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Let's talk about our Comms. Old thread is almost ded. >>9399412

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Barely no one is the MS comm can fucking dress.

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I'm thinking of making a comm page just because no one is in my town.

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DAT SQUATCH TO THE LEFT!!!! Also who let grandma into their closet?

Is this at Mitsua?

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There's this one newbie who keeps posting/replying with really inane shit on my comm's Facebook page and it's starting to get on my nerves.

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I would block them desu

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Is everyone short or is she tall? Or is it both?
>tfw no tall lolita gf

Also what is that dress at the far right? It's kinda cute! I've never seen it before

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Sugar Cake, by IW.

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I can be your tall lolita gf. I want a shorter girl to be my kawaii arm candy.

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My comm doesn't even have an easter meet. I would organise one myself but I know no one shows up if it's not organised by certain people.

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I'm like 163cm so I'm not *that* short unfortunately.

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I'm 154cm, I can be your arm candy!

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Same here, except she's not even a newbie. She's been posting stupid comments and "what shoes, socks, blouse, accessories and hair accessories should I wear with this dress I just bought?" spoonfeed requests for at least a year and a half. I don't mind helping newbies coord but ffs girl at least try figuring shit out yourself for once.

There's other stuff coming up in May, though, so I'm not too bothered.

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I lowkey want to see two cute short lolitas fighting over a tallita

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I'm not short (and probably not kawaii) enough, the other anon wins there. Ah well.
M...Maybe one day i'll find a tall lolita gf to love me tenderly.

Thanks! I didn't know IW made such a sweet oriented print.

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iw used to be considered a sweet lolita brand by a lot of people

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I am 150cm, so I win!! Take me!

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Fight me. I'm 147cm

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>tfw now i feel worthless
>tfw now feel too tall to have a tall lolita gf ever

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she's tall but only like 6' at most so those other girls are all really short too. I think that's the joke

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So I'm moving up to Minnesota here soon, and know there is a Minneapolis comm, but are there any lolitas in the Fargo/Moorhead area? I doubt it, but I'm curious

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Don't worry anon, tall people usually want to date other average-sized to tall people. My bf is 6'6" and I'm 5'4" and it's honestly really awkward. At least I can wear platform RHS and feel less like a midget next to him lol

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My lolita gf is about 160 cm and im 195~ cm (also a lolita).

It's the life.

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anon im jealous, your life is dream life

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I'm 144 cm!! Take me into your arms anon! <3

(I feel like a fucking midget, I always assumed most lolitas were on the shorter side but now I see that I'm wrong, everyone else is average height)

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>tfw 173cm awkward and no short nor tall lolita gf

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>gf is 5'11"
>maybe has an interest in lolita
I'm hopeful. I want her to cosplay with me too, that would be the ultimate dream.

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>TFW 180cm
>tfw always the long jsks
>tfw the underskirts

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>come complains there aren't enough meet ups
>people make more
>no one comes

What the fuck do you guys even want then??

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They don't come to fancy meet ups, they don't come to casual meet ups, but somehow always expect everyone to cater to their schedule.

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squatchlitas unite

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I...I would be your gf anon. I'm 11cm shorter and awkward too

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Is your comm full of young lolitas who don't have cars or something?
Along that same vein; if you have a car NEVER offer ANYONE a ride unless they were you're friend before you joined the comm. you'll get bombarded with people begging for rides and of course, never offering to pay for gas

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Your** ffs

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Lolita is so much more fun with a SO vs a community :)))

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Omg twin with me, I'm 147cm too

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If you're that tall to begin with, be the Queen. The shorter people are lackeys.

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Maybe she's really scared of criticism and doesn't date to wear stuff without checking it's not ita.

every time

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That feel when your SO wants to get into lolita and you're helping them but don't want to bring them to your comms meets since they are rude to outsiders coming into the comm.

I have more fun with her any way. But also would like to go to a meet up again since the comm has finally started planning good meets that are not boring tea house and park potluck meets.

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Then lend her some clothes and have her look the part when you take her to a meet? If she's genuinely interested, it'll show. And it'll be a great conversation topic!

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My comm's Easter meet was cancelled because the host couldn't be bothered planning it, but I saw a lot of the girls out today. I'm really disappointed because I was looking forward to the meet.

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Is this Melbourne? There must have been a private meet, then.

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I have gotten her some stuff of her own actually. My comm simply isn't very welcoming of outsiders since it's kinda an invite only type of meet for ILD. There is an open comm meet but it's on a day that we have a wedding to go to.

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whats going on with the melbourne comm? so quiet lately.

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The mods went MIA so it kinda seems to have fallen apart. There's an 18+ comm that's new and pretty active, but other than that Melb is pretty silent atm.

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it would be cute, if it wasn't cause im 99% sure we live in different countries

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>tfw am in Belgium
Sending you love from far away though.

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>tfw Spain
same, good luck on your quest to find a lolita gf

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>189cm here
help me, i own 89cm AP dresses

>my Lolita/IRL gf is 150cm

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We're not a full continent away though.
Same for you. I'm sure we can find love and happiness.

Lmao that sounds really cute. You guys must be adorable

Welp I transformed this comm thread into lesbean central. Sorry.

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I've only offered a ride once, and didnt get that to happen.
Wish I did though,
because I end up really busy, and not motivated to do lolita, and im sure if people asked for rides, i'd be more willing to go knowing someone I kinda knew was there,

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There's more than one comm in Melb you know There's like 3?

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Lol she acts like it already, she's kind of the worst.

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Subtle vendetta you got there

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Girl in my comm openly lies to all the noobs about how certain members stole her clothes during a fashion show, another ripped her dress at a con, and supposedly that the mod told her to kill herself to her face. She continuously stirs the pot with imaginary drama and keeps reminding everyone that she's "not the problem," but our elitist mods are. She's technically banned from all comm activity, but she still somehow weasels her way to some and causes a giant shit storm online about how everyone in our comm is either a bitch, an ita, brand whore, etc. And how we're all a reminder for her of how much better she is than us.

Why can't this wannabe efamous lolcow go away?? She keeps talking about making a new comm for "lovelies that don't fit the mold of elitist brand whore in the main comm."
I don't like some of the members she talks about either, but ffs this is a hobby not a career. Once the wig comes off, I could care less. I just wish she'd stop tarnishing my reputation by saying I'm one of her best friends.....we haven't even hung out alone before. Now my comm treats me like I'm diseased because whenever she does show up, she clings onto me worse than a 2319. I wish she'd just make the damn comm and leave ours in peace.

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>clings onto me worse than a 2319
Holy shit she sounds awful but this is a hilarious way to describe someone anon, fuckin props

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Lol glad someone got my reference!
And yes, she's my high school throwback for life...I'm too old for this kind of shit.

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Ask the host if you can bring a plus one in lolita, your SO. Maybe if you ask for permission ahead of time, they'll allow it.

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Bianca in Hawaii?

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>all that height talk
>tfw 5'0"
>i look like a midget next to tall european women

>> No.9438141

I'll be your 5'0'' gf and then we can twin

>> No.9438142

if you're in Florida i just might accept your offer!
>tfw i've also always wanted a twinning partner

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Damn, I'm in Massachusetts.

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Don't bring your fucking kid to meet ups

Everyone else who wants to actually have a good time

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Agreed. I don't even dislike kids but lolita meetups are not the time or place. The entire social dynamic changes when there are kids present. Personally I start to feel on edge like I need to be more alert all the time just in case something happens to the kid, and some people suddenly need to censor their personalities. Unless you're somewhere super public and kid-friendly like a zoo and have your SO around to do all the parenting and take the kid back home once the group moves to a more private location, do not bring your kids.

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God leave your crotch fruit at home. I hate entitled breeders.

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I'm 177cm so you are a bit shorter than me.

I'm not fussy though, as long as you're well dressed and can do make up nicely!

>tfw no short qt lolita friend to go to meets with and twin and be cute together

>> No.9439299

Saaaame, where are you guys in real life??

My ex was 6'4 when I'm 4'10 lol the awkwardness was real desu, the current one is only 6' and it's waaay better

>> No.9439301

I guess I dress ok but I'm not really good at makeup at all I just do the basics ;_;
But I'm lucky enough to have clear skin, so I can afford to go for a more natural look I guess? (anyway liner looks bad on me because i have a light hair and light eyes).

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Every comm should put a disclaimer that they are not child friendly and no one under 16 is allowed. It is an adult group.

>> No.9439401

I have light hair and blue eyes! You can definitely use liner. Brown and silver work best for me and can still look natural and bright.

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Gulls, what would your dream meet up entail?

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I love kids but i can't help but agree. A Lolita Meet up is no place for a child.

>> No.9439422

If they're able to get a babysitter, they should just get a sitter. Period. If a bunch of moms want to have a mommy and me meet up, cool. Otherwise, let the meet up be FUN for everyone else instead of trying to make it all about your kid. The poor kid is unlikely to have a good time, anyway.

It's not the same thing but you don't see me trying to bring my dog to meet ups because 1. Not everybody likes dogs 2. Dogs can be smelly and messy and lolita is expensive and 3. People could be allergic.

I would honestly love to meet up for light snacks/coffee/tea before an opera or a ballet performance and then hang out near the venue to gush about it over drinks (or more coffee, not picky.)

Nearby comms have arranged meets at castles which is just so cool and I'd love to travel to one of these meets some day as well.

>> No.9439426

My comm has actual lolita members who are 13 and 14. They're as annoying as you'd expect young teens to be (plus spoiled as fuck) and whine up a storm whenever anyone tries to make a 16+ or 18+ meetup because ~ageism~. I wish our entire community was 16+.

>> No.9439446 [DELETED] 

Oh, I know! I've seen girls wearing it really well and they look super pretty but it just doesn't look good on me with my weird features and especially my weird Gollum eyes lmao ;_;

>> No.9439448

Oh, I know! I've seen girls wearing it really well and they look super pretty but it just doesn't look good on me with my weird features and especially my weird eyes ;_;

>> No.9439492

This is why I want to host/plan 21+ meet ups with alcohol. I'm going to meets to make friends and socialize, not babysit.

>> No.9439554

That's my dream meetup as well! There are so many ballets and operas I really want to see but nobody I know is interested. I literally BEGGED friends and family to go see the Nutcracker with me last Christmas but nobody wanted to, and the few times I've tried to make opera/concert/ballet meetups with my comm there was zero interest. Sure it can be expensive, but not always! I know at least some of the girls spend two or three times the cost of a ballet on a single day at an anime convention without blinking. They're just not interested.

>> No.9439617

>Maybe she's really scared of criticism and doesn't date to wear stuff without checking it's not ita.
That's what I often imagine when I see people desperately posting to the coord help thread asking for an entire coord to be made for them.

I think being creative is part of it, however. Like you gotta try to put stuff together. You also shouldn't be out to please other fagtards on sites like this or even places like normiebook.

>> No.9439625

>People could be allergic.

This is legit. I'm allergic to kids.

>> No.9439626

Smoking weed and watching a Disney movie while eating fancy tea cakes.

>> No.9439652

Seriously. I hate little kids that want to hang out with adults. Like, you'll be grown soon enough. Until then you gotta just do your own thing so you can actually grow up instead of trying to hang around older people and attempting to pull off the same kind of things that adults do.

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>everyone looks really nice, none of the irredeemable itas or people with embarrassing public behaviour show up
>conversation flows smoothly and people have a nice time
>we're not dragged to the same bad Japanese restaurant as always, and the place where we get food is both delicious and filling with a range of price options, clean and not disgustingly steamy inside
>(if the meal is at the start/middle of the meet price is more important, if it's at the end it doesn't matter as much as people whose budget doesn't stretch to it can leave early or go elsewhere in smaller groups)
>the weather is good (sunny/snowy is nice but anything that's not wet, windy or really overcast and dark is fine)
>we all get some nice photos in a pretty location but don't spend forever on it
>personal preference, but I'd love it to be in some historic location with some element of nature as well (e.g. stately home), ideally somewhere interesting I haven't been before
>duration 4-8 hours, should include meal, activity, photos and optional snacks extra snacks/drinks if it goes on a long time (e.g. going for bubble tea/coffee)
>activity is something that people can do at their own pace, allows for breaks in the conversation but doesn't require sitting in silence for several hours like the cinema would
>easy access to drinks/toilets throughout the meet, host is prepared with things like plasters for blisters so nobody is caught short
>no drama or hassle from the public on the way home (beyond the control of the host, but always good)
>ideal group size is 6-15 depending on location, enough for a largeish group of people and some flexibility without becoming impossible to organize or drawing loads of normie attention

>> No.9439689

There's a coffee shop in my city that allows people to draw/paint on the walls so it's always a shifting landscape of street art and twitter tags.

I've daydreamed about having a meet there and bringing cutesy paint colors and glitter and shimmery sharpies and making the walls look super kawaii with other Lolitas, but I know no one would actually want to do that and risk getting their clothes dirty.

>> No.9439692

That's such a cute idea, maybe if you had short sleeves and aprons, or cheaper pieces?

>> No.9439708

A meetup like this would be the only reason why I would ever buy or wear a replica.

>> No.9439723

Tacky, just don't spill.

>> No.9439750

Me too, omg.

I even have a pretty pink bong.

>> No.9439806

Someone link that 420frill discord

>> No.9439813

Does your comm do casual/jfash meets? Mine has done that before to give newbies a chance to meet people.

>> No.9439819

You could do it alone or with one or two friends and at least make a nice Tumblr/Insta post out of it.

>> No.9439821

Have you ever had sex in you Lolita outfit?

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some lolitas have

>> No.9439881

"Lolita outfit"

Why do all the creeps come here for their fap material?

>> No.9439891

Same, except I'd like to add some stoner arts and crafts where we deco grinders or something

>> No.9439900

Did you post this just so you had an excuse to post that stupid picture? Fuck off.

>> No.9439904

If anyone ever came on my $300+ dress they'd better be licking the stain off of it afterward.

>> No.9439926

Careful not to cut yourself on all that edge

>> No.9439927

Seriously. I hate how mothers with small children feel entitled to some kind of camaraderie from other women, especially in lolita. They expect us to gush over their kids and offer to help out, but anytime I've been to a meet where someone brings their baby/kid it's been fucking obnoxious. I'm not paying to deal with your crying kid and honestly I would flip the fuck out if my dress got fucked up because kids are stupid and don't understand how not to knock shit over. Instead of paying for lolita pay for a babysitter instead of using the comm as a babysitter.
>it's always great if the little one can come
Does she bring her "little one" to meets on the regular or some bullshit?

>> No.9439947

I find a lot of girls with this problem is caused by the gap between the liner and their eyelashes. If this is the problem for you, try tightlining and really applying mascara down at the roots of your lashes. It will make a world of difference.

>> No.9440135

I'm on the parenting side and I prefer keeping my kid home when I go to a meetup. I want to relax and enjoy myself without worrying about having to watch and discipline my kid at meetups.

My husband pulled that stunt and came to a meetup with our kid(I had no plan bringing him but dad just decided to go), and other noted how different I was with my kid around. Some even thought I didn't like them, but it was actually because I was stuck keeping an eye on a toddler instead of just actually enjoying myself. How can I relax while worrying about my kid getting hurt or ruining somebody's dress? I honestly don't think parents realize how much having a kid around changes the atmosphere of an event.

My kid stays home now and dad watches him, if he can't and no babysitter, I don't go.

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after drawing the "garden hoes" story i really felt like drawing again. if anyone has a funny story about your comm that youd like drawn hmu

>> No.9440617

My dream meet-up is an elegant tea party on a cruise ship with beautiful coords and amazing food. Or in a castle.

>> No.9440696

My dream meet up would be in a cat cafe. Like everyone dressed up really cute playing with cats and sipping tea sounds amazing. In theory, at least. It will never happen for obvious reasons.

>> No.9440703

I'm 170 cm, anon. Come be my arm candy!

>> No.9440713

Gothic meet in a dark, quiet bar where we talk and drink absinthe before heading to a concert.

>> No.9440714

It isn't fucking ageism to bar children from an event.

I hate tumblr.

>> No.9440725

Same. If my husband or mom can't keep my kid for a meetup, I don't go. My kid is my first priority.

I am allowing kid's at an upcoming meet. A comm member has been badgering us for a child friendly meet for like a year and I finally gave in. I'm not bringing mine though and I'm not thrilled about it.

>> No.9440727

We've done meets in a cat café and it was fine, you just have to scout out the venue beforehand to see how well-kept it is. We went to one at the end of the day and the place was still really clean (nothing like the house of the average cat-owner). I'd dressed down because I was worried about damaging clothes but I didn't even get hairs on anything, I was so surprised.

>> No.9440784

My comm has done a cat cafe meet as well and it was great! Maybe don't wear something super delicate like chiffon and don't pick up the cats or do anything else that might make them scratch at you, and you'll be fine. I spent almost all my time at the cafe playing with the cats (instead of socialising lol whoops) and my clothes looked just like they did before I entered. My burando was more at risk from the food than the cats.

>> No.9440797

Girl in my comm is hosting a pretty cool meet soon, with an activity and tea party. No one has paid or RSVP'd yet. I really want to go but don't want to drive far away for a two person meet. I hope other people join soon.

>> No.9440799

If you make the first move, other people will join. Someone's gotta be the first to RSVP/buy a ticket. I also tend to bother friends to come along which seems to be the most effective way of getting people to go to a meet.

>> No.9440971

See, it's not fun for the mom unless she's super narcissistic and wants everyone to fawn over her kid. Most parents are going to wanna, you know, parent their kid. It's not a fun time for the mom, the comm, or the child. I have three lolita mom friends and they've never brought their kids to meet ups. Heck, they barely even talk about their kids because they want time to focus on their hobbies/friends for a bit.

Ugh, yes. I'd love this so much.

>> No.9440986

It's stressful with a kid there, especially one that's young enough to run around and hurt themselves or cause damage. I can't relax when I worry that my kid might ruin somebody's dress. I don't want to see anybody's stuff damaged, let alone pay for it.

Also I've had to fight to break off just being "MOM" and family especially seems to forget that. The words "who's gonna watch your son?" When I said I was going to a meetup and/or event have passed people lips and it's like they completely forget I'm married and have a husband fully capable of spending time with his kid while I get a few hours of peace and frills. I'm fucking allowed a moment or two to just not be mom, just as much as my husband doesn't have to be in full dad mode 24/7 either.

Sorry I've gone off a tangent but it's frustrating.

>> No.9443037

Any neat new meets coming up?

>> No.9443058

A lot of people think the father doesn't want any thing to do with the kid. That's why you get the " who's gonna watch the baby" comments. Tbf the older the person the more mentality that women take care of kids and men work you will find. It's just how they them selves where raised. You're lucky honestly to have a husband willing to watch the child. Many people have kids and the father only wants it when it's quiet and not being a child. Once they start crying, need a diaper change, hungry or are just down right having a bad day. The father usually ducks out and leaves it on the mother. You sound like you found yourself a true gem of a man.

>> No.9443077

We're going to a cat cafe in our city! I've been meaning to go for ages, so I'm really excited.

>> No.9443410

Are we allowed to talk about how NC is trying to kill herself by going to a chiropractor to treat what sounds like a neurological problem?

>> No.9444146

Does anyone know if there is a Stockholm/Gothenburg/General Swedish Facebook community? I've searched on Facebook but I can't seem to find it.

I'm visiting there and would really like to see if there are any meets going on during the time that I am going to be there. I'd love to meet some Swedish lolitas.

I know that there are quite a few lolitas in Sweden, because I saw a video on Youtube. But I can't find any...

>> No.9444164

I brought my kid to a meetup once because she was too small to be left with her dad. 0/10 do not recommend.

>> No.9444175

>she was too small to be left with her dad
You scared he can't take care of an infant? Or do you have separation anxiety when you're not with your child? New first time mothers tend to behave like this. If her father is a good father, then he should be able to care for his child new born or not.

>> No.9444274

so i have a sudden urge to become pregnant recently and there's a half decent brolita in my comm that i'm willing to have unprotected sex with. how do i go about asking the brolita to have sex with me without drawing ire and drama from my comm?

>> No.9444277
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>> No.9444288

Being pregnant sucks, I've had heartburn/acid reflux so bad for the past month, I barely get any sleep because of it. I never had such problems ever before. My skin is starting to show stress from lack of sleep, I'm so upset. And all of a sudden my boobs got huge and gross, I was fitting easily into burando but now nothing fits

>> No.9444315

She didn't take a bottle, it was a pain but obviously that isn't something that lasts a long time. I leave her with her dad now pretty often.

>> No.9444356

What are you talking about? She has a pinched nerve, you expect her to fix it with CBT?

>> No.9444363

If she was that young and you couldn't get her on a bottle, you shouldn't have gone to the meet. It's all around bad choices you made for yourself and the child. Sounds like it was a 0-3 month old infant. after that, the baby should be able to take a bottle and you can pump before the meet so she had food.

>> No.9444388

Some kids that are BF never learn to take a bottle - they'll straight-up refuse until they can get it fresh off the tap.

>> No.9444397

Then you don't leave your home till your child takes the bottle. If you're breast feeding, you pretty much don't get any me time till they take the bottle. it's the hard truth about being a mom. Some times you don't get to have alone fun time. It's the responsibility you take when you decide to have children. I owned up to my responsibilities as a mother and don't go to meets for almost 8 months because I had to care for my daughter while her father was over seas. If I wasn't able to get a baby sitter now I wouldn't go. I love her but Lolita is a mommy thing. Not a family thing.

>> No.9444409

thank god parents like you exist, thanks for not being an entitled jackass

>> No.9444411

Yeah that's exactly what I wrote, it was a bad call. Whatever, it was over a year ago.

>> No.9444527

Who fucking cares? Thats not for your comm to deal with. You sound like a shitty parent.

My comm has several momlitas who cant be bothered to leave their demons at home. Then theres one with a whiny newborn, a shitty boyfriend who argues with everyone at the meet AND THEY BRING THEIR "SUPPORT" CAT EVERY TIME. I would take the screaming baby over the cat anyday because a few girls and I have told her we have allergies. Its not even a real support animal

>> No.9444529

Bring it up with your mods. Or plan meets with your close friends to avoid her. She sounds insufferable and should be avoided if she behaves like that. Is she ita? She sounds ita.

>> No.9444533

Neurological refers to disorders of the nerves. You know, the type of thing you go to an actual doctor for. The md kind, not the phd kind. I guess she's just melodramatic if that's how she deals with a pinched nerve.

>> No.9444549

What the fuck who brings a cat to a meetup? The poor thing must be absolutely miserable being lugged around to strange places and being around so many strange people. Cats are not dogs. Leave it at home where it feels comfortable and can do its own thing. Same with the baby. I don't understand how someone can be so selfish.

>> No.9444581

All lolitas need to stop bringing their extra baggage with them regardless of what it is - boyfriends, animals, and kids. If its not dressed in lolita, keep it far away from our meets. I hate going to meets because of this

>> No.9444601

Not Swedish but they have a group called Lolita Sverige which could help?

>> No.9444631

Wouldn't need thanks anon. I just am aware of my surroundings and what is and isn't time to be mom versus being me.

>> No.9444643

Agreed, especially for ticketed events. Several girls in my community apparently cannot function without their greasy boyfriends and always take them along to meetups, including ones with limited attendance. We'll be having high tea at a beautiful location and instead of being surrounded by other lolitas there are men in casual clothes on either side of me who smell of BO, complain about everything and keep sneaking from my plate because theirs "had too little" and they're still hungry. IMO when there's limited seating priority should go to actual lolitas, but when the mods hinted at enforcing that rule a bunch of these girls started crying about their social anxiety (more like codependency issues) and how they would feel excluded if their boyfriends were excluded.
>and nothing of value was lost
But no, that would be wrong UwU so the greasy boyfriends can stay and anyone who doesn't like it is a meanie ableist UwU

>> No.9444688

I've never had to deal with annoying boyfriends. On our meets, they take pictures, answer questions from random people, and are generally helpful to have around when they come. I guess I lucked out with my comm.

>> No.9444715

I agree. I didn't go to meets for the first year after my kid was born. Thankfully she took a bottle for dad when I went to work, but then after a few hours my breast would get large and sore and it was impractical to pump/Brest feed in lolita.
I mean I'd still wear it a lot, but out just the three of us for icecream or the zoo, etc. You don't need to go to a meetup to wear lolita.

>> No.9444719

Once someone brought their cat to a meetup and got posted here. I was WTF-ing about who and why until I saw the photos of my comms latest meetup and it was someone who I really liked and thought had enough common sense...I don't think anyone else had brought strange things to meetups since then. We've had a few people bring their small friendly and well mannered dogs before, which doesn't bother me since dogs like the attention, but it still wonder why she thought she should bring her cat?

>> No.9444793
File: 1.08 MB, 1280x1826, tumblr_nf2c99krcX1sbdotfo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is the SF comm? Am I right to assume that whiny poorfags are probably way in the minority and they're overall well dressed? I know I'm being snobby, but I can't really deal with comms that are heavy on itas and people complaining about how they can't afford things. Given the economic situation in SF and the fact AP and BtSSB are right there, I'm guessing I don't have to worry about that? Anything else to know about the comm?

Pic unrelated

>> No.9444932


I'm 168 cm and I have /two/ available arms ;D

>> No.9445019

Not all cats are like that. Some are really social and love attention..

>> No.9445022

Cool but leave it at home

>> No.9445023

>keep sneaking from my plate because theirs "had too little" and they're still hungry
That's wildly inappropriate and I'd raise absolute hell if that happened to me. Did you go to your mods about that? Did you bring that up when they mentioned the rule?

Like you can be codependent all you want, but once your boy is grabbing at other people's stuff? that's crossing the line.

>> No.9445038


If someone's bringing a significant other to a meet, they need to dress up. Doesn't have to be J-fashion, I've seen lots of girls bring significant others in suits, or business attire, and I'm cool with that.

If your boy refuses to dress up just the smallest of bits to go to an event with a dress code, you should probably drop him.

>> No.9445246

My son never took a bottle either anon. But I stayed my ass home until my supply leveled out enough to go a few hours without nursing.
I think meet ups should be an adult event, not an opportunity for a family outing. It's a chance for the mother to interact with other adults and not think about their kid for 3 hours. Not to mention how miserable everyone is when you bring your child. I took my son to a few child friendly meet ups like the aquarium and a museum, but he didn't have as much fun as he would have if it were just us. Not to mention I barely had any fun because I'm so fixated on my child and not ruining anyone's clothes.
And like other anons have said, if you can't find a babysitter, tough shit. Guess you'll have to just sit that one out.
Sure there was a time when I wanted to bring my kid to meet ups. So I decided to host mommy and me meet ups where we could all bring our kids together and be cute. I made sure the events were public in case any members that didn't have kids wanted to come. But most of the time it was just moms and no one complained.

I love my son, but I know not everyone does and that's okay. It's nothing personal against you or the child. Sometimes people just don't like kids, and that's understandable. They made their choice not to have one, I made my choice to have one, I'm not going to force my choice on them.
That's like subjecting people to your second hand smoke because you like smoking.

Anyway back on track with comm talk. Has anyone successfully registered their comm as a non profit?

>> No.9445275

Yeah sorry, my cat is super social and adventurous and I love him to pieces too, but it's really really common for people to be allergic to cats in varying degrees. I don't even sell clothes (cleaned, protected) without disclosing I have a cat because some people's allergies are that severe.

>> No.9445282

This just reminds me of the first time I did a meet-up (I just got into Lolita and one of the mods suggested I should make one) I researched other meets and a common theme was "No children" at the time. So I put that in the meet-up description. Another girl decided, because she had a child, she would make a meet-up as on the same day and time and since she was a long time member of the comm it was more popular. Made me feel like shit, never went to a meet-up after that. Wish she just talked to me and asked.

>> No.9445295

I think it's weirder if they wear business attire or something they'd wear to a wedding/funeral. I think they should try to express themselves with the way they dress, like we do. It would be ideal for them not to come at all tough.

>> No.9445308

what's the story here?

>> No.9445315

>second hand tykes

>> No.9445350

i dont know if you're referring to the other one i mentioned or just the image. the image there is just made up but i imagine a gull joining a new comm, on her best behaviour because you never know how the mods/comm feels about cgl. So she goes to her first meet and is listening to the general convo until suddenly someone makes a cgl reference. everyone pulls out their phones and discusses the ita thread and cgl drama and she realizes her comm is nothing but a flock of seagulls

>> No.9445358

I think I've only seen like 2 itas in the past year.

>> No.9445362

I would kind of prefer a male goth or (non-crusty) punk at a meet to a guy in an office suit. Heck, even an emo. Something alt, if that's his thing.

>> No.9445370

That's fucking shitty of her anon. We have a rule on not scheduling meets at the same time as someone else (with some exceptions). We had to introduce it because one member made a meet and another bitched right in the meetup page about it (too expensive, she didn't like the food...). She then tried to organize her own meet, still on the same page, concluding that it's only logical because no one is going to want to go to the first girl's meet anyway. I was livid. I thought it was just common sense not to schedule meets at the same time as other people.

>I think meet ups should be an adult event, not an opportunity for a family outing. It's a chance for the mother to interact with other adults and not think about their kid for 3 hours.
Yeah, it's really important to have that time to recharge. I love my child very much, but being mom is not my whole identity. Mommy and me meetups sound kinda cute tho.

I actually used to bring her with me fairly often - she was a very easy and quiet infant. I've taken her to meets at festivals, the mall, family friendly restaurants, and smaller meetups at members' houses. Though that's only because besides her temperament, I lucked out with my comm - it's on the smaller side and extremely chill. I wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise without ruining everyone's time. Also, a kid at afternoon tea or a ticketed event sounds like a fucking nightmare. Just the mere thought of tiny hands grabbing after fancy teacups makes me cringe.

Now that she's a toddler though, she's active and rambunctious and I don't bring her unless she is specifically invited (and sometimes not even then). Her dad actually has a pretty easy time - she's very clingy towards me but she's happy to leave him alone and play by herself for extended periods of time lol. Likewise, because she's so clingy, it's more important than ever for me to get a breather for the sake of my sanity.

>> No.9445435

I love the SF comm and have made a lot of genuine friends here. Some people have a lot of spending money and some don't. If you plan on joining please keep your shitty attitude to yourself.

>> No.9445493

>not wanting to deal with people who complain about not having any money during events dedicated to an expensive fashion is having a shitty attitude
This is why /cgl/ hates poorfags so much

>> No.9445791
File: 160 KB, 960x960, 18010257_117664625450633_1918241455253094037_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Allow me to rant about this girl from my comm.
This bitch reserved a 400$ dress from my sale's album only to make me wait for TWO MONTHS and come up with excuses every time i asked her about it. Then a friend of mine told me that lots of girls have had problems with her (reserving items and never paying/publically posting her "new purchases" while still having things to pay, swaping dresses with a girl and never sending hers then claiming it was "lost", blocked a girl the day when she had to pay for a dress she reserved for a month,... and the list goes on. She keeps buying/reserving shit without having the means to pay it)
And she also whines about "itas" and "fake lolitas" once in a while when she looks like shit herself even though she got lots of brand

>> No.9445852

>making dolly cat look this tacky and awful
Where do her crimes end

>> No.9445858

>selling to itas

>> No.9445860

Lolita Sverige
Lolita i Stockholm
Lolita Fashion Göteborg

>> No.9446165

Always have a nonrefundable deposit on holds and payment plans! I never do anything less than $50 on dresses.

If I were you, I'd cancel the sale, tell the community mod, and encourage the other girls to do the same.

>> No.9446168

Different anon, but how big is it? How often are there meets?

>> No.9446176

It's a prettt big comm but spread over the entire bay area, so unless it's a big meet people will probably only show up if it's closer to them. There's a monthly meet at the SF Japantown every last Sunday, and usually a couple more casual meets every month. We'll usually do big meets for holidays.

>> No.9446305

What about going to cat cafe meet ups? Do you not go?

Those people can sit things out. I'm allergic to stuff so I avoid it.

>> No.9446312

Are you retarded? You expect to be around cats at a cat cafe. That's the point of going to one. Don't ruin a meetup for someone by bringing your fucking cat to a meetup. It doesn't belong there.

>> No.9446317

You sound selfish. Don't have a kid, please.

>> No.9446319

SF is not only overall well dressed but really friendly and welcoming! There are definitely a few people who are kinda ita or bodyline chans but the people I tend to see meet to meet always look great.
Most of the comm is people with jobs so no one really makes 'brand is too expensive/ lolitas are elitist!!1' type comments.

There are at least a couple meets in SF per month and usually one in another part of the bay or Sac (there's also a separate Sac comm but they seem to post about their meets in the SF comm too). You get a lot of choice in what events you want to go to so that's cool.

>> No.9446366
File: 19 KB, 500x171, IMG_0296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>majority of comm is itas or girls who squeeze into AP so small they look like overstuffed sausages
>i've been the comm leader for about 3 years now, i'm one of the best dressed members and i try to be friendly and personable at all times
>fat milkyfawn wannabe is trying to undermine me and is so thirsty for efame she no longer even has a personality beyond generic Lolita kawaii uguu shit
>constantly in a power play against her because i'm bitter
>i'm buying her dream dress just so i can wear it to the next meet even though i don't care that much for it

>> No.9446427

She sounds annoying but you sound really childish

>> No.9446432

Hey, if they pay they pay.

>> No.9446433

why the hell would you want to be leader of a comm full of itas and fatties anyway. Why do comms need a leader in the first place?

>> No.9446436

Petty af, anon. Just remember what goes around, comes around.

>> No.9446554

I kinda wish I could find the lolita comm in my area, but apparently it's a private Facebook group. Not that I have FB anyway but I'd have possibly considered getting one if it meant I could join.
Then again, after all the horror stories I hear about lolita comms I wonder if it's like that because of some insane drama that went down and I'd be better off not being involved in the first place.

>> No.9446572
File: 1.19 MB, 960x936, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live out in the middle of nowhere out in the South, so lolita isn't a big thing down here. We have our one comm and I'm debating whether or not I should get involved with it. It's tiny and ita as fuck, but it's pretty much the only opening I've got as far as lolita comms go.

>pic related
>that's their last comm meet
>i'm still trying to figure out what girl on right is wearing for shoes

>> No.9446575

Why wouldn't they? Have you ever been in a comm without someone at the head of it? It's tons of people trying to plan meets as the same time and arguing about what they should do. Having a leader helps keep everything organized.

>> No.9446592

They normally don't let you BRING your cats to a cat cafe because you never know how other cats will react to yours. That and you really ought to ask them before doing something so irresponsible. Be mindful of those who are allergic and leave your fucking cat at home.

But cat cafe meet anon I hope you have fun with the cute cats and may they not scratch your brand.

>> No.9446594

This photo is a disaster.
Have you tried the friend-finding thread?

>> No.9446611

Lolita comms keep their facebook groups private so we don't get creepers all up in our business. Unless you mean private as in unsearchable? Anyway, all you gotta do is send the mods a message like "Hey guys, I'm a lolita in the area, can I join?" and as long as you can verify it with some photos or whatever you'll probably be accepted.

As for drama, you can search /cgl/ archives. If there was some horrible drama that blew up publicly, you'll find out about it that way. Of course, comms can have their own drama and it's kept under wraps, but 99% of comms are nice and civil.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1evXegSoFbfEXn8o0joeA-KFvolNKPKllgvaYqNgvOiw/edit#gid=1 dunno how recent this is but you can use it to find a comm near you.

>> No.9446612

Yikes, which state, anon? If you're anywhere near me, I'll save you.

>> No.9446613

Not really; I have plenty of online lolita friends but it's the real life contact and outfits that I wish I could have.

>> No.9446616

Arkansas, please save me anon

>> No.9446636

Dammit, I'm in the Deep South. If you're ever near Alabama, hit up the comm here. We're a decent bunch.

>> No.9446641

I mean private as in unsearchable/hidden from what I understand, yes. Had a look at the link and the comm isn't on there, but I'll have to look at some of the others to check whether any of them are near-ish to me.

>> No.9446646

Not sure if this is the right thread but I can't think of anywhere else to ask.

I'm going to New Orleans soon and was just wondering if there are any stores that sort of cater or carry any jfash? It's a pretty big place so I thought their might be but I can't find much online.

>> No.9446661


>> No.9446716

Thanks, I appreciate it. Hopefully they don't deny me just because I live in burgerland.

>> No.9446719

Is that definitely their last meet, or is it an old cover photo/public post? First comm I joined only had kinda ita photos visible in photo albums, but when I started attending meets I realised most people dressed well and just posted meet pics to their personal Facebooks.

>> No.9446770

Kawaii NOLA?

4826 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

>> No.9446873

>only 1 out of 7 isn't super fat
This is the most southern American thing I have every seen

>> No.9446876

Oh anon I'm so sorry.

>> No.9446877

I update the doc with any new comm links that people send me! If there's stuff missing or you'd like to add a lolita/jfashion comm, please contact me at the email in the contact section

>> No.9446901
File: 7 KB, 264x191, images-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I worry that I'm that girl. Trying to put extra effort for the monthly meet coming up.

>> No.9446908
File: 11 KB, 243x207, images-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone successfully reduced the amount of itas in their comm ? Either by teaching the how to dress or unfriendliness?

>> No.9446914

Sounds like milkyswan cunt

>> No.9446931

we're having some event at an astronomy museum/ planetarium that we're renting out, and in the fall we're going to a famous "ghost town" in the mountains

>> No.9446932

No shit you don't bring cats to a cat cafe you fuck yard. What I'm saying is people with allergies can either avoid cats at meets by NOT GOING TO CAT CAFE MEETUPS. Otherwise, don't fucking being your cat to a random ass meetup that isnt centered around your home ie an in-home meet up. >>9445022 asked if I avoided cat cafe meetups. I fucking love cats so I don't avoid cat cafe meetups. But I don't bring my cat to meetups because they don't fucking belong. Do you not get reading comprehension or are you just a fucking moron

>> No.9446934

Sorry that second quote should be >>9446305

>> No.9446945

Yeah, I was gonna say, there are definitely people who don't wear brand, but everyone always puts in an effort and looks well put together regardless of where their clothes come from

>> No.9447037

If an admin just turn away for a while until better dressed. If not befriend and try to help them, and try to dress as well as possible to set a good example.

>> No.9447150

That's definitely their last meet. Even if it weren't, these are the main people that attend and they always look this bad. I can post more pics if need be

>> No.9447157

This sounds awesome.

I think you misquoted.
Also I wouldn't mind seeing more of these trainwrecks in the ita thread, but you might want to consider if you really want to post the only chance you have at a comm here. If you think they won't catch on or if you're not planning to join after all, have at it.

>> No.9448189

My comm has a Halloween meet planned and the deadline for payment is next month. Like hold up girl I'm not ready for this! Lemme pay for ILD first.

Glad the comm is so active and it's a cool meet, but just saying..

>> No.9448677

>Are you retarded?
Whoa there. Don't get all bent out of shape over something that isn't even happening. My argument was only that not all cats hate attention like the one anon was saying, trying to generalize cats.
I don't even have a cat to bring to a meet but if someone in my comm did that, I'd be excited that a cat was around. I sure as fuck wouldn't complain about it anonymously.

>you fuck yard.
Oh jesus. Are you okay?

>> No.9448725

Is it going to be a big meet? Maybe they needed to reserve a location and have an early deadline for that. Some locations need to be paid like six months in advance.
I get the feeling, though. A girl in my comm is trying to organise a café meetup in late September/ early October and made a poll to decide which exact day she should do it. Many people haven't voted yet (or voted every date equally) and the organiser keeps making pissy, passive-agressive comments about that. Most of us don't know exactly what we're going to be doing each weekend of a month that's still five months away!

>> No.9448751

I don't know how big its going to be attendance wise but it is pricey and requires planning and reservations, so I totally get it. It's just that its 6 months away, I have no idea what I will be doing or what life stuff will come up. I wasn't being too salty about it, just caught a little off guard and not quite ready.

>> No.9449563

Well if that is who I think it might be, please be careful, more than one of her best friends has had their reputation ruined after she realised they weren't any use to her any more. If it's someone else, be careful anyway, she sounds like a massive narcissist.

>> No.9449884

I find that our comm naturally weeds them out. they get intimidated by well dressed girls in burando who are super friendly with each other. We're not even clique-y since our comm is fairly small and has this rule of 'no judging and be welcome to everyone'. Everyone is just friends with everyone.

We have encountered some girls who after the comm will bitch and whine to their friends about how we're elitists because nobody wears bodyline, but they never come to another meet so who gives a shit?

>> No.9450423

.....new girl in my comm is hosting a meet up at a sex store wtf

>> No.9450457

Classy. Has anyone RSVP'd?

>> No.9450468

Holy crap, 3 people marked going. Though I think they might be the host's friends. Either way, I'm deeply disturbed and amused.

>> No.9450498

You can't say this and not give caps.
Scrub the names out.

>> No.9450514

What would you actually do there?

>> No.9450552

Few years ago one newbie tried to arrange a meet up at an "erotic boutique". There would have been someone to tell us about the products. She got really mad and left the comm when everybody told her it's a bad idea and she didn't take the minors into consideration. Noone was going but it had a potential catastrophe in the making because she just couldn't crasp why it's really odd and bad image. Bad image because the store was going to publicly advertise the meet up iirc and rent out host's lolita outfits so non-lolitas could go and try it out. And that of course targets the minors.

>> No.9450679

Kinda OT but I have a new lolita in my comm that has a 2 yo child. She only comes to meetups when she can leave the child with the dad and then she never stays for more than 1 hour because her husband keeps calling her about her child crying? She says it is a phase and that the child only wants to be around her, but is it even possible that a 2yo child cannot stay with its dad for 2 hours?

Last meetup, dad and child were at the same coffee shop, at a nearby table, because the child could not be left alone with the dad at home, and yet still she had to leave early because he couldnt handle it.

What I want to ask is, is that a normal phase or is the dad just super-incapable of bonding with his child?

>> No.9450684

If she keeps coming back to the child it will never learn to be independent. Some kids do only feel safe when mom is around and cry within a second when she leaves the room.

>> No.9450715

Giggle at bright pink dongs and take edgy pictures, I suppose?

>publicly advertise the meet up
>rent out host's lolita outfits
okay wow nope
Normally I don't care if people want to do dumb shit in lolita to prove how "lolitas dun have 2b lovlies" but this is definitely way over the don't-associate-lolita-with-fetish-shit line. Waaay over it.

If the mom is the one normally taking care of the child and the dad only steps in when she's going out, it's possible for the kid to freak out at the mom's absence no matter how great the father is. Some kids are just that clingy and 2-year-olds in particular are notorious for that. Hopefully they'll manage to "wean" the child before school starts because otherwise that's going to be a miserable time for everyone. It usually turns out fine, though.

>> No.9450723
File: 12 KB, 185x82, ohgosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm and a neighbouring comm are meeting up in June together for high tea at an old-westerm theme park. It's gonna be comfy af.

>> No.9450734

Yes please! Too bad I could never bring this up.

This would be amazing. I even know the perfect bar for us, with absinthe fountains and the spoons and everything. I wish my comm would put together a meet with alcohol. It'd loosen us up a bit.

>> No.9450772

Not that weird, but the dad needs too suck it up. Unless there's something wrong with the kids I guess. I have a 2 year old son who cries for his dad whenever anything doesn't go his way or he gets bored. But he still has to work. That's way too old to indulge that kind of thing.

>> No.9451040

Apparently she wants to do a "gothic ero" themed meet up?
>5 people are going now wtf

>> No.9451061

Wow, you're no better. I'm glad I'm not in your comm

>> No.9451068

Are the South Western VA lolitas active at all?

>> No.9451086

That's perfectly normal, but not behavior you're supposed to enable, which sounds like what they're doing. I babysat a little bit and most of the time the kids would immediately start shrieking and freaking out the moment they were separated from their mothers, but they always calmed down eventually. It's very important for children to learn as toddlers that they won't always be around their mother 24/7, otherwise it can lead to some unhealthy codependency down the road.

>> No.9451103

Holy shit, I'm glad that never went ahead. It would have been awful for lolitas in your area to have everyone thinking they were in a sex shop costume whenever they went out.

>> No.9451445

Kids go through stages of separation anxiety, which gets better and worse over time. My daughter had it real bad at 4 months, and is going through it a second time, though it's mostly manifesting itself as being super shy when interacting with strangers and clingy when at home.

It's normal, but they shouldn't really be enabling it because it might be a pain in the ass down the road (e.g. when mom has a second baby to breastfeed but kids wants to be held, when kid needs to go to school, etc.) And the dad should definitely suck it up and not call the mom one hour in? jfc.

>> No.9452278

You're an embarrassment to mods everywhere.

>> No.9452289
File: 940 KB, 1500x750, dolores.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would give up all my brand to go this one.

>> No.9452291

Why the fuck is everyone so butthurt replying to this? She says she's friendly to them, who cares what she thinks privately?

>> No.9452348

It's just overpriced tea at a historical museum with a mildly western feel. Honestly not worth it.

>> No.9452366

There's a girl in my comm that keeps claiming her eyes are natural every single time people ask about where she gets her circle lenses. She wears glasses with them, and her eyes are naturally pretty dark so it would be difficult if she used a similar color lense to tell. They're big enough to be super doll like but not big enough so there's no chance someone could naturally have eyes like that.

It could go either way, but her eyes are massive if they're real. What does /cgl/ think? She's probably lying right?

>> No.9452373

There's no real reason for her to lie, I'd say it's possible she's lying but she's probably not.

>> No.9452397

If she's young or immature I'd say she's lying, people can have big eyes. My cousin actually has smaller irises, he always looks like a panicked cartoon character

>> No.9452412

She's in her mid 20s and is pretty quiet in general, I haven't talked to her much but she doesn't seem immature. Just sort of weird but no more than your average Lolita.

>> No.9452803

>have huge natural eyelashes
>get asked all the time where I get my falsies
>"oh, these are my real lashes"

Is this what people think of me?

>> No.9452812

I… kind of want to see that.

>> No.9452826

>high cheekbones
>oily af skin
>"Wow, anon, your highlighter looks great!"
>"i'm just oily ;_;"

>> No.9452830

If she were wearing circle lenses, wouldn't she just get prescription ones so she didn't have to wear glasses? I think the amount of effort it would take to lie about wearing lenses and then wear glasses on top of them to seem more believable would take a weird, twisted mind to think of, so I'm more inclined to think she's telling the truth.

>> No.9452863

Tfw men are shit enough that meeting the bare minimum for parenting makes them a gem.

>> No.9452882

I'm just settling into my comm right now, and apparently a couple drama bombs dropped right before I joined and people are still in the process of picking up the pieces and taking sides. It's really weird discovering that two people you just talked to the other day at a meet passionately hate each other.

For real though. My father used to make a big deal about how great he is because he'd do some cooking and childrearing, despite both my parents holding full-time jobs with comparable hours and workloads.

>> No.9452897
File: 63 KB, 540x458, sarahmcdaniel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If someone is wearing contacts you can easily see the edge of it if you look close enough.

>> No.9452907

Liars don't need a reason to lie. Had a girl lie about what elementary school she went to. tfw I went to elementary school with her and she just didn't recognize me.

>> No.9452987

Reminds me of highschool. Only girl in my classes with green eyes, very few white girls in general so I'd get a few black girls asking me "Are those your real eyes?" They're in my skull so yes, I'd say so.

>> No.9453030

That's how black women feel when white people ask dumb questions about their hair, I'd assume.

>> No.9453043

100% accurate
>yes it is my hair.

>> No.9453064

I think we're in the same comm. Is it a Ghost Hunting meetup?

>> No.9453164

I know this feel. Most of the people in my school where Hispanic so they all had dark brown eyes. I had eyes that where two colors and always got the " are you wearing lenses? Are those your real eyes? Your eyes where more blue yesterday" I just kept saying " yes they are my real eyes, yes they shift depending on the light. No they are not lenses." I have a harder time with light then someone with brown eyes.

>> No.9453217


>> No.9453226

I really want to host a frill20 meet up but obviously I'm not going to announce it to the comm since it's not legal here.
I'm not 100% sure who smokes, but I have some ideas. Do you think it'd be in poor taste to ask them privately if they'd like to smoke a blunt before a meet up?

>> No.9453241

You mean ask them before a meet-up, or smoke before the meet-up? The latter is definitely in poor taste if you show up to a public meet high, do it in private.

>> No.9453247

Sorry, my wording came out dumb. What I meant was if I should ask them if they'd like to smoke one on one first before attending a meet up with other people involved. I have a green card, so I'm good. But I don't want anyone else to get screwed over or sketched out because our comm is so granola. Naturally I'd host at home because of this. Maybe it's too much work, but damn it. I love smoking and working on pieces for coordinates. I wish I could be around others who feel the same way

Sage for feels

>> No.9453261

This is soo hipster of a post I almost expect you to be dark tanned and with blonde dreadlocks.

>> No.9453262

Which comm?

>> No.9453269

Same. My lower eyelashes are longer than many people's upper eyelashes so I constantly get asked where I bought my falsies. This doesn't bother me so much but it gets annoying when they keep insisting that my lashes are fake and I'm lying. One time I pulled out a lash and showed it to them, root and all, because they just wouldn't shut up about "fakeness" being such a bad influence on the poor innocent newbies. Apparently I was corrupting their innocent minds with my eyelashes?

B-but anon she totally has legit heterochromia u jelly h8er!

>> No.9453275

But it's actually really common for black women to wear wigs and weaves, far more common than white people wearing colored lenses.

>> No.9453479

This I'm actually jealous of. I've seen many women wearing fantastic wigs that if I didn't see them adjust them every now and then I wouldn't have known. Meanwhile I toss one on because I'm having a bad hair day and everyone I know is asking me why I'm wearing a wig. I've got short tomboy hair which looks shit when I'm trying to wear dresses/skirts but because of it I'm just too embarrassed to wear wigs around family/coworkers so all my nice clothes sit in my closet and I just keep rewearing jeans+tees or dress pants+neutral blouses.

>> No.9453679

Don't have advice for that but desu smoking one before a meet is just not a great idea even if I was into it normally. It stinks so bad, and despite what stoners think I can totally smell it off of you. Why would you want that nasty smell embedded in your dress and wig for the whole meet?
Maybe suggest edibles instead.

>I love smoking and working on pieces for coordinates

That sounds really gross. Not against getting high but that smell going into your lolita. I'm 99% sure others smell it on you at a meet but too nice to say anything.

>> No.9453683

Why not grow your hair out?

>> No.9453693

I am but it's incredibly hard to go from a pixie cut to longer hair. It's been three months now and I've not even made it to shoulder length and it looks awful in all different lengths from front to back. I've just now got enough to make a tiny ponytail with the top layer and let the bottom layer hang down.

>> No.9453731

Sometimes I wonder if people who say they bought a dress secondhand and it smells of BO actually bought a dress from a stonerloli that smells like weed. Sometimes weed can smell like old sweat and like someone hasn't showered in weeks, but the person themselves is completely unaware of it so of course wouldn't disclose it on the sales page.

>> No.9453744

NAYRT but I'm a stonerloli asnd I smoke around my stuff, I have more that +100 positive sales feedback with not a single negative comment.

I'd honestly think someone out of over 100 motherfuckers would have said something if my stuff smelled. If you're not smoking blunts and/or shit weed it doesn't smell like ass at all

>> No.9453756

I don't get why there can't be a rule that your boyfriend has to wear Lolita or at least something relevant if you bring him along. What's so hard about dressing up for a couple hours?

>> No.9453788

The smell doesn't linger if you're using a vaporizer. Not to mention, don't you usually steam and primp up your coord before you wear it?
>who's the nasty one now

>> No.9453795

I just don't understand why stonerlolis want to smoke with other lolitas or have this weird 420fril subculture within lolita. I don't care that you do weed, I just don't understand the need to have a meet/comm for it? Can someone explain?

>> No.9453802

Do you drink? It's more fun to drink with other people who are also drinking, right? Same with smoking weed. It's fun to have friends who do the same stuff you do. It's fun to do stuff that you're already gonna do anyway with your friends.

>> No.9453811

Idk much about smoking weed since I don't smoke, but I have gone to a meet up where a group of edgelords went off to use the "bathroom" and came back stinking like shit and wouldn't shut the fuck up for the rest of the meet.

>> No.9453814

No anon they didn't smell at all you're just a prudish hater.

>> No.9453818

Kek someone's triggered

>> No.9453844

SF had one, outside of the comm hosted by some members.
It was laid back af, no smoking. All edibles.

>> No.9454348

Yes, but the point is it's very frustrating when people ask if our hair is real or not. Our actual hair. It's like they see us as some magical creatures from a far land of something. Then the grabby hands.

>> No.9454349

*or, sorry

>> No.9454351

Cause they probably smoked a joint or a blunt in an enclosed space and didn't bother to air out

>> No.9454366

I have bought several dresses from stonerlolis and smelled it on the dresses but never left negative feedback. Anon people will league positive feedback because it's easy for a seller to retaliate and leave negative back when they receive negative. That is why they don't say any thing to keep their feedback positive as well. And don't use the excuse of "they used cheap dank weed". I know what bad weed weed and "good" weed smell like. They all stink you just don't notice it because you enjoy it.

>> No.9454372

I'm a hair dresser and always ask what products they use to keep it healthy looking. Usually that is when they tell me what they use and offer/let me touch it. But never just go and reach out to touch someone's hair when you're not styling it. What is wrong with people?

>> No.9454421

How welcoming is the Toronto comm? It looks a little clique-y but maybe I'm just getting the wrong impression. I'm really shy so I'm feeling a little intimidated.

>> No.9454477

ahh are you me anon
i love theatre, opera, ballet and orchestra but until recently i've had no one to go with - lucky my boyfriend loves lolita and likes to accompany me to such events

>> No.9454486

My comm loves the opera and ballet. We make a meet up every year to see the nutcracker and the dickens theatre for Christmas. I'm sorry anon that your comm seems to be lacking in some culture.

>> No.9454501

Really tired of my comm and I have no other nearby comms.

I'm tired of doing the same old shit but in a different place each meet. I'm tired of the lack of originality in meets too. Cafes & shopping, cafes & shopping, cafes & shopping.

>inb4 "Make your own meets"

I've brought up ideas, but I can't change what people like. Everybody else is content with this routine of cafes and shopping, and anything else is shunned.

>> No.9454503

>nutcracker ballet
Man I saw that thing at least once a year growing up, my sister was in ballet. It really started grating on me, Tchaikovsky's music is like the definition of wasted potential.

>> No.9454504
File: 75 KB, 451x599, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the counterpart of you guys in my comm. I was lucky to get two other girls to come with me to see the Dracula ballet. (Which was fucking amazing btw)

Posted about the cursed play coming to town next month, and it looks like $35 is probably going to be 'too expensive' for most of these girls also. That or I'm pretty alone in my love for theatre among my comm.

>> No.9454513

The Portland comm always looks so well dressed and happy in their Instagram pics. Whenever I see a lolita thats well dressed on Insta I always assume they're from Portland and I'm almost always right.

>> No.9454553

>business attire
please fuck no
it's so weird seeing a bunch of girls dressed like haunted Victorian dolls and care bear princesses, mingled with gawky dudes dressed like they're either giving a presentation to their office or about to eat Easter brunch at meemaw's. Get that shit out of my face.

>> No.9454653

We've literally had like 4 park meets at in my community scheduled in a row... at the same park. Its hot, that park is popular so parking is a bitch, and they table they always sit at is far from the parking areas. I don't get the appeal. Why not even a different park? Why not a small cute park with good parking? Why not just not a park at all.

>> No.9454665

I doubt it, Plano lenses are cheaper. If you have bad eyes, it's better to get Plano and wear glasses on top.

>> No.9454689

I buy Plano and just wear my glasses with them because they are like 50 dollars cheaper. Then if my glasses don't match I'll remove them. But if someone says " they are real" you can tell by the ridge on the edge and by the center. They also shift as someone blinks so that gives them away.

>> No.9454784
File: 39 KB, 450x252, 1o3z0p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9454845

thats cute anon, its like a little bunny tail. floof floof

>> No.9454850

>a little bunny tail


>> No.9454858

Oh, you mean Macbeth?

>> No.9454860

Driveby anon: Because it comes off as fake, anon. Just being nice to someone's face doesn't immediately invalidate bitchy behavior done in the background. Just like racists who think "ew these fucking immigrants" and smile at the boba tea shop. Doesn't mean it's right, they just have self control.

>> No.9454862

Okay I seriously never even thought of it like that and now I feel oddly adorable, thank you!

>> No.9454864

Where is this stoner lolita subculture?

>> No.9455029


>> No.9455504

Ooo, which city may I ask?

>> No.9455524

There's this admin who does nothing but when the other admins left she turned the comm into dictatorship and just adds her friends to become mods and admins. It's a big fat mess. People are afraid to speak up incase they get posted here.

>> No.9455536

Ugh I bought a dress that absolutely reeked of something and the seller acted offended when I asked her about it and denied that it smelled bad. Fuck stoners I bet you're right. That smell made me sick and I had no idea what it was, I thought her cat had puked on it or something

>> No.9455820

I am honestly curious wtf hlc has decided to do random impromptu meet ups for Sunday when they know HLS has their easter meet that day... why are they trying to start drama?

>> No.9455830

why do you even care? go to your own meets.

>> No.9456872

You're what makes the Houston comm trash. Keep your dranma and shitty attitude out of Houston comm.

>> No.9456891

HLC is becoming an embarrassment at this point. Nothing you can do except boycott them and go to the other comm. Anon, try not to make them relevant anymore. The mods do get on here and read what we post. They get off on anything HLC related. Bad or good.

>> No.9456912

Hlc would be great if SQ stepped down or got banned. The last thing the Lolitas in Houston need is a bully. The other mods seem fine. HLS seems pretty chill other than the fact KA is an admin and MJ is page manager (whatver that means) why would you claim to be drama free yet be involved with two of the most dramatic people in the community?

>> No.9456927

One question. What is this? Actual answer too, please.

>> No.9456934

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween, Halloween.

>> No.9456939

Oh! I see now. Thank you so much.

>> No.9456955

People are allowed to give others the benefit of a doubt. Neither one of them has caused any trouble in HLS yet.

>> No.9456964

The reason I stopped going to hls meets is because of MJ. She is a bully and has been since even before she was associated with hls and they still let her be involved. I recently just witnessed her being a bully to a newer member of the comm on someone else's personal page. We should encourage new lolitas not shame them and gang up on them. I will say that hls is trying more than hlc but hls needs to keep an eye out of those representing them. Not everything happens on the comm page.

>> No.9457039

stop making drama for no good reason, you obviously did not read the post Z made. She needed to go to the museum for a school project and asked if anyone wanted to tag along. Not everything is about drama, schedules conflict sometimes but the comms are not trying to compete.

Get over your vendetta with S already, she hasn't even pulled any shit recently.

>> No.9457066

Lately? Well that's saying a lot.

>> No.9457073

Meaning people can get better and grow up. She had people call her out and she listened. People aren't static and always awful for the rest of their life.

>> No.9457777

MJ has been a bully for a long time; don't let her fake "I'm so kawaii desu~" posts fool you.

>> No.9458068

If she's really a bully, can't you show the mods evidence and get her banned? I thought bullying was against the rules in every comm.

>> No.9458680

MJ doesn't attend hls meets as often as hlc. I'm sure there's a way to ss what she says. Someone should bring it to a mods attention.

>> No.9458753

What she says is public, the mods can see it. Who wants to be the tattle tell and show the mods what they already know?

>> No.9458874

I have no idea why this escapes people, "oh anon it's ok, he is friends with us and fun to hangout with" THIS IS A FUCKING LOLITA FASHION CLUB. He is not friends with US, he is friends with YOU and a very select group within the comm. I am just so baffled by this. Why not just open it up to all the normies and not enforce the dress code. Hang out with your mates/ collegues on your own time or at least make the effort to dress up. I swear that group of people must be inbreeding or something.

Sorry for the rant anons, we had an OTT meet last month, at a really nice venue and a lot of people put a lot of effort in. and then there was this greese ball in his band shirt. he has been hanging around the comm for like 2 years, he could at least have bought some fucking aristocrat. Me and some other comm members are sick of feeling like 3 wheels at our own events cause we have nothing to talk about with this guy and y'all just wonder off and talk to him about unrelated general life crap.

>> No.9460520

Go and tell? I don't think the mods have that much time on there end. If they did, she should've been kicked out a long time ago.

>> No.9460526

Here you go

>> No.9460931

New thread >>9460929

>> No.9461848

Are you from Houston too, anon?

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