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Last one dead. >>9494892

Share those cgl-related feels.

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>miss four hours of the big con napping
>decide to get an energy drink so I can at least enjoy the night party
>go to 7-11
>some homeless dude is throwing a fit because he can't buy a fidget spinner with food stamps

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Wtf that fucking story

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>inquire about a pair of shoes
>informed I am actually second on the wait list but she will let me know
>I'm driving across 3 large states today and all in all the trip took 12 hours so I was unable to look at my email all day
>in the time period, I get an email informing me I got off the wait list, an invoice, and another email informing me if I don't pay she'll drop me off the wait list
>invoice is like 10 hours ago

Wtf chill. I was fucking driving all day holy shit.

I can't name and shame because it's not a lolita seller. It was on the fluevog secondhand sales.

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I think it's normal to give people 24 hours to read and respond to emails or an invoice. But people are weirdos.

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this, anybody who doens't/can't wait 24hrs is shady

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Something tells me the person who wrote this didn't actually crossplay because "I can't pull it off ;-;", and then made up a fantasy about what if they did.

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The bad thing about being a fatty-chan is con people assume I'm my friends' mom.

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>>9503525 UPDATE! I got all the semen off her dress, and I'm so happy.

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>in a pretty scary accident, was miraculously able to walk away
>scraped up my hip and knee really badly though
>two weeks later, realize that the wounds have mostly closed up but I have keloid scarring
>Deadpool-tier scars across one side of a hip
>goodbye midriff cosplays that hit lower than the bellybutton
Not that I did many to begin with, but it's a harsh blow to my self-confidence to come to terms that I'm going to have some fucked-up terrain across my midsection for the next few years.

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Scars are cool anon and you can always cover it with makeup

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>planned on not going to cons this year because I'm poor and I have to save money
>suddenly a bunch of super interesting guests in Japan Expo this year
>and the screening of the latest Pokemon movie will be the first day
>fuck it, I change my mind
>by some miracle I got a job this summer so maybe I won't have free time to go to the con
>but I don't have anyone to go to Paris with me, so if I go there it'll be a bit boring and maybe even dangerous since I'm not familiar with Paris all that much

I feel really conflicted. I grew bored of the small local cons in my French city, and I wish I could go to Japan Expo with friends and have fun, buy a lot of weebshit and get my copies of video games or manga signed.

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Start using hiruscar on it anon. Also derma rolling does wonders. You can also get laser treatment for it. Apply a lot of vitamin E oil while it's healing too, don't wait for it to completely heal or it'll be worse. Put hydrocolloid bandages on it while it's healing, and get those silicone anti-scarring patches afterwards.

My mom had some big burns on her hand when I was younger, and they're all gone now.

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Lolitas can act like there is no discrimination against handmade and offbrand all day long but we know it's not the truth.
If it's trendy or normative it gets a pass. If you do something a little more creative it's all pitchforks and torches. At the same time brands do stuff like cute biker jackets, open shoulders, bare legs, shorter skirts, longer skirts, frills everywhere, no frills, radioactive color prints etc. and it's okay.
Just tired of this hypocrisy. I don't want to think like "do I look lolita enough" when I'm dressing up, I just love lolita aesthetic and I want to look good. Meh.

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sorry someone made fun of your shitty handmade i guess

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Sounds like you made something ugly. I have yet to see a genuinely good handmade piece get torn to shreds, and my own feel is I get so annoyed by people like you that say the lolita community goes all 'pitchforks' when in reality we're just laughing at you because you look stupid. Is it easier being an ita when you think of yourself as going against the normal standards of the fashion like a crusader versus just being laughed at by both normies and lolitas because you're dressed like a moron?
There is no hypocrisy. When brands do weird shit people point it out and laugh, or it's a fond piece from the past (looking at you, Meta), just because a brand puts out an ugly dress doesn't automatically mean it's a good lolita dress, and what you see in a fucking ADVERTISEMENT isn't indicative of the fashion either. If you want to dress up and look good in lolita then obviously you have to wonder if your outfit is actually lolita. You just sound butthurt and new.
>inb4 the western community is so mean, japanland is where the real luvelies are :ccc

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>meet amazing woman through multi-comm event
>become friends
>are exactly each other's type
>reject her when she confesses attraction to me because my PTSD and disorganized attachment prevent healthy intimacy
>feel guilty about breaking her heart
>yet relieved I did not start another romantic relationship out of fear of saying no
>tfw no lolita gf because it's the right thing to do

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I hope you're in therapy anon.

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Are you projecting or just lack reading compherension?
I said nothing about being ita, because I didn't called ita. I was told it didn't look lolita only AFTER I explained if was handmade, and in reality it followed every rule in lolita fucking handbook.

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You may have thought you were following the rules but probably messed up somewhere. Post your dress and we'll tell you.

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>just because a brand puts out an ugly dress doesn't automatically mean it's a good lolita dress
however I never seen anybody in brand called un-lolita even when they don't have correct shape/a blouse/right accesories etc

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I would but I shouldn't be on 4chan. Care to give an email address?

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I very much doubt that, every idiot who makes shitty handmade dresses says they follow all the rules. I can tell you're an ita lmao

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Brands have an entire body of work as a background in the aesthetic so if they make some more 'creative' (or questionable) pieces it's a different context than someone trying to shoehorn their personal fashion 'creativity' into lolita. If you ever have to ask yourself 'do I look lolita enough', chances are that your coordinate isn't that grounded in the lolita aesthetic.

It's no secret that brand is liked better than off-brand or handmade. But people have a tendency to get butthurt when their handmade or creative coordinating of not-lolita items don't conform well enough to the lolita aesthetic to get praise or approval or get a harsh critique. I wouldn't call it 'pitchforks and torches' but there often IS a pushback when people try to bring things into lolita that they like but not everyone does. Fandom mashups with lolita, X other style I like combined with lolita, le edgy piece that doesn't really belong shoehorned into the coord, stuff like that comes to mind. Especially if you aren't already an established lolita who has proven that you do know how to coordinate with mainstream pieces, and who does traditional coordinates too.

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>Fandom mashups with lolita, X other style I like combined with lolita, le edgy piece that doesn't really belong shoehorned into the coord, stuff like that comes to mind

Well I had none of these. I didn't receive any critique either. Someone asked where I got my jsk, someone commented that it didn't look lolita enough and poof my post disappeared from a lolita group.

Please anon stop you are drooling.

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If your piece was well made and your coordinate worked well and followed the rules, I can't imagine it getting told anything. It sounds like this is not the whole story but without a photo and knowing what the critique was beyond just 'getting told it didn't look lolita enough', there's no way to see what's up.

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Okay let me describe my coord then?
>Black medium-sized headbow (modified bodyline)
>Well fitting black t-shirt with a grey fleur de lys printed on (offbrand)
>blackxnavy blue rectangle sk (handmade)
>black lace wristcuffs
>navy velvet ribbon necklace
>black ruffle ankle socks
>navy chunky heels

Are there anything I forgot to describe, or am I missing?

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I was also wearing two low poof petticoats btw, equals medium poof.

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My..." family" was always bad, but... Just today, my brother beat my mother. Father come fast and beat my brother too. Now my mom is in the hospital, so doctors can make an injury report for the police. My father on brother are at the police station, father rejected my brother, he is gonna be judged and put into a minors center.
I'm just at home, packing my essentials, lolita included, I'm leaving home. Hope I can be some days in a friend's house some days while I organize my new life.

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Holy shit my sides
Are you fucking trolling?

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you were the one who posted threads ago on the sewing / help thread? The dress you were making was horrid, plus you reacted pretty aggressive at concrits

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No, I never selfpost.

Does this mean anything?

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What you are describing sounds ok, but if the t-shirt wasn't a feminine cut like a cutsew and the shoes weren't lolita that might cause critique. It depends on the skirt style too. I guess it's hard to say without seeing it. Post it on CoF and ask concrit, maybe? Or somewhere else you can get actual feedback?

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We can only judge with a photo, anon.

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She won't post because she knows she looked awful and will just get ripped to shreds.

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It got deleted from CoF.
T-shirt didn't have puff sleeves desu but it was well fitting and looked good enough when put in skirt's waist. Shoes were chunky heel mary janes, nothing special or weird. Skirt looked basically like pic related except the strap things and white lines.

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See >>9504028

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Good luck, anon.

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Idk then. Things don't usually get deleted from CoF unless they really aren't lolita as far as I know, there hasn't been too much cases of it reported. I would try to get some feedback from a lolita you trust, if I were you.

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I feel like taking a break from prints and doing some solid coords and working on accessories. Anyone else just get burned out on the prints sometimes?

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This doesn't sound like a creative coord, it sounds like something really casual with mostly non-lolita pieces and a few accessories that is trying to be lolita.

>> No.9504115

There is obviously no major problems with the coord I described despite it being on more casual side. Even then I don't see how'd this justify getting deleted without any crit. Anyways anon, thanks for sincerely trying to be helpful.

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Exactly? I never said my coord was creative. It just consists handmade and offbrand pieces.
Read my first post, I was talking about discrimination against handmade and offbrand.

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Oops sorry I noticed I used the word creative. I meant creative process when making garments and working non-lolita pieces into coords.

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Yes, see one person's 'creative use' is someone else's 'not lolita'. The CoF mods aren't infallible but they generally aren't known for being exclusionary either. It's not really discrimination against handmade or offbrsnd because other posts containing either or both are not deleted, you don't see a ton of handmade but you do see lots of offbrand. Your coord sounds like a little too much of both and a motif t-shirt that isn't a brand cutsew might not look great.
Either get another opinion with concrit or try again with another coord. Beyond that, not much else to do, I think?

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There is no discrimination against handmade and offbrand.

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Is 'creative' code for 'fugly'? There's a fashion designer in my comm who makes really creative stuff using all sorts of techniques including thermoplastics (though not necessarily for lolita) and everyone loves her work. You can do creative, innovative stuff but if your skills or taste aren't up to par then no shit people won't like it.

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Brand itas definitely exist and they are called out all the time. Some of them are infamous, like the Moitie ita. Just because you're unaware of it doesn't mean it's not happening.

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Thank god. If I came home to find daddy's cummies on my burando, I'd shit my diaper.

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just more evidence that sweet lolitas are age players

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/fa/ggot here, no clue where to ask this so this thread will have to do.

I've recently begun dating a lolita and she invited me to her comm tea party which happens in a week, and I'm not sure what I should wear. I know nothing about jfashion so that's out of the question, but I was thinking maybe I should wear something victorian inspired. I posted this fit back in october, maybe if I swap the shoes for black oxford lows and the jeans for a non ripped pair I'll look presentable, idk.

"Just wear whatever" was her response, but that won't do. Any opinions are appreciated. This is technically a feel, right?

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the help thread might have been better- but I'll still bite. I would change out the shoes to something a little less ragged- if you have access to a pair of black oxfords, maybe give it a go and see how they look.

Do you know what your gf is planning to wear?

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In your language, probably 'dad-core' clothes

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>my first "serious" attempt at cosplaying
>70$ alone for wig and style
>45 for my shoes
>5 for my hat
>12 for gloves
>17 for jacket, i was gonna get a far better one ansd have it tailored for 70 total but the medium is all out for the region but i sure as fuck would do it in a heartbeat
>100 a month for anabolic steroids to not embarrass myself(taking it even if not cosplaying so wateva)

this shit is expensive even for a guy.

no wonder people wear lolita in public, id be mad at paying 200-300 and only using it once or twice a year

oh my monthly savings where have you gone

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>getting training day for new job
>break up with bf
>putumayo tie i got weeks ago still has stain on it so im staring at that
>clothing wishlist is back on since job and disposable income comes soon
>staring at lacemarket with the force of a thousand suns
>florida comm is proving to be shit
>tfw no lolita friends irl
>tfw no cosplay nerd bf
>no disposable income yet to buy dresses to make me happy.
Im just staring at the tie with the stain on it and trying not to cry and sleep the rest of the day. This week has been shit and i just wanna buy frilly dresses to make myself feel better so i can dress up and be sad and poofy.

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>starting a youtube channel, not exclusively lolita related but with some lolita related videos
>Towards the end of the month budget my expected pay for my basic needs like rent and bills plus supplies, camera, editing software, tripod, etc.
>Today is the day I get paid and I am so excited
>Receive an unexpected paycut
>It's a big one
>Call up everyone and find out they got their's cut too
>Panic about how to afford rent, let alone anything for a passion project

Guess I'll die.

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>hear two Attack on Titan guys argue in the dealer room
>"you lost the bet. now you have to suck my dick!"
>"no, that's gay"
>"fine, whatever."
>they leave together

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that fit is hot and I wish i could see your face. I love skinny bois

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That's pretty normal, to be honest.

>> No.9504399

That's all your monthly savings? Get a better job, bruh.

>> No.9504419

>tfw planning kuro coord for ild
>main piece is offbrand
>no matching bag whatsoever
>my options are ivory, a literal stuffed animal, marathon stringer bags, or whatever random normie shit there is in my closet

I'll... I'll see you guys in the ita thread.

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>want to attend local con
>$100 for two days
>no props allowed

Fuck that, senpai.

>> No.9504436


I only work 30 hours a week, i dont get to save that much as a result.

>tfw new phone, costume, steroids, con and hostel costs, etc etc
>also binge spent 300 quid on MMO cash shops, but ill try to resell my currency for amazon gift cards


>> No.9504443


considering 90% of all props are

>giant paper mache "greatswords" that look like shit and keep hitting people and knocking things down
>delicately crafted wings/etc that end up being demolished by the horde of stampeding fatasses or some really creepy guy who just has to TOUCH everything that looks good

I don't really mind.

harmless shit like magic wands/familiar puppets/etc are a minority.

>> No.9504469

>People talk shit about buying cosplay props or parts
>People go crazy over and love 3d printed props and parts
Explain this
Seems like it's almost cheating to download a 3d model and have a machine make parts for you instead of crafting it yourself

>> No.9504474

My bad, I believe she mentioned she's into gothic. I'd wear a darker fit but my wardrobe is mostly muted earthy colors because of autism.
I was thinking more along the lines of "secretly gay great--grandfather-core" but w/e
Thirstiness is not a virtue ;^)

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Fleeing early from a vacation because spending the money is worth getting away from my birthplace ASAP. I feel kinda guilty but staying here is killing me.

>tfw at least now I'll be home in time to dress spend ILD with my frills

>> No.9504496

When I'm going about my day to day life women are usually pretty nice to me, but on here everyone comes across like a crotchety, misandrist meaniepants. What gives?

>> No.9504497

> I'd wear a darker fit but my wardrobe is mostly muted earthy colors because of autism.

She's a lolita, i'm sure she'll understand.

>> No.9504498

lolitas are cunts. They will tell you otherwise, but it's a community that has a deep routed history in the ~spoiled princess~ stereotype.

Really people who are super into fashion in general fit into this more often than your average person, but Lolita SPECIFICALLY.

>> No.9504499

Lots of fattychans and angsty teenage girls
Anonymity also allows then to start as much drama as they want with no consequences

>> No.9504500

Have you ever checked out the other boards? The man-hating here is relatively mild compared to the woman-hating going on in places like /r9k/. People, particularly socially maladjusted people, come to 4chan to vent.

>> No.9504506

You have to admit a lot of the r9k shit is because girls and people pretending to be girls go there to stir up drama and bait them.
The boards kind of sad, it's normal people and girls going to poke at virgin guys to try to get a reaction it see if they can get the guys to buy them stuff.

>> No.9504514

Godspeed anon.

>> No.9504515

It's just cool and hip now, most 3d printed parts don't look as good as well made handcrafted things without several hours of handwork put into them.

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>Finally get the chance to get a type of glasses that I wanted for a long time that would fit my aesthetic and slowly changing wardrobe
>Still super nervous that people will think I look bad so I haven't proceeded to check out

How do you get over the nervousness/fear of online purchases not looking as good on you as you thought?

>> No.9504551

>people actually believe r9k is only a cesspool because of women trolling

I'm with >>9504500, anonymity brings out the worst in people. I rarely/never see any man-hating on here that isn't obviously a joke either.

>> No.9504561

You must have a short memory then. Even 1-2 threads back we had misandry from lesbians in here.

>> No.9504571

>tfw you have a really cute photo of you tripleting a dress and can't post it to CoF because of their "no more than two coords per post" rule
>tfw you own a dress that nobody else in your comm owns in multiple colourways but don't trust anyone in your comm enough to lend it out so you'll never be able to twin

You don't need to show your bag in coord photos, just leave it on the side. When my comm had a swap meet everyone was carrying their stuff in massive ugly tote bags and they just didn't show them in photos.

>> No.9504572

You must have /r9k/ standards of what misandry is if you think lesbians complaining about being messaged by guys is somehow misandry. Even the replies to that one girl who had set her profile visible to guys just told her to change it because she wasn't going to get anyone seriously looking for friends.

>> No.9504591

I'll go with you.

>> No.9504593

Misandry does not exist. Who the hell cares if lesbians/batshit women shit talk dudes, any man who's worth something would either confront them (and if assaulted, ultimately win in 95% of physical altercations vs women), or laugh and walk away.

The textbook definition of misandry is hatred of men, and you aren't a man if you let words affect you. Quit contributing to the pussification of modern males.

>> No.9504597

Thanks for the soapbox rant no one asked for.

>> No.9504599

why even reply? It seemed pretty obvious they were either unironically from /pol/ or false flagging to bait people.

>> No.9504673

I've been feeling empty ever since I broke up with my voyfriend vut have little to no desire to go back to him.
Have also been feeling like my time is running out to get married. I'm only 26 but I feel like I'm getting really old.
Feel like there's something everyone but me has figured out about finding your soulmate.
Feel I will be alone.

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>used to be fat
>took steroids to greatly lean down and gain lots of muscle and confidence
>now I just want to be a super lean and twinky so I can wear tons of nice clothes and cosplay as people outside of fighting games/action or combat based protagonists but I'd have to literally go anorexia mode for 6+ months and NOT train at all while just keeping up the anabolics to remain lean


>> No.9504720

Wait, steroids help to get twinkmode? :O

>> No.9504724


If you take a small/medium dose of steroids itll help out your metabolism/fat burning and muscle building.

If you just go anorexia mode as a male you'll end up losing muscle and just turning into a flabby piece of shit with 11 inch arms yet still have lovehandles/mantits and a pudgey tummy.

With steroids you'll keep an above average amount of muscle while losing all the fat, to a certain extent.

>> No.9504736

Is it smart to go on a liquid diet for cosplay?

>> No.9504738

Why is everyone so obsessed with the easy way out? Fad diets, steroids. Just out in the work and get the body without shortcuts

>> No.9504740

No, just count calories. If you do a fad diet you're much more likely to fail.

>> No.9504753
File: 95 KB, 880x1318, ladybeard-crossdressing-wrestler-death-metal-singer-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to trap cosplay
>6'0 190lb
>Keratosis pilaris everywhere
>Body hair everywhere
>Don't wanna do pic related because it's been done to death

On the plus side I know a ton of lesbians who would probably love to help

>> No.9504757

Liquid diets aren't a fad. Doctors use them for the massively obese on TLC.

>> No.9504759

To be fair steroids are fucking awesome

>> No.9504760

>"doctors" on tv use it
the reason those "cleanse" diets work is because you shit out all the undigested solid food in your system and don't take in anything else to replace it, so you lose about 10 pounds of partially digested food.
but, the minute you eat solid food again, you're going to gain it back because it wasn't fat

>> No.9504761

>health problems
>mood swings
>virility issues
>all for something you can just do with a little more work and discipline
Doesn't sound awesome at all. Go back to fit if you want to jerk off about your lack of self-control.

>> No.9504762

This person isn't asking if they, as a morbidly obese person, should follow the liquid diet prescribed by their doctor, they're asking if it'll help them lose weight fast for cosplay. The answer to that is that any reduction in calories will help you lose weight, but you are more likely to stick to a diet if you're still eating foods that you enjoy eating. Liquid diets aren't significantly more effective for people who are normal weight/mildly overweight than any other form of calorie reduction. There's your full answer, since apparently it needed to be spelled out.

>> No.9504768


bitch everyone who gets paid for having an aesthetic body or athletics is on steroids/HGH, there's just no comparison.


>> No.9504778

>tfw eating issues
>don't watch eating = get chubby
>do watch eating = 24/7 voice in head going "EAT LESS EAT LESS YOU FUCKING SUCK"
>multiple ER visits from shitty eating and not even that slim

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File: 105 KB, 1090x613, Arnold-Schwarzenegger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a little more work and discipline
Lmao I think YOU need to go to /fit/ so you can learn a few things

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File: 87 KB, 1080x1080, zzzzzzzzzzzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>a little more work and discipline

yeah with a little bit of work, taking your vitamins and saying your prayers, you too can look like this you fucking cow.

>b-b-b-ut... muh CURVES!!!

>> No.9504797

You are past your prime. If you don't marry in the next 2-3 years it'll be over.

>> No.9504798

Go back to /fit/ please, this is just unpleasant to look at.

>> No.9504800

My mom had me when she was 40, you'll be fine

>> No.9504802

Don't rush it. If you get into marriage or baby talk too early with a guy, he's going to get freaked out and split. Just keep dating, and keep in mind that there is no perfect soul mate for anyone. People who are happy in relationships take good or ok relationships and work on them until they're great.

>> No.9504806


I just realised being disgustingly muscular is a little like Lolita. No one except for people in it like the aesthetic

The main difference is that while Lolita kills my budget, steroids will kill multiple organ systems. I still save money each month too, so enjoy being on the liver transplant list in the future.

>> No.9504809

Not just that, but if HE gets into the baby talk too early, that's also a big red flag, imo. I noticed before I got married, the guys I'd go on dates with who would bring up wanting kids on the first date were the ones with the worst self-esteem issues. They were really, really needy and child-like themselves, and seemed to think that having kids would solve all their problems.

Hint: it won't. Kids aren't some kind of cure for loneliness, and if you think having a kid will somehow make you a better/healthier/happier person like some miracle cure, you probably shouldn't even be considering a family yet.

For that matter, neither is marriage. Don't rush into that shit. Make sure you know what you're committing to, and that the other party is equally committed.

>> No.9504812

Use != Abuse

>> No.9504817


if you are doing a popular cosplay dont always expect a huge amount of photos.

>> No.9504820


>that bitch
>disgustingly muscular

jealous fatty, she still narrower than you in pretty much every way except for shoulders/thighs which she trains like hell.

>b-b-b-ut men LOVE the way my arms jiggle when I raise or move them!!

>> No.9504830


>that projection

Try again. I'm none of those things.

>> No.9504832
File: 36 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9504852

See that's what I'm talking about. I always post coords using brand main pieces plus handmade accessories but none of them are deleted. I post one with handmade main piece and it gets deleted.
>a motif t-shirt that isn't a brand cutsew
no shit sherlock

This website seriously lacks reading compherension.

I have no idea why are you talking about itas. This is not a discussion about itas.

>> No.9504854


I really want to see a picture of this coord now.

>> No.9504855

You are an ita and this conversation is about you, so.........

>> No.9504863

>Order the large happy pack from IW.
>Get confirmation but no invoice for a week.
>Still hoping.
>Email from IW: "Sorry, sold out!"
I saved money for this. What do I do now, Anons?

>> No.9504868

> Forgets they were the ones who mentioned 'creative'
> a motif t-shirt that isn't a brand cutsew
What was it you were saying about reading comprehension?

People have offered suggestions but unless you are willing to post the coord, nothing here will help. If you are a regular lolita who wears brand then don't you have some friends or a comm or another lolita group that you can go to to receive a reality che--- er, some concrit on this? Obviously something is not going right in the coord. If you continue to cry here of course people will continue to bait you. Either way you don't seem like a very nice person in general starting with pitchforks and torches and ending with something like 'no shit Sherlock' when it's your coord that got the boot and a couple of people actually try to help you.
Either way, you've spilled your feels so let it go.
Good luck on future coords

Why are you planning a coord you know you have no bag for? ILD is usually for wearing your best.

>> No.9504873

Save it for the next LP or shove it to Closet Child

>> No.9504882

Stalk sales threads, make offers for LP pieces you like from others? Treat yourself to something else from your wishlist? Save it for next LP sale or an upcoming release?

>> No.9504883

You need a reality check if you honestly think >>9504069 is ita.

Please >>9504028

> Forgets they were the ones who mentioned 'creative'
> a motif t-shirt that isn't a brand cutsew
>What was it you were saying about reading comprehension?
I don't see anything wrong with it?

Believe me posting a coord would make this a lot easier for me but some things are just not possible. I have some friends who make big deal of it whenever they find out someone goes on 4chan and I'd like to stay out of that drama.

>If you are a regular lolita who wears brand then don't you have some friends or a comm
I'm a solitary lolita, no comm's where I live.

>Obviously something is not going right in the coord
You are so sure about that but you still can't tell me what it is even though I did everything I can to help you guys find the problem.

>> No.9504892
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to steal the comm leader's boyfriend.


>> No.9504893

>"hey anon can I borrow your lolita or cosplays?"
>friend is a whale
>"sorry! They're a little too expensive so I don't like lending them out, I hope you can understand!"

I feel partially bad to tell them no, but I don't want a fatty-chan ruining my shit. They try to go to cons for free, so I know if they ruined my stuff they'd try to skip out on paying me back. Ugh.

>> No.9504895

Ask those friends to critique your coord then and ask them to be very honest because you are bothered that it was removed from CoF. Then listen to what they say and take it to heart. Simple. It's one coord, it's not a really huge deal like you are blowing it up to be.
Most good lolitas old and new who want to improve and grow their coordinating skills seek out some avenue to receive concrit. It's a very common part of the fashion culture to get your coords critiqued, learn to accept critique gracefully and to not be rude about the whole thing in general.

>> No.9504896

that's not v nice

wtf is a comm leader?

>> No.9504897
File: 108 KB, 720x960, 17634508_1843748232534112_7731772503386138049_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will never be satisfied with the amount of lolita I collect, no matter how much money I spend.

>> No.9504899

I'm starting to feel this way too. My 'no buy' turned into 'well I bought 3 dresses'. As soon as I say I'm cutting back or when I tried to do the no buy, affordable things too good to resist popped up.

At least it's cheaper than designer clothes anon.

>> No.9504924


I think it's a typo, but I just don't know anymore.

>> No.9504941

Are you me? Being hairy is unfortunate.

>> No.9504949

It is ;_;

>> No.9504963

Your refusal is perfectly justified I think.

Kind of related, I lent my friend my sax Sugary Carnival so we could twin. Afterwards she disappeared off the face of the earth without giving my stuff back. Never letting someone borrow my stuff again. Ever.

>> No.9504968

You want me to ask cosplayers to critique my lolita coord?...

>> No.9504972

If you are doing lolita by yourself, chances are this was just a subpar coordinate. Why would you be oddly disturbed about one coord and call pitchforks and torches instead of just trying again?
So much posting about one rejected coordinate in an online group? That's just weird, you need to stop.

>> No.9504983


It'll probably be something like this. Thanks, anons.

>> No.9504987

If you read the thread you'll see countless people called me ita when the only thing they knew was that my coord was handmade. I think this is enough to comment on pitchforks and torches.

>If you are doing lolita by yourself, chances are this was just a subpar coordinate

>> No.9504988

Plus there are many subpar coordinates posted on CoF every day, however none of them gets deleted. Boring coordinates, nitpicks, even being an ita doesn't require getting deleted but wearing a non-brand coord does huh?

>> No.9504993

You started out hostile with the pitchforks and torches comment. Face facts, your outfit of normie t-shirt and handmade didn't look like a lolita coord so they deleted it. Wear something else, something more lolita with your skirt and try again. Or quit the fashion and flounce, no one really cares which.

There probably wasn't even any malice intended, I'm sure they delete a ton of non-lolita things all the time. JFC who gets this buttmad on cgl over something like this?

>> No.9504995
File: 31 KB, 509x509, 18301577_10158728782510594_5346315376247948446_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see dad and daughter wandering the con
>they spot a morbidly obese Elsa cosplayer
>dad: "look, honey, it's Elsa!"
>kid bursts into tears
>"she looks like an egg!"

>> No.9505023

>Face facts, your outfit of normie t-shirt and handmade didn't look like a lolita coord
again, you are so sure about that but you can't tell what the problem was.
This is feels thread, I shared my feels. Move on.

>> No.9505033

Kids are great.

>> No.9505038
File: 76 KB, 908x601, 18034021_1878938055688004_8262671901295002416_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shopping for frozen beans
>remember that story about the girl who ripped her lolita doll on a nail
>think about other lolitas who've had these horrible experiences
>be adult man about to cry at Kroger

Cute girls with cute hobbies should have fun with them.

>> No.9505040

People are assuming you're ita because handmade is worn on COF all the time without things getting deleted, including by myself. Maybe 50% of my own posts include a major handmade component and I've never had any post deleted. The logical assumption is that your post didn't belong on COF for other reasons.

>> No.9505041

All the members in my comm are wapanese and want to do super nihonjin shit all the time even though none of them are asian.
I'm one of the few asians and even I don't even want to do that shit...

Can't we go have tea instead of singing anime intros at a makeshift karaoke studio...?

>> No.9505044

I feel bad about being skinnyfat, but I'd stil rather be skinnyfat than look like this.

>> No.9505046

UPDATE! He is coming to the movies with me alone this week. Should I gopher it??

>> No.9505048

Can we go to a restaurant that isn't a sushi restaurant for ONCE? I have nothing against sushi but holy shit you'd think that if they ate non-Japanese food while wearing lolita they'd die or something. The only time we deviate from Japanese shit is when we're doing Korean shit. For reference, there's not even a real Asian community in our area and not a single one of my comm members is Asian so sticking exclusively to kawaii azn activities takes way more effort than just going to Little Tokyo. I'm starting to think they're so insistent on sushi all the time because it's the only time they get to interact with Asian people. Who I'm pretty sure are Chinese.

Why tho

>> No.9505049

Why not do a floordinate instead?
I'd be happy to help you if you're still looking for concrit, but I have to make a throwaway first and wanted to see if you're still on

>> No.9505052
File: 31 KB, 460x564, 18519597_1587877124590510_8223701551913573285_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9505054
File: 356 KB, 920x730, 1427897548583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no anon stop being a whore jfc

>> No.9505055

>I'm starting to think they're so insistent on sushi all the time because it's the only time they get to interact with Asian people. Who I'm pretty sure are Chinese.

I'm dying, that's totally my comm too! I suspect that's one of tte reasons my mod is trying to be super chummy with me even though she's ignorant.

>mod asks if I could translate something for her in Japanese
>"sorry, I'm Vietnamese and don't understand Japanese"
>proceeds to ask if my parents could do it
>"sorry, they're Vietnamese too....and also can't understand Japanese...."
>mod replies: what kind of Asian person are you if you can't understand Japanese?
I'm fucking VIETNAMESE jfc

>> No.9505059

>Why tho
Nothing against her, but I want her guy and think maybe I can take him.

I want a Sonic pizza.

>> No.9505062

Just mention how you feel, but phrase it in a way that indicates you don't expect anything to come of it. It will give him something to think about.

>> No.9505064

Did you ever had a coord that doesn't have any brand/indie brand item? If so can you post it? Maybe that would help me to see what was wrong with mine.

Maybe I'm paranoid but my main piece being handmade I'm scared even a floordinate will be recognizable. I'm sorry for being so much trouble though.

>> No.9505072

I'm so sorry anon but that's hilarious. Have you asked your grandparents if they speak Japanese?? I mean, how else did they communicate back in Vietnam???

I'm white but have a few features that lead people to ask me if I'm part-Asian often. I normally don't mind but with my comm it seems like they're so desperate to have a haffu that the same people have asked me about it multiple times, as if my ancestry is going to change from one month to the next. I'm just kinda FASsy-looking, there's no mysterious windchime in my backyard left by my true Nihonjin father, pls leave me alone...

>> No.9505075

>Be 31 year old guy
>When I was young, anime was full of badass adult men with cool costumes, but I was too young to pull off cosplaying them
>Now that I'm older, anime all seems to be full of teenagers and 90% of cool characters are unrecognizable in cosplay

On top of that, AX is my main con of the year, and the few things I actually want to do are too hot to wear in the middle of the LA summer.

Jeez, that sounds annoying as fuck. I'm from the cosplay side of /cgl/ and even we don't do that much Japanese stuff in my groups, and when we do it's more because Little Tokyo is pretty much dead center in the Greater LA area and we're all familiar with it.

>> No.9505076

At this point I feel you would've already outed yourself by being so specific about what happened, and it doesn't seem like anybody you know is here or cares.

>> No.9505079

People I'm talking about are cosplayers, of course they don't know what happened in a lolita group. But they may recognize it if I post a photo since I post my coords on my personal Facebook too.
Like I said maybe I'm paranoid and they're not here now but it happened before and I just don't want to risk it.

>> No.9505089

>go to a work related party
>it's a special occasion but not a formal one so I dress as I like
>wearing my favorite set and feeling good
>had a fun time
>few days later doing laundry
>cigarette burn in my favourite item
>it's heavy cotton so who ever did it had to hold the cigarette there for a while
>can't repair it because the piece is intricate damask

I didn't know people i work with wanted to hurt me

>> No.9505098

Where was the burn?

>> No.9505099

On the back,
Little lower than my butt

>> No.9505102

And now that I'm a little older and more well invested than when i originally purchased the item i can afford to just buy another......however the company who made it now just makes cyber and steampunk

>> No.9505103

Could you have sat on something?

>> No.9505104

>want to wear lolita
>live in a desert
>even a tanktop and shorts is torture

Damn this season.

>> No.9505107
File: 162 KB, 1264x1630, 1491770114336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you meet other weebs? I want non-autistic weeb friends to go to cons and game with, life is sour

>> No.9505109

If you can steal him, another girl will eventually steal him from you too. Don't bother with dudes who have no loyalty baka

>> No.9505111

Don't we all.

>> No.9505115

No and definitely not a lit cigarette

>insane 200 page diatribe redacted<

>> No.9505116

Is there a rule where you can only cosplay from anime released in the past few years?

>> No.9505125

It's on the conditions of entry for most major con's.

>> No.9505129

Maury but check out Tyler Hetherston/Lily of the Valley. She often wears handmade main pieces with thrifter or vintage accessories and she usually looks great.

>> No.9505130

nayrt, not Maury...

>> No.9505131


Sorry I wanted to vent my feels and not to suffer them again so I'm bailing

>> No.9505141

If they're lurking here and call you out for being on 4chan, they're outing themselves, too.

>> No.9505156

Anon, is this you? >>9500660
You don't want to be recogniced so you just changed the outfit description a bit. That's not lolita

>> No.9505160

Yesterday at a con a guy asked for a photo with me right when I was about to pay for a manga. So I asked him if he could give me a minute to pay. After that we took a selfie but he was quite shaky so had to take like 3 photos to have one in focus. That's no problem for me but he seemed a little nervous.
I hope he's having a good convention and is a little less stressed, he was really nice and polite.
>if you're reading this dear stranger sorry I made you wait and wishing you a great time this next 3 days!!!!

>he'll probably never read this tho and I won't find him today rip

>> No.9505181

Being social is very stressful, anon

>> No.9505199

nayrt but that is so cute

>> No.9505219

>I have no idea why are you talking about itas.
>talk about reading comprehension
Please look at the post I was replying to.

>> No.9505355 [DELETED] 
File: 105 KB, 800x600, 1495578620638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JFC, okay ill bite, email me the image

>> No.9505358
File: 105 KB, 800x600, 1495578620638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JFC, fine I'll bite, send me a pic of your outfit.

>> No.9505383

I know it's dumb, but I'm really bummed out about working on ILD. it was going to be the first time I'd wear lolita out of the house...
maybe I can muster up the courage the next day? Gah, I'm so unmotivated

>> No.9505386

Can you wear some small accessory while you work, or maybe listen to some loliable music (visual kei for example), just to keep the "lolita spirit" with you? Cheer up, anon, you can dress up on Sunday instead.

>> No.9505397

Either make a real cutsew with puffy sleeves and lace or ruffles or quit bitching, no one likes brand t-shirts here either. Brands make non lolita items

>> No.9505420
File: 67 KB, 631x960, 18275230_1962710933949758_5136884285453106452_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a dream that I was an A+ plus trap. I texted my trap selfie to all of my friends, saying "check out my new gf" and they were so jealous. I also found a secret room in my apartment full of gold.

Then I woke up.

>> No.9505430
File: 179 KB, 1083x720, 1393438140456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this feel. It's tough.

>> No.9505439

I regularly dream about finding a room in my house full of burando, or even more commonly, lots and lots of amazing lace and fabric. I'm always so disappointed when I wake up.

>> No.9505441

Meet them at the con. It's worked out alright for me.

>> No.9505444

oh my god what

>> No.9505448

I dream of walking into my closet and finding dresses I didn't know I had. Then when I wake up, I'm sorely disappointed.

>> No.9505477

>what is a shitpost

>> No.9505480

No I was serious. 26 is at the end of a woman's prime.

>> No.9505486
File: 349 KB, 397x527, tell me more.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9505487

Could it have been an accident from someone holding a cigarette to their side?

Stay strong, anon. Love you.

>> No.9505513

Yes I know and understand this well and just wish all best for this guy.
I don't know how to act around ppl too so I didn't quite know what to tell him unfortunately

>> No.9505531
File: 147 KB, 350x450, 1465177027189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The sexual tension between you and that older cosplayer who'd totally settle for you.

>> No.9505559

I want people to play Overwatch with! Recently got it and all I see are squeaky young kids. Most of them don't even speak English..

>> No.9505566

I'd marry it

>> No.9505574
File: 30 KB, 700x385, Flying-Witch-02-Header-700x385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is a woman's prime, really? Some people have unfortunate genes and end up aging fast looking like 40 when they're 22 and vice versa.

You need to give up some time and go to cons and meet people then weed people out like crazy.

I'm having some seller remorse. I needed to purge as I am moving into a smaller apartment and I have little time to dress up anymore. I let go some of my older pieces I had for a while. At first, I was happy with the money and now I have that "oh no what have I done" because some of them heavily post their coords.

>> No.9505583


That's either you or you aren't a lolita at all. Nothing about that is lolita

>> No.9505585

nayrt, but 26 is about the point where you'd have to start dating someone seriously to settle and have kids with before risking autism babies. People that plan to have kids are aware of this. Also it's when most people who have been through college should have their life sorted out and be on a career path. It's not just about looks.

>> No.9505606

Average age is 26 when a woman is on the decline and looks do someone to settle with.

>> No.9505614

You are a treasure, anon. I wish you and your girlfriend much luck.

>> No.9505616

Did that one get deleted though? T-shirt/handmade anon is bitching cause her photo got deleted.

>> No.9505618

Not that anon but I think the outfit is really cute too. Sure, it's decidedly not lolita but that doesn't mean it can't look good.

>> No.9505657
File: 158 KB, 322x319, fuaiyah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone else here get after purchase anxiety? I'm just sitting here wondering if I made a terrible terrible mistake and I'm not going to find out until either next week or the week after that and it's killing me.

I just wanna be cute. Why does it have to be so stressful?

>> No.9505661

What's stressing you out, anon? Buyer's regret?

>> No.9505676

Every single time, but mostly because I never know how much customs is going to bite me in the ass and if my purchases will still be worth what I paid with customs added to the total. Many of the places I buy from won't mark parcels down.

>> No.9505691
File: 211 KB, 1200x948, cupertino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I might have purchased the wrong size in frames. They seem to be around the same size as my current glasses, but the new ones are round while my current are rectangular so I don't know if I should have went a size up.

Pic related are the frames I bought. It might just be me being silly. I've been wanting glasses like these for a while now and at first I was super excited, but then I started getting nervous out of nowhere.

>> No.9505703

Did you check the measurements with a ruler or a measuring tape? That usually helps a lot. In any case I hope you're pleased with them when they arrive!

>> No.9505726
File: 76 KB, 556x600, IMG_2399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning 26 in a few months
>not feeling too old for lolita because fuk da police I'll be wearing BtSSB when I die at 80
>have degrees, apartment, loving fiancé
>but no job
>been looking for job for almost six months now, nothing
>parents are well off and throw play money my way regularly which I use to buy lolita
>was okay with that until
>[26 is] when most people who have been through college should have their life sorted out and be on a career path
>mfw I realise I'm a failure

>> No.9505738

After doing some close remeasuring (I did the measurements compared to my glasses on my face for a better idea), they look to be just the right size. It made me feel better, at least.

Thanks for the suggestion! I might make an update post when they come in (I was told they'd be shipped next Friday at the latest).

>> No.9505757

If you go by the Japanese meme, being over 25 and unmarried is like being a Christmas cake after December 26th. If you go by the PUA/MRA meme, women start to hit "the wall" of attractiveness and social market value after 30. Both are kinda chauvinistic ideas but rooted in a kernel of biological truth.

>> No.9505760

Don't take shitposting anons seriously, you're doing fine.
>inb4 "not a shitpost 100% serious if you don't have your life sorted out by 26 ur a failed old hag hurr"

>> No.9505764

the truth is that dating is a lot easier for women in the teens/early twenties because they look pretty and have boobs. After mid-late twenties, they don't look as good and things start to sag, so they can't rely on that anymore. If a woman has more than her looks, it doesn't matter, but the shallow Instagram girls who just go from party to party and never really get hobbies or a personality outside of that fall hard.

you should be fine as long as you have an actual personality and positive traits besides your looks.

>> No.9505782

Add me on discord Vitti#11117

>> No.9505812

Yeah problem is most girls who are even half decent looking lack any sort of hobbies or personality outside of social media, Netflix, and tinder.

>> No.9505843

Most people I know who are married married after 26. It's not a crazy concept. Don't take chan shitposters seriously. Don't take any shitposters seriously but like especially 4chan ones

>> No.9505845

Most of those people were with their significant other before 26-29.

>> No.9505903

>attending a con with my friends next month, working on a panel together
>suggest we do the masquerade, as we've done it at other cons
>everyone says no except for one person, and they won't do it unless we get other people to do it with us.
I mean, I guess I didn't need friends anyway... I can embarrass myself alone...

>> No.9505913
File: 155 KB, 600x477, ech.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make a cosplay friend online through one of the discords i'm in
>we connect right away
>we even have the same job so can bitch about work to eachother
>she real talks to me, gets heavy real fast, she tells me she got molested as a kid, holy shit
>tell her I'll always be there to listen to her and she says likewise
>a while later, open up to her about how I wish my bf did more around the house, but communicated this so poorly she think's i'm in abusive relationship
>clarified that I'm not, I'm just upset that he's lazy when it comes to household chores
>starts avoiding the fuck out of me, only talks in the discord when I'm not around, talks to my friends and not me
>they ask her wtf is up
>she tells them "I'm avoiding her because of her drama"

I listened to her horror tales of her getting fucked up by some kiddy diddlers, but I complain about my boyfriend being lazy and weaseling out of things I'm dramatic? fuck.

>> No.9505945

oh man iktf. We've expanded recently because one of the mods is a foodie but we've still ended up in the same mediocre Japanese restaurants for like half the meets in the past year.

I don't think it's even because of weebiness so much as just because it sort of pleases everyone by catering to a few dietary requirements. A lot of people in the comm hate spicy food and won't go for anything with chilli (AKA most other Asian food), and we have a lot of vegetarian/vegan and allergies as well. A lot of the time when other places are suggested people with dietary issues complain.

>> No.9505963

>school done, committed relationship
That hardly sounds like a failure.

If your fiance is reasonably well paid, have you considered putting the job on hold for a few years and being a lolita mom? Lord knows the world needs more educated people raising educated kids.

>> No.9505967

>Just get a husband who makes a lot of money
>never work again and sit around spending money
threads like these make me really hesitant to date as a guy if women really see me as a walking ATM

>> No.9505995
File: 227 KB, 381x272, 5345345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3 years and I got my first negative confrontation in lolita today, gulls.

>be me, running errands
>wearing super casual coordinate, skirt and blouse in red and white, minimal accessories
>waiting in line for a quick snack
>3 tween girls line up behind me
>they start chattering about me audibly
>"is this for TV or something? are we on TV?"
>"no, i think i've heard of this before, it's called ageplay"
>turn around
>ask them if i can help them with anything
>they shut up
>grab my snack and gtfo

I typically wear OTT sweet in pastel colors out and about on the regular, so I'm surprised that this coord of all coords raised any questions. Meanwhile, tween girls have gotten ballsy. I can't imagine talking about somebody behind their backs so loudly and clearly!

>> No.9505998

MGTOW, brah

>> No.9506000
File: 44 KB, 145x173, Dem_stairs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My lolita crush is cordial to me but I don't think she's especially attracted.

My backup girl is in prison. How do I make this work?

>> No.9506014

yeah, honestly, with how shitty girls around here treat guys, I would never want to date a gull
I have more self respect than to end up a walking ATM, I'd rather be a virgin that does cosplay

>> No.9506020
File: 89 KB, 850x712, 1496108063971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are literally me right now. Or im you idk

>> No.9506028

I honestly hope you stay alone forever if you're the type of misandrist that browses here and tumblr

>> No.9506032

Get a camgirl gf, we only see OTHER guys as walking ATMs

>> No.9506033

>being a stay-at-home parent isn't a full time job
God knows you couldn't pay me enough to do that.

>> No.9506037

>expecting a husband to deal with all the things he normally does, but also being the sole provider for an incredibly materialistic wife
I'd divorce you

>> No.9506042

I'm a man, but I love my mom. Don't hate on stay-at-home moms.

>> No.9506046

stay-at-home moms tend to raise the sweetest kids as long as said SAHMs are religious fundamentalists

kids aren't meant to be raised in daycares, it makes them overly competitive because they have to compete for scraps of attention from underpaid workers who don't actually give a shit about them.

>> No.9506048


>> No.9506058
File: 119 KB, 811x814, 18198672_1388466537897019_7637379320024590080_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you are staying 17 to a hotel room and your gf has diarrhea

>> No.9506061

>>9505967 Did you completely just not have the ability to understand what anon wrote?

>If your fiance is reasonably well paid, have you considered putting the job on hold for a few years and being a lolita mom? Lord knows the world needs more educated people raising educated kids.

>Lord knows the world needs more educated people raising educated kids.


Yet somehow that translated to
>>Just get a husband who makes a lot of money
>never work again and sit around spending money
threads like these make me really hesitant to date as a guy if women really see me as a walking ATM


Staying at home, raising a child instead of sending them off to daycare is insanely taxing. You have to put yourself 2nd place, put the kid first always, your days will hours of cleaning, cooking, making sure the money is being well spent, making sure you're taking care of your husband as well, maintaining the house, running errrands etc

Like seriously, are you just fucking dense or do you just see what you want to instead of actually reading what people are actually saying because of your bias

>> No.9506069

stay at home moms are lazy and hate their husbands
why else would they put 100% of the work on their husband?

>> No.9506084

I'm not dense, but I don't see the purpose in marrying a guy and worrying about how much he makes, or whether you can leave your job unless you;re a gold digger. Why would you quit your job if you agreed with your husband to be dual income? Do you have any idea how he feels about having the pressure put on him to be the sole earner. Locking yoursekf into taht basically prevents him from leaving his job and he won't see his kids very often because he'll have to be hunting promotions. It's a shit life

I guess I wouldn't expect /cgl/ to care about guys though, to them guys are walking atms and dildos. they have no feelings, no wants, no desires, just exist to give you what you want,

>> No.9506097

>having a "backup girl"
that aside, story?

>> No.9506159

Basically, she's a girl who had a crush on me in college, who I knew would settle for me if I was willing to pursue her.

She went to jail for doing cocaine in a Burger King bathroom.

>> No.9506160
File: 39 KB, 480x542, DBQwfm0UQAAW8Rd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm actually pretty happy because I've got an ok job right now and I'm making a decent amount, but the catch is it's a temp-to-hire deal so I'm not sure if I'm going to have a steady income in a few weeks. This would be alright if I wasn't planning on using that extra cash on padding my wardrobe with all the nice second hand burando I've been keeping tabs on. I've seen over half of the dresses I wanted sell while the restocks have mostly been ugly or bad colorways, and while I'm probably going to stay strong it's going to be hell on my nerves until I know for sure whether I can get it or not. At least when I was a NEET I knew I just straight up didn't have the money to buy more stuff.

>> No.9506178
File: 30 KB, 496x441, 18342472_356839854719007_8775094854984404992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She went to jail for doing cocaine in a Burger King bathroom
You may have dodged a bullet.

>> No.9506213

>17 to a hotel room
What the poop? Are you sleeping in a closet?

>> No.9506222

It's not a shitpost, there are plenty of reasons behind your mid-to-late 20's being an important time for your life both financially and career wise. That said, it's still a rough estimate on when to get the ball rolling and it's not like the difference between it being at 26 or 28 will irreversibly destroy your life. Didn't mean to make you have the feels anon, sorry.

>> No.9506264
File: 74 KB, 440x802, 18582376_364295873973405_3100775746580882238_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sucks, having gas during a meet-up.

>> No.9506287
File: 101 KB, 764x609, 18519780_362587700810889_8553138049256653108_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that sexual tension watching Oreimo with your little sister

>> No.9506301

I was in a relationship when I met most of my current con friends, and consequently most of my social circles are groups of couples.

Being the third wheel is bad enough on its own, but what's really bad is that I keep getting advances from taken girls in my groups. I had two separate girls from different circles do it at the last con, and they're far from the only ones, it keeps happening over the last few years. It's one thing after another, from "I wish I'd met you before my husband" and lewd comments to excessive touching and physical contact (lots of gratuitous boob hugs and a few crotch grabs among other things) to "accidental" but obviously intentional wardrobe malfunctions. Sometimes it's out of sight, but it's often done right in front of these girls' partners, too.

I don't fucking get it, it's driving me crazy and it's forcing me to distance myself from a lot of my social groups, especially because I'm honestly worried that if they give me too much of an opportunity I'm going to do something bad.

>> No.9506302

Take advantage of it now and save their partners years of suffering later in life. Hoes gonna hoe.

>> No.9506304

I don't know that that's what it is, though. I mean, these girls might just be trying to make their guys jealous. (Although that doesn't account for the ones who say/do stuff privately.) One friend's husband seems to not care, and I keep wondering if he's an actual cuck fetishist or something.

The thing that ups the weirdness is that I'm not particularly attractive or successful, so it's not like that's the reason for things, and I can't get the time of day out of single women, but it's like 50% of the taken girls I know come onto me. It makes me want to tear my hair out.

>> No.9506308

Honestly, just test the waters and let them commit to it. I ended up sleeping around with a number of my friends partners and most of them ended up with better people, although some went full cuckmode or just got awkwardly passive aggressive (giving me used giftcards for christmas, etc). Either way it's not your responsibility to keep a fox out of their henhouse you know? Obviously the girls are gonna be disappointed when they both lose you as a friend and their relationship explodes but that's their choice to make. If they've got something nice, help fuck it up for them so they end up crying alone in the apartment stairwell at the new years eve party. Just like they deserve.

>> No.9506315

That's some twisted logic there but I'm impressed. Though if he wants to keep his friendship with the guys, that's not wise

>> No.9506318

No, because what actually happens is the other guys in the group of friends tell the dude she was trying to get the dick from them too.

>> No.9506322

I've been on the receiving end of shit like that, not exactly eager to do it to somebody else.

Even if it weren't for that, I'm inept enough that my "testing the waters" would almost certainly blow up in my face.

>> No.9506324

Tweens and teens have always been ballsy, this is nothing new. Based on your experience, my own and what lolitas have shared in the past (on here and on other platforms), I don't think that what you wear matters so much, it seems that it mostly depends on where you are and who you run into.
Either way, I'm sorry that happened to you, kids can be very shitty sometimes. I'm sure you looked very cute though.

>> No.9506332

Embracing the manwhore life now will let you filter out the hoes in the future.

>> No.9506368
File: 602 KB, 500x318, IMG_5262.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comm not having meet
>Tried to get people to meet up, no responses
>Wanted to just go out with SO for lunch in a cute coord but it's sweltering and only half of public transit has A/C so it's a gamble

Aaaaagggggghhh I just wanted to dress up and look cute today.

>> No.9506370
File: 934 KB, 526x477, cOXc9QF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's cool my guy. Lolitas are used to suffering

>> No.9506408

Seven years ago I dated this awful awful boy, who has grown into an awful peacocky man. He's not interested in J-fashion at all but I haven't been able to escape him because he keeps dating other Lolita's I know.
I avoided the last girl he dated while they were together, then they had a huge messy break up (bc he's awful and manipulative) and then that girl reached out to me and we're good friends now.

Mr. Look at Meee is dating a new girl in the comm now and she seems really nice but she does not know this manchild has his type and has dated around the comm, and idk how to be friends with her and not him.

Man nothing like Lolita to bring out the high school in your adult life...

>> No.9506414

>Man nothing like Lolita to bring out the high school in your adult life...
I thought part of it was to feel younger?

Also sounds like you're not over him desu. He's probably already told her not to get comfy with you because you're gonna lie about him. Might be difficult to actually be decent friends anyways. Even when people have shitty dating partners, they tend to trust their partner over anyone else, despite what sensible reason would have them think otherwise. Sorta lose your objectivity when dating an asshole, as I'm sure you're aware.

>> No.9506419

>tfw no qt lolita gf
Just kill me now.

>> No.9506420

Post in the daily lolita coords group

>> No.9506431

ive never even seen anyone dress lolita in my city

>> No.9506432

Thanks anon, work wasn't too bad and my boyfriend noticed I was kinda bummed out about it so he's taking me out to the city light show tomorrow night (lots of people dress up for it so I won't stand out too much!)

>> No.9506436
File: 48 KB, 361x253, IMG_3974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>generally unphotogenic
>found great angle/expression for cute photos
>worried about overuse

I've been in lolita for over 4 years and I finally found a pretty consistently cute way to take coord shots. Not having the best lighting or photographer friends at meets is a struggle.

>> No.9506437

Dress up at home! That's what I'm doing. Currently sitting under my a/c in a pile of GLBs while Ali Project plays in the background, and I'll probably pick up Kamikaze Girls to read later. Make this ILD your own!

>> No.9506444

Same and I'm in California.

>> No.9506475

Thanks, anon. Will do. Might video chat with some oversea lolita friends as well, so that'll be nice. Happy ILD!

>> No.9506477

s-sydney lolita detected?
dont worry, i've not heard many bad stories from sydney lolitas and i've seen quite a few out and about before just doing their shit

cgl feel:
>tfw accidentally stared a lolita down because i was trying to look at her print and i was so fucking tired and spaced i didn't realise what i was doing
if by chance you browse this board and was wearing a red/wine dress on friday afternoon i'm sorry i'd had a long ass day that day and i wanted to catch the brand of your dress ;-;

>> No.9506489
File: 614 KB, 440x237, momoko tell em.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy ILD, anon!

>> No.9506754
File: 19 KB, 313x260, rudeguycame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at the mall
>see a 12yo girl opening some Miku blindbags
>ask her "You like Miku?"
>she nods
>show her my Miku tattoo
>she loves it; her father shoos me away

So rude, dad.

>> No.9506766

Based dad

>> No.9506767
File: 95 KB, 1200x675, thedee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9506778

What's that?

>> No.9506779

It's when you buy a small toy, packaged in a way that you don't know which character you got until you open it.

It's.... frustrating, if you just want a specific character.

>> No.9506780

what people in the west call gatcha merchandise

>> No.9506783

I feel this so hard...you're amazingly strong and very thoughtful...I hope in the future you will find happiness with a qtlolita gf! You're not your diagnosis!

>> No.9506790

>gatcha merchandise
We called it sort of like that in the east.

Thanks. How is it called a "Miku blindbag" though? Or did you call it that after she opened it? How do you even get those things in the west? I've lived almost exclusively in Europe for the last 5 years and I've never seen anything like it.

>> No.9506792

no, I'm saying that japan, korea, china, and the rest of aisa call it gatcha
america and europe call them blindbags

>> No.9506793


>> No.9506798

>How is it called a "Miku blindbag" though?
There's a Miku line with different keychain versions of Miku.

>How do you even get those things in the west?
Bookstores and specialty shops. She got them from Hot Topic. Even Walmart and Target have some blindbags.

>> No.9506802

>She got them from Hot Topic. Even Walmart and Target have some blindbags.
I have to be more of a tourist when I'm in America. I avoid all of those places like the plague and just spend my free time in a hotel with wifi.

>> No.9506807

Hot Topic is all just cartoon and anime merch. I'll never outgrow it.

>> No.9506813

Where do you live, my man?

>> No.9506824

Amsterdam, dude bro

>> No.9506929

>went to a con
>wanted to hump every Wendy's Wendy

What is wrong with me?

>> No.9506934

>rewatching Fist of the North Star
>look up at the night sky
>see a small star shining next to the Big Dipper
What's going to happen to me, guys? Am I already dead?

>> No.9506936

marry me and my husband

>> No.9506939
File: 61 KB, 702x960, dvadewdorito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you this desperate for weed?

>> No.9506944

Nah just desperate to live in a walkable city that isn't full of americunts, the weed is a bonus

>> No.9506945

>looking through pattern books at Joann's
>older lady and grandaughter (?) start looking too
>older lady informs me that she's sewing some cosplay for GD
>chat about splicing patterns
>GD mentions there's no sewing stuff in the area
>mention local college
>"oh I don't want to major I just want to classes to build up skill" in a super snotty way

>suggest local sewing shop that has sewing classes to grandma

also kept on mentioning 'farquaad' cosplay this and that.

it must be really hard to be 18.

>> No.9506954

I wanna get a facial, but I'm worried they'll be grossed out by my skin.

Then again, these are people who look at buttholes all day.

>> No.9506974
File: 2.96 MB, 720x900, 1496343672391.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to slap cosplay butt

>> No.9507001

she has this weird section of what looks like paint or paste on her arm

terrible craftsmanship to be honest

>> No.9507002

shhh just admire that jiggle

>> No.9507007

>tfw see so many really attractive cosplayers
>tfw too terrified to ask for anything more than just one picture

They probably get hit on a lot or deal with a bunch of creeps as it is... so I leave them be, but damn if I don't like what I see. Still, I do wonder. If, say, a girl is cosplaying something revealing, like a swimsuit or something, or something that accentuates their curves like a body suit, and the character she's cosplaying is say, one that's pretty fanservicey... I would then wonder if it's even acceptable to ask for them to do a pose that really emphasizes their... assets. Like, I don't know, asking a Tracer cosplayer to pose with their butt to the camera. Like if you ask this, wouldn't they know that you'd want the picture to just jack it to? Wouldn't you just be seen as a perv... or well, a creep?

I also wonder if cosplayers who sell prints have this in mind. Say if a cosplayer willingly poses sexily and did a photoshoot and then sells prints of those photos... wouldn't they know full well that guys would enjoy those kind of pictures and would probably jack it to those photos?

>> No.9507011

They know, but they make so much money from guys that they don't care

>> No.9507021

looks like tape from the arm piece
i mean she is wearing a printed bodysuit with some additional armor pieces. not sure what you're expecting.

stop being a faggot and just do it. they can tell you're thirsty af already

>> No.9507024

The way seagulls post about farting, I wouldn't.

>> No.9507033

I'm surprised then. On almost any other board there would be 2-3 brap posters.

>> No.9507036
File: 97 KB, 679x314, jniggfart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All the girls here are so gassy, it blows me away.

>> No.9507097

>looking at last year's con pics
>almost in tears because I've gained 15 pounds since then

>> No.9507178

>blows me away

>> No.9507245

>chillin at the con
>spray my period across the floor
>cover it by "accidentally" spilling fruit punch

>> No.9507252

one time i peed myself in class (i later learned i was incontinent and have bladder issues) and i covered it up by loudly knocking over a bottle and saying i spilled it. oops.

sage because i didn't pee myself in lolita so kind of OT

>> No.9507255

>spray my period across the floor
Wear pants or undies, plz.

>> No.9507257 [DELETED] 

I pee myself all the time at work cuz I have some weird fetish about holding in urine. I stress so much about wearing cute and hard to wash clothes for long periods of time and barely drink anything during meets so i get dehydrated enough to not have to pee. Freud would have a field day with me.

>> No.9507290
File: 73 KB, 310x464, 1478984459162.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>close friend is really into this one panel series that happens at a lot of cons, same people hosting each time
>she's gone to a few, really enjoyed them, and is trying to get me to go with her to the next one
>really want to go with her and have fun but
>main host sexually assaulted me when i was underage
>dont know how to tell her this or if i even should
>fomo.jpg but also discomfort.jpg

>> No.9507333

what the fuck are you people talking about

>> No.9507338

use snow and meitu phone apps. I'm shit at photos and holy hell my game has been UPPED

>> No.9507427

How is that even possible? Diva cup?

They know, most don't care. Those that do will just say no. Don't be rude or demanding about it, and go for it.

>> No.9507432

whether you tell her or not is up to you, but if you don't want to go to the panel, don't.
But if you do want to go to the panel, and have fun while you're there, I guess I don't see the point in telling her? If something goes wrong for you though, then obviously yeah tell her so she's not confused, if you trust her with this information

>> No.9507684

A guy from our comm nearly drowned last night. WTFF

>> No.9507732
File: 25 KB, 500x325, 14222308_10206928550840365_8006682874084028181_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order 5 different parcels last month
>updates on all of them end with shipping out of the host country
>it's never taken so long with EMS
>it's from 4 different countries, yet they all stopped updating at around the same time

I mean, if it was at the customs, it would say that... now it's literally nothing for weeks. I'm very worried.

Another one:
>I think I have a problem with overspending, specifically to that painful sensation right after you do it
>I-It's ok, I can just re-sell it right?

>> No.9507824

my sides.

>> No.9507839

there is a loooot of assuming the situation going on around here

>> No.9507846

She said have you considered. And why the assumption she'd just quit or something, and not talk to her partner about it? I don't think guys are walking atms and love my partner, and desu I make more money than him and if we had kids I'd probably want him to be a stay at home dad though he already said never to that. But I can see why you shouldn't date if you have such one dimensional ideas about women, and instantly jump to conclusions.

>> No.9507885

>bf just revealed he's HIV+
>during the con


>> No.9507888

I'm sorry and hope you feel better soon. Don't try to use shopping to fill in a void. Try talking to your online friends more. Spend some time experimenting with the pieces you already have, maybe try making yourself some cheap accessories out of clay, just take your mind off of it, you are in a good place right now with a new job; so look forward to the paycheck in a few weeks.

>> No.9507900

That's rough. Have you gotten screened?

>> No.9507969

>horrible anxiety and depression
>on serious medication
>run out
>barely can leave room
>havent been to work in almost a week now
>waiting for pysch appointment for refill
>M O N E Y I S S U E S
>fear of having to sell my lolita
>even more depression

Literally Lolita is my one of my only saving graces that helps with my depression and anxiety. Without meds dressing in the fashion make it easier to leave home if i have to and is my only way i can socialize with other people. If i lose this i'll be isolated and cling/be needy even more to my partner and i know i'm already a hand full.


>> No.9507993

That's how I feel when I buy dresses I'm not sure about.

>> No.9508159
File: 685 KB, 1280x792, Homura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate that my confidence has been the lowest it has ever been. I hate that I have what I perceive to be anxiety and I become a stuttering, blithering mess when trying to talk to people. I want to befriend people but I am so fucking terrible at it and I hate that I have such a defeatist view about this.

I'm going to another con soon and I'm terrified I'm gonna mess up when I want to talk to people and maybe befriend people because in the back of my mind I'm always going to think "they hate me, I'm a creep, why am I even trying, why am I not just content with loneliness?" I go to these things to try and meet people who also share my interests but I don't want to hurt anyone.

>> No.9508199

???Have you hurt someone before or something?
Most people worry that they dont want to get hurt, so its just kinda different.

>> No.9508202

I just look so lowly on myself that I'm convinced that all I am capable of is destruction. Not necessarily literal pain, but I have had friendships fall apart and people come to not like me because I don't... know how to really socialize or be a person. I guess that's what I'm afraid of.

>> No.9508311

Get screened asap. If you've been using protection you should be okay. If not it can at least be caught early and when treated appropriately can be manageable. Just make sure he stays on top of his medicine. It comes back with a vengeance if you don't. Take care and I hope you at least get some good news.

>> No.9508971

자기야 이리 와 빨리 와 가자