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old one here: >>9456646

>be lonelita
>visitor stops by my workplace
>mentions she's seen me in lolita
>we talk briefly, find out she also wears lolita but sold most of her wardrobe
>offers to hang out and get frilly together
>before she leaves we exchange contact info

might have her over to my house for the dress up hang out of my dreams!!!


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Also, just bought another dream item this past weekend.
I have found and purchased 3 of my dream dresses in the past year.
life is so good right now

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>live in California
>already sweating like a racehorse in early May
>look at all of the cool stuff I wear in winter
Anything more than shorts and a tank top is already unbearable

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>low income ita friend complains about being poor
>ignore her complaints, she accuses me of being "entitled" and a brandwhore
>sends me this low income simulation game
>game is rigged for worst case scenarios, you're supposed to live on $1000
>point is to illustrate that you can't live on $1k
>finish simulation 5 times with $500-900 surplus at end of month
>still accuses me of being entitled and spoiled

apparently responsible adults who budget and don't get into dumb shit = entitled brandwhores.

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>not surviving on tea and beans for your brand

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If you're playing the same game I think you are, you only got managed to do it by making decisions that are financially irresponsible in the long-term (ex. ignoring bills, going without insurance). Like you said, it's rigged, so even if you make sensible choices and go without all the non-essential stuff (no treatment for your pet, no kids' school trips, etc) you can't come out with that much.

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you don't sound like you're friends at all, considering you call her a poor ita and she calls you an entitled brandwhore

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SAME, it hit 100F today in my city, but at least the forecast for next week has us back down to the mid-70s. Fanime weekend is still too far out to hack at, but hopefully this last week was just a wild heat wave and the highest it'll go is the mid-80s.

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>mother and little girl spot an obese Elsa cosplayer
>mom says "look, it's Elsa!"
>daughter starts crying
>"she looks like an egg!"

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I've had so many weeby events this week, all leading up to a Free Comic Book Day cosplay contest on Saturday.

If every week were like this, I'd never think about killing myself.

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For about the past year I've been slowly falling out of love with lolita. I finally decided to gather up all my stuff and start working on posting it for sale today, and while part of me is sad to be leaving the fashion after almost 3 years, I know this is the right move. It'll be nice to finally stop chasing after and stressing about elusive and rare dream dresses, and to have extra money for other hobbies that make me so much happier.

The only thing I think I'll actually kind of miss is my "local" comm, but then again I haven't been to any of their meets in a year and a half so they probably don't even remember me!

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I'm glad there are other things that make you happier.
sounds like a good move anon.

I'm looking forward to more listings popping up!

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When you really hit it off with a cute grill, but it's an out-of-state con and she lives five hours away.

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>order crucial part of cosplay 2 weeks ago
>check ETA
>earliest guessed time is 5 days after the con I need it for
FUCK this is so frustrating and upsetting, I really really like the character and wanted to have fun cosplaying them...

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Tfw no lolita gf to indulge in my NTR fetish with

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I'm actually crying of laughter, oh god

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If it makes you happier, do it! You can always keep one particularly sentimental outfit for the memories and maybe a meetup.

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I currently have a top 5 post on /r/all

is this enough to get a gf

pls respon

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Mean, but hilarious. Kids are cruel.

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No it's the opposite
No girl likes fedora tipping redditors

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Because 4chan and Tumblr users are so much better?

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I've read this exact post before.

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If you're only making $1000 a month get a different fucking job, holy shit. Factory jobs pay better than that, good lord.

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>Finally get friends who are into the cosplay/con scene.
>Really fun people, don't seem cringey at all
>...Until I realize they suck at cosplaying

I don't mean "I tried but I'm inexperienced!" type of suck, I mean the "teehee let me dye/style my real hair and use closet cosplay instead of putting effort into my costume." type.

God dangit I just want cosplayer friends who care about looking somewhat decent.

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When you're so fat that it makes children cry.

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No they're virgins too
Lesser of two evils is still evil

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>implying that being a virgin is bad

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I'm doing my first artist alley event this weekend and I am FREAKING OUT. I have no idea if I'm going to sell anything or if anyone will even like my stuff. I've been reading the AA threads for months but I'm still terrified!!

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Kek, I remember my first time.

No bites on the first day. On Saturday, boom, avalanche of sales. Everybody wanted my Panty and Stocking print because their VAs were there.

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I filmed myself doing an unboxing and I've watched it four times.

The video function on my camera is awful so I'd never post it online (dark and literally looks like 240p), but I find it weirdly soothing and actually want to do more. I hate my voice though.

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Don't worry about your voice. It takes time. Ive gone from hating hearing my voice to being comfortable hearing over and over while editing my videos

>> No.9462359

It's not the worst, but I've noticed that I do uptalk a lot when I'm nervous, which really surprised me because people used to rib me about having a "flat" voice. It seems like the inflection at the end of my sentences either end up way too high and sound like I'm asking a question, or way too low and sound sardonic. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I've seen people bitch about millenials and uptalk before and I want to train myself out of the habit.

Good news is not many umms and errs though, which were a perennial problem when I recorded stuff (and edited other people's interviews) for radio before. I was surprised by how clearly my accent showed my class and geographic region though, because I thought I had quite a neutral accent. I like to avoid showing my IRL location online but I have a really distinctive voice and I swear you could pinpoint my exact comm from that thing.

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I want to cheer you up a lot but I don't know what to say… Think you already had the courage of competing for a table!
In my case, I feel like everyone loves my art but nobody would pay for it so I did not even bothered try an artist alley.

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>bf going down on me at con
>he says "itadakimasu"
>laugh uncontrollably
>fart on him
>mfw never got head again

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Good thing you care about how your voice sound. My biggest pet peeve with vlogs is that people think that they don't need to work their voice. That is why i hate youtubers, most of them don't know even how to vocalise!

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>go to con fundraising auction
>expect to see loads of cool anime/manga stuff up for bid
>mfw those nutsacks auction off two Walmart TVs and a microwave
>whole audience dies laughing when the microwave falls off its stand and shatters

Are you the guy dressed as Eleven?

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>big meet up in two months
>find online the perfect shoes for my coord theme and in the same off white color as my dress
>time passes, shoes arrive
>shoes aren't off withe but the whitest withe ever

Not matching whites seems to be a recurrent drama in my life.

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I just got a long wig from Epic cosplay and holy shit are the fibers incredible. They're so easy to brush out.

I bought a long Arda Wig last year and I spent like 40 minutes untangling it only to have it tangle 3 minutes of wearing it.

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>helping our comm president set up for tea
>she's being condescending to me, as usual
>tells me to tie down the chicken plate, like I'm a fucking idiot
>sudden gust of wind
>her dress flies up, revealing three dicks and three balls
>she gives me a snotty look and asks "what?"
>ask her "three dicks... three balls? why not six balls?"
>she looks at me like I'm an idiot
>"it's green week."
>mfw this bitch I thought I hated has been reducing carbon emissions for years

I've learned so much from lolita.

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why did the old thread get deleted?
what did you girls do this time?

>> No.9462452

I lost 17 pounds! Three months ago I almost made shitty post in this thread about not fitting in my dresses anymore and feeling horrible but I weigh the same as I did when I was a teenager again.

>> No.9462457

Are you me? Eerie. The same thing happened to me.

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>go to find something from a G&LB scan
>can't find my scan folder on memory sticks
>tfw I realise I must have deleted them without noticing, although I've no idea how
>they're now all gone from the Internet and can't be redownloaded

I have backups on a hard drive somewhere but I can't be bothered getting them, I'm pretty bummed out because the fact I deleted them even realising makes me worried I'll accidentally delete something I don't have a backup of.

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>900 dollar surplus
How the fuck you think it's possible to live off 100 dollars a month how ignorant are you

>> No.9462513

>be in a nice commited relationship
>recently meet a really nice gull here
>falling like a brick

I wish new gull weren't so awesome but they are all that is on my mind for the past week. I just wanna be comfy and lovey dovey with my partner again. Don't be so cute, gull <3

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>Moved to Japan to study, cosfam obviously stayed behind
>Always been fine with being alone, very introverted anyway and accepted the fact that I probably won't be getting Japanese cosplay-friends.
>Just visited a two-day doujinshi convention
>So many cosplayers, everyone seems to be having so much fun
>I forgot that feeling ages ago
>Suddenly want to have friends to cosplay with
>Gonna try joining uni's cosplay club despite crippling autism when it comes to interacting with new people
>Can't tell if it's gonna go good or horribly wrong
>Happy and excited but also scared shitless

So many contradicting feels

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This is so true it hurts.

>> No.9462549

If you like pedal shit I'll be your cosplay friend, anon

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But anon, positions like factory jobs and seasonal farm labor are for immigrants! You can't expect a properly educated anon to pick strawberries or drive forklifts!

>> No.9462580

Those jobs go to immigrants because they are willing to work for less than minimum wage and also won't tell anyone or else they get deported.

>> No.9462588


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>keep wanting to get into other alt/jfashions so I have something to wear other than lolita, especially for occasions when lolita isn't appropriate
>realise that a lot of the looks I like are just as out-there as lolita and not that good for every day
>realise that I'm fundamentally just not rebellious enough for literally any other alt fashion
>no piercings, no tattoos, undyed brown hair, hairstyle is girly unlayered long wavy hime cut with blunt bangs = great with lolita but a bit old-fashioned for even normie fashion
>prefer minimal make-up, don't like edgy crosses, don't like occult symbolism, feel uncomfortable wearing "slutty" clothes or fetish elements in fashion = bang goes most goth

I keep looking through Western alt inspo and stores but so many of the outfits look awful and it just doesn't make my heart go dokidoki like the goths I saw on the street and on TV as a kid in the 90s and 00s. The Victorian/romantic goth stuff is all horrible quality compared to lolita, and stores are flooded with hipster nugoth shit that's nothing but trendy clothes with edgy slogans and faux-Wiccan symbols (even a lot of jgoth is similar). Styles like cybergoth failed to evolve and are now completely dead, and the goth scene as a whole seems to be a shadow of its former self - I don't even see emo teens in the city any more. I ended up going for post-apocalyptic sorts of outfit using contrasting textures and distressed fabrics with pants and I like it, but I feel like my hairstyle always makes it look off no matter what I do with my make-up (same with 80s goth), especially in summer when I can't layer so heavily. At the same time, I don't want to give up the vintage-y haircut I have because it works amazingly with lolita but it's really shit with goth.

I used to want to get into so many styles (mori, CPK and fairy kei as well) but I;m essentially just becoming a lolita/otome lifestyler and wearing jeans and a nice sweater when that's absolutely not appropriate...

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>it's a beautiful day
>I wan to dress kawaii to go to the store
>just got over a bout of flu
>peeling red dry skin around mouth and nose, coldsore, less visible rough, dry skin everywhere on face and hands, big dark circles from sleeping badly
>can't cover all this shit with make-up
>guess I'm ugly and sick to dress nice

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I have the opposite where I am always looking for white, but it's always off white, creme, or beige. ugh.

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still no gf

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Is life really better if you aren't a flat bitch?
Asking for a flat friend.

>> No.9462717

Yes. Girls with normal/big boobs will never admit it though. They want to complain like "Oh it must be so easy being flat clothes would all fit and men would never harass me I wish I was like that you're so lucky" but they'll never put their money where their mouth is and get a reduction surgery. But lots of girls do the reverse and get implants so that should tell you all you need to know.

>> No.9462723

More Pedal cosplay pls. I'm too female to pull off anyone but I want to see more of it so bad.

>> No.9462728

It doesn't matter. Everyone will always want what they don't have. I have above average size boobs and I've never really noticed any benefit from it. I mean yeah, they look nice but I'm not showing them to anyone. They make fitting clothes more annoying because of the bust-waist difference but it's not a huge deal if you know how to dress yourself. I would never use my tits or sex appeal to get things from people because that grosses me the fuck out so... pretty neutral.

>> No.9462741

That you don't take advantage of privilege does not mean you do not have the ability to do so. It’s the level of societal advantage that comes with being seen as the norm or better in a community, automatically conferred irrespective of wealth, race, or other factors. It makes life smoother, but it’s something you would barely notice unless it were suddenly taken away — or unless it had never applied to you in the first place.

People quickly jump in to remind us that “not all big breasted girls use sex appeal,” a clearly (and perhaps willful) misleading summation of experiences. Obviously not all busty girls are traditionally sexy, and yes, there are cosplayers with small breasts who have achieved wealth and other marks of being cosfamous. But large breasts are something specific and different – it’s the idea that just by virtue of being a well endowed person of any kind, you’re part of the dominant group which tends to be desired, assumed the best of, and given much more attention. That just isn’t the case for people with small breasts, no matter how well-made their dress, pretty or well coordinated they might be.

>> No.9462749

ldr that shit pussy

>> No.9462753

Obviously you need big boobs AND have to be slim.
I'm guessing you only have the first...

>> No.9462755

dont be so fucking shitty this isnt the gulls fault. if you cant give love to your partner, fucking leave. they deserve better.

>> No.9462757

big tiddy monster here, and i was just thinking about how i would be fine to go back to having small boobs
(late bloomer, hit puberty at like 18)

>get a reduction
fuck you who has that kind of money

>> No.9462760

Being fat and having big tits is no accomplishment

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Diff anon but I have large titties and a slim body (26" waist 27F bordering G), I don't mind the attention, but man it is hard to find cute bras that fit. And it can really hurt my back, and forget wearing button downs and most Asian tops and dresses.

>> No.9462784

I got a reduction when I was 22, it was the best decision I have ever made.

I kid you not, my boobs where bigger than my face, also I had a shit ton of back issues and couldn't do any exercise. They were kind of saggy too and disgusting, they just made me feel super self concious.

My bust used to be 43in, now it measures 37in, I have never been happier, even if I still have big boobs for my frame (27in waist), they don't look comically big anymore.

>> No.9462788

I like flat chests more than bigger boobs most of the time. Just having big boobs isn't enough, they need to be firm and the right shape, while a flat chest has less strict standards for being attractive.

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File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1447043109399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9462798

be my gf pls

>> No.9462801

Calm your frills. I was just venting my feels. Since I figured out this was the way I felt I've been spending more time with my partner and talking less to new gull.

>> No.9462874

>Having a pet while low income

This is why I have no sympathy for some people. I was poor for so long and only spent money on necessities which is part of why I have money now

Being poor isn't an insult, there's nothing wrong with low earnings. Just don't blow it on unnecessary shit like fast food/ take out, pets, Chinese junk, etc. People with shitty decision making skills come at all income levels, I bet my lifestyle is better than people with twice as much money because I know how to budget

>> No.9462876

Imo Tumblr guys (male) are artsy and sensitive, I like them for the most part

>> No.9462878

Why do women get so upset whenever men comment on their preferences (even while being positive)?

>> No.9462879

The point of the game is that the player previously had a job and lost it, do you expect them to just shoot it?

Because it's OT and doesn't contribute much. People already know there are guys with a fetish for flatties and guys with a fetish for big tits.

>> No.9462880 [DELETED] 

I've cosplay too many Pedal guys and I'm pretty obviously female, no shits given. You should try it anon! Binding and padding are your friends.

>> No.9462881

I cosplay too many Pedal guys and I'm quite obviously female, no shits given. You should try it anon! Binding and padding are your friends.

>> No.9462889

>want to wear lolita
>6ft tall

Yeah yeah, I know there's some ways you can look halfway decent if you're this tall but I have a stupidly long torso so I might just well give up.
Skirts are nice and all but the dresses I love the most are stuff like AP's OP dresses which I'll never be able to wear.

Kind of makes me sad.

>> No.9462900

Oh my bad, I forgot middle class white people are above those jobs. How could I have made such an insulting suggestion. Terribly sorry.

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I just woke up from a dream that I was in artist alley and a hot Kaito asked me to go to the con-prom with him, but I suffered a sudden attack of diarrhea.

Woke up in a panic. I deserved it for sleeping in.

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Found out recently that my family was royalty before the communist revolution in Russia in 1917.
>mfw could have been an actual unironic ouji instead of middle class pleb

>> No.9462944

no your family wasn't

>> No.9462949

Sure thing Anastasia.

>> No.9462959

Realized that I've been putting way too much effort into a joke cosplay that's supposed to be my way of de-stressing since life has been kicking my ass lately.

I'm trying to be in a good mood for vacation and an upcoming con but it's hard when everything has been so shitty. This is the first year that I'm not even excited to cosplay and it's to the point where I feel like I shouldn't even bother next year

>> No.9462960

Look, I tried to be neutral about it, but honestly, I don't want these shitty boobs. I hate male attention and I despise that everything I wear becomes sexualised just because I have fat lumps on my chest. What else are you going to make a privilege out of? Are we not allowed to be individually dissatisfied with something just because other people tell us "you should be happy, other people have it worse"? Tell me anon, what are the negatives that come with having a small bust? Being self-conscious about it doesn't count because you can be self-conscious about literally anything.

>> No.9462962

Did I write this in my sleep? I guess what I mean is, >iktf
Especially the Victorian/romantic goth part. It's probably the only subset of goth that I could pull off but no matter where I look the clothes are such awful quality and always very overpriced. Lolita has spoiled me. The only option seems to be getting custom pieces done by an experienced seamstress but that's pretty spendy for something that will probably always take a backseat to lolita in my wardrobe.
The most adventurous I currently get with fashions other than lolita is when I pile on a bunch of layers and pretend it's mori, but even though it's super comfy I know it doesn't actually look good by anyone's standards.

>> No.9462968

Halo effect applies to all sexes anon. It's the same as being pretty in any other traditional way; I used to have really long golden blonde hair and I didn't realise how nice people were to me just because of that one trait until I lopped it all off.

Your life experience is just generally better in an quantifiable way because you are perceived as being better by everyone around you. You can be dissatisfied with it as much as you want, but people on the bit of grass that you say is greener will always tell you that it's just as bad, just in a different way.

>> No.9462979

No one man should have all that power

>> No.9462982

It's the arrogance that men have thinking that everything women do is for them. It's not about worrying that you wont find a speficic dude who likes you, it's not
>tfw can't bf bc no tits/massive tits
it's displeasure at a personal level because of not being able to be your ideal self, at how the whole of society treats you because of that trait. It's not something that can be fixed because you ride in, puff out your chest and talking about what you find sexually attractive as if you're some kind of saint for having a, probably innate unchangeable, preference.

Recent study showed that most men actually use how attractive a woman is as the gauge for how interested that woman is in them sexually. So if you're hot and at a bar no matter what you do, men will assume that it's for them specifically and individually, and that you really really want to be hit on even when your body language etc says fuck the fuck off.

>> No.9462993

You only "hate it" because you don't know what life would be like without it. As the other anon said even if you aren't purposely using it or realizing what's happening, people have been nicer to you your whole life because of that generally desirable trait.

If you suddenly woke up in an alternate timeline without them you might say "Wow they're finally gone I'm so happy this is great!" for a little while, but before long you'd notice the subtle differences in how people treat you now vs before and wind up wishing to go back.

>> No.9463005

>do you expect them to just shoot it.
No. Guns cost too much. Drown & Eat.
Saves money on the gun, on food for pet, and food for self.
Alternatively, teach pet to hunt and bring back food.

>> No.9463010

Or maybe someone was just trying to be nice. Guess someone like you couldn't understand that, if you saw a man revealing any kind of feelings of insecurity you'd just jump on the chance to make him feel even worse about it because a man not fitting your standards disgusts and infuriates you.

Also all that
>I care about it for me
>My ideal self
>How society treats you
Well guess what half of society is men. And the other half is women, judging you based on they way men perceive you vs them. It works the same for men and women. They both care about impressing the opposite sex, and they care about one-upping members of the same sex for the sake of looking better in the eyes of the opposite.

>> No.9463015

I have big boobs, but I'm fug so better pretty at any size chest my friend.

>> No.9463023
File: 28 KB, 330x322, GND6-Ep1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you guys are being kind of idiotic. Less and less men prefer or even desire large boobs nowadays. Smaller breasts are, more and more, becoming what is most desired. The same thing goes with tan vs pale. It used to be that tan, big titted women were all the rage, but the trends are changing and we're seeing pale petite girls with proportionately small boobs being the ones most idealized.

Like, maybe bigboob anon was privileged in the 1980s-mid 00s but it's just not the trend anymore, unless you guys live in fucking hicktown.

Pic related to this discussion. These girls were super hot in their time. Nowadays the average dude is gonna be like gross, they look like trashy hookers - not that they wouldn't bang them, guys will fuck anything that moves, but they'd prefer to stick their dick in something better looking.

>> No.9463029

These days guys seem to want petite pale girls that look eternally 16.

>> No.9463032

>26" waist

>> No.9463038

And if more girls stop tanning and wear their sunscreen more girls will look youthful well into their 30s and 40s, no surgery or tanning appointments needed.

>> No.9463043

Not everyone has the genetics to look babyfaced forever

>> No.9463044

People stick with the trends that were popular in their teens and twenties. Every generation has a preference for the type of jeans they wear, because eventually most people stop following trends and sticks with what's familiar.

Most people are older than those who grew up in the 00's - now, and are probably stuck with the preferences they formed in their youth.

It's not even a big deal either, everyone has a laundry list of traits about them that generate either negative or positive treatment for them. Different generations will have different preferences and some people will get lucky and others will miss out.

>> No.9463045
File: 74 KB, 1024x1024, qZufjOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

>> No.9463047
File: 5 KB, 200x200, lowqualitybait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9463049


I never believe anyone who says this, I think they're just trying to be different

Big boobs rule and evolution shows

>> No.9463052

This is pretty much what I'm saying, but I was trying to tell the anons I was replying to that they're dumb for thinking bigboob anon is privileged because of her tits.

>> No.9463057

A bit random but what places do you gulls spend time online to waste time?
Most of the places I used to visit are all drenched in the mentality that the world as we know it might as well be ending tomorrow and it's seriously annoying.

I just need a place to waste time reading stupid shit during downtime at work.

>> No.9463061
File: 33 KB, 1128x943, 17a87cf61dbc650a80f7b592226139606485eea7900309e398974ff87f9a8e16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only a woman could come up with such an retarded argument.
>dress up
>go to bar
>complain when people hit on you

>> No.9463065
File: 25 KB, 684x355, 17553434_10212614621503480_646737964788645140_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, scrolling through Facebook
>"Oh man, I love how nice staff of [insert con] is so much nicer than [insert staff of other con]"
>"All I did was ask a question they're so mean waaaah"
>person also namefags person they have a problem with
>goes through the group with the whiner's name to see all related posts

No wonder they don't like the staff. They keep asking stupid questions he has to answer multiple times a day. Of course he's gonna get snippy after having to throw you the link to the FAQ ten times for similar questions. Wouldn't you get tired of being asked the same thing for 10+ years without your attendees learning? I could at least understand if they looked at the con website and couldn't find what they were looking for, but it was all in the FAQ.

>> No.9463066

I'm one of the anons you're replying to friend. I reckon bigtit anon probably has a small advantage, it's just annoying to see someone complain about something you see them benefit from. Likewise, I haven't lived the experience of the bigtit life so equally don't know what benefits I'm reaping now. Hence the discussion.

It's hard to see the positives from the inside because you're an involved party. People tend to be naive about why people are being nice to them. Pretty Girl probably wouldn't assume she got the bar-tending job over Ugly Girl (unless the person was an outward creep) because of her looks, but Ugly Girl would probably know that's the reason why. You can see how you're treated differently from someone else because of your faults, but it's harder to see how your positive attributes effect you because people mask shallowness, or don't even realise they're being nicer to attractive people.

Halo effect is a real, well documented thing.

>> No.9463069

Yup, lolita has ruined me and I just can't enjoy shit lace any more. I used to really want to get into Victorian/Medieval goth but I don't have the space to sew my own and the quality is so poor for the price that it distracts me and I can't actually feel a sense of fantasy and mystery those clothes. I ended up deciding that lolita/otome was for all the girly side of my wardrobe and I would use goth plus some normie sportswear stuff for when I wanted to wear pants. I've started stockpiling the occasional cool y!ja goth find though, and I'm quite enjoying all the 90s trends in mainstream fashion though, since I have major nostalgia for 90s goth and I think a lot of the chokers, cami tops and crushed velvet slip dresses are really good for goth, plus I can put my hair up in double buns and it doesn't look so out-of-place. Dunno what to do once it gets too hot for velvet though, all my summer clothes are otome now and I can't wear them in my everyday life.

I feel like I wouldn't feel so bad about hating what goth is now if I actually saw goths IRL but I never do, and it makes me want to revive the style a little. The only other style I truly miss is CPK.

>> No.9463071
File: 143 KB, 646x448, a483fc56dc98ca1b069231b0a1b25b66268721232cd02f67c77505b6b460ce94.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this make you feel the feels?

>> No.9463078

The guy was being rude as hell, but wtf, the first game is less than an hour long.

The Portal games are among my favorites ever, and even I'm not devoted enough to pay out the ass for the gun.

>> No.9463087

I guess so, I just don't really realize that sort of thing because I tend to be acutely self-aware and forget other people aren't like me in that way. I know the reason why people tend to be so much nicer to me than others and why I have good experiences with people most everywhere can (most all the time) be attributed directly to my appearance. Also I've been hired by super non-PC foreigners who have straight up told me "oh yeah you're cute, you're hired"

>> No.9463098

Only if you're not fat which a lot of titty monsters are. Your tit size doesn't matter if you're fat. Which fatties never seem to understand. I had a fattie friend who would always make fun of my smaller tits but at least I'm not fat and have a decently cute face. I'd rather have a cute face and smaller chest than be fat with a big chest. What's crazy is my tits aren't even that small. I'm a decent C cup. I mean it's not big but it's not small and I like to think it looks proportionally good on me.

>> No.9463109

cute face + tits › cute face › no tits › fattie with tits › ugly face fattie with tits › ugly fat no tits

>> No.9463111

i am going to kill myself tonight, whoever finds my burando can have it

>> No.9463129
File: 16 KB, 216x146, IMG_0139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>found dream dress for sale in preferred color way.
>seller doesn't ship to my country.
Two feels:
I need an EU SS stat! /
Th- that's okay... I'll just wait forever.

>> No.9463134

Are you Frill D. Roger? Can I find it all in OP?

>> No.9463143

I'm from the EU, I could help if you want

>> No.9463144

Look, the question at hand
>Is life really better if you aren't a flat bitch?
Isn't aimed at you. Your opinion is irrelevant because we're looking for input from women. You're not a part of this discussion, so stay out of it.

>> No.9463153

i was flat a couple years ago and now i have normal/a little smaller than normal boobs and it doesn't really make a difference. i'm a lolita and i don't flaunt them. i could, but i don't care to. i would hate to be a tittymonster though because jfash often doesn't cater to tiddies and i don't need an aching back. and honestly, dudes don't really care. they can have preferences but if you're pretty they'll go for whatever. i've never met a dude who turned someone down because they didn't have enough boob/had too much boob.

>> No.9463154

I feel like the only way to become pretty is to fix my face with surgery. Every girl that I know is so much prettier than me. I am really insecure and no self-esteem, but I'm not dumb. Like I know I'm not attractive at all. I just feel like shit, like nothing I do to try and look better works. My bf tells me I'm beautiful a lot but I know he's talking out of his ass to make me feel better.

I needed to get this out somewhere anonymously. Do I need to have a decent Internet following to get sponsored for surgery in South Korea?

>> No.9463166

Generally all you need is money, but yes, a legion of fanboys throwing money at you would help.

The question you should be asking however, is what your ultimate goal is. One or two details? Entire face restructure? Be sure to have a plan to prevent you from spiraling into the "more surgery = good" falsehood.

Also, do you plan on dumping the bf? If you think he's lying to you to make you feel better, if he really might like you just as you are, how you intend to (appropriately or not) whore yourself out to patreon donators etc.

>> No.9463167

>Stupid shit
You're looking for Amino. Whether you're into jfash or cosplay, it's all fucking hilarious. To get the really good shit, you've gotta lurk in the chat rooms.

>> No.9463171
File: 184 KB, 1920x1080, 1380214257249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gf sends over a bunch of cosplay supplies to me
>get massive customs charge
>ask how much she marked the value as on it
I know she's being honest, but...

>> No.9463176

>tfw that bath bomb from the con is 80% glitter

>> No.9463182


Male who isn't a soy creatute here

No guy who says he likes smaller boobs is being honest; every male friend of mine who says this ends up scoping out big tits with a nervous look. Big tits make these types insecure

They're the best and even the blowhards making a big stink about flat chests and small tits know it

I like small boobs enough, C cup to J Cup is ideal

>> No.9463184

I have a 36F and I will never say that I don't love my boobs or wish that I never had them. I wear low cut shirts and flaunt these fuckers daily.

>> No.9463185

my daddy loves my b cups

>> No.9463188
File: 58 KB, 900x640, bb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it worse than the girl who made coffee bath bombs that looked like poo in the tub?

>> No.9463199

Yea fuck that
I'm dying, but I'd still go in a tub of that over a tub of glitter

>> No.9463200

Everyone knows it's all about the butt

>> No.9463207

Male here

A-B cup is by far the best, anything bigger just looks like a cow. At least 1/3 of my male friends agree with me, the other 1/3 just like all tits, and then another 1/3 are like you and enjoy titty monsters for some ungodly reason. The ones who prefer giant tits tend to be fuckboys.

>> No.9463218

>i was flat
>now im still pretty flat
And how exactly does that make you an expert on having big boobs?

>> No.9463222


If you prefer boobs this size, you are a spectator. You spend most/all of your time looking and not touching.

All my big boob loving paps who are open about it and wicked cool

>> No.9463231

>Oh I am so ugly
>still has a bf

Get the fuck out stacy

>> No.9463234

I have literally no reason to lie about this.

Big boobs with no firmness or shape are just like other rolls of fat, disgusting.

>> No.9463238

Cs aren't flat you tard

>> No.9463244

And you mention this where in your post tard?
>boobs don't make a difference
>being flat is better for clothing
>guys don't care
This is literally "I'm a jealous flatty 101"

>> No.9463246

okiedokie fatty-chan

someone asked for my personal experience, i gave it to them. is there a reason you're so triggered? projecting your insecurities, maybe? i wonder what it's like to be fat and look like shit in cute clothes

>> No.9463256

California is like easy mode. I live in southern Georgia. It's considered subtropical here

>> No.9463261

>No guy who says he likes smaller boobs is being honest; every male friend of mine who says this ends up scoping out big tits with a nervous look. Big tits make these types insecure

This. Granted, my sample size is 4 nerdy guys. They like large tits but don't think they have a chance with women who have them.

>> No.9463274

Can't we just throw this thread into the dumpster already?

>> No.9463279

I'm going to throw your feels into the dumpster if you don't shut up.

>> No.9463289

I find big boobs to be disgusting, as do many other men. You don't have to believe me, but I don't even watch porn if the women have big tits.

>> No.9463293

Once again, no one cares about a males opinion because the original question was how life with big tits is.
As a male you are obviously not qualified to answer that question so kindly fuck off.

>> No.9463296

That's not very nice of you anon

>> No.9463301
File: 57 KB, 606x563, 6cf54f31fa316ef9f28f94c0fbd29c504c9916ffd4699a7a9f5d2d19e4837f7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry but the feels threads are the most entertaining threads on the board. Don't you dare delete them.

>> No.9463303

>Your life experience is just generally better in an quantifiable way because you are perceived as being better by everyone around you.

This post makes me so depressed. No matter how much weight I lose, no matter how long I grow my hair or how cute my clothes are, I will never be as good as someone who was just born more beautiful than me.

>> No.9463305

>life sucks more news at 11

>> No.9463309

I just meant the bad titty discourse going on. I do enjoy some good feels thread discourse tho but this is so obviously bait.

>> No.9463317

that's absolutely ridiculous. you obviously don't fart all the time.
also, why didn't your fart make him laugh? he clearly has a shitty sense of humor

>> No.9463318

you pull that pic off /o/?

>> No.9463321

Thanks for fucking up another thread, gulls. Get on topic, please.

>> No.9463324

Why do I feel that so many of these stories end in shitting yourself? Is there an epidemic of loose sphincters?

>> No.9463326

nothing outta the ordinary. it hit post limit, new-homie.

>> No.9463330
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1471299343561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one ever replies to genuine related feels
>everyone replies to obvious bait
You brought this on yourselves tbqh

>> No.9463336
File: 102 KB, 960x960, 1493377716305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only way to settle this is to show me your boobers

also to be my gfs

>> No.9463339


Fuck the people whining "get on topic"

There isn't anything you can do to convince me you feel that way man. Big tits are too much fun

>> No.9463345

cute fattie w/ tits always reigns supreme for me

>> No.9463347

>polished all my leather shoes
>even tried it on a matt pleather pair and it worked
>tfw loads of your lolita shoes look like new again
>tfw realised while cleaning that three different pairs of boots need re-soling
>so worn there's a high chance they'll become impossible to fix if I wear them again
>expensive af to do in my area and I just paid for Misty Sky MTO

I-I guess it's not normal to wear boots in the summer anyway, I'll just pack them away and make fixing them next winter's problem...

>> No.9463349

Can "male here/man here" be made a bannable offense?

>> No.9463351

pick one and only one

>> No.9463353

I second this motion.

>> No.9463356

man here

wheres my gf

>> No.9463369

even if you're bang on average 50% of people are still uglier than you. You win some, you lose some. Work on yourself in other areas, looks don't last forever and it's a rude awakening to those who've lived a charmed life.

>> No.9463380

I wish

>> No.9463401

>males not qualified to talk about life with tits
Do you know where you are, anon? Every man here has moobs, some of which are so big that they create their own microclimate

>> No.9463404

Don't have a pet at all unless you have tons of savings for the inevitable vet bills and emergencies and can afford a luxury like that.

I don't understand why some people work shitty jobs, don't save anything, then complain when they lose their job. At the very least try to minimize your liabilities when working so it doesn't hit you so hard. And honestly if you live in a rural area, there's nothing wrong with putting down pets yourself. Shelters aren't humane

>> No.9463442

>check just cleared
>can finally pay for aatp napoleon boots ive been drooling over and ordered on monday
>paypal didnt save my new credit card
>left card in my pants from my first job this morning
>have to wait till i get home at 11 after my night job

>> No.9463446

Im low income and I can afford brand. Its called saving, catching second hand sales, special brand sales, and just being smart.
I mean jesus christ, IW had dresses in sale for $30 last week.

>> No.9463482

>The truth hurts my feelings so stop saying it because I don't like it bloobloo


>> No.9463497

I can't find two of my favourite AP bracelets. I've looked in every purse/tote bag/plastic bag I own, every drawer, under my bed, even got my boyfriend to check his room to no avail.

I think they're gone gulls, and I am a little heartbroken.

>> No.9463503
File: 29 KB, 720x484, 13817331_1384827478200392_1152192283_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw fools still deny the superiority of babytits

>> No.9463538

>Boyfriend loves lolita
>Want to wear it and go out on cute dates with him
>He smokes
>TFW won't wear it until he quits
God damn it I really want to wear it for him but I dont want my clothes smelling like an ashtray.

>> No.9463555

I dream about having diarrhea all the time. :(

>> No.9463574
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to lose an ovary and the con is in four weeks. I hope I have time to recover, lol.

>> No.9463588

Take the pain meds and be high as hell.

>> No.9463595

Try not to ovary act.

>> No.9463612

Wishing you all the best, anon!!

>> No.9463623

What keywords are you using to find goth stuff? I used to search brands I like but it's so convenient for lolita to search angelic pretty

>> No.9463632
File: 59 KB, 423x600, aidsmeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con crush on a girl HARD
>find her on Fb
>this is her profile picture

>> No.9463638

If you don't have the confidence to wear it, nor like it, there's no point in putting in money for it. I think you can still work with your hime cut maybe try hime gyaru styles.

Alternatively, getting wigs if you don't want to lose your hair cut can help. I have to look pretty normie for work, but I love menhera, rokku, and kuroba gyaru and invested in a small number of daily wear high quality wigs since I have a short normal layered bob to begin with.

On a daily basis though, I've just reworked my wardrobe to be health goth meets professional work place. I get a lot of my stuff from korea, and doing black/white outfits make sure I don't stick out too much by going all black.

>> No.9463705

I was getting really excited about the idea of cosplaying, and about the idea of going to my first con finally and stuff. I was rolling around complex armor ideas earlier and was thinking about ordering materials and stuff. Then I suddenly realized that I'm just becoming manic again and that in a week or two I'll probably level out again and not have the energy or interest for this. Kill me.

>> No.9463734

>tfw you meet a girl you get along well with
>tfw shes fat

Why do girls do this seagulls?

>> No.9463757
File: 27 KB, 422x411, kawaii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congratulations!! You've worked hard to achieve this, and now it's paying off nicely!

>> No.9463768

Update, paid for muh boots

>> No.9463770

The only solution is to dress like a hobo to avoid the male gaze. It's kind of sad if the person in question enjoys dressing up. I mean, most men would be pretty confused and start asking, "Why?" if every woman in the world stopped combing their hair and wearing layers of ugly clothing just to go out and not get hit on.

>> No.9463776

Whenever they are hiring, let me know. The last factory in my town recently went under. They moved it to Mexico, and had the previous employees go down to Mexico to train the new ones.
This is also true, the local farms and construction companies here never "hire". I've spoken to the employees at the Christmas Tree farm. Most are paid 4-5 dollars per hour, you can't hire citizens at those rates.

>> No.9463778
File: 8 KB, 220x200, rainbow poo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have nightmares about being naked in very public places, and I always wake up feeling really uncomfortable and clutching the covers to my body. I know it's because I sleep in the buff. Maybe there's something in your daily life you could fix to cure your dream diarrhea? Eat more fiber or something, I dunno.

>> No.9463779

>Seller wants to buy my dress
>Okay coolio
>Give her a shipping quote
>She's all good with it
>Everything ready to go
>Send email over
>12 hours later still no payment

bitch I'm not doing shit until you pay for it, what the fuck are you waiting for?

>> No.9463780

That's... wherever in California they enforce $15.00 wages. It's $7.25 in most the country. In many places, waiters and hairdressers only have to be paid about $2.15 an hour as long as the tips are enough make up the rest. Needless to say, in places that it's $7.25... those people aren't making $15.00 dollars working in a farm. If they're illegal, they are likely getting paid less then $7.25 because the employers here know such workers have no way to complain.

>> No.9463781
File: 638 KB, 200x150, 1492297641170.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9463797

12 hours? That's not an abnormally long time, chill out anon. If you really dislike waiting put a time limit to pay invoices in your terms

>> No.9463805

We were talking in PM, so it's hardly like our conversation was split apart over the space of several hours.
Everything was quick, and I thought she was ready to pay.

>> No.9463806

God forbid that she has a job, school, or is trying to sleep.

>> No.9463810

It hardly takes forever to hop on paypal and make a payment.

>> No.9463816

Awshit, a girl in my Fb group just dropped the "All sweet lolitas are ita" bomb.

Why can't we all just get along? Sweet can be very cute.

>> No.9463817

Hi /cgl/,

I've been thinking about this for a long time now, and I just really love Lolita. I've been into it since 2008 but stopped after a few years because of depression. I kept my favorite dresses and sold the rest.

Now I'm really depressed again, but wearing lolita, and buying new things has really helped me feel human and happy again. It won't be like the old days of LiveJournal, but I still get that same elated feeling when I wear these clothes. It's very cliche but I'm so happy I have lolita. I think it's one of the only things keeping me afloat.

>> No.9463829
File: 3.51 MB, 5312x2988, 20170221_101957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feeling overly morose today.

>job treats me like shit because my contract ends in two weeks.
>often think of breaking up with bf because he wants me to have his children
>two job apps denied
>bad health
>weight gain
>cat is feeling bad, too.

Sometimes I feel like accepting my life's failures, cutting ties with everyone and just becoming the worthless trash neet I know I am.

>> No.9463847
File: 1.82 MB, 300x227, glorious routine.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>At 5'5", I've never been below 130 lbs. since puberty hit. Chubby for so long that my self image was always horrible during teenage years.
>In recent years, constantly fluctuating between 140-160 lbs. (aka borderline overweight and straight-up overweight).
>Tfw I'll soon be 23 years-old and I haven't been thin since I was 11 years-old.
>Finally started eating well, cooking often, and working out almost every day between the BBG program's HIIT and LISS.
>Don't even know what my body will look like, how my clothes will fit, or how many inches I can realistically lose and be a stable weight.
>Already loving the feeling of bettering myself and keeping myself to a higher standard. Looking forward to what I can achieve.

And now I'm getting in the habit of Feels good, man.

>> No.9463849
File: 2.25 MB, 320x240, glorious routine pt 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*getting in the habit of cooking regularly and making healthy meals. ffs damn typos

>BFF is very similar in height and body type to mine.
>She exercises every once in a while but she won't improve her diet or eating habits no matter what.
>Always talks about this and that new diet she's trying but her body hasn't changed at all and she constantly breaks the diets due to her poor willpower.
>I feel so good about my improved life choices that it's hard to stop myself from evangelizing the ~healthy way of life~.
>Once chided her about going to eat a whole chocolate bar after she recently said that she wanted to get in shape and match her boyfriend's workout progress. Felt like an awful friend afterward and decided to keep my unsolicited opinions to myself.
>Tfw I recently witnessed her completely demolish a chocolate bar, 8 sugar wafers, Big Red soda, and two boxes of Pocky in one sitting.
>I used to do the same thing yet somehow it now makes me wanna vomit by seeing another person do it.

Kinda weird how looking at your past self incarnated in your BFF can motivate you to strive for better. I'm trying very hard to be a good friend and keep my mouth shut until she actively asks me for advice, but it definitely shows in my eyes when I see her chomp down on 1500+ calories in one sitting. Curse my honest-to-a-fault personality.

>> No.9463864
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I waste more time and energy fucking up than your average cosplayer.

I need a new gf, too.

>> No.9463869

I got hit with a bunch of car problems at once right before con season, so I've been working doubles at my job to pay for them. I work opposite schedules of my boyfriend and I'm only able to see him once or twice a week, and it really sucks because even then it's only for a few hours and usually we're with friends or something. He works overnights, and we used to be able to do something in the morning after he got out of work/before he goes to bed, but because I'm working in the morning now as well, we haven't done that at all.

To top it all off, my one friend dropped out of our hotel room for Colossal because she got a Kalahari spot with some randos which, good for her, but now she's trying to take other people in our room out and find them other rooms in that hotel while still wanting to hang out in our off-site room and leave her shit there. But, I can't call her out because she's my ride. It just really pisses me off because she did this last year at Otakon and I was out a LOT of money, and I know she's not going to do this for Katsucon because I booked a goddamn atrium room.

I'm just feeling really shitty and stressed out, and I'm tired of working in customer service every day. Makes me feel like a huge fucking failure, you know?

>> No.9463878

One time my car exploded outside of a con, and I made an ass of myself in front of my dead friend's bf.

>> No.9463886
File: 65 KB, 540x410, are you stupid...?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I legit don't understand how people can complain about money and yet worsen their financial situation by choosing to attend an anime convention. Dude... just, what the fuck. Get your finances and life together first before you decide to take a nerdy weekend vacation. There are far more important things here that don't include feeding your mental escape and temporarily providing "healing" for your depression (that will for sure get worse when you see your bank account post-con and are jolted back to the realities of adulthood).

Like, shit. I've been struggling with depression since middle school (and badly, at that) so it's not like I can't sympathize but sometimes you just need to suck it up and attempt to be a responsible adult. Both new and old anime conventions will still take place every single year of our miserable lives, so it's not like they're going anywhere. It can wait until you're financially stable enough that you can spare the expense without worrying too much about it. It can wait.

>> No.9463910 [DELETED] 

There's a wide range of difference that can exist when people "complain about money".

Some people complain about money because they are facing utility disconnection, and have been eating potted meat and noodles for a week.

Other people complain about money meaning, "I don't have enough money to achieve the quality of life that I want." It might mean they might not be able to afford their data plan, or lamenting the realization they maybe cannot afford the nicest apartment on the block.

They're going to an anime convention. I'd consider that maybe they fall under the latter type of complaint. Sometimes it's not about being a "responsible adult"; sometimes it's about realizing you can't have the world.

>> No.9463919
File: 19 KB, 266x400, oscarcostume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't read for my second language. I had to share a funny day with a comic book. Most people in my homecountry are afraid of dark skin men, but I know never. Counting hours of television North/South America have taught me black men safe. I saw many one of the anime parties in Georgia, and most of they had the best suits. All though I must say, some of the white men look very beautiful, in the style of women.

>> No.9463923

I'm going to reword that. I would consider if your friend's complaints about money is a legit complaint. They might just be complaining that they don't have "more".

In the event they are actually broke poor, I wouldn't get so harsh on them. It really is the one thing in life they likely get enjoyment out of. Is the money they spend on it really going to buy them out of poverty? Take my wardrobe, it's about... $700? Is $700 really going to buy my way out of poverty? Hell no. If I saved $700 dollars for 10 years. I'd have a whole 7,000. I could buy a somewhat crappy car. In the meantime, at least I have something that makes me feel happy.

>> No.9463928
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>This whole post
I can' tell. What's your home country? Georgia?

>> No.9463932

I was very confused as well. All I could make out is they went to a party with a bunch of dapper black men and white boys dressed as girls.

>> No.9463935

Anon this is too hilarious.

Also farts happen, that shouldn't be such a problem.

>> No.9463939

Okay, I'll take a shot at this
>everyone in his homeland is scared of black people
>Western TV taught him that black dudes are alright
>he went to a Georgia con, and was impressed by all the black cosplayers
>white dudes are better if they're traps

>> No.9463946

>bf going down on me at con
I hope it was in the hotel, and not the con itself??

But yeah, farts are less funny when the bare anus is right in your face. Sorry for your loss.

>> No.9463952
File: 19 KB, 480x360, chfpov0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can anyone deny life is 100% easier when you are slim & stacked?
Catcalling is literally a myth unless you are surrounded by single digit IQ people

>> No.9463963
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>I hope it was in the hotel, and not the con itself
I don't.

>> No.9463966

Hope your cat feels better soon anon!

>> No.9464020
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>when your con crush's Fb says "In a relationship" but you never see him with a grill

>> No.9464026

Because women with average weight perceive themselves as fat and get judged on how they look just as much. I'm skinny but only because I was raised by a woman with an eating disorder.

>> No.9464062

Because saving $60 is really going to make a huge difference when you're poor as shit.

You could work your ass off, save your whole life and still run into a situation that drains your account and leaves you back at square one. This idea of saving is all well and good until you remember that nearly all of your paycheck goes to bills and food.

I've always hated that poor people are just expected to work themselves to death and any little thing they do for enjoyment is vilified. Let them have their one weekend of fun

>> No.9464114

If you wanna prepare for the day when she does ask you for advice, try keeping a tiny notebook/bullet journal and log the dates when she starts/cheats/quits a new fad diet, and every time you see her binge on junk food with an itemized list of the products. Once she is self-motivated to make changes, maybe seeing her bad eating and dieting habits as cold hard facts will help her stay on track. And it shows you care!

>> No.9464117
File: 292 KB, 1380x1819, blender.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't get all the hate for boobs? If i could create my dream body i'd deffo put some boobs on there and i know you would too.
>start any 3d modelling program
>create the body you would like to have

>> No.9464121


>> No.9464125

ITT girls insecure about their boobs while men give generic opinions.

>> No.9464132

Did you even read the first part of the article? It's not about minimum wage, it's about how the shortage of labor is naturally driving up wages for farm workers, and even when they're well above minimum wage the farmers can't get US-born citizens to work the fields because their weak asses quit after a day. One mexican guy in the article makes $19/hour working on a napa valley vineyard.

The point is jobs are there, and good money is there, but US born people are leaving it on the table.

>But Silverado, the farm labor contracting company in Napa, has never had a white, American-born person take an entry-level gig, even after the company increased hourly wages to $4 above the minimum. And Silverado is far from unique.

Secondly, the wages in California didn't go up to $15 overnight. They're going to raise them by about a dollar a year until they actually hit $15 in 2023.

>> No.9464149

Yes please.

>> No.9464158

Anon if you don't want children and your partner does.....then you have to really think that through.
I personally couldn't be in a relationship with someone who wants kids. And you know time counts when it comes to childbearing, so I'd say break up and save their time.... (unless you two work it out, adopt or sth). Hope I didn't write it too roughly.

Also wishing you all best and crossing my fingers for your finding job.

>> No.9464160

Seconding what this anon is saying, break up now rather than drag it out to either the same end in a couple years or you being miserable and preggers
Once you have a kid that's it; your life is over.

>> No.9464189

Do you not want to carry children or handle small children? I know a few people who do not want to be pregnant, but they've considered waiting and adopting an older kid. Would you be into that?

>> No.9464211


I've known a lot of people who seem to think that someone who is poor is never allowed to buy anything ever or have fun. Like yeah I'm sure that few dollars I'd save if not doing anything will fix everything.
Besides, if I can't do anything fun ever I'm just going to get even more depressed.

>> No.9464223

>tfw no gf still

>> No.9464236
File: 17 KB, 328x215, cute hmph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if I'm aromantic or if I'm just very emotionally unavailable. Getting into a romantic relationship absolutely repulses me, but I wonder if it's the implied emotional intimacy and vulnerability that makes me run away from it.
>Tfw you had a miserable household as a child so your main coping mechanism was apathy and now you can't get yourself to feel passion for anything.

>> No.9464262

you should be my gf, ill fix you

>> No.9464307

Maybe get a therapist? Not to try to fix this specifically but a problem with emotional intimacy is going to cause issues with your relationships and ability to deal with people in general (friendships, etc), not just romantic ones.

>> No.9464336


so my experience is a bit different but in the same vein

I had this same thing happen when I started. As a new cosplayer I made friends with other new cosplayers. when I got to Mid-skill level I had low level cosplayers FLOCK to me trying to be friends because they want to be seen with me or want my help or literally ask me to make them shit.

Now that i'd call myself a top tier cosplayer at my LOCAL cons, and a high skill/complexity cosplayer at the regional level, the desire to surround myself with people like me is high, and I have people who are high skill also wanting to be friends with me. Took some time but going to the local scenes has helped establish alot of friendships for me. I know alot of people say good cosplayers are elitist, but lets be real, its hard to be friends with someone in a cosplay friendship, when the lower skill friend always begs for help and struggles. You wanna support but I can only mentor so many people... :/

tl;dr: git gud, acquire gud cosplay friends

>> No.9464343
File: 527 KB, 599x600, 0a0908b0-9672-4d0c-cd61-17da330599ff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oh no i'm broke
>better go to an anime con and mooch off everyone for free food and floorspace
I don't know how people do this

>> No.9464348

obviously NOT ALL lower-skill or lower motivation cosplayers are like this. there are many reasons to do a casual cosplay, motivation, financials, time, etc. but for those friendships, you can only have time to mentor so many people and it wears on you to constantly be asked for help. I like to also have friends I can bounce ideas work at my skill level. people I can commit to a group cosplay with and know we all equally care about looking good.

I got good at cosplay because I want to look like a character and get the attention of being known for them. Friends came along the way and Im very happy about that.

>> No.9464359

Pity the picture he used for his attempt pretending to be foreign has a filename in English.

>> No.9464360

The note of diets is a really good idea, but the itemized list of bingeing would seem really invasive IMO.

>> No.9464371

IDK about in California but here in the UK one of the reasons people don't want to take that sort of work (as well as agencies literally not advertizing jobs to UK workers) is because it's extremely seasonal, which is part of why many rural areas have high levels of poverty even when native born Brits do work there. You get a job for a few months, and then you're unemployed for many more months. You need to have a place to live when you're not working, but you'd have to give up your old flat to be able to take a farm job (if you were paying for it while you were away you'd save nothing). Onsite accomodation is super basic so you would have to give up all the possessions in your flat with nowhere to store them, putting you in a worse position once that year's harvest was over (unless you were living with your parents or putting them in storage). The reason so many Eastern Europeans do it is because they have a house back in the old country where living costs are insanely low to go back to, but most of the UK's working poor are living in precarious rented accommodation. Also if you have kids, you wouldn't be able to send them to school while you were staying and working on a farm.

sage for OT

>> No.9464437
File: 26 KB, 239x268, confusedgrills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanting to turn this place into even more of a clambake

>> No.9464460

This. I have 3 lolita dresses and 1 blouse that are worth maybe 500 euro together. Every time I want a new dress, I trade, but I still get shit on for owning "new" things by some people in my comm because I'm on benefits. Selling my entire wardrobe would only give me 1 month of rent, it would make zero changes in my life.

>> No.9464467 [DELETED] 
File: 548 KB, 1259x786, 15-12-23-21-18-35-110_deco-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9464473


>> No.9464497

no it's just one troll riling up newfriends.

>> No.9464511

If that makes you feel better.

>> No.9464562

Take a look at your friends and family though-if you feel like you are emotionally vulnerable and available with the people you are closest to currently, you may be aromantic. If not, maybe seek counseling and see if you can get to the root of your problems.

I'm aromantic myself and in a relationship with someone similar. Slim chances, but it works out because neither of us are wholly invested in the romantic part of it, but slowly work together on being vulnerable with each other-like being best friends but with sex. I think a big part of this working out thus far was just being able to be open on what I wanted and needed from a partner.

>> No.9464568

As a man, I would like one (1) GF.
Please post your boobs so that i can rate them.

>> No.9464590

fuck off these are my gfs

>> No.9464613
File: 18 KB, 236x179, IMG_0138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for being very kind. I excitedly went back to reread all the particulars... she has a cat. I had been so excited that I forgot to check and my allergies won't allow me to buy.

It kills me to know how close this was.
Also you're the best for offering, anon.

>> No.9464614
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1478984653772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9464628

>tfw finally got a girlfriend who's super cool with anime and cons and also used to do Lolita
>tfw she won't show me any old pictures and said she left that stuff behind

>> No.9464629

why is there a seperate box for people who aren't romantic

>> No.9464639

...I have bad news for you anon.

>> No.9464643

As a girl, you're creepy as fuck and that's why you have no gf.
Same, just don't try too hard. If it happens, it happens. Life's too short to worry about how much romance you experience. It's about the people who stick with you and like you for who you are, emotionally closed or not.

>> No.9464651

no problem, anon. sorry for your allergies, unfortunately I have a cat too, so I probably couldn't have helped you anyway.

hope you will find the dress again soon!

>> No.9464653
File: 119 KB, 514x335, lolinobf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw my friend's bf's left ball at the con.

I thought it was kawaii.

>> No.9464658

be my gf~~~~

i will show u my left ball

>> No.9464662

You're one of those people who think pugs are cute, aren't you?

>> No.9464668

all dogs are cute, and you are seriously missing out if you think otherwise.

>> No.9464686

>If you don't have the confidence to wear it, nor like it, there's no point in putting in money for it.
I have the confidence - I've been wearing goth on an (ir)regular basis since I was about thirteen - I'm just a bit disappointed in how unpopular the subculture is these days, and I perpetually feel out of place/not goth enough for most goths. I keep considering wigs but I find them very uncomfortable for every day (difficult to put on and have them look natural since my hair's long and thick), so I usually only wear them for meets and other special events. Gyaru's a suggestion I'd never considered since I'm so lazy with make-up and sexy looks aren't to my taste, although I do lurk gyaru threads sometimes. I'd never thought of getting stuff from Korea either.

I think I'm in a funk because summer is coming though, it's harder to motivate yourself to dress goth when it's hot. I'm genuinely thinking of having a policy like, "When it rains, wear goth," since I always feel happy dressing gothic in that sort of weather, but it seems a bit weird to make arbitrary rules for myself in the first place.

>> No.9464705

Some are; most aren't.

>> No.9464821

Is it really invasive if you are simply observing what she does in front of you?

>> No.9464865
File: 11 KB, 320x320, frankscream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you go full lolita and the normies start ghosting you

>> No.9464875

And she flaked.
Fucking knew it.

>> No.9464882

The fact you're pre-emptively writing it down is invasive even if they did it in front of you and might make someone feel very attacked. If someone noted down every minor slip-up you made, would you find it helpful? Starting and quitting a new diet is major, but everybody needs to eat so quite likely that when presented with the list they'd jump into defending their decision to eat X on Y day because they think it was recorded unfairly, which is unproductive and distracts from the issue at hand. Whereas her breaking diets she's promised to keep and constantly hopping to new diet fads is something that she should be able to see is a problem and strive to change without getting defensive. I actually just asked a few IRL friends about this (not mentioning 4chan) and this was their gut reaction too.

Like, people appreciate help from their friends but going so far as to make an itemized list of everything "bad" she eats is micromanaging and rude. Anon can still bring up that she's seen her binge in front of her without looking like she's going to those depths to record it.

>> No.9464892

Negative feedback

>> No.9464928

What a terrible life to live

>> No.9464948

I agree. I hate everyone else's dogs. Kind of like kids

>> No.9464970
File: 271 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20161113_211749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being concerned that normalfags will ignore you and your fun is ruined
Why try hard to be fake around people that don't accept/respect your hobbies, anon?

>> No.9464988
File: 1.14 MB, 300x200, help.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to pat my head while I put my head on her lap and watch baseball

why even exist?

>> No.9464994 [DELETED] 

If I found out my friend was without keeping itemized lists of what I ate around them without my knowledge, they wouldn't be my friend anymore. That's really fucking creepy.

>> No.9465000

If I found out my friend was keeping itemized lists of what I ate around them without my knowledge, they wouldn't be my friend anymore. That's really fucking creepy.

>> No.9465027

>friend calls up and asks me if i wanna go to AX and split hotel
>buy tickets for myself and book hotel
>asks me afterwards to buy her tickets
>"Can't right now, I don't get paid until a couple of weeks."
>she seems understanding

>weeks pass
>still no response at all

I have a feeling she's going to cancel on me so I might have to cancel my hotel booking soon.

Why can't normies understand conventions are something you need to plan months in advance for?

>> No.9465037

Sorry, I guess I sperged out a little too much there.

>> No.9465068

>Unhappy with current weight, can no longer fit burando
>Start exercising again
>Swim for an hour everyday
>Drink green tea and more water
>Eat healthier, no unhealthy snacks like usual
>Use a calorie app
>Sneak squats in during work
>No results
>Just always unhappy now and stressing out over food consumption

I ate a muffin today and I am so disappointed. I knew I shouldn't eat it, I knew it was super unhealthy and loaded in sugar and calories and shit, but I ate it. Where my natural waist is, it's 76cm, but my gut is like 90cm, and my bust is 96cm. I've lost 2cm on my bust at most but everytime I think about diets and what I should eat or shouldn't eat I feel like I'm getting an eating disorder.

This happens whenever I use that calorie app and then start thinking about dieting. I know the smart thing is to just limit sweets/junk, make safe swaps, exercise, etc. but its so heartbreaking to have dresses (dream dresses!) I love that I can't fit anymore.

I just want to wear my pretty dresses again and not look like a fattychan with massive boobloaf and busted seams (or, mainly those damn side zippers.)

>> No.9465074

Hey anon, I feel your pain, but don't give up!

When I left my physical job for desk work I gained 25lbs in the first year. I didn't really do anything different, but my appetite was still high when my activity level was low. Thankfully, my company has a gym so I started going 3x/week at first and now I'm up to 5x. It's been eight months and the scale hasn't moved much, but I've lost about 4cm off of my waist and 3 off of my bust and am almost the exact same size I was. It took a while, but after the six month mark I started noticing a LOT of progress and my clothes fit so much better now than they did. Dresses, pants, shirts, everything is loose and comfortable again, so give it time and you'll get there, too!

>> No.9465079

How long have you been doing it? Results take time anon.

If calorie-counting isn't good for you, maybe try cooking from home and portioning by the size of the container or something? I noticed that when I was calorie-counting I ate worse because it was easier to accurately measure calorie content in store-bought snacks and ready meals than in (probably healthier) food I'd cooked myself...

>> No.9465082 [DELETED] 

calorie in calorie out.
youre supposed to lose about 2 pounds a week MAX. Its normal if it takes time. keep it up.

>> No.9465100

>finally have a reason to dress up, seven months into happy relationship
>appropriately dress up in brand dress and groom myself
>excited to see bf dressed up and groomed, tell him this
>tfw he didn't get a much-needed haircut, wears stained t-shirt with ripped jeans, teeth still haven't been brushed in a while

I love him so much, and he's a really really good looking guy, but damn it, I want to see how well he cleans up. I've tried reminding him to brush his teeth and he doesn't do it. He's my boyfriend, not my son, so I don't really want to tell him what to do. What can I do?

>> No.9465101

>I feel like I'm getting an eating disorder.
I'm in the same boat, anon. Last year, I gained 40 pounds in 1 month due to an autoimmune disease. I was eating healthy and doing competitive ballet, too.

I've only managed to lose about 8 pounds since then, so it's definitely a slow process when health conditions are part of it.

>> No.9465104

Keep reminding him. My boyfriend does the same thing with not brushing teeth, because his gums bleed every time, so he avoids it. I just remind him every single time before we go out, and he's slowly obliging me.

As for how to get him to dress up, I've been lucky in that department since my boyfriend always wants to match me when he can. It's cute.

>> No.9465109

Aww, that is cute. I bet you two look nice together. <3

And thanks for the advice! My bf gets lost in thought and doesn't pay a lot of attention to external things; I'm the same way, so I understand, but basic hygiene is important to me and everyone else he's going to encounter. Repeated reminders should stick in his mind.

>> No.9465172
File: 276 KB, 500x281, shitpostsadorably.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gain 10 pounds
>start stress eating because I feel fat

Well this is counter-productive.

>> No.9465173

Learn to stress exercise instead

>> No.9465174

OT but speaking abt unhealthy eating

I haven't been to fit in at least a year but I'm surprised at how common water fasts are becoming there.

>> No.9465178

>gulls get together with (and I'm assuming kiss) and STAY with guys who don't brush their teeth regularly
What... how... I mean ... spluh?

>> No.9465183

y-yeah it makes me kind of adverse to kissing him... pls keep mouth clean

>> No.9465189

Pretty sure he needs a softer toothbrush, a different toothpaste, or medical help.

>> No.9465191

This really inspires anon, thank you. I think the number is just a mental thing for me. I'd go to a gym if I could but there's a guy I'm strongly trying to avoid (I almost filed a restraining order against him, it's that bad) and he's a gross gym manlet type. I was thinking of just investing in a fold up treadmill and using that and some small weights since I work out at night.

A little over a week. I know that sounds impatient but when I hear the "2lbs a week!" or even ".5lbs a week!" I look at myself and it's an "Oh here I am. Still fat. Here's my BMI reminder saying I'm overweight and that I haven't lost anything."

I do cook from home and make my own lunchboxes for work/ portion my food though! It's just the counting I think gives me anxiety. I get all autistic over counting every little thing that if it's not the calories then its the sugar or the fat and I get overwhelmed. I use the Eat This Not That site to pick and choose better groceries/substitutes but again, I didn't realize how many calories were in something as simple as a handful of almonds, but some people say the high protein is the right way to go and the calories aren't as important.

I'm glad I'm not the only one here who has felt that way then. It's silly how obsessive you can get with this shit. I have knee and back problems (that I'm finally getting fixed! Yay!) and would always use that as my excuse not to work out because "muh injury." Congrats on the 8lbs anon!

You all inspire me a lot. Thank you for listening to me blog and helping me cheer up. I want to wear my JSKs again, not just shirred skirts and tent OPs.

>> No.9465194

You can also reduce gum bleeding and pain in the long term by flossing. If he finds the simple floss string burdensome then opt for floss picks. Use brush picks if you need to get between braces. Dentures at 40 years old is not a good look.

>> No.9465199

Dental gull here!

If he has dental insurance or a dentist at all, he sounds like he needs periodontal charting (When the dentist or hygienist measures the gums) and possibly something called scaling and root planning (a deep cleaning where they numb you and clean the plaque under the gums! It's not fun but it can save your teeth if the gums have receded!)

In the mean time, >>9465189 and >>9465194
are also right. A softer bristled brush may feel nicer for him (softer bristles wont do less of a job/ some people think the harder they brush the better the cleaning, but this is what can cause gums to become inflamed and recede more!) And Sensodyne toothpaste is a good one if he can invest in it.

Not to imply or stray too far off, but depression and the likes can really fuck with your will to maintain yourself. I used to be gross af in highschool and now I've cleaned up. When I started dating my now boyfriend, his teeth were not so hot after having some years of not taking care of himself. I got him to start going to the office and getting much needed work done, and he's doing better now. Helping and supporting someone a little gross that you genuinely care for can make them a little less gross.

>> No.9465217

Girllll, your weight can easily fluctuate by a few pounds over the course of a single day (water weight, how much you've eaten, how recently you've been to the toilet) so of course you're not going to see results in a week! It could even just be that you'd drunk water before weighing yourself the last time and were dehydrated when you weighed yourself the first time. Give it time.

I've never counted calories except when I had to for a uni project and when I was severely underweight after being long-term sick, but when I was doing it trying to gain weight I noticed it affected my relationship with food and made me miserable. FWIW I have always been slim and I don't calorie count, but I hate soda, don't have a sweet tooth and don't keep unhealthy snacks in the house - if I don't have it in the house, I can't impulse-eat it. I've also been told since I started living with other people that I cook way more of my meals from scratch than average, but I'm cheap and don't buy faddy health foods like avocado or berries or w/e (I do eat kale when it's cheap though, it's nicer than cabbage).

I find counting grams of protein satisfies my autistic need for counting in a more satisfying and less anxiety-inducing way than calorie counting, since it's easy to memorise the figures relevant to your diet (got into this habit when I was vegetarian - if it seems unattainable, note that most US online sources give 4x the amount you actually need because the figure the original research suggested was doubled to give a safe margin of error twice) and also just general things like checking I'm eating sources of calcium/iron each day. I do the same with servings of vegetables and basically always try to add extra to veg meals to add interest, even if I'm having something quick (like, if I eat ramen I'll add spinach, chopped scallions, dried seaweed and frozen sweetcorn to it) - I think once you get into this habit you find a lot of carby food super bland without it.

>> No.9465263

>Once you have a kid that's it; your life is over.
I highly resent comments like that. Seen lots of twenty-something girls lately acting like they've got it all figured out.
Having kids was the best choice of my life and I am frankly sick of people claiming kids ruin your life.

>> No.9465271
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy for you, but kids are not for everyone.

>> No.9465298

Hi its creepy male here
Liking small titties is very real thing. Personally i like all kinds of boobs except for unnaturally massive tits. My ex had no literally no breasts you could see her ribs thru but it honestly was never a problem she still had feminine nipples like they werent male breasts and i thought they were cute. Thanks for your time

>> No.9465299

Bait. You know full well that's not what anon is saying. Sage

>> No.9465322

To be fair half the people on CGL are forever alone types who's only encounters with babies (or at least when they notice the tiny human blob things) are when they start making noise when they are having a meet up somewhere so it's only natural they'd resent them for ruining their bi-annual expedition outside.

>> No.9465325
File: 153 KB, 960x720, loliarrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many itas could you take in a fight?

>> No.9465355
File: 80 KB, 551x693, 1482422440095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a good post.

>> No.9465362

Itas have a tendency to be rowdy, rough and fat.
So none.

>> No.9465365

What happened here?

>> No.9465368

Well it depends on what kind of life you were living before having a kid. For some people, having a kid doesn't actually change their lives THAT MUCH. Like I mean obviously having a kid changes everyone's lives in some ways, but your transition into motherhood was likely smoother than the same transition for the kind of person who claims that having kids would ruin their life.

For me? Yeah if I had a kid my life would be pretty much over. My lifestyle is not conducive to kids, and because of the type of person I am, I'll never be in a position where a kid didn't equal game over for me personally. And many others feel the same as me. It's not uncommon. And yes, many twenty-something girls DO have it figured out that they don't want kids, just like many twenty-somethings have figured out they want kids. Way to be a condescending cunt.

>inb4 ur twentysomething
Nope in my mid 30s and married
>inb4 u must be a whore or an alcoholic
Married and not an alcy or a druggie so nice try

I'm glad having kids was a good choice for you and didn't ruin your life. However, research shows that people with children are unhappier than childfree individuals. Also, kids have a... not so great effect on marriages. Childfree marriages last longer and are qualitatively better in pretty much every category.

>> No.9465371

>lifestyle not conducive to kids
>married but not a druggie
I smell bullshit

>> No.9465373

If I had a kid either my spouse or me would have to quit our job. Or get a nanny, which is idiotic, idk why anyone bothers to have a kid only to let some random immigrant raise it. We have well paying, fulfilling careers. I've no reason to introduce an assload of problems into my life when none of the "benefits" sound good to me, either. It's literally a lose-lose situation.

Again cool that you like being a mom. Sorry you're not part of such a vast majority anymore - more and more people have no desire for children. Most of these people have this figured out by their teens/early to mid 20s. It's not weird.

Also realize that when people say kids will ruin your life, it's not a personal attack. Kids ruin many peoples' lives. The reason it is being said is because pretty much every culture is and has been super pro-natalist since forever, and speaking out against having kids wasn't done. So we're speaking up for the first time in history. sorry if it upsets you and hurts your feelings, but nobody cares that kids were the best decision of your life. We've all heard that narrative to death.

>> No.9465374

I guess you don't like the term "childless" but i really find "childfree" to be so... smug and condescending. Maybe it's just the people i've met who call themselves childfree.

>> No.9465375

You overcount your calories or overcalculated your TDEE, that's all.

t. girl who lost 60lbs last year and now got an ED.

>> No.9465377

Childless and childfree are two totally different things.

All childfree people are childless. Not all childless people are childfree.

Childless would be someone who doesn't know if they want kids yet or not, someone who wants kids eventually but has none currently, or someone who wants kids but cannot have any.

Childfree refers to people who choose to never ever have kids. By choice, not due to infertility or lack of resources or lack of a partner.

>> No.9465378

I'm sure your mom thought you ruined her life with that shitty attitude of yours.

>> No.9465380

Sorry to samefag but I don't see how childfree is smug or condescending unless you're just offended that someone would be happy not to have any kids when you love yours' as much as you do. You can't fathom someone not wanting what you love and what brings you so very much joy. That's not an abnormal reaction but just know the term childfree isn't meant to insult you, your lifestyle, or your kids (though some childfree people are just kid haters in general and give all of us a bad name). It's to let people know we are not meant to be pitied, unlike say, the infertile couple who has been trying and failing for a baby for a decade.

>> No.9465382

I get the feeling that childfree anon gets a lot of snide comments from family and friends about when they'll pop out a kid so... they automatically go into full blown rant mode whenever someone challenges their desire not to have kids.

>> No.9465384

How do you "no kids foreva" people feel about dying alone?

>> No.9465386

This is just such a silly comeback. My mom wanted to be a mom since she was a kid and always knew she wanted to be a mom. She also understands why I don't want to be a mom because... GASP... not everyone is the same. My attitude towards motherhood and children doesn't offend her because she is an actual mature adult who is able to realize that someone not living like them (and never wanting to lead a life like their's) is not the same as that person attacking their lifestyle.

Motherhood is great for some people. That's the narrative everyone everywhere gets fed. That babies are magical and great and the best and you gotta have them or else you'll never be fulfilled. And this narrative is... again, GASP - true for some people. The reason people talk about how kids ruin lives is because it's not part of the common societal narrative despite it being a common societal sentiment. You need to realize it's not about you and your choice to enjoy motherhood.

>> No.9465388

I will be able to afford a nice home with all my extra money. Also childfree people have more time to cook healthy meals they love and exercise whenever, and typically lead a less stressful life... you do the math.

>> No.9465389

>women don't want children anymore because "muh lifestyle"
Is this how humanity ends itself?

>> No.9465390
File: 258 KB, 500x281, 1407075519735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking forward to it.

>> No.9465391

alright nana enjoy your medicare facility and lets hope you live near your kids for your whole life or it'll just be you and mean black CNAs

>> No.9465393

and childfree people don't share this fate because...?

>> No.9465397

Childfree people tend to have more money in general, especially more money in savings. So they can afford a nice home if they need one. Also, childfree people tend to lead healthier lives with less stress.


>> No.9465399


>> No.9465400

We all die alone.

>> No.9465402

>sell btssb OP. It's one of those older style OP's with ruched cap sleeves, meant to cover most of your shoulder.
>girl buys it from me. Gives me a lowish offer but I take it because I want to sell. It takes like a week for her to actually send me payment.
>okay whatever, got paid.
>months later
>see her scalping the dress for $30 more than she paid me. So I check out the listing.
>explanation: "i thought this was an OP but it's actually a JSK hehe so I have to sell it"
>mfw it's clearly an OP
>see bottom of listing where she writes in her measurements because she never bothered to actually measure but just wrote "fits me at XYZcm"
>she's at least 20cm bigger than me in every measurement and I'm not even all that small
>baka fatty chan is so fat that the OP fits her like a JSK

>> No.9465408

Out of curiosity, do you like kids, at all, i don't mean having your own - but no nieces, nephews, cousins, friends children you are particularly fond of?

>> No.9465416

I actually like kids and I'm not an old grouch towards them, believe it or not. I know I don't share this sentiment with many other childfree people but I don't think we give (most) kids enough credit and honestly the way we treat kids in society makes me angry because it's infuriatingly unfair. The way some parents treat their kids like objects and property with no thoughts of their own is just... yeah, can't think about how upset that kinda stuff makes me. The entire culture of "raise a kid how you want" and "it's YOUR kid, YOU'RE the parent, do whatever" is AGH. We basically let parents get away with treating their kids like glorified pets. end rant but yeah I'm not a child hater I just don't fucking want any.

>> No.9465419

This may sound like a delusional romantic but you need to find the right guy.
Have you never had the feeling of "i want his kids"?

>> No.9465423

I've been married for over a decade now and we've known each other for longer than that. We're very happy living our rather stereotypical DINK lives and it's everything we hoped/dreamed of and more. Kinda odd that this is such a weird thing to believe.

I also like dogs but I don't want one!?!?

>> No.9465425

Let's talk again once your biological clock is ticking.

>> No.9465426

I agree with you so much. I don't have kids but I want to, and it feels like most people in weeb/geek/cosplay communities are against it which makes it even harder to find a good match. Often the reasoning is children are "lol parasites", or loud and stinky, or kill your fun. This always strikes me as a bit of cognitive dissonance, like they forget what it was like to be a kid themselves, or that children can be well-behaved when their parents aren't neglectful and abusive and discipline them properly. If you feel you don't have the financial resources or family support to have kids, or you feel it doesn't fit into your life, that's fine, do as you like. Treating it as a horrible choice for anyone is stupid.

Even the sadbro guys with their >no gf whining never seem to include raising a family in their domestic fantasies.

>> No.9465427

You sound like a genuinely nice person anon.

>> No.9465429

Premature menopause runs in my family and I'm already having pre-menopausal signs at 37 and I still only find babies tolerable at best. Kids I view as short people with poorly developed decision making abilities - I have no romantic view of babies or children. Judging by the fact that my mom was the only one of her sisters to have kids and only one of my older cousins has kids... Not wanting kids just runs in the family. Shocker I guess.

>> No.9465430
File: 12 KB, 259x194, images (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9465433
File: 55 KB, 640x480, Watch Pokemon Episode 8 – The Path to the Pokémon League.mp4_snapshot_15.21_[2011.02.23_20.39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i-is that sarcasm? s-should I be mad?

>> No.9465434

I'm sorry if it came across that way but i am really thinking you sound like a gentle person compared to the rest of the bitter gulls here.
Have a nice weekend!

>> No.9465435

How many cats do you have?

>> No.9465436

None. Not a big fan of cats. Sorry to disappoint.

>> No.9465437

Plenty of nerdy guys want kids i think, it's just... but i think they need to be comfortably into a relationship before thinking about it, they don't handle, uh, surprises well i think.

>> No.9465443

Ah, thanks!
>Have a nice weekend!
y-you too!

There's always the chance I'm the weird one I guess. I'm actually a guy and I've been thinking about it since I was 15 or so. I recognized I had good parents and I wanted to pass that on when I saw all the broken families and warped kids around me.

>> No.9465447
File: 259 KB, 436x539, d02b0fbdc74a15d02c6ca4d7f29383540585f77871e7d28cc54a35be4d144cbd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw bf doesn't want kids but i do
just have to do it my way

>> No.9465455
File: 89 KB, 600x750, 1486424070404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just sex without protection and wrestle his dick before he cometh.

>> No.9465460

Different anon but never had this feeling. I may be weirder than most because I've never had any sexual attraction towards another person (not even my current bf or any of the previous ones). I usually end up doing whatever to make them happy but I don't feel anything. It's more like I do it because I know it'll make them happy. I've never fantasized about having sex with someone and sex in general I'm indifferent to.

Kids have never been something I wanted. Part of me is worried they'd turn out screwed up or I'd be a neglectful mother and no kid deserves that. I'm okay with kids but having any of my own - no thanks.

Many but not all. A lot of my nerdy male friends want to have kids one day. I don't know if that has anything to do with that 'I need to preserve my legacy' thing but they're out there.

>> No.9465463

>had a string of boyfriends
>simply lays down and takes it while thinking of england
jesus anon, get help

>> No.9465473

>i want kids but bf doesnt
>better trick him so i have a child and by law hes financially responsible for them even if we break up i can take him to court for money since financially taking care of a child is hard
>but i wanna be a mom
I hope your joking because thats scary

>> No.9465480

Relationhips in which the woman doesn't want to procreate are absolutely useless. Completely useless. The same goes for flings and all that shit where it's just about fucking. There's no long-term fulfillment coming from it.

>> No.9465495

Nice bait m8. Both sexes can be infertile and that doesn't depreciate the value of their relationship. I'm looking forward to having children, but other people have different hormone levels and different reasoning or just aren't feeling it. Idgaf. I'd rather people not have kids they don't want.

>> No.9465525

Often girls in their late teens and early twenties will say they don't want kids. They usually change their minds by mid-late twenties. There's a reason we don't take teenagers seriously.

>> No.9465562
File: 127 KB, 960x960, me in the car.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

still no gf

>> No.9465639
File: 201 KB, 571x800, f0646f734e1b579716002f2de2cf4d20c2199182979eef4cf7f0c751819932a2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you have to catch a gf

>> No.9465653

You and me, we'll be the very best, the most obnoxious couple that there ever was, to gross people out with our public displays of affection is my cause.

I'll travel across the land, because it's long distance...

>> No.9465657
File: 91 KB, 618x645, boi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>saw a lolita in my city finally

>Wanted to compliment her dress and print

>couldn't do it

i thought it would come off as akward :(

>> No.9465661

This is partly a body clock thing.
I am very firmly decided that children are not for me- for a variety of medical, genetic and lifestyle reasons.
And yet... At 27 my hormones have suddenly started going - 'you want a baby' which is kind of terrifying. If I hadn't been very seriously working out all the real and practical reasons why I can't have a baby for like 10 years at this point, I might have caved in at this point.
I think that most of my friends opinions about kids used to be basically 'I duno if kids are for me, maybe one day' and so if most women are like them, when the hormones hit they are overjoyed at getting pregnant.
Sadly I have to be extra vigilant against pregnancy instead because if I was to fall pregnant by accident now the abortion would break my heart even more, but having the kid would be hideously unfair to everyone especially the child (who would be basically guaranteed to have a genetic chronic illness, learning difficulties, mental health problems and parents with no money and no proper home)

>> No.9465696

I feel like it's this too. People jump into defensive mode because family won't shut up about having kids. I just smile and laugh and try to take it casually because those relatives have no impact on my life and their nagging is so stereotypical it's funny, but if it was a close relative like your parents that were giving you shit over it I imagine it'd be really hurtful.

I wouldn't mind having kids in the future but right now I want to enjoy my youth by being Momoko levels of rotten and spending all my money on my wardrobe. I don't even really like being in relationships because it comes off as selfish to not devote most of your fun money to activities or your life together. Plus if your partner doesn't have their own pricey hobby they end up giving you shit about your spending because they think it's a frivolous waste, even if your financial planning is sensible and it's all within budget.

>> No.9465701

>period a week or so late
>going through a lot of stress and my period is irregular to begin with
>still worried because my bf nutted on my underwear while I was wearing them a few weeks ago
>1 in a million chance I could've gotten pregnant from that, but still take a test
>it's negative
>bf driving me home today
>"Hey anon, weird question, you're still getting your period right?"

I know I'm not pregnant, but at the same time...I'll feel a million times better once there's blood.

>/cgl related/
Monkey paw curls a finger and I get the biggest, crampiest period during Colossalcon

>> No.9465710

I'm 22 years old and had been dating my current boyfriend for 2 months when my mom first started asking me about when we're having kids. My family has a huge history of health and mental problems, and I sure as hell am no stranger to both, and I can't justify bringing in someone with those genetics into this world, especially when there's a ton of kids that people just up and have and give up because they could never take care of them in the first place.

I know this is a very sensitive topic, but I feel like abortions should be more accessible because getting pregnant is pretty easy unless you have top-tier birth control (I've had a condom fall off inside of me before, and I was conceived while my mom was on the pill but was also on antibiotics), and if you can't afford good birth control or an abortion when you get pregnant, how are you going to afford a goddamn human? I live in a city where we have one of the highest childhood poverty rates in the nation, my mom was on WIC when I was born and I hear stories about how her and my dad starved to feed me, and it's like...that's not right. It's not like we're a dying species, it's not like the world is getting any better. Just, control how many kids you bring into this world, and end the stigma to abort the damn fetus. What good is continuing the family name if you're going to be neglectful and can't afford the basic needs of survival?

>> No.9465712

>implying any guy would have kids with a seagull

>> No.9465714
File: 150 KB, 1400x1380, 1654929843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my bf nutted on my underwear while I was wearing them
I don't understand...

>> No.9465721

I had an ex that missed a period because what turned out to be exam stress, she refused to see me until she had it.

>> No.9465726

It means her shimpan became spermpan

>> No.9465730

WHILE she was wearing it...?

>> No.9465854

I love my friends so much
>be today
>got a nasty virus the day we were supposed to travel next town for a all lolita trip
>hurting since last night but keep telling them i'll be ok despite it getting worse
>while everyone's dressing up in the morning i almost collapse from the pain in my abdomen
>starts puking again and again, shaking, can barely walk
>they immediatly hold my wig and dress,one starts cleaning up and keep telling me it's alright
>feeling really embarassed because I ruined the mood/they decide not to go without me and everyone was really excited including lme
>they spend an hour with me while i wait for a relative to pick me up (can't even take a train because i couldnt even walk properly), patting my back,covering me with a coat

I was sitting there in a flat dress (removed petticoat to avoid more pain), messy hair from the wig cap, pale as a ghost and shaking/puking yet everyone was nice, nobody even told me i was being a nuisance or implied it. They're the best.

>> No.9465855


I'm going through something very similar

I planned with a group to go to AX back in January and they're now deciding to cancel on me
We were supposed to split a room

My plan B was to go with my sister but her room is over capacity already

I cant afford to pay for all the nights, and I cant refund my 4 day pass

Fuck people, man.

>> No.9465857


>> No.9466021
File: 49 KB, 960x862, FB_IMG_1493830518407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I got a free pass to a con next week
>but your wife has pneumonia

>> No.9466241

joke's on you maleanon, I'm a lesbian but

>tfw no lesbian cgl gf

>> No.9466253
File: 41 KB, 1920x1080, bed time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see my cousins gf while im visiting somebody in the hospital
>"hey anon do you have a gf"
>"oh of course no you're too good for one"
What did she mean by this?

Anyway, I'm going to bed hopefully I'll wake up with a gf

>> No.9466259

Woman be cray yo!

>> No.9466342

>Not this person but a poor fag
Mother fucking potatoes and a tent.
People are poor because they make stupid fucking decision.
My stupid decision was moving back in with my mother who is shit with money rather than buying a tent and chilling in the woods near my work.

I went from having a nice job, some saved money, and friends to hang out with.
To no job, no friends, and 2k debt.
>But hey, lets get a fucking puppy and not pay for the truck tags

>> No.9466457

>>But hey, lets get a fucking puppy and not pay for the truck tags

Same shit here
>car barely working and the motor inspection denied it further road access
>debt collectors ringing on the door every other week
>fridge always empty
>had the power cut twice in 2015
>holidays coming up next month, this is a perfect time to buy a puppy. literally buy one, full prize, and accessories
>nevermind that our old dog is sleeping on a broken bed and still eats out of her puppy bowls

And she actively does not train the pupper, so despite him having a very loveable nature he will keep a lot of shitty behavior.

Poor people gonna poor.

>> No.9466505

>In relationship
>Feel attraction
>Rather than saying no to yourself you blame the person you're attracted to

This is why I have trust issues with females. It's fine to like other people, but don't fucking blame others for your attraction.

>> No.9466530

It's fucking pets, electronics, and drugs.
Pets either get trained by me, or not at all.
Electronics get "stolen" (pawned) or returned after a week.
>Example of this is my mom bought my sister a laptop with her tax return to do her homework and shit on
>Guess what was gone not a week later
I mean, it happened to me a lot in my childhood, I'm 20 now. But seeing it happen to my 12yo sister pisses me RIGHT THE FUCK OFF.
You know she'd tell me if I was good and quiet we could go to chuck e cheeses, or I'd get some candy or a toy.
Guess what never fucking happened?
It's like, why the fuck are you getting my hopes up so much? Why do you lie, or buy things we can't afford?
Like for fucks sake, the fridge was empty for a good fucking month, and I'm in 2k debt because of her!
I let her use my card, so we could get some food and things we need.

I'm angry, obviously.
My anger at poor people for some reason manifests as hatred for rich people too.
My mom had me at 16, I swear, she's still a child, and I'm more mature than her, because I grew up watching her, and then seeing how things are supposed to be, also slightly fitting the thread I'm not having kids ever, not unless I'm fucking sure I can do better than she did.
I love her to death, but holy shit I fucking hate her.

>> No.9467603

It is funny, I am at the other end of the spectrum (30A) and I can't find cute, non expensive bras.. normally, I have to buy online or grin and bear 32A. Normie western clothes are often way too big on the chest for me, so normally I have to get them taken in,I think the right wording is people with average sizes for the area, tend have it the best in terms of finding clothes/bras.

>> No.9467622

Thank you !
I understand, I went through something similar. It was more like disapproval from my parents ( mother and grandmother mainly) when I expressed that I am not popping any thing out of me ever. Unfortunately, most of the underling genetic issues manifested in me and not in any of my 6 siblings ( two have children already ). Still they have an issue of me saying no because I don't want my pathetic genes passed on. Back to everything else you said, In my opinion i think you are completely right.If you can afford a child and you are messed up (gene wise ), adopt and give someone a better life. (of course only do so when you can afford them )

>> No.9467660
File: 43 KB, 1200x658, 1491823900335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait a minute, is this board like 90% girls?

>> No.9467742


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