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Old one is in auto sage >>9429408

Don't fuck this one up, either

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Confession-chan back again. He's unsure of we want the same things, so we're going to continue to be friends for now.
Hopefully as things go along, we can get closer.
So still a single-chan.

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>don't fuck it up
We always do tho so idk why you even bother saying not to at this point

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Act like you've lost all interest in him and I can almost garuntee he'll change his tune

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I can guarantee that'd push him farther away. He doesn't like that shit.
Frankly, neither do I.

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>he's not like other guys
sure anon. sure.

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That would work on a desert island with population of 2.

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It's not that he's not like other guys. It's just that we're both too old for that bullshit.
That's some trifling shit that you pull in high school.

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>finally a four day weekend
>been wanting to work on props for legit weeks
>keep getting sick each fucking weekend
>gets sick this weekend

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no updates about jogger-kun, shocking
sage for meta

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Or get more sleep and eat more fruit with vitamin C?

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>expecting anything but dumb highschool level advice from /cgl/

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Why put that much effort into playing mind games with someone? Just be upfront with one another. lack of communication is the death of us all, I swear

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>tfw haven't cosplayed in almost a year
>going to cosplay tomorrow, super excited
>acne that hasn't appeared in months shows up in full fucking force
I thought this dumb ass adult acne finally was gone
I didn't change anything in my routine either
I literally don't even want to go anymore, it looks absolutely disgusting even with makeup

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I saw a Lolita in my city today and she was so cute.
I didn't know you girls were real

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>Bf doesn't buy me birthday present because my birthday is close to Christmas and I tell him we can postpone gift til when he has more money on hand
>He offers to buy me a cardigan, blouse, or petticoat, something to help build my wardrobe since I just started out
>Agree, never happen to find anything
>Browsing lacemarket today, find cheap brand bolero that would work perfectly in my wardrobe
>Send link to him
>"anon why did you send me this"

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Congrats on your discovery. What was she wearing?

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How terrifying. I hope I never run into one.

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Similar thing happened to me. It sucks, anon.

>Buy boyfriends nice gifts for his birthday
>My birthday is a month later
>Boyfriend having money trouble
>It's okay, just buy me something when you can
>Have my eye on a beret by AP
>"Anon, I'll buy you that beret. Order it, I'll pay for it."
>Contact shopping service to add it on to my existing order
>They nicely do it, give me total
>"Okay, you owe me about $100 for that beret"
>"Okay, I'll give you the money after it comes in"
>Beret comes in
>"Hey BF, that beret is here. Were you giving me the money for it?"
>"Oh, sorry anon. I just can't swing that money right now. I'm really sorry."
>Never paid me back or got me anything for my birthday (3 months later)

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Maybe he just forgot?

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Fuck anon, too real. My birthday is November and his is January (so money struggles bc christmas time) but I still get him nice bday presents too. Sorry you also have to deal with this.
Whenever/ifever I bring it up he gets mad and accuses me of just wanting him to buy me stuff. No winning desu

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my boyfriend doesn't have any money troubles, but every time he promises to buy me something later he always forgets/never comes through. it's only for things in the near future like new releases and reservation items. i remind him of his promise but somehow he manages to brush it off? he doesn't owe me anything but i would prefer he not make promises he can't keep. it's just weird because he's always the one who initiates it (oh, you like that? i'll get it for you when it's out, we'll talk about it later) but then i'm totally blown off

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I saw a lolita at the aquarium once and I got so flushteted I rushed out. I think she was wearing the jellyfish jsk??? it must have been themed to the location i didint get a good look.
I was so suprised to see another girl wearing this fashion that only existed on the internet I couldnt handle it.

So now I'm a newbie and although I think my coords are good and my friends think they're good, I mean, theyre probably not that good. But now I go out in my shitty first time coords around all the touristy areas of my town and pray that I find that girl again and tell her how cute she looks.

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$100 for a beret? What beret was this?

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If you factor in SS fees and shipping 100 sounds about right. IIRc most AP berets are around 7-8k so anon might have rounded up a bit.

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I'm faaaatttttt. somebody halpppp

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I'm in the opposite boat...My bf is pretty shit at money so I cover for him way more than I should and he owes me a LOT of money now. But his parents always send him a bunch of money to buy gifts for me for holidays/birthdays. So part of me wants to be responsible and say "just give me the money and pay back some of your debt to me" and part of me just wants to unwrap some cute shit that he picks out for me...
Because damn when he has money he will go all out for me.

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>almost 22
>still an A-cup
going to kill myself soon

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Anon, I'm 25 and a AA cup. No bf, no gf, but I can fit into a shitton of burando.

Life is... ok.

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nothing wrong with small breasts desu. Your girls ain't gonna sag.so.. kudos.

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>tfw no boobs or feminine penis

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I'm not sure what sex you are or what sex you want to be.

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Bought a children's beginner crochet set to learn with, with the end game being making some stuff to help me get on that mori boy life. Except I already know my big white westerner ass isn't going to look right in mori. So I'm going to put all this time and effort and money into this and then when I get the exact, bad results I expected I'm still going to be upset with myself.

Why can't I just, not do things like this to myself, gulls?

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I just got back from MTAC and had such a good time. The whole con gathered around to watch when Samurai Jack came on. I saw a Rick Sanchez cosplayer nearly OD at the rave.

Stop being mean to booblets, hag.

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How big we talking? Because tall Mori boy sounds quite cute.

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6'3", but I'm broad and thick which seems to be the real fucking death blow to any jfash success

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I really like Lolita fashion, I like wearing it and I like going to meets, but at the same time, I feel like I will never look right in the fashion because I don't have the right frame and the right face. I'm not fat and my measurements generally go pretty well with most pieces, but I have wide shoulders and a man face that kind of ruin everything. I feel I'll never be able to look good in anything from the bust up.

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Fuck, guys. It's one thing to have money troubles but are your SO blowing off your birthdays altogether after giving promises and you treating them?

>tfw helps boyfriend on living expenses and repays favors later with fancy dates and a new desktop.

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i really wanna buy the daydream bed jsk in black and i have the money, but i have no clue on how to use the shopping service.
i dont want to pass on this dress because i know i will regret it if i don't buy it

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i know there's lots of tutorials on how they work but english its not my first language and it's really hard for me to understand

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try talking to the shopping service about it. i really recommend tenshi shes very patient and familiar with lolita. read through the terms of whichever service you pick and email them any questions. its super easy it just seems kind of scary. good luck anon!

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thanks i will try!

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does he do this with other responsibilities? I had an ex like this, I never got my hopes up with him because all his promises were so empty. then he'd get mad seeing me spend my money on something he "promised" he would get me. I appreciate the thought but if you can't see it through don't make it. how can I trust you? it isn't even about the thing he promised, I sometimes could care less! it's about the fact that he would knowingly and continually see no problem with getting my hopes up of something I'm really excited for and then seeing those hopes crash.

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and the worst was when it didn't have to do with a present promise. things like

>"babe, I'll drop the package at the post office for you tomorrow!/you dont have to skip lunch at work just to mail a dress, I'm home all day anyway!"
>later that day
>"oh lol I sorry I didnt send the package out!"

Or stuff like
>"oh, you have a problem understanding that legal paperwork? I'll help you with it when you get home"
-I get home-
>"oh its pretty simple you should get it. I'm tired."

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My parents got me an easter card with a bunny in a frilly dress on it.
My mom drew an arrow to it and wrote "from china".
Most of my wardrobe is burando but... close enough.

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it's okay, look at the tags on your BURANDO to see where they're made :^)

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That gave me a good feel. It's silly and sure, not entirely correct, but they tried and they care, damnit.

Self-feel: depression is getting my motivation down, haven't done any cosplay work in days. I'll force myself to do something Tuesday, though.

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Can we swap anon I'm only a C but i want to be flat chested.

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Hnnnnng giant mori boys sound delicious, keep up hope anon

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Please appreciate what you have. Big boobs are fucking disgusting, don't fit in any cute clothes, and aren't cute. You're lucky. I wish I had a fucking A cup. Ungrateful bitch.

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>tfw I got a new job but it sucks
>to keep it cgl related I need the job to even think about buying more Lolita
>the job is at a school so I can't wear Lolita to work (or anything I wouldn't want to get dirty
>job sucks because the teachers suck
>one head teacher is on her phone all the time
>they yell at the kids and talk shit about how bad they are around them
>being there makes my anxiety go through the roof, but I need the money
>just realized I have a conflict with my shift this Friday
>my boss is nice, but having to ask for time off makes my anxious especially when I conflict last week too

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I agree, big mori guys sound hot. Please post pics when you start wearing mori.

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i have to go get my eyes measured for lenses


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>recently joined the fb group for my local lolita comm, but haven't done gotten to attend a meetup yet
>trying to get into shape after years out of the cosplay scene, finally getting somewhere
>job just handed me a relocation deal
>I am moving from east coast to west coast
>all my friends will be a 3 hour time difference and 2k+ miles away
>looked into the fb lolita comm in my soon-to-be area
>one of the rules is "no 4chan" as a bannable offense
>I've never been interested in any west coast cons that I've seen, prefer smaller events
>everything is so expensive
>is my con life about to be over forever?
>stay tuned for more, at 11.

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Désolé pour l'affichage ici. Je le ferai rapidement. Je veux des amis qui me font sentir mieux et profiter de l'art et des jeux.

Tout le monde que je connais en personne me manque de respect...


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Désolé pour l'affichage ici. Je le ferai rapidement. Je veux des amis qui me font sentir mieux et profiter de l'art et des jeux.

Tout le monde que je connais en personne me manque de respect...


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I heard tea tree oil helps? Never tried it myself but maybe someone can help you at the skincare thread!

>> No.9437235

eat 1 lettuce

>> No.9437274

Be warned it's possible to be allergic to tea tree oil and not know it.

t. anon who broke out in hives then tried to treat the new lumps with more oil.

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How would they know you posted shit on 4chan unless someone else was also on 4chan?

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>Sorry for display here. I will do it quickly. I want friends who make me feel better and enjoy art and games.
>Everyone I know in person disrespects me ...

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>IW cape I've been in love with sells on Y! Before I can get my PayPal to let me put down a SS deposit
>already planned an entire coord around it

Why do I do this to myself?

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I have horrible driving anxiety and I work at conventions as a vendor- just found out that in a few months I will have to drive 5+ hours to fucking Nashville and idk what to do. I'm such an idiot for taking a job where I know I will have to drive a lot. Idk where my newfound driving anxiety came from, I've had my license for almost 10 years. For some reason driving on the highway really freaks me the fuck out- I feel like everything is moving so fast and like I'm going to lose control of my car. It's not till august but I can't stop thinking about it, ugh

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Hey, what was the anime con where those kids spray-painted the stairwell and that girl shoved a lava lamp up her ass?

I'm trying to remember, but Google yields nothing and it's driving me crazy.

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Feeling goes away after you drive on the highway enough. Drive somewhere using it in the middle of the night with some good music. It's chill as fuck and will help you get used to that speed without too many cars on the road to freak you out.

>> No.9437403

On the plus side, your job sounds very exciting.

Btw hello from Nashville. Is the event in question Akaicon?

>> No.9437408

Set up for heartbreak

>> No.9437424

Katsucon, newfriend.

>> No.9437428

I have some happy feels.
> Friend finally gets tax return so we drive to the city to go shopping
> Container store finally open, didn't think I wanted anything in there, turned out I needed a hundred dollars in stuff to finally whip my closet into shape.
> Spent all morning before work, I go in at noon, taking everything out of closet, cleaning and putting my new purchases to work.
> Now have space for all my clothes
> Hangers with padded clips to hang up my skirts
> I can easily find, take, and put things away
I'm so fucking happy with it gulls!

>> No.9437450

>don't have a lot of female friends
>become more active in comm to make more female friends
>end up being closest with only male in comm

why are girls never very outgoing compared to guys

i'm always having to take the lead with the few girl friends i have, messaging them first, making plans and so on. it's work to maintain friendship with girls.

>> No.9437465

>new job
>can now afford to buy three new main pieces each month if I wanted after putting away savings
>too exhausted from working full time to do anything on the weekends but catch up on chores

on the bright side, the dress code is pretty casual, and i could probably get away with some very toned down jfash if i wanted, so i might try putting together a wardrobe geared for daily wear since i'm apparently not going to be able to get my ass out for meets until i adjust to this schedule.

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>lolita compliments my cosplay
>"Thanks. I like your coord."
>"Where did you learn that word??!"

Yes, some guys do know about lolita. Blame my little sister and cgl.

>> No.9437488

My Ex used to be like this. I would buy him snowboarding equipment, or Playstation games for his birthday. He wouldn't show up for mine, but occasionally get me something later. After bawling my eyes out for the 4th Birthday in a row I left him.

No regrets.

>> No.9437543

what can i do to combat post con regrets theres so much stuff i wanted to do but was canceled or i sperged out and forgot to do

>> No.9437554

i think i know what comm you're talking about anon and trust me a lot of us are here. that became a rule because of some nasty past drama but as long as you're not posting your face here or talking like a sperglord bitch "OMG cgl hehehe" at meets you'll be fine

>> No.9437586

Damn thats pretty sad
fuck you

>> No.9437592 [DELETED] 

So from what I've noticed so far. This board is mainly female. Most of you seem to have some kind of resentment towards men and lean towards lesbianism. Many of you seem to like pegging. Does this seem accurate? This is very interesting for me, so please let me know if I'm off.

>> No.9437603

Fetishist pls leave

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I would call myself more of a researcher. I'm here for research. My dream is to have a cosplay cutie in my life, and I plan on making that happen. I'm not into pegging personally. I was just wondering if a bunch of people here had that fetish, and whether it was some kind of domination thing or not. Do you actually get pleasure from it? I wouldn't know.

>> No.9437610

Be smarter about your time next con. It sounds like you would really benefit from making an itinerary for yourself as soon as the schedules come up.
Be proactive instead of wallowing in regret. Set alarms for yourself, wear a watch, and be an adult

>> No.9437612

Not who you're replying to, but I find myself spending 99% of con time just wandering around.

Sometimes I hit a panel, then get annoyed that I'm not the center of attention and return to the halls for photos.

>> No.9437615

completely accurate, now bend over and spread 'em

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I'm actually pretty good with dom or sub, and I've experimented before with things like that. I have a few horror stories as well that I won't go into. I'm a guy though, so I'd have to find one of the non-lesbian ones. Unfortunately, I don't think any cosplayers live around here, so that's where I fit into the feels thread I guess. I would give one of my testicles for a girl to watch animu with. Growing up, I only knew 2 people who watched animu from first grade all the way up through highschool. Pretty unfortunate.

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>fat chick I know wants to cosplay Oscar the Grouch
>mfw she can't find a trash can big enough

>> No.9437633

honestly who wants this gift drama shit in their life? this is why i forced my bf to promise to never get me gifts in exhange for never expecting any from me. every birthday christmas or wedding always with the same gift shit, i cant be dealing with this

>> No.9437642

Do you also get con regret like OP? I personally like wandering and finding people rather than attend events and panels at cons. Mainly because I can't sit still long.

>> No.9437643

Don't have a bf that talks like a lowlife kid with no job or money. Unless you're the same quality of person I mean.

>> No.9437644

Gifts are great, but they shouldn't feel forced. If they do there might be bigger issues. Maybe you two don't really even like or know eachother.

>> No.9437648

Are you refering to the container store in San Francisco. I've always been curious about that place but I also know I'll walk out with a ton of crap.

>> No.9437652

Your research is pure projection. If you really want an SO you have to make an effort to make and maintain freindships. All the shitpost in the world wont help you find someone.

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>Your research is pure projection.
I don't understand how you come to that conclusion. I don't get to be around cosplayers or animu fans much irl, so I'm reading and posting here. I'm not sure how that's projection. To me cosplayers are like unicorns. I've never met or seen one in the real world, but they're magnificent to me. I'm not under the illusion that I will find a SO here, but if I did, they would be the lucky ones from what I'm reading. Because I'm super fucking awesome.

>> No.9437668

Why dont you just go to a con, dude. People who do this shit usually have mudane normie lives. You're putting a group of people onto a pedestal based on something they do on a weekend.
All my friends are into or aware of cosplay and they all have normal college kid lives with normal shitty jobs.

You need to go outside, dude.

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Finally a good feel
>con in a month
>still haven't bought a wig
>been using eBay for years, just recently got my first bad purchase
>now trying to catch a good sale on Arda/Epic
>doesn't happen for months.
>caught someone selling the perfect arda wig on FB

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File: 496 KB, 938x694, 1486354523873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You need to go outside, dude.
I don't think going outside is my main problem. I think I just need to move to a different state, but I really don't want to. I can't find anyone here with those kinds of hobbies. Colleges around here don't even have animu clubs or anything. The only place I can go to meet people who might be interested would be going to a card shop and watching MTG tourneys or something. Any decent con is half the country away. The reason I put them on a pedestal is because I have no way to find anyone with these interests, so I have to go online to find any. Also I'm just trying to get a feel for what posters here are like. This seems to be a fairly slow board.

>> No.9437680

Yeah. It's just a hobby that people take part in a few times a year. There's barely anyone that does cosplay "full time" if that's what >>9437657 was assuming.

Even people that do make some money from it spend most of it on just travel and materials for cons and costumes.

>meet cosplay gf at con
>turns out she worked down the street from me at a fucking Sonic

>meet another cosplayer with few thousand likes on their social media stuff
>recognize them at a different chain food restaurant

They're just nerds that dress up a few times a year.

>> No.9437687

>They're just nerds that dress up a few times a year.
Yeah that's the problem. I'm looking for nerds like me but they don't exist here. No one here even knows what animu is. I'm not assuming they cosplay all the time, I'm just assuming most of them like animu or that they are into that kinda stuff for their hobbies.

>> No.9437709

I am a glutton for places like that. The same with ikea. Also I always over do it at fucking Daiso because of how much cute kitchen and organization stuff they have.

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I stopped enjoying Lolita and Fairy kei. I feel silly in it. I was too tall for it to begin with, I don't know what I was thinking.

Since I left those fashions, I haven't been able to enjoy any fashions, at all. Like literally don't give a shit what I wear. I miss being so excited about clothes, but I haven't found a fashion that stuck out to me like lolita did.

I want to find my style, and I don't know wear to start.
I've been into bright colors lately, so there's that. Any gulls have fashion suggestions? I've been dressing like shit for 3 years now and I'm kind of over it.

>> No.9437821

If you're really tall you can dress in medieval gear like Brienne of Tarth

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Okay, so I made friends with this guy. We have been talking a decent amount for a few weeks. We cosplayed a couple of times together. Lately, he's been laughing at me and telling me I'm shit at this videogame we play together, and every time I get excited about something, he tears it down. Tells me I'm shit, that the item I'm going to run is shit (even to one of the best in the game) and I don't like that. On top of all that, I'm a transman, and he said I now have to use they/them pronouns because 'I don't have a gender RESPECT IT'. We got into a fight about it, and he told me that he wasn't an 'internalized transphobe'. To someone who has begun their transition, all because I don't believe in the mystical third gender. What do I do?

>> No.9437829

Sounds like an asshole. If it's just in-game stuff maybe he's just messing around with you. It's really hard to tell with such little info.

>> No.9437831

had this happen a few times, always die of excitement since i'm new and poorfag and dont have a full coord together yet, nor anywhere to where it. i even saw some lolitas at my university clubs day, i just wanted to scream in their face about their dress (one of my favourite prints too)

tell me /cgl/, is it comforting to have a normie come up to you and talk about your clothes with some genuine interest or knowledge?

>> No.9437832

In the real world, he laughed at the notion that I would ever want to be a man (even though I pass) and makes jokes constantly. Does shit like call me by my birth name because it's my '''real name''' and then says I can't be rude to him because he's totally trans too!!!

>> No.9437835

Sounds like you need to man up and grow a pair.

>> No.9437836

It seems like from your own description you already know. Be clear and ask him to cut that out, seriously. If he keeps being a dick, well you aren't happy now anyways, it's only up from here if you stop hanging out with them.

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Things I hate: When you ask someone to stop being rude and they pull the 'it's just my autism!!' card

>> No.9437844

This is exactly how bros treat each other though. Guys aren't sensitive to each other's feels and constantly call each other fags and tell each other to suck their dicks. He's just one-step ahead of anon by legitimately treating them as a male friend.

>> No.9437848

Well, you want to be a guy right? That's how guys treat eachother.

>> No.9437859 [DELETED] 

>i just wanted to scream in their face about their dress

Tell me anon, is it comfortable to have some spastic weeb come up and talk to you? I guess you have no idea. If you are asking this it probably would not be comfortable for the lolita in question. If you have to ask us for guidance>>9437832
, you do not have the social etiquette or awareness to navigate such a conversation.

>> No.9437862

>i just wanted to scream in their face about their dress

Tell me anon, is it comfortable to have some spastic weeb come up and talk to you? I guess you have no idea. If you are asking this it probably would not be comfortable for the lolita in question. If you have to ask us for guidance you do not have the social etiquette or awareness to navigate such a conversation.

>> No.9437866

>see BTSSB Favourite Dress on Lacemarket
>its $352
>Nice! Nice!!!!
>Price is in US
>Convert US->AUD

>> No.9437892

its an over exaggeration, i'm not retarded - but i suppose i should know better than to talk loosely about social matters on /cgl/ since there are spastic weebs who would scream in people face about someones cute anime doll cosplay

>> No.9437894

As long as you don't actually scream in my face about what I'm wearing, sure. It also helps if you assess the situation before approaching people: Are they on their phone? Do they look busy, distant or in a hurry? Keep these things in mind before you decide to approach them, even if you do so out of genuine interest.

>> No.9437905

I like it when people approach me with genuine interest in what I'm wearing, whether they know the fashion or not. I've had some very pleasant conversations this way. Just make sure the person you're talking to isn't occupied with something else and take it in stride if they'd rather not talk for any reason, and you're cool.

>> No.9437911

>couldn't deal with tumblr anymore so deleted it
>made FB especially for lolita
>only have lolita friends and unfollow anyone who posts shit I'm not interested in
>still get SJW shit constantly trickling through from people I'd otherwise respect
Bitch please you're white yourself, the fuck are you liking and commenting on "stupid shit whities do" pages for? Is it because you're not like those OTHER white girls? Keep telling yourself that.
>tfw I just want an online lolita community that's not drenched in SJW nonsense
IG is no place for discussion, blogs are mostly isolated and /cgl/ is anon. Everything else is either dead (LJ) or shit (tumblr, amino).

Some comms are hypocritical as shit when it comes to /cgl/. Everyone claims they neeever come here but as soon as comm drama is brought up, people immediately respond and say "oh, a friend sent me a link~"
Apparently nobody lurks here yet everyone has a friend who does. How convenient. Also the mods themselves don't have to follow their own rules since it's apparently part of their duties to keep constant tabs on /cgl/ just in case drama happens. But of course they never post! Nooooo.
I can understand having a rule about not posting comm members in ita threads and stuff like that, but "no /cgl/ at all ever" is impossible to enforce, especially without being a hypocrite. Comms with that rule are generally full of the kind of two-faced fakers who claim to hate drama but are always right on top of it.

>> No.9437912

Nah, I live in fly over state but the container store is a chain. I recommend going if you actually need something to help you organize. They have things for the kitchen, to organize your desk, to organize and label all your crap, and not only do they have stuff to put in your close to organize it, you can get a custom closet build out which they'll deliver and install.
Next time we have a shopping trip I'm going to measure everything so I can get more things

>> No.9437920

I hate it to, especially since I come across as rude and because of those asswipes and PC culture no one asks me if I mean to sound like such a bitch. I would love to correct the behavior, but it's hard to do when no one tells me when I'm doing it and people who know me well just ignore it

>> No.9437923

As a person with actual diagnosed autism: I don't tell anyone but my closest friends. And it's only so they can point out my behavior and tell me to fix my fucking shit.

anyone who uses it as an excuse needs to grow up

>> No.9437931
File: 13 KB, 439x461, 1492402271867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

or maybe they just expect something different out of a relationship than you?

>> No.9437976

i kind of feel this, and i'm actually democratic
but i hate the constant politics talk because it stresses me out.
lately people on tumblr are going "if you don't care about politics, you're a bad person!!" even though half of them are also going "oh but it's ok if you don't want to talk about them because you get anxiety uwu" but then they still judge you when you don't talk about current events because not blogging about them means you don't care, or something, even if you have anxiety
seriously, which is it? make up your damn minds, tumblr

>> No.9438001
File: 118 KB, 1107x721, youtried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, at a renaissance fair in lolita because fuck accuracy
>old lady manhandles my usakumya bag without my permission and gets really close to my face, asking where i got it from
>meekly explain and scurry away
>same shit happens with 2 other old ladies who grab my bag without my permission
>freak out every time because i think i'm getting mugged
>have to repeat "BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" over and over because they can't remember it
>spot clean my usakumya when i come home because she smells like fried food and old women

TIL that the old ladies at the renaissance fair love usakumya. it was fun otherwise

>> No.9438128

To be honest every time i see pictures of American renaissance fairs it seems decidedly inaccurate anyway.

>> No.9438165
File: 77 KB, 249x699, facehands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Starting a new job tomorrow and pretty nervous. It's a shitty retail job, and at a very lax place that I'm familiar with, but part of the dress code is "wear things we sell or that it looks like we could sell" (very generic normie clothes) and my entire wardrobe is either JFashion or clothes that don't fit. I'm worried as heck. My shifts are sparse, so I can get away with stealing my boyfriend's clothes for the first couple weeks, but man is this nerve-wracking.

We were told at orientation about the dress-code, and I/they had known I had a solid job there for over a month, (enough time to gather appropriate clothing with determination) yet they tell me a week before I start, because "it's just normal clothing; a shirt and jeans!"

I get that to most people that would never be an issue and I'm the weird one here for being ass-deep in a foreign fashion to the point of not owning jeans, but that doesn't change the fact that I have to scramble around to find clothes now.

Typically I would be mad at myself at this point for accepting a job without proper clothing, but when I was interviewed they said there "wasn't really a dress code."

>> No.9438187

There's always a dress code. You know what to do but you're dragging your feet. Get your 'uniform' and move on.

>> No.9438192

It's not an immediate solution, but if their dress code is just "normie casual" you might be able to get away with wearing a cutsew and jeans? Or a normie top and a plain or simple lolita skirt without the petticoat? That way you can get stuff for work that will also work with your wardrobe somewhat.

>> No.9438193

If you have any t-shirts and skirts that arn't too loud you could go "casual lolita" otherwise nip down to your closest discount clothing retailer to get something O-K until you get paid and can get something nicer.

>> No.9438197
File: 52 KB, 712x472, 1464534647894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ask cosplayer what kind of fabric she used for cosplay
>She says that I cannot tell you because I searched hard for it, and it's not fair
>Proceeds to make a small post on her page that has like 300 likes about how people cannot be spoonfed with everything
>feels kinda bad now.

>> No.9438228

Not the anon you replied to, but I feel the same.
I'm loathe this constant "you have to comment on everything, but you have to agree with ME or you're a nazi" that's been getting worse by the week lately.

I just want to talk about cute clothes and anime boys.
I'm not even American, leave me out of it.

>> No.9438229

Worst part is both sides are getting so crazy and polarised that anybody in the middle is just drowned out by them shrieking at each other. Though it's not really an appropriate discussion for /cgl/

>> No.9438257

Don't feel bad. Asking w2c commercially available fabric isn't spoonfeeding. That girl needs to get over herself.

>> No.9438271

Don't feel bad anon, that girl is silly and probably doesn't want people making things better than her (at least in my experience)

>> No.9438315

That is the stupidest rule I've ever read. Is everyone in your comm 12? Everyone from my comm knowingly browses and uses cgl, yet we've never had any drama because we all respect one another and know that cgl isn't exclusively full of big ol racist and sexist fat-shaming meanies.

>> No.9438360

If you don't want love and a feeling of belonging out of a relationship what do you want out of it? You might as well stick your hand in a sausage grinder at that point if you're going to waste your time with something you don't really want just to tell yourself you're in a relationship. This is why divorce is so prevalent.

>> No.9438396

I'm thinking of removing my breasts because I'm at high risk off catching it (multiple cases from my both parents's trees). Also then, my huge melons won't crush my dreams of finally wearing IW. They would fit otherwise, since I'm on the thinner end of normal BMI. Classic is my fave. Huzzah!

>> No.9438397

Oh, and forgot to mention it's breast cancer.

>> No.9438403

As long as you don't want biological kids it sounds fine.

>> No.9438412

Kek, you're getting all of this out of people preferring not to exchange gifts on forced occasions? Not everyone is like you, anon. You don't need gifts to experience love and belonging.

>> No.9438417

This is gonna be me in the future and I'm already dreading it. I'm a poorfag so I only buy clothes I love and will wear the shit out of, aka all black and almost all jfashion. I don't have a single pair of trousers. Wish me luck when looking for a job soon, gulls.

>> No.9438425

Literally just go to good will or any other thrift store and grab some cheap ass normie clothes.

There are even suits if you look hard enough

>> No.9438427
File: 45 KB, 410x391, 1478984765822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw denied entry to lolita sales English
I don't even know why, do you have to have public posts about lolita?

>> No.9438432

Look for consignment stores, they'll have used and cheap clothes, but they'll be nicer and trendier. I got a full normie burando interview outfit for 50 bucks at mine. You may have luck at your thrift stores but if you're short on time look for consignment

>> No.9438437

You're missing the point. I'm one of the least materialistic people in the world. If you love someone you will be able to get them gifts, and you will do so without really thinking much about it. That's why I said you might not actually know them. Because if you did, you would know the kinds of things they like, and you would be able to get them something they would enjoy. It doesn't have to be something expensive, a gift is a gift. Maybe it's a millennial thing, I'm not sure. I feel bad for millennials because they truly do seem like the lost generation. We lost so much these last couple of decades. People are of much lower quality these days. Oh well, such is life.

>> No.9438440

Also, check sites like Poshmark and Depop. You can find cheap banana republic, Anne Taylor, etc there.

>> No.9438458
File: 90 KB, 200x150, IMG_4004.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't cosplayed since I was about 13/14. But after browsing bad cosplay threads and such for a long time (because I'm terrible)and feeling like I've learned alot since then, I decided to start cosplaying again. The only problem is just that now I'm kinda paranoid of being posted there myself.

>> No.9438473

I just got my shoes from Aliexpress and they're slightly to small... I'm going to see if I can stretch them out a little.

>> No.9438477

I'm not the person you replied to before, grandma. I do give my SO gifts, but I hate to give them on forced dates like Christmas/birthdays etcetera. I wasn't advocating against gifts, you just went on your own tirade completely unrelated to the discussion at hand.

>> No.9438487

>you just went on your own tirade completely unrelated to the discussion at hand.
This is a misconception. We're making the discussion. You don't own this discussion, nor do I. Therefore you cannot set the rules. You sound a little selfish, but I'm glad you have the class to at least give your SO gifts. By the way, you assumed the kind of person I was, and that's why you got the reply that you did. Don't assume things if you don't feel like being corrected. That seems like another millennial thing unfortunately.

>> No.9438500

My fiancee abused me and ended up breaking up with me, and I'm stuck in lease with her. I have nowhere else to go, no family or friends. As bad as it is, she was supposed to help me buy a ouji outfit so I could go to some lolita meetups and make friends but now all she cares about is saving money for herself, even though she already owes me almost 1000$. I just want to dress up nicely but I won't be able to afford it for months at this rate because of her

>> No.9438504
File: 1.26 MB, 400x400, dogattacksbaby.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend wants to be a "Your favorite anime" trashcan.

How do I convince him that this is overdone?

>> No.9438507

That sucks. I'm not sure how you got so close to such an obvious piece of garbage, but I guess it's lesson learned now?

>> No.9438508

Does he like animu? Is your friend a weeb? If not, ditch him and find better friends.

>> No.9438511

lay off the food, like the food period

>> No.9438515

Garbage people tend to have a lot of confidence and are assertive for whatever reason. Not that quiet un-assertive people can't be garbage too.

>> No.9438518
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He loves animus.

I was thinking of being a "garbage waifu" for a con, but have no idea how I'd go about it.

>> No.9438521

She gave me positive attention and hope which I lacked. I'll probably just focus on trying not to date a piece of shit next time. I can't even be as mad as I want because she's almost as damaged as I am.

That's easy, just dress as Asuka.

>> No.9438540

>qt dresses > fucktrophies

>> No.9438542
File: 298 KB, 600x512, k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't assume things!!!!
>does nothing but make assumptions in arguements

>> No.9438546

Yeah, but usually you can tell if someone has large issues before you get into any kind of commitment with them.

>I can't even be as mad as I want because she's almost as damaged as I am.
I figured it was something like this. You don't need a damaged person. That's the last kind of person you need. You need someone who is well grounded and can bring you back around. Also if you have major problems that you need to fix, work on becoming a better person before you get into a relationship or commitment with another person. Dragging others into your own problems is a terrible thing to do to someone. If they're little problems no matter. If you still want to get into a relationship just be honest about the problems you have and what you're doing to correct them. Don't feed them, try to fix them.

>> No.9438549

At least you're committed.

>> No.9438552

I never said don't assume things. I said don't assume things if you don't want to be corrected on those things. Everyone assumes things. You were getting upset that I expanded on the discussion, hence the reply. This must be really hard for you. Is your IQ in the 80s range by chance? No worries if it is, I just like to know what I'm dealing with.

>> No.9438558

As a shy stammering mess, fortunately for other people they can tell i'm garbage before even finishing a conversation with me~

>> No.9438561

You're very right and I know that but I'm also very alone. It's why I'm going to make sure and focus on putting together a good coord and attending meets to make friends and build up a healthy social circle.

Removing your breasts wouldn't make it so you can't get pregnant, unless I've just been really wrong about everything forever.

>> No.9438575

Probably meant more like no man wil fucc her as a result = no kids.

>> No.9438576

I guess they mean she'd have an inability to breastfeed, which is especially recommended for newborns.

Though its kind of unclear if "removed" means a complete lop (pls keep your nipples) and maybe some small implants, or just a reduction.

>> No.9438577

>As a shy stammering mess
You can fix that ya know. It won't be easy, but you can do it if you really want to. Otherwise, I don't really see how that's much of a problem. At least it wouldn't be for me, but admittedly I'm not exactly a social butterfly either.

Yeah, being alone sucks. I remedy this a bit with online friends and having lots of pets. Having my dogs has helped me more than anything really. You seem like you're pretty decent with social situations, so I'm guessing it won't be a problem for you to find someone to be with. Best of luck. Not rushing it will get you much better results. You'll have to deal with being lonely for a bit longer perhaps, but the payoff will last a lifetime.

>> No.9438588

Haha... i'm just being hard on myself, but meeting new people tends to stress my anxiety a lot so i don't give a great first impression. Plus i'm one of those types who needs to psyche themselves up for half an hour before approaching anyone.. stupidly i'm not so bad when i'm hanging out with friends, but when solo it really hits me.

But none of them really care to go to cons, so i'm stuck on my own.

>> No.9438593

I wish I had a doggo to get fur all over my clothes.

>> No.9438598
File: 29 KB, 400x400, HOPS1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9438601

I'm probably like a worse version of you. It isn't just meeting new people that stress my anxiety but living in general, and even walking outside my front door stresses my anxiety. A few years ago when I forced myself to be around people my situation improved a bit. You just have to put yourself in those kinds of situations more often if you want to get better with them. The last couple of years I've been much less socially active and I have gone back to my old ways a little. Just don't give into it. Don't feed the anxiety. If you let it take control, it will control you. A lot of it is mind over matter, but you can defeat it if you put in the effort. Sitting at home all day and avoiding social situations on purpose, or thinking about how bad you are at talking to people and how anxious you are will only make things worse.

That said, there's nothing wrong with being a homebody if that's what you like to do. I don't actually like going out into public normally. There's nothing most normies do that I find even remotely fun. If you do enjoy the social scene more, you only need to work on it. Be prepared to fail and look silly. Who cares, just live your life.

>> No.9438606

Brush and groom them. Unless you get one of the breeds that doesn't shed, they will shed, and it will be hairy, but that's life. Personally I keep some clothes around for going outside, or hanging out around the house so I can play with my dogs and not worry about the slobber, dirt, hair and whatever else. Then when I wear something I don't want hair on I just avoid the dogs until I'm out the door, or partition off parts of the house so they can't get hair everywhere. Also vacuum lots. Pets are fun. Pets that are smart, loyal, and that you can actually give a big hug like a real person are amazing. I couldn't live without my pets. Sometimes my cat upsets my allergies, but he's fun to have around too, and cuddly at night. Especially when he wants food.

>> No.9438638

when i started my foodservice job i ran to walmart and picked up black tshirts, a black longsleeve, and 4 pairs of black pants.
boring as hell but i dont care enough to look put together beyond the dress code of "no printed shirts, wear pants, put your hair up"

>> No.9438655
File: 248 KB, 500x648, downrightoffensive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your little sister's skirt is too short to cover her nuts

Lrn 2 Jfash plz.

>> No.9438748

>. I'm one of the least materialistic people in the world
>and I just happen to think love is synonymous with spending money
Riiiiiiight. Yeah I sure wish everyone could be heartless gold diggers like your wonderful generation.

>> No.9438750

well, all tissue sags eventually darling.
there are pluses to all shapes and sizes of boobs so there's no need to rag on one type to build up another.

>> No.9438754
File: 42 KB, 680x383, 0E283F2F-EAC8-4CB5-932C-89BAE6F94947-5316-00000636D4535457_tmp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: just got laid off

Good feels gone

>> No.9438763

wear it because you like it.
unless your biggest dream is to move to nihon and model for a brand, don't stress about looking like the ideal lolita. be the most beautiful you and stop trying to be something else.
have fun, anon!

>> No.9438772

How many lolits have a diaper fetish on cgl

have we ever thought of that?

>> No.9438779

Go to the love live threads or whatever is the flavor of the month harem or Moe show. Look for the character that gets bullied or shitposted about the most.

>> No.9438818

Theres always that one with the glasses from that sister incest anime - uh, thats a pretty broad description i admit, i really can't remember the name of the show right now

>> No.9438823

>abloobloobloo, your generation this your generation that
nayrt but do you take pleasure in sounding like a bitter old hag?

>> No.9438853

Your situation sounds shitty and I'm sorry for that but desu she has no obligation to make good on that promise to buy you something if you are broken up.
Her not paying you back money she owes you is not cool though

>> No.9438858

The odds that you will are pretty slim even if you are in fact garbage so I say go for it anon.

>> No.9438859


wtf are even saying anon do you know how reproduction works??

>> No.9438872

I’ll just do the short version.
>a few years ago I use to run a con with a friend.
>I was never really invested in it because I felt forced into it and it just seemed like such a huge risk.
>That said I was upset that he basically wanted it to club house for him and his friends.
>I would go on about boring thing like having real budgets, and delegating responsibilities, and appealing to wider audiences and all my concerns were mostly swept aside.
>In the whole lead up to our first show I felt like I was slowly being replaced by his yes man friends.
>After our first show i decided I’m out. The con game was too spicy for me.
>The big tipping point was when he go into a new relationship and his new girl wanted to be the one who runs the show.
>She actively made shit up about me to drive a wedge between us.
>whatever he’ll come around.
>years later and we still haven’t spoken.
>I know that friendship wasn’t very health but at the same time I’m kind of bummed out that sank the way it did.

I just find it funny that my friend who use to make fun of tumblrites now uses words like “toxic” for those who disagree with him.

>> No.9438873
File: 34 KB, 651x481, constipatedrage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, there was that chick who posted about peeing in a thong diaper at meets.

Usually age-players are the pariahs of lolita.

>> No.9438879
File: 46 KB, 750x750, ryukoblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you're hitting it off with a hot cos-girl and her mom shows up.

>> No.9438882

Boobs make babies! DUH

>> No.9438884

Hit on her mom instead

>> No.9438895

Ask for opinions first, with timestamp so that it cant be used for bad cosplay posting.

Was it a shitty and/or replaceable job? or a rare and/or good job?

If the first, it sucks to be laid off but you can always find new work. Staffing agencies always hire new people.

>> No.9438899

I only said it because she did.

>> No.9438914
File: 134 KB, 386x389, 1488528245216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And if she told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

>> No.9438922

God speaking of normies with strange hobbies.
>back when I was a chashier I would chat with this other girl who was super outgoing and friendly. She was eventually promoted to a manager
>find out she like collecting anime figures and knick knacks like myself
>ask her if she has a tumblr and she gives me her screen name
> its a bdsm photography blog

You never know what people are into until you ask.

>> No.9438923

Why don't you wear EGA or v-kei? I think both of those look much better on tall, thin people. Tall lolitas can also look really good in classic, if they aren't more than 5'10

>> No.9438926

In the grand scheme of things, it was a temp job. I was only meant to work there for an year or so. But they let me off a few months early super suddenly due to budget cuts. Broke my heart. I hate working but I love my coworkers.

>> No.9438953

Every relationship is different. But I have had interactions with bfs of my friends who have this mentality and since their my friends boy I can't be straight up rude to them. But fuck I wish I could choke that boy now. He would go on about how he dosent really care about giving gift but since my friend was getting him a gift he'd feel bad. He was a broke joke who didin't drive like most boys my friend dated so that contributed a lot to that mindset.

>> No.9438961

>used to have over 100 cm bust
>shrunk to 96 cm after dieting and working out
>still looks horrible even in dresses that fit me

Big boobs are so ugly in lolita. I'm still fat as fuck (82 cm waist) so I know they'll continue getting smaller as I lose more weight, but I can't help but worry that they'll never be small enough. My goal is to have a bust between 80 and 90 cm. Am I doomed to never be kawaii?

>> No.9438977

Is the con still going or did it crash and burn?

>my friend who use to make fun of tumblrites now uses words like “toxic”
It's so sad to see someone fall prey to religious cults.

>> No.9438983


>> No.9438989
File: 14 KB, 407x286, pikachu3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone else ever been nice to a guy twice and then suddenly he makes you responsible for his emotional well-being without asking cause this shit keeps happening to me.
Should I just be meaner to people?

>> No.9438999

do a lot of cardio and don't train your chest , could definitely happen for you anon

>> No.9439009
File: 81 KB, 700x700, 04171502_571326ec6bcd8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>browsing Wunderwelt
>open a bunch of items in new tabs
>right clicked on the text link, not the pic
>Wunderwelts fucking website has the text links set up to take you to the main page of whatever brand the item was
>all my new tabs are just brand main pages
> W H Y

(pic related, a great hat I found on wunderwelt)

>> No.9439013

Literally this. I just started a new job with a dress code I had nothing for, spent a couple hours in thrift stores and came away with outfits for every day of the week for less than I'd have spent on one dress from some normie store. It's not that hard, suck it up and go get some damn jeans for like four bucks until you can figure out what you can get away with wearing otherwise.

>> No.9439037
File: 70 KB, 500x375, faptoluka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't go after the bananas that are still green.

>> No.9439048

>twiddling thumbs on an invoice, hoping the usd to yen rate will get better
>eh 109 looks as good as it will get, better than 108
>surely paypal's 105 rate will improve, that's when it was 108
>what why

God I hate Paypal's money grubbing garbage exchange rates. I know it's literally just a few dollars but still.

>> No.9439052
File: 62 KB, 216x250, legotriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>showing mom my con pics
>"Girls won't like you if you keep taking pictures with fat women."

Thanks, mom.

>> No.9439060
File: 71 KB, 365x364, 108455_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>several dream shoes and bags up for sale
>can just about afford them
>going back to parents for a month and moving into a new apartment when I'm back, have to put everything I can't carry on public transport into storage
>travelling with dresses isn't too hard but shoes are so fucking bulky and I have 20 pairs already
>was an idiot and binned the boxes for a lot of the shoes so they're really hard to store or move without damaging
>know I should downsize to make space
>know I shouldn't buy anything new
>don't really need new shoes since I already have so many
>still want new shoes because I recently expanded my wardrobe into new colours and it's awkward having so little to match
>try to narrow down my options to just buy one or new two pairs but I'm indecisive as fuck and still want like six pairs
>(black is most versatile but I already have a lot of black, don't have any red shoes but they'll only match one dress, etc)
>looking at sales literally every day feeling wistful
I'm thinking about getting anything new sent to my parents' house but they don't like lolita as it is, multiple pairs of shoes will make for a really big parcel and they'll assume I'm overspending.

>> No.9439068

wait, what?

>> No.9439076

His mom hates fat women. It's an ongoing plight.

>> No.9439082

>tfw an item you've been looking at on another site pops up on LM for $30 cheaper even after shipping

aww yiss

>> No.9439084

You need milk sacs for kids, friends. If you don't breastfeed your kids they will lose IQ points, this is proven. Kids who are breastfed have permanent increases to their IQ.

Not surprised you completely missed the point.

>> No.9439085
File: 63 KB, 600x306, IMG_5843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> tfw I have a crush on a Mexican friend
> I keep imagining us couple cosplaying, with me as Jyn Erso and him as Cassian Andor from Rogue One
> tfw it will never happen

>> No.9439093

Are you white? If you're looking for Mexicans just look around border towns or outside home depots in cities near the border.

>> No.9439098

Lmao no

>> No.9439108
File: 1.34 MB, 496x500, emotionallydestroyedbymyhideousness.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that feel when realizing you look like trash in most of your lolita coords due to traveling long ways to meets.
>being just an inch too large(35inch) in the bust for most Lolita size M blouse/ jsk
>being too cheap/ responsible for new blouse
>job is draining my youth
>no qt Lolita friends within 300+ miles

>> No.9439116

Only if you click on the brand name and not the item name, they are two different links.

>> No.9439120

Honestly yes, opening yourself emotionally to people just means they'll latch on at the slightest hint you'll allow it.

>> No.9439125

yeah we hate each other that's why we've been living together for 6 years going on a 7th. do you really think that people who don't exchange material goods cant possibly love each other? you sound shallow.

>> No.9439130
File: 667 KB, 1000x1000, 07c288edfa519fb7a57513f38754a757246b43d1ff6b766e6f7ce0cd193f80e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I'm sure your relationship is booming.

>> No.9439143


when random people at cons think you're special or cool for some reason when you literally dont do anything special. people need to recognize their own potential, dont focus on broken people

>> No.9439163
File: 36 KB, 668x445, sjw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She doesn't want me to be seen with fat women because she thinks it will repel hot girls.

Most of the girls she complains about aren't even fat. Just wearing petticoats.

>> No.9439166

Damn I know you're right but it sucks. I really want to be there for people but I'm tired of being an emotional cumrag.

>> No.9439167

Go for a 3 way.

>> No.9439174
File: 22 KB, 400x400, 03868d3d21fdfefc2cfd0304fbfd25bd_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone want to talk on snapchat?
I'm male/early 20's/fit and do roids. I make median salary income. I'd rather not get nudes cause married. But we can talk if you like.

>> No.9439178


>> No.9439239
File: 462 KB, 1280x720, 1492488123038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this true?

>> No.9439248
File: 93 KB, 500x331, 224123923002202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be at con
>go into elevator to get down to con floor
>group of 3 girls get into elevator
>they look at me and look at each other
>fattest of the group says to me "we're all going to the hentai panel to look at dicks"
>she looks down at my crotch area awkwardly
>waves goodbye when she leaves the elevator

>> No.9439255
File: 100 KB, 429x429, CHECK THOSE CORNERS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pay home depot mexicans to be your cosplay partner
thanks, anon, I needed that laugh to distract me from thinking if my friend even cares about me.

>> No.9439271

She doesn't you big fat beta she wants Chad.

>> No.9439272

Hey now i can sale my roided body for outfits anons needs pulling off or displaying with.

>> No.9439277


>> No.9439291

I'm too tall for Japanese MEN's wear.
Also I'm into bright colors. I want to look like someone vomited a rainbow onto my clothes.

>> No.9439293
File: 95 KB, 250x334, 759502f6-2171-5b2e-8398-03960e2f55ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My first burando dress just came in the mail today (pic related) and I didn't even have to pay any tax on it! I'm so excited to finally start wearing the fashion after nearly 4 years of just watching from the sidelines and wishing I could own brand. Feels great!

>> No.9439306

Gongrats anon, please post pics of the dress in old school thread! I really wanna see it, coorded or not.

>> No.9439383

I think you mean permanent buffs to their INT

>> No.9439413
File: 364 KB, 700x721, 1491618548276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>used to be a weeb in middle school/high school
>never had female weeb friends in hs
>in hs became friends with older men from anitwitter
>quit all of that, become interested in the local music scene and obtain female friends
>all of them are normies who are sick of my weeb shit
>none of them want to go to cons with me or even weeby stores
>slowly start to resent them (for other reasons)
>tfw no friends to go to cons with, tfw no friends to cosplay with, tfw no friends to even play vidya with.

I'm 20 years old I just want one female friend I can hang out with and talk about anime and jfashion with. I like music but I feel as though I did it only to try to distance myself from my weeb hobbies...At the end of the day I'm a fucking weeb and have been for most of my life. I just wish I didn't try to appeal to normies so much.

>> No.9439470

>milk sacks
fuck off back to /h/

>> No.9439493

(Citation needed)

>> No.9439512


>> No.9439521

>replying to bait

>> No.9439641
File: 362 KB, 539x569, 1451069041071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Live in college town
>When I was younger my mom had an affair and left my dad to be with some coworker when he got promoted and was moving to New York
>Dad takes it kinda hard, but does eventually rebound. Meanwhile I take up sports and discover anime
>There's this nice little cafe restaurant ran by a very sweet older lady, always loved going there as a kid
>End up getting a job there during the summer in the latter half of high school, would continue to work there throughout most of college when i didn't have internships
>Lady teaches me sewing, cooking, life lessons, coworkers become good friends, on top of making money
>Fast forward to now, been out of school for about a year. Have continued to work there while finding a job
>Finally got an offer. Start in July.
>Lady reveals she's getting too old to do things, might sell the place to someone else if children/nieces don't want to take over
>After work last night she gives me a book containing recipes for several items both on the menu and off it, as well as cocktails, root beer, and deserts.
>"Believe me you'll want these"

I'm pretty sad to leave this all behind, seeing as i've been doing it since i was basically 16 and i'm 22 now. That woman was like a grandma i never had, and even helped me fix up my prom dresses. I could never have made costumes without her and it's all so sad

>> No.9439646

maybe you can think of something to thank her for all the years you have been there? you could try some recipes and offer her a dinner? just a thought

>> No.9439647
File: 430 KB, 400x225, dascxjk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>9437169 here, updates on our story
>took my car in to get checked out before country wide moving trip, been putting it off even though it's been making weird sounds for a while
>engine and transmission are in terrible shape, parts and labor totaling over $3k
>was gonna reserve that new AatP dress tomorrow, maybe buy a dress from Haenuli when they put up their stock
>just redid my dream dress list this morning for priorities
I know it has to be done, but this is the first time I've had car work that cost over $1k and I can't even buy myself stuff to make myself feel better

>> No.9439662

Maybe one day, once the grind of having a real job has crushed you, you can have your own little elegant café with weeb/EGL days/nights.

>> No.9439672

>tfw you miss an item you really wanted because the seller doesn't ship to your country
Why even live

>> No.9439683

Is she suggesting that you take it over?

>> No.9439686

>tfw perky boobs and feminine penis
Still can't get a bf/gf because I'm too much of an autist and need to work on myself more.

>> No.9439687

Yeah, I feel like i need to do something special for her. I know her neighbors and some other people in town are doing something for her in the near future, so i'll see what they're up to first.

No, she doesn't want me to take it over. As cool as it would be, I don't know if i could stick around here forever. Her husband has been gone for years, but I know she has a niece who has shown interest but hasn't committed.

>> No.9439785
File: 339 KB, 1024x908, angry ostrich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought a school uniform for a cosplay
>all measurements are a go
>it arrived today
>put on
>everything fits PERFECTLY besides my DAMN TIDDIES
>it pulls the front of the uniform up
>"bf... can this be saved or should I buy a new one?"
>"anon it fits fine you just have big boobs."
>mfw time to lose more weight and cosplay as the girl w the biggest tiddies in the series i guess

my boobs are always the last place i lose weight.

>> No.9439938


>> No.9439945 [DELETED] 

How to get Bf.

>> No.9439950

Sounds like you're cursed with the power that attracts betas. You can't be nice to those kinds of guys or you're stuck with them until you're super mean to them.

>> No.9439959

You can buy plain boxes to store shoes in online. I always save boxes unless the shoes get damaged and then I throw the boxes or use them for shoes that came without a box

>> No.9439963

Try getting a second opinion, that's a shitton of money you could spend on lolita. Unless your engine or transmission needs rebuilt that sounds like they're overcharging

>> No.9439974
File: 127 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-18-18-55-25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll say it - lissyfishy makes horrible wig tutorial for beginners. She sprays fucking glitter spray on every one of her wigs. Also spraypainting your wigs make be a quick, cheap alternative but it looks tacky and gross. Literally every wig looks like a barf wig.


>> No.9439981

find someone with similar interests and be nice to them

>> No.9439983

It's good to know I'm not the only one with this damn curse.
>Found one guy who seemed to be tolerable at first
>Turned out to be a huge /pol/ autist who hated women because "he got bullied by some once in high school"
Sure, hate women all you want and post whatever on 4chan, but what do you think you'll achieve making huge /r9k/-style rants to a woman in a private conversation? Don't think he took in anything I would type either which is unsurprising now that I look at it all from afar, but fuck me it was annoying when we would still talk regularly.

>> No.9439985

>Im crossplaying

>My parents font know about it

>I have to stay with them in city when attending convention

how do i do it lads?

>> No.9439987

Stop being a pussy

>> No.9439990

>Items shipped out March 14th from Japan (air mail small packet)
>Order still hasn't arrived
I'm dying squirtle.

Used FromJapan for this, should I contact them about it if the package doesn't get here by the end of the week?

>> No.9439998

You don't, if you don't already have one you've failed forever.

>> No.9440006

Doesn't airmail usually take a month or so?

>> No.9440008

Which shipping method did you use?

>> No.9440021

Message me.

>> No.9440035

It's so expensive to get the size I need though, and I'd unpack them and put them all on a shoe rack once I was at the new place. I'm trying to think of ways to individually wrap each in a giant box for transport but I'm not sure.

>> No.9440112

post in the friend finder

>> No.9440137

you ever just give up on a cosplay?

>> No.9440270

>meet some fun people at a local con
>have good weeby time
>look them up on facebook later

>they post jokingly about waifus
I'm in like flynn
>play good vidya
>they internet flirt with local attractive cosplayers
It comes off just a touch cringy but the girls have fun with it so whatever
>See some posts about death metal
not my thing but ok
>see open support of antifa as freedom fighters
>members of unironic pro-communist memeing fb groups
>occasional references to "late stage" capitalism

I suspect we will have a falling out at some point when I let some mild disagreement slip out and they brand me a heretic and excommunicate me but it'll be nice to share fandom while it lasts.

>> No.9440271 [DELETED] 

>always been good about taking birth control, but messed up and ended up having unsafe sex
>took plan B but threw it up 6 hours later, not sure if it took effect
>missed work because of sick
>period still hasnt come
>in trouble at work for the shift i missed so i go to get doctors note
>office closed, both clinics in town closed, unable to get note and unable to get bloodwork
>pick up early pregnancy test and regular pregnancy test to take in the morning
>im fucking dying of stress
>abort abort abort critical error

I havent told anyone not even my boyfriend. im too young to have a child, im already wasting my youth at this shitty job. no time for my only hobby (lolita) and definitely not interested in being pregnant loli

>a-at least my boyfriend is prochoice

someone please give me a reason not to an hero. im already a fuckup who didnt go to college. i dont want to ruin my life even more. i just want to run away from my problems, wear lolita, and be happy for once

>> No.9440273

1: Be female
2: Exist

>> No.9440277

>6 hours

Anon do you even understand how digestion works? Think with your rational mind, it was all metabolized.

Also how long ago did all this happen? Is your town so small to give such poor sex ed?

>> No.9440300 [DELETED] 

when i threw up nothing i ate was digested and the pill was only partially dissolved.
>how long
i messed up my birth control at the end of february but i have irregular periods and didnt realize anything was off at the time. over the easter holiday the condom broke and i was still off birth control because my period hadnt arrived from back in february. We have pretty good sex ed where i live. im just overwhelmed and barely thinking straight. im really struggling to deal with this, i might lose my aforementioned job because i couldnt get a note and im still in training probation.

>> No.9440305

Meh, worst case you get an abortion early.
For future reference depending on which pill you're on, it can be the same hormone in Plan B and you can just take an equivalent dose. I'd suggest you get an IUD or the implant going forward, I'm glad I did even though the first month I felt like shit.

>> No.9440310

yeah im on combination pill. i know the Yuzpe method of plan B is FDA approved but after throwing up the first one i was too sick to want to take 10 bc pills
im considering the matchstick birth control in the future because the hormones in the one im taking really help my skin so an IUD doesnt appeal to me

ive gotta chill the fuck out. i dont know what id do if i didnt have an anon place to vent this

>> No.9440312


>> No.9440315
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend played this at my birthday party today. It's fucked up because my granny was there.


>> No.9440317

So are you also underaged or are you a creep who hangs out with underaged?

>> No.9440318

Have you considered the upside of being able to afford more cons if you sell the child? Or make lewd videos while pregnant for burando cash?

>> No.9440322

i dont go to cons what am i some kind of degenerate
and you cant fit burando if youre fat and full of child flesh, be realistic anon!

>> No.9440323

Do you not like songs about jerking off to cartoons? Weird.

>> No.9440334

I'm pretty sure the hormones would have been absorbed after 6 hours, even if the pill itself wasn't.

You are going to be ok whatever happens anon. Your boyfriend is going to support your decision. Tell him your fears and work through this together.

I got an abortion when I was 19, and 6 weeks pregnant with a baby I wasn't ready to raise (that may have had alcohol and drug related issues- I didn't know I was pregnant). I'm 27 now. I have never regretted my decision even though it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I know it wasn't fair to have a baby I couldn't care for. If I got pregnant again tomorrow it might be different, but if I still didn't feel ready to be a mother I wouldn't go through with the pregnancy. Of course I'm now super super paranoid and over cautious to make sure it doesn't happen again...

>> No.9440341

Hey, on the bright side it wasn't this in front of your grandma.

>> No.9440346

>a-at least my boyfriend is prochoice

Wouldn't matter if he wasn't. The only one who legitimately has anything to fear regarding a pregnancy is the male partner because he doesn't get a choice and the entire rest of his life rests on the decision of a hormonal woman.

>> No.9440350

thank you anon. im 19 right now and i agree with you that maybe if i was older and ready id be okay with this but as it stands, im just not ready
my boyfriend is incredibly loving and supportive but at the same time sometimes hes such a butt head. before all the rest of this went down i told him i went out to get plan B and he told me he doesnt want to be responsible if i had a kid. i told him id of course get an abortion if it came to it and then he scolded me to not use that as a method of birth control...? men are so weird. ive been taking birth control for almost 2 years, its not like i go out and get abortions every other full moon

>> No.9440352

jesus anon i just meant at least hed let me abort it. not the other way around. you sound like a redditor "the evil wominz will make me pay child support!"

>> No.9440353

And I'm saying there is literally nothing to stress over because no one's decision buts yours matters. Why stress when you can just abort it? What are you possibly freaking out about?

>> No.9440356

>asking why a woman is complaining in spite of there being no actual problem
You aren't very familiar with women.

>> No.9440358 [DELETED] 

>The only one who legitimately has anything to fear regarding a pregnancy is the male

im afraid i could lose my job due to issues up thread. im afraid of judgement from family and friends who dont know whats going on. an abortion is still a big deal and carries medical risk even for someone who is pro choice. im barely 19. its scary to wake up in the early hours of the morning puking your guts out and seeing that plan B didnt digest in your system (which costed 70$ where i live and i work min wage)

>sage for not knowing when to shut up

>> No.9440359

Women who wear lolita are the most vain

>> No.9440363 [DELETED] 

>im afraid of judgement from family and friends who dont know whats going on

>Don't know what's going on
>Able to judge you about thing that's going on.

Ok anon. Whatever you say.

>Carries medical risk
>"where abortions are performed by highly qualified health care professionals in very hygenic conditions, a pregnancy termination is one of the safest medical procedures and complications are rare"
>Safe Abortion: Technical and Policy Guidance for Health Systems World Health Organisation (2nd ed.), Geneva 2012 p21

Are we about done freaking out over nothing?

>> No.9440364

At least he was upfront about it. Easier to weed them out that way.

>> No.9440366

>really like a certain show
>wanna cosplay from show
>looks at fanbase

every time i see cosplayers of it at cons they're done by the ugliest, most obnoxious people

>> No.9440367

Gravity Falls or Steven Universe?

>> No.9440369

>Lose your job for being pregnant and getting an abortion.

That would be the biggest payday you see in your life

>> No.9440371 [DELETED] 

they dont know about it now but if i had to get a fucking abortion everyone and their grandmother would know. small town
im also at a higher risk for complications because of certain health problems.

thanks for telling me im freaking out over nothing but im not being completely irrational here. you dont have to reply to me

>> No.9440372

>being this salty

>> No.9440373

Voltron actually.
The fanbase is almost as bad as Steven Universe.

>> No.9440374

>lose job for not supplying a note for unplanned time off i took for being sick while in a probationary period where i can be let go for no reason at all

>> No.9440389

I saw a girl crying at MTAC last week because she wanted to fuck Pidge "so bad."

>> No.9440390

At the very least tell your bf along with your thoughts on the matter. If you want them to continue trusting you, at least. Yes, your body your choice etc etc, but they have the right to know why you're acting like a complete mess. Telling them much later or after the fact is a great way to fuck up a good relationship.

>> No.9440401
File: 19 KB, 306x427, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working on pidge cosplay

>> No.9440409

>Try to find characters to cosplay as who have full beards
>Some have small tufts of facial hair
>Some have full wizard beards
>Those with just a regular full beard are 9/10 times huge as fuck.

The struggle is real.

>> No.9440425
File: 82 KB, 424x360, dicks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unless grandma knows what hentai is, I wouldn't worry.

>> No.9440433

>I want to feel her touch
>Mainly on my crotch
I think even anime-illiterate gradmas can understand that.

>> No.9440447
File: 43 KB, 450x443, ow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, everything is happy and cool for once
>birthday coming soon
>start thinking about how i'm going to die one day
>will probably die old and alone and have nobody to give my lolita wardrobe or stuffed animals to
>burando might end up in an ungrateful niece or nephew's storage unit before they decide to sell it for less than it's worth or trash it
>favorite stuffed pals will probably be thrown away because others think they're ratty despite how much i loved them
>everything that is precious to me might never be precious to anyone else

i mean, at least i won't know because i'll be dead.

what's it even like to feel happiness for more than a couple hours

>> No.9440452


>> No.9440453

the thing about wills is you have to have people to give stuff to who are still alive after you're dead, preferably people who give a fuck about you and your feelings

that's a really narrow demographic if you don't have kids/don't have extended family that cares about you or knows who you are

>> No.9440454

I care about you anon.

>> No.9440455

I like this actually.

>> No.9440457

thanks anon, let me know if you want a bunch of dresses and a truckload of stuffed buddies in ~60 years (hopefully) and i'll write you in

>> No.9440481

Out of curiosity, why'd you see yourself alone? Socially awkward weirdo? high standards?

I have known a few girls to not put out for anything short of a 10/10 japanese husbando who happens to be a sugar daddy buying their entire wardrobe and can escort them around cons... though boy, when those girls give up that fantasy to "settle" they totally swing in the opposite direction and end up with bigger losers than them.

Just try to have realistic standards and don't be a hyperactive genki weirdo anon, i'm sure you'll find someone.

>> No.9440521
File: 200 KB, 500x366, tumblr_inline_n1dztjya5I1sw2lsr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A friend I met online that I meet up with at cons to do couple/pair/series costumes with has started to seek me out for romantic and erotic RPs and to generally nerd out about stuff more than usual. We're definitely a lot closer than we used to be, in a very short amount of time.

She's in a relationship and I don't know if I should feel weird about it, but I do. I feel like it's wrong. I like what we have, I don't want more or less, but nothing ever stays the same for long and we are heading down a slippery slope. I'm not experienced with relationships so I don't know how normal our interactions are or if her girlfriend even knows.

I've fucked up. I am the worst.

>> No.9440539

I thought about taking it for a second opinion, but the place I took it was the only one of four places I called that had any available appointments before May, and I need to get the work completed ASAP for my move.
I probably got overcharged, but on the charge breakdown, the list of parts that needed replacing was like 10 things long, plus repairs, plus labor. So hopefully I didn't get super screwed over...
I'm splitting the cost with my partner, at least. At least this reaffirms to me that I should take better care of my car.

>> No.9440549

>not tricking an /o/tist into fixing your car for you

>> No.9440553 [DELETED] 

w2c non-borderline seagull gf?

>> No.9440556

or be my gf

>> No.9440558 [DELETED] 
File: 1.07 MB, 300x300, 1477839443998.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9440562

>had 2 kids
>gained some weight but mostly my figure changed so I look awful in lolita.
>started a low carb diet and got exercises from a physical therapist to fix my abs
>too early to see results but pumped to be kawaii as fuck again.

>> No.9440576

>I have known a few girls to not put out for anything short of a 10/10 japanese husbando who happens to be a sugar daddy buying their entire wardrobe and can escort them around cons... though boy, when those girls give up that fantasy to "settle" they totally swing in the opposite direction and end up with bigger losers than them.
This is like half my lolita comm.

>> No.9440579

>t. vayne main

>> No.9440583

>orientation for a minimum wagecuck job

>> No.9440609

manami from oreimo?

>> No.9440613

LADIES LAIDES, settle down
Each of you has an equal chance of being my gf
Qt Asians to the front of the line, fatties please do not apply ty

>> No.9440616

>not cashing on a m/d 3 way

>> No.9440618

>forcing life into this world
degenrates like you should be gunned down in the streets

>> No.9440639

I just got hired at a cute receptionist job! I can now make >$26k a year with my single ass self.
May not seem like a lot, but it is to me. I can now afford my own apartment in my shitty over priced state and still afford burando.

>> No.9440643

not alone right now, alone when i'm old anon. i'm totally fine right now. but my SO and all of my friends are significantly older than me so frankly they'll probably kick the bucket first unless i die in a freak accident. you can't leave your precious belongings to dead people.

>> No.9440647

You could be my gf and never pay for anything again

>> No.9440649

>can afford an apartment
>state is still "overpriced"
Apartments usually start at $1600/month where I live.

>> No.9440650

How nice are you to look at? :3c
You also need to me on my level regarding vidya.

>> No.9440653

What kind of vidya are you into
My looks have been described as "adequate"

>> No.9440670

Nearly everything but military shooters, most puzzle games, and racing sims.
Faves are fatal frame 3, assassin's creed 4, majoras mask, and skyrim.

>> No.9440671

Also post pics.
Sage for double.

>> No.9440672

>in an thread in autosage

>> No.9440676

Sorry, its a habit. Better to be in the habit than out of it?

>> No.9440688

man, i'm glad i was never this desperate when i was single. you sure you want a relationship based on the premise that she'll be using you for cash?

>> No.9440697

Worse AC after 3 desu
Reddit meme game
Smh I'll give you some good vidya taste. This isnt' me btw >>9440671

>> No.9440699

But I like pirates! And Edward is a delightful little jackass.
Annnd Skyrim may be a normie game, but it's a lot of fun, regardless.

>> No.9440702

Edward was a fun character, but the game focused too much on muh ships. I feel like Rogue had the best balance of naval play and regular AC stuff.
Have you tried Syndicate yet? Terrible game
I don't think I've been able to play Skyrim for more than an hour without falling asleep. Dragon Age is my go to RPG
Contact pls, so I can stop derailing this thread

>> No.9440708

[email protected]
My first attempt with a disposable email, let's see how this goes.

>> No.9440732


>> No.9440744

And replied. Enjoy.

>> No.9440759
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I sold a Liz Lisa dress for cheap (under $10) because I bought it for cheap off auctions and it reflected the real price.

Now they're selling it more than two times the price. It's not even a popular item! Like, girl, why. It's old and pilling and unflattering.

I get she can sell it for whatever but I'm salty.

>> No.9440760

Anon, you're poor af. How much is rent where you live?

Can I get in on this pls?

>> No.9440768

The place I'm looking at is about 650 a month.

>> No.9440865

This "women just need to exist and can automatically get a boyfriend" meme needs to stop.

>> No.9440900

I'm sorry that you're either an uggo or a fatty-chan.

>> No.9440922

I'm not ugly. But the notion that EVERY girl just gets approached by guys nonstop is stupid. It's hard for us too.

>> No.9440973

Notice that you didn't deny being a fatty.

>> No.9440980

Fat is a kind of ugly.
I'm just normal looking and quiet and nobody has ever shown interest in me.

>> No.9440981

There's also the fact that even attractive girls rarely get approached for an actual relationship outside of high school. Sure, you can fuck pretty much anyone you want, but there's more to life than that.

>> No.9441016

I was working super hard on my cosplays for a convention only to be told I'm forced to go on a trip to mexico that happens to be exactly on the convention date

so I have to cut some of them costumes out because I don't have enough time for the other convention that's much sooner

>> No.9441330

>hings like this to myself, gulls?

Oh honey. <3 Dress for you! Try and find things for your body type, but I can imagine some cute chunky boys in Mori. <3

>> No.9441917

>forced to go to mexico
sorry you got deported pinto-chan

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