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Male lolita's welcome edition.

Previously in Lolita General >>9430768
>IW Harajuku closing; more lolita is dead anxiety
>Is this mint? Grey? Sax?
>Someone is going to make it easier to navigate the Japanese secondhand market
>No recent lolita related translations to be found
>Discussion about AP's latest releases; anons claiming they dislike AP now
>A beautiful yellow Moitié dress

Happy silent Saturday!

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Is wunderwelt down for anyone else?

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It's up for me

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It was down for me in the morning and missed a fucking bonnet because of that

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It's up for me too but I've had problems with it yesterday so it might still be a bit shaky.

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It's honestly interesting to put "previously in the last thread" in the OP. We should do that from now on.

Aw man.

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The OP of my country's threads just got a 24-hour ban for "singling out" because some butthurt art thief from the previous thread reported his thread recap. He didn't even mention her by name, just putting in the recap that there was tracing drama was bad enough. So just warning OPs of future lolita threads that even touching on dramu in recaps can get you a temp ban...

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It's up and down for me.

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It's been going down and up intermittently but it's working okay now, they put out on their Twitter that the site got overloaded from heavy traffic when they offered a 1000 yen off Easter coupon.

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I mean, if /cgl/'s paranoia about conlitas is anything to go by, there should be a lot of lolitas that don't give a shit about whether they can go to the grocery store in lolita as long as they have the money for OTT events.

Can we quit with the myth that lolitas all used to be lifestylers and people wearing it once a week or month was unheard of? Yes, OTT is getting silly now, but just because Momoko was a lifestyler doesn't mean all or even most of the girls back in the day were. Most of them took a suitcase into Tokyo on the weekend and dressed normal the rest of the week.

People are calling ageplay because they're the exact same cuts a lot of dresses for children are made with, not necessarily about the print. Go to a shop selling clothes for children and toddlers and look at the sort of cuts fancier dresses there have - high on the chest, no waist, peter pan collars, puffed sleeves, often poofy (in addition to lots of them being in pastel colours with cutesy bows). I don't think AP is aiming at ageplayers but cuts like that genuinely look like baby clothes to normies.

Most normies don't know the word ageplay but they think you're dressed like a child and assume it's a weird sex thing. Like >>9435201, I've had numerous friends, acquaintances, family members and strangers say things like this to me when shown pictures of new releases or seeing girls in sweet. Classic is not immune either unless it looks more 40s/50s-ish, since only only children would have worn knee-length dresses in the Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian era.

YMMV but most under-30s in the UK know what loli is, even if they're not weebs (although it might be from having weeb acquaintances). I've also had older family members come up to warn me that loli is cartoon pedo porn before, so they're obviously getting the information from somewhere.

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I'm the anon who said the subculture is dead in my country and I wasn't talking about wearing Lolita every day/lifestyle Lolita. I mean the girls who go to meetups now, only go there because it's the only occasion they wear Lolita, and they don't have any other common interests besides that some of them are weebs. Those people are in the "weeb subculture" not in Lolita subculture.

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So I've been trying to look for an atlas/map print jsk does anyone know any particular dresses? I've had a look on lolilibrary with no results.

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Pic related is the only thing I can find and it's of... questionable taste. As far as I know the only maps prints are celestial.

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I only know about the Milk one, maybe it could work for Lolita of you use an underskirt with lace

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Yeah I love the previously on for these threads

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What sort of makeup would you recommend to this gull, who likes simple (not exactly casual, just "non-ott" and more fit into daily use) classic and gothic?

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If you're not specifically looking for burando, here's an American indie brand with some atlas-inspired pieces: http://belladonna.storenvy.com/collections/1106142-jumperskirt

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Droopy eyes with natural colours

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File: 3.36 MB, 4864x2320, belladonna map dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was it this one?

indie brand belladonna has two map prints in their shop. pic related, a more topographical colorful print, and another one called gilded atlas which is more of a mathy line art map design (don't know how to describe it) in gold foil

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Don't do droopy eyes for classic or gothic, it's much more of a sweet thing and would look weird as heck.

Classic is usually more natural, no-makeup-make-up, pink or red-toned fairly natural lipstick or lipgloss, mascara, blusher, maybe light neutral eyeliner or eyeshadow. Foundation and concealer if you need it but no contouring (unless you have acne and are using foundation so heavily it looks mask-like without a subtle contour for dimension). I sometimes use highlighter if it's a sweeter look or something summery, but only to look natural and a bit dewy. Lightly filled but natural brows, no insta brows because they look fucking terrible with this style.

Gothic probably subtle pale foundation, eyeshadow and/or eyeliner is a must (black/grey/red/pink), red-toned lipstick or lipgloss, often heavier blusher. You can get away with a bit of cheek contour or draping for gothic but it's to look sunken, not tanned, and I wouldn't do it daily. Can do heavier brows as well but lolita brows are usually natural. If you're really comfortable in lenses you can use them for daily gothic without it looking too weird but don't go out of your way to use them. The bare minimum I do for gothic when I'm feeling lazy is BB cream, black mascara, black subtly winged liner (more normie but this is for daily), filled brows, something on lips. You can also get away with stuff like byojaku for a lot of more modern gothic stuff, if you want to look natural-ish but still match.

This is advice for light skintones because that's what I have, can't speak for others.

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Does anyone know if the veil un the Holy Theater headdress is removable?

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Obviously depends on your colouring as well, you could probably get away with no make-up for classic if you have clear, even skin and your eyelashes and eyebrows aren't so light they're invisible, but most people aren't blessed with that.

Also if you want to do subtle eye-opening make-up because you have small eyes, don't use white eyeliner and eyeshadow because it looks stark as fuck. Use pale pink or champagne or similar. Subtle false lashes look good in classic IMO, especially brown ones, but they're a PITA to apply daily. False lashes suit even daily looks in gothic too IMO.

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It depends on your eye shape, but keeping it natural with nude or pink colors, simple eyeliner without sharp wings (I actually like using pencils for a blurred, subtle look), and pinkish nude to coral lips are a good start. Your skin should appear soft and subtle, so minimal to no contouring/highlighting, and a natural to pastel pink blush will add to the look. I like BB creams as they make for a very dewy look. Eyebrows are optional especially if you have heavy bangs that fall over the eyebrows, but you should fill in, not shape eyebrows. Fake eyelashes really add to the look, but again, half lashes that are subtle really are the most suitable.

I personally like to line my lower lashes with a shimmery eyeshadow too, but that's up to you, your preferences, and your eye shape.

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Droopy eyes is common for gothic too, and not even just gothic lolita but also gothic in general and visual kei.

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We might be thinking of different kinds of droopy eye make-up, I was talking about the more extreme version Peachie does a lot.

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>people are calling ageplay because they're the exact same cuts a lot of dresses for children are made with
okay, but other lolitas should know that this is the norm for sweet lolitas. what's the point of whining about it and crying about littles every time? you do know that most people aren't buying the dress specifically to get fucked in it, right? not trying to target you specifically, just anyone who says that kind of thing

>most normies don't know the world ageplay, but they think you're dressed like a child and assume it's a weird sex thing
when did we start caring what normies think? and that just reinforces my point that lolitas should stop bitching at each other and labeling people as ageplayers because we're the only ones who understand

don't get me wrong, ageplay creeps me the fuck out, but i reserve the label for the creeps who deserve it.

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Angelic Pretty looks so fucking cheap lately, are their designers burnt out?

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Tbh I'm not familiar with peachie because I don't wear sweet but the basics of droopy eyes makeup is to make your eyes look bigger and the corner go down by applying eyeshadow and such underneath, there are a ton of different styles and it's common for a lot of alt fashions in Japan

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Thanks everyone. I'm caucasian, and my eyes are small and hooded, so I'll look into a good eyeliner, since otherwise it would look funny. Also my brows are almost black (while my skin is pale and hair is light brown), but they have these weird bald spots on both sides, so I think filling in is viable. My skin is in very good condition, so it's not a problem.

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Thank you for the tips! I just remember seeing a cute map print by AatP/Btssb a few years ago but I just cant remember the name. Maybe it was a pirate themed one?

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Does anyone know Moitie's release dates for the past two years or have a vague timeline? I'd like to know whatever "schedule" they seem to have so I can prepare for any spring release possibly. I'm praying after seeing that yellow Moitié dress OP mentioned that they'll do something light or floral for this time of year.

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Ah I found it!
Now to hunt it down!

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It's supposed to be ivory. They have released pink, baby blue, purple and red florals tough.

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I was going to get Romantic Cat and while I like it, I just feel like I like Dolly Cat better. I will wait.

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Why is their layout so weird? The "browse by?" won't go away and I can't find my messages

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This would look like shit in classic and weird in most gothic desu.

I agree, but the anon I was replying to was asking why anyone would ever think that Fancy Hospital looked like ageplay, so I gave the normie perspective for her benefit.

Click your username and a drop-down will come up for messages.

>> No.9435690

Not that anon but that channel has a ton of tutorials including daily lolita makeup.
I couldn't find my username because the browse by thing is in front of it, I just typed messages after the url and it worked. But thank you :)

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Do you gulls think you have a good sense for what kind of coords look toned-down and normie, or do you think you've lost perspective after being in alt fashion for so long? Do you have a go-to normie friend you ask? Have you ever worn something like otome CoF would say is boring and still had people think you were in a costume?

>> No.9435701

I wear it in black, navy or brown (the kind of coords that are posted in the basic coord thread) and I usually don't get any comments. I think wearing pastels, bright colours or prints stands out much more even if you aren't wearing lolita.

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For me, you're either wearing lolita or you're not. I stopped trying to make things more "normal" a long time ago. If I want normal, I have a wardrobe of normal clothes. If I'm wearing lolita, it's either all or nothing.

That doesn't mean that I go out in OTT all the time, but I still wear a petticoat and create a balanced coordinate. Instead of a giant bow, I might go with a barrette or comb or a smaller headband, and just go a little lighter on jewelry or a little plainer on the legwear. But it's still lolita and still looks out of the ordinary.

>> No.9435718

I've never been asked if I'm wearing a costume, but I often get comments á la "how cute" whenever I wear something otome-ish, even if it's super-toned down.

>> No.9435721

Dumb question, but to Baby's hair elastics (bows) come in a set of two? Or are the separate?

Paying $30 for one elastic bow to match a dress I have seems a little crazy, but $30 for two seems definitely reasonable.

>> No.9435732

I think light-coloured legwear other than sheer nude tights (lace, herringbone, cableknit, etc) looks really weird to normies in general, maybe because it's more often worn by kids than adult women? I've noticed that I get the odd look wearing H&M, F21, etc skirts with light-coloured socks or tights, but no reaction wearing the exact same outfit with dark tights or bare legs. It gets a similar amount of second glances as wearing platform sneakers or a beret. I didn't wear alt fash before lolita so I can't compare to how many stares your average mainstream vintage or goth outfit gets.

I think lolitas also assume that "outfit that looks like fancy normiewear = suitable for all occasions", even though wearing stuff like that all the time still makes you look overdressed and weird. Stuff like >>9435197, >>9433892 or >>9432763 could be classy normie vintage/mainstream fashion and wouldn't seem out-of-place at a garden party, but people would stare if you wore it to a discount supermarket. Whenever I wear something like that people ask if I've been to a wedding (which I guess is better than asking if I'm in a costume). Black and white outfits have occasionally resulted in people thinking I'm in some strict Christian or Jewish sect.

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It literally has a "hide this" button on the pop-up anon. You'll have to click it semi-often but it does make it go away.

>> No.9435766

I clicked it really often it just doesn't work but I found another way

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Im sorry to say but this style is fugly
this the shit grandmas put on grandkids for easter

>> No.9435888

wow so original

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Silent Saturday?

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I bought tea party shoes from Antaina after the lunar new year holiday, and they finally arrived, but look worse than when I've bought from them in the past

>unclean scallop cuts
>weird rod thing in between inner and outer sole
>back bow sticks up
>no branded inner sole
>crooked stitches
>ankle strap too short

Idk if they turned out bad because they were backlogged with orders from over the holiday, or if there's a general decline in quality. Did anyone else order shoes very recently, and how did they turn out?

>> No.9435929

for a couple years, they have been releasing new things around May/June, so soon I hope

>> No.9435941


I don't know if I either lost perspective or normies actually do think yoga pants and western boots are appropriate professional attire. That being said I do tend towards frilly but even if I'm wearing full ann taylor loft people keep making comments about how dressed up I am.

I can't wait until I move back to the city.

>> No.9435950

Are non-urban areas that casual? I live in a fairly metropolitan area so my perspective my be skewed too, but Ann Taylor Loft stuff is slightly dressier casual at best.

>> No.9435987

Ntayrt, but I live in a northern hemisphere urban area and it's very unusual for people to wear skirts or basically any legwear that isn't jeans. If I wear a normie skirt, heels and a sweater people always comment.

>> No.9435997

I can attest. I'm basically in the flyover Midwest. If people aren't wearing athleisure, they're in hunting camo printed pieces when it's not even deer season.

>> No.9436000

That's Momoko's life on nightmare mode, my condolences.

>> No.9436056

Another flyover state Lolita here and this is true, both in the country and city. (but replace the camo with baseball team clothes)

I think about this a lot.

>> No.9436057

A set unless its a scrunchie. I've only seen those sold singularly

>> No.9436062

So why is Moi-même-Moitié worth so much and so rare? Is it because it was a significant launching point for gothic lolita? It's importance in exposing the fashion? Because Mana was involved with its foundation?

>> No.9436079

Hey /cgl/, what kind of fabric is typically used for high quality lolita stuff? Or I guess at least the main body of dresses since I assume there are probably multiple types of fabric involved in a complete dress and certainly many types in a full coord.

>> No.9436094

It's because the stock is limited and they do fewer releases overall. Prices may go down with the Wunderwelt shop though. It depends on how many releases they offer there.

>> No.9436172

Knowing there are other lolitas that also wear Loft makes me stupidly happy
>sage for American retail chain feels

>> No.9436185

Along with everything you said, they do not do much for releases and have never rereleased, so if you like it, it's best to grab it. They are also just hands down the best for gothic lolita clothing in terms of quality.

>> No.9436186

Oops, meant to reply to >>9436062

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Way to get my hopes up.

>> No.9436206

I'd make my own thread, but I'm reasonably sure I would be banned.

What are some examples of /EGL/ pop music?
I mean, gothic music that isn't "goth" music.

>> No.9436224


That yellow Moitie is really pretty!
Love the recaps btw

>> No.9436225


I agree with this. They might be burnt out. OR they might be gearing up for a really rad upcoming release

>> No.9436232

The higher quality dresses I have are made from heavier cotton blends. So probably things like broadcloth, gingham, and twill. And of course really nice dresses I've seen are made of chiffon, but that's kind of hard to fanangle with and not the cheapest stuff.

>> No.9436233


You kinda answered your own questions anon. But It's not worth that much honestly. Resale has been hit hard just like any other japanese brand.

>> No.9436239

Thanks, love you.

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File: 219 KB, 720x1018, 12071002-web-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all the best colors are sold out already online

fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. The release on this one snuck up on me. Lucky I have a shop close by so I'm heading out on Friday hoping they still have it in stock.

>> No.9436275

Thinking of throwing in my cart one of those "Petit Price" tights on Wunderwelt to hit ¥5000, anyone ever bought them before? Are they servicable cheap tights at least or complete garbage and I'm better off just getting a real item?

>> No.9436307

Has anyone found lolita clothing at a thrift shop before? I dont wear lolita anymore so I'm thinking of donating my old clothes. I just hope they don't think they're too weird and throw them away or something because I'm still kind of sentimental about them

>> No.9436320

Donate them to me, anon.

>> No.9436326

An anon in the last general thread found a Victorian Maiden skirt at a thrift shop, so it definitely happens. I'd be insanely excited to find some lolita at a thrift/charity shop, myself

>> No.9436327

take applications from gulls and give them to the one who deserves it the most. make them pay shipping or something

it'll be great

>> No.9436328

Also--I'm a veteran thrift shopper and they will not throw out your clothes for being "too weird". It's possible but unlikely that they'd stick them with the costumes, at worst. The only things that get tossed at thrift stores are disgustingly stained/smelly things, or clothing items that are literally falling apart at the seams. I find garments that are way weirder than an average lolita item regularly.

>> No.9436359

Go out with a bang and do a /cgl/ raffle!

>> No.9436390

I think I've lost perspective. Usually when I'm just going out and not to a meetup I'll wear a plainer JSK, a hat or small barrette, tights or OTKs, a cardigan and low-heeled lolita shoes. By lolita standards it feels super plain but I still get people following me around to take photos and commenting on my clothes. People especially make a big deal out of printed legwear and shoes with bows on them. Nobody bats an eye at my novelty bags but high socks with flowers and flats with a bow? Whoa now look at that weirdly dressed chick! One time I wore my Bodyline RHS with an otherwise super normie outfit (they're comfy!) and I had a group of young teens follow me around for a block yelling WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE over and over again.

Hair accessories attract a lot of attention too, because where I live young women only wear beanies or clipback caps and hairclips are for little children. My felt boater hats get the least attention, although some guy once told me there was something wrong with my "fedora" because it was flat. Thanks for the heads up, bro.

I get the religious sect comments too!

>> No.9436399

This so much

I'm a lone Lolita. Even though I collect items for my coords, at the end of the day I have stopped wearing printed tights and headwear.
I can be wearing a very flashy jsk, and the lack of accessories makes normies less annoying.
Same reasons I have to want to go full Gothic, but is sad I won't wear Hime or busier styles
Same reasons I have to consider a budget for tea parties. I don't like cons or cosplay

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During October someone got mad at me when I told them I wasn't dressed for Halloween and pointed at my socks and insisted there was no way I wasn't dressed for Halloween because they were striped.

>> No.9436420

I've ordered a few like that over the last year, but never before. I figured they are just like that since they're cheap shoes, though

>> No.9436434

I heard that a lot of the less trendy/street fashion type pieces end up in Goodwills in smaller towns because managers think they won't sell well in bigger cities.

>> No.9436440

lmao, thank. I never really thought of it that way, but it really does -- from the endless cornfields, down to Momoko's experience seeing gyaru in outdated attire, and people's preference to buying from Jusco, or in my case, Walmart/Target (we have an H&M now, idgi).

I occasionally see younger people getting involved in alt/J-fashion, but they mostly look like they get most of their wardrobe from Hot Topic, and so their aesthetic is usually outdated. Same goes for the occasional hipster. They're still far and few, but even fewer actually look like the corporate hipsters I see in big cities. Like Momoko, I often make a few hours trip to the nearest big city for meets (shame there's no brand shop here).

I saw a guy the other day in a pink dress shirt, and grey waist coat & pants with a wooden bowtie, and it was like seeing a goddamn unicorn.

I guess that even with internet, living in a more conservative area will mostly dictate people's preference to dress for comfort or style.

>> No.9436442

White thursday > good friday > silent saturday > easter sunday

>> No.9436443

>Because Mana was involved with its foundation?
He designs too, most recently the table ornaments print. Exclusivity used to be a part of most lolita brands (low stock, high prices and limited sizing) and they are seen as more "authentic" than commercialised brands by some lolita's.
Tbh I've never thought of selling the clothes I bought from moitie directly so I don't care about secondhand price.

>> No.9436445

Malice mizer?

People will wear it as their halloween/carnaval costume

>> No.9436452

Pls sell or donate them on a Lolita market D; don't let the babies go out of circulation
What kinda stuff is it?

>> No.9436457

What do male lolita's dress like in general? I'm a lone lolita but whenever people bring them up online it's negative, usually about sissy's and not real lolita's. Not that I expect them to wear lolita all the time, but do guys who dress like >>9436166 not exist in Westen comm's?

>> No.9436552

Theres a person on Lacemarket who ihas copied and pasted my listing details to use in theirs. while I don't think they are breaking any rules, they haven't re-written anything. This just makes the person look shifty af.

>> No.9436559

Make a secret about it to shame them

>> No.9436591

I recently got a really fancy order-made OP and I want to care for it the best I can. Ideally I'd like to wear it in the summer without sweating through it. Do people wear undershirts? Should I just wait until Winter?

>> No.9436592

Is anyone lurking on that RC thread? Complete shitshow on an Easter Sunday, ffs.

>> No.9436597

I think many come into it looking like shit and when you are a guy looking like shit in female fashion, you will look like a pervert even if that's not what you're about. Brolitas proceed to either give a fuck about the fashion and improve to the point where they pass and fade into the bg without being a drama whore, or they continue to look like shit because they are actually a pervert.

>> No.9436599

Yep. Just saw it, i think its been taken down now. lol

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>> No.9436603

Where do I buy low to mid-tier priced bloomers that aren't bodyline?

>> No.9436606


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She said it herself, if you're a sensitive faggot don't go on here.
People are anonymously posting, off course some people will say mean shit.
All of cgl and all of 4chan isn't even a shitshow. There are just certain threads,certain people,...that can make it this way but i've been to a lot of nice threads and discussed with nice people on here as well. I'm tired of people demonizing 4chan and seeing it as "zomg worst place ever they doxx everyone and share noods and are fucked up and super meanies". It surely isn't the nicest place of the internet, that's for sure, and I understand why some people call it "the worst" but it's really not that bad, geez.

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OP is a piece of work.

>> No.9436609

Secondhand, handmade (a lot of people start out by making petticoats and bloomers and sell them cheap) or from burando during sales

>> No.9436610 [DELETED] 


>> No.9436611

Much obliged, thank you anon!

>> No.9436612

I agree tbqh, if you post people on 4ch you're a jerk (unless it's a thread where you're supposed to post good coords)

>> No.9436619

I hope after having that post blow up in her face she leaves the fashion. I can't fucking stand her.

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This was all I managed to cap before she purged the post. Half of the comments on it were hers.

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"bloody modem god"

>> No.9436627

I love how she would go from 'poor me and I feel so bad for ppl :cccc' to 'lol okay bitch' depending on if people agreed with her or not
She's an insufferable cunt

>> No.9436631
File: 19 KB, 548x128, Schermafbeelding 2017-04-16 om 17.18.09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My favourite parts of this were checking out her profile after she complained about having mystery meanies in her friend list and finding that 1. she has literally one thousand friends, and 2. pic related, her description

>> No.9436633

Wow... though I suppose what else would you expect from someone throwing around tumblrspeak though?

>> No.9436635

Fuckin kek

>> No.9436636

seconding raffle! take throwaway emails, assign a number, do a random drawing, lucky gull pays shipping :)

>> No.9436640

f+f makes great cotton bloomers

>> No.9436642

not everything in life is rainbows and kittens and nice things, my dear.

>> No.9436646

Yeah but that doesn't change those people are jerks

>> No.9436648

>you can only post girls pics to 4chan without their permission if you're being nice about it :)
lol okay then

>> No.9436649

Did I say there should be a fucking law that imprisons you of you post people you know in the ita thread? No I did not, I said you are a jerk

>> No.9436655

I'm just pointing out that saying if you post people to 4chan with good intent it doesn't suddenly make it okay lol, your logic is stupid.
You just sound like a girl only looking for asspats and anything other than that is bullying. I suggest you get over it.

>> No.9436656

go back to tumblr then where you can get all the asspats you like?

>> No.9436658

I like her. she's spunky and doesn't afraid of ruffling bloomers.
I don't get the double standard. for the most part cgl agrees that "lolitas are supposed 2 b lovelies" is bs...but then we turn around and shit on people for having little attitude problems (e.g. Batty). I've seen anons say
>too bad she has shit personality
to just about every lolita with an online presence (ophelia, agnes, etc.), usually with little logical grounds, like that is some huge dealbreaker and they should be escorted out of lolita.
I appreciate it when lolitas are just real people: flawed and creative. it's just a clothing club. the salt can be fun but we take it too seriously sometimes and are quick to lay the hammer on girls who seem chill and funny.
I don't like scammers or bigots or like animal abusers, but grumpies, self-righteous people, light shit-stirrers, etc. are absolutely fine. the idea that everyone has to be as self-controlled and regulated online as Misako is ridiculous.

>> No.9436664

Honestly, I think maybe it would be best if you tried to forget all of this. Speaking up here will only make the fire bigger and you won't really get anywhere at all, but you will be left angry and upset because cgl isn't going to change. Thats just the way it is unfortunately. You either embrace it or let it go.

>> No.9436665

I don't post to CoF so I don't give a fuck, I just think just because you can post anyone here doesn't mean you're still a nice friend if you do. And people on other boards are not as hypocritical about it.

>> No.9436666

Absolutely nobody on this sites believes lolitas should be lovelies. Stop getting your info from Vice, you moron.
She's not spunky, she's a whiny little kid.

>> No.9436668

Did you have a stroke between posts or something? Nothing youre saying is coherent

>> No.9436671

I think you forget that cgl isn't just one person. It is a collective and not everyone is of the same opinion. Some people are cunts, some people aren't. Just in real life.

>> No.9436672

I'm saying you're a jerk if you post people you know to the ita thread or other negative threads, that all. I'm not trying to stop you from doing it.

>> No.9436674
File: 140 KB, 500x666, 1407976514352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what, I'm glad I wear gothic lolita. At least it's a weird thing that normies understand and won't associate with a fetish. Honestly, all of the awful media exposure lolita has had has made me want to distance myself from the label and just call myself goth.

>> No.9436678

I get that, but you said that if you post people to a good coord thread it's fine
How is that any different from being posted in other threads? You're taking someone's picture and posting it to 4chan without their permission, but it's okay if they're get showered with praise? That's stupid. And what are you accomplishing by saying everyone here is a jerk?

>> No.9436679

Normally I just say I wear egl and people don't ask what it means, when they do ask what EGL stands for they are interested enough to learn it's not a fetish

>> No.9436681

I kind of wish we would stop using the word lolita and use something like Rococo instead

>> No.9436683

This. It's so ridiculous when people whine about /cgl/ being hypocritical as if we're a hive mind or there's only one person posting everything. Just because certain opinions dominate doesn't mean that others don't exist or conflicting opinions are a contradiction; they're just posted by different people.

>> No.9436688

But rococo is inaccurate for the most part, it's just one of many influences. Calling it egl or (gusu)rori actually makes sense and is already used as an umbrella term

>> No.9436689

It always baffles my mind how people like this exist. Did they grow up with nothing but compliments and approval? Did they never encounter harsh critics or simple bitchiness?
>inb4 yes
I don't even think that's possible without being completely isolated. Seriously, when I visited cgl for the first time, I was underwhelmed as fuck. I expected the big bad place and got mild cattiness and petty drama at best.

>> No.9436690

thanks for parroting exactly what I said. we believe lolitas are people in theory but not in practice. I just personally like it when I see lolitas who aren't too shy to share their unpopular opinions.
some of the upskirt girl's posts are cringeworthy because she's obviously a gull and posts on the defensive
>the BL shock and horror tidbit for example
but she has a sense of humor. I'm kind of whiteknighting but dgaf.

I do think discussions of cgl culture should be kept on cgl tho, or btb. discussing 4chan on other platforms is just a waste of time. I wince every time I see cgl brought up elsewhere

>> No.9436694

splitting hairs aside, at least rococo isn't associated with a book about a promiscuous little girl ya know.

>> No.9436696

I honestly don't agree with a lot of the negative comments here like, "should die in a fire" etc, but I bypass that, and look at the actual constructive criticism. Not everyone here is a mean bully.

>> No.9436697

I wish people would stop whinging about the word Lolita and get over it. It's always been called that, and always will. Also, Lolita wasn't based on Rococo style clothing originally.

>> No.9436700

I don't even see those comments very often, so I don't know why people keep citing that kind of stuff. I've seen plenty of comments saying people should burn the dress they're wearing, but very rarely do I see actual death threat kind of posts. When I've seen those comments other anons call that poster out as being a psycho bitch that needs to pop a xanax. And to be completely honest, the girls here who get ripped apart have brought it upon themselves by reacting just like the tumblr bitch did and just like Kate did and just like Pixie did and just like Takahashi did and just like that fakeboi on Instagram did. Instead of IGNORING THE TROLLS they immediately inflame the situation by acting like a fucking moron.

>> No.9436701

And the fat white bitch who wore the hijab, she's in that category of morons, too.

>> No.9436704

I think people come here to comment more now because COF is just a bunch of asspatting yesmen and like a post even if it is shit and anything deemed mean or criticism will result in a ban or something like that.

The anon part is also attractive to people so they can speak more of their minds that they would in person.

I've gotten more and better help here than I have on RC or BSOL, which are also mostly ass pat central and "Safe spaces"

>> No.9436705

If 'we' change the term, then that term is just going to be associated with the bad stuff. I've just been feeling like most of the community is cringy lately and I'd rather not associate with it, ad instead just wear clothes I like.

>> No.9436706

Yeah and this is just my opinion, like if my friend posts me to the sweet lolita thread or casual lolita thread she thinks I'm good inspiration but if she posts me to the ita thread I think she has bad intentions. She knows she could just tell me what she dislikes about my coord but apparently she wants to point out to others how stupid I look? Then she's not a good friend.
>And what are you accomplishing by saying everyone here is a jerk?
I'm not trying to accomplish anything just giving my opinion on something that got posted. And not everyone here goes to the ita and CoF thread, of the people that do I think most wouldn't post girls from their comm or friends.
Someone from my comm had a problem with another girl, so she posted her to CoF and pretended to be her to ruin her reputation. It's really easy to fake-white knight someone to make that person look even worse. So yeah I think that girl is a jerk.

>> No.9436708

This. I used to tell my thoughts and concrit on COF until they instated that stupid "no concrit unless asked for" rule.

>> No.9436709

I thought the rule is that you can give concrit unless it's stated that they don't want any. When's the last time someone got banned for it? I actually see a lot of girls who ask for concrit and don't get any comments, but when they get posted here they get concrit.

>> No.9436710

No idea, haven't been on COF for a while, I got banned for giving concrit.

>> No.9436711

It's a book about a predatory ephebophile and his victim is not promiscuous, you illiterate cretin.

>> No.9436712

you do realise that COF and such places are public online right? With 9000+ people on there, don't you think that SOMEONE is going think something is ita?

>> No.9436714

What does that have to do with anything I said?

>> No.9436718

I think her point is that even if you think it's ita you're being an asshole to post it to the ita thread, and that just because you think something is ita you shouldn't be posting it up for everyone to laugh at. However, when you post something online it's fair game for everyone who can see it. It's not 'right', but that's just how it is.

>> No.9436719

Congrats, you can read, but regardless of what the book is actually getting at the general public associates it with what is essentially ageplay. You can tell people all day what the plot is actually about but they just hear 'lolita' and immediately think of a promiscuous young girl. You can't pretend that's not what people think.

>> No.9436720

thanks for that. I didn't know how to respond to her missing the point

I think you need to let this go and chill out. If you aren't trying to accomplish anything here, then why are you still here and posting anything at all?

>> No.9436723

People will also look at OTT sweet and think ageplay...what's your point?

Most of us don't give a flying fuck about the name Lolita; it's all you little newfags going on about it and it's getting old. The fashion has been around longer than you probably have been alive so just build a bridge and get over the name. It's here to stay.

>> No.9436725

>it's all you little newfags going on about it and it's getting old
Nope, it was common in my comm to call it rorita when I joined, and I still do, just not on cgl. Never had any problem with people asking me about the book or fetishes.

>> No.9436727

You need to chill lmao
People have been rolling their eyes at the name lolita since it was a thing, if anyone here sounds new it's you throwing a fit over a few people mumbling they don't like the association it brings

>> No.9436730

Yeah, we have all been rolling our eyes at the name, but it's already been coined and this argument just keeps coming up and I just find it irritating how people want to try and change it.

I'm chill, just gettin a bit tired of all of these "we should change the name" posts. I'll get back in my rocking chair now.

>> No.9436754

Fucking this. Of course there's hypocrisy on a popular anonymous Chinese cartoon image board.

I actually do just say I'm wearing goth if I'm in an egl coord and out on the town by myself--if anyone even asks me, which is rare. I live in a big city though so I'm never the strangest looking person.

Another thing is lots of people shit on coords and lolitas in the "nice" threads anyways. Just check out the boring lolita coord thread, for example. Or any favorite coord thread that happens.

>> No.9436761

Nayrt but you have to understand, if you've been in this fashion for even a few years these posts get real fucking tiresome. Yeah, the name has shit associations in the west. We all know. But the name isn't likely to change ever, particularly not when the major brands are all in Asia and don't have the same associations with the name the west does.

I see these "we should change the name!!" posts like once a month at least. There was a secret on btb saying this same stupid shit within the last month.

>> No.9436773

They do have negative associations and Japanese lolita's also have used different terms or alternative spellings, most recently otona arisu I believe. Cgl in general gets boring if you go here for a long time, sometimes I start threads for inspiration and someone comes in and posts the same old stuff that's always posted here.

>> No.9436783

I've been in the fashion for a few years and I agree that it's gets annoying, but I didn't really see any kind of rallying 'We need to change the name!', it was maybe two anons who said they didn't like it and that was that. I get annoyed with the posts that pop up on RC that are a bunch of newbies saying 'Let's be FRILLIES or LOVELIES or RUFFLEBUTTS instead LOLOL', I just think for what was said in this particular thread the response was a little bit of an overreaction.

>> No.9436789

Wait, you mean Amber? She comes on here and is a regular on /soc/. Why is she posting this...

>> No.9436794

No way, do you have caps of her /soc/ posts?

>> No.9436805

No, but she posts really often in rate threads, dd/lg threads, and recently in a SB thread as well. With photos.

Like, how dumb can ya be.

>> No.9436813

That doesn't sound like her at all though? Especially the sb things. Are you sure someone isn't using her pics?

>> No.9436814

Color me surprised.

>> No.9436815

She's also gay so I don't really believe this one AT ALL lol

>> No.9436817

Totally possible, but they aren't pictures from her FB or anything. I don't know her or have her contact info, so who knows.

I'm sure there's a few posts up rn if anyone wants to go looking. I can't check rn because I'm in public and /soc/ isn't sfw.

>> No.9436821

Yep, wear an undershirt ideally with sweat protection. I do it all the time for Ops I can't easily wash.

>> No.9436823

Ok this really doesn't sound like her so I don't know whether to tell her or not?Like this is a girl that can barely go on the internet without crying about something, I genuinely wouldn't think this is her.

>> No.9436834

She's quite the attention whore and seems to crave validation so I don't know why you think this is so far fetched.

>> No.9436836

Not everyone knows everything about someone. I don't really think there's anything wrong with what she's doing, but like, she probably should hide it a bit better/not post face photos if it really is her.

>> No.9436838
File: 164 KB, 712x986, IMG_3942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The thirst for e-fame from this girl is unreal.

>> No.9436839

I actually know her and I am assuming you don't. I say it doesn't sound like her at all.

>> No.9436844

Then go ahead and tell her, though I'm sure she's already read this thread after her whining about how sensitive she is and can't keep away from cgl

>> No.9436866

Looks like an underskirt desu, nbd

>> No.9436867
File: 1.76 MB, 2448x2448, 565635635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is all I see

>> No.9436871

omg she looks like Bubbles from TPB

>> No.9436887

Is that black bib thing supposed to be a vest?

>> No.9436896
File: 138 KB, 850x850, Krad Lanrete Transilvania Moonlight High Waist JSK II 14-850x850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else reserve the new Krad dress on clobba? Hopefully the release isn't a shitshow like they've had in the past.

>> No.9436920

I think I am heading in the same direction

>> No.9436924
File: 43 KB, 450x450, disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Vest doesn't fit, creates a weird look with the exposed areas
>Shoehorned black
>Ugly gold shoes
>Fishnet stockings

>> No.9436970

a lot of people have left. You guys have sucked the fun out of posting. You want people to post their pics but dont go on cgl so they keep posting.
There are so many guys here. They are the real problem.

>> No.9436987


>tfw Krad will never make another masterpiece like Mozarabic Chant and has been reduced to making AaTP or JetJ lookalikes

Why live.

>> No.9436988


The petti peeking out is cute. The rest of the coordinate is not.

Looks like one of those cheap vest things you'll see in mainstream stores during fall and winter that SJW and tumblrites wear to feel ~genderfluid~.

>> No.9436995

>You want people to post their pics but dont go on cgl so they keep posting.
I unironically don't undetstand what you mean

>> No.9437018

Yeah I didn't understand what that meant either.

>> No.9437040

>Nope, it was common in my comm to call it rorita


Rorita is still Lolita, you just sound like a weeb imitating Japanese pronunciation. And I don't get why people are always claiming that normies hear the name Lolita and freak out. Many, many people have never read the book or seen the film, so I'm surprised that so many of you people wanting to change the name claim that all these people are associating you with the book.

>> No.9437067

Really? most of the people in the 35-50 age range I've run into know the book and movie. I would think most people know what it is just because of its shock value, but then again when someone asks you what you're wearing you don't have to say lolita. I usually just say I like wearing fancy dresses and that's the end of it.
Calling it rorita sounds a teeny tiny bit racist, not to get all SJW in here it just sounds a bit distasteful lol

>> No.9437075 [DELETED] 

Newfag detected. They even called it rori in my comm.

>> No.9437082

From a 2013 blogpost:
>Lolitas in Japan even adopted a different spelling to the word to differentiate themselves, at the very least online. While Lolita is normally written "ロリータ", many Lolitas choose the variation "ロリィタ", in which the usual "i" is substituted for a small "i". However, many publications and webshops use the typical "ロリータ". This practice reminds me of years ago, when in the west Lolitas would frequently refer to the fashion with the Japanese pronunciation/spelling of "rorita" for exactly the same reason.

>> No.9437110

Yup, YMMV depending on where you live but it was an incredibly famous book with blockbuster movies in both the 1960s and the 1990s, so it's reached a really wide audience. It's considered a literary classic on the assigned reading list of a lot of schools and colleges as well if you're not in a country/state where it's banned for being too lewd.

Most people have never watched or read it, but it's infamous enough that people who haven't watched it have heard of it (which, if anything, is worse because like anons were saying upthread, most people who haven't read it believe the pop culture misconception about it is that it's about a promiscuous child seducing an older man, even though in the book he's portrayed as a predator and she's not a sexual agent).

>> No.9437120

>releases were a shitshow like in the past
What do you mean?

>> No.9437140

Same here. Their early designs were more creative, whereas now they're trying so hard to be JEJ.

Lol at the print, I think people have to be lucky to receive it in time for Halloween

>> No.9437183

I would of if they had chosen better cuts and nicer lace... what a waste of a lovely print :(

>> No.9437214

Really wish that lovely bodice was on the regular JSK, sigh. But yeah, I'm ordering the regular JSK and the blouse in black (actually thinking of putting the blouse with the Grove Deer satanic print). I'm really worried how this will go, and I agree on Krad being a lot less interesting these days, but I like Dracula too much to skip on this.

>> No.9437234

The bodice on the high waisted version looks a lot nicer, it's a shame that it's not on the regular waist jsk, I agree. I dislike the overlay on the high waist version. It ends up just looking to cluttered. The blouse looks interesting though. As much as I like the print itself (which it's clear has Vampire Requiem as its source of inspiration), I find Krad's measurements overall tend to not fit me brilliantly, so I'll be passing on this.

>> No.9437287
File: 103 KB, 567x850, krad_lanrete_the_twelve_constellations_of_the_zodiac_jsk_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Krad lancrete constellation print

>> No.9437369

Krad Lanrete? More like

Rad Lanrete

>> No.9437379

I'm in the market for a new petti. I'm trying my hardest not to just spend more money on dresses, when I really need a new petticoat and bloomers.

I've heard Malco Modes pettis are pretty good, any advice on which to go for? I've had the classical puppets a-line which has been good to me for a while, but even layering that sucker with a cheap taobao petti isn't even cutting it these days.

Or do I just buy another dress and keep putting it off? Kek.

>> No.9437435

You want people to post their coords but you dont want them to go on cgl to see that they are being bashed.
If you followed the convo you should understand that line. Goodness.

>> No.9437440

I don't think anyone cares if people post their coords or not, they can do whatever they want but they're stupid if they come to cgl and just get their panties in a fucking twist over what they see. Honestly I'd rather ""sensitive"" people not post their shit to COF just so we don't have to hear the crying about being crossposted here.

>> No.9437453

I use the Malco Modes 582 (Jennifer I believe) and it's been really good to me. Even though it's a-line, I tend to have it pinned up to be worn under more cupcake dresses. It gives really nice poof, though nothing exorbitant, and has lasted longer than the pettis of girls near me who got their petticoats from elsewhere at around the same time.
Definitely get a new petti instead, you need a good foundation!

>> No.9437480

>Arr this be pleasin' to me eye
My sides.

>> No.9437487


>> No.9437493

Seconding the 582, the waist is adjustable so you can shorten or lengthen the whole thing, which changes the shape. It doesn't deflate and moves naturally and the poof size is great. Absolutely worth it.

>> No.9437524
File: 3 KB, 231x70, butts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This person fucking shits me, she buys peoples stuff from lacemarket and then tries to re-sell it at a higher price.

>> No.9437599

Could you maybe just sell them for 1-5 dollars + shipping on LM to some lucky newbie?

>> No.9437605

The next time someone says "Like the book Lolita?" just tell them that it's a girl's name like Bridget or Sandy, nothing else, and they're the ones making it out to be sexual.

>> No.9437627

>I get the religious sect comments too!
Glad I'm not the only one, it really freaked me out at first.

>> No.9437628

drag her

>> No.9437706

>hide this
It's right there anon.

>> No.9437717

And she's not the only one. The worst offenders are people who buy wunderwelts bulk listings and resell 90% of it for three times as much.

>> No.9437726

It's kind of a grey area. We know it's bulk because ww doesn't want to bother with it, buyer basically buying it, taking the risk, and going through the effort to sell individually because there's money to be had that ww could have gone for but doesn't care to. Is that wrong though? That's being opportunistic. If there was nothing to be gained no one would bother, but clearly someone's stupid enough to buy it at a marked up price so there's money to be made.

>> No.9437727

This makes me glad I'm from a non-English speaking country where the film was never popular and the book was considered way too difficult for English reading lists.
Unfortunately a bunch of fame-hungry cunts went and ruined that blissful innocence by going on multiple tv programs to yell that the fashion is about being a kawaii virginal maiden real doll and reliving childhood and TOTALLY NOT A SEX THING WE SWEAR (really!!!) so ofc now every normie, even ones who've never heard of Nabokov's Lolita or ageplay, think that lolita fashion is about pretending to be a little girl and secretly a sex thing (=ageplay). I get comments about being a pedo sex doll even when I'm wearing very toned down classic. Thanks bitches, I hope you enjoyed those ten minutes of ~fame~.

>> No.9437729

>eternaL daR

>> No.9437738
File: 61 KB, 768x804, 亨利艾塔-蔷薇丛-斗篷-3-768x804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A taobao brand posted this, it's like a shawl that you'd wear over a jsk.

Thoughts on this, anyone? Shoulders covered, for those who like the rules. Looks interesting, but I don't know how it'd work on something other than the set jsk.

>> No.9437750
File: 73 KB, 768x960, 亨利艾塔-蔷薇丛-手袖-3-768x960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


And this is together with the jsk

>> No.9437752

I think it looks very lovely. It almost looks like it's part of the jsk. The gloves are not nice, tho.

>> No.9437755

I like shawls and wear them often in summer, but I don't care for this one.

>> No.9437756

Spoiler alert for those who haven't read it, Nabokov is a master of prose and word choice, but it's depressing as hell. Her mother dies in an accident, he pounces and adopts her, and they drive across the country aimlessly where he constantly rapes her every night in motel rooms till she becomes this apathetic rag doll. I think about this too when larme pulls that disgusting shit, japan can be so naive and twisted sometimes.

>> No.9437768

I like the design of the shawl, but the lace makes it look incredibly cheap.

>> No.9437771

I wear shawls a lot because I live in Australia and sometimes its just too hot for a blouse. This one is okay, a little average.

>> No.9437777

You can buy really good burando petticoats secondhand

>> No.9437779

Well that's why most coords on CoF are efame wannabes and/or OTT

>> No.9437781

Read the rest of the thread

>> No.9437783

You are describing it like it's something new or creative when it's not

>> No.9437786

this is the person who copied/pasted my whole spiel from my listings to hers. I called her out on it and she said that I didn't own the words lol. Bitch please, you look dodgy for not writing up your own listing details.

>> No.9437788

Queen Chanel. Peaking pettis are going to be the next big trend in lolita. She's spoken.

>> No.9437790

If people buy it--that's on them. Not that hard to look through someone's feedback history/prior listings to see what a person paid for it. Be a smart buyer.

>> No.9437799

Apparently you can sell anime and manga on lacemarket now? It's a bit annoying. I wish they would allow trades instead.

>> No.9437806

Thoughts on wearing Doc Martens with more basic/casual gothic lolita outfits? I have the all-black ones (without the yellow thread) if it matters.

>> No.9437825

>this weak bait

>> No.9437826

I think it's fine, especially more casual. I feel like CoF threads here on /cgl/ forget that lolita clothing is clothing sometimes, not a costume. They're good boots for wearing out.

>> No.9437827

Honestly I like when people resell items from WW lots because sometimes they had something I actually wanted but didn't want to pay for the price of the entire lot. I got a nice item for my wardrobe this way.

>> No.9437867

I like it to because they ww doesn't mark parcels down

>> No.9437880

yeah, that too
plus ww items tend to come in much better description than they describe
if something has a tiny stain, for example, that can usually easily be cleaned out and then it's like new

>> No.9437881
File: 667 KB, 3199x1449, Screenshot (152).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9437882

She even uses the pictures from the previous seller, which is maximum dodgy. She bought a (damaged) skirt that I was looking at, and is selling it for about eighty dollars more than the original seller. It also looks like she removed the part from their listing about it being damaged.

>> No.9437893
File: 172 KB, 431x640, Custom-Tailored-Milu-Forest-Sweet-Lolita-Dress-Summer-s-Night-Printed-JSK-Dress-with-Lace-Shawl.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm more used to seeing this kind of shawl, which looks like a shawl/capelet/bolero, does up in front, sometimes with a pin.

The one posted in >>9437738 is designed to look like part of a high-necked dress/blouse when worn, and buttons up the back. Hence why I wonder if it'll ever work with anything other than its intended jsk, since the shoulder frill would give away that it's not actually part of the dress. It's a little unusual, I think.

>> No.9437899

Nayrt but how is that bait? That's literally what happens in the story and yes, Larme does play around with that Kubrick movie-inspired nymphet shit a lot. Personally I don't think they're naive, I think they're well aware what they're doing and think it's cool and edgy or something like that.

>> No.9437900

So this person scalps, copy&pastes descriptions from other people and doesn't even bother to take her own proof pictures? Classy.

>> No.9437903

Does anyone know Lolita brands besides moitie that did some solid medieval inspired dresses?

>> No.9437909

Reported. Reselling items is legal, but stealing descriptions/proof pics and not listing damages is too damn shady.

>> No.9437918

This was JetJ's main draw (imo) before they became The Painting Dress Brand.

>> No.9437925
File: 206 KB, 670x401, details_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They still do a lot of solid dresses

>> No.9437932

Boz do, if you're after more of a gothic styling.

>> No.9437933

I confronted her about it and she basically told me that I didn't own what I had written. Then I told her if she didn't use her own descriptions (it was even including how I have a cat etc), I would report her for being dishonest, so unfortunately all of her listings have now been changed.

>> No.9437939
File: 46 KB, 484x165, herewegoagain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incoming popcorn time on RC

>> No.9437944 [DELETED] 

How do we stop blacks from doing j fash and lolita?

>> No.9437952

I like how she first pretends to be neutral and asking for opinions but then immediately turns around and tries to direct the conversation with words like "everyone [...] salty", "stolen" and "cesspool". Just asking for opinions, lol sure. She's trying to start a bitchfest and she knows it.

>> No.9437953

It's hilarious that no one has responded as well

>> No.9437958


I just checked her listings and entire feedback to look what she bought. Yes there are a few items she is now selling for 15 -20$ more, I assume she's trying to get shipping she paid back. But her proof photos have all been made on the same background and are most likley done by her. Same with the description, these are different to those of the original sellers, even mention stains or damagaes.
Yes it sucks she overcharges, but I can't see anything shady.

>> No.9437966

I honestly want to hear if anyone has any positive opinions about cgl concerning the CoF thread and Ita thread. I think it's a good place for crit sometimes, because people can be anonymous and sometimes people need that to be able to be honest with people, but then most people who get posted aren't looking for crit, and a lot of people are already struggling with self esteem issues and anxiety or depression, or all of the above, and get described as being ugly/fat/hideous/dumpster fires. I want to hear lots of different opinions for and against, I guess.

>> No.9437971

I don't think cgl is good for concrit at all, I'd like to know how the person who gives me concrit dresses

>> No.9437975

I wish it was more acceptable to post more concrit on closet of frills desu. Like so many people get offended over proper concrit! However due to being on anon some people here do go ott at times with it and it's more hate than concrit. But that's still only a small percentage. It's like youtube comments. People have to comment on it and can't leave it alone. However if you respond in a certain manner it can change how cgl treats you. I was lucky with the time I was posted that I may have gotten some nasty comments I also got good concrit and since I didn't have a fit I managed to not be remembered badly either.

>> No.9437977

I think this is a valid point, but I've also seen a lot of (IMHO) decent anonymous concrit on cgl on nitpick/CoF threads.

This is some mediocre bait and if people actually indulge it, I'll laugh. Yeah, cgl isn't perfect but calling certain threads "cesspools" is immature at best and deliberate shit-stirring at the worst.

>> No.9437990

I think this, it would be nice if people on CoF could take constructive criticism without getting offended.

>> No.9437991

Some threads ago, an anon mentioned this one: https://world.taobao.com/item/524309662772.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a312a.7700824.w4002-5083027328.47.VSKlDo
I'm thinking about ordering it since I could use a new petti.

In my comm, a few girl have petties from Bunny House and like them a lot and one has this cage skirt from F+F: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/gothic-steampunk-knee-length-full-birdcage-steel-petticoat-2colors-instant-shipping/ which apparently is pretty good as well, but I guess it depends on how voluminous you want to be.

>> No.9437992

I'm not baiting or shit-stirring, I want to hear people's opinions. I'm biased, for sure. Hopefully hearing other people talk about it will fix that.

>> No.9437997

Look, it boils down to this:
If you don't want your photo to potentially end up other places, don't post it online in the first place. If you're sensitive don't go looking for things that will upset you. Straight up there isn't a positive for the ita thread, it's just to laugh at how horribly dressed some girls are, it's essentially a cringe thread. "Boohoo that's so mean" yeah, it is mean, but laughing at silly looking people has been a thing since humans first started hobbling around. The wishes of the people posted don't matter here, plain and simple. You don't want lots of opinions, you either want a flame wars to start or for people to just agree with you that it's super mean :ccc
It's an anonymous forum where catty girls in pretty dresses can be petty.

>> No.9438000

It is super mean :0 But it can be super helpful too. I dunno', I think posting pictures of people just to laugh at them is cruel, especially if they're already vulnerable people, but equally I've had good advice from cgl in different threads, and the one time I got posted in the ita thread I took the feedback and used it to better myself, but equally, it was horrible. I'm pretty torn : / I just wish you needed to have an account to use cgl, to lose the anonymity, and I wish people on the CoF thread would be more open to constructive criticism and less likely to be offended by it.

>> No.9438002

every time i'm posted here i don't get any actual crit on what i'm wearing, just a few really bitter comments about me personally. i think the same can be applied to some other people. do i think it's weird and kind of shitty? yeah. do i expect people to drop everything and cater to my feelings? nah. /cgl/ isn't for good harsh concrit, but it's not for asspats either. i understand how people feel when they're posted and made fun of, but they should blame the individuals and not the collective.

>> No.9438003

Yes but a lot of new people can't tell if they are getting decent concrit or if they are being trolled. People who don't even wear Lolita have admitted they seriously participate in those threads.

>> No.9438005
File: 138 KB, 480x640, P13OJ211-n-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to reserve the AatP dress that's going up this week, but I've never ordered from their Japan store; it seems like they ship overseas, but invoice the shipping separately? Is that right? Or would it be better to send it to my Tenso address? Also, do you make an account only at checkout? I found the log in page, but not a registration page.

>> No.9438007

>If you don't want your photo to potentially end up other places, don't post it online in the first place.
This is really hard if you are active in your Lolita comm. I never post my coords anywhere but at meets other girls take my picture and post it despite the fact I've made it clear from the beginning that I don't want my picture taken or posted. My comm is really big so people just don't remember that I don't want it.

>> No.9438009

Nope, they invoice everything together. You place the order, and once they receive it, they confirm the order and invoice you. There are plenty of guides to ordering from overseas with them.

>> No.9438012

No, if we lost the anonymity it would just end up being a hugbox like Facebook. I like that I can get real concrit here because people aren't afraid to be banned for being honest. It's ridiculous you need a platform like this to be able to speak your mind in the first place. if you don't like cgl or certain threads have the discipline not to go looking at them.

>> No.9438013

It's on it's own separate market just like jfashon, vintage, and goth

>> No.9438014

They don't post it to COF though, right? If they only keep it to the comm page you can comment to ask to get it taken down. I know it can be hard to be completely invisible if you're part of a very active comm, but this doesn't compare to people who willingly post their picture to COF and then demand only a certain type of comments.

>> No.9438019

Nice trips
You also need to have a little perspective along with everyone else that gets upset about this stupid shit. Of all the people in COF and all the people here and all the people in your life, a handful of trolls said something mean about you, hell it could have been one person samefagging. You and everyone else are getting so upset over something SO INSIGNIFICANT in the grand scheme of things. You really need to buck up if something so small can have such a big effect on you, and that goes for every crybaby the past few days that's come through here. It's not like you ended up on /b/ because your ex boyfriend had a grudge and is now sharing your nude photos with all your contact information. You need to understand how insanely benign it is being trolled is on a SAFE FOR WORK board.

>> No.9438024
File: 18 KB, 564x317, 4E5E191D-5F43-4063-9B24-2FF822F8C1DD-1554-000001F879666292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why are gulls so salty
>threads are cesspools
>"not trying to start shit"

>> No.9438026

But not everyone is after concrit, and a lot of people get their pictures stolen from personal accounts and then posted.

>> No.9438035

Okay, thank you! I did google around but didn't find anything conclusive. I sincerely appreciate the spoonfeeding.

>> No.9438040

I ordered a dress from Baby SanFran and they sent me a tracking number....but it doesn't work?
Do i just need to wait more and maybe the package hasn't been scanned yet into the system or should i message them to check if the number they sent was correct?

>> No.9438041

Most people who are in the comms are quick to call people out when they do this, though. It's not cool to nab pics from private comms or pages. I think that if someone shares a picture on a public platform like Tumblr/FB/IG, it's fair game. If they don't come on here and if their friends don't tell them that they're posted here, they'll never know. If they're that bothered, they should stick to private comms.

>> No.9438043

I get that, I do. But when you suffer from depression all it takes is one person to voice your inner fears and bam, goodbye confidence. It's so easy to respect other people's wishes, to not be posted on cgl. I don't understand why that's so hard for people.

>> No.9438045

Not in COF threads.

>> No.9438049

You're welcome. There are plenty of guides available, albeit mostly on the EGL LJ. The invoice will give you instructions on how much the total amount that you need to pay them is, and you then have to send them the money via Paypal wihin so many days. They don't mark down parcels. Good luck with your order.

>> No.9438053

i get where you're coming from, but you probably won't find a lot of sympathy here because the obvious response is "well get over it! don't read it if it bothers you!!" which is kind of right, but i feel you. for example, if someone shoops themselves, they're obviously insecure about their faces or bodies. so what's the point of making fun of them if you want them to stop? they'll just do it more. or when people make vague, mean posts that have nothing to do with the person's coord. i think those things are wrong, but they'll never stop and we shouldn't expect them to. consider cgl's userbase and the fact that everyone is anon. if they're saying cruel shit, they don't care about the person's feelings in the first place.

>> No.9438054

If you suffer from depression or extremely low self-esteem you probably shouldn't be on 4chan in the first place.

>> No.9438055

I have depression too, you know what I do? I don't go poking around in shit that I know will upset me. Don't you fucking dare use mental illness as some excuse to you being thin skinned and unable to handle your goddamn self. If you can't fucking handle it leave, I'm sick of people like you shitting up the threads.

>> No.9438058

Not everyone on CoF is looking for concrit.

>> No.9438062


what is so difficult about this?

>> No.9438064

triggered much? i don't agree with either of you, but you do realize people don't experience mental illness in the same ways, right? you're using it as a crutch to justify your opinion when you're getting mad about the same thing, lmao

>> No.9438065

Does anybody remember when /cgl/ wasn't full of whiny pissbabies who don't want their feefees hurt?

>> No.9438066

But nobody who is posted in COF threads has their pictures "stolen" from personal pages, they posted it to a 9000+ member community themselves.

>> No.9438068

Yeah, some people LIKE going places that they know will make them feel like shit and nobody can stop them!

>> No.9438070

it's called an illness for a reason

>> No.9438071

Don't wear a shit coord or have an obnoxious personality and you'll be fine.

>> No.9438072

> It's easy to respect others wishes not to be posted on cgl
Why is this so hard to understand? It's not like these images just APPEAR here, someone posts them

>> No.9438073

I'm sick of fck wits like you pulling the mental illness card because you can't handle the world, so yeah I'm triggered
You can be depressed but still have the common fucking sense not to go on 4chan and go looking to have your feeling hurt, why the fuck would you do that? Explain that to me.

>> No.9438077

that's not really true though desu, nice people wearing nice coords get shat on all the time

>> No.9438078

>all anons are the same
i was a different anon disagreeing with you both. keep whining though, your spelling mistakes enhance the hilarity of how triggered you are

>> No.9438081

You know the fb group is a hugbox because people don't want to get banned, not because there's no anonymity.

No, I see it when I'm looking for clothes.

>> No.9438083
File: 252 KB, 640x531, IMG_2409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9438086

whatever keeps you from cutting yourself, special snowflake-chan

>> No.9438091

So depression is an illness that forces you to on 4chan and let trolls ruin your day?

>> No.9438092

Thank you, I agree, and I appreciate your reply.

>> No.9438094

Fair do's, but some people want a chance to defend themselves. It's easy to make a passing judgement when you don't have context.

>> No.9438095

Wow okay sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, but I wasn't using it as an excuse, it was an example. I'm sorry you can't deal with the idea that even people who suffer from depression want to know what people are saying about them, whether they can handle it or not.

>> No.9438096

Honestly, this image applies more to you than to the person you're replying to. Do yourself a favor and apply your own argument--get off of /cgl/ if you don't like what you're seeing.

>> No.9438098

Yeah, a private group.

>> No.9438099

I'm pretty convinced you're the girl who started the thread on RC and you strike me as pretty stupid. If you want to defend yourself go for it, do what every other dumb bitch has done and make a rant about how evil cgl is.
And what context do we need for a community only held together by fashion? It's all about looks when your post a coord, what else would matter?
>oh but I'm poor
>oh but I'm fat
>oh but I'm trans
>oh but I'm a lolita at heart

>> No.9438117

So we should naturally flame people that don't look like models, even if their coord is perfect?

>> No.9438119

>9437958 see

She got spooked and changed everything.

>> No.9438120

I don't think cgl is inherently evil, I think some people ruin it for everyone else, and that would be fixed if they didn't have anonymity. I think talking to people on RC has helped me realise that, and now I'm a bit more open to it.

>> No.9438135

I'd have a more positive outlook if I actually got concrit any time I show up on the COF threads. Instead, there's never any peep about my coord - just comments about my "manface." Yes, thank you, I already know I don't have a pretty face and there's only so much makeup and hair can do for that. I end up not posting to COF often because I don't want to see myself reposted here with yet another pointless barrage of comments about my face and not my outfit.

>> No.9438140

Why do lolitas get so pissy when other lolitas use the fashion in their kinks or other sexual ways? Normal people are always going to link the fashion with sex stuff so idk why you all still freak out over it

>> No.9438143

Generally we don't care about it at all, but a lot of people have felt the need to share their sex life with us. I don't want to hear about what you do in the bedroom, especially not when I met you for the first time and we're at a teaparty.

>> No.9438164

>I just wish you needed to have an account to use cgl
look, you obviously don't know how 4chan works. accounts aren't a thing here and will never be.
hell, just go look at /pol/ for example, /cgl/ is a sanctuary compared to there.
4chan as a whole honestly does not give a shit about anyone's feelings, even /cgl/'s.

>> No.9438173

Basically what >>9438143 said, do what you want but don't involve us in it. No one cares to know about your kinks and sex life. I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept to grasp.

>> No.9438182

Anon with MDD and GAD here, if this is so much of a problem, then you clearly aren't doing anything to help your depression, if you actually have depression. Example or not, it's delusional and insulting to those with mental illness to paint us as such pathetic, fragile masochists. Even the most basic therapy (CBT, REBT) teaches one to accept, and react appropriately to, the actions/behaviors of others. So, if it just takes one off comment to set you off, you aren't getting help and that isn't 4chan's fault. Even so, if you know you can't handle something, don't do it. It's not hard to avoid things that bother you. That's an idea that transverses every mental illness, so there's no excuse that you can't do that because your case is “different from everyone else's”. I have zero sympathy if you put in effort to exacerbate your condition. The only time you can use your illness as an excuse is when something is unavoidable, which cgl and 4chan are not. No one with an illness actually wants to use it as a get-out-of-jail card anyways, because they don't want to feel weak.

Sorry for the sperg-chan rant.

>> No.9438183

Those are just advertisements for the anime circlly on the front page

>> No.9438190

No no no anon clearly the best solution is to make everyone get a 4chan account with their name attached and to enforce use of trigger warnings on all posts.

>> No.9438194

>because it's almost always some pedo fetish
>it's annoying/uncomfortable to have people come into a fashion comm and push their kink
>it's even worse to have them attend public outings and be vocal about their kink, making everyone look like pedos
>I go to CoF for daily coords not upskirts that make me feel like Chris Hansen is gonna kick down my door
>most normies don't even associate the fashion with unless they hear the word lolita or see those kink chans irl

>> No.9438199

*associate the fashion with fetishes

>> No.9438237

Being poor, fat, and trans, not looking like a model doesn't mean you can't have a good coord. That's the point of that post. None of those things have anythign to do with clothing. If you put a shit coord online and someone calls it shit, you've only got your bad taste and laziness to blame. But people act like they are being ~bullied~ for the reasons they use as excuses when not really, they just suck at dressing themselves.

>> No.9438254

i agree but you're completely missing the point, people with good coords get flamed. a lot of the the the crit is less about the coord and more about the person wearing it, which is what you're missing here

>> No.9438264

How long can you wait with writing a review on a seller? Can you write a review before you got the items? Will it automatically be bad if you forget? Lacemarket etc.

>> No.9438290
File: 19 KB, 314x445, turrible lace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that lace is highly questionable
looks like pic related

>> No.9438329

I only give feedback if they don't have any yet desu. You should do it after you received everything, how else can you give a honest review?

>> No.9438339

There can be nothing personal posted on the internet. It'd be better if you learned that now. God, I thought they would be teaching this in schools by now.

>> No.9438351

wasn't this the design people have been waiting since 2015. either way, meh... not as disappointing as that cut on the angel+cross ista mori print though

>> No.9438528

RC and RC Uncensored are filled with people posting their shitty opinions without anonymity, just like loads of Facebook comment sections.

>> No.9438556


Malco Modes is great, but the one I have is too long for my dresses so I had to sew the waistband part shorter (I also made it smaller since the waist was big but that's so easy). I'm thinking about modifying it into a cupcake since most of my dresses need bell and not a-line

>> No.9438647


You must be over eighteen to post on this website.

>> No.9438675


>> No.9438676

Stop using emojis, it's a banable offence. anonymous websites are the last bastion of good content on the internet, usernames and identity kill discussion.

>> No.9438682

You aren't entitled to confidence, if you are shit at something you should feel shit about your ability to do it. Self esteem comes from having traits you *know* are good. If you don't have any of those, then you have no basis to have any self esteem. The answer is to work on yourself, not blame the world for accurately telling you your worth.

>> No.9438690

You could write a review before acceptance, but you should write it after you get the item, after all, they could have sent you something awful. You don't have to leave feedback immediately and it doesnt hurt the seller in any way if you don't. I've forgotten and not left feedback for months. Generally people leave feedback for every purchase but it's up to you

>> No.9438696

The idea is pretty cute, but that lace is bad, kind of looks like a saloon girl costume.

>> No.9438751

casual pastel sweet gets more stares than a full black coord, which really shocked me the first time i went out in sweet and could barely take a step before being stopped by someone. i think it has to do with certain details though. i notice normies make a big deal about printed socks, tea party shoes, but wont bat an eyelash at big curled gothic hair and gothic headdresses

>> No.9438773

you know what, youre right. im burning my clothes tonight. thank you for opening my eyes anon. easters fucking GAY

>> No.9438796

brushed cotton sateen, burberry, twill. new ap is mostly polyester

>> No.9438866

I like crit but all I ever get when I'm posted here is comments on my face. When I use stickers I get no feedback at all or that's a nice coord but why is the face covered. When I used to post in the coord help thread, the comments were all by people with shit taste who would've got me posted to the ita thread. There's too much shitposting and non lolitas here

>> No.9438880

pics or it didnt happen.

>> No.9439054

you need to be 18+ to post here

>> No.9439252

Hi! That was me. I got mine and wore it the other day and it was FANTASTIC. I have photos coming in and I'll post them in some self post thread and mention the petti.

Fair warning, I am super new. My other petticoat is a daily bell from Classical Puppets, and I feel like the construction from the AA one is nicer. I guess, the CP one has really firm pleats in the organza where the AA one is more gathered?

>> No.9439258

Give it a day. USPS tracking sometime takes up to a day to actually update and be a "real" number.

>> No.9442607

Beginner, looking for some rococo-style lolita dresses.

I remember seeing a really pretty one sold by F+F but they took it down ages ago. I know its for sure not the clock print. Sorry if this is the wrong place.

>> No.9442610

This thread is in autosage, meaning nothing can bump the thread and we already made a new lolita general. It's difficult to give you good advice if you don't tell us your budget, but the best way to go is probably to buy something from your favourite brand from lacemarket.

>> No.9442613

Okay, thank you

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