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Since this discussion blew up in the CoF thread, let's move it to its own thread.

>To you, what is a conlita?
>Is it bad to be a conlita?
>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?

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If you treat lolita like cosplay you aren't a lolita, I think they're really fucking annoying but I don't think they necessarily harm the fashion anymore then itas do or """""documentaries""""".

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Is a conlita just someone that ONLY wears lolita at cons? If they're wearing a shitty coord then there's already ita.I don't really get the con distinction otherwise.

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The term conlita has been thrown around at people to wear coordinates (typically OTT ones) only at conventions.

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ive been awake all night and REKT whoever it was in the COF thread, if they come here with that crap again they better watch it

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I'm right here

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I don't know if arguing with some strangers on 4chan all night is really any kind of accomplishment. Also didn't see anyone getting 'REKT' in that thread, just a bunch of people beating a dead horse. Business as usual around here.

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>To you, what is a conlita?
To me, it's someone who wears "my lolita outfit" or "my lolita cosplay" at a convention and rarely treats it as an alternative fashion. HOWEVER, I don't group people who tend to wear the fashion at conventions and meetups as conlitas. This is some new and absurd thing that I've just seen here at /cgl/ in the last year or two. Before we had Con Itas. Now anybody who only wears it out for special occasions that are more appropriate aren't serious biz enough. Some people aren't able to wear the fashion out much unless they attend such events. As long as someone puts serious time and consideration into their coordinates and works on building a wardrobe, where, when and how often they wear the fashion is irrelevant to me.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
There have always been these people and as long as "lolita" is represented in anime and people are wearing the fashion at conventions, we're going to have people who just aren't serious about it.

Likewise if you're wearing it to wherever you are able to whatever.

Nobody wears a tux or ballgown out to run errands. Some people only spend their days off running errands and cleaning. It's whatever.

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
Why is this a question. If you are invested in and are enjoying the fashion and are wearing it when you are able, who fucking cares?

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
No. But all those reality tv shows have.

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>To you, what is a conlita?
Someone who literally only wears lolita to cons.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
No. I personally wear lolita almost every weekend but I can understand why someone wouldn't be able to (or want to) wear lolita outside of cons.

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
At least once a year? I don't care very much about frequency--a "real lolita" should dress well and be knowledgeable about the fashion.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
No, unless they act stupid or dress terribly. Ageplayers/littles bother me more.

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I gave you the benefit of the doubt before. I thought you just weren't able to empathize with our spergy obsession but now I see that you're probably an actual sociopath who's willing to spend loads of money, time and energy cultivating an identity you don't even like just so people will stroke your ego

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>patiently waiting for conlita-chan to appear in this thread

All jokes aside I don't have a problem with conlitas but people need to accept that they exist and they typically don't treat the fashion the same as other lolitas. They dress up once or twice a year and often aren't involved in any local comms... so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say they treat it like a costume or a special event because that's exactly what they do. Zekia needs to take the stick out of her ass.

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>Why is this a question

Because that is where the conlita debate comes from, they aren't wearing the fashion often enough, therefore they are tainting the fashion.

I think it is way stupid to be upset over how often someone wears lolita, but do you I guess.

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this is adorable

>Moi meme moitie would win, they'd just throw their big chunky shoes and the fight would be over

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I really hope you don't think you're some kinda badass for typing angrily at someone for awhile.

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I don't get it. I can only wear cosplay on Halloween and to conventions, does this make me a con-cosplayer?

I've seen a lot of gorgeous and well coordinated Lolitas at cons and I wouldn't blame them if that is one of the few occasions besides a few meets that they can wear it to.

Maybe I just don't understand the fact that it's supposed to be worn everyday I guess.

But if you're an ita who wears Lolita as a "costume" to conventions then ya you're shit

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Tainting the fashion because... clothes stay hoarded and not worn as often. Okay.

I live in Trumpland USA. The last thing I need to do is run out with my liberal ass wearing some OTT shit like Triple Tier Karami and some nice shoes with a slight heel and my hair done nicely while getting groceries for my work week and more TP. That'll sure go over well with the toothless folk who shop everywhere barefoot.

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>I can only wear cosplay on Halloween and to conventions, does this make me a con-cosplayer?

i've read some stupid shit on this board but holy shit this takes the cake

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>Maybe I just don't understand the fact that it's supposed to be worn everyday I guess.

Obviously. It's a fashion, first and foremost. Since you're a cosplayer, you're probably missing the toned down lolita that many of us wear in our daily lives. Your con-cosplayer comparison completely misses the point because, by its very definition, cosplay is only for special events. If you wear a costume every day, it ceases to be a costume. A clown in a circus doesn't see his costume as a costume, he sees it as a uniform.

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i don't give a fuck what people do with their lives but whoever was posting in CoF literally admitted they only wear lolita and go to meetups for compliments and asspats and wouldn't wear the fashion if nobody saw them do so

lol no im just sleep deprived and well past the point of sanity

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I don't agree with conlitas being bad, lol. I'm the "spreg" from the other thread. I'm on your side, anon.

Has Kamikaze Girls brainwashed everyone? Momoko was a fictional character. Lolita was never meant to be an everyday fashion, especially for most lolitas at the height of the Harajuku era, who brought big ass suitcases to hide their clothes in when going home.

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>To you, what is a conlita?
Somebody who only wears lolita at cons (most of them anime). There are two types for me though: 1.The newbie who is too scared to go to meets or to simply go out ocassionally in lolita, either because they're really new and/or afraid or don't have a very big wardrove yet to wear it more often and 2.The disgusting ott ones who plaster all kinds of shit to their coordinate that they end looking way too costume-y (ott is okay if done well but do you really need to plaster everything you found at the dollar store on you?)

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
That depends of your own personal situation. Are you new and have few dresses? It's whatever, keep building your closet and eventually you will have the courage and will want to wear it more often. Do you have multiple dresses (and by that I mean more than 6-10) but focus on ONLY wearing it to cons? Fuck you, you're probably doing it for attention. This is a fashion after all.

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
Wear it at least once or twice a month. Even if it's just inside your house. If you want to be a lolita, wear lolita dresses.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
Kind of. I think only lolitas care about this, outsiders will see us all as weird anyways. I still want it to not be confused with a cosplay though.

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But we're not in the height of the Harajuku era, are we? In the current incarnation of lolita, plenty of people do wear it as an everyday fashion.

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No I did not. I don't even attend meetups locally, my comm is inactive. I wear lolita out when I can, sometimes to go shopping, sometimes to conventions, sometimes to local events and festivals. I just said that there is attention seeking elements to everyone wearing lolita. There isn't anything wrong with seeking attention and feedback on your coordinates.

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People can wear the things that make them feel the best without wanting to seek out attention/validation.

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cosplay isn't a fashion you walnut

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Good for those people, I'm sure they exist, I am just saying that for most lolitas, a part of us, be it large or small, still seeks some form of attention or validation, be it from our local community, followers on tumblr or instagram, feeback on CoF, even feedback on CGL.

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>1.The newbie who is too scared to go to meets or to simply go out ocassionally in lolita, either because they're really new and/or afraid or don't have a very big wardrove yet to wear it more often

This was me my first year in the fashion. I was super nervous about going out in public in lolita, so I took cons as an excuse to feel comfortable in it because everyone else was dressed up. I have about 8 main pieces now and attend a meet or two every few months. I've made friends in my local comm and stay pretty active, but I still wear lolita to cons. I guess to me it's just fun to have more excuses to wear it out other than just a tea party or dinner meet. I didn't realize conlita had such a negative connotation but I totally get it now. I think a lot of conlitas are weird about wearing it publicly like I was, but it's such an easy thing to get over.

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which makes them attentionwhores

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But just because some do,
doesn't mean everyone has to?

I feel like lolita is just a damn contest now
"I'm more lolita that you because _____".
And if people are trying to pretend they don't like the attention they get in lolita, that's bs.

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Everyone who posts on CoF is an attention whore. And everyone who posted on Daily_Lolita. And all those Japanese lolitas who had blogs documenting their outfits. Attention whores all of them! A true lolita is never seen.

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Yeah, I mean in theory. But I dont know many lolitas that dont constantly post their coords everywhere.

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>but it's such an easy thing to get over.
It can be. But some people just aren't up for the hassle or the extra attention. It's a social thing for me. Even if I don't wear it to a meetup or a con, I end up fussing more over myself rather than focusing on what I'm doing. I'm fine when I'm with one other person. My schedule rarely aligns with anyone and desu I've not worn my lolita except cons and meets since I got a job promotion last year. I think it sucked all my energy out to even care about looking nice.

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>t. attentionwhore

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i spent the last of my brain juice eloquently dismantling your sorry excuse for an argument in the last thread so i'll leave you to your samefagging alone now. its funny cos i totally see the validity in both sides and was never divisive but your inability to shut up gifted us with this narcissistic rant that's a concise example of the difference between people who wear lolita for the love of it vs people who do it for the attention.

Seriously, don't assume every lolita is a self-centered psychopath like yourself and I won't let your awful attitude reflect on that of people who do enjoy the fashion occasionally.

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>And if people are trying to pretend they don't like the attention they get in lolita, that's bs.

Are you a cosplayer? Serious question. I hear so many of you guys say this shit, "Anyone who cosplays does it for attention! No one just likes making things!" Some people just like dressing up in pretty dresses. The people who dress up just to lounge around the house and never post pictures, do they like the attention of the air?

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I disagree, I'd wager a fair bit that there are lots of lolitas who don't post anywhere and just lurk.

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I'm about to blow your mind. You can genuinely like the clothes AND like the attention. I know you might be reeling from that revelation. It's going to be okay.

Yeah, if someone really hates the fashion and still feels the need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a wardrobe ONLY for attention, that is kind of weird, but that person doesn't exist. I like wearing lolita, I also like it when people compliment my coordinate online. I like it when people give me ideas on how to coordinate better. Is that really psychopathic?

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>Seriously, don't assume every lolita is a self-centered psychopath like yourself
This, holy shit. Anon, seek help. I don't think you're even trolling at this point; I think you honestly believe that no one ever does things for themselves, and everyone is always seeking attention in some form. That's really not healthy.

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Are you trying to be logical and take a middle ground here on /cgl? Don't you know you're not allowed to have grey opinions?

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Maybe I just havent met those people yet?
I said all the lolitas I have met.
And no, I'm a lolita, not a cosplayer. And is there other fashions besides japanese fashions that are so completely obsessed with people taking selfies?

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Now you're just cherry picking what I am saying. I'm saying people can like the attention they get from the fashion in addition to the clothes, in addition to how the clothes may make them feel. I am not saying that everyone wears lolita with the sole motive of getting attention.

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as a lolita who doesn't post to any of the sites and knows quite a few other lolitas who also don't I think it comes with age, the longer you're in the community the less you're looking for external validation and more just to wear the fashion, at least that's how it went in my case.

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one more time for the people in the back
^ admitting you wouldn't be into lolita if nobody would see you wear it

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>And if people are trying to pretend they don't like the attention they get in lolita, that's bs.
If that's not you, I apologise, but your entire argument thus far has boiled down to, "I like getting attention and you're lying to yourself if you say you don't either." Every time someone says that doesn't apply to them, you have to find a way to try to prove them wrong instead of just accepting that not everyone feels that way.

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No, I'm not going to buy a three hundred dollar dress for the sole purpose of never leaving my house. I am not going to wear lolita just to lounge around in my house to do laundry, or clean, or cook dinner. I guess that makes me a horrible sociopathic attention whore. Fire.

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This exactly.

I've posted on COF about 3 times since it's been around. I will post my own coords on my tumblr but only use my own tag for tracking it or I post it on facebook in a gallery for myself or for friends.

I save OTT looks for conventions because I'm not going out and about with the kitchen sink on my head, but damn, I get some really cool ideas sometimes where it's just not feasible to wear out anywhere but a con.

When I do feel like going out in the fashion, it's usually something toned down and easier to wear. But I don't even have much time for that these days. Was gonna go out with some lolita friends tomorrow but I had to change my whole schedule around due to situations at work and who knows when the heavens will align again to where I can meet up again. I don't like wearing it alone. Tried it dozens of times and it's just not enjoyable at that point. It's a social thing for me.

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No, it wasn't me. But I'm sure I'll get accused of lying and samefagging so it doesn't matter. I acknowledge that there are lolitas who wear it every day, I acknowledge that there are lolitas who wear coordinates without posting them online, who are completely detached from online and local communities. That is fine, There is nothing wrong with that. But they aren't more "pure lolitas" than people who post selfies and coordinates.

>> No.9441530

I'm not trying to be mean but are you actually autistic? Is that why you're taking everything so literally and see everything in black and white?

>> No.9441534

Yeah honestly the argument of whether or not you post is pretty retarded. I don't post my stuff anywhere and I lounge around the house in casual lolita just because it makes me happy, but honestly I'd say the girls posting and being active in the community are way more lolita than a lonelita hermit like me

>> No.9441536

>But they aren't more "pure lolitas" than people who post selfies and coordinates.

Then you and I are on the exact same page.

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It isn't anymore stupid than worrying about how often other people wear lolita.

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>To you, what is a conlita?
A Lolita who only wears lolita to conventions and in some cases thinks it's inappropriate to wear anywhere else

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
Not necessarily, but a lot of them have been really elitist and stuck up to me which is hilarious considering they only wear lolita to cons and I make/sell lolita items...

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
Doesn't matter to me so long as they own at least one real coordinate. Frequency of wear can be really sporadic for me.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
Depends. I think most are harmless.

>> No.9441545

Seeing things in only black and white is leagues more stupid than silly arguments.

>> No.9441547

why are you still talking to yourself?

>> No.9441552

That doesn't even make sense, anon.

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You caught me anon ):

>> No.9441573

conlitas are real and they are lesser than me

>> No.9441574

I 2nd this. I go to meets but go all out when I go to cons. I am still trying to work up the courage to wear it alone.

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I hope that high horse gives you a nice view.

I miss the big Yumemiru Magical Paradise events. I used to be so excited to look through the convention posts and see everyones coords.

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>they aren't wearing the fashion often enough, therefore they are tainting the fashion.
what? how does this sentence even make sense?

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You aren't as special as you think you are. No one cares about you in public to make your life harder, if they even care at all (they don't).

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>mfw this entire thread

gulls, go outside. some anonymous fuck on 4chan shouldn't get anyone this mad. it's just fancy dresses, who cares how often you're able to wear them as long as you don't look like shit when you do it?

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>A true lolita is never seen.

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It's late and I felt too tired to post my own detailed response, but I basically agree with all of your points so now I don't have to (and, if it's relevant, I wear oldschool and wear the fashion plenty outside of meets and cons).

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your insecurity is astounding

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haha I love you anon
that bonnet!

I would really like to maintain that if you buy lolita with the express purpose of only wearing it at anime cons then you aren't really participating in the fashion yet.

lolita cons are a diff story. but it has to be treated as an alt fashion, not a fancy costume.
Lolita started out akin to goth and punk styles: worn relatively often and a way to express your identity.
if the only subculture you associate with your experiences in lolita is con culture you're really missing out.

how can you build your wardrobe and take crit to better your coords if you only put the stuff on twice a year? it's a hands-on thing imo

if the girl in the cof thread who sparked this iteration of the debate was a real, practicing lolita, she would have been able to see that white was not a good choice for the coordinating neutral and she probably would have collected actual hair accessories to match the main. that terrible sidebow is so offensive.

I could go on but all I'm saying is you run the risk of being ita as fuck if you think of lolita as a once a year thing. how you buy, what you buy, and how you coord is all affected. most brand itas seem to be conlitas too.

I'd like to see anime con-litas take the opportunity to do good coslolita, instead of wearing lolita coords. pic related is an old CoF post I saved because it's cute--character inspired but still lolita.

>> No.9441705

So only real practicing Lolitas have perfect coordinates with a perfect color balance?

>> No.9441720

no, not at all! but practice makes perfect.
the journey to finding your style and developing your skill is really slow if you only put your time toward making big crazy ott one-off costumes.

>> No.9441721

Holy shit, you sound autistic as fuck.
Color balance and coordination is something someone has regardless of whether they're a "REAL PRACTICING LOLITA" or not. Some people have dozens and dozens of pieces and still can't coord for shit.

>> No.9441724

>To you, what is a conlita?
Somebody who only wears lolita to cons. I wouldn't call lolitas who only wear it to meets conlitas because meets aren't cons, but I think they both lack the same amount of dedication, for lack of a better way to phrase it.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
Eh, you do you. It's not going to stop me from silently judging you for calling yourself a lolita when you only wear it to cons/meets though.
It's like if a person called themselves goth but only dressed the part on Halloween. People would lose their voices calling them a poser, and I feel like it's the same situation with lolita.

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
I'd say as (if not more) often than you wear it to meets/cons. Even just wearing your pieces in normie outfits would suffice.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
Honestly, yeah. It affirms the notion that we're only wearing costumes if we only wear it to cons, and though people already think we're weird, it's kind of creepy if we only dress up for tea, like we're playing at pretty-princess-dress-up time.

>> No.9441725

But the person who sparked this debate is Zekia and her outfit isn't crazy or all that OTT. It just isn't as perfect as it could be.

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>> No.9441739


I'm not very invested in the debate desu, but it makes my heart glow to see all these vintage Lolita pics being posted.

>> No.9441754

okay, but the ott costume coords popularly worn and seen at cons is informing new people who only get exposed to lolita items at cons. if they don't take the time to delve into the fashion then there's just this feedback loop of costumes.

I'm not trying to blame cons for the ott trend. high tea and conventions are great occasions to proudly wear your biggest, wildest creations.
I'm just saying there's more to lolita than the special-occasion-wear. the rare artist or visually skilled person you mention notwithstanding, the other people who have to cultivate an eye for coording should probably not run before they can walk.

Chanel is an example I think of a lolita who struggled because they started out looking crazy at cons. she seems to be dedicated though as I see her coord posts becoming more wearable over time.

Noke and Lor are practicing lolitas who wear well thought out ott stuff to cons, but also wear lolita outside of those once in a while events.

the size of the wardrobe doesn't matter that much and you don't have to be a daily lolita. I just am of the opinion that every lolita should wear the fashion on their own regular time and for themselves to really benefit.

for perspective, I have respect for people who actually buy or make lolita pieces. they are at least in the lolita bubble, as opposed to the "lolitas at heart uwu"

>> No.9441993

Get this: everyone likes attention! I have never seen a board of people more adamant that attention is bad and freaking out whenever anyone so much as mentions that they like getting complimented. If you're wearing a fashion that's as elaborate as lolita, you're going to get attention. It's natural to like or even want attention sometimes; doesn't make you some alien.

I respect people more for saying "yeah, some attention on my coord is nice!". You spent a lot of time and money, why wouldn't you want ONE person to say something nice? No, it obviously shouldn't be the only reason you're in the fashion but don't act like it doesn't factor in. I also highly doubt there's this hoard of lolitas just sitting around at home in elaborate coords that never take photos or go out.

>> No.9442003

>>To you, what is a conlita?
Someone who only wears Lolita to con's or meets
>>Is it bad to be a conlita?
>>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
It's not about how often, it's about the occasion
>>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
I don't care

>> No.9442006

Why is it so hard to understand not everyone likes attention? This is pretty annoying honestly, and no, the potential for getting asspats doesn't factor in to my enjoyment of lolita and I doubt the majority of lolitas started wearing the fashion as a way to get tha attention. If you like the attention and it factors in to why you wear lolita fine, but stop applying your reasons for wearing the fashion onto everyone else.

>> No.9442008

It's not about wearing it every day, it's about treating Lolita as your clothing style vs treating it as fancy clothes you wear to certain occasions. I think both is totally fine and I don't get why people act so sensitive about being called a conlita.

This mindset is really common in cosplay.

>> No.9442010

You are projecting.

>> No.9442012

obviously you don't know them BECAUSE they don't post everywhere

>> No.9442019

Why are so many lolitas so desperate to be oppressed?
> gross weeby conlitas not wearing ridiculously expensive elaborate outfits every day of their life are the reason I'm not taken seriously in my £300 frilly dress :(
Who cares if the genpop recognise lolita as a "legitimate" fashion, it literally doesn't matter. Let weebs have their fun, y'all sound like emos and goths back in the day arguing over who's the "true" lolitas.

>> No.9442020

Most people in this thread said they don't care or don't think conlitas are bad

>> No.9442035

Not who you replied to but not every fashion can be worn every day and not everyone sticks to one fashion style.
Some people work in messy environments or ones where lolita, even toned down, isnt practical. Maybe they don't have the time to get fully dressed with proper hair and makeup every morning so they wear something more laid back and then wear lolita when they have the time. It doesn't make the any less a participant in the fashion. So long as they are putting in the effort to look good while wearing lolita they are a lolita.

OTT looks so out of place anywhere but a meetup or con in my opinion anyway so i dont see why saving extravagant outfits for fitting events is a bad thing.

>> No.9442053

Why does everyone assume that people only go to cons once or twice a year? Some people go to cons way more than that. Would that effect how wearing lolita to conventions is viewed, if the person goes to more conventions than just once or twice a year?

I know it sounds stupid but it is a genuine question

Cause if the assumption is that conlitas are wearing the fashion only once or twice a year then yeah they are treating it like a costume or something for special occasions, but if they are wearing it once a month/once every few months to conventions on top of meetups why does it matter if they never wear it every single day or even most days?

>> No.9442057

I actually really wish people would stop paying so much attention to me when I wear lolita. I wear it because I love it and I like looking cute for myself, but the constant attention I get makes me tone it down more and more to the point that what I are outside can hardly be considered lolita anymore. Some of my dresses have never been worn outside the house because of this. When I feel like going all out I tend to stay home and just hang out feeling cute without being approached by strangers all the time. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Some of us truly don't wear it for the attention, it's not bullshit.

>> No.9442061

Same. I'm on all the social media platforms to stay updated but I've posted pictures of myself in lolita exactly twice, both on my personal IG without tags. Obviously we're not as visible as the people who post to COF and tag spam but we do exist. I know plenty of girls in my local comm who don't care about selfies or likes or anything like that, we just like hanging out in our favourite clothes.

>> No.9442064

I agree. It's the worst kind of paradox to want to be invisible and wear one of the most attention-grabbing fashion styles in the world. I'd love it if it became so mainstream that nobody would even care anymore, but obv. that will never happen.

>> No.9442066

It doesn't matter, I just don't think you're a normal Lolita if you treat it as something for specific occasions. You're a conlita and that's OK.

There are over 400 people in my comm and I've seen less than 10 of them post to CoF.

>> No.9442112

So my issue isn't how often Lolita is worn, but the fact that Lolita is being treated more like a costume than a fashion if the wearer only feels comfortable wearing it to a costume-heavy occasion.

>> No.9442120

I'm just gonna prequel this by saying I dont care if con lolitas give the style a bad rep.

I used to wear lolita a lot circa 2010-2013, and on and off other jfash since, and one thing I've noticed with lolitas is there definety is a devide. older lolitas will put on a skirt/blouse/hair whatever, grab a matching bag, and be dressed for the day, whereas newer lolitas will plan out a co-ord meticulously for weeks, buying new things and honestly really treating it more like a costume than a nice outfit your wearing to an event.
Also, older lolitas just treat their dresses and skirts like clothes. I still bump into a few older lolitas at cons and they're generally chill.
sorry to get all 'back in my day' on you guys.

Just thought it'd provide contrast for the new breeed of lolitas who live constantly through their phones. (ok, now I sound really old...)

>> No.9442121

Isn't this just most of normal humans too?

>> No.9442201

>To you, what is a conlita?
Someone who only wears lolita to organized events like cons, tea parties etc.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
IMO yes, lolita is a street fashion at its core and only wearing it to events shows A) you don't have enough passion for the fashion to wear outside of places that you can't show off, and B) For you getting dressed up in alt fashion is super-duper big deal that takes months to plan even if it's just wearing the latest AP full set and you are too embarrassed to wear outside of events and would hate for anyone from school/work to see you. I also feel like these girls have zero fashion sense and can hardly dress themselves without rules

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
As many times as these events let them, I'm guessing between 2-5 times a year but it's not really about how often it's worn, just that they are only wearing it these environments. It's not the same as someone who wears lolita regardless of the situation wearing it to a con simply because that's what would they would have been wearing anyway

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep
No, because only other lolitas care, but I think they may make newbies feel like cons are the only place you can wear lolita as its becoming quite common

I'm pretty salty about this topic and I don't care, they are just normies trying to play at being kawaii princess-desu for a couple hours before going back to their normal, bland lives

>> No.9442206

>This is what holier than thou liberals actually think
Damn they'd hate you because you're an elitist cunt, not a lolita. Maybe you should stay at cons, you might give us a bad reputation.

T. Redneck lolita

>> No.9442210 [DELETED] 

>To you, what is a conlita?
A person that wears lolita clothing only to conventions and nowhere else.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?
What is bad? It's just more of an 'what is your view' question. I personally wouldn't call these people lolita's, unless they are going to cons very often. I also actually never have seen them being active in my online communities, unless they buy/sell stuff.
I think they are treating it more like a costume, and are maybe even afraid to wear it as a fashion. You don't have to wear lolita daily to be one, but now and then on a normal day or a non-Japanese-related event, sounds like at least a thing a lolita would do. So as a lolita myself I don't feel too related to conlita's.

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
I wouldn't say they are a lolita if they only wear it like three times a year, never interact with the comm otherwise and such. Then they are treating it like cosplay. To me a lolita is someone who actively wears the fashion and is interested/involved in the fashion and/or communities. A conlita can be a lolita too if they go to lots of cons and wear different coords and such...I guess. But it is still a 'kind' of lolita then.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
Yeah I guess that lots of congoers start seeing the fashion as a costume if they see lolita's on cons only, but there are plenty people out there wearing it outside of cons so..hmm.I personally also wish that more people would wear the fashion as it was meant to be: a street fashion. I have a friend, who
I was good friends with before and she was a lolita when
I got to know her but later on when I got seriously involved in the fashion I found out that she doesn't want to wear it outside just for herself or to meet up with a lolita friend, and only wears it to meets and cons, and to meet that's another thing, it's very different from those lolita's who wear it at least twice a month or so, because they just like to.

>> No.9442214

I agree with all of this and will also admit I'm mega salty. The last time I was at a convention meetup one of the conlitas actually mocked the idea of wearing lolita outside of cons because it's too expensive and "weird" to wear it anywhere other than a cosplay-friendly environment. She said that people who wear lolita (even casual lolita) in their regular life, even just in their free time on weekends, are socially retarded weeaboos. A bunch of other girls agreed. These are the same girls who will angrily screech "it's not a costume, it's a fashion!" at any hapless congoer who compliments their cosplay. I don't care how much money you spend on AP, if you truly believe that the only appropriate place to wear it is at a costume convention then you are treating it as a costume and have no right to bitch at people who think you're in cosplay, because you are. You're cosplaying as a lolita.

>> No.9442222


>To you, what is a conlita?
Answered a million times but: someone who only wears any sort of lolita at cons.

>Is it bad to be a conlita?

>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
If someone owns lolita clothes and wears them, they're a lolita. Assigning some sort of arbitrary requirement of number of times per year you must wear lolita out in order to "be" a lolita ranks up there with "lolitas must be lovelies uwu we're lolitas at heart". It's a different kind of sperg, but still pretty spergy.

>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
No. Retards on facebook and those stupid reality shows give it a bad rep.

I don't really get this idea of deeming someone not "really" a lolita based on where/why they wear lolita. It's clothes. If they put on the style, they are participating in the style. Being a lolita doesn't mean they're a good one, just that they wear lolita.

>> No.9442224

If someone only wears goth clothes on Halloween, are they goth?

>> No.9442226

>And if people are trying to pretend they don't like the attention they get in lolita, that's bs.
Actually, no. I just love the style of the fashion and looking pretty and cute to my own standards.
I am actually incredibly self concious in lolita and would prefer if I never got attention and people reacted the same way they would if I were in normie clothes.
It's a fashion that I like to wear. Thats it.

>> No.9442229

Halloween isn't comparable. Cons are social outings where people all over the country/world convene on one spot. It makes sense that someone would wear something nice to a con to see friends or socialize.

>> No.9442234

This image is gold

>> No.9442240

Also let me give you 2 scenarios.

Usako is a conlita. She does not have a place where she feels comfortable wearing lolita in her town. She visits with her friends at the few cons she attends each year, and likes to dress up in lolita when she does so. She carefully picks out a nice coordinate each time.

Misao attends comm meetings regularly. She gets into debates about how she thinks replicas should be allowed in her comm's sales. She buys whatever is popular and then sells it when she can make money. She is bad at making coordinates and just throws on whatever.

They're both lolitas, though by some people's "rules" ITT Usako would somehow be less of a lolita than Misao. Though IMO even if Misao were the one going to cons she'd still be a lolita. You own it? You wear it? Congrats, you're a lolita.

>> No.9442248

who ever you are that uses the insult walnut on here often, You make laugh every time.

>> No.9442253

I think the most ironic part of this whole debate is that the girl who triggered it all doesn't even wear lolita to cons.

>> No.9442273

Bad analogy.

Better analogy:

>If someone only wears goth clothes when they go to goth clubs, are they goth?

>> No.9442276

thank you for sharing this. I really think everyone needs to peep the mindset that can come of making lolita a costume rather than a fashion.

>> No.9442279

painfully new
the absolute walnut is you

>> No.9442286

Wearing lolita to an anime con is not like wearing goth to a goth event

>> No.9442295

It's a closer analog than "only wearing it on Halloween".

>> No.9442305

I would say a goth who only wears goth to goth events is the same as a Lolita who only wears Lolita to Lolita meets

>> No.9442311

Well expect that goth is based around music whereas lolita is purely based around clothing (at its core anyway) you can't be a lolita without actually wearing the clothes, but wearing 'goth' clothes aren't what makes someone goth

polite sage

>> No.9442314

Can you be a goth without wearing goth clothes?

>> No.9442331
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>> No.9442341
File: 29 KB, 800x473, rember.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do we take ourselves and lolita fashion so seriously? You really need to chill and stop being so salty. Just wear the fashion, have fun and remember that at the end of the day we're all just odd girls wearing frilly dresses.

>> No.9442342

IMO yes, as I said goth is about the music, and to a lesser extent seeking in joy in darker things that people usually ignore. You don't have to dress a certain way to embrace those things.

Sage again

>> No.9442347

Real question here is why are yarn dreads still a thing and how much of a pinhead is that girl in the middle.

>> No.9442362

>Why are yarn dreads still a thing
>Photo is from anime expo 2009

>> No.9442408
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Dumping more conlita photos from events in the past

>> No.9442411
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>> No.9442412
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>> No.9442413
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>> No.9442414
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>> No.9442429
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>> No.9442435
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>> No.9442436
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>> No.9442440 [DELETED] 
File: 740 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161130-104734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed. Other people getting attention or only wearing the fashion once in a while has zero bearing on anyone else's life. Just wear the clothes you like and stop obsessing over other people.

>> No.9442448
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This one stinks of bait so much.

>I can only wear cosplay on Halloween and to conventions, does this make me a con-cosplayer?

Anon, you do understand that Lolita is supposed to be alternative streetfashion while cosplays literally are just costumes of mostly fictional characters?

>> No.9442452
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Agreed. Other people getting attention or only wearing the fashion once in a while has zero bearing on anyone else's life. Just wear the clothes you like and stop obsessing over other people.

>> No.9442488
File: 21 KB, 379x440, 17361477_1661973877438471_698932957_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish gulls would stop being so mad over ridiculous things and rembered to take their meds on time. I like you anon.

>> No.9442503

I am a relatively new lolita (around 3 years in the fashion) but I definitely do what you describe older lolitas doing. Sometimes I'll think "I wanna wear lolita tomorrow/to this event" but the actual outfit is always put together right before I leave. I don't look down on conlitas necessarily, but I really feel like we're not the same at all. I actually dislike wearing lolita to cons because it's just my regular clothes, that's kinda boring at a con.

>> No.9442511

I still see them floating around sales threads.

>> No.9442535

I feel you anon, this feels like alot of the jfashion comms lately. Gotta have the most people flocking to them for likes/get the new dress to jump on that bandwagon.

>> No.9442594
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>> No.9442595
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>> No.9442597
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>> No.9442600
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>> No.9442604
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Does anyone know why the Yumemiru Magical Paradise events stopped?

>> No.9442611

>Other people getting attention or only wearing the fashion once in a while has zero bearing on anyone else's life.

Except the people getting the attention are the ones that treat it as a costume, so it's only getting more and more impossible to convince people that this isn't a costume but an alternative fashion.
Just like how now most cosplayers have to deal with people thinking they're easy sluts because the popular cosplayers treat it like it's softcore porn.
And if lolita is treated as a costume, it's only a matter of time before it gains enough popularity that "normies" will start wearing it and slutting it up for popularity points. Many girls genuinely have a love for this hobby that isn't limited to gaining e-fame and I don't want to see the same thing that happened to cosplay happen to lolita.

>> No.9442622

I have a love for lolita and other people's sluttifying it up or using it as a costume doesn't really invalidate the fashion for me. The concerns you have for the fashion have already happened, the lolita tag is used as a tag for sluts to use for their fetish shit and 'lolita' costumes are already mainstream. It's hard not to get insanely frustrated from all the constant negative connotations and assumptions, but I think the best thing is to just let it go. I think that's a big part about any alternative fashion, you just have to be at peace with yourself and brush off the bullshit that comes with it.

>> No.9442628

People have been saying "REEEE normie whores are going to ruin lolita" for years. It was said when Hot Topic sold that shit lolita dress in the mid 2000s. It was said when Lil Mama wore Fruits Parlor. It was said when Lady Gaga wore Angelic Pretty. It was said when Unseelie took nudes while wearing a bodyline skirt. And it still hasn't happened. What happened to cosplay will never happened to lolita, because lolita will never ever have the mass clickbait appeal that "look at this sexy version of boba fett" does.

>> No.9443039

Well, no

>> No.9443127
File: 501 KB, 1600x1066, WhatsApp Image 2017-04-14 at 01.00.27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9443144

This is cosplay.

>> No.9443155

I don't see a difference

>> No.9443178

Some people have lifestyles that don't lend themselves well to wearing lolita super regularly, eg, long work hours where it's inappropriate or impractical to wear lolita. Just because someone can only wear the fashion irregularly, such as mainly to events such as meets doesn't automatically mean that they will see it as a costume, or wear it in an ott manner seeking attention. They're not mutually inclusive. I know plenty of lolitas who don't post their pictures to say CoF, who wear really nice and very toned down coords, but aren't able to wear the fashion all that often. It's not an automatic 'tainting' despite anon's claims. I know lolitas, mostly older ones, who have beautifully put together wardrobes who can only wear lolita every so often at present, but are otherwise very active in the fashion in its other aspects.

>> No.9443195

Man, all this while I’ve been disliking conlitas and it turns out I’ve been thinking about a different breed of conlitas than “lolitas who only wear lolita to a convention”.

The kind of conlitas I’ve run into seem to display different characteristics, they tend not to have a favorite brand, or follow brand news, or actually sometimes they don’t even know what they’re wearing. They’re happy to dig up the shop link for you (usually taobao or some reseller), but it seems they have no thought of returning to the shop to check for new dresses, they seem to think buying lolita is like buying chicken or milk, just go to “taobao”, find a random dress that’s cute, and that’s that. If you want to chat about their outfit(s), that’s fine, and they’ll compliment you on your dress, too, but they have zero knowledge of other dresses outside of their own collection.

Replicas are another thing, it’s not whether they know they’re wearing a replica, they get a blank look when you tell them about the original. It’s like it doesn’t matter to them, maybe they can’t figure out why original vs replica is important when they’ve already worn the dress and won’t be re-wearing it anyway, idk.

They also tend not to be in any lolita comms. Not just ocal comms, they don’t seem to know CoF, Rufflechat, lolita amino, anything. I’d point them towards these places, but they never seem to join either. As for shared interests, none of them know Kamikaze Girls/Shimotsuma Monogatari, or Mana/Malice Mizer/MdM. I get that some girls are lonelitas, and not everybody has to like the same things, but this is the kind of combination that really makes me think these conlitas don’t even like lolita, it looks as if they can’t be bothered to actually be in the hobby aside from wearing one cute dress tone time.

tl;dr, they pretty much seem to be the fake nerd girls of lolita.

>> No.9443342

My sisters will go to a con wearinga full-fledged lolita coord with me. Their only reason is they didn't bother to get a costume and lolita is pretty.
This is how I see every conlita, if it's just a convention thing it's not your fashion.

>> No.9443392

Those are all absurdly sexy and I can't figure out why.

>> No.9443397


goth clothing is more accepted on the street than lolita imo, so either way it's a bad comparison

>> No.9443444

If you're wearing OTT maybe. A lolita wearing a nice solid piece with a little bit of poof, sensible shoes/legwear, and neat hair and makeup would just be considered to be dressed nicely.
People seem to think lolita = type of clothing (like a suit or an evening gown) when really lolita = substyle of clothing, like goth, that has varying degrees of formality ranging from shirt + jeans to the OTT stuff romantic goths wear.

>> No.9443447

>buys super expensive dresses just to sit at home alone

>> No.9443449

some people wear lolita not because they want to show off to others, but because they feel it is an expression of their inner self

>> No.9443450
File: 68 KB, 599x800, 1266452642805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> A lolita wearing a nice solid piece with a little bit of poof, sensible shoes/legwear, and neat hair and makeup would just be considered to be dressed nicely.

I swear to god, being in this fashion has warped everyones perceptions on what quantifies a normal outfit that normies wouldn't look twice at. You can not be wearing OTT and still look completely ridiculous to outsiders!

Take this coord, to us this isn't casual, but isn't OTT (no prints, no abundance of accessories, no wig, no heavy makeup), but she would not just be considered "dressed nicely" to normies.

>> No.9443451

>tainting the fashion
You wear overpriced printed dresses with lace on them. Calm the fuck down.

>> No.9443455

I feel its strange to glorify stay home lolita as being the less attention seeking. But if so these girls must have some lovely homes because the thought of staying home all day on my day off bums me out.
I will admit however that doing small chores at home in lolita makes me feel like some kind of cinderella.

>> No.9443457
File: 45 KB, 345x437, ChemicalLaceOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But >>9443450 isn't wrong, lolita does have varying degrees of formality and frilliness, if you will. Take pic related for example, it's not "normie" by any means, it absolutely is lolita but it's nowhere near like your example, and people will mostly treat you like you're dressed up than ask about your costume if you wear things like this.
>source: I dress like this regularly

>> No.9443459

Ah shit, I quoted those posts wrong, meant to respond to >>9443450 and say that >>9443444 isn't wrong. My bad.

>> No.9443460

This makes even less sense to me and kind of contradicts some of what was said in this thread. Lolita is fashion which means it's supposed to be worn OUT like any other fashion. Why act like it's some big secret?

It comes across as so ~super special snowflake~ otherwise

>> No.9443462

There is no way to assume how someone will be treated when wearing a specific coordinate. Even our own personal experiences don't matter, because it depends on where we were, how artsy and populated our city is. The more populated and artsy cities are going to be more accepting of Lolita.

>> No.9443465

lol this is all what attentionwhores say

>> No.9443468

That's true but the point still stands, your coord doesn't have to be all out and frilly and "ridiculous" to count as lolita and you absolutely can dress the style down and wear it regularly.

>> No.9443471

I have some lolita clothes but I only wear them a couple of times a year. One is because I'm a lazy dresser. I also don't want to spend a ton of time putting on clothes if I'm just going to be home in an hour. But it can also be awkward to wear lolita on the street, especially if you're with friends.

Apparently you need to spend an hour doing your hair and makeup before you head out or out you'll be labelled as an ita. Who wants to deal with that?

>> No.9443476

It doesn't make sense to me that you want to there to be other reasons to wear lolita besides just wanting to wear lolita. I'm not that anon but I don't need to go anywhere to wear the clothes that suit me.

>> No.9443477

You don't have to post pictures of it you know, but who cares if some anon on cgl calls you an ita? You don't even know if she wears lolita.

>> No.9443478

Literally every jfash ever has lots selfies. Do you even gyaru? This has to be a troll.

>> No.9443485
File: 43 KB, 600x900, 85dd1968e6db24e1c4410f745c0e46e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And this is something in my hometown that people would assume that I'm wearing a Mary Poppins costume or I'm still in a play because
a) It's not how most people dress
b) It looks more or less like something a young girl would wear in the 30's or 40's. Therefore, play or costume in most normies minds.

If you would rather wear more toned down lolita in your everyday life, that's your choice. Good for you for having a preference. But let's not pretend that pic related is not what most normies consider to be dressed up unless you are a little old lady and remember wearing "crinolines" back when you were a kid.

Lolita is not normal and if it stretches into the bounds of being normal, it's either no longer lolita or we'll be dealing with more problems that debating on whether or not girls who don't wear it daily are real lolitas or not.

>> No.9443495

So you're saying it's better to wear lolita and be potentially ita than not wear lolita at all?

Totally agree

>> No.9443499

Is it just me or does this thread confirm a ton of people who wear lolita want attention and not be like "other (normie) girls!!!" and then they need to make absurd reasons to justify their dedication to a niche expensive hobby? It's like the spergs on /v/ or something. Guess I'm not a "real" lolita because I don't need to stand out 100% of the time

>> No.9443505

It's not about standing out, it's about wearing the clothes you love because you love them even when you're not going to be surrounded by other weebs.

>> No.9443508
File: 93 KB, 562x800, 1266454136512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, just a lot of people who are realistic that Lolita is a very eyecatching and attention grabbing fashion and has ALWAYS been an eyecatching and attention grabbing fashion. That is why its "weird", that is why tourists took photos of Harajuku kids on the weekends, that is why those same Harajuku kids had to hide their clothes in suitcases before they could get to Harajuku which was a form of sanctuary for them.

The fashion has always been weird, different, and stand out. Why are people acting brand new in this thread? No one is saying you aren't a real lolita for wanting to stand out, but you sure as hell aren't special or a better lolita for not doing so.

>> No.9443515

Do you have a source for the artist of your pic? Shit made me spit out my drink.

>> No.9443522
File: 39 KB, 592x336, s713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound a little like bait, but honestly I don't think all lolitas want attention, some just really want to wear their clothes and they happen to do it outside. And there are some who would only want the attention from other lolitas (the whole competing and outdoing each other with coords)

Personally, I love wearing lolita inside and outside the house because it makes me feel happy, and I dislike when people stare at me but I pull up with it because lolita is just very flashy, that's how it is.

I think everybody can be a lolita if they wear it properly. Just wear lolita, even if you don't go outside the house. There shouldn't be any special occasion to not wear it.

>> No.9443538

Some people like staying home on their day off and find it more relaxing than going out. I think about all the effort to get to a location, planning a location, and dressing to the weather and that will be happening at said location, dealing with strangers, etc. It sounds a whole lot more stressful to me even if it's a fun event.

>> No.9443540

Thissss. Goth encompasses plenty of jeans + tee + accessories outfits that genuinely do fit in with normies, and everyone knows what goth is so they have a frame of reference for it. Normies have no frame of reference for lolita so they assume it's the first thing that pops into their mind when see the outfit - and, even with toned-down outfits, that's usually old-timey childrens clothes or a costume.

>> No.9443607

linda moved to san fran and opened angelic pretty usa. After that, no more ap events in la

>> No.9443642

I mean, have fun I guess but it's still stupid as hell

>> No.9443649

>how dare you wear clothes that you like

>> No.9443674

Conlitas are inferior

>> No.9443703

Would you think it was stupid if someone spent a fortune on clothes from brands like Yves St Laurent or Hugo Boss or Gucci and never leave their house?

>> No.9443707

>tfw you aren't a conlita

I don't own a single stitch of Lolita fashion but I do admire the aesthetic of it, I think it's all very lovely and feminine when done right and so for that reason I am seriously considering putting a coord together to wear at a future con.
Not some ugly half assed mess but a truly well thought out ensemble, as a tribute to a fashion that I admire but don't have room to commit to.

Am I going to some kind of special hell?

>> No.9443709
File: 152 KB, 319x224, Picture2copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No you aren't. Put together the coord of your dreams, anon. I wish you luck.

>> No.9443710

Not really, it's their money and their life and if they want to buy expensive clothes and wear them around the house or whenever else they want, it's entirely their choice. Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp?

>> No.9443713

>to wear at a future con
Why would you want to wear it specifically at a con, though?

>> No.9443794

"Lolita is a street fashion!"
"Wearing to cons or meets is fine"
"I want lolita to be seen as regular clothes"
"I rarely wear it"

What is it??

>> No.9443805

There's more than one person posting and opinions differ. Make of it what you will, basically. Wear lolita regularly or don't, do what you want as long as it makes you happy.

>> No.9443809
File: 50 KB, 540x351, bumblybee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel a similar way:
>Dress up at home
>Feel super cute
>Go outside
>Feel like I've made a huge mistake
>People talk to me
>Stutter mode: activated
I love dressing like this but I can hardly get any words out properly and I think it really puts people off.

>> No.9443830

I feel the same as well. I only wear lolita to comm meetups and I've been wanting to wear lolita out more often but I have this on going battle in my head. On one hand I'm thinking who cares, I wear what I want to wear and on the other I'm super afraid of being judged and made fun of. I've never experienced negative reactions or comments when I go out with my comm but I can't seem to shake that thought.

>> No.9443836

“I want to become a lolita” you say.
So become one, I reply.
“What can I do to look like a lolita?”
I have no words to reply to this.
You need a headdress, don’t you? And a petticoat.
“Is this coordinate strange?”
“Is it not wrong for lolita?”
Why do you want to do lolita?
“Because it’s trendy, because my friends do it…”
If that’s the case, you have no right to wear lolita.
If you just do what the others do, you will look like a lolita,
But I want you to think about something.
Who do you live for?
You think you want to be yourself, but you are afraid of isolation.
You yell that you want to be free, but you take comfort in following convention.
When you are praised for something you don’t even feel comfortable with, are you really satisfied?
Girls who wear Vivienne Westwood but don’t even know the Sex Pistols.
Even when wearing a jersey, a princess is a princess.
My lolita rules are mine alone.
So you are the only one who can find your own lolita rules.
My God and your God are different, aren’t they?
There are angels who wear elegant dresses and play tamborines,
But there are also angels wearing armor and carrying swords whose job it is to fight.
I can’t answer your question.
But there are a lot of hints all around you.
You just haven’t noticed yet.
What you feel is right is your answer.
Sew frills onto the hem of your heart!
Put a tiara on top of your soul!
Have pride.

>> No.9443838
File: 2.17 MB, 2000x2315, 7393V_794_GOLD_fr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My area isn't good enough to wear obvious designer stuff in, I get away with lolita only because nobody realises it's worth that much. I've actually been looking at a VW bag (that I can afford and would look good with OTT classic) and only not bought it because I fear getting mugged or robbed. I can see myself buying something like that just to use at home.

>> No.9443849
File: 490 KB, 420x236, 1483348738238.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>redneck lolita

Your kind is not welcome in lolita. Political affiliation completely unrelated.

>> No.9443882

I hate this poem so much. I blame ~lolitas at heart~ entirely on this.

>> No.9443884

You mean like all Middle Eastern women?

>> No.9443886

Lmao what the fuck

>> No.9443891

Be back later, gonna go get screened for cancer after reading this abomination.

>> No.9443899

How new are you?

>> No.9443918
File: 59 KB, 500x333, lolipolice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9443924
File: 55 KB, 456x640, Angelic_Pretty___AYA_of__Psycho_le_c_mu__Camouflage_set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You might be a pretty princess on the outside but you'll always be a rotten elitist on the inside city slicker-chan~
Make sure to never wear country coords, you wouldn't want to appropriate my culture

>> No.9443926

Holy newfag
Learn your roots children

>> No.9443930

I probably look at this poem through rose tinted nostalgia glasses but to me it wasn't a 'lolita at heart' thing but more of a 'if you are meant to wear lolita fashion it will be because you already have the confidence to wear it'.
I found lolita after a decade wearing goth and loving Victorian influences anyway, so I already had the 'armour' to wear it. In comparison to that, learning the rules of the fashion was easy.

>> No.9443937

Because cons are the only time I dress up. My day to day life is far to hectic for anything that complicated. I'm a seamstress and costumer by trade but you wouldn't guess it by looking at me bc I rarely wear anything except aethlic wear.

>> No.9443938

...yes....yes I would. I think it's dumb for anyone to spend a fortune on something that they're just going to wear at home or let sit in a closet but do you

>> No.9443966

"Is there any other fashions besides japanese fashions"
"any other"

>> No.9443978

No you aren't. Depending on the con, it might not be very popular with lolitas though. If you want to make one very good, very expensive, awesome outfit, I think an ILD would be a pretty good event to pick. Unless the con has tea party with fancy guests, then thats awesome too.

>> No.9443980

Goths posts many many selfies, as do other people who wear alternative fashion, this isn't exclusive to lolita or jfash at all.

>> No.9443992

Oh really? I didnt know that, thanks for the info. I seriously thought only lolitas (and like i mentioned before jfashions) had so many different fb pages, concrit, and were so harsh on each other for something thats suppose to be just clothing.

>> No.9443996

I don't know about other styles but goth elitism is most definitely a thing, though not as much about fashion or makeup and more about music tastes.

>> No.9444041

What are expensive cars for? You just let it sit in your garage. Also some celebs collect old cars but never drive them.

>> No.9444060

Ok, so does that mean collecting and not wearing lolita dresses/not wearing them often still makes you a lolita?

>> No.9444241

I feel this.

It can apply for any fashion/makeup. Like if I'm stuck/choose to be at home all day, I can choose to remain in roomwear and laze about, or get dressed and utilize a closet full of cute clothes I paid for. It's not hard to picture this for normie fashion, it's no different for lolita

>> No.9444474

>Even when wearing a jersey, a princess is a princess.
To me this poem always said "you are a lolita, even if you don't wear it 24/7. Try to lolify your life"

>> No.9444597

>posting a LL group shot


>> No.9444636

See the funny thing is, you can be on a board for years and years but still just not see things. Are you gonna whine about summer, next?

>> No.9444639

Don't compare expensive vehicles to a fucking dress, that's so stupid.

>> No.9444679

Thank you.

I love lolita fashion (amoung others) but i can't wear it too often. I can work up to 7 days a week and my job is way too messy for me to wear anything but leggings and shirts i don't mind throwing away in a month. I probably get to go out once a month and yes it is most likely to a con or some sort of j-fashion meetup. This is when I get "dressed up" or just plain dressed in something other than bum apparel, these events are often planned for in advance. For running errands lolita even toned down takes more time than throwing on a cute t-shirt and pants.
Just because this is how things are for me doesn't mean that i treat it as a costume. They are clothes that i love. It would seem like for most people that are involved in lolita and have responsibilities or unable to wear lolita to thier jobs the sentiment is the same. Its a fashion they love but just cant wear very often.

>> No.9444691

You don't have to browse cgl for several years to do a little reading on lolita and its history...

>> No.9444701

Unless you're planning on hoarding your coords for collector's value, this comparison is dumb

>> No.9445338

Lolita is in your heart.
If you wear lolita because it "looks nice" or because you want tumblr notes, you have no right to call yourself a lolita. You're just dressing up as one. A true lolita can have only a few dresses and still be lolita.

>> No.9445413
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1437847276909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This entire post

The reason I wear anything is because it looks nice to me, and that includes Lolita. Now we aren't allowed to think the clothes are cute?

>> No.9445414
File: 71 KB, 359x391, 1492132887578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

poorfag detected

>> No.9445487

all lolitas are lovelies ~~ uwu

>> No.9445528

>replying to obvious b8

>> No.9447687

I'm a conlita. I don't see the point in purchasing 200+ dollar outfits which aren't practical for me to wear in every day life (blue collar). I'll buy something for cons and then sell once I'm done. I don't think I ever own more than 2-3 dresses at once.

>> No.9447728

I honestly see them as pieces of art

>> No.9452302

We don't have many lolitas in my town, but the two that I'm aware of I do consider to be conlitas. Everything they know about lolita is what they've gathered from cons, they buy only from booths at cons, and they don't know many or any brand names.

It isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. I do feel horribly overdressed around them, but they have a basic understanding of the fashion, they understand that it isn't cosplay and we can still admire each others clothes.

>> No.9452315

I'm a conlita. I use to wear Lolita often when I was in school but now that I work full time I don't wear Lolita except to conventions for my "other job" (I'm a vendor). I still consider Lolita to be an alternative fashion, but conventions are the only time I'll wear petticoats, wigs, etc in the summer. I have one toned down dress I'll wear to family dinners if I want, but I don't go beyond that.

I think conlitas are fine. It gives people a space to wear what they love and not be gawked at by strangers you DON'T want to talk to or have to explain stuff to ALL the time.