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Old thread reached its limit >>9470256

Let's have a big old feel-fest. Remember to keep it cgl-related, and don't derail.

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I'm a fatty-chan working on getting in shape but sometimes I can't help but wish I had a lolita fitness buddy. I talk to people here and there and I do have friends on myfitnesspal but idk, I feel like it would be nice to have a fellow fattychan getting in shape with me. We could keep each other motivated and share our dream dresses. Maybe even offer support in difficult weight-loss situations like tea parties etc.
Anyways back to sweating the fat off.

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>had to change my day 2 costume from cody to terdy bogard

the only thing worse than people not recognizing your character is if they just think youre a generic WESTERN costume.

oh well least i can get to wear sleeveless costumes again, gon a double my intake of oral steroids so i can do him and ryu some justice.

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i got raped 5-ish days ago and my attacker got blood all over my favorite dress and now i am too afraid to wear lolita because the idea of being feminine and attracting attention scares me now

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jesus christ, anon.... if this is true im so sorry. i hope this doesnt keep you from wearing what you want for too long :(

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>work at starbucks to help pay college
>happy hour is happy fucking hell disaster
>day feels like shit
>mom is having an episode says she hates us all and doesn't want to celebrate mothers day and throws cupcakes my sister made from scratch in garbage
>sister crying, she is only 13
>whole day is just shitty
>get home
>feels good to be in the company of salty gulls
>convention coming up and ill be gone the full extent of it
>thank god

Make me feel better, anons. I am tempted to take my sister with me the whole time too since she will be out of school and can be out of this toxic environment for a while.

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Jesus, I'm sorry. This makes my "bf thinks he's fat" problems seem trivial.

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Tenshi warned me she probably won't be able to reserve Kumya Kumya's Milky Way because the in-store reserve was a bloodbath. I'm just feeling so crushed, I haven't loved any lolita releases last year or this year until this one and now I probably won't be able to get it.

>inb4 "reserve it yourself with Tenso"
No credit card.

>inb4 "underage"
No, my bank is just anal about who they let apply for credit cards.

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>tfw you're a tall fatty chan but you want nothing more than to wear sack dresses
They're so cute....but i'm fated to a life where i can just appreciate them from afar.

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>No, my bank is just anal about who they let apply for credit cards.
I know that fucking feel. If only more japanese shops would learn how to use paypal.

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>tfw I am 42 years old with no drivers license
>little brother can't drive me to the con

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Take an uber to that shit my dude. Uber is a godsend when you can't drive.

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>tfw I'm about to get my first job and I'll be able to afford Lolita stuff

I'm very excited but since I'm still living off of my mom (college student) I'm also very guilty about spending my money on nice cute clothes for myself

>She pays all the bills as a single mom/RN
>has literally nothing to wear because shes lost a lot of weight and has been struggling w/ managing her money since her ex husband left
>Yet here I am, able to afford shit for myself

I don't know what to do I don't want to just buy stuff for myself and leave her without anything to wear. I want to buy brand items but I don't want it to be in her face.

I'm thinking I should save my money and only buy one piece a month but I have a long list of things I want... Maybe I can buy things for her too but at the same time I have to save for my education/haircuts

Also it's not that we're poor, she makes 3k every 2 weeks but we have a lot of shit to pay and she is very bad at managing money

I was in a similar position as you anon

You should see a psychiatrist only way I got over it was through mental help; I got a prescription for a anti depressants and my life has improved

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Our comm president had to take the week off because the first gentleman shattered his femur skateboarding.

It was going alright, until someone noticed a foul smell and a fight broke out over race.

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>It was going alright, until someone noticed a foul smell and a fight broke out over race.
Those stinky brown people just ruin everything.

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>first gentleman
Confused me at first but that's kinda cute

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Too bad his femurs are made of glass.

He need some milk.

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dump his ass

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thank you for your condolences i won't let this stop me for too long because then he wins (and i love cute clothes too much)
i have been raped before and i have been to psychiatrists and taken all kinds of meds and it only left me feeling empty but i appreciate your recommendations and i am sorry if you have experienced anything similar to this because i am in hell

i will probably see someone in a few months for the lingering effects but as for now i just want to marinate in my sadness because it helps to hurt a little
his ass is dumped in prison

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Take her! I'm glad you found something to look forward to.

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I've got a story just for you guys

>put together my first quality outfit
>silk cravat shirt, giant Tuk boots, pencil pinstripe pants tied together with a gallery serpentine damask ''mourning coat'
>looking good feeling good
>the time is right
>ask goth corset loving friend if she wants to actually go on a real date and she says yes
>suggest a picnic so we can look fancy as fuck and not get hassled
>set the date Jan 18 2003
>God looks down and approves of this unholy union and will arrange for appropriate weather
>canberra firestorm
>call her and to see when she wants to be picked up
>"yeah great isn't it, back sky, blood red sun and it's raining burning embers I was thinking we could go sit in the middle of an oval* and watch it" (* an oval is a large area of grass for sportball)
>"y-yeah but an oval is probably the safest spot and it's really romantic...."
>go to oval by myself and eat stinky cheese and pate while watching the world burn
>raining fire with bonus dry lightning
>in 3 out of 4 directions there's a fuckload of fire
>I was alone and dressed like some faggot vampire but it is still easily the most romantic date ive ever been on
>she moved interstate about 2 months later

P.S. whilst finding a pic for you I discovered that the fire tornado was really fucking close

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>tfw we will never know what happened with jogger anon

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I should not have just skimmed this thread before I posted.

I am sorry post deleted

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>have huge wardrobe
>get to try out unconventional coords
>have a ton of fun experimenting with new stuff
>wake up
>stare at my small limited wardrobe
>not really possible to experiment with what i have
>very sad

being college student is suffering

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I wanted to post a fun story from my past about me being autistic but now I just want you to be well

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I'm sorry for being very bland in my response I haven't slept in very long, it actually took years for me to get over it. Personally I just eventually accepted it and was able to get over the event only recently. I don't know the circumstances surrounding what happened to you but finally telling my mom, or anyone close to me, about it really helped not only because of support but talking about it made me feel like I owned it and I wasn't just a victim.

I know you're a different person though and not everything works for everyone but I really hope everything turns out well for you.

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Do you live in a bad neighborhood that you got raped twice?
The police statistics for my town list hardly any rapes for years on end.

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Anon you are a good older sibling. Hope you have the time of your life at the con!

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thank you for being kind but please feel free to post your story especially if it's funny
don't worry about it and congratulations on your progress

everybody knows and it is a very public affair and even though that kind of sucks i have a lot of support as a result and i am very thankful. thank you for wishing me well
no i live in a very nice neighborhood and it was a horrifying freak incident that nobody expected and everyone is surprised and hurt

please keep in mind that most rapes go unreported and that it is usually done by someone that is known to the victim. my case is very weird.

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I'm supposed to be putting together a full Victorian outfit to wear at the museum when I give talks, but I've been too busy.
Got a side job atm too because money is tight, and I'm also dealing with a lot of paperwork because of an issue with uni.
I agreed to help a friend with a job application last night but ended up being too busy. I felt really guilty because I know she's super skint atm and family driving her nuts at home.
Then I see on fb that she was out last night with cosplay friends.
Now I just feel like I'm being taken for a ride.

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I actually posted it, took a ss then deleted my post after I read the rest of this thread because of autism

Pic related

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>moving some stuff out my parent's house
>set aside some miscellaneous clothes (normie and lolita) in a box to sort through later
>mom moves around some boxes of my stuff
>ask her where the misc clothes box
>"oh donated that to the thrift shop"
>oh no
>brand blouses in that box

I don't know if I'll ever get them back...

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I was just wondering since you said it happened to you twice.
Just live in a white neighborhood, they are quite civilized.
>inb4 angry white people respond

>> No.9478851

...both of my rapists were white but i feel like this is some kind of bait so ok

i laughed thanks

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I posted about buying a first dress a few threads back
well, it arrived the other day. Unfortunately, my fat ass can't fit in it
However, despite my sister's protests that i should sell it (she hates lolita and think it's ridiculous), I'm using it as motivation instead!
I'm not super fat or anything but I could definitely stand to lose some weight
so I guess I'm glad that it doesn't fit.
I am a bit worried about her ruining it though. She's ruined stuff of mine before to spite me, albeit not as expensive stuff. And my younger sisters don't realise how much it costs, so they definitely won't be careful about it.
Why wasn't i an only child

>> No.9478892

Only child here anon, you don't want this shit.

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I've got one other /cgl/ related story but it's more me being Autistic or con horror than feels but you may enjoy it if only to think WTF!

>after 2nd day of 3 day con
>waiting between dinner and the non-affiliated midnight masquerade
>having a drink at hotel bar wearing same coat
> (whatever haters, it's epic tier I'll wear it forever)
>woman from con approaches me and starts flirting
>she's a little older but I'm just past 30 so that's not a deal breaker
>she starts talking about her daughter and how she's at a very important part of her life
>I just consider this a 'full disclosure I have a teenaged daughter' conversation and continue flirting with milf
>a little later she says "I'll call her down"
>milf is wearing long beige gloves long beige dress and a large beige wide brim hat and I just assumed she was going for that classy 50's aesthetic
>daughter turns up
>silence, everything that was going on in the bar stops
>micro hotpants, extra tiny skin tight too, heart shaped pink glasses
>holy fuck I get the reference instantly it's a Mrs Haze and her daughter Delores Haze cosplay
>a passing apiary enthusiast exclaimed "I've been keeping bees my whole life but I've never seen bee stings like that!"
>a passing Troup of bedouin tribesmen comment "we've been around camels our whole lives but have never seen camel toe like that"
>autism powers activate
>milf is saying something about how it's a special time in her daughters life and she should have a special SAFE experience.....
>all I can hear is nope nope nope, it's a fucking trap! get out now!
>I listen to the words of wise admiral ackbar and not just drop my spaghetti but rather use it as a ninja smoke bomb and get the fuck out of there before I get blackmailed or arrested
>what makes this a horror story is that I still regret not fucking both of them
>what really makes this story special is that it wasn't an anime convention, it was a Mensa convention

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>be 28yo male
>tfw still love cute shit

Can't wait to take my little sister to the My Little Penis Movie this fall.

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Please do take her if it is at all possible. You sound like a great sibling.

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Omg anon ask her what thrift store they went to and go there ASAP, buy them back!! I had to do that with a normie dress once that accidentally got mixed up in the family clothing purge.

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I'm going to meet a cosplay friend for the first time next week and I'm the least excited I've ever been about my cosplays. I'm not sure if it's nerves that are bugging me or if I'm just too stressed out to care about my cosplays but I put work into them and now I don't even want to wear them

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I woke up to a text from a creepy guy I knew in high school (who turned out to be a babyfur) telling me that he's in Japan and was going to harajuku to see lolitas.

>> No.9479041

Well good luck with that then, especially on a Monday. He will probably see around two or three, if at all.
Weird and creepy that he felt the need to inform you though.

>> No.9479060

I call bullshit on you madam

I have personally hung out with shop staff drinking vending machine beer on Sunday night and been forced to take a train home Monday morning, I put it to you that if he looks in that little pathway between the stores headed perpendicular to the station he will find hungover lolitas

But yeah he should have gone on the weekend and sat his arse on the bridge looking pretty if he wanted to see Egl cuties

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Just get a sugar daddy, then even in college you can have what you want.

>> No.9479070

Don't put it in the popcorn bag.

>> No.9479098

Don't listen to >>9479070
Listen to >>9479066
put it in the popcorn and make your sister pay for the movie tickets too

>> No.9479106

You were just dying for a chance to tell that little anecdote huh?

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>dream dress out for delivery
>postman has an awful habit of not ringing the bell or knocking
>hear a noise outside
>run to open the door
>nothing there
>the wait continues...

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I found brand shirts last month on a size two at a goodwill in San Diego. I often find lolita clothing there.

>> No.9479373

>found out my cosplay crush started dating some fat slob
you know, the kind of guys you see thats usually in the corner of the school/cafeteria/library playing yugioh or magic?

i guess im truly the beta here.

>> No.9479396


those kinda guys will date anything that moves.surely you can do better anon.

>> No.9479403

Same here anon, it hurts knowing that even when I've reached my goal weight, I'll forever be too tall for AP's OPs anyway.

I just want those damn dresses.

>> No.9479408

im sure i can. she was an 8/10 in my book anyways but the fact that she looked like a normie but loved all things anime/games/cosplay is probably what got me attracted to her.

the other girls i know that fit that (minus the normie look) are usually the cringey, eccentric type of fan girls or ones that have no interest in guys.

and by normie look, i mean a person that can actually dress themselves properly instead of just wearing anime tshirts.

>> No.9479413

Damn anon... I'm so sorry that happened to you. I had a similar experience, I was raped in lolita clothing at a convention. I had to take a break from lolita fashion for a while, but I also felt somehow like that was just allowing my attacker to take something else from me, if that makes any sense? It took a while, but I became able to wear lolita again and I've been wearing it for 3 years now. I hope things look up for you and you feel better, and that you can continue to wear whatever you like.

>> No.9479433


how do you get raped with so many petis? id probably give up.

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after seeing all these anons in this thread I feel petty about complaining about my situation (I hope you gulls get better and take care)

this is probably going to be all over the place cuz I'm all panicky but oh well
>be me
>dealing with smol time cancer scare, nothing serious, for past 2 years
>constant doc appointments, etc
>have this other tumor thing
>let's call tumor thing Stan
>Stan is a (painful) cunt
>Stan has been getting worse, decided to "burst"
>finally get follow up and find out that cancer scare is no more now, but Stan is still Stan and needs to go
>have two options for stan removal
>8 month wait for surgery, means all summer I can't do anything
>or pill that makes me lose the ability to have kids and is harsh
>none are guaranteed to work 100%
>tfw probably cant have kids anyways cuz baby apartment is full of cysts
>this week apparently all my friends are pregnant
>ultrasounds remind me of all the ones I had to get (inside and out)
>happy for them but kinda sad
>anyways back to stan
>gyn biopsied stan and cauterized him
>felt everything cuz 6 freezing needles did shit all
>tfw can't exercise or stan is gonna burst again
>probably will need to quit my job
>is skinny white girl, but used to be Asian tier skinny
>can't fit into my skirt i wanted to wear for tea party coord
>2 taobao orders, lacemarket order, and bl order still not in
>contain necessary components for coord
>still needed two other things for dream coord
>con 2 weeks away, have no choice to go cuz I got tickets for the lolita event
>planned out this coord for a whole year because I was a raging ita last year
>dream skirt and everything
>guess I'm gonna be a raging ita again
>stan ruined everything
>fuck you stan

there's more that gets feelsy but I ranted long enough, sorry gulls

>> No.9479563

It must be better than having a bunch of irritating brats as sisters
They're seriously hellish and use every opportunity they can to spite me
I apologise if I sound like a bitch anon but they just really get on my tits

>> No.9479589

my closest friend right now is 22, unemployed (never worked a day in her life), living with parent, no plans for the future at all, not education past high school, no drivers license, depressed, and otherkin.

She's super cute and its amazing how well out personalities match so its fun to do stuff together.. but I actually have my life together, how do I stay friends with someone who is a complete mess? I need adult friends in my life.

>> No.9479593

just keep hanging out the way you always did, you don't need to talk about her future and your adult life problems to be friends

>> No.9479594

>go to nerdlesque show at convention
>good show, one of the qt performers was very into it with good stage presence, great body and flattering outfit
>ending act, look around the crowd from the side of the room
>see old customer from video game store I used to work at in front row
>oh fuck (guy was incredibly awkward, couldn't take social cues, would hang around the store for hours and hours just sperging to us about cosplay/anime/games and never buying anything)
>try to avoid him when leaving since he does the same thing when I see him at cons
>end of show, he stands up and the qt performer from earlier jumps into his arms and plants an excited kiss on his lips
>all of my wut

He wasn't an awful guy by any means so it wasn't too surprising, just really strange.

>> No.9479599

Only child here too, speak for yourself, this shit is great.

If you get along that well it should be possible to stay friends for a while, but you should also try making some friends with in situation more like your own. I have some friends who have their shit together but don't share many of my interests and some friends who share all of my interests but are like what you described, and it helps me balance things out. I'm dreading the day that the latter ones start resenting me for my ~*success*~ (=job and apartment), though. It's already happening with one girl who keeps getting salty that I'm buying brand with the money I earned at my job whereas she has to beg her parents from burandobucks and rarely gets it.

True. It's nice to be able to talk about that stuff with someone, though, hence maybe find some extra friends.

>> No.9479602

Dump his ass

>> No.9479609

would've been better if Stan were colorectal but 7/10

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My sword looks melty.

I just hope the rest of my costume is so good that nobody notices.

>> No.9479623

Why does it look melty? Spray Plastidip on it too thick? Not sanded well enough? Worbla folding over on itself?

>> No.9479624

The problem is that if we want to hang out, I always have to drive and pay for everything and such, so its like babysitting almost.

>you should also try making some friends with in situation more like your own.

Feels like its impossible. I'm 21, almost no one else my age has their life together and only other people I meet that do, our personalities are polar opposites and we just can't get along.

>I'm dreading the day that the latter ones start resenting me for my ~*success*~ (=job and apartment)

That is EXACTLY what happened with one friend. Her life was a mess but we got along super well, but I ended up having to stop being friends with her. I couldn't talk about ANYTHING without her thinking i'm "bragging" about it.

>> No.9479627

One one side, it's impossible for me to sand the Bondo any more without exposing the rod that supports the whole thing.

Essentially, my sword has a good side and a bad side.

>> No.9479629

Go to the police and get this ass into jail

>> No.9479654

Geuss it has already been done.

>> No.9479723

>Expecting elites of any class to not be iconoclast perverts above sheeple morals

>> No.9479763

I cut Stan out of my life and burnt what was left, but who knows he might come crawling back
ass-Stan sounds worse

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>on phone with hotel to fix a problem with reservations
>get everything settled and go to hang up
>accidentally told the receptionist "love you" before saying bye
>mfw i could hear her laughing as she hangs up

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I'm so worried I won't have my cosplays done by the 25th. Why am I so worried about something so stupid?

My crucial package from Russia shipped 15 damn days ago and there's no tracking info. I wanna die.

>> No.9479862

Damn, I've been there before. Let's hope you get your stuff on time!

>> No.9479868

Thank you.

I'm scrambling to prepare a backup Saturday costume in case it doesn't arrive.

>> No.9479945

Please go to the police if this is real, I'm begging you.

>> No.9479953

he is in jail and he will probably be in prison for the rest of his life the police came immediately after everything is taken care of I am just shaken

>> No.9479993
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>tfw the bf got paint on his balls while making props, then sat on the couch

>> No.9480096

My cat got really sick seemingly overnight. We rushed him to a vet at 7pm and were told it was bladder crystals. We then took him to the nearest 24hr vet (an hour away, but conveniently right behind my boyfriend's house) because the first vet wouldn't have anyone overnight to watch him without a fee.

Stayed at my boyfriend's, was awake all night waiting for the vet to call me after they knocked my cat out and put a catheter in him. Went to sleep at 3am, got up 8am to pick him up and take him to our local vet. So far we've payed $1800 for him, and it's not unlikely for things to get even worse.

I've already cleared out my meager savings, and I feel bad borrowing money from my parents/boyfriend so I am seriously contemplating selling all my brand to cover it.

It seems like everything that could go wrong these past few months, has.

>> No.9480121

Have you consider new cat?

>> No.9480125

Do you make a habit of throwing your family members in the trash the instant they get sick?

>> No.9480129

Have you ever had a pet, anon?

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>bought a shit ton of lolita this week
>okay no more anon, you need to budget your money
>paycheck is $300 and goes in on thursday
>also got $400 for graduating
>time to shop on taobao

>> No.9480221

we didnt have any money for my grandparents so they died, but it was their time they said

only chickens

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I didn't think I liked the girl who con crushed on me back, until I saw her toy collection on Insta. She has great taste.

>> No.9480285

I'm sorry you live in a shithole without universal healthcare anon.

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File: 97 KB, 550x512, Shits fucked brah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whelp, was not expecting this type of feels.

>> No.9480501

You'll eventually find other friends. I hate to say it but my relationship with my best friend has changed drastically because of this. She lives with her bf, doesn't work, constantly complains about money. Her parents and bf still pay for everything for her and she's only worked a job for a few weeks. Last con, she annoyed everyone because we all had money for ourselves and she spent all of hers on day one. Spent the whole weekend crying and complaining about being 'so broke' and not being able to afford food. It gets old.

I'm going on vacation and to a con this year with another friend that has his shit together. We planned and paid for everything together. Would've loved to take my best friend but, lo and behold, no money. Another friend that I haven't even known as long as my best friend came to visit because he actually could afford to. If I want to see my best friend, I always have to travel to her. I get that everyone goes through rough patches but if you're complaining and putting in zero effort then there's only so much I can put up with.

You can still stay friends but hang outs will likely be few and far between

>> No.9480538

As someone who's on the other side of this, I agree. Even if you don't bitch about it, you just can't do stuff together, if you can't afford even small things. And friendship is doing shit together, not just talking. Experiencing stuff. And if someone can't fulfill that minimum requirement of available income to do shit, your friendship is gonna suffer long term, no matter what else is going on.

And that's okay. People always act like social circles shouldn't ever shift and people should always stick together, but that's the same stupid shit as saying every marriage should be for forever and people can't ever split. People always drift apart for a shit ton of reasons. I have 2 friends I made in kindergarten, that I kept up with during all the difficult times of childhood, school and shit. Now I haven't seen them for years. Everyone is busy with their different lives. People move a lot. It happens. This is only an issue, if you're someone who always needs someone to lean on.

>> No.9480620

>thought I'd make an instagram lolita friend
>friend me on facebook
>unfollow me on insta

w-what did i do

>> No.9480668

You don't, at this point she won't grow up and the further you two pull away from each other the less and less you'll have in common until it feels like you're hanging out with a child.

>> No.9480681

Good on you anon for doing the right thing. Even if it doesn't get better and you're left broke you'll never regret giving your pet the best care you can.

>> No.9480893

>going to con 3 states away
>friend has been wishy washy about going
>she only knows the people she is rooming with
>'i think i'm just going to ghost anon.'
>instantly annoyed bc i know i cant go to dealers or the game rooms for too long without feeling guilty.
>have another con a week after this upcoming one so I cant afford be generous and spring for a badge for them.

.... I Really hope nothing comes of this...

>> No.9480984
File: 94 KB, 306x243, flintmad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking spank her raw. Ghosts are con cancer.

>> No.9480992

ghosts don't deserve your guilt

>> No.9481054
File: 115 KB, 541x812, ragyo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend wanted us to masturbate to anime MILFs for mother's day, but I went to a con instead. Should I feel bad?

>> No.9481072

> had a weeb yt channel years ago
>let it slip into oblivion
> start getting notifications on my throw away email of people leaving weeb comments
> I'm too embarrassed to even log in to shut it down.

>> No.9481192

I am so sorry this happened to you...please PLEASE go to the police immediately and stop this person from hurting anyone else. And seek therapy. I'm so sorry anon my heart goes out to you.

>> No.9481195

Is your mom an addict of some kind or does she have mental health issues? Serious question not trying to shit on you, it just sounds like one or both of those factors is at play here

>> No.9481196

Nayrt but please read the thread, he's already been jailed.

>> No.9481251
File: 501 KB, 1098x687, ec9ab4ebaa85ecb298eb9fbc-eb8490-ec82aceb9e91ed95b4-e13-140813-hdtv-h264-720p-with-mp4_000989455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purest post

>> No.9481315 [DELETED] 

please suck my dick

>> No.9481384
File: 216 KB, 320x240, GMXOAHK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Local comm ends up having two meets on same day
>One is a secret meet
>Against comm rules
>Mods havent even noticed
>Got invited to both

>> No.9481403

with pleasure :3

>> No.9481434

You got the good invite. You're in. Go to the secret meet. Odds are good the mods will be at the secret meet too.

>> No.9481485

It's a test to see if you'll uphold the rules. Time to find out what kind of person you really are anon.

>> No.9481490

go to neither. Can't lose if you don't play the game.

>> No.9481496
File: 30 KB, 480x473, FB_IMG_1492626378235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I gotta be honest, my favorite part of any con is holding an ita close to my ear and listening to her bones rattle.

>> No.9481511

How are secret meets against com rules. That seems ridiculous. You can't forbid people from doing things in lolita with a small group of friends just because they also enjoy doing com things here and there. Sounds like your com members are used to people not wanting to hang out with them

>> No.9481526

Secret meet! Secret meet! I wish I could go.


>> No.9481565

I've been having problems even wanting to work on my cosplay or put on lolita lately. My stepfather has been making me feel really uncomfortable, saying gross shit to me when I even put on a wig post styling, or try on clothing I've altered or made for my current costume.

>tried to tell my mother, but she won't do shit about it
>bitch tried to say "that's not what he meant and you know it Anon."
>She does this every time he does something to me
>it's always me, never my siblings
>I'm the one who gets hit, yelled at, put down, thrown down hallways, etc.
>Uhh, no, I don't know that
>it's absolutely not normal to call someone you raised "hot", or ask "who's the blonde/redhead hottie that snuck into my house?", among other things I don't want to repeat.

>been wanting to cut off my hair because he doesn't like girls with short hair
>haven't worn anything outside of the same sort of ugly sweatpants and sweater combo while I've been home the last few weeks.

>boyfriend lives with me here
>he knows
>he's even heard him say the nasty shit he does
>that's why he asked to move in, and did
>thank god
>we're on our way out but it just makes me feel so gross

More than anything, I'm worried I'm gonna let that abusive asshole ruin my only constructive hobbies. I haven't touched my sewing machine in a month, and that prop that's sitting in the garage has gone unsanded and unpainted.

Sorry for the blog post, I just am so done with and depressed about all of this.

>> No.9481590

Fuck anon, that's really messed up. Speed up the whole "moving out" thing if you can otherwise your stepfather will try and drag you back in. The fact he's not only physically abusing you (that's fucked no matter the situation) but also moving towards sexual stuff is genuinely worrying.

One of my friends had a similar stepfather and she ended up reporting him to the cops and getting him on a domestic abuse list. Moved out straight away and managed to get her life back on track. If you do move out, make it fast (like 1 or 2 days) and don't hang around; file a report if the fucker is doing ANY of that stuff but make sure you're out or else shit can hit the fan. A toxic environment will only get worse and I'd hate to see ypu caught up in that anymore than you have to anon

>> No.9481613
File: 41 KB, 800x479, genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I put on 8 pounds before the con

>> No.9481621

liquid diet anon, always works for me 2 weeks pre-con to lose weight

>> No.9481642

It's really good that your boyfriend was able to move in with you. I really hope your stepdad won't escalate with your boyfriend being so close by.

>> No.9481646

Can also escalate it though, if the stepdad is on a powertrip and the bf fucks him over somehow he'll likely get even more scummy

>> No.9481655

Seems like that'd give me the diarrheas, but I only have one week. Ain't gonna lose ten pounds.

>> No.9481682
File: 603 KB, 833x767, youdisgustme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, a sexy widdle wowi
>wear my coord to the mall GameStop
>everyone stares, some moms hide their children's eyes
>ask about Injustice 2
>obese dude at the counter whines for 20 minutes about how much he hates day 1 DLC
>buy a Spider-Gwen mug on clearance for $9
>as I leave, hear a Mexican say "Why's she dressed retarded?"

>> No.9481698

>tfw I'm up 20 pounds from last year, after losing 60

Oh god, I can't go back to being obese. Lord have mercy on my overeating, fat ass.

>> No.9481710

Actually, that was everyone elses face when.

>> No.9481724
File: 168 KB, 448x448, wendy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Typical normie reaction to Jfash. Yawn.

>> No.9481727


>300$ paycheck

Underage Confirmed

>> No.9481729

you need to gtfo anon that shit is messed up

>> No.9481816
File: 26 KB, 436x410, myspacetiara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see two drunk girls fighting outside the con rave
>shoving each other
>"Go shit on your tits, bitch!"

>> No.9481845

Definitely get out of there and don't let that creep ruin your hobbies for you! Have you discussed this stuff with your siblings? I don't want to scare you but there's a possibility that once you're gone, he'll move on to one of them. This should not stop you from leaving but it might be a good idea to keep a line of communication open on this subject between you and your siblings so you can keep an eye on things, just in case.

>> No.9481894

she's obviously a student, or working a shitty job

>> No.9481901

>tl;dr, first and only romantic experience was with severely emotionally abusive ex who hated jfash. But let's focus on the good feels.

Recently my close friend (known for about a year, only been close since last Nov. I basically spend 50% of my time at his share house, it's a closeknit friend group.) admitted feels and is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night.

In four years, I never actually went on a 'date' with my ex, so this is literally my first proper date. I'm flipping the fuck out, trying to put together the perfect coord.

He's a super normie, super blonde dude who listens to rap and plays CS:Go - but he loves my weird jfash shit, actively looks out for cute/girly stuff he thinks I'd like and has even watched subbed anime shit for me.

>My middle name is Elsa.
>We gave eachother dumb FB messenger nicknames.
>He made mine "Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

I know it isn't strictly /cgl/-related, but jesus christ what have I done to deserve this delightful human being?

>> No.9481902

...Holy crap. What happened?

>> No.9481904

Shieeeeeet, nigga. Hits pretty close to home.

>Mom and dad always fighting cause dad is cheating on mom and mom is kind of a busy-body
>Situation at home is like walking on eggshells, both parents are always on edge
>Bro escapes by pouring overtime into work and at computer cafe
>I escape by locking self in room, browsing 4chin, and hitting gym
>Mother's day was a total shit show cause dad made it a point not to get anything for mom and that caused a giant fight between the two
>Also, work at a Starbucks as well, and just generally hate working here so much
>Looking forward to getting new job and brother is looking for new apartment for us to run away in

Keep on keeping on, anon. Shit's a bitch.

>> No.9481915

Sounds pretty melodramatic to me.

>> No.9482023

>Tenshi failed to reserve my dream dress
Knowing Baby, they're not going to bother with an international release either. It feels like I've been kicked in the stomach.

>> No.9482063

Its more specifically, the rule is not to allow more than one meet on the same day

>> No.9482064

So... I failed to mention that both events are hosted by mods

>> No.9482066

Indeed, I too get that feel, bro.

>> No.9482088


I feel it but i think she just doesn't want to screw everyone over with the room costs. If it was a local con i's frown about her plan to ghost but we har traveling pretty far. It seems just stupid to ghost on top of all the moral arguments.

>> No.9482170
File: 19 KB, 253x296, legoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sexy widdle wowi

>> No.9482215

>bought stuff more than a month ago for cosplay
>spend a fortune for the fastest shipping possible
>send a email out to them twice asking if the thing is being shipped yet
>finally get an answer saying they'll ship it out in the next day
>almost 2 days now and they still have not emailed me the shipping ID
>con is in 8 days and shipping takes 5-7 days

Ive never been so on edge before for my cosplay. Fuck me.

>> No.9482323
File: 139 KB, 684x576, IMG_1355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no local jfash friends
>finally find someone who shares my passion for jfashion
>she tells me she's a "queer feminist"

>> No.9482390

>plays CS:GO
you have to dress as swat and raid his house yelling
>cyka blyat rash b

>> No.9482397

I know we're on the internet but general social rules still apply. Like how asking someone who was raped 'what happened' is in pretty poor taste.

>> No.9482403

>23 year old female
>couple of years ago start getting dark hairs on my cheeks
>months later start getting dark thick hair on my chin and lip
>its starting to grow on my neck now
>can't find laser place willing to do my neck, waxing makes me break out like crazy

It's making me lose the motivation to cosplay. I look like a man and even when I get waxed on my face there are strays, acne, redness... when I went to the doctor all they recommended was birth control, which has been no help. I'll only be cosplaying with masks now.

>> No.9482405

cosplay male characters

>> No.9482408

>I'll only be cosplaying with masks now.
In my personal experience, this has been much more fun than cosplaying open-faced characters.

>> No.9482426
File: 257 KB, 540x398, cabbagefriend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The con is in a week and I'm constipated as fuck.

>inb4 "dump your ass"

>> No.9482431

i've heard plucking works pretty well, it's time consuming and might be a little painful but the results are worth it.
shaving is another option too. theres a couple of tutorials for girls shaving their faces.

>> No.9482512

Have you been to a gynecologist? It kind of sounds like PCOS or overproduction of androgens.

>> No.9482527

Aw that's so sweet!

>> No.9482639
File: 17 KB, 936x26, whyyy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why won't sfw boards on 4chan stop loading?

>> No.9482645
File: 320 KB, 1280x512, 1494625012484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no one to do couple cosplays with
>tfw con season is coming up soon so I'll see couples do couple cosplays and I'll just be a bitter lonely asshole about it

Maybe some day, but for now I'll just keep being bitter and lonely.

>> No.9482655
File: 32 KB, 380x380, 1394726602953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought going to cons would help me socialize and help me be a person and I'd make meaningful connections.

Instead I continue to burn bridges and still be an awful person with no idea how to socialize and I'm just going to be even more reserved when meeting people now.

>> No.9482666 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 535x577, 141620126935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before I start this, I want to say, I'm a girl. have periods, born with a vagina, that shit.
>used to enjoy cute things
>sweet lolita, fairy kei, all cute shit
>lifestyled and was happy as can be, despite some people being
>nothing fits me i'm too tall, the older I got, the more aware I was of this.
>got a longer face too.
>start noticing the negative comments more
>"you're too tall to look cute"
>"excuse me, are you a boy are a girl?"
>"boys shouldn't wear dresses, lol"
>"the fuck are you, some sort of drag queen?"
>"if you were shorter you'd be cute, but with your height and face shape you look like a crossdresser"
>"sorry anon, I like shorter girls"
>"tall girls should only wear classic lolita, sweet makes you look like a sissy"

I.. can't enjoy the fashion anymore. I put on the outfit that once made me so happy the other day, looked in the mirror and just started to cry. I felt so dysphoric.

Its really hard accepting that your body isn't right for the fashion you enjoy.

>> No.9482672
File: 88 KB, 535x577, 141620126935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before I start this, I want to say, I'm a girl. have periods, born with a vagina, that shit.
>used to enjoy cute things
>always been tall, with an oblong face
>sweet lolita, fairy kei, all cute shit
>lifestyled and was happy as can be, despite some people being rude
>nothing fits me i'm too tall, the older I got, the more aware I was of this.
>start noticing the negative comments more, from strangers, the jfashion community, family, and even crushes/ people i've dated
>"you're too tall to look cute"
>"excuse me, are you a boy are a girl?"
>"boys shouldn't wear dresses, lol"
>"the fuck are you, some sort of drag queen?"
>"if you were shorter you'd be cute, but with your height and face shape you look like a crossdresser"
>"sorry anon, I like shorter girls"
>"tall girls should only wear classic lolita, sweet makes you look like a sissy"

I.. can't enjoy the fashion anymore. I put on the outfit that once made me so happy the other day, looked in the mirror and just started to cry. I felt so dysphoric.

Its really hard accepting that your body isn't right for the fashion you enjoy.

>> No.9482720

Well, I guess its better than being male who enjoys the fashion. I'm not allowed to even think about it.

Anyways, embrace your androgyny. I love androgynous people. You just gotta find the right niche style.

>> No.9482731

Don't beat yourself up anon, there's always a way to make these things work. Being tall just gives you a little extra to work with in regards to what you can wear. Try playing arond with some other styles like ouji and see what sort of things compliment your height, then bring those back over to sweet. I'm sure there's a bunch of things you could try! Maybe even try changing up your wigs if you don't like your face shape and see which styles frame your face better, even if you have to stray away from traditional sweet styles. Or step up dat andro game.

Also, stop giving a shit about what normies say. Do your own thing and be cute.

>> No.9482741

Those people are assholes and if it wasn't your face/height they'd probably find something else to nitpick about your appearance/clothes.

Don't let them win, don't let them ruin things for you.

That being said there are ways to make things more flattering. Try different makeup tricks/hairstyles to improve the look of your face, get custom sized dresses from taobao to compensate for your height, etc. But do these things for you, because you think it makes you look better. not to appease shitty people.

>> No.9482779

Just ask your boyfriend and 200 facebook friends to make you feel better.

>> No.9482790
File: 11 KB, 480x480, barneywtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>26 year old female
>broad shouldered
>strong chin
>dark hair on face
>over six feet tall
>have a penis

I know that feel, anon.

>> No.9482797
File: 12 KB, 185x82, ohgosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm wasn't interested in seeing some theatre, but I just got a text from a guy I like and haven't talked to in a while asking if I wanted to go next week. I think I'll do a toned down coord. I've been itching to wear my Maiden of Versailles JSK out. Could kinda pass for a flashy-elegant normie dress.

>> No.9482813
File: 2.00 MB, 375x211, NCR35q9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I first got into cosplay back in.. probably 2006 or 2007, when I was in middle school. I remember spending hours on deviantART and youtube and whatever else I could find cosplay content on, dreaming of one day doing it and having cosplay friends and having so much fun. It was SUPER cringey looking back but at least the cosplayers I loved to follow enjoyed themselves and loved what they did.

I cosplay and go to cons now, but I never made cosplay friends and grew up to be, admittedly, pretty ugly, which definitely effects making friends/feedback on my cosplays. Whenever I see selfies/pics of groups of friends cosplaying and having fun and enjoying themselves I feel so.. empty. That's what I always dreamed of and ended up just growing up into an awkward and shy and nothing-special person, and that fun is still out there but I can't seem to find any part in it.

>> No.9482821

Just get out there, anon. Join a group cosplay. Even if you have no social skills, if you go to tons of events and find a way to run into the same people over and over, your social skills will improve and you'll find yourself a few acquaintances that could later become friends.

Negative self-esteem will only make it harder to make friends. Get your confidence up, if only because you know it'll make it easier to build relationships.

>> No.9482839

So the mods aren't following the comm rules. You still have your foot in the door of the kool kids club. Consider the comm membership, are there any individuals that disturb the peace or are otherwise undesirable to have around?

>> No.9482898

The group of friends I room with at conventions are full of drama, have made me lose a lot of money (dropping/changing rooms last minute), and are all catty to one another on top of other petty things I can complain about but don't directly involve me. I'm always in charge of the rooms, and right now I have an Otakon and Katuscon room booked with them but I do NOT want to room with them after Colossalcon. How do I kindly say "Hey, you guys are drama, you're not getting in this room" ?

>> No.9482913

Just lay out all the times it has financially hurt you and pitch it as a financial matter, not personal.

>> No.9482931
File: 65 KB, 640x640, memeslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think my shit's stuck in customs. How long does that usually last? The con is freakin Saturday!

It's a good thing I prepared a backup cosplay, but still, shit!

>> No.9483092

At least you didn't start getting white hairs at 23. I'd rather have to remove neck hair than have white hairs.

>> No.9483097

Surely colouring white hair is easier and less painful than having to wax/shave/pluck/laser facial hair?

>> No.9483098

My hair colour is one of the few things I like about my appearance, and my hair gets really damaged. Thankfully it's just a few at the moment and not noticeable yet. I don't really mind tweezing, but I only tweeze my eyebrows and upper lip every now and then. Waxing and shaving would suck though.

>> No.9483132
File: 1.07 MB, 1280x824, 300109[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're short enough you'd have a better chance than me. at least you'd FIT into the clothes, if you dress well people wont think you're a fetishist, and normies will think your a fetishist either way.. Embracing androgyny is hard when I've always just wanted to be cute.
I did ponder the idea of Ouji for a while, but became quickly discouraged when I found out I'm too tall for that too. Got better at wigs- straight hair just looks really bad on my face shape and lengthens it, curly hair frames my long face. Thank's for the right words.
I learned that flat eyebrows do wonders, and my issue with custom sized dresses is most chinese stores don't know shit about working with tall girls. I do wish To Alice did custom orders though, they make such cute stuff

I just have to find a new style I like, where I don't feel awful in it. I'm not sure where to start, and that's what's making this whole process feel long and awful.
I'm not ugly, but I'm on an odd line that's the border between handsome and cute.

>> No.9483278

Just act like you love everyone and everything and they will just think you are crazy or canadian.

>> No.9483355

(da) Oh. That's weird. First time I've heard of that happening to someone that young. How long it takes before your hair turns Targaryen?
And to Feels topic: I lost my Simplicity pattern few hours after I bought it (misplaced it somewhere while packing groceries), and now I'm reeeeally pissed. Now I have to wait for a week until the sewing store restocks it, last copy you see.

>> No.9483361

Not the other poster, but I have a few white hairs, and I'm 21. I got them because of the shock of losing a family member unexpectedly, I don't think any more are going to grow in before I get old. Sometimes there can be non-biological reasons for grey hairs.

>> No.9483372
File: 58 KB, 345x542, 1470081619949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fail to get dream dress
>Consider buying other, cheaper dress as a means of alleviating my sorrow
>But do I really like the dress or am I just trying to fill a void
>I don't know if I should buy the dress

>> No.9483375

Sorry for your loss, anon. Are they in a single clump, or are they scattered around the head? If it's latter, how did you notice them among the normal hair?

>> No.9483380

Hold out for your dream dress anon! What is it? And have you posted in the DD thread? You may have competion, but other anons can help you look for it.

>> No.9483382

>washing a bunch of lolita for summer
>few dresses I haven't been able to wear yet
>old school lolita so stains are pretty common stuff
>few dresses have yellowing, figure out it's probably due age and won't come off so too lazy to spot clean before tossing them into machine
>every bit of yellowing comes out
I have had several dresses that I swear hadn't been washed ever before and were released early 2000's. Some of them were apparently visibly dirty all over because they were a different shade after washing. I have received stuff reeking of BO and one dress had so bad scent I couldn't bring it into my room but had to left it outside for more than ten hours in weather below zero celcius to be able to take it inside. Why are lolitas so disgusting? Don't you wash or even sniff your dresses before shipping them out? Almost all brand is machine washable afterall.

>> No.9483383

Thank you, that's very sweet of you. They're just scattered across my head. I only started to notice them recently, I got my hair cut short and suddenly they're much more visible, especially when I brush my hair. There's only a few of them, but they stand out pretty well.

>> No.9483384

I'm always curious what people mean when they call themselves ugly, because I feel like most things can be fixed? I'm not talking about plastic surgery, but if weight is an issue you can lose it, and if it's facial features, makeup and hairstyle go a long way. I'm saying this as someone who used to have terrible self esteem and looked awful, but once I figured out how to do my hair to frame my face well my confidence improved, so I made friends, so I put more effort into myself and made more friends, and so on. If nothing else you could always cosplay characters with masks and see if that makes it easier to talk to people.

>> No.9483390

>cousin dies
>father hospitalized a week later
>he almost dies
>not too long before I lose my friend group for conventions. Responsibility on both sides but I end up alone.
>Semi-suicidal but would never get that far.
>Months still not sure about going to conventions or attending anything.

I had some of these friends for almost 8 years. Losing them was more painful after time passed. I'm not sure if I can bring myself to face another convention right now.

>> No.9483396

Yw, it's tough no matter how well prepared one would be for it, let alone sudden news.
Also, very interesting bit about the hair! I looked it up, it's called Marie Antoinette syndrome I guess.

>> No.9483399

It was completely out of the blue suicide, and I had no idea he was depressed at all, so it really shook me up.

My mum got more grey hairs, my gran's hair did actually turn more white than grey as well. I'm kind of cool with having a condition named after Marie Antoinette though, I like it! It's just weird having a physical reminder of what happened as well.

>> No.9483419

Suicide? Damn. Just... damn. I have no words. It's a tragedy. I hope you're alright.
Marie Antoinette Syndrome sounds very lolita street-cred-y lol. If you're into lolita, that is.

>> No.9483440

Maybe try fairy kei? It's more tall people friendly but still has the same kinda vibe as sweet lolita. Larme would also look pretty cute on a tall girl imo.

>> No.9483442

My boyfriend and his sister both have white hairs and they're 22 and 23 respectively. Though apparently that's common for some Filipino families.

>> No.9483476
File: 96 KB, 506x889, 18157627_968598369909136_503123980126627735_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was just on reserve and the reserve sold out within 30 seconds, so it won't be out for a good while yet. Or else I'd definitely be holding out.

>> No.9483496

Yeah, I'm much better now. it's been a year and a half now, still feels like it happened yesterday though sometimes. He was the second most important person to me in the world, and I was very deep in grief for a long time. I'm much better now though, and actually managed to make something great out of my life. It was like it gave me the kick to take charge of my life.

I am very much into Lolita, so i am totally cool with using that for lolita street-cred. Like, "you wear a wig? I just have Marie Antoinette syndrome, all natural."

>> No.9483509

Reach out to them again, anon. Tell them you miss them and accept blame for whatever you did. Don't be afraid of saying sorry. I had a falling out with two of my best friends years ago. I'm reconnecting and hanging out with one again, and the other I've ran into and made small talk with- no feelings of animosity anymore (which is good because we work in the same field). It's pretty hard to reject someone who is apologizing unless they really fucked up.

I heard somewhere that if you've had a friend for seven years, you'll be friends for life.

>> No.9483513
File: 6 KB, 261x137, 15073378_1409894862361753_3268964668890171711_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got sun poisoning on my hands because dumbass me forgot that doxycycline makes your skin a fucking wax candle but I have a commission that's due in 2 weeks and a cosplay to makes for myself the following week. Never have I regretted something so badly in my life.

>> No.9483580

sorry, this is not really /cgl/ related other than the fact that my friends were also the group I used to go to cons and cosplay with

>have small group of friends
>get really depressed after a family member dies
>too depressed to go see my friends
>feel bit better after some time so try to contact my friends again
>friends have moved on without me, they have new group and they're too busy for me now
>family member is still dead and now i have no friends either
>get really depressed again and stay in bed again

>> No.9483583

>friends have moved on without me, they have new group and they're too busy for me now
That sounds like depression talking.

>> No.9483584

I just recently reached out again but I got the major feeling that they didn't want to deal with me. It was more drama then it was worth and I feel terrible but I don't think there's a way to go back.

I thought maybe, getting myself more involved with other people and cons would help. But all it really does is shove in my face how much I miss them. I can't just quit the scene either because it's become such a big part of my life now. I have a lot of good memories and I inadvertently end up comparing what was then and now.

A friend once told me the longest relationships burn the brightest. As regretful as I am.

>> No.9483684
File: 77 KB, 750x563, scootertip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In my sienor year of high school some poplar kids flipped their .car and died on the way to buy stores.

I ask because one the victims is coming to a con with me next moth, and doesn't have a cospl.ay :/

>> No.9483700

Anon, did you have a stroke while writing that?

>> No.9483731

You should go as a flipped car

>> No.9483733
File: 28 KB, 526x300, 5c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9483782
File: 248 KB, 923x1300, IMG_6288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My wig commissioner has gone radio silent on me with 1 week left until my convention and the last progress picture I saw, she had just started.

I swear to fucking god if I get screwed over by another commissioner I'm going to scream.

>> No.9483799

Depends, shop I own had shit stuck in customs for 2+ months.

Normally though, not more than a week, you'll be fine

>> No.9483847

If they end up screwing you over come back and name them so we all know to avoid them

>> No.9483863

Not even close. She has RA which is extremely painful every day and it is only getting progressively worse. I can understand where her being on edge comes from because she's constantly in pain, but the way she lashes out really sucks for everyone else in the household.

>> No.9483904

I have been laughing for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what the fuck any of this says

>> No.9483904,1 [INTERNAL] 

nice feelbros

>> No.9483967

Joined a cosplay group, did a whole lot of nothing. They were all close knit and ended up having a lot of drama that I had no idea about? I don't have a lot of money/time availability for cons, I'm lucky to attend two a year.
I'm pretty fucked bodywise desu (think those recent pictures of Chloe Mortez, wide and stocky) with a big nose, genetic eye bags, shitty skin. I'm simply not cute and having nothing going for me in the "sexy" department. Not much to be done.

Thanks for the advice though, anons, will keep trying to get out there even though I continually embarrass myself.

>> No.9483996

if they died then how are they a victim?
why were they buying stores?

>> No.9484095
File: 143 KB, 246x238, mikeywtf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so unprepared for the con in one week, holy shit.

Help me, bros. I'm gonna puke.

>> No.9484205

One of the dead kids is coming to a con with you? What?

>> No.9484215
File: 38 KB, 512x512, shimawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you see a 12-year-old girl dressed as Shimakaze, and her mom is just chillin' like it's completely appropriate

>> No.9484229

Last time I went to a con, I saw a girl dressed as MeMeMe, and I swear she couldn't have been much older than 10. Her parents were there.

>> No.9484232

Some people realize that age is just a number and that people can wear what they want to wear.

>> No.9484235

And some people aren't pedophiles.

>> No.9484324

You can still be cute!! Anon, don't let others ruin what you love. I think you can still be cute and tall. Play around with the fashion, different coords, different ways to frame your face with wigs or accessories!

>> No.9484326

>last single person in my friend group got an SO
>am aroace myself and never found dating all that great
>but now super lonely
>even at cons everyone pairs off
>or worse they only do couple cosplays and aren't interested in group cosplays like we used to because X and Y just finished this new anime or V and W wanted to do this cos for months etc
>feel bummed when our cos crunch hang outs turn into couples time + me or literally any event just becomes me seventh wheeling
>I'm happy for my friends but realize I'm the problem, not them especially since I don't want them to baby me
>thinking maybe I should try to get a boyfriend so I can fit in
>wish it could just be me and four other single friends doing our thing being potatoes and laughing over stupid youtube poops again

I'm glad that things are going well for everyone, but I also can't help but feel we are all just growing up and drifting apart especially since everyone is dating someone outside of the friend group. Everyone else's SOs also are really great people, so it's like God is purposely making sure I can't blame this on anyone else.

>> No.9484338
File: 222 KB, 400x449, tumblr_ojyq40Y0sB1vbq9gwo3_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First item I ordered for a big wardrobe haul arrived, looks super cute and fits really nice
>Figuring out a new technique for a cosplay I'm starting and feeling really pumped about it, excited to try things out
>Just landed a new job in the field i'm studying and am super happy about it, actually getting consistent shifts and good money

Things are going good for me at the moment, I'm just really happy!

>> No.9484341

Do not date someone to fit in, it's not fair to drag a guy through a one-sided relationship for your ulterior motives.

Instead, go and find another single or aroace friend and bring them into the fold of your existing group so you can be buddies. Or join another group that isn't dominated by couples.

>> No.9484609

Its pretty interesting, some members no one likes but they only show up at big events and others people just have a vendetta against

>> No.9484616

why do you like being single?

>> No.9484619
File: 29 KB, 600x600, 1495184410111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

defend this
protip: you can't

>> No.9484656

defend what?

>> No.9484691

That's so sweet anon.

>> No.9484710

She looks great. Even with the acne problem, that girl is adorable?

>> No.9484727

>anon baffled by human imperfections and the existence of makeup
>more at 8

>> No.9484728

I just lost one close friend and was really broken up about it, but I decided to try to reach out to other people to get over it and now I've joined up with a cosplay group for the first time in years! Hanging out with them made me realize how much I had lost perspective to think my previous friendship was healthy, too. I'm still unhappy about it but I'm glad I was able to reconnect with this group and I'm excited to start working on cosplay again, so maybe it was for the best.

>> No.9484730

Everyone looks better when they smile.

>> No.9484736


>> No.9484739

nayrt but being single is preferable to dating someone for the sake of not being single. Dating is great, but you should only date someone because you want to date THEM, not because you want to date in general. It's just unfair otherwise. If anon isn't romantically/sexually interested in anyone they're fine being single.

>b-but women are lying to meeeee

>> No.9484741
File: 118 KB, 340x368, psgchildhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, can she teach me makeup?

She was p cute before. She just needs to see a dermatologist, badly.

>> No.9484754

Buyer feedback is my only source of self esteem but soon I'll run out of things to sell.

>> No.9484756

Sell your body. You can even sell it multiple times!

>> No.9484760

She wants positive feedback, anon.

>> No.9484767
File: 331 KB, 540x305, 1448851055760.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she sells me her body I promise to leave a positive review.

>> No.9484770
File: 258 KB, 385x262, 1480621621149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow anon...

>> No.9484780

Thanks anon, I'll consider it.


>> No.9484797

Same. My etsy sales have been in the trash lately too. Luckily I have a convention next week.

>> No.9484798
File: 42 KB, 484x720, takemyloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get the new Samsung S8
>curved screen causes pubes to get stuck under the screen protector
>ask cute guy at the con to take a selfie with me
>mfw he clearly notices the pubes

>> No.9484801

Is stores the new schoolyard lingo for mary jane, daddy-o?

>> No.9484804
File: 150 KB, 1400x1380, 1654929843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9484806

Stop texting with your cooch.

>> No.9484822
File: 546 KB, 827x1169, __ryuujou_kantai_collection_drawn_by_kozou_rifa__b28673e9578584c5e1f16bcfb0f5040a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looking forward to weeb concert for months
>get sick the day before
I'm still going but this is gonna be rough

>> No.9484829

Your ex told me you like it rough ;)

>> No.9484839
File: 2.83 MB, 1422x1080, 536545464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how does that work? how do you get pubes in your phone?

>> No.9484843

>tfw no 6'+ gf

>> No.9484848

Not when I have a constant stream of snot dripping out of my face.

>> No.9484855

Don't worry, soon you will have a constant stream of something else dripping on your face

>> No.9484862

She got back to me but now she's like "can you give me more money so I can make sure it gets to you on time?" Like it's my fault she's put this off for this long when she got the wig over a month ago.

>> No.9484864

When your costume has no pockets and you leave it on vibrate.

>> No.9484874

Eat some hot peppers; they might help you. If swelling/inflammation is what's bothering you the most, try getting some pseudoephedrine before you go

>> No.9484884

I got some hot pepper flavored chocolate, we'll see what it can do.

>> No.9484892

>got my first fromjapan package on the way
>arrives today, mailman says I need to pay
>thought I checked the gift option on the fj page
>had to let to mailman reroute the package to a local post office because Dutch post can't understand mobile pin machines
>now have to wait until monday and see if FJ fucked up or not

oh well, at least I got lucky on not paying any customs on my previous wunderwelt order.

>> No.9484944

I find myself contemplating how awful a /cgl/ mixer meet would be at a con, yet at the same time it sounds fun in my head.

More thought than feel though i guess.

>> No.9484951

Vomit from your terrible jokes?

>> No.9484954

fellow dutchie here. Checking gift option does not mean you won't have to pay taxes. There's a certain amount that will be okay, but any more than that and secondhand/gift won't help you. Only option is to let the company undervalue your stuff when they send it. Most Japanese companies don't do this though.

PostNL just sucks. DHL sends you a text to pay before they deliver it. Service is also better, although, my PostNL mailman is such a nice guy..

>> No.9484960

You would want vomit dripping ON your face?
Pretty weird desu

>> No.9484987

If some retarded faggots from /v/, /r9k/, etc show up just give them atomic wedgies and take their lunch money

>> No.9484991

I'm not sure robots will be physically capable of stepping into a room with women in. If they are indeed physically capable of leaving their own room.

>> No.9484996

There have been cgl mixers at cons. They always seem to go pretty well actually.

In other news, I just discovered that the only food near the con is pizza, which gives me uncontrollable farts.

>> No.9485001 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 316x316, 1494441596234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>touch self
>can feel poo through vagina walls
anyone else?

>> No.9485011

girls are weird.

>> No.9485015

People where i work were talking about pooping while giving birth. That was kinda... eye opening.

>> No.9485024

>touch self
>feel vagina through poo walls
Any other lolitas know this feel?

>> No.9485104

>implying anyone from those boards can be around women without hyperventilating

>> No.9485111

Pretty sure FJ will mark your packages down.

>> No.9485129

I admit i get hit with an anxiety attack in that kind of situation, but i usually cool off after that initial stuttering hot flush.

>> No.9485145

ffs anon just go poop first
don't you know how to prepare?

>> No.9485221


>> No.9485226

That is a lot of dicks for one girl.

>> No.9485249

>afraid of taking 10 dicks at once
And you call yourself a lolita?

>> No.9485256

I was always naturally skinny but I've suddenly realised I'm too blobby for j fashion. Not overweight, just really skinnyfat. The diet isn't helping so far. I just want to fit better in my burando OTKs

>> No.9485267

I feel really uncomfortable about AX.
Last year I went with my boyfriend and we fought right before a /cgl/ meetup, I went alone and met a guy there. He was really cute and I sorta forgot about my problems while I was around him and we had a good time. Afterwords he took me back to his hotel and I had sex with him. I really regretted it after and left as soon as I came to my senses and went back to my hotel and climbed into bed with my boyfriend and put my arms around him and cried into his back. I told him I was crying because of the fight, he still doesn't know.

But the guy I slept with has been turned into a meme and people shitpost about him all the time and I know he's going to go to meetups this year for sure because of the stupid meme and I feel like I'll break down if I see him.

>> No.9485283

It takes a special kind of person to cheat on their bf, and than claim they are the real victim in this situation.

>> No.9485284

it helps to do more weight training than cardio, I've heard. Don't worry anon, I'm on the same boat and it'll just take a bit of working out!

>> No.9485285

I should!

I'm looking forward to doing this, my hair situation has actually taken a huge toll on my self-esteem and the thought of being able to be photographed and not feel disgusting is really pleasant.

So far that's what I've been doing. Plucking away a bit at a time. Unfortunately when I shave it grows back way worse as evidenced from when I shaved between my brows, my stomach, legs, arms, even though a lot of people say that that doesn't happen.

I haven't but now that I googled that I'm definitely making an appointment. Wonder why my doctor didn't think of that. Thank you anon!


desu I don't think white hairs are quite as bad but I definitely feel for you, dying is a bit of a hassle. Grass is always greener I suppose. Good luck!

>> No.9485312

I saw the AX meetup, this is a shitpost. no one at that meetup gets laid.

>> No.9485314

Thanks, anon. I really should get to the gym!

>> No.9485405
File: 73 KB, 403x347, ....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Turned 26
>Feelings of I'm too old for this start to set in
>Recently broke up with bf so not helping
>Haven't been taking care of myself because work has me exhausted.

>> No.9485449

You need to treat yourself. I recommend you keep taking care of your skin, body, and hair. Ask yourself, "Am I too old, or have I just let myself go haggard?"

A lot of time older folks let themselves go, and it just leads to a spiral of feeling ugly. Worse comes to worse, and you truly feel "too old" then see what you can modify. Usually makeup is where you need to start. I bet you are getting those feelings because you are letting your appearance go. Deep condition your hair, fix it, do a face mask, exfoliate, do a sleep mask, paint your nails, and see how you feel afterward.

>> No.9485455

We are human beings. We fart and shit just like you. Remember that, and it may help the initial stuttering.

>> No.9485460


I know some of that feel, always kept distant to cosplay and been too chickenshit for it. 28 now and I really want to get into it, though I am a bit fortunate in that most long-term stuff I'd love to do will not be bothered by the age issue. Still I don't like to think about how much time was lost and how much time is still going to be lost because I can't start this overnight. So please do not try and put it off, I know it sucks and it's hard and irritating to keep putting yourself out there but please keep doing it. I am sure it will work out with time. Since you a woman I dunno but maybe try and get makeup advice? Seen that shit work like magic for some.

And on the flipside, a lot of those curated and processed selfies/pics of groups of friends only tells part of the picture. Take a look at this thread or any others and you get to see the drama and poison and stress and envy and insecurity behind it. Year or two back I felt a bit jealous of three gal friends for being married/having good relationships. Not jealous of their men just jealous of the idea of it. Then I hear about the major relationship problems one had, the medium relationship problems the second had and the third I assume has some skellies in her closet. Envy is a very deadly sin and it's something you always gotta struggle against but it helps me to remember that I have things that they would envy me for, they have things I would envy for.


Often friendship is a case of a two way street, and depression will >>9483583 as it did for me. I would expect an invitation from college friends and not just roll up and stop by (and when I did be welcomed entirely), and likewise when I had family stuff and depression in highschool I just basically became a ghost and disappeared outside of classes to the point that someone'd ask me senior year where I had gone.

>> No.9485471
File: 18 KB, 480x270, 5oDVgQ5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Pic related. But not seriously.

It was actually kinda sweet when I learned you seagulls are as fucked up and normal as the rest of 4chan, much like when I learned how /fit/ is as insecure and self-loathing as the rest of 4chan. We're all going to make it brah. I haven't made it yet but I hope I will. When I am putting myself out there again it'll be good to keep that in mind so I don't feel so chickenshit.


Is there really no means to do older women shit with Jfash or whatever you're after? I'm not an expert so I am thinking from an anime/art point of view but I'd have to imagine you could pull off a classy evil ara-ara look. Like I am not a Castlevania fan but just looking around there seem to be a few girls with that kinda victoriany feel to their outfits I assume is a part of gothic lolita.

And if you do >>9485449 you can pull off looking youngish still into your 30s.

>> No.9485480
File: 197 KB, 500x321, spongetrio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit it off with guy at con
>go back to his room
>one thing leads to another
>drop panties
>he suddenly looks shook
>"you're a chick??"

>> No.9485483

Congratulations, you reverse trapped someone on accident!

>> No.9485486
File: 36 KB, 459x387, tumblr_olsfxiHu301qj0ruoo6_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always end up buying wigs 2 weeks or less before con and having to pay a ton for express shipping (canada)
>this year try to be smart, order wig 2 months in advance
>takes a month to get here
>they sent the wrong color
>now not only do i have to pay return shipping but express shipping again
>mfw i tried to be financially responsible for once and it was all pointless

>> No.9485487
File: 3 KB, 270x270, C9fCQ3WXoAABVIw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order wig earlier this month
>need it by the end of the month
>pay extra for shipping
>receive email saying it has been shipped
>tracking number hasn't updated in 9 days
>email company
>"your parcel is on the way, in a few days you will receive updates from the tracking number"
>few days pass, still no update
>con is in under a week

>> No.9485488

If it's their fault, make THEM pay for that shit. That's outrageous.

>> No.9485490

i wish im really peeved, i paid $60 for the wig and now return shipping will probably be $20 + another $40 for the express, so im basically buying the wig twice

>> No.9485498

anon you're supposed to tell them to get fucked and take your business elsewhere after going for a chargeback if they don't fix it without you having to spend more money

>> No.9485513

Judgmental human beings.

>> No.9485520

Yeah, seriously. Don't pay. Demand your money back, or a replacement rushed to you.

>> No.9485542

Hun, please tell me you reported him for raping you. This is the only way to stop guys like that, otherwise he'll find a new victim this year.

>> No.9485546
File: 61 KB, 600x800, confurderate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fighting bait with bait
Risky move.

>> No.9485556

i can't really go elsewhere, i had trouble finding the color i needed as it is and i've already spent a good few hundred on the rest of the cosplay so it's too late to back out

>> No.9485559

Did you even try sending them a complaint?

>> No.9485840

please be real

>> No.9485852

>cosplayer posts pic
>" so it took 14 months with over $1400 worth of materials. I wanted to use REAL chainmail and REAL leather for this cosplay"
>cosplay looks like shit

I've never been more sad.

>> No.9485871
File: 85 KB, 960x532, Jessica_Nigri_Cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do famous cosplayers get off to the fact that guys fap to them?

>> No.9485874

Even jnig, yaya, and momo show less skin than the average anime and video game. The same women that like those things will also wear exactly what those characters wear and show the same amount of skin. For fucks sake you'll call someone doing an accurate bayonetta cosplay with the cleavage and thigh windows a whore if it weren't canon while fapping to them then spend hours defending it as 100% nonsexual and "just her fashion sense" ingame. Bikini cosplays are horrible but quiet's design and ingame scenes are completely reasonable. Cleavage and boob physics in WOW are just accurate dimorphism but jnig wearing less revealing armor is an insult to "Real gamers" everywhere. God forbid someone cosplay the harpies, centaurs, and succubus or anything from dragon's dogma.

>> No.9485883

I'm sure they get off to seeing all the money the guys send them.

>> No.9485893


if your weight is naturally distributed to your hips and legs (especially if you're short), there's not much of a chance in fitting brand socks better. especially print socks (if you don't want the print to stretch) are made for stick thin models.

I'm pretty much 'underweight' for adult BMI charts and still print socks get stretched out to hell on me just because all my weight and muscle is in my hips and legs. no diet will ever fix that

>> No.9485895

I did mark the value under 45 euros, so that's why I wondered why I have to pay customs.

>> No.9485901

Your boyfriend deserves better. I really hope you see the guy you slept with and have a meltdown so your boyfriend finds out, then he can dump your worthless ass.

>> No.9485905

Name and shame anon, we wanna know who this scamming bitch is.

>> No.9485914
File: 90 KB, 802x798, c25b58b4699a23a48c7e6f3a1668a50ff82798b6068ee9144d6f11a1e0791a30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are women always so mean to each other?

>> No.9485934

because women don't have foodball to talk about

>> No.9485938

Yeah you must be a women alright

>> No.9485941

Men physically fight to prove they're tough, women try to rip each other's souls apart to show they're tough.

>> No.9485944

Why do women need to be tough?

>> No.9485949

Beats me. Just have something to prove, I guess. Chip on their shoulder. Insecurities manifesting. Idfk

>> No.9485956

I'm hungry, Anon

>> No.9485966

This is a common stereotype but there's actually been a lot of recent studies showing boys gossip/form cliques/bully as much or more than girls do (as in, girls are still nasty and mean, but boys are too in the same ways). Sage for ot/autism, it just always bugs me a bit. I don't want to drop a bunch of links but the universities of Georgia and Michigan have both done studies I think, if you're interested.

>> No.9485970


basically 2 things i see here, kick someone while they're down to feel like you're better (genuinely bad cosplay/bad coord/whatever) or attempt to tear someone down who's doing well in order to feel like you're above them because nobody could possibly be better than you, r-right? (nice cosplay/nice coord/whatever)

>> No.9485976

I dunno, I think there a lot of secure girls here who coord well and look good but are just mean. I feel like the insecure people are the ones that whine about cgl's existence

>> No.9485981
File: 509 KB, 454x642, 1488350015209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>good looking girls
>on /cgl/
Thanks anon, i needed a laugh.

>> No.9485994

and there it is.

>> No.9485997

The print isn't stretched, but the band at the top leaves a bit of chub above it. I used to be stick thin, so I'm hoping I can get back down. Sorry about your weight distribution. I'm sure the stretch isn't as bad as you think.

>> No.9485998

45 isn't low enough. they will make you pay taxes for everything over a value of 22 euro. Then there's the 13 euro administration fee which makes a package of 25 euro hella expensive.

>> No.9486001

meanness has a reason and in a gull's case it is safe to say it is typically insecurity. especially when they try to pick on someone who actually looks good.

>> No.9486002

That anon is probably a guy though.

>> No.9486015

Alright, so... The invisible one got a chuckle from me.

>> No.9486023

Does being mean always have to have to kind of deep psychological reason, though?

>> No.9486024

Are you good looking?
Be honest.

>> No.9486027

If you're underweight with disproportionately fat legs, is it possible you have lipedema?

>> No.9486032

yes, that's how people work. things have reasons.

>> No.9486113

I guess, but I'm male. I've met several women from /cgl/ and they have surprisingly all been good looking. The only ugly people I have seen are people who primarily browse other boards.
Just look at the instagram and reccomend a cosplay threads.

>> No.9486181


Not the same poster. But in college I walked everywhere (several miles a day) exercised, and was on my feet for a long shift at work. My legs looked huge and i got horrible sock indents in spite of being 114 lbs.

Just being upright all the time led to a lot of swelling. I had gone to the doctor thinking the bruising and denting was lipedema and she was like lol just do less on your legs and you'll be fine.

>> No.9486186

>a sexy widdle wowi
what in the fuck

>> No.9486188


Also, it's partly that their well known cosplays are the ones with tits. J Nigs actually has a lot of cosplays that aren't boudoir but they just aren't her popular ones (also honestly I saw her Mikasa and didn't recognize her without her other eyes staring at me)

>> No.9486191


>I'm pretty much 'underweight' for adult BMI charts and still print socks get stretched out to hell on me just because all my weight and muscle is in my hips and legs. no diet will ever fix that

It won't but you can try and build up other places/lose general weight. Like, you can be underweight and still metabolically overweight in terms of fat composition. I do a shit ton of squats because I have the opposite problem (boy hips and the shoulders of an NFL line backer but on like...a petite gurl)

>> No.9486193

broad shoulders look really bad on girls imo, sorry

>> No.9486201

friend of mine is 20 and has a whole strand of hair with white roots so eh, could be worse

>> No.9486274

I believe it
t. man

>> No.9486462

I mean, cool, but can't change it since it's like, y'know, bone.

But my point was I balanced it aesthetically a lot better by building up my lower body. Which the other poster could do for his(???) legs seeming disproportionate.

>> No.9488541

sue his ass

>> No.9488550

I love that you accept that your body isn't right. You're better than 80% of the cosplayers, I'm sick of seeing fat girls trying to squeeze in the Yoko Littner cosplay.
Same goes for me, I want to cosplay Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail, but I won't do so until I shape up enough to not look like a stick figure anymore.

>> No.9492255

what's with this sassy lost child?

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