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Title says it all. Share your awkward and embarassing moments in lolita,jfash,cosplay,...

>tfw wears lolita
>tfw my name is actually Alice
Sometimes I absent mindedly answer "yes?" at someone passing by saying "hey Alice" or wonder how they know my name/almost ask them then realize they meant Alice in Wonderland.

Also once I had to catch a train but really had to go to the bathroom first (drinking so much iced tea before wasn't a good idea)and I did it in a rush, coming out with the back of my dress up and my petticoat for everyone to see. Until a nice old lady told me my dress was up. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

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Was at a fancy dinner party with coworkers for the holidays, so naturally I was in lolita. They all know I wear it so it's nice to be able to wear it without getting swarmed with questions. However there was also every lolitas arch nemesis at the party: fabric covered chairs. Managed to take about seven chairs out during the night knocking over many a handbag and jacket. I would have taken a petti off but I only had a useless tiny clutch with me and with valet parking getting back to the car was out of the question. I was having childhood flashbacks to playing minesweeper the entire night.

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Oh boy. I once broke something in a store because of my petticoat (a super small porcelain trinket). Nobody noticed and I slowly walked away. Still feel embarassed about it.

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I'm usually a lone lolita so I'm used to ppl commenting on my dresses
Then I meet up with another lolita from the area
>Hey I like your dress!
>Th... Oh you mean her
1000 years of shame

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>>tfw wears lolita
>>tfw my name is actually Alice
>Sometimes I absent mindedly answer "yes?" at someone passing by saying "hey Alice" or wonder how they know my name/almost ask them then realize they meant Alice in Wonderland.
That's cute.

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I wore a coord with wooden bottom shoes to class and the building it was in had hard floors and really echo-y hallways. There was no way to walk quietly. Received a lot more staring than I normally did

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>However there was also every lolitas arch nemesis at the party: fabric covered chairs.

Can you explain please? Does the dress just get stuck on the chair? or does it slide off easy?

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If the chairs are covered with a slippery fabric like satin the dress will just slide past, but at the event I was at (and most events I've been to) the chairs are covered with a nice cotton of some kind that instantly catch on poofy dresses.

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I have a very sensitive stomach that easily gets upset by eating the wrong thing. So during the summer while I was wearing Lolita, I had some chocolate cake at a cafe with my partner and 30 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom so badly. Since this was in Manhattan, there is no public restrooms anywhere, so we rushed into kinokuniya which was the closest place that I knew had two bathrooms. I probably spent 30-45 minutes in there, and had many people knocking on the door and I could hear my partner explaining that someone was in there. Finally when my episode was done, I had to walk out past this huge line while wearing my more OTT outfits. I heard someone exclaim loudly "finally!!" as we walked away

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One time I had the side zipper a good part of the way down for several hours before I finally caught on. I thought the dress was fitting a little odd, but I was fresh newbie then and in such in a rush that it didn't occur to me to check the zipper, and it wasn't so far down that the dress was sliding off. Plus my blouse was fitting normal against me so it wasn't as obvious as you might think. By the time I noticed, several pictures were taken of me (not by other lolitas, and it was a small local convention) and I was horrified. To this day, I have no idea how I missed that step. Later, I saw a photo of me, and you could tell in the photo. So much acute embarrassment

That same day I was having my period pretty heavy, and managed to get blood on my dress. I washed it out before I left the bathroom, but I was in the bathroom looking frantically at the dress in several angles in the mirror, close up etc. probably looking like a crazy person to make sure I got it all. Thankfully it was only a couple spots, and it was bodyline (and I have no intention of selling either, for anyone who may scared of dresses ever touching blood ever), but still.

That day was awful, lolita wise.

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Whenever people run up to me while im in cosplay and yell some IC shit in my face and then run away.
I don't care if its teenagers but grown ass adults treating me like im IC is weird and makes me uncomfortable.

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>Cosplaying as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
>Having a great time taking pictures with people, especially with little kids
>A photographer steps up, asks if he can take a couple pictures
>I pose, he snaps a few
>He thanks me then says, "You know, I always thought Belle had it wrong. She should have gotten together with Gaston. I just don't think she should have been mating with a buffalo."
>He walks away.
>mfw when I have no face.

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>not laughing at that

you're incredibly boring.

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Not super-embarrassing but last summer I was alone at a con cosplaying.
A Harley cosplayer surprised me by very loudly shouting at me from across the room that she wanted a hug. Of course I'm big enough of a sperg that I didn't really know how to respond other that stammering "okay" and making a face like pic related.
Felt embarrassed for the rest of the day whenever I saw her, I just hoped she didn't think I was disgusted or something.

>how does human interaction even work

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>At a museum meet with my comm
>The doorway to a new exhibit is particularly small so we're entering single-file
>There's some kind of raised seam on the floor
>The girl in front of me gets her shoe caught on it
>I walk into her
>People behind me are pushing forward
>I basically hump this girl for like two seconds while she gets her shoe unstuck
>She finally frees herself and our eyes lock
>Kill me now

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>Crossplaying Ivy from Soul Caliber
>Everyone seems to be staring at me and quickly looking away when I notice
>Not in the usual creep way but like in a grossed out way
>Have low self esteem and pretty much sulk the whole time thinking I look terrible
>Drag my ugly mug back to my hotel room
>Check myself out to see what's wrong with me
>Forgot to tuck
I walked around in regular clothes for the rest of the con and hoped no one recognized me without my makeup

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I forgot it a little already but it I just wanted to dig a hole at that time
>Cosplaying Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail
>Chilling with people
>One girl says it is getting hot in here
>Sperg out, "sorry its my fault"
>The girl keeps looking at me and also didn't know what to say, until she started saying "no, just no"
Come on dude.

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>Come on dude.
Android phone auto correct + gun fag

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Had a similar experience cosplaying.
>14 years old
>thought Doc Martens were super cool
>got a pair of 20-eye black boots for my birthday
>loved them but they sqeaked like hell so I barely wore them
>3-4 years later
>putting together a gijinka cosplay
>"I'll incorporate these boots I already own! The sqeaking wasn't that bad, nobody will hear it at this crowded con"
>people did hear it
>more importantly, I heard it
>all... squeakin'... day

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>In lolita with my partner at the time
>Just strolling through town having a nice date
>Partner is pretty meh about lolita and my other "girly" hobbies
>Decide to pop into Lush
>Chatting with a sales person while he mooches around
>He sees the tubs of waters for demos
>Ignores the broken bits of product and decides to drop a WHOLE bath bomb in the water
>The sales person notices
>Makes a big fuss about it and we have to pay for the bath bomb
>Can no longer go into Lush in lolita because they'll recognize me
It was years ago and I'm not with that guy anymore but I still don't dare go in, I was nearly as red as the strawberries on my JSK.

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Anon, how did you guys get together? Like, did he know you were into lolita to begin with? Did you just show up to dates in lolita sometimes? Sorry if it's too personal but I'm curious how this kind of thing takes shape.

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I kind of got into lolita during the time we were together (We were together for about 2.5 years.) We mostly bonded over being geeks and he knew about my cosmetics/perfume hobby from the start. I just started wearing lolita gradually and he was basically okay with that but didn't get it.
Then again he himself was very cringy and dressed a bit weird so he didn't mind being stared at.
>everyone makes teenage mistakes, mine just happened to last longer then usual.

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Doc martens ARE super cool. Stopped reading after you implied they aren't.

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Same happened to me anon, I can't go to most eating events in Lolita which obviously are most of the meetups in nyc.
My story: I was the only Lolita at a Sakura Matsuri event in Roosevelt island. Not even any hot topic tier "Lolita cosplayers" were there and it felt pretty weird. I figured there would be a handful perhaps but nope.

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>Cosplaying as Jacket from Hotline Miami at Wondercon
>Walk past a Follower of the Apocalypse from Fallout NV
>You don't see many of those, so I compliment her outfit
>She turns to say thanks, then stares at me
>"What are you cosplaying as?"
>She proceeds to become upset because she was Biker the day before and I wasn't there
>Feel bad
>Turns out she's going to another con that I'm also attending
>Gives me her email and says we should go together
>Try to email her a couple days later
>Email doesn't work

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i'm never wearing a "hug machine" shirt ever again

even though i wasn't cosplaying, i had a lot of people wanting to hug me. first few times it was fine, but after 2 hours EVERYONE wanted to hug me. i mean, i know the shirt says something, but you don't have to do it.

i do hate being huge breasted too, i still wanna cosplay, but my choices are limited and also i would get stopped by everyone every 2 steps

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>wandering the cosplayer-infested mall cafeteria
>see Gus (Breaking Bad) cosplayer
>tell him "You must be looking for fried chicken."
>he gives me the most wtf face I've ever seen
>mfw he's not part of the con; just a black guy

If I were a dude, I may have gotten punched.

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Cosplay the MILF from Dragon Maid. Not hard, very cute.

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Holy fuck that made me laugh so hard. Bless you for sharing

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This one was 2nd hand embarrassment for me and also a kind of "what the fuck?" moment.
I was tabling at an AA with a friend, he doesnt deal with awkward people very well being kind of awkward himself. My side of the booth is getting a little crowded and Im chatting with some customers. I can hear my friend talking to a girl on his side, I can hear in voice that she is about to start crying. Snap my attention to her because ??? what has my friend said to this poor girl. She is trembling and near tears, she is asking him where/when certain panels are. He is like "I..dont know??" she then asks him where the ppl in the booth next to us are, when will they be back and some other strange questions. He gets really annoyed and snappy "I dont know we arent affiliated with them or with the convention?? go find a staff member??" She starts crying and walks away. Everyone is just like wtf????

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That's me in heels. I swear to god I sound like a fucking horse when I wear heels.

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>friend refers to a group of lolitas as a "flock"
>laugh so hard I fart LOUD, in front of the whole comm

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>hear knock on hotel room door
>junkrat in shutter shades is there
>"so anyway I was-"
>gets a good two sentences in before he realizes that this is the wrong room
>"Oh. Sorry."

maybe not that awkward but memorable enough lol. i mean probably because it was. junkrat. in shutter shades.

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Realistic guro lolita

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Last october i got food poisoning on the first night so Friday in costume I ended up being VERY ill....

>Walking around as tyrion
>boxes on legs
>can't really move fast but the costume looks the tits
>thrown up in hotel room because of stomach issues
>Go to con and start walking
>keeping hydrated
>suddenly feel warm
>like really warm
>then cold
>o fuck
>run to toilets
>door is locked to get up there
>fuck fuck fuck
>panicking makes it worse
>barf in the corner of the corridor
>nearly pass out
>walk out of corridor and carry on con looking for a cleaner to alert
>feel so much better
>have an energy drink because free
>sipping and taking it easy
>meet friends
>"Hey remember doing shots?"
>stomach is triggered
>Break into a half run to a different toilet
>Once again, not on the same level and door to stairs is locked
>away from everyone i throw up in the corner of the area
>noone sees me
>walk round the corner
>asian family in flu masks looking terrified
>they saw me
>tell a cleaner
>they shrug and walk off
>security ask me what happened
>explain food poisoning and that all the toilets are locked for some reason
>dude loses his shit over his radio and apologises

My group put post it notes where I puked saying "property of nips" the next day and i'm still feeling guilty.....

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>makes a big fuss
well obviously, you should've apologised and jumped to pay for it immediately anon - that's a whole product wasted. probably would've saved your ass too and been okay to go back.

>> No.9500608

how do you forget to tuck? more to the point what Ivy costume?

>> No.9500618

Really not your fault the toilets were locked anon.
Good lessons in not doing shots though!

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holy shit anon, thats hilarious.

same thing happened to me except it was 2013, so it was a poorly done vriska with splotchy facepaint who apologized and ran away. she mustve been like, no older than 13. i felt bad for laughing after i shut the door.

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that's weird that they made you pay for it... they do bath bomb demos all damn day, wouldn't they just damage it off? i work in a similar type of store and t b h when people use product that isn't a tester we just damage it and call it a day.

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This made me secondhand want to die.

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Maybe she wrote it down wrong?
It doesn't sound like it was a deliberate attempt to throw you off.

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Aye mysteriously this con just gone they were all open!

Also wasn't shots, chicken fingers that were. well not right it seems xD

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Well it was my partner at the time being stupid and not noticing all the broken bits and pieces basket they use for demos. So I agreed that it was our fault and paid for it but the way the sales person was acting like it was the end of the world, started shouting at us and everything. Sure I guess they have kids that come in there and do it all the time and then need to deal with parents not paying, but we were having a nice conversation until that happened.

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A girl in the nearby comm (I'm a lone lolita but decided to go to a tea party for once) discovered I commited unvoluntary homicide back in high school (and served time in juvie for it, obviously, but still)
I made sure she would keep it to herself and I wouldn't hurt her but that was embarassing to have someone know about it.

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Anon i'm gonna need deets
Are you that one psycho lolita from that r9k story?

>> No.9505180

is this baby?

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>Cosplaying with friends
>Other Cosplayer approaching us and complementing our outfits
>One of them is Megara from Hercules, wanted to compliment her too
>Dunno if this joke exists in the original movie, but in our country Hades said something like: „Meg, my beautiful Chicken McNugget“
>Quote it to her as a joke and try to compliment her outfit
>Seems she was on the heavier bodyside, didn't realize it
>Grinning like an idiot, thinking I made a great conversation opener
>Friends tries to save the situation and explains it to her
>It became awkward while I still thought I made a great joke and compliment

Everytime. This happens a lot to me, while I don’t mean it in any bad way.

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I had to go to youtube to find this and see how legit it was.
Its legit.
I remember in the original (english) he calls her Nutmeg but this other version has opened doors to me and I love it so much more! This is probably the most I've laughed in weeks.

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>be a 15 or something female, staying at distant friends apartment with a ton of other people cause she lived right next to the con
>First time staying there, she lived there with her mom whom I had never met until that weekend
>Their apartment consisted of one long hallway and a ton of doors that looked alike, going into the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, etc
>Final day of the con, in the morning, I got out of the bathroom after changing into my cosplay for the day and forgot which door lead into the bedroom we were all sleeping in
>Accidentally walked in on friends mom while she was naked and putting on clothes
>Too retarded and awkward to just say "oops wrong door"
>Instead nervously started telling her to check out my super cool cosplay that I was wearing that day because obviously that was so much less retarded than just apologising, laughing it off, and looking for the right room

It's been over 10 years and I still refuse to stay in peoples apartments overnight if they live with their parents. Makes conventions more expensive but I just try to do everything I can to forget.

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And heavens no, I'm not psycho. I just have to take some medication but I'm not "crazy".

Who is baby?

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>He didn't cosplay as Spongebob with the squeaky boots

Wasted potential, me laddy.
I guess I should share.

>Dressed up as Okuyasu from Jojo part 4
>Run into a chick cosplaying Joeseph from part 2
>Has a good conversation about our future cosplays, it was a really good conversation and I felt ultra comfortable
>The memester inside of me says "I was thinking about doing Pucci next. That way, you can say 'Dick is alright, but have you tried filling your mouth with the words of the Lord?"
>The minute I realized what I said, she was looking at me funny and chuckling awkwardly
>I take the initiative and break the conversation before I could embarass myself further

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I'm screaming internally for you.

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A bit awkward, but I would've thought it was funny.

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>laugh so hard I fart LOUD

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> he's not part of the con
> just a black guy

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I'm sorry anon but I laughed.

>> No.9512493

He's not wrong.

>> No.9512510

>huge breasted
>wears a "hug machine" shirt
Did you really not know what would happen?

>> No.9512518

Anon having tits doesn't mean it's an open door for all the creeps that can't control themselves even if she wears that kind of shirt.
Do you also think that people getting raped are at fault if they wear a certain thing or..?

>> No.9512522

We need deets on that. I wanna hear some psycho lolita stories.

>> No.9512537

>Do you also think that people getting raped are at fault if they wear a certain thing or..?
Well that escalated quickly...

No, I don't think that. All I meant was that there are plenty of people, creepers and the like, who will take advantage of such a situation and it doesn't hurt to be a little more self aware.

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>cosplaying as Rei (NGE)
>boy that couldn't be older than 16 walks up to me while I'm sitting down with friends
>goes on tangent about how Rei is superior to Asuka
>kinda awkward, talks for like 2-3 minutes about it and my "superior taste"
>in a dead pan voice tell him that Asuka is my waifu
>his face when
>lie and say "I have a body pillow of her and I sleep with her every night"
>turns and walks away

I bought a body pillow years ago of Asuka (I don't sleep with it though) and I had a guy stop me (we were checking out at our hotel it wasn't like I was carrying her around the con) and talked to me for like 5 minutes about how Rei is superior to Asuka. Super weird because I really like both of the characters, just prefer Asuka a little bit more. Why can't we all just get along?

>> No.9512554

Oh, I see. Fair enough.

>> No.9512615

As I said previously, I am not "psycho".
A girl in high school (along with other ones,but this one had a special kind of hate for me) merely started bullying and harassing me both for dressing weird and because her mother probably didn't love her enough which caused her to be insecure to the point of bothering and humiliating me as much as she could.
Let's just say that one day I had enough and during a fight (she started,obviously), I fighted back harder than I should, hitting her on the head with a small statue from the classroom. Which instantly killed her.
I don't really feel bad over it in all honesty. I didn't mean to hit so hard but it's her fault to begin with. After that, some people were scared of me.

But I did voluntarily tried to kill one of the girls from high school by poisoning her food but she (unfortunately? fortunately?) just got really sick on that day, nothing more.

I also apologize for my english, it not being my first language. I rather not tell where I am from to avoid people finding things about me. I now live clean from my past with my soon to be husband. But it's embarassing when people bring back things you did in high school.

>> No.9512632

Holy shit. You must have hit her pretty hard Anon.

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>> No.9512666

I wish I had been that badass in school.
I mean, I don't want to be a murderer or anything but imagine putting someone in their place so hard they die.

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You're whack dude. I hope you got anger management classes and stay on your meds

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>But I did voluntarily tried to kill one of the girls from high school by poisoning her food
>I am not "psycho".

>> No.9512714

does your husband know you attempted murder on 2 different people?
are you going to end up killing him if he forgets to wash the dishes one night?

>> No.9512717

>But it's embarassing when people bring back things you did in high school.
>kill a fucking person
>lol pls i was just a teen back then

>> No.9512731

I don't have any anger issues. I do take medication for something else, if you're concerned.

Oh, I forgot to say that he does know about it. I briefly told him and he was as kind as to not try to take the discussion any further once I calmly answered is question on how,why, I did that.
I would never lay a finger on him for something as trivial as that, don't be silly now. I love him dearly.

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>> No.9512738

I think you may need second opinion on that psycho thing. You sound crazy as fuck
desu senpai desu

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is the dude who wrote this your boyfriend?

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>Got in a fender bender while wearing old school
It probably would have made an interesting picture, me in Meta hooker heels and kneesocks, the normie driver, and a policeman.

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>> No.9512960

What a dumbass

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gtfo with that lame try at becoming a creepypastaesque cgl meme

>> No.9513164

>I would never lay a finger on him for something as trivial as that
You do realise this implies you would if it were for something less trivial?

>> No.9513173

>i'm not psycho
You are fucking psycho. You KILLED someone (by accident) and attempted to kill a girl on purpose before

>> No.9513175

Obviously. Like if he cheated or wanted to break up or something.

>> No.9513190

Are you that same person who vomitted in the lift?

>> No.9513200

Oh but that won't happen. He loves me just like I love him. Very, very dearly. He would never do such a thing.

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>> No.9513342

>wear a shirt requesting hugs
>be given hugs
Never saw it coming!

>> No.9514137

No she's not, I am.

Thank you for bringing this little blog post to my attention.
What a strange, roundabout way to find out your partner has betrayed you, and several years late based on those dates.

What country do you live in now?
Do you take on friends?
You seem nice.

>> No.9514187

I really want to believe this isn't fake/bait.

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not buying it but here's your (you)

polite sage for no contribution

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fuck off

>> No.9514306 [DELETED] 

>I am not psycho
>She unfortunately didn't die

You need help. I hope the Lolita in your comm will tell everybody.

>> No.9514396


Sounds like a good porno.

>> No.9514398


>driving in heels

This is why women deserve to pay more for insurance

>> No.9514534
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Same I really want to believe.
If that's really you, I've been wanting to draw art of this story because it inspired me so if you could just tell me what your hair looks like, that would be nice

>> No.9514538

You're forgetting traps and brolitas.

>> No.9514708

so what was upstairs?

>> No.9516828
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You're not even a good troll anymore.

>> No.9516835

She answered there(?) >>9513200
Even then I like the idea of a cute sweet lolita commiting fucking murder.
We need moar stories

>> No.9516842

You're assuming a lot. I bet she's an ugly ita.

>> No.9516850

Wow no need to be so bitter anony

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