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Last thread. >>9440641

Having some cosplay or lolita-related feels? Discuss.

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A girl in my comm got a sex change, and he's really fucking hot now. It's freaking me out a little.

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I hate not being lolita enough. Should I go to the mall tomorrow and be a lolita there while I'm still unemployed?

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I'm quite desperate and would like some counseling.

I recently bought a dress on Lacemarket and asked for the tracked shipping.

Then the seller shipped it UNTRACKED the next day, saying that the tracked option was going to be way more expensive.

I explained that it was a a terrible thing and asked for the shipping receipt (which she sent me).

Now afraid that I might never receive it since my country's mail service sucks with tracked things, let alone untracked.

What should I do? If after some months I never receive it, should I open a PayPal dispute? Is it the seller responsibility a if the item gets lost?
It is almost 4000usd, and that is too much in my currency.

I'm just letting my anxiety rot me inside for now kek

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So your mom made you get naked in public?? Uuummmm that's really not okay????

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$4000? Seriously? Did you mean $400?

That's fucked up though anon, maybe message an LM mod to moderate the dispute if it doesn't arrive.

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"Tfw you realise that there will be an attack on a convetion in this decade"

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So your mom made you get naked in public?? Uuummmm that's really not okay????

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Who the fuck did you mean to reply to?

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Sorry, it was a stupid typo. 400**USD
And thanks a lot the suggestion! Didn't know that I could contact them for this kind of thing!

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>I have too many (lolita, jfash and normie) coats and I lowkey hate them all
>(1) size too big, not real wool so not that warm and two buttons need sewing back on, holds poof but nothing super poofy
>(2) size too small, wool but covered in lint and I lost two buttons from it when it only came with one spare so now I need to replace all 14
>(3) fits well and holds poof but colour doesn't match most of my wardrobe, buttons are ugly but it's hard to find replacements in the correct colour and size
>(4) lolita raincoat, permanently looks wrinkled so looks like trash on
>(5) normie raincoat, very thin so useless in cold weather
>(6) normie short jacket, warm but ugly with no hood and sheds down
>(7) extra warm hooded winter coat, looks stupid and has a small tear on the sleeve
>some of them were gifts and I can't give them away without causing offense
>luckily, summer is coming and I'm going to put the whole bloody lot into storage and cull/replace next year
>just waiting for Wunderwelt to put coats on sale so I can get my dream lolita coat too
>I just want to stop having so many redundant items that only do half a job and replace them with one or two that work for everything

I also think I'll make a $90 loss when I sell my current lolita coat, but that's another story.

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as a terrorist attack? Seriously I've always wondered why these kind of incidents haven't happened already. Weebs are such hateful creatures.

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>tfw a girl in your comm is super nice, but won't stop posting pictures of her tampon strings to Facebook

Well, there was that chlorine bomb at the furry con.

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I'm in college. On my spring break. I didn't do my homework for tomorrow because I was sleeping, masturbating and browsing cgl, all at the same time.
Man, I wish I was a fucking neet so I could sleep and draw all day, but that's too unrealistic
>inb4 you can quit school at any time blahblahblabh

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>I didn't do my homework for tomorrow because I was sleeping, masturbating and browsing cgl, all at the same time
same except I'm a lolita so you get the bonus of the contrast making it feel extra degenerate

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I'm a lolita too anon
>we can be degenerates toghether

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I am feeling extra salty that I did not get picked for a lolita fashion show, but a girl who sent in a bathroom selfie shot where you cant even see half her coord apparently did.

If they let her in, but not me, I fear for my coords.


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Wow, I would have been fucking infuriated if someone pulled that on me. Agreeing with the other anon, get a nod involved. I'm a paranoid person but even so, a seller shipping untracked before even considering that you wanted tracked is really suspicious to me. If things go south please name and shame, I honestly want to know who that is and avoid them like the fucking plague

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>been going to cons since I was a wee weeb
>used to get so excited to cosplay
>used to love going to cons more than anything else

Fast forward to now:
>am now "adult"
>still regularly attend cons
>still cosplay and do all the things
>just don't get the same feelings anymore

I guess it doesn't sound like a lot but it's honestly really bumming me out. And it makes it feel like it's just harder to enjoy things in general since I don't have that thing that I love anymore. Is this just growing up?

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It's anything you've been doing way too long

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>when you find out a dude in your class is a cosplayer and fat-shames obese women online

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>tfw your standards are so low that you'd fug a guy who admits to online trolling irl

Anon, if you're a girl, you can aim higher.

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He sounds hot desu.

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I have the sudden urge to enter my car into a car show just to dress up in a matching coord.
It's a fucking stupid idea and my car isin't vintage or princely. The dress I have in mind doesn't even match the red in the interior.
But it sounds like it might be fun to wear my loud eye catching dress alongside my loud eye catching car.

I need better outlets to wear my costume dresses at. I'm probably just gunna embarrass myself.

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Is this a brand fashion show or one that showcases different types of lolita?
If it's brand:
-size is a huge factor, so she could have been chosen because her measurements are more suited for the clothing
-aesthetics: perhaps her selfie had more brand appropriate vibes than your full body shots
>they'll dress you so your coordinating skills mean nothing

If it's a local/small time show, maybe there's already another model with your style?

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>costume dresses

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nah anon, I'm nonbinary trans so I'm too degenerate even by cgl standards. I keep it on the down-low because there are so many fakebois on tumblr that I know nobody would believe I was really trans when I wear such feminine clothes, but lolita is my only hobby and I love it too much to quit. I used to wear masculine clothes all the time but the older I get the more it triggers my body dysphoria by reminding me I'll never pass so I ended up getting girlier and girlier to try to mask the pain. At least being pretty and gender-conforming at all times avoids the social stigma of looking butch, even if it's just replacing one weird way of dressing with another.

sage for pointless self-loathing blog I guess.

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Its just a local thing, so you provide all your own shit. It could be entirely that they already chose a model with a similar style, or just that there wasnt room for me, who knows.

I know its silly to be salty in the first place, but damn I was feeling good about my coords and the pictures I sent in.

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That sucks. Did the other anon know people who were judging? Sometimes it's just plain favoritism. Keep rocking you coords and hold your head up high, anon.

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Ew wtf

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Cosplay older characters that suit your body type. It may generate more positive response to your cosplay and that may make you enjoy it more.

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Post the coord anon. We'll be nice, promise.

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Thanks, anon! I'm making an effort to understand that the seller didn't have "mean intentions" in this situation, but rather wanted to make sure that I was going to buy the dress... I know this is stupid, but I'm trying to not get enraged for the sake of my anxiety.

Anyway, if things go wrong, I'll surely come back and leave negative feedback.

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Obvious bait but that is a sweet ride, if it's yours.

Some happy feels
>Starting a decently paying job soon
>Have fantastic relationship with bf
>Bf equally as nerdy, cosplays, handsome
>More money = finally traveling for cons
>Finally going to have drama-lite cons with a cosplayer I know will get their shit done
>This is what dreams are made of

More money = potentially more burando, but as of late I haven't seen anything that's really spoken to me like the pieces I currently have. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots. Oh well, it's saving me money I guess

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Guys, I lost my diary... It didn't really have anything personal in it, but was full of to-do lists and scheduling stuff. I grew really attached to it and even put instax of my friends inside this inside flap on the back end.

Without it I feel so unmotivated...

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I thought, if I finished my costume, I'd suddenly give a shit about my life again.

The costume's done, and I feel nothing.

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Just lie in bed and watch 30 Rock. It's what I do when I'm down.

Damn, I need a job. I've been unemployed for over a month, but I'm still buying cosplay shit.

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>mfw i order a package from closetchild to my grandmas house but i cant get it because im afraid she'll kill me
wondering if my life is worth a few headbows and some bracelets

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okay, so at this point I have to ask. why does your grandma want to kill you?

>> No.9447190

And why would you have it shipped there if she wants to kill you?

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Anime cons are always so full of qt girls, but I can't approach them because I'm afraid their memes aren't dank enough.

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>tfw had fun cosplayong but only had a 70$ dogshit phone that would be insulting to take pics with. I cant even take food pics at home w perfect light

Im now torn between 300$ for a lg g4 which ks a 2015 cutting edge phone or 240$ for a huawei p8{not lite) which is also a flagship but just below.

Im so jealous not being able to just take hundreds of pics all day with my friends and other cosplayers and just hanging out.

Course ill also use the phones cam for real life shit too.

Not autistic enough to use a real camera ofc

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its not really crazy or anything but i was living with her for a few months because she was getting forgetful and my family needed someone to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesnt hurt herself changing a lightbulb or some shit. turns out that was the beginning stage of dementia and lately shes turned very violent and threatening to kill her daughters/my family
i was pretty neutral in this whole thing and she was fine with me but i called her the other day and she sounded very cold towards me and now im scared

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I feel you anon. My grandmother is having similar troubles and keeps calling me by my father's name because we look similar. She also thinks she's actually a teenage girl sometimes and asks where her dad is constantly. It's pretty shit desu.

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>tfw your dress is out for delivery

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I was expecting a funny, crazy story about some insane family drama, not sad stuff :c

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If you bought internationally from someone in the US, did you pay like $45 for shipping? I don't know why the seller would cheap out on shipping an already expensive dress but I usually sell things so cheap that untracked shipping (about $15-35) is the only real option. Even though I offer it no one ever wanted to pay for it

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>tfw I almost definitely called a trans-dude "Miss" at the con this weekend.

Sorry, man.

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I wasn't invited to my ten-year this month because nobody recognized my married name.

>tfw you're the only male in your graduating class with a maiden name

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i've never heard of a man taking his wife's name, why'd you do it? she have a cool last name?

>> No.9447358

Ah, that sucks. Did you have backups of your to-dos?

>> No.9447362

>inb4 anon is gay

>> No.9447364

My brother in law almost did because his family is fucked up and he likes our family. But they both ended up just keeping their names.

>> No.9447366

Her dad said I couldn't marry her unless I did. Small price to pay desu.

>> No.9447435

...usps automaticically tracks shipping wtf are you using in the US?

>> No.9447439

I didn't know any of them when the present as female but 5/6 of the trans guys I know are super hot and I feel insanely jealous. Last one looks like an LotR Hobbit tho.

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I'm feeling more and more lonely.
I thought about last time I was truly hugged/cuddled and began crying.
I just wish to find a girl to understand,love me and love her back with all my heart.
For a while I talked with a girl but it turned out it was a guy all along (he finally came clean after a month when we promised to send each other pics of what we look like).
It's been a week since I cut all ties with him but I feel so awful. I was feeling so happy. She liked lolita, we would weeb out,... I decided to trust her when she told me she would rather not show her face or let me hear her voice because she's shy like me.
I'm a fucking idiot.

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>Go to con alone
>Really excited, feel really cute and like I look true to the character
>Walk around con and see all these happy groups of people with their weeb friends
>Remember how painfully alone I am all the time because I have a hard time meeting new people and becoming friends with them

To quote "I was hit head-on by a brutal loneliness. I felt dark and hollow. Abandoned, unnoticed, forgotten, I stood on the sidewalk, a nothing, a gatherer of dust. People hurried past me. and everyone who walked by was happier than I. I felt the old envy. I would have given anything to be one of them.”

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If you mean the other girls, I would never do that to her, it's not like she told them not to pick me, we barely know each other. I may be salty but I'm not that petty.

If you mean my own, well no that's just stupid to self post. My own coords are nothing special, they match and look nice but I never do Ott or sweet, I'm an old school and classic girl

>> No.9447464

I feel you anon, I really do.
You'll find someone/people to be with you eventually. I did. And I'm super autistic when it comes to social interactions.

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I was going to work on cosplay and find a new job today.

Instead I made a Frito pie and ate it all myself.

Only 2pm and I can't wait to go back to sleep.

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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I guess theres /cgl/ or 4chan meet ups at cons, i've not been to one myself but i understand it's usually an ok mix, and the worst offenders are too shut-in to go to cons.

>> No.9447539

I bought from Canada. The untracked option was 40USD and the tracked 70USD. I wouldn't mind paying the extra 30, specially knowing the mail service from my country... but well, no choices were given, sigh...

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>tfw boyfriend got mad I had sex for money
If he wasn't so fucking poor and bought me things I wouldn't need the money.

>> No.9447545

>not findomming desperate losers out of their cash and using it to take your qt bf on dates
you deserved it, you fucking noob

>> No.9447549

You posted something similar in the last feels thread, something about your imaginary bf getting mad that you had imaginary sex with imaginary guys during your imaginary long distance relationship. Please stop trolling.

>> No.9447558

I believe this tho. Are you a bit chubby?

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Update: I swear, I'll look for a new job if it'll help me feel less depressed.

Is that true in your experience, gulls?

>> No.9447610

Yup. I can sleep easier at night by knowing that I did *something* to try and better my circumstances. Nothing worse than feeling completely unproductive and feeding the depression.

>> No.9447639

I'm not a lolita, but last week I found a bunch of lolita clothes at a secondhand shop in my neighborhood (mostly taobao brands from what I can tell) and I just can't stop thinking about them. Somehow seeing the skirts and dresses in person sparked something in me that seeing pictures online never has.

>> No.9447649

Just wait until you wear one. Join us!

>> No.9447662

Preying on the vulnerable like this is worse than prostitution.

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God, I hope. Ever since the airport fired me on Valentine's Day for "scaring" that guy's son, I've wanted to fucking die.

>> No.9447696

My best friend has been shifting towards sweet recently and now I need to find a way to convey to her that I am embarrassed to be seen with her dressed like that without making her feel bad. I wonder if this is how normies feel about all lolita.

>> No.9447722

When did sweets become the outcasts of lolita?

Is it because people associate us with DDLGs?

>> No.9447723

>the feel when do secret santa and get fucked over many, many times.

>> No.9447731

>used to post a lot on cgl as a weeb teen
>never selfposted but bad at disguising writing style and openly discussed current city a few times
>didn't seem like a big deal at the time because I wasn't involved in drama and a lot of my IRL friends browsed 4chan
>not sure if anyone could trace posts back to me or if I'm just being paranoid and they're not that identifiable
>new comm thinks cgl is evil and I really regret not being more discreet back then

>> No.9447779

Realize you're a shitty person and stop dragging her down.

>> No.9447785



you're as mentally deranged as they are

>> No.9447798

Just list my new violet ciecle lenses.

30 fucking dollars down the drain

So fucking furious im literrally slacking the whole day at work and causing product losses cause i juat cant be fucked.

So fucking tilted im buying a new 300$ + phone as well and a new pair of lenses

>> No.9447799

Why? Does she dress badly? It's honestly not a big deal.

>> No.9447808

I recently feel like I've fallen out of love with cosplay. Cosplay used to be the only thing I looked forward to making and going to cons would be the highlight of my year. I still am really depressed and both counseling and medication have done minimal work. Still, I thought if I have something I still love, it would be ok. Since early this year, cosplay has just felt like time and money sink for me. Went to a big con recently and spent most of it napping in the hotel room because I was so exhausted and didn't wear 2 of the 3 costumes I brought. I don't even like making cosplay anymore and have at least eight unfinished projects all over my house.

Going to Colossal, but I'm thinking of just bailing. Already have my hotel share paid, and might just ask if the host can find someone who can take my spot for like half the price. I'm driving so at least I don't have to worry about airfare, but I just feel more and more dread the closer the con gets. I don't know what gets to me more-the fact I'm more miserable about cosplay/cons now or that cosplay/cons seem to be making me miserable.

I have lots of friends who cosplay and were planning to meet at Colossal but I just think I'd be a bummer. I didn't meet anyone at the last con either or spent that much time with friends. Just feel so shitty.

>> No.9447854

Damn I would definitely leave bad feedback, shipping to Canada with tracking doesn't cost $70 and if she shipped without it for $40 you got ripped off
Wtf are you talking about, a customs number is not a tracking number and first class international never comes with anything else

>> No.9447876

Pls no, imagine all the crossboard shitposters who would visit us after that.

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Other lolis like to shit-talk sweet and OTT sweet because they associate us with diaper girls.

>> No.9447936

I let myself fall into a slump, gained 60 lbs and I hate myself. I'm feeling optimistic though, because I'm trying to eat better, I bought a small stationary bike, and I've already lost 2 lbs in a week. I have about 80 lbs to lose total so I hope I can turn my eating habits and excessive sleeping habit around. Momokun has been super inspiring, because watching that trainwreck has been incredibly motivating.

>> No.9447949

desu I'd rather die in costume than anything else. Might as well go out looking stylish.

>> No.9447951

>be me
>dating girl for several years
>she was a con newbie when we met
>now obsessed with becoming famous cosplayer
>makes photoshopping her pictures and finishing her costumes her top priority
>consumes her life
>has no time for me ever
>sex life begins to suffer severely; she refuses to use free time for anything but cosplay and photo editing
>still try to support her while acknowledging and vocalizing the problem and doing everything i can to fix the situation
>she finally breaks up with me
>over goddamn facebook
>says we were drifting apart
>implies i was the one who changed
>already has new boyfriend
>still making costumes
>still fame obsessed

Don't let cosplay swallow your life kiddos, because it could ruin someone else's.

>> No.9447952

Who is she

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I'm slowly realising that conventions are the only times I go out and hang with friends across the entire year

Most of the time they don't want to hang out in person because (from what I'm assuming) they think I'm going to hit on them, even though I have a partner already.

>> No.9447974

*hang out outside of cons, I mean

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>Cosplay pic related to recent con
>Don't get recognized much by other people, except other DR cosplayers. Kind of expected such
>Spend entire day concerned people think I just fucked up the bangs on my wig really badly because they don't know the character

Probably not going to cosplay her to a con again in part due to that.

>> No.9448015

Name and shame pleaaaaase
Or at least post an image of her on the cringe thread

>> No.9448018

Maybe try to make friends with other couples or try to have your partner try to befriend the same people? I dunno if you're a guy or a girl but I tend to be very wary of guys who try to befriend me but don't even talk to my husband at all. Girls it's a bit different though

>> No.9448038

Same here anon! Youre already taking good first steps! Keep it up!

>> No.9448062

Thank you, back at you!

>> No.9448084

>tfw you think someone on this board seems kinda cool and want to try and befriend them but because of the nature of the board you have no real way of approaching them.

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Hey, update! I filled out a bunch of job applications tonight, and I feel a lot less terrible.

Maybe I can work on cosplay props in the morning. I feel marginally less depressed.

>> No.9448121

Maybe they wouldn't, if you didn't call yourself a "loli".

>> No.9448131

It's tempting, but I'm holding out that last shred of respect for a bit longer. I loved that girl with my whole heart, and I'm just hoping karma does its part- you'd think it should be pretty easy to see throwing away the best relationship of your life isn't worth doing over a hobby obsession. Then again, what do I know- I'm the one who didn't see it coming.

>> No.9448137

Yes. And thong-diaper-toting ageplayers.

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I keep thinking about how much I'm investing in lolita. I always try to justify the amount I'm spending to friends and family by saying that, unlike fast fashion, it has resale value. It's kind of true, but it's disingenuous since I buy to keep and have no intention of quitting until my late 30s (unless I have kids or go into a field where even toned-down classic could affect my career prospects), by which point my stuff might not be worth anything.

Essentially I'm committing to spending several thousand a year on clothes for the next 15+ years, which doesn't seem like such a responsible decision. If I was constantly swapping in and out new popular pieces I'd worry less about my wardrobe losing value, but I'm trying to build towards only owning wishlist/dream items. Since I got rid of most of my filler pieces and got more rare stuff I never want to let go of anything, even when money is tight.

Having to plan my entire life around my clothes is making me anxious. Before I got into lolita I didn't mind living in the sort of area where it's not safe to wear anything you can't run away in, but now I pay a premium to live in a large apartment in the good part of town. I can't spontaneously move cross-country or abroad because it'd be too hard to move my wardrobe (I don't have a car so even putting stuff into storage is extremely difficult), and I'm extremely fearful of living with people I don't know in case a bad roommate damages my stuff.

I love this hobby, but it's all beginning to feel like a burden. Friends who live abroad keep making offers for me to come and stay with them for the summer, but I'm worried about leaving my wardrobe. So many of my pieces would be near-impossible to find again second-hand that I don't want to downsize, but I kind of want to stick most of it in storage and live out of a suitcase for a while.

sorry for wall of text but I needed to vent, can't talk to my normie friends as they lowkey dislike lolita and encourage me to quit

>> No.9448142

You're worried about years-old posts on an anonymous board where everything past page 10 gets deleted? Do you think they're going to go to one of the offsite archives and write an AI bot to heuristically search for your old posts?

>> No.9448144

*and would encourage me to quit if I brought this up, I don't mean that they encourage me to quit in general, they're not that rude

>> No.9448150

>says we were drifting apart
>implies i was the one who changed
She's already gaslighting you dude. I hope you have some chatlogs saved for when she starts to really drag your name through the mud.

>> No.9448178

Trust me, I know she's the one who messed up- and luckily the local community knows it too. It doesn't take a super sleuth to see which of the two of us actually gave a fuck about being together, and anyone who's asked just got the plain old facts as far as I have them. Breaking off a years-long relationship over Facebook and getting with a new guy almost immediately does not, surprisingly, sit well with a lot of people.

>> No.9448186

Thanks mang.

And congrats. I hope you have a good time and have a job thats comftrable. My job makes me good money but at the price of never having any more free time on accont of sleeping in the day and working at night. I'm mad jelly.

>> No.9448197

MtF always felt to me like the easier transition. At least in terms of "passing". I know two old friends who have transitioned and honestly, unless you knew, you wouldnt be able to tell.

>> No.9448207

MtFs tend to pass well as long as they were reasonably tall to begin with. I know an MtF who's 4'11" and really small-framed and really feel for the guy, with facial hair older people tend to think he's a cis guy but most younger people or people involved in the LGBT scene realise he's trans straight away.

>> No.9448209

*FFS meant FtM not MtF, obviously what I said doesn't make sense otherwise.

>> No.9448219

My grandma went through the same shit. I remember she would fucking yell and scrach and bite and it was awfull. Has your family looked into medication or HSS services?

>> No.9448232


>> No.9448292
File: 76 KB, 764x599, howitfeelstochew5gum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got period at con
>forgot to shave vag before duct taping it shut

This is gonna hurt to pull off.

>> No.9448310

Tylenol and Vaseline help, but next time please use a tampon.

>> No.9448349

Not necessarily, but she dresses like a child. I already have family and friends who are less than enthusiastic about lolita and they've never even seen sweet. Plus it changes the way people react to me in public when I'm with her. I don't want to be associated with it at all.

>> No.9448373
File: 42 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>quit job two weeks ago because I was an "unnamed manager" only getting paid 9/hr and boss didn't want to pay/give me a $2 raise despite doing more work than other coworkers
>had some cash saved up so I'd have something to mull
me over while looking for new job
>Applied to some places but still nothing
>starting to panic after two weeks that I'm going to run out of money before finding new job
>only $33 left in spending bank acc
>friend decided to send me spontanious reminder message today
>"anon payment for the con hotel ($270) is comming up just so you know!"

I hate myself how could I forget
Someone's going to call me back r-right gulls?

>> No.9448376

where do you live anon?

>> No.9448387

This sounds like someone I know from my local cosplay comm.

>> No.9448393
File: 1.63 MB, 416x414, b7b4d6d22d3fe430c224a588cba21b3db3a2e1726f6bdf7a9a718d45701730ce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: I found it underneath my bed when I was playing hide and seek with my pupper!

Nope. That day I kind of just loafed around.

>> No.9448402

There's no tactful way to deal with this and without seeing her coords we can't see if she really dresses like a child and it's awkward for you to handle, or if you're just being a bitch about her wearing normal sweet lolita, which (while somewhat childish) is not actually what children wear.

>> No.9448407

> duct taping vag

wh- what? how? why?

>> No.9448430

you sound like a shitty and self-centered "friend" desu. instead of being a cunt you could just ask her if she wants to match in classic or gothic coordinates. or you could just let her do what she wants and fuck off if it bothers you that much.

>> No.9448435

I really feel you. Had a very similar thing happen to me.
It sucks how some people get consumed by things and dont even really notice it.

>> No.9448464

The people bitching at you probably wear sweet themselves, so they don't really understand what this can feel like to someone with dignity. I know I'm always extra self-conscious at a meet in public with sweets. That said, you can't force her to wear something you're comfortable with. All you can do is let her know how it makes you feel. If she's truly a good friend, I'm sure she'll be accommodating. Good luck, anon.

>> No.9448465

>If she's truly a good friend, I'm sure she'll be accommodating.
Really? Would you feel this way about a normie friend of yours that refused to be around you in classic or gothic, that you were the one who was being a bad friend if you didn't wear normal clothes around them? It baffles me how up their own arse some classic and gothic lolitas get about how acceptable they are to normies. Newsflash: you still look fucking weird, and I'm saying this as primarily a classic/gothic lolita whose had my coords called boring on here a few times. Normie friends of mine can't comprehend how I could wear classic without losing my "dignity", as to them it looks like a period costume. They don't try to force me not to wear it though, as you shouldn't try to force her not to wear sweet except by subtle methods (e.g. "Let's twin in X!")

>> No.9448519

You're disgusting.

>> No.9448546

That's not really analogous. Normies won't be lumped together with you, you'll just be 'that weird friend'. In any case, I understand when lolita is inappropriate.

>> No.9448556

I think classic/gothic creates an impression more like "that wierdo pretentious artsy-fartsy person" than "that age regressing fetishist".

>> No.9448591

This. I still get treated like a strangely dressed oddball when I'm wearing classic but I never get sexual comments unless I'm with someone wearing sweet. Maybe I'm just a prude, but while I'm fine with "it's not Halloween!" I get really upset when people start yelling at us to keep our fetish costumes to the bedroom. It gets especially bad when the person wearing sweet is a brolita, so I tend to avoid meetups that involve walking if I know the sweet brolitas in our comm are going to attend.

>> No.9448849
File: 655 KB, 728x605, monkeytrouble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a joke, my dudes.

Duct taping the vag shut, honestly. Come on now.

>> No.9448932

Somehow being laid off wasn't the worse thing to happen this month.
>Decide to go to dentist before I no longer have dental
>What I thought was a cavity was actually problems with my root canal
>Pulled out the tooth that day
Now I have to be worried about breaking the temporary crowns while I'm out of state at my con. At least they look passable as real teeth in photos and it was cheaper than I thought. I wonder what's going to happen next.

>> No.9449034
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1470619124944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The dresses and skirts were much, much too small for me, so I didn't buy any of them. Just thinking about them feels like a thorn in my heart. I'll have to do a lot of research into which dresses will fit and flatter my mannish body before I begin putting anything together, and I don't have the money for custom clothes. It feels bad, man.

>> No.9449047

I had a similar experience a while ago, and I ended up taking almost a year off con-going altogether. After a while I started going to cons without cosplaying before finally returning to the hobby, and I felt a lot better about it. Take care of yourself, anon.

>> No.9449050

!!! I'm happy for you! Good on you, anon!!

(A tip: work out a feasible schedule the night before and start on it as soon as you wake up. I do this and it definitely makes me more productive.)

>> No.9449097

A terrorist attack is supposed to send a politically charaged message. What mesaage does attacking a bunch of weebs send?

>> No.9449114

Ask James Holmes.

Thanks. I'm trying to pull myself out of this, one day at a time.

>> No.9449212

Nowhere is safe.

What message does attacking a music concert or a subway line send?

>> No.9449253

Considering how tightly packed people are at a typical convention and how busy it is it would make an ideal target,

>> No.9449381
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>tfw I got too fat for my sailor suit

I can still just barely squeeze into it, but the zipper won't budge.

Whatever. I could barely breathe in that damn thing anyway. It sucks being a crossplayer. Time to order a size up, for my big stupid male ribcage.

>> No.9449405

>I don't have the money for custom clothes
The good custom places for lolita are mostly Taobao, which is cheaper than buying new brand would be anyway:

Read through the advice on tall/plus sized/male lolitas and under the plus sized section there's info on which brands do custom sizing for free. There are even more brands that do it for a $5-20 extra charge.

>> No.9449407

>Time to order a size up
Why not lose weight instead?

>> No.9449425


>> No.9449434

I attended my first con alone! I'm not a cosplayer, but I did wear lolita. It was refreshing to be on my own schedule the entire day, and I was able to take as many breaks as I wanted (social anxiety).
I ran into a lot of friends but because I was alone, I was able to catch up with them and not get overwhelmed.
>bad feel
Apparently one of my friends got mad that I didn't want to tag along and follow them around the dealer's room after we ran into one another. We exchanged pleasantries for a while, and I thought that would be enough since I told them I had something else I needed to do. Apparently they accused me of "using people"? So stupid.
Regardless, I had a great time and would love to go to another con solo!

>> No.9449517

Wtf pics please!!!!!!

>> No.9449561

Even if I got down to skelly weight, it would barely fit because it's sized for Asian girls, and I'm neither of the two.

Plus, I'm 15lbs overweight now. I can't lose that in a month.

>> No.9449606

Post pictures please!

>> No.9449614

Omg thats so cute!

>> No.9449632

Buy some used dresses with shirring, a lot of taobao is unshirred and can be bought in tiny sizes, while most brand is much more generous. Lacemarket is still the easiest site to start with

>> No.9449655

Time to order a sailor suit in "bubba" size then

>> No.9449683
File: 244 KB, 471x405, fatshaming.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Omg stop cyber bullying me.

>> No.9449822

Anyone else dressing up for Free Comic Book Day?

I'm gonna be Sailor Venus.

>> No.9449922

Spooky how often it happens. Same shit happen to him/her too?

>> No.9450385
File: 9 KB, 130x167, astounding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>entering restaurant with lolita party
>overhear some hick say "Those white girls think they're chinks."

>> No.9450408

I call bullshit, how would a hick know that lolita is a jfashion thing?

>> No.9450409

>found the pictures of my awkward first steps towards lolita fashion
>twintail wig, terrible acne with no attempt to cover it, raccoon eyes, eyebrows filled in the wrong colour, the works
>on the plus side, I only ever dressed that badly in my room and to one con years ago
>still embarrassed by it because I attended that con with several of my IRL friends from back then, and sent a lot of make-up selfies to another friend on IM
>none of these people like lolita at the best of times (they think even brand photoshoots look weird and stupid), so the fact they still have access to those photos is really embarrassing
>I have no way to delete the pics and it's not like I can bring it up without reminding them

I'm also pretty pissed off that a close friend at the time told me not to bother trying crossplay because I'd never pass. Having looked back at all those ugly high school pictures, I was actually kind of manly-looking (skinny face, flat-chested, eyebrows had never seen a pair of tweezers) and the fact that I was younger meant being short wasn't as much of a disadvantage as it is for me now. I could definitely have gotten away with teenage characters, which I feel weird doing now I'm in my 20s. I feel like I missed out from taking that one person two seriously.

>> No.9450430
File: 40 KB, 508x462, deanwtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your son wants to cosplay the poop emoji for a con

>> No.9450431
File: 86 KB, 1280x720, 1484076517743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I wish I had something to offer all of you since I'm in a sentimental mood, but all I can share with you is this song and hope for your situations.


>> No.9450443

If you're fat and mannish, don't bother.

>> No.9450449

My comm got the same comment once, not so much from a hick but from a middle-aged woman to her young teenage daughter. "Chinks" and all. Poor kid.
>she's right though we're definitely wearing curled blonde wigs and Western European inspired dresses because we want to look Chinese
>several of our members actually ARE Chinese but I don't think she noticed

>> No.9450474

i was one of the anons and i wear gothic, lol. there's no excuse for being such a cunt to a friend. people have such a vendetta against sweets nowadays and it's kind of pathetic. they're an integral part of our fashion, get over it.

>> No.9450485

Most places have online applications, but make sure you actually stop at the store when a manager's in. A loser-ish friend of mine spent 2 months looking for a fast food job and only applied online. They got one because of a connection they had, were fired, then got 3 jobs offers from different stores after showing up to every store they applied to (they needed the job FAST).

If the manager sees you're dedicated enough to actually go to the store to, say, hand in a printed version of your resume or even just express interest, they're more likely to hire you than even look at the other online applicants.

>> No.9450495

/pol/ here.
Remember to be responsible with your money.

>> No.9450531

We've had this argument in feels threads before and it really depends on where you live. Eveyr time I've handed in applications in person to places that also do online I just got told to apply online, and some anons on here who'd worked in those kind of places told me they just binned the resumes because it was company policy to only accept online applications.

>> No.9450550 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 540x359, tumblr_inline_nrrjfkDVsf1qipegv_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dress up in lolita for the first time in forever to meet an acquaintance who enjoys alternative fashion for brunch
>I have the problem of being agoraphobic/having anxiety because I feel like everyone's eyes are on me AND of loving a very loud fashion at the same time
>obstacle one: brain wants me to cancel the morning of our brunch because fear of walking to the brunch location (there's no free parking nearby)
>can't cancel on this person AGAIN, even though my nerves beg me to before I leave
>I just get in the car and drive, park 5 minutes away to meeting place. obstacle one overcome, sweet
>spot obstacle two: police EVERYWHERE
>like, groups of 15-20 on different corners
>I'm terrified of authority figures
>take a longer path to avoid them, but I walk past a group of cops anyway, stare at my phone to avoid eye contact
>obstacle two overcome even though I used a distraction method, sweet af
>try to call my friend to stay on the line with me until I get to the place I'm going to, but it doesn't work and while staring at my phone I miss...
>obstacle three: boss appears, activating my fear of those in my professional life discovering my love for a "weird" hobby
>"hey anon! why are you all dressed up?"
>"oh hi! I'm meeting a friend because we like to dress fancy and hang out at fun new places"
>lie: accepted
>final obstacle: overcome, fucking ding dang sweet uncle sam
>get to where I'm supposed to go, have fun chatting, go home
>feel like I'm a fucking boss

It sounds like nothing, but even going to the store by myself makes my vision go weird and my stomach hurt. A lot of people don't know I deal with it because 1) if I have someone I'm close to with me, I can do anything without any consequences (sans events with big crowds) and 2) I'm decent at hiding it while I'm out and about, I just rarely find myself in situations like that because I avoid them. I feel like I'm making so much progress.

>> No.9450551
File: 1.01 MB, 320x236, very nice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dress up in lolita for the first time in forever to meet an acquaintance who enjoys alternative fashion for brunch
>I have the problem of being agoraphobic/having anxiety because I feel like everyone's eyes are on me AND of loving a very loud fashion at the same time
>obstacle one: brain wants me to cancel the morning of our brunch because fear of walking to the brunch location (there's no free parking nearby)
>can't cancel on this person AGAIN, even though my nerves beg me to before I leave
>I just get in the car and drive, park 5 minutes away to meeting place. obstacle one overcome, sweet
>spot obstacle two: police EVERYWHERE
>like, groups of 15-20 on different corners
>I'm terrified of authority figures
>take a longer path to avoid them, but I walk past a group of cops anyway, stare at my phone to avoid eye contact
>obstacle two overcome even though I used a distraction method, sweet af
>try to call my friend to stay on the line with me until I get to the place I'm going to, but it doesn't work and while staring at my phone I miss...
>obstacle three: boss appears, activating my fear of those in my professional life discovering my love for a "weird" hobby
>"hey anon! why are you all dressed up?"
>"oh hi! I'm meeting a friend because we like to dress fancy and hang out at fun new places"
>lie: accepted
>final obstacle: overcome, fucking ding dang sweet uncle sam
>get to where I'm supposed to go, have fun chatting, go home
>feel like I'm a fucking boss

It sounds like nothing, but even going to the store by myself makes my vision go weird and my stomach hurt. A lot of people don't know I deal with it because 1) if I have someone I'm close to with me, I can do anything without any consequences (sans events with big crowds) and 2) I'm decent at hiding it while I'm out and about, I just rarely find myself in situations like that because I avoid them. I feel like I'm making so much progress.

>> No.9450563
File: 12 KB, 300x250, cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I had the courage to wear lolita back when I first discovered it at 16. I'm 20 now and feel like the fashion is dying. I don't care *that much* about there not being much of a social scene, I just like the fashion and I'm glad I've finally built up the courage to start collecting a wardrobe.
I have all these exciting ideas and plans to join my local comm and take so many photos and post them over my social media and just enjoy this phase of my life looking cute and having fun...

it's too bad I'm still really fucking shy and introverted and have a severe fear of cameras.
>mfw I picked the wrong fashion to fall in love with

>> No.9450573

Feeling weird about ending a long term friendship. Let's call her Ann. Ann has been my best friend for nearly a decade. I'm graduating in a few weeks and starting grad school across the country in the fall and since I've gotten my acceptance letter, Ann has been awful to me.

For context, Ann and I got into cosplay together as baby weebs in middle school. Due to our different personalities, Ann always loved the spotlight, while I liked just feeding off the positive and fun energy. Ann was fun and probably the number one reason why I have the self confidence I have today. She was the first person to get me to feel good in cosplay and then as myself. Ann fell in love with cosplay and wants to be cosfamous. I know cgl has their beef with cosfamous wannabes, but that aside, I think Ann just loves the attention. I fell in stride by helping her out building her "brand", doing cosplays with her, helping her out with prop making, being her handler, etc. I didn't mind or care at all, because by hanging out with Ann I got in with the In crowd at cons and she always gave me credit and thanks. Besides, she was my best friend.

Flash forward two weeks ago where Ann leaves me a scathing text that our friendship is through if I go to grad school. At first I thought it was because she was going to miss me and was misdirecting her emotions? Since she wasn't responding to my messages, I tried to talk to her though mutual friends and they came forward with how Ann has been shit talking me for years, calling me a doormat, her personal secretary, and basically a flunky and how easy it is for her to get me to do stuff for her.

Now I don't know how many people in our comm know about this, or if I bring this up, she'll drag me through the mud. Or if I even have the energy for all of this. Ann has a bit of reach, she's pretty mid-tier. I don't want to give up cosplay, but I also want to end this as quietly as possible. Not sure if I can do that with Ann...

>> No.9450590

I've also personally witnessed managers bin applications by people who came into the store to apply because "they were supposed to apply online and clearly cannot follow instructions". It really does depend on the place and the people.

>> No.9450593

It's not dying. There is still a thriving online community, brands are doing fine and your local comm is probably pretty active too unless you live in bumfuck nowhere. Are you sure you're not just anxious and looking for excuses not to start?

>> No.9450609

My cat might be going blind.
I've been crying off and on for 2 days now about it because I want to fix it but can't. She's my world and saved me from a pretty low point in my life and I'm fully prepared to sell my entire wardrobe if she needs expensive treatment. I've already been pricing things out and making draft listings on Lacemarket in the event things really go bad.

Going to work and leaving her at home alone is torturing to me.
I'm weak. I know.

>> No.9450614
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold one of my cutest dresses for cash today, I left it unguarded and my dog ate it. Pooped it on a walk today, but it was unsalvageable.

>mfw I traded that dress for two dog turds

>> No.9450622

Good on you anon! I've been there, and know how paralysing it can be. Keep climbing those obstacles, and don't beat yourself when you have a fall back.

>> No.9450625

Probably a bit. Anxiety is weird like that

>> No.9450633

well she's the one who made you chose between grad school and friendship. no real friend would ever do that, so nobody's gonna blame you for ending the friendship.

and why even give up cosplay because of her? just do your thing gull

PS don't fall for it when she comes back apologizing

>> No.9450639

It's okay.
It sucks to know your cat won't be able to see anymore, but it's not the end of the world! Your cat will still love you as much as he does now, but he will need to get used to walking around without eyesight. If you want a little bit of inspiration. https://www.instagram.com/shortandnotginger/?hl=nl
Cyarine adopted a blind cat last year? and it's such a cutie! She posts photos and videos of him once in a while.

>> No.9450642

Cats that go blind actually cope really well if it's gradual as long as they are kept indoors and you don't change their environment heaps. I work with a foster agency and we often see stray adults with eye problems who navigate and play just fine

>> No.9450652

cats adjust fairly well when becoming blind. as long as it's not live treathening, cats often don't need surgery on their eyes. just like the other anons said, as long as you keep her indoors and don't change too much in the house it should be okay.

how old is she by the way? cats often go blind when they get older, my parents had a cat who went blind when he was getting older and became 16 years old in the end.

>> No.9450696

Anon unless you are one of those 100 item minimalists you are going to get tied down a bit anyway. Myself & partner have enough pets that its difficult for us to get away a lot, also I have a room of lolita clothes & he is crazy into wargaming so there's also a room for that. I dislike travelling enough, as I don't have enough $ to travel at the level I would like but have a beautiful home & every comfort I want which makes me happy, thats the choice I made.

It sounds like lolita is going to be at odds with your lifestyle down the line if you want such a high level of freedom. I am sure you considered this, perhaps try a capsule wardrobe of Lolita items? Do you have anyone you trust to keep your other things if you trave abroad? Family? otherwise you need fuck you money to be able to afford both, or at least to be driving so you can take a trailer or truck with you on that cross country move & find someone you can trust to keep your things while you travel.

>> No.9450705

I just want a small group of Lolita friends (or a comm) who'd be up for random get-togethers at ridiculous hours, not always but sometimes going out for a drink or chilling out at one of our houses getting high and watching movies together. That'd be fun as shit

>> No.9450714

>this video is unavailable

>> No.9450716

Anon please don't give up cosplay because of some dumb bitch!! You might be feeling devastated but she's toxic and you are better off without her
>talks shit for years to other people
>ends friendship because moving for grad school

Good friends don't do that shit. Plus, if I knew someone who called their friend a doormat or a personal secretary I would think that person is a huge cunt. Whoever told you is probably more on your side than hers.
You're moving somewhere new also, you will be able to get away from her and if you're moving states away you probably won't worry about running into her at cons or meet ups.

Make new friends and continue to cosplay!

>> No.9450746

We had quite a few cats who came into the animal hospital who were blind! They were all good to go and adapted well. Remember that they can hear way better than we can. You might hear a few thuds if she hits her noggin on something, but she'll be okay Anon!

I lost my cat over a month ago and I'm still not over it, so I get it. I cried for DAYS after we put her down. There's nothing wrong with that. Having animals health start to decline SUCKS.

>> No.9450962
File: 604 KB, 500x278, tennis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bring Chinese friend to the con
>waiting in line for panel
>Sunday, so the hallway is actually pretty silent
>she asks me, loudly, "What is 'nigger'?"
>everyone stares

Apparently, she heard some black drifters say the word outside earlier. But yeah, we got some looks. Lmao.

>> No.9450979
File: 432 KB, 866x577, Skeleton-Computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cutting weight for fanime
>1800 calories
>on ephedrine
>how I feel at work rn

>> No.9450998
File: 113 KB, 720x697, wendyschan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that pic

This whole fad where everyone wants to fuck Wendy has me wanting to do a cosplay of her.

>> No.9451004

I'm really enjoying this meme, hope the normies don't get ahold of it

>> No.9451015

How long until other fast food places introduce moe versions of their own mascots?

>> No.9451020

Just found out that one of the guests for the con I staff for is someone I'm a HUGE FAN OF, and my request to be assigned to them as guest staff has been approved!!! I'm super fucking excited, but also now I have to figure out how to not be a giant sperg lord about the whole thing. I mean, the whole point of being guest staff is to help them with what they need and make their convention as awesome as possible - it's not about me, it's about them. But still, we're a small con so there'll be some down time and some chatting.

What's the best way to casually tell someone, hey, I've followed your work for 7 years and really admire how far you've come and the content you've created, without coming off as overbearing? I don't want to be disingenuous but I also don't want to tell them I own everything they've ever worked on because that def comes off as creepy. Especially because I'm a much bigger fan of their self produced indy work than their mainstream stuff, even if their mainstream work is the reason they've been invited to the con.

>> No.9451091
File: 308 KB, 528x748, 15420914_1818576291765091_8466399544196809659_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw i'd love to order more cute summer clothes but all my money this and next month will go just for bills and rent and such
Maybe i should start looking for cute winter clothes instead.

Super stressed and depressed anyways since no money and i'd like to work but bf told me not to as i should focus on school, and that now he's searching for a job so he can help me pay. I really appreciate that but it makes me feel like shit when someone else has to help me financially but as a poor student who gets like 600€ per month i can't really complain if someone wants to help me. And when i have no money i have no choice but to sell my weeb stuff like figures and clothes or starve
Now everything feels like shit but i'm sure after i'm done paying off my bills/rent/loans things will get better

>> No.9451167

My boyfriend was in a similar situation and decided to get a loan so he could focus on his studies and still afford fun shit. We're now having trouble getting a mortgage because of his student loan. Shit sucks, but it's probably better to sit things out for now.

>> No.9451193
File: 39 KB, 480x536, FB_IMG_1493088083789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big weeb at the planearium tomorrow and none of my friends are going.

>> No.9451276

You're going to the planetarium to see a big weeb?

Can't you just look in the mirror?

>> No.9451297


It's there for me. Doesn't look like it's region locked.


>> No.9451298

take a deep breath and hold it

>> No.9451301


>how Ann has been shit talking me for years, calling me a doormat, her personal secretary, and basically a flunky and how easy it is for her to get me to do stuff for her.

Are you not angry about this? Do you not want to send her off with a giant fuck you over how she used you for a number of years of your precious life?

She's not someone worth being concerned over other than how to get some kicks out of her poor conduct with you. Why would you ever value the opinion of someone like her when it comes to doing something that you personally value and enjoy?

>> No.9451304


Do you know how she's going blind? If it's cataracts, those should be easily treatable shouldn't they?

>> No.9451411

well it's available for me too now

>> No.9451420
File: 60 KB, 341x353, lolishrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it any fun, going to cosplay events alone?

TN's Adventure Science Center is doing a Marvel/DC event, and it would be a good time to be Spider-Gwen. But I hate doing "fun" things alone.

>> No.9451438

Yeah, I guess I just feel it strongly because other than lolita I don't have much stuff. My childhood bedroom was tiny anyway so the only thing I used to collect other than lolita was books and CDs, and I didn't take any of those things with me to uni. I'd love to have a collection of fashion magazines and nice coffee-table books but I don't because I don't have the space, and I've never lived in an apartment that allowed pets. I basically dropped all the hobbies that take up space so that I'd have space for my wardrobe, which is why it feels like lolita is the only thing left tying me down.

I'm not really the sort of person who's big into travel so it never bothered me before (I like going on holiday but I would rather spend my disposable income for lolita and my living space), but I've had three offers to go abroad this year basically for free, so since I don't have to worry about the cost it really feels like a waste not to go. There's no space for me to leave stuff at my parents or any of my friends - I've got another relative who's offered to let me leave stuff in their spare room but they're a smoker and I'm seriously worried about a smoke smell getting into my stuff. I looked into paying for storage but it's expensive. I don't really see it affecting my future lifestyle that much but it is an issue for the summer, I just need a place to store things.

>> No.9451464


>> No.9451479

Considered vacuum storing things? you might have a serious time ironing things when unpacking, but everything will be comprised and isolated from the atmosphere, so shouldn't fade or get any smells unless exposed to sunlight, plus it compresses everything...

>> No.9451482

I don't use the word literally a lot, but you literally defeated the boss and leveled up.

>> No.9451520

In case I ever have a chinese friend, are there any chinese words you're never supposed to say in public?

>> No.9451541


Unless you know any Chinese swears, there aren't really.

>> No.9451567
File: 34 KB, 651x481, constipatedrage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on cosplay with little sister
>stop to take a dump
>sissy-anon comes into the bathroom as a Chobits and slaps me in the face
>mfw when she runs off laughing

Sometimes I hate my hobby.

>> No.9451621
File: 27 KB, 561x576, prinny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get into cosplay to make friends
>Make friends at cons, but no friends ever live close, so friendship wanes.

>Push for a good career to make friends at cons since I have really no use for my money now.
>Buy everyone drinks, bring a full bar
>Everyone has a good time. People come, drink, and I make facebook friends
>Never get the chance to speak to them again on facebook, or they just think i'm hitting on them and won't respond.

>Post in friend finder thread
>Males just hit on me
>females won't talk to me because i'm male.

>Buy awesome things to make room parties at cons.
>Host room parties w/ speakers and disco lights and crazy shit.
>Get in trouble, but still make no friends.

>Just want cosfam. Want people to hang out, work on cosplay with, be weeaboos with and shit.

I think some people are just meant to not interact with other people. Invisibility is such a shitty superpower. Could be that i'm ugly, though.

>> No.9451623

Dude for real, I could fuck Wendy. My friends all said so.

>> No.9451625


I think you're mistaking superficial interactions for grounds to make meaningful friendships.

>> No.9451627

I'll be your friend anon

>> No.9451628

Not to be that guy, but for safety reasons you probably shouldn't be going to events alone if you're a pretty girl cosplaying SpiderGwen

>> No.9451635

Don't most friendships begin with superficial interactions? It's not like people go up and say "Let's be friends" like it's Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, or something. I mean, i'm totally all about wearing kitted sweaters and inviting everyone over to draw me their happiest dog if it'd work.


>> No.9451637

Don't worry, I'm uggo.

Anyway, I can't go now because my period decided to kick me in the lady balls.

>> No.9451639


They do start with superficial interactions, but there needs to be some kind of common ground beyond "Hey we're all here for the same reason". Something both parties value that offer a compelling reason to interact more. Usually people with similar personalities, similar life experiences, or common interests.

>> No.9451640

Of course, you post here so that's at least one thing we already have in common!

>> No.9451645
File: 42 KB, 720x892, holup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And, as you know, most rapes happen at the science museum.

>> No.9451646

Is that a tongue in cheek joke about anthropology?

>> No.9451661

... No? I don't think I'm smart enough for that.

I'm just saying, a lock-in at the museum seems like a pretty safe place.

>> No.9451662

You can ask her if she can tone it down with a simple sweet/ classic coord- instead of going OTT, like choosing a border print and wearing a cardigan on top. But seriously, if you are that bothered by what she is wearing, you should talk to her.

>> No.9451693

Be honest about it, just don't get weird. Tell them you've been a fan of their work since they started and you're really happy that you were assigned to help them through the con.
Remember you're a stranger to this person, so don't expect an instant connection, and don't drop a bomb on them, just mention it when you guys talk, make it about them also, not you, it becomes weird if you talk about how obsessive you are. Compliment their indy work too, I'm sure they'd like that.

>> No.9451719

I know it's not the end of the world but I can tell it's bothering her and I'm just worrying like crazy. I haven't changed the furniture layout in ages so she'll have no issue getting around.

It looks like the med is helping one eye but not the other. The vet is guessing retinal detachment but can't check fully because her the most problematic eye is still too clouded.

She's an indoor cat that only follows me outside when I get the mail or take trash out. But she likes to sit and wait on the landing at most. She knows I don't want her running off and will chase her down.
She's at least 13 now. An abandon furbaby crying in the bushes I found a few years back. Officially adopted through the pound her after the owner cussed me out on the phone to let them know I found their cat. So I don't know her full medical history but I at least know her age.

I had a cat when I was younger that lived to 18 and I still cry thinking about him. We had to put him down because his kidneys were failing and no treatment could have helped him. Best cat ever.

Vet thinks it's retinal detachment in one eye and the other is clearing up fine with the meds now. So here's hoping I can save at least one eye! I'll have to make up cute nicknames for her. I'm just paranoid for the worst and that she'd have something like Key-Gaskell. She's not eating even 1/4 her normal food intake but she's also sleeping a lot. So she's being spoiled with chicken in an attempt to get her to eat.

Thank you for the kind words anons. I just want to make sure she's not hurting, you know?
Sage for book replies.
Enjoy a humble mlem.

>> No.9451722
File: 1.60 MB, 3264x2448, mlem (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm smart and totally attached the picture, I swear.

>> No.9451725

And normies won't be able to tell the difference between classic and sweet. Except weirdo in pink dress, weirdo in red dress. At the end of the day, you're both giant weirdos.

I go out with my classic and gothic friends in sweet often and there's no problems. You can tone down sweet as well. It's not like you need to wear fucking sugary carnival and the kitchen sink on your head to wear sweet.

>> No.9451728

So I have no idea what the actual circumstances are of this, but I can assure you as an artist that my personal works are often terribly misunderstood. I don't ever mind talking about my work generally but it's really easy for certain subjects to immediately get personal, and even though they're fans and whatnot, it's best for them to dwell on what it means to them, not what it meant to me. I already put myself out there with practically no filter through my work, but some fans are still just strangers asking intimate questions. My advice is not to pry, and if you really want an honest answer about something, talk about how some work made you feel and why, that way if they do share you won't be such a stranger. You gotta remember most of the independent stuff is made for self-indulgence rather than their fanbase, so don't expect much.

>> No.9451748
File: 612 KB, 1446x1140, veryhard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My big brother loves lolita. Do any of you wanna be his gf?

>> No.9451751

I wish I had cosplay friends, I have none and have no idea how to make any :(

>> No.9451774

I get very different reactions when I wear each substyle, though, and sweet (old school in my case) gets by far the worst treatment. Normies might think they're all weird but they can see a difference.

>> No.9451807
File: 276 KB, 500x281, shitpostsadorably.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The girls in my comm say the ultimate "lolita party foul" is to show up with no blouse under your dress, but I think it would be to shart during tea.

I say this as someone who sneeze-sharted in lolita once.

>> No.9451824

I only come to this board because there's no lewd or trap posting, and the users don't use the word "cuck" much if at all.

>> No.9451834
File: 383 KB, 970x546, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Adore cosplay, but never got into making it myself
>Closest friends were closet weebs in high school, but in college they got extremely into cosplay
>Whenever we go to conventions together, everyone but me is in an outfit
>The whole group gets stopped every couple of minutes for photos
>I just stand there smiling absently

>> No.9451850
File: 39 KB, 600x400, heart attack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy HELL that is so fuckin cute

>> No.9451860
File: 74 KB, 1280x720, 10286791_406233079515653_8313443433213314222_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have two 3D printers and both are constantly having problems and not working. I fix something and then something else happens. Fuck anyone who thinks "lol just 3d print ur cosplay it ez" I just want to print shit

>> No.9451877

So get into making it yourself! If you have time to shitpost on 4chan then you have time to make cosplay. It doesn't have to be expensive either.

>> No.9451887

Bruh I've got ONE friend that still likes to talk and hang out with me.
This single friendship started with me and him randomly slapping each other any time we could sneak up on each other in the halls of highschool for about 2 weeks.
Stupidest fucking thing, we've been friends for 5 years now., we just play off each other well. All my other "friends" do their own thing and I'll see them rarely when hanging out with my buddy.

>> No.9451924

The people who seem to do 3d printing for their costumes seem to always be students with access to industrial grade 3d printers...

Consumer ones are still pretty naff

>> No.9451935
File: 705 KB, 1920x1080, 1467776094159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for reminding me I have the Kizu III BD to look forward to anon

>> No.9451938
File: 1.78 MB, 3200x2368, IMG_20150513_154148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The people who seem to do 3d printing for their costumes seem to always be students with access to industrial grade 3d printers
Some of us are hobbyists...

>> No.9451961

Yes and anon was saying the hobby machines are kinda shitty, so the best 3D print cosplayers tend to be those with access to industrial-grade machines.

>> No.9452045

AUD to US conversion rate destroys my soul

>> No.9452136
File: 42 KB, 484x720, takemyloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go into con bathroom
>somebody has diarrhea
>try to cheer him up with my Mickey Mouse voice
>mfw it don't work

>> No.9452155
File: 96 KB, 794x726, 6f6fb9b411d3b455dad83145c0b5b04398f001d745df468d8c11ba9ef1334d35_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nicca wtf

>> No.9452160

Same, anon. Having some comfy, casual friendships like that seems like it would be awesome.

>> No.9452167

Oh jeez, my eyes skipped right over that and my brain inserted 'at a con I'm going to', my bad.

>> No.9452222

Don't feel bad. I sharted hard on the way home from ALA.

I just pulled into a Burger Kong and took care of business.

>> No.9452246

Quit my job to join the ranks of the NEET. All j-fashion and other fun hobbies for me! But, now I want to go back and get my master's. Like, this shit is important to me, j-fashion important. That means I have to leave the house, get some random job, and get my license. I miss having no purpose.

>> No.9452339

I get the best reactions when I wear new sweet. I'm also not ugly or fat, so that helps. Not implying you are, but I think that when you wear sweet people will only think you're a creepy weirdo if you're ugly. There's nothing worse than a fat sweet lolita with a dogface.

>> No.9452405

>Just ordered new fabric for a new costume as well as patterns to help me begin construction
>Event is in two weeks, really should get started
>Work has been really stressful this week and I've come home every day really drained and exhausted
>Know that crafting would help reenergize me and keep my stress levels down
>Can't bring myself to start because I'm too stressed and exhausted

My job pays pretty well but my boss has been lumping more and more responsibility on me and I'm just not sure I can handle it.

>> No.9452415

IMO oldschool sweet and very recent sweet with the high-waist cuts look the most childish and get the absolute worst reactions. Sweet from about 2008-2014 makes you look like a total weirdo but it doesn't look like actual children's clothes, so the reactions aren't as bad.

>> No.9452419

Weirdo in pink dress reads weirder than weirdo in red dress. Try going out in an all-pink normie outfit and see how people react. A lot of people dislike or stare at all-over pink on adult women.

>> No.9452617

>tfw fancy hospital is all over my social media
>tfw triggered because of pills/capsules
>tfw mad because i would have liked this print if only it didn't have those
i'm sorry but after constant instances of being given the wrong medications and/or becoming intolerant to them/having to change them i hate pills with a fiery passion now
>tfw being sick isn't kawaii
>tfw i just have to suck it up and wait for this release to be over but girls will still be wearing this dress covered in pill capsules

>> No.9452621

That's also my dream yo. Tokin' in our burando, laughing our asses off over rick n morty or some other show. dreams man... dreams

>> No.9452624

the way i look at it, wearing fancy hospital would be a "fuck you" to all of the pills i've had shoved down my throat.

>> No.9452625

At least they didn't go down the edgy menhera razorblades route. I feel for ya anon, but your trigger is quite an unusual one...menhera in general doesn't care about people's triggers and is happy to have merch of people cutting.

>> No.9452680

>tfw everyone talks about their jobs/uni courses at meets
>tfw you're a neet on disability due to multiple health conditions
>tfw only leave the house for medical appointments and for meets
>tfw only spend my disability on rent and my wardrobe because I have no friends/other hobbies

I have no idea what to say when people ask what I do and I feel like if they find out how I afford my wardrobe they would accuse me of sponging off the state. I feel like such a loser and I know that I can't control my health but being so anxious about hiding the truth is really affecting my mental health.

>in b4 anon wtf i wish i got free money for burando stop complaining

>> No.9452697

Anon, I am also on disability.
I compensate by frequently saving a certain tiny amount of "fun money" (though mostly from other savings, such as sales or gift money) and using that for my wardrobe.
It helps that I started receiving disability as a teen (and was diagnosed as a very young child) and my parents allowed me a certain very tiny amount of "fun money" from it anyway, as long as I didn't go over it and saved the rest properly, but yeah. Basically, just budget responsibly and make sure you're putting a good amount of it into your future savings/necessities.
(And to be fair, you have every right to not dilvulge about your job and lack of it; they don't need to know every detail about your personal life or disability anyway.)

>> No.9452706

I think it's fine to just tell them - the way you said "sponging off the state" you sound like you're in the UK, right? I've been in more than one UK comm with disabled girls in it and nobody got judgey.

>> No.9452708

You're using fucking disability to buy expensive dresses? Oh my fucking god.


>> No.9452712

To play devils advocate for a moment, what else should she spend her money on after she's paid for everything else? If she can't work to generate extra income should she just be miserable and never have things to enjoy?

>> No.9452718

Put it into savings to buy a house or something. Not spending it on $300-$500 dresses.

It's fucking disgusting. I can't believe I'm paying for another bitches' burando.

>> No.9452725

Chill for a second, you're making the assumption she's buying brand new dresses for retail price, you don't know what she's buying. And the amount you're paying that goes towards disability across the entire area of where you live very little of that is making it to her. Try not to look at it that you're paying for someone's bullshit, but rather you're helping girls who are disabled still feel pretty. Kinda kitschy, but I feel you're projecting the stereotype of lazy people taking advantage of disability onto her when it's more than likely not the case, ya know.

>> No.9452727

I have 0 problem with her using her disability to buy food and pay rent.

Using disability for a LUXURY hobby is where I draw the line.

>> No.9452729


I sympathize. People with disabilities aren't able to enjoy life to the fullest. To put a little bit of your funds into buying the tiniest bit of happiness, I think, is worth it. People are going to judge what they can't understand/won't understand. Tho honestly, I wouldn't tell people about your personal issues until you can really trust them.

Maybe you can make friends with people who are going through the same situation. I wouldn't mind talking with you anon.

>> No.9452730

So if she can't work how else can she pay for things to enjoy? Because of a disability that's out of her hands should she not be able to have things that make her happy? Not trying to be snarky or anything, I totally get your point.

>> No.9452731

So disabled people, who cannot work for whatever reason, are not allowed to have nice things or hobbies they enjoy?

I hope you're never in situation where you face the kind of judgement you're dishing out.

>> No.9452732

I mean, to be fair, if she's well enough to go to meets and do herself up in lolita, then she can probably get a stay-at-home job like a make-up seller or something.

I don't agree with it either, but as another anon has said, she could be spending it on cheap secondhand for all we know.

What's stopping you from hosting small meets at your home?

>> No.9452735


Actually what if she was a person who was recently disabled? That happens you know? A normal, healthy, working person who also paid taxes like everyone else. Then bam, godforbid a horrible accident or something traumatic happens, and you've lost an arm. Can't do shit anymore? Then all of a sudden you've lost the right to do anything or buy anything or enjoy anything anymore? People are so quick to judge but honestly once you're suffering, you would understand.

>> No.9452736

I know people who are on disability for bullshit like anxiety.

She should find a more productive hobby that isn't so costly.

When somebody says 'burando', I assume they're saying it to make it not sound cheap.

>> No.9452738

Just because a disabled person is able to make it to events once in awhile doesn't mean they're always going to a able to have that strength to do things. For a job you have to be constantly reliable and able to perform, and those who are disabled don't have that kind of assurance they'll be able to always work when they need to. We don't know anyone's situation when it comes to disability, I hope that she could have a job if she's able to, but not everyone can, ya know?

>> No.9452739

I knew a guy who was on disability for depression after being in the navy for a year, used all his disability on Magic cards so I definitely relate to your irritation. But people like that don't represent the majority of those on disability, just like how welfare queens don't represent the majority of people using welfare as intended and not abusing it.

>> No.9452742

Here to ruffle some pettis.

I'm on disability. I live with my mother and her boyfriend and I spend all of my disability on brand new AP. I'm not actually disabled. I just have mild depression.

It feels good to get all of this brand for nothing, and I know I should get a job. But when minimum wage struggles to give me as much as I'm getting for sitting on my ass, I have to question what the point is.

>> No.9452746

try harder.

>> No.9452753

I don't understand your problem. Its her money. Presumably she gets a set amount, determined by whatever welfare department she applied to. What does it matter what she spends that money on? Why would having a less costly hobby matter? She's still getting the same amount.

>> No.9452755

Assuming this girl is in the Uk you can only save a total of £6000 before it starts affecting your benefits so she'd have problems putting money aside for savings. The average person on ESA (sicknesses benefits) gets £500 a month so it would add up very quickly.

>> No.9452765
File: 11 KB, 662x147, sdhsjhdjsh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not even bait, I'm just a piece of shit.

>> No.9452766


It's annoying that people are unsympathetic to the disabled. Like, who actually wants to be disabled and living off welfare?? To be newly disabled, and to have earned a lot more than after being disabled, sucks ass. People don't fucking get it.

>> No.9452769


>> No.9452770

Because of people like >>9452753

>> No.9452772


I think you've misquoted here?

>> No.9452773

I'm not disabled but I'm a student in the UK thinking of the same reasoning, I'm saving to have money in the bank when I graduate but I know that if I save "too much" I'll just lose it again through not being able to get jobseekers/housing benefit in the inevitable months of unemployment/min wage after graduation. Lolita is useful because it has a resale value that can give you a cushion but doesn't count as an asset like savings or gold would.

>> No.9452776

Yeah, meant >>9452765 if it's to be believed.

>> No.9452777


That's pretty smart desu. Its a tough world out there so I support decisions like this. Pretty clever anon.

>> No.9452780

>stay over at cosplayer friend's house
>room is an unorganized dump
>drawings that look like a 12 year old drew them all over the walls
>printed out pictures taped to the walls
>nothing matches
>shit all over the floor
>desk and vanity (if you can call it that) covered in garbage
>looks like a young weeb's bedroom

Does anybody else judge people by their bedroom? I feel mean to do so, but I just wish I could become one of those tv show hosts and organise to get their bedroom redecorated in secret and blow her mind.

>> No.9452783


lol ew? Maybe she needs help. There's like an article somewhere that suggested the state of someone's room is reflective of their mental health. Or you kno, some ppl are just messy af lol.

>> No.9452784

what about on adult men?

>> No.9452795

My friend is slowly losing her ability to be able to work and it's heartbreaking, she'll be on disability within the next few years. People see the ones abusing the system and paint that stereotype over everyone who uses it. It's easier to generalize everyone than to understand how devastating it is to lose your independence like that.
It's exactly like welfare, I teach in a poverty stricken school and see kids who don't have enough to eat on the weekends and that are homeless. Those families use welfare to survive because they have broken families with one parent that's barely able to make rent, but they all get the welfare queen stigma stapled to them because that's the easy stereotype to paint people with.

But it's not like I don't understand why people get angry about it, lots of people work their asses off to have what they have, and to think about those stereotypes leeching off their income is infuriating. I get pissed off seeing people abuse welfare too, but I think the trick is to realize you're angry at shitty individuals that don't make up the gross majority of those in that situation.

>> No.9452801


Fundamental Attribution Error.

>> No.9452811

Can we stop with this stupid disability discussion and actually share each other's feels and give support/friendly comments?

If it's not this, it's you catty girls bitching about ageplay and ddlg.

>> No.9452814

I honestly never expected to be able to save anything while at university, but I've had a lucky couple of years with part-time work and cheap accommodation and not had to buy a new phone or laptop for several years (touch wood), so I feel like I should be responsible with it and not just spend the money on clothes. I feel like it's cheating the system to be so hyper-aware of the resale value of hobby items though, but I guess there are other people who get the same amount of money as me and spend it on travel and other luxury things with no value...

>> No.9452816

Right, exactly.

>> No.9452832


Hey CGL, can we
>actually share each other's feels and give support/friendly comments?

>LOL nope.

>> No.9452837
File: 196 KB, 1920x1080, 6360498178139720611073070814_Rick and Morty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Or spend it on drrrruuuggggs.

>> No.9452839

Happy feels:
Recently discovered MAM and I'm in love. Went to look for price ranges on their stuff and it's dirt cheap, I'm so happy!

>> No.9452841


MAM is dirt cheap?

Never saw the appeal of MAM but I'm happy for you anon lol.

>> No.9452846

The two dresses I got were $40 and $50 and I didn't see anything going for over $100, I love the pale pink with black look. I also like how they're fancy, but not so fancy I can't dress them down. I also kind of like having a dress without a petti built into it, it's a lot less fabric and easier to wear when it's hot outside. The fabric is a bit stiffer which at first I thought I was going to hate, but because it's a little stiff it smooths everything out and holds its poof really well.

>> No.9452850

I've spent periods as a NEET... but i've always been an idiot and too proud to claim any sort of disability. Just too proud to take the autism bux.

Plus side i have a job now, but it uses up all my "interacting with people" energy, so having any sort of social life kind of sucks since i just want to cocoon myself at home in my down time.

>> No.9452851
File: 228 KB, 392x384, 1425719244631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Trying to plan a trip to Japan
>a lot of the things I really want to do aren't foreigner friendly
>don't know shit for Japanese

You'd think that more places would be foreigner friendly. I'm not trying to chat people up, I'm trying to stay at neat looking hotels. If the concern is language barriers, we have modern technology. And if you are a hotel of all places, it wouldn't kill you to hire bilingual staff.

Shit reminds me of how I was trying to order stuff on Rakuten years ago, where their storefronts were in english, it said they shipped overseas, but when I shot them an email they told me "no foreigners." I just really don't get it.

>> No.9452855

MAM are an underappreciated brand! I love their oldschool stuff but I think they went downhill in the past few years, although their basics and some of their mahou kei stuff like the magical girl print tights are really nice.

>> No.9452857
File: 20 KB, 462x255, DogMain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hrm I see... very good points, anon.

>> No.9452858

I just realized I forgot to let my Taobao SS know my new address before paying for them to ship it to me. And I also forgot to change my address on Wunderwelt before I paid for shipping there too.

I haven't gotten tracking from either of them yet so I sent them emails. I'm hoping they can fix the address before they ship. Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to try to go back to my old place and see if the people there will be nice enough to give me my mail instead of keeping it.

>> No.9452860


I think you can call your old post office to let them know you've moved to a new address. They are supposed to be able to transfer your mail to your new address. Never done it myself, so you should probably double check with them tho.

>> No.9452868

I've already filled out the change of address forms with USPS, but they've delivered some of my packages to the wrong address still and I had to go ask for the mail key from the management to retrieve my stuff. (I had ordered things off of Ali before moving and they arrived like two days after the move.) And the one package the managed to redirect to me took over two weeks to show up at my new place after the tracking was changed to "delivered". The forwarding service is restricted to certain types of mail and ONLY through USPS so if I'm getting packages through other mailing services like UPS/SF Express/Fedex, it wouldn't apply. I'm worried anon, but I'm hoping for the best.

>> No.9452870

Its kind of like... Japan, or rather, the Japanese are kind of aware of the reputation they have in the west, and especially the probing ones looking for more social network ammunition and don't want to deal with all the "oh ur so quirky lol" bullshit so they just shut it down immediately.

>> No.9452874


Yikes. this sounds like a nightmare ;_; but it;s going to be ok. Chances are your ss/wunderwelt can fix the address before sending it out. If it really comes down to it, you can see if the new people who moved in can help you with your mail. At the very least, you'll have tracking numbers so you'll be ok.

>> No.9452945

My SS came through and was able to change the address! Still waiting on WunderWelt though! Thank you for your kind words. Here's hoping!!!

>> No.9452949

That's a lot of words for xenophobia

>> No.9452950

can you blame them for being afraid of weeaboos

>> No.9452963

You know I wonder how weeaboos even came to be the way they are. Like why did they become such cringy betas? And it's always the same kind of people being attracted to anime and manga, WHY did the subculture evolve into the way it is now? Was it always like that?

>> No.9452967
File: 81 KB, 599x416, s71u5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so cute.....

>> No.9452980

i think that it originates from people lacking their own sense of identity so they latch onto chinese cartoons and a culture that isn't their own in order to feel like they're part of something greater

>> No.9452988 [DELETED] 
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Went to visit family... My wife brought her nazi cosplay so I could fuck her at night, but my WW2 grandpa found it and started crying.

It's a disaster.

>> No.9452990

A dude feel in the fountain at MTAC kekekekeke

>> No.9452993

Aaaaaaaand I'm out of money.

>> No.9453008
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See you at AX.

>> No.9453024
File: 145 KB, 356x256, 1492036190640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


shit im attending ax

>> No.9453155

Which printers do you have?
I recently bought an Flashprint dreamer and about 90% when I have problems its because I made some mistakes with the file. The other times it could be fixed by re-adjusting the plattform.

>> No.9453159

RIP anon.
It was nice posting with you.

>> No.9453230
File: 23 KB, 500x500, 1490608715193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 months since I graduated college, throwing out resumes like they're candy
>still no job
>last interviewer told me I was "overqualified" to be a lab technician at a food company
>classmate got hired less than a month after graduation and I instantly got jelly
>feel like my life is coming apart and I'm too much of a workaholic to become 100% NEET
>end up volunteering at school helping students work on the HPLC instrument while I slowly burn all my money on food and parking
>gets anxious and angry to the point where I nearly snap a plate in half while washing dishes because I have had no income for 5 months

Welp. I'm going to apply to Target and file my grad school applications in the fall, but feels shit man.

Maybe I'll go to AX and die I guess lol

>> No.9453276
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>> No.9453296

>five years since graduation
>can barely use my degree, have to work a day job

I want to kill myself.

>> No.9453305

I'm not really sure any of us can be too judgemental since we're all in this shit together, i kind of think the anime community is one of the most diverse though, we get fresh material every 3 months or so, and i'm sure people have multiple favourites... compared with other "fandoms" and theres people who obsess over one goddamn show for years, just look at MLP. You can bitch about flavour of the month, but at least we aren't frozen in time.

I know theres a few who think they are above the weebs because their interest is purely j-fash but really, almost everyone has that little hole in them that needs to be filled, we're not THAT weird, just anime attracts a certain indoorsy type. But people become far more obsessive fans of sports teams or soap operas.

>> No.9453318


Hang in there kids :( I don't give a shit what other people say. Millennials have it tough af

>> No.9453332

>Boomers see houses as assets not essentials
>House prices rise staggeringly
>A lot of them own houses or land thats large enough to comfortably house a dozen people
>seen as a loser if you don't live on your own

It's kinda crazy, because in other countries you aren't expected to move out immediately unless you are moving away for work or something, and it's basically expected you stay at your parents until you get married or something.

>> No.9453501

Japan is extremely xenophobic and while majority will never say anything to your face, and be super nice and polite, they would rather give hotel rooms and other services to Japanese people. I've watched several videos where most young Japanese people are against non-Japanese people gaining Japanese citizenship. It is also difficult for foreigners to rent apartments and there are quite a few bars that do not let foreigners eat and drink there. Whether it's because they assume there will be a language barrier or genuinely dislike foreigners depends on the place.

Also they discriminate against black people more than white people, so there is also that.

I really recommend you try and learn some of the language because they will respond much more favorably to you and treat you better. It is not difficult to learn very basic Japanese like booking a hotel room or ordering food at a restaurant. I assume you're from an English speaking country. If you worked at a restaurant and it was common for many tourists to visit and barely speak any English, after a while you would probably get very annoyed at them.

I booked a year in advance to stay at an onsen for three nights during my honeymoon, the website was only in Japanese and the staff only spoke Japanese. My Japanese is not very good but I was able to book a room pretty easily.

You can also stay at a love hotel, they are usually pretty foreigner friendly because you don't have to say much besides yes and no.

>> No.9453614

You guys keep talking about weebs without knowing what it means to be a weeb.
It doesn't mean you like anime
It doesn't mean you like J-Fash
It doesn't mean you like ramen noodle
A weeb is slang for an otaku, which is someone OBSESSED with a trend of asian culture, namely anime.
Calling someone a weeb is like calling someone who collects football memorabilia obsessively(key word is obsession in all these cases) a football fanatic, people are trying to turn it into an insult though so it's become a buzzword like cuck or nigger.
Use to be Otaku was the insult, but I suppose that doesn't sound as funny or insulting as weeb.

>> No.9453964

Weeb means "Wapanese". It is an insult. Otaku would be slightly less insulting, and could apply to anything. I guess people don't use 'otaku' because they aren't Japanese.

'Weeb' starts with a bunch of white people who use to act like they were Japanese using a mixture of Japanese buzz words and English, wearing kimono and other related outfits, and in general making fools of themselves considering Pocky and wasabi peas the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine.

In the case of "beta" guys, it's got nothing do with that, it's referring more to yellow fever or a group of people who think anything Japanese is superior to the point they bash anything from their actual country of origin.

>> No.9455232

Maybe youtube or twitter or something like that

>> No.9455239

Realtors are part of the reason why land and houses are seen like that too, they can make it seem like demand is higher than it really is.

>> No.9456501
File: 407 KB, 500x284, crying luna.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am 5k in debt
My parents want to kick me out to force me to re-enlist into the airforce
I work a low paying full-time job which leaves me with no time to hang out with friends
My cosplay friends are trying to sponge off me financially
I am nearing 30 years old

tfw I am nearing a breaking point and want to an hero myself to save myself from continuing this pathetic life

The only thing reason I am living is being able to throw myself into cosplay and video games to forget my shitty life