren't they meant to be a vocal and dance group? If so why do they only dance?

>> No.9511584

I have a question. Felt like here I'd get more honest answers. I'm wanting to start a serious side vocal and dance idol group (or idol inspired group but with actual Japanese) with some friends. I'm not a stick but I'm not as big as some of the girls here. I'm in the process of losing weight (but not overweight just unhappy) in various ways and wanted to ask, do you think it matters much that at the moment I'm not where I want to be if I'm working towards and actually have talent? This is something I've wanted to do for a while but fear of the backlash despite the actual work being put in.

>> No.9511586

Any time you cut your "highlights" into 10-second segments, it's because they can't get any longer segments that don't have really obvious mistakes. Source: our debut video looks like this >.>

>> No.9511587
File: 27 KB, 411x411, thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly I think most people either won't care, or will keep their opinion to their selves, as long as you're talented. /cgl/ is ferocious to fatties so there will be some unkind remarks here, but there will also be some nice comments. See >>9507920 and >>9506713, for example, and I haven't heard one person here call out Puchiko from Honey Hime for her weight. Because those people's talent outshine their weight. Besides, dancing is a good way to inspire you to get more exercise anyway. You should give it a shot!

>> No.9511628

I feel like truly the only time idols can get away with doing the "matching skirts and merch tshirts" thing is when they are already cute to look at. These girls look like they rolled out of bed put those skirts and tshirts on and went straight to the con. Even just a little bit of noticeable stage makeup and hair styling would make a world of difference.

>> No.9511631

The lip syncing on their music video is atrocious.

>> No.9511706


I agree. I know "idol" style outfits can get expensive so I'm not going to judge anyone for sticking to a cheap shirt and skirt, but accessories are pretty easy to make or cheap to buy. Hair bows, gloves, or wristcuffs would make their outfits a lot more polished and idol-like.

>> No.9511786
File: 121 KB, 512x720, 900HonokaCleanUR[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna be honest, seeing all these posts from people here about their own idol groups makes me super happy! But also super envious.

>Tfw I want to be in an idol group and sing and dance every day
>Tfw I did musical theatre from since I could walk through college, so actually have the work ethic for lots of practices
>Tfw I'm a chubby 25 year old who lives in the suburbs so it's too fucking late for me

>> No.9511824

So? Do it for fun, and don't tell anyone your age :P

It's too late for you to be a real professional idol, but let's be real that's not a thing any of us were going to achieve anyway! Plus at 25 you generally have the income/work ethic to actually stick through it, pay for cute costumes, etc. Although it can be awkward if the only groups in your area are all high schoolers/teens, so if that's the case see if you can find some like-minded adults to practice with and see what happens!

>> No.9511839

You don't have to give up from your age, you just have to choose the right idol group!

>> No.9511845

Seriously. The youngest person in my dance group is 20.

>> No.9511884

ew wtf the one in green and a who from whoville

>> No.9511891

Delet that shit.

>> No.9512017

This is Jenny from Crystal Rose. Don't worry I'm not gonna go mad xD I think this thread has been helpful for feedback. As much as I loved performing at the con I was a bit anxious and it came across. The first dance I had learned in the set I had learned for ages. I was given the dance shot which was an unmirrored version so I mirrored it to then turn up on the day and the other girls had learnt it the other way. So I only had a few hours to dance it the other way and messing it up the bottom did hit and probably effected how I looked on stage. So you are right but I promise you don't want to not be part of the group :) Any advice would be appreciated

>> No.9512018

I do want to be part of this group

>> No.9512032

Thats a lame excuse. You have poor lack of communication between you and your group and it you guys have had alot of history of doing things the day before or the day of Trying to defend yourself on here isn't going to make you or your group look any better either. Look what happened to Stellure. Do you really want advice or just more asspats because your trying your best? You should read >>9509474

Captcha: stop

>> No.9512133


Since you're here I've got some more feedback:

Your communication needs serious work. It doesn't sound as though you guys practice much together prior to events either if you only found out about learning it the wrong way that late in the game - in which case they should have been the ones to rectify it as they screwed up, not you. It sounds as though you just communicate through Facebook or whatever and not enough in person. Fix that.

All of you need to use your face more too. I know its hard to smile constantly but you're not going to draw anyone in if you look constipated or emotionless.

Really think about the dances you're picking and how they'll work in differently sized spaces. Find out the size of the stage, get a studio and map that shit out with masking tape.
All of you need to sit down and watch a dance that's being performed and think about it from an audience perspective. Is it too long? is it too repetitive? Is it just plain boring or being performed badly? Always have back up dances in case one doesn't make the cut and don't get buttmad at each other if you think something should be pulled. If you are a skilled group I do not want to see Aitakatta at any point. It's a great dance for beginners but it is boring as fuck - at best shorten it or ram it into an AKB medley and show some creativity.
The clip of the girl with the fan is a great example of what I mean with this. You've got very short term gratification of a one handed cartwheel, but after that shes just posing and skipping around - boring! You want something with high energy and excitement to keep that momentum going.

Hit up that doc that anon posted and get an efficient setlist going with girls rotating for water breaks and different speeds/moods for dance. You owe it to yourself to do one that doesn't totally suck.

>> No.9512158

Kelsey and her backupdancers lol.
I was really underwhelmed with Renee's kpop dance cover of Mr. Mr. Leila and Kelsey did a good job (Not amazing but it was entertaining to watch) and Renee was just so. Boring.. I hope she steps up her game soon

>> No.9512190
File: 956 KB, 500x260, otome.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You shouldn't let your age and chub hold you back! If you know/learn how to style yourself, you can make it work for you.

But on the topic of feeling too inadequate to be an idol
>love idols and have wanted to be one/join a group as a hobby for quite a while now (Used to want to be one professionally when I was like 15)
>pretty decent at singing with a wide vocal range
>not much experience with dancing but hey, practice makes not-so-good into not-so-bad
>daydream a lot about performing for a cheering crowd and designs for cute stage costumes
>every time I've ever actually been in front of an audience has made me have a nervous breakdown where i shake violently and sob uncontrollably
Why do I have such an intense desire to perform for an audience while also having an intense fear of being in front of an audience?

>> No.9512227

The other two anons have already said this but you guys seriously need to work more together. It's kind of understandable that the first performance you did together wasn't that great but this is what? Your third or fourth? By this time you should've improved. Everyone has busy schedules and can't get together - that's understandable - but if it's to the point where you can only meet once for practice and once for the show then either you guys need to make time or disband. Like >>9512133 said, they should've been the ones to fix their dance not you because you had it correct. Also, on one had it's great that you guys picked new songs but the others weren't even good yet. My only advice would be to stop going to cons for the time being. Actually work towards getting better. You won't get many fans being like that.

That's what I thought to. It just feels like something for Kelsey.

Maybe try small audiences and work your way up? If you're doing it solo too, try around friends and others who are interested.

>> No.9512266

Damn anon are you me? This is literally my story too.

>> No.9512275

Does anyone who browses here live in or around the Carolinas? I want more friends who live near because everyone here either doesn't know idols/net idols or takes too long to care.

>> No.9512281

>>9512158 here. To be fair, she's probably working the hardest for it anyway. I could imagine she's the one that gets stuff done out of the 3. She got more charisma as well.

>> No.9512317

I do! I live in South Carolina.

>> No.9512659

Oh would you like to chat more? What's your email?

>> No.9512694

Who's at a-kon? Theres alot of idol cringe performing this weekend.

>> No.9512928

This shit is beautiful

>> No.9512942

get it on camera!

>> No.9513098

I thank you so

What a tragedy that they don't have a better sound system

LMFAO at that fucking snowflake dancer. I love her.
Fattychan is adorable. If these threads had a mascot, she's it.

>> No.9513113


>> No.9513224

I want to be friends with the chubby bear maid

The other girls only exist to make her look better imo. so fucking cute.

>> No.9513326

https://www.youtube com/watch?v=Vfs5yo1Gn4Q

Add in the dot between youtube and com.

From the same event as Crystal Rose and a similar format with the 'hightlights'. Some transitions in the videos were totally pointless as it continues, so I smell screw ups being covered.
I thought it was pretty dumb that they don't even have one whole subunit and still thought that the choreo would work with two members.

>> No.9513339

fucking pussies
i'm sorry that had to happen to you anon

>> No.9513340

My favorite Japanese idols are all over 25 and they're still cute as fuck, you can do it anon!

>> No.9513741

it seems most of these events don't even care enough to see if the groups the book have talent or not.

>> No.9513753
File: 92 KB, 243x250, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.08.45 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her face makes me sad

>> No.9513767


>> No.9513804

Looks like a dude

>> No.9513815

At least Crystal Rose had the sense to cut between songs and not in a song.

Honestly I don't think they care. It's for fun remember? That stupid reasoning.

>> No.9514216

All the cosplay idol groups and wannabe idols have been livestreaming all their performances. Love Notes has been my favorite so far

>> No.9514601
File: 359 KB, 1536x2048, 27252930276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit Sneko really let herself go

>> No.9514605

Holy hell what has she been doing?

>> No.9514631

>Really nigga?

>> No.9514669

Although I'm not a performer, it makes me want to find some local net idol groups and shoot fun little videos like this.

>> No.9514700

Stella has announced she's leaving Stellure. That didn't last very long at all, did it

>> No.9514720


>> No.9514853
File: 491 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best girl is leaving stellure: what do you gulls think about it?

>> No.9514855

That's unfortunate, but not exactly unexpected. Stellure was just so rushed in all aspects, everyone involved should have planned better.

>Maybe try small audiences and work your way up?
Maybe that could work. Plus, I guess the atmosphere of an idol live show would be very different, more fun and inviting, to what I've previously experienced that makes me so wary of being in front of a crowd. But I've still got quite a bit of work to do before I'm ever ready to perform!

>Try performing with friends and others who are interested.
That sounds even better, but it sure does seem difficult to assemble a group of people who are not only interested in idols (beyond Love Live; it's just so over-saturated at this point), but are also actually willing to put forth the effort into practicing and performing as one and won't flake out. Maybe someday...

>> No.9514916

I love the chubby meido, would tip generously/10

>> No.9514968

Noooooo. Well I guess their quality will stay shit! She did the dances so I guess now theyre going to rebrand.

>> No.9514971

Good. She is way too cute and talented for them. I really hope she goes solo.

>> No.9514991
File: 98 KB, 564x564, supernova.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well that was quick. So what's going to happen to their subunit? I wonder if they're going to try and replace Stella or just stick to the remaining girls.

>I really hope she goes solo.
Well she left the group so she could focus on college and work so I don't think it's very likely she'll continue performing on her own.

Why is Stella so widely regarded as the best girl anyway? Sure she's pretty, but what else? No one in Stellure really stands out as being "the best" in my opinion.

>> No.9515002


>> No.9515026

At least for me (I'm >>9514853 for reference) it was her confidence. In he bright future future vid she was the only one who seemed geniuinely sure about singing and dancing (despite her singing being meh)

>> No.9515029

Well, she's arguably the most talented. Her singing is one of the best in the group, she's the best dancer, she choreographed the dance (even though it's simple), like >>9515026 said she's the most confident. Along with that she's definitely the prettiest and she can also design and sew (she didn't do Dear Future though but she does her displays). Compared to the others she's like an angel.

>> No.9515068

Yaaaay, she deserves so much better! I wonder if Mimi was annoyed that someone was outshining her?

>> No.9515127
File: 2.12 MB, 1040x1040, 20170610_214547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that best girl is gone, who is next best girl? I vote Callisto or Astra.

>> No.9515141

Re-watching the "Bright Future" MV I can see what you're getting at. Stella definitely has a good energy and presence in the video but I was just so distracted by how bad most of the others were (Callisto was decent) to notice the first times I watched. I'm not a fan of any of their voices since they all sound so quiet and unconfident to me. Stellure should release solo mixes of Bright Future with remastered vocals and sell those.

I just remembered Stella was supposed to be constructing the costumes for Supernova but I guess they're going to have to figure something else out now.
What a mess. Stella leaving is a pretty big loss for Stellure- they're losing their best seamstress and the fan-favorite idol.

Anyone but Luna or Mimi. I'm still holding out for Tauri's debut.

>> No.9515145

Mimi is worst girl. Luna is a qt though so I can see her being best girl.

>> No.9515193

Callisto all the way, she looks like she's at least trying

>> No.9515207

Mimi didn't look like she was having any fun in the video, but ever since another anon called Luna "mold-chan" in the last thread I can't think of her as anything else

>> No.9515257
File: 35 KB, 564x564, luna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That chocomint wig is pretty awful. It completely clashes with the group's pastel galaxy theme and looks bad in the promo art and on Luna herself.

Seems we're in agreement about Mimi though. I'm really put off by her whole wannabe-Honoka character and the complete lack of enthusiasm in her singing and dancing. And let's not forget her "cousin fuckers" tirade from a couple of threads ago.

>> No.9515261

To be frank, Mimi seems like the worst of them all because she's in that Honoka position. There's the other girls, all with different hair styles and persons, and then there's the wannabe Honoka in style, enthusiasm, and position. Only creepier.

>> No.9515263

I mean personas not persons ffs

>> No.9515264

Design wise, Luna is the worst but overall she beats Mimi anyday. Mimi isn't original compared to the other members like what >>9515261 says. Mimi officialy /cgl/'s worst idol in 2017 so far. Maybe she cam beat Hoshi/Hibiki's title of /cgl/'s worst idol of all time.

>> No.9515347
File: 776 KB, 1015x661, mimi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So that's who Mimi reminded me of! Mimi and Hoshi are very similar in terms of their lack of talent, their delusions about being idols and their refusal to listen to criticism.

Mimi's persona really is the worst- from design to personality, she's trying so hard to be Honoka but then doesn't bother actually putting in the enthusiasm and dedication that makes the character so likable.

>> No.9515520

I must have missed the "cousin-fuckers" tirade ...anyone got a quick rundown?

>> No.9515531

I'm unfamiliar with the anime but a quick Google search says that Honoka is supposed to be enthusiastic? I'm not seeing it...but holy shit the design is identical.

>> No.9515535

I think Luna has potential with her singing and once she gains more confidence she'll be able to stop looking at the other dancers for cues. They already redesigned Astra since the beginning, they should do it for Luna as well.

>> No.9515583

>Stellure pops up
>/cgl/ rips to shreds in shitty ways and good ways cause they suck at almost everything
>Mimi comes in calling everyone jealous cousin fuckers because Stellure is doing what we're too scared to; she also posted on Instagram stories
>Backlash because it was stupid.
>Mimi back tracks; apology included "I'm sure you're not all cousin fuckers"
>Stellure hate increases

Hopefully that's everything. If I can find the archive I'll point you to it.

>> No.9515585

Oh I found it. If you'd like to read it in all it's cringe glory, >>https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/9380337

>> No.9516397

looks like Aki-P is booting up another anime idol unit. I'm so mad 0048 was before the boom because its so much better than LL.


>> No.9516401
File: 979 KB, 1923x546, cousin fuckers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's caps of Mimi's posts if you don't feel like looking through the archive.

>> No.9516404

holy shit that upper lip shadow make it look like she has a mustache LOL

>> No.9516521

Yeah you're late. The unit was announced months ago.

>> No.9516565

Bless. I only wanted to see her posts. If she would've only posted that third response maybe there wouldn't have been such backlash.

And the profanity! Aren't they still in high school? I'm no prude and I curse too but I feel if you're promoting yourself as a ~kawaii idol group~ you should use more proper language. Like, curse all you want IRL or anonymously but when you're promoting your group and want to be taken seriously, use serious language.

>> No.9516591

Yikes, you would have thought someone would have told them not to post as themselves on forums trying to defend the group, since that always does more harm than good. Even all the Oishii girls knew better than to do that.

>> No.9516707

What really gets me about that is she made it clear it was her in the first place and later tried to put the blame on the whole group. She used third person yet still said "lol you know" and later said "we did something super irresponsible".

I would hate to have a leader who includes the whole group on THEIR own tirade.

>> No.9517001

>We ARE ready for our performance date


>> No.9517022

My favorite was the whole thing about "wait to see what we're really capable of". To their credit, when they actually released their single, it wasn't nearly as bad as we expected it to be.

It was worse.

>> No.9517295
File: 101 KB, 564x564, supernova.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If only they weren't so immersed in their Love Live hugbox on Instagram.

>January: Look forward to our debut March 4th!
>March 5th: We're going to have to delay our debut :( but look forward to it April 1st!!
>April 1st: Just finished recording the video!! Look forward to it sometime this weekend!!
>April 2nd: Just gotta finish editing the video and mixing the vocals for the song! Look forward to it!!
>April 5th: Here's the video! It was the best we could do :)

Now they've announced some details about the sub-unit songs: Supernova's song will be released in "the first half of summer" (maybe mid-July?), Nebula's in the second half, and then there'll be a "special song" between the two releases.
If they're going to be releasing just the songs themselves, that sounds reasonable. But if they're planning on making MVs for the sub-unit songs, costumes and all, then I expect there to be plenty of delays to look forward to this summer.

>> No.9517338

Meotashi/Mimi posted on her Instagram story about being "stressed" about doing the choreography. mixing, and costume making for Stellure. So yes look forward to delays.

>> No.9517347
File: 1.91 MB, 1081x960, cover group merchandise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we talk about how self obsessed these cover groups are getting? Selling merch when you're essentially just a love live cosplay group?

>> No.9517351

Wtf thats way to self obsessed. Not only that, the art is fugly af. I wanna call them out on using a copyrighted logo for their merch though.

captcha: disabled

>> No.9517362

i wouldn't mind merch if it's actually cute or reasonable but...that's ugly as fuck and ripping off what's already licensed

>> No.9517393

oh god that's embarrassing. Good thing no one will buy it anyway

>> No.9517451

>that ratty hair

>> No.9517452

Im disgusted yet corncered about the devil hanayo, devil umi, and the sunny day song nozomi.


>> No.9517459

Thanks gulls! I wasn't ready for that level of cringe. I like how the first 2 paragraphs and picture are from Mimi but in the apology it's like "we" messed up. I wonder if Stella's departure wasn't due to at least some personality differences or conflict. I think she naturally stood out when it seems like Mimi wants to be the star.

>> No.9517489

I kind of like the look of these new costumes? But seeing as Mimi is making them (and everything else), I'm not too interested. She's gonna fuck all of it up. She's taking too much on honestly. I wonder how many people brought their shit single. I wonder if Meotashi pays the others.

Isn't that illegal? Like, can't Lantis legit sue them over this?

>> No.9517537
File: 306 KB, 1077x1697, i c a n d o i t a l l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming the special release will just be the song itself with no music video, that still means 5 costumes (all of them very complex for Mimi's sewing abilities), 3 songs, and 2 music videos with choreography, all within the span of 3, maybe 4 months.

I really thought they would have learned from that disaster of a debut to not impose such unrealistic deadlines on themselves but I guess I was wrong.
Oh well, can't wait to see all the half-assed rush jobs Stellure will be putting out this summer.

>> No.9517548

Honestly they are just going to fall apart. By the end of the Summer the group will disband I mean hell Stella left before the group even actually began to take off and they were selling merch? Obviously they have to remove her merch since she's no longer apart of the group. These kids will realize it's too hard and give up.

>> No.9517568


They're spending far, far too much effort on rushing out things even experienced net idol groups do slowly, when what they should be doing is improving their talent through vocal and dance covers. What's the point of spending so much time, energy, and (I'm assuming) money on outfits, hiring songwriters, etc. when your talents can't possibly justify the cost? I don't doubt that Mimi's going to be working very hard, but she's going to be working hard on the wrong stuff. Nothing they do can be good unless they all start putting serious effort into improving their singing and dancing.

>> No.9517656


Having some management helps most skilled odottemitta groups have their boyfriends do their makeup and putting on outfits and being informal security.

Also any cringe asian Idol group wannabes?

>> No.9517749

Even koreans who mix LL and K-Pop are fucking cringy


>> No.9517918

its well done, but doesn't match. Red lipstick is out of place.

>> No.9517954

Oh my, Mimi will have a burnout if this continues... I hope she'll concentrate more on school now, Stellure stuff can wait... Taking things slow would be better for her and the group.

>> No.9517956

Their timing is spot on but other than the Eli it doesn't feel like anyone else has any energy.

>> No.9518028


Oh ok, so they've gone for the option of ripping off the No Brand Girls outfits now.

>> No.9518106
File: 944 KB, 960x584, IMG_0596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get what you are getting at but this feels like grasping at straws. They have similar elements but I don't know how you can call it a rip off.

>> No.9518116

I just wish they'd be happier and preform it more. I know that it's really hard, I do performance stuff, but a huge part of the whole idol thing is the personality. Kotori seemed close, she was at least trying to remember her smile, and Nico was great, but the dance was at least good so i can't complain too much.

>> No.9518120

>ripping their wigs off

this is great, I wish more groups would do videos like this.

>tfw I wish I was in a group like this but only have two lovelive friends

We can't even mae it work, because one is a nicofag, one's all about Nozomi, and I'm Rin/Maki trash.

>if only Nozomi would do Hanayo, we could do the only song that matters, Listen to My Heart

>> No.9518198

How embarrassing. These girls need a reality check and need to crawl out of their own assholes.
This "merch" is not only ugly and infringing copyright laws, but it's damn hideous. They don't actually think people will pay money for shirts that have their faces poorly traced on them, do they?

>> No.9518254

Our "boyfriend squad" helps with camera stuff, starting and stopping music, and carrying stuff. It really does make it easier to have some non-dance-member people helping a group out.

>> No.9518256

It's not just the merch that's ugly

>> No.9518273

Fakebois everywhere

>> No.9518287

Holy shit that website is the definition of eyesore, at least on mobile. Why make a website for a cosplay group anyway? It seems they don't even have actual performances according to their videos, their con "performances" are in the hallways or outside with a sprinkling of other LL fans/cosplayers as the audience. They're in way over their heads.

>> No.9518289

Sage for samefag, not as bad on desktop but still hard to read and too many unnecessary animations. Unrelated but did nobody have the idea to tell Kotori to take off her glasses before they did a photo shoot?

>> No.9518789

>mfw I thought about joining this group when I move back east
Thank you gulls for digging this group up. I saw some of them at AUSA and they're cute but I didn't realize they were a performance group; thought they were only cosplay with the "lol let's perform for the fun of it but never follow through with learning anything" mindset.

>> No.9518798


I feel like you dodged a bullet

>> No.9518829

They're a new england group that only goes to new england cons, I don't think any of them were at AUSA

>> No.9518832

>contributing to the "I wanna be an idoru" posts
If anyone is looking for an extra idol in the south east I'll do all of the art for the group.

>> No.9518936

>Why make a website for a cosplay group anyway?
because it's easier and faster than getting good at dancing and singing

>> No.9518951

South east where?

>> No.9518952

If anything, it looks like they were inspired by the No Brand Girls outfits, and I wouldn't call that "ripping off" in any regard. Designers take elements from other designers' work all the time.

>> No.9518962

What do you gulls think would make an at least halfway decent net idol group? Like, some basic dos and don'ts.

I think energy, good voices, and sharp movements are the biggest two factors. I can forgive the uggos if they dance well, sing well, and have good energy.

>> No.9519043
File: 24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the only song that matters, Listen to My Heart

>> No.9519044
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1491332459536.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9519072

Mimi is worst idol. That hair is unforgivable.

>> No.9519077

Being fat is curse

>> No.9519082

They look like they're being held at gunpoint.
Costumes are quite lovely though. I'd fuck a lot of em.

>they pronouns
None of those are actual dudes right? They're all just that fucked in the head?

>> No.9519092

Please anon, you don't actually think any of them are real men do you?

>> No.9519100

Did they buy their insta followers and likes?? Or is one of them insta famous or something?

>> No.9519108

When it comes to live performances, I can forgive a lack of singing talent if an idol's cute and charming enough, and a lack of cuteness can be forgiven if they're talented enough, but a lack of energy is absolutely unacceptable.

>Mimi is worst idol. That hair is unforgivable.
Did you mean Luna? She's the one with the chocolate-mint wig. Mimi is the one with the lavender wig.

Their followers are a bunch of weebs who think Stellure is revolutionary for forming an amateur idol group based off Love Live.

>> No.9519245

Agreed. Energy comes before anything else. The worst is when you've seen girls perform well and with energy, and then the next time they totally ditch the whole energy part and look dead inside.

>> No.9519345

Uh you mean "his" glasses, shotlord

>> No.9519380

No I don't, I'm not a retard. :^)

>> No.9519494

Releasing content that actually shows their work. I know original work takes a lot of time to produce and perfect, but covers, clips of practice, etc. One of my biggest pet peeves is groups that primarily post "fluff" content (selfies, happy-birthday posts, art of the members, "fun facts" about the members) instead of content that shows their skills. It's a different case for idols who are already well-known and beloved, but for amateurs it should be no more than 50% fluff content, because as audience we don't know/like you well enough to give a shit what your favorite animal is or whatever.

Personal appearance. You should at least try to look like an idol in content you post to your page. Know how to dress in cute clothes for your body type, make sure your makeup and hair looks nice, and for god's sake make sure you fix the levels and brightness/contrast before posting. Bangs are always a plus. Idols are supposed to be mostly-average people with a bit more sparkle and cuteness, but a lot of net-idol groups just think average is good enough. I'm sick of seeing "idols" in ponytails and t-shirts with no makeup.

Improvement. I'll forgive a starting group for not being in sync, not having great dance or singing skills, or an awkward stage presence. Part of what makes an idol an idol is watching them grow to something extraordinary. As long as they are doing something concrete to improve themselves, it's fine IMO. Especially for an amateur or self-produced group, I don't expect the skills of professional idols. But they still have to work on improving themselves, and they should be energetic and smiling every step of the way.

>> No.9519590

i hate when they say they're inspired by µ's. literally one of the first things they learn in love live is to always smile when performing, but not even half of their group is doing that. they just look soulless and like they dont want to be there

>> No.9519746

Ok guys, got a question for you all. I'm too untalented and ugly to seriously be an idol, but I love making idol style costumes and I'm almost done my fashion design degree and have some dancewear experience so I'm pretty confident I could make some really nice costumes. Do you think there could be a market doing costumes for these cover and original groups? Obviously not as a full time job, just as a side thing. I just want to make cute costumes and live vicariously through people.

>> No.9519752

I would probably commission some costumes for you for myself! Unfortunately my group is too cheap to even buy things off Taobao most of the time so we wouldn't be able to commission you as a group :( I'd love to see your work though!

>> No.9519797

I think there's definitely demand but I doubt many groups can afford custom costumes... :/

>> No.9519801

they would have to be really cheap for idol groups consisting of people under 18 to afford. maybe you should stick to cosplays?

>> No.9519811

Yeah, I thought that would probably be the answer but It never hurts to ask. I do theatre costuming as a job but I much prefer idol wear. I just want to be Shinobu, but that's never gonna happen sadly.

Anon here's a throwaway email, email me if you want a link to my portfolio, I just threw one together with my recent original stuff and some old cosplay stuff from before I started school.

>> No.9519911

>As literal south and east you can go in the states.

>> No.9519974
File: 2.67 MB, 1870x1198, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 5.10.47 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa looks like that Love live cosplay group Project Starlight is falling apart at the seams, didn't they just lose their Kotori a couple months ago?

>> No.9519982

I would definitely be down to commission some!

>> No.9520101

This is actually really interesting that this was posted. As I have yet to learn how to sew, I've been looking for someone to create costumes I've made and some that've been designed for groups I'm in.

>> No.9520129

I don't think their falling apart desu. It looks like just a big rotation in positions and 1 person leaving. Its pretty common in LL groups around this time of year because some members are about to start college or are moving.

>> No.9520251
File: 1.64 MB, 1282x950, supernova costume.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mimi started on this yesterday. The skirt looks kind of nice (minus the white petticoat) but everything else... not so much. At least it's somewhat better than their first uniforms, I guess.

>> No.9520267

At first I thought it was decent, but looking at it for longer there's still a lot of sloppy technique going on, mainly in the top. Honestly, I'd just scrap it and resew it--that puckering is not cute.

>> No.9520283

Like >>9520267 said, at first glance it looks okay but when you look at it more, it starts to look not okay. Just in case Mimi happens to be stalking here, it doesn't even look like she made a pattern (based on other images she's shared) which is an IMPORTANT part of putting together a design. The pattern is, obviously, meant to be made frim the pieces you're putting together. The petticoat (or is it a trim?) definitely needs to be shorter (like 1/2 or1/3 size) because it just looks weird. I also think that using fabric - although cheaper and easier to work with than other materials - was a bad idea. It should've been something sturdier or thicker like latex or something. Those gathers make it look strange as well.

>> No.9520307

For the top it looks like broadcloth or cheap cotton with a nicer fabric trim. The issue is the trim is not interacting well with the base fabric, because the base fabric seems too thin to support the trim well (hence the puckering). It's probably also too tight on her mannequin (judging by the waist puckering). It also needs ironing. A thicker satin would have held up much better (had she also made a proper pattern).

Just a tip for sewing a sweetheart bodice (I think she will cut the fabric to the trim to make it look sweetheart?): make the original piece a sweetheart shape and then add the trim on the edge. This will make it a lot cleaner; currently if she cuts the bodice it will fray under and show over the trim. Overall, only the top is a bit bothersome; the skirt seems okay.

Also, yes, a dress is easier than a top/skirt combo because the top can easily come out of the skirt while lifting your arms with energy.

>> No.9520313

They're all pretty open on their media and the old Umi has been posting some pretty depressing shit since the graduation post

>> No.9520315
File: 44 KB, 640x244, a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just to clarify what I meant by "add trim on the edge" of the sweetheart bodice, I meant like a bias tape. You can see the tape is folding inwards, then in again, and the fabric would be sandwiched inside to completely hide the edge.

>> No.9520342

I actually really like the skirt, those star appliques are pretty!

>> No.9520578

Have any dancers here ever performed in a masquerade at a convention? Its hard to plan performances for conventions that don't have stages for performing and I have a costume that I want to be judged that also has a costume that goes with it. Is this unheard of? I just don't want to look like a total fool dancing with myself and masquerade pages are too vague to follow sometimes.

>> No.9520784

I've never had a costume judged at a convention, but I've performed at masquerades before and I'm about to go solo for the next one. I've heard of people doing skits and getting costumes judged, so it can't be that uncommon.

>> No.9520803

I've tried group hopping for a while, but none of the other members seem to have the same passion and drive for it as I do and end up letting us down, dropping out or something just ends up happening beyond my control to put a damper on performances/ they just end up sucking.
The problem is that a lot of the dances I want to do end up requiring q large number, and if I want to go solo I'm not sure if it's completely pointless to try? Has anyone else dealt with this before with any pointers, or should I let it go and just focus on things just for one person?

>> No.9520882

i do it nearly every year, it's not unheard of as long as the dancing goes with the character you're cosplaying it'll make sense to the crowd.

>> No.9520885

I've done dancing as a skit before and been judged for costume. Just be sure to check "craftsmanship judging" on the form/ask about it. I've seen other dancing before as well, so I think you should be fine (serious and as a joke; e.g. there were LoveLive/[email protected] cosplayers doing dances as their skit VS someone did a ninja bit then broke into "Daddy" by PSY for a comedic aspect).

>> No.9521260


I always hear this a lot. Where did it come from anyways?

>> No.9521387

Most "idol" groups are just groups of LL nerds.

>> No.9521410


The only masquerade I danced in, they weren't judging the cosplays like they were for the cosplay contest. So they don't always judge the costume but it definitely couldn't hurt to see if they could for you.

>> No.9521448
File: 460 KB, 620x644, ll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt, but the "smile while performing" thing? It just makes sense that if you're trying to be a cutesy upbeat pop idol with the goal of inspiring people to be happy, you should smile and look like you're having fun. But I think most specifically refer to the Love Live! anime- how being an idol is a lot harder than one would expect and how it takes a lot of strength to smile while performing.

Or if you meant the "inspired by Love Live" thing, they explicitly say so.
>We are inspired by Love Live, by μ's and Aqours, by St. Snow and A-Rise!
>We want to shine brightly and make everyone smile just like them, so we started our own idol group to do so!

>> No.9521496

stella was the only one who had potential to be an idol. singing was a little rough but she had the perfect smile and her energy was good. too bad she left.

>> No.9521521

Yup. Even Mimi would be a million times easier to watch if she smiled throughout.

>> No.9521611

She'd be nicer if she didn't fake her smile too. It's painful to see her smile.

>> No.9521627

Yeah, girl needs to learn how to genuinely smile. If somebody would just tell her to say "Thursday" right before she takes her pictures...

>> No.9521795


I wished I took up dance lessons to be an instructor so I could drill into also these idol group wannabes that even the top 40 girl groups smile more often then they do as an idol group.

>> No.9522513

lolol i love when foreign girls try to be idols and have no idea how to actually act like idols. if one of the members of dempagumi or red velvet threw a tantrum like that on an anonymous board and made it obvious it was them, it would blow up into a huge scandal and their popularity would plummet to the point that they'd probably quit out of embarrassment (if they weren't fired first)

>> No.9522788

Not the same anon, but she updated a few hours ago. It looks better but I still think she could've used a different material.

>> No.9522789
File: 734 KB, 2048x2048, 3421CE1B-DBE7-4E60-BF1B-6867E2706A1F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I forgot the picture oops.

>> No.9522797


They say it in the love live anime, but it's also generally a good performance tip. When I was in musical theatre, the choreographer/ dance lead would always come around to make sure everyone was beaming while they sang, and would give us shit if we weren't.

>> No.9522798

Lucky for these foreign net idol groups that they don't have any tangible popularity to lose.

>> No.9523012

Another South Carolina anon here! Been interested in this kind of thing for a while now but no one ever seems to pull through even for dance covers orz

Feel free to email me!

>> No.9523221

That puckering is awful, but it looks a million times better than the Bright Future costumes imo

>> No.9523223

That's why I love musical theatre so much. Not smiling? Get called out. Even during vocal warmups my director would chastise anyone who dared to drop their grins for half a beat.

Honestly, more western idol/cover groups should take a few musical theatre classes.

>> No.9523357

this is so fucking awful


>> No.9523389

Maru and Chika hurt my soul

>> No.9523460

Why would anyone upload a PV they make mistakes in?

>> No.9523735

Coastal Georgia girl here. Want to start an idol group that does nothing but Starship covers. Who wants to build this dream together, standing strong forever?

>> No.9523869


It's a western netidol group ofc. If something like Stellure can't measure up ofc groups like this is going do as mediocre as they are.

>> No.9524020

decent costumes, nice background, shitty dancing....disappointment.

>> No.9524231

You can tell they rely too much on a mirror.

>> No.9524237


Its probably the first time dancing without one.

I really hate how they were fidgeting at the start and looking at each other. They should be stock still until their cue to dance starts.

>> No.9524241

The lack of energy is literally infuriating

>> No.9524254

Really nice looking video and costumes though, I saw the progress pics and they're pretty neat.

>> No.9524278


I think you're giving them too much credit, by assuming they danced together at all. It looks like they all seperately learned it from watching a video and ran through it a few times as a group right before filming.

>> No.9524433


true but its all it got

>> No.9524462

I think that's one of the main problem with Western idol groups. (Aside from lack of smiles/energy.) They never look polished, and it's probably because they don't practice together often, if at all.

>> No.9524483

I agree. I feel as if the only way for a western idol group to achieve the levels they seemingly want is to quit extra curricular activities and spend that time working together every day or take the time after extra curriculars and work every day then add the weekends onto that. They need to actually spend more time together instead of saying "we could only meet up 3 days because of xyz." If you're going to do it, be dedicated.

>> No.9524498

how do these people lack so much self-awareness? how is it possible with so many cosplayers that they dont notice huge mistakes

>> No.9524539

You're right, and part of the reason for that is that most idol groups have members from all over the place. There usually isn't enough local interest to form a group with nearby people, so members end up driving and carpooling from all over the place for practice. And if anyone has to schedule practices around work then it's even harder.

This wouldn't be as much of a barrier, except that there's constant pressure in the dance group comm to be constantly releasing new content. If it takes your group six months to release a good cover because you can only practice once a month, you should take six months to do it instead of rushing a shitty cover out in s month. This is a problem with the western idol culture in general. We just need to recognize that we're not a place for "real" idols, and anyone in a group like this needs to take a realistic amount of time to release content instead of racing each other to put out bad covers.

>> No.9524550

All this talk reminds me of how I wanted to make a full on idol group in the west. Like a legitimate group where all the members can move to a dorm or something to work together and I can hire songwriters, musicians, and such. It'd more than likely be for people's 18 to 25 since school is less of an issue. But it's so hard to think of stuff like that when you have no money.

>> No.9524562

Yup. This is why I'm so glad that all the members of my group live 15 minutes away from one another.

>> No.9524567


this is so awkward

>> No.9524568

Yeah, I feel that, but unfortunately my group members all have work (we are all 18+) and/or college. We do meet once a week for practice, and we usually give ourselves 2ish months to learn a dance. But it is difficult sometimes.

It's interesting how different it is the East VS the West for idols. I mean in Korea you can basically walk to the nearest company building and audition (I'm making it sound easy but you get the idea), I'm assuming it's similar in Japan; but in the West entertainment companies are almost unreachable, and a lot of people are scouted, or have to pay a lot of money and most artists are solo acts. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well but another way to say it is that a lot of eastern youths have "being an idol" as their life goal (see: Produce 101 lol) but in the west if you say that you'll be told it's basically impossible.

>> No.9524582

It may be a case of "eh, this is good enough"

>> No.9524678

i was like, this isn't so bad, their dancing is pretty good.

then the vocals started. shit.

>> No.9524682
File: 107 KB, 227x300, 666666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one of the members named "pocky"

>> No.9524706

My group is a bit more spread out than that but we're all still local enough to meet up regularly. It's great!

We learn dances really slowly too (4 in 6 months and we're still pretty rough on them). It's definitely frustrating to feel like you're making slow progress but it's better than releasing rushed bad dances, isn't it?

>> No.9524707

woah all of them, save for nico, are actual legal adults... i guess i thought they were just old looking teenagers for some reason.

>> No.9524710

yeah the dancing and energy at the beginning was awesome but the vocals are so.. off sounding. then the energy started going down in the dance. what happened? blonde girl stands out in a good way, tall girl with the strap heel stands out in a bad way.

>> No.9524714
File: 1.58 MB, 1014x601, nico died.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kotori really needs to take off her glasses for photos, this is sloppy. Esp for a group that takes themselves this seriously.

>> No.9524716

Our group's problem is that we want everything to be as polished as possible, so even though we have a dance down and it looks good, we still don't want to record yet.

>> No.9524719

Umi and Rin look cute, at least

>> No.9524732

I fucking love Pottya.

>> No.9524779

is eli trans or just ugly

>> No.9524794

Honestly you're kind of right? Like being a known musician without making it far on a show like The Voice or America's Got Talent or American Idol is very rare these days. Nobody would know who One Direction or Little Mix is without Simon telling individual participants to team up. Even recently, a show has been announced in order to make boyband (has P101 actually reached the west this time oh my god). But making it on your own without connections or a stroke of luck is difficult. I've heard of artists having done music for months or years yet one song/album blows up and they become famous (see: Katy Perry).

I think Japanese companies are a bit different. I don't know much outside of what I've seen but Japanese companies themselves don't really have trainees like Korean ones do. Like I've never seen an Up Front trainee but Hello! Project has them if that makes sense. A few Japanese companies do have auditions though (some of which can be done online).

>> No.9524799

The girl I assume is the center (Kyuuri) caught my attention. She has a really good energy and doesn't look too sloppy or bad. Unlike the others, it seems like she practiced a lot.

>> No.9524964

Man, the bangs on their wigs are... not great. Umi has a really cute smile and good energy, but I'm so distracted by the weird unflattering triangle bang. Maki's eye makeup also looks too heavy for a 15 year old, but she's got the expression down.

>> No.9525113

Oh yeah, I definitely don't like her wig. But she's one of the cuter ones for sure

>> No.9525169

The dance can improve.
Costumes are nice.

>> No.9525240

I noticed that, too! Hopefully she rubs off on the others.

>> No.9525255
File: 47 KB, 1024x576, IMG_0940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your group performs three times in one week
>tfw one lady says you have stage presence
>tfw others ask when they can see you on America's Got Talent/other tv shows (lol probably never)
>tfw you were missing a member and people thought it looked great regardless

Help me gulls, I'm on cloud nine and can't come down

>> No.9525308

Why are there so many idol groups with no actual pictures (or even art) of the girls, or anything aside from filler and text pics? I've seen like three groups where you can actually see people's faces. (Stellure, some new group called Citresse, and Flusay Girls.) I bring this up because I'm trying to find new train wrecks to follow, and can't seem to find any serious ones.

>> No.9525315

All their wigs look like shit and Hanayo looks like Mr Bean

>> No.9525327


>> No.9525378

When it comes to net idols & not cosplay groups, generally all of them have pictures at one point or another, they just don't think to do them prior to announcing the group from what I've seen. The only really active net idol groups are Flusay, Crystal Rose, Honey Hime, and one other I can't remember. They're the only active ones despite all the ones laying around claiming to be net idols without any actual content or pages.

When it comes to wannabe Love Live groups, I can't really say. I don't think they care. IMO none of them ever get past crudely drawn art. I think they expect to blow up because they're oh so original but they don't. They're too inspired by love live. All they seem to want to do is copy their cards and make art and act cute, not actually put out content. More times than not, the only social media they have is Instagram.

>> No.9525387

I forgot about Honey Hime! They're my favorite so far, they seem to get the whole idol concept a bit better than other groups.

>> No.9525420

>I'm trying to find new train wrecks to follow
Here's one. If you thought Stellure's "Bright Future" was bad, you ain't heard nothing yet, friend.

>one other group I can't remember
Maybe you're thinking of Platinum Happy?

>they seem to get the whole idol concept
I think you might also like Lumina Scarlet then!

>> No.9525428

Post a video of your performance if you want to get dragged back down to earth!

>> No.9525447
File: 29 KB, 218x196, 1478689252906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Was going to ask if any of these groups did original productions.
>Question answered, and it's as fucking awful as I thought.

>> No.9525451

Yes platinum happy! Also dear god that horrible song.

>The music was composed with Soundation, but I left a special thanks to the Aeonia Idols for offering to compose the music, but unfortunately, the first time they were busy. The second time, I had already composed the off-vocal and I did not want to waste it.

She should have wasted it. Their one 30 instrumental preview is better than her shit "song". I'd like it if these groups stopped calling themselves idols when they do absolutely nothing in Japanese. You're just a wannabe girl group that likes Japanese pop style music.

>> No.9526005

New thread


>> No.9531898

Judging by what Stella posts on her private spam accounts on Instagram, she left Stellure because she knew how bad Stellure was and decided it wasn't worth her effort, and apparently she ended up doing all of the work for the group (costumes, choreography, practice) and it was rlly stressful for her. She posted "I just don't want to be associated with such a bad group" lmao clearly she was the only one in the group who wasn't delusional.

>> No.9531900
File: 1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She also posted this, looks like she was doing all of the work for the group and she got sick of their shit

>> No.9533564

K fuck all of you for making fun of them. this was their first on stage dance and they did their best. They all have different skill levels and are trying to live their life (that includes jobs, graduating, and family life). Any of them being over weight is fine. You dont have to be an asshole about it. Also, the person who posted this link to their video is just a sad girl who likes to pick on people over the internet because she's rich and looks down on everyone

>> No.9533573

imagine loosing all ur friends and the only way to keep urself occupied is to pick on people

>> No.9533576

wow. And imagine being such a liar no one can even trust you? Also you stalk people's instagram just to shit talk them online? sad

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