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Almost a week away until the con and the schedule is finally out! How stressed is everybody?

No meet-up as right now but there was talk of planning something in the last thread.

Old thread: >>9459862

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Reported that artist from the last thread and someone from the AA said they'd look into it.

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Bless you. Doing good work anon.

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Thank you anon.

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>How stressed is everybody?
Stressed enough that I barely slept 5 hours and dreamed I was working on the stuff I'd stopped working on right before I fell asleep.

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I've still putting finishing touches on all my cosplays and the con is in 9 days !!!!! My stress levels are definitely high

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I'm still struggling with a wig that just won't cooperate and I hung up a costume I just don't have time to alter before con.

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I think I figured out how my budget is gonna look. Do anyone think $100 for food is enough?

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I'm still fabricating major pieces of my costime heh

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There's lots of places close by that offer cheap food, so $100 should be enough. If you want to eat out at someplace nice, though, gonna need more than that.

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I'd bring $5000000 this isn't a fucking charity.

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So is this thread dead?

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Everyone's working on last minute stuff.

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>nothing will ever match the DBZ east vs west panel from 2013
I picked a shit year to go as my first
set the bar way too high

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Since I can't make it, I hope to hear all the drama stories and tales of how boring this year will be again, since I won't experience it all first hand.

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The sheer amount of butthurt people trying to get into that autograph session made my day. People were showing up an hour before and wondering what the line was for that stretched all the way from one end of the ballroom level to the other.

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last time they had the frieza vs frieza panel (2015 I think?) a group of people and I got ultra cucked out of it because they had it in one of the smaller side rooms for some reason and they still wouldn't let us in even though we could see empty seats through the windows, or even open one of the doors so we could at least hear them from out in the hall
we all went and complained to some staff and this year they're having it in the huge main ballroom, so maybe there's hope for AZ staff learning something
I'm still butthurt from missing that so being able to make up for it this year (when it's being touted as an actual main event like it should, it's fuckin frieza) makes me happy

that east vs west panel was fucking crazy though, I waited for fucking ever in that autograph line and it was completely worth it

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Believe me, I know. I waited there with you as a volunteer and bless some of you that ratted out line skippers. Had some girls straight up tell me they'd bodily throw someone out of line if they had to in order to protect their spots near the front.

The line had to break to keep the hallway open so the first 10 or so people were on one side by the door and then the rest on the balcony side and people were getting in line behind the first 10 like "Yeah I'm here for the autographs" then getting mad when I'd have to tell them the line was all the way down.

Some girl straight up cried and whined when she came to me a half hour before autographs started and I told her the end was across the balcony. She was legit throwing a tantrum that she had to walk all the way down there while her boyfriend just stood there and looked at me like I'd change my mind and let them cut if she made a big enough scene.

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Thats a really asinine and stupid story. Thanks for sharing.

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Sorry you couldn't get your discount to go.

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What are you talking about?

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Anyone know if there's a Lolita swap meet happening?

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We had to cancel it, as an employee one, Fat Robert ate all of the tea and crumpets and stole many of the dildos.

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I don't think there's a swap meet per se but there is a "pop-up shop" meet outside of the con at a cafe.

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Honestly I've just been so burnt out on "PSA guys, wear deodorant"
"When will the schedule be out"
"I'm self conscious should I wear my cosplay"
"Give me positive attention about my cosplay, I'm nervous"
"I'm attention seeking, just hi!"
"Bitching and saltiness about the schedule"
"I'm gonna heckle the protesters because I'm so cool and edgy"
"I hot glued my foam together and it looks like shit, how can I fix it"
And people in the Facebook group acting like their opinions are the opinions of the majority of AZ's thousands of attendees.
Etc, etc, etc...I needed a full on AZ social media break for a few days. It's not even good drama.

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I love seeing the shit tier cosplay posts though, like the guy doing a gender bent harley quin and it's basically him in a vest with red hair.

Da fuq?

I actually thought AZ was this weekend and finished everything last weekend. So .. I'm fucking around on details.

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Thirding. I log in for a bit just to laugh then it becomes too much.

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Did anyone see the person in the Carolina group that used spray paint directly on foam and, of course, melted their prop?

There are so many cosplay resources out there that there's no excuse for this stupidity

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Why you seal and prime before you spray.

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>I'm a little worried this isn't looking very good

Who even takes a picture of their cosplay like this?

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She's right to be worried.

>that eyeliner

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Not gonna lie when I scrolled past in on FB I had to go back and make sure it wasn't that Hannah Montanna chick.

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The truly sad thing is, as bad as she looks she still has a bunch of thirsty weebos telling her she's hot.

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There's no shortage of thirsty dudes in the AZ group.

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If you're part of the North Carolina lolita comm, there's an event on the Facebook page. Off the top of my head, I think it's on Friday afternoon.

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>can't even see the cosplay
this is beyond embarrassing. also, what the hell kind of placement is that eyebrow piercing?

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holy shit who let a bunch of fur fags run a panel on con etiquette?

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They couldn't even spell cosplayers right.

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Maybe it'll be for the better and we won't have so many autistic furries anymore.

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>I'm worried about a nipslip so here's a pic of my tits.

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I'm surprised there's no Katie bitchfit yet. she usually does one every year right before the con for some reason or another.

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usually when she doesn't win something

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Caps of past stuff? The name isn't ringing any bells.

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No caps on hand, but if you were in the group last year you probably remember her throwing a massive tantrum just because your boyfriends panel got a one hour time slot on Sunday instead of a two hour slot on Saturday.
Literally trying to force the constaff to change the schedule JUST so her(and her bfs) panel could have a larger time slot. She kept bitching and moaning saying that it wasn't a good time and that no one ever goes to Sunday panels.
She kept saying that the panel was super important because it was the anniversary of of Kamen Rider and it just had to absolutely be in a popular time frame.

Staff eventually told her she needed to either accept the given slot or forfeit it for something else.

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OH! Decade's girlfriend? I didn't realize that was her.

Well she got her wish but now his panel is at a shit time until 1:30am so no one will go.

>> No.9486455

her boyfriends panel*

>> No.9486461

for a rider panel? lol no one will go to that.
I on the other hand usually run 18+ panels that run late into the night and they get a pretty good turnout. There's tons of people still up and active at that hour, but for a panel about a children's show? no.

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I went a few years back and it had surprisingly good turnout but 11:30-1:30? I don't think that's going to do much for them.

>tfw you saw someone with an Ankh hand and you've been jelly ever since

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>opens guidebook
>See's panel with a hint of sjw
>Fanservice Gone Wrong"

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I'd rather go to my children's superhero show panel with smelly nerds instead of another shitty hentai viewing panel with smelly nerds.

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I smell samefag and vendetta. I have literally no idea who you are talking about and not having evidence means that we shouldn't care.

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Its really shitty getting the last slot on the last day at the same time as closing ceromonies when the first slot you were given was taken and given to "Hot men of anime". Time slot doesnt matter, the amount of time does for my stuff.
Point out another panel other than History of anime that goes though 45 years worth of shit in a hour or less.

I like talking about this stuff, I'm happy I got my two hours even of its not considered "ideal time", the people who care will show up and the under 18 kiddos who didnt sneak their wristbands can come hang. No worries here.

every time I've done a rider panel the room has filled up at least 2/3rds of the way. Hell Id be fine with 5 people coming to watch. Not Ideal, but Its still a opportunity to talk about this stuff, ill take it~

So considering how Im usually pretty cool with people at AZ, and considering You didnt block Katie and she didnt block you, meaning you can still see most of her posts and none of mine...
Pretty sure youre Kidna. Now I know why youre upset about my panel time. Way after your bedtime ya big baby.

I honestly couldnt think of one other person who would take this much time to trashtalk other than this one person I have in mind. So if you arent Kidna, whoops. But regardless, even of you are or youre not, you spent this much time on posting this crap about two giant unknowns in a small con thread on 4chan. Fuck man get a life instead of focusing on others, no wonder you cant get shit done.

No skin off my nose, I'm gonna have a good time cosplaying and runnin my panel, so sorry I bother y'all this badly, stay petty /cgl/.

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I smell piss. Like a lot of piss.

>> No.9486647

You should probably change your pants then.

>> No.9486865

You act like as if we're trash talking your panel when we're not. I've been to your rider panels and they're decent everyone knows you don't care about the turnout. But that doesn't excuse your girlfriends behaviour and actions of throwing a tantrum like a toddler on a public Facebook group.

>> No.9486867

Why do you not shower?

>> No.9486880


Enjoy your proof caps anon.

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Just realized the archive is broken so I'll make it easy on you.

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She also claimed certain panels got accepted when no such panels existed and got into a spat with the panel coordinator for her false claims.

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Let it go, Christian. This is part of the reason a lot of people aren't friends with you these days.

>> No.9486982

itt: why NC cons are shit

>> No.9487019

That applies to pretty much every con whose average attendee age is under 25. NC isn't unique in this regard.

>> No.9487082

That entire thread about ignoring people


>> No.9487103

True, it just gets annoying when there's not even one con without annoying drama from teenagers

>> No.9487500

What time should I show up on saturday to buy my ticket?

>> No.9487615

Lol gets butt hurt people agree that it's shitty to throw a tantrum at staff on a public group so let's signal someone out to place blame on to feel better. Dude the Toku comm isn't that big we all know each other somehow so someone from the Rider or Ranger group so pinning the blame on Christian is laughable

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She's back.

>> No.9487696

Sadly a lot of what she said is just common sense that most con kids forget so the post isn't so bad

>> No.9487770

Absolutely this

>> No.9487772

Haha I like how you responded twice that bothered you so much pissball

>> No.9487775

Is that your fetish golden showers fat Robert?

>> No.9487786

You're gonna be fucked all day, mate.

>> No.9487787

Normally I'd agree but this fakeboi has been shitting up the group nonstop about "I can't go! Oh wait maybe I can go if you have room for me and my support teddybear. No wait I can't go, I have no money. No wait I can go! Awww I can't go."

>> No.9487844

damn even if I get there like 2-3 hours before they open?

>> No.9487846

Nah. You'll be fine.

>> No.9487900

There is usually only a line on Thursday for the hardcores that want to be there 24/7. Saturday is usually pretty quick.

>> No.9487902

Saturday is quick unless you're paying at the door. Everyone shows up on Saturday for door tickets.

>> No.9487910

I'd say go early in the morning Saturday. Most otakus will be hungover.

>> No.9487927

2 hours is a lot of time.
It grows at about an 1 hr 30 min before con a lot.

>> No.9487979

Does anyone know what artists will be in the artist alley?

>> No.9488287

Any news on bars/restaurants downtown that are doing anything cool for this weekend?

Last year some bar did Cowboy Bebop themed stuff and it was pretty neat.

>> No.9488293

Guidebook has a banner at the bottom of the sidebar now with ads for places doing stuff. The Cowboy Bebop thing is back as well.

>> No.9488461

Who the fuck is Fat Robert? That's all I see one Anon post about.

>> No.9488469

It's the insult of choice for the dipshit who wanted a discounted badge for being handicapped.

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>3 days

Hope everyone's finishing up things!

>> No.9488656

ty :D

>> No.9488686

Wow. I just read his earlier posts. That's fucked up going after the admins wife like that. That Anon sounds like a loon.

>> No.9488840

Fucking where? I thought he was banned from the main group?

>> No.9488854

He was. But he came here last thread to continue his shitfest.

>> No.9488892

He even gave the con a 1 star.

>> No.9488956

Over on the last thread.

Honestly, the dude complaining sounds like an asshole.

>> No.9489434

Lol you sure you don't want to threaten me with arrest some more fatty? how did the whole stalking thing work out for you, ya fucking bulbous smelly piece of shit?>>9488686
Nice samefagging.

>> No.9489435

No more Crazy Than Robert Wicker Posting on my facebook page and Youtube page and telling me he would contact the police about my facebook review. >>9488892

>> No.9489436 [DELETED] 

And you went on my facebook page and youtube page and talked shit, who is more petty? You fat fucking faggot?

>> No.9489438 [DELETED] 

The fat thing really got you huh?

>> No.9489443 [DELETED] 

It's Robert Wicker. He is a fat piece of shit.

>> No.9489445 [DELETED] 

No actually I came to CGL because I knew you were petty enough to continue it after posting on my facebook page and my youtube page and I said to myself where do they pettiest people who go to conventions reside? CGL that's where.

>> No.9489447

I got banned from the facebook page for saying that the convention was overpriced which it is.

>> No.9489450

I think the convention is pretty fairly priced personally.

>> No.9489455

You probably would fat robert.

>> No.9489457 [DELETED] 

I'm not fat nor am I a Robert.

>> No.9489458

Me either thank god for that

>> No.9489648

You do realize half of us don't give a shit about you or Robert right? Take your dumb drama somewhere else and get a life

>> No.9489695


Why does this happen literally every year? Some randos from fb post in here either cause they're mad they got posted or they're mad about somebody on fb. Dumb shits like y'all contribute to the cringefest that is AZ

>> No.9489776

Yeah that's why 90 percent of this thread is people shit talking other people. People on CGL hate Drama. And as long as Fat Robert keeps it up I'll be here to spread his gospel.

>> No.9489778 [DELETED] 

The fuck? Dude, I've never spoken to you not left you any messages. You got me confused with someone else. Seriously. Kinda hard to speak to someone when you blocked me after kicking you from the group.

>> No.9489781 [DELETED] 

I mean Considering all of the shit talking in here is you and it's immediate I doubt that.

>> No.9489783 [DELETED] 

And there was the FB post you deleted asking people to help you find me.

>> No.9489784 [DELETED] 

You're nuts, bro. I've never talked to you, replied in the original thread before I deleted it, and you've sent me 2 messages. That's it.

Seriously, you got me confused with all the people you argued with on other posts.

>> No.9489785 [DELETED] 

Nope, it was the thread where you called people fat retards if anyone didn't agree with you about a discount.

>> No.9489787

Your a fat lying fuck Robert. But its cool I screenshot the post where you were looking for me.

>> No.9489788

No I actually insulted people after they insulted me, I responded you and the others staffers lost your fucking minds over someone thinking that your convention was expensive and simply asking if you gave discounts. I could care less if you did, I just asked. And to be fair you and the others are fat retards. Its not you but your responses are immediate.

>> No.9489789

You live in my home town. And you were talking shit about me. I was generally curious if you were fucking crazy. Granted this was after you posted a pic of a gun on your profile and started talking about me. Honestly, I was curious if you were gonna come shoot my ass this weekend.

>> No.9489791

f5 f5 f5

>> No.9489793

Haha I was looking at your profile and it wasn't me. That's curious I haven't put any pictures of myself with guns anywhere but my youtube page.

>> No.9489794

And you followed my FB page and I had to ban you which I also Screenshot you dug pretty deep for a guy who isn't shitposting about me.

>> No.9489795

I was sent screenshots of your profile page after you put up the profile pic of you with the gun in your hand. Excuse me for being like "the fuck?".

I don't know you, I've never commented on your YouTube, I've never messaged you, I've never threatened you. You have me confused with someone else.

>> No.9489796

Yeah, I followed your YouTube page that I was linked after the whole gun thing. See the whole "I'm concerned this dude is crazy" post above.

>> No.9489798

This is North Carolina Literally everyone has a gun, Do you shit your fatpants everytime you go outside? And so after you got screenshots that you totally didn't take you decided I should make a post and try to find this guy because he asked for a discount and held a gun? Pretty hard to believe jelly roll.

>> No.9489799

>Hate drama

Where do you think you are?

>> No.9489800

Yeah admitting you did everything I said is pretty fucking crazy. You are a fat pot calling a kettle black. I suppose you weren't the youtube comments calling me a felon and telling me not to "go to the police" right? I mean that's why we are having this conversation right?

>> No.9489801

Again, more like "crazy guy is in my hometown. Wtf?"

>> No.9489802

That was sarcasm

>> No.9489803

No, I wasn't. I have never posted on your YouTube.

>> No.9489807

Crazy is stalking someone who is disabled over asking for a discount and making out like they demanded it, I asked for it, I am fine with the fact that you don't give them I couldn't know without asking.

>> No.9489809

You did I screenshot that too, I have never threatened anyone so me saying you and others were fucks and insulting you over starting argument after argument with me warrants stalking my youtube and fb page but I am nuts?

>> No.9489810

First, I don't work for the con. I'm not staff, haven't been in a while.
Second, you were talking about me and I was sent your profile with a gun. This day and age, you can't be too careful.
Third, I haven't messaged you or your YouTube page. Last comment I made in YouTube was years ago.

>> No.9489812

First your a fucking nut
Second I never directly talked about you other than in these two threads after I read the shit you wrote
third I screenshot it bud deny it all you want

What prompted you to find my youtube and fb page? They aren't linked to my profile purposely you would have had to do serious digging to find them.

>> No.9489815

I was sent your YouTube Facebook page.
I have 3 messages from you. 3. I replied to the original thread 3 times before deleting it.

Believe what you want, but I've never messaged your YouTube.

>> No.9489819

Okay for real though is this guy gonna show up and shoot up the con because he's this crazy? Because I'd definitely put him on that level.

Just saying maybe security ought to have a picture of him and staff should be informed about his name, his face, and who to contact if they see him because this shit has lost it's amusement and now it's just worrying.

>> No.9489820

So you just happened to be sent photos of my profile for no reason despite my never in any way but the original thread talking to you? I mean kind of fits the narrative that you were looking for me and stalking me over asking if you do or do not give discounts.

>> No.9489821

Yeah cuz I threatened anyone ever. Lol you do whatever you want I'm not going to the convention . And apparently Fat robert has an abundance of photos of me he took for no reason cuz I am crazy and dangerous.

>> No.9489822

Look dude no one is stalking you and if you're just piss off somewhere then we'd forget all about you and never talk about you again. You're getting into stalking territory and I know if I saw your ass within three blocks of AZ I'd call the police.

>> No.9489823

People need to stop talking to this guy. It's obvious he's either a severe narcissist or mentally ill.

>> No.9489824 [DELETED] 

Yeah I'm stalking the people that I had to ban from my fb page and my youtube page, good luck with that faggot and again not going so the fantasy of calling the police about the big bad disabled guy showing up to your convention isn't going to happen.

>> No.9489825

If you're not even going to the convention then why don't you STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Holy fucking shit how hard is that concept? Instead you're spending your time here ranting and raving over someone that's done nothing to you? If you don't like people finding your social media then shut them down.

>> No.9489826

I'm the admin on the page everyone knows about it of 13 others. You were pissing a lot of people off. People who message me because they either think I work for the con or something. I get messages about people from others all the time because I'm the active admin on that page.

After I deleted that one thread and banned you, it went to the official page. I had all kinds of people messaging me about it. I am sent links and shit about things all the time. Why? Because people think I work for the con when I don't. I just an the active admin on the page that everyone knows about and have been going to the con got so long people know me.

>> No.9489827

Definitely mentally ill if he's still holding a grudge and ranting about "Fat Robert" weeks later after he was banned.

>> No.9489829 [DELETED] 

Because I can post wherever the fuck I want fat robert, I am responding but I am ranting and raving? I didn't know CGL had a board wide victim complex.

>> No.9489832

So that's again why you chose to stalk me?

>> No.9489833

To be Fair he is pretty Fat

>> No.9489835

You say you have screenshots of YouTube comments I supposedly made? Post them. I have 2 main YouTube accounts. I know it wasn't me.

What part of "random dude is talking shit about you after you banned him and now he's got a pic if him with a gun on his Facebook page" wouldn't raise a little concern with someone?

You argued with a ton of people, dude. Yet I'm the only one you talk about.

>> No.9489840 [DELETED] 

I'm not posting a fucking thing, so you can link what I have said here to me in real life.

Again you are purposely changing the time line I never even spoke about you until after you came on my fb and youtube page which you have admitted and posted about me in cgl

nice bullshit excuse for havingg pictures of me

No one else came on all of my social media just you large marge

>> No.9489842

And if you didn't do what I said why are you so invested in an argument with an admitted mentally disabled person? Why not just walk away?

>> No.9489843

>I'm not posting a fucking thing, so you can link what I have said here to me in real life.

Fucking chickenshit. You know you're in the wrong if you can't handle everyone finding out what you've said.

>> No.9489844 [DELETED] 
File: 37 KB, 548x353, gabrielsaurs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9489845

Post screens of what I said I literally don't give a fuck but this post sounds like another fat gentleman I spoke with.

>> No.9489847 [DELETED] 

That's clearly what I wrote, and is a good approximation of the shit you guys have done lol. I like how my name is on the post and you spelled it wrong when you saved it you fucking retard.

>> No.9489851

Honestly, because you brought my wife into it. She didn't do a damn thing. And I just discovered this shit after my name was dropped in here.

I walked away until then. I'm walking away now. I merely came to tell you you are wrong. I've never posted on your YouTube nor said anything about the police and shit. I've never threatened you. You messaged me on may 3rd twice, then again on may 10. That's all the communication I've had with you outside of the thread I deleted.

Enjoy my home town. There are honestly some great restaurants there.

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File: 87 KB, 640x360, aagh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So in other news the convention is 2 days away. Who's still not ready?

>> No.9489853

Jesus dude stop saying your disabled.

It doesn't have anything to do with the argument plus nobody gives a shit.

>> No.9489855 [DELETED] 

Fuck you and your fat wife.

You did everything I said.

Your hometown is a fucking hillbilly filled shithole that I don't live in.

>> No.9489857

Just sage and report this guy. (sage is broken but still) Just report all his posts and maybe they'll ban him in the next few hours.

>> No.9489858

No one cares that I am disabled? Oh god Now I'll never get into college. My life is a lie.

>> No.9489859

You just discovered it but followed my fb page just cuz? I never spoke about you until I saw you were shitposting in the other thread about me. and the only place I did that was there and here.

>> No.9489879

I love it when the con drama starts so long before the con

>> No.9489881

This string of posts has officially turned cringier than anything I've seen posted on the AZ Facebook group in the past month. Congrats.

>> No.9489885 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 120x148, 017 - Dendai Don Sorrow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who are you fucking niggers
I just came into this thread to see what's up with the con and you goddamn autistic faggots are throwing a shitfit no one cares about
I'd rather go back to /r9k/ than this, fuck this shit board

>> No.9489887 [DELETED] 

if I see you at the con I'm going to fucking stab you
tired of this shit

>> No.9489888

Lol aren't I the crazy dangerous one?

>> No.9489890

can we get a mod in here? This is stupid.

>> No.9489896

>38 posters
how many of these are grills

>> No.9489900

Just report the sperg's posts and it'll eventually get a mod's attention.

>> No.9489901

Is the sperg the fat guy I am confused?

>> No.9489905
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1477680282486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't finished styling my wigs or even started packing. Family member is sick so I've been caretaking and my stress levels are so high it's ridiculous. Might just pack some normal clothes and be done with it.

>> No.9489957

Because the con scene here is garbage. Everyone's either underage or they act like it. The whining and complaining about ~my hurt fee-fees~ is just cringy and it seems like there are only a handful of people that act like adults.

I honestly don't know how this con is going to be in a few years. Most of my con friends refuse to do southern cons unless it's something like Dragon or Momo

>> No.9489971

I'm thinking this con's attendance will bust soon. Not really because of the NC con scene - it's horrible regardless of the con - but because year after year there's less of a reason to go to AZ if you're into anime/manga. There are so many better cons in May and June to spend your money on. Also, con participation rates have been declining overall. I'll probably continue going regardless because I live less than 30 minutes away from the convention center, but I doubt people who have to fly or long drive will.

>> No.9489982

>less of a reason to go to AZ if you're into anime/manga

The entire con is anime/manga related though. You'd have less of a reason to go if you were into gaming/pop-culture since non-Japanese panels are banned and there aren't any cartoon/nerd TV guests.

>> No.9489983

The content has shifted to Japanese culture in general over the past few years. I'm not even considering gaming/pop culture because there's not many people who go to AZ just for that. Also, there's several other triangle conventions for that purpose.

>> No.9490322


Raleigh Supercon is in July so there's that.

>> No.9490708
File: 878 KB, 610x864, jhVVVhi - Imgur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9490720

wait what happened?

>> No.9490724

Nothing. Just think it's funny so many people are cosplaying something that is about a rapist who tortures and rapes a boy.

Yaoi forever I guess?

>> No.9490868


I see drama is still a common thing in the cosplay community.

Been attending AZ since 2003, cosplaying for the first time. Figured I'd contribute to the community after enjoying it for more than a decade.

Found a random pixiv image of Kaban-chan genderbend that had a doable design that doesn't dive into crossplay. Would post but not on my laptop atm.

I look foward to the itabag meet, I have some OG 4chan buttons that moot himself gave me.

>> No.9491134

>Putting finishing touches after a couple months of effort
>Decide to half-ass literally the last thing I need to attach by using fabric glue instead of sewing, what could go wrong?
>Forget that glue seeps through thin cloth
>Results in big ugly stains
And here I was thinking I stopped being a moron. I don't know if I should just make another piece and try my best to sew over the old one, get some acrylic paint and go over it, or just deal with it and grasp what fleeting moments of enjoyment I can dressing up as fictional characters for the sake of it.

>> No.9491149

Looks like it'll be thunderstorming and mid 80s for most of the con. I can't tell if that's better or worse than having all 95+ degree days like two years ago. Hopefully it means the cesspit that is the entranceway won't be there, I'm tired of walking through a dozen of smokers to get in the doors.

>> No.9491206

To be honest man there will be a ton of shittier cosplayers there so you'll be fine.
If we could get rid of the 24/7 DJ and the crowd of dirty ravers that show up just to hang outside all weekend it would be perfect. So sick of them.

>> No.9491224

if I did not live closeby-- I would not waist my money here anymore.

Its the same thing every year lately. No ew guests...its boring.

>> No.9491235

Then don't go? What does living nearby have to do with anything if you don't like the programming?

>I hate this convention but since I live nearby I guess I have no choice but to buy a pass. Sigh.

>> No.9491249

hmm because nothing better to do this weekend. thats why.
Plus I cosplay--so I might as well get to dress us with all the newfags who suck and show them up.
And most people I know only go because its close by now...so yes. Its a reason to go anon.

>> No.9491251

granted its a lame reason....I know.
But I am just agitated the con sucks at the programming every year.

>> No.9491257
File: 68 KB, 800x524, 15826483_627117937477275_7376227836552948302_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9491260

you are seriously retarded.

>> No.9491265
File: 74 KB, 800x800, 35d252ed56249b8b631fc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9491294

Not him, but there's not much to do in the Triangle anyways. The major selling points of living here isn't that it's a fun place and interesting place to be, it's that it's good for new families and it's only a couple of hours away from the mountains and the beach for vacations. If you live close by and have nothing to do on the weekends, then you might as well go to a con for 3-4 days. I like living here but this place is so fucking boring.

>> No.9491314

Try living in the mountains. That's a boring place to live.

Personally I love living in the Triangle and feel like there's ALWAYS something to do either downtown, or at a park, concerts, restaurants, meet up events, parties, lakes to go boating and swimming on, bowling, movies, etc. And there's so many people in their 20s-30s who live here and aren't saddled down with kids that it's easy to make tons of friends.

Where I was at in the mountains everything closed by 10 and the only young people there who were out of high school but not senior citizens were people who grew up there, got knocked up right out of high school, then never left.

>> No.9491321

I've noticed there's no shortage of people who claim to hate AZ and do nothing but shit on it, but reliably end up going every single year.

Meh, it's got it's flaws, but honestly most of the complaining just comes across as whining. You can't please everyone.

>> No.9491341

Ok to be fair, I live in Clayton so saying I live "in the triangle" is a stretch. However, if you're not into drinking/partying, there really isn't much to do. Bowling, movies, swimming, and stuff like that are available almost everywhere so it's not really worth mentioning. The one good thing the Triangle has is fitness related. There are a lot of gyms, greenways, lakes, forests, running and cycling races, expos, clubs, etc to experience. I fill up my weekends with road races; I've already done 15 this year, although some were in Greensboro. I actually ran by the convention center and Marriott this morning.

>> No.9491352

Try living where I do in a historical town 35 minutes from a college town. There's one museum, some overpriced country white girl boutiques, a Walmart, and a skating rink. That's it aside from the library and the movie theater. The most fun you can get up to here is going to the movie theater then loitering in the parking lot outside the Belks.

>> No.9491361

I'm not debating that there's more to do here than in small towns, but the triangle is home to the capital, the second most populous region, the three most well known (and arguably best) universities in the state, a wealth of hospitals and medical facilities, and the center of the NC tech industry. Yet it's sorely lacking in recreation. It doesn't hold a candle to most other cities of similar size or to many smaller than it.

>> No.9491757
File: 91 KB, 653x490, 1410540270477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I first went to Animazement when I was 18.
>That was 10 years ago.
>tfw didn't reach goal weight for this year.

Fuck, i'm old.

>> No.9491772
File: 155 KB, 529x222, noiz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've waited a long time to see these fuckers again. I'm usually not too into visual kei stuff but they always seem to brighten the con when they go.

>> No.9491889

Going on the Thursday for the first time this year, when do people start lining up?

>> No.9491957

I live there too m8. I don't mind the triangle area much. Ive been to a lot of cities its not really that different than most ive been to.
Sounds better than where my grandparents live.

>> No.9491969
File: 952 KB, 330x220, tumblr_mafbpbE6tD1qcp26yo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw paid for everything and now can't go because of sick relative

I literally just bought last minute travel tickets the other day and spent the past month working on itabags.
Is there a way I can transfer my badge to anyone literally a day before con?

>> No.9491997
File: 13 KB, 191x454, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

East or west side? How are you holding up under the yankee invasion?

>> No.9492011

East. Between Clayton high and east Clayton elementary.
Meh I don't mind yankees,

>> No.9492021

Not officially, but all someone needs to pick the badge up is the qr code so you could forward a buyer the email.

>> No.9492023

I live right by the bypass. It's like, it's not yankees I don't like. It's the constant growth I don't like. Right outside where I live there's constant construction, with the hospital, rehab center, medical offices, apartment complexes, sheetz, etc. I miss that "small town right outside the city" feel to this place. I guess it was inevitable when every newspaper and website began advertising Raleigh as some mystical place for new families to move to. I'm considering moving in a few years to somewhere between 40/42 and Fuquay, and away from all of these semi-urban building projects.

>> No.9492029

Yeah i get what you mean with all this construction. Youd think with all this construction they would decide to finally fix up the roads more.

>> No.9492031

I should probably bring an umbrella tomorrow.

>> No.9492036

It took them quite a while to start widening 42, and it's still one lane most of the way. Do you live at the golf club community by the school? I go running there sometimes and pretend I'm upper middle class.

>> No.9492079

desu I traveled across the country (spending over $1k) for AX last year literally a day after I found out my grandfather had passed (we knew it would be soon). It was really tough but my grandmother gave me the ok. Is it your moral conscience making you go or is it the relatives?

>> No.9492134

Moral and relative guilt. She and I got into an argument because she was suddenly well enough to go out to lunch with her friends (then asked me if I wanted to go like I didn't just give up spending time with my own friend) so that escalated into an argument and then my mom called and basically talked me into going. All the while the I'm getting more guilt because relative made a big to do about how she'd cancelled her lunch plans.

>> No.9492183

Different anon. I love biking there. Minus when the river is flooding...which seems to be a lot lately

>> No.9492194

I didn't know flooding there was a problem, but I run on The Neuse Greenway a lot and that place floods all the time. It's pretty annoying and they're still repairing damage form the last hurricane. I have to drive all the way to the Mial Plantation/Auburn Knightdale entrances to run like I want.

>> No.9492564
File: 19 KB, 845x204, weather.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RIP those of us waiting in line or walking from the train station to the con.

>> No.9492569
File: 26 KB, 411x412, 1495014035912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was only planning on going just Saturday but turns out no work tomorrow
should I go tomorrow instead?

>> No.9492631

It'll be cooler and no chance of rain so it's probably better. Not much difference between Friday and Saturday other than all the little weeb children coming since they're out of school.

>> No.9492736

I am looking forward to the lolita tea party.something nice and new about the con.

>> No.9492747

It was so last minute wasn't it? I didn't even know it was scheduled until I saw it in the guidebook. I would have loved to have gone but it was too last minute to make a coord.

>> No.9492748
File: 67 KB, 740x369, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do the people who post things like this actually think someone is going to read it and say "uh oh, I was planning on groping some cosplayers this weekend, but reading this post has changed my mind!"

Not to mention it makes it sound like AZ has some kind of major issue with rampant, unchecked sexual assault.

>> No.9492751

I thought the group had rules against PSA type post to curb this shit.

>> No.9492753

Maybe we should encourage posts like this then, to scare away all of the families and teens.

>> No.9492869

Reading the group and event pages is great right now. So many "uhh I know this is last minute but can anyone carry me on their back from florida?" and "even though I've had most of my adult life to finish this cosplay, I'm still 10 months from finishing. does this look good enough?"

>> No.9492876

It's giving me plenty to read on the bus. That and trying to figure out what anime this dudes backpack is from sitting near me.

>> No.9492888

take a pic

>> No.9492906
File: 304 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-25-13-18-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't the "rave" be past her bedtime?

>> No.9492908

How many teens with fidget spinners will we see? Will there be any AA/DR fidget spinners with anime art on them?

>> No.9492909

If I can manage to sneak one when we get off the bus will do.

>> No.9492938

how early should I go today to beat the line for passes?

>> No.9492939
File: 1.57 MB, 3264x1836, 20170525_132410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got one. It's probably some edgy norm bag though.

>> No.9492940

I think there's already a line forming.

>> No.9492942

Already? When do they start processing passes?

>> No.9492943

6pm I think?

>> No.9492946

That's pretty ridiculous. I was planning on getting there around 5 but I suppose I'll wait until a little after 6.

>> No.9492956

I haven't a clue

>> No.9492971

It'll still be long after 6. About 8 is when you can walk straight in and get your badge.

>> No.9492974

I don't mind waiting but I'm not going to wait 3+ hours. There's not even that much going on today.

>> No.9492977

There's really not. It's quicker to get it tomorrow morning.

>> No.9492991

so should I not even bother going today for passes?
I didn't want to go tomorrow cause I don't want to miss stuff while I was waiting

>> No.9493036

Just get there before doors open by a half hour or so. Programming doesn't start for hours anyway.

>> No.9493047


How late do they sell badges?

>> No.9493065

Until 9. But by then everyone but at the door has gone through so it's not even any wait if you're lucky.

>> No.9493066

Is it raining in Raleigh? It just started downpouring here at the Wilson station.

>> No.9493077

I live downtown. We just had a quick burst of rain but it stopped.

>> No.9493135

Is the line around the building yet?

>> No.9493210

Inside this time.

>> No.9493297

That prereg line is insane.

>> No.9493377

Now that I've been in line for an hour, there's nothing to do on Thursday, so time to go home.

>> No.9493513

Noob here, I checked the prereg line earlier today and it was crazy long so I didn't bother. Assuming I show up right around 9 tomorrow, will the line be as bad?

>> No.9493531

It moved pretty quickly. I got there at 6 and had my badge in an hour. But yea, at 9 most of the turbo dweebs should have theirs.

>> No.9493532

Not really. They had been planning the tea party for a while, but AZ didn't tell them their official time/date until like last week. It was announced and the fb event made ages ago.

>> No.9493552

how do I pick up grills at a con

>> No.9493561

Probably go to Sears for that unless you're ok with a George Foreman grill from Walmart

>> No.9493576

Who is this butterfinger bandit loser and why is he and everyone else acting like he's some cool meme?
Like, I've never heard of or seen this guy, yet everyone is treating him like he's some bigshot.

>> No.9493578
File: 612 KB, 1632x918, IMG_20170525_225331993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Final touches on Kaban-chan's Lucky-san watch.

>> No.9493589

Does anyone have details on the swap meet? I have tons of good loot that I've grown tired of.

>> No.9493693

He's a friend of the guy who always wears that orange Reece's suit. He started wearing it last year to go along with the guy and I think even more people are wearing candy themed outfits. I just hope we get a kit kat kracker.

>> No.9493724

What kinda loot?

>> No.9493992

I'm gonna grope some sluts at the rave just because some cunt posted on the group not to
virtue signalling piece of shit

>> No.9493996


He's been around for years.
But I do think it's kind of lame too haha

>> No.9494001
File: 79 KB, 1000x750, 1495298358744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was trying to decide whether to go again this year or stay home and play video games and masturbate.

This thread convinced me to stay home.

>> No.9494016

Where did they stick the game room this year?

>> No.9494022

what swap meet? when is it??

>> No.9494023
File: 2.04 MB, 3264x1836, 20170525_220018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo. Gonna post some cosplay fr4om the con

>> No.9494030
File: 1.91 MB, 3264x1836, 20170525_220147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9494035

orient your fucking pictures properly you goddamn mongoloid

>> No.9494036

yes. I want to see pics.

please rotate them tho as u post!

>> No.9494065

Is there going to be a meetup?

>> No.9494099

Who knows m8

>> No.9494106

I wish lines could have chairs looking them

>> No.9494436
File: 3.43 MB, 4048x3036, IMG_20170526_152353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to stop someone from changing in the handicap stall and they groped me! Help!

>> No.9494499

Anyone wanna start an orgy in front of the Westboro baptist church outside?

>> No.9494539

>tfw 80s-90s anime room is max comfy
These osts man. I need them.

>> No.9494576

I miss the Craigslist touhou orgies every year in the Marriott. The listings the past few years have been fake.

>> No.9494628

The fuck is a con orgy even like?

>> No.9494634

Nobody knows because there has literally never been one, except maybe at furry cons. All those Craigslist ads are a joke. Anyone who claims to have witnessed or been in an anime/comic con orgy is lying.

>> No.9494642

You're unironically wrong. They're mostly men, mostly with friends, and take place in the hotel.

>> No.9494648

>all these people in the opening ceremony cheering on these fucking youtubers

>> No.9494649

A few friends going back to their hotel room after a con and doing it is not a "con orgy." Con orgies like the ones described in craigslist ads have never happened.

>> No.9494660

Is the 18+ badge worth it, im interested in checking out this anime fails panel just been too lazy to get the thing?
Cum Crystal?

>> No.9494682

Gotta charge up after a good sesh dude

>> No.9494774

I feel like I've pulled four muscles today

>> No.9494795
File: 1.61 MB, 3264x1836, 20170526_111940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess who's back despite saying she wasn't going.

>> No.9494975

What time will the doors open tomorrow? And what time would be good to get badges?

>> No.9495032

10 hours in combat boots. The struggle is real.

>> No.9495200

There were a lot of people at the Kamen Rider panel this year. Decade literally went over his allotted time and nobody noticed, it was great. Shame it ended early and we couldn't geek out for a good while.

>> No.9495212

A calm Friday, nice and cool weather for cosplayers, apparently tomorrow will be hot. Didn't see any (kemono) friends today, I want a picture with a serval-san badly.

The arcade room is open 24 hours, get your game time in now, Saturday you'll be waiting to play anything.

>> No.9495256

Idk about you man, but I had to drive back to durham and I was pretty tired from stomping people at Gundam Versus.

Long win streaks really tired me out more than i thought.

>> No.9495266


Hotel prices were reasonable (100-120 a night) at the shariton if you made a reservation in the beginning of the year. I forgot, but a good friend hooked it up this time.

>> No.9495282

god there's some women here I wanna fuck so bad
there was one with a huge ass spilling out of tight booty shorts, shit was UNF

>> No.9495359

Day two hajimario

>> No.9495381

I'm 27, I don't cosplay and I have no one to hang out with there, but I live 10 minutes away. Is there anything going on worth leaving the house and paying $50 for? Schedule didn't seem too interesting from what I saw.

>> No.9495384

Eh, if you need to kill your Saturday and maybe Sunday and you enjoy looking at cute girls, it's worth it. I'm in the same position as you except I live 30 minutes away and I'm coming every day. But then again I have nothing else to do.

>> No.9495389

maybe once the bars are open...

>> No.9495438

That qube arcade game in the game room is really fun.

>> No.9495452

Desire to buy one of those card game/ board game mystery bags but I have a feeling it'll be magic crap

>> No.9495464

never buy mystery bags

>> No.9495467

Yea it's purely impulsive

>> No.9495494

I played initial d and gundam vs most of yesterday but then spent the end of the day resting watching 80s anime. I went home early cause needed food.

>> No.9495505
File: 42 KB, 480x542, 1495754281473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw can't post pictures.
I'll upload some when i get home.

>> No.9495531

Where is it?

>> No.9495535
File: 2.71 MB, 4128x2322, 20170527_121657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These guys gonna get jumped by some tumblerinas.

>> No.9495623

Who here was at waifu wars? Makoto aspie got roasted

>> No.9495643

What was that like?

>> No.9495649

Actually good overall. 5 volunteers answered questions and defended their waifus. Top 3 got prizes and the whole room got ring pops. A little disappointed that four of the contestants were women and the only guy was a complete autist.

>> No.9495666

Arcade is in the Marriott I think

>> No.9495718

Which Makoto?

>> No.9495761

Persona 5

>> No.9495762
File: 58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wasn't there but I'm going to guess biribiri if they're autistic and defending their waifu

>> No.9495799

>Having a waifu
>Having waifu from ln
Kek. One day ill get a body pillow as a joke

>> No.9495803
File: 375 KB, 668x685, 1495563005919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having at least 6 already

>> No.9495835

>That image

>> No.9495839
File: 143 KB, 600x600, most-powerful-non-military-railgun-thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>biribiri gun case
>not a rail gun
nigga are you even trying?!

>> No.9495906

Meet up 2nite?

>> No.9495923

I'll come if it's before midnight.

>> No.9495941

I had to leave at the alloted time point before it ended and felt bad but it was really great. Definitely the best I've been to this year.
Does anybody know if the Japanese wrestling panel is by the same folks from Friday? It was kinda shit, I just want to learn what the hell it is

>> No.9495962

So what cosplay was "big" this year? My predictions were rezero, boku no hero academia, and persona 5. Didn't see much of the first two but there were a few personas.

>> No.9495964

We could do like 9 or 10 ish by the statue outside if people are into it.

>> No.9495979

Team skull grunts and Dragon maids

>> No.9496084

The masquerade should really be called anime hell

>> No.9496125

>go to vn panel
>No one shows up to host
Kek. Ive never been.

>> No.9496136

There was a VN panel? I could probably have pulled something out of my ass on the fly.

>> No.9496172

Meet up is at 9 by the Raleigh statue.

>> No.9496206

Are crossboarding non cosplaying males (scum (me)) allowed?

>> No.9496211


>> No.9496220

Well I went up to a girl at the statue and asked if she was there for the meet. She was confused and said no so I got embarrassed and walked away.

>> No.9496224

We're here right now. Sorry we were a bit late. We're drunk taking pictures of cosplayers at the statue.

>> No.9496226

Hold the spaghetti in bro

>> No.9496247

In a surprising turn of events, Decade got first place in the costume contest.

>> No.9496257

How was the meet up anyway?

>> No.9496269

Did I seriously take a nap and miss a meet? Kill me.

>> No.9496278

We went to the Jojo panel. Should we hold another meet up in like an hour by the statue? We'll be there for 10:20.

>> No.9496302

Good for him, the new suit was hella impressive

>> No.9496371

Sooo. I heard some girl got grabbed and groped at the rave last night.. by some dood who recognized her off her IG.

>> No.9496380


Kamen Rider panel is actually something I look forward to every year.

>> No.9496396
File: 147 KB, 1180x660, tmp_7760-2017-05-27 22.02.28713943400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best part of my weekend. Loved these guys.

>> No.9496397

I'll be spending my time late tonight in arcade room (24 hours this year!) Its in the marriot hotel this year.

If you see a male Kaban-san, feel free to say hello. Pretty sure I'm the only one. No other friends spotted so far :(

>> No.9496415

I didn't hear about the Raleigh Supercon until the last thread and had it blaring in my face the entire con. Who's going? Will there be a thread?

>> No.9496549

Not that I care too much, I'm not going to go out and do something indecent, but let's be honest, folks; If you actually were met with a situation where someone was doing something questionable like groping, you wouldn't do shit. Don't act like your some hot shit on the Facebook page. You're a submissive beta. You would report it, of course, but wouldn't do a damn thing.


>> No.9496551

Same. Old anime is comfy

>> No.9496615

Saying submissive beta in the current year.

It's not like your bitch ass would do anything if anybody was around who could stop you. That's why you're weak.

>> No.9496720

Saw 3 crying cosplayer girls after the dance. Evey year, just like the ambulances.

>> No.9496822

Pretty annoyed that I missed most of the Kira Buckland related things due to poor time management skills.

>> No.9496830

Meh i miss most of anything thanks to my friends and i have bad planning skills.
Idk person never showed up so we yelled spicy oppinions about mecha inside the panel room.

>> No.9496839

Noiz? I.didnt even have to go in to enjoy it because I could hear them from Artist Alley. Was in the dealers room when they started up and some kid asked if that was the rave. They're a bit louder than that I'd say.

>> No.9496879

Did I miss anything decent this year or was it typical?

>> No.9496885


Funny how you're implying I would do anything like that. I guess you're just mad that I'm calling you out on literally not doing anything when it does happen. lmao

And let's be honest; We're both bitches because we're on 4chan here rather than say these things on the facebook page. So you can't kindly go shut the fuck up.

>> No.9496907

The panel selection were better this year than last. Unfortunately, all the panels I really wanted to go to started after 10 and I was driving to and from each day, so I missed out on several.

>> No.9496989

I realised at somepoint last night, everytime i want to do something some bullshit gets in the way. Driving people up to the con aint worth it, every time i do this my schedule is a fuck.

>> No.9497085

the Kira Buckland things were actually nice. She was actually really fucking cool, which was a surprise for a first time con goer.

>> No.9497280

Who was at the surprise autograph panel? Skipped it since I went to the charity auction and got signed stuff there but I'm curious who showed up.

>> No.9497348

Kira Buckland. I was sooo fucking happy since I miss her other stuff.

>> No.9500028

Welcome to North Carolina anons.

Raleigh is fairly cheap for a city. Hundred should cover you for three days. If you like Five Guys and/or 1950s americana you'll like Highway 55.

>> No.9500241
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Appreciate the kind words towards the panel. It was our first panel. We thought it went well overall. We plan to host it again next year.
Also RIP that makoto guy, fucking savaged.

>> No.9501088


Figured someone ought to make Supercon one.