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Old thread die. >>9486351

Wig won't curl? Etsy package seized by customs? Time to post about cgl thongs that give you the feelies.

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>tfw no slav bf

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I hope you mean "things"

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>room with some grills I don't actually know
>one spends 99% of the time naked
>keeps bending over with butthole on full display
>come back from con for a nap
>mfw she's getting fucked hard by two Latino

She cosplayed the pink one from Underwatch.

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>not wearing burando thongs with your coords
most embarrassing behaviour

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why would you go to the internet and tell lies anon?

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Customs are taking forever with my taobao order and I know they're going to charge me to hell and back for it.

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>first time cosplaying
>spent a ton of money on materials and tools
>having fun making everything

>suddenly realize im probably only going to wear this once
>suddenly feel like im just wasting money

to the people that have been cosplaying for a while, how do you deal with this?

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I'm in the same boat. If I don't get it by tomorrow, I won't have it for the con. And I doubt I'll get it by tomorrow.

Also, I got fired last week for dropping a bottle of booze.

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i deal with it by wearing a costume more than once

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do you wear it outside of cons?

because i pretty much only have time to go to cons like once a year.

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... Most cosplayers wear the costume more than once.

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There are usually cosplay meetups outside of cons depending on where you live and your local scene.

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>really pretty girl joins comm and makes her meet debut in gorgeous Antoinette Fleur coord covered head to toe in brand about a month ago
>several of us immediately like "who is she?"
>very quiet and shy seeming
>as we're saying our goodbyes, friend asks her for her Instagram
>she says she doesn't have one
>find her Instagram today on another comm member's page
>filled with bourgeois vacations, multithousand dollar designer bags, pics if her expensive purebred cat

I'm now realizing that she was so "quiet and shy" because she's rich and looks down on us.

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>looks down on us
Or you know she could be wary of judgmental people like you. Jealousy isn't kawaii, anon.

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Resposting since ana-chan suck all the (you)s

"Sorry for not cgl-related but I'm building a Magic the Gathering cube - basically a pool of cards meant to be drafted by 4-8 player to build their decks and play against each others - but I just realized I don't have enough friends who play MTG to actually use it. Would it be weird to bring it to a con and try to meet a couple of people to play with it? I'm planning for low-power cards without complex mechanics so beginners and people who never played the game can enjoy the experience."

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Or maybe she doesn't want to be seen as showing off and didn't tell you guys?
Maybe she is an introvert who also has money?

People with money don't have to be extroverts.

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>tfw two dream dresses have nearly 20cm difference in ideal bust measurements and I'm smack bang in the middle between them

Shapewear can't make that much difference. I guess in some ways it's good to have flexibility in my wardrobe in case I gain or lose weight, but it's kind of depressing having things sat there that I can't wear.

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They turn into bait-filled shitshows but I'm really grateful for feels threads because there's nowhere else I can share my lolita feels. I've been in comms three years and never got close enough to anyone to be able to share serious stuff with them, and all my normie friends and family don't understand or care. It's nice to have somewhere to vent, even if it's just over silly stuff.

I feel like I'm doomed now, I'm becoming too much of an oldfag to connect with newer lolitas but all the people I meet who've been into lolita the same sort of length of time I have already have close lolita friends. Maybe I missed my chance.

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Don't lose hope, anon, I've made friends with girls who are older than me and have been into lolita longer than me but technically we're all oldfags and get along great. You'll find like minded lolitas to befriend, I'm sure.

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As someone from a wealthy family, I was fucking petrified of new friends finding out I was rich when I was growing up and people like you don't make it any better

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this is more a WTF feel

>on the train back from the city, get off at home station. in normie clothes with normie friends
>there this girl from my high school who got into the lolita fashion
>evert outfit she posts is ita as fuck
>make up is always awful
>see her and a friend dressed in a lolita waiting to board a train
>coord is actually REALLY FUCKING NICE, best look I've ever seen her put together

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That's sounds really depressing

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I feel like I get on well with girls in my comm who are like that but it never develops beyond a casual level because they already have close friends who've known them longer than I have and don't need an addition to their circle. I'm not sure if "missing my chance" is even an appropriate thing to say, since I just realised that a lot of the people who attended their first meet around the same time as I did never got into lolita or left after only buying a couple of pieces. It's so hard to know if someone new will really be in it for the long haul or will just drop it for another hobby.

I think you need either a long history together or shared bonding experiences (ex. living together) to get really close to somebody, which is why it feels so hard to make new close friends after university who aren't SOs. OT but I also feel terrified of drifting apart from my oldest normie friend for the same reason. Nobody else knows me as well as they do, but we met ten years ago and we both have completely different interests now, so we have barely anything in common and it's only the shared history/understanding binding us together. We're already drifting apart as they've made a bunch of new friends recently and it makes me sad because I feel like even if I make new friends, they won't be able to replace that bond.

Maybe it was a themed meet and the friend lent her a coord or something.

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Lose weight to fit the smaller one and get the larger one altered?

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I hope OP meant what they wrote

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The cut of the larger ones wouldn't take well to altering, one has a lot of detailing on the bodice that would be ruined and the other is made without a waist seam, just with several continuous panels of fabric making up both the bodice and the skirt (there's a name for this construction technique but I've forgotten what it's called, you see it a lot in classic dresses) and I think altering it would spoil the lines. One of the smaller ones is something I would literally never fit even if I lost weight (82cm bust, I was severely underweight a couple of years ago and I was still 84cm because I'm busty), the other one is 84cm which is sort of manageable with shapewear or a cardigan from my current bust measurement (87-88cm).

It's kind of sad/bothersome but it's not worth trying to permanently change my body shape when the entire rest of my wardrobe fits me well at my current weight.

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>several continuous panels of fabric making up both the bodice and the skirt

That just sounds like an A-line dress, and if you're just taking in the bust it won't mess with the lines that much. As for the dress with a detailed bodice, it might be possible to have it taken in from the sides instead of at the princess seams if it's a JSK or certain cuts of OP. Will probably cost more though.

Another option to consider is letting out the smaller dresses. You can usually squeeze out a couple centimeters of extra room from the seam allowance if you let out the front and side panels.

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>wanting some potato faces thug with 80iq.


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I always thought it'd be difficult to take in dresses with that construction, here's one of them:

Lolibrary says it's 90cm bust but it's fucking not, it's loose on me at 87cm. Like, it fits, but I lent this to a friend recently who's a size larger than me and she looks so much better in it (and I haven't asked, but, looking at her, I think her bust is well over 90). I think the waist and bust would need to be taken in different amounts for it to fit well which is why I'm concerned about the lines, I think the ideal bust for that dress is just a few cm above mine but the ideal waist is like 10cm bigger than mine. It seems like the neatest way to do it would be to take a bit off every single panel, which would require disassembling and reassembling the whole dress and cost more than the dress did even if I could find a seamstress capable of doing it.

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Nayrt but is it not usual to do photoshoots outside cons?
In my country almost everyone does photoshoots outside con time to get nicer pics and some use of their cosplay.
There's also cosplay meetups like >>9490327 mentioned

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It would be more difficult to take in that particular dress because of the lace detailing. This one can definitely be taken in from the sides or the back though. Are you not busty enough for the bodice, or is it just too baggy overall?

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I'm not busty enough for the bodice. It's a little loose even when I'm wearing my most padded bra, and the waist is super loose (I mean, it's empire-waisted, but you get what I mean, my ribcage or whatever). It's wearable, but the silhouette would be so more elegant I was bigger or it was smaller, and I feel like a nicely-fitted silhouette is key to pulling off a plain non-print dress.

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You could probably take it in from the side seams without much issue. But chances are you'd have to shell out extra because the zipper would probably have to be taken out and re-installed.

Think of the extra cost as an investment to looking extra nice in your dream dress that you probably won't want to sell anyways.

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I fucking bawl when I have to return things to Amazon. It's like I'm telling the order "You're unwanted, and you failed me."

I'm not even a grill. Why do I feel this much?

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I had a similar situation in my comm.
>see a really shy girl new to the comm
>encourage her to take part in things, introduce her to other people and be kind to her
>only find out much later that her unsure face was actually disgust at us over how poor and apparently not well dressed we are
>well fuck you then lady

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I just started working on my first cosplay after going to a couple cons and it feels pretty good. I don't have a lot of time, but I really only have to make one prop out of EVA. Can't remember the last time I was this excited

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How much pubic hair is acceptable in lolita?

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>been procrastinating ordering my cosplays because I'm losing weight
>work out, feel myself getting stronger, start eating healthier, smaller portions
>monthly weigh in
>gained 5 pounds

welp, time to change it up and start doing cardio

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Considering that it's based on Victorian fashion.

Any is acceptable.

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You're not a true rori unless you can do this with your bush.

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>selling a bunch of cosplay
>have multiple people message me interested in a few costumes
>reply back to them quickly asking for their zipcode to figure out shipping
>all three of them don't reply
>all three don't reply for a whole week
>email them all again because I'm not holding costumes if they don't want them
>"I don't have the funds/not interested anymore!! sorry!!"

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I feel similarly. I'm finally starting to get close with a few girls but it's so scary and I tend to pull away when I start to enjoy someone to much because I don't want them to get sick of me. So yeah. Anonymous venting to other lolitas is a godsend

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wait what?
Why are you even basing it on your weight?
What about your measurements, did those change?

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>tfw not excited for yearly con
>tfw con friends drifting away
>tfw lonely

The friend who I normally go with attended it last year with her new group of older friends, and I only spent about an hour or two with her. I haven't talked with the other con friend recently either. Now that I think about it, I feel like I shouldn't go. I don't really have any other friends to bring along. I wish I had one con friend to spend my time with. I am a sad gull.

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are you a midwest gull?

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>sick all the time, worse lately
>sent to a specialist, expect standard 'sorry, not sure' result
>tfw they actually find something potentially serious
>tfw might need surgery or die
>still just as sick, and now sick from worrying too

/cgl/ tie in is that I'm on /cgl/ a lot more often the past couple days trying to avoid thinking of it. The lolita drama's been amazing at least

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Anon, what might be wrong?
I've known a fair amount of cases where doctors have bigged up the 'you need surgery or you'll die' kind of thing so you undergo the surgery without second thought on your other options. Both in places with free healthcare and private.

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>tfw first con and super scared and have no idea how to cosplay
>hate wigs and I have silver hair but worried I'll look weird as Kaneki
>Super nervous around people and worried about my makeup/eyes being too small for anime characters

Ease my anxiety for anime north pls, I'm freaking out. I have no idea how to style my wig, I suck at crafts :')

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>Oh no guys having money is sssooooo hhhaaarrrddddd

Fuck off.

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Does half Slav count?
And do you cosplay or wear lolita?

>> No.9490737

I mean, you're cute and all but kaneki's hair is really dishevelled and over his eyes and even a tiny bit wavy whereas yours is much neater, it might not be recognisable as the character, especially if you don't have contacts.

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sorry you have shit taste

>> No.9490746

>giving opinions either way
you can see less than half the dude's face, just focus on the wig lmao

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Kinda rude my mans. I'm new to all this and just looking for some guidance.
Its neat because that's how I style it, I can definitely get it a lot more wavy or disheveled, kinda like in this pic, although my hair is rlly bad here because it's damaged, though it's way healthier now. I have the mask/and wig, I don't think I'll be putting in contacts though (I have hooded eyes which makes it kind of difficult)

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I think this is a better photo of my face. Again hair is super damaged. Part of the reason why I chose Kaneki is because it gives me an excuse to hide most of my face, which I'm super insecure about.

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The advice I was given when I started was to use a wig even if you think you can do without. It's pretty hard to style your natural hair right and if you're not good at hair-styling, wigs will usually be easier and look better

>> No.9490776

you look like a virgin

>> No.9490778

Thank you. I will most likely end up using the wig, I'll just have to meet up with a friend early and have them help me out with the wig.
I can't really see how that would be relevant to this topic, but I'd appreciate it if you'd stop projecting onto me.

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go back to fucking tumblr
you're gonna go to a con without a wig no matter what we say. do everyone a favour and don't cosplay.

>> No.9490788

I was just genuinely asking for opinions? I already have the wig and just need to work out how to style it from this point. Why the aggression for no reason?

>> No.9490791

People drop thousands on their wedding dress they'll only wear once, etc. In cosplay I'm having fun and showing off my craftsmanship at least.

>> No.9490793

If you lurked here before posting, you'd know that the case is always wig > real hair unless you're cosplaying somebody who's bald or has a buzz cut. If you have no skills, either commission or don't do it for this con and practice in the mean time.

>> No.9490797

okay saltymon settle down before you go into the PC box again

I swear either I've seen you on this board before or you have a look alike

I'm going to also agree with everyone about getting a wig. I also have very bleached hair, mine is blue so I can relate to your hair looking quite a bit like some anime characters.

However your hair is flat looking, and has a dry ends/greasy roots look to it because you haven't bleached it super recently. Bleached hair will also never look as good as a wig, and you won't get the desired volume you want. Also, I don't want to assume, but you make it sound like you may struggle with anxiety. I have noticed that wearing a wig while I cosplay makes me feel less anxious about my cosplay. I do not have to worry about styling my hair products and heat, and then continuously checking up on it throughout the day as it gets greasier and heavier from products. With wigs, I pre-style them and then plop them on my head and barely have to worry about them for the entire day. It makes the cosplay, and my day, easier.

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The last piece of my cosplay came today! I honestly thought I'd have to go without it this con, but now I can wear it!

The downside.... This means I have to finish my prop tomorrow. I put it off, thinking I wouldn't be able to wear the costume this time. Oh fuck, I'm officially shitting my bloomers.

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wanna talk? I live in Michigan.

>> No.9490802

My thyroid is so swollen it's painful to swallow and hard to breathe when I lie on my back, so depending on what they find is causing it they said they might have to operate :( I know what you mean though, I've rushed into surgery before and ended up massively regretting it, so I'm trying to be more level-headed about this one.

>> No.9490807

Thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I rebleached my hair about 3 or 4 days ago, so it's pretty much pure silver at this point. I have some issues with anxiety, and I get pretty ridiculously picky about how my hair looks. It'll definitely be peice of mind to know that the wig won't change very much throughout the day. As for posting here before, I might have once or something, most likely a couple months ago. I honestly can't remember, but I think I only posted once, maybe on a cosplay suggestions thread? Thank you for your input, it helps a lot.

>> No.9490809

>cosplayer but lurks in closet of frills
>see pretty ~aesthetic~ photos of lolita coords
>want to get into lolita and at least try to put together a decent coord
>already broke from cosplay hobby (among other expenses) and too scared to put together a coord from offbrand/cheaper items
i guess i'll just stay where i am desu

>> No.9490817

I honestly think most/all the salt about offbrand (if you mean non-Japanese brand, not fucking thriftstore kei) is confined to /cgl/, esp. if we're talking Taobao and not Bodyline. I've been a lolita for four years and never met anyone who had an issue with it, so if you don't care what anonymous strangers say about you there's no need to worry. If you do your research it's definitely doable, although easier or harder depending on what sort of style you lean towards.

I'm not going to say "definitely get into it, anyone can afford it!" without knowing your financial situation or budget, but lolita's not as expensive as it's made out to be.

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Are you stupid?

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A gull friend would be nice. Do you have a throwaway email?

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My roommate is like this. I think I've seen her vagina more times than I've seen my own.

>> No.9490830

To be fair, it's pretty hard to see your own vagina without a mirror or contortionist skills.

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>be me, fatty-chan gull who comes to this board at least once a day
>tired of being fatty even though doctor says my health is great
>lose 40 pounds in less than 6 months
>Cue me being proud of myself for doing this
>Remembers I'm still a fatty
>Falls into depression
>Scared that if I post myself anywhere cgl will still call me a landwhale

why was I cursed with this nasty, fat body gulls... I feel so downtrodden, even though I've lost this much weight. I know I've lost it and worked hard to get here... and I'm still working! But other people still see me as just some fat slob who isn't trying. I want to wear my brand because it's fitting better now but damn... I don't know if i can shake this anxiety.

**note: I don't think other fat ppl are disgusting or are obligated to lose weight unless their health is at risk. I just wanted to vent. I've struggled with bulimia and anorexia since the sixth grade because of bullying about my weight, all of which immediately was gained back and then some after hospitalization for these disorders. This time, I am doing this the healthy way: Proper portion control, mild exercise, lots of water, and support from those I love.**

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>> No.9490853

> rich people can't be shy or want privacy

>> No.9490861

Hey anon, you're doing something about it and the fact that you've lost that much weight is good! If you stick to it, you'll keep losing weight and eventually have a figure that you like.

>> No.9490862

Yes I do!
[email protected]

>> No.9490863

>forgot one small detail on cosplay
>not a big deal but its driving me insane

>> No.9490864

That's amazing progress though, anon! And you know what they say, the more time you take to lose it, the more likely you'll keep it off at the end. If anyone makes rude comments, just think about how good you'll look at your ultimate goal weight and brush them off, that's what I used to do.

>> No.9490867

I feel so down. My cosplay friends are drifting away from me and I feel so alone. I really want to self harm after years, but if I do that I can't wear the cosplays I want to wear without people finding out. Funny thing how cosplay is keeping me from cutting myself but it is and I'm sort of glad.

>> No.9490903

This story made water come out of my ass. My little sister used to cut, and I worry she'll relapse. Please take care of yourself.

>> No.9490906

congrats on the weight loss so far! i'm really proud of you

>> No.9490918

I agree with you. If she's so aware then why give anyone in the comm her rich kids of instagram instagram. Before shunning her see if she can add to the comm. If she just wants to show up and silently brag then f her. I dont have an instagram-- bah.

>> No.9490920

I dont think its weird. Write down the rules for easy access. Dont be elitist, take all comers. Hope you find some new players.

>> No.9490927

> new to comm
> has 90+ main pieces, 80% brand
> does not have a lolita social media
> does have family social media , comes from upperclass background (parents bought me a house) and has purebred cats, dogs and other exotic pets, has travelled extensively abroad, etc

I don't share this shit with my comm because I don't want to be seen as bragging, snobby or ignorant of the financial circumstances and limitations of others. I don't want to be perceived as flaunting my wealth as if it makes me a better lolita than others. I also don't want people to make assumptions about what I choose to do with my money and the privileges it affords me. I also tend to be very generous to friends in need but have been taken advantage of in the past and am therefore wary of disclosing details.

I wonder if she feels the same.

It's funny, because at my last meet a high profile member of my comm was talking about the size and expense of her wardrobe. I didn't say a thing. I want to rely on my personality and sense of style to build my reputation.

>> No.9490937

there's that moment when you're almost done with the costume or about to go to bed thinking about the big day and thinking, 'nah, i'm not going to wear it. it's going to be hot. i'm pretty sure it'll look awful on me. etc'.
then you wake up and think the same thing. but remember you're going to the con to have fun. it's about you.
so pack it up, put it on and go have fun.

it's happened to all of us. and even in the parking lot i've thought about not wearing it. but once inside all doubt will go away.

and the number of times i've overheard someone say, 'man i wish i coulda worn mine' at the cons is a lot.

don't be one of those thinking 'i shoulda put it on/i should have brought it'

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people who shit on you repeatedly after you've been nice/good to them over and over again are the worst.

>roomate shyly mentions earlier today that he wants to wear a feminine outfit for laughs at a con because he's all muscle
>Tell him I don't judge guys wearing cute stuff for the sake of wanting to
>encourage him and tell him I think it'd be pretty funny/cute, even offer to help make sure his cosplay look nice
>later same day mention to him that I want to wear new cosplay even though this character has been done a million times, but wanted to do different skin
>"anon what? If you wear anything related to her I'll call you a slut and a basic bitch"
>stunned silence
>well ok then fuck you too

I don't think he *really* means it since we joke about a lot of things, but goddamn if it still isn't hurtful when and how he says it.

>still going to cosplay her anyway and ngaf

>> No.9490955

Well, I'm glad you're classy and have an awareness of others limitations anon, I think the reason people get their backs up is because a lot of rich kids are just flat-out clueless about money (I'm not basing this on online conjecture, I went to a university with a lot of upper-class students and geez there were a lot of idiots and the few who kept their wealth lowkey usually just did so they could *avoid* being generous - stuff like taking people's food and stuff without paying them back even though they had five times the yearly allowance those people did). 90+ main pieces when new would definitely come off as bragging, because there's no conceivable way someone could know you had that many unless you'd given them numbers - meets don't happen that often, wardrobe post season is just once a year and a year is long enough to build up a decent number, and even if you were a daily lolita who posted all your coords and wore a different dress every day it'd take you three months to get through 90.

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I'm going to call myself a "sexy widdle wowi" from now on.

>> No.9490992

>comm not very active
>decides to hold a tea party
>starts nice girls are cute one ita but its fine she never spoke the whole time
>bitch goth loli comes in
>sits at head of table and trys to say shes the one who put on the party
>then parades us around town doing nothing
>too shy to do anything
>shoves me off with the boyfriends cause im a boy

my comm sucks im gunna join another states comm

>> No.9490994
File: 30 KB, 400x515, C7NW-WGUwAAqPEx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I was efamous

>> No.9490998

its a sad life stay yourself love

>> No.9491005

Have they thought about biopsying it first? That being said, airway issues are kinda a need to operate deal unless they can find a medical therapy that will help in time.

>> No.9491006

>friend wants to get into lolita
>she balks when she sees prices of anything more than $50
>"oh I'll just make a knockoffs"
>try to explain why she shouldn't do that
>"but it's not like I'm selling the knockoffs for profit so it's ok lololol"


>> No.9491010

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with handmaking non-print replicas if it's only for yourself, except for the fact that it's probably going to turn out ugly. If she means buy replica fabric though, you need to drop that bitch before she drags you down by association.

>> No.9491013

it will cost her more than $50 in fabric if it's not made out of complete shit

>> No.9491020

She means print replicas, specifically a Leif dress. I don't understand why she's so stingy with money for lolita considering that she's a cosplayer and mostly does Sakizou designs, so she should know that $50 is nothing for a dress, especially one with a very full skirt.

>> No.9491025

She's probably just financially responsible.

>> No.9491033

let's be real: if she gave her instagram to you outright you'd probably be here bitching about what a supposed show-off she is. she doesn't owe you anything and she doesn't have to give you her social media if she doesn't want to. rich people are people, and jealousy isn't cute.

>> No.9491037

stop posting yourself repeatedly in a fucking feels thread
if you want to cosplay then grab some pins to recall your wild fucking ears
also stop following literally every nu-emo post-hipster meme trend my god you look so devoid of substance
why did you even try to mix nu-emo with the "combovered jew" look, anyway

>> No.9491041

he looks like someone who got into anime a month ago, bought a bunch of meme clothes, but still has stuff from his last phase

>> No.9491046

he looks a straight guy who never got any attention from girls so dressed so that he could boost his self esteem with the attention of gay guys instead

>> No.9491061
File: 175 KB, 1803x2100, 1394760786191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friend A and Friend B broke up
>I was the last one to hang out with the both of them
Help. I feel like this is my fault. They both seemed fine last I met.

>> No.9491065

I justify it by realizing that wearing the costume is just the finale, not the entire show. However many weeks/months I spent making it are an important part of the process. Rather than thinking "I spent $400 on a costume I'll only wear once," think "Making this costume gave me months of enjoyment and learning, all for $400."

Of course, that mindset only really works if you truly enjoy making your costumes. I think most of us can agree that, while it can be super stressful at times, it's really rewarding to see the cosplay come together and learn new techniques while doing so. It's one of the reasons why I'd never buy or commission an entire costume.

t. cosplayer who only wears any given costume once, maybe twice

>> No.9491068

How self-centered can you be?

>> No.9491072

I'm on /cgl/ so very.

>> No.9491073

This reminds me so much of one of my best friends. She's been dealing with depression and anxiety, and she says I'm one of the reasons she's alive today. I'm supportive as fuck, and my friends know they can tell me whatever and I'll still love them and not judge them.

But god damn, I wish it went the other way with this girl more often. She can tolerate some of my really toned down J-fashion outfits, but she'll outright tell me to change if she thinks I look stupid. She's incredibly judgmental about how people dress and look, which I think comes from being raised in a hyper Christian household (like "I'll abandon you if you're gay" sort of thing) and from her own inner desire to dress the way her parents told her not to. Example: she judges girls dressed "slutty," but I remember her bragging about how she'd get hit on at a graduation party because she was wearing a short skirt and boots. She says my outfits (which don't show much skin, but certainly stand out here in the US) are embarrassing. You either celebrate people dressing the way they want or don't- don't be a hypocrite.

>> No.9491097

I might be projecting a little, but if she suffers from social anxiety, she probably feels as if the attention your outfits draw in public filters onto her, which makes her feel even more self-conscious than she already would. She's probably also uncomfortable with the thought of being judged for associating with someone dressed like that, regardless of her own feelings about the outfit.

>> No.9491132

Ugh, yikes. I'm ordering through an SS (FromJapan) for the first time-- I didn't think my order was that big, 1 jsk, 1 bag and 1 headbow. Shipping charges come out to 7500yen jfc. I guess that'll teach me to be more careful, but I was expecting like.. $40-50 I guess, based on some taobao shipments. Oh well!

>> No.9491136

Multiple anons have said that FJ's shipping fees are inflated and unreasonable lately. Check out ZenMarket next time.

>> No.9491162

It all started cause I wanted to buy a thing from Fril, and then like two other things popped up that I wanted, and since I already had a SS order open I thought it'd make the most sense. Lesson learned, I guess.

>> No.9491183

This is why rich kids get shunned. They pretend like they dont know. They tend to mooch but accuse everyone of using them if they pull out a yen. They dont understand the give & take.
Im good with praise but cut people down when they brag. I had money for my area growing up. Took me a long time to realize the bragging was cause they dont get often or they want you to give them stuff whilst thinking they will give to you. My whole class cut a girl and boy off for doing that. They had money but wanted to try new things or homemade things. Never brought unless it was to brag & then was stingy. Sharing is a two way street.
Rich lolita goes to meet-up. Silently judge. Gives social to one girl(i guess who passed her test). While at future meet ups just sits. Dont try to suggest future meet ups or help with themes. Could even plan a meet up since they probably have free time or a planner. You, rich lolita, are a mooch.

>> No.9491187

He should've listed why he doesnt like it. But being friend with someone means telling them the truth. Is the cosplay tacky? will it not enhance you? He maybe trying to help. Or he maybe trying to push his style.
--he could be a hater and you shoukd never take his advice.

>> No.9491237

You're an idiot. If she wanted to look down on you and rub it in your faces, she would've given you her instagram to show off. She's likely hiding it and staying tight lipped about her life during meets because she doesn't want to brag or because she knows it'll change the comm's perception of her.

The fact that you went snooping for this girl's information only to shit talk her because she's rich speaks volumes about you as a person.

>> No.9491240

>Proving anon's point that mentioning wealth brings out rabid bitterness in some people


>> No.9491266
File: 201 KB, 540x533, 1472594583112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>I'm now realizing that she was so "quiet and shy" because she's rich and looks down on us.

Or maybe it's because she doesn't want to brag about those things to get instantly badmouthed by people like you. What would have been the better approach in your oppinion? Shoving all the money in your face and showing off what she got?

>> No.9491359

>Have three costumes for a con
>All for groups, I'm really excited
>Finish one costume just as my cosplay partner for it says she won't be able to finish her costume b/c of health issues
>Well, bummer. Mine is done though, so I'll wear it anyway
>Finish next costume just as the group for that one falls apart because of multiple health issues and people who just don't have the time to finish
>I'm the only one who will have a finished costume
>My character is also the only background character in the group so you can't really figure out who I'm cosplaying without the others
>Third costume is fine, partner has his costume, everything should be fine
>Except he's had crazy health issues and dropped out of cosplay groups with me at the last second b/c of them and I'm just waiting for him to tell me the day before he can't cosplay with me
It's not really their fault these health issues come up, it's just such a bummer that at least 2/3 of my groups are now one-man shows. (All the people with health issues are fine now, but the issues just took too much of their time so they couldn't finish their costumes.)

>> No.9491396
File: 102 KB, 419x427, guessilldie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>knowing you'll never have a slav bf

>> No.9491404
File: 344 KB, 700x1612, salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

welcome to cgl anon. Don't worry, there are more polite anons out there

>> No.9491409
File: 53 KB, 500x428, momoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Someone is selling the black colourway of Rose Ribbon Embroidery in Japan
>67000 bid, 80000 Buy Now
>I can afford it, but... That's a lot of money...
>I reload the page every now and then waiting for someone to buy it and put me out of my misery
Why am I doing this to myself

>> No.9491427

>silently brag
Wtf does that even mean? Bragging is shoving your wealth in people's faces, which this girl was trying to do the exact opposite of. Also, she probably gave it to that one girl because she knew her better and felt comfortable with her. It's not at all uncommon for people not to like giving their Instagram out to people they're not decently familiar with.

>> No.9491429

You have some issues, anon.

>> No.9491431

Do it, anon. If it's a dream dress and not a "oh hey pretty rare dress I can afford" impulse buy, you will regret it. That dress never goes on sale.

>> No.9491458

It's pretty much every old lolita's dream dress, haha... Seeing it takes me right back to when I first found Lolita through Kamikaze Girls.

I think I will bid on it and see what happens. Thanks, anon!

>> No.9491462

Good luck, anon!

>> No.9491472

will be gone for almost a week because of momo-con. That means I have to leave my bunny at my parent's house.

I'll miss not having my bunny around :/ Wish he could come with me.

>> No.9491542
File: 959 KB, 480x270, tumblr_n0u7vdYPm31szj8x1o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>living with elderly relative
>she swears she has kidney infection
>goes to doctor, test is negative
>waits an entire week
>complains the whole time
>I fuss until she agrees to go to the ER
>critical kidney infection diagnosis
>in on 7 day antibiotics
>she made a fuss about wanting to drive me to convention to save me money
>told her no and booked a train ticket
>had to go back to ER other night for fever
>literally wanted me to decide whether she should risk a 101.8F fever in bed or go to the ER
>I'm super stressed out by everything
>feel guilty about going to convention since she's sick
>it'll be two days she's alone in the house
>know I'll be judged by family/friends for it
>on other hand I've literally paid $200+ for this
>only time a year I get to see my best friend
>she asks me when my train leaves
>tell her day and time, get just an "Oh..." in response
>get ready for bed, get guilt tripped for leaving her in the living room by herself
>"I'm going to miss you this weekend..."
>decide to just not go
>she acts upset, asks if I can still go if my mother drove an hour to pick me up then another hour to drop me off at the convention
>seriously thinks this doesn't make me sound like a selfish bitch expecting someone to do that
>tell her I'm not going, yet again
>makes a big fuss, tells me she doesn't want me to be out all that money and tries to pay me back for it
>train literally leaves tomorrow, I've paid for the badge, room, costumes, everything

I know she didn't get sick on purpose but I'm just so damned angry that she waited an entire week and let herself get worse. She tells me to go to the convention one minute then makes me feel bad for wanting to go and leaving her by herself the next. She doesn't even act like I'm missing anything aside from being out money and if she pays me that'll make it better despite the fact that I had to tell my best friend I couldn't go see her and I've got a suitcase full of a year's worth of gifts sitting in my room.

>> No.9491548

I would love this, anon. I'm just trying to get back into MtG after not havign played it for years but I have no friends to play with and it's hard. I'm hoping I can find some people to play with at the con I'm going to next month but I don't know if I should hold out much hope...

>> No.9491555

Hormones on the water supply

>> No.9491562

Secondhand brand is super affordable if you're patient. I've been dressing in the fashion for a little over a year and I've gotten 14 brand main pieces, all for less than $100 with shipping. Give yourself a budget and start scouring lacemarket, y!auctions, mercari, etc.

>> No.9491583

>lost over a hundred pounds
>Have disposable income
>Live near several big cons
>My face is ugly as fuck with caveman tier brow ridges

>> No.9491592

>find the perfect fabric for a cosplay
>sold out everywhere except a website where it's suspiciously cheap
>email asking if the price is for a yard and no response
hold me anons

>> No.9491611

look out for number one(aka yourself), anon. no one else is going to.

>> No.9491613

Mask/Helmet cosplays anon

>> No.9491698

Nayrt but if you're really rich (I'm not talking upper middle class here, anon's person seemed legitimately wealthy) just don't pretend not to be. I'm not saying take your tax documents to meets and divulge your early income. But don't make great efforts to hide it. Don't pretend you're like the rest of us. That's why poorfag anons get mad. When you come from that kind of lifestyle you can't understand the day to day struggles and troubles poor people have and pretending you're able to is really insulting.

and I get it, rich people can't help being born where they're born any more than poor people can. It's not anyone's fault. But equally you have to accept that when it comes to inequality, having someone be bitter at you for your wealth is a damn sight more pleasant than being the bitter person. That kind of bitterness isn't just petty jealousy, it's from a deep seated notion that you're inferior because you're poor and everyone knows it and it laughing at you.

>> No.9491704

But how are you supposed to do that? If the second thing you say when meeting a new person is "By the way I'm richer than you and your whole family" of course it will seem like a brag.

>> No.9491712

Frame things in terms of being grateful or lucky to have been born into wealth, rather than getting defensive and going on about how your family work hard for their money (which can be taken as implying poor people don't), or that your family aren't REALLY rich because once they've paid for both cars, private school fees and upkeep on a horse there's barely anything left! Maybe it's just because my comm is mature, but I don't think we'd have an issue with that here (UK)...if a teenager or someone without many social skills outright asks you "OMG anon, how did you buy so many dresses so quickly?!" just laugh and say "I'm lucky to have a good job" or "I had savings from an inheritance and when I found lolita I knew I'd found something I loved that was worth spending the money on" or whatever. As long as you're gracious about it and don't get sarcastic or rude, it shouldn't be a big deal.

>> No.9491716

>I'm supportive as fuck, and my friends know they can tell me whatever and I'll still love them and not judge them.

I don't wanna be that guy but like. This is not actually helpful or good behaviour for either yourself or your friends. Unconditional love is bad; it's exhausting for the person giving it out and it does nothing to improve the person receiving it. It's not unkind to have standards for your friends and relationships where you encourage each other to get better.

>> No.9491726

Not everyone who's wealthy was born that way. Many do know what it is like to be poor.

>> No.9491734

Unless you win the lottery or something, you don't get rich by being lucky. Expecting people to discredit their life's work like that is insulting.

>> No.9491736

I know, that's why I'm giving examples of how to react to >>9491704 who's acting like it's impossible to let your comm know you're well-off without seeming like you're bragging. The examples I'm giving of things not to say aren't me trying to have a dig at rich people or say they're all like that, they're things I've had rich (non-lolita) friends/classmates/acquaintances say to me IRL.

>> No.9491741

This is not me but they said everything I wanted to. Accept your position in life is a result of luck - even if your parents worked really hard for it, you personally did nothing to contribute to it. Remember that you have it better than others, and express grace and humility when you acknowledge it.

and remember when the bitter poor person gets mad at you, they're really mad at themselves for being inferior and the world for being unfair. It's a chip on the shoulder.

Yeah, totally true. But I doubt anyone who has been poor needs the advice being given out.

>> No.9491742

This is really not true, honestly, I don't agree with the person you're arguing with either but wealth is largely inherited. Having parents who can fund your college education with no debt, who are college educated themselves so they can give good advice about schoolwork and making connections, who pay most or all of your living expenses so you can focus on getting a good degree instead of working three part time jobs, and then use their professional connections to get you interviews for high-paying positions, are all advantages that people with poor, less educated parents don't have. It's true that your individual skills and work ethic influence your success, but not to the degree you're implying.
>t. child of upper middle class parents

>> No.9491745

Even if you came up from nothing through sheer hard work there's elements of luck to it, being in the right place at the right time applying for the right job and all sorts of other factors. It's true that plenty of rich people work hard, but plenty of poor people work hard and get nowhere, and you can become successful despite working less hard than other people. The lottery is definitely not the only way to get rich by being lucky - inheriting your parents' wealth is one, being advantaged by your parents' wealth/class even if you don't directly inherit is another (the right accent, the right schools, networking and connections for jobs). In my own family, I have one relative who worked really hard in the stereotypical way to "pull himself up by his bootstraps" and ended up in a low-tier professional job, and another who was a slacker in school, failed a bunch of his exams, partied for a few years, then went to college as a mature student and is now very wealthy because he got lucky and studied computing right before the dot com boom. Acting like all your wealth is entirely your own doing and nothing is down to good fortune makes you come off as arrogant and will put people's backs up.

>> No.9491748

we are talking about a subculture mostly dominated by young adults who rely on their parents. As is the economic climate now, it's not uncommon to stay at home until you're 25+. I highly doubt that anyone in a lolita comm is a self made millionaire who pulled themselves out of poverty. If there are any, I'd love a documentary about them. It's far more likely that their parents managed to improve the households living situation, taking credit for your parents wealth makes you come across as entitled.

>> No.9491949

She's really good at the guilt complex and I've already told everyone I'm not going. I'm pretty depressed right now but she doesn't seem to care and is acting like it's a personal attack against her.

>> No.9491960

Anon you should go. If she has problems it is her responsibility to call an ambulance for herself. You've been planning this for months and she shouldve taken better care of herself. Can you find anyone to watch her? Why isn't your mom doing anything about your relative?

>> No.9491966

My aunt volunteered to watch her but I'd feel bad about that because my aunt has a dog, a cat, and newborn kittens at her house and we've got my relative and two dogs here. It's too much for her to keep bouncing back and forth to keep an eye on, especially after she drove her to the ER at 11pm and stayed with her until 3am the other night.

My mom is having gallbladder surgery next week and she and my stepdad are coming down on Saturday to spend the night. Aside from that she's my responsibility because I'm the one that lives with her. I don't often get to leave the house alone to begin with so when I do I get pretty guilted about it because she'll worry constantly about me and keep messaging me asking me check in at night. I've only just had my first solo vacation last month and it took me months to convince her I could go by myself and I still had to call her every night to check in.

>> No.9491975

She needs a nurse caretaker to watch her, can you afford one?

>> No.9491986

Definitely not and she wouldn't agree to it. She's perfectly fine getting up and cooking for herself but the moment anyone calls she's the sickest person in the world. If I left she'd tell everyone I left her alone to go on vacation. The only fuss she's made is that I'd be out money and she'll pay me back but I refused because that won't make me feel better and she's acted like she's never suggested it in the first place.

Just like she asked me if I wanted her to pay me back for the last minute train ticket I had to book after she said she was too sick to drive me to the convention (which she insisted on to "save me money") and I told her to do what she wanted to and she never mentioned it again.

>> No.9492007

That sounds like an awful situation anon... I don't think you should feel guilty if you go though, it sounds like you've been working hard to take care of her and everyone needs a break sometimes.

>> No.9492012

Sorry, just saw this! Yes, they're doing a bunch of tests first - I just came back from getting blood work done and tomorrow I get an ultrasound on it. It's very annoying, the bills are so high and destroying the money I was saving for a con this fall. I doubt I'll actually die, so it's more of a huge, painful, costly inconvenience.

>> No.9492025

Thanks. I think if I went I'd just be stressed and miserable the whole time worrying so maybe it's better I'm staying home. I can save up and make it up to my friend in the future with another convention.

>> No.9492038

>have final exams in a few weeks, stressed out af
>get run over by a car on the way to uni, end up in hospital
>learn of a death in the family two days later, relative i was very fond of
>not sure if i can even go to funeral because i'm abroad
>go on cgl and look at pretty dresses because I'm too distraught to deal with things right now
a-at least i haven't started stress shopping yet

>> No.9492040
File: 461 KB, 500x252, tumblr_inline_omf6agHoaQ1qekfjh_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So much for that. Heard her on the phone talking to her friend about how if she feels better she's going out to lunch in the city with her friends.. at basically the same time I'd have to be at the train station to go to the convention.

I feel like an absolute piece of shit right now. That's why she acted so put out when I told her when my train left. She'd rather go out with her friends for a few hours despite her kidney infection than take 20mins to drop me off at the train station.

>> No.9492060

>tfw doing my best to set up an ILD for my comm
>Have only hosted one meet before
>Cutting it close in every regard
>Just want to do something nice for the comm

I hope it all works out, its not much but im trying!

I got good feels too though

>Order quite a bit of lolita goods some weeks ago
>One is a blouse I need to complete my ILD coord
>no updates for a long time
>updated yesterday that they are scheduled to get to me tomorrow

What a relief

>> No.9492063

>Aside from that she's my responsibility because I'm the one that lives with her.

No. You are not her guardian. She has an infection, not a debilitating illness. She can take her antibiotics and get herself some soup and juice.

>She's perfectly fine getting up and cooking for herself but the moment anyone calls she's the sickest person in the world. If I left she'd tell everyone I left her alone to go on vacation.

This is manipulative, abusive behaviour.

>> No.9492074

Get her a Life alert subscription, if she falls and can't get up, she needs an ambulance, not you.

>> No.9492078

Actually, fuck this >>9492074
Get yourself a taxi.

>> No.9492132

My mother actually called and spent a good 30 minutes convincing me to go. Turns out they were coming Friday anyway (not Saturday like she told me) and said I deserved a vacation. Still feel like shit going while she's sick but at least I'm going. Just to add some hurt in there she came into my room and told me she'd cancelled her lunch with her friends like she expected me to be happy about it.

>> No.9492136

Been there done that, it ain't all that great

>> No.9492141

Go enjoy your convention, and when you return, end the relationship. Let the weekend be your first taste of freedom away from someone as manipulative as that.

>> No.9492143
File: 139 KB, 833x632, 5532CCEA-A048-456D-96B6-1E38DD860322-543-000000870DC25FCB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw it dawns on you that you might never have a gf as long as you live
And I'm not even ugly

>> No.9492149

>start making props for first cosplay
>take a look at bad makeup and bad cosplay threads
this was a mistake, I think I'm going to have to hide them until I get better

>> No.9492163

I had a "drain" friend like this who had depression. All she ever did was talk about how much her depression sucked and how difficult it was to live with it. Yet then she would divulge to me that other people had opened up to her about their mental ailments, and she would mock them to me for their validity ("she has no idea what REAL depression is like!"). When I tried to speak to her about my own issues, she openly dismissed me. It was really upsetting since I had always been there for her.

>> No.9492166

Two days until I'm at Fanime, and I have no idea what I'm going to do there. It was a last minute decision and I'm not bringing costumes or anything, just gonna be bumming around all weekend. I guess at least I won't be disappointed, since I have no expectations to let down.

>> No.9492199
File: 498 KB, 2088x1566, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the facial expressions in this pic are priceless. it feels like a Renaissance painting.

>> No.9492207


>> No.9492252

I am your gf now. There, now you can say you had one.

>> No.9492264

Try lowering your standards?

>> No.9492271
File: 409 KB, 292x960, 15871987_1384866331563765_6623101806509890484_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be an unapologetic, hentai watching, con going, shitposting, crossdressing weeb and get in twitter con arguments
But my career requires me to keep up a professional image even when i'm not at work
i'm so fucking tired of having to pretend to be a normie
i'm so fucking jealous of most of you guys
you get to show your degeneracy in public without ruining your life
you don't have to keep your interests a secret from everyone
you get to participate in your hobbies
some of you even made careers out of it in one way or another
and i'm too fucking old now to change path
i got rent to pay
i'm stuck in this and i want to die
i have to hang out with normies all the time and fake being like them, even though i don't fucking care about them and they'd mock me if they learned what i actually am like

>> No.9492273

working real hard on an anime cosplay armor, really excited for the con since a lot of my friends are going as well

mom comes up and tells me she booked a surprised vacation to mexico right on the convention date

>> No.9492281

make a secret twitter, idiot

>> No.9492284
File: 65 KB, 640x480, 200c7037011695df7e613a9556fab0fb1323017062_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when i go to cons everyone is having fun and taking pictures of themselves doing dumb weeb shit
i always have to hide my face or step out of the frame because oh boy if i get recognized my life is over
a lot of you guys are artists and people go "oh, artists are just weird, it's fine"
or you work behind the scenes like in IT or whatever where no one gives a shit about appearances
i have no talents whatsoever, all that's holding me at any value is my degrees, which are valued for working directly with the public in very solemn environments (i know im vague af rn but i don't wanna get found out)
i can't afford to deviate from the norm slightly in public
i wish i'd chosen a different path in life
even though i love what i do i didn't realize it'd cut me off from everything else i love until it was too late
now i wonder if it's still worth living if i can't participate in anything i like anymore

>> No.9492287

>i wonder if it's still worth living
mask cosplays and alternate social media you big dummy

>> No.9492289

>when i go to cons
yet you go to cons?

>> No.9492298

My standards aren't so much the issue as my self esteem

>> No.9492304

She has GAD, and her thing is worrying about work/her health/etc. I'm the socially anxious friend, which makes loving alternative fashion a pain in the ass already. She doesn't even know I'm 30+ dresses into lolita fashion because I know she'd judge me for liking it. But truthfully, even if she was socially anxious, it's not cool for her to tell me to dress in a way that makes her comfortable. It's not like I'm in full OTT lolita, I'm talking nanchatte and larme kei. I help my friends deal with their anxiety, but I don't enable.

I get what you're saying, but don't worry. I used to be the "I'll accommodate for you" kind of person until my friend was using her mental illness to guilt me into letting her control who I spent my time with and even who I dated. I DO love my friends, but that doesn't mean I'm telling them it's cool to avoid seeing a professional for help or that it's cool for them to demand I stop talking to someone because it makes them feel like I've abandoned them.

That's this friend too. She will outright say friend A or B didn't have it as bad as she did, so they have no right to be depressed. It's like she thinks this is a contest. It's likely a defense mechanism because they think "If I'm lumped in with people who have 'less valid' reasons for depression, everyone will think my depression isn't real."

>> No.9492305

Yeah i do
But everytime i go there's the notion that i could get noticed
Im scared af and don't do much
I wanna go to hentai panels and wear girl cosplays but i can't

>> No.9492307


>> No.9492309

Please find a way to work on your self esteem then. If you can find out how to do that on your own then that would be great, but if not get professional help.

It's better to not have a significant other when you feel that low about yourself than to actually have one. From my own experience (and from seeing friends who also have low self esteem) it's really easy to end up in a relationship where you are willing to put up with a lot of terrible things just so that you aren't alone or because you feel the other person loves you in some weird way. Those relationships always end terribly for the person with low self esteem. There are people who will prey on your low self esteem out there and you are lucky you haven't had to experience that.

>> No.9492310

Are they chronically ill or something?

>> No.9492313

unless you are a politician, no one gives a shit about what you do in your free time

>> No.9492315

Even politicians
No one cares that Spicer used to cosplay at anime cons

>> No.9492316

I'm still bitter about an online argument I had with some lolita acquaintances nearly two years ago and I get so pissed off when I think of it that I'm sure it'd cloud my IRL interactions with them. I have no idea how to stop myself feeling this way.

can't get that specific without outing myself but I confronted a girl about something minor (not politics), a bunch of her friends showed up and whiteknighted her and attack my tone for being so ~mean~, and I apologised and backed down without an argument because I didn't want to rock the boat, even though a lot of the points made were really fucking stupid. I realised later that I hadn't actually been rude/mean at all (showed caps of the convo to a few other friends and they thought I was excessively polite and were shocked how the others responded) and I kind of regret backing down so quickly when I was in the right. I'm paranoid that those people now dislike me, and I'm scared I wouldn't be able to hide that I'm still bitter if it was brought up again.

>> No.9492325

Is it your personality? If not, I'm sure you can get a gf.

>> No.9492351
File: 281 KB, 960x1280, 13720401_1219450088068020_1384912416_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm too excited to sleep because I have Momocon in the morning.

And, despite all odds, I finished ALL of my props!

>> No.9492364


Oh, cry harder, why don't you.

>> No.9492370


I think the big thing is that it's kind of...myopic when we have to go through the motions of 'oh well think of the rich people, they didn't chose to be rich, we can't let them be uncomfortable for 10 seconds by talking about how it can be unfair and breed a false sense of superiority'

>> No.9492375

>being advantaged by your parents' wealth/class even if you don't directly inherit is another (the right accent, the right schools, networking and connections for jobs)

Goes deeper. Being able to afford an internship, not being exhausted by starting work at crap jobs as a teen, being read to, having a reliable way to get to school. People don't get the minutia of it

>> No.9492384

>tfw you will never be a kawaii j fash wearing frilly princess 24/7 because deep down you're just a nerdy fuck who sometimes wears cute things
g-guess i'll never really be a lifestyler, sucks that part of me likes cute, feminine and "classical" things but the other half wears boyish clothes, likes math and watching vr porn ;-;

>> No.9492388

This picture gives me a nostalgia feel.
>years in the past, summer before high school
>I was on /cgl/ for cosplay help
>somebody posts this very OP in a lolitas in public thread, and it catches my eye
>OP replies to it with front shot of the coord, which is a cute 2010s OTT sweet one
>girl is really pretty
>little star stickers on face
now, I was 14, I was broke, I couldn't even get a debit card and buy Milanoo, but I saw those little stars and I was ENCHANTED. Baby freshman me started wearing sparkly little stars 24/7, even with super masculine normie outfits. This is the coord that singlehandedly made me want to be kawaii.

I was like upper middle class but most of my friends weren't. I was always scared it would change how they saw me too. Luckily, my school had richer kids so nobody really gave a shit.

>> No.9492389

>all these ass-blasted poorfags

For people into an expensive hobby, I can't fathom how you can choose to be salty about other people who chose jobs that pay the bills instead of just making more money yourselves.

I feel more empathy for someone who struggles with trying to live modestly with lots of money than jealous cunts who chose to be lazy and poor

>> No.9492391

poorfag and a samefag

>> No.9492399

will you get an automatic diploma cause of your accident?

>> No.9492401

Anon was talking about growing up in a rich family- don't know where you got the idea they chose a job that makes bank. Have you ever seen a kid made fun of for being rich? Nah. I'm sure the fear was real to young anon here, but this is a perfect example of first world problems that make people give a little sigh.

>> No.9492403

Having parents who care and made good choices is the number one head start in life, but you still have sovereignty over your life. My parents charge me rent, pay for none of my expenses, none of my schooling, and I still have more money than my friends because I don't waste it and i make good financial choices. Saying you are stuck where you are and can't improve is complacency, not the fault of circumstance.

>> No.9492414

Then poorfag's beef should be more with their parents then people better off than them.

My mom was dirt poor and she worked her ass off to insure I would have opportunities to have a much better life than she did. You don't have to have money to at the very least put your kids on the track to success. People really need to put a solid effort into not fucking having kids if they're incapable of doing so.

>> No.9492417

It is very easy to get "stuck." Money, time, energy, resources, access, etc can all cause someone to be "stuck" where they are.

>> No.9492419

My boyfriend doesnt let me wear lolita around him. It doesnt effect me much because he works full time and we don't live together, but I wear lolita every day and only wear normie clothes to work and to see him.
I was wearing a pretty toned down casual coordinate couple weeks ago and he randomly had the rest of the day off (due to something with the fire alarms at his work going off). He invited me over and I didn't bother going home to change first because the outfit was casual and I didn't think he'd care. He didn't say anything about it when I showed up (I mean it's not like he hates the clothes or anything!) until we went to get dinner at a local diner... and he wouldn't let me leave the house in my own clothes! He made me wear his fucking sweatpants and I shouldn't be so hurt about it but I am! It's eating away at me from the inside.
He supports me so much and tells me I look nice when I send him selfies of coords or post them on facebook, but still wishes I didn't dress this way. We've been together for so long, I'm so frustrated and embarrassed, and I really hate sweatpants...

>> No.9492437

>learning how to contour cheekbones
>did it a little low
>work friend asked me if my razor burn's alright


>> No.9492438


>> No.9492453

Literally not bait. I wouldn't waste my own time writing that - and only wrote it at all because I can't sleep it's bothering me so much.
Thanks though.

>> No.9492461

I like your shirt.

>> No.9492473

>meet 2 people who are dating in the comm and become fb friends w/ both
>several months pass and recently they're constantly on & off
> both keep vaguebooking about each other
>irl tell me when they're fighting (when I see them seperately)
>both are starting to seem like fake attention whores
>kinda wanna unfriend them both but don't wanna go through some weird confrontation

Like I kinda just want their relationship to be stable for more than a week. Just stay broken up or stay together. I don't care. JUST STOP.

>> No.9492479

I have only dated guys that accept lolita and find it pretty but sometimes I get the same vibe from my current bf. Like "what are you going to wear" or "you are only going to wear jeans, right" which make me super sad. I get it's usually about the time since I rarely do my make up or hair if I throw on just jeans and sweater, they are the equivalent of sweatpants for me. I probably couldn't live in a relationship where my partner couldn't handle my clothes if they knew what they were getting into. Have you talked to your bf about it? If he is embarrassed by the attention or something? Are you supportive of his hobbies? Imo it's not too much to demand him to tolerate simple casual coords if you also tolerate his hobbies. Of course relationship shouldn't be "if I get this I will give that" type of thing but certain hobbies might not be everyone's cup of the but most people tolerate them and part take in them occasionally if it makes their so happy and in return expect the same from their so. Casual lolita really isn't so big of a deal or if it is imo it's worth considering will the future work out if lolita truly makes you happy and is important to you. I'm so selfish person I wouldn't give up lolita for anyone unless it was for financial reasons or something. Simply disliking it wouldn't be enough of a reason for me. Afterall there will probably be thousands of things they won't like in the future.

>> No.9492520
File: 171 KB, 1920x1080, 45951a5f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>think I might have started developing a crush on a friend
>have brief moments of "flutters" that I haven't had since high school
>don't want to say anything because we're relatively new friends and I know how awful "I'm interested in actually dating you instead of just being friends" looks from the girl's perspective

I feel like a shitbag. A self-conscious shitbag, but a shitbag. Probably not her type anyway.

>> No.9492574

Anon, he is not supportive. Look at his actions, not his words. It's easy for him to say
>Oh yeah I love it you look great
whilst he's actually cringing behind his phone screen. He very obviously hates that you wear lolita. I don't understand how you have this level of cognitive dissonance and just believe someone when all of their actions point the opposite way.

>until we went to get dinner at a local diner... and he wouldn't let me leave the house in my own clothes! He made me wear his fucking sweatpants and I shouldn't be so hurt about it but I am!

what do you mean he made you? he physically held you down? Said he wouldn't go unless you changed? Why are you dating a loser who blackmails you into submission? Get a fucking spine anon. You're a grown ass adult right? You should have autonomy over your clothes and body.

>> No.9492587

>be me
>be yesterday in room, cat comes along happily hearing his bells, say heeeyyy cutie.
>notice something in mouth, think he is carrying toy and think it's sweet until notice is very realistic and never bought toy like that...
>cat drops it in room, starts moving.
>DEFINITELY NOT TOY. Real mouse, fml.
>Let cat play for a bit then call dad upstairs to come take care of it.
>ok he got it, everything is ok right?
>today cat comes along with another much smaller one. Only one home, scared of mice and am confined to sofa as scared of it running past my feet.
>have to wait 1 HOUR confined to couch, as cat is torturing this Tiny mouse, hear squeaking/ mouse screaming every now and then as he hurts it.
>an animal lover this is too much.
>By an hour when dad home, no more mouse but cat definitely didn't eat it and last I saw it was limping.
>for fucks sake why does this has to happen in my Room! Won't somebody think of the brand!?!
I don't know if it's selfish of me to worry about my brand, or what. I abandoned my room as that's where the cat has been finding them lately even with no signs like droppings or anything anywhere. 2 mice within 3 days all of a sudden FML. Dad set up traps but I'm still afraid to go back to my room, rooming with sister for now, but my poor brand is all alone down there with those scary things. Cat also abandoned room with me I guess when nobody is there to show his glory to, he loses interest.
I don't even understand how this happened, it's spring don't they only come in for winter? More over this house is rather new, we moved here a year ago and absolutely no signs of mice- this happened out of nowhere while house is meticulous.
Really feeling dead inside after what I had to deal with these past 2 days.
dad also said first one must have been a loner and ah nothing to worry about, until second smaller one showed up proving nope!

Any gulls have experience with mouse control?? Especially ways that won't affect our cat.

>> No.9492607

I don't think your cat is getting these mice from inside your house anon. Adult cats bring injured and half-dead mice for their kittens to practice hunting with. Your cat is exercising its maternal instinct on you. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it but stop him from going outside or not have a cat.

>> No.9492612

Mice are totally harmless anon, I know the quick movements can be startling/scary, but they're such sweet little animals and incredibly cute. Try to overcome your fear!

Also I obviously don't condone letting wild mouse run rampant in your house, haha. Look up humane mouse traps if you're looking to go the no-kill route, they have peanut butter based DIY ones etc. that your cat should ignore. Cats are an effective form of mouse control in themselves if you let them do their thing.

Also, chances are if you have no signs of mice in your home, your cat is bringing them in from outside somewhere. My cat did the same with a mouse a while ago that was obviously from outside as we have no signs of mice or mouse problems.

>> No.9492627


>> No.9492628

Should have mentioned he is indoor only though, sorry.

>> No.9492633

I wear lolita, cosplay is for hoes

>> No.9492636


Are you the anon from the AZ thread?

If so, you're relative sounds like a pos and is using you. That's emotional manipulation.

If you're not able to go to the con, I hope that you at least will get some time to relax and destress and hopefully see your friend some other time before next year.

>> No.9492639

Whether you wrong or you right
I'm a still love you
Still feel you
Still there for you
No matter what
You will always be in my heart
With unconditional love

>> No.9492655
File: 76 KB, 736x542, IMG_0599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to cosplay as pic related
>would have to drop my Powerlifting routine for a bodybuilding one
>would have to actually cut instead of maintenance/slight bulk
>would also have shave my head


>> No.9492658

Yeah that's me and I'm going after all, got it sorted late last night. Didn't even finish packing until 2am this morning and I haven't even done my wigs or anything. Just glad I can give my friend their gifts since I've literally got a half suitcase full.

>> No.9492676

I wish there was a group on FB only for floordinates. I wear lolita almost everyday but I'm never in the mood for posing or taking selfies...

>> No.9492689

Addendum: I also can't find a good resource on how to make a tetsubo

>> No.9492700

Oh my what a jerk. Do your thing Anon and never listen to him.

>> No.9492708

Why should she cater to poorfags? If you are poor and struggling from a day to day basis it's not her fault that you are investing money in novelty clothing thus making your situation worse with your poor life decisions. If you're really that poor, you should set some priorities in your life and think twice about it if Lolita is really for you. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but it's just how it is. Lolita is mainly about the clothing, Lolitas judge themselves over their appearance, comms can be shallow and materialistic. If you can't deal with your feeling of bitterness of yourself and your life, consider becoming lone Lolita and surrounding yourself with people that value you for the person that you are and not the clothing that you wear.

>> No.9492716

Anon what you write here shows she is using you and keeping you in an abusive, toxic relationship. You are not responsible for anyone except yourself. You can't let this person controll your life. Go to your convention and have NO GUILT, because clearly it's not about her health it's about controlling you totally.

Nothing she says to anyone really matters, if anyone really cared so much about her they'd aid her instead of putting this on your shoulders.

Spend your free time to the fullest, go on more vacations, go to parties and don't let her control you. You won't get the time that passes by back. Live your life, put yourself first!

Wishing you a good convention <3

>> No.9492721

Or here's a novel idea: Stop caring about how much money other people have and stop being so insufferably insecure about yourselves. This argument is so fucking stupid, some people are poor, some people are doing just fine, some people are rich, that's it. If you don't like being poor do something about it instead of trying to make rich people feel guilty about having more money than you.

>> No.9492740

One is recovering from a long term injury which (probably) partially led them to getting sick, the big group is just bad luck, and the third is very much chronically ill.

>> No.9492769

>A higher up in the geeky company I freelance for starts shitting on furries and fursuiters while I'm visiting the office
>Uh, I fursuit.
>Decide to keep that to myself, there were a lot of people around and I don't want be judged based on my hobbies, especially since their attitudes towards me could effect what freelance jobs I get from them
>A group from the company does a podcast
>In one ep, that same higher up wonders how you could make a beast mask like a character from some manga series
>My immediate boss (who I'm fairly close with) replies, "ask anon, you know she makes fursuits and stuff, right?"
>After initial freakout, I start to think about why it bothered me so much that she "outed" me
>Realize it's not a big deal that people know, I enjoy fursuiting and enjoy interacting with people while in a fursuit (my fursuits are by far my most popular costumes)
>Realize I just have to accept that I fursuit because I want to, I'm not hurting anyone, and I shouldn't let the opinions of others get in my way
>It was almost like I had been denying a part of myself the entire time, accepting that idea that fursuiting was somehow weirder than cosplay, when they're both just people pretending to be something they're not.
>I feel way better about myself now
>If people in the company have a problem with me fursuiting, they don't let me know, and I keep getting work from them
>Everything somehow turned out great.

tl;dr - company I freelance for finds out I fursuit, somehow makes me accept myself better

>> No.9492781

It's good that they can accept your hobbies
The people I work for are a bunch of 40-70 year old investment bankers, so they would be so disgusted if they knew about my hobbies

>> No.9492794

Anon don't base your cosplaying on cgl. Yes it's good to take concrit and tips into consideration but do not let those threads ruin your fun. We all started somewhere. Try to improve but most importantly have fun! That's what cosplay's about

>> No.9492798
File: 65 KB, 540x356, 34234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Start talking to a super cool gull, have fun times
>Would be nice to talk more or meet at a con
>We live on different continents

>> No.9492802
File: 259 KB, 500x375, QVP2rqM.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Husband recently landed a good paying "if you do good you're set for life" type federal job that has potential to move up to positions that can pay 100k+ a year
>been talking about renting a place that's outside of the city in the country a little ways since the town is so small it would just be a 30 minute drive to work and were both tired of living in crowded city areas where our house gets broken into every few months
>do the math and realize that with how cheap most houses out here are and how muh our rent would be we may as well just buy a house
>We're going to rent for a little while to make sure husband is gonna stick with this job and to look for a good house
>once we do get a house husband has given me free reign to decorate however I want because he really just doesn't care and we have similar tastes in aesthetics
>Tfw gonna have a kawaii as fuck house finally

>> No.9492803

I'm super jelly, but congrats! Hopefully that will be me and my boyfriend in 2-3 years. How old are you two if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.9492809
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>road trip on way to con
>farting contest begins
>mfw disqualified for shitting

>> No.9492815

Thanks! I'm 20 and he's 26 so I'm still finishing up my degree but hopefully once I do I'll be able to get a good job nearby as well. I hope you guys end up able to get a house and everything too!

>> No.9492824

I just realized that I haven't worn lolita in over 2 years. I'm scared that I'm starting to fall out of love with it after about a decade of wearing/collecting. I have still been buying things but thanks to my manic depression and anxiety it's just too stressful to wear it. I don't want to sell it but having 70+ main pieces and everything else all unworn is a bit ridiculous. And I could use the money but most pieces were on my wishlist and it took so long to track everything down. It doesn't help that I'm getting fat. I also haven't left the house in about a week now that I think about it.

>> No.9492834
File: 189 KB, 150x150, 1371068779878.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you!
Everyone here is so salty. Why is that? I guess I always just viewed the cosplay community as inclusive or at the very least semi welcoming.

>> No.9492842

It's not nothing. Lollol as a professional the mark-up on lolita is ridiculous considering how little fabric is used and how poor quality the fabric tends to be. People take a lot of care of the items as they're expensive-but if you wore them like normal clothes and washed them instead of dry cleaning they would fall apart. They are absolutely not worth it from a technical standpoint. You're paying for the fashion, which is fine and more power to you. But, gurl, of course a cosplayer who knows the actual skill and materials value would now know $50 is a lot for a dress that's not even fuckin chiffon.

>> No.9492843

That's not how it works unfortunately. I haven't sustained any serious injuries but I'm just battered enough for it to be a massive spanner in the works considering everything else.

>> No.9492852

because the website is anonymous and you're trying to make an identity for yourself

>> No.9492856


If you actually pay attention you would see in the clothing care threads that they are machine washable and people wash them dozens of times without them 'falling apart.' Most of my clothes withstand the same treatment as my work clothing with no damage whatsoever, including prints. You're ignorant as far as washing is concerned.

>> No.9492858

You clearly are not a lolita and have never seen a brand dress in real life. So delusional. I detect bitterness too.

>> No.9492862

>gota return vest to amazon
>they wont send a collector
>gotta print labels, fix package up, stamp it and go to bumfuck nowhere to send the parcel

all this for 13 bucks? fuck you its not worth it.

>> No.9492874

>how little fabric
Lurk more, newfag.

>> No.9492879

I wear some of my brand dresses several times a month, machine wash them every time, and have been doing so for years with no noticeable damage.

It's funny that you think cosplayers have higher standards too, because nice as they are all the cosplayers I know make their cosplays to be wearable once or twice and never take washing into account. Most of them don't bother with lining and don't finish edges unless they're entering a competition where such details are explicitly taken into account. And they regularly sell these cosplays on for $100 or more. They expect the next owner to just febreeze it or something.

>> No.9492882

>as a professional
Do you run a sweatshop, then? If you were an actual seamstress you'd know full well that many dresses, especially intricate ones, are worth more than $50 in labour alone.

>> No.9492923
File: 60 KB, 480x640, drop the lace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: I had a bad day then got home to find a letter from customs. I opened it up and the charge was way cheaper than I was expecting. Thank you TBR for marking down my package.

>> No.9492944

>tfw leave for vacation next week, also ILD
>ship taobao package DHL in hopes it gets here in time
>order never updates
>"sorry anon! We forgot to ship it!"

On a happy note:
>Eat healthy and exercise and have dropped 20+ lbs
>Now can fit into burando comfortably
>feels more confident in cosplay
>qt gf shows interest in lolita

feels good gulls

>> No.9492958

I'm really sad and lonely. I have a lot of mental health issues that I've recently realized are more serious than I always thought and I'm currently on the track to going nowhere in life. I want to go to lolita meets, but I don't feel comfortable making any new friends until I'm happy with myself.

>> No.9492978
File: 37 KB, 600x600, IMG_9788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a freaking roller coaster this Rikku costume has been. I know cgl hates it cuz it's a basic bitch costume. But I've wanted to just be a pretty thief gurl since I first played the game but I've never had the confidence until now.
>everything is done except belt and bags. Wig is looking awesome. realproud.jpg
>start to work on first bag
>bobbin shuttle hook cracks
Oh my god no.
>can't find part on Amazon with prime 2 day shipping offered
>convention is this Saturday
>boots aren't here either
My one and only friend around here comes forward and lends me her old singer to borrow. Okay well lets do it it lets get this done thank the lord. If the boots don't show I'll just panic craft some
>sewing machine is not strong enough to sew through more than two layers of vinyl
>have to top stitch the edges by hand
>looks pretty poopy
>go to check shipping on boots I ordered like a month ago
>estimated arival time is the fuckin day of the convention.
>break down. Go to bed.
It's like everything is telling me that I should just not even try to finish this. But it's just really hard to accept that because it's so close to being done. I don't want to butcher some boots I have if it means I'm going to come home and the boots I got are right fuckin there on my porch.
It's also really hard for me to just set this aside because my state sucks balls for the convention scene and there is only like one good convention a year. This is that con. Their masquerade offers cash prizes that I really can't pass on at least trying to win one of them.
>top prize is $400 at this little dinky con
>even if I took home a lower prize it would still be money in the $100 range twords a new costume
We're tight on cash atm so that would be amazing to have. I'll probably end up busting out another costume if I don't finish this but still. Weep for me suffering.

>> No.9492996

You posted pics of your face when it was irrelevant and it looked like you were fishing for compliments
Most people don't show full face when they're only talking about a wig

>> No.9493002

You and me both anon

>> No.9493005
File: 1.59 MB, 500x281, cff7926a9198ade288cbf79af2d2d8b57c6975f7_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm coming to terms with the fact that my lolita mentor from when I first started held me back in a lot of ways.

>"Black and white is terrible color combination"
>"Anon, old-school is really ita"
>"Why would you buy a brand dress if it didn't have a print?"
>"*peignoirs, creepy cute, giant sceptors, OTT everything etc* is/are really cool. We should hop on it"
>"*blank item/look* can't really be pulled off well, so I wouldn't try it"

Don't get me wrong, she helped me a lot and is a great friend/lolita, but we never truly shared the same tastes at all. I know she only had my interests at heart, so I followed her lead for a long time when it would've been much better for me to do things my own way. Now that we aren't in the same comm anymore, my wardrobe is filled with the things I like (old-school and retro-inspired lolita) and I get compliments on my look and closet pretty frequently. I really do love her to death, but I really wish I hadn't listened when she discouraged my own growth in the fashion.

>> No.9493048

>"*peignoirs, creepy cute, giant scepters, OTT everything etc* is/are really cool."
>she's a great lolita
Are you sure about that? It's great you started doing your own thing, it sounds like she has an incredibly shitty taste.

>> No.9493068

She has a history of trend hopping and trying the newest thing, but everything she does has been pretty upper-crust for the standards of those trends. She drops them the minute they aren't popular anymore (which I guess is something you could call a problem, but it's just she operates). Obviously I can't post her picture or any personal details, but she is generally well-respected in our region of the country. We just don't mesh at all when it come to how we do things.

>> No.9493092

People get very upset when you go against the grain of "muh 4chan culture." Since you didn't act or type like a generic /cgl/ user, people went white with rage. In the future, just ignore their posts and respond to the people who are actually replying constructively.

>> No.9493102

Same anon here, forgot to note: Please don't think this board is indicative of the cosplay community as a whole. Less than 1% of cosplayers/congoers use /cgl/. The typical person at a convention is much less salty about everything than the typical gull. You more than likely won't receive anything but compliments at a con. It's something you'll come to understand better as you go to some.

>> No.9493107
File: 51 KB, 564x512, sweating ribbits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tried to touch up roots before the con
>accidentally bought a highlight kit instead of a dye kit
>roots are now bright fucking orange

>> No.9493110

>married at 20
Don't buy a house lol

Because it's clear that you came into /cgl/ without ever lurking or learning the board culture and expected us to cater to you by posting your face in multiple threads all asking the same dumb question you could have googled

>> No.9493130

That's misleading. People who are perfectly friendly irl behave as anons on 4chan, it's not like we're some tiny contingent of evil people, this is just how you behave when you're on 4chan. And this is shit advice: >>9493092
We're hostile for a reason, newfags have to be shamed if they act cancerous so that they assimilate, if we don't do it, we'll lose our board to outsider culture (read: tumblr facebook etc). If you think that's a good thing than fuck off bc you don't belong.

Also anon you were probably attacked because you keep posting your face everywhere obviously lying about being insecure about it when you've only been fishing for compliments and attention. Attentionwhore.

>> No.9493136

Aw, keep practicing! You'll get it right.

>> No.9493170

This board's userbase has been dwindling fast for the past couple years. Not sure how long you've been on here, but /cgl/ didn't use to be so slow. We shouldn't be discouraging newfriends from posting, even if it's clear they don't have a full grasp on how most people act here. He'll learn as he goes along.

Keep being this hostile to newfriends and the board will be dead soon, or at least the cosplay and conventions side of it. Our "culture" will be non-existent if nobody's using the board anymore.

>> No.9493178

Not only that, but the overly aggressive board culture here is pretty much trash. If you want to humiliate someone into "assimilating", at least be funny about it. The rage and salt level here is cringey.

>> No.9493203

Not sure how long you've been here either, but threads moved quickly in the past because they were exclusively about drama and baseless gossip...

>> No.9493215

You and me both anon. I was really excited for planning a trip where I could wear lolita every day, but today I wore some of my old camo print stuff with sneakers and I kind of wish I could take that instead (can't because there's not space for lolita shoes *and* sneakers and there's no way I'm not going to wear lolita all holiday).

>> No.9493219

>share a hotel room with a friend who is an no-name wannabe cosplay e-celeb
>immediately starts fighting with boyfriend on first day of con
>creates awkward atmosphere in hotel room for everyone else but doesnt seem to care
>Asks me to help with bodypaint at the last minute
>Ive never worked with body paint before but okay ill help
>She starts getting dressed 20 min before scheduled photoshoot
>body paint takes over 2 hours to finish
>She misses her shoot
>I piss away over 2 1/2 hours of con time helping her with her body paint and costume all the while she yells and argues and fights with boyfriend
>Bad atmosphere. Bad feels.
>Every time I run into her that weekend shes complaining about a cosplayer she feels threatened by
>Nitpicking everyones costumes

I had a great con weekend but holy shit. Bad vibes all around.

>> No.9493226

I actually studied fashion. You're not just paying for the fabric, and any professional would know that. Most brand dresses are around the $250 - $300 mark brand new, you're paying for; the designer to design the dress, the pattern maker to make the pattern, a machinist to make a sample, back and forth a few times until the kinks are worked out, custom designed fabric (includes; paying for the fabric, paying for the design, and printing the design on the fabric, transporting the fabric to the machinists, etc), lining, thread, custom lace, buttons, trims, built in petticoats, the cost of machinists making enough to stock for all the stores, rent and overheads on those stores, the cost of upkeeping online stores, wages for shop girls, the cost of transporting the clothes from where they are made to where they are sold, all sorts of insurance, the cost of advertising (models, photographers, etc), and enough for the owners to actually make some sort of profit so they can live, and so on.

You can only buy dresses for $50 or less because they are mass produced by sweatshops in third world countries with cheap fabrics to be sold through massive chain stores like target.

>> No.9493280

That's fucking hilarious.

>> No.9493284

Get a blue toner on that shit fast

>> No.9493289
File: 20 KB, 600x600, 17191193_619181248272209_3669254952360483164_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to figure out room shares for big con coming up
>only three people staying in one room
>extra people over 2 person fee is $25 per up to 4 people
>let boyfriend do math because person rooming with us is his friend
>"Anon, it's cheaper for us to stay alone at this price, if we charge them this. And charging them more is unfair."
>I double check the math

My boyfriend managed to not only mess up the taxes we will be charged, but also accounted for 4 people staying, not 3, and misadded the incidentals and fees. Now he is being a huge baby and acting like I took a hold of his balls and twisted, being all wounded and such.

>"But Anon, I don't want to spend more just to have them room with us!"
>I tell him it won't be more, as long as we stick to the original, pretty fair price, of a mere 100 a night
>"Anon, that isn't enough!"
>Yes it is, dingus, but if you wanna raise the price...
>"Anon I can't do that."

I gotta break out the calculator when I get home from work and prove it to him because apparently me sending him in depth texts describing the numbers and the very, /very/ basic math I used to come to that conclusion isn't enough.

INB4 dump him

>> No.9493329

>But, gurl, of course a cosplayer who knows the actual skill and materials value would now know $50 is a lot for a dress that's not even fuckin chiffon.
Maybe if the dress was made by Asian slave children. I almost wonder if this is bait.

>> No.9493392
File: 12 KB, 185x82, ohgosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make an okcupid account
>run into old acquaintance that I liked and already have on facebook
>laugh and joke about our sad search for dates
>have meet up today just as friends to talk exchange our dating horror stories
>learn he's into historical reenactments and larp
>actually wants to see me in lolita
>everything is awesome, we're on the same page about what we want from this
I can't stop smiling.

>> No.9493409
File: 7 KB, 160x148, 27522_133069023370235_2939_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1 year ago
>losing hope for comm
>influx of itas and hambeasts
>everyone flaking on meets
>10 people dropping out the day before etc

last six months
>8+ people every meet
>newbies getting better at Lolita
>people helping out and contributing
>old members coming back
>regular members trying to host meets

I'm all warm and fuzzy, cgl. I organise pretty much everything on my own and I was really losing heart but it feels like it was all worth it now.


>> No.9493431

This sounds so much like my ex that I almost wonder if it's her, except she's pretty well-known by cosplay standards.

>> No.9493495

JFC I've been friends with cosplayers like this and the only way to save yourself is by never ever rooming with them

>> No.9493521

>How dare other people have fun when I'm not

Plenty of people before you have had no problems keeping their identities under wraps. If the guy from Mythbusters can walk around a con without being recognized, you can too. You just have to stop feeling sorry for yourself for long enough to actually do something about it.

>> No.9493605

these are both cute. congrats!!!!

>> No.9493609

As a lolita who is also a larper and has a similarly fun and supportive boyfriend, this made me feel so happy to read. :D

>> No.9493616

yeah same. i was doing really well and gearing up to make friends and meet people until something happened. now my body image is ruined and i want to kill myself. i don't have the energy to wear lolita or do anything fun and i can't stand looking at myself anymore. everything feels pointless. i don't want to hang out with anybody or talk to anyone because nobody likes a sad sack.

>> No.9493619
File: 1.19 MB, 399x225, N.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gotta stay up until 5
>Keep dropping off to sleep and half-dreaming/half-hallucinating shit
>I don't know if I can make it. I don't need an IW lucky pack that badly anyway, might as well go to bed.

>> No.9493667

I'm not awake for the lucky pack (same time zone just can't sleep) but hang in there anon!!

>> No.9493682

It just got released, got myself the 50000 one because it said it would have two boleros. I am so excited! This is the first LP I've bought since 2011, haha

>> No.9493779 [DELETED] 

It could be that her instagram is a personal page that she only shares with friends unless someone happens to randomly find her. She might have just assumed you were asking about an instagram focused on lolita, not bourgeois vacations and purebred cats.

I'd get to know her and see if she attends more meets because assuming she's a mean girl.

>> No.9493780

It could be that her instagram is a personal page that she only shares with friends unless someone happens to randomly find her. She might have just assumed you were asking about an instagram focused on lolita, not bourgeois vacations and purebred cats.

I'd get to know her and see if she attends more meets before assuming she's a mean girl.

>> No.9493806

Jesus christ, those LPs are amazing. I'm way too poor for that, but someday I'll have a better paying job and I can justify it. I'm jealous of all you gulls, so you guys better post pics when you get them!

>> No.9493866

lmao that fucking comic

>> No.9493916

Anon you deserve to be treated better than that! I witnessed a girl in my comm have something similar happen where her new bf didn't like lolita and was embarrassed when she wore it to the point that when they started living together she started selling all of her dresses. She insisted that it was her decision but as soon as they broke up she started building her wardrobe back up again. It sounds pathetic to bend to someone's will so easily but she was pretty vulnerable at the time (bad work stress and family death) so it crept up on her.
Please don't let him be an ass to you over something you love. Don't let him change you.

>> No.9493989 [DELETED] 

I just read a twitter thread of someone using "cisswaps" as a term for genderbends and someone else saying how it's bad because what if a character is trans!!

Well then that was enough twitter for today. Do these people ever go outside?

>> No.9494117

Really looking forward to my roommate being a grumpy bitch at my next con. Like i get it she has the right to be grumpy since she is moving in and her room still needs painted but i've already had to deal with attitude through this whole process so i'm really not in the mood for my con to be runined because of that.

>> No.9494135

somebody should paint this in oil!

>> No.9494136

That's because she got what she wanted and that's all she cares about. If you know she is being malicious about it then why are you playing into her hands? it sounds like this is a regular thing?

>> No.9494143

I feel like you saw this coming but was too busy being knee-deep in your inferiority complex to stand up for yourself. (sorry to be harsh) NEVER let someone push you around or feel guilty for not worshiping the ground they walk on. Other people are busy with other stuff? ..You are too. They are not more important then you are.

>> No.9494150

fix it then?

>> No.9494183

Good for your mom. She's your relative, not your child, and that means your life does not revolve 100% around them even if they're sick. It's only fair that you get to share the burden with other relatives especially if you have plans (you have been the one taking care of her up until now so you've been going above and beyond), and anyone who says otherwise is being extremely selfish. Your relative is being extremely petty and self centered right now and I'd ignore them.

>> No.9494236
File: 3.76 MB, 480x270, ponddvhp0ce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget to blend!

>> No.9494538

>Move back home for the next month or so because new job doesn't start until late July
>Get gift money from relatives as a result of finishing school
>As a result don't have to work as many hours at the health club where i work
>Colossalcon stuff is 95 percent prepped
>Suddenly horrors of living at home resurface
>Mom tries to watch Netflix on my PS3, thinks something sparked and put it outside as she thought it would catch fire
>Doesn't bring it back in even when it starts to rain
>Ends up trimming a wig I wanted to use to give to a neighbor girl so she could make a costume for some school thing
>Get home from work, head straight to TV area to fire up some Crunchyroll. Notice my sopping wet PS3 out on the patio along with wig clippings in the trash

The wig is no big deal, as i have another one that's similar but i'm upset about the PS3. Dad said he would order me another off Amazon which is fine, but I was hoping to start P5 today.

>> No.9494566

So you mum has no boundaries? What the hell.

>> No.9494595

Jesus, it sounds like your mom has some entitlement and boundary issues she needs to work on. At least your dad's getting you a replacement, but still...

>> No.9494622

Is there a reason you didn't just sleep and then set an alarm for 4:45?

>> No.9494638
File: 87 KB, 500x300, usagi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He came by today for a few minutes to drop off some soaps I forgot with his stuff when we went to a fancy soap shop on hipster street. He wanted to see what crafts I was working on today. Also, to give me kisses.

>> No.9494651

She feels bad about it, not trying to make her sound mega cruel or anything. She's always been pretty bad with technology whether it be her phone or her laptop (assuming she's doing anything that isn't Office, email, or the internet). She usually waits until dad or someone else is around to watch stuff, but had the day off and decided she wanted to watch something.

Thankfully I backed up all my saves when i was moving out of my apartment a month ago, so i just need to wait for the replacement to get here. I've been meaning to buy a PS4 anyway, but still have games to finish on PS3 and allotted my personal spending budget mostly to Colossal

>> No.9494655

get it!!!!!!

>> No.9494720

I mostly agree with you anons but I think even casual lolita can be very attention-grabbing in a bad way, and I can kind of understand why someone wouldn't want to deal with it. None of you guys know how anon looks, so for all you know she could be embarrassingly ita. Additionally, casual sweet with cutsews in particular actively looks MORE like children's clothes (which are often made of comfy fabrics like jersey) than some OTT sweet chiffon thing with a fancy button-down blouse does. I actually think normal classic and gothic is more normie-friendly than casual oldschool or sweet, since they're much less childish styles and are less likely to have normies think you're boyfriend is a pedo or you're in a DDLG relationship.

>> No.9494830
File: 63 KB, 466x499, 1494254603846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might have to cancel Otakon and not be able to be in one of my dream groups because my mom's finally starting to go off the deep end and there's a CPS report filed against her. I've already made plans to find an apartment with my younger sister (who just turned 18 last week) over the summer, but hours have been cut for me at work (I work two parttime jobs and I'm a student, but I'll be dropping out temporarily so I can save money), and I might have to take in my other little sister, who is a minor that can't work so I'll have to cover for her rent. I'm just really fucking angry. I feel like every time something good starts to happen in my life, my mom has to go and ruin it. I really hope my dad finally leaves her or she gets arrested and admitted to a psych ward like she should have been years ago. I really don't want to have to take care of my sisters and put my life on hold, but I can't stand by and watch them deal with this shit. I've been out of the house for 5 years and I'm still mentally fucked up.

>> No.9494846

What country are you in? Is there any sort of child benefit/fostering allowance/IDK you can get to help with finances for taking your sister in? Any hardship fund at your university?

>> No.9494871

I live in America. My sisters are 15 and 18 so I probably won't get any financial help for taking them in. Maybe I'll qualify for food stamps, but I highly doubt it.

>> No.9494896

Not to sound harsh but why potentially fuck up your life for yourself to take care of your sisters? Why can't your dad do it? It's one thing if the 18 yr old can work and pay rent but taking on the other one is a bit much when there is another parent.

Coming from someone in a similar situation with my brother.

>> No.9494899

New thread


>> No.9494924

I know who you are.

Thanks for making it awkward now.

>> No.9494999

Rich anon here. To the person that called me a mooch, hardly. Even though I'm new I've hosted and helped with meets. Privately bought some things for the lolitas I have become closer to, knowing they were on the hunt for them but don't have the disposable income to get them at this time.

When I say I've been taken advantage of, I have literally had people weasle their way into my life, made me want to help them financially, asked for more, more and more (I am talking thousands of dollars, not small change) and then blow up at and cut me off completely when the money stopped because I discovered they were using it for seriously self destructive shit of the chemical variety. I don't want people to get close to me because I have money, but I am generous to those I am close to. Make sense?

>> No.9495073


>> No.9495137

>tfw i want to find someone like me and be comfy
>tfw too quiet or nervous at meets and cons to meet anyone new

>> No.9495143

I only just saw this now and godDAMN I've been waiting for this all year too, why the FUCK didn't I hear it was up?!
I hope i can still get the 80k one, aughhh

>> No.9495152
File: 79 KB, 661x646, IMG_2419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me, just started wearing lolita last year after lurking forever.
>Have closet of only a few pieces
>Bought three dresses today
>Guardian yelled at me
>"Anon you're terrible with money. When are you going to get a life and stop buying those stupid dresses? You have so many already."
>Tfw she thinks my tiny closet is "too many"

They were all high priority items and all burando, and I snagged them for less than 300 bucks all together. I tried explaining this is seriously a steal, but she just keeps asking why the dresses are so expensive.
Does anyone else have parents/guardians that just can't seem to get a clue about your hobby, even when you try to explain it to them as clearly as possible?

>inb4 "you're an adult anon she can't tell you what to do with your money!"
Yes I know but it still hurt my feewees. :^(

>> No.9495378

Where are you from? Would you like to chat?

>> No.9495447

Why do you have a guardian if you're an adult? If you can't be responsible enough to care for yourself, you don't need to have a luxury hobby

>> No.9496102

From florida, and i appreciate the offer but idk if its worth your time

>> No.9497209
File: 65 KB, 540x410, 1495732877003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like other anons said this is a feels thread. Not the help thread. Not a self post thread. This is a feels thread, your being an attention whore posting multiple self pics where it really doesnt belong. Dont go shit up a thread and shrug like "ermagherd ppl so meanz why uwu". Sounds like you came from tumblr where the thing to do is shit all over everything and if people say hey this isnt the place for that you scream intolerance or something. Go get asspats somewhere else

>> No.9497216
File: 38 KB, 600x315, 1492898663080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ooh im in florida. Theres options for friends now gull

>> No.9498234

This so hard please slav boys hmu

>> No.9498562

being a poorfag is worse.
Being too ashame to bruing friends at uyour home especially since your mom is an alcoholic.
Always dressed in shitty clothes and have a single pair of shoes with holes in it. Especially nasty in winter when frozen water end up wetting up your socks.

You just have to find equally richfag friends, or people who aren't jelly (those people exist), or hide your powerlevel.

But beware of the bitter jellyfag and parasites.

>> No.9499881

I'd buy and wear burando thongs, ngl

>> No.9502242

He wants the vajayjay (even if you think he's gay).

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