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Last thread: >>9495117

>Discussion of old prints vs new prints
>Angelic Pretty why do you suck now?
>Were is Maki?
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>Usakumya's tragic backstory
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>Why isn't aka-lolita and sax-lolita a thing in the West?
>How do die the lolita way

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How do you subdue the boobage with a binder or sports bra yet not get a boob loaf? I'm a medium C, nothing huge but my sports bra gives me mini-loaf even though it flattens me decently.

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is your sports bra/binder too small? my boobs are probably bigger than yours and I don't have this problem at all, especially not with a binder

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It flattens me a lot but there's no separation so my bust looks like a small loaf shape across. Maybe bras with internal separation? I've seen those.

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I'm an E cup and if you just get a high quality sports bra (mine are from the discounter whoops) it should hold everything in shape. Mine even give me a nice cleavage.
Do you just put yours on and leave your boobs as they are? Or do you put it on and then put your boobs in place? Believe me that can make a large difference with any kind of bra

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Is Door-chan modelling for Atelier Pierrot now??

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try to squish your boobs to the side after you put on your binder or sports bra, so that they're more under your armpits instead of in front of you

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What is your worst lolita nightmare? What is the absolute worst possible thing that could happen to you related to lolita or jfashion in general?

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Old news. She has been for a while now

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One time I had a dream that a freebleeding skateboarder splashed period blood all over my dress while doing a kickflip, I'm still traumatized

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This is the first I've heard of it. How on earth do you get to model for a Japanese brand through taking outfit snaps and fakeboi coords? Isn't she based in the UK?

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I wish aka and sax lolita were more widespread here
That's an awesome nightmare holy shit

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she's been living in japan for a while now and schmoozing the right people. lurk more, dear anon.

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As OP I should share first, huh?
Here's mine (this is really only relative to me though):

Let me paint you a picture. You're at a high tea or mega meet hosted by a major brand.Let's call them Motherfucking Sparkle Cake Or Whatever You are decked out in an OTT coordinate, full set from MSPOW, you worked super hard one some handmade accessories, and now the time has come: You are modeling in their fashion show with a coordinate they provided the majority of, but you worked so hard on.

You enter the runway with a cute, but snarky smile on your face, pacing carefully with a strut so well practiced. You feel so ready. But suddenly, you start to hear a beeping. It's coming from your insulin pump.

You've only been diabetic and insulin dependant a short while. You're figuring things out. You have dreams of a pastel pink pump decoden'd out, but for now you have 90's pager. Because you are wearing a dress it is attached to a garter, modestly concealed under petti and bloomers.

This could mean one of two things. Either you didn't dose enough for that boba tea you just had to have earlier (for aesthetic of course) and your blood sugar is high, in which case you'll direct our pump to help you out with a bolus and be on your merry way....

Or your sugar is very, very low.

You're only halfway down the runway. The lights in the room are dim except for the burning hot ones shining on you, and you can feel yourself start to perspire. You wonder if you get sweat stains on the precious burando if you have to pay for the damages when you notice that you've begun to tremble.

You think you're passing for elegant, but to the audience you have literally been stumbling drunk downstage since before the first beep. Regardless, you make it to the end of the runway when your trembling turns to wobbling.

As if it were an out of body experience, you see yourself crashing to the ground from above, your beautifully styled wig falling to the floor; you black out.


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i keep worrying about my house burning down and all of my dresses going with it.

it's getting irrational to the point of me wanting to go home from places early just to make sure my house isn't on fire. like, did i accidentally leave my hair straightener on? are the neighbors secretly arsonists? i'm an idiot.

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cont (2/3)

When you come to, the EMTs are shining lights in your eyes. You feel...warm. You are informed that you've just had a diabetic seizure. Your sugar was so low when you were tested that they administered a glucagon injection.

The word "glucagon" sends you into immediate fits of nausea and vomiting. You're given a sickness bag, but your aim isn't exactly perfect. You cringe at the feeling of sick soaking through the sleeve of your blouse, and you notice...other stains.

Seizure patients do tend to lose continence.

You'll pay for the dress later

Your mouth is also sore from biting the everloving fuck out of your tongue. And so, there is blood literally running out of your mouth and dribbling down your chin. It's kinda metal desu

When you are conscious beyond the point of worrying about just your physical health it dawns on you: You're being posted right now. People are talking about you. They're probably calling you piss-your-pants-seizure-chan. And for some reason you blame yourself. Should've tested more. Should've listened to your doctors.

Shouldn't have come at all.

But no. In your heart of hearts you know that out of all the members of that crowd the majority are concerned with your health and safety. If you're being posted people are probably more worried and shocked than disgusted and malicious. And so what if they are?

But as you're helped into a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance, those self-intervening thoughts aren't enough to make the pain, physical or emotional, go away

And scene


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I wanted to post something funnier, and I tried to throw some humor in there, but I wanted to keep it real as possible at the same time. After all, I do kinda worry about this every time I go out in lolita. Or go out at all. Or breathe.

But I've got jokes guys! What did the oldfag say to the newfag when she found out she was an ageplayer?

"You've been a closet child all this time?"

Yeah please crucify me.

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>lurk more
As if we ever talk about her

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Anon, are you alright?!

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>As if we ever talk about her
lmao feel free to check the archive I guess but you're wrong my guy

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Losing my house and wardrobe like another anon said, or getting sick while dressed up. Nothing would be more mortifying than getting sweaty, watery shits while in heavy makeup, a wig, and a $300 dress.

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yeah totally

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Nothing as bad as my worst nightmare has happened though. It's mostly anxiety. I've passed out here and there, yeah, and I've gone into shock a couple of times, and I've had seizures at inconvenient times. But I've been lucky to not have anything THAT mortifying happen to me.

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So do the innocent world LPs have just leftovers/fuck ups of this years releases. Or is there a chance of getting older stuff?

>> No.9500527

I shat myself while wearing my dreamy planetarium tights.

>> No.9500533

I'm always a bit paranoid that my closet will collapse someday under the weight of all my dresses. Everytime I add a new one to the rack I pause for a second, waiting to hear the horrific sound of the drywall cracking. I just imagine the bar snapping out of the wall covering my dresses with drywall and that awful insulation to the point where I couldn't wear my dresses safely without the constant worry of having that pink death fluff all over my body.

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I had a dream i was forced to sell all my dresses.

>> No.9500542


Don't know anything from her before the Atelier Pierrot fame. She seems cool

>> No.9500573

House fire. No amount of insurance can cover the emotinal value and the time I spent hunting all those dresses. I have way too many to save them all in case of an emergency.

>> No.9500576


IW's lucky packs have the nice stuff in them. The fuckups and leftovers are in the oddment packs.

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I actually found your nightmare really concerning, anon. I'm not diabetic but I narcoleptic and having a big sleep attack in the middle of a lolita event is a nightmare got be. Plus, I've seen something similar happen to a diabetic friend during a talent show in high school. Reading your thing kinda made me want to give you a hug.

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But no one ever says anything interesting about her. It's all just, "she is so pretty and maybe anorexic"

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https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c.w4002-5082959735.15.xoGCUb&id=44973182121 Is this an A line petti? It looks like its bordering bell shape to me?

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Afaik there's no real drama with her. She used to always post pictures posing in front of a door, hence the nickname. It's not really the kind of nickname that someone with a dramatic history would have.

>> No.9500617

Thats interesting to know I thought they were more or less all the same just with different names to spice things up.

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>tfw you move overseas but all of your lolita clothes are still stuck on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean and won't be here in time for ILD

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I have 25 (all brand) pieces and never paid any more than 200$ and it was for a set. I never paid more than 140$ for a single dress and that's my most "expensive one". I just stalk japanese secondhand/FB sales and find the best deals. Their damages are pretty minimal if there's any btw.
If I join a comm, will they look at me funny for that?

>> No.9500680

no, why whould they? unless they are full out brandwhores that live filthy rich lifes, nobody cares about how much you spent. as long as you dress well, you should be okay

>> No.9500706

The majority of girls in my community are like this. If anything, they'll admire you for being savvy.

>> No.9500709

No? At least I wouldn't. That's pretty amazing desu. Me and my comm friends always "brag" about our cheapest burando acquisitions it's part of the fun for us to hunt for bargains.
I only have a single thing i bought first hand in an official Baby shop, everything else I own is second hand.

>> No.9500712

Just don't be annoying and brag about all your great deals and you'll be fine

>> No.9500717

My not a single comm in my state has a meet up planned so my friend and I are driving 2 hours to check out a tea house

>> No.9500720

What state? Unless you're in California or Texas that doesn't seem too unusual.

>> No.9500727

Heh yeah but that's commong decency to not brag about the price you paid, that's really tacky to do so either way. I knew a girl that bragged about how she only had brand bought first hand and would exclusively wear AP or Baby (it was her parents paying everything) and how even her petticoat and bloomers were brand at every meet and it was super annoying.

>> No.9500742

Conversely I know girls who brag about how little they paid for auction finds and call anyone who pays full price for anything an idiot. You're right, it's so tacky! My mother is no Emily Post but she did raise me to believe that finances aren't a good conversational subject, especially if you're talking to acquaintances rather than close friends.

>> No.9500763


I enjoy talking a lot about deals or lucky finds in second hand with other Lolitas. Like "Oh this one print was half price", and I enjoy listening to others with their findings or sales.I can imagine how it could be taken to the extreme, but I don't think is wrong.
I do try to keep it with friends I know buy second hand often

>> No.9500767

My lolita friends and I love bragging about snagging good deals on Y!JA and Mercari, but yeah, we don't bring it up with acquaintances or total strangers. And really it's more in passing or as soon as the auction has been won like, "Holy shit I just got this for cheap!"

>> No.9500770

I think the key to these conversations is not talking about actual prices but saying something like "for half a price" or "one third".

>> No.9500779

Hugs are always accepted. I used to make jokes about a diabetic friend in high school and now karma's got my ass.

>> No.9500795

She's been modelling for them for like two years, not our fault you live under a rock.

>> No.9500883

Has anyone bought from Wunderwelt on Lace Market? That seems to be where they put all the stuff they can't sell on their website. Is it worth buying at all or is it all to far gone since everything has 'signs of use'/'Major signs of use'

>> No.9500895

Thanks for your help. I think I'm going to wear a lolita dress and go try on some new sports bras and get some better quality ones than just the cheapest pull-over-the-head kind.

>> No.9500900

Oh man I never thought about that but I have had seizures before. I dont think I ever peed myself though, but then again I dont really know because by the time I was awake I was at a hospital.

I did bite holes in my tongue though, not fun. Ive never feared it happening in Lolita but now Im going to be thinking about it. Nightmare inducing!

The second time I ever had a seizure I was suppose to go to the movies and I dressed up nice in these new heels I had and when I woke up in the hospital I remember my first concern being that I scuffed my brand new shoes and made everyone miss the movie lol

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So how realistic is this?

>> No.9500910

Have any of you dealt with selling and someone trying to scalp the item after? It just happened to me and my jimms are slightly rustled. I didn't care for what I sold but to see the person immediately relist it for a higher price on another website is annoying, and it'd look really petty if I complained.

>> No.9500911

oh my god i love this. artist?

>> No.9500912

So wear red and sax coordinates? Sax isn't that popular these days so you should be able to collect a few prints or plain dresses in that color way for decent prices. I llike to see it, it's a pretty color. And red/white or red/black is nice too. People don't ever call them that though so you might want to avoid that.

>> No.9500915

Very. Except for the smoking around brand.

>> No.9500917

I've never bought from their lace market but the bundles they sometimes do look like a good enough deal, if you're willing to try and fix the items/wash the stains

>> No.9500919

This is 100% me when I'm back from a meet/con and forgot to tidy up before.
But it's way too pink. Even as a sweet lolita who loves pastel colors, it's kind of an eyesore. I also tend to keep my room tidy and clean all the time besides when i'm going somewhere and tend to kinda mess up my room in the process

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Oh god i didn't even notice the cigs. And the pills.
Also the beer. Wow, that took a sad turn.

>> No.9500922

Not unless you are obsessed with your bargain shopping and talk about it all the time. And yes some people do that.

>> No.9500925

Not at all.

On a serious note, I'd say not because we're not that degenerate and who the fuck smokes around brand and sits their brand next to a greasy pizza.

On a non-serious level, like last time this got posted here, no vibrators, not realistic at all.

>> No.9500931

Once you sell it, it's not yours to complain about anymore. I might tell my close friends about it so they don't get scammed for other pieces by the seller though. Did you underprice the item or is she overpricing it? People should try to sell at market value and then this doesn't happen as much.

>> No.9500932


>> No.9500935

Ugh, no. This is gross. You don't have to buy into the 'lolitas r lovelies' to just not be a pig. Maybe some of us are like this but certainly not all of us. Just like regular people, imagine that!

>> No.9500941

Dude I was supposed to go see this concert the week I went into diabetic shock for the first time and I bought tickets for my friend and she stayed with me in the hospital instead of taking the tickets and going with someone else and I felt soooo bad so I relate hardcore.

The seizures are the worst too. I have psuedoseizures as well as diabetic seizures so I still worry even when the sugar is stable. Also have never peed myself to my knowledge but there's a first time for everything and I do NOT want it to happen in lolita.

>> No.9500946

I had that happen to me once. But thankfully it was a standalone wardrobe instead of a real in-the-wall closet. Still made a huge mess though.

>> No.9500950

It was market value but it's not sold that often so now they're selling it off as a rare piece. Oh well, I got the money I needed at least.

>> No.9500951

I'm a narcoleptic Lolita too! I worry about that a ton as well. I tend to avoid meets that are super far from home in case I ever need to leave in a hurry.

>> No.9500952

I'd complain and never sell to them in the future. I refuse to buy/sell to people who do that and it can be especially obvious looking through their feedback in Lacemarket.

>> No.9500953

Can i get a picture of a sweet lolita smoking a cigarette

>> No.9500960

>smoking in lolita
>smoking at all
cigarette smell,yellows stains and premature wrinkles aren't kawaii.

>> No.9500970

what about cirgarillos

and what about VAPORIZERS

>> No.9500973

Any YouTuber lolitas have good digital cameras to reccommend? I can't use a webcam because the usb ports on my computer don't read but I can upload footage to my brother's computer and email it to myself. My budget is 200 dollars and I just need something decent to start.

>> No.9500985

Then buyers beware of her stuff but it's really on her buyers to know better than to pay inflated prices and shop around. We all know there are several lolita sellers who buy low and sell high and that's how they fund their closet but no one usually cares and we know enough not to buy from them.

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I recently fell in love with Pastel A La Mode (jsk gingham version) but I wonder if that isn't too "pastel vomit" and if it's worth buying it/versatile enough?
I love sweet, I even own three AP prints from the sweet golden era (that I coord in a certain way to keep it sort of elegant) but I would hate looking childish.
>tl;dr tfw loves pastel sweet but also don't like looking childish/supah kawaiidesoo

>> No.9500996

does your fear stem from all of the anons here that have a hateboner for pastel sweet? if you like the print and really love it, just get it! don't dress for a bunch of internet strangers. it's cute. no one else can decide if it's right for you though.

>> No.9500997
File: 48 KB, 400x534, 02641081178ff3b48f5974e36aeb00ae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so I used the magical power of google for you and found a bunch of pics, most of them pretty ita but I thought this was cute

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>> No.9501001

You are not going to look like a grown-child if the dress fits you well and you wear feminine heels, makeup and accessories.
Just make it look mature-sweet

>> No.9501005

Name and shame, anon.

>> No.9501007

That's what I was looking at. My mom was basically raised in a tailor shop, and has done amazing things with good will stuff, but she's always been able to see the stuff before she decided to buy it and I'm worried about buying a bundle and it all being to far gone for her to resurrect

>> No.9501009

well... once I got a pair of original AP tea parties for 1000 yen. I suspect closet child had a mistake.
In that case, saying the number is very relevant.
The shoes are fine, no damage I can tell

>> No.9501014

japs love fakebois

>> No.9501018

Kind of, i'm sort of thin skinned I need to stop being such a weak ass bish. But I love the print so much and it's so lovely on the blue version.
Shame it's a pain to find in the right cut,colorway and style (gingham instead of dots).

I think it'll,I'm kinda small,slim,...so it shouldn't be a problem. I just have a babyface lol. But yeah that's a nice idea! But i succ at walking in heels, the way I walk in them is pretty comical (and embarassing) so I keep it to (may Mana forgive me) Tea Party shoes or little cork soled platforms and I'm a basic bitch at makeup.

>> No.9501032

>no one usually cares
Were you reading last few generals? Stop making it acceptable for people to do this. It's selfish and hurts the community.

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File: 606 KB, 440x237, 6456456.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

people have called me an ageplayer for wearing toned-down sweet before, it just kind of happens and when it does there's not much you can do about it besides laugh. it's the new buzzword here and you should try to brush those things off. buy it if you like it, don't if you don't.

>> No.9501068

Yeah you're right.
>that gif
Thank you, based Momoko, for reminding me of the true way of life.

>> No.9501124

Yep. I got mine a week ago, but haven't had a chance to take a photo in anything in it yet.

>> No.9501128
File: 989 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170509-115240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought pic related.
The wig is very nice, but the bangs are kind of... Weird. They sit weirdly and show too much the sides of the head. Is this normal for this type of wig?

Also, I got it for a sweet coord, but I realized is too dull. Do you gulls have any suggestions of what kind of wig would be nice. I want a strong color, but all I find is those cosplay wigs.

>> No.9501133

Hell no. I'm not the tidiest person but there's no shit on my floor. Do people actually let open pizza boxes lay around like that? Disgusting.

>> No.9501162

Why does it matter?

>> No.9501166

i'm pretty sure i've lived this exact scene pizza box and all, except i put food away when i'm done with it because i don't want ants

kill me

>> No.9501168

I should have said 'no one really cares enough to actually do something about it instead of just talk here'.
I'm being realistic. The only thing that will stop scalpers is when buyers stop buying from them.

No one has cared enough to make a scalpers and scammers watchdog group, no one cares enough to posts scalpers to get off egl anymore so suggesting being an educated consumer and teaching and encouraging others to as well is my best practical advice.

It's not rocket science to check something recently sold and compare prices to what's for sale unless it's a rarer piece. Then you need to know the market to make a wise decision.

>> No.9501169

This illustration is useless without sex toys.

>> No.9501178

Please post if you can I'd love to see the poof!

>> No.9501182

What is really wrong with someone taking time, effort, and paying shipping, maybe washing something they found at a bargain and selling it at a higher price? Some people know how to shop for bargains and resell and they keep their hobby going with that money.
LOTS of dresses that make it to the half-off sales at Baby end up selling on the senocd hand market for more than what people paid for them. Lots of Closet Child stuff gets resold for more on Lace Market or FB sales. This isn't news.

>> No.9501203

It doesn't seem like pastel vomit to me, as it looks like distinct cakes rather than a bunch of pastels that you can't really tell what it is.

>> No.9501212

Are any of ya'll ladies of the black or other-dark-skinned variety?

I am blasian and I feel like all of the lolita I come into contact with are white gals. I feel like a lot of the brands gear towards white gals also.

anyone feel me

>> No.9501222

Is this bait

>> No.9501226

>a lot of the brands gear toward white gals
They gear toward east asians, you moron

>> No.9501231

You haven't been in lolita very long, have you?

Black girls are def. a minority in the community just like they're a minority in the US and UK and Japan and other countries where lolita is popular, but there are plenty of popular black lolitas online and entire tumblrs dedicated to reblogging their stuff.

>> No.9501232

Well it's kind of a shitpost but it's also true.

I figured it'd probably get less flak than asking to literally be spoonfed and act entitled. Like 20% wondering what other similar gals do find that works will with their skin, and like 80% just seeing if anyone else catches this vent and has the same trouble

>> No.9501241

Oh yeah, that was what my question was going to be but i forgot because I'm black and also high right now.

I was going to ask who some good black lolitas are so I can feel inspired

i wouldn't say "very long" as much as many opportunities
i'm southern so there's some southern belle types but people around here get weird when you're not normal
so i only really get to do meetups in other cities and have only gotten to three times

>> No.9501250

I'm a black, southern lolita (Deep South), and there are plenty of us. You just have to look around. Those of us worth associating with don't tend to make a big deal about being black, so you're going to have to do more searching than just plugging in generic black lolita tags.

>> No.9501251

Spend find minutes browsing Closet of Frills and I'm sure you'll find some.

I wouldn't normally link to lolita-tips but it was the first place I could think of that had a tag for this:

>> No.9501255


>> No.9501256

Its anti social

>> No.9501264

>i forgot because I'm black

>> No.9501269

It is EXTREMELY poofy. I'm probably wearing it for ILD, so I'll snap a photo then.

Unrelated, I'm looking for good classic lolita instagrams/tumblr to follow if people have favorites.

>> No.9501272

Having a bad day. Can I have pictures of your pets with bows on them?

>> No.9501277

So are a lot of things lolitas do, shitposting, cliques, dragging fat people. Every once in a while someone gets a bee in her bonnet and gets on a soapbox about what people charge for their used stuff. But it's a free market. You can buy less expensive things, keep looking and seek a better price, make a lower offer if they accept offers, choose not to buy if you think someone over-prices. No one owes you a bargain or any particular price.

>> No.9501286

If you really don't see what's morally wrong with scalping, post your LM name.

>> No.9501304

No one owes you that either, fuck off on what other people do with their used clothes, their accounts, their posts. If you are that concerned for the market and people's inability to tell if they are over-paying, why not make a Buyer Beware group and post the people that you are calling scalpers, and your own name and account along with your accusations. See how far you get with that.

I'm not the one crying about prices, I mostly use my shopping service and buy new clothes or buy from Japanese sites. I rarely buy used things from US sellers or buy anything on LM. And I've never sold there so I'm not the one of the scalpers you are crying about either. It's just dumb because it's easy to check prices instead of trying to police a few sellers that you are butthurt about.

>> No.9501315

I do customs (pretty high grade ones)
Most of my clients wear my goods once, take a really expensive photoshoot, and then sell it through instagram. They make more than I charged them for it because it's been worn by them and I guess they have a lot of followers or whatever.

I don't mind this because it creates a market where I can use my talent to make a living and a name and not have to do a job I hate and only do what I enjoy on my time off

not the person you quoted btw

>> No.9501319

IW luckypacks are mostly stuff from their sales, which is last years collection leftovers. Sometimes you can get something older, but it is not very often and usually happens in spring/fall oddment packs, not in winter/summer happy packs. The ones that are on sale now also promise B-grades and sample items.

>> No.9501322

Seller hasn't read my inquiry of one of their items and the listing expires in a few hours...
This hasn't happened to me before, I guess they want to keep it?

>> No.9501324

I literally said in the post you replied to what is wrong with it. I never said it was news.

>> No.9501327

Sometimes they'll message you back after the listing ends asking if you still want it, then re-list it as "reserved for anon-chan"

>> No.9501328
File: 609 KB, 1836x1658, IMG_3421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9501334

I approve.

>> No.9501336

Ahh, that eases my mind. Thank you!

>> No.9501337

Like the price check thread but with names, I love the idea

>> No.9501344 [DELETED] 

Yeah and people are free to tell fat lolitas to kill themselves too. Doesn't mean I want to hang out with those people at meets tough.

>> No.9501350

If you do this here, it will be a shitshow on anon with people posting other people they just don't like or are jealous of. And then to really see who is scalping and who is just fake reported, people will still have to just do what they should already be doing right now, checking and comparing prices.

>> No.9501353

You should read the rules mate

>> No.9501356

It's some sort of new style that's popular but looks ridiculous.

>> No.9501362

It shouldn't be done here because of the rule about singling out individuals and besides, if you are going to make accusations that question someone's honesty or character, you'd better be ready to come off anon and back them up as the truth, with proof.

Scalping in lolita is a gray area, is someone selling at market value but for more than what they paid scalping? How about the first owner of a dress they bought for half price at Baby, are they honor bound to sell it for less than that? What about new releases that aren't available and someone resells theirs, should they absolutely not charge more than retail when it's a sold out item? What about old rare pieces like Iron Gate? Japan only releases?

>> No.9501369

Yeah, I've done this before when I've been out and unable to check messages until the auction already ended.

>> No.9501396

The rotten nature, yeah. Sometimes rooms are cluttered with kawaii things, especially if sweet lolita. Lolitas don't tend to be slobs, though.

>> No.9501406

this is some good quality content

>> No.9501407

There is a clear difference between buying a bargain or a sought after print with the intent to wear it and sell it for a bit more and buying it for no other reason than to sell it for thrice as much. The fact that other people do it too doesn't make it any less greedy.

>> No.9501421

"FACT all sweet lolitas wear diapers"

someone in this thread will confirm

>> No.9501429

I'm disgusted by this image, holy shit. My room is very clean and organized and I rarely eat anything in it.

I do smoke lots of weed in my room but that's what my air purifier is for

>> No.9501433
File: 63 KB, 625x626, 1493701966945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9501446

I know someone who finds great bargains, wears most of them, then usually sells them for more than she paid. She also takes chances on pieces and sometimes stuff doesn't work out so yes, she resells. She's a great lolita, she keeps her wardrobe fresh and it gives her the funds to buy more dresses. I don't consider that scalping. I still say it's easier to put the responsibility on each buyer researching their purchases rather than trying to police sellers.

Say I buy a Japan-only piece new. It sells out. I resell 'worn once, without tags' very soon after for the highest price I can get. Over retail. Did I buy the piece to wear...or did I buy it just to sell for profit? How would you tell for sure?

>> No.9501448

I'm literally the same anon who said read the rules mate

>> No.9501449

The rules allow for you to post scalpers. If posted with proof, I don't see the problem.

Pretty much this.

>> No.9501451

People complaining about smoking must never buy gothic lolita pieces from Japanese used sites, some peices have obviously been worn clubbing and stink of stale smoke.

>> No.9501452

You can be honest about where you bought it or make it an auction

>> No.9501456

It's pretty obvious you bought it for the likes and the money.

>> No.9501465

Being forced to sell everything for a reason or another. That and house fire (and normies staining my dresses badly).
I would be depressed if that ever happened. These dresses are special and mean something to me. But I guess that if my doggo ever had some trouble and I couldnt afford it well...I would be forced to do it because I love my doggo a lot and he means the world to me. Would still feel terribly depressed.

>> No.9501468

I think selling for more than you paid is fine, buying stuff just to turn it and lying about what it cost is not. If someone scours auctions for a bargain or takes a risk on a damaged item and manages to fix it so it's unnoticeable, they shouldn't be blamed for selling at market value. I get salty when sellers price their listings way above market value, lie about where they got the item from (just don't mention it if you don't want to admit they got it cheap), or buy stuff just to flip immediately. Starting witch-hunts for this is pointless as for every person who buys and sells new releases without even wearing them just to scalp there's another who bought it genuinely, only to find out the colour was off or they had a financial reason to sell.

>> No.9501490

But would they admit they bought it damaged and fixed it? If they want to make money off it, you know they won't.

>> No.9501493
File: 408 KB, 436x383, picture324324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried but he wasnt very happy about it

>> No.9501507

Please don't post such ugly shiny bows in Lolita General. Nice cat tough.

>> No.9501510

Yeah its just a shitty uniform one, my cats give off so much fluff so I didnt really want to get fluff on my nice ones.

>> No.9501532

Not really. I've bought pieces, worn them once and realized they don't suit me like I thought they would or that I didn't like them as much as I thought I would. Especially when I was newer and trying to find my style. Nothing wrong with reselling something for what I can get for it while the market is good for selling it. If someone's prices are too high then their stuff won't sell. If someone is crying about a scalper waaaay overpricing things, wouldn't the overpriced items just sit and rot? More like someone buys and sells wisely and someone's noticed it and is salty about it.

>> No.9501538

Is this true do they actually wear diapers?

>> No.9501543

I'm sure worse things could always happen but one that bugs me is this:
Staying in the fashion and watching all my lolita friends leave it behind. I'm really afraid it's going to happen, and I'm positive it will in my local area. Depressing but I'm not about to give it up. People joke but there really will be some of us as old ladies dying in a Baby dress.

Kind of morbidly related but which dress would you be buried in (assuming you'll be buried)?
Selfish and it's a rare one or just your favorite or ?

>> No.9501547

This is horrifically detailed in the weirdest ways. Not sure if hilarious, disturbing or both?

>> No.9501549

I want to be buried with all my brand. Just let them layer me up in it

>> No.9501559

cut my brand up into strips and sprinkle it into my grave like confetti

>> No.9501567

No idea what you're talking about. I only buy second hand and they either smell really nice (I wish it was possible to ask the seller what perfume they use. I once bought a Moitie skirt that smelled so nice that I was seriously considered to not wash it for a while) or typical "asian"/spicy smell. I know it sounds racist but I don't know how to describe it. There's this one smell a lot of second hand items have.

>> No.9501568

The only real lolita that I know of to wear diapers and who was not just an ita pretending at the fashion was Megan Maude. I'm not sure if it was just for a photo shoot or if she was into ageplay or what. An**** in Atlanta is rumored to be an age player but no diapers have been reported yet.

>> No.9501569

Hilarious and disturbing is my middle name, kekekekekekekek *finger guns*



>> No.9501572
File: 1.98 MB, 1516x2441, IMG_20170531_021050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dapper pupper coming through.
(Sorry for the crappy light, it's 2am here, had to turn on the lights)

>> No.9501573

Don't die, kookoo anon, post more funny stuff. I have not seen much decent lolita humor here in a long time. I'm blue today and everyone's as salty as fuck. I don't idealize cgl but there at least used to be more lighthearted and funny stuff here along with the shitlord and sodium queen posts.

>> No.9501584

actually working on writing some lolita standup for an after dark panel. I do need to screen my jokes but I'm not comfortable doing it here just yet. Hell, I haven't performed comedy in front of an audience in...years, much less such a niche crowd.

But just for you anon, here's a snippet of the routine that's probably gonna get cut for going a little too far:

I imagine the ageplayer chans alter their dresses until they have chippendale-style tear away dresses. Because, and you know who you are, the basement dweller you call daddy has these short, bulbous fingers. They look like Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages. And they can't undo your corset ties when you tie them too tight.

>> No.9501585

I would prefer to donate all my brand to lolitas so it "keeps living" and I would be buried in a handmade dress (by me or a friend)

>> No.9501587

Babies <3

>> No.9501594

i have to be honest, i don't really imagining this going well in person... the joke falls flat just reading it here, even when i try to imagine it in the most stand-upy voice possible. it's pretty bad. godspeed, dadjoke-chan.

>> No.9501595

>Those of us worth associating with don't tend to make a big deal about being black
The most important thing to remember

>> No.9501596

That's a lovely sentiment and I wish I would share it. I'm going down for my dirt nap in my best coordinate with a beautiful fancy coffin. No cremation, no nourishing a damn tree, no body going to Science (though I am an organ donor)...just glorious frills till the end and then rotting gently in them forever.

>> No.9501600

Yeah, ageplay jokes and things the community at large hates aren't so great. And yes, I know you said it's cut material but try to focus on the things we get outraged but not actually grossed out by to be edgy with the humor. Jokes about Mr Yan and male con creepers are about the comfort limit in that area of the humorous topics. Do you have access to the lolita cards against humanity game cards? That's a good potential source of material.

Whatever happened to the lolita cards against humanity games online anyway?

>> No.9501618

If you make lolita based puns i'll love you forever ngl. But my sense of humor is...well, I laugh when I see "booby"'. That's how refined I am. So you shouldnt really take my advice.
But more seriously that's not really good to be entirely honest (touchy subjects the lolita comm hates,blablabla) and i suggest you like the other anon said to take a look at lolita cards against humanity and joke about things like Mr Yan,con creepers,normies and the shit they say,...
Godspeed comemedian. Godspeed.

>> No.9501626

Sure anon. I'm just salty. Who cares about the community. Scalp them bitches.

>> No.9501627

Idk, serving up a fine boob-loaf, cupcake boobs, pancake boobs vs pancake headdress, there's lots of lolita booby humor potential. Stand-up chan just needs to avoid actual cringe topics, I think.

>> No.9501631

Does anyone else who scrolls through Rufflechat notice how most of the people who participate are poorly dressed? I'd say roughly 3/4. It's usually the people with the strongest dissenting opinions, too. Are most lolitas somewhere between ita and mediocre? Clue a lonelita in.

>> No.9501632

Do scalpers in the community actually even last very long? Who buys their stuff at supposedly 3x the price of other things for sale? People can't keep on with it successfully if the stuff isn't selling and if the stuff IS selling, isn't that because people are willing to pay their prices?

There can't be that many clueless noobs who don't know how to check how much something sold for recently.

>> No.9501635

Yeah, I figured it was gonna bomb which is why I'm cutting it. I have plenty of time to get my jokes screened and write new material as time goes on,and the cards against humanity suggestion was pretty good.
>dadjoke chan

Okay ouch but good job, that was savage af and I have mad respect for you kek

>> No.9501636

What a cutie, he/she looks like he just wants to sleep. Do you ever walk him/her in lolita?

>> No.9501638

Most of the louder opinionated ones are among the more poorly dressed, I've noticed this too. The rest of us mostly have better things to do than post on ruffle chat (or here unless there's event drama) except when we are bored once in a while.

>> No.9501644

He was lol that's probably why he let me mess with him a bit. He can be an angel but also an asshole (especially to boys)
It happen to walk him in lolita but rarely, it's often in "lazy" attire lol

>> No.9501664

If it was damaged and fixed you have to declare it by LMs rules because the repair could be a hackjob, if it was stained and washed out you don't.

I had no fucking idea Megan Maude wore diapers.

Like a beautiful onion.

>> No.9501688

Megan Maude modeled for adult baby stuff, I don't think she actually wore diapers with Lolita like for her own enjoyment. She tried to keep the two things very separate.

>> No.9501703

this room looks like a clusterfuck and would be disgusted if I saw it IRL, but I have it as my desktop wallpaper just for the aesthetics. Needless to say, now I get extremely confused when searching for stuff in my desktop.

>> No.9501711

This is giving me such anxiety and all I wanna do is clean that fucking room. Seriously one of the biggest stressors when buying second hand is buying from someone like this unknowingly.

>> No.9501724

And Megan Maude never recovered from it either. I remember no one ever taking her seriously after that

>> No.9501750
File: 190 KB, 700x1048, 42b0a3cbcdb145a7bb4c92f50724008d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently started listening to Moi Dix Mois and oh boy, I've been missing out so much. I never thought I would like it, since I didn't like it back when visual kei was still kind of popular (for reference, it was 2008-2009, and I first learned about lolita fashion arround that time).
Now, even though I didn't dress in lolita back in those days, I feel that the "feel" that lolita gave me back in the day was so much different to what I feel today, and I think some people may feel the same.
Even though I'm not an oldfag, back in the day lolita used to give me a "contracultural", "dark" and "decadent" kind of feeling. Dunno if those are the real words I'm looking for, but nowadays, even though I wear lolita frequently, it doesn't give me any vibe or feeling. It's like they're just clothes and the "maiden" image that lolita media portrayed was just fake. All the magic is gone. Am I getting old or was I just delusional?

>> No.9501754

just imagine how many cockroaches and mice have been crawling under your skirts. After all, having pests is very roridesu, remember Momoko and her bonnet?

>> No.9501775

I typically respond in these ways:

"What's ageplay?"

If they actually explain, I often reply with how nasty they are for knowing/spreading around something sexual that involves being a kid or ask them how do they even know about something like that, then act like I'm judging them.

Or I say "I'm just wearing cute clothes, why are you sexualizing me?" in a very disgusted way.

Asking questions usually throws them off.

It doesn't happen often but when it does, these work pretty well. (Works with cgl too, because honestly THEY are the problem if they are sexualizing the fashion.)

>> No.9501792
File: 109 KB, 1300x867, 12970799_1063358310374380_5971972491807988811_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Took this picture of my cat quite some time ago for scientific reasons. She wasn't too happy with it but I hope my science experiment puts you in a better mood.

>> No.9501796

You guys are seriously the best

>> No.9501805

She looks so elegant

>> No.9501811

It's a different lolita world at least online socially now, anon. Its been that way for me since OTT sweet got really popular and everything moved to Facebook groups. I felt that way back in the day too and I did listen and wear gothic lolita. My feeling for it never left me personally though even though the trends in the fashion have changed. I don't mind so much though I still keep to my preferred ways. I still dress in gothic lolita and go to meets but I have less in common with most other lolitas even though we all like each other in my comm. That's ok, I still feel romantic, dark and decadent when I wear black velvet and lace, listen to dix while I get ready for the meet and order wine at the tea party if the restaurant serves it. Since OTT classic has had its day maybe someday OTT gothic will have a surge of popularity too and we will have a little Reprise.

>> No.9501819

If you anons were able to ask a lolita or other jfash brand a question, what would it be?

>> No.9501828

If it was an older Japanese brand, I would point blank ask the designers or owners about the real truth regarding the lolita name connection to Nabokov's lolita. I'm not entirely convinced there was NO connection. I think the Japanese might view the ~idea~ of a provocative young maiden incorporated into a fashion quite separately from actually acting out pedophilia/child abuse.

With the Japanese way of not speaking directly about something perceived as controversial though (especially to a gaijin), I think only someone like Nobara might tell the real truth even now.

>> No.9501840

Oh god this is the third damn time I've posted this because I have the worst luck and always do it right as the thread ends: how do I get over my fear of a coord or main piece looking like too much? I'm always feeling worried that the pieces I fall in love with would be "too fancy" to wear since I was never really been the type to go all out before I got into lolita.

>> No.9501843
File: 307 KB, 414x710, 98989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're wearing lolita, you're going to be flashy, get over it

>> No.9501844

Finally someone that feels the same as me. I didn't wear lolita at that time because I was a poor fag and I had a friend that was like me into vk, Mana Sama and Gackt. We broke up ages ago unfortunately and I really miss these moments, she is still into M10M and vk in general the last time I saw her in a fb gothic group while I lost interest on vk years ago. I would really like to be again a fan of vk and Mana Sama, too bad I don't have anyone to talk about this because most lolitas nowadays aren't into this. Maybe someone should do a fb group or something similar for the 'nostalgic' ones like us.

>> No.9501845

Get on benzos

>> No.9501847

If you wear really fancy main pieces, the coordinating pieces need to be as fancy in style to work well but they can be less detailed so that you can wear them with other pieces too. If you can give a couple of examples of specific pieces with a photo, people could advise you more. Better still, post some photos of the pieces in the coord help thread and ask how to coordinate them more simply and without it looking like 'too much'.

>> No.9501857

I've been to three panels with Baby representatives and one with Isobe and I hate myself for forgetting to ask this every time.

>> No.9501862

I second this, a nostalgic lolita vibes group! But with a better, more romantic name.

>> No.9501869

What about calling it The Hourglass Collective? Kind of alludes to going back in time.

>> No.9501878
File: 544 KB, 800x600, mainpieces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like VM in general is pretty ritzy so that one I'm not so clueless about, but the other two I'm kind of drawing a blank on whether it's just me or if they really are fancier pieces

>> No.9501955

I did a death drop in AP only to find out shortly after that I bled through my bloomers. I'm pretty sure no one saw the huge blood stain though/

>> No.9501974

Have you seen VM IRL before? The fabric is more matte than you'd expect from the stock photos, so it doesn't look too flashy. Single colour with a non-bell skirt is simple and lovely, and I think any of the pieces you posted would be quite easy to style elegantly.

>> No.9501983

Sounds nice anon!

>> No.9501987

I listen to Gackt-era Malice Mizer (Merveilles!) on my way to meets religiously. I'm not into gothic at all, but it makes me feel so pretty and refined and elegant for some reason.

>> No.9501992

These 3 aren't going to be too fancy for meets no matter how you style them, anon. The first two are more elegant and princess like true but they aren't too much at all. The third is pretty standard classic. I thought you were talking about some of the really frilly rococo style multi-tiered dresses.

>> No.9501993
File: 70 KB, 365x437, IMG_5197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also listen to a lot of MM as well as M10M. I was very young during the MM days but was a preteen/young teen during M10M's prime, so I feel very nostalgic listening to both.

I feel most like myself when I'm wearing MoitiƩ, listening to MM and drinking coffee. Not even trying to sound pretentious--it's just everything I ever wanted when I was 12-14 and now it's finally my reality as an adult. It makes me very happy.

>> No.9501996

Haha, well that's one cure for itchy lace and fancy frills bugging people, I guess.

>> No.9501999

if you take drugs to cope with wearing lolita, isn't it just hime menhera?

>> No.9502000


Actually, I think the key is just to keep in mind how it makes the other party (in the conversation) feel.

For eg:

- If you meet a girl wearing the same print you own, and she talking about how she it cost a lot but she bought it first hand because she loves it so much, it's definitely not the right time to brag about how you bought it secondhand for half price because it's an unpopular print that nobody else wanted.
- If your company is all wearing first-hand brand and you start talking about how brandwhores must all be financed by sugar daddies and don't work for their burando
- If you meet a girl who says she can't afford burando -- and she turns down your offer to help, it's time to drop the subject. Yes, there's probably something wrong with her, but she doesn't want to share whatever it is with you, and you won't be remembered fondly for trying to strongarm some girl you just met into how she should spend her money -- whether or not you think it's dumb.
- If someone is looking for a particular item and you happen to snag it for cheap, the right tone to take is probably "keep looking, ganbatte" and not so much "I snagged this for cheap because of a pricing mistake by closet child kek it'll probably never happen again too bad for u"

and so on.

>> No.9502002

I'm good with that if it means my petti no longer itches. Just prop me in the corner with a teacup and let me stare vacantly in peace.

>> No.9502010

Same here, and I'm a sweet lolita.

>> No.9502011

I'm so happy for you anon!

>> No.9502012
File: 43 KB, 375x497, IMG_3235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have a blast from the past, anon.

>> No.9502013
File: 101 KB, 538x810, tumblr_oq71ivTBjg1tbni8yo4_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I go to a tailor and handle out this desing while bringing any other kind of fabric (be tartan instead of ginham or florals or etc) is it still a replica? even if the design is simple?

>> No.9502015

EWWW fucking delete this!!!!!

>> No.9502017

Technically yes but no one, even brands, really cares about replicas unless it is a print fabric that is stolen by copying. With your case, fabric, lace, buttons will be different so that is generally accepted.

>> No.9502024

Question above was if there was an actual lolita wearing diapers so there it is. It's an image that was posted in public so it breaks no rules here. Calm down.

>> No.9502098

It really depends on the items. Some stuff is really beat up and stained and not worth it (considering the shipping rates) while some others are really neat (mostly the bags). I bought a wine Meta bag for a great deal and it was really worth it.

>> No.9502105
File: 61 KB, 280x373, 6d9269d5-023f-528b-8370-035f7dd9c859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the cheapest SS for mercari and fril for small items that are 200- 1000 yen?
My reliable shopping service charges 1000 yen for each item, which is often more than the item itself.

>> No.9502111

done it twice! they basically bundled together a bunch of blouses and some accessories both times. iirc on their LM page they claimed that all of the blouses had noticeable stains but i only noticed one faint stain on one blouse which washed out. the accessories were said to have a feeling of use/staining as well but they came in the mail looking fine. i guess it depends on what you buy from them but i took a gamble both times and won so maybe it'll be ok for you!

>> No.9502113

Japonica only charges 500. Still kind of a lot if items add up but well

>> No.9502122

In my experience the more active someone is in discussion and drama groups online, the less likely they are to wear lolita well or even at all. The most active members on getoffegl and l_s dressed like actual garbage and tiferet was very active in egl. And those are only the ones who shared coord posts so who knows about the rest. I think it has something to do with being ~lolita at heart~ except instead of sewing frills onto the hem of their hearts, they're filling them with salt.

>> No.9502128

OMG, I remember how disappointed I was when I first saw a photo of Tiferet. One of the only things Facebook has given us is at least a more accurate picture of who is talking and how good their lolita skills are. Anymore, until someone posts one or more photos of themselves in lolita, preferably fairly unshooped, I'm not inclined to even pay much attention to any of their posts.

>> No.9502131

I feel this feel. I think part of it is nostalgia to a time when I was a teenager first discovering lolita vs. a cynical adult like I'm now. However it's true that the online community is completely different from how it used to be. Forums and textblogs are dead, everything now has your face and real life attached to it which kills the fantasy aspect that was very strong in the early days. Some people would say that's a good thing and I partially agree, but I still miss it. Lolita has also become much more accessible to anyone and everyone through brands selling overseas but also Taobao and resellers, so it doesn't feel like a secret underground club anymore.

I primarily wear classic but OTT classic was such a disappointment for me. Hopefully OTT gothic, if it happens, won't be a disappointment to you.

Ugh I remember the diaper thing but completely forgot about that doll she's undressing. Yick.

>> No.9502147
File: 848 KB, 500x376, get.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember her posting all this shit about how only real freshwater pearls were good enough for her and she'd never buy anything with fake pearls because she has such high standards and then finding out she looks like, well, that. Having standards is great but hold yourself to them first maybe?

>> No.9502154

It's even worse on cgl I think, a lot of posts sound like they've never worn lolita, or maybe once at a meet/con. And that's only the obvious ones, it's really easy to pretend you are something you're not on cgl.

>> No.9502156

I sometimes buy the stuff scalpers bought from wunderwelt because I can't buy from them(they don't mark down parcels)

This conversation keeps reminding me of how much I hate American stand-up

The online community has changed since it moved to facebook, and there are more meet/conlitas, but that's it really. I still see lolitas when I go to visual kei lives but they are much less frequent now. Lolita is really what you make of it.

>> No.9502159

>If you wear really fancy main pieces, the coordinating pieces need to be as fancy in style
The one thing I hate is when the clothing pieces and accessories are fighting for attention

>> No.9502163

Momoirokumasan charges 8500. I think muuh tokyo or something on facebook charges 10%

>> No.9502164

I said as fancy in style ~but less detailed~ meaning that they can be toned down but not something like a cutsew top under a chiffon, velvet or shantung jsk. I dislike when people use casual or Plain Jane accessories that aren't harmonious with how fancy the main piece is.

>> No.9502166

8500 yen???? or 850?

>> No.9502173


>> No.9502180

I know fj has a basic 300yen per seller option but then there's usually the 200yen bank transfer fee too for most sellers
Only fril, not mercari though, I dont think anyone still does mercari orders since their latest terms update

>> No.9502183

Actually, adding one more thing to this, it's per seller in terms of shop orders but I think for them fril might count more as auctions than ready stock sales, so it might be charged per item rather than per seller? I cant be 100% sure at the moment

>> No.9502184

What is fj?

>> No.9502188

>I dont think anyone still does mercari orders since their latest terms update
only SS companies don't

>> No.9502193

Japonica recently posted this:
"Notice: Mercari/Fril Order

If you use our services for Mercari/Fril Order.

Please do not negotiate/inquire directly with the seller.

If we find your Mercari/Fril ID, we do not buy the item.

Mercari/Fril does not accept proxy service.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. "

So I think they still do mercari orders?

>> No.9502195


>> No.9502220

Stop wearing tulle petticoats

>> No.9502223

start wearing bloomers

>> No.9502230

I'm saved, I just got a chiffon one...its like heaven on toast! Now I only need to take a xanax before con weeb exposure.

I do but scratchy tulle itches even through bloomers and tights.

>> No.9502254

Thank you so much for the help! I'm a lone Lolita (literally like 5 of us in the country, all pretty new at it) so I won't be wearing it to meets as much as just for going out.

>> No.9502255

>hime menhera
This needs to be a thing

>> No.9502281

I'm classic and I love sax but it never seems to come around
I also tend more towards the mili/sailor part of classic which doesn't exactly help my situation

I'm surprised no one's replied going all 'vapenaysh xd'
people on here have historically been quite upset by suggesting vapes. I wouldn't give a shit personally about the opinion here, do whatever as long as you don't reek of smoke or hurt others' property in any manner

it's ok anon, I'm in a similar situation right now
depression is a hell of a drug

I guess this is relevant - don't know about diapers, but iirc bowsbeforeboys has publicly admitted that she's an ageplayer, and she can't stand people who publicise their kink. there are people around, but nobody cares as long as they don't publicly flaunt it

I got in slapfights on here before I even bought my first dress, can confirm

>> No.9502289

Also if I remember, the girl who wrote/writes f-yeah lolita wasn't much better? Cimone either though she wears at least some good stuff. She was one of the egl mods when the replica ban was enacted though so props to her for being tough and helping make that stick.

>> No.9502332 [DELETED] 

How long do you have to wear lolita to be considered an oldfag? I dont remember what year I started, but I remember using babelfish to translate and ordering from baby through email

>> No.9502335

Cimone is a brand ita. I don't know much about the girl who writes Fyeahlolita but I do like her articles and think she's on point about most of them, so I'll give her a pass. IIRC she wears gothic and sells bonnets?

>> No.9502357

Yeah they still do. I've been using them the past few weeks to buy from Mercari. They're just saying to not have a Japanese Mercari and Fril account.

>> No.9502384

What is generally in a goodie bag for a big Lolita event? I have a goodie bag tier ticket for an event this year and I'm wondering what to expect.

>> No.9502385
File: 247 KB, 640x893, f7ac40de8266a5d304f01cdf79d6c36f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A suitcase, like in the good old days

>> No.9502387

Just what I always wanted!

>> No.9502401

IW have released plenty of sailor pieces in sax in the past.

>> No.9502413

I'd want to be buried in Sleeping Garden. Definitely selfish but I would donate everything else to friends or a local comm that would really use it.

>> No.9502428

this kind of breaks my heart
bowsbeforeboys used to be one sweet Lolita I looked up to because her outfits look vibrant, strong, not scared of color, yet feminine, not childish or kawaii-uguu.
It makes sense now that she has a baby-bottle phone case.

>> No.9502436
File: 115 KB, 500x584, IMG_3253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this Meta jsk lists 86 bust, 72 waist, how much stretch can I expect with the back shirting? I've never bought a Meta piece before but I fit AP DDC jsk for reference. I feel like I'm rolling the dice on some kind of bizarro lolita game show: WILL...IT...FIT....???

>> No.9502439
File: 48 KB, 400x267, 1491515362744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have started posting my Lolita outfits online and realized how it gives me a positive driving force to want to improve. I try new wigs, try to look at my own photos and wonder how to improve, etc.

>Where is the best place to share your outfits besides CoF?
>Do you whare your outfits online? Have you felt any positive/negative effect in your life/style?

>> No.9502441

Meta is very forgiving. The best shit in comfy town

>> No.9502453

Definitely share on instagram, too. Sharing on instagram really gave me drive to do better for myself and my style has improved hugely since I started doing it.

>> No.9502455

I like posting to instagram personally but that's because there floordinates are acceptable and I don't have to listen to some anon's bitching about how much they hate floordinates and how I should tailor to their needs.

>> No.9502461

I'll take your word for it anon, I'm probably going to pull the trigger on it since it's on sale, thanks. I'm always a little worried when I try a new brand, bad experience with an AatP skirt, I loved it so dearly and when it arrived it was rudely small.

>> No.9502463

I would recommend, but last time I did that my order was held up with no responses from emails for two weeks. I assume they got a lot of orders and we're trying to get through them.

>> No.9502556


The girl who writes fyeahlolita might have some nitpick-y things going on but she is nowhere near cimone level ita. She doesn't post many of her coords but the ones I've seen are totally fine, classic/ gothic and her bonnets are well made they were quite popular at the peak of the bonnet trend. She has actually contributed so much helpful info/ organizing to our community and it pains me to see her lumped in with the most notorious brand ita!

>> No.9502560

Small accessories, magazines, sometimes candy.

>> No.9502605
File: 173 KB, 960x500, confuse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I switched from Japonica to Buyee for y!A recently, but I can't figure out how to order from Fril through them. Does Buyee support Fril, or am I just stupid?

>> No.9502607

I've done the same before from Meta's sales, and I have not been disappointed yet. Their stuff is very forgiving and flattering, in my experience. Also, generally looks way nicer in person.

Good luck, and show us pics when it arrives!

>> No.9502608
File: 50 KB, 575x409, 1465651525125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear cgl gets worse and worse every summer. Are there really no other alternatives to fakebook and amino? I pretty much just stop looking at anything but instagram once it really hits now.

>> No.9502613

I don't think it's worse now, it's like this all year. Summer holidays haven't started.

>> No.9502618

Some threads are still pretty nice, the ita and snowflake threads have already been hit and people keep trying in the fat thread. COF and nitpick threads always have newbies anyway. Also school has been out in my area for more than a few weeks now. I can't imagine it's that much different for the rest of America.

>> No.9502630

I was just remembering them together because of the time period. My impression of f-yeah lolita girl was from a supremely tedious video interview or panel with several people at some New York event or gathering, I'll see if I can find it again. She wasn't like bad-bad, just kind of frumpy with glasses most would deem unflattering, she's overweight but not huge and average not pretty. Her own appearance did not reflect all the excellent advice on her blog very well. But many fashion writers are like that in all areas, look at Rachel Zoe. People like her site and her Box of Style but they see her on video and often go...'Whaaaa"

>> No.9502655

How do you search for more than one thing on lolibrary at a time? I want to look at black tiered skirts, but I can only either look at all the black items, all the tired stuff or all the skirts, not items that have all those features

>> No.9502675
File: 3.50 MB, 4032x3024, 20170531_131434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As recquested, pet with a bow. I cant say she was pleased, but i doubted i would have an easier time with my tarantula

>doesnt know how to get mobile photos not to be sideways.

>> No.9502751

I want to see the kawaii tarantula!

>> No.9502758

Adorable. Looks just like my pup, but she would legit fight me if i tried to put bows on her.

>> No.9502765
File: 685 KB, 960x6804, petticoat01_en-b0a0bcffc00369d00ff997ff6eb093f4c2a3715ceb3360fc1b78592b859d0b40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Wunderwelt makes petticoats now. The shape looks most like my h.Naoto petti, which is my best one.

>> No.9502777

I love WW but
>Great under A-line dresses
That's clearly a cupcake petti.

>> No.9502783

I'll try one. I'm not giving that replica-wearing Brazilian chick who makes (or resells) petticoats one dime for hers. Traitor to other designers.

>> No.9502785

"FACT: sweet lolitas can never be angry"

>> No.9502789

Haha, their lost auction and missed release tantrums are the WORST, anon. Good one, pull the other leg.

>> No.9502793

Me Likes Tea? I've heard Lor gave a good review.

>> No.9502796

Don't they take months to finish?

>> No.9502797

She wears replicas? I guess I'm not either.

>> No.9502801

Yep, one of the comm members who was sick of so many replica wearers blew the whistle on she and some friends with proof pix a while back on here. They got really mad but it was true so all they could do was stay mad and call the one who outed them bad names.

>> No.9502806

I ordered one from her two years back and she took less than a month. She skyrocketed in popularity since then so the wait time is only because of that not because she is slow.

>> No.9502814

Which country?

>> No.9502818

I'd rather support a Japanese seller who also sells brand than give money to some replica-chan in a third world country. Lolita fashion is originally Japanese so I like to support the Japanese companies when I can. I wonder if Wunderwelts pettis are actually made in Japan?

>> No.9502827

You know most brands dresses are made in China, Trump.

>> No.9502859

No they're not, and when they are it's normally stated on their website

>> No.9502862

ick ick ick like so much ick

and I'm an actual ageplayer and I find diapers horrifying like wtf what is sexy about incontinence I'll never get it

>> No.9502864

Don't be stupid. They clearly state when they are. I have some brand shoes and they're Chinese made, but the dresses are not.

>> No.9502867

They're not. Look at the tags. Only the purses, shoes, and things like usakumyas are typically made in China. And even then you're still supporting the Japanese brand/designers so your argument is shitty

>> No.9502869

Well, well. Now you know how we feel about you too, ick, ick, ick. My nickname for daddy 'doms' is 'babyfuckers'.

>> No.9502874

God damn not everything is about your sex fetish and how you enjoy it. There are adult men who enjoy wearing diapers just for themselves.

>> No.9502879
File: 270 KB, 639x679, 1495356743834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm an actual ageplayer
>flaunting your kink in public

>> No.9502882
File: 18 KB, 391x350, daddykink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when she says she has a daddy kink

>> No.9502886


>> No.9502891

But I wear mostly JetJ and Moitie. Made in Japan. I just like the idea of supporting the companies who are some of the older burando and perpetuate the fashion as a Japanese one. I'm not saying everyone has to but some replica-change in Brazil does fuck all for the international community besides sell a few off-brand petticoats and I don't want my money funding her replicas. Savvy?
I do have one TaoBao dress. It's ok but nothing special either.

>> No.9502892

We did not consent to hear about your kink. Bdsm calls for safe, sane, consensual, doesn't it? You have poor boundaries and social skills. Bad baby.

>> No.9502911

NAYRT but you are super fucking salty. I'm the biggest supporter of democratic socialist systems like you'd find in Sweden but lolita is a luxury good sold on a capitalist free market in what could be described as the ideal form of capitalism, but I'll leave that for another day. It's business. We're not all friends with each other. If something sells for a "scalped" price, the item is worth the price. Items not worth their price to someone somewhere don't sell and if people can easily get it from somewhere/someone else at a cheaper price, they will. Sorry supply and demand pisses you off

>> No.9502924

where have you been breh?

>> No.9502929

fucking fire man. I worry about a spontaneous fire ruining the wardrobe I've worked so long and hard to build all the damn time. so, so worried.

>> No.9502931
File: 47 KB, 450x304, stock-photo-japanese-style-lolita-maid-cosplay-cute-girl-with-board-373046350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9502935
File: 263 KB, 642x1083, 645697489468464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9502943

was going to say needed more vibes

>> No.9502946

was waiting for this

>> No.9502960

>poster of a normie boy instead of some obscure visual kei vocalist

>> No.9502964


the opposite though weirds me out, like when people pretend they have no culture or family history at all. I've never had a tumblr but I wouldn't want to come off like I'm ashamed of who I am because I don't want to be labeled a crazy SJW.
tumblr should probably just get shut down at this point.

I don't mind people mentioning their background. it's not always an intense happening.

>> No.9502974

you need to go out with equally-frilled friends or just wear casual or toned down monochrome stuff.
perhaps practicing the fashion is not for you and you're just a collector?

>> No.9502978

Kairai charges a fee for bank transfer to the sellers but generally is a pretty good deal as they take a commission based on a percentage of the total of your order.

>> No.9503024

Oh my god, I've never met another lolita with it! I do that too, haha. Also, if I go to the bathroom during a meet... I'm probably actually going to nap. What comm are you part of?

>> No.9503044

How do I find her?

>> No.9503047

sadly she doesn't seem to do commissions or main pieces anymore, so that has gotten rid of the wishlists. i commissioned a JSK and underskirt from her a while back and both were really good quality. her and lilyofthevalley are the best quality indie imo
holy shit dude, MLT was not a part of that replica comm. you are mixing up facts. the photo of MLT designer from years ago was her wearing a replica but it was back in the dark ages when brand wasn't easily gotten in the west.
she doesn't wear that replica anymore and makes really good quality pettis.
I wish people would check the archives and stop taking some angry noob's word for it.

>> No.9503050

google kairai LJ

>> No.9503052

Yeah, it sounds like we're around the same age. I remember being stoked for Dix Infernal when I was first learning about and getting into Lolita.

>> No.9503061

I'm sorry, a lolita designer like Me Likes Tea or even a lolita good seller who wears a replica of another lolita designer is absolutely on my 'no buy' list. A lot of us feel this way for a good reason.

Many of us couldn't get brand easily either, many still don't get it because they can't afford it. But we don't buy replicas.

>> No.9503067

Small SS like that usually have a minimum fee, so if you order less than x amount they charge more than the percentage. I do prefer it tough, even if it's a little bit more expensive, because I think there's a reason websites and sellers refuse to work with big SS companies.

>> No.9503069

Even back then a lot of people did look down on replicas, but people change, you shouldn't hold a grudge against something minor a stranger did years ago

>> No.9503094

Yes anon!Or also anything that is dark and refined?I love a lot names that remind me of M10M or Malice songs like La Dix Croix, but I don't think it would be appropriate.
Someone should do a thread to discuss about creating new FB groups that doesn't include angry and salty itas or people that consider lolita just a mere costume. I get bored at Rufflechat sometimes, the topics aren't really stimulating in my opinion except for few.

>> No.9503100

I forgot to add I used to create and play with some visual kei sims in the sims 2, I created also recolors to match better their looks like a Reita sim, a Mana Sama one and Gackt.
>I remember when Mana sim ate too much cake and he got fat
>also when the same Mana sim wanted to fix some appliance and he got burned but still alive
These memories makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

>> No.9503158

I agree for the most part. What I'm not okay with is taking advantage of newbies. It's likely happened to all of us at one point, you can't argue it doesn't hurt the community.

>> No.9503241
File: 564 KB, 2617x2581, 1442191061114-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself

>> No.9503343
File: 188 KB, 1302x1600, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know the name of this dress? I cant find it on lolilibrary

>> No.9503592

Ageplay-chan arises from her slumber to tell us once again that she is, in fact, an ageplayer

>> No.9503597

I think they meant it more as "people who don't post all their pictures tagged #blacklolita and etc" rather than people ignoring their own race

>> No.9503701

>with the intent to wear it
different anon here, but how do you even know if someone "intends to wear it" or not? what about lonelitas who don't post their worn photos online or who aren't in any online communities other than sales comms?
>mfw i'm a lonelita and I never post photos online
>so if i resell my dresses later will people accuse me of being a scalper because they just don't know any better?

>> No.9503844

Not even lolita

>> No.9503882

So I've been wanting to get some tea party shoes from An*Tai*Na for a while and finally asked them for a quote. Apparently they want $45 usd for 1 pair of shoes and $40 for shipping?? I feel like they're asking too much. Did anyone pay around $90 for 1 pair of shoes from them?

>> No.9503888

Good point. I do this too much, " oh thanks but I got ut for $5". Like I just cant taje a complament.
Too many scalpers have join the alternative scene. Tea parties, cons, and now dresses. They need to get real jobs. Everyone wants to make a million on ebay and everyone wants to spends $2 and nake $50 in artist alley. In my county we have a huge car cruise. I went to the sellers side street. A quarter of a mile with the same 15 items. Hardly anyone was buying cause you could buy the same clothes for less at a regular store. It was sad. All the unique things were gone.

>> No.9503904

There is a push for "other than white or asian" lolitas to sit in the back and happily accept the barage of negative crit. The blacklolita tag is for other blacklolitas to not feel isolated. I will never understand the push to stop black lolitas from separating while bashing us. I would bet my paycheck that the people who you are replying to arent black.

>> No.9504562

Lol internet grudge is the saddest bs ive ever heard. Her construction is solid, her prices are good, and shes great with updates. Yall going to ostracize one of the few good seamstresses we have in this fashion so bitches will be back to relying on bodyline and getting second hand deflated leg avenue petticoats on LM because of a mistake (whether or not she even did either) made before 2012? Casual reminder south america isnt the paragon of new hot trends and economic prosperity, especially in early 2000's.

>> No.9504781

No one cares about your blog post and "alternative scene" and constant poorfag whining about "scalpers" or your car cruise that has nothing to do with the secondhand Lolita fashion market.
Also learn grammar and spelling.

>> No.9505647

It's no mistake, she wears or wore replica(s). For some of us that's enough not to buy from her. It's also not like she makes any grand lolita couture as one of the 'few good seamstresses'.
If you wish to buy from her, be my guest but as for me, I prefer to support those better designers who do not personally contribute to art-theft and bootlegs in the fashion they claim to design for.
Bodyline and Leg Avenue aren't the only choices besides Me Likes Replicas, you know. Brands make petticoats and panniers.
People can also try the new Wunderwelt petti or get Classical Puppets or do the old trick with a Malco Modes petticoat for good results. I think Closet Child also sells new petticoats. There are options.

>> No.9506134

>Me Likes Replicas
Damn anon, chill with the salt. If I didn't know better I'd be calling vendetta.

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