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Last one is way past bump limit. >>9461536

Talk about that feels, but make sure to keep 'em cgl-related and not start fights about your tit size again.

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>see Misty Sky MTO
>always liked it but not at the price it went for, have slightly original coord idea, what the heck, I'll jump on the bandwagon
>buy it even though it won't be here til October, $350 gone
>dream dress pops up for sale, $400
>still need a dress for an event as I don't own anything from the brand guest, buy it too
>coord planning and realise accessories/shoes/bag I want total over $200 as dress matches nothing in my wardrobe
>normie store near me is having a sale, probably going to spend $100 as I urgently need basics
>tfw you spent $1000 on hobby shit in a month and still haven't paid for the con hotel

I don't know how to feel about it. I have $3500 in savings right now so it's not like I can't afford it, even if I get some unexpected life expenses, but everyone I know would go mad if they knew I was spending that much. I've read online that hiding how much you're spending is unhealthy and can be a sign of a shopping addiction but I don't think I have one, I just don't want to make people jealous or pissy at me...

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If it isn't harmful then I doubt you have a shopping addiction. You wouldn't be able to stop spending, and you wouldn't have a large savings.
Perhaps you feel a bit shameful of spending that much so quickly, which is why you hide it, or as you said, you just don't want to make people jealous or pissy.
Just some armchair psych shit.
Personal opinion is, you splurged and feel like you shouldn't have, you're probably going to be tight with your money for a bit until you relax.

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>turn 30
>my birthday present is my bf dumping me for a girl that is 25
Why is life allowed to be this shitty?

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Anon, you don't have to justify how much you spend to anyone. If you can afford it and you want it, go for it no matter what anyone says.

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woke up

still no gf

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More shit dropped into my life in need to take care of

>It comes before cosplay

im gettin real lazy with my cosplay guys

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What do I do to get a kawaii gf who will bully and dominate me?

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Esdeath go away. Ask /soc/

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i want a lolita girl to bully me

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Could be worse, at least its a cake.

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I don't want a /soc/ gf, they are not kawaii

I want an anti-/soc/ gf

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Have been wearing lolita for about 3-4 years but brought a couple of the English GLBs when I was a student like 7-8 years ago.
Planning coord for upcoming meet, don't have socks to match. Remember perfect socks from EU indie brand which featured in GLB.
Didn't think they would still be available but they are! They are even on sale! Finish my coord for £12 inc shipping. Good feels man.

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>Got the mto misty sky jsk
> won't have to get scalped to have those glorious clouds in my ass
feels good man

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>been watching some of the recommendations from the lolita general for aesthetic period dramas and films
>enjoyed them a lot and it's made me happy
>also found out when looking after a neighbour's kids that The Worst Witch, a book and TV series I remember fondly from my childhood, got rebooted this year
>started watching them all on BBC iPlayer and they're cute and nostalgic as fuck
>still hard to sit through an episode unless I have to while babysitting because it's a kids show and the acting is godawful (if you're not from the UK, it's like watching the child stars overacting on the Disney Channel)
>Little Witch Academia also got a new series this year and made me excited
>just want to start planning Halloween witch coords

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Yesterday at the meet another girl hugged me and I suddenly realized how I'm craving human touch and affection.
I'm a just a sad little lolita who's too much of an autist to wander out of her comfort zone and too "proud" to say she wants love.
Last time I had some hope of being loved and felt good for a little while I got tricked.
It hurts a lot gulls, I don't mind being alone but I don't want to be like that forever.

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>referring to yourself as a sad little lolita

jesus christ no wonder you hardly ever get hugged

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I meant lonelita, shit.
In any case it (especially the "little" part) was supposed to be an exaggeration, obviously.

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>another girl hugged me
She was probably a predatory lesbian trying to groom you.

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>turned 30
That was your first mistake desu

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>take a picture of (mostly black) Touhou cosplayers
>showing con pics to my granny
>mfw she screams as if the black kids were actually in the room

Granny, no. Stahp.

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I keeping thinking maybe it'll happen one day, but it never does.

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A couple people on my Facebook feed have mentioned they're in credit card debt because of Lolita. They also keep buying 5 dresses at time like every other week. Like stop? I'm all for buying something you like once in a while but not something for every weekday!
I just don't understand how some can be in so much trouble & dig themselves further in a hole.

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>tfw I have inverted nipples and I get jealous of girls who have pokies at the con

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Just flick your nipples every once in a while or carry ice cubes. Maybe have a cold drink with you all the time.

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You cant just say this without naming the brand

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When will niplets ever learn.

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At least they don't chafe as easily?

My bf lost a nipple roughhousing as a kid. Now he has one tattooed on.

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>tfw nipples not inverted but just huge and ugly when they're not hard

I'd trade with you.

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>Granny, no. Stahp.
I died laughing when I read this. I was also simultaneously reminded of how glad I am that my grannies weren't on the segregation train.

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>have inverted nips
>will always be jealous of girls with pierced nips

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Pop them out and put some rods in.

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You can still pierce them. They ice them up, and the piercing will keep them from going back in.

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The surgery is like $2k, not really worth it just for piercings

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>tfw perpetually stuck at 500 instagram followers
>tfw constantly seeing fat, ugly cosplayers with shitty costumes in the thousands
this is the most petty, ridiculous thing ever but I just cannot fathom WHY. Some of these girls are literally obese, their wigs are sliding off, no makeup, just generally look like shit all around.
I do a fair amount of pandering and actually look good so why the fuck are these people succeeding so much more?
God I feel so pathetic and shallow for this but I had to get it off my chest.

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>tfw have constantly pokey nipples and men make weird comments thinking its arousal (or cold) so I have to wear a bra when I go out, despite being flat

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hey anon, that guy dumped you because he's an asshole, not because you're 30

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They probably buy followers. Use your noggin. I had a really mediocre artist follow my art Insta. 70K followers...averaging about 200 likes per photo. Pretty obvious that they bought followers.

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When I said
I meant it like this anon>>9467063

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Bandages add a cute factor when undressing. Also hides pokey nips.

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ergi by piratessan
It's a pirate lolita meet

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Oh gotcha, I know some people can actually manage to pop them out for good, but I have grade 3 inverted nips so I'd worry piercing them wouldn't work out the way I want
Maybe I'll see if my insurance covers the surgery now that I'm thinking about it again

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>Finally losing weight enough to wear lolita comfortably again
>Realize that it wasn't me being fat, I just have a really ugly body type
>Still no defined waist, will probably have to go under 100lbs
>Lost weight in my chest, now practically flat chested
>Ugly, shapeless, unattractive body
>Why even live

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I knew someone would say that, but no, I looked - they seem to have proportionate likes, and majority of followers/likes are other cosplayers. Maybe they're just really good at networking with other cosplayers and people like them for their personalities

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Take solace in there being tons of cuts that suit a flat body type

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Tried this before, you can see the outline of bandages under shirts which is even weirder :(

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You could wear a corset under your dress. Just don't lace it too tight and it will look nice and natural. That's what they're for.

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work out your hip/thigh area, if they get bigger, your waist will look smaller

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I look fine in lolita, but I look like shit in literally everything else. Thank god for lolita being flattering on my chubby shapeless ass.

Will do

I also have horrible violin hips.

I just want that qt anime bod

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tfw one inverted and one pokey

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Could do the bandage wrap.
Take an ace bandage and wrap it around yourself. I'll be honest to say, I've only seen it in cosplay, so I'm not sure how it'd work in daily life.

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I'm always known as "the quiet one" just.. i don't like speaking up very much and making friends is kind of hard, and keeping them harder. And the ones i have now are either too far away or virtual shut ins.

I miss being part of a little circle of nerds who talked about shit and met up at least once a month, I'd obviously love a romantic partner, but i feel i need real life friends more right now.

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>saw Narutards hold a genuine kancho circle at FCBD

Wtf is wrong with Naruto kids? My little brother was one, and when he was 9 he kanchoed the fuck out of me (under the skirt!!) at Burger King.

>> No.9467351

what the other anons said, get sick gains on your lower half

>> No.9467403

at that point, why not just wear a bra? it's got to be more comfortable than a damn ace bandage

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it's an abstract kind of poke

>> No.9467437

Invest in a decent pair of butt pads and/or hip pads.

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I had three nipples. It was kind of said after it was removed.

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>kancho circle

Is this really a thong people do at cons??

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Getting so choked up I'm spelling like a moron

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>be a lolita
>be the only one in your Comm to support Le Pen
>looking forward for the 2nd round election
>she loses
>lolita friend taunts me on Facebook

I was hoping she would win. I am getting real sick of the misogyny in the West. First Hillary, now Le Pen. I am not interested in attending the next meetup for my Comm which is ILD.

>> No.9467451

>he's an asshole
how do you know he was an asshole? maybe that anon is an annoying shitter so he had no choice but to dump her?

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sounds pretty well-deserved to me

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>lolita friend taunts me on Facebook
Uh, that is pretty cunty to me, no matter who you support. Are you said friend?

>> No.9467461

Sounds like immature teens.

>> No.9467463

ur right it must be misogyny not that shes a fucking facist or something :^)

>> No.9467464

I-I wouldnt mind.
I'm super gay so I would gladly accept

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If you think Lepen is a good choice at all (not that Macron was good but it was the least shitty), as much as I am annoyed with niggers/sandniggers and refugees/immigrates shitting up France, I must say you're kinda dumb for supporting her at all. Especially after how she made a fool out of herself on the debate.

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>tfw your con-crush is dating a popular cos-girl
>tfw the guy who con-crushes on you drops off the face of the earth

>> No.9467472

Back to the cage with you

>> No.9467476

>as much as I am annoyed with niggers/sandniggers and refugees/immigrates shitting up France
you have to go back

>> No.9467477

In any case, if you think of Lepen as good you're a blind cuckservative.
Your friends are dumb for taunting you though.
>inb4 eksdee libtard

>> No.9467484

can you shut the fuck up about /pol/itics already?
i have enough of that shit on my social media already, both LePain and Macaroni are shit anyway

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Can "sad little lolita" be the new "sexy widdle baby"?

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>comm is having fancy tea meet for ILD
>theme is twinning
>don't have any lolita friends, even if i did i'm too scared to go to a meetup

I just want to hang out with cute girls in cute dresses. I don't want to be a lone lolita for the rest of my life, but the anxiety is too much.

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>trying to lose weight for con season for all those cosplays that show midriff and tight bodysuit cosplays
>eating smaller portions
>occasionally replacing meals with health drinks and healthy snacks
>friends think I have an eating disorder
>they keep trying to intervene/tease me into eating more
>they constantly tell me i'm starving myself/am unhealthy

I've been losing 1 lb a week by cutting back on carbs and working out thats not even an unhealthy amount

my favorite example
>go to taco bell as a group
>I order one chicken and cheese quesadilla instead of two like usual
>friends buy me some greasy nasty taco bell dessert
>"eat this! its still not enough but its something!"
>friends all stare at me in anticipation making sure I eat every one

I felt the grease squish out of every bite. I DO love sweets but that was just nasty.

my current body type is pic related (without the boobs)

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Most themes aren't compulsory, it's not like you can't go. Or post your wardrobe post in the event, saying you're new and asking if anyone has any of the same stuff and want to twin/triplet.

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You need new friends, it sounds like they're jealous you're trying to lose weight.

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They might get shoutouts (either organic or paid). That's reallly good way to get followers in a niche, but can get expensive pretty quick. If any anons are interested and you have some OTT jfash photos, I have a kind of Japan-related IG account that i can do some free shoutouts on (like 4.5k followers). I havent used it in months because i got bored and ran out of stuff to post. So i get fresh content and you get a bit of publicity.

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At Burger King? WTF what did you say to him???

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>> No.9467525

Seconding the other anon, this is apparently one reason so many overweight people have problems losing weight: when they start to, their fat/less healthy friends immediately try to drag them back down into the less healthy habits they had with the friend group.

>> No.9467532

Why is it so hard to find people who are functional human beings and also like anime? I just want friends who I can talk about cosplay and crafting with but also actually have their life together. The friends I have now, it feels like I'm babysitting them since they can't do anything on their own. Very little source of income, no plans for future, not working on education, still living at home, 20+. Every single person I end up being able to talk to is like this.

>> No.9467533

the thing though, I'm the 3rd heaviest in the friend group.. the 2nd heaviest is losing weight too but they don't limit their portions like i do. Even my own boyfriend decided to shame me on his twitch stream the other day "my girlfriend wont eat and i'm worried for her, she thinks health shakes are enough" Shit like this makes me feel unhealthy but the fitness apps i use tell me i'm fine, and my gut that I can't fit in both hands is still there. lost 17 lbs through it though. just wished they'd.. stop.

>> No.9467534

>likes anime a lot
>has a job
>is a decent human being

pick two. and if you find all three you found a goddamn unicorn and never let them go.

something about anime just attracts shitstains and poorfags and I don't know what it is.

>> No.9467537

>working out to get fit
>seeing some results
>all the face fat still there

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>hit it off with cute guy at the con
>chat online for months
>he asks me to join a relationship with two other guys, four girls, and a penis-owning genderfluid

Ngl, I'm considering it.

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I am so stupidly happy that the Misty Sky MTO is happening. I know a lot of people are posting about it, but fuck it I'm going to as well.

I got into lolita around the time the first one released, and at the time I could only admire it from afar due to expenses. I always wanted it, it is just simple and yet so interesting. I have always loved how casually it has been coorded. But now I can get the navy jsk, accessories, and still have enough to for a deposit and first months rent on a new apartment.

And, to boot, I am decorating my apartment in navy. I am so happy to move out of my "temporary" apartment and decorate my new semi-permanent apartment, especially since my boyfriend doesn't care as long as it doesn't affect him. I think I'm going to cover the room in navy tulle and make cotton clouds or something in celebration of the Misty Sky MTO.

If only there was removable brand wallpaper.

>> No.9467546

try doing a face wrap to lose face chub

>> No.9467560

>face wrap
Does it really work? I thought it only comes off by working out.

>> No.9467567

You should make a dress for a cute matching plushie and bring that with you.

>> No.9467568

just get piercings anon

>> No.9467575

I wonder this all the fucking time. Where the fuck are these people that have shit together?

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>There are men who don't have a thing for milfs/Cougars/Cakes
>Woman when young are cute
>Then they evolve to sexy-mon when older
>Then they become evolved into a adorably sweet elderly woman

Best assurance that men will stay with you longer is seeing if they are into older woman.

>> No.9467596

If only there is a simple way to find out.

>> No.9467602

Honestly, it sounds like you're being perfectly healthy in your weight-loss strategies. If I were you, I would avoid eating out with friends whenever I could. I'd avoid saying anything about food or being hungry while with them. If they insist on going to a fast food joint, then consider telling them that you still feel full from eating earlier and that you would rather enjoy their company while they eat (or something).

I'd be pretty pissy if I were in your shoes because I hate it when people try to police my eating habits, especially when I'm making informed health decisions. Good on you for powering through and keeping with your health journey!

>> No.9467604

Maybe look at your family and see if it's hereditary? My sister and I both have slightly buttery, round faces. My sis dislikes it, but it's cute and not generically pretty so I actually value it as a nice defining feature.

>> No.9467607

that would be super amazing actually, what's your IG?

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File: 65 KB, 634x503, 2B9EDB0700000578-3208816-image-a-39_1440418139092[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bad timing makes someone an asshole.

>> No.9467614

there is.
you see what kind of porn they usually fap to.

>> No.9467625

>though "hey I meet all 3"
>then remembered I'm not a decent human being
such is life

>> No.9467632


>> No.9467651

I enjoy wearing lolita while out with my significant other a lot more than I do with my comm. I don't have very many friends but I really enjoy coming up with cute ideas for meets that usually involve things that would be better with a lot of friends so I kind of just use my comm to get to live that out, but since I'm not really attached to anybody in the comm and I'm terrible at small talk, meets aren't always as fun as they should be. I wish I just had a bunch of cool lolita friends to hang out with locally.

>> No.9467655

It's the escapism and the 2D aesthetic. You can see similar degeneracy in other fandoms like furries and homestuck.
Solution... look for Downton Abbey fans?

>> No.9467656

LA? Come anyways, if you need a friend I can contact you!

I'm not twinning either.

>> No.9467664

If he cares about your age he's not good enough for you. Wish you all best Anon <3

>> No.9467674

>was a horrible ita when I joined the local comm
>scared to join again and go to meets now that I have a decent wardrobe

I'll just be a lonelita forever

>> No.9467686

Bandaging yourself daily/for prolonged time can be damaging to your ribs/chest, don't do this. Many trans ppl or event crossplayers make a mistake of bindimg their chest with bandages. This can cause injury!
Really just use a bra to hide nipples and a binder to bind.
Anon please don't give others advice on something you only saw in cosplay and have no idea about. Ty.

>> No.9467688

Really? Man, I'd be proud to show off how much I've learned by simply being a good lolita and dressing fashionably. People who remember you would be pleased with your progress. You could make self-derogatory jokes out of your ita phase and it would come off as funny and relatable. I see no downsides, anon!

>> No.9467697

Why do you think that is? I feel this way because I once found myself on a roof edge
My friends screaming, begging for me to come back
And then I found myself in the bath with my clothes on
A razor to my wrists
My mother feral
My sister heartbroken
To this day my sister does not look me in the eye
It's such a primal moment
So I... I know what it's like to be on that edge
So I thought, it's good that young people, kids, have something to point to and say, that's what it's like not to have cool lolita friends to hang out with locally

>> No.9467746

>when you spend your [relatively] beautiful youth shitposting on /cgl/ and lusting after "a career" and then you get to 35 and you're still on $15 an hour in a cramped office because you're unsuited for competition and then your biological imperative kicks in but you rejected all serious guys prior because you wanted to "just have fun and find yourself" but now the only men left on the dating market are semi-beta chubby college dropouts who are infertile from alcohol abuse and then you realise that your career money can't even make you look beautiful anymore and so you spend the next 50 years of your life feeling super happy that you were liberated

>> No.9467749

this is retarded, don't waste your time

>> No.9467751

>tfw didn't get the president who discriminates against people based on their face
why even surrender anymore

>> No.9467759
File: 42 KB, 500x667, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never have well formed big breasts
Like i know it's vain af but i'd really like to have a bigger chest.

>> No.9467764

You can have those breasts if you pay. The picture you posted is of fake breasts. Natural big breasts don't look like that when someone lays down.

If you watched "Manswers", you would know this.

>> No.9467765

>what did you mean by this???

>> No.9467767

>when you blame /cgl/ and "liberated women" as the reason you have no children or wife.

>> No.9467769

>basing your knowledge of the world on gimmicky tv shows
boobs can look "fake" when they are forced into a different shape by a bra,tight top or a bikini.

>> No.9467772

No, they cannot because they sink into the inner cavity of the chest/armpit area. Unavoidable in a swimsuit. There are swimsuits that provide "cleavage", but that only is noticed standing up or sitting up. When you lay down, the breasts shift "into the body" where a bra or tight top cannot provide support... since it is internal. Implants sit stationary and cannot move into those cavities.

>> No.9467774

Push-up wire framed bra, yes. Bikini, no. Pretty easy to tell the difference between real tits and fake ones

>> No.9467775

As far as gimmicky TV shows, it's unfortunately provides the best explanation if you do not have naturally big breasts yourself.

>> No.9467777

Even a wire framed bra cannot cause that noticeable effect in natural breasts lying down. Hence why I addressed swimsuits with wire frames which are quite common.

>> No.9467778

If boobs are defying gravity they're fake, especially in a swimsuit. And it's not like there's anything wrong with having breast augmentation, if you wanted bigger boobs and had the money for it go you. I don't know why there's such a bitter stigma about silicon boobies

>> No.9467779

Well a bra has a lot more support and structure than a swimming suit, I have a Victoria's Secret bra that might as well be boob armor.

>> No.9467781

Wire framed bras are a lifesaver, yes.

>> No.9467782

this motherfucker comes in every thread with this boob bait.
you know it's a dude, dropping that femme-hating buzzword, vain.

>> No.9467783

Yeah, I was not stating there is anything bad about them. I see nothing wrong with implants.I was just saying those are attainable if you got the cash. I say go for it.

>> No.9467785

I don't understand why anyone would chose this moment specifically. Why would you want to do that, and then be forced to sit on a plane experiencing the aftermath. He must be a masochist.

>> No.9467786

Nayrt but the thing that hit me the most after I got mine done was the petty jealousy from other women.

>> No.9467788

you autist girls realise that guys only care about boob size about as much as girls care about dick size, right? get over it, it doesn't matter to anyone but yourself

>> No.9467790

There is no need to be rude anon.

>> No.9467793

what guys really care about is feet size

get toe implants

>> No.9467794

Nobody said anything about boys.

>> No.9467795

But did you feel fabulous with your new chest? That's all that matters. Haters gonna' hate.

>> No.9467797

>girls talking about bewbs is impossible, it HAS to be a guy!
Do you also believe that girls start dick discussion threads on other boards?

>> No.9467799

I agree that you might possibly just have a round face. Some people do naturally, and many find it cute.

>> No.9467800

i thought dick rate threads were evenly split between male dick posters and female raters

>> No.9467801

Marvel at my phalanges!

>> No.9467805

do you also believe in santa claus?

>> No.9467810

If your post is an inquiry... I can't say I've ever rated dicks in a dick thread. Actually, I can't say I've ever even visited a "rate my dick" thread.

>> No.9467817

I have violin hips too, and my body is otherwise hourglass shaped. Oh well, that's why there is strategic ruffles, pleats, and shirts with a longer cut.

>> No.9467826

That sucks, sorry you had to deal with that. Congrats on the boobs tho

>> No.9467827

kek no
that's all dudes lmao

>> No.9467834

I think you underestimate just how many gay guys there are, especially on 4chan.

>> No.9467838

Fuck off back to /pol/ you are so boring. Your inadequacy is showing.

>> No.9467840

>telling women to not assume that their early-20s feelings about motherhood will continue until after menopause is fascism now

>> No.9467843

Pretty sure that's a robot, even with pols recent baby kick

>> No.9467865
File: 268 KB, 485x416, 1489646100550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9467866

If you voted Le Pen, you're an asshole.

>> No.9467868

Agreed, anyone who disagrees with me does so not because they think that their system of beliefs is more moral than mine, but because they just enjoy human suffering.

>> No.9467869
File: 253 KB, 1080x1283, 1486083102990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>France is going to be the first European caliphate

I hope you frogs like bumpers, because you're going to be tasting a lot of them once Ahmed runs you and your family over in his favourite truck

>> No.9467872

back to
you islamophobic fuck
you realise france was built on the backs of muslim slaves from the imperial days, right? it's only fair that the privilege of french natives is finally made right
also they're not fucking called trucks they're called مركبات الله you shitlord

>> No.9467883

Can you stop shitposting with /pol/ stuff?
I enjoy subtly baiting gulls and you are ruining it.

>> No.9467885

>if you don't want some crazed Muslim extremist to run you over in a truck you're from /pol/


>> No.9467906

>how do you know he was an asshole?
/cgl/ always sides with the woman no matter what in any story.

>> No.9467908

>women always side with the woman no matter what in any story.

>> No.9467911

They say if you have problems with every single person you meet, the actual problem might be with you.

>> No.9467912

/cgl/ always advocates for the dumping of any bf hence the "dump his ass" meme

>> No.9467917

dump his ass

>> No.9467924

This is untrue.

Most guys won't be so shallow to base or break an entire relationship around boob size but they sure as hell care more about it than girls care about dicks.

I mean they're pretty fundamentally different. You can almost always see a persons boob size, it's a part of their default appearance like their hair color, but you generally don't see how big a guys dick is until you're already somewhat along in the relationship. And guys also just love looking at boobs. Some girls like looking at dicks of course but it's just not comparable to guys and boobs.

>> No.9467927

Very well said. Boobs have always been associated with being a woman/womanhood and fertility. Liking big boobs is pretty natural (I'm biased here because i got lucky with mine) and should not be demonized as much as it is around here.

>> No.9467937

>Implying women in my career other than me didn't wait until 35-40 to have kids and they're fine and actually still pretty attractive

>> No.9467967

It's just confusing why people keep showing up in the feels thread on /cgl/ to tell people they need to have babies.

>> No.9467969

How do you do this?

>> No.9467971

>my career
posting on 4chan is not a career

>> No.9467972
File: 4 KB, 226x223, VARG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lolita was built on french culture

>Cant do lolita in france anymore for saftey

>> No.9467976
File: 1.88 MB, 400x224, the mighty power rangers can&#039;t out morph this week&#039;s villan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> shave
> every goddamn follicle turns into a pus-filled blackhead

>> No.9467984
File: 141 KB, 400x419, 1480223824483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if lolita awakened some special kind of love for femininity in me or if I'm legit gay.

>> No.9467986

>go to the gym
>feel all tingly watching the other girls in the locker room
I think it is too late for me to turn back...

>> No.9467988

>Bought Misty Sky during a re-release years ago
>Planned an ott Misty Sky coord for an event this year
>Shit bricks when the mto is announced
>"Fuck, now everybody is going to be wearing it and I'm going to look like a basic bitch bandwagoner clone."
>Isn't released until after August
>So much relief

>> No.9468011
File: 81 KB, 280x373, tumblr_mjnwshm2qX1s7yz6co1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminds me of this secret

>> No.9468018
File: 43 KB, 520x479, 1492472297402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you me, anon? I get the exact same fucking thing.

>> No.9468020

Where the hell are the LA meet-ups posted? I am in the Facebook group, but I don't see jack shit. In fact, it's a ghost town, which seems very odd for such a large area.

>> No.9468048
File: 1.96 MB, 300x300, giffhappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will be fine. There's still guys your age on the market, but be forewarned, they're all divorcees with kids and scary exes.

Source: My older sister is your age.

>> No.9468075


>> No.9468079

>you proposed a trend well heh look at this anecdote looks like you're out of luck pal

>> No.9468093

>be me
>living with parents
>wake up to go to class
>prepare & hang up coord to wear to meet a friend after class finishes
>about to leave for class, find out dad is staying home from work sick for a day
>get home, about to get changed
>notice coord is no longer hanging up, instead laying on my bed
>ask my dad if he did this
>"oh yeah. i was worried that the cat might attack your dress because he likes to claw at dangling things and your dress is quite frilly"
>about to get changed
>notice weird texture on the bottom of the skirt of the dress as i'm about to put it on
>take a look
>there's fucking semen caked into the inside bottom front part of the skirt
what the fuck do i do in this situation? my parents have been arguing a lot recently and i don't want this to make them divorce or something but holy fuck i've never been this fucking creeped out before

>> No.9468100

>what the fuck do i do in this situation?
Acquire the means to move out. It won't be easy, but based on what happened it might be best to leave before things get even weirder.

>> No.9468102

...what exactly are you suggesting happened here?

>> No.9468108

my dad masturbated onto my dress
nobody else was in the house apart from the cat

>> No.9468112

So it was just an accident right? He's not doing something weird like thinking of his daughter while masturbating right?

>> No.9468113

considering where the gross shit was do you think he was wearing my fucking dress whilst masturbating?

>> No.9468117

>he accidentally took my coord down from the hanger, laid it out over my bed and came inside the skirt
i don't think this is plausible.

>> No.9468120

Are your parents not having sex anymore? Maybe your dad is just really backed up.

>> No.9468121

i don't keep track

>> No.9468125

This means he like wearing frilly things when he does...that, or he's creeping on you in which case MOVE OUT ASAP.

>> No.9468126

After shaving, I generously apply rubbing alcohol to the shaved area before applying lotion. It doesn't get rid of the bumps completely, but it DOES drastically decrease them. I used to have the entire area flooded with bumps, but now I only have two or three each time.

Try to be gentle with the razor and stretch the skin where you're shaving when you can. Shave with the grain first, and then against the grain when it's shortened. (Most people advise shaving against the grain altogether, but that doesn't get it smooth for me so I do it anyway.)

>> No.9468128

what can i do, though?
i don't really have much money (definitely not enough to pay rent) and i've still got my course to attend so i can't move far

>> No.9468132

I doubt it was semen. Did you taste it to make sure?

>> No.9468133

Wait until your mom gets home then confront him in front of her. Make her kick him out and you're good, or he'll off himself and you won't have to worry about it

>> No.9468135


>> No.9468140

but what if he denies it all the way? what if i'm somehow wrong and that ends up breaking up my entire family?

>> No.9468145

Just ask him if he accidentally got your dress dirty, watch how he reacts.

>> No.9468147

Show it to your mother and take photo evidence beforehand just in case. Sorry I don't know what else to suggest beyond that, I'm sorry this happened to you, anon.

>> No.9468149
File: 28 KB, 592x336, s135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you make another closetchild order while waiting for a closetchild order

>> No.9468150

Then you have to decide whether you really think your dad is a piece of shit creep who likes jizzing on his daughter's clothes or you somehow thought some other substance was jizz. If your dad is doing that kind of stuff your family is already fucked because god knows what else he's doing

>> No.9468151

My eyes widened and I gagged by reflex. Holy. Shit.

Honestly sounds like he masturbated in your dress.

Think of it this way: by bringing this to light, you are not making them divorce. Divorce is a mutual decision between your parents and your actions don't affect that. YOU are NOT breaking your family. HE made the decision to masturbate in YOUR dress, and he shouldn't have done it if he didn't want others to know about it. It's a fair consequence to his actions.

>> No.9468152

You and me both, anon!

>> No.9468153

It most likely wasn't his semen. Have you even seen jizz before?

>> No.9468154

If that's what he did and you stay quiet about it he's going to do it again or worse.

>> No.9468155

Honestly I think this is the best advice so far, at least as a starting point.

>> No.9468156

Why are you all so gullible?

>> No.9468157

it was definitely semen. i don't know anything else that smells like that
once i muster up the courage i'll do what
said and see what comes of it. i'm still in shock.

it was semen. it's possible that he didn't do it, i suppose, but i really have no clue what else could have possibly happened

>> No.9468158

>thinking this kind of thing doesn't happen
So sweet to see innocent kids on here

>> No.9468161


>> No.9468162
File: 797 KB, 812x806, 1460535624294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468163


>> No.9468164

Bribe him into buying you the dress in new condition + 5 more dresses for being this gross.

>> No.9468167

>tfw i don't even have to bribe my dad because he likes buying me dresses and see me wear them around the hosue
Good times!

>> No.9468168

Best of luck and update us on how it all unfolds. Remember, if your parents spit, don't blame yourself- it was probably a long time coming. Also, congrats on having the most gag-inducing feel thus far.

>> No.9468170

Kek, maybe that's the problem anon. Maybe he thinks "I bought the dress so I can jizz on it whenever I want".

>> No.9468175

Take this white supremacist symbolism off my board

>> No.9468181
File: 16 KB, 200x303, doubt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>france was built on the backs of muslim slaves
>not on the backs of frenchmen
i let achmed fuck my wife as much as the next guy, but be reasonable anon

>> No.9468183

I think it's like muscles on guys. If a girl is looking for a one night stand she's probably going to pick someone who is good-looking and disregard most everything else.

When a guy is looking for a one-night stand probably all he cares about are face, titties, booty and toes. But if he cares about you at all then he will accept your boobs no matter the size.

>> No.9468187


>> No.9468189
File: 49 KB, 568x543, close_kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she doesn't understand straight men

>> No.9468190


>> No.9468195

You should tell your mom and have the two of you confront him. That's really fucked up and your mom should definitely know in case this escalates it doesn't seem like you making shit up out of know where.

Also what makes it 1000% times more creepy is that he laid the dress back on the bed SO YOU KNOW HE WAS GOING THROUGH YOUR STUFF for you to find he's not ashamed at all about jacking off into your clothes, that's rapist material right there. Be safe anon, if you can for the meantime get a big lock on your bedroom door for when you're not there.

>> No.9468200

Do you have a good posting schedule and use hashtags really well? Google some guides for getting better at Instagram.

>> No.9468201


Agreeing Strongly with >>9468154 this kind of behavior will escalate if you make them think you won't do anything about it.

Bring it up in front of both of your parents. Don't be accusatory, just freak out with a "Oh God there's semen on my dress" Your mom might be aware of these issues and can do something about it without putting a target on you. Either way don't ignore it.

>> No.9468211
File: 21 KB, 324x246, 1369491966127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468220

I hate to say it, but that would be the better of the two possibilities. If he was jacking off while wearing it, that would just mean he has a sissy sort of fetish. Every right to be pissed, but it'd be the better of the two.

If he was just jacking off to the dress itself, that would very well imply he's creepily thinking about his daughter.

>> No.9468222

You know... maybe be like: Hey, my dresses are really expensive. If a cheap dress at some point shows up in my room mysteriously way in the back of the closet, I'm not going to say anything. Like... that's honestly the only thing I can think of.

>> No.9468223

>I am annoyed with niggers/sandniggers and refugees/immigrates shitting up France

>> No.9468224

We're the only board with any cute nerdy white girls. They really, really want us to have kids because they think there's a culture war and the only way they'll win is to have as many white babies as possible.

Tradcucks act like they want a trad pure submissive waifu but what they really want is a slutty nerdy gull because trad waifus are boring basic bitches. It's amusing.

>> No.9468225

Didnt the btsb store or angelic pretty store close down in france?

>> No.9468234
File: 175 KB, 500x600, 1467724495685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't find any of your dream dresses for 6+ months
>find a new LIEF release that looks nice
>eventually something to expand my tiny wardrobe
>remember that you will probably get assraped by french customs

>> No.9468242

Yeah, it was too French

>> No.9468253


>> No.9468255
File: 23 KB, 480x480, 11412512512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to do Gothic Lolita
>tfw Boy
This is an interesting feel indeed. I've thought about it for a very long time now and just haven't worked up the nerve to actually do it.

>> No.9468259
File: 89 KB, 512x511, 1406666343124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468261

>wants to wear gothic lolita
>posts a tacky cosplay as an example
Either do your research or don't bother at all. Lolita is not a costume.

>> No.9468262

Yeah that was a poor photo choice, however, my point still stands.

>> No.9468264

Douchy or selfish people will purposefully pick public places to break up in because they're hoping that their SO will be too self-conscious to make a scene, or won't be willing to argue with them in front of strangers. This is why you have the cliche of a boyfriend taking a girl out to a super fancy restaurant only to dump her. It's a super dick move, and breaking up on a plane is a new low since she can't physically leave. Good on her for making a scene anyway.

>> No.9468268

This. I have the same issues. Wasn't until an ex bf saw me shaving and suggested that I try going with the grain first that it started to get any better. Lightly exfoliating before/after seems to help, too.

Gonna try stretching my skin and also the alcohol technique you mentioned before I put my lotion on. I'm glad I read this since I was literally just about to go shave my legs!

>> No.9468269

More like a poor subject choice. You posted this in another thread with a screenshot of this character, if you want to cosplay her that's fine but it's not lolita. Like I said, do your research.

>> No.9468271
File: 25 KB, 355x236, 1399602106745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>6'5 male negro
>want to lolita
>a cute hazel eyes and obama cream color skin
>southern accent
>no muscles because activated vegan
>fluent in english, spanish and japanese
>juicy little bubble butt
>IQ of 132
>indie game developer
>voice naturally high
>don't know what a misako is
guide me. willing to exchange skype/LINE and model dresses for your approval.

>> No.9468274

Would you become a trap?

>> No.9468275

>want to meet other brolitas and crossplayers
>find nothing but sissies and sailor bubbas
just a warning, wanting to be pretty is suffering

>> No.9468277

>juicy little bubble butt

>> No.9468278

if no homo things are involved, sure.

>> No.9468279

you say that now…

>> No.9468281

>being grossed out by your own fathers semen
Silly children, you WERE that semen at one point.

>> No.9468282
File: 1.45 MB, 2896x2896, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I you're gonna go gothic, do it right by researching extensively. Picrelated is an average brolita in gothic and Mana, a male visual kei rock star who happens to be the most famous gothic lolita to date. If they can do it, why not you? (word of advice- skip the dark lip shades pictured. They're hard to pull off)

>> No.9468283
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 738489230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck anon are you into lolita as some sort of fetish? Nobody cares what your butt looks like or what your sexual preferences are, it's a fashion you degenerate.

>> No.9468286

This is why people say women are children.
>can't trust her to handle something like a reasonable adult
>try to bring her to a location where she'll be forced to grow up (or at least pretend to)
>underestimate just how childish she is
>she cries, other women cheer her on

Who doesn't just love a crying baby on an airplane?

>> No.9468287

I will start researching and building up my info. Thanks Anons
I'm not necessarily concerned with meeting others like me I'll be sure to keep this in mind though.

>> No.9468290

this is the most degenerate thing i've seen this week

>> No.9468291

>listing 'submissive' in intro
>asking for girls' skype/lines
Fuck off sissy creep, go try fetlife or something

>> No.9468293

Haha holy shit, the projection in this post is off the charts.

Which meanyface "hysterical" woman out there hurt your heart, bb?

>> No.9468294

has anyone ever seen an abo brolita

>> No.9468296
File: 83 KB, 407x405, 1294397354801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468302

>there are men who don't have a thing for ugly old women


>> No.9468316

not an argument senpai

>> No.9468322

>using a white supremacist slogan

>> No.9468328

Will you be my ouji butler slave boy plz? Only problem is I am smol and cute and a pastel vomit AP clone sweet lolita so idk how seriously you could take me as a femdom

>> No.9468329

Don't you start crying now too.

>> No.9468331
File: 322 KB, 546x700, 7dd9be26f983ae49385afcdf75f3ff2ee4c69a3e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468333

Jeez I hate that. Some people can't just mind their own business. Does he know health shakes usually have a pretty good balance of nutrition and calories in them? They're just easier than deciding what to eat.

>> No.9468337

that's super racist anon

>> No.9468338

>hang out one on one with comm friend for first time
>we're in nonlolita clothes
>friend has huge ass
wtf where did that come from

this has happened on 3 separate occasions with different friends

do pear shaped girls wear lolita to hide their giant butts or something

>> No.9468357

Probably, it is a pretty easy way to look thinner.

>> No.9468361

I'm slightly intrigued. If you avoid the potty play, I might consider your offer. I'm not interested in another round of femdom + toilet games.

>> No.9468364

>potty play
>toilet games
what does this mean

>> No.9468385

Oh man that sounds like it must've sucked
No, no worries, not into that
Shit, I forgot the part where he mentioned being black or I'd have excluded the slave part of my description. Wait would it be more racist or less racist to change your behavior because of someone's race? Now I'm confused

>> No.9468393

do what I do: stop shaving, wear pantyhose, trim your bush with scissors if need be.

no one's gonna tell me my body hair isn't feminine. this generally works best though if you're single, or your SO isn't insecure about body hair.

>> No.9468396


>> No.9468398

I'm working on losing weight for cosplay and I thought it would be harder, based off all the shit I see online saying 'it's statistically impossible to lose weight!!' But I lost 8lbs last month and I'm really starting to see a difference! I've even been getting comments from people about it. Feels good desu

>> No.9468399

They don't feel as nice.

>> No.9468403

>i fell in love with a cosplayer girl
>i'm not even an anime nerd

how fucked am i lads?

>> No.9468405

ugh, I like all kinds of men, and am staying open-minded, but I'm growing more and more wary of getting involved with white guys who are also channers.

>who will fix this broken world?????????????

>> No.9468408

probably have better odds this way desu

>> No.9468409

I'm 26, have a job making 35k, went to college and i like anime/wear lolita. we exist, we're just rare.

>> No.9468411

>see >>9467019 and instantly think of mind_break ahegao inverted_nipples tags on sadpanda

>tfw no gf but fully aware of why no gf

>> No.9468413

oooohh man...
anon don't get my hopes up!

>> No.9468415

Honestly, it's for the best. This place is called "The Worst Place on the Internet" for a reason. Anyone who openly admits to frequenting this place probably isn't the best choice. Same with anyone who openly admits to trolling online. Keep your standards sane.

>> No.9468418

>can't find sommer job
>even rejected by last years job
>con season coming up
>no way to afford it

I guess it was high time to quit anyway...

>> No.9468424

Started wearing lolita last year, and because of it found a wonderful bf and we've been together 7 months now. He wears ouji and we connected through the fashion itself. Absolutely thrilled over this and eventually want to move in together some where to escape the hell I am living with atm. Feel horrible I don't have the courage to tell him about any of these problems in my life out of fear of him rejecting me because of it. I keep buying more dresses to cope, and the time I spend talking to him calms me down.

Little brother has severe schizophrenia and is so fucking uncontrollable. Refuses to take any meds, is 6'6ft tall. 200lbs and screams at me if I even mention to be quiet or ask if he can go to bed since it's already 2am in the morning. I go to work at 6am and have not had sleep more than 4 hours the past 3 weeks since he got of the hospital. I am at a lost of what to do, he howls and screams nonstop for hours.

>> No.9468432

You cant judge someone for doing what you do anon. Thats a little hypocritical

>> No.9468433

Damn, that's awful. Maybe approach the subject by asking your boyfriend, "Hey, I don't mean to be too forward and rush things, but would you be open to moving in together anytime soon? I haven't really talked about it, but my current place is becoming rapidly and increasingly unbearable for family reasons. If you're not comfortable with that, then please don't worry about it!" And then find your own place. Just a suggestion.

>> No.9468442

When female posters bitch about their boobs they don't usually post pics like that on this blue board where they know no-one is interested, it's obviously from some dude's porn folder.

>> No.9468444

Good job. It's not impossible at all. That's just fatties who relapse because they drink the way to lose weight is to get medium fries instead of large for two months and then revert back to large once their "diet" is over

>> No.9468445

i heard refugees make good gentlemen

>> No.9468447


>> No.9468448

>7 inches of dick will fit into vagina
>4 inches of feeldoe bulb won't
>tfw you'd rather wield 7inch dick than take 7inch dick but your weirdass vagina shape won't allow it

>> No.9468453

He asked me last month about it, he seems prepared to start looking towards the end of the year. While I could possibly hold out until then, I am just worried about leaving my mother with my brother. All she does is stay in her room and weep.

I am worried for my wardrobe as he's threatened to "rip my dresses" if I don't stop "bothering" him.

>> No.9468454
File: 140 KB, 379x440, 1488059076218.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468458
File: 25 KB, 543x469, 1412371825182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468459
File: 1.08 MB, 1920x1164, noice m8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What type of work are you looking for?
>be me
>diesel mechanic earning $67k a year
>30 hours a week
>17 months of tech school
>at my job, we need 14 more ASAP
Don't give up your passion, just do a lil hiatus!
t.SoCal peep

>> No.9468461

so you've had 7in dicks inside you before?

>> No.9468462

Might be a good idea to try to keep some of your dresses at a friend or your boyfriend's house if it seems like he's really serious about it.

>> No.9468466

that's pretty much average anon keep up

>> No.9468469

you generally don't get as far as pegging without seeing some shit anon

>> No.9468471

>We're the only board with any cute nerdy white girls. They really, really want us to have kids because they think there's a culture war and the only way they'll win is to have as many white babies as possible.
It's more complex than this, but this is really how I think. If you're a female, and intelligent enough to understand this and articulate it, I am impressed.

I wish I could have kids with a nerdy white girl, but I can't because I have no money and all women are (literally, by definition) whores.

What really makes no sense to me is the feminazi career women who still won't date men below their social/financial status. They already have enough money, why don't they want an attractive muscular loyal NEET househusband?

They hate the idea of dating down so much, that even though they're going crazy because they want kids, and they're already getting old enough to have an increased risk of retarded babies, they STILL won't have kids with me, simply because I don't have money. It doesn't matter how attractive I am, my personality doesn't matter, my height doesn't matter, my 6.5" dick doesn't matter, how good of a father I would be doesn't matter, and they don't care that I would never cheat, because I don't have money and women are all whores.

Women place such an importance on money that literally nothing else matters, if a guy doesn't have money, he's worthless to women.

My only choice is to get money, and then I get to select from whores that suddenly want me, even though they never did before. And if they ever feel like it, they could divorce and take my kids away and financially destroy me.

>> No.9468474

t. stacey

>> No.9468478

Mostly industry, which I have experience in, and electronic retail, which I don't. At first I wanted to find something that I could keep as a part time job after summer but right now I just want something so I won't have to use up all of my savings...

>> No.9468479
File: 323 KB, 680x1120, eyes wide O P E N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoa Nelly!

>> No.9468483

There's literally nothing wrong with this women being biologically hardcoded to want men with resources, anon.

Also, your attractiveness, personality, height, dick size and (by tribal standards) father potential do matter, just not if you don't have any resources.
By the way, you do have resources - the state acts as your guarantor in modern society. If you default the state will bail out the woman for you.

>> No.9468485

Okay. I work by a port (San Pedro). There is always something there (work). Are you near a port/coast or have access to reliable job agencies?

>> No.9468488

What company? I've been looking for job location and got really bored working for the school district.

>> No.9468489

>biologically hardcoded to want men with resources, anon.

Yes, and I'm basically mad that in modern society that equates entirely to "money".

If women just admitted they're all whores I wouldn't have such a problem with it.

>> No.9468492

Jesus, your poor mother is involved too? The situation sounds severe, and it seems like nothing short of police intervention would make a difference.

Related story time:
I have a severely schizophrenic mother and she became homicidal at two points in my childhood. Attempted to kill my dad both times (he is, thankfully, still very much alive). Divorce happened and she moved out, taking none of us kids with her. In her new home, she called the police often over false alarms and they assigned an officer to her -- as they often do with people like her. One day, she called them again and the officer came into her kitchen and saw the gas was left on high with nothing cooking. As she pointed at the stove and accused her neighbors of poisoning the gas, the officer decided that this was a perfect opportunity to arrest her for endangering herself and everyone around her for creating a gigantic fire and explosive hazard (she left the stove on for DAYS). As a result, she was forcefully committed to a hospital and put on medication.

All that to say, if he poses a threat to himself or others then he can be committed to a hospital and forced on medication. I don't know why he was in the hospital previously, but it clearly won't get better unless he goes back. Record him making threats and explain the situation to the police. He doesn't sound safe in the slightest and this will be for the best for him, your mother, and you. If you want the situation to get better for your mother, you'll have to stick with the government. (I'm from the USA, so it may differ if you are elsewhere.)

Sage for blogging.

>> No.9468497

I live in a port city but jobs are still hard to come by, and a lot of them require things that I don't have. (mostly forklift and lorry licenses/certificates.) I'm searching through various job agencies at the moment but there's not a lot of jobs I can do left as I can't work as a caretaker or cleaner due to health issues.

>> No.9468500

>wanting to invite sandniggers and goatfuckers so they can bomb the country and rape the women

You americans are so dumb it's painful, I bet you SJWs just have a fetish for arab cock

>> No.9468501

Is it normal for lesbians to feel this way in locker rooms? I don't feel anything sexual when I look at a (half-)naked body, no matter if women or men.
It's more like >>9468011 that lolita made me realise how much more beautiful (physically and emotionally) women are compared to men. And then suddenly my heart goes all doki doki when I see an amazing lolita and I find myself daydreaming about how it would be to have a gf. But I'm not sure if I just deeply admire some women or if I'm being gay without noticing. Stupid sexuality, how does it work?

>> No.9468508
File: 44 KB, 640x480, 4575473357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468514

no pics = fake

>> No.9468515

>"I have a GREAT personality!"
>"All women are whores, no exceptions!!!"
Pick one, dumbass.

>> No.9468518

How do lesbians fit into this cause cgl is full of them lol. I'm only a whore for a girl in frills.

>> No.9468520 [DELETED] 
File: 349 KB, 852x956, I did not ask for these feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

.......dang.... Well... If you don't mind using a gun, there are plenty of ranches that pay $1k for 3 days of eradicating feral swine! I do this as a side gig a couple about 16 times a year in Cali and Texas.
>inb4 go back to /k/
There weirdass jobs out there.
I did the mistake of accidentally giving the address of my badass computer repair & sales shop and they got fugggg for a while. Just google companies from a particular city and call their H.R. dept.

>> No.9468522

I don't mean to go all tumblr on you, but you could be asexual. Asexuals can feel aesthetic attraction toward others, but not sexual attraction. And that sounds exactly like what you're describing. An asexual can even be addicted to hentai since it's very aesthetically pleasing, but they won't see an attractive person on the street and want to fuck them. OR: you could just have a very, very low sex drive that only activates if someone hits all the right buttons.

s. an asexual with similar feels

>> No.9468523

>"I have a GREAT personality!"
Didn't claim it was, but it wouldn't matter if it was.

Women saying "maybe it's not X, it's just your personality" is the biggest bullshit lie that women say.

They don't, are lesbians supposed to fit into everything? I don't care about lesbians, and I think most of them are just "lesbian" for political/feminist reasons anyway.

>> No.9468526

Reminder to report and ignore pol/r9k and people who take the bait or else the thread will get deleted again.

>> No.9468527

>I bet you SJWs just have a fetish for arab cock
nah we're just not racist.

>> No.9468529

Sorry, I'm European and need a license for that, which I sadly don't have and can't afford. But thanks for the tip anyway, I appreciate it!

>> No.9468530

desu muslim isn't a race

>> No.9468531

>an asexual

Do you take any drugs, prescription or otherwise? Do you have some kind of disease/disability?

>> No.9468532
File: 34 KB, 480x542, 1493680911416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There were a lot of lesbians on all the cons I've attended lately and some of them have gotten a little too touchy feely with me without even asking if it's okay to even touch me, and then laughing it out by saying "it's alright we're both girls! hehe you're so cute!" One of them squeezed my boobs by surprise and told me to 'hit her up sometime'

I'm not a lesbian nor do I hate gays but this shit is getting annoying. Really ironic how women go crazy with "consent this, consent that, rape this, rape that" when it comes to guys but think shit these women do are totally okay just because they're gay

>> No.9468533

N-no?????? Where on earth did this come from??????????

>> No.9468534

They won't have your kids because they don't actually want your kids or anyone else's. They're smart enough to realize human beings are statistically happier when we never have children - men and women.

>If you're a female, and intelligent enough to understand this and articulate it, I am impressed.
Fuck off with that condescending assholery, betafag. I bet you couldn't even kick your own ass.

>> No.9468537

t. sheltered white girl who hasn't met a rapefugee

>> No.9468538

Gosh why can't all boards of /pol/ style layout?
>unique ID tag for every poster
>flag displaying country of origin
Why even live?

>> No.9468539

>most businesses go bankrupt within 5 years so it's a bad idea for people to start businesses
epic statistic distortion

>> No.9468540


>> No.9468543

We call the police every month or so on him because he damages things in the house. He destroyed my mother's cat wall clock last month which got him sent back to the hospital for two weeks. My mother was so upset because this clock was a birthday present from my older brother who passed 5 years ago. The thing is the hospital can only keep him 2 weeks, if he stays longer than 15 days he gets sent to the state hospital. He forced my mother to co sign on all these loans and credit cards so if he gets sent there, he loses his disability and then my mother would be stuck with $900 a month in bills to pay because of him.

They won't force him on meds, even at the hospital. I don't understand why they cannot do anything. I just want my little brother back. I don't want to go offtopic myself, I just wanted to vent because I know if I lost my BF somehow I'll be putting my favorite dress and throwing myself in a river somewhere.

>> No.9468544

Women are all whores, and so are men. We're ALL whores because we're fucking ANIMALS.

Literally the only thing that stops people from whoring around are societal norms, and those are changing. Also, fewer people actually give a shit about social norms because we've realized they're just meaningless social constructs, like everything else in life.

>> No.9468545
File: 197 KB, 700x700, 1420498378032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ITT: /pol/sters took a wrong turn and strayed away from their containment board

should somebody help the find their way back?

>> No.9468549

Call the staff for that shit. My friend got taken advantaged when he got drunk in a con last year and he didn't want to report. Now he doesn't want to go to a con anymore. It's sad losing a con buddy.

>> No.9468551
File: 2.13 MB, 3391x2360, 1466956622123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a lot of guys like big fat girls

higher sex drive coupled with lack of sex == staring and subscribing to images of fertile libidinous women

>> No.9468552

Fuuuuuuck, I'm so with you on this. This grates on me so fucking much! Do! Not! Touch me!! Without my consent!!! If this happened to me, I would gladly back up and gut punch the lady.

>> No.9468554

>I bet you couldn't even kick your own ass.
I wish I could fight myself for fun, I watch a lot of MMA. It would be a fair fight you could say.

>Women are all whores, and so are men
>and so are men
No, have you ever heard of something called a housewife? Tons of men WANT women who make no money.

>> No.9468556

What a cool nihilist
You've never thought any of your views through, have you?

>> No.9468557

Well yeah if you don't want to start a business and are only doing it because society is telling you it will make you happy, of course it's a bad idea to start a business. Same goes for having kids.

>> No.9468560
File: 345 KB, 250x188, bird hold.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My thoughts are with you, anon. I hope things get better very quickly for you soon.

>> No.9468561


As much as this this political talk is annoying to me and isn't even suited for the cgl board, you're a fucking dumbass for getting this worked up over this stuff

I hope all the refugees come flocking to your country and rape your ass

>> No.9468562

>It would be a fair fight you could say.
Fatty basement dweller clone match would be fun to watch

>Men wanting a housewife
Yes, they keep her at home and make her ruin her body raising children while they spend time with the boys and pay to fuck sluts who are actually fun in bed and not focused on raising children. No woman with self respect wants that life, only mindless basics.

>> No.9468563

The notion that you know what future you will want and conversely that society knows nothing of it is a foolish notion.
Anyway, the business metaphor was perhaps bad. Some kids only study because society says it will make them happy in the long run. Society can be a good check on irrational hedonism.

>> No.9468566

Raising a child to not turn out as degenerate as you is harder than anything you'll ever be employed for, slut.
Seriously go back to tumblr you autist. "Make her ruin her body". There's no fucking coercion, it's a contract that both think will be a positive in their lives.

>> No.9468567
File: 80 KB, 500x475, 060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hope all the refugees come flocking to your country and rape your ass
I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.9468568

Well, it's statistically proven that men and women are happier when they don't have children. At all life stages, actually.
The only reason society pushes people to have babies is because they need consumers to keep the world running. At the end of the day, there's no reason to have kids if you value your happiness above all else, as you should.

>> No.9468570

It's a me! anon!

>> No.9468572

Well, I'm an escort, so I kinda doubt it's actually harder than what I'm employed for, if you catch my drift.

>> No.9468573

>wasting THIS much time arguing with women

anon I think you're the real retard here

>> No.9468575
File: 389 KB, 1080x1301, IMG_0403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't even know if it's /cgl/ related but I'm currently having a wee sob while watching say yes to the dress cuz he doesn't wanna get married.

>> No.9468576

So a group of refugees is now considered a flock? Neat.

>> No.9468581

You don't know what the word whore means. You seem to have it confused with slut. (Which is still wrong since men can't be sluts)

A man would never refuse to have sex with a woman because she doesn't make enough money, or doesn't have a nice enough car. Only women do that.

>> No.9468582

>Fatty basement dweller clone match would be fun to watch
No I'm from /fit/.

>while they spend time with the boys and pay to fuck sluts who are actually fun in bed and not focused on raising children
I would never cheat, ever. I hate few things more than adultery.

If I ever got money and was gonna get married or have kids, I would tell her as seriously as I could, if she cheats I will divorce her, and she can divorce me, that's fine I don't care, but if she takes the kids in the divorce, or ruins me financially, I will LITERALLY kill her.

I wouldn't marry her unless she believes I would kill her, which I unironically would.

>> No.9468585

Stop worshipping "statistics". You don't understand them.
Literally everybody values their own preferences above anybody else's, it is inherent in acting. It is a null point and a strawman to believe that having children is putting another's interests first.
You are treating the effects of childbirth on a couple as if it were an entirely random variable. This is stupid.

How explanatory. Stop pushing your nihilistic tenancies onto other people, it's cruel.

>> No.9468586

>being THIS triggered over niggers
it's so fun to watch you libtards get bullied

>> No.9468587

Pretty nice dress desu. Would cum on and put on daughters bed / 10

>> No.9468591

>If you're a female, and intelligent enough to understand this and articulate it, I am impressed.
>all women are (literally, by definition) whores.
Gee, I wonder why women don't like you. I'm sure it's because of your financial situation and absolutely nothing else.

>> No.9468593
File: 157 KB, 1024x576, 56856856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're from fit but you're this jaded? You're a manlet aren't you

>> No.9468594


>> No.9468596
File: 488 KB, 1000x1050, 1487049682812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>LITERALLY kill her
>unironically would

ohhh okay so you're an actual sociopath, I understand. Thanks for clearing that up.

>implying nihilism isn't the best way
Why wouldn't I want others to be as happy as I am? It'd be cruel if I didn't encourage it. I get paid for motivational speeches, friendo.

>> No.9468597

Triggered? I just thought the plural was interesting. Should probably stop assuming everyone commenting on your post is a liberal. This is a feels thread, not a /r9k/ sperg thread.

>> No.9468598

I'm looking to get a new hairstyle soon and I feel like a hime cut would look nice with my face. Only thing is that I feel like it's not acceptable in normie fashion, and I'll be lining up to get serious job interviews soon. Any gulls have experience with this? Do you just clip back the face cuts when in serious business, or can it slide as-is?

>> No.9468599

Just get blunt bangs and keep the rest of your hair normal. hime cuts look pretty weeby on most everyone

>> No.9468600

But isn't getting triggered part of feeling

>inb4 well I'm gonna comment on some shitposter's grammar instead! HAHA LOOK EVERYONE ANON USED A PLURAL WORD HAHAHA

>> No.9468602

>ohhh okay so you're an actual sociopath,

If a woman divorces a man, takes his kid, and financially ruins him by taking half his assets and makes him pay alimony/child-support, that is basically destroying his entire life and everything he worked for.

One of the few cases outside of self-defense where I wouldn't really blame someone for killing.

If I had money women would be all over me, doesn't matter how much of an asshole I am.

>> No.9468603

Being an nihilist whilst claiming that nihilism is the best way is a contradiction in terms.

>> No.9468604
File: 36 KB, 543x539, 14570392_198810093884781_8640456684243193040_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't matter how much of an asshole I am.

>> No.9468607
File: 121 KB, 604x800, c673f46696dfe2dea70fc6d5377d2103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, and here I was hoping I could pull it off somehow. It looks nice on some girls (pic related), but I guess it does look awful on most.

>> No.9468608

What I find confusing is how all these tradcuck poltards think that they're somehow above the biological urge to fuck around, but think it's ludicrous that anyone would be able to be above the "biological urge" to procreate.

The reason I have "biological urge" to procreate in quotes is because humans don't have any biological urge to have or raise children. We simply have the biological urge to fuck. Raising/desiring children is all a social construct. It's relevant to evolution because we're all smart enough to pull out and/or get rid of our babies in some way. So the only reason we actually raise children is due to society and a survival imperative (in the old days, you don't reproduce, you die, it's no longer like this). Now that we don't have to raise children, those of us who don't care about societal norms are realizing there's literally no point.

>> No.9468609

What kind of HR normie would know a hime cut is weeby?
Just get one.

>> No.9468614

>humans don't have any biological urge to have or raise children

We would have went extinct long ago you dumbfuck, do schools not teach basic science and biology in the US?

>> No.9468615

Why is fucking a biological urge but securing the growth of your children is not?

There's also a difference between fucking 15,000 individuals per day and having sex with your wife, sperglord.

>> No.9468616

Do schools not teach reading comprehension? Read my entire post and you'll have your answer.

>> No.9468619

Are all desires social norms?

>> No.9468620

Biologically we desire pleasure, which is why we masturbate and have sex. It's also why we have literally always practiced birth control of some sort, be it pulling out or what have you.

Like I said, the only reason we've survived is because of the societal urge to procreate. There hasn't been any need to procreate to actually survive in nearly 100 years in the developed world. For 100 years, we've been relying on social norms alone, and not the survival imperative, to keep people popping out kids. It's no wonder more people are realizing there's no point. Sorry you're not smart enough to realize this.

>> No.9468621

>If I had money women would be all over me, doesn't matter how much of an asshole I am.
Then why do I know so many poor yet friendly guys who have girlfriends and wives? Admit it bro, it's you. If you'd just treat women like people, you'd have a better chance at finding someone to settle down with. Genuine love and respect knows no price tag.

>> No.9468622

>t. Girl who gets beaten by her bf but puts up with it because he has money and "he's just so confident and assertive it turns me on so much"

>> No.9468623

Maybe because you weren't socialised to sexualise boobs that way?

Just because the people on the telly are obsessed with sex doesn't mean you're abnormal if you don't get horny from strangers.

Nobody has ever treated my hime cut as something unusual, but you can clip back the 'side bangs'.

>> No.9468625

You'll have to analyze what you desire and figure that out for yourself. Maybe all of your desires are simply because you desire to please society and fulfill society's quintessential lifescript.

>> No.9468626
File: 16 KB, 292x257, 1461617533904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fucking shit, if this were true it would have saved me from meeting another retard like you

>> No.9468628

I'm a Christian, don't believe in evolution, and I think evolutionary psychology gets dumb fast.

>> No.9468629

please stop replying, report

>> No.9468630

Basically this. I know tons of poor guys who are sweethearts and not even necessarily hot, and they have sweet cute wives. /pol/tards think it's because all women are whores, but it's just them. Also, they tend to have really basicbro taste and only think basic Melania-trump type chicks are hot.

>> No.9468632
File: 126 KB, 500x550, 1454517457195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit anon you fucking virgin manlet just go fuck a trap if you're this mad ahahahahaha

>> No.9468633

These "poor" guys are working class guys, not NEETs with no money.

They're still whores, just cheap ones.

>> No.9468634

Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that I'm not as much of a weeb as I actually am. But then I'll read a manga and transform a part of my life because I'm so deeply affected by it. It's always a positive change, but GOD sometimes I am in no way redeemable in this weeby hell.

Example: read a food/cooking manga and suddenly I want to change the entire way I approach cooking by trying new things, going the extra mile, be unafraid of dirtying a ton of dishes so I can make a good meal, buying fresh groceries and not going my usual lazy route of frozen/canned, etc.

(The two food/cooking manga I'm talking about are Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles and Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan. Hakumei & Mikochi made me want to make soap and other stuff. Yuru Camp made me set up a camping trip with friends.)

>> No.9468635

Except it wouldn't, because you're basicbro and your parents were basics who listened to what society told them would make them happy. Unfortunately, they raised a degenerate sociopath.

>> No.9468637

>I'm a Christian
>muh fundamentalist values
>science is a lie

Well there's your problem

>> No.9468638

Why should I kill my desire to further humanity if it makes me happy? All desires are ultimately to fulfil oneself, so what does nihilism have to add apart from an edginess factor?

>> No.9468641

Wah wah wah I know more than you do because I use fancy words and you're just a degenerate and I'm too smart for EVERYBODY on this board! Ugh!! x(((

>> No.9468644

I'm a shitposting Aussie that crossboards /cgl/ and /pol/, why would I be triggered?

Triggering is feels, but keep it /cgl/ related

>> No.9468646

If you think it's going to make you happy, go for it. Most people who place so much importance on child rearing only end up bitterly disappointed that they're unable to mold their children into perfect little clones. And don't push others to do something that typically results in unhappiness.

>> No.9468650

Keep telling yourself that, bud.

>> No.9468651

Wah wah wah a big mean slut is smarter than me and I've nothing left to say

go back to your echochamber, faggot.

>> No.9468652

>And don't push others to do something that typically results in unhappiness.
What if it makes me happy? Who are you to push me into something that typically results in unhappiness. I like being pushy.

>> No.9468653

>b-b-but anon I'm a SHITPOSTING AUSSIE wh-who f-frequents BOTH /cgl/ and /pol/ so idk what you're talking about??

m8 why the fuck would you even

>> No.9468657
File: 65 KB, 480x411, 1484023444786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not that guy but
>tfw manlet

>> No.9468660

You're gonna need your unhappiness for what makes you decide what makes ya happy, partner.

>> No.9468663

Says the one who replies to everyone that gives her a (You) that I'M THE SMARTEST LOL?? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT UR ALL TOO DUMB AND BASIC xDDDDD

You're the echochamber

>> No.9468668
File: 18 KB, 300x277, 1493257624463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you're the echochamber
Good one!

>> No.9468670

My point is, what does nihilism do other than give hordes of people an excuse to be hedonistic in the present at the expense of the future under the guise of "life is meaningless" and then drive themselves into unhappiness because they're not strong enough to have their value system hold up under scrutiny and fall into a pit of base desire?

>> No.9468674
File: 5 KB, 204x200, 1458680686197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahaha it's a good one isn't anon! Hahaha xDDD

>> No.9468675

Really goes to show how warped and high women's standards are. Average income is "poor" to them. Average looks are "ugly" to them. They truly only have eyes for a man if he's one of the best in in the world, and even then you're just barely starting to appeal to her.

>> No.9468677
File: 143 KB, 545x524, 1494011789124.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Genuine love and respect knows no price tag.

>> No.9468679

Traditional Christian values are what I'm guessing you're referring to? Most people don't have those values anymore, thankfully. They're very harmful and lead to unhappiness in the present and the future.

The only people who should not subscribe to nihilism are those who were raised in a strict Christian/religious background, because as you said, they'll be unhappy later in life because the harmful value system that they were brainwashed to uphold as a child will always make them feel guilty if they are living for themselves and living to be happy. As long as you weren't raised that way, there's no reason not to be a nihilist. The idea that we need to further the human race is stupid in itself. There's no reason to do that.

>> No.9468681

They're not warped, they're correct. Young women are the gatekeepers to sex and children, they get to choose.

>> No.9468686

To add to this, this is why raising a child in a strict religious upbringing is basically child abuse. You're brainwashing them and ensuring that they'll always be fucked up and never able to be truly happy because they'll always be ashamed of their human nature.

>> No.9468688

I hope you all turn gay and stop procreating and finally end humanity

>> No.9468689
File: 175 KB, 434x439, guys stop it please don&#039;t fight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Share your feels, please.

>> No.9468693
File: 532 KB, 1793x1753, that activates my almonds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happened to the interesting, inward feels? Why are/pol/ raiding?

>> No.9468694
File: 34 KB, 526x526, 16299016_1843691792586019_1968784263644892112_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jokes on you for arguing with a prostitute in the first place. I thought you menfolks were smarter than that?

>> No.9468696

*tips fedora*

>> No.9468698

Well anon if they degrade us cos-sluts enough maybe we will repent and have their ugly manlet babies

>> No.9468699

>implying I haven't mutilated my dick into a vagina

ugh can't believe you'd misgender me like that tumblr :(

>> No.9468701
File: 66 KB, 254x350, ebil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another roastie feels thread ruined by me.

- jacked 9/10 NEET asshole /pol/tard incel

>> No.9468703

Holy hell, I've actually been here roasting the fuck out of Blair White? This makes my day. You're cringier than I thought. Off to the farm I go with this milk, if you're not already livestreaming this like the loser you are

>> No.9468704
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My feel: I used to never exercise and now I've been faithfully doing it these past 3 weeks. But every time I attempt jogging, my knee and/or shin get injured and I have to take a week-long break. My sister keeps insisting I jog but when I explain it to her she brushes it off with a simple-minded "You just don't want to work hard!" and it pisses me off soooooo much. I know my limits and I will keep to them until I can safely and slowly push them farther. She tries to get me to exercise with her but I always refuse because she's on a different level. She's been exercising for 10 years and yet she expects me to match her pace. Even when I explain to her that it's irresponsible and unreasonable to expect that of me, she still doesn't take me seriously and tells me I'm being lazy.

Seriously, my sister can go screw herself.

>> No.9468705
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>thinking it's a /pol/ raid

>> No.9468706

>Traditional Christian values are what I'm guessing you're referring to?
Not necessarily.

>They're very harmful and lead to unhappiness in the present and the future.
Strange that atheists are less happy than people of any other field of religious beliefs, then.

>the harmful value system that they were brainwashed to uphold as a child will always make them feel guilty if they are living for themselves and living to be happy
You're projecting your value system onto them and judging it as if you were living by their standards. You deny your own principles. Acting as a traditional christian would would make you sad. Acting like a degenerate would make a traditional christian sad. Your value system is not superior because it has no foundations.

>As long as you weren't raised that way, there's no reason not to be a nihilist.
Nihilism gives a person the imperative to destroy any prior held values and misunderstood traditions as meaningless. Believing that life has no meaning can only possibly make you happy if you can construct your own meaning, and at that point life no longer has no meaning.

>The idea that we need to further the human race is stupid in itself. There's no reason to do that.
The idea of posting is just as stupid "in itself". The benefit of valuing morality is that acting morally requires only the ability to act, and no other means. A person who values acting morally can always get what he values.

>To add to this, this is why raising a child in a strict religious upbringing is basically child abuse
Who cares anon, it makes me happy.

not en argument

>> No.9468707

Nope, some of the really weeby girls I know have fellow NEET boyfriends that also constantly bitch about never having money. But go ahead and keep trying to push that narrative of yours.

>> No.9468709
File: 85 KB, 633x738, 1486864667893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9468710
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>all this /pol/ vs. /tumblr/ fighting

I wish all you flabby idiots would just fuck and get it over with. I'm here to talk about doll clothes.

>> No.9468711

>some of the really weeby girls I know have fellow NEET boyfriends

You think people would just go on the internet and lie?

>> No.9468712

>when she doesnt believe I'm actually just a shitposting tranny

Wow and I thought I still had hope in women :(

>> No.9468713

not an argument

>> No.9468724

They are warped. Thinking 90% of men can be below average is just simple incorrect math.

>> No.9468729

90% of men aren't NEETs you fucking retard

>> No.9468731
File: 163 KB, 704x1575, 1487233581246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You roasties just need cummies in you tummy to calm the fuck down amirite? hehe winkyface

>> No.9468732

You're misunderstanding. They believe that 90% of men aren't worth pursuing, not that they are below average attractiveness for a man. That is what a 5/10 and below means, that they are not worth pursuing. If I saw a population of 1,000 x-ers and they were all grotesque to me, I would not give any of them a beauty rating of above 3. I understand math.
Why do you think women rate men more highly as they get older, get to the point where the average rate they give a guy is 5 and then continue to rate even higher on average afterwards? Because they don't have choice anymore.

>> No.9468733

breath in, breath out (@me)
This copypasta is dedicated to you and the other raiders from /pol/.
"The Average/pol/ poster"
>be me
>I wake up at 1:00pm
>lift fat rolls off my legs and heave my fatty, sweaty, cum stained mess of a body to the side of the bed
>use what little muscle fat I have in my legs to lift my moist ass from the bed
>equip fedora
>oil katana
>I can't be stopped
>begin plonking one foot in front of the other
>I'm glad I skipped mommy's breakfast, I'm surprisingly light on my feet
>4 steps in now
>I see my mommy from afar and she wants to give me my daily wakey uppy hug & kisses
>sorry bitch, not today
>I arch my back and spin. thus avoided her completely
>I looked majestic, like a swan gliding through the dawn's magnificent sunlight
>I go outside, but I can't drive!
>"REEEEEEEEEEEE! mommy mommy! your baby boy needs a ride to the Ann Coulter Rally! I need to defend the nation! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
>mommy is crying. why? is it tears of joy because it's my birthday? no... I turned 34 two months ago! oh... that time of the month...ew
>we head to the van, I get in to the backseat, plant my ass on my throne and cue Naruto in my tablet
>getting the mind ready for combat
>we arrive at the war zone and mommy gives me $40 because of my good boy points and because my hunger will be big after this glorious battle
>she leaves
>I'm ready. these unamerican shills will know my wrath!
>oh! I see a marvelous damsel
>she makes eye contact with me
>* tips fedora *
>"hello m'lady"
>yes! my charisma grew 10+ points

>> No.9468736

Frankly this is very unfunny pasta.

>> No.9468743

You are so petty it's hilarious, this would have turned me on if you weren't all just fatasses who waste their time on an imageboard whining all day instead of doing work

THEN you'll whine that you are getting paid enough, that all you fuckers ever do anyway

>> No.9468747

Thanks, anon, you reminded me to get off 4chan and be productive

>> No.9468750

Good, and make sure you stay out bitch

>> No.9468751

>tfw everyone is ignoring your feels to argue about their /pol/ teir opinions

I just wanted some asspats

>> No.9468753

Well of course women don't want kids if you don't have money. Are you stupid or something ? Having a baby costs a lot if you want them to have a good life

>> No.9468754

>Why do you think women rate men more highly as they get older
Cause they start making more money of course.

>> No.9468758

As women get older, not men, I meant to say.
It's because they get ugly and dried up.

>> No.9468759

Basically this, robots don't seem to understand that kids cost 250k from 0-18 on average, not including college. That's literally more expensive than most decent homes in most areas and less time to pay it off, plus you're never really free from the responsibility of caring for your kid, even after they're 18. Unless you're just an absolute piece of shit degenerate parent, that is.

>> No.9468761

Basic ass bitch gotta read some Nietzsche

>> No.9468762
File: 81 KB, 810x1100, jennifer-aniston-oscars-27feb17-01-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's because they get ugly and dried up.
Only if they have kids or don't take care of themselves.

Jennifer aniston is 48, childfree, and hot as hell.

>> No.9468763

It was more of a jabbing roast at them.
Emough you pathetic dummy! Just leave!

>> No.9468765

Only white women get ugly and dried up quickly, thats why white men cheat on their wives to some kid or some smelly indian girl

>what is botox

>> No.9468767

What exactly is your anecdote meant to prove?

>> No.9468768

No, that's just the thing. You're either in the top 10% of rich men, or you're worthless. In women's eyes at least. Everything in the bottom 90% is equally repulsive and "poor" to them.

>> No.9468769

>Unfunny 2008 pasta


>> No.9468770

You're that stupid?

>> No.9468773

You're an incel, aren't you? That would explain this level of deluded thinking

>> No.9468774

I'm stupid for not knowing what a retard is trying to say?

>> No.9468775

Black men cheat more than white men.

Perhaps, but answer my question - what was posting a single attractive 48 year old meant to prove?

>> No.9468782

>black men cheat more than white men
I also believe water is wet

>> No.9468783
File: 667 KB, 1662x1614, Physical Removal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468784

That women who don't have children and take care of themselves can easily remain attractive as they age, oftentimes being even more attractive than their female counterparts with babies who are merely in their mid to late 20s.

I know plenty of older sexy ladies in my personal life who look hot as fuck due to the fact that they've never had children and have been able to take great care of themselves. Motherhood is what truly ages a woman.

>> No.9468786


>> No.9468787

Asexuals are commonly considered "broken" even by LBGT folks (sample set: 4chan fwiw), because it's the only "orientation" that isn't about getting your rocks off with [insert type of person]. I mostly just ignore it because there are far more important things in life than sex.

>> No.9468789
File: 192 KB, 619x1020, I WANT OFF THIS RIDE REEEEEEEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9468790

asexuals should all be gassed, nobody wants them around

>> No.9468792

So what? I'm not comparing women with kids to women without kids, and your anecdotes still don't matter.
Women with kids have already found their husband and child's father, unless something goes wrong. They don't need to attract new men. Women get less attractive as they age, more quickly than men do so. As women age, they have to shoot for lower ranking men.

>> No.9468794

How the fuck are there 440+ replies??

>> No.9468795

>Women get less attractive as they age, more quickly than men do so

AHAHAHA whites will never stop getting cucked

>> No.9468799
File: 173 KB, 1024x768, stevienicks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stevie Nicks is 68, childfree, and still hotter than some chicks in their 20s.

You heteronormative tradview is so funny, too. These women don't need men to be happy and they have both spoke out against children, saying not having children was one of their best decisions.

Keep trying, though!

>> No.9468802

/pol/ raiders to spew blah blah blah

>> No.9468803

You're baiting, right?

>> No.9468804
File: 964 KB, 500x269, fox wolf wave.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhh, I figured it was something like that. Weird af. Hope you have a nice day, fellow ace anon.

>> No.9468806

>responding to dumb roastie bait
>wasting time on women

>> No.9468807

> Women get less attractive as they age
>not being into sexy older women

What are you, gay?

>> No.9468812

>Women get less attractive as they age

learn to fucking read you dumb cunt, I can only imagine incel beta manlets to settle for saggy sugar mommies and I'd rather fuck a trap than grandma

>> No.9468817


>> No.9468820

>again, what is botox and plastic surgery

Also that's right! Children are a mistake especially when theyre raised by dumbasses like you

>> No.9468821

now THIS is an argument

>> No.9468824

hehe cute babby

>> No.9468825

Wrong, she had breast implants previously and has had them removed, other than that she's never had any plastic surgery or botox

>> No.9468832

>breast implants
>b-but she had them removed!
when will white women stop

>> No.9468834

I'm sorry to have offended you by not being born a millionaire.

>> No.9468837

She looks younger than most women her age and she did fuck tonnes of hard drugs when she was younger!
When will enslaved women learn to understand that because of this anecdote it's a good idea to do meth?

>> No.9468839

That's an odd thing for a virgin to say.

>> No.9468843

You realise that these women are international superstars with ridiculously good aesthetic genes, right?
Perhaps they don't need family, perhaps they don't need children and perhaps they don't need men. They'd both also be fine if they got a $500,000 bill through the door, too. None of these necessarily apply to you.

>> No.9468844

Nah, sorry cunt, I've had my fair share of used goods that I've fucked, you might have been one of them

>> No.9468846


>> No.9468847

Don't you mean savage? winky face

>> No.9468850

Yes, you are a savage too.

>> No.9468851

That's an even stranger thing for a virgin to say.

>> No.9468857

nothing strange about your behavior though, you landwhale. What's wrong? Do I remind you of your daddy who fucks you over all the time?

>> No.9468864

No you don't remind me of him at all. My father has actually had sex afterall.

>> No.9468865

How old actually are you guys?

>> No.9468867

oh boo I'm gonna keep bringing up the same insult over and over again because this is the perfect way to get this bully to leave me alone!

>> No.9468882

>not lie
So you admit it. And I'll keep saying it for as long as it keeps upsetting you, which will be as long as you stay a virgin, which will be forever.

>Stop bullying me
I'm the one collecting the free (you)s here, why would I want to stop.

>> No.9468885

>you will never be bullied by a girl in real life
why live

>> No.9468894

>Valuing (You)s


You're so upset its hilarious

>> No.9468900

wow you're pathetic, I bet you're as salty as the armpit sweat coming out of you as you type your next stupid reply, lurking on a dead fucking thread because you're so mad. see ya bitch

>> No.9468916

As long as you're making a positive change I don't see anything wrong with it honestly. Just make sure you have a good cover story when people ask where the sudden interest came from.

>> No.9468917

I don't even know what's going on or who is who. To the anons babbling about babies and procreating:

You can go have a baby with someone. There's nothing wrong with that. Nobody here is going to stop you. There might be a few people perpetuating baby hate, but the majority have no issue with people wanting to have babies.

Go have babies. It sounds like you'll find happiness with a family.

>> No.9468946

I'm horrified to hear this, and I am very understanding. Unfortunately, no matter what the disease even when it is schizophrenia, we are all responsible for our own actions. I don't know how old your brother it, but if he's not underage, your family may need to consider letting him go. You should not feel liable to put up with his actions. I would never ask anyone to put up with my actions, nor expect them to. It's tough love, but there's no reason you should feel guilt about protecting your safety, your possessions, or your peace of mind.

It may take a restraining order, it may take him going homeless, it may take a phone call to police to drag him away when he's beating on the door to try to come back in.

For every day that you accept his actions, he will not bear the consequence nor learn responsibility.

Your family has to cut ties. He'll always be your little brother, but that's a lifelong disease. As long as he refuses to address his problems, he will never get "better". In fact, he'll never "heal". It's a permanent illness. Don't ever feel the need to put your family's safety at risk for the sake of the mentally ill. At a certain point, you have to protect yourself even if he suffers.

>> No.9468993

He's 24. And I think my mother is at a point where she realizes she has to let him go, even if that means losing the house and having to file for bankruptcy. I pleaded with her not to let him bully her into getting all these loans but he just gets so angry when things don't go his way. For his car loan he stood outside her door yelling "CAR CAR CAR" all night long until she finally gave up. I'm tired of it all and wanted to leave home for so long now but it's been hard leave my mother with him alone. She's older & disabled with arthritis & needs help around the house. He refuses to help me with any housework. All he does when I mention him this is the final time he can be sent to the hospital is that "Mom would never do that because then she'll lose my money"

If he does one more violent act again then I think I'm done. He'll be gone for at least 3 months if sent to the state hospital & forced to take meds. Maybe if spending that long will help him come back from insanity.

>> No.9469027

>When you're so pathetic you need to collect anonymous replies to feel good about yourself

No wonder all those fictional women are all over you, amirite?

>> No.9469040

Anon, is there any way for your mom to look into removing her name from the loan? There's a few ways to do this (including opening a new account to transfer the balance to), and there may be some organizations willing to provide her with some guidance.

>> No.9469235

this post made me realize that out of all my years alive I've never seen a black trap irl or online

>make us proud anon

>> No.9469284
File: 431 KB, 500x280, hi butt, me tina.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ummmm, I'm interested!!
although, lolita is just about dressing like a rich woman, not so much gender passing.

know your measurements in cm. measure your chest, the smallest part of your torso (waist), and of course your overall height.

if you don't find someone to guide you over email, find a piece that you like and then take it to the coord help thread for coord options.

good luck anon! you sound really cute, but I am biased because I have a thing for butts.

>fluent in Japanese
>can't learn about Aoki Misako

>> No.9469300

it's the action of frequenting boards, it's the worry that they'd be tempted into hopping onto (or already aboard) the poisonous race bandwagons around here that pander to certain groups.
I don't want to deal with that shit man. Even if I wasn't brown I wouldn't want to deal with it.
empathy is the virtue I value most.

>> No.9469302

meant to say it's NOT the action of frequenting boards....

>> No.9469303
File: 101 KB, 946x528, 1d0zz6N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>empathy is the virtue I value most.
>she says while getting angry/afraid of only white guys in particular

>> No.9469314

just get a nice looking and comfortable vac u lock supporting harness. they're way better in my opinion and leave your hooha available for play.

>tfw used to have adorable bf who used to bottom for me and occasionally hands-free shoot and I will probably never find that desire in another man.

>> No.9470567

I really should finish my cosplay but I just have no motivation at all. Con is in 2 1/2 weeks already, if I'd just start working the next few days I could probably still finish it but I cant bring myself to get up and actually start..

>> No.9471537

I mean a faggot would know what guys like, dont you think?