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So, everyone always bitches about poorfags and newbies, but can we get a thread about rich snobs and elitists?

Elitist in my comm I have to deal with every meet because she's super close to my BFF
>always comes to events in some super rare expensive dress
>has a new brand purchase she just has to mention every fucking meet
>every year when wardrobe month comes, whenever someone asks if she will be posting, she replies with something along the lines of how she would, but it would be too time consuming because of the size of her wardrobe
>says making friends is hard because she always has to question their motives
>despite having so much money, never sells anything below market rate
>goes to Japan like three fucking times a year and always mentions her trips when she comes back

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Do you want peanut butter with that jelly anon?

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Nothing you just said sounds unreasonable.

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she doesn't sound like a snob or an elitist to me, you just sound like a jealous bitch

not being able to set aside time to make a large wardrobe post is a genuine concern, and she's just answering a question that people are asking her. your jealousy is blinding you and causing you to interpret everything as humblebragging. and if she buys rare expensive dresses, it makes sense that she sells things at market value.

sorry you're a poorfag, i guess?

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you sound socially retarded and jealous, anon

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>can we get a thread about elitists?

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lol anon why are you such a jealous fatty-chan

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more importantly is that official art of Homosexura wearing what looks like a dress inspired by Bodyline's clock dress? What an ita. Infinite timelines to learn to dress yourself and you still can't you dumb ho

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Most of it sounds normal except
> says making friends is hard because she always has to question their motives
I wouldn't call that elitist, just paranoid. Maybe a little crazy if she's thinking that much.

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From how you described her she sounds a little annoying at her absolute worst, and if this is what you came up with to show how ~elitist~ she is then I'm going to wager you exaggerated some things or you're taking something she said once out of context in an attempt to make her look bad. You sound extremely jealous and bitter, should we have a thread about people like OP?

>have a mini meet with friends to go bar hopping on Halloween few years ago
>not wearing anything special in case a drink made a leap of faith in my direction
>suddenly feel a chill up my spine
>turn around and see the comm ita with her beta friends including a joker, harley, and black butler fakeboi
>ita glaring at me, also happens to be in my anat/phys lab and hates me because i always finish my labs faster with better grades
[sidenote, this bitch would spend all of lab barking orders at her poor partner, never learned the concept of inside voices, and would break glassware in an attempt to be funny like 'teehee~ look how clumsy i am!' and had been in two previous lab sections before mine because she was so insufferable to the lab instrcutors]
>black tshirt, super shiny bad bodyline dress, horizontally striped socks, no petti, fingerless gloves, and old converse
>marches up to the 4 of us with a shit eating grin
>'nice BRAND. i don't think i could EVER justify spending SO MUCH money on CLOTHES. ANYWAY. -I- didn't see anything about a MEET in the comm page.'
>using fake kawaii voice that cracks when she tries to use emphasis
>we look at each other, finish our drinks, grab our credit cards from the bar and leave without saying anything to her
>like an hour later get a text from comm leader asking us wtf we did to piss ita off
>after we left ita immediately began spamming leader on fb complaining about us and crying about how elitist we were
>laugh ourselves to the next bar

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>Homosexura wearing what looks like a dress inspired by Bodyline's clock dress
I had a good laugh.


>point out the artwork to husband
>"That isn't right"
>he scrolls down until Mami's head is no longer visible

sage because blog and this is a shitty thread, you need to do some introspection OP. sorry.

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OP sure sounds like talking about lolitas such as girlyhoot.

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It sounds like she's predictable and easy to tune out. Learn to be less jelly.

The wealthier and more e-famous lolitas in my comm have not-so-secret secret meets. Newcomers always bitch about it when they find out. C'est la vie.

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Happens in my comm too but its not so much different to the secret chinese lolita comms.

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How dare you insult my waifu like this

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Underrated post.

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>>despite having so much money, never sells anything below market rate

I don't see what's wrong with this. Does she have your dream dress but you can't afford to buy it anon?

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Yeah, that part is pretty fucking weird.

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sounds like OP lying or exaggerating, considering the rest of the post is a mess and she's obviously jealous

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I mean, there's a level of wealth where people will use that to define your existence. The wealthies/high profile families will have kidnapping insurance on their kids / themselves.

I don't think there's a lolita that belongs in that 1% though.

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Actually, when you have money, it's just par for the course, especially if you're the type to spoil those close to you. You'd be pretty amazed by how much people who didn't give a fuck about you suddenly want to be your bestie because they saw pics of the overseas trip you treated your entourage to on facebook or whatever.

Not a richfag myself, but I've known a few and this is a thing they always have to worry about anytime they meet someone knew.

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this, and if she's dealing with people as jelly as OP I wouldn't blame her for being weary of comm members wanting to be close to her. honestly i fucking doubt she ever said that to OP though, lol

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>should we have a thread about people like OP?
This is now a jelly sandwich thread

>16 yo babby lolita going to first ever meet with friend who got me into lolita
>one of those people who claims to be elitist and accuses everyone of being it's, but can't actually dress herself
>she's aware it will be my first dress purchase ever and makes a big deal about me not getting anything ita and embarrassing her
>get new AP dress off the site
>she comes to pick me up and is completely silent for the first half of the car ride then proceeds to go on about how fucked up it is that she was the one who got me into lolita and I didn't have the respect to wait to get my first brand dress until she did
>goes on about how she's been in the fashion for five years (it was two) and I've only been in it for a few months, how dare I think it was okay for me to get one first
>won't talk to me entire meet besides to introduce me to two people
>at one point has a huge rantfest with an ita girl literally wearing Bodyline (this was back when Bodyline meant ita af without exception) about how overrated brand is and agreed with her when she said "yeah, the dresses these girls are wearing aren't any better than mine and I paid so much less"

I also want to point out that her lack of owning brand wasn't even because she couldn't afford it, he parents spoiled the shit out of her and gave her $200 a month for allowance from 14 until she was 20. So yeah, if she went just two months without buying anime shit at any point in her two years, she would have had a brand dress and some accessories.

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Real talk- this is why I don't go to lolita meets. My career aspirations centered around money, not what I thought would be fun, and as a result of these life choice I have a much higher income than average. I've been shit on quite a bit for it by NY normie and weeb friends, and I have no doubt that the same will happen in Lolita. Like... sorry that I went with a career path that all research indicated would give me a six figure salary, instead of art school despite what every trustworthy source advised me, and am now reaping the fruits of that decision?

Not even trying to shit on poor people- anyone who works their ass off in a field should be able to comfortably live, but to take it to the point of faulting anyone who has a better financial situation like you is ridiculous.

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>homura dresses in bodyline
>mami in some taobao shit
>madoka is the only one dressed in AP

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I feel you but I also identify those feelings as super lame and pathetic. Get over it anon.

>that face when jewish princess loli will never notice a poorfag like you.

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Good topic, not so good OP..

This story stretches over a few months/years.
>new girl suddenly appears that no one knows
>snobby and wardrobe already full of brand sets.
>com is real nice, so everyone is willing to give her a shot
>First sales meet of the year
>she shows up two hours late and storms in to the hosts house without saying a word with her boyfriend behind her
>riffles through the tables and racks yelling "Who's is this? Who's is this?" as she piles items on her silent bf.
>pays confused sellers and leaves.
>the whole show took about 5 minutes maybe

>wears lolita regularly for a year or so according to her facebook posts, always full sets, never comes to a meet
>is only nice to people to eventually convince them to sell her something
>com puts together a fashion show for local Japanese festival.
>she applies with a top to toe wonder queen with the collared op.
>models are put into pairs, but she refuses to pair up.
>dresses up her 10ish year old sister to match her coord as her partner for the catwalk
>refuses to come to rehearsals
>Arrives late and leaves early on the day
>shows up stoic as ever and pushing the visibly uncomfortable child around
>she actually looks ridiculous in the full set, and isn’t wearing a petticoat.
>remember that I’ve actually never seen her with a petticoat
>turns out she doesn’t wear them on purpose because she doesn’t like them
>turns out she doesn’t like frills or the silloette
>turns out she dosen’t like Lolita
>she just wears it for the prints

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Sounds like a cosplayer with too much spending money than a lolita.
>riffles through the tables and racks yelling "Who's is this? Who's is this?"
what the fuck

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I remember in school i had a... closer than acquaintance but i didn't like her enough still think of her as friend, just, sort of part of the group.

Anyway we had a sleepover at her (massive) house a few times, and she only had one other sibling, so the house had plenty of bedrooms, and they converted one of them into being a massive walk in closet for her. And she wouldn't let us sleep in her bedroom, we had to sleep in the closet room.

Unfortunately not every Lolita related, she did have a phase of being one though

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idk anon, there's a girl in my comm very similar to what you described, and she's a really lovely person so everyone likes her, brand or no brand. Having more disposable income than most doesn't make someone a bad person.

On the other hand there is a girl in my neighbouring comm who is legitimately elitist despite not really having any room to talk. She gets her parents to buy her the most expensive, sought-after dresses (CTP, Marionette in my Closet, Favorite Ribbon, Iron Gate, etc.) but coords them really, really badly. Plain office blouses, plain legwear and limp unstyled hair hanging in her face. She rarely attends meetups but when she does, she spends most of the time not talking to anyone except her boyfriend. The one time she approached me she complimented my dress and immediately started talking about her own collection and how much it all costs. Then immediately after I complimented her back she walked away without a word. It all felt very strange and forced.
There’s also a girl in my comm who is constantly trying to one-up people. Like if you’re wearing a skirt she’ll come up to you and say “Oh you have the skirt version of that print? Well I have the OP in that colorway and also the JSK in the Tokyo store EXCLUSIVE colorway.” Every single conversation I’ve had with her was about her wardrobe and how big it is. Every so often her name gets floated in a comm or regional thread like oh, isn’t so-and-so such a good lolita? I wish I could be like her~ and I’m pretty sure she’s selfposting because the posts always sound the same and nobody ever replies. I’ve also overheard her calling herself “elite” and I don’t think she was kidding. It’s kind of sad because she’s slightly too big to comfortably fit into any of her clothes and the wigs she always wears are really cheap-looking, to the point where my half-blind grandmother could tell she was wearing one from a grainy photo. It’s not a good look.

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I'm constantly worried that people like OP are going to misconstrue me as a "brandwhore elitist." I try to be vague about my wealth and I always brush off questions about how I afford everything, but I think that it just makes the situation worse because people want to perceive me as aloof and elitist when I don't answer their question directly. My usual response is "I have a job" (because I do) but that doesn't satisfy them. It really sucks to have people constantly wanting to know about your personal business and scrutinizing every action just because you're alright financially. I joined the comm for friends but there's an underlying hostility from some people that spoils it.

I've started dressing down and wearing less expensive/sought after prints just to get people to shut up.

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I always wonder how newbies or people without a lot of money feel about me too. It's not like I'm rich, but my partner and I both have a nicely paying job and no kids or whatever so we have quite some money to spend.
I have some lolita friends as well that sometimes make jokes about "oh you got that from Japan huh, yeah of course" because we've been to Japan twice now. I know they are jokes (since these are lolita's who still buy plenty of new dresses from time till time) but it still makes me feel like I should not talk about it anymore? And then we are not even talking about the non-friends.
When I was new I never really thought bad of people who could buy brand items regularly, instead I wanted to be like them and asked myself how I could do it too.

There is definitely a group of people who regularly go to bigger/expensive events and have a big wardrobe and such, I really wonder if that is already enough for people to be labeled a snob or elitist.

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That's why I NEVER ask people how they afford things/how they earn their money. I don't want to treat people differently because of their money, or lack of it. I care about their personalities and how we get along. If someone has a lot of brand and money, good for them. That actually inspires me to work harder desu. I've also never, ever in my life felt like somebody is an elitist or snob. Is it because I am one myself? I don't know, I'm not even rich or anything (actually unemployed lmao)

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You're a good bean, anon. I really don't get what goes through people's minds when they ask how someone affords stuff. Uh... the same way other people afford stuff?

It's just such an awkward and intrusive thing to ask, as if they're expecting some kind of secret GET RICH QUICK scheme.

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I don't really understand why people get so uppity about other people's money and what they spend it on. I'm single with no kids and a paid off car, so I have a good chunk of change I can do whatever I want with. It's not like everyone who has a decent wardrobe is rich af, I could comfortably buy a NWT priced dress once a month and then by the end of the year I have 12 new dresses added to my closet, but since I'm a total cheapskate to begin with I only browse secondhand sales for good deals, and now my wardrobe has tripled in size in just a few months after I finally paid my car off. I guess I'm just confused how so many people whine about having no money, do they not have jobs? Bad financial management? Even people I know who have way more responsibilities than I do still have a decent amount of income they can play with.

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>spoiled rich brat white girl gets everything handed to her
>notorious in the community for being a catty drama stirring bitch
>gets a rare dress complete with accessories and shoes, the whole nine, for Christmas a few years back
>only saw one post about the dress and never pictures of her in the dress
>guess she tried it on and realized she was ugly
>laugh about it with group of friends

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Most people who whine about this either have no real income at all or spend most of it on other hobbies. Most self-described "poor"chans in my comm have a decent income but spend it all on anime merch and conventions. An acquaintance of mine is always on my ass about spending too much money on clothing when she spends just as much money buying imported Japanese and Korean snacks. At least I can sell my dresses and get some money back. What is she going to do, sell the wrappers?

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Wasn't there a chinese Lolita with every color of Bless of Michael?

>> No.9447237

I would gladly befriend her if she would buy my unwanted brand.
It is more annoying when people behave too nice to convince you to buy their stuff

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That's a really cute illustration, too bad Bodyline prints are never cut that well in real life. I really want cute Bodyline now

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>respect to wait to get my first brand dress until she did
What did she think this was? Having to wait for the older sister to get married before you could?

>> No.9448822

>CTP, Marionette in my Closet, Favorite Ribbon
> limp unstyled hair
> fixated on boyfriend
I think I know who you're talking about. Does she always have her hair hanging into her face and does the boyfriend use this annoying cutesy nickname for her?

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Is every Chinese lolita super out of touch? There are a few girls in my comm that are very cliquey with other Chinese or ABC lolitas, which I understand because of having a relatable culture, but the few times they do interact with everyone it's incredibly uncomfortable.

They're shocked we can't afford high teas and other expensive things all the time. They're offended when we have to say no to expensive events because we just attended another expensive event. They don't befriend anyone that can't afford to buy the newest AP or BTSSB print on a whim like they do. They each own the expensive brand MTO dresses ($600+) and are shocked no one else in the comm does. A few of them use friends like accessories and only let them tag along if they're well dresses and pretty, but not prettier than them of course.

These girls aren't intentionally mean at all but they come off so snobbish and selfish at times. It just astounds me that people can act that way and not see anything wrong with it.

I really hope this isn't the case with all Chinese lolitas out there.

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i came

>> No.9449026

I think it might be specifically Chinese lolitas living in the west

>> No.9449027

tone down your salt levels and maybe you could get a rich lolita as a friend and she would share her brand with you you fucking peasant

>> No.9449046

I remember meeting a girl back in high school who had the same sentiment because she wasn't sure if people were being friends with her due to her skills in art. Sometimes there are people who are genuinely paranoid like this because they've either been burned in the past or are simply crazy.

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Madoka's dress is based on pic related, right?

>> No.9449109

Honestly I think part of it is Chinese culture. I used to live near a chinatown and I worked in a shop there for two years and I saw some weird shit happen. I think it might be a cultural difference, but a lot of them come off as rude and extremely forward, as if they don't have any sort of filter. At first I just thought it was a rude few, but then I'd see it with respectable families and seemingly sweet old people.

It's as if they aren't bothered about pointing out your flaws or afraid of hurting your feelings, but they say it with a smile on their face in a cheery way, so it isn't like they're mocking you, it's as if they're just telling you in case you didn't know.

>> No.9449135

I desperately want to order the dresses in a more gradient way. My OCD is going strong today.

>> No.9449151

I'm an artist and I come from a wealthy family. I have had several people from 5th grade to 12th grade who only ever were my "friends" for art and/or "borrowing" money. I've always valued sincerity and authenticity higher than most people so it really wore me down.

I make sure to keep my lips sealed about my hobby and money. I once made the mistake of mentioning my hobby to a few coworkers and they immediately jumped on me: one wanted me to design their tattoo, another wanted me to draw decorations for their party, and another wanted me to make a wedding gift for them to give to one of their friends. All for free. The cherry on top was that I was complaining about exactly what they were doing: using me for art without offering compensation. I'm polite to a fault but it was damn hard to keep myself from saying, "Fuck you guys."

>> No.9449156

I haven't had any experience with Chinese folks, but I've seen many people complain about how obnoxious, loud, and rude mainland Chinese tourists are. So it probably is a culture difference.

>> No.9449162

>burned in the past
Hey, I don't blame you for having shields up for that sort of thing considering your experiences, which is why I mentioned the above in my initial comment.

And you should've totally said, "Fuck you, pay me" to those coworkers.

>> No.9449192

>only let them tag along if they're well dressed and pretty
Not defending the rest of the behavior you described, but I don't see anything wrong with this part.

>> No.9449195

Aw, sorry. I didn't mean to come off like I was mad at you. I was trying to share my experience to back up your "burned in the past" statement.

>> No.9449366

>It's as if they aren't bothered about pointing out your flaws or afraid of hurting your feelings, but they say it with a smile on their face in a cheery way, so it isn't like they're mocking you, it's as if they're just telling you in case you didn't know.

Definitely a part of Korean culture too. It's not seen as rude, they think they are being helpful and some will give you advice on how to fix it. It also seems like it's to motivate you to fix it because when you do, they'll notice and compliment you.

>> No.9449382

What is the difference between secret meets and a group of friends hanging out

>> No.9449416

The Chinese girls you're talking about are likely the ones who are studying from overseas right? The ones who can afford to attend school out in the west come from a background of money we "normal" people can't even comprehend- they are simply THAT used to having money at their fingertips. They are completely out of touch with what the average Lolita can afford, so it's not necessarily rudeness; they just have NO idea what it's like to have to save and budget. The more understanding ones are the ones who have traveled a lot and have been in the west longer, especially on their own. They understand it's not necessary to flash their money or comment on other people's ability or inability to spend money.

source: I drift between the western comm I'm in as well as the more closed-off Chinese lolitas occasionally (I help translate when they have issues buying things in English, and I'm a native Mandarin speaker so I can converse with them at their tea parties. That's another reason they're so closed off, they aren't confident about their English skills and prefer to stay in company where they feel comfortable chatting.)

Just to give you the scope of things, some of these girls go on long-weekend trips to Korea. To buy makeup. Yup.

>> No.9449433

Most of the Chinese and Korean people I ran into seem really snobbish like anyone from the west, especially America, is beneath them.

Not sure why.

>> No.9449449

Or maybe her family has so much money that a rare dress means next to nothing to her, and you're just jealous?

>> No.9449487

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese culture centers a lot around a sense of ethnic superiority and nationalism. Because these countries mostly only have a single race living within them, racism and nationalism aren't seen as wrong the same way as in more diverse nations.

>> No.9449547

Yeah, Chinese people are much more blunt and filterless in general due to their culture. I go to a school with a very high population of them and it's amazing the kinds of things they don't see as offensive. I once had to literally explain to one of my Chinese friends why a girl she casually called ugly to her face was upset at her. They don't see it as being rude, just stating their opinion. It can be pretty cringey to witness at times, it's like watching people with obvious aspergers interact with people.

Are you me, anon? I myself am wealthy and a pretty good artist, and I often get asked to design people's tattoos, wedding dresses, draw them, etc. for free. The really annoying thing is that there's always this air to the question that makes it clear they see themselves as doing me a favor, and they think I should be honored that they like my art enough to ask me to design anything from them. Then I'll mention my rates and the response is almost without exception something along the lines of "why do you need money? you already have enough of it..."

I tried really hard to keep it on the DL when I first joined my comm, even to the point where I would take public transportation so that people didn't see my car. Unfortunately, there was a girl who recognized me from college and she told everyone, which led to everyone treating me really weird in one direction or another.

>> No.9449653

>The really annoying thing is that there's always this air to the question that makes it clear they see themselves as doing me a favor, and they think I should be honored that they like my art enough to ask me to design anything from them.
God, this is exactly what's so excruciating about these encounters. Didn't think to describe it like this, but now that I've read this it makes perfect sense. Thanks for putting it into words for me.

>> No.9449722

To be honest I just wish I was wealthy.

Too bad there's only so much I can do to improve it. other then getting really lucky.

>> No.9449745

Sounds like that annoying Silke(?) Or Shiri (?) girl.

>> No.9449762

>tfw comm ita makes snarky remarks about how much brand I wear
>tfw I work in fast food and buy only secondhand after saving for months
I'm a brandwhore though, I guess.

>> No.9449778

I'm first gen and I still have a problem filtering myself, not sure if it's related to my culture, but I stick my foot in my mouth all the time. My friend told me that she found a new release ugly and I brought it up to someone who said they bought it because it literally never occurred to me that she might be offended by someone else not liking the dress (which desu I still don't really see why someone not liking a release you like would change your mind about it) but I guess it's really better to just not bring it up at all.

>> No.9449784

So, basically you're mad at her for living her life? It's like there's an expectation for rich people to completely go out of their way to pretend they don't have money..

>> No.9449790

There needs to be more people like you.

>> No.9449846

Yeahhhhhh... that's a big social faux pas. Logically speaking, you're not wrong, but don't be surprised if people legitimately start thinking you're autistic for not recognizing social boundaries and cues. You just come off as an asshat who decides to "rain on people's parades" for no reason.

>> No.9449875

Yeah, that's the kind of thing where while it's not necessarily offensive, it's kind of like why do you feel the need to say it? I'm assuming you probably were just trying to contribute to the conversation, but those kinds of statements usually come off like you're tying to put the person down or have jealousy issues.

>> No.9449879

just try to think about it this way

they just bought something that probably costs them a pretty penny considering it's a new release. they're excited. and then you say "my friend thinks it's ugly." it's just not the right time to say that because they spent money on it and they're happy.

i would probably be weirded out if someone did that to me. not necessarily offended, but just asking myself "why did they feel the need to say that right now?" it's good that you're self-aware at least.

>> No.9449939

My family is supposedly in the 1% (according to my parents)

>> No.9449943

Top 1% is actually not nearly as much as most people think, they often confuse top 1% and .1%. To be in the top 1%, you only need a household income of $400k a year, $200k~ if you're single.

>> No.9449954


> supposedly
> according to my parents

if you were, you'd be able to tell.

>> No.9449955

400k is a lot of money and wealthy compared to nearly everyone else. I'm fairly well off compared to the rest of my comm on 50k a year. You could buy a large house every year and still have 150k to live on here and it's not even the poor area of my state.

>> No.9449967

this makes me sad. even apartments cost ~100k in my city, and I'm not talking about fancy or big ones.

>> No.9449975

Bluntness and lack of filter are part of Chinese culture. If they're from Southern China, they likely only view friends as a means to an end, because friendship for the sake of friendship itself simply isn't a concept in Southern China. It's always some sort of exchange. That's just how it works over there.

Check out some expat vloggers in China on Youtube like serpentza, lawhy86, prozzie, and ADVchina if you're interested. It's more addictive than Japan culture vlogs in all honesty. Also c-milk and prozzie are kinda cute

>> No.9449982

If you work from home or don't mind a commute, consider living in a more rural area. I live in a small city and my rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is just shy of $600 a month. A small house (2 bedroom 1 bath with a decent yard) costs about as much to buy as your rent for a year. Groceries are a lot cheaper too, I can feed two people really well on $250 a month.

Where are you living that's so expensive? NYC? SF?

>> No.9449983


They're called fuerdai in Chinese

>> No.9449990

that is so cheap... I live in a suburb about 30 minutes away from the city and my studio apartment is $1100 per month. I'm looking for a 1 bed soon an the absolute lowest I can find i this area is $1,670 per month. I mean, I live in the northeast, but still.

>> No.9450001

Not that anon, but 1% really isn't impressive in cities. I'm top 1% but I live in NYC, and as you can imagine, it really doesn't mean much.

Also there's no excusing paranoid behavior as rich people behavior. If someone implies in their behavior that they're worried about making friends because they don't want to become a victim of greed, surprise, everyone, regardless of paycheck, can be a victim of terrible relationships built on greed. Those who actually think themselves of special for their money are those who haven't realized money is only a means to an end.

>> No.9450003

>That's another reason they're so closed off, they aren't confident about their English skills and prefer to stay in company where they feel comfortable chatting.)

I assumed that was a big thing. My city has a regular comm, though on the small side, but there's also a secondary group of girls that wears lolita we never would've known existed had they not come out for a panel we put on for a local con. I'd say they're more of a group of friends than a comm though, as it's only like 4-5 girls, and they're all exchange students from China. They're not really interested in meets unless it's fancy tea tho, I think (I was specifically asked if we organize tea parties), but I imagine since they can all speak some sort of Chinese with each other, they're more comfortable sticking to their group anyway without bothering to join a comm with English-speakers. (They're all also cute and most of them own some really nice dresses, so I feel like we're a bunch of poorfags in comparison lol).

>> No.9450014

> this bitch would spend all of lab barking orders at her poor partner, never learned the concept of inside voices, and would break glassware in an attempt to be funny like 'teehee~ look how clumsy i am!' and had been in two previous lab sections before mine because she was so insufferable to the lab instrcutors
Send her to /cgl/, she'll fit in nicely

>> No.9450015

100k for an apartment in a city is really cheap relatively. A normal 1bd apartment in NYC will cost you 1 mil give or take. Buying is slightly cheaper in SF, but renting is way more (literally 3k for a shitty studio and I'm not exagerating even a little). As a SFag I envy the idea of a 100k apartment.

Yeah, relative to normal people it's a lot, but it's not like crazy ridiculous to get there if you go down certain career paths. That's like a normal surgeon salary. Most people are under the impression that the top 1% are the people earning seven figures a year.

>> No.9450016

>16, Just a baby lolita
>parents wouldn't let me have a job, couldn't afford shit
>mowed lawns and babysat to afford a wardrobe of bodyline
My dream dress at the time was going for crazy high off of sales. I checked sales posts RELIGIOUSLY hoping to find it too. It was one of those dresses everyone wanted
>find a replica of my dream dress in sales
>decide to say fuck it, get it in the meantime while I'm waiting to afford my dream dress
>show up in the replica, its nice compared to my usual bodyline crap
>sitting in the backseat of one of the lolita's cars as we are going somewhere for photos
>they loudly talk to eachother
"I can't BELIEVE people still get replicas. its DISGUSTING. Just save up, its not that hard lol."
>the conversation shifts to roasting me about wearing a replica and its not even subtle, I guess I deserved it for wearing a replica.
>conversation shifts onto replicas to lolitas that don't own brand
"I can't BELIEVE theres lolitas that don't own any brand! JUST. SAVE. UP. IDIOTS."
>girl wearing bodyline who is my age also with me in the backseat looks at me with a "please help me look"
>I shoot her a sympathetic look back
>conversation changes to shit talking a girl they know who has a sugar daddy

that was a very uncomfortable car ride.

my dream dress DID get a re-release, which I grabbed the second I could.
Trashed that replica so fast.

>> No.9450038

The mortgage on my house is less than $600 a month and we have a good sized fenced in yard, 4 bedrooms 1 bath. Decent middle class neighborhood by a few schools. But I also don't live near a major city and the bigger cities near here are well, in the rust belt.

On the topic of rich lolitas, what I do think is funny, is that younger girls consider people like me rich. I make 38k a year, my husband only makes a few k more. No kids, and no big spending obligations outside paying off my student loan (didn't finish, hence 38k) which will be done in a year. We're not rich but I'm pretty happy and no big financial struggles. I just can't spend all willy-nilly. I do buy new releases often though and have a fairly large wardrobe compared to most in my area.

Once had a young girl accuse me of being a spoiled brat whose daddy buys me things. Which is funny because I help my dad out with financial issues and bills because he's not doing well at all and we struggled a lot growing up.

>> No.9450041

to be fair, you could have saved some of the money instead of buying all bodyline. though i don't think people deserve to get antagonized for replicas, esp if they're so young.

>> No.9450087

So you'r telling me that girls who wear this over the top an expensive dresses antagonize girls who can comfortable afford the fashion.
Sounds stupid.

>> No.9450108

kind of weird question, but what cities likely have a secret Chinese comm

>> No.9450113 [DELETED] 

Back in those olden days Bodyline was about $15-$30 per dress, while brand was around the same price as it is now. I was focused on quantity to build up my wardrobe at first, rather than quantity. Nowadays, I wouldn't touch bodyline with a 10 foot pole other than for shoes, can get secondhand brand easy for some of the prices they charge.

>> No.9450119

I know my comm does. One Chinese girl posted an introduction on the local comm page and then some comments in Chinese from the others inviting her to their special meet up group.

>> No.9450130

Maybe this is elitist of me but whenever I go to cons with my friend I always make a point of singling out the itas to her. She's not really into the fashion but her and her mom will make a coord from scratch when we travel to cons (she likes to dress up with me but refuses to wear my dresses and absolutely insists on making her own, I dunno) so I like to point out what shitty lolita looks like in person that way whatever she makes doesn't end up looking like milanoo. The last JSK she made was gorgeous. Legit looked like Atelier Pierrot and her poof was on point. One year the lace she used on this dress was so bad and I didn't have the heart to say anything. Con itas are great object lessons and I want them to continue to look shitty so I can continue using them.

>> No.9450133

I've done this too. My greatest example was a girl in BTSSB in flats and a hot pink party city wig, no petti.

>> No.9450140

Actually, you'd be amazed how many wealthy people are cheap as fuck or simply just don't care about having nice things. My fiance's parents are multi-millionaires, but they live in a $300,000 house and get all their clothes from places like Old Navy. The only real sign they have any money is a Tesla. My parents aren't top 1%, but they make about $250k a year and again, you'd have no idea we were upper middle class except my mom's car and all the trips to Europe she goes on.

>> No.9450144

Back in those olden days Bodyline was about $15-$30 per dress, while brand was around the same price as it is now. I was focused on quantity to build up my wardrobe at first, rather than quality- was trying to push to be a lifestyler asap. Nowadays, I wouldn't touch bodyline with a 10 foot pole other than for shoes, can get secondhand brand easy for some of the prices they charge.

>> No.9450151

i get it, but i think it's illogical to buy something you don't want very much and then yearn for something else because you don't have the funds. then again, teenagers are kind of dumb and illogical.

>> No.9450154

>100k for anything other than a cardboard box in NYC or SF
Oh anon, you joker.

>> No.9450156

yeah, rich people who work for their money usually aren't frivolously buying random shit just because they're rich
that's how you stop being rich lmao

hella jelly about the Tesla, i'd buy one in a heartbeat but i have zero charging stations living in rural upstate NY

>> No.9450208

I mean, but they know it themselves, no?


> have money
> but not spend it on nice things

Literally why. The very purpose of money is to spend it, and if kids are the worry, just set up a fund.

>> No.9450215

They sound rude af. Even with quality over quantity, everyone needs to start somewhere. Not to mention most seasoned lolitas know that people have a variety of brands in their wardrobes for daily wear.

>> No.9450216

Some people are hard wired to not spend money on certain things, especially if that's how they were raised. I bring in close to six figures but I have a hard time spending more than $20 on a meal or buying things that I don't really, really want.

>> No.9450220


not that anon, but there's a difference between enjoying your money, and shitting it down the drain.

There's a surprising amount of well-off folks who don't seem to care what clothes they wear as long as it's comfy and decent. If Old Navy does the job, why buy designer when you have no use or enjoyment out of it? If a $300,000 house is big enough, why bother with a McMansion?

They probably know how to spend it on nice things. They bought a Tesla after all. The rest don't matter to them, and your opinion of what they should do with their money definitely don't matter to them.

>> No.9450229

I barely make anything, personally I enjoy spending money on nice food with my boyfriend or certain clothes

But shoes and purses I rarely buy and I feel bad if I pay over $40

>> No.9450236

not trying to be a bitch, but that attitude is usually the attitude of poor people because they can't manage their money
>i have money
>i want nice things
>so i'm going to spend all my money
people with a lot of money are usually financially responsible people who know what's worth dropping a lot of money on like vehicles and homes, and not wasting it on silly purchases they don't need or really want. the average 'rich' person isn't like paris hilton, i feel like a lot of bitter poor lolitas immediately think people with a lot of money are just cunts like that, pretty silly honestly

>> No.9450246

True, true. I have a wealthy dad and he always says, "Live below your means." No harm in being frugal.

>> No.9450263

Actually, my fiance had no idea how much his parents actually made until he was 20. They intentionally didn't talk to the kids about it because they didn't want them asking for shit or thinking they were above people. My parents were always pretty open with me about money, though.

>Literally why. The very purpose of money is to spend it, and if kids are the worry, just set up a fund.
The reasons vary depending on the person. My mom used to be dirt poor when she was young, which has left her with a very frugal mentality, and she just doesn't really care for nice things besides traveling, her car, and the rare Chanel or Dior piece for special occasions. As for my fiance's parents, they're Jewish. No, really, I'm not being a dick that's actually the reason. Frugality is very much valued in a lot of Jewish sects.

Personally, if I had 6 figure income, I would redefine the standards for shameless consumerism. Like, hauls of 20 burando dresses every month.

>> No.9450356

What are taxes

>> No.9450380

how does one even get a made to order brand dress?

>> No.9450401

MTOs happen all the time. they don't mean made-to-order as in a special unique design just for them, they mean the regular MTOs that happen every couple of months. like the OTT MTOs that Baby and AP do. it's a way to make sure they don't overproduce and lose money.

>> No.9450426

Depends really, I think the behaviour you describe comes more from noveau riche/working class Chinese (which, admittedly, is most of them). Some Chinese people are very blunt and confrontational, but lot of Chinese people I know are very concerned with face and actually think Westerners are rude and impolite, (esp. people from HK/Taiwan that spend a lot of time shit-talking rude mainlanders, but I've met mainlanders who were like this as well). They have some manners like avoiding outright saying no and saying one thing but meaning another to be polite (kind of like in Japanese culture), and are sometimes so fixed on avoiding conflict and not being rude by bluntly refusing or confronting someone that they come off as passive-aggressive. It takes a while to wrap your head round the different standards at first.

>> No.9450428

>having absolutely no clue how to handle money.
>what are investments
>what is retiring
>what is living comfortably

>> No.9450433

These are low estimates IMO, brand was not the same as it is now back in the day. Even just 2-3 years ago second-hand prices were a bit higher overall, and the only thing you could get cheap was nonprints nobody wanted. After the OTT sweet era prints went out of style it's a lot cheaper to get printed items. People forget because Taobao churns out so many great prints now, but until 2014 or so there was something like literally just one fuck-ugly Infanta dollhouse print and nothing else but Bodyline and replicas for sweet prints.

I remember costing it and it literally came out that I could get 10 Bodyline dresses or one brand dress. Now you'd be getting just 2 or 3 Bodyline dresses for the cost one one brand dress.

>> No.9450489


20 dresses is pretty low. World's most expensive dessert hits $25k. That's already 7-10 brand new release dresses right there, and you basically poop it all out few hours after.

There's honestly not a lot of price tags in lolita that's anywhere near impressive. Luxury handbags alone regularly go into 5-digit price tags. Designer accessories can buy a whole release set, nevermind being dressed head-to-toe in designer.

There's probably girls out there who can buy 20 burando dresses per month, but there's just no upside to publicising this fact, you look sad and pathetic trying to show you can spend a little bit of money, and you gain the ire of jealous poorfags who will now shit talk you because you bought some dresses. Better to just lay low and enjoy your pretty things quietly.

>> No.9450491

any college or university town. i know of a few in canada

>> No.9450519

Mm, I've met a lot of rich Chinese students at my university and the price of even a rare lolita dress is small potatoes compared to 10k handbags. They spend more on sunglasses and watches than a dress would cost so trying to brag about your collection seems like it'd be looked down on. There's no Chinese comm here either.

>> No.9450589

The problem is that I really enjoy living in the city. I grew up in the suburbs and spent a lot of time at my grandparents' place in the countryside, and I just felt suffocated. Nothing to do and boring people.
And I'm from Central Europe, btw.

My bad, I didn't actually check the prices. I did now, and it starts at 200k for 1bd apartments. Still cheap in comparison to NYC, but more than enough to make me weep for the house prices in the countryside.

>> No.9450592

>you are now realizing that Mami, Medu, & Homo are technically hoverlolis in this illustration

>> No.9450595

Yeah, after taxes, $400k becomes about $250k give or take, depending on what deductibles you qualify for

>> No.9450759
File: 2.17 MB, 286x210, 1430596521804.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, sure, she sounds kinda annoying and like someone who likes to brag, but you also sound really jelly.
I mean, that's fine, I'm also jelly of people who can afford stuff like that, but keep it to yourself. Some people have more money, it's not their fault.
Not really. If you have higher status for some reason, money, fame or something else, some people will suck up to you and try to get close to you for personal gain. Doesn't matter if you're super rich or just a bit more rich than avarage.
Not speaking from own experience since I'm not rich or anything, but I've seen it, and you see it in the cosplay community a lot

>> No.9451143

>20 dresses is pretty low. World's most expensive dessert hits $25k. That's already 7-10 brand new release dresses right there
>dat math
Anon $25k would be like 100 new dresses

>> No.9451260

I have a Chinese lolita friend. She's really sweet, not like that at all. But she's also not rich.

>> No.9451382

You can still buy a house and have $100k to live on after taxes. Houses cost less than $150k here. (You can buy a 2 bedroom for 100k here easy)

>> No.9451422

>kidnapping insurance
Lol. Rich people are retarded.

>> No.9451780


........Ah shit. Now we know why I'm not rich, I can't math.....

>> No.9452557

I'm not a lolita, i don't care about dresses.

>> No.9452567

Less annoying now that her boyfriend has finished begging for people to follow her and she has her fill of expensive shit

>> No.9452604

The difference is how jelly those not invited are.

>> No.9452641

Topkek, did he really? What's her Insta again?

>> No.9452749

Wuts the opinion of lolitas in ur comm who live on drama vs. those that are passive. It's like the introverts fuel their needs to stir the pot.

>> No.9452756

Friend of mine's dad used to do foreign sales for the company he worked for, they would slap on kidnapping insurance on his pasty white American ass when he went to red flagged countries, so it's not entirely a horrible idea in the right circumstances.

>> No.9452954

I'm a rich lolita. My parents emphasized the notion of savings and frugality instill in me at a young age. I've also got to learn about the stock market before I was 10 years old. Because of this, I was able to spend from time to time on a lolita wardrobe. I'm debt free too. I wished I learned more, but I got wound up in childhood and teenage stuff.

It doesn't mean I'm happy. I'm dissatisfied with my career. I'm working at a non-profit that pays minimum wage and they only hired me because I had an advance degree. I know my superiors are undercutting my chances to get a new job that pays while my cohorts actually have jobs that pay decent. I want to go back to my childhood interest and turn it into a career so I can live comfortably rich and wear cute dresses that make me feel cute.

>> No.9452979

>I could get 10 Bodyline dresses or one brand dress. Now you'd be getting just 2 or 3 Bodyline dresses for the cost one one brand dress.

What REALLY baffles me is modern lolitas acting like Bodyline is the cheapest, nope, they're just expensive and low quality. Taobao is the new Bodyline.

>> No.9453006

Which part of NYC? NYC has 5 Buroughs, each with more expensive and less expensive areas...
If you are focusing on specific part of NYC of course it seems that way. I am not saying NYC housing is the cheapest but, honestly it depends.

>> No.9453026

Bodyline has been selling most of its dresses for like $13. Some for less than $7. It's perfectly fine filler if you have even the slightest clue what to look for.

>> No.9453176
File: 41 KB, 620x414, FY0BMNBIB226AMH.MEDIUM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll switch it up and tell a story about how I was accidentally a snob.

>A fan of Lolita for years
>Didn't buy anything because broke student
>Got a well paying job 2 years ago
>Bought dream dresses left and right
>Bought so much stuff
>Finally show up to a Lolita event
>Only talk about how much shit I have gotten lately
>Realize later how I must have sounded

I'm sorry everyone. :'^(

>> No.9453192

don't worry, you weren't a snob. just excited.

man, i love talking about all of the shit i bought/am going to buy. it seems like my friends do too so it's not really an issue for me to do so, but the idea of putting someone off because i mention buying a couple new releases is a little scary. i mean, we're a fashion-based community, so buying new stuff to work with and wear should be a pretty regular topic.

>> No.9453223

Sounds like it's time to find a new job anon. Making a hobby into a job is fine and all, but it's better if you do it off on the side until it becomes profitable enough to be your full time job.

>> No.9453228

This. Parents had some tenants who would constantly pay their rent late because they spent every paycheck on a new TV or golf set and then complain about how they're struggling to put food on the table. Rich people who had to build their own wealth are frugal with their money with the exception of a few hobbies they decide to splurge on.

Yeah historically speaking, the communist and cultural revolution destroyed all of the old money families. All the noveau riche are sons of farmers from backwater villages who got rich from the huge construction and manufacturing surge and had no role models other than some vague stereotype of rich westerners.

>> No.9453541

Somewhat of a related story but kind of the opposite.

I sometimes feel like I'm bringing the mood down when discussing new releases/recent purchases. I'm stuck in a shitty financial situation and I haven't bought lolita for about a year, and will have to go without for the foreseeable future. I'm fine with it, I have a small but serviceable wardrobe and I don't complain about it, I just feel a little awkward wearing the same stuff over and over and sometimes it feels like it's making my coording abilities stagnate too.

I'm happy for everyone when they discuss their recent purchases, I just often have very little to add other than "Good for you!"/"Oh, I don't know that one, do you have a photo on your phone?" I've stopped looking at second hand sites, at new release blogs, at everything, so I don't have to feel sad and be reminded that I'm not buying anything for a long time, and thus can't contribute much to the discussion. Idk, I just hope I'm not being boring.

And then marginally related to this situation - I had a friend who was driving me crazy because she would repeatedly send me lacemarket links despite me repeatedly telling her I can't buy lolita. It was several times a week of "are u gunna get this" "did u see this one" over and over. She's in a bind similar to me, but keeps buying expensive things anyway and then begs for money from her family. I have no family to support me (other than my husband) and it was making me so frustrated that she wasn't listening when I said no shopping means no shopping. In the end, it only stopped because I cut her out of my life for unrelated reasons. I had yet another friend do this, but only because she misunderstood just how crappy I was doing, and stopped sending me links to ask if I would buy something when I explained. She still shows off the things she's thinking of buying though, and I'm so happy that she understands.

>> No.9453557

Go to STEM and live the bling bling Lolita life

>> No.9453560

>says making friends is hard because she always has to question their motives
I noticed you had a problem with this. Do you want friends? You could be my friend. I like friends. She apparently doesn't like friends and thus doesn't deserve friends. Get a good friend like me.

Are you a female? I have heard a lot of fembots are here. You don't need any expensive cosplay for me, you could go as a nudist. Doesn't cost any money to be a nudist. We could cosplay realistic depictions of Adam and Eve!

I live in the states and am a lonely NEET, so you have zero chances of worrying about the Japanese. We could be great friends, I just know it. I have never tried cosplaying before, but you could convince me to change my mind.

- sincerely a migrant from /r9k/ who has heard about the grils here.

>> No.9453564

I'm an idiot like this. I struggle to not spend in small stupid expensive brand accessories from closetchild. Easily forget that I have bought several in a month. At the end I got no money and don't eat well or seem frugal to strangers because I don't want to go out, no cons, no restaurants.
I'm trying to stop, but sometimes I go overboard. Selling stuff just to pay credit card debts.
At least my rent is paid, but I hate having ended up like this

>> No.9453603


That's not good. If you struggle to budget by yourself, download something like YNAB or mint.com to help you keep track of where every penny is going.

>> No.9453648

The thought of going back to school again makes me resistant to the idea. I like college, but you have pay them to do what you love instead of getting paid to do what you love.

>> No.9453684

Is not just a payment. It is an investment.
IDK where are you from, but if in your country education is expensive, you could consider traveling abroad. The international experience is amazing and you can find universities with free to small fees.

>> No.9453689

>Is not just a payment. It is an investment.

This. I hate the "but college is useless/too expensive/etc." mentality. Unless you're in a trade that can is largely self-taught, college will either get you experience or connections.

People who think college is useless either picked a really, really dumb major, picked a shitty college or did nothing for 3-4 years.

>> No.9453737

Judging for the replies, you failed to read that the poster already has a college degree. Poster is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

>> No.9454847

who says you cannot go to college twice?

>> No.9454969

probably yes

>> No.9455173
File: 860 KB, 964x847, Typical -cgl-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>secret chinese lolita comms

One reason Chinese lolitas might stay a bit hidden could be the connection between CGL and Japanese culture. There could be friction if some of their anti-Japanese elders or peers find out.

>> No.9455178


I live in and nearby college towns, and I wonder if there are a lot of undercover Chinese lolitas, especially from the neighboring college town where it's chock of Asian foreign exchange students.

You so silly.

Pretty sure it's the language barrier that's making it harder for ESL lolitas (in this case, Chinese lolitas abroad) to connect with the original regional community.

>> No.9455309

This pic made me hungry.

>> No.9455474
File: 27 KB, 250x238, 1493496240150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cannot tell if I should be annoyed at Chinese lolitas or jelly at them

>> No.9456077

I live like 30 minutes from Stockholm, and you're lucky if you get a one bedroom apartment for that price. If you do it'll be pretty shabby
And that's just out here, the closer you get the more it costs
And it' not even nice neighborhoods, it's just because it's so close to the city

Not really a part of your discussion, just wanted to point out that prices can vary a lot

>> No.9456109

actually it would be more like 75, at most. 1k at most gets you 3 new burando dresses ($333 average each), unless you buy smaller brands then it could stretch to 100. if you're buying new AP and baby, we'll say 400 for a dress which is about 62 dresses.

polite sage for OT

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