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>was bffs with girl who got pretty obsessed with me (not to a scary level at all, it was nice)
>met her through her boyfriend who was my con bro
>he talks mad shit about her entire time they're together, while saying how he wished he was with this other girl he's been romanticizing entire 3+ years I've known him
>try defending her which prolongs their relationship, but as she gets more depressed, he can't take it anymore and after a solid month of talking about how much he wants to end it, I tell him maybe it's time
>intensely dramatic break up ensues, to the point where she has to be hospitalized
>she becomes extremely attached to me and I her
>move considerable distance away
>she's more clingy than ever then after a few months ends our friendship via text in the most brutal way I've ever experienced because bf turned her against me and apparently they had been fucking whole time I've been gone, despite him having no desire to get back together
>now months later that she says she wants to be friends again and regrets being so awful
>still fucking this guy (who I'm no longer friends with) year after breakup
>want to be friends, but have no idea how to feel or go about it in a healthy way
>have track record of people dropping me out of the blue with no real explanation then wanting to get back together back when I was in highschool, and didn't realize how much it still fucks with me until now
>scared them still fucking will lead to more problems down the road too

But if I don't take her back, I will have no more anime liking friends.

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>making a new thread before the old thread autosaged
>not linking the old thread

why even bother

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Anon, the old one was over 300, that's autosage.

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Tell her she can keep sucking the dick of someone who doesn't give two shits about her, or she can have you as a friend.

be very clear with how much you're over this, she'll at least stop bringing it up with you. also try to look for new friends.

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Don't do it. You can find other, not toxic anime liking friends. She's going to repeat this behavior until that guy decides he's done with her. She doesn't like YOU. She likes the idea of you. If she really liked you, she wouldn't have treated you like that. If she wasn't doing this to you, she'd be doing it to someone else. Don't be her next victim (again). She's just as bad as the bf, if not worse.

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What anime do you like? I'll be your friend.

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That's terrible. That boyfriend sounds like a gross fuckboy, but your friend is unstable.

If you decide to be friends with her, don't let her treat you like you're disposable. Some people take friendships for granted when they're in obsessive love with their partner like that. They'll do absolutely anything to impress, to be like, to show their devotion to their partner. Part of that is by adapting their shitty opinions. She's probably reaching out to you now because she's lonely. Tell her you're not just going to be here for her to pick back up every time she has a problem. Make her promise to make an effort in your friendship and to not bring any drama from her relationship with her ex into your friendship.

Or be petty af. Tell her in a calm, "I want you to know because I'll feel guilty if I don't tell you" way that he never cared about her and pined over another girl the entire time they were together. Ask her if she might think he's only fucking her because she's too desperate to see he doesn't care about her. Tell her that you wish her the best, that you're worried for her well-being, but you've moved on. Then start dating the girl that your former con bro was pining over. Go on dates with this girl, make a new group of weeb friends who love you, then post pictures of your hangouts all over social media so both of them can see how happy you are without them. Enjoy the thought of their mutual misery.

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>You can find other, not toxic anime liking friends
How? Asking for a friend.

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Start by not being a social recluse for one. When you're at cons, start conversations. You spend a lot of time waiting around in lines at a con. Talk to the person next to you. You already know they're some kind of nerd just because you're both in a con. Worst case scenario- they're not interested. Whatever. Lots of people at cons. No biggie.

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I've got a doozy of a story gulls, what do?

>be me, freshly minted 18 yr old, me and my best friend at the time make a very unique pair of costumes and run it to a con a few hours away
>I made most of the costumes as I'm better with crafting but I didn't mind, since we were both enjoying it and enjoying each other
>it becomes a very big hit, inspires spinoff and parody costumes, and becomes a con favorite
>we repeat this for 2 more years, each time slightly improving or altering costumes to switch it up, but the same very unique theme. At year #3, the con chair straight up asks us to staff next year
>His schoolwork is picking up and he's busy, so I make all of the costuming, but I don't mind, since it's our thing
>We prepare to go in for year #4, he mentions maybe 2 days before we leave "oh anon my girlfriend will be there isn't it awesome? dont worry ill spend the weekend with you, shes got her friends and im only going to say hi when we see her".
>we're driving down to the con and he says "oh anon my girlfriend is going to be there saturday, im going to spend some of the day with her, dont worry well do the cosplay contest".
>we're at the con and he says "oh anon my girlfriend got here early, im going to go see her, well catch up with you later."
>we spent maybe 3 hours together on friday, and then maybe 2 hours saturday, our matching cosplays were pretty much wasted
>had several people asking me if I'd seen my friend's costume as it was similar and if we were together, I tell them "no, must just be a coincidence..."
>sunday morning after packing, he asks if its okay for me to let him drive back with his girlfriend
>I just cant any more
>feel like the costumes I've spent so much time making have been wasted
>he starts ignoring and dropping texts, calls, voicemail, but its weird because I still see him liking and sharing posts on my FB page (?)


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>moving from last summer into this past winter, his girlfriend changes to his fiance
>fiance ruins his relationship with his family to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't invite them to the wedding
>the last time he's responded to anything I've sent was to ask if I'd rig a giveaway on my FB page so that he could get an extra birthday present
>the wedding he has planned for this summer for some reason
>they've been engaged for (7?) months
>things are looking bleak
and then to twist the knife in the wound:
>get a text from him back after several weeks
>he asked to announce one of the main events at our con
>he got accepted and he's going to be doing in character
>the character that I made

I feel extremely betrayed and I'm thinking about not even going, even though I've gone every year since 2012. What do?

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>tfw get very, very wet
>tfw always worrying it will show through if i'm doing "skimpier" cosplays.

I don't even wast to, it just happens.
Especially around dad+daughter cosplay groups.

Recently I took some photos with a Batman (30ish) dad, and a Batgirl (6-8 ish).

I don't wanna wear diapers or pads, they show through.

I'm not even horny, it's just my body reacting.
Getting pretty tired of it.

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310 is autosage you fidgety walnut

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just tell him you wanna be his waifu 4 laifu and start rubbing your dicks together

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I'm the same way, anon. It can be really embarrassing. I bought some of these:
and they help a lot! They aren't really any bulkier than regular underwear, and they can absorb quite a lot before showing anything. They're a bit pricey, but I just own a couple of pairs for those skintight outfits, and that's enough.

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wear a tampon you sick fuck

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>had several people asking me if I'd seen my friend's costume as it was similar and if we were together, I tell them "no, must just be a coincidence..."
That was unnecessary, could have just told them you were friends but had split up to do different stuff that day. For all you know you could have dug your own grave by making the person who asked him to announce think he worked alone.

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I'm very good friends with the con chair, we've seen her year after year and she knows us fairly well.

I see her at like every con I go to, she always has her own booth and she's advertising her con... At one of the smaller cons we got to talking and she found out about the rift between me and my friend. From the way my friend worded it, he asked her to announce the event in question. I think he may have intentionally or unintentionally led her into believing that it would be the both of us at the event, and that's why my friend is trying to talk to me again after all this time, since I'm much closer and friendlier with con chair lady than my friend is. I don't know if he's even talked to her without me being there, they just don't click well.

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/cgl/ is not supposed to be a slut-shaming place.
Please be mindful of others bodies.

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Lolita has taken over my life and I feel kind of weird about it.

>used to be tomboyish with short hair
>nbd when I got into lolita because it was peak wig era, thought I could do both
>gradually realised I preferred oldschool/classic and most wigs didn't look natural so grew my hair out
>a few years later I'm dying to cut it short again
>don't because I wear lolita a lot and don't want to be stuck wearing wigs every time
>can't dye my hair colours that won't match my wardrobe either because hair's too long to fit in a wig cap now

>never sunbathed but I had no problem with getting naturally more tanned in summer, since it looked good with my everyday style
>now I get worried when I have to go out in the sun for long periods
>(not saying pale = better, but I think being obviously tanned rather than naturally dark gives off a sporty/outdoorsy/modern impression that doesn't fit lolita)

>used to do martial arts, rock climbing etc until I became a lazy fuck in high school
>keep wanting to get back into it since I know my general fitness is awful, considered starting lifting because I like strong-looking girls
>defined muscles don't fit the lolita aesthetic either so I just diet instead

>realised I'd looked kind of stupid in sporty/boyish clothes all along, esp. now I'm so unfit
>(kind of top-heavy and not tall enough to look androgynous/masculine, yet not small enough for it to look cute)
>too old to wear really rebellious casual shit so transition to wearing girlier style everyday

>had a lot of traditionally masculine hobbies from childhood onwards
>gradually stopped buying new stuff and sold off my old nerdy collections as I spent all my scant space/money/time on lolita
>never started actively participating again even after I got a better job because looking feminine makes the hassle of trying to prove yourself worse
>friends start complaining that I've ~changed~
>don't know if they're being dicks or I'm in the wrong

E-everyone changes after high school, right?

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Wow, I guess you don't really care about feminism, or women's rights altogether. How sad coming from a seagull. I expected better.

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>E-everyone changes after high school, right?

A lot of people change after high school. High school is 3-4 years of the same routines and people and circumstances, so people tend to stagnate. Once it's over, and you have more freedom and opportunity, it's quite normal to change and grow.

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this is a weird conversation but I just wanted to point out that tampons wouldn't help in this situation. when you get wet, it's coming from glands on the outside of your vagina. tampons are placed internally, so they wouldn't absorb the outside stuff.

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I think it's pretty normal but somehow some of my friends act almost like it's a betrayal. A lot of them are NEETs, or living with their parents or in college dorms, so they have a lot of free time for vidya, tabletop gaming and weebshit. I'm studying full-time while and working and I'm living independently so I'm usually either at uni, at my job, doing assignments or doing chores. Even with the hobbies that I didn't drop, I feel like I'm letting people down because I don't have time to keep up with the popular stuff and never have anything to discuss (I snatch time to watch some western series while I'm doing other things, like cooking or folding laundry, but I can't multitask with anime since you need to keep your eyes on the screen to read the subtitles). Because of my schedule I'm usually only free when everyone else is asleep, and since none of my old friends live anywhere near me, not being able to talk much over IM means my entire social life is basically just lolita meets slightly less than once a month and chatting to roommates while we go grocery shopping or run errands together. It's kind of crappy desu.

sage for blog

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So today I went to Harajuku for the first time. I really love VK and rokku styles so naturally I gravitated towards those. It was an amazing feeling seeing stores filled with those brands that I dreamt about 10 years ago as a teen. Now I'm wearing legit JP brands and styles and I feel flawless.

Bonus side story: My guy friend was dressed fairly casual, wearing a shirt with Okinawa rail on it, and he heard some of the people in the shops we went to make fun of his outfit/shirt. It made me sad because I believe in letting people wear what they wanna wear, its not hurting me or anything…but then I remember where I am and realize that there are going to be fashion snobs here.

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I don't want to have random boners even when I'm not horny, but it happens and I had to learn to hide it

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Anon, you should still work out! It takes a lot of work for women to become bulky and grow defined muscles. Not to mention, if you work out, your diet gets a little wiggle room, calorie wise! I say this as a fellow ex-tomboy, rock climber.

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>Meta re-releasing Day Dreaming Goldfish
>I sort of want the cut in white
>Decide not to reserve it
>"Hey we've restocked it"
>Krad Lanrete is now re-releasing Le Retentissement De Versailles in my dream cut

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>Only con of the year was amazing
>Costumes held together and people loved them
>the perfect motivation to get the rest of my life together.
This is it, gulls. I'm no longer at that shitty job. I can actually take care of myself. And I have time to work on my artistic skills and my garden. I've got this.

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I don't think this is real

Please don't be real

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but /cgl/ is an ageplay shaming group

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Nayrt but I get wet and nauseated at the same time whenever I read/hear about rape. It's really weird. Sage for gross OT.

>> No.9495499

That's actually pretty common, especially in people who have been raped before. It's kind of a protective response. Sage for same reason

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See, I've heard that, but last time I got more active I bulked up weirdly fast. Just from doing a lot of walking during last summer I ended up with huge calves in less than a month, so I feel like actually doing resistance training or strenuous exercise would do more? It's possible it was just more noticeable since I had lower body fat at the time, but it made OTKs and tights stretch really awkwardly. Can't know until I try it I guess. I definitely want to take up some general fun sport/hobby but I don't think I'd do weightlifting unless I intended to be really serious about it just because gyms are expensive where I live and it hardly seems worth it for low-intensity training I could do in a more cheap/fun way. I'm not too worried about calorie wiggle room because I don't have a huge appetite anyway (I just try to eat 5 a day and keep an eye on my protein/iron/calcium intake), so I only need to keep an eye on it if I have a bunch of social occasions in one week and keep being invited out for desserts or something.

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get new anifriends

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>In the final month of my dissertation
>Stopped exercising and started eating takeaway because of stress and spending all my waking hours doing data analysis.
>Suddenly my favourite non-shirred dresses feels a little tight across my boobs.

I know, it's my own damn fault. I'm not proper fat yet, I'm 125 pounds at 5'6", but there's no denying that at 115-120 everything fit me perfectly. My one MM dress still zips up and my shirred stuff is 100% fine, but there's this weird tightness across my tits now, and close-fitting bodices don't look perfectly smooth down my torso any more. I'm just not comfortable.

I know this isn't forever. I'm changing what I eat: no more soft drinks and no more takeaway. After I hand in my dissertation, I'll have time to exercise again. I'm sure I'll be back to my usual self very soon... But this has never happened to me before, and it's weirdly devastating. I had anorexia as a teenager, and at 23, I was finally feeling good in my body at a healthy weight. But now I guess I went too far the other way. At the same time, though, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared of falling back into my old anorexic habits.

>INB4 "Cry moar fatty" and "You see this, it's the world's smallest violin playing just for you"

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I had bulimia as a teenager and poor eating habits during my dissertation so I feel you.
I think you are dealing really well with this and keeping a good perspective on the fact it is temporary.
Focus on your dissertation and put the smaller dresses away until it's done. You'll get through it and back to normal soon enough.
I'm now doing a PhD and dreading the last 6 months where everyone says you put on a shit tonne of weight, given that right now I'm already right at the upper end of what I can feel comfortable with. Maybe I should try to lose some weight before I go into the final straits so it all evens out?

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>tfw no 6'+ gf
I'm so very sad

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OP here- so, apparently my fears of drama due to her exboyfriend were well founded. She's at a con with him this weekend and he just texted my boyfriend to bitch us out for talking to her. He told us to leave her alone for the rest of the week because apparently we "wrecked his weekend" (because I guess we're supposed to be up to date on when people are hanging out together who we haven't spoken to in months). When boyfriend talked to her last, she was enthusiastic about rekindling and everything was fine on her end. I guess it's at least a good sign he said "rest of the week", indicating her mind hasn't changed, but the fact he's inserting himself into the situation so heavily is troubling. I'm wondering what she thinks of him saying this if she's even aware. He has a lot of emotional issues he needs to address, but is clueless/in denial he has, among them a delusional level victim complex. I know he's beyond being reasoned with and he's been so back and forth throughout this entire situation between wanting to be best friends and vehemently hating me (in fact, last time we heard from him before this he said he wanted to be friends) so I didn't reach out to him like I did her. Now I'm realizing it might be impossible to have a relationship with her without him involving himself. I'm hoping that once their con is over and they go back to their respective states (they don't even live in the same part of the country as each other, there is no need for this ridiculously toxic dynamic...) things will be less complicated. I will be proceeding with extreme caution and a bit of detachment in my resumed relationship with her, though. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but I feel like it's okay for me to do that, considering how much baggage has come with this situation. What do you guys think, am I being fair or is this too harsh since it's not like she can control his actions?

>> No.9495747

Thanks, anon. Your reply was very comforting. I'll try my best to stay calm and focused! I don't know what a good solution would be for your situation, but I believe we can both get through this healthily and safely. :)

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OP here-

>apparently my fears of drama due to her exboyfriend were well founded
>she's at con with him this weekend
>he just texted my boyfriend to bitch us out for talking to her
>told us to leave her alone for the rest of the week because apparently we "wrecked his weekend" (because I guess we're supposed to be up to date on when people are hanging out together who we haven't spoken to in months)
>when boyfriend talked to her last, she was enthusiastic about rekindling and everything was fine on her end
>I guess it's at least a good sign he said "rest of the week", indicating her mind hasn't changed, but the fact he's inserting himself into the situation so heavily is troubling
>he has a lot of emotional issues he needs to address, but is clueless/in denial he has, among them a delusional level victim complex
>I know he's beyond being reasoned with and he's been so back and forth throughout this entire situation between wanting to be best friends and vehemently hating me (in fact, last time we heard from him before this he said he wanted to be friends) so I didn't reach out to him like I did her
>now realizing it might be impossible to have a relationship with her without him involving himself
>hoping that once their con is over and they go back to their respective states (they don't even live in the same part of the country as each other, there is no need for this ridiculously toxic dynamic...) things will be less complicated

I'm very much wondering what she thinks of him saying this to us, if she's even aware. I feel like it's out of line for him to be doing. I will be proceeding with extreme caution and a bit of detachment in my resumed relationship with her. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but I feel like it's okay for me to do that, considering how much baggage has come with this situation. What do you guys think, am I being fair or is this too harsh since it's not like she can control his actions?

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Good luck anon. I have faith in you!
In the short term I'm just going to try to avoid the biscuit tin at work and walk a bit more. I have another 2 years to go so I don't have to worry about the final push just yet!

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>going to AX
>looking for a hotel
>brother and his girlfriend invite me to room with them
>hell fucking yes
>months later
>they break up
>cancel the room since it's way too expensive for 2 people to split
>scrambling to find a place to stay that won't eat my wallet alive


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Sounds like it's time to drain your savings account

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I wish I could take all the stray seagulls and put them in my apartment for AX but I'm full up right now. Good luck in your searches

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I'm getting really tired of all the boring paining prints and the boring "sweet item" prints. Why can't brands ever mix the two and do a good sweet map print? I'm talking like a pastel map background with compasses, coins, castles, dragons... Maybe for the edge print, we could have antique frames with pictures of lolitas exploring sugar castles, looking through licorice telescopes, standing on candyfloss mountains... They could even be simple silhouettes. Or hell, do an archaeology one and put some trowels with pink handles and bows on it. I don't know, I just want the lolitas on my ideal dress to be going on the sort of adventure that would probably ruin their dresses IRL.

Or hell, a traditional fantasy print. A party of lolitas quest their way across the edge print to save a kitten from an evil aristocratic witch, or a group of lolita knights in armour could fight a dragon and rescue a prince.

I'm just so bored with recent prints. It's making me really sad. I want to support brand, but Taobao stores just seem to have more fun prints nowadays.

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You single? Oregano

>> No.9496307

>dress I've been eying for ages bought out from under me
>lost my wallet with my debit card in it so no online shopping for the moment
>sick with a cold
>on my period
>think I'm getting fat.

Man this week or so has sucked.

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I get really jealous whenever I see happy girl/girl relationships.
I've been in a pretty okay straight relationship for 5 years and we do cosplays together and he's supportive of me wearing lolita.. but whenever I see cute lesbian cosplayers or lolita holding hands I feel like I'm missing out.
>pic related

>> No.9496325

Doesn't sound like you're really happy with him desu and are just stuck with him out of necessity. Why not break it off if you're unhappy?

>> No.9496326

you are, girls are the best

>> No.9496335

but if girls date girls, who will date all the guys?

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>order something online
>coming from within my state, says it will be here today
>great since I want to wear it in a coord tomorrow
>check mailbox
>check traffic info
>package updated to say it'll be here on the 31st
>package is currently only a half hour away
what the fuck

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>order something online
>coming from within my state, says it will be here today
>great since I want to wear it in a coord tomorrow
>check mailbox
>check tracking info online
>tracking info updated to say it'll be here on the 31st
>package is currently only a half hour away
what the fuck

>> No.9496352

Me too. I'm poly so I could technically have a lolita girlfriend as well as my boyfriend... but I'm too shy to join a comm and make friends and stuff, plus desu who'd want to date a girl who has a boyfriend? I really miss having a cute girlfriend though.

>> No.9496354

I think it's cute too.

I'm curious how a brolita/lolita relationship could work out.

>> No.9496374

Other guys?

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>talk about anime/itabagging with best friend
>she completely seriously calls me a "fucking weeaboo"
>"youre literally a fucking weeaboo, its horrible."
>b-but, weeaboos are annoying about it and try to be japanese, I just like anime and stuff--

pic related

>> No.9496589

>need to order new contacts
>decide to get color lenses as well for cosplay
>visit doctor and get a new prescription written out
>doctor says I can only wear special "premium" lenses that he carries and have to buy from him
>explicitly rejects all other brands and types, even the brand I have worn for the last 10 years
Never ran into this issue before now.

>> No.9496610

b my /cgl/ gf plz

>> No.9496619

Vaginal discharge ≠ arousal. It's the natural way the vagina cleans itself, maintains it's flora, and pH. You all know nothing about women's basic biological processes. Please take some sex ed classes

>> No.9496621

Honestly it sounds like he's trying to gouge you. Have you been going to this doc awhile? If he's making extra off of those lenses he might be pushing to line his pocket rather than acting in your best interest. If you're in the financial posistion to do it I'd see about getting a second opinion.

>> No.9496623

sounds like bullshit to me. I'd suggest getting a second opinion if you can

>> No.9496625

yeah, this was the first time I saw this guy after moving to a new city. Had to get a different appointment a few days later, but the new doctor told me I could have whatever I wanted as long as it was the right diameter, curvature, and power.

I guess the lesson is that the chain eye doctor shops are actually good compared to some private practice places.

>> No.9496626

Ignore his advice, he gets a cut off those lenses and wants to force you into buying them. Stuff like this isn't exactly rare.

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>not knowing your debit card numbers from memory

>> No.9496733


Confirmed scum of the earth

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>tfw definitely have a crush on one of your friends that developed slowly
>tfw she's waaaaay out of your league

Part of me wants to flirt with her anyway, the other part of me is saying to just forget about it and get over it before I fall flat on my face.

>> No.9496794

Cut her off. Asap.

>> No.9496832

>daughter of a con guest
>he goes to hospital, have to run there
>don't bring cosplays or even makeup bc I had five minutes while a meter was running to get my shit during prime time
>never even been to this fucking con
>god damn why am I about to take off

Inb4 you selfish bitch, he's going to be fine (probably????) and my mom's here too. I'm awkward in tense situations and will want to run away for an hour or so at a time.

>> No.9496873
File: 312 KB, 1110x1096, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9496878


Different anon, but it's true. The socially functioning poly without a truckload of drama is about as common as the Barbie body type.

>> No.9496886

That's not quite true anon, surgery exists.

>> No.9496890
File: 71 KB, 625x656, bait2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9496894


Oops, forgot to say naturally occurring.


>I don't have any good comeback so I'm going to spam le bait maymay XD

>> No.9496896

I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

>> No.9496904
File: 50 KB, 640x272, BB817BA8-4704-4CCA-88FC-8E5F9A26B000-24702-000014D742C48FC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you're lonely and your comm is so spread out and inactive and nobody responds whenever you try to make meets because nobody cares enough.
>Tfw you've been trying to go to cons abroad to meet active comms but 2broke4intltravel

I love that I can see the accent in this gif, not from MF but the other girl.

>> No.9496910

Tfw 35 & loving lolita. Wonder if I will still be rocking the frills in a decades time.

>> No.9496911
File: 17 KB, 499x500, baitfail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have any comebacks because I don't disagree with you, most of the poly people I've met are deluded about their lifestyle. I'm just really bored of all that discourse, think it has nothing to do with lolita, and thought you were fishing by posting that irrelevant reply.

Anyway, you took my bait, so I took yours. Hope you're happy, here's another bait meme since they seem to trigger you so much.

>> No.9496935

Dammit, who let /r9k/ start leaking again

>> No.9496955
File: 100 KB, 640x428, anna9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The longer I spend on cgl the more bitter I become
>The OTT attitude really gets me down, it feels like wearing lolita has become a costume competition rather than a fun shared experience
>I can't feel the love in my dresses any more, they don't make me feel happy or pretty
>I've considered leaving cgl but then I'd lose my last connection to the wider lolita community
>I'm too shy and ugly to join a real comm nowadays, and all other lolita internet communities are hugboxes.

Maybe I should sell my wardrobe and start wearing camo trousers and crop tops again.

>> No.9496967

Should have waited until after sleep to post shit, I agree.

>middle of the night, get a call my dad's being admitted to the hospital
>first con since some major health issues started acting up that he's gone to alone
>actually hanging out with my mom, decide to go with her
>just frustrated and tired. why do I do this to myself, next week's finals week.
>he's going to be fine, probably being released by the time we get there.

Should've brought a cosplay and makeup for the time I'm going to have to kill. Con's fifteen minutes from the hospital.

>> No.9496984

I say go for it, it's possible your friend is thinking the same thing about you and you'll never know if you don't try

>> No.9496987
File: 1.64 MB, 690x388, 1433264084679.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Most photographed cosplay to date.
>Cannot find a single picture of it online.
I got a few photos myself but I was hoping to find more. Just my luck.

>> No.9497017
File: 67 KB, 680x473, tumblr_lwudgwhIJv1qh87wbo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people with different relationship dynamics than I prefer are scum!

>> No.9497043

I think like any other weird sex thing, the people who feel the need to announce they're poly when it's irrelevant tend to be really obnoxious and cringey. The poly people I've known who aren't trainwrecks are really quiet about it and only people closest to them know. The other issue with poly is that there are A LOT of variables that can complicate everything and many going into it aren't prepared to prevent or deal with them, this leading to a lot of drama.

>> No.9497047
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Reading old taobao threads makes me so nostalgic. 2012 feels like yesterday.

>> No.9497049

I'm so ugly I want to die. I find myself repulsive and everyone else probably thinks so too. My face is so fucked up and I don't have the money for multiple surgeries to fix it. I look horrible in lolita but it's the only thing that's making me happy.

>> No.9497073
File: 83 KB, 395x281, 100.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hoping that once their con is over and they go back to their respective states (they don't even live in the same part of the country as each other, there is no need for this ridiculously toxic dynamic...) things will be less complicated

It sounds like this girl has some serious issues so I'm trying not to judge, but this is so pathetic it's cringey. The fact he feels so comfortable acting the role of controlling boyfriend when they're not even together or in the same area speaks volumes of the hold she lets him have on her. You're clearly a much more dedicated friend than me if you're willing to even try to put up with this mess.

>> No.9497283
File: 22 KB, 405x405, 1493810037384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>live in NYC
>been into anime most of my life
>have been to animeNEXT2 2011 with a friend from middle school one time
>have been to Waku Waku NYC 2015 once (then it shut down ;_;)
>no car, no way of traveling to cons
>no friends to go with either

I have one friend who lives on the west coast that always goes to cons and I am so jealous I wish there were more cons closer to NYC.

I'm at the age where it would be nice to finally meet someone so I feel like cons are my only way to do that.

>> No.9497292

anon, if you don't like the fashion anymore you don't need to stay. Not to say that just because you don't like lolita anymore you have to go the complete opposite direction either. Wear what makes you happy, and if the community right now is what makes you feel bad and not the clothes, then just keep wearing lolita without following the community. It's tough to be alone but in the end you've got to seek what makes you feel good personally.

>> No.9497438

I can kind of empathise, but, honestly, /cgl/'s attitude is different to the rest of the community and that might be what's getting you down. I've been coming here for four years for the same reason (being irritated by the rest of the community) but sometimes I take a break for a few months, and you might need a break too. If you want interaction, how about buying magazines? Or getting a tumblr/insta you keep strictly lolita-only and pictures-only? Please don't be shy about joining a real comm, it's no big deal.

Like >>9497292 said, if you genuinely don't enjoy lolita any more, maybe you could leave. Honestly though, maybe leaving cgl would be easier than leaving the fashion.

>> No.9497447

Welcome to the curse

>> No.9497460

Get over yourself, get a pet or find something to do like volunteering to help animals, older people, at a womens shelter or helping the homeless to inject some reality & take you out of your own head. No one gives a shit what anyone else looks like unless they want to fuck them and even thats only at the very beginning. Once you love someone its not important anymore. People have more value than what they look like, don't tie your self worth to your looks. It isn't even real, if you must navel gaze know a lot of looks is just confidence, paint & artifice. Byron had a withered leg & couldn't look at food without blowing up to like 15 stone & the bronte sisters were so plain they even got prettied up in the last film made of their lives. We are shown such a high level of polish with models in advertising, but they are there to sell a dream.There are many, many crippling ugly people in the everyday going about their lives, enjoying it, owning it.

>> No.9497468

>packing for a trip
>hair curlers, hair straighteners and hair dryer take up half the room in the suitcase

Trying to work out if I actually need to bring this much shit, especially when I won't have much space to store it at the other end. It would probably be easier to wear a wig than to style my hair nicely enough for lolita...

>> No.9497527

Become a boxer or something. Translate your negativity into martial toughness and beat the shit out of people. Plus, since your face is fucked up, it won't matter if it get punched repeatedly

>> No.9497528

Trying to look natural, casual and effortless takes so much effort.

>> No.9497560

Go to a hairdressers when you are there for a blowdry & style, $30 got to be worth the space in your case at least?

>> No.9497597

I'm there for nearly four weeks though, that'd be a lot of blowdries. I'm thinking I can definitely get away without a hairdrier because most people have them, so i'll probably try to remove as much packaging as possible from the curlers and straighteners and they won't take up anywhere near as much space.

>> No.9497609

>gotta go and stay with parents for a while for family reasons, leaving half of the stuff from my old apartment with a friend and half with grandparents
>they're super conservative and my mom likes to snoop through my stuff, so there's no way I can take any sex toys home with me
>tried to wrap them in a coat and bathrobe then put them in a trashbag for storage but realised you could kind of feel it through the trashbag if you squeezed the wrong place
>can't hid them in anything useful like a quilt or kitchenware in case my grandparents decide to borrow that thing
>don't want to just put them in a removal box without wrapping/hiding them in something in case that box splits open and spills the content out
>trying to figure out what I could put them inside and then box up that's relatively sturdy, the right size and wouldn't get opened if it fell out
>burando bags are the answer

RIP "innocent" world

>> No.9497915
File: 389 KB, 522x826, 1446969892202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to befriend people but I'm so terrified of coming across as a creep.

Let's say I see a girl cosplaying a really cool character in a series I like. Part of me thinks, "hey, let's chat with her, get her picture, maybe talk for a bit!" and another part of me thinks "why the fuck would she want to talk to you, she probably has actual friends to be with, she probably got hit on a lot and you're just a fucking creep" because I've seen the latter happen too much. Way too much. Most, if not every creep I hear about, is a guy. I'm also a guy. It'd be so easy to be labelled as a creep and I get terrified of stepping out of bounds so I don't bother. It just... spirals into madness.

>> No.9498018

>tfw tried to save time by not doing a wardrobe post this year
>waste hours more than normal planning coords and new purchases because I don't have pictures of everything I own on hand

It's not even June and I kind of want to do a late one even if I just post it on my personal account, I have a large-ish wardrobe (~50 main pieces, 50 blouse/bolero/cardigan, 20 shoes, 20 bags plus accessories) and it's really hard to remember what I have or visualise items together without actually getting them out. My wardrobe changed a lot from last year and I have to physically be in my room and get stuff out to remember what I have, even if I'm not trying stuff on. It's especially annoying with shoes because I store a lot of mine in the boxes they came in so I don't have an at-a-glance reference without a photo.

>> No.9498064

It sounds like your heart is in the right place so you probably wouldn't come off as a creep. Don't sweat it and just go for it. Chat about the series, ask them what made them cosplay that character. Don't focus on the gender and you should be fine.

I'm rooting for you and I'd definitely talk to you if it were me (I'm a girl). Just do your best!

>> No.9498085

The thing that really sets apart creeps is persisting even after a girl says no or her body languae says she's obviously not interested. If you're autistic or otherwise bad at reading people you should try to learn the signs of when someone's bored/uncomfortable and use that as your guide. If she seems like she doesn't want to chat, just snap your picture and move on without trying to make her talk. If she's chatty, be friendly and keep it light - don't make sexual or off-colour jokes, don't say something excessively emotionally intimate for a casual conversation.

t. girl autist

>> No.9498087

I have the same dream for as I age. As I've gotten older, I realized that I have less friends, and most people I see are my family or my roommate and co-workers. It makes me sad that it's not like I was a kid or in college, and could ring my neighbor's door to ask to hang. And it terrifies me to think that I'd be stuck making friends with people I work with and going home to my family if I ever start one. It makes me really glad to have been in a hobby like lolita where I can find like-minded people to hang out with outside of work and home, and I hope I'll always be friends with those I've made in the community.

>> No.9498114
File: 696 KB, 640x360, 1406271890771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just get... so fucking nervous. I went to a con this weekend and while I took many pictures of cosplayers, I always fucking stuttered and basically spilled spaghetti just trying to ask. I LITERALLY went
>"hi, u-um... can i... can i-- get y-your picture please?"

To any cosplayer I found attractive or I was possibly interested in talking to, like if they were cosplaying something I liked. I was so fucking terrified that I'd creep them out if I wanted to chat any further, like...
>"fuck she probably has something to go to"
>"fuck I stuttered she must think I'm a creep"
>"she probably just thinks i'm gonna hit on her"
>"i'm just gonna waste her time"

Then the spiral of madness begins. I think things like,
>"i went up to her because she's attractive or she's cosplaying something i like"
>"does this mean i want to date her? maybe i am hitting on her"
>"maybe i am a creep"

And so on. To want to date someone pretty much requires wanting to befriend them first but my mind jumps to that first, then thinks of the most negative possibility, and it's just... again, madness. I know you say not to focus on gender but I guess it must be a gender thing... both in terms of me being a guy and me just being so terrified when talking to girls. I hear it all the time. Girls deal with creeps at cons. And it's not good, nobody deserves to be treated like that.

I end up just taking the picture and leaving because I don't want to cause them any trouble because I'm fully convinced I'm either just trouble or they've been troubled enough by creeps that I'd just be another to the miserable pile. It's fucked up.

I'm probably just really bad at reading people. And I think my rather cripplingly low self image has fucked me up further because I'm always going to be thinking I'm bothering someone, which heavily clashes with my distorted desire of wanting to either befriend someone or be with someone.

>> No.9498119

You sound like you have legit social anxiety, you should get either therapy or some practice talking to grills in a low-stakes situation (e.g. volunteering, work) or both. I think semi-professional situations like volunteering or work are easiest to start with since you know sex is off the table and just need to focus on being polite and not stuttering, rather than the much harder skill of figuring out what flirtation level is appropriate.

>> No.9498120

Not banging your Co workers.

>> No.9498134
File: 675 KB, 500x363, IMG_5882.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9498198

My boyfriend stuttered a lot before we hung out. I took him along and had him have more social interactions with my friends and he is much more at ease now. Sometimes he doesnt even stutter anymore. Keep trying anon! I believe you can do it!!

And as long as you are talking about someones cosplay or a series, I think most people would be okay with that.. as long as the comments are respectful ofc.

>> No.9498210

I'm going to sneak into your house and overtighten all of the jars to the point you can't open them for this rude, androphobic post

>> No.9498212

this is the most evil thing I've ever seen posted on this website

>> No.9498217

To be honest, most cosplayers would see your obvious vulnerability as a sign you're most likely harmless. The guys who are creeps more often than not have this weird unwarranted sense of confidence when talking to women that leads them to think for some reason that their unwanted advances or even full blown sexual harassment will likely end in getting laid. The guys who are sweet, but obviously terrified to even try talking to you aren't the types that are usually pulling the creepy shit. At worst they're just awkwardly into you, but not in a "oh God are you psychologically capable of raping me?" way.

>> No.9498218
File: 27 KB, 600x600, EasyJarOpenerBlack_x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just popping in to let all those with bad grip know that these exist and are cheap. the leverage gained makes opening even the tightest lids a breeze.

>> No.9498241

I thought this place wasn't tumblr man hating board
guess I was wrong

>> No.9498251

i thought this wasn't tumblr and people could take jokes after dishing them, but here we are.

>> No.9498252


>> No.9498253

Maybe I do have some sort of social anxiety. I guess in a situation like that, a more professional one where only the most necessary things are needed to be said then I guess that could help.

What did you think of your bf when you first met him and he stuttered?

Maybe this is just my paranoia or insecurity but I just look so lowly on myself and I fear creeping people out so much that even my stuttering and complete nervousness would also turn people away. Like "what the fuck is wrong with this guy, why can he not speak properly", then "is he gonna hurt me i need to get out of here" at worst, or "what a fucking weirdo how awkward, i need to get away from him" at best.

>> No.9498256

these threads devolve into man-bashing pretty fast
I mean, the last one was full of lesbians catfishing on OKC and complaining when straight guys messaged them
you can never be too sure

>> No.9498268
File: 646 KB, 900x1200, dontswear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stood idly by and watched my con crush get close to a popular con guy, and now they're "unofficially" together.

How do I show him that I'm better than her?

>> No.9498303

I thought something like: "oh, he stutters sometimes." and that was it. I understand that people can have problems and I knew he was an introvert so I wasn't that bothered by it.
I do still have to make the phonecalls as he does dislike them, but that's okay.

He doesn't stutter around me anymore at all, he only does it a bit in social situations and it gets worse when he is looking for a job or if something bad happened.
I think it is all about being able to feel comfortable around someone in some situations!

>> No.9498320

I wish someone would make mid-year wardrobe posts a thing. I never feel like doing one in the winter.

>> No.9498375

Keep telling yourself that you're not a second rate human being, if that

>> No.9498464
File: 23 KB, 506x960, FB_IMG_1495555808465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

14k yen for just shipping my figures and weebshit

But its 14kg so what can I do

>> No.9498518

Got sexually assaulted at a con this weekend

I love feeling dead inside

>> No.9498613
File: 53 KB, 471x352, 1446784583292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is "ok" to block your family from seeing your cosplay/art social media? I made separate accounts for a reason. I love them and I show them finished stuff but I'm not super comfortable with them seeing ALL the weeb-shit I post online.

>> No.9498670

Your life, your business. You don't have to share everything about yourself with everyone.

>> No.9498723
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1474837322842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy feels
>Day off so decide to do weekly cleaning today
>Went a bit over and ended up to clean everything and going through all my stuff
>Find: some accessories I lost
>Prints that were supposed to go to my wall
>Buttons, threads, pins and ribbons
>Some unfinished craft I have meant to do
>Even a blouse I was supposed to do, patterns still attached to the fabric
>And when going through my books I find some interesting crafting books I should try (and had forgotten I even had them)
>Maybe I should clean throughout more often
>Spending a whole day cleaning was worth it

>> No.9498732

It's really dark in winter where I live so it's really hard to get nice photos. I've heard people suggest taking them earlier in the year and just posting it in January, but I usually do most of my buying in autumn so there'd still be a load I needed to photograph in winter.

>> No.9498783


>> No.9498792

Just ask one of those lolitas if they'd do a threesome with all of you in lolita fashion

>> No.9498840

>Used to wear lolita regularly in late teens
>Recently got lolita clothes & wigs out of storage now in early 20s and tried them on
>All this time I've been wearing mens' clothes from charity shops
>feels like cosplay
>Try on non-loli dresses
>also feels like cosplay

I-I don't think I'm a girl anymore

>> No.9498877

>Meet much older girl who is into con scene and stuff at a show
>We go on a few dates, she's not too great at conversation and I always end up paying but I have an okay enough time
>Drunkenly make moves on her at a con right before I need to move for a summer job
>Apologize and tell her it can't work out right now and I didn't mean to do that I was just lonely and a little drunk
>Really not that into her and I can tell we're very different people and I don't want to hurt her long term, but fail to make that extremely clear

I don't know I just feel bad honestly, I don't want to hurt her short term but playing boyfriend-girlfriend with her will end up hurting her even more eventually because we're going different places in life. I don't know if she gets that.

>> No.9498919
File: 303 KB, 810x872, 152-fox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is glorious
>screencapping this shit

>> No.9498929

By being better than her.


>> No.9498961

I'm glad someone liked my bait.

>> No.9498966

Were your dresses cosplay or were they based burando?

>> No.9498990
File: 90 KB, 660x495, wtfcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


25 isn't old, especially if male. Even 25yo women have about a decade left to have an undeformed baby.

>> No.9498995
File: 76 KB, 1000x1000, 1468684309654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9498998
File: 603 KB, 833x767, youdisgustme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw my parents tell me to stop dating fresh-out-of-high-school girls

>> No.9499007

>"25 isn't old" is bait
This board is underage af

>> No.9499037

I feel like they weren't saying that post was bait, but the post they were responding to from the deadthread was bait.

>> No.9499039

yeah, the whole chain of the lesbians whining about OKC was either bait or deeply disturbing that people are that stupid. I mean, who joins a dating site, says they're interested in guys, and then complains about guys messaging them?

>> No.9499044

All IW and tasteful taobao indie brands

>> No.9499073
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I met the nicest MeMeMe (lingerie version) at the con this weekend, but she had some serious steel wool in her pantsu. It was HUGE.

She's going to wear it again in a month. What's a nice way to tell someone that you need to shave your pubes before wearing just panties in public?

>> No.9499114
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit it off with beautiful guy
>look him up on Fb later
>he died on the way home from the con


>> No.9499115
File: 173 KB, 422x594, 20161130185613-e6fa4aae-me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>breakup with boyfriend
>he moved to chicago
>its been 6 months, we are no longer talking anymore after fighting way too much, but i still try to make contact

im suffering from night terrors, hallucinations, maladaptive daydreams, panic attacks, triggered by literally everything. Buying oldschool lolita, creating long lists of favorite dresses, looking through literature on lolita and the gothic lolita bible have become a personal form of escapism. I just wish i had more time between painting/work to sew and design dream outfits. i'm also saving my money for a trip to nova scotia in july so i can't buy things from lacemarket or wunderwelt, which makes me sad, but once the trip is over i plan on buying more stuff!

>> No.9499123

should someone with self-mutilation scars wear lolita? should they try to cover them up?

>> No.9499130

No one would harass them over their self harm scars but I think sticking to long sleeves to keep them covered up would be best. Save them from trouble in the long run.

>> No.9499136

that's what i was thinking. they're fairly subtle, though. that's one of the joys of olive skin

>> No.9499162

There's also make up if you don't feel comfortable. I can't remember the brand but look up what people with tattoos wear. Assuming they're fully healed of course.

>> No.9499186

I've been filtering everything I post from FB for years cause I don't want my family to see all of the weebshit I post. Recently made a FB page for my cosplays so I at least have a way to make new friends that way since everything else is so filtered.

I don't really think there's much shame in doing it - My parents know I filter everything cause I know they aren't interesting in seeing me gush over 2d anniemay men and japanese video games. They're always the first to see my finished costumes and know it's nothing personal and mostly for their sake, but yeah.. Nah.

>> No.9499495

I'm tired of being skinny fat. It's getting to the point where my stomach fat is keeping me from being able to wear my favorite dresses. Are there ways to safely do resistance training at home, or should I cough up the cash for a gym membership?

>> No.9499500

If you just want to lose weight, eat less and run outside along with body weight exercises. You don't really need a gym unless you want to put on muscle mass

>> No.9499522

>>All this time I've been wearing mens' clothes from charity shops
but why


>> No.9499538

Holy shit. I have no idea why this makes me so irrationally angry, but whenever I see someone talk about demisexuality on Facebook I search for something negative about it, find nothing, and end up festering in my own bitterness.
I try to distract myself with lolita and j-fashion. I try. But I've had to unfollow a quarter of the FB friends I've met lolita because of this so I can't help but think about it. All these women with boyfriends and husbands talking about how "I never felt attraction until I met him~"
I don't even think it's fake. I even fit this goddamn label. It's just- Who gives a shit?!

>> No.9499555
File: 234 KB, 600x800, 1492805057009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking hate the /cgl/ banner.

>> No.9499574

I've been working with paints and shit gets on my clothes all the time, I'm 5'10 so the fit feels more right.

>> No.9499577


just cover them up you fucking attention whore.

oh wait why would you, now youre fucking wearing lolita as an additional cry for people to notice you

>> No.9499585

you should try to cover them up
people notice. Hell, I noticed a few weeks ago when i saw two girls with barcode like scars all down their shoulders and arms in cosplay. everyone knew what they were, and even though no one mentioned it, they thought "why would you show those off in public?"

obviously you were trying to get people to say it's ok, but at least get makeup or a bandage to cover them up like people with ugly tattoos do

>> No.9499611

I'm beautiful and a guy. You should just talk to me now to make yourself feel better

>> No.9499614

>he moved to chicago

Actually, you should be happy about this. Chicago is shithole these days.

>> No.9499620

if they're on your wrists, wear wrist cuffs? that's what i do. i think self harm scars are embarrassing and a sign of weakness on my own body. i don't want attention for them so i cover that shit up. if you're asking then you know that you should probably do the same.

>> No.9499633

There is no "should" or "shouldn't". Wear lolita if you want to. Cover your scars up if you want to. Don't if you don't want to.

No one gives a shit.

>> No.9499755

I already filtered my parents for most of my facebook posts, but when I made facebook page for my specific type of art they were the first people to like it. I don't really know how to advertise myself online since the work I'm doing is very niche outside japan so my parents were the only "likes" I was getting.

>> No.9499757

obviously they should be covering them up from disgusting, insufferable and immature people like you

>> No.9499988

good job anon

>> No.9499993
File: 131 KB, 370x448, 1272932687475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>27 years old
>never get qt cosplay gf but not out of me being bad at girls, just all the good girls begin taken and me not being a homewrecker
>always feel lonely at cons when friends do couples cosplays and stuff
>Everyone knows I'm virgin and does the whole "JUST HOOK UP WITH RANDOM CONGIRL, LEMMIE HELP YA BRO!" kind of thing
>I've no interest in hookups, I genuinely just want a lovely relationship with someone but feel my inexperience at my age is so out of whack that it'd be impossible
>Still very close friends with all my crushes because I genuinely love them as people despite stuffing my feelings for them aside, some of them for literally a decade as they just never align up to going out with me even if it's known we have feelings for one another
>Finally get a qt cosplay gf who's 20 and has no relationship experience, so we're both pretty blank slates and have no expectations for one another
>She's a very lovely person, although not exactly my ideal type I'm happy with her
>Suddenly, now that I'm in a relationship, three of my crushes just happen to become single and start going after me hard
>One of them I've been near obsessed with since I was 18 and still think about all the time
>Conflicting hurts
>I'm not a dick, I won't give in, I'll stick by my new gf and play things out with her
>Part of my head still nagging at me with thoughts like "are you fucking serious right now? This is the girl you fucking dropped out of college to help support when she became homeless because of how much you cared for her. You LOVE her you fucking dipshit, don't miss your chance to be with her."

I feel like such a fuckface for those thoughts but I know I can't really control them. Just won't act on them. I won't cheat though, I know I'm not capable of doing that. This rant feels really silly but fuck are things complicated and my mind so fucked. I just need to look forward to planning my first couples cosplay soon.

>> No.9499994

That's dumb. A healed scar is a mild sign you did something stupid once, not a reason to swear off T-shirts and cap sleeves for the rest of your life.

>> No.9500001

>a sign you did something stupid once
no, for self-harm it's more like did something really stupid and attention seeking once, twice, 50 times, 100 times.
you don't just get drunk once and wake up with 100 slashes down your shoulder

>> No.9500011

So many red flags I feel like Im at a communist rally.

>> No.9500032

I guess if you have tons of obvious scars (like "All over shoulders and arms"). If they're less noticeable like mine it's weirder to cover your wrists 24/7. Cover your scars if you're uncomfortable but don't say everyone has to.

>> No.9500034

>virgin guy
>go to first con
>some girl hitting on me hard
>realize she wants a ONS
>realize I also have no friends
>leave her to try to make friends with other people
>end up with neither
>feel like shit
I should have taken the awkward virgin sex I guess

>> No.9500046

i read ONS as otome no sewing and i was wondering what the problem was

>> No.9500048

>your generalization about self-harm scars is wrong!
>listen to my generalization related to my own experiences instead!

>> No.9500059

>if you're asking then you know that you should probably do the same.
that's the part that's "dumb"

>> No.9500070

I have no idea what that means, but it's good that other people find me being a virgin humorous I guess

>> No.9500087

It makes me angry because it's overshare and I don't need to know up front about the sex lives of any strangers on the internet or beople I just fucking met.
But I'm a grumpy saltine tonight too simply because I'm hungry.

>> No.9500091

It's a sewing pattern book to sew lolita and otome fashion.

>> No.9500105

>virgin at age 27
sure, anon

>> No.9500106

Mine are on my wrists, anon, and sometimes I cover then and other times I don't. They are healed and sometimes I forget they are there. Sometimes people stare and then I'm reminded. It's just a thing. I wear wrist cuffs if my coord calls for them but I don't cover them otherwise. No one asks or comments because it's obvious what they are. Most everyone is kind enough to lean to ignore them too.

That's how I do it, and have for a long time. If you are past the harming stage, I hope it gets better and less painful to just accept them and that you find a way to let yourself gracefully cope.

>> No.9500115

I mean, it isn't my fault I've only ever fallen for people who are in long term relationships. Is it bad to have confidence in my ability to attract women? I'm told I'm really attractive all the time by the opposite sex and have had thirstlords tryin to jump my bones. Would you prefer I be the typical /r9k/ stinker who cries with self loathing?

>> No.9500116

yeah I'm "demisexual" and I think of it as a proclivity and not an orientation-- it's not even rare at all. i don't know why snowflakes flaking would make you this angry, though. are there aspects of your own sexuality that make you uncomfortable?

>> No.9500154

as much as I hate walmart, the contacts script they give me is only like $70/box, so $140~ for 6 pairs.

The one time I went to a private practice, they pushed me over onto some expensive 'longer lasting' (read: even drier than normal contact lenses) that were something like $220 for the both of them. They felt horribly scratchy after even an hour and I'm pretty sure contributed to my gradual vision decline. Also the doctor was middle eastern which I didn't mind but the customer in front of me was a middle eastern wife/husband and he asked the husband "can I examine your wife" before even acknowledging her.

Really, really offputting. I'd rather do Walmart, with all the interesting people that entails, 10 times over than risk my luck with something like that again.

>> No.9500197
File: 88 KB, 240x200, tumblr_inline_no5x9bsYxQ1tn4jfb_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>drive two hours out of the way to get friend after his car broke down a day before the con
>phone charger stops working for some reason afterwards
>friend refuses to let me borrow his extra one for a few days until i can buy one this friday when i get paid
>mfw i wasted a bunch of gas so he could enjoy the con too but he won't do this small favor for me

am i being whiny? i just feel kind of annoyed right now.

>> No.9500206

Nope, not whiney. That's a dick move if he has an extra.

>> No.9500212
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doing a sexy Re:Zero maids photoshoot with platonic friend (We're both straight girls)
>strike a pose where I'm lifting her
>accidentally pull down her pantsu

I want to die.

>> No.9500240
File: 312 KB, 1280x853, 1437862947403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be wearing lolita for first time in a while
>hang out with some normie friends
>one girl in particular smirking at me
>remember she believes I'm a massive /d/ perv
>in fact the most /d/ I get is praise
>friend knows I'm weird about compliments but not why
>calls me "good girl" at one point
>sweat bullets
>contemplate joining witness protection

I really can't tell if she's messing with me or not
Curse my sporadic attraction to everyone

anon i am so sorry
how did she react?

>> No.9500247

I worry so much about seeming creepy, thirsty, needy, or whatever that I never follow up on con connections, and consequently I've found myself more and more isolated when I'm at cons. On top of that, I've hit the age where a lot of con friends have "retired" or are too busy with SOs and elaborate cosplay groups and whatever else, and most of the new people I meet are a lot younger than me and I feel weird about hanging out with them, especially when they're of the opposite sex, and I can't really keep up with the new generation of party types.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Life feels so empty without con life, but it's also empty for a lot of the time when I'm at a con. I end up drinking too much in an attempt to force myself to have fun and make an ass of myself, too, which only makes things worse.

Maybe I need to go to DragonCon or something.

>> No.9500263

This seems like a larger problem than a /cgl/ problem.
If you feel wrong reaching out to people after cons, that's understandable, but give it a shot first. You can always ghost if you get an unenthusiastic response and nobody will care.
Additionally, don't drift away from your older friends without some attempt to reconnect. They may be busy but I promise they'll appreciate it.
You could also go to therapy to talk about some of this stuff. It sounds sort of like depression to me, although I'm not a doctor.
Good luck, anon. Not everything is as shitty as it seems.

>> No.9500273

Yeah it's definitely a depression or anxiety thing to some degree.

With older friends, it's not so much drifting away as that I don't want to follow them around all con, ya know? They're pretty much all couples - I was in a relationship when I met most of them too, so it made sense - and there's only so much third wheeling a guy can do. I was in a party at ALA last year where I actually counted, and it was literally 15 couples and me by myself. That's a punch in the gut.

I'm not one of those ronery /r9k/ guys either, I'd be content just hanging around with a bunch of single friends living it up or whatever, but being the odd man out all the time fucking sucks.

There's also a lot of awkwardness in that a lot of the friends in question are girls, and we have longtime kinda flirty dynamics that make their BFs/husbands uncomfortable as fuck. I try as hard as I can not to do it, but several of these girls are WAAAAAAAY too touchy feely or make too many lewd jokes and whatever else, and it's not really inappropriate.

I was rolling with a group at Fanime last night, which I know through a girl, and she was drunk and all up on me right in front of her BF, even to the point of grabbing my crotch and stuff like that. That's not cool at all, and all I could do was make eye contact with him and give him my best "dude, I'm not reciprocating, I don't know WTF your GF is doing" look. She's not the only one like that either, and it makes me minimize time around people like that.

>> No.9500280

Yeah, I'm not gonna ask how old you are but there's definitely such a thing as growing out of the "con scene" even if you still like cons themselves.

>> No.9500285

31, and yeah, that's kind of a good way of putting it. Everybody's too damn young for me now, even though I still like the same shit.

The thing that sucks is, like, I can still hang, it's just that I feel like a bit of a creep hitting up 21 year old girls or whatever. Every time I go to parties people give me their contact info but it seems so fucking weird to start messaging somebody 10 years younger than me asking to hang out or whatever. Everybody tells me it's not as weird as I think it is, but I feel like I'm gonna put a damper on their early-20s fun with my 30s old guy-ness, if that makes sense.

Maybe I'm crazy though, cause I hung out with 30-somethings when I was in my early con days and had a blast. I guess maybe I need to pick up the torch and be the new con senpai instead of thinking of it as a weird thing.

>> No.9500421
File: 208 KB, 2560x484, IMG_3741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to con with friend
>we go to meet up with her group for photos
>full group, everyone is there although a couple people were late
>random girl in the same cosplay as the group shows up
>she wasn't invited to join the group but she keeps trying to force her way in and replace my friend since they were cosplaying the same character
>group fucking lets her in and replaces my friend with her
>see the girl's Instagram later
>pic related

I don't normally get angry on people's behalf but that shit made my blood boil like no other.
Sorry in advance if the photo is giant and blurry. Posting from my phone.

>> No.9500504

nyart but did you even read the post?

>> No.9500520

>con weekend
>get to see close friend that I rarely ever see
>meet a friend in person for the first time
>holy crap we get along so well
>basically inseparable all day
>meet tons of cool people
>cosplay I was worried about is extremely well-received
>weekend goes by too quickly
>mfw I won't get to see any of them again for at least a year

The post-con depression is so real. I've decided not to cosplay next year because I'm trying to focus on finishing school so this hits even harder. All my friends live far away and I really have none here. Ready to be a hermit for the next year

>> No.9500550

wtf are you buying to hit 14kg?

>> No.9500611

Is your best friend not into anime?? Do they no like your hobbies to begin with?? Or did this just come out of fuck nowhere
Sounds like a shit friend

>> No.9500632

I'm bi, but I guess I'm not as proud of that fact it as other people seem to be. As I mentioned before, a lot of them are already in committed "straight" relationships anyway, so adding on another label seems gratuitous. It just grinds my gears.
I wish I could go back to my tumblr days when I blindly accepted everyone's labels. I'm still trying to force myself to not care about all this and move on with my life.

>> No.9500633

Dump her ass.

>> No.9500641

Is it possible she meant it in a joking way? If not and if she was suddenly 100% serious, you should reconsider your friendship. You don't have to drop her, but do ask her if she has a problem with your hobbies/interests. Trust me, you're better off potentially losing a friend than having one that feels free to shit on you.

>> No.9500748

Don't like looking at other peoples coords anymore. Everything seems meh & formulaic or stupidly ott. Still excited to wear it though I have not liked any new releases since 2014 or so. Got a lot of older dresses I liked instead, not a lot left to buy.

>> No.9500751
File: 909 KB, 1530x1530, shulk21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf, are you sure she was serious? Nobody who isn't secretly a weeb calls other people weebs, in my experience.

She just said "woo" and covered herself with her hands, and we kind of laughed it off. Still, I got a way-too-close view of her pooper.

>> No.9500793

Hope you're doing alright

>> No.9500927

Lolita is just a fashion. Cut your hair, wear wigs, or wear a short style. Take a break.
Nobody cares about muscles under a dress. They won't grow that fast anyway, and they don't in women unless you stuff yourself in steroids.
You are young, don't take yourself so seriously. Just enjoy.

>> No.9500929

Fuck them
Job, full time study, independent living = you win. You have made it.

>> No.9500969

People of all ages go to cons and not all of the 30+ crowd are couples. I would find it weird to always be the oldest guy in the bunch by 10 years, anon. Please don't be that stereotype old con guy dating teen girls. Try cons known for more older people, find a hobby or cosplay group or maybe get into LARP or a game group. You might be having this issue because most people still into con life after a certain age do it for more than just the hanging out and partying part.

>> No.9501016
File: 122 KB, 685x719, IMG_0654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>keep getting crappy hours at work
>spent too much money on coworker baby shower gifts
>manage to get some spending money via online selling
>find a $700 bill from college in the mailbox because I didn't realize summer classes aren't completely covered by financial aid

Stuff like this always happens any time something I want to buy on wunderwelt appears.

>> No.9501026

I have a lot on my arm and I still wear short sleeve because of the weather. I only had one friend asked about them and I told them not to worry about it and changed the conversation. They just assumed it was my cat.
I only cover up my arms when it's a large comm event but that's mainly for photos. I'm not saying I'm proud of my scars, but shit happens and I'm not going to burn to death over something I did when I was young and off my meds

>> No.9501033
File: 45 KB, 410x391, heleeelelp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>purging closet of old weeb/ita clothes
>older sister always goes through the things i throw out
>mfw she claims all of the godawful milanoo-tier things i got when i was entirely new to lolita
>protest a little, say that i was just planning on donating it or throwing it out
>"all of this is so cute! why would you get rid of it??"
>mfw i accidentally made my sister an ita

she already thinks i'm a brandwhore and she's really defensive about things, so if i tried to explain that what she's taking is of extremely poor quality she would probably get mad... what have i done... just let her be happy i guess

>> No.9501038
File: 2.51 MB, 286x258, 1410505367588.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl in comm has been annoying the shit out of me lately
>consider making a secret
>decide against it because what if it's just me? What if I'm just a salty vendetta-chan?
>check secrets
>someone else made one about her

>> No.9501051 [DELETED] 

Tis the way of the new Lolita anon.
She will hopefully get through that by learning herself first hand what is terrible quality, you just have to let her figure it out on her own like you did yourself since hey, YOU did buy them all in the first place too right.
As much as you want to protect people you can't always do so and sometimes they've gotta make mistakes to learn the better way.

>> No.9501054
File: 91 KB, 630x353, a7d489a7e8a363e4992342fcb21c2bfe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


yeah no, she was serious. shes not into anime at all. like idk shes my best friend and like, the only person i talk to? most of the time we get along but sometimes she can be so rude. she has anger issues so im not surprised, but she gets pissy with me a lot.


im not gonna drop her, im just gonna try to stick up for myself more and try not to be such a doormat. thanks for the encouragement, gulls. it felt good to get that off my chest desu.

>> No.9501058
File: 15 KB, 552x539, daphuc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl posts my picture in the con crush thread on Fb
>reply, thanking her
>immediately get a friend request; accept
>first thing I see on her page is a post about the con, apologizing for "being rude," "causing drama," and "throwing [herself] at guys"
>she immediately messages me "hi"

What have I gotten myself into?

>> No.9501060

An easy lay?

>> No.9501082

>casualy mention to friend about working on a dream cosplay that's super revealing but admit I'm too ugly/broke to pull it off
>friend buys me materials for cosplay and is super excited to see me wear it to con
>teases me entire time I'm working on it
>pack 3 older cosplays just in case

why didn't I keep my mouth shut... should've saved money for a dancer skin tone body suit

>> No.9501091

>What have I gotten myself into?
Yandere Simulator

>> No.9501097
File: 23 KB, 99x100, 80.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cosplay obscure Tales character
>Last con run into group of Tales cosplayers in a different cosplayer
>Mention I cosplay Tales
>They get excited, apparently one of them had been looking for me
>Talk about Tales for a while
>They mention wanting to cosplay character from same Tales as me
>Get excited about this
>Give them my discord
>They never respond
>Think I sperged too hard and frightened them off

I wish I had reined in my excitement autism, gulls, I ruined a potentially good thing.

>> No.9501161

>order blouses and bloomers like two weeks ago so it would get to me before ILD
>Even pay for super expensive shipping
>Package is on the way, all is fine
>Day of delivery, wake up and see it says it was already delivered
>No its not....
>Call DHL, they have me searching my bushes to make sure the delivery man didnt hide it somewhere
>No package
>Say theyll call me back after Memorial Day
>Today comes, I call them, they say it was definitely delivered
>Guy that delivered it describes my front porch so I know he was there
>Guess package was stolen within the hour it was delivered
>over 100 dollars lost and whoever stole the shipment isnt even going to appreciate or be able to sell what he has for what its worth

Even scarier to me is that my Japonica package which was much more expensive and had my dream dress in it was delivered the same exact day as the stolen package and yet it was there for me. I couldve had my dream dress stolen by some fucking package stealer who would just throw it away.

>> No.9501171

yeesh, really sorry that happened anon.
>over 100 dollars lost and whoever stole the shipment isn't even going to appreciate or be able to sell what he has for what its worth
reminds me of the one time i got mugged in san francisco after hitting a bunch of stores in j-town. this dude took all of my bags and all he got was a bunch of weird clothes that he probably wasn't able to do anything with, lol.

>> No.9501175

I think thats honestly what upsets me the most is the fucker is just going to open the package and go "lol wut is this?"

Like damn it all at least appreciate what you took from me!

>> No.9501193

I'm sorry that happened, anon. My postal service is crap so I always pay the little bit more it requires for signed delivery. Sometimes it means I have to fetch things from missed deliveries but at least I get my stuff.

>> No.9501199

The strange thing is DHL normally does signed deliveries for everything.

I figured this would be the same, and when I looked at the delivery it even says I can get proof of signature, but when I clicked it it says there way no signature, fucking DHL

>> No.9501249

Is DHL big in Asia or something? Seems like everyone ships using them, but in the states it's very rare to see a company use them over UPS

>> No.9501263

They're pretty big in Europe too, since they're a German company. I had a friend who worked for a large company and they would only use DHL or FedEx as they believed other services were unreliable.

>> No.9501270

>coords are decently popular on CoF, posted maybe 30 times
>realise one day that one girl I know literally never likes anything I post even though she's super active on CoF and I always see her liking other friends' posts
>dismiss it because we have very different styles and aren't that close, so I assume she's saves her likes for close friends and girls who wear the same substyle
>recently saw that she actually liked the posts of a lot of girls who dress similarly to me who she doesn't even know
>so it's not the style, it's me
>I know it's irrational but I feel so unloved

I keep wondering if I've done something to piss her off but I'm probably just overthinking it.

>> No.9501278

You sound kind of narcissistic honestly... She doesn't owe you her likes and it's possible that she doesn't like your coordinates that much.

>> No.9501288

Very much overthinking it if you are analyzing the like patterns of someone. So what if someone doesn't like your lolita style, big whoop. Not everyone is going to like you or your clothes. I don't make sure to like my friends' posts, I just hit like when I see things I like. You have too much time on your hands if you sit around paying attention to stuff like this.

>> No.9501291

I don't care if she likes likes my coords or not, her thinking they look bad doesn't bother me, but I feel paranoid that it's because she doesn't like me. She has a reputation for being kind of petty like that but I wish she'd say it to my face if she had an issue.

>> No.9501294
File: 7 KB, 192x192, 098099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i don't care if she likes my coords or not
>proceeds to make post about how bothered she is that someone isn't liking her coords

am i missing something here

>> No.9501302

Two meanings of like. I mean I don't care if she likes them personally, but the fact she never *Facebook* likes them makes me wonder if she just doesn't like like my coords or if she just doesn't like me.

>> No.9501388

Oh yeah I have no intention of being that weird guy, it's why I've been avoiding a lot of groups to begin with. To be fair a lot of the "young" people in question are like 23 or so and aren't actually teenagers, though.

I've thought about different kinds of cons but I'm not into the other stuff, anime is really my only nerd addiction, and its because of it that I go to cons. The social aspect is a big part of why I go, but it's socializing with people who share my interests that makes it worthwhile, otherwise I'd just go to a bar or something.

I've had other friends complain about similar things, maybe I should think about trying to put a gathering or panel for "older" fans together.

>> No.9501462

>finally at a stage in my life where my body doesn't revolt me
>feel cute for 1st time
>get into jfash
>local comm feels really cliquey, icy reception
>stress every time I buy stuff online because I'm at the far edge of fitted brand pieces

Is my personality annoying? Style? Body? I thought I looked good. But the rest of my comm is rail thin and stylish and I feel like a potato.

Back to the tea and cigarettes diet and being a mess 24/7.

>> No.9501496

Yeah, put your foot down and set boundaries. It's amazing to have a close friend like that, but it's also easy to become so codependent that you let them get away with more than you're comfortable with. Making it clear what you do and don't appreciate.

>> No.9501508

It's pretty common for groups to have extras though. Sounds like you and your friend need to get over yourselves. Chances are that you two won't be the only cosplayers of that certain series at a con.

>> No.9501516

If you love lolita you don't need a comm

>> No.9501524

A bit older than yourself and yeah the solution is usually just to start working anime cons in some facet. So you still meet new/interesting people but don't feel like you're forced to hang with couples or end up being the 'parent' herding the youngins around

>> No.9501564

I'm not so much invested about being part of the comm as I am worried that the icy reception is a symptom of me being ugly or poorly dressed. It's rare for me to feel that unwelcome. (Or maybe they're just dicks.)

>> No.9501566

should have cosplayed Nanaly instead of Harold

>> No.9501570

But I like Harold better than Nanaly.

>> No.9501586

How many meets have you gone too? If only 1 or 2, I'd say give it more time. You can post in the coord help thread if you want opinions on your style without a lot of drama if you are worried that your style isn't up to par. Often if comms have had some fucknuts to deal with in the past they will be very cautious about newcomers until they can get a sense of who you are, so that might be what is happening too and it might not be your fault at all.

>> No.9501598


>> No.9501603

please please please go get the help you need. you do not deserve to have to feel like that.

>> No.9501604

I have an insta where I post my coords and my sister said my mom was showing all of my aunts and they were talkin' shit so I blocked her ass. It felt good.

>> No.9501610
File: 45 KB, 172x172, Kahn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im paranoid that a few select people at my school are trying to turn me and my cgl friend against each other. trying to figure out shit is hard

>> No.9501656

>recently had an interview for a summer internship
>heard back from the company today
>they offered me the internship
>said internship is located on the other side of the country
>super excited but also worried because I don't know how I'll complete my cosplay in time for Otakon

I can probably think of ways to get my sewing machine, fabric, sheets of Sintra, heat gun, respirator, paint, and other miscellaneous supplies there, but it'd be such a pain. I'm not even sure where I'm staying yet.

>> No.9501683

I don't know what to say, but I keep thinking of this comment and hoping you're doing ok. Please go to a doctor and treat yourself kindly.

>> No.9501690

>made on order from my-lolita-dress
>only ordered stuff that was in stock
>two weeks later, I don't know if my stuff has been sent yet and I'm getting really antsy
They've always been really quick before... I hope nothing's wrong with my order.

>> No.9501783


my mom wouldn't sign the paper

>> No.9501824
File: 220 KB, 423x329, linkwtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>taking a client to lunch
>he decides to check the time
>grabs my phone instead of his
>mfw my wallpaper is ahegao

>> No.9501888

I want to hug itas and tell them it will get better.

>> No.9501896

I was depressed and I gained some weight so I just threw all my lolita dresses in a pile in the spare bedroom or at the bottom of my closet or left them in drawers and stuck accessories and jewelry in any old place, spare drawer etc.

Now I'm feeling better, eating well and beginning to exercise again but all my lolita items are in a mess or scattered in various places and it feels overwhelming to sort everything back out nicely again.
Where do I even start?

>> No.9501902

Buckle up buttercup because when MLD goes bad it goes BAD

>> No.9501903 [DELETED] 

>order $300 headphones from amazon
>amazon delivery puts them in front of my apartment building in the city
>order $10 worth of random shit
>they refuse to leave it anywhere and have me meet them to sign for it

Package delivery companies make no sense

>> No.9501954

It's up to what you feel comfortable with. My bf has one big scar on his wrist that's is starting to fade and he never stopped wearing short sleeved shirts. In the mean time, work on fading those, or maybe getting a tattoo to cover them up? You could also put foundation on them.

I hope you do not self-harm anymore, it is a terrible addiction and/or coping mechanism to have, best wishes to you.

>> No.9501958

Well, you could ask someone for help sorting them. I have depression too and I used to get these tiny breakdowns upon seeing the state of my room. Order of operations is really important to me atm. For example, not, "I'm gonna fix this place" but "I'm gonna gather all the dresses I can see right now into a pile." im glad things are getting better for you, though.

>> No.9501978

I'm glad you're starting to get better, anon. Start by putting all the dresses on the bottom of your closet nicely on hangers, then the ones in your spare bedroom. Then go through all your drawers, maybe one drawer a day. Make sure not to try to do too much at once.
Personally I always end up with some things I don't really know where to put when tidying up, so I have one box/drawer for odds and ends that I allow to be messy, which helps keeping the mess contained to this one place.
You can do it anon, and you will feel so much better when you start decluttering.

>> No.9502035

Con's been over since Sun day and the post-con depression is still strong.

I need to find a new job.

>> No.9502070
File: 69 KB, 612x612, 1495617093521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>currently planning out couple cosplay
>making friends who have similar hobbies and interests
>gradually gaining the confidence to wear j-fash outside
>making enough money to slowly, but surely expand my wardrobe
>might actually have a group of people to go with to a con and have fun this fall

I'm really lucky. I feel like I don't deserve any of this, but I'm grateful.

>> No.9502075

God, I feel like one day that's going to happen to me. I have pretty boys in bondage as my wallpaper so I'm always covering the screen whenever I want to check the time or some shit like that.

>> No.9502076

Was pushing nearly 80kg late last year. Now down to 63kg. Still can't fit into a few of my dresses but I'm not gonna stop now, if anything i'm working even harder. Hopefully no breast reduction surgery after I lose all this weight. Goal is about 58kg. It's not so hard guys! Honestly it's been pretty easy. Wish it didn't take me so long to realise.

>> No.9502078
File: 300 KB, 1278x765, 1491333641515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not strictly /cgl/, but pertaining to girly fashion:

>tfw I could easily make bank right now by reselling cheap Taobao shit to the "literally trash lol" ironic crowd.
>But I want to design and sew in-house stuff in an elegant, feminine style.

Better get used to not eating.

>> No.9502083

I always like posts from comm members, even if they look like shit, because I'm afraid someone will notice me not liking them. People have told me that no one pays attention to who likes their posts, but clearly some people do.

>> No.9502087

Post wallpaper?

>> No.9502090

I've been wanting to start a small accessory shop but competing with the Japanese (secondhand) market is going to be a pain. I could bring in so much more burando money by throwing my standards out the window and producing ita shit from cheap materials because for some reason, people with shit taste just love to overpay. But
>muh morals
>muh reputation
Should I set up a separate itamilking storefront or would that be considered shady?

>> No.9502116
File: 6 KB, 234x215, 1490587492938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hueh, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Maybe run an AliExpress drop-ship store on the side.

My plan right now is to design a small collection, shill the ever-loving shit out of it on social media, and work on a strictly MTO basis until I reach a stable point at which I can invest in a manufacturer (which will cut costs down to nothing.)

It's just so disheartening to see 90% of the young women around you so absorbed into that 'lol so ironic, so edgy!' cheap shit.

>> No.9502117


this is coming from someone who did well doing that shit and now sells my own handmade stuff

>start reselling and make bank, get your name out there
>more you make more you have to do what you want to do
>over time your store will change to your own preferences

no starving needed.

Itamilking isn't really considered shady by those it actually milks. the people who buy from you are too lazy to use taobao, and go to your store for less of the hassle, they appreciate you there, and don't mind paying the extra cost, as long as its not ridiculous.

>> No.9502119
File: 99 KB, 443x374, megg-mogg-owl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't suppose you have a throwaway Skype or something and would like to have a chat, anon? I've been wracking my brain over this for the past few days (well, years, but I'm already kicking myself over that.)

The image/feel I'm aiming for is that early 60s 'boyish charm' feminine dailywear, so I'm having trouble thinking of what I can feasibly resell while keeping the focus on those pieces.
I don't mind leaning on stuff like ironic motifs/slogans for a little while if it does help push the product.

>> No.9502123
File: 65 KB, 640x640, memeslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the petticoat is full

>> No.9502142
File: 160 KB, 696x766, naisu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw looking through my lolita wardrobe and realizing how cohesive everything is

at last, i have done something right

>> No.9502167

Full of what?

>> No.9502267

the problem is the straights who go 'oh I'm demi/sapio/whatever flavour of the month snowflake term' and try to use that as their access pass to GSM spaces. unfortunately there are people who unironically think that those are on the same level with homo- and bisexuals

amusingly, I'm waiting for a huge DHL shipment (work related) that I'm meant to be accepting today, it hasn't shown up yet and I'm leaving in half an hour
I'm not going to wait for the dude to make it over here

good job anon! also double good job for having a (presumably) healthy and reasonable goal weight, loads of people go for a really low, borderline underweight goal weight on here

>> No.9502319
File: 998 KB, 480x268, bullshit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw some bitch is on FB telling a bunch of impressionable weebs and cosplayers that the local lolita community is toxic and full of bullies
>she's leaving out the fact that she revels in drama and has prodded and provoked it countless times in the past
>she's arrogant, incredibly immature, and constantly talking shit about other members behind their backs
>yet somehow WE'RE toxic
>because a few people didn't like her new haircut
I should say good riddance (provided she leaves, I'm not sure she will) but it angers me so much that she's spreading this shit to other groups, smearing the reputations of all the really sweet and kind girls in our comm, when in reality she's one of the meanest people I've ever met. I want to call her out but most of her shit talking was in person (no proof) and she'll probably just spin it as an example of an evil lolita bullying poor little her.

>> No.9502388

Don't be a slut?

>> No.9502430

>tfw no seagull gf


>> No.9502553

I've ate more medicine that food for my lunch. I'm just hoping to not have body pains when i go to the con in few days.

>> No.9502623


That's why i always have a safe picture for the lockscreen and a picture with gore for the main screen.

>> No.9502739
File: 35 KB, 497x281, 4-chan-testoject.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con in about 2 weeks
>dnp is finished

Now I have to eat like an anorexic and avoid any rebounds so I can stay at 10% or less bodyfat and have nice definition (oral steroids will prevent me going flat/losing muscles).

I really don't see how I can survive on only 2000 calories.

I'm literally just gonna be drinking 0 sugar soy decaf lattes (60 cals per cup) at work and just eat food during my gym time and before I sleep.

its going to be so miserable but i can't wait, also tempted to do gay4pay for extra income on saturdays.

also grandpa just died, barely ever spent time with him due to distance but I can tell he definitely loved me and my sister(dunno why tho, guess its a grandparent thing).

never really cared about anyone or anything but I felt really bad after seeing my grandma send the death certificate/funeral invitation and my dad's email about it. Maybe I just felt sadness on behalf of them.

>> No.9502788

No one gives a shit about male cosplay do they.
The top pictures from every con are always attractive ladies.
If you're not an attractive girl seems feudal desu

>> No.9502790

Futile* fuck

>> No.9502792

If you mean that guys won't get orbiters and patreon bucks, yeah. No one will pay you just for being a guy. Girls who are somewhat pretty can degrade themselves to get money just for being a woman, it's a fact.

Most of the people who cosplay though do it for the fun. The patreon whores and Instagram 'models' are the minority

>> No.9502795

desu this is just the way life is. i'm not a lesbian but it's clear as day which gender is more pleasing to look at. idk why you haven't learned this yet but welcome to the real world

>> No.9502798

im from melbourne, are you gross tho? buy me things and I'll like you anyway

>> No.9502803


the benefit is, since 99.99% of all guys are disgusting, fat, ugly pieces of shit, if you're relatively fit and are a 6/10 at least in terms of face, you get WAY better reception and special treatment since it's a lot more rare.

Now obviously you're not getting those patreon bucks if that's what you care about, since that's a fat male virgin demographic.

Think of it like porn.

Hot girls make top money.
Hot guys don't make much, unless you pursue a certain demographic(gay sugar daddies) in which case you make insane money.
Average/ugly girls still get something.
Average/ugly guys get absolutely nothing.

>> No.9502819
File: 147 KB, 321x321, snooploli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the booty

>> No.9502824

thank you. I never thought I'd be a statistic and it keeps replaying in my head when I try to sleep. I've gotten maybe 12 hours in the past 3 days. I have a few good friends that are helping me. My best friend helped it all happen and is defending the guy so now I don't know who to trust. Haven't been this broken before.

>> No.9502833

You're on a board full of man hating women who see guys as disposable dildos and ATMs
What do you think the answer is?

>> No.9502849
File: 113 KB, 450x323, 19033_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be really into kimono
>stop wearing it because I'm not Japanese I'm just a fucking weeb, even tho I love it
>be really into cosplay
>one day realize I'm spending hundreds of dollars on making costumes
>even if I make a perfect costume and am the best looking person there I'm still dressed like an anime character, and I'd be the best fuckin weeb there
>love lolita
>have 1 bodyline dress I found at a thrift store, pic is dress but not my pic
>want to wear it
>would have to buy blouse, shoes, accessories, etc
>what's the point

tfw you always said CGL was bullshit for calling 25 old and you're here now and feel old.

>> No.9502851

Well, serves you right for hating on women on every fucking other boards

>> No.9502858

>CGL was bullshit for calling 25 old
It is bullshit though. The fact YOU feel old doesn't suddenly make this statement true, it's entirely personal. I'm nearly 27 and into lolita and I don't feel too old for it at all.

>> No.9502875

>i'm not a lesbian
Could have fooled me bitch

>> No.9502878

That's fair.

>> No.9502883

w e w

it sounds like somebody needs to severely cut down on the sodium intake. it's pretty much universally accepted. why do you think women are called the "fairer sex"?

>> No.9502893
File: 266 KB, 500x1191, i-feel-i-feel-you-you-deeply-your-feeling-i-1440483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9502895
File: 88 KB, 855x885, bitch who did you think it was.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek calm your beef flaps, it was a joke.
>muh sandy vagina syndrome
i was just asking

>> No.9502899
File: 158 KB, 657x697, vaginspection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the best way to get cos-famous, aside from "be a white or Asian girl"?

>> No.9502901

Wew, quite an assumption there.

>> No.9502957
File: 41 KB, 800x479, genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the super-cute girl who con-crushed on you lives seven hours away

>> No.9503027

If I'm fit and handsome, just what have I been missing out on by not going to cons?

>> No.9503031

Kinda liberating if you think about it, girls have to keep up with whatever flavor of the month is, and have the pressure to keep constant appearances to get noticed or people get bored and move on.
Guys can do what ever they want and not have the pressure on them, they can have a bit more fun.

>> No.9503065

That's because people get "cos-famous" by pandering to thirsty otaku dudes. It's not our fault other men are not attracted to you.

Your only hope is pandering to fujoshits because they're the only real female equivalent to thirsty otaku dudes.

>> No.9503090

not to mention wearing a tampon when you're not bleeding is a terrible idea and it won't be fun to remove.

>> No.9503097

>be white or look white
>have big tits (natural or fake)
>be at least 5/10 on the attractiveness scale
>know how to market yourself and pander

no cosplay talent needed.

>> No.9503110

i think they meant that they had to place a block order on transactions for the account in case it was stolen. Thats what I would do anyways.

>> No.9503249

wearing lolita to lecture for the first time today, i'm super nervous but i feel pretty good!

>> No.9503252

Plenty of people give a shit about male cosplay. They just don't usually come to /cgl/...

>> No.9503279
File: 57 KB, 699x502, damncosplayers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to lolita-themed wedding
>have a blast
>but then...

>bride throws the bouquet
>fail to catch it
>bf says "thank god"

What did he mean by this?

>> No.9503288

you're a moped

>> No.9503296

maybe he's just not ready?
dont overthink it.

>> No.9503304
File: 23 KB, 642x716, iktf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same anon same, hope it goes well for you.

>> No.9503310

But he publicly took her to a wedding.

>> No.9503337

I don't know, I feel like as long as you're doing well in your professional life, what does it matter if you have weeb hobbies on the side? It's embarrassing at any age, but if you're not obnoxious about it no one will care.

>> No.9503338

Oh man you sound so much like me, I go through exactly the same stuff.

I'm not sure about the other anon, but those kinds of situations are different for me. Professional situations are fine, because I have what feels like a legitimate reason to be talking to people, and it's no problem if the conversation shifts to more personal stuff. The same goes for when other people initiate with me. I completely go to pieces when I have to do the initiating, though, because I feel like I'm imposing on people.

I have an anxiety condition myself and I'm fully aware of it, but in a way it only makes it harder, because I can't tell the difference between my own unfounded worries and real awkwardness. I've been on the receiving end of weirdoes plenty of times too, so I'm hyper-aware of what it feels like and afraid of doing it myself.

>> No.9503366


go back to your r9k/fit shithole you delusional uggo

>> No.9503385
File: 31 KB, 400x300, d3ec56169edf8439658333c9db365270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice! Hope you had a good experience

>> No.9503404


Still made my ass sad.

>> No.9503464

I bet he's probably a manlet with a Quasimodo face, ripped bod and autistic personality. so he probably doesn't get any. I'll give him 5 minutes after seeing this post to post something across the lines of "women are whores" somewhere to try to make himself feel better about having no game.

>> No.9503488
File: 5 KB, 180x180, tumblr_lju8srnSmP1qc804q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw work significantly cuts your hours and you can't decide if you're happy because work stresses you out, or sad because now you have less of that sweet sweet dosh for cosplay/lolita/anything you enjoy

>> No.9503496

Just because your ageplay fetish clothes catch the ire of undesirables doesn't mean you have an excuse to be this rude

>> No.9503514

He don wanna marry you

>> No.9503525
File: 26 KB, 468x314, mikuarrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>touching myself to hentai
>finish in a tissue
>throw it toward the trashcan
>accidentally hit my wife's burando
>come explodes all over it

I washed it in the sink and it's hanging to dry now. Pray for me.

>> No.9503537

>implying i'm a lolita
nice try Quasimodo

>> No.9503543

If only I looked like Quasimodo, I'd buy a Saitama costume and cosplay One Hunch Man.

>> No.9503692

really need to work on your aim bro

>> No.9504748

go see a doctor.

>> No.9505399

It's just full, okay?