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After watching Princess Fancypant's YT video, I wanted to ask if anyone has been harassed in lolita before. It can be any incidents of sexual harassment when wearing lolita too.

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People get harassed all the time

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I get yelled at regularly but fortunately nothing more than that. Girls in my comm have been followed for several blocks. I hope that never happens to me.

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I get screamed at by this man who just sits at the bus stop by my house every single time I wear lolita. It's just something you learn to deal with, unfortunately

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Sometimes I get yelled at by people in passing cars, and one time someone asked if I dressed this way "for [my] boyfriend", thankfully that's the worst I've gotten so far. Other than that I get the usual Halloween-related remarks, comparisons to fictional characters, or people trying to be clever and asking me if it's raining when I'm using my parasol.
Girls in my comm have mentioned being harassed in a much more harsh way so I definitely consider myself lucky.

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There's nothing worse than when some weeaboo comes up to you in public and screams "kawaii lolita!" at you as a compliment, which happened to me at a mall about a year ago.

I've been called Bo Peep when wearing my horn headdresses, but not Alice or anything.

I've walked around cities late at night in lolita and been catcalled a few times, oddly enough. I took the train to a convention while in lolita once, and three different people took the opportunity to sit down next to me and use my clothes as a conversation piece during the hour-long trip.

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I've worn alt-fashion for over a decade, since my teens but I've been a daily lolita for 5ish years now. I've dealt with everything from people following me around and taking pictures, dramatically pretending to fall right by my feet for the chance at an upskirt (didn't realise what they were doing at the time, now I wish I had've booted them in the face for even trying), mentally ill and homeless people screaming at me and too many strange comments to count. I used to get it more when I was younger, I think due to the apparent weakness that would come with a small, young girl but I've always been a mouthy bitch with no problem defending myself so I've never gotten myself into trouble. When I see posts of people saying they were harassed by schoolkids or like that video of lor in japan where she says she let a man follow her for ages and physically hold onto her and she didn't do anything, not even raise her voice?? That makes me sad since you're literally making such a target out of yourself, not saying you deserve it at all but gals, learn a little self-defense so you don't feel so petrified in those situations. Giving off an aura of weakness or anxiety is what will draw predators towards you. Walk with a bitchface and carry your parasol like a weapon. Just cos you're a lolita doesn't mean you have to embody this frail little child stereotype. Seriously, never EVER just stay quiet and put up with something that makes you uncomfortable. Don't underestimate how afraid men are of a confident woman. People say that they fear being aggressive back will make the person angrier but it actually shows them you're not one to be fucked with.

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I was raped

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will you be my mom

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Thank you anon, makes me angry when people don't speak up about creeps

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I was beaten up once. Nothing too bad and I wasn't really injuried but damn, people are such assholes.
Besides that it's only staring, occasional yelling "not halloween durr xD"or poor attempts at witty remarks, (some girl told me "umm you know pants are like 10$ at Primark right?" bitch, my dress has more value than your own life, get out my way)
The worst I got besides the getting beaten up once is people gaping at me/going "wHAT THE FUCK" loudly and people taking pictures without authorization and acting like they have the right to do so and get buttmangled if I (nicely) confront them about it ("you're dressed flashy so that means you want attention!1!! I have the right to invade your privacy!!!)
But I make it sound more horrible than it is, I mostly just get stares and lots of smiles/compliments

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Also I did attract creeps sometimes but they didn't do anything besides saying shit like "hello Alice, wanna see my wonderland?" and at worst trying to see what makes my skirt "so fluffy" (which some wymin also did, it always makes me mad everytime. You don't touch a complete stranger like that, ffs). In that case I pretend I don't hear them (bless earphones) or don't speak french (am from a baguette speaking country) and usually they leave me alone or attempt to speak to me in broken english and stop once they see I'm looking at them funny and tell them "what?" several times.

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>Don't underestimate how afraid men are of a confident woman
This. Had a creep whisper in my ear "I hope you're alone" and for shits and giggles responded "oh I am" with a shit eating grin on my face. The dude booked it out of there.
tbf, I only said it because I knew 6 of my dude friends were in eyesight, but these people don't expect you to respond with confidence at all, positive or negative. It frightens them.

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This thread really got me wondering. As a male, what would be the proper reaction if I saw a female wearing jfash in public? Although I'm just a cosplayer, I'm familiar with lolita because of this board. Would saying "I like your coord" be good? I don't want her to think I'm hitting on her. What about starting a conversation about "itas" or some other jfash-related thing?

Just wondering what you gals would most prefer.

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Hell yeah, thank you anon.
Fuck these creeps.
Very related video of that lolita girl becoming a pro wrestler. As she says "I might be delicate but that doesn't mean i'm a wimp".

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Well, "I like your lolita coord" is completely ok. In fact they'll be glad to see someone that knows about the fashion. And you can tell "i'm just into cosplay but i know about it!". Have encountered several cosplayers while in lolita (gals and guys) and it always went smoothly! I'm always happy to meet people with similar interests even if i'm kinda shy/introvert

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How come we only hear those violent stories on an anonymous board?

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Nobody actually cares about itas, if anything lolita's make fun of cgl for being so anal about the rules

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A) people fell more comfortable talking about unsavory things that happened to them behind the veil of anonymity
B) people are exaggerating
C) people are lying

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it's an option to just not say anything. at least in my case, i don't particularly want to be approached by strangers. jfash isn't some kind of invitation for conversation. i just want to be able to go about my business and not have to converse with someone i don't know.

if you must say anything just a quick "nice coord" is appropriate

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Anons on this board are anal and nitpicky but people do care about itas; usually not to their face, but it is embarrassing to be out and about with your comm when there's a girl dressed like a clown in the group and you try to explain to onlookers that you aren't wearing costumes, doubly so if said ita also behaves terribly.

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that's hilarious anon, good on you.

are you doubting the validity of what you're reading? what's really shocking is how basically every female has at least one story like this, whether they draw attention to themselves with their appearance or not. maybe you just haven't been close with many women or you're just not looking hard enough?

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I mean, just speaking for myself, I would never publicize harassment on social media because a) if something like that happens i would rather forget about it, not make a record of it on my facebook page and b) i don't want to be seen as attention-seeking or asking for asspats.

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Watch this video, Anon.

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Seconding this, ever since the Phoenix convention I've been hearing multiple lolitas say they were assaulted in lolita, only ever on cgl too. I dont want to dismiss these stories as it can be a part of a very real issue here but i honestly dont get why people take such an ad obserdum method of discussing harrasment. I could talk about the negative aspects of wearing frills or making sure i dont wear my expensive purchases when i know I'll be alone. Its just common sense? Does it disappear the moment a bonnet touches your head?? Not everyone has to like what you're doing with your life, normies get called out too and harrased.
Except you and I wear these clothes, right now you're on an imageboard (granted anonymous) and in real life if anyone complimented you in a genuine, engaging way it would be well reciprocated? Or are you that jaded?
> ITT: "I wore OTT lolita once to a con and i forgot I had to travel back by myself."

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This. I am usually doing something or thinking about something and when I wear lolita out which I continue to stubbornly do, there is rarely a time when I'm left alone entirely with no random greetings for no reason, no questions, and no comments. So many complete strangers just talking to me for no good reason at all.
I'm not one of those 'represent the fashion' types so I'm not looking to talk about or hear comments on my clothes.
That said, I try my best to be kind and polite to curious people. But really I'd rather they not just come up and talk to me.

Cons are different, it's totally expected and fine with me including photos and a jillion questions however it might not be so for all lolitas. If I'm working as a volunteer at the con though, I will politely excuse myself and get on with my job there.

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yeesh, his question was
>As a male, what would be the proper reaction if I saw a female wearing jfash in public?
and my answer was that he doesn't have to have a reaction but a succinct compliment would be okay. what's your damage? not everybody wants to be approached by a stranger because of what they're wearing

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are you even reading the thread or just the stuff that reaffirms your paranoid delusions? literally one person ITT mentioned cons. why would you have a problem with people discussing these kinds of experiences in safety? like you said, everybody experiences harassment in some way and speaking about it openly can only be a positive

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If you are sincerely asking, I've never yelled at anyone for complimenting my outfit, making a somewhat polite come-on, or saying hello. I usually make short conversation as I'm normally busy, but I'm not going to smack you just for talking to me, even if it's hitting on me. Even if it's someone speaking badly about my outfit, I'm not going to scream at them so long as they say what they have to say and leave it at that.

There's a difference between politely hitting on someone, complimenting an outfit, and being a douche bag. Touching, coming on after a person has already stated their disinterest, following someone, and attempting to take pictures is what will get you yelled at.

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Obviously still follow normal social rules, but even just a compliment is great! I get excited if someone actually recognizes my outfits as lolita, or uses a word like coord. Of course, don't try and start a full on conversation if she's clearly not interested or going somewhere, but a little bus stop conversation would be nice. I dunno about other women, but I wouldn't take "I like your coord" as someone hitting on me.

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I find comm meets just as embarrassing as itas

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Its not our "Supreme Duty" to educate anyone that approaches us at all, but you made it sound like you never wished to get approached to begin with. Its just common sense though, we wear this shit its going to happen but how we react or take care of ourselves is the majority of what is actually missing. It wasnt until fancypants posted her video that it actually got people to realize, sometimes people are genuinely assholes. Its honestly frustrating but what are the choices? Try not to engage and hope for the best? Or engage, and pray they leave you alone? Ive had my fill of internet badasses and professional victims not discussing the heart of the matter and it sucks that this happens often enough to warrent threads of this once or twice a week.

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hahaha she drank quail eggs
love her workout attire

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yes, i PERSONALLY do not want to be approached to begin with.
>it wasn't until fancypants posted her video that it actually got people to realize, sometimes people are genuinely assholes
i realized that when i got raped, i don't understand why you're being so pedantic

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just don't respond to this person, I swear they're actually retarded and have been spewing nonsensical rubbish all throughout this thread.

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>wear lolita
>Worst I get is a snarky "why are you wearing that?" And stares. Or the one soccer mom that walked up to me and just pointed rudely saying "what is this?" weirdly aggressively.
>Wear turbo normie j crew outfit
>Get followed
>"Where are you going baby can I come too?"
>"I love sweet little girls like you, why don't you come over?"
My theory is that lolita is so weird a lot of creeps don't know what to make of it, though I only wear oldschool gothic and grandma classic. That makes me wonder:
Are there certain styles that get a lot more harassment? It sounds like a lot of sweet lolitas in this thread. Have you noticed different reactions to different styles?

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For the past year every time I go out in frills (I'm a pastel vomit sweet Lolita) I get all these young girls coming up to me asking if I like Melanie Martinez... I always tell them the truth, that I can't stand her but now I'm so self conscious that people are going to think it's a kink or some shit. I once had a middle age man ask me if I was dressing "sexy" for my boyfriend and I literally wanted to die

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>I once had a middle age man ask me if I was dressing "sexy" for my boyfriend and I literally wanted to die

Kind of funny since Lolita is supposed to be the antithesis to your typical generic "sexy" stuff

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"I like your coord" is the best way. Simple to the point. Had a girl say it to me once when I was walking around town and it was a really neat hearing that word used on the street.

As for harassment in Lolita most of it's been smart ass comments or drunks making really awkward compliments. Worst was some literally dirty creep making passes as I waited at the bus stop trying to get my name,where I was going etc,etc. He moved around the back of me and ran his hand along my waist and then moved on.

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White teens are the worst imo. They are super entitled to you hanging on every word of their opinion about how stupid you look and blah blah blah.
White adults are a bit more subtle, but boy the women are nosy.
Black adult women are my favorite. I guess theyre so used to seeing Ms.Ethel at the church with the bright colors and huge hat that seeing a girl with a parasol just tickles them. I never feel more confident than walking past a group of nice older black ladies who genuinely compliment my shoes matching my bag and how cute my hair is done up.
Black teens are shitty and they like to try and touch but there's been a couple of girls who stopped me to ask about a wig and where i get mine from.
>3 girls eyeing me and mumbling across the street
>they get more excitable and heated between them before coming over
>heavy sweating.jpg
>"s'cuse me, where did you get your hair did at?"
>"oh, its a wig."
>"Ha! I told you, Nicole!"
>they walk me to the train while swapping wig hacks.

Worst experiance was picking up a friend from a cosplay picnic she checked out with her bf and a local gruber talking with her notices my dress and paws at it while i chat my friend up. I didnt notice till my boyfriend loudly asked what she was doing (he hates when people touch my dresses, hes a godsend)
"I was just looking to see if she was wearing the replica. You can get the real one for cheap you know. "
>boyfriend was livid because he actually bought the dress for me as a gift.
>he hovers my petti hem til we get home.

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I've experienced harassment in and out of lolita, but I've noticed people are more likely to get up close and personal if I'm in frills. Out of lolita, they'll shout something from across the road, maybe. In lolita, they tend to be bolder. I guess the assumption is that since I'm frilly and fluffy, I'm just a girlie girl or something? Or maybe because it's eye-catching, it really attracts the assholes. I don't know.

That said, I don't take shit from people in either situation. It's amazing how offended these people get when you get right back in their faces about their bullshit, and how quickly they tend to back off. The only time that hasn't happened, I'm pretty sure the woman was high off her nut. She went on to harass some high school girl after me, and a big fuck-off dude who saw both interactions ended up chasing her away.

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If you are an attractive person and you dress pretty, people of the opposite sex are going to hit on you. Some of them will have shitty social skills.

This doesn't make you a victim of anything.

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Yes, I'm doubting it. There have been threads about this on livejournal and Facebook but people just complain about dumb/awkward things normies say, sometimes about pictures without permission or following, but not about physical attacks. I know women get harassed and sometimes attacked on the streets, I just don't think it's especially because of lolita. It's like starting a thread to ask if people have ever gotten harassed in jeans.

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Just saying "you look pretty/lovely/cute" etc is perfectly alright I think. Personally I think the word coord is stupid so I wouldnt be particularly happy if someone approached me using that, but generally as long as it's a positive comment I don't really care what words the person uses or whether they're familiar with Lolita fashion. Had a girl tell me I look like a doll and ask for a photo the other day, and even though I'm not aiming for a doll-like look at all I was of course happy about it because she seemed sincere.

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Most sane and conscientious people don't talk about sexual harassment or violence outright in a public, group setting. Do you really expect all victims of assault to put a name/face to themselves? I don't just announce to everyone that I was violently raped but I can talk about it here because nobody knows me.

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In posts where it's specifically asked if they've ever been harassed for wearing Lolita? I think they would

>> No.9503725

Then you're an idiot and you should reread my post.

>> No.9503733

I don't expect you to constantly tell people you got raped, I expect people who got followed or punched because they were wearing lolita to speak up about it in posts specifically for such situations.

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Are you in a comm? People in my community talk about harassment relatively often but it's a pretty depressing topic. The reason you won't see it on public FB pages is because people who've never experienced this will respond with "stop whining" and "you deserved it" or "stop looking for attention". An anonymous, lolita-focused place like cgl is, dare I say it, a safe space for discussions like this.

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I wear oldschool sweet (mostly BtSSB) and sweet-classic (IW) and while in classic I only ever get compliments but in sweet I get guys following me around asking "how much?", taking pictures, and yelling at me.
It sucks because I love them both equally.

I really enjoy reading the funny stories of black people reacting surprisingly well to lolita. Unfortunately when I visited the US I only had bad experiences, like when a woman followed my bf and I for several blocks to scream at me for being a "plantation-ass white bitch". I wasn't even really wearing lolita, but pettiless JM with a straw hat.
In my own country the worst are teenagers who think they're 'gangster' or 'baddie' regardless of ethnicity. Whenever I see girls done up like Kylie Jenner or guys dressed like street thugs I try to avoid being near them and hope they won't notice me. They rarely get violent but they do get hostile and love to whip out their phone to show all their social media followers how they totally read some freak on the street [3x laugh/cry emoji].
Best reactions are always older ladies.

>> No.9503848

Ugh, Kylie Jenner clone are such annoying little whores. And they're so aggressive where I live probably because they're insecure. I wish I was ballsy enough to go up to one of them and wipe off her bitch ass eyebrows with a tissue next time one takes a pic of me or yell at me. The guys are just douchebags that objectify wymins in general.

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>"plantation-ass white bitch"
Holy shit, i love dindus

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Roughly a week ago I was in a local weeb shop with a male friend, showing him the ridiculous prices this place was reselling bodyline at.

An older man walks into the shop, I assume he was the owner, and immediately goes 'Hello little girl with your pretty headdress on'

I'm 19, and 5'10". Definitely not little in any sense of the word. My friend and I just looked at each other and booked it out of there. Not remotely the worst thing that's happened to me, in lolita or in normie clothes, but just a weird one that happened recently.

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How many times does it it need to be said that normies cannot tell what it is ita and what isn't. If they could, then we wouldn't have an ita problem to begin with.

>> No.9504365

I've been harassed out of lolita but thankfully not been harassed in it. Where I live incidents of sexual harassment are relatively rare, I think it's more about having the bad luck to encounter a crazy that day, which isn't something you can predict bases on what you wear.

>> No.9504367

I've been wearing lolita (toned down classic and sweet as well as pastel vomit AP) for nearly a decade and I've never had anything but pleasant experiences.

Honestly I'm just wondering if it's because you guys are uggos and/or mega bitches that this shit happens to you because people are either just mildly weirded out or prone to praise the very ground I walk on when I'm wearing lolita

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>But really I'd rather they not just come up and talk to me.

Then literally do not wear your eye-catching clothing out. Or move to a place like Denmark where interacting with people you don't know in public is so rude that it's even rude to smile at peoples' dogs.

Your clothes are a conversation starter. Personally, I love this aspect of lolita. I'm extremely outgoing and I love chatting with strangers. Sorry you're a rude sour bitch.

>> No.9504393

Of course normies don't distinguish between ita and lolita the same way we do but they can definitely tell when someone is wearing a hot pink plastic wig vs. natural hair or good wig, ass hanging out vs. a knee-lengte skirt, bursting out of a dress vs. fitting properly etc. Certain itas are more embarrassing to be seen with than others.

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I think it depends on the area you live in. In certain parts of town I get nothing but compliments and the odd funny look. Other areas, it's non-stop heckling.

>> No.9504574

Seconding >>9503194 and >>9503778, this has come up as a topic of discussion in my comm plenty of times before.

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A homeless guy kept hitting on me and asking for my number once when I was waiting for public transit. I think he thought I was a prostitute. I told him no and got on my train, fortunately he didn't follow me.

>> No.9504605

she literally says she's nice to people tho???

i always thought it was funny when people accused me or my friends of dressing in altfashion for attention

like do you even know how many babies i would eat in order to be able to dress in altfashion and receive zero extra attention at all

>> No.9504787

Don't think about it, if u wanna strike up a convo fine
If you have any social awareness you will.be able to tell if your making someone uncomfortable

>> No.9504799


I can hear the 'uwuwuwuwu' in your replies. Chill anon, and maybe think before you type tumblr vomit.

>> No.9504801

What Tumblr vomit?
I just said do whatever, but if you have any social awareness (not common around here) you should be able to tell if your creeping someone out

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>public transit
Literally today I had to step between some shady Pakistani dude and a random female commuter. The guy waits at the tram stop for women to disembark then walks super close to them trying to hit on them. Made me want to pic related

>> No.9504922

I wear pretty much every style and my experience has been that gothic and especially sweet are the ones most likely to attract unwanted attention. I don't think I've ever had an unsavory experience in any of the other styles.

>> No.9504931

OTT sweet lolita with mostly positive experiences and nice feedback. nobody has given me any real trouble and every time i go out people say a lot of nice things. for some reason i expected the opposite living in the south.

i think the only people i've noticed taking badly to me are the girls in their mid-teens who do that instagram makeup and wear leggings as pants, but i don't really count them because they're not fully functioning people yet. the most they've done is give me looks and i think one put me on her snapchat story?

>> No.9505063

I'm wondering if these people wear lolita at all, or just OTT to meets, or if they are actual teenagers/surrounded by teenagers because teens are brutal.
I've never had a bad experience either, the worst I get is ''why are you wearing that?'' and nasty stares from teenagers. This topic has come up with my comm and apart from one or two weird things, nobody has said they've been harassed because of lolita. Only when we have a comm meet people are sometimes rude and take pictures of us without asking, but lolitas also do that lol.

>> No.9505067

I think it depends on where you live. I never had anyone seriously bother me in my first comm. A few catcalls, but nothing like what I get now. Honestly, I mostly had to deal with pushy, curious grannies rather than actual harassment. But where I live now, I hear some nasty shit pretty regularly on public transit or just walking around.

I've not been physically accosted, aside from some drunk ass making a grab at me when I was walking through a restaurant once, but there's way more verbal abuse when I'm out and about, and it's way more aggressive in tone.

The catcalling where I used to live didn't feel as threatening, if that makes sense? It wasn't even honking, it was usually someone shouting "nice dress" from across the road in a sarcastic tone or someone calling out "Bo-peep! Bo-peep!" Here, it's much more vulgar. Lots of things along the lines of "how much to suck my cock?" or "I'd wreck your dress to wreck you" bullshit. Really awkward, uncomfortable, and usually sexually charged.

I never thought I'd miss having people ask me where my sheep were, but some days...

>> No.9505078

It definitely depends on your area. I've lived in places where I get nothing but compliments even in sweet and places where women get heckled just for wearing a plain sun dress.

>> No.9505084

Does that happen when you wear club clothes or work uniform too? Catcalling isn't prevalent in my country but it's the worst when I wear my work suit.

>> No.9505124

depends on your area.
never had anything bad happen to me in southern california, but have had awful things happen to me in other states.
you from socal?

>> No.9505143

speaking of areas
had a group of teenage girls follow me, call me a weird fetish bitch, giggle and take photos.
had some soccer mom throw some red drink on my AP. still haven't gotten it out. I have never been so livid, ever since then, started getting cautious when I see people holding drinks when i'm in lolita.
had a dude pretend to fall and look up my petticoat, said my bloomers were hot. I nearly kicked him in the head.
Had several store owners make fun of me here. I wish I called corporate.
Had a mother try to shield her child's eyes from me, told me I should keep it to the bedroom.
was out with my friend in lolita, got asked if we were some "cult freaks"
got asked "how much!" after telling him I wasn't an escort he shouted "IM NOT INTO CHICKS WITH DICKS ANYWAY!"
other than people taking pictures without permission, nothing horrible. I've actually recieved job offers from some accessory stores I've shopped at. said they'd love to have someone dressed like that working at their store, super sweet, they gave me free hairbows.

Its crazy to me that so many people are willing to be like "DOESNT HAPPEN YOU MUST BE UGLY/ITA LOLOL" just because they haven't personally experienced it.

That being said, old folks and black people are the coolest when it comes to lolita

>> No.9505154

>had a mother shield her child's eyes from me, told me I should keep it to the bedroom
I just can't wrap my head around this thought process... how can people see someone walking in frills and bows and think "that's a kink"? It's mostly baffling to me that its such a common thing Lolita's experience instead of just the occasional oddball. Am I missing something?

>> No.9505164

>had some soccer mom throw some red drink on my AP
What did you do after that?

>> No.9505165

Jesus i want to kill that soccer mom cunt.

>> No.9505177

Here's a fun harassment story

>be me dressed like a faggot vampire
>decided to eat lunch in the park.
>douchebag kid with his friends starts yelling
>fucking non stop
>finish my lunch and head back to the office
"Dracula! Faggot! Dracula!
>I snap
"WHAT?! it's fucking day time why would Dracula be out in the day?!!"
>fucknugget uploaded ultimate_smugace.jiff
"Haven't you read Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'?....."
>I understand perfectly what he ment

Be faggot goth dressed like a fag, get schooled in Gothic lore by fucktard, feels bad...

But I hope you enjoy my beat down

>> No.9505226

Cussed up a storm, told her she should pay for my imported fashion, shouted like all hell, friend had to calm me down. as soon as I started screaming that woman BOOKED it. If my friend wasn't there I would have bopped her over the head with my parasol several times.

teenagers and 40-50 year old women are the worst. to lighten the mood, I had an older woman point at me and cackle once, seconds after her heel fell off and it looked like a scene of one of those "help I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials. sweet instant karma.

>> No.9505315

Because anonymous boards are the only real "safe space" that exists online. Everywhere else including private FB groups are havens of low key or sometimes overt judgement and social posturing.

>> No.9505335

True fruends would of let you beat her ass.

>> No.9505376

My sides are gone. May your next lunch in the park be a pleasant one.

>> No.9505445

Florida panhandle so it's a mix of actual horror-movie tier rednecks and semi-normal Floridians

Honestly even the rednecks are usually pretty fucking nice to me and I've been complimented by more than a few hick dudes. redneck women tend to give me death stares but that's really it.

>> No.9505947

What kind of office do you work where you can dress like a gay vampire?

>> No.9505952


>> No.9505962

Happens way more often in lolita, but occasionally in regular daily wear. Usually, they get more in my face if I'm in lolita. Cross the street in my direction, or move down the train carriage, that sort of thing.

Most of the time, I feel like it's just general aggression aimed at people who are more visible than others, or don't fit in? Or whatever. Had one woman come screaming at me that I was a cheap whore, and to get out of "her" city. Crossed a red light and all to do it. Before I could even respond, she side-tracked, turned and started screaming abuse at the Chinese tourists taking photos a little farther down the pavement.

Some people are just assholes.

>> No.9505980

The only negative experience I've had in lolita is that a woman tried to sneakily tap her cigarette ash on my dress, but I moved away quickly and I looked her dead in eye the with the most pissed off face and she scurried away quick


>> No.9505984

Wtf? People actually beat you up for wearing lolita?

>> No.9508226


>> No.9508246

I've had plenty of people snicker, take pictures and video of me without asking, and of course lots of "WHERE ARE YOUR SHEEP?" catcalls, but nothing too awful. One dude did tell me I should be ashamed of myself. He must've thought it was a weird fetish thing.

>> No.9508609

Say, what kind of coords get you the most people believing it's some kind of fetish thing? Do you gulls just get that when it's ott sweet with a wig, or..?
I mostly wear classic with some sweet and I'm terrified of people thinking it's something sexual even more than people just thinking it's weird. I never wear wigs though.

>> No.9508634

I notice that I get the most sexual comments when I'm wearing socks. I wear mostly classic and with tights or bare legs (most embarrassing) I only get compliments, but apparently the combo of a skirt with knee-high or otk socks is considered fetishwear and means I must be a fancy streetwalker.
Headbows get me weird comments too, even tiny flat IW ones. Coord with hat gets compliments, exact same coord with small headbow and people start asking me why I'm dressed like a child. Rectangle headdresses are the worst though, people will come up to me to just to yell "what the fuck is on your head" or joke that maxi pads are supposed to go in my underwear hurhurhurhur. Poor underappreciated rectangle headdresses...
Shoes-wise everything with a platform draws attention and big bows even get nasty looks. Small heels with a tiny bow are a-okay. I guess people think that big bows on flats or platforms are too childish.

Of course it's the dresses that attract the most attention, but I've noticed that it's largely the accessories that determine what kind of attention I get. In the same dress I can be either an "elegant young lady/I wish more girls dressed like you" or a "porn doll/keep it to the bedroom", depending entirely on how I styled it. Most of he time I wear what I want and dgaf but it's useful to know how to style my clothes in a more socially acceptable way when I'm having dinner with the in-laws and stuff.

>> No.9508656

A group of normie girls (the aggressive muslim type). They were yelling at me and I just didn't respond and they came up to me,snatched my earphones,yelled "UH WE'RE TALKING TO YOU",I tried to keep calm and told them I was in a hurry but they followed me, then one stole my parasol and I tried to get it back but they tackled me. And next thing I know they cornered me and were hitting me in the knees/pinching me/slapping me/taking pictures/vids of me with their phone. One was calling someone on their phone but it was in arab so I couldnt understand what she was saying.
And the worst thing is, none of the passerby did anything. I was in front of them and they were just looking. One even just took a fucking picture. I'm golden mad thinking back about it.
I only got help once one of these bitches hit me on the head just enough for me to fall on the ground and some guy finally came over asking me if I was ok. Fuck people.
I wasn't badly injuried but I had some bad bruises

>> No.9508713

I hope you sued the hijabs off of them

>> No.9508721

Any office where costumers don't see you?

>> No.9508725

Nope. Didn't even know who they were that would have been difficult. They weren't even wearing hijabs they were typical high school bitches in yoga pants that probably think that Kylie Jenner is goals

>> No.9508727

But boy do I wish I could have done that. They were fucking crazy, what is it with muslim bitches being so aggressive in general?

>> No.9508732

The only times I've seen people call Lolita a fetish or ageplay thing is on cgl

>> No.9508736

This is a great perspective that I hadn't thought of before, thanks for writing it up. You're right in how close 'porn doll' and 'fancy young lady' can be in the minds of normies. I think it really just comes down to people having a reference point for how you're dressed. Ignorant people feel threatened because they don't understand and act out of fear because they're idiot monkeys who can't use their brains to figure things out

that's awful anon, I know how terrible you must feel especially when nobody intervenes. It really is sad when you're a teenage girl getting assaulted in a public place and literally no men or adults or anything intervene, I've had it happen before too. I hope you take a self defense class or just look up some tips so you know what to do if a situation like that ever happens again.

>> No.9508759

They're frustrated because their men treat them like shit

>> No.9508763

seconding this, /cgl/ is the only place where i've seen people bring up ageplay and lolita

>> No.9508770
File: 65 KB, 300x444, IMG_2403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never heard about ageplay outside of recent cgl/IG/tumblr but the idea that lolita is about being sexual while also pretending to be a child is pretty old, I remember people questioning me about it when I started wearing it a decade ago. They don't know what it's called or that there's an entire community for that shit out there, but "appealing to pedos" is a common accusation, at least where I'm from.

>> No.9508783

I think that's because (American) society has a tendency to sexualize anything women do

>> No.9508796

That's because /cgl/ has a witch hunt attitude when it comes to age play.

>> No.9508809

Also, overly feminine things are often viewed as childish. Bows, lace etc. were very common not so long ago but in modern society woman is usually not taken very seriously if her outfits feature anything similar. Expressing feminity in work place is considered unprofessional and some female features mean instantly weakness. Men are often bullied for being girly etc. Everything a woman does must be for men or atleast for sexuality and that doesn't only apply to lolita. I would compare it to "she wore that so she was asking for it". Not saying catcalling and insulting is the same as rape but they share the same attitude behind them: women can't have any other motive than sexuality or pleasing men. This is just something I have thought even though flashiness in lolita probably plays a part too.

>> No.9508813

But some part of lolita is dressing childish, that doesn't make it sexual or ageplay.

>> No.9508814

Are you french ?

>> No.9508815

If sweet is considered ageplay, then classic and gothic are too. Except classic is pretending to be a grandma and gothic is pretending to be a 2000 year old vampire.

>> No.9508818


>> No.9508821


>> No.9508833

You need to read up on what lolita is. (hint: when people say it's influenced by victorian fashion, they really mean victorian children's fashion. That doesn't change per substyle.)

>> No.9508836

It was a joke, you mong. Learn to laugh at yourself.

>> No.9508847

You need to learn how to be funny without stealing from btb

>> No.9508849

It's okay anon, everybody gets offended sometimes.

>> No.9508855

Black teens and black adults are the absolute worst. Try living in an urban area and getting out of your "white ppl are the worst" tumble bubble.

Black people have no filter and will always say the first retarded thing on their mind. They are also the most rude and aggressive.

White people sometimes try to say an awkward complement.

Asians judge you and talk about you quietly in their own language. They are the best because they don't come up to you.

>> No.9508861

I'm not OP but rural southern black people compliment me and are nice, which is why I was shocked when I visited the city and had things shouted out both in lolita and trendy normie clothes. It's less race and more race+area.

>> No.9508864

>Try living in an urban area and getting out of your "white ppl are the worst" tumble bubble.
Nayrt, but calm the fuck down. Just because the people in their area act differently doesn't mean you have to start assuming they're an sjw. Besides, they still said black teens are shit.

>> No.9508868

That's really sad. I guess that those indifferent passerbys were just afraid to act against attackers who were female and minority. They would be immediately labeled racist etc.

>> No.9508869

Different anon, but I live around Baltimore and I've never had a single issue with black teens or adults beyond some weird looks. White people always the ones going "hurr durr little bo-peep are you in a play?" and take pics without asking. Hispanic people can be pretty rude about taking pictures and video too. Asians, black, middle eastern, etc. either keep their shit mostly to themselves or are complimentary.

Overall though, people of all races tend to be chill. I've rarely been legitimately harassed by anyone. Most people just don't care enough to say anything.

>> No.9508898

I kind of agree. I've had dumb shit shouted at me by white people but the only people who've ever followed me around, made threats, filmed me or tried to touch me where black and middle eastern. It's something I can only admit on /cgl/ because saying this with my name attached would get me labelled a racist by my comm, even though I know they've experienced the same thing.

This is true too. Not American but inner city people are so much more hostile in my opinion. People in suburbs and small towns might yell stuff but they never try to confront me like people in shitty parts of the big city do. I've never worn lolita anywhere super rural though and have never met any 'hicks', and those are apparently pretty bad too.

>> No.9508967

New guy here, I accidentally clicked the board but I've been browsing some threads.

So what you're saying is that you guys don't just wear this fashion to cons, but as every day outerwear? How come? I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm just curious. What about Lolita fashion is appealing to you enough that you endure all the harassment?

>> No.9508970

Lolita is an actual fashion style, not a con thing.

Weebs and con-litas have made it a con thing, which a lot of us despise because it's not associated with cosplay (yes this boards combination doesn't help).

We just love wearing it like any other fashion. You probably don't realize it, but as previously mentioned in this thread women get harrassed
regardless of what we wear. Even us ugly and fat ones.

So we learn to have a thick skin because being happy doing what you love trumps some idiots opinions.

>> No.9508973

Well, first thing is, it's called fashion for a reason. It's the same reason goth people wear goth,punk people wear punk,...and the like. We just like it. That's kind of about it?
And honestly it's not that bad (depending on where you live, but in this thread we're all sharing times where we got harassed which are extreme cases),in a day most of us receive stares/someone going "hurr it's not halloween" at worse and that's about it. Just like anyone wearing alt fashion. But lolita is,unfortunately, eyecatching and also more rare than a goth or something,which is probably why we get more people gawking.
tl;dr: it makes us happy and we like it so we wear it no matter what people in the street might say or think (even if that's annoying)

>> No.9508974

At the end of the day it's what I like over what strangers think or do.

>> No.9508976

Also seconding this anon. Women can get harassed anyway whatever they're wearing, so heh.

>> No.9508987

>that you endure all the harassment?
This thread is mostly shitposts, we don't get harassed for wearing weird fashion other than "why are you wearing that", comments get weirder when you wear a weirder/more over the top outfit tough.

>> No.9508995

>you guys don't just wear this fashion to cons, but as every day outerwear?
>this fashion
That answers your question. It's a street fashion, not a costume, and regardless of what some people might claim it absolutely can and is worn daily like "normal" clothes.
As for why, different people have different reasons; personally I think it's pretty and flattering on me, and I love it enough to put up with bullshit from randoms if it means I feel beautiful.

>> No.9509012

I know you are joking but I mean this is kind if true.

I actually get way more compliments from normies when I sweet than when I wear classic or gothic. I honestly believe that sweet just looks like another loud alt fashion but people think classic and gothic is some weird cosplay that I'm wearing out of my house. Sweet seems to be more instantly recognized as weird clothes as opposed to a costume

>> No.9509017

That's odd, in my experience it's exactly the opposite; classic tends to look like some over the top vintage thing, gothic passes under most people's radars relatively well because most people know what goths are, but sweet gets the most bizarre and off the wall reactions.
I guess it does depend a lot on your location.

>> No.9509019

I always thought it was the opposite but I guess we all equally look weird to normies.
As a gothic/classic lolita I roll my eyes whenever I hear someone saying that sweet is ageplay. That's stupid and it's just another dead horse getting beaten over and over again.

>> No.9509024

Nayrt but I live in a southern metropol and black people are some of the nicest normies I encounter! Guys and girls alike of all age groups. And I'm lily white. Maybe you just give off a racist vibe, that is a thing you know. Even groups of black teenage boys people would likely describe as ghetto thugs are nice to me and get all flustered and start smiling if they see I notice them eyeing me. Sometimes one of them will be brave enough to be like YOU LOOK CUTE GIRL THEM DRESSES IS NICE or something along those lines

Literally the only bad experience I had wearing Lolita came from an old white man he was in his 50s. I was wearing very toned down ap whip showcase with minimal poof and accessories and my real hair in twintails and coming out of Starbucks. He got out of his seat and raced to hold the door open for me which was especially odd since my boyfriend was literally in front of me about to do the same.

Anyway he opens the door and I say thank you and he just stands there. Staring as my bf and I walk to our car. When were more than halfway to the car creepy shouts "Have a nice day... /princess/" and jfc the way he said princess sent a creepy chill up my spine. He was definitely trying to be creepy. Glad I was with my man and nearly to my car

>> No.9509028

Southern metropol anon here and I forgot to mention Latinas seem to be the WORST in terms of what races tend to harrass me. I guess they also assume I don't speak Spanish when I do so I know when they are shit talking me to my face. I had one Latina girl go out of her way to body check me at the mall when I was in toned down non printed sweet. She scurried away when I returned the check and asked her if she was drunk in spanish

>> No.9509038

Ayrt, im from manhattan. I get a couple of "what the fucks" from black guys but most have been nice when they ask what im wearing and whats it for.

White people are incredibly grabby and petty here. If you dont respond the way they want they become malicious and thats when things start "accidentally" getting spilled on dresses, or girls get knocked into becaise their dresses are "just so big"

Last meet i went to was a bunch of hipster fucks photobombing our group shot and old white ladies yelling at us "queers"

While it depends on the area, like id never wear lolita in brooklyn, some groups are jist generally better than others are handling their curiosity.

Teens are not one of those groups. Fuck teens.

>> No.9509045

NYC is a festering, rotting pile of garbage. The entire place. Manhattan especially. I believe you 100%. I lived with my cousin in NYC for a month last summer and I swear to god everybody there, ESPECIALLY MIDDLE AGED WHITE WOMEN, have ant infested stumps shoved up their assholes everyday.

What you said about them being maliciously petty really sums it up. The amount of passive aggressiveness bitchiness I experienced in that city was off the fucking charts. And I never even wore anything but jeans/shorts/shirts when I was living there

>> No.9509073
File: 20 KB, 640x360, pudding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I've been pretty lucky, as I've mostly received positive or curious reactions. I live in a mid-sized Canadian city, so I think that will probably contribute to how people react. People are generally pretty polite, or at least non-confrontational here, but I suspect in a bigger city they might give even less fucks. Some people are a little rude, or standoffish, or taken aback when they see us, but at least they're not being malicious. Other girls from my comm have had some rude shit said to them, though.

I wear toned down classic, and I find I get catcalled the most when I'm in a group of lolitas, esp. when some of us wear sweet, bolder colours or busier prints. It's usually people screaming shit from their cars as they pass by. In fact, the last few times, it's always been some dudebro(s) in a big truck, so I'm beginning to sense a pattern. Some teens like to snicker and mutter shit under their breath as you pass by, but they're generally too chickenshit to face you, so it doesn't bother me much.

I can't imagine getting attacked (with a drink or weapon or otherwise), it sounds terrifying. When you're in lolita even a really annoying but mostly harmless thing turns into potentially hundreds of dollars of damage. I'm sorry if that ever happened to any of you gulls.

I visited Manhattan once and aside from one bo-peep comment I got a bunch of compliments. One guy told my husband that he "better take of this princess" and another used my style as an ice-breaker so he could give us a sample CD, kek
It would probably be different if I was alone or navigating with the confidence of a native, though. It was pretty obvious we were tourists.

>> No.9509076

Hicks can go either way, they don't have much of a filter though. I've gotten some of the nicest compliments from the roughest looking people. At least where I've lived if you're in sweet or classic you'll just get mistaken for a square dancer, rather than a child or a fetish thing.

>> No.9509077

>give us a sample CD
he gave it to you? he didn't put in your hand and then demand money for it?

>> No.9509101

If someone asks you shit the best thing to say is that it's for a shoot or a job thing. That should solve most of the problems

>> No.9509114

>a shoot
>or a job thing

legit like the two worst things you can say homegirl. they're going to leave thinking you're a fetish model and/or a fancy escort.

>> No.9509115

>White people are incredibly grabby and petty here. If you dont respond the way they want they become malicious and thats when things start "accidentally" getting spilled on dresses, or girls get knocked into becaise their dresses are "just so big"

Oh hey, I'm a NYC lolita too. Lonelita and I haven't had too many negative encounters thankfully. Though once I was passing an older white woman in lolita when she suddenly sideswiped her shopping cart into me. My petti absorbed the impact. I had no witty comeback honestly and just gave her the stink eye.

Last fall I had a nice (albeit awkward) conversation with some weeby teens about lolita in Bryant Park. They did want to touch my dress (hell no) but at least they asked.

>> No.9509122

Well just make something up
Or just say your modelling

>> No.9509124

Why not just tell the truth, that you dress this way because you like it? Do you even lolita, anon?

>> No.9509127

Because then people will ask more questions

>> No.9509151

... Will they? I pretty much always say "I dress this way because I like it" when asked and people usually respond with something like "Oh, cool". I've only had a hand full of people not accept that answer the first time and nobody has ever persisted after I repeat it.

>> No.9509158

Nayrt but I was in a cosmetic shop and responded
"I dress like this because I like to" ONCE
I soon had an (respectful but overly curious) group of people surrounding me and asking me all sorts of questions.
>did you sew it yourself?
>what draws you to the fashion?
>how long did it take you to get ready
>do other people dress like that?
>where did the style originate from?
>what's the name of the fashion?
>where do you buy your clothes?
>do your clothes have any specific meaning?
>are your clothes part of a movement?

I felt like I was teaching a class on lolita and they should have paid me.

>> No.9509165

wtf why are people this mean there?

>> No.9509171

seconding this

or the question that people always ask me is "what are you all dressed up for?", and i just respond with "it's (insert day of the week here)!" or "today!"

people seem to take kindly to that answer and they just leave me alone to be my happy self

>> No.9509173

Not really. They might be doubtful, sometimes people are a bit crass and claim you're lying, but you don't owe them any further explanation if they're being rude. If they're not rude and ask inoffensive questions like "Where do you get these clothes?" there's no issue responding to that, you don't even have to go into detail, just "I buy it online" is enough most of the time, and if you don't feel like talking to a stranger even if they're polite either tell them you're in a hurry if you are, or, again, be honest; "sorry but I don't feel very comfortable talking to strangers."
It's not that hard.

>> No.9509189

I usually say "It's a street fashion from Japan" and I never get follow up any questions. Making up some lie about it being for a job seems like a lot more effort than just telling the truth.

>> No.9509193

I've lied and said I was a princess for kids parties and they believed me. Not every job it could be for is sex related.

>> No.9509215

this. By saying "oh it's just a japanese fashion" I expect normies to think "lolol wacky japan, makes sense" and just leave me alone

>> No.9509270

Oh no, I hope I haven't given the impression that the majority of people in NYC are terrible. 90% of the time I have no problems going about my day in a coord. Stares and whispering behind my back are expected and I frankly dgaf. I'm rarely confronted directly in a negative way so people like the lady with the cart always surprise me.

>> No.9509274

Weird. I've so far had no one comment on my headbows from AP.

>> No.9509278

I don't understand why people say this thread is shit posts and over the top. I have legitimately experienced pretty bad harassment on the same level as the anons posting. It doesn't happen every time I wear lolita, but I wear it pretty often so it's bound to happen. Also it definitely varies by location. If you are a lolita in an area where people drive everywhere, and not as populated as say, NYC, you will experience significantly less harassment since you don't walk down the street, and encounter that many people.

If you are in a metro area and take public transport you are guaranteed harassment, people talking to you, creeps, dumb comments, unasked photos. As someone who has lived in both kind of areas it's basically a numbers game. The more people around you, the longer you are exposed to them and in closer proximity, the more shit you will encounter.

I have had people follow me, say nasty comments, sneak photos, try to touch me, and I don't understand why people say the posts here exaggerate.

>> No.9509285

where the fuck do you live? the ghetto? black people have only been really nice to me (minus black teens) I feel like what >>9509024 said is true, you probably give off some sort of racist vibe.

>> No.9509290

Yes I do live near the ghetto, where everyone is black. Some black older women are actually really nice but the younger ones and teenagers say dumb shit. How is it racist if this is literally my experience?

I have never had an asian, white, or muslim man follow me. Black and hispanic men will say disgusting things and try to follow me where I go.

>> No.9509297

>he didn't put in your hand and then demand money for it?
I was really on guard, but yeah, he gave it to us. Wasn't half bad either, lmao.

>> No.9509302

>jfash isn't some kind of invitation for conversation


>> No.9509306

maybe for conlitas it is, but if you wear it often i guarantee you'll get tired of people approaching you all the time

>> No.9509309

>i only want attention from hot kpop boys no t anyone that's interested in what i wear

>> No.9509314
File: 15 KB, 434x308, ahbe5Fy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nayrt but have you ever considered that maybe people wear fashion for reasons other than attention? i dont wear j-fash so people will pay attention to me, i wear it because i like it.

>> No.9509315

>I'm clearly speedwalking to a bus stop and someone grabs my arm to talk about my clothes
I feel like I have a pre-written spiel now

>> No.9509316

i understand alot of the attention you get is something you don't desire, but it's pretty easy to understand why you get it

>> No.9509319

That's not what you implied, my friend
>Damage control

>> No.9509321

it would be like me going out to an urban city and wearing a maga hat then whining on the internet when i receive attention, honestly i don't really like hats but you get the point
your ugly ass wouldn't get any attention if you weren't dressed up in that pedobait shit, keep justifying your delusions

>> No.9509324

>being this assmad that you can't afford brand

>> No.9509328

This echoes my experience too, I don't like wearing OTKs or thigh-highs with normie skirts because people always think it's a sexual thing. Teens and college students often interpret it as trying to dress like a slutty anime girl. Lace-topped socks get interpreted as garters. Tights are always the safest choice but white opaque/cableknit/crochet/lace tights don't go over well because round here only toddlers wear them. Basically just have to wear sheer (e.g. lace) or dark-coloured tights with everything if you want to minimise attention, which kind of sucks.

Rectangle headdresses usually go over pretty well unless they're huge floppy ones, especially with the thinner ones people often assume they're a wide headband.

>> No.9509329

i'm a hot guy i get attention just being myself, i'm just here to laugh at you

>> No.9509330
File: 98 KB, 317x299, 308958_1318869786617_317_300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This went full retard real fast.

>> No.9509331

My fucking sides.

>> No.9509334
File: 700 KB, 587x549, 56456456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. beta cuck

>> No.9509335

Sure anon

>> No.9509338

all these chubsters that watched anime and had crushes on me in highschool

cute you think you are desirable now

>> No.9509346
File: 95 KB, 595x394, 1495577915500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my fucking sides

>> No.9509360
File: 23 KB, 301x321, risa7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep going. Eventually you might convince yourself.

>> No.9509386
File: 210 KB, 940x665, 1495353121434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There, now it comes out! You can always tell from the retard typing style

>> No.9509536

you type like you have a low iq. sorry you are so whiny you feel the need to shit up the thread like a retard. normal, well adjusted guys don't need to brag about it online and then cry when they get called out by a bunch of girls. :^)

>> No.9509637

I get you anon, nothing like being catcalled while in a bubble jacket and snowboots mid blizzard to remind you that some people are just born gross.
Aw, hey! Also lonelita!
I work a super normie job so i have to go into work with a uniform but i try to compliment lolitas i see in the city.
Tho, last 2 i saw wearing very nice old school coords seemed upset i even talked to them so i just try to flash a smile now instead.

>> No.9509820
File: 841 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a totes hot guy u wenches
Whatever helps you sleep at night anony

>> No.9509896

I had a guy Follow me from my flat to the buss stop. it was about 10 in the day and i had to walk up a large open park to get to the train station. he made comments about me then shoved his hand down my dress. eventually somebody showed up and the guy ran away.

>> No.9509937

maybe they get harassed so much because Lolita is a really ridiculous "style".
it's not cute. it's downright disturbing. the fact that there are people out there that follow you idiots home is what I find surprising because I honestly didn't think street perverts would sink to your level. it's as bad as furries except it's about little girls instead of animals. furries are just weird and autistic, Lolita is creepy and as I said, downright disturbing.

>> No.9509944

What's not cute about it?

>> No.9509950

grown women trying to look like dolls/little girls.
it's going so overboard with it as well that it's practically the same concept as clowns except one is completely serious and the other is a mockery of it.

>> No.9509955
File: 909 KB, 480x270, you dk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9509956

A lot of young Lolitas are over protected rich kids who don't understand how the world works yet. They think because they get such good responses to their dresses in their quiet little suburb that everyone else must react that way.

>> No.9509992

Don't worry anon, even ugly guys with small penises will find someone eventually
You can become a cuck! or just some bitchboy
maybe you'll finally be able to take the stick out your urethra you stupid cunt

>> No.9510006

Anybody else get the feeling this would be a good way to lawsuit people for money? Have someone with a camera film you in public and record all harassment and cha ching.

>> No.9510010

I wear fairy kei daily.
One time I was going to a store and walked past a Chinese food place and a guy came out and was like "HEY PRETTY SEXY THANG HOW YOU DOIN??" I said I had to go and then no joke four gigantic, muscular 6 foot tall black guys came out of the Chinese food store and were like "Heyy whaddup??" "What's going on sexxyyyyy?" etc and were walking towards me all at once and I was freaked out and said I had to go and started running away and 2 started chasing me and yelling "YEAH YOU BETTER RUN YOU UGLY BITCH!!" And "WHY YOU RUNNING HOE???"
I ran into the nearest store and had to make a scene about them chasing me to get them to go away and then I Ubered home.
Seriously that was scary as fuck. Usually my pepper spray is a good enough deterrant because there's usually just one creep but with that many people I knew there was no way.

>> No.9510047

They could probably smell your racism UwU

>> No.9510064
File: 915 KB, 245x285, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9510067

I can't be tht racist, I'm also half black myself

>> No.9510070

God I love summer

>> No.9510238

nice arguments

>> No.9510248
File: 44 KB, 958x960, 1493878178360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless they touch you, no. But it would be like one of those BuzzFeed catcalling videos.
>Kawaii button cams
>Bonnet dashcam
>GoPro hidden in huge wig

>> No.9510258

There's no arguments to be made.
We just enjoy wearing something because we personally enjoy it and we're going to continue to do so whether people like it or not.
And if you find it creepy/ugly/retarded/disturbing/or whatever, well, ok then? It's absolutely not related to "dressing like a little girl" whatsoever despite some things society views as childish like frills or pastel colors. But if you wanna think like that we can't really stop you now can we?
The only problem we have here is that some people don't have a basic understanding of decency and respect. We might dress like weirdos but that doesn't give you the right to go beat up that person or harass them and the like y'know.

>> No.9510269

This. I know that lolita looks odd to most people and that it will attract attention. I wish it didn't, but them's the breaks. People staring or asking about it can be annoying sometimes but it's to be expected. Most lolitas I know don't complain about this after the first few times wearing it out because you get used to it.
What we DO complain about is when people forget the manners their mother should've taught them and start yelling insults, try to touch us, or otherwise treat us like petting zoo animals rather than people. I don't care if someone is dressed like an actual clown, you don't behave like that towards anyone if you're over the age of four.

>> No.9510461

because this is one of the last havens of privacy left.

>> No.9510526


whoever made pic related, you are a genius

>> No.9511375
File: 63 KB, 211x214, 4FSIAlT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

underrated post

>> No.9511427

Getting harassed feels disgusting and I don't want to broadcast it to everyone I know, I've been harassed many times on the street but I don't whine about it on social media

>> No.9511441

This. I only post about it if the person made a complete ass out of themselves and thus, made it funny (A middle aged guy yelling "CANDY, WHERE ARE YOUR SHEEPS?" which was quite funny, until he kept following me to the train station, yelling "CANDY! HEY CANDY ANSWER ME!! CANDYYYY" and started taking pictures of me behind my back) or only talk about it to my close friends and then forget about it eventually.

>> No.9511489

Nice bait mate. But even the most autistic of white boys know that sexual harassment is different than awkward come ons.

>> No.9511592

I think what >>9509285 said
was not about what you've experienced,
it's because you got all "black (or whatever)people, blah blah blah" about it which is at best poorly articulated. no offense

>> No.9511620
File: 20 KB, 94x100, 3254243254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seconding this.
beforehand, avoiding an actual fight is always the best option tho.
but when it's the only option I'm glad for keeping myself fit and capable of acting.
had some unfavorable situations and got beat up badly
fuck that shit, not again.

>> No.9513286

>you probably give off some sort of racist vibe
>"how is this racist if this is literally my experience"
saying you might have a racist vibe =/= calling you racist
but boy were you quick to defend yourself.

>> No.9513380

I've had a few people think it was ok to touch my dress or take my picture without asking but so far I've been lucky.

>> No.9513389

>I've had a few people think it was ok to take my picture without asking
It is.

>> No.9513413

Why lol? It's clothes. It is by no means an invitation to conversations or anything.

Is dressing goth (or any other fashion, style whatever) an invitation for ppl to talk to you? Hell no.

>> No.9513466

I mean, it's legal, sure. It is also rude (and creepy) as hell.

>> No.9513470

I'll give you rude, but it's not creepy.

>> No.9513471

Nayrt but yeah it's creepy. You can never know where that picture is going to end up or what they're going to do with it.

>> No.9513472

How is it not creepy?
That's honestly an asshole move in general despite being legal. And I find it really creepy to take a pic of someone you don't even know without them knowing.

>> No.9513473

For me, it's rude when they are doing it where I can clearly see it. It's creepy when they are pretending to check their phone but are really just snapping photos like they don't think I'll notice. Hiding it what gives it the creepy factor, if that makes sense.

>> No.9513475

I disagree. If you don't want to be spoken to because of your clothes you should be wearing normal clothes. Interesting outfits, hair, etc are always an invitation for random conversation and compliments.

>> No.9513492

I think you're all paranoid. People taking photos of you just want a laugh at your expense. It becomes creepy if they start taking upskirts or following you.

>> No.9513493

Pretty much, just stupid normies snapping it to their normie friends being like hurrr hurrr look at this freak I saw I wonder if she knows it's not Halloween.

>> No.9513499

I'm sure this is pointless given the amount cross boarders who sperg out at the mention of the word "creepy", but I'll try to explain. The creepiness is in the fact that they don't want you to know that they are going it. They are actively trying to make sure you don't recognize them. They probably are just going to show their normie friends and laugh, but they could do that if they were blatant about it or even asked first. Trying to be sneaky raises suspicions that they are going to try to post the shots somewhere and that is creepy. You can think that's paranoid or that it's not a big deal, but that's how it feels when someone covertly takes photos of someone else minding their own business.

>> No.9513506

They hide it because they know it's rude.

>> No.9513595

You may not find it creepy but I'd prefer random strangers not have me on their camera roll where they can do anything they want with my picture. But I guess that's just my opinion.

>> No.9513694
File: 299 KB, 445x450, mostembarassingmisako.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to god, I think that next time someone takes a pic of me i'll take a pic of them back.
I just don't wanna start a fight but it pisses me off so much. I might be dressed weird but fuck, I'm still a person and that's extremely rude to do that without asking.

That or going to them and saying calmly "excuse me, but I saw you taking a picture of me and I want to let you know that's a rude thing to do and I would like you to delete it now please"
Usually if you stay "nice" and calm yet show you're serious they'll feel embarassed or be complete assholes and go "HURR UR DRESSED FLASHY U ATTENTION WHORE, YOUR FAULT".
Too bad I'm a weenie and usually just mutter under my breath

>> No.9513697

>next time someone takes a pic of me i'll take a pic of them back
It hasn't been updated in almost a year but there's a blog dedicated to exactly that: http://lolipaparazzi.tumblr.com/ I recall there was a facebook group for this too.

>> No.9513736

Haha it's kinda neat.
I honestly wonder where are the pics people took of me and how I look on them.
I probably look awful because of how unphotogenic I am though. Egh.
And I'm probably somewhere on a instahoe facebook/IG/... with three laughing/crying emojis and something along the lines of "lmaooo wat daaat"

>> No.9513772

This is gold. I might really start doing this.

>> No.9513782

There's nothing legally or morally wrong with taking pictures of people who are out in public.

When you're dressed interestingly, it's to be expected, and should be considered a compliment.

Photography is not a crime.

>> No.9513789

Nor was anyone saying it's a crime.

But if you take a picture of someone without their consent, and then act shocked when they're upset, call you out, or take a picture of you in return, then you're an absolute moronic hypocrite.

Also, no, I'm not going to let older men (usually this is the case for me) taking 'sneak' pictures of me as a compliment. As someone who is young and usually with minor lolitas, it is not complimenting and flattery - it is creepy. End of point.

>> No.9513791

No it's not ? Because it's most likely to make fun of you and it's called being a decent human being to ask before taking a picture of a complete stranger? Basic respect, really.

It's as much as a compliment to me as a dude catcalling me when i'm dressed in normie attire for work in all honesty. It might be to be expected because people are too dumb to know that some people got different taste but god, it sure is annoying. At least just ASK ffs. I love lolita but if only i could be transparent to normies I would be very happy about it.

>> No.9513797

No one in that tumblr looks upset to be having their photo taken in return.

You can't get good candid photos if you ask someone to pose. Street photography 101.

>> No.9513811


>> No.9513845

If you're a photographer taking candids it's usually polite to inform people that you have taken a candid photo after the fact, let them see it, give them your card so they can find it on your website/facebook later, etc.

You're not a photographer taking artistic candids if you're taking grainy creepshots on your iphone so you can have a giggle with your buddies later.

>> No.9513856

> should be considered a compliment.
Most certainly. That's why people are usually snickering or outright laughing at me before, during or after snapping a pic without permission.

> You can't get good candid photos if you ask someone to pose
People who take pics without permission usually aren't street photographers. Just randos with a cellphone. And those people could care less about whether or not their shot is a candid.

If your intent is a candid shot, you can still be polite about it. Had a few street photographers come up to me after they took the candid pic, showing it to me and asking if I was okay with it. Especially if it was a pic that focussed entirely on me. So even in that case, there's no reason not to be polite and ask permission.

>> No.9513945 [DELETED] 

vote for rapefugees get mad when you get harrased why are women so stupid

>> No.9513947
File: 16 KB, 600x600, 95368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9514006
File: 159 KB, 620x465, IMG_2759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>would give you some of my balls if I could, anon

When people start snapping, I snap back, and it has been an overall positive experience. If they're far, a selfie with them included does the trick, but when they're close, I take over the entire situation like a public figure.

> Reaction A
You took a picture of me, I wasn't ready! Oh, I guess you might not appreciate it either...

>Reaction B
Bitch! *but stops taking pictures*

>Reaction C (there is no course correction for these people, but they really do mean well)
HELLFUCKINGYEAH I wanna selfie with you!! Can you tag my insta?!

>> No.9514185

I promise you that none of the fuckers taking shitty blurry cellphone pics are gonna be the next Bill Cunningham. God forbid that people show a little courtesy.

>> No.9514281

Say nothing.

>> No.9514289

I swear smokers are the /worst/. Das groce.

>> No.9514298

>im fat cuck from /b/

>> No.9514299

Because they know, that no westener dares to stop them. Acting like a bitch is easy when there's no rules.

>> No.9514308

>reeee I would totally be flattered to get added to some drooling neckbeard's fap folder

>> No.9514312

oh wow soooo clever. no wonder this board is full of women.

>> No.9517101

Delicious salt :^)

>> No.9517487

just admit you hate women and go back to circlejerking with your bros

>> No.9517780
File: 94 KB, 601x508, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't worry anon, even ugly guys with small penises will find someone eventually
when do i get my qt /cgl/ gf?

>> No.9517783

She probably won't be cute but she's out there, waiting for you to buy her burando. Uggos with uggos, hotties with hotties.

>> No.9517796

never mind then

>> No.9517849

>Uggos with uggos, hotties with hotties
but i see hideous girls with average looking guys all the time
yes, way more than your "hot girl with average guy" ancedote

>> No.9517853

Maybe you just find men more attractive.

>> No.9517855

i said average looking, not attractive.
usually in these scenarios, hideous=fat, average=not fat

>> No.9517875

When I go out in lolita I usually have pleasant experiences, granted with some few stares, but this past ILD I had a woman blatantly taking pictures of me. The idiot had her front facing camera open and was trying to act like she was taking pics of her baby, but was taking pics of me. I didn't say anything, but I stared her down during and after the pictures. Not necessarily harassment, but damn some people are bold.

>> No.9518019

Loads of men like chubby girls because it means big tits, finding fat a hideous dealbreaker is not the norm.

>> No.9518025

Yo, I mis clicked and got to this board. What is lolita? From what i can tell its just really colorful kinda out of place clothing (not trying to be offensive or anything.). Plz rsbnd. I didn't even know there were boards on 4chan with this many women.

>> No.9518039

>what is Google

>> No.9518059

Mostly people either stare or avoid eye contact (UK), and a good chunk of people don't notice or react at all. Sometimes people try to sneak photos, which happens more often in the touristy areas or when I'm at a meet and the large group draws attention. I'd say over 90% of the interactions where people actually speak to me are pleasant/complimentary or at the very least neutral, stuff like people saying they like my dress or asking where the party is. Most people have no idea what lolita is and have never seen anything like it before. A lot of people ask me if I'm a steampunk, or say "This looks kind of like steampunk but not, what IS it?" Sometimes people point and laugh or yell stuff, occasionally creepy drunk guys shuffle over to give me their ~opinions~ on how I dress or make Bo Peep jokes. I've never been sexually harassed in lolita but it's happened out of lolita so I agree with >>9509278 that it's a numbers game and I've just been lucky. I get trains in lolita all the time and have only been bothered twice, but I avoid buses like the plague since I met a lot of scummy people on the bus when I used to get it to school.

I wear all the major styles except OTT sweet and I've worn lolita out >40times in various different cities. Gothic lolita definitely gets the least attention (I've literally never been harassed in western goth, even though a lot of my goth friends have). Unlike what I hear anons say on this board, classic and oldschool still catch a lot of attention unless they're in black and I don't think there's a significant difference between them and simpler sweet prints.

>> No.9518066
File: 21 KB, 499x500, baitfail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9518076

The goths usually get less shit because people associate black with bad stuff, so they assume the person wearing it is bad or rude and wont take your shit. But if they see you wearing bright colours like pink which is associated with happy stuff then they think you are lightheaded or innocent and you wont mind them being stupid as fuck.

I dunno, its just my theory, ive been wearing any type of goth clothes known to man for the last ten years, and i'm probably just paranoid at this point, but i always feel like people are looking at me, and the bus driver is very rude with me if you compare it with the other passengers. The weirdest thing was when i was wearing soft loli to go to school and one guy on the street muttered "lolita" and something else that i couldnt understand. But usually my resting bitch face helps a lot to avoid problematic people.

>> No.9518098

Yeah, i looked it up but i decided to ask before i assumed that yall are trynna look like a fictional 12 year old girl who attracted the attention of and was fucked by a pedophile.

>> No.9518099

"Soft" styles looking more approachable/vulnerable might have something to do with it (I definitely feel more comfortable dressing alt in rough areas if I'm wearing big stompy boots or something threatening), but my theory is just that it gets less reactions because it's more well-known. 99% of the times when people approach me in lolita it's to ask me what I'm wearing and why. Pretty much everyone in the UK knows what goth is (even older people, since it's been popular here since the 80s), and gothic lolita is obviously a flavour of goth so nobody bothers to come up to you to ask what you're wearing because they already think they know. It's the same reason that classic that looks like a period costume gets confused questions but classic that looks like a vintage outfit mostly just gets compliments - people know that there are people that wear vintage clothes as daily wear so they're less likely to respond with "WTF is that?"

I do sometimes notice people are treating me differently in Western goth and toned-down pastel jfash, so I make an extra effort to seem well-adjusted and friendly, but I've never had anyone outright say shit to me about it apart from one or two idiot teenagers shouting "EMO!" or "GOOOOOTH!" at me. Whereas in full-on lolita people shout stuff at me or come up and ask questions pretty much every time I go out.

>> No.9518100

This actually isnt bait but aiight

>> No.9518107

Where I'm from it is.

>> No.9518112

You need to look up "lolita fashion" and not just "lolita" or you'll get results about the book.


It's a Japanese fashion that has existed in the form we'd recognise today since the late 90s/00s, but has origins going back to the rise in popularity of girly and vintage-style fashion in Japan in the 70s, kind of like how the West had a boom in Laura Ashley prairie dresses and similar at that time. It evolved over time from it's simpler roots, initially getting given a gothic twist and then became more and more merged with kawaii culture and resulting in the loud print trends of today. The name origin isn't clear but it was most likely named by outsiders because the style looked like youthful and girlish, but it's not specifically about dressing like a young girl or trying to attract men (kind of like how the word punk used to be an insult but the subculture embraced it). It's been getting more and more popular outside of Japan for the past decade or so, particularly in Europe, the US and China, but as an alternative fashion it's still nowhere near as popular as styles like goth or punk were in their heyday.

>> No.9518122

Thank you friend. Being from the shithole known as Alabama, i have never seen, heard of, or encountered anything like this ever in my life. Does this board get visitors often?

>> No.9518138

It's a pretty slow board by 4chan standards even with cosplayers sharing the same board. Most lolitas don't come here, and a lot of the ones that do only come to shittalk people, as 4chan has a bad reputation for being full of anonymous bullies. If by visitors you mean crossboarders instead of hits, we get shitposting crossboarders from /fit/, /pol/ and /r9k/ all the time, which is why ignoring "guy here" posts is a /cgl/ meme.

I have no idea about Alabama but there are a lot of lolitas in California, New York and all the usual places you'd expect and communities in pretty much every state (a couple of Japanese brands have even opened stores in San Fran and NY, and the SF one is apparently pretty profitable). I'd guess there were less than ten thousand active lolitas outside of Asia, so a decent amount but still a tiny number relative to population size, which is why you probably haven't seen any.

>> No.9518144
File: 2.97 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw will never meet a qt lolita as long as im in this shithole
Truly a sad fate

>> No.9518146

Can you explain the "guy here" meme? What to the /r9k/ fags do here?

>> No.9518158
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1471299343561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same thing they do on other boards/places they drop in to troll I imagine - shit up the thread by talking about their fetishes or whining about how all women are bitches or trying to start arguments about how rape isn't real or fucking 13-year-olds should be legal. The easiest way to deal with it is to hide and report OT posts, but unfortunately our janitors aren't very active and pic related always happens.

>> No.9518165

What age would you say the average poster on this board is? It cant be terribly old. Early to mid 20's id guess. However i have no experience here.

>> No.9518166

There have been surveys before if you can be bothered looking them up on the archives, but I can't remember what the average age came out as. Pretty much all lolitas are 15-35 and I'd say 90%+ are in their 20s. College to mid 20s would be a sensible guess, not sure if the cosplay part of the board skewed younger.

>> No.9518180

Wait, are you the same person ive been talking to the whole time?

>> No.9518187

Yes. Like I said, this is a slow board even in summer and most people can't be bothered spoonfeeding.

>> No.9518191 [DELETED] 

Im just geekin out lookin for someone to talk to :(

>> No.9518225 [DELETED] 

Plz come back femanon. At least r8 before you go :(

>> No.9518227 [DELETED] 

You are a 6/10 male poster.

>> No.9518231 [DELETED] 
File: 98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meh, close enough

>> No.9518232 [DELETED] 

This is not /soc/, posts like this just get deleted (eventually).

>> No.9518236 [DELETED] 

Meh. That's fine

>> No.9518241 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 480x280, 1247655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being so desperate you post your piggu face on /cgl/
Back to /soc/, attention whore.

>> No.9518246 [DELETED] 
File: 127 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make me. And mods go fuck yourselves. I am now cosplaying as dopeman

>> No.9518248 [DELETED] 

I retract my former rating, just another attentionwhore maleanon I guess. 2/10.

>> No.9518253 [DELETED] 

Do you have any of you in lolita?

>> No.9518262

I'm talking serious doublechin.
It's not like I'm asking for a supermodel, just not deformed or obese, just like me.

>> No.9518281

Yes it is.

>> No.9518346

It depends on where you live, but it should be obvious that most people don't find it a dealbreaker because most fatties are in relationships. The average dress size in the US is a size 16-18. In the UK it's also 16, which is a 12 in US sizing. These women aren't all single or only being dated out of pity, a lot of guys have a fat fetish.

Unscientific study here but I'm a slim 20-year-old and of my male friends and past boyfriends, most liked hourglassy girls and didn't mind chubby/fat girls (not morbidly obese, but up to a US 14). Some preferred skinny/flat chested girls but about the same amount actively preferred chubby girls - I was even told by a bf in high school that he'd prefer to date me if I was fatter.

>> No.9518382

Didn't know Australia was such a shithole.

>> No.9518498

I'm sure you'll be able to find someone eventually anon
I promise that there's someone out there for you!
you just haven't met her yet

>> No.9518702

yeah, I'm sure I'll meet her setting in my room all day when I'm not doing the minimum requirements to stay alive.

>> No.9519307

Here in Stockholm, I mostly just get romani beggars chasing me when I'm in lolita. That's about it.

>> No.9519399

My fiancé has literally told me that I'm the skinniest girl he's ever been attracted to, but I'm not even truly skinny. He regularly makes comments about fattening me up a bit by cooking me nice dinners. In high school I also had a friend who was actually obese and she had multiple boyfriends while I was a sad little wallflower. Lots of my male friends date chubby and fat girls, too. So yeah I agree that at least in my experience, many guys are into chubby girls. Maybe not into morbidly obese ones, but definitely chubby, especially if they have large breasts. Kinda sucks because I need to maintain a <26inch waist to fit into my old school burando, dangit. Begone with your delicious lasagna!

Okay yeah, as long as you keep that attitude there isn't actually anyone out there for you. Sorry bro.

They actually chase you? In my city they just yell.

>> No.9519680

Not that anon, but what are "racist vibes," I've had a couple black people say things like that to me but not in lolita. Just white people being rude (although there aren't any blacks around where I live usually)

>> No.9519733

>Just cos you're a lolita doesn't mean you have to embody this frail little child stereotype
but isn't that mostly why people dress up in lolita?
to seem cute and all that?
isn't a lot of that in the attitude?

>> No.9519745

Actually it's also part of lolita to have a bitchface in pictures and claim a lot of space

>> No.9519749

Lolita is cute and makes the wearers look cute but >>9519745 is right, originally lolitas were known to be weirdos in frills that shouldn't be messed with, on the same level of goths.

>> No.9519981
File: 826 KB, 1189x1677, lolita_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Originally the fashion was a big fuck you to Japanese society, so most lolitas had pretty much the same kind of attitude as punks or goths. And why so many lolitas in old street snaps have resting bitch face.

The acting like a delicate Victorian flower thing is relatively new.

>> No.9520039

>current obsession>> cutting myself
This is priceless.

>> No.9520064

People who know me know this story, iya lads best comm

I've had staring, photos taken without asking, invasive questions, the normal stuff. The worst thing I had was when we went to a bar for my friends birthday. I was wandering around and joined a friend at the bar, whom was with her boyfriend and talking to two blokes. One of the dudes says to me "Anon, you look scary." and his friend said "Yeah, that's why she takes it up the arse." I was so taken aback I just said "You are very disrespectful and I'm not talking to you anymore." I went and sat back down with the comm and told them what happened. An angel of the comm made this cunt apologise to me, a dude in his thirties making comments to a younger girl. It was really funny seeing him squirm.

Also, dude knew my name as friends boyfriend told him thinking it was harmless. He apologised but it wasn't his fault and I forgave him.

Why I looked scary? Black wig. I wasnt even wearing gothic.

Moral of the story, British blokes are creepy.

>> No.9520085

God, that brings me right back to the edgy 00s.

>> No.9520162

In my area lots of thick, chubby, and fat girls have bfs. I live in a predominantly black and Hispanic area so the men like thick girls. They are probably willing to date a fat girl because they're are so many.

>> No.9522103

well anon, for me personally, I believe that there's someone out there for everybody!
So I don't think you should give up on finding that special someone

>> No.9522380 [DELETED] 

what, should i got out to random women on the street, tip my fedora and ask "could i interest m'lady in a date?"
because as awful is that is it's probably an improvement.

>> No.9522701

Anyone here gets regularly called a man? I don't know if I have a man face (nobody ever said I did) or if it's my height, but I've been mistaken for a crossdresser too many times

>> No.9522706

Should have grabbed her by the hair, called the police and pressed charges. Holy fuck, if a friend kept me from taking that bitch to court I'd make THEM pay for my fucking dress

>> No.9522717

Do you wear clothes that look like sissy clothes, or styles that could accentuate your shoulders (e.g. puff sleeves that make you look like a linebacker?) Do you do make-up?

>> No.9522724

Depending on how tall you are, it's probably just your height. I have a female relative who doesn't wear anything girly like lolita (not butch either, just normal) or have a manly face, but a few times people have awkwardly thought she was trans or mistook her for a guy from behind just because she's 6'2".

>> No.9522849

I do wear make-up and wear sweet, not sure if that is code for sissy. But I'm from a third world country, I doubt people here know about sissyfication

I'm 5'8", which is very tall for local standards but probably not as bad as 6'2". Yikes, must be a nightmare to find clothes that fit

>> No.9523248

This. Bitch would taste my shoe platform til she pays for it

>> No.9523273
File: 228 KB, 1377x1369, 1425599403240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9523285
File: 263 KB, 1377x1369, 1497707341553.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that was fun to do

>> No.9523307

it is if you go to Queensland. Nothing but mosquitos and bogans up there

>> No.9523354

But the Victorians and Edwardians dressed their children like mini adults?
So it really is just Victorian/Edwardian fashion?

>> No.9523359

That's true but children's cuts were often shorter than adults', you wouldn't find knee or even calf length Victorian dresses for adult women. That's not to say that lolita fashion is for kids or "ageplay", it's simply a romanticized and modern interpretation of these fashion styles. With the cuts, designs and prices taken into consideration, lolita is definitely a fashion primarily aimed at young adults, not kids.

>> No.9523376

I've only had a crossdressing comment once indirectly-

At 5'4 I'm not tall, but this is when I was first building my wardrobe. It wasn't a bad coord, just very loud colours I guess. I was wearing one of those dark blonde bohemian style wigs, bodylines Cinderella bunny jsk in purple, a pink and white blouse, white tights and those bodyline platform heels in pink.

Leaving the station and I overhear a man tell his son: "look, they're dressed like the way that grayson perry does"

It's been a couple of years now and I've since sold the jsk, binned the wig and generally use my natural hair 99% of the time, and am much more improved I guess as I get more compliments from passersby, and just the usual sneak pictures instead of negative comments.

Nothing against grayson perry as an artist, but he is well known for being a sissy, which I'm pretty sure is where they were getting thier comparison from.

>> No.9523381
File: 47 KB, 416x584, oh no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being compared to pic related
Oh anon I'm sorry. It's good you've improved since then though!

>> No.9523420


> I'm dressed like a neon fire engine so you won't notice me

>> No.9523523
File: 966 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170617_194205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for your sympathy anon, it was truly an unexpected comparison to hear.
I've tried to piece together what I was wearing back then with a terrible collage because I had no pictures from that day, couldn't find the stock image for the blonde wig though.

>> No.9523706
File: 251 KB, 1377x1369, 1497707341553.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I got nearly all of them.

Half-coloured someone touching my clothes without asking because I literally can't remember if that's happened before or not, and half-coloured catcalling because I wasn't sure if it was using the sexual definition (which hasn't happened to me in lolita yet) or just using it to mean people yelling at me in the street (which has happened a bunch).

When I went to an art gallery in lolita with my comm a (otherwise very positive and enthusiastic woman) said our outfits were "Very Grayson Perry!" and was genuinely surprised when I said I wasn't really a fan of his.

>> No.9523711
File: 213 KB, 1377x1369, 4785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been wearing lolita for over 5 years. I don't think I'll ever get all of them.

>> No.9523749
File: 246 KB, 1377x1369, and bingo was his name-o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been a daily lolita for a while now and have heard and been through quite a bit. It's a part of it, unfortunately but you learn to live with it.
Weeaboo attack is only half colored because I wasn't "attacked" by any weebs, just made them mumble in excitement at seeing a real lolita in person; the rest I haven't heard mostly because Bo Peep, steampunk and TLC aren't very well known around here.
Do I get bonus points for being called Red Riding Hood when wearing black and white?

>> No.9523754

>> I'm dressed like a child so please don't talk me

>> No.9523757
File: 419 KB, 1377x1369, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprisingly I only managed to strike out 1 row.

>> No.9523970

>I'm a grown-ass woman dressed like a child from 1885 with pink hair. Clearly I do this to avoid attention.


>> No.9524010
File: 237 KB, 1377x1369, reg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Living doll" was more like:
"you look so dolly"
"I love dollie fashion"

I've never been approached in a negative sense other than the occasional unsolicited photo

>> No.9524575

You would be okay in Brooklyn depending on the area lol
( I live there and wear lolita there lol )
You may get a few looks but nothing too serious ... people have seen worse.

>> No.9524595

Often times black woman who are older prefer those who are more modest(especially if they are Caribbean ) Seriously. They will stare at girls they consider immodest and begin to gossip... sometimes near by.
It's kind of hilarious actually.

>> No.9524664

Missing "is this a fetish/bdsm thing?"

>> No.9524759

I agree op is being unreasonable but seriously? most gulls do it just because they like the fashion and then we deal with the attention because obviously it'll happen, that doesn't mean it's for the express purpose of getting attention

>> No.9525511


I agree. And I definitely agree that no one is asking for harassment. I just want people who perpetuate this meme that Lolitas and Cosplayers are "very private people who just want to be left alone" to know that they're full of shit. Look at all the con threads on this board at any given time. Are those people saying, "I plan to dress up like Aquaman and go to a place with 5,000 other fans dressed up like comic book characters so that we can all file back and forth through the halls and not look at each other"? Of course not. And the other threads on here that aren't basically fat people hate are people posting pictures of themselves and saying, "Look at my cosplay of HumaLuma from some bullshit yaoi no one has ever heard of," and fishing for comments generally.

The guy just wants to learn more about JFash and get to know some people. Why does OP have to break his balls?

>> No.9525545
File: 309 KB, 1377x1369, IMG_20170618_194445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess people are more educated now about fetishes?
Here goes mine, anyway. The worst thing is when they fucking touch me without permission. If they are friends its ok, but a stranger? Fuck no.

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