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Last time on Lolita General: >>9489848
>New AP Print is Tutti Frutti
>Rinrin Wig
>Friends in Lolita/Out of Lolita
>Selling for Profit
>Goths, man

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How do you feel about the way prints (of sweet brands) have changed? Not talking about quality, just the style/design. Pic related is one of my favourite Baby prints.

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anyone has any news on the GLB? wasn't there supposed to be a 64 coming out? or should I give up hope on them releasing any last issue?

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I liked Baby's simpler "border" prints like Mary in the Sky with Candies (even the name is gold); it's not quite a border print and not quite an allover print, it's detailed without being too busy, and the dress itself is simple to make the print stand out but the bodice still has very nice details on it.
Red is my least favorite colorway but pic related is too nice to not share.

Modern prints are (mostly) nice at but many of them are too busy on the eyes in my opinion.

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I find them too busy these days as well. It makes it much harder for me to incorporate them into my daily wear.

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I miss the older days. 2008 to 2011 will forever be my fave sweet lolita era

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I miss this simpler prints as well. Most of the new prints are massively overloaded. Even though looking at APs new prints it feels like they are taking a few steps back and are going back to less crowded prints.

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I think lolita brands actually offer more for daily wear nowadays, pic related. There's much more variety in cuts, colours and fabrics.

They (especially brands that follow trends like AP) are trying to cater to people who mainly wear lolita to events with such prints.

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>Mary in The Sky with Candies

that really is a fantastic name. thank you for showing me this, anon.

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Gladly! It came out in 2008, around the time I joined the fashion myself, it was a beautiful point in time for lolita in terms of designs.

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Agreed. Pic related are some of my dream items. I don't like when the fabric on the bust is super busy. I like prints, but today's prints are too much and all over the place. Or the cuts are just too ridiculous.

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Shit. Dropped my image.
I also really admire Mary in the sky with candies and that one older thumblina print.

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I really miss these types of toned down prints. When I think about sweet lolita, I think of cute motifs and a gentle look, not OTT sweet or the current princess and chiffon style. Like in pic related, she still looks cute and elegant and sweet but it's not milky planet tier OTT and it's not covered in pearls and chiffon and glitter and the print doesn't look like a painting.

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Anything that expensive and chiffon/sheer isn't really daily wear anon. By my standards at least.

>I think lolita brands actually offer more for daily wear nowadays
Brands used to put out sleeveless cutsews, hoodies, and super simple things out all the time. Their main pieces were a lot less delicate and formal as well. I don't hate new things but that's blatantly false and easily disproven in a quick trip to lolibrary.

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Better pic considering Putumayo still does their own thing.

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But >>9495299 is also really old and it looks very busy

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Those aren't chiffon, most are cutsew material. You can still buy the same basic things you used to but now there is just a lot more different things as well. Baby even has a separate section for oldschool stuff. >>9495299 is also a busy print. I know delicate fabrics and OTT prints are most popular now when it comes to baby and AP, but I personally am much happier with everything I can choose from for daily lolita now.

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None of those have chiffon as the main material. You can still buy the same basic things you used to but now there is just a lot more different things as well. Baby even has a separate section for oldschool stuff. >>9495299 is also a busy print. I know delicate fabrics and OTT prints are most popular now when it comes to baby and AP, but I personally am much happier with everything I can choose from for daily lolita now.

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>None of those have chiffon as the main material.
I'm a daily lolita with pets, any chiffon isn't what I would consider daily wear. As I said in my original post it was by my standards.

>I personally am much happier with everything I can choose from for daily lolita now.

No shame in that, I'm just pointing out having more is definitely not true. Having more you like however is just a matter of opinion.

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2005-2008 is my favourite era for sweet.

I love those appliqué dresses so much!

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Are there any recorder flute prints or accessories? No taobao pls

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I agree anon. I hate the chiffon trend, it isn't suitable for daily at all. I worry about snags wearing it and cleaning it. It looks nice yes, but it's way too annoying to care for. I stick to AP's cotton releases for this reason.
I also own >>9495423 the AP cutsew on the far right and it is far from daily wear with the mesh polka dot design. Even taking off all the bows, it'll get snagged washing it if I'm not careful.

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Are you me? This is exactly what I think about when I hear sweet lolita.
I liked some OTT stuff back then but not much and I dislike nowaday's sweet lolita but this will always be the number one sweet lolita in my kokoro

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For those comparing 2008 sweet and current sweet, I feel like I should point out that you shouldn't really compare btssb 2008 with current-era AP. They're very different brands, AP has always been far more flamboyant and flashy, even in 2008. Lest we forget, 2008 AP released the infamous Radioactive Cupcakes.

Baby is a whole other story altogether, though. I do feel like they're becoming a little more flamboyant because their 2011-2015 releases haven't been as coveted as AP releases.

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I don't think I've ever seen a flute-specific print but maybe this will be to your taste? https://lolibrary.org/items/aatp-dance-of-the-black-cats-jsk-ii

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Sorry but where tf is behind the bows

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did it finally die

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That's true, thank you for pointing this out, anon.

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So I just bought a lucky pack from innocent world and I'm Morrie's about the random sizes I'll get since I normally for their medium/small. Anything large will be too big for me. What's people's experience with them?

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So I just bought a lucky pack from innocent world and I'm worried about the random sizes I'll get, since I normally fit their medium/small. Anything large will be too big for me. What's people's experience with them?

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Hi, does anyone know where to find loliable sunglasses?

Not yet

When I got a LP from them I had to tell them the size I wanted

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Then why hasn't it updated today?

>> No.9495746

Because they're late like all the time?

>> No.9495757

>Not yet
Damn. I can dream then

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That hairstyle looks pretty OTT to me.

Granted I don't have pets, but is brand chiffon super thin or something? I've never snagged any of my Taobao chiffon pieces and it's much easier to launder than cotton because it doesn't wrinkle as easily and need hours of ironing to look right.

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The hairstyle is a bit OTT, true, but it's more outdated compared to what you see today. Poofy hair/pigtails were one of the popular hairstyles for lolita since it's began.

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I like the change, I enjoy looking at prints and being able to guess the era without having ever seen it before. It's like looking at a timeline.

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Have any of you won an auction by hisausa_shirayukihime on Yahoo Japan? Those prices look too good to be true, but I am sorely tempted.

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I actively avoid their listings because I've seen them relist items that people have bid on, more than once. They seem shady to me.

>> No.9495807

Okay it's just on their website it says various sizes. I've sent them an email, fingers crossed. Also is the pack just stuff from this season they want to get rid of or do they sometimes throw in rare stuff?

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I've never snagged any of my brand chiffon, I'm just not comfortable wearing it daily. I only have one dress that I've had to iron like that, but it was due to the pleats. Otherwise my steamer works great and I still have to steam my chiffon as well since it gets creases just sitting in my closet.

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inb4 half of them are taken down lmao

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Found this new AP print on Twitter. I haven't seen previews for it anywhere yet.

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IMO hardly anything on this list is daily wear. White is never a color synonymous with daily wear in my mind, and while Fancy Hospital was a cutsew dress, it looks hard to dress down. Everything else looks like it belongs in a christening, especially the two AP dresses.

When I think daily wear, I think printed cutsews and hoodies, mini skirts, minimal detailing.

Yes, prints these days are way too busy. They never end at the border if they are border prints, they try to combine way too much into one print. Take Dreaming Macaron vs >>9495819, where the print is ginormous and on top of fabric with pin stripes, and the design of the dress has a lot going on (lace detailing, rick rack trim, bib and collar). You'll see that back in the day AP dresses with busier prints usually had a simpler dress design- imagine if Sugary Carnival or Milky Planet came out today and how much extra bows and detailing would be on the dress. Look at Whip Magic >>9495669, the dress design itself is still simple- solid color waist bow to break up the print, chest bow to break up the print, and lace detailing on the bottom, that's it. The print itself was already neon, but it's still cohesive all over the dress, and the socks are relatively simple.

That was not an OTT hairstyle and never has been considered one, fluffy pigtails have always been a lolita thing. She also has minimal hair accessories (just a bow), and using her real hair, not an unnaturally colored wig.

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the last general got me wondering; what is an "acceptable" timeframe for selling on items that you got at a considerable discount?
what if you received them in way better than described condition, or if you got them dry cleaned (which can be very expensive depending on where you live) and fixed any major damages?
what if the shipping was also very expensive?>mfw orders from Japan by EMS can easily go to $40-$150 in shipping, especially if they were large orders

>> No.9495859

it's possible those were bidders who were from overseas; japanese sellers often ban overseas buyers and non-personal shopping services (and/or also male buyers) who don't read their rules and could be relisting if that was often the case

>> No.9495860

dear god it's ugly.

>> No.9495867

I like it, but I'm waiting on the other colors/cuts.
Chocolate, cookies, macarons, ice cream, sundaes, coffee, candy, cakes! even pocky, kek

>> No.9495875

To me, it doesn't matter if it's better than expected condition, it's precisely why I buy from Japanese sellers. They generally are more critical of faults. I also don't care how much you paid for shipping, you're generally buying more than one item especially if you're paying that much. Shipping from Japan usually costs me 870 per item including SS fees, so marking up any more than that is not convincing me to buy from you. Especially if you're from Europe because I obviously can't buy a bunch of items to get the most for the shipping price. If it is in great condition and you sell at market value for a newer release or popular dress, then I'm fine with a slight markup or auction brought high. Otherwise no.
But that's just my opinion. Sell as soon as you want, just be reasonable about it. I can't buy in bulk from you, so you need to make it worth my money.

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Shitty picture is shitty, but I decided to compare new prints to their old print ancestors, because in the last general someone said that the current parfait print is a neo-lolita version of Fruits Parlor.

>> No.9495892

This depresses me more than it should.

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Do any of you gulls know how long the sleeves on Dear Celine OPs usually are? I can't find any measurements. Thank you!

>> No.9495915

Some Japanese seller discounts are incredibly high for such tiny issues, though, like a single pulled thread or like one/two tiny dot marks or shit like that, a single scuff mark on bags or shoes, or items that just generally need a wash and extremely minor repairs.
Like if you got a brand blouse in very like-new condition, what would you sell it for? The deeply discounted price or the market value price? Somewhere in between?

>> No.9495918

Yeah, especially the bottom row. Can someone check on these designers? The prints and the dresses that they're on feel so unbalanced.

A part of me worries that the overall shift in the look of these prints is due to the popularity of taobao brands. Modern AP looks like some of the nicer stuff from there. But they can do better and they HAVE done better. And for AP's prices, they have no reason to be making such ugly shit. What the hell.

>> No.9495925

I'm the one who made the collage and I was worried it was just me and my nostalgia seeing the newer prints as ugly, but there is a discernible difference, not just in the prints but in the designs themselves, everything is so busy. I only compared OP designs once because almost all of the OP designs are garish and OTT and it would've looked too biased.

>> No.9495928

Out of the loop oldfag here- RinRin Wigs? What's that all about? When did she stop going by Layla? I used to remember before she modeled that she would be at the SoCal meets.

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>RinRin wigs
They were posted in the last thread, and they're a bit... unsettling. In my opinion at least. As for her name, I supposed she adopted a cute nickname when she started working with brands more regularly.

>> No.9495953

I think the Dreamy Perfume one (I think that's what it's called? is the one that is the most acceptable. Compared to Rose Toilette, it seems to be equally chaotic, even if the art on the newer one looks a little bit more washed out.

All the others disappoint me greatly. The new Fruits Parlor looks really strange. It's like they tried to do a border print, but the design ended up being enormous and halfway up the skirt. The pale pink makes the whole design blend in, and that trim is horrendous.

The new Country of Sweets has an upsettingly huge print in unpleasant colors and a gross-looking skirt shape.

Whatever this new Star Night Theater thing is, it makes my eyes hurt. The border print is drowning in a sea of patterns and navy blue. (It also took me about 5 minutes to notice there was more than one bow on it. Yuck.)

>> No.9495960

Thanks for the info.
I can see how those wigs are unsettling... it seems strange to make a wig meant to look identical to someone's actual hair.

>> No.9495961

Interesting because to me Dreamy Perfume is the worst, because it shows how uncohesive prints are now, there is nowhere for the eye to focus, it just travels up and down the dress, and it's also the worst dress design out of all of them (five random bows, vs two well placed ones)

I'm biased because I love vertical stripes in prints, so the parfait and dreamy perfume are the worst in my eyes.

>> No.9495966

Another beautiful print ruined by excessive ricrac. I hope there's other cuts that have less of it.

>> No.9495971

That critique is valid, I can totally see where you're coming from. I agree that the eye doesn't know where to focus- the border print isn't distinctly separated and the rest of the print isn't really any smaller or less intense. The design of the dress itself is a trainwreck for sure, though.

>> No.9495978

Every year I get my period on ILD and it amplifies my resting bitch face to a resting cunt face.

>> No.9495982

but does this happen on winter ILD too?

>> No.9496002

For some reason I get lucky with the winter ILD every year. Summer ILD sucks in my area because it suddenly goes from 60 degrees to boiling lava hot within a two week between May and June, resulting in me being bloated and sweaty.

>> No.9496005

None of those things make the item like new. Like new is as implies, nothing is wrong with the item in question. Very good implies worn feeling, but no damages. Good items have minor damages as you described.

If I got a brand blouse in like new condition for cheap, then it would depend on the blouse. If it's a lucky pack item, it's not worth much at all, $25-$40. If it's a fancy chiffon lace blouse, then $80-90. Only more if it's a popular blouse. If it's cotton, somewhere in between there. But again it has to be like new for those prices.
I'm not likely to buy something that has thread pulls or stains unless it's extremely cheap and I plan to do something else with it.

>> No.9496007

I'm sorry anon, I kek'd
but at least you can enjoy winter ILD!

>> No.9496012
File: 10 KB, 236x193, 74e3a6621e10e74f9320e6d823f914be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ricrac makes my heart sad. It's so ugly and cheap. I hope they have other cuts without it too

>> No.9496031


IW does different "packages" of LPs. If it's one where you can select what size you want, it will clearly say so on the sales page. Generally they are less value for the price as well, since they have to sort through and send you things in that size.

The current one they have up is blind, you cannot select the size. This means you'll be getting OPs, blouses in all sizes, and random jumperskirts in whatever sizing, even shoes and sandals/boots in different sizes as well. People normally sort through what they want, and put the rest up for sale.

There's a reason it's 50k yen and they're giving you so much stuff. It's yours now, your job to sort through it and sell whatever you don't want to keep.

>> No.9496068

I think the biggest difference is the print artist. Maki dosen't really do the art for AP prints anymore and all of the older prints listed here were done by Maki. I am not sure who does the new prints now. Imai Kira does some, but the newer designs listed here don't look like her art style.

>> No.9496093

I thought Glass Bottle of Tears was an Imai Kira collab?

>> No.9496110

Are you thinking of Perfume of Wonderland?

>> No.9496159

Just out of curiosity, what were IW's junk/unpopular items over the past seasons? So we can guess what might be in the packs.

>> No.9496160

Thanks for the heads up. I've seen the winter ones with sizing options that's why I was curious. This is my first time ordering one so I'm super excited and nervous. I just know I'm going to end up with all the nice shit in large.

>> No.9496258

What the fuck happened to AP's new stock photos? they look like they're for somebody's shitty etsy.

>> No.9496315
File: 195 KB, 500x600, 05261259_5927a82d5633c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm bothered they didn't straighten out the lace on the left side of this bow. See how it's folded over like that.

>> No.9496358

Nayrt but you do realise most of those use cutsew material and come in different colours?

>> No.9496362

It's still not okay to mark up the price. it was your choice to use EMS and you probably shipped other items as well. Why fix the damage if you know you're going to sell it?

>> No.9496363

Okay, me bad mouthing white was just my own biases. I was just confused as to why you picked all white to demonstate casual wear.

But cutsew material does not automatically make a dress or shit casual. The detailing matters too. IMO the only really casual things you showed is the Fancy Hospital OP, the first BTSSB dress and the short sleeved BTSSB cutsew. The rest could be worn in casual coordinates sure but they don't, on their own, strike me as daily wear.

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File: 111 KB, 1200x675, 5687342900678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of which, pic related looks like Maki's art, doesn't it? I hope it means she's still with AP.

>> No.9496379

What would you guys consider the holy trinity of dresses today?

It used to be
>Iron gate
>Cat's tea party
>Puppet circus

But about two years ago I saw a anons on here saying it was
>Misty sky
>Cat's tea party
>Holy lantern

Do you reckon it's changed again since then? Especially since holy lantern is the new squirrel party now. Everyone and everyone's mother owns it.

>> No.9496381

Isn't Candy the manager of Angelic Pretty? Why would the manager be posting Maki's art if they weren't going to release it?

Also she's visiting the UK in August with Asuka to represent AP. Don't say dumb shit.

>> No.9496392

No need to be so salty anon I was just asking a question.
>Why would the manager be posting Maki's art if they weren't going to release it?
Notice I asked whether it was Maki's art, not if it was going to be released.

>> No.9496430

Maybe it's because I'm an oldfag but I still think Iron Gate, Cat's tea party, and Puppet Circus are the holy trinity. And honorable mention goes to Fleur Antoinette for classic lolitas.

>> No.9496433

Wtf is rufflechat anymore? Is it okay if I post my dream diary as long as I end with a Lolita related question? Am I doing the Lolita community a disservice by not posting about the cheap ribbons sold in macadonia?

>> No.9496441
File: 183 KB, 500x718, tumblr_kz7o7yo0aV1qawb8zo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would not put CTP on the same level as IG and PC, since it is a more recent release.

When I first got into lolita, the god tier prints were Iron Gate, Puppet Circus, and for AP, the carnival applique OP, or Mermaid Symphony and Twinkle Mermaid. Country of Sweets was a rare one too.

I also remember a time when Vampire Requiem was rare and sought after, and there was a lot of wank about the dude who turned the skirt into pants.

When OTT sweet was a thing of course Milky Planet and Sugary Carnival were coveted, usually in specific colorways.

>> No.9496533

CTP regularly sells for 1.5k-2k

>> No.9496540

>Cat's Tea Party
>Iron Gate?
>BTSSB Kuragehime OP that sold for $8000/8k yen?
Misty Sky and HL both had rereleases recently.
But I guess you could say the gradient Misty Sky is coveted by a few.

>> No.9496560

I saw a girl wearing sort-of casual lolita clothing at my local supermarket just then and she was super cut.e I wanted to ask her for a photo but that would have been weird probably.

Do you guys wear this stuff out and about normally?

>> No.9496568

I do.

>> No.9496571

Of course. I wear my frills to work too. Regardless of what people have made of it, it's street fashion and meant to be worn like regular clothes.

>> No.9496582

I wear my stuff daily though I don't usually take photos of my outfits unless I'm getting really fancy for a meetup or im out with friends and want to take cute pictures together in our casual coords (because it's fun Why not). Probably don't ask for a photo it's awkward and weird but please say hi. It's always fun to run into people who know or wear the fashion, even if they aren't wearing it at the time.

>> No.9496583
File: 222 KB, 500x600, 05261207_59279bee2a086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The blouse that came out today is either horrible or really cute.

>> No.9496584

Different anon but some items sell better/faster if you fix them beforehand, especially if the damages are minor.
It's not really "marking up the price" if you fixed the damages imo.
That said, sometimes you can only use EMS to order things, too (like the IW happy packs that were just released)
And if you think 99.99% of others aren't marking up their used/secondhand items too, you're obviously mistaken. There's also market values for used items to consider.

>> No.9496598

that photo is fucking horrible yikes

>> No.9496606

its really cute

>> No.9496609

Wtf is that headdress???

>> No.9496611

Thought those were burgers at first.


>> No.9496612

Tfw when you realize it's been a decade since those were released..

Tfw hate the new "versions"

>> No.9496616

I agree that it's sought after now, but it's also only four years old, while iron gate and puppet circus are over a decade old.

>> No.9496618

not even gonna lie, i'd wear kawaii burgers

>> No.9496622

I think the old style of print used to feel more "painterly" as opposed to t the sharp, vector graphics on today's dresses. A lot of the older techniques like applique, pintucks, etc appeal to me a lot more as well.

>> No.9496629
File: 189 KB, 294x282, 1455949922024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I like it...

>> No.9496631

I usually hate all the new versions of the dresses. But I actually think the new parfait is better than Fruits Parlor. Im probably a little biased though because I fucking hate fruits parlor

>> No.9496679
File: 63 KB, 410x640, 80338_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfag please. This isn't the first time that brands have made usamimi. I always thought they were cute years back when they first became popular in gyaru, and was super excited when they crossed over to Lolita. They look god aweful on my thin limp hair, but I love the look on other girls

>> No.9496682

AP says "buy it anyway"

>> No.9496684

Is Marionette in my Closet Room still coveted? It seems like it hasn't held its value as much as the other most coveted dresses.

>> No.9496738

I think it'll be really cute in person.

>> No.9496816

>still giving a shit about secrets

>> No.9496817

IG was legendary in 2009 when it was just three years old so I don't see the issue with CTP being on that level.

>> No.9496825

I am actually kind of dissapointed that radioactive cupcake has increased in second hand value recently. 2 years ago you could probably pick up the set for $80, now some listings have gone up to $200. I'm not sure if it has been selling at that price, but I kind of want to pick it up for my self cause the print gives me cringe nostalgia so I want it's tacky glory badly.

>> No.9496833

I love usamimi for casual coords. I'm sad we're slowly seeing less of them.

>> No.9496835

As long as you're not selling it to make a profit

>> No.9496847

I want btb or lolita secrets to be relevant again, is this kind of anon bitching just dead outside of cgl these days or is it where it is hosted that has killed it? I miss doing my facial then sitting down with my tea to read secrets. I know this has probably been discussed before, but can btb work on another platform? Is it worth migrating it? Personally I often would love to make bitchy secrets but with the posting format and schedule (didn't they change it to only uploading on a specific day?) I just can't be bothered.

Yeah absolutely, I think lolita moving away from street fashion is a product of OTT trends so a lot of new lolitas don't realise that you can pick up an "easy dress" or something a bit older and really tone it down for dailywear and enjoy the fashion more. But as >>9496571 says it is supposed to be worn like regular clothes and so within "regular clothes" there are different clothes for different occasions. I have my "tracksuit" lolita dresses for errands, or popping out to the shops, print ones normally are nicer and need more thoughtful coording and so are for meetups and dates with friends. Then of course for tea parties or special occasions I have my more fancy formal wear.

I am like this too, I never really take coord photos unless for a special occasion or with friends. I think it is like when people post pics of their fancy home made dinners on SM, It doesn't make them look like great cooks it just makes them look like cooking something nice is a special occasion for them. Because it isn't a special occasion I have never felt compelled to take pictures.

It is both terrible and great. If it was made out of cheaper fabrics it could be MAM

Slightly off topic, but I understand this feeling as well. I was looking on Royal Albert and I didn't even want anything because it all looked like vector graphics. I was really disappointed since I have saved up to get a nice tea set.

>> No.9496850

I think it's just dead or has moved to cgl. Other (mostly fandom) communities on livejournal still manage to exist fine but lolitas just don't care enough about btb to be bothered. I don't think they would care enough to move to another platform either. You don't have to submit secrets on one specific day, but the submit post has to be made by the person who posts the secrets that week.

>> No.9496853

100% agreed. Best of the old and on the cusp of the new.

>> No.9496856

Things I used to post as secrets I just post in the unpopular opinions or feels threads here as appropriate. Sure, they're not in a cute picture format, but the content is there.

>> No.9496864

Do I have any chance chance to lay my hand on the Die Walkure jacket and skirt? (not interested on the nazi accessories)

>> No.9496867
File: 216 KB, 756x600, KERAmobile7_shinshoujo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think of Kera Style? I'm kind of annoyed most of the text is on images so I can't translate it.

>> No.9496868

You have a chance but it's very rare. Maybe look for other military styled lolita in the meantime. Besides Meta, Aterlier Boz and Excentrique also have some of that style I think.

>> No.9496876

I love it, it's like all my favourite things about oldschool with more modern styling. I just wish they wore more casual burando.

>> No.9496917

You can translate images with the Google translate app

>> No.9496927
File: 9 KB, 807x71, aaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone please enlighten me on what does this thing mean?
Ayaka is the name of the seller of one of the items i've ordered on fril.
I-I'll get it right?

>> No.9496930

It says:
Akio Namiki and Kera present:
'A New Girl's World'
Serial Vol. 16
'A secret meeting'

More or less anyway, not sure about that first name

>> No.9496931

Oh I'm an idiot, I misread and thought you just wanted that image translated. Well, if you upload something specific I'll take a look at it for you! Sage for incompetence

>> No.9496934


Honestly, I put it in the same block as the kuragehime dress and that one colourway of IW’s Mawaru Penguindrum set that's show-accurate. They all have higher value because they’re crossovers with another fandom, so when you find the handful of lolitas who are into the anime/artist/dolls, then it’s a coveted dress. When Marionette in my Closet Room hits yja the end price generally tends to be higher than it should be for a dress that’s 3-4 years old.

Outside of that small, select group, though, it’s hard to find people who actually care either way.


Wasn't there a JetJ dress and a btssb fancy MTO that ended at $1mil/100k yen? The MTO at least got a re-release so maybe the kuragehime dress still holds the crown for most expensive dress, but I still think the jellyfish dress is really only coveted by a small handful of newer lolitas. I don’t know if I’d give it holy grail status since most other lolitas don’t seem to care all that much about it.

>> No.9496936

I can't find that app, only on my cellphone.

>> No.9496937

Thank you anyway, I don't have anything specific in mind tough, if you see anything interesting it would be great if you could share!

>> No.9496942


Some time ago, some other anon proposed that each substyle had their own Holy Trinity. That’s probably what you saw, because it doesn’t make sense that three AP dresses are the Holy Trinity for all lolita, across all substyles. Iirc, classic lolita had some JetJ dress in their list, the gothic one was pretty Moitie-dominant though.

I don’t really think Holy Lantern is the new squirrel party yet. You should be seeing girls hyped up for Horror Garden or whatever Halloween release is coming up next if it’s true, but instead girls keep dissing the new Halloween prints, saying that HL is still superior to Magic Amulet or whatever. I guess that’s part of the power of a Holy Grail dress, even when every girl and ita can have one, people still want it.

(Kinda wondering if I messed up not ordering Misty Sky MTO, going by your list there may never be a lower price for me to obtain it at. RIP me).

>> No.9496952

Would you say Celestial is not on the holy Grail list (pun not intended heh)

>> No.9497027

I feel like there was/is a holy trinity for each substyle too. Like sweet was milky planet, sugary carnival, and dream sky. Classic-sweets seem to have their own, same with "ap goths" as well as "timeless lolitas" (the ones who typically consider iron gate and puppet circus part of the HT).

That said, how fucked am I in still trying to find a fancy hospital JSK in white? I feel like I have seen absolutely none on the second hand market.

>> No.9497029

>fancy hospital JSK
That is a recent release, why would a lot of people sell it already?

>> No.9497034

When does the second issue of Eternita come out? Where can I find that kind of information?

>> No.9497077

Often there is a tiny surge of re-selling right after a dress comes out, some scalping others just trying to get their money back because they didn't like it for xyz reason.

I've seen the OPs everywhere but hardly any JSKs, and none in white.

>> No.9497081

I want the JSK in pink so i feel you anon.

>> No.9497206


>> No.9497239

Sorry I can't be of more help but it does say "win 5", that means they got all your items, doesn't it? I imagine they would have contacted you otherwise.

>> No.9497255

Yes, they managed to get your items. Now you have to wait for them to be shipped to the Japonica office and when they receive them they'll contact you then.

>> No.9497294

it's not worth that even now.
just wait for it to pop up used on Mercari, Fril, Yahoo Japan, possibly Closet Child etc. I've seen it listed even less than $80 a ton of times.

>> No.9497296

Oh yeah right! Thanks gulls. I was more worried about the "5/21~6/21" thing. Because I need them by the 20th june.
I'm a worry wart

>> No.9497309
File: 595 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170528-114821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not too sure but I just saw this

>> No.9497319

Ugh, it's so close to looking right, but that cut is nightmarish and unflattering. The border is too small and low, and the scattered design above it is too sparse and just a tad too big.

AP please im dying just make it good again

>> No.9497360

Oh, that's the duration of your order, Japonica can hold on to your items for about 30 days before they have to ship them out. You can choose to have everything shipped out to you once your items reach their warehouse.

>> No.9497366
File: 254 KB, 756x913, KERAmobile7_kantou_girl8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you please translate/tell us what the small text on pic related says?

Adorable! I don't wear sweet but I love how the print is done. If there's a black colourway and casual cut I might get it.

>> No.9497370
File: 166 KB, 480x270, 08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9497372

this looks like bodyline tier

>> No.9497375

Who design/draw the print? A 5-years old?

>> No.9497378
File: 12 KB, 236x314, c34ccede5e7fe19af0a22b6e2237b963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you even lolita?

>> No.9497379

Looks like fucking bodyline, anon

>> No.9497387

Yes, and sorry ahead of time if any of it sounds awkward! I should probably disclose I'm not a lolita, I just saw the japanese while scrolling through.

The text on the right is:
"Shirai, who takes note of the sweetness of lolita daily, in casual punk featuring a t-shirt."

On the left:
"Even with 'hard' accessories interwoven, her heart and her collar still keep a sense of 'ojou.'"

The very bottom:
"Neo-lolita x punk"

>> No.9497390

Anon. I appreciate the effort, but please don't take screenshots and post the original pic next time.

>> No.9497394

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

>> No.9497397
File: 16 KB, 213x219, 18278144_360559457679070_2359757279826967533_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I see! Thank you anon. It got me worried
Went to the seller 's account and apparently she ships like a week after because she got kiddos so it's normal it's not there yet. Thank god. Let's hope things go smoothly, one of these things is a gift for my gf.

>> No.9497405

No problem, if you've got anything else you'd like translated feel free to ask! I always like the practice

>> No.9497407

Seconding this. It looks like something Bodyline would make.

>> No.9497408

No problem, I'm sure it'll be fine! Ask for EMS if you want to be sure it gets to you quicker.

>> No.9497410

Careful, or we might ask you to translate the entire last issue of GLB if it's ever released.

>> No.9497415

Lol hey, as long as you give me a link to it I'll work on it... can't promise it'll be fast or 'good quality' exactly, but you know

>> No.9497419

I wish I could. I live in Europe and customs are absolute hell and they're quicker to pound your ass if you take EMS. Even if they almost always get you anyway. Bless Japonica for lowering the value on the package

Any other yuropean gulls suffering from the hellish customs?

>> No.9497424 [DELETED] 

I can email you some scans once I have my copy or post them here!

I'm thinking 63 was the last issue and there won't be a 64?

>> No.9497426

I've never had to pay customs because my SS always marks it down and packages it the right way

>> No.9497428

I can email you some scans once I have my copy or post them here!

I'm thinking 63 was the last issue and there won't be a 64? >>9495311 has me confused

>> No.9497443

Yeah, I set up a throwaway in the title if you want to email, or I'll check here periodically if anything is uploaded

>> No.9497868
File: 592 KB, 640x480, 12415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone own the IW Millefeuille lace boleros and can tell me if the lace is more gold or cream IRL? Despite them being really popular I've never seen one in person, and I'm wondering if the gold would be out-of-place and awkward to match (I own a lot of IW items with cream lace but very little with gold).

>> No.9497904

I wished that angelic pretty made their boarder prints smaller and the monkeys paw granted my wish ):

>> No.9497912

its more gold IMO anon.

>> No.9497921
File: 52 KB, 320x240, kerashopkanazawa-2013-02-22T17 52 51-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hm, IDK then. I own pic related but I'm not sure if the golds would match IRL.

>> No.9497943

Is a 10 main piece (all brand) wardrobe considered small? What would be an ideal number for you gulls? I'm thinking 20 imo

>> No.9497948

Also how much coords do you do with a dress before considering selling it or something like that? Do you repeat your outfits?

>> No.9497957

It really depends on how often you wear lolita, and how cohesive your wardrobe is. If you're only intending on wearing lolita maybe once per week, 10 dresses is more than enough, but for daily wear you're basically looking at 30+ dresses unless you intend on wearing the same dress more than once per month.

I'm at 15 main pieces right now, but my goal is to have 30+ dresses, adding more as I find dresses that I really like.

>> No.9497976

I'm going to my first ILD event ever, and I'm wondering if it'd be more acceptable to wear a toned up toy parade low waist sk coord or if I should go with a bodyline jsk coord? All of my burando is more on the casual side so I'm not sure what to do....

>> No.9497982

Yes, considered small. We've had threads on this topic before (quite recently actually), search the archives. There was one on the ideal wardrobe recently, and various surveys on wardrobe size, as well as a wardrobe survey Rainedragon did on Rufflechat.

I think at least 30, personally, and I'm not even a lifestyler. 50-60 if you wear lolita daily. I have nearly 50 dresses right now (30-something brand) and it feels like a bit much, probably because I haven't had a clearout in a while, but there's still a lot more I want to buy. There are 60 dresses on my wishlist but I'd be happy with ten and a few more basic pieces.

I have a really bad habit of repeating outfits or repeatedly wearing the same piece. Usually when I do a dry run of a coord before a meet I'll try it out in a few different ways and decide based on which is most weather/location-appropriate, but because the other coords are fresh in my mind I always want to wear them again ASAP too. I say it's a bad habit because I only wear lolita out once or twice a month, so only a fraction of my wardrobe even gets touched as it is and repeating outfits is a bit of a waste (especially since I don't have a decent camera and have virtually no opportunity for nice photos outside meets). I'm sure my comm think my wardrobe is a lot smaller than it is just because I repeat favourite pieces so much. I have a lot of solids and basics as well so it's easy for me to come up with a lot of different coords for them I don't tend to repeat prints/OTT pieces often and I have bought prints for an event and sold them right after before.

>> No.9497983

Unless your comm has a particular theme, wear what makes you happy and comfortable. My comm's meet is really relaxed, so I'm doing a toned down classic MM coord, but I feel the fancier the event, the fancier the coord.

>> No.9497984

ILD is just about looking your best, you don't have to be OTT, just look good.

>> No.9497985

Wear brand.

>> No.9497990

Thanks! We're going out to a pastry shop, so I don't think that's the fanciest of events. I'm really looking forward to it.

>> No.9497997

Does anyone have any experience with getting a custom designed dress made? Lady Sloth is the only one I know of that will do custom orders and I'm wondering if there are others.

>> No.9498025

It really depends if they are prints and how often you wear them to meets although the numbers others have posted are an accurate way to judge too.
But think, if you wear one main piece to one meet per month, then 10 will last you a long while with no repeats. However if you are a daily lolita or even attend 2-3 meets per month, 10 isn't that many at all before you are repeating a main piece. People notice, especially with prints.
So in the end, I would say it depends more on your personal wearing pattern than an arbitrary number. If you only wear lolita once in a while and you like other fashion styles, 10 main lolita pieces (and the additional pieces needed for full coordinates) might be plenty for you, only buying a special favorite piece once in a while. That's a good way to collect!

Personally, the more pieces I have, the more I will wear them so as a lifestyler, I'm shooting for 75-100 main pieces, about 1/2 unprinted. I'm over 50 now so I'm still adding, collecting the non-printed pieces and some older prints second hand as I go along so I keep my budget ready to splurge on the new prints I like, which usually come out several in a row at holiday time.
Buy for your needs and your budget and don't underestimate the power of the supporting pieces and accessories, they are nearly as important as the main pieces overall.

>> No.9498034

I agree with this, I'm really surprised to see so many people not wearing at least a little brand on ILD, preferably Japanese brand. It's the 2 meets of the year only that we really are representing the fashion.

>> No.9498048

Not thin but I've snagged an expensive Baby chiffon dress just taking coord shots in my room

>> No.9498049

speaking of wardrobes, what's the largest you've ever seen?
are there any wardrobes with over 100+ dresses?

>> No.9498051

did a custom sized dress with lady sloth

construction and fit was solid, she made the design changes i requested without issue, print was clear. my only issue was that the fabric itself is a little odd, it's quite stretchy and light like workout wear. can't tell when i wear it tho.

i think she's pretty good for the price and is willing to change up design if you're not a fan of her choices.

>> No.9498059

What SS are you using, holy shit. I pay way more than that and I've tried 3 different ss

>> No.9498069

It's not about representing the fashion because normies don't know that ILD exists, it's really about wearing lolita "for no occasion" so only somebody's personal taste should matter unless they're attending an OTT event.

I agree that Toy Parade is probably >>9497976's best bet though, I've never seen complaints about salopettes/shorter brand skirts at meets IRL, just at /cgl/. Maybe it depends on how OTT your comm is but my comm would definitely not have a problem with it, even on ILD. If it's your first meet ever brand helps to make a good impression and show that you're serious about the fashion - there are people who wear Bodyline well, but you'd be surprised how many Bodyline-chans there are who discovered Bodyline through cosplay and don't know anything about lolita outside that website, so there are a lot of lolitas who will assume you're new/clueless just because you're wearing Bodyline and it could affect who you get to meet or sit with. Unfortunate, but it happens.

>> No.9498091

Yes, there are some lolitas with really large wardrobes who post on EGL during wardrobe post season every year. Unfortunately I can't remember many of their online handles. Are you new, anon?

>> No.9498098

I hate the old Fruits Parlor because I think the stripes look horrible and tacky, but I like the actual design of the parfait print on it more. I'd prefer a hybrid between the two.

>> No.9498099

How often do you repeat your prints at meets? Do you reserve your printed velvets, glitter prints and chiffon pieces for more fancy meets? I tend not to wear my OTT coords as much and reserve my stamped velvet pieces and prints with glitter for meets only because I know they have a limited cleaning tolerance before the print cracks on velvet or the glitter rubs off but my regular cotton and chiffon prints, I wear more. I'm pretty good with my clothes and don't snag chiffon easily though so I'll wear those more often than if I was clumsy.

>> No.9498108

Representing to each other as in an excuse to show off our best, rarest or otherwise noteable pieces. Some comms do this. No one cares about non-lolitas any day much less on ILD.

If a casual brand skirt is the best brand you have, and you have a blouse and accessories to complete a nice coord, I'd wear it over something Bodyline but you might want to check and see what others are wearing or look at past ILD meets from your comm too. Some comms tend to dress up more for ILD, others don't.

>> No.9498130

depends on where you live. maybe ask in your comm if anyone knows a good seamstress around

>> No.9498153
File: 27 KB, 181x143, dizzykumya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does kumakumya wear a bear hood if he's already a bear? Is there kumakumya/usakumya lore that I don't know about?

>> No.9498154

How much do you pay per item? Obviously I can't get that rate buying one thing, but buying bulk (excluding heavy items like shoes, books, and bags), it's pretty typical for me.

>> No.9498166

The mysteries of usa- and kuma- kumya are many and beyond our humble mortal ken, nonny.

>> No.9498207

he's modelling his own merch obvs

>> No.9498216

I wear lolita 2-5 times a week and I'm fine with a wardrobe of 18 main-pieces. I only sell or trade something when my style changes.

>> No.9498308

Japonica marks packages as gifts, too, if you didn't know.

>> No.9498435

I really want to take more photos of my dresses but I'm not great at taking flat lay photos. Any tips?

>> No.9498442

get a cheap dressform

>> No.9498448

Get a tripod, use your timer and take worn outfit pix. I'm always bored to see flat lay or mannequin photos.

>> No.9498460

Check your Joann's. Mine has had "decorative" dressforms on clearance for $34 for MONTHS.

>> No.9498515

Anywhere from 12-20 in recent shipments, I got fucked by one large order being split up stupidly that led to the $20 one

>> No.9498531

Not American anon

I want to take some flat lays for my insta not for anything else. I don't mean to sound rude but I like flat lays. I take photos of my coords outside too.

>> No.9498534

>>9495594 I've pets too, but I love chiffon because it is so easy to wash, light and breathing and I never had it break. I'm I'm a clumpsy person who breaks a lot...

I only dislike full sheer chiffon blouses, because you'll see all the seams on the inside trough. But the more opaque ones are really nice. Sheer ones just on sleeves and such are fine tho.

>>9495770 Both brand and TaoBao in my case. Had Moi-Meme-Moite and IW as brands with Chiffon items I own.

>> No.9498559

in other countries they should have stores that sell dressforms too, mostly stores that sell decoration for your house, so you might wanna look into that

>> No.9498564

This might sound a bit strange but for that kind of shots I take pics while standing on a chair or a ladder. It actually helps a lot, especially if you're short.

>> No.9498602


Actually, he does have a backstory! I will try to find the actual translation but the gist of it is: usakumya was a regular bear until one day he saw a rabbit and he was just overcome by its cuteness. He dreamed of being so cute and every day he cried that he wasn't. Then he went to Baby and found a rabbit ear capelet. He put it on and looked in the mirror- his eyes were red from all the crying- and finally his dream had come true.

The part about the crying/ red eyes is so weird and creepy but I love it because I always loved how vaguely creepy the bags were (lol)

I'm not sure about kumya kumya, but maybe we can infer he was a bear who dreamed of being a cuter bear?

>> No.9498610

Good lighting, use a tripod and timer to make the photos sharp, color correct and adjust brightness/contrast in photoshop. There are some instagram flat lay tutorials on YouTube, not for lolita but same general principles apply. Basic good photo composition.

>> No.9498615


For those of you who purchased the BABY, THESTARSSHINEBRIGHT mook released on July 22nd, 2012, there was a page where it tells the story of how Usakumya got his name!

“Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same.

Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.
The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.“

>> No.9498650

I died anon, this is so cute. I am making my teddy a bunny bonnet ala btssb.

One day I will have my antique Usakumya.

>> No.9498668

This is so tacky and silly, I love it. Thank you for sharing, anons!

>> No.9498731

So, question: I posted a comedic song about lolita several months back that you guys seemed to really dig. (Thank you to whoever started calling me ukulele sama that always made me feel really good)

So the question is this: If I wrote more, mostly lolita/jfashion oriented material would you guys be interested in live performances at cons and megameets? Most of my material is really serious but I can write funny stuff too. I have a theater/improv background so I can do a little stand up, improvise some stuff, maybe some friendly teasing of the audience. And if I have enough notice I can do two sets, a serious one and a funny one. Or I can do a two act set with a little Q&A intermission.

>> No.9498739

I think it would be really cool to see lolita/jfash themed songs being played at cons, panels, and larger events.

Side note, still waiting for you to upload that stockholm syndrome song. That shit was amazing

>> No.9498742

There was a video where some normal Japanese girls visited Baby the Stars Shine Bright and the shop girl explained this to them, but I've forgotten which. I remember they were quite normie Japanese girls/journalists and they got a make-over?

>> No.9498751

I'm happy with visual kei performances, Idon't know what people in other jfashions listen to or what your song was. Might be more popular if you make songs for weebs.

>> No.9498759

I know it's uncommon in the West to call your coord aka Lolita or sax Lolita, but I wonder why?

>> No.9498771

My guess is that the other monochrome coord names (other than shiro and kuro that is) simply didn't catch on in the west. They're not a very common sight either; I've seen all red coords but I don't recall all sax or all pink.

>> No.9498815

Y'see the weird thing about that is I have a demo of it I recorded when I was sick (Like in the hospital sick) But I recorded it with one of the staff members and they've never replied to my emails requesting the mp3. So what I'll do is record it at my bf's in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have a preview of my next lolita related song, GTFO my EGL

I don't think you guys realize I daydream about this kind of stuff. Performing for you, writing music for you, interacting with you, making cute merch for you...it'll be an uphill battle but I'm not afraid to ask you guys for your help. Help with what exactly? Just being yourselves. You all have been so kind and supportive of my music in the past, and I know a good bit of you want more material from me. But when you guys tell me my music brings you joy that's literally all I could ever want.

Seriously. We're just starting this relationship, kinda. We just met. So I'm gonna break the ice by trying to make you laugh with funny material. But eventually I wanna have enough of a support audience to where I can bare my soul to you and show you the deeper stuff I write.

Together, lolita and music are two of the only things that help me fight my depression and chronic illness. And I wouldn't continue to do either of those things without /cgl/. Seriously, you guys get a lot of shit but the vast majority of you are kindhearted and supportive. And I can trust that you're being real BECAUSE you're all anonymous and you have nothing to lose by saying what you really think.

So how about it, gulls? Wanna go on an adventure with me? Wanna make some art and look good doing it? I'm gonna try to get an EP together in the coming months of nothing but comedic songs and after that release I'll start looking into doing some live shows.

>> No.9498831

I don't think all red or all sax blue coords caught on that much even in Japan like all white or black ones did but also few western people call Sweet "Ama-Rori" either because it's kinda weebish, I guess? Not sure why kuro and shiro stuck with us either though?

>> No.9498836

So id like to hold a little raffle for my comms ILD but im not sure what would be good prizes for it or how many prizes I should bring, So far it looks like itll be a small meet, maybe like a little over 10 girls.

As for prizes I have got like never worn OTK's, some faux pearl jewelry, one of those angelic pretty novelty plates. Not sure what else I could try to add.

>> No.9498847

That would be awesome anon! I really enjoy your work. Would be amazing if you performed at something like rufflecon.

>> No.9498853

Ugh, goals. I would love to. My act can get a bit out there but I think I can make write some more tame jokes. (I have a whole bit about triple fortune I wrote that got a lot of laughs). And I'll make sure to have them screened by staff. I'm very far from Rufflecon but I'm close to Dragoncon. I might attempt to perform at Silk Road this year, just me and the ukulele, and tape my act. I also perform at a local open mic called No Shame, lemme see if I can find those videos...

>> No.9498856

Are you based in a place where you could get to some cons yourself and well enough to be able to book months in advance? Most acts like yours perform for free and pay their own expenses until they are known at least a bit before anyone pays for travel or expenses for you to guest at events.

>> No.9498857

Well, turns out those don't exist. But when I release the EP, goal is 9 months but if I push it I can probably release it in 6. It'll be on Spotify and Bandcamp for pay what you want; you guys don't owe me anything unless you actually just genuinely wanna help me out and support my work.

>> No.9498858

You know, I wasn't exactly interested until I read this post but now I am. You definitely have my support and if I can I'd love to draw some music related fan art

>> No.9498860

Do not mind performing for free. Actually submitting my panel to Silk Road today. I have a friend in midtown I can crash with and it's my bf's turn to pay for the badges this year since I did last year. So expenses are nbd this time around.

>> No.9498879

Awwwwe I hope you guys realize every time you draw me I save those image in a folder that keeps growing to use later (with your permission of course) for blogs and other social media. I love your art!

>> No.9498888

Very cool! Try to get some live footage of you performing for an audience as a demo reel, so people can see the audience reacting positively to you! I think that would really help you get some convention gigs.

>> No.9498897

I'll see what I can do about getting someone to film me this friday at open mic. I need to get a nice camera so I can restart my youtube channel too.

>> No.9498916

I'd definitely follow you on YouTube, make sure to post it here or in the YouTube thread!

>> No.9498920

It's a blank slate atm. Gonna start uploading once I get a decent cam.

>> No.9498930

I sometimes see red x white coords and even printed red mainpieces called aka lolita too, but I'm not sure if that's looked down upon by other lolitas. Same with sax.

>> No.9498945

I'm retarded. I kept thinking of this as "also known as" and I thought you guys were using it as a placeholder for a color.

>> No.9498958

Shiro and kuro stuck around because kuro especially is a really useful way to distinguish between gothic coords and all-black coords in other colourways. It was used that way since the beginning as well, if you look at early western and Jp sources about lolita you can see a lot of chatter about how lolitas are very insistent that kuro lolita (more often used for black sweet coords, even though it's a catch-all term for any all-black coord) and gothic are different but non-lolitas struggle to tell the difference. You don't get sax gothic coords or w/e so it's not as necessary to have an extra word to distinguish it when you can just call it sweet lolita.

Also the west tends to use shiro and kuro to mean coords that are ENTIRELY that colour, with not even a tiny bit of any other. An entirely red or sax coord would be a bit of an eyesore, and saxxwhite and redxwhite have been unpopular for years.

tl;dr kuro is a useful word, aka and sax lolita are kind of redundant.

>> No.9498968

I think also because kuro and shiro had that whole twinning thing going on

>> No.9498972
File: 74 KB, 1125x606, IMG_4422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The last part of the meow_tan/girlonsunday interview went up recently. She admits to lurking herself and surprisingly talks about cgl in a positive way.

>> No.9498973

Yeah, mines is creeping close to 110. Before you ask, multiple wardrobes

>> No.9498977
File: 150 KB, 900x675, 4422_900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm struggling gulls. I have a great gothic wardrobe but I keep seeing sweet stuffed animal prints I want. I can't afford to have both a sweet and gothic wardrobe and I don't feel like myself in sweet. What do I have to do to get a non-sweet stuffed animal print damn it.

>> No.9498982

seconding what you're saying.
I miss older designs so much but well, at least now i don't wanna throw 300$ on a single dress and these are all going for wayyy cheaper than before. Got Fruit Parlour AND Star Night Theater for that price

>> No.9498984

That's useful, and yet people still fuss over whether some all-black or mostly-black coords are gothic, classic, sweet or a mishmash. I'ma just say kuro, kuro, kuro and happily wear black, black and black.
I really admire the kuro wardrobe post every year, I'm always inspired to keep adding black pieces but I don't think I could fully do it through my whole wardrobe. Maybe a 'my kuro year' or 1/2 year. Very cool, thank you.

>> No.9498988

Meaning multiple sub styles or multiple closets? I'm just over 50 main pieces with accompanying pieces and am close to outgrowing a standard double closet. Admittedly the closet system could be a better one but it's still going to be over-grown by the end of the year.

>> No.9498991

How often do you wear your main pieces?

>> No.9498992

>i can't afford to have both a sweet and gothic wardrobe
black colorways of sweet pieces tend to go for really cheap, why not give it a try and flip it if you hate it? you say that you don't feel like yourself in sweet but you might change your tune.

>> No.9498993

I bought 2 damaged-bodice JSK in sweet prints I like and made pillows. I don't like to WEAR sweet but I like it, kind of how I like Hello Kitty stationery and sundries but I don't wear kitty chan t-shirts. I admit, black and blue usakumya large bag still tempts me a bit but I wear a lot of plain black too.

>> No.9498996

Several times a week, more when I'm not being lazy. Also about 2 meets per month, average.

>> No.9498999
File: 141 KB, 400x300, 400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't despair anon, you can do both! I own cotton candy shop in black and it sticks out a lot from my otherwise gothic and oldschool wardrobe but I can still coord it easily as most of what I own is black and can suit many styles. Sweet in black is good because it's more wearable and prints in black are often the cheapest since they're not very popular atm but that's a benefit imo.

>> No.9499001

I've tried sweet when I stated lolita, I have a friend who wears sweet too. I know I would hate it. I really just want a stuffed animal print but if it looks like usual AP I would never wear it.

>> No.9499005

Nayrt but if the bittersweet snowflakes weren't so annoying I'd be tempted. I wear fairly sweet plain black things with no prints just a buttload of bows and frills. I always did like SC in black though and it's not crazy expensive anymore. Maybe...

>> No.9499008

I never even hear anyone mention bittersweet besides when people complain about it. Why are people so butthurt about having a different word for pastel prints on black dresses?

>> No.9499011

Ukulele-sama or whatever back again. Would you guys like me to start a small facebook group for fans? I'll have to bite the bullet and start a new facebook just for lolita but I'm cool with that. I wanna interact with you guys; I don't like the idea of separation between an artist and their fanbase.

>> No.9499015
File: 40 KB, 450x570, iwdollmuseumjsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's always this Innocent World dress that has bears and dolls on it. It leans towards creepy, but it'd be right at home in a gothic wardrobe.

>> No.9499016

Wonderful. It kind of reminds me of a JPG bag too.

>> No.9499020

Maybe start your own page first instead of a fan group? Starting your own group for fans might rub people the wrong way.

>> No.9499025

Maybe. IDK. I started a separate facebook for lolita just now so I can get messages directly do that instead of setting up a separate email so maybe once I have a good amount of friends there I'll start a group for us where I can make announcements. I just like the idea of a close knit community.

>> No.9499033

Didn't see anything about this being against the rules and idk if it's frowned upon. But my name on fb is Charlotte Sinclair and there's a profile picture of me in wonder cookie. Obviously the chan won't lemme link a facebook profile but if you want the direct link, feel free to email me.

>> No.9499046

Both, I tend to have bit of every style in wardrobe as I change the style I wear depending on my mood. I've got 3 double pax wardrobes since a bunch of my dresses have in petticoats and that eats space up quickly. I don't like struggling pulling out stuff out.

Unless I'm really ill, I'm looking between 2-whatever I feel like for each piece per year.

>> No.9499054

And there's a reason for that that we worked hard for. Because the people who self-identified as bittersweet were very snowflakey until we shamed the crap out of them for several years straight and they still pop off about it sometimes before we can give them a solid kick. No special reason. :^)

>> No.9499059

>I don't like the idea of separation between an artist and their fan base
I'm glad you're realising your dream but you sound a little obnoxious. A page is enough, you can interact with fans there.

>> No.9499062

I agree that a contact page would be more appropriate until you are up and going with some sound and video for people.

>> No.9499072

Give us something solid to fan over first, a page will do for now until we have some audio and video. No insult intended, I'm hoping for a mad success but keep it right sized as you go along too.

>> No.9499075

Not trying to be; sorry if I gave you that impression. I just like being able to be friendly with whoever is interested in my material.
I'll need to get more promotional materials in that case and...I dunno. I just don't wanna seem canned and contrived and ingenuine. That scares me.

>> No.9499082

I started wearing lolita over 10 years and I never really noticed that lol

>> No.9499084

What's the most lolita way to kill yourself?

>> No.9499086

being crushed under the weight of all your bruando

>> No.9499089

(By the way guys thanks for bringing me back down to earth. Sometimes I get really excited and overzealous)

>> No.9499091

I think the black and blue usakumyas can definitely work in gothic, you got a lot of stuffed animal bags with otherwise gothic coords in oldschool. Plus usakumyas are so useless as a bag most people just buy them for room decor, so if you like the design you might as well buy it for that.

>> No.9499105

suffocating in brand bags

>> No.9499116

hanging yourself with your waist ties

>> No.9499146
File: 432 KB, 501x584, 120620110059-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like some advice gulls. I'm looking at getting Meta's Dim Light JSK but I'm nervous about the cut of the bodice. It's very flat like a lot of Innocent World dresses and even their 100+ cm bust dresses give me boob loaf like no other. I always hear about how accommodating Meta's full back shirring dresses are, but I've never owned one. Any larger chested gulls have some experience? I'm a 97 cm bust, for reference.

>> No.9499148
File: 17 KB, 497x495, Just Right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best way to go

>> No.9499149

What is your waistsize?

>> No.9499151

98 cm bust girl who owns it in green. You'll be fine. I mean you'll quite obviously look like you have tits but it won't be a loaf which I think is what a lot of people have trouble distinguishing between. A loaf is when it doesn't fit at all so it looks bursting at the seams.

>> No.9499155

Either starving because you spent all your money on burando or dying from exhaustion/lack of sleep from being engrossed in bidding wars.

>> No.9499156

Our best work is often sneaky, secret and silent to all but the receivers of our gothic doom. Praise be to Mana, may his blue light always shine.

>> No.9499161

I think you just need to get your music heard and your videos seen and the rest will come naturally.

>> No.9499166

Live forever and acquire all the best burando, why die at all?

>> No.9499182
File: 258 KB, 500x281, 1407075519735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why kill yourself when you can die naturally, fully dressed up in your best burando?

>> No.9499187

If you consider killing new ideas is good work

>> No.9499189

76 cm
I see, okay. Thanks! I was pretty sure it would fit but I wasn't sure it would be flattering.

>> No.9499196
File: 200 KB, 638x574, allthebrand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9499203

It was a a bad idea because it was made up by a noisy few to represent a whole group people who mostly hated the idea. It divided people in a not so great way needlessly. I'm glad I helped squash it.

>> No.9499205

Might be but I guess I'll risk it. :^)

>> No.9499231
File: 181 KB, 600x600, c09fc831-2f3d-533b-8d49-26287f0d37a7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you will never wear this

>> No.9499240

Thank God so this is the last time I have to see you promote yourself here?

>> No.9499243

If lolitas can wear a natural looking wig to look cuter why can't a bear wear bear ears to make itself cuter?
Plus things always sound cuter when doubled, like kitty cat or puppy dog.

>> No.9499259

See,the way I remember it there were a few people who wanted to describe their own style that way, without hurting anyone. I actually think bittersweet is a retarded idea but people who try to kill new ideas within alt fashion are the worst. Maybe should've made that much effort to squash kodona which is an actual mistake.

>> No.9499267

When you measure your bust for a dress like this, do you measure across the fullest part with your bra and blouse on instead of like the band size of your bra? The 'bust measurement' of the dresses confuses me. I hear they are not always accurate with the stretch or the measurement given is unstretched or ? How do you tell?

>> No.9499268

ngl this is also my preferred way to go

>> No.9499276

I know of people who wear dark colorways of sweet who eye rolled hard at people who wanted to call ALL black sweet prints bittersweet, to make it a substyle. Some said, fine use the term for your own clothes but don't try to label all dark sweet that way. But no, it was GOING to be a BRAND NEW sub style. That's where the problem came in. Most people who wear black sweet prints hated it then, hate it now. But the fussy-chans actually got their wish. They are bitter now.

>> No.9499277
File: 147 KB, 573x322, 1495348237289.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn spend fun-filled days in Candyland with Usakumya-chan

>> No.9499280

Measure the fullest part of your bust with a bra on. Your garments should be at least three cm bigger than your own measurements so they fit you comfortably.

>> No.9499281
File: 990 KB, 579x850, caption.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When your heels no longer support your ten tonne potato body and you have to lean against a wall for support

>> No.9499290

And what about the shirring? On new releases, they only give one measurement but sometimes there is shirring and the front or back of the bodice is laced up.

>> No.9499293

>gorging yourself on poisoned candies, pastries, and pills

>jumping off the top of a lighthouse after a ball gone wrong

>slitting your throat over your dead lover's grave

>> No.9499300

I'm sorry if this is creepy but I don't know where to ask. my favourite lolitas used to be sugar rose and tamielove. I can still find a lot of tamielove coords on Google and daily lolita livejournal, but I feel like there are a lot missing? Does anyone have "rare" tamielove coords? As for sugar rose, it seems nearly everything is deleted so I'm looking for those as well.

>> No.9499306

Depends on the brand. Meta's shirring for example is usually forgiving, IW's not so much.

>> No.9499309

It can vary brand to brand about how forgiving the shirring is. I would say ask around like I did if there's a specific brand or dress you're unsure of.

>> No.9499347


>> No.9499396

>jumping off the top of a lighthouse after a ball gone wrong
I kekked.

>> No.9499408

please stop shilling yourself here and flooding our general until you actually have more quality content. one song isn't enough to justify all of this, you're getting annoying

>> No.9499422

this was so cute to read omg

>> No.9499480
File: 1.73 MB, 3389x2304, P_20170530_020147_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The lace is beige, not gold. A bit shiny though.
Here is a pic, hope it helps.

>> No.9499511

How long does Glitter Tale usually take to complete a custom order? They quoted me 10-14 days. However it's approaching 25 (working) days now. I messaged them last week for an update, but they just replied to say my item was being made. Is it too soon to request progress photographs? I'm not worried; I just want to see how my item is progressing.

>> No.9499515
File: 728 KB, 320x180, fuckit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was so cheesy and tacky especially the ending but god I love it, it's so silly
>mfw i'll never spend happy days in Candyland wearing BTSSB with my kawaii tomodachis and usakumya chan

>> No.9499519
File: 257 KB, 600x453, CUlMnxAWEAAA9gT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best way.
Die naturally and peacefully as a kawaii grandma.
I'll be buried in Baby idgaf if i'm 80

>> No.9499526

Hm - shiny beige would be hard as fuck to match to my wardrobe so maybe I should look out for one of the cream/pink/black ones with same-colour lace instead. Thanks anon!

>> No.9499563
File: 141 KB, 400x419, shock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>red eyes from endless crying
man, usakumya is metal as fuck

>> No.9499578
File: 38 KB, 643x425, feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon omg you sound so cute! Seriously, are you secretly one of those energetic anime girls come to life? lmao. Loved the song, but sometimes the lyrics were a little muffled.

>> No.9499591

probably uke-sama

>> No.9499626

Only when I'm excited about something lol. It's actually a bit of a to-a-fault thing, which explains reactions like >>9499408 but at the end of the day there's nothing wrong about getting excited about the things you love! I just need to tone it down sometimes, y'know? It's offputting to some people.

>> No.9499628

she sounds like a normal adult woman... what?

>> No.9499665


>> No.9499856

This says file deleted?

>> No.9499861

Y'all say that but then younger lolitas are bitchy about older lolitas being old hags now, that's not quite fair, is it?

>> No.9499882

Jesus this tryhard.

Sweetie: Go away. Just close cgl for a few days. You're expending any goodwill one mediocre filk song might have gotten you by samefagging yourself and it's ridiculously sad.

This is lolita. Dresses aren't popular because they're always available, they're wanted because they're rare. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Take yourself off the market for a little while so we can forget about you. You've been obnoxious since your first post itt and you need to give it a rest if you actually have any plans of being appreciated by this community.

>> No.9500003

Sorry you're annoyed. Like I said, I get overzealous and excited and the positive reinforcement I received fueled that. As for samefagging I'm not; I understand why you would get that impression though and if you don't wanna believe me that's fine. (after all nobody believes a samefagger that cries 'not samefagging')

But I guess at the end of the day no one likes a self poster and I shot myself in the foot on this one. I'll have something of substance the next time ya'll hear from me, even if it's just a single.

But I'll say this: I'm not gonna drop my content then run away like it's a live grenade. I still wanna interact with you guys and I get that this may not be the forum in which to do it. That's part of why I suggested moving the dialogue over to facebook but now I see that it's a bit early for that.

You guys are great and you keep me sane, especially when I've got my head in the clouds and need someone to bring me back down.

>> No.9500064

nayrt but omg please post your social media so i can block you on everything. everyone is telling you to calm down and you respond with a blog post. gtfo~

>> No.9500147

No, you can get boobloaf when there is room to spare, it's about the size/shape of your boobs, gap between bust and underbust and the darts and general construction of the dress. Looking at you, Innocent World.

>> No.9500216

They don't understand Lolita and their opinion is irrelevant

>> No.9501732

crossed over from the last thread: how do I get over my fear of a coord or main piece looking like too much? I'm always feeling worried that the pieces I fall in love with would be "too fancy" to wear since I was never really been the type to go all out before I got into lolita.

>> No.9501972
File: 87 KB, 240x320, strawb dolly op.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like it's been a really long time since AP has released a fully shirred dress. I'm an hourglass and I love how their full shirring stuff fits. Berry garden was the last good one imo.

ugh AP, please design some more cute OPs with shirred bodices. I sigh at every new series that has a bunch of cuts that won't flatter my torso.

I really miss the sturdy construction and 18th century dolly vibe older stuff had in general.
I'm over these half-assed yokes, balloon skirts, and thin sack-dresses. >>9497309 and all the recent stuff like it feels like a major departure from lolita's roots. it's all reminiscent of sleepwear and not stuff I would want to run errands in.

>also, is it me or has each new print looked more and more washed out colour-wise than the one before?

>> No.9503163


>> No.9503705

Thanks for this photo. I've not seen the series is like foooorrrever. For the curious it is 'Keeping up Appearances' a good BBC britcom.

>> No.9505220 [DELETED] 
File: 362 KB, 1126x1135, 20170602_115215_HDR_mh1496401754145-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taobao order arrived today and... Holy shit, my dress has skeleton knights on it!? I somehow forgot or didn't notice them when I ordered the dress, my mind is blown right now. I'm so happy, I actually cried a little.

>tfw brand isn't into knights so I'll never have this sort of print in brand quality

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