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Last thread was pruned for being off-topic.

Don't do it again, keep it /cgl/ related.

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Go to

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I see what you did there.

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This one was posted a few minutes before >>9470258 so I'll post here.

AX used to be a time when me and my friends would all go and be fucking weeby shits in public while cosplaying poorly and having a blast. Now it's just me and maybe one other person who has the time/money to go while everyone else has life to attend to. Me and the only other person I know who goes are slowly drifting apart as he has a better job and girlfriend and is saving money for his own place. I'm stuck behind everyone because I'm still getting my life together.

The lack of people who go with me to AX just reflects how adult friendships work. You see your friend(s) maybe once a month if you somehow find time but other than that you're just dealing with life alone 24/7 while slowly losing your mind.

2011 was the last really good year for me at AX, because me and 2 of my close friends were already adults but having the time of our lives. Also introducing a friend to Vocaloid via the Mikunopolis concert that year was fun. She has since moved away, graduated, and living a better life with her girlfriend I imagine.

I'm sitting here trying to make new friends but it's harder as an adult. Your mind's already fucked up and nothing is the same. I don't want to spend another AX alone where I go with my 1 friend and he just kinda actively avoids me. Last year was the most depressing shit ever. Maybe it's me.

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I guess the other one reached bump limit.

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>con in two days

Who wants to be my lolita beard so my mom stops giving me shit?

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2017 and there's STILL no pill to make your poop smell great. It would be amazing for cons.

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>friend travels once in awhile for work
>go with her so she's not alone and to party in the hotel rooms together
>both always have fun
>currently in Chicago
>hand sewing cosplay to pass the time while she's in meetings during the afternoon
>enjoying the quiet atmosphere when a thought pops up
>'is this what it's like to go to cons with friends?'
>friends are awesome but none are into cosplay
>never been to a convention
>imagine the happy, frantic energy of everyone getting ready for the con
>dem sad feels

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what exactly does your friend work as?

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>amazing for cons
wth? do you poop all over the place at cons?

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I'm terrified of befouling public bathrooms. Con weekends are the only time I can't poo at home.

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Program director/instructor at a local hospital, so she has to go to conferences once in awhile. This conference is focusing on student's achievement with the current curriculum I believe~ so it's like a big review on how the students are doing overall in medical programs around the country.

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>see a cosplayer share one of those posts that's like "oh feel free to approach me at cons any time"

I just don't get it. People are usually busy and have their own schedules. Why would they want some random person to just interrupt or bother them?

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Maybe they want to meet people or are lonely and want new friends?

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Do you not go to college? Or have have a job with people around your age? You might have to try a little harder. If you see friends posting gsmecnights or something on fb, say something along the line's of oh that looks like fun, I haven't played board games in forever, ect. Or maybe try meetups page which is groups of older people getting together. Don't give up on finding friends, but if you stuck to only one group for all your entertainment it's tough. I think as you get older people tend to have like 1-5 different groups of friends to hang out with a do different hobbies with

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Because some people actually enjoy social interaction at cons. What kind of people are you hanging out with that are sooo busy at a con instead of just fucking around until a contest or something?

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Poopurri. You're welcome

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How do i politely tell my roommate that i am aware of her masturbating like every night?
I don't want to seem like the frigid no fun type but it does bother me.

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People have panels to go to or photoshoots to attend, or are perusing the dealer's rooms.

Why share a post about it? If you want to befriend people, you go up to others. If you say "oh, come up to me" then you expect others to approach you when I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.

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Attention. It's always attention. It's more addictive than crack to some people.

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Cough loudly when she starts flicking the bean.

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Offer to give her a hand.

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do you actually share a room or just an apartment? do you hear her moaning or just the vibe? like, sure it's probably awkward to hear it but maybe just play some music for a bit if it doesn't last terribly long. it's normal.

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Sorry should have clarified that it's a dorm room. She at least tries to hide it but sometimes can't control herself and let's out some moans. Since it's quite cramped it just makes me feel uncomfortable. Not sure if she would get offended if i bring it up.

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>been a connoisseur of porny fanart on the internet for over a decade
>Realize I have money and can make a couple requests for a favorite, undeserved pairing
>Support an artist with good porn skills on Patreon and get in the monthly requests tier
>Artist posts final result and I'm suddenly too embarrassed and nervous to look

I don't know why I'm reacting this way. Maybe it's because all the previous reward requests for the month have been a mix of softcore and really innocent stuff. Or maybe because this was a request so it feels super personal. For anons who have had porn commissioned is this normal?

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Get her a cgl bf.

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It's kind of weird to do it while someone else is there in that close of a space. Maybe drop a hint and say "I'm in the apartment at this time, I won't be here at these time"

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It sounds more like she's doing it at night.

I had a college roomate who had Hyperosmia aka heightened sense of smell and could smell if I had masturbated two days earlier it was fucking ridiculous.

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Even if you showered and stuff? Cause that's weird af. I know people who can smell and tell if girls are on their period tho

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>could smell if I had masturbated two days earlier
Would she actually call that out to you? What a weirdo.

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I knew a guy like that, he could literally smell when girls were on their period and he didn't have the social prowess to know that saying something about it wasn't fucking weird.

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I volunteer to help curb her chronic masturbation.

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What would he say though? Like what was he expecting?
Him: "You're on period"
Any gril: "Thank you, I hadn't realized! Let me just tell it to stop"

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>when you see a non-obese Mei cosplayer

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He'd take a few cautionary sniffs around the girl and ask,
'Are you menstruating, by chance?'
He had some vital screws loose.

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Two weeks out from my favorite con with all my friends I never get to see and I can already sense it's gonna be a shit show.
I'm hype af but my best friend is in a shit mood bc her cosplays aren't working out as well as they want and she's the kind of person who gets a really shitty, downer attitude if she doesn't have at least one cosplay that gets a lot of attention.
On one hand I understand being frustrated but I'm also pissed bc I know she's gonna try to bring us all down all weekend just because she isn't getting her requisite attention quota. I'm trying to keep the hype up but her crap attitude tends to permeate deep into our friend group when it happens.

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Me to a lolita I like: I like seeing you at meetups because it gives us a chance to hang out together.
Lolita I like: I have such low standards that I'll want to fuck anyone I think is cool.
Me: :/

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>cautionary sniffs
>my fucking sides

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Frantic, yes. Happy? I dunno man. I'd take your leisurely chilling with a good friend at a nice hotel any day over shit like con prep with a bunch of weebs.

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Going to bed, I better have a gf by the time I wake up or I am going to express my displeasure in not having a gf in this thread when I wake up.

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Looking forward to your post in the morning.

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The poopourri seriously works like magic.

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The magic pills would make your farts smell good too.

It would help all these lolitas who come here to bitch about their gas.

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> Make new lolita facebook acquaintance
> Things are fine for a few weeks
> Someone posts a screenshot of acquaintance's facebook status to lolcow
> Acquaintance thinks it was me and unfriends me but it wasn't me ;-;

I hope they aren't shit talking me behind my back or something. I really don't want to be shit talked for something I didn't even do.

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Sorry to hear that, anon.. but if she was the quick to turn on you and is being posted to lolcow maybe you dodged a bullet?

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I think this is the case, but it still gives me the sad feels ;-;

I don't care too much what the acquaintance thinks of me, but I they have a lot of friends in the local com and I do care what my local com as a whole thinks of me.

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I wouldn't worry too much, people who belive her are probably lolcows with her, most people would ask how she knew if was you who did it, and again, if she's being posted to the farm there's a chance your comm doesn't hold her in the highest of regards as is.

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>tfw losing interest in cosplay
I used to be really interested in it, did a bunch of research. I didn't have enough money to do anything properly. Now I have money and some knowhow, I don't feel like doing anything with it.
Same with cons, I used to go to at least 2 a year, sometimes 4. Last year, I only went to a small local con.

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Look at it, cherish it, rinse, repeat.

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leave her the fuck alone and put some headphones in or something. she's probably just trying to go to sleep, she likely can't sleep without it.

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I'm an introvert with some social anxiety, but you're right - I need to try harder. I do have a job but I don't really make friends with co-workers (I think it would be weird to have people I work with know personal things about me) and I've had to take a break from school but I'm going back in a few months.

I think going back to school will help the most. I'm planning on joining clubs and all that fun jazz. My whole life I was really shitty at making friends, but now I'm determined to try harder now that I at least know how to not be cringy af.

I've been looking for AX meet-up groups. Is Facebook the place to do that? I mean I found a few but they meet right before the con in LA somewhere, and I can't extend my trip to LA or anything for that.

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...do you not masturbate?

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>can't sleep without masturbating
anon what?

>> No.9474471

What do you mean, what? That's extremely normal. Less so among females but still not particularly odd.

>> No.9474473

How is it "normal" that you can't sleep without rubbing one out?

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Not anon but sometimes it does sometimes wear you out enough to make it easier to get to sleep.

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>mfw can't climax from masturbation

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invest in some different types of vibrators

you will be so happy

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Buy this womanizer vibrator, it's amazing.

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You just need to find the clitoris.

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I just can't come from clitoral stimulation. I have no trouble achieving orgasm when having sex but just can't do it on my own.
Sorry for being weird i guess.

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I don't forgive you.

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If you can climax from sex, then maybe a dildo would be better than just a vibrator?

I'm kind of envious though. I raaarely ever come from sex and it doesn't help that my bf thinks that all a woman needs is some dick to climax. Like I know my own body here, but add someone else to the mix and it's impossibru.

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Don't mean to be too harsh here but is your bf retarded?

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Probably going to sound petty and hungry for attention with this but

>Make cosplay page on Facebook at the start of 2017
>Just want to have a place to share my cosplays that isn't a private and filtered account, as I don't want my family or boss to see it.
>Don't have a big network right now, so I invite everyone who has invited me to like their pages over the years as well as my childhood friend whom I've been going to conventions with for 14 years now.
>End up with 10 likes from these friends, and has to continue hearing them spew bullshit about "we need to support each other to help build networks!!".
>Childhood friend completely ignores me on those rare occasions when my page is brought up, but keeps liking everyone elses page in our little friend circle whenever they make one.

I don't care that badly about likes, but it annoys me to hell and back whenever a friend invites me to like their page and can't be bothered to respond when I do the same thing. I'll gladly support anyone of my friends that needs it, but this is just one of many cases where I don't really feel like anyone would ever bother to return the favor.
And it hurts a bit to know that someone I think of as my best friend and ~sister wants no part in it either but will gladly support anyone else.
I thought my childhood friend might just not care about supporting because we see each other so often anyway, but that's also the case for anyone else whose page she has liked recently.

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When it comes to sex, absolutely yes. Way too fixed on his own dick and thinks he's not big enough and that's why I don't orgasm. I'm just like honey no. Actually listen to what I have to say.

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>be me
>met a girl through work
>we're late 20's
>we both have male SO's
>she's shy/nerdy but also wonderful
>slooowly get to know each other
>we have a lot of common interests
>we keep meeting up but conveniently not have our boys around
>she doesn't seem happy in her relationship
>I'm not ecstatic about mine
>don't know if she's bi
>she seems to like a lot of gay shit
>talk about making crafts/cosplaying together
>we go out to dinner a lot
>Am I looking too hard into this
>does this make me gay
>I feel really gay about this
>how do I send signals

I just want to see her all the time, I think she's wonderful

>> No.9474588


I don't either and my guy seems pretty inept at other ways to do it and we've been together for years.
It's a good thing we really like one another outside of a sex life because if we were dependent on that then it would never work.

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Loving another girl is fine anon.

>> No.9474590


Hold her hand. It's friendly enough to just be friendly but then you can gauge her reaction.

>> No.9474592

How is your bf built? For me it helps if the guy is rather thick (length can be average) but i really enjoy that feeling of being "spread" (for lack of a better word).

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>holding h*nds
jesus anon, this is a blue board

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This is kinda late but its been at the back of my mind and I need to vent. I wore Sweet Lolita to a ITTD event at my uni, and I was so excited because it had been ages since I'd had a chance to wear it properly, and I was really happy with my coord; I had new accessories and a new petticoat so I had really good levels of poof. i felt like a princess, basically.

I go in to the event and the first thing this girl, a complete stranger, says is "Gothic is better than Sweet". Like, why? Why did she need to say that. She could have said "I prefer Gothic but your outfit is pretty cute" and opened up a talk about Lolita, which I would have loved because I rarely get the chance to talk about it, but no. She just had to go and make me feel bad about what I was wearing. It really put a damper on the rest of the evening for me, even though I try and ignore what people say and just enjoy what I enjoy. It's just the pettiness of the comment that gets me.

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Maybe she was trying to make a joke (about the old "substyle war" thing) and didn't realize it would offend you.

>> No.9474610

I fell in love with another girl too while we were with guys, anon, years ago. As soon as she and I were both single I asked her out and we've been dating for the better part of a decade now. Tell her you like her. Life is too short!

>> No.9474614

Oh my I soooooooooo feel you. I was at a con recently with my so and 2 friends. And one of them was having such a shit attitude and the other picked it up instantly. So me and my so tried our best to have good time during this con but that was SO HARD hearing them snap out of nowhere or just take offense in the tiniest inconveniences. We (mostly I, bc I'm closer with them) tried to talk discreetly about it. Ask them what is going on, are they stressed, are they better now that we took a break or sth. But it did nothing and yeah my whole con experience was stained with their wining and negativity. Which is sooo stupid because we attended the panels we chose and cosplay contest too and would have had SUCH a great time weren't they bringing us down.

All in all I feel you Anon. I think departing from the negativity for some periods of time would help. On the other hand I think it's bad to split a group :/ maybe find one of your friends that is as hyped as you are and stick to them mostly? Then you could maintain borh your and their happiness easier.

>> No.9474619


??? Why don't you guys tell that to your bf? Talk about it, tell them what you like, teach them how to do thing you like. It's that simple. This will take some time and practice ofc but it's worth it!

>> No.9474622

Meant >>9474588

>> No.9474641

anyone else here have no friends interestes in cons and cosplay?

theyre all chavy shits who only care about football and other working class bs hobies.

i mean, im all costumed up so its easy to go along with fellow cosplayers and have people take my pics and shit and hang out, but i feel like im miaaing out not having a cosplay partner or group

>> No.9474678

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9474703

Go for it, but break up with the guy first. See if her eyes light up when you tell her. Why even be with someone if you're not ecstatic?

>> No.9474723

I'm getting tired of being the room host. I lost $500 at Otakon because I had people drop out last minute and didn't want to raise the price of the room to make up for it the day of, and one of the girls didn't pay me ("My mom emailed you about how our debit card got stolen, she'll send you the money next week!"), I had most of my room jump ship for Colossalcon because they decided to join random groups that had one open hotel spot at the Kalahari the day after asking when hotel money was due, and I'm rooming with the same people for Otakon and Katsucon, all hotels in my name. desu I want to just kick them out of the room and invite my actual bona fide friends that I know will pay me, but I don't wanna be a dick. But like, I can see myself losing a lot of money at Colossalcon again and it's the same girl who dropped less than a month before Otakon that dropped this time.

>> No.9474742

Because if you have any sort of follower base it's a nice thing to say. I have literally had people send me messages post-con that say that they saw me in a hall but were "too afraid" to say hi. Posting that it's cool to approach you is an easy way to let people know that you don't mind strangers coming up to you (when you're aren't in the middle of something obviously). It's nice meeting people who like your cosplay work, so long as they aren't going to make it weird or try to follow you around con.

>> No.9474746

From one host to another, you have two options. Either

1) come up with a deadline many months before con when everyone has to pay their room fee or at least a big chunk of it. If you cancel afterward, you lose it. Explain that this is to offset drop costs so that other people aren't forced to pay more, and point to the Otakon issues as an explanation as to why. Do this right now for Colossalcon.

2) Just tell them you can't be the room host anymore because you lost too much money at Otakon, the end. Tell them a full year in advance in a nice way so that they know they're on their own. Two years ago I had half a dozen people either jump ship before con or show up expecting space when they'd never asked, and a week after con I informed everyone that I was only booking one room for me + a few people this year. Everyone was fine with it because it gave them lots of time to find their own space.

>> No.9474821

the cringe is real omg

>> No.9474829

It's kind of like exercising before bed to make yourself more tired, it helps expend any pent up energy and orgasms have a calming/anti anxiety effect <<for most people>> so it's a two in one: makes you sleepy and relaxed.

>> No.9474834

After Otakon I would kick all their sorry asses out, be a dick, they didn't give a shit about you when they cost you $500. Seriously just drop their asses and invite your real friends.
>oh my mom should have emailed you
If you aren't responsible enough to tell people straight up you had a money issue you shouldn't be going to cons Jesus

>> No.9474837

I have a real hard time not getting angry/upset that girls who dress in slutty cosplays get way more attention than me, even when I put in harder work.

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File: 43 KB, 540x632, 1486133748155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty girls with tits will always get more attention, sorry

>> No.9474862

>so long as they aren't going to make it weird or try to follow you around the con

Isn't that always the case though? I hear too much shit about creeps at cons. Who's to say one of them wouldn't see a post like that and think "wow it must be okay to follow this cosplayer around, they shared this post saying people should approach them"

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>recently graduated
>boggled down in work
>gf decides its fine to go to the con without me

>> No.9474887

>he's not big enough
Why do guys worry so much about this? Anything between 5-7inches is totally fine, girth is much more important desu.

>> No.9474891

Anon please.

>> No.9474895

>wanting to chain her down
why stop her from having fun? grow up.

unless she specifically told you not to go so she can be alone at the con. thats a different story and shes probably cheating on you.

>> No.9474902

Its less about her and more about me. Ive had little to no spare time the past 2 years and I miss my con friends.

>> No.9474915

How is him being upset about this him chaining her down? If a girl was whining about how her bf went to a con without her you'd all be 'OMG WHAT A DICK' give me a goddamn break.

>> No.9474920
File: 564 KB, 769x672, chain down kun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon its fine I was joking, I really just wanted to went out about the work

>> No.9474922

I actually feel dumb typing out this response since this is such common sense. Yes, I'm salty.

Why would a popular cosplayer welcome fans to approach them, instead of approaching them themselves? Could it perhaps have anything to do with the obvious reason that people with large followings don't know most of their fans, thus creating a one-sided dynamic where fans know them, but they don't know the fans? Thus, meaning they wouldn't even know who's a fan and whether they should approach them.

And most people who go to cons don't pack their entire schedule. Most of us go there to hang out with friends and meet people with similar interests.

>> No.9474936

sage for ot, sorry, but just wondering what show that image is from?

>> No.9474946

I was eatting when I read this asshole, almost choked from laughing. Well done

>> No.9474947

Darker Then Black

>> No.9474949

Thank you!

>> No.9474952

Sex sells anon, also hard work =/= great cosplay. Personally I worked my ass off on my first cosplays and they were all garbage.
So much of attention on social media or IRL is based on flavor of the month and sex appeal. Just accept it and either play along or seek validation elsewhere.

>> No.9475051

The average length of a vagina is 5-6 inches aroused. Unless you're doing anal, anything much bigger than that isn't doing you any favors.

>> No.9475059

sure, but they sure do look nice. my favorite looking dicks are sort of long but not terribly thick.

i feel this way sometimes, anon, but remember that you can always feel some guy's niche no matter what.

>> No.9475066

The women of /cgl/ are unabashedly biased, sexist and self-centered.

>> No.9475074

My bf has a 5-er, but he's the only one out of the guys I've been with who has been able to make me come from just that alone. It's about how you use it, not length.

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>plan to take my 9yo sister to her first baby-con tomorrow
>mfw she gets grounded all week for vaping

>> No.9475086

Lol damn. Like you liked her outfit/online persona, or what?
Cause that sounds like shattered dreams.

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>> No.9475100

What's the point of getting to know a fan? Do people really go from fans to friends? For all they know, a "fan" could be someone trying to ride their coattails. Like, oh, they're popular, maybe they'll make me popular too. It doesn't seem genuine that way.

I follow a bunch of cosplay pages with high followings and when I see them share posts like that I just couldn't help be wonder what it actually means. Plus, these people already have enough friends as it is, usually have a full schedule, and, hell, I've seen a lot of them complain about creeps and awful people. Sharing a post like that and saying "oh feel free to approach me any time", would that not come with the risk that those bad people will also approach you?

>> No.9475104
File: 487 KB, 500x444, tumblr_lzzayoRTBQ1r5xayh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, my current bf has the smallest dick of anyone I've ever dated, but he's literally the only one who has ever made me cum. Don't lose hope if you've got a slightly-below-average dick.

>> No.9475105

Start off by joking that you should go on a "date" with a traditional dinner and a movie and see what happens.

>> No.9475137

>>anything between the median and large is fine

I wonder why guys worry

>> No.9475139

>found the perfect cosplay coat at Goodwill
>tfw it's midget-sized

I'm shitting anon.

>> No.9475146

They make those dick extension toys for a reason.

>> No.9475148

Break up with your boyfriend you cunt

>> No.9475150

how many dicks have you seen in your life stacy?

>> No.9475152

I can see that. I wouldn't consider being friends with any of my current coworkers, but they are literally all at least double my age if not older, and mostly dudes.

And yes, school clubs would be amazing, but I know I had the issue with the meeting times always being during my classes, so be sure to be in a few of them just in case of that issue.
Fb could be the place if you want to do joint cosplay groups like all the love live ones, or anything else. If you like vidya games, the gaming room is a pretty good place to meet people too.

>> No.9475158

That's hella rude.

I'm a gothic lolita and I love seeing gothic and sweet lolita's next to each other. I wish I had a sweet lolita friend so we could have this good vs evil vibe and do make-overs on eachother, but all of my friends got into lolita through visual kei and like goth.

>> No.9475166
File: 26 KB, 640x467, pleasedont.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>show lolita comm pics to my mother
>"oh my lord, why are all their bottoms so big??"
>"they're wearing petticoats."
>"what does that mean??"

>> No.9475171

I'm cheap. After a couple of years of on/off relationship with lolita and hoarding dresses, I've finally convinced myself to drop cash on nice blouses.
I feel so much better and like I've leveled up as a lolita. It was so hard to convince myself to spend so much money on blouses when dresses can cost only like 30 dollars more, but it's really really worth it.
And just in case you are curious about how I would lolita before, I mostly used caplets, or cardigans, or offbrand that seems lacey enooough.

>> No.9475173

My mom always tell me to take off my petticoats because she says they make me look fat, gotta be a mom thing

>> No.9475176

Know the feel. Found a blouse that would have been perfect for a cosplay at a thrift store but it under sunlight I saw it has a pit stain and some faint purple stain on the front.

>> No.9475177
File: 63 KB, 316x316, 1494441596234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do i always have to poop when i get excited?
It's a real con-killer.

>> No.9475179

this is sort of cute and hilarious, i don't know why

>> No.9475185

Going to a con cleanse.
Hope you lose a lot of weight from it, lol.

>> No.9475186 [DELETED] 

At least your con has toilets. I had to poop in a trash bag in my car.

>> No.9475199

What the actual fuck? Isn't it illegal to hold an event that big without toilets?

>> No.9475201
File: 42 KB, 285x279, shiggymoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, your mom was right to be mad, but it's weird that she confiscated your panties.

>> No.9475204

That sounds really odd and awful. Maybe don't eat anything heavy for the duration of the con? Or eat beforehand and try to poop it all out before you leave? Like drink lemon water/detox/etc?

I dunno. That sounds like a condition of some sort but I don't know what it would be.

>> No.9475209
File: 431 KB, 500x375, moetears.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no lolita girlfriend
>tfw no lolita friend
>tfw comm could care less about you and vice versa
I don't need a whole comm's worth of peeps. Just one would be enough.

>> No.9475219
File: 252 KB, 800x449, 1375164863186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know that feel bro. 'Cept I'm not much for lolita and I'd just like a bf or friend to hang out with.

>> No.9475222

i'll hang out with you if you promise to shower daily

>> No.9475225

lord I hope so

She's shy idk if I can just hold her hand


I am the living embodiment of this picture, thank you

I want to believe! I love hearing that it worked out

lots of reasons I guess, don't want to hurt him and he's a great guy, I feel guilty

we've already done this a ton!! and my best friend was like "that's really gay" and I was like SO AM I IMAGINING IT?
Best example

>work trip out of town
>her bf works with us so he's on the trip
>be me, love sightseeing alone, going to cons alone, delighted to be in popular city
>end up texting her and meeting up with her to get food
>bf is noticably absent
>she says there's a place she wants to try out
>late night
>super romantic atmosphere
>candles, low light, the whole nine yards
>suddenly am very aware that this whole situation
>is like a date
>we end up talking and stuff and have a really good time, food was good, she was better

>> No.9475230

If you are out of love with him though, you are already hurting him by keeping it going. Don't just stay with him because you don't know if this girl is also gay for you, and you just want a back up. I do hope it works out for you and said girl though.

>> No.9475232

Of course.

Are you bein serious right now tho? I mean I can be pretty awkward.

>> No.9475237

what are your interests?

>> No.9475243
File: 209 KB, 475x664, __shibuya_rin_and_shimamura_uzuki_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_drawn_by_akni__732ffb3d53e96b7d14de406c02265259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your story makes my heart go doki doki

>> No.9475248 [DELETED] 

Um. Anime, I do cosplay a bit but I'm a total amateur. Uh, Madoka and JoJo's are probably my favorite anime right now. I like to sing, draw, and play the ukulele. Uh.....I like animals?

Is this considered off-topic?

>> No.9475252

Yes, you just earned yourself a ban.

>> No.9475254
File: 561 KB, 500x375, jackwut.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf got deleted here?

>> No.9475256
File: 83 KB, 900x900, 1491115388200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the old trick where you make a post, instantly delete it and then post replies to your own post to make it seem like it was something outrageous
I've seen it all

>> No.9475268

Probably that pic that reads, 'pretend this is the craziest thing you've ever seen!!' then gets deleted like >>9475256 said.

>> No.9475269

Ah no wonder. I was wondering how the post got deleted so quickly. Our mods and delete happy af, but they still take like 20 minutes.

>> No.9475273
File: 9 KB, 236x246, 34b76e3e6aa1b0613f37dcc70b76d13c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been going through a rough patch and had been off my meds for a while, but I just started going back on them again. So far the only difference is that I'm feeling the side effects big time when I didn't have any the first time I took them? I'm on Lexapro, and I've been having insomnia, drowsiness, and the big one is nausea. I have Colossalcon coming up in a few weeks, and I'm worried I'm going to feel sick the entire trip. Also, Lexapro has killer withdraws if you don't ease off of it correctly, so it's not like I can just stop taking it for the trip.

>> No.9475275
File: 320 KB, 1280x512, 1494624460365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no one to do couple cosplays with
>tfw see couples doing couple cosplays and generally being super affectionate with each other and I have no one to do that with

I'm a petty, bitter, lonely, jealous asshole. I know I gotta better myself before I even think about being with someone but... Goddamn, wouldn't it be awfully nice.

Con season's starting up again soon which means I'm gonna keep seeing this shit. It's... gonna hurt, not gonna lie.

>> No.9475278
File: 63 KB, 960x540, 5846127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related: literally you

>> No.9475288

I finally have a stable source of income so I can afford all the lolita dresses that I wanted in high school. But I've been spending a lot of lolita recently and I keep feeling really guilty about it. I've been making a lot of Taobao purchases too. I feel like being on /cgl/ really encourages me to make impulse shopping decisions... I'm afraid this might turn into a shopping addiction if I don't stop and it's terrifying because I'm the biggest earner in my family and I pretty much pay all of the rent for our family home. I'm scared that I might accidentally spend too much and get my family thrown out into the streets even though I know that logically that probably won't happen. My family went through some rough financial patches when I was younger so spending money (even if I have the means to do so now and am doing pretty well financially) really fucks with me a lot. I'm thinking about setting a monthly budget for how much I can spend on J-fash/cosplay stuff because having a solid number means I can police myself better.

>> No.9475292

I have a similar problem. I'd love to do couple cosplay, but my SO couldn't be less interested in cosplay. Wish I could cutely couple cosplay, or even twin with someone.

>> No.9475312

>I'm thinking about setting a monthly budget for how much I can spend on J-fash/cosplay stuff because having a solid number means I can police myself better.

Do it! I come from a similar financial background and budgeting gives me peace of mind. I would also recommend setting up with pie charts so you can better visualize your spending habits.

>> No.9475422
File: 262 KB, 1280x914, b7f1d187-ff23-467e-97a1-b80728104c83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lexapro killed me, lithium was bad to start for me because of nausea. Hopefully symptoms will go down as your body gets used to the meds. Try an over the counter med for nausea. I noticed that carbonated drinks made it much easier for me to eat food.

>> No.9475428

incels don't belong on /cgl/ so gtfo

Also most of us have seen quite a few cocks even if not in person because - GASP - girls watch porn!

>> No.9475432
File: 88 KB, 402x402, degenerate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watching live-action porn

>> No.9475434

More like because thirsty fuckboys send unwanted dick pics.

>> No.9475530
File: 821 KB, 1330x1080, 1432299248337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying girls are even real

>> No.9475541
File: 173 KB, 308x326, 1494534282418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are girls on 4chan
You mean girls(male)?

>> No.9475542
File: 105 KB, 345x385, 1493590152755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is silly

>bf loves short hair
>i have short hair
>debating on growing it out
>but the bf loves short hair

what do?

>> No.9475545

Dump him

>> No.9475547
File: 137 KB, 338x377, eSCHh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9475562

>friend got me into sewing a few years ago
>showed me Yumi King as the go-to lolita teacher on YouTube
>made a few monstrosities together, always had a great time making them together
>slowly realize this shit is ita as sin
>start making actual garments while friend upgrades her King skillz
>branch off into Victorian kinds of clothes which pushes me back into lolita with a better perspective on how clothes actually go together
>begin making JSKs
>keep getting better and better, minor in fashion & textiles
>really serious about making nice looking dresses that don't look handmade
>posts in social media start getting a lot of attention
>friend also getting noticed.. in the ita threads
>defends herself from anon criticisms and makes it worse
>tell her to ignore it
>stops talking to me
>unfollows me on social media
>makes everything private
>doesn't reply to my texts

I never once said her stuff looked silly, I never told her she needed to improve, she just liked making them for fun and enjoyed making those dresses so I never wanted to make her feel bad. She started getting a little snippy near the end when I was working on class projects, but it was more of her missing the 'we don't care what it looks like we're having fun' vibe I used to have. I still had a lot of fun with her making stuff, it never mattered to me what she was making we both just enjoyed each other's company and creativity.

>> No.9475573

I'm in the same boat. I miss braiding my hair, but my boyfriend says my short hair is so cute.

>> No.9475595

Sounds to me like it was meant to be banter, whenever I meet another weeb I break the ice with a "best girl" argument so she was probably just trying to be endearing and it came across wrong. I'm sure it was nothing personal anon

>> No.9475768

>lots of reasons I guess, don't want to hurt him and he's a great guy, I feel guilty

If you monkey branch him it's only going to hurt him more and push him towards being another broken hearted woman-hating MGTOW. Do you really want to contribute an increase of misogyny to the world?

>> No.9475794
File: 43 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1491354860403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"You spent $200 on a costume??!"

Damn right, bitch, and I'll do it again.

>> No.9475795

Right? It's not like he'll break up with me or is forcing me to keep it short. But he thinks it's so cute! I think I'm gonna keep it short and experiment with cuts.

>> No.9475800

That sucks that you lost a friend, but what she did is really immature to do that to you. I don't think she was a good friend.

>> No.9475802

>permanent michael cera

Oh my god.

>> No.9475815

I want to cosplay something from a popular series and it looks like I cannot without the paired up guy that isn't even canon. His design is so simple, which makes it easier for people to latch into the design I want to cosplay as, but I fucking hate it.

>> No.9475821

>not telling us the cosplay
Come on, now..

>> No.9475823

I kinda know that feel anon. My husband and I always go to these weekend long airsoft/milsim events together but I'm 31 weeks pregnant so my husband is at one without me this weekend. I told him it was fine to go without me but damn do I feel like I'm missing out.

>> No.9475828

I haven't been on /cgl/ in a few years but the first two things I see when I come here are

>a thread where techies in San Francisco are "making fun of bitter poorfags"
>A feels (/r9k/) thread with a white power hand sign for the OP pic

Is /cgl/ just some disgusting /pol/ offshoot now? This makes me sad.

>> No.9475831

We have had feels threads since at least 2010.

>> No.9475833

>bearing kids
>lets him go have fun
I hope he realizes how lucky he is. Assuming you're not crazy.

>> No.9475835
File: 225 KB, 1024x733, 1489302443693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do they normally open with the something like the "white power" hand sign?

>> No.9475837

White power? Are you absolutely bonkers?

>> No.9475846
File: 290 KB, 635x353, milo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The three fingers are the 'W' the thumb and outer finger cirlce is a 'P."

Here's Milo and some MAGA douchebag throwing them up.

>> No.9475850

Also, the file name "ok_sign" is clearly a joke filename from the OP to get shits and giggles out of people who don't recognize it as the "WP" sign. /pol/ mocks you and you just play along.

>> No.9475851
File: 20 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9475854

Oh I get it, you're just pretending to be retarded, good job making me reply

>> No.9475855

>"white power" hand sign

>> No.9475856

Ooooooooookay then.

>> No.9475864

you do realize that the white power hand sign started on /pol/ and then forced onto social media to see if anyone would take the bait, right?

>> No.9475871

No, I didn't realize that. I guess I don't spend as much time on /pol/ as /cgl/ does though.

>> No.9475876

More like /pol spending time on /cgl.

>> No.9475882

So /cgl/ is just becoming /pol/ then...how sad. Shame on you /cgl/ for letting this happen. You should all be deeply ashamed.

>> No.9475883

i never go on /pol/ and i knew about that because shit leaks from other boards all the time.

you can be on /a/ or /v/ and eventually you will see some /pol/ fag forcing their shit in the thread.

>> No.9475886
File: 28 KB, 499x280, 1119358_1417311834516_500_280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is /cgl/ really this retarded?

>> No.9475894

Yes, look how easily this board is trolled. It really is quite sad. It's become a joke of a board.

>> No.9475901

Don't blame all of us, the election bloated /pol to an insane size and it leaked out all over the place. We have a lot of newfags that eat bait like candy, so that doesn't help either

>> No.9475902

FYI, /pol/ also engineered the "pepe the frog is actually a nazi symbol" media circus by spamming prominent twitter users with pepe-as-nazi shoops.

>> No.9475923
File: 105 KB, 500x430, 2genders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you expect us to know or care about any of this?

I googled what you're talking about. Apparently pol is trying to give innocuous symbols a dl hateful meaning, and you're giving them EXACTLY the reaction they want. Gj.

>> No.9475939
File: 84 KB, 600x400, 248461_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everything /pol/ touches becomes a hate symbol
>being this relevant in [CURRENT YEAR]
It feels pretty good to know that my humble little Malaysian baton twirling forum has a noteworthy effect on the course of history.

>> No.9475997
File: 77 KB, 750x563, scootertip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>come to cgl to discuss doll clothes
>see another feels thread derailed by pol paranoia

Ffs, people.

>> No.9476003
File: 77 KB, 738x406, 0007203456_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you. You will be cucked eternally.

>> No.9476007

This is hardly a derailment.

>> No.9476017

Yes, this really is not a very good derailment. Why don't you lurk moar, newfag?

>> No.9476021
File: 190 KB, 326x243, IMG_5321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw my Wunderwelt package has been in the US for four days but is STILL in another state.

What are you customs assholes doing. Just give me my brand.

>> No.9476047
File: 68 KB, 500x379, 1490726626496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9476049

>doll clothes

Get out.

>> No.9476054

Okay, this one made me laugh.

>> No.9476069
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope that girl who ripped her doll on a nail is okay.

>> No.9476096

Why are you so mad about a common hobby lolitas have??

>> No.9476141

anon who posted in the last thread about needing to skip ax because of an abusive ex.

I told my cosplay group about it, they were all really kind and understanding and told me to let them know if he gives me any kind of trouble. Thank god.

>> No.9476153
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinking about lolitas being sad makes me want to cry
>mfw I just want girls with cute hobbies to be happy

Wtf is wrong with me? And before anyone suggests it, I'm not PMS'ing. Am male.

>> No.9476164

That makes ME want to cry that's so sweet

>> No.9476175
File: 278 KB, 450x338, IMG_4470.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>out thrifting as usual
>on the hunt for cute buttons
>pass by the area where people are sorting out new arrivals
>see a guy pick up a black dress with some kind of border design
>freeze in place
>it cannot fucking be
>the guy shakes the dress out
>see it clear as day
>it's fucking Iron Gate
>watch as the guy roughly pats dust away and grabs a stapler
>they staple the price tags to clothes here
>shriek like a banshee and scramble to the border of the sorting area
>everyone staring at me
>locked onto target, brain is swimming trying to figure out what to say
>"I'm so sorry!! But that's actually MY dress! I've been trying to find it, my mom accidentally put it in the bag that was going to the thrift stores!"
>guy slowly lowers stapler and looks genuinely moved
>"it was a gift from my grandmother, so please don't staple it! I'll pay whatever price you were going to price it at but please, please don't staple it!!"
>guy puts stapler down and scribbles price onto tag
>'not a problem, this happens pretty frequently with clothes getting mixed up, I'm glad you were able to find your dress!'
>follow the guy to the counter like a cheetah follows an unsuspecting gazelle
>guy rings me up for $10
>takes every ounce of my soul not to throw my entire wallet at him
>sign the receipt
>'here you go!'
>holds out the dress
>hear Quasimodo singing Heavens Light
>Mana shreds on his guitar in the distance
>my hands quiver as they reach for the blessed beauty
>so close to the light
>snap awake
>in bed
>take a few seconds to realize what happened
>cry myself back to sleep

>> No.9476186


10/10 would lol again

>> No.9476195
File: 186 KB, 500x364, 1384448365989.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tired of makerspace's embroidery machine being out of order and watching hipster dudes thread it with serger cones
>Hunting for weeks for a good deal on the same model because I'm most familiar with it
>Randomly see an ebay lot for a nicer model from the same company finishing off
>See that it has an a near perfect 5 star rating on Amazon out of nearly 1000 reviews and can convert into a sewing machine
>Go over budget for a better machine and nab it for $600 including shipping while Amazon has it for $1200
>Regret purchase because I got the lot so fast I didn't check for quality and use and the listing didn't have a lot of details and pics
>Get machine today and not only does it have every single part in it's original packaging the service counter in the machine has only 6000 stitches clocked over the whole life of the machine.
>Somehow I got this beautiful machine basically new for half the price

>> No.9476196

If you kiss another girl while semi-drunk it doesn't count as being gay right?
A friend of mine asked me this and i wasn't sure.

>> No.9476219

Totes gay. Once you've got the cooties you aren't getting rid of them

>> No.9476224

But we just kissed. Nothing else happened, how is this gay?

>> No.9476225


u asked question, u got answer. g a y

>> No.9476226
File: 689 KB, 1000x767, kannabait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9476234

>stressed af for multiple small reasons
>one of my favorite coworkers was fired for a silly reason, I've had to train new ones that (by no fault of their own) get on my nerves
>my cat has been missing for a week and my hope for finding her was shattered after checking a shelter for her, friends offering advice instead of comfort (again, good intentions, but I was so close to saying "I don't need advice, you're overwhelming me instead of making me feel better") makes me feel even shittier
>pressure to rush to get my license to teach in this state is building, I'm putting it off for no good goddamn reason
>my friends have been getting on my nerves because they're been demanding I pay more attention to them when I already spend hours online talking to them, makes me resent them because they make me feel guilty for not responding
>simultaneously/hypocritically angry with them because I want to hang out with them in person, but they are always with their boyfriends and either don't want to hang because they're with them, or I join them and end up being third wheeled
>I need to get these feelings out but I can't talk to the friends who are part of the problem
>none of this is extreme but it's making me feel paralyzed, can't do any of the hobbies I love because I feel like I have so many other things to focus on
>drink wine every night for two weeks
>okay,,, this isn't healthy
>get high a few days in a row
>okay,,, this isn't healthy
>dress in lolita and gorge myself on food, even though I'm already full
>fuck why can't I cope in healthy ways

Someone tell me it's okay and I'll get out of this funk. This isn't like me.

>> No.9476237

you jus need sum fuk bbgurl

>> No.9476260
File: 368 KB, 891x518, screen-shot-2015-12-09-at-11-09-11-am.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's in on it!!!!!!

>> No.9476271
File: 45 KB, 625x626, 1472413854871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9476285

Oh anon I'm sorry. Your subconscious is cruel.

>> No.9476307

They're taking turns trying it on

>> No.9476308

should probably check for semen stains on the inside of the dress once it arrives

>> No.9476323

nice to see a happy ending
congratulations! can you post a pic of the machine?

>> No.9476324
File: 28 KB, 588x394, the-machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9476536

I'm 19 and look quite a bit younger than I am but I am scared to look ridiculous wearing jfash. I just got into lolita last year and like to wear casual cute jfash and nanchatte a lot, but I'm afraid to be too old for that.
How old are you ? Do you feel ashamed sometimes ? I don't want to stop wearing my favorite clothes.
Plus I'm studying to be a librarian, in that field my clothing choices would be accepted, I think, but I'm just very self-conscious.

>> No.9476543

I'm 26, wear lolita daily, continuously add new pieces to my wardrobe and have no plans to stop. Seeing my reflection in mirrors and store windows still makes me as happy as it did about a decade ago when I just started to wear the style. My friends have been into the fashion for a little longer than me, they're past their 30s and look gorgeous in their coords.
Wear what makes you happy, anon.

>> No.9476553

>How old are you ? Do you feel ashamed sometimes ?
25 and no, I think age gives you a thicker skin.

I don't have the opportunity to wear lolita in my field of work, but any time I am able to do so, I really do feel happier. 19 is still young; go for it!

>> No.9476554

>too old

girl, im 33 and I still do it.
stop freaking out, youre fucking young.

>> No.9476564

you look ridiculous at any age

>> No.9476570

>you look ridiculous at any age so you might as well do whatever you want

>> No.9476582

Let her masturbate

>> No.9476625
File: 54 KB, 250x250, tumblr_og2ug6crUr1vcf9zbo1_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It started raining really hard unexpectedly as I was walking home and the rain caused my suede creepers to stain my $30 Listen Flavor socks. Now they're ruined

>> No.9476714

Hope you got some good use out of them first. ;__;

I'm at a con now... Somebody tried to throw a Pop through a basketball hoop and hit a vendor's obese wife.

>> No.9476717

It was my second time wearing them. At least they still stock them, so I'm going to buy them again. So that's at least $50 when you tally in SS and shipping fees

>> No.9476815

Keep the 'ruined' ones too and wear them with the creepers - the stain won't show and you don't risk the new pair suffering the same fate.

>> No.9476864
File: 106 KB, 811x993, IMG_0469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw one of your con friends is a right winger

Its a pain man

>> No.9476895

Yeah, you can def wear them with shoes, anon.

>Somebody tried to throw a Pop through a basketball hoop and hit a vendor's obese wife.
Holy shit lol.

>> No.9476932

I hope you mean a Funko Pop, not a soda.

>> No.9476943
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally tell my con crush i'm crazy about him
>ask if he feels the same way
>"honestly? i look at you, and i see only a child in need."

>> No.9476950


>> No.9476954


>> No.9476974
File: 17 KB, 265x190, IMG_0740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good god that stings, hope you get better

>> No.9476990

RIP anon.

>> No.9476995

kek. maybe you should grow up then and stop acting like an eccentric child.

>> No.9477011
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the hell

>> No.9477016

fuck that is brutal.

>> No.9477027

I have stained socks simply because I cannot go without walking in the rain. I'll never be able to sell them, of course. (Although, socks are kind of a hard sell anyways unless you've only worn them once or twice.)

Keep wearing them. No one will see the stains assuming it's hidden by your shoe. That is also why I refuse to buy a single item through an SS. Too expensive. Cheaper to buy multiple things at once.

>> No.9477032

I'm 25, and I wear the fashion. For starters, one can change clothing. People will very rarely say anything except compliments, and the few who do say something akin to, "How do you expect to find a job?" or, "Do you wear that to work?" That is a stupid question. What one wears to work in no way reflects what one wears in their free time or vise versa.

I never feel ashamed. In fact, I feel happy. I feel confident. The fact is you will look "ridiculous", but it's up to you to determine if that's a "bad thing." Anyone looks "ridiculous" wearing it, even the 16 year old. As "ridiculous" as Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, but consider how many love those pop star's looks. You'd be surprised how many people love the funkier looks.

>> No.9477088

>leave my panties on top of the car and forget about them
>drive away
>well shit, I guess they're lost
>a few weeks pass
>driving to get chicken nuggets
>see them hanging up at a local firehouse

Should I... ask for them back?

>> No.9477100
File: 783 KB, 802x523, 91bd383fa995344bd6a647881a4f758b_img-meme-of-black-guy-with-question-marks_802-523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>leave my panties on top of the car

>> No.9477111

No one available wants to spend time with me on my birthday and it makes me genuinely upset.

>> No.9477116

Happy Birthday, anon

>> No.9477121

Happy birthday!

They were my spares.

>> No.9477131
File: 77 KB, 475x400, 0edf13ee83b5c37ac7816e3fae739062.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9477134

If you come to 'Straya I'll shout you a birthday lamington.

>> No.9477170

This happened to me last year, it was so fucking lonely and I cried most of the latter half of the day. I've found you generally need to plan in advance for something to happen on your birthday... and if no one still wants to spend time with you then get new friends anon.
Happy birthday though anon ^-^

>> No.9477194

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate and just need to focus on self care for a little while.
You can't give from an empty cup.
Take care anon, I hope your cat comes home soon.

>> No.9477223

I feel you anon, my birthday overlaps with a very important holiday where I live so since I was a child none of my friends wanted to be that day with me.
I wish you better luck next year.

>> No.9477245

>tfw staying with parents over the weekend
>leaving one of my outfits in the bathroom that only I use, so it shouldn't be of a big deal
>next day it is gone, ask my mother if she has seen it
>oh don't worry honey, I washed it for you
>panic intensifies
>pepfox and mulberry chronicle brooches were still attached to it
>check them
>they are all ruined now
>incl. shipping fees and customs that's over 100€ going into the trash now

These brooches were a luxury to me, as it's expensive as fuck to get them when you are living in Europe. I have lost all my motivation now to keep on collecting them. My outfits remain unpolished from now on, it just sucks balls.

>> No.9477253
File: 18 KB, 500x421, Are you mad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Assuming you're not crazy.

>> No.9477254

For some fucking reason my roommate and his girlfriend don't flush their used toilet paper and instead just put it in the trash in the bathroom. I've tried talking to them about it and they just shrug it off and give me a half-ass answer about how they're worried about the septic tank or something. It's really hard to do makeup tests when the entire bathroom smells like shit.

>> No.9477256

I know that feel. Even when I was with someone however, we found a difficult time finding a couple to cosplay as. I'm 5' and he was 6'3" and at the time, we didn't know of any anime couples that were around our sizes. Also he had no idea how to cosplay.

It's my 3rd year without him and it's just...meh. I mean it would've been nice to have someone cosplay with me, even just a friend, but we're all into different things.

Just use that jealousy to fuel yourself to make your own cosplay amazing. I mean it's not like couple cosplays aren't the only thing you can dress as.

>> No.9477257

That's gross.

Also Febreeze dat shit.

>> No.9477264

>get long term friend into lolita
>super excited to have her get into something I absolutely adore
>she just...doesn't seem to realize every coord she makes is ita
>well she does, but she just doesn't care
>otherwise she loves the hobby
>doesn't want to drop money on a serious wardrobe, but loves going out with me, having tea, window shopping, and all around being cute
>no local comm so it's been just me for a while and I've been craving having another person into lolita
>she realizes some of her coords don't look as great as mine but chalk it up to how she isn't willing to spend over 50$ on a "look"
>doesn't care in that aspect but still loves to just be positive and have fun
>it doesn't bother me honestly because we have a great time together

Am I bad friend? I'm worried about going to cons with her and have other lolitas snub her-or have her lose interest in lolita because she's an ita. I can't make her buy more expensive shit and it feels really bad to try and guilt her like "if you were really my friend...." and on the other hand, she isn't guilting me like "if you want me to dress nice, how about you buy me etc" either. The only good shit in her wardrobe right now are some of my hand-me-downs. Above all, I want to maintain this friendship and how we can just wear lolita (good or bad) together and I don't want that to get ruined.

I've always been a nitpicky bitch and have shamelessly dragged itas before on online comms and they definitely get better. I guess this is the first time I've met someone I don't mind being an ita and want to protect like, at all costs.

>> No.9477269

Just be confident and appropriate! There's no age where you have to 'stop' wearing the fashion. I'm 26 and a post-doc student and work in an archeology lab. Obviously my rokku gal or mori kei is not appropriate for my work or professional life, but that doesn't mean I don't wear it on nice days I have off or a free weekend or for when I got out at night. And when I do, I feel very comfortable and confident in it-which just comes from wearing the fashion more and more.

My gal stuff is definitely skanky and something I know I can't carry on personally or professional (god forbid) for much longer. I wear some gal stuff that I've deemed too extra for outside wear, just inside on my days I can work from home. You never have to give up dressing up and having some fun!

>> No.9477299

>but I don't wanna be a dick
I'd be a dick over $500 bruh

>> No.9477306

Maybe he likes loli?

>> No.9477344

>I will never be able to stay up 'late' and watch Keeping up Appearances followed by Red Green again

Super sad

>> No.9477366

Dump his ass.

>> No.9477442

does anyone find cosplaying with masks or big helmets or ugly wigs[because of the char itself] or something just unappealing?

it feels dehumanizing, i can only cosplay with my face shown and with good good looking wigs.

like i can cosplay as gai from naruto but since hes an ugly character played for laughs usually i feel like id rather do a cody or a terry bogard even though theyre not as attention whorish as a guy in a green jumpsuit and a beatles hair

>> No.9477497 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 750x1334, 12314124124213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw still no gf



>> No.9477529

Absolutely, firefighters are generally pretty fun dudes, everyone will have a good laugh and it's a great pickup starter if you see a cute guy there

>> No.9477538
File: 39 KB, 615x457, 18275177_1414493018590056_6789715775178082218_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con in less than two weeks
>I put two inches on my waistline

I deserve this for laughing at the antics of obese people.

>> No.9477543

Depends on the person.
I find masks and helmets super comfortable. Also I don't have to worry about make up.

>> No.9477579
File: 465 KB, 500x387, jiggly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hold me gulls; after stagnating and not knowing wtf I was doing with my life, everything started to come full circle this year. I’m completely dumbfounded:

>Lose 10 pounds I gained over the past year while gaining a bit more muscle and looked much better in my cosplay at last month’s con.
>Friends get into cosplay and going to cons; do our first (mini) group cosplay and besides a few hiccups, we look great and have a blast. More are planned for next year.
>Dream Boz piece appears in excellent condition on Mercari. Get it for 1/3 of the price a LM seller was selling her damaged one for. It fits thanks to first feel.
>Student loan is finally paid off, more money to spend on a difficult cosplay I’ve been wanting to make and get my own hotel room with my bf instead of sharing.
>Get a job in the industry as a patternmaker, which doubled my current salary and has awesome benefits, vacation time, and coworkers. Can finally quit my 3 part-time jobs in the ESL field, which I was no longer interested in.
>That trip to Japan will finally become a reality this fall, and I’ll easily have extra spending money.

It took me 7 years to figure out my life after uni, but it feels good to finally have the pieces fall into place. All the weird patterning in cosplay definitely helped me finish the patterning test, which is difficult so not many people are able to complete it (or so I was told).

Anon, I feel this but with cosplay. My friend has minimal to no sewing skills but is happy scrape hers together with bought and hot glued stuff. I'd say it's more important that you both have fun. At the end of the day, people will judge you however they want but you're not hanging out with them.

>> No.9477588

Why do girls cry when they are alone?
Jesus christ women are so useless.

>> No.9477595

I like to put two inches on you

>> No.9477627

Assuming this isn't a troll, that's wildly unsanitary holy fuck. You need to find new roommates asap

>> No.9477628
File: 30 KB, 500x505, moobs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a boy though?

>> No.9477632

so? if you are a boy that likes cosplay/dressing up you are already gay

>> No.9477657
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1455076013994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be Brolita
>Be Highschool
>In love with my Highschool best friend
>Have given him an oral "favor" before
>He likes me and I like him
>Highschool ends and real life takes hold
>Don't see him for awhile, roughly a year
>Tell him about my new hobbies and interests
>Hes very supportive of my hobbies and interests
>still love him
>talk to him about Cons and Invite him to go with me
>He agrees
>Ask him what hes been up to
>He tells me he uses Grindr and might have a friend with benefits soon
>I tell him hes the only person I've ever done anything with
>He actually thanked me for it for some reason

I'm too nervous and afraid of what his reaction will be if I tell him I love him but I'm going to go insane if he ever brings up his sexual gallivanting again. Any other gulls ever feel this feel?

>> No.9477666

I'd never deny that. Aside from being attracted to women and not men, I'm gay as hell

>> No.9477754
File: 16 KB, 405x405, 1476205054363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is there so much persons with anxiety on /cgl/? I mean, we're a board dedicated to wearing eccentric fashion or cosplay, how can you do this if you have crippling anxiety?

>> No.9477756

Not all anxiety is "crippling anxiety" you know.

>> No.9477762

>find perfect pair of shoes for costume on eBay
>order about a month in advance
>convention is next week
>still not here
>probably going to have to rig up some temporary boots
That means more money spent that I won't even put to use when the actual shoes get here. With my luck the temporary boots will look like shit and throw off the rest of my costume.
China shipping pls just hurry the fuck up.

>> No.9477770

Not all anxiety is the same. You can be anxious about talking to people but that doesn't mean you have to be anxious about wearing nice outfits or being different.

>> No.9477784

>how can you do this if you have crippling anxiety?
You pull yourself together and do it anyway because it makes you happy and whatever condition you have doesn't get to dictate your life. It's not easy, sure, but life rarely is.
Also what >>9477756 said, not all anxiety is debilitating.

>> No.9477793
File: 60 KB, 500x580, Empalada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Two weeks ago made a lot of online shopping for cosplay items I needed
>Yesterday I got a mail from every shop saying that nothing was paid and nothing was shipped
>Discover that credit and debit cards expired

I have 5 euro to survive till a new card arrives, since I can't use an atm.

>> No.9477799

I'm sure if you go into a bank with proper identification and information proving your identity you can make a withdrawal, also bring your expired cards just in case. If its that serious.

>> No.9477828

>that butchered english
Why are there so many mexicans on 4chan?
I hope trump builds a wall that keeps them out of the internet as well

>> No.9477829

Excited to build a better version of a prop we had at DragonCon that everyone liked. 95% done and haven't touched it in a month. It sits and stares accusingly and I just don't even feel like touching it right now.

>> No.9477830

You wanna earn some quick cash girl?
I have a "job" for you

>> No.9477855 [DELETED] 

Is it a good idea to try and get an IT job if i want easy money and work in an office?
How difficult is getting a job in IT?

>> No.9477894

I'll do that when I go to my parent's house, since the bank it's near. But I'll only go there on Tuesday, so I hope these 5€ are enough for groceries and a cup of coffee...

>> No.9477897

Forgot to put my mask on before spray-painting.

I'm gonna pukey wukey.

>> No.9477903
File: 12 KB, 252x256, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9477906

Who let you out of your containment board?

>> No.9477923
File: 28 KB, 552x581, wontneedpantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your con crush posts pics of himself doing yaoi shit

>> No.9477958
File: 2.48 MB, 399x224, 234567890.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I accidentally broke with the best friends with whom it was planned to do two cosplay and con is in 39 days

i dont know what to do and feel anymore...
it just happened and i dont what went wrong...

>> No.9477960

this post makes no fucking sense

>> No.9477963

What did u do

>> No.9477965

I believe the implications were of furious shlicking to the idea of her crush and yaoi

>> No.9477978

i think you should offer to be his fwb, then eventually his personal cumdump/boypucc-onahole, then he'll blindfold you and have a bunch of guys gangbang you and upload the vid to xvideos where you double peace, when you declare your love for him even after being ravaged by huge cocks you'll both live happily ever after

>> No.9477989
File: 448 KB, 500x275, 234567890 (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont even know.. She just started to say i dont care about her at all and she would find better friends then me. All I know that she has bad suicidal thoughts and is depressed sometimes but those go away with time but now it feels like she said it for real.
And what makes me feel worse is that she has been my friend so fucking long time and i just dont wanna lose her...

>> No.9478011

Girl she sounds like a drama llama. it sucks and I went through something similar almost a year ago. Try to become civil with each other but you don't need someone like that to be prominent in your life.

>> No.9478026

I graduated from college, and moved back in with my parents. I don't have a job. I feel really anxious around my parents at times; I just feel like a leech and a walking stereotype.

My immediate problem, though, is that I'm a dirty slob. My moving boxes are everywhere, and my room is so full of clutter that you can't even move around. It's shameful for me, but I feel overwhelmed and low-energy. I have depression, so I'm always like this, but I feel like I could at least keep my room clean. How do you all keep things neat and organized? I don't want to be a disgrace.

>> No.9478028

Pop a Prozac and get shit done like the rest of us.

>> No.9478050

get a bf to sort your life out for you

>> No.9478055

I'm the type of person that starts throwing things away or donating them if I feel too boxed in. Having depression will probably make this sort of project feel like a daunting task, but if you can work on it a bit each day, and get rid of some stuff you don't need, you'll be able to create some space to get organized. Accomplishing this kind of personal project might give you a small boost of self esteem too.

>> No.9478061
File: 31 KB, 480x480, IMG_6973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im fucking pissed.

The seller I got an outfit from said the fabric was woolen, and I was going to dye it a darker color. So I get all of the supplies and after doing a test swatch, nothing set in. I asked a friend of mine and she immediately said it looked more like polyester. I just wasted so much fucking money. And my con is in less than two weeks.

>> No.9478069
File: 872 KB, 1200x1474, IMG_6960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give the seller a review calling them dumbasses

>> No.9478071

Are they from southern Europe by any chance? In some areas to plumbing is so shitty (hur) that you're supposed to dispose of your used toilet paper this way. Spent some time in Greece and having to walk to the trash container with a bag full of reeking tp was disgusting

>> No.9478082

Its almost like that's how it was always done until atms....

>> No.9478085

Are they from Taiwan? You can't flush tp there so it goes in the trash by the toilet. Gross, but it's a thing.

>> No.9478099

That sucks. Momocon?

My last cosplay piece left Russia two weeks ago today. I'm starting to get nervous.

>> No.9478101

>cant flush tp
wth? thats just gross

>> No.9478119

Happens in lots of places, even in Beijing.

>> No.9478160
File: 102 KB, 501x454, noseblud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She saw pics of her con crush doing gay shit and became aroused.

>> No.9478271
File: 33 KB, 680x544, 1492899659566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congrats, here's to a wonderful life ahead of you!

>> No.9478354

Thank you, dude! This is helpful and realistic advice. I appreciate it <3

>> No.9478362

Christ, that cartoon

>> No.9478364

Ice cream is not worth the calories. Fuck I'm gonna look so doughy at the con.

>> No.9478385

Ice cream is really easy to throw up anon

>> No.9478524

Horrible advice. No one person should fix another person's life for them. I tried that and now I'm forever alone.

Drink lots of coffee and just start cleaning. I know how you feel since I'm in the same boat except I never even graduated college because I'm a stupid piece of shit. My room is crazy right now mostly due to the lack of room for my cosplay items, but I also just kinda buy a lot of small things and my bedroom is literally the size of a fucking prison cell. My bed is a twin bed and it takes up 1/3 my room. It drives me fucking insane. But at least I have floor space.

I don't have Depression (at least I'm not diagnosed, but I'm almost sure that I might have it. I just don't wanna claim I do if I don't have a diagnosis), but sometimes you just gotta do the thing you absolutely don't wanna do because you know it'll help in the end. I did a makeover of my room a couple months back and managed to move some things from my room to the garage. It took a couple hours but I was so damn proud of the job I did that I could barely sleep at night because I kept waking up to look at how clean my room was. I want you to know that feel, anon. Because it's an amazing feel.

>> No.9478952

Feels like me 4 weeks ago
But i was the boy who droped her.
We meet at a cosplay daning ball and she was really enthusiastic about me.
-> didn't show interest the next day
Decided to search her at Sunday because i somehow liked her
-> didnt find her
-> feel still like a dick/idiot

Maybe i write a full story tonight

>> No.9480288

>find out theres a maid cafe in my area
>google it
>look at staff

only one of them is kind of cute

>> No.9481544

>finally made a friend who's totally fine with me wearing lolita around her
>(other friends accept that it's a hobby I like but still think all lolita is ugly, one or two think lolita is cute but straight-up told me not to wear it around them because they don't want people to think they're a pedo)
>how low-maintenance and chill she is made me realise how much I'd been sacrificing my own happiness to coddle socially anxious friends
>they're extremely needy/clingy and don't like meeting new people or being left alone
>I don't travel into the city often but can't run errands on the same day as seeing friends because they complain if we do something boring together like shop for make-up but aren't willing to split up for even half an hour
>expect me to interact with shop staff and ask questions on their behalf, even waiters whose first language is one they know and I don't
>don't like me wearing lolita around them because they're scared of the second-hand attention
>get offended if I go to see things they're interested in without them, so I never get to wear lolita outside meets because I'm always with them whenever I'm doing something nice enough to warrant it

>meanwhile this girl is extremely shy and ESL and yet still more independent than they are???
>had invited her to stay at mine for a week, tell her I have a meet on one of the days but was considering cancelling because I thought it was unfair to invite her here then ditch her for other friends
>she says don't worry about it, she's perfectly capable of doing some sightseeing by herself for a few hours and can use Google Maps to get around if she doesn't understand the locals
>warn her that people here often harass lolitas and she might get caught up in some situation if we travel into the city together
>she laughs it off and says it's me they'll be bothering, not her, so it's nbd
>having a friend who handles life like a functioning adult is so refreshing

>> No.9482606
File: 162 KB, 329x353, 1495067238144.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up you faggot!!! I'll post whatever the fuck I want to...

>> No.9483536
File: 118 KB, 348x280, u fckin wot mate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rooming with 3 friends for AX this year
>One can only attend for 2 days
>One is a notorious flaker and will probably cancel their trip last minute
>One is notorious for avoiding you once we get to the actual con

If the flaker does in fact flake again this year, I'm getting my own room with fucking strangers from cosplay.com. Why? Because I need an easier way to make new friends with people who won't ditch me at AX. There's no guarantee because complete strangers could be creepy/bitchy/flat out not like me, but I feel like I'd have a better chance than my own group of friends who I've known for half my life.

Flaker this year had the money and time to attend but already threatened to skip out because "hurr I don't have a cosplay and it'll be boring." Like fuck you, it's not just about you asshole. And it's not like anime cons are only about cosplay. You ditch me on everything my entire life, have the chance to be there for me, and you still want to ditch because you don't have a cosplay?

Just fucking end me. I need new friends.