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Last thread. >>9424897

Time to share those feels, seagulls. Sad feels, happy feels, whatever! As long as they're cgl-related.

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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I take no joy in anything anymore, even lolita.

Please helpu me. I can barely force myself to play video games after work.

My prop is like 99% finished, but I'll be fucked if I make myself do that last 1%.

All I wanna do is watch 30 Rock over and over and over and...

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I actually got a deadbug with one of the buttons for my cosplay

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>sell one of my old Love Live cosplays I don't plan on ever wearing again
>get paid
>USPS confirmed ship
>"Hey uh, did you send my package yet?"
>Feels bad because they needed it for their group in 2 days from now

Fucking USPS, they don't care whose lives they ruin.

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Sounds like depression

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just smoke some weed

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I know that feel.

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I just bought the character-inspired swimsuits I'm wearing to my first Colossalcon. I know /cgl/ has their opinions on swimsuit cosplays, but all the cons I go to I spend hundreds of dollars on fabric, prop materials, photographers, and I'll have to stop socializing in order to make it to a shoot on time and while I have fun, it's not "relaxing." I'm very excited to go, drink fruity drinks out of novelty cups, and still be cosplaying in a way. Bonus points is that all my friends and s/o are going, and 90% of my suits are Jojo inspired so I get to hang out with Jojo fans again.

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I've just kind of come to terms with the fact that normies (and even some fellow nerds) assume that I'm wearing a costume when I'm wearing lolita.

I guess in a way I've fulfilled my childhood dream, which was to wear a princess costume daily.

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My bf is going to China with some Chinese girl he met at the con. Should I be worried?

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you dun goofed anon

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>I know /cgl/ has their opinions on swimsuit cosplays
I think most of those opinions go out the window when they're for Colossal. It's established itself as the summer pool party con, it would be incomplete without all the swimsuit cosplays.

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>mfw 2 cute dresses with matching katyusha came in the mail today
>mfw weird Le Miroir dress i never thought i would be able to find is on its way
>mfw it comes with the matching brooch and beret


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Is this a fucking joke?

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They lost my skirt in the mail a month ago. No one followed up with me any of the times I called. Fuck. Them.

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>tfw attractive man
>tfw I'll never get a gf, because autism and negative self perception
Why is it so hard for me to love myself and be social?

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Pics or gtfo

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Seconded, you could also be overwhelmed/overstimulated. Sometimes I have so much going on that I get to none of it because I have no motivation.
Try taking a look at things you want/ need to do, and see if there's anything you're dreading. If you can, sort that out first. Lightening your load sometimes does the trick.
Otherwise, might want to see a Dr.

Happy feels, actually befriending someone who genuinely is into the same nerdy stuff as I am and having a supportive boyfriend who will happily join me in my nerdy pursuits has made me absolutely fall in love with cosplay all over again. I'm currently remaking an old cosplay and I'm so happy with how far I've come.

Other than that,
>tfw your listing on LM goes unsold

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i dont understand this please explain pic

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got something from LM in the mail today.
Was worried that it wouldn't fit me because it's a large, and generally I'm a very petite person.
Thanks to my giant ass titties, it does. Theyre the only thing aside from my hips that aren't petite.
Smells like cigarettes, though, which is really off putting.

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Try being less autistic then.
I'm serious. I'm autistic myself and nobody ever knows unless I tell them because fuck that diagnosis I'm still going to just do whatever.
I started getting happier the moment I just put myself out there, socialized and got a bit more confidence. And I still have shit self-esteem but the trick is to not show that.

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Colossal is an exception to the disdain. It's basically anime-beach-episode con.

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>Try being less autistic then.

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cognitive behavioral therapy, I think that's the right one. English isn't my first language.

Basically get therapy to figure out how to act less like a walking sign that flashes "autism"
I mean I still fuck up all the time, but honestly if you set your mind to it you really can get better.

If you just "oh I'm autistic so I can't" then you'll have a hard time. I've definitely known my fair share of high functioning autistic people that don't want to change, they want the world around them to change. Well that's not gonna happen so suck it up and do it yourself.

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Copy others behaviour, normal behaviour.
Shadow a normie friend, I'm a girl, I learned through other people how to be normal. It can be exhausting though. If I am not "on" people can tell.

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the anon they responded to here, and yeah I'm a girl too and did the same thing. I didn't get diagnosed until I mentally broke down due to anxiety. Before that I was just awkward but nothing too concerning.

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Come back after you've listened to both songs

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>subjecting your auditory organs to miku

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So I've lifting on and off for a little over a year and made great progress, going from a literal 17 bmi twig to an average guy, even recently posted about how happy i was with my progress in a cgl feels thread
But about a week ago my shoulder started hurting so i took a break from lifting and it's done nothing but hurt worse.
I'm going to a doctor in a week but I'm sad as shit because i love exercising, and i had finally gotten my routine, sleep and diet on track and was gaining strength and muscle faster than average. But now I'm basically fucked and won't be able to lift for a few months, and will have to pay out the ass for physical therapy at the very least. if its anything like a tear it will more or less haunt me for the rest of my life and I'll have to pay even more for surgery with a 50% failure rate (and even when its successful, the pain is still there) and then a few more months of PT, not to mention all the work I'll miss.
this relates to cosplay because nobody gives a shit about male cosplayers unless they are asian or ripped and all I'll ever be is white and dumpy.
Pic literally the opposite of related

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>look up girl I had a crush on at high school
>she was into cosplay and anime and I never even realised
>Other photos of her with some Chad at prom
>I'm probably going to die without even holding hands with a girl

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I was memeing when I said I was autistic. I understand people and social interactions perfectly fine, I'm just bad at them and I don't really like talking very much at all, so it's hard to get better

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>tfw the girl I love I only get to see at cons or some japanese event like cherryblossom festival
>tfw she is the center of attention in ever college club she is in
>tfw she has more guy friends than girl friends
>tfw she will never know how I feel

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Well, she's no GUMI.

Jesus Crust. Go get your man back, dummy.

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The con isn't until the last weekend of May, so I'll almost definitely get my stuff on time. Still, I can't help but panic, you know??

Somebody calm me down. I'm gonna shit myself.

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>at tea
>girl goes off on a "there are billions of genders" spiel
>mfw I don't want to look transphobic, but also don't want to hear this foolishness

On the plus size, I finally got some loliable shit from Goodwills.

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Typical male only focusing on the upper body gains.
There is plenty you can do that won't put strain on your shoulder. Legs, abs, cardio, etc.. will keep you from gaining weight and also give you sweet core/lower body strength and definition.

Don't be one of those muscle heads with jacked arms/shoulders/back and skinny lil chicken legs.
You have options anon.

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>walking in big-ass heels at the con
>vendor asks me if I'm okay
>brain tries to say "I'm good" and "I'm okay" at the same time
>end up screaming "I'm gay!"

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Try punching yourself in the face. That always works for me

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>weighed at docs office
>gain 10 pounds in a month out of no where
>well that's unfortunate, I should work on that
>be weighed again today
>turns out home scale is off by eight pounds
>actually nearly 150
please kill me

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>fucking implying
My squat and deadlift are farther along than my bench and ohp, i just only hurt my shoulder so i saw no need to mention them.
My concern also isn't gaining weight, i was skinny before i started lifting, I'm concerned about losing muscle, and seeing as my lower body lifts are already beyond my upper body, just doing those, along with cardio would make me look fucking awful and my upper body would wither away.
Training half of your body is a guaranteed way to ruin aesthetics, but that goes for the lower as well as the upper.
I will not be on of those "meatheads" you mentioned, but I'd also rather avoid being someone who squats 3pl8 but lacks the appropriate muscle mass to raise my right arm above my head.
None of those things you mentioned, when done by themselves, make people who have small upper bodies look better.
You need both.
I'm very triggered by you thinking I'm some retard who doesn't understand fitness.

>> No.9429812

How could you not notice the weight gain visually?
That's more than just a bit.

>> No.9429818

u first tho

That's hilarious. The schemes anons are coming up for me make me laugh.

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Oh, no, I noticed. What I didn't realize was how much weight it actually was. My weight has never jumped up so drastically before, so when the scale said it was 10 pounds (as opposed to 18) I went with it. This is the heaviest I've ever been.

I've been 130 for years, this happened in like the span of a month. I'm reeling.

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Eighth day in a row of being stuck in bed with depression.

I should find a new job. Or at least finish my dress.

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Bad news. My friend's grandma is dying and wants to be buried with my entire lolita wardrobe. Should I allow it?

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>woman who has burned everyone in her path
>burns another person
>victim count of emotional destruction keeps counting
>waiting for it to catch up to this evil woman
>waiting for a big public shaming when she finally messes with the wrong person

Why do horrible people seem to never get the karma blowback they deserve?

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But are they attractive?

>> No.9430279

They get it in my life anon, maybe your character judgement is just whack. Most people who have wronged me have ended up on a shitty path in life (debt, unemployment, dodgy pornos, bereavement, the list goes on) and it's deeply satisfying.

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rip anon

>> No.9430317

If it happened over the course of a month you'd have to have eaten 70,000 calories over your maintenance during that month. Have your eating habits changed?

>> No.9430320

Tell her to fuck off, she's manipulating you regardless of her dying grandma. A good friend would only ask for some comfort, not a collection worth upwards of thousands of dollars that I'm assuming you worked your ass off to get. If you have an old ita coord from when you first started just give them that, it's trash anyway.

>> No.9430327

is this bait?

>> No.9430328

Yes. It's a meme.

>> No.9430329

>tfw cut bangs too short
They're perfectly straight for once but like 5mm too short. Fuuuuuck

>just bought materials for first ever cosplay
>most of the character's outfit can probably be thrifted but fuck it I want to be as accurate as I can
>never actually been to an anime con, don't know anyone who does go, and too much of a sperg to go alone so not sure when I'll get a chance to wear it
>nothing I'm doing makes tense tbqh but I love this character so much I don't care

This is pretty much the norm for girls with autism and part of the reason we often aren't diagnosed until late teens or adulthood.

One time I said "I'm a gay" in a similar situation so iktf

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Just let her do it. Why you gotta be such a bitch?

>> No.9430355

Go to a doctor and get meds. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and meds help. YMMV, but it's a good idea to see a health professional.

>> No.9430385

On the bright side, you can enjoy your straight bangs longer.

>> No.9430432

Thats bs I love seeing guys cosplay, the girls that are into asians are 9/10 times fujoshit. It's sad really that girls get more attention :/

>> No.9430537

unfortunately yes, which is why they get away with everything

>> No.9430559

Eh, that was my ex in a nutshell and she ended up turning into a drug addict too depressed to camwhore once she hit 24. Now all she does is sit around her parent's house drinking and trying to snag old guys with disposable income. It might take a while, but once they lose the looks it's all over for them.

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>driving home from the fabric store
>poop myself
>friend is a DDLG (gross) and gets super smug about "This is why I wear diapers lololol"

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Anon don't worry, you WILL get your stuff done. You have plenty of time, even if you only worked on the weekends that's more than enough.

I really relate to the situation, i got a con the very first days of june and cant stop panicking about it....but realistically i got soooo much time.

Tru to turn this into motivating, make a list of things to do, make a plan of what you have to finish each week, give yourself some time for touch ups or fuckup even. And everything is going to be fine really.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you <3

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>Week leading up to con full on con crunch, finishing up 2 costumes
>Friend was cosplaying with me and her early WIPs looked really good
>Way better than mine
>Nervous that she's going to outshine me at the con
>Con rolls around
>Have a blast with friend, meet lots of new people
>Getting pictures back this week
>We both look gorgeous
>Gain some followers, but more importantly, getting comments about my construction and starting to talk to costumers who I respect
>Feeling really confident in my sewing and posing skills


>> No.9430703

it grinds my gears when i see used cosplays for sale on facebook for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY.

stop trying to trick people into buying your used taobao cosplay for like $400. stupid and a waste of space.

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I wanna make my sister a Miku-related cake for her birthday, but I have no idea how to bake. Somebibby please help me.


>> No.9430730

Cut a cake into the shape of panties. Frost it white, and add teal stripes.

>> No.9430731

Bake a regular cake, use fondant icing for the miku. You can literally cut out a printed design on wax paper to help you make the shape, press it together once finished, then paint on it with food dye/edible food paste. A few youtube tutorials and you'll be fine.

>> No.9430733

>Making your little sister eat Miku's ass.
Better than my advice anon.

>> No.9430751

>buy a cake
>slap a Miku toy on top
>crack open a bear and relax

>> No.9430756

>crack open a bear

>> No.9430758

Personally I prefer panda but brown bears are good in a pinch

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>tfw want to kill myself but don't want anyone to get my brand and BJDs
Getting burned with them is not an option, my parents know that they're worth some money but would sell them for way too cheap anyway. And if hell exists, some ita will probably get them, will coord them shitty and I'll know and be salty as fuck about it but too dead to do something.

>> No.9430797

Please seek help. If not for you then for your burando and all the brand you could by in the future if you keep living.

>> No.9430805

>LM listings have 50+ watchers each
>been relisting for weeks

BUY THEM, YOU FUCKERS. GOD. Or make me a damn offer if you think the prices are too high. I know they'll just lapse again, and I'm tempted not to relist them in hopes of making all these lurkers think they've missed out.

>> No.9430836

Oh, my god. No.

>> No.9430839

I know that feel. My biggest fear is that after I die, my parents give my brand to charity and my bjds and pullips to my little cousin.

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>Usamaru Furuya is making a manga about a seventies shoujo obsessed, egl wearing dollmaker whose bjds come to life
>can't find the person that translated the first chapter even though they did a really great job

I hope there are more chapters ;_;

>> No.9430859

I've been trying to cut down on meat and eat more veg, but other than that, not really. I'm not a big eater either, I average 2 meals a day.

>> No.9430863

There's this ita in my comm who honestly is just so annoying. She "met" (aka briefly spoke to) some guy running at the park while we were having a meetup, and she won't stop talking about him. Keeps going on and on about how he's her new husbando or some shit. Funny thing is, we actually saw him twice at the same park. So of course, she thinks "uwu we met each other again, it's fate."

Now we haven't seen him for a few weeks and she self-diagnoses herself with depression. Won't stop spamming our group chat with how ~depressed~ she is that she'll never see "the one" again. A gull in the comm even tried to reach out to him on here, to no avail.

She's putting together a gothic coord now, which I find hilarious considering she always wore sweet.

>> No.9430866

Same. I've even got people favoriting my already super cheap brand listings and still nothing.

>> No.9430871

I'm so mad gulls. I had an inkling that a seller on Yahoo Auctions was scalping items from Fril/Mercari, but after their most recent listing, I'm absolutely sure this is the case.

>> No.9430883

1. Don't kill yourself
2. Establish a "will" with your lolita friends

But seriously the fate of your burando alone should be enough to keep you going. Don't give up, anon! Just keep imagining what would happen to all that beautiful brand with you gone!

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FUCKING. LITTLES. They always think that being littles makes them better than you.

>> No.9430894

Get a will

>> No.9430899


Shit anon, did you realize it or not? If you didn't, you might want to go to the doctor's about it.

Also gross. DDLG are easily the most obnoxious immature part of the kink community.

>> No.9430902

Name and shame, I am sick of overpriced crap on y!J and about to switch to a different site if I could just find a SS who does mercari and mbok

>> No.9430921

I'm sorry...I'm just waiting for my Paypal to STOP HAVING ERRORS GOD. It's not accepting money from my bank account

>> No.9430932

Yeah, I sharted. t's never happened to me in my life.

I tried not to bring it up, but she noticed the smell and started screaming her ass off.

>> No.9430933

>think about prop
>Think about painting it
do not like

>> No.9430938
File: 1023 KB, 500x281, CC00A9AB-8EDB-491A-B80D-988F0D9E48D7-625-00000115A91FD828_tmp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kink community
G-d, I know you're real, so why do you allow this kind of thing? Don't you love us?

>> No.9430939

I usually get asked if I am in the theatre. I usually don't bother to respond.

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>tfw one bitch in your comm won't stfu about Stranger Thongs

It's a great show, but ffs watch something else once in a while.

>> No.9430957

Same, it triggers me every time. Kamiuchida0730 is definitely one of them. Which one are you talking about?

>> No.9431002

I just wasted a bunch of time, material, and money trying to sew something. Also my back is killing me.

time to go to look for comissioners...

>> No.9431033

Cus you Jews killed Jesus

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>tfw a girl in your comm has been dead for three years, and you're the only one besides her mom who still wishes her happy birthday on Fb

>> No.9431046

Why the fuck would you do that. They aren't gonna see it you know.

>> No.9431052

To help people feel like no one's forgotten when they die, it's like paying an emotional tax. it happens once a year and drains your happiness away.

>> No.9431054
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>saying happy birthday to a dead person's fb
stop that

>> No.9431115

I got roped into a BOTW group my friends are holding and they want me to be Urbosa. I haven't played the game yet (but want to), but looking at her character design I'm SUPER flattered they think I'd be good as her, but I'm the literal whitest person I know. Like, I have to find special BB creams that go in shades as fair as mine or else I look like I'm doing tanface. As long as I don't do anything stupid like paint myself orange I should be fine, right?

>> No.9431124

Sounds about right. Good luck with the cosplay.

>> No.9431126


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Please do this. Feed your sister her favorite character's underwear.

>> No.9431154

She's not your grandma, of course not.

>> No.9431156

That's fucking dumb.

>> No.9431219
File: 72 KB, 1280x720, meguca_puella_magi_madoka_magica_part_iii_-_rebellion_bdh264-720p_aac06b21a44-mkv_snapshot_01-19-54_2014-07-11_17-14-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplay, any type of J-fashion and general weeaboo hobbies are full of self-important spoiled teenage girls who refuse to call themselves girls and think their opinions about things matter to anyone but their teenage circle jerking faggot friends

Fuck off

I don't remember being this holier-than-thou, cliquey and contrarian-but-still-groupthink as a teenager.

>> No.9431240

I also worry that my parents would give my brand to my cousin, who's some godawful kind of Kylie Jenner/Melanie Martinez fusion mess who'd love to get her gross clawed hands on my cute clothes so she can cut them up to be more sexy and incorporate them in her skanky ddlg instathot look. I've had nightmares. Even if I made a will I worry that my mom would disregard it because my cousin is faaamily and you're supposed to think of them first uwu
>not if they're going to defile my burando I don't
My current plan is to just not die and it's working out okay so far

>> No.9431247

Rabid_usa_usa. The listing they have up for Honey Cake right now is the same exact listing that was on Mercari. And the original listing for HC was really cheap iirc.

>> No.9431255

>being related to a degenerate like that
My condolences.

>> No.9431274

My entire family, save for like one aunt, is trashy as fuck. I'm the only grandchild with a university degree and career but considered the least successful because I'm already at the ripe old age of 26 but haven't had a baby yet. Ddlg cousin is only 20 and considered successful because she gets those laxative tea sponsorships. No education or real job but who needs those when you're popular on Instagram? They also hate lolita and used to blame it for me being single. Now I'm married and they blame it for me not having any babies yet. Waiting to start a family until you have a steady income and stable home situation is apparently unthinkable and explains a lot about how some of my cousins turned out...

>> No.9431279

>Get excited about a new dress in my watched searches
>Seller in US
>Willing to pay the shipping
>International not available
Just keep listing it then.

>> No.9431283

So, like, why don't you just sell it if you want to die so badly.
Your 26, with a career and husband and have no obligation to stay in touch with your relatives. Drop them. Be heartless, if they stress you out so much fuck em.

>> No.9431288

nice bait

>> No.9431291

oh. god. Sellers know how many people have watchlisted their items? I feel really bad now.

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>> No.9431307

I'm not the anon who wanted to die.

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>jfash friend comes over to visit
>spend half a week partying, seeing all our friends and having fun
>check bank account
>£96 to last me the rest of the month
>have a panic attack

imagine having a job where I actually got paid enough to party and relieve the stress of the workload

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> decide to go to this one con just because the guest of honor is this actor I adore more than life itself
> con aboard so all my money goes to traveling
> still manage to buy a small gift for the actor and draw him a card
> one of my friends comes with me, last call her X
> X says that she's also fan of this actor since we once watched this actor's show together at my place
> She doesn't know anything else about this actor, but I don't want to be elitist fan so I'm just happy she's coming with me
> X is really bad with money but since her parents are rich she always gets away with her debts
> X hears that I bought a gift for the actor so she also buys a last minute gift for him but since X got so much more money (or her mom does) she buys much bigger and more expensive gift
> I feel a bit sad but say nothing. At least I have that card I made and used two weeks working on it, the actor will surely appreciate that!
> X sees I have a drawing too so she makes a card too, but like in a half hour since she is better at drawing than me
> okay... I'm sad now but whatever, I don't want to judge her so I say nothing
> THE day comes and I'm going nuts, I can't believe I'm going to meet this actor today!!
> were at hotel, packing our gifts and X is writing a text in the card for the actor
> X looks at me when she's suppose to write the actors name on the card
> "Hey, Anon. What was his name again?? And could you spell it for me? I only remember the name of the show where he was"
> my heart is broken.

Sorry for the long story

>> No.9431404

Imagine being a responsible adult instead.

>> No.9431407

Honestly sounds like she was trying to one-up you. If she was just being a good friend trying to participate she'd help you with your card and gift, not pull her own out of her ass last minute in an attempt to overshadow yours.

>> No.9431415

I've got $28k in savings, I'm doing alright thanks cuntface.

>> No.9431423

diff anon but if you have 28k why are you panicking?
>tfw you have around 30k and aren't panicking

>> No.9431434
File: 27 KB, 500x640, 1408082336942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally acquire ultimate dream dress after 5 years of searching/missing out on it several times because I didn’t always have $500 readily available or was too slow
>yess finally come to me my precious!
>wear it to meetup
>at meetup are two other girls twinning the dress in its other two colorways
>get excited and compliment them on their coords
>one girl says nothing, looks me up and down for a moment and turns away
>the other girl smiles and thanks me, says she also has it in the colorway I’m wearing
>then says something about my dress being the re-release version and not the original
>yes I think so, but I like this version too and I’m just really glad to finally have it
>“oh well that’s nice”
>both girls walk away
>later overhear them saying “Could you believe that sperg? It’s only a dress, geez!”
>I-I was just excited and trying to make small talk

>> No.9431444

Good feels:
>wig arrived today
>its beautiful and didnt cost me a fortune like I was afraid it would
>its the last part of my cosplay so almost finished, yayy

Bad feels:
>I hate styling wigs
>Ive been cutting and curling the wig for 3 hours now
>and im still not done
Just end me now

>> No.9431447

>"it's only a [$500] [rare] dress"
yeah i have a hard time believing this happened, even with lolitas
most of us treasure these goddamn $500+ dresses too, even those of us with large wardrobes full of them

>> No.9431462

The girl who said that are known for having a super large wardrobe full of sought after dresses so maybe $500 isn't as big a deal to her as it is for me. And yes, "sperg" is a really common insult here.

>> No.9431467

Yeah don't be naive.

>> No.9431469

*is known

Also forgot to mention that, being the apparently inferior rerelease version, the dress I bought wasn't quite $500. That's the price the original goes for. I don't know how much the rerelease normally goes for because I'd never seen it on the market before.

>> No.9431495

I was just contacted by someone in my community about something they don't want to take in the public chat, and I am extremely nervous about what it could be. I am not popular in my community, and I just get the feelibg this is something really bad, like I'm not welcome at the next meet or something.
Will check the message now, but I'm afraid of doing it.

>> No.9431500

Okay I just looked and what a relief! They were just telling me about the next event in the community. I was expecting so much worse

>> No.9431512
File: 1.47 MB, 720x480, 1491352430349.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You kinda need to move on, anon. I understand if it's her mom, but you're just a comm friend. It's weird.

>> No.9431629

But I loved her??

>> No.9431722

desu i dont mind the kink community as long as they dont shove their kinks in other peoples faces

>> No.9431760

>going on a school trip to new york city
>realize theres a btssb shop in new york city
>excitement levels high
>havent been told where in nyc we're going so i dont even know if i can go there
>either save for btssb irl or save for crystal dream carnival on lace market
>have no idea what i should do, or if i can even visit the shop

>> No.9431762

i relate to your cosproblems so hard
additional there's no such thing as a good con near me so even if i did work up the courage to go to a con by myself it'd be boring af

>> No.9431767

My mother has just declared bankruptcy and has struggled with debt my whole life, it's made me develop huge anxiety around money. Lolita threads alarm me slightly imagining dropping that much on one item.

>> No.9431783

fine just kill yourself instead I guess?

>> No.9431784

Nothing wrong with what you're doing. You're honoring her memory/coping with grief in a way I think isn't wildly socially inappropriate nor unhealthy. It's normal to think about someone on their birthday. Whenever we have family gatherings, my mom makes a plate of food and sets it by the ashes of my late aunt who passed a bit over a year ago. People will do what they gotta to cope.

>> No.9431790

Responsibility is for suckers

>> No.9431803
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my comm went to Popeye's Chicken without me

>> No.9431820

I just had Popeyes for the first time last week and it was shit. The only good part was the biscuit.

Your comm did you a favor.

>> No.9431852

Anon where are you located at? Maybe we could go together

>> No.9431866

I'm so humiliated. The ketchup at our tea party made a fart noise and I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed for at least ten minutes.

>> No.9431888

Ur opinion is shit, the waffle chicken tendies are the best

>> No.9431893

I do that with my cousins fb, it helps me cope since her birthday is two weeks before the anniversary of her death

>> No.9432005

Maybe the one I went to was just bad?? The employees were definitely idiots.

>> No.9432174

>Your man
Since when do people belong to anyone? Is he her slave?

>> No.9432183

Ask for the itinerary

>> No.9432186

If I was at that meet i'd be laughing right there with you. Easily amused anon buddiez

>> No.9432189
File: 1.10 MB, 1079x1088, 1477526601402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work really hard to stay thin after losing 60+ lbs and at a lolita meet this weekend i look chubbs AF in the pics :( :( i felt really pretty too. I thought i look skinny in the mirror, I'm 125 lbs at 5'5 but I done thought wrong :(

>> No.9432190

Speaking of birthdays, mine is this weekend and I'm celebrating at a con.

Are there any tips to a fun con birthday? Should I get secretly drunk? Should I bring my friends donuts? Or bring cake-in-a-cup to bake in the hotel microwave?

>> No.9432192
File: 820 KB, 580x632, b9f2186437407d2b9c87d692dd9b7082.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a-anon, are you me? I've always been 130 and my goal weight was 115~120 but out of nowhere I shot up to 145~150 and I'm just constantly screaming internally. I know the partial reason is due to some muscle gain on my legs but it's definitely all in my waist, I can see it. I've tried some changes but it feels like I hit a new plateau with my weight...

>> No.9432208

>tfw you go from 90k savings to ~15k savings and start having a home built.
>Even 15k feels too small because it's the poorest I've been in years.
>Also now saddled with massive adult responsibility of home ownership.

Feels scary guys

>> No.9432226
File: 56 KB, 400x600, nugposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. This is exactly my life, and I empathize 100%

I call my mother "my mother" It shows relation, not ownership.

>> No.9432330
File: 467 KB, 542x460, 2341234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my toenails grow so fast but my hair grows so slow. i just want to be a cute lolita with long flowing ringlets but instead i have slothfeet and boob-length hair. sometimes i consciously try to redirect my keratin flow but it never works.

>> No.9432339

>This level of humblebragging

>> No.9432345

>And yes, "sperg" is a really common insult here.
That still sounds really weird and quite frankly, ableist.
If I were you I'd complain to your comm's mods. Unless the girls in question are the mods. But I'd still name and shame which comm this is.

>> No.9432346

How do I convince my bf to wear makeup to meets? I'm in tears.

Maybe just some bb cream? Should I teach him to just use a little foundation??

I'm worried he'll leave me for this fucking DDLG he met at Ohayocon.

>> No.9432357

...Are you an idiot?
>in tears because of wanting your bf to wear makeup to meets in the first place
>worried he'll leave you for a DDLG
honestly your relationship sounds like a trainwreck from both sides and you probably shouldn't be in a relationship

>> No.9432364

>Bragging about acquiring debt in the hundreds of thousands.

Ok anon.

>> No.9432370

jfc anon get your shit together

>> No.9432375

Sperge is a common term thrown around most of 4chan...I mean it's cool if ur new but at least TRY to pick up the lingo here

>> No.9432418
File: 39 KB, 540x534, 1486999516737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May I join the club? I have been stuck here for few years now and everytime I put more effort into this my weight starts slowly rising. When I had a bad break up a year ago I lost 5kg but it came back as soon as the emotional stress relieved and has not gone away since. Going to take the blood test to see what's going on.
>Mfw I have been sick for two weeks and unable to work out on top of this

>> No.9432470

Why does every obese chick wanna be Mei? Mei isn't obese.

Why does every Panty and Stocking act so stooooooned?

>> No.9432487

because panty and stocking w/ garter belt was made by drunk japanese men after having watched Drawn Together, and is also a perfect show to binge watch while stoned

>> No.9432498

All comms are full of mean bitches, man.

Kek. Wtf.

>> No.9432533

Diff anon but mods say it too. It's like a combination of spaz and retard and sometimes used only in a teasing way but sometimes used really maliciously depending on tone and context. There's one girl with diagnosed autism in our comm who constantly uses it as an insult too and says it's okay, so whenever someone says they're not comfortable with it they're directed to this one girl, as if her saying it's fine means everyone else should be fine with it, too.

>> No.9432544

>It's a combination of spaz and retard
No it means Asperger's you dumb baka

>> No.9432552

Well no shit, but it's used in the same way spaz and retard used to be used before those were too ~ableist~ for the cool kids. Sperg is now filling that niche.

>> No.9432702
File: 44 KB, 494x375, screams geometrically.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>come back to my old cosplay project from 2 years ago to finish it off for good
>seeing my shitty stitching job when I didn't know how to sew properly

>> No.9432714

>went fishing yesterday and forgot to bring sunscreen
>got a red nose and forehead and a con in two days

Mediterranean genetics, don't let me down now

>> No.9432748
File: 51 KB, 728x522, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend remembers they have to go to a wedding and bails on a con
>I already registered
Do I go alone? Do I make some shady deal to scalp my badge?

>> No.9432755

Go alone! Make friends! Live a little.

>> No.9432789

You need to be 18 to use this site.

>> No.9432791

I'm tempted to try, but I honestly have no idea how. My con experience has always been wandering around with friends and doing our best to ignore everyone else there.

>> No.9432803

>plan to fly to con with friends
>months past and friends hate me now for no reason
>cancel plans to go to con and meet with them

I'm not angry I'm just sad that I lost some friends. I feel like if we met sooner it wouldn't have ended like this, hate being alone again.

>> No.9432808

I bet your college life was super interesting.

>> No.9432810

>for no reason
I doubt that, you must have done something or they were shitty people

>> No.9432817
File: 36 KB, 500x333, IMG_2977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's super hard having a long face and dressing in lolita fashion.
I've been told I'm pretty time and time again but I know what I think is pretty (cute round face with soft features) and I am not that. So I can't help but feel like I just end up looking like an age player because of lack of soft features.

>> No.9432832

Normies think all lolitas are age-players, so I wouldn't worry. I'm sure you look great.

>> No.9432898

>Finally trimmed down enough to fit into Jane Marple, Mary Mag, MMM, and Victorian Maiden.
>Still compulsively checks measurements
>Still scared of buying brand off second hand jp sites without confirming the size
>Between a size 0 & 2.
>Doesn't feel skinny enough.

When will I feel skinny

>> No.9432900

After being on a medication that made me gain weight, made diet and exercise completely useless, and almost gave me an eating disorder, I'm finally losing weight! I measured my waist and it's 6 cm smaller than it was before I stopped taking it! I love looking at dresses now because I know they'll actually fit me, and if they don't already, they will soon. It's such an awesome feeling! And I haven't even started exercising regularly yet. I'm going to start running everyday and make even more progress!

>> No.9433123

Now tell us what you did to get ostracized

>> No.9433146

Honestly, I'm starting to think it's a bunch of jealous girls who think anyone who can afford what they cannot is a spoiled teenage girl. I'm getting tired of people crying, "I'm poor', because they seem to think everyone is popping champagne and eating steak on the regular just because they own a fancy outfit.

>> No.9433149

Kill yourself.

>> No.9433199

You are a girl, BFs are replaceable. Quit worrying about it.

>> No.9433206

When you get over your body dysmorphic disorder. There are perfectly fit, healthy girls everywhere that don't even fit into the brands you fit into now. Clothing size is not an indicator of whether you're healthy or attractive. You're not a better you just because you can fit into more tiny azn desu clothes. Just eat healthy, stay active, and remember to keep things in perspective. Kinda sounds like you need to spend more time outside, to be real.

>> No.9433275
File: 14 KB, 469x469, ethanfmsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wearing lolita at Taco Bell
>cashier laughs and whispers "Hey! Are you a loli?"
>"It's okay. I'm a furry!"

>> No.9433301

Hahah thanks anon. I guess you have a point

>> No.9433306


>> No.9433313
File: 1.54 MB, 960x540, menma.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl is a 10/10 to me.

Why do girls try to be "hot"? Roasties like you could put your 20 layers of make-up on, draw on your eyebrows, finishing doing your hair with 1000s of synthetic chemicals, and I would rate you 4/10 on my scale. You're just not cute and she is.

>> No.9433318

how would you feel about her if her wig weren't shitty?

>> No.9433321

What's up with lolitas always going to taco bell?

>> No.9433323

Really makes you think.

>> No.9433324
File: 32 KB, 113x112, icanseethefutureitsnotpretty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope she's ok

>> No.9433325

ugh that wig and no blue contacts? its such an easy cosplay.

>> No.9433333

Explains all the fart stories in these threads.

Anyway, I just used an exfoliating mask and two bath bombs. I am READY to cosplay Overwatch Winston tomorrow.

>> No.9433342 [DELETED] 
File: 219 KB, 500x471, tumblr_lux7ynt6oO1qab98mo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be in busy hallway at a con
>Cute Ty Lee cosplayer, with adorable Mei and Azula, passing by in oppisite direction
>Excitedly try to get bfs attention to point them out
>Bf doesn't notice by Ty Lee does
>She gives me a little wave and smile
>My gay little kokoroi goes doki doki
>mfw @ myself

>> No.9433345
File: 219 KB, 500x471, tumblr_lux7ynt6oO1qab98mo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be in busy hallway at a con
>Cute Ty Lee cosplayer, with adorable Mei and Azula, passing by in oppisite direction
>Excitedly try to get bfs attention to point them out
>Bf doesn't notice but Ty Lee does
>She gives me a little wave and smile
>My gay little kokoro goes doki doki
>mfw @ myself

>> No.9433370
File: 37 KB, 286x399, 1453022532987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"It's okay. I'm a furry!"

>> No.9433383

She looks 13. You into kids, anon?

>> No.9433419

>20 layers of make-up on
I see a lot of makeup here. Just because she's using natural colors and techniques doesn't mean she's not wearing a full face of makeup.

>draw on your eyebrows
This is a very normal thing to do even for "natural" faced makeup, especially if you have sparse or light colored brows. Most girls at least touch up their eyebrows doing their makeup, so you really can't tell from this whether those are her natural brows or not. And I can guarantee that even if there is no makeup on those brows, she plucks/waxes/threads them to keep them well maintained.

> finishing doing your hair with 1000s of synthetic chemicals
"But this stringy ass wig that is 100% fake is so much hotter to me"

I feel like this is bait but I'm gonna respond anyway because I'm sick of dudes seeing a "natural" look like this and being stupid enough to think that's how the girl rolls out of bed in the morning.

>> No.9433452

he will wreck her. U don goofd

>> No.9433455

Ive become a unironic nazi. I even dress sometimes in my grandfathers wehrmacht uniform. But i cant enjoy anything now. How the fuck do i relax and just focus on normal things again. I can seem to have one day where i can forget everything going on. Help

>> No.9433458

Have you tried killing some jews?

>> No.9433461

im undercover and i would never be violent but i know your memeing. But honestly i need some idea or how others just tell their brain to stop thinking.

>> No.9433462
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My grandma left me her bb cream after she died.

How do I apply it? Just rub it on my face, when add some mineral powder?

Also, ignore the DDLG.

>> No.9433468

Alcohol or you can just gas yourself.

>> No.9433469

What the fuck.

Also did you just call Kanna a DDLG. Please, she's a predatory lesbian loli.

>> No.9433479

No, I was talking about the DDLG who thinks is going to steal her bf.

Now someone plz, tell me how to do my makeup.

>> No.9433507


>> No.9433526


>> No.9433564
File: 32 KB, 236x662, 1474839135880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're ugly as fuck in lolita standard and will only be posted in the ita threads
>Nobody will never admire me
>I'm not even fat

>> No.9433590
File: 140 KB, 379x440, lulucoworry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn it, I sneezed and a boog went into my closet.

I can't find it, but I know it's stuck to one of my dresses. I'm doomed to embarrassment.

>> No.9433622

>leaving your closet door open

>> No.9433623

Someone please tell my ass, the con is tomorrow.

>> No.9433630

Anon it depends on what you need from the BB cream. Why are you using your dead nanna's BB cream anyway? Why don't you have your own?
>if you just need mild coverage put the BB cream on your clean face with your fingers or an applicator
>if you need heavier coverage, put on a bit of primer first, then the BB cream, then powder/bronzer/highlighter as needed

This isn't rocket science, you can easily google for better/more accurate info. Are you crossplaying or something?

>> No.9433645

Chat with someone sitting near you during one of the panels, take pictures of cosplayers and ask about their process, play some video games with strangers, etc. If you find a cool person or group, ask them what they're doing next or plan to see them at this-or-that panel. If you know how to ask in a non-creepy way, get phone numbers. Ask to add people on Facebook or some other social media site. It takes some work, but you'll find people excited and eager to hang out if you have common interests.

>> No.9433673

Yeah, I'm trying to seduce a "straight" trap I've been casing.

>> No.9433675

>every closet has a door

>> No.9433676
File: 275 KB, 336x380, dyinginternally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even people who have soft features get made fun of and called ageplayers, you're not alone

>t. sweet lolita with soft features

>> No.9433678

I don't understand why you are bitching about makeup or just being 'fake' in general while posting a picture of a girl wearing a bunch of eye shadow and eyeliner as well as a wig more then likely.

She'd be very cute if she just fixed the bangs.

>> No.9433687

Or maybe she just saw her friend draw a card and buy a gift... therefore she worried that such a thing was 'proper'. She did it because she didn't want to commit a faux pas when she met the actor. I've found that most people with money don't actually mean to rub it in people's faces. If money flows like water, generally those people don't even think about the cost of what they are buying in the same way someone who is poorer might see it. Most would be quite surprised and even embarrassed if someone confronted them about trying to 'one-up' because that's not usually the intention. It may seem like a big gift, but to the person who bought it, they very well may see it as nothing since it was so easy to get.

>> No.9433702
File: 71 KB, 500x375, sasukearrested.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9433718

>having a closet without a door
Boogers may be the least of your problems.

>> No.9433764

I feel you, anon. Both my fingernails and toenails grow at the speed of light and are so thick and strong they're impossible to bend. I legit can only cut them with shears meant for hedge trimming.
At the same time my hair is forever boob length, developing split ends super quickly but growing at snail speed.
I just want Fanny Rosie hair...

>> No.9433807

>fat and underage
these are some confusing standards anon
also why do you expect random women on an anonymous mongolian moving picture board to care about where they'd end up on your scale? Your scale is irrelevant to attractive women, we judge ourselves by the tastes of the men we're actually attracted to. i.e., not you.

>> No.9433819
File: 277 KB, 568x466, 2017-03-10_15-39-48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the only people who ask to take pictures with me are massive guys 3x my size

>> No.9433829

this is really shallow but hot damn, i'm so glad i'm not ugly or fat. my mother and i like to browse albums on facebook and cringe at ugly itas together. the Disneyland Lolita Day pics are always a goldmine. the first time she saw one of those albums, she asked why so many lolitas are ugly and said that they're a waste of nice clothes. i agree. whenever i feel down i just browse CoF or something and remember how i'm prettier than most of those cows.
that's true, but i'm able to conceal my mean thoughts. ugly people can pile as much shit on their faces as they want, but they'll still be ugly.

>> No.9433865

definitely went to the wrong one- the one I go to is ghetto af but they're dedicated to the job and they check up on everyone and ask if the food is good.

>> No.9433866

i hope when u turn 30 your metabolism slows down so much that u get fat
u also sound extremely insecure

>> No.9433868

That's exactly what I was thinking. How is someone like that gonna cope with getting old? Sooner or later you have to adjust your values, nobody is gonna stay beautiful forever and you don't wanna end up like Madonna, mutilating yourself to try and keep your membership to some kind of elite.

But desu it sounds like her mother is a piece of shit too and it's hard not to pass those traits down from mother to daughter.

>> No.9433884

Feel you
>Manly face
>Try to put cute coords
>In every photo, my face attracts the attention
>Can't be cute / beautiful

>> No.9433886

Ladies, just edit your damn photos. As long as you don't lie about it then who cares, anyone who gets bent out of shape about it is a petty ass anyway. Creating a nice photo that shows off your outfit well is more faithful to the style imo.

>> No.9433970

Normies don't know what age playing is.

>> No.9433992

>really excited to be working cosplay again
>want to post progress pics because i like critiques
>can't because i want to surprise my friend since this is his favorite series
I feel like I'm going to explode.

>> No.9434062

You sound like a waste of nice looks. If you are as pretty as you say you are, of course.

>> No.9434088

Having recently hit 30 it feels like i just don't belong anywhere besides 4chan any more especially since my mid 20s. Any other weeb community is full of genki 15 year olds that are just uncomfortable and embarrassing to be around. And the only other alternative are the hipsters who constantly bitch about how sexist it is. I guess it's too deep in me to "grow out of it"

I'm pretty sure theres other people out there like me, i hope at least.

>> No.9434108


Not that anon, but my mom is 55 and looks great for her age. She uses sun protection and works out though. But she isn't into makeup or dressing herself up, but she does emanate a natural beauty around herself.

I'm not asking to look like a plastic sculpted princess, but if I age elegantly I'd be happy with that. Or be like my grandma, who's cute in a grandma-ey way. Just because you're old doesn't mean you turn into a harpy.

Anon sounds like a turd though (although this is /cgl/ so you can bet she's far from the only one).

>> No.9434111

>i'm able to conceal my mean thoughts
Lol no you're not. People that know you know what a fake cunt you are. Bet you've been hemorrhaging friends like crazy your whole life and you don't even realize it because you're too busy looking at yourself in the mirror. No one gets away half as much as they think they do with being a two faced bitch. Enjoy the easy ride while it lasts, good luck developing a real personality.

>> No.9434133

I feel it anon

>> No.9434152

Who knew that the final two pieces of my cosplay would be the hardest to get



>> No.9434168

Oh I can believe that, my grandma just hit 72 and she's super glamorous and put-together for her age- doesn't look a day over 50.

>> No.9434336

sounds like a bunch of ugly people to me

>> No.9434355

An insecure person would reply like you

>> No.9434356

Post your pic then?

>> No.9434358

Nice get

>> No.9434376

that would be a stupid idea and it's funny that you guys default to this. but i'm all over the internet, take a guess


>> No.9434402

Literally noone cares about your scale, I'm gonna put my 50 layers of makeup because I look good for myself.

Also kek you can't even tell how much makeup someone's wearing or somebody's age judging by the example you gave us. Zzzz

>> No.9434407

Get fk help.

>> No.9434409


>> No.9434412
File: 19 KB, 358x310, 1488806021913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, just like looks you can't change being autistic, so that's pretty unfortunate for you, Anon.

>> No.9434423
File: 796 KB, 803x777, 1490482330230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she asked why so many lolitas are ugly and said that they're a waste of nice clothes

I ask myself the same thing desu but a lot of them tend to have nice personalities so eh

>> No.9434447
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>> No.9434452

>girl in my comm tried to fuck up my image by spreading lies and all that crap
>some ppl who heard those lies asked me about it, showed me prints, this girl is delusional af and basically everything is a lie or a very twisted truth that i can twist back easily
>confront girl, says she did nothing and pretends it wasnt her
>never show her the prints because i wanna keep the leverage
>girl pretends everything is fine between us after we talk
>still stalks my every social media, is a ghost follower everywhere but i know she constantly checks everything but so do i because i dont trust her at all and im afraid she might try and spread lies again
>fast forward a few months, her life is going to shit, her relationships with her SO and friends are getting more and more broken, life's turning to shit, she's always in trouble with everyone basically
>she always looks like shit too lately
>i dont wanna say it feels good, but i love karma :)

>> No.9434526

>Your scale is irrelevant to attractive women, we judge ourselves by the tastes of the men we're actually attracted to. i.e., not you.

You know Chad won't settle down with you?

>> No.9434532

If you are feeling so lonely make your own fucking community anon, any retard with a keyboard can make their own website, forum, Facebook group or whatever.

And then you can have www.lonelypathetictoooldforanimecreepypeople.com for you and all your weird friends.

>> No.9434599

Today I just confessed to someone I've liked for a while about my feelings. Literally just sen the confession.
We'll find out if I wind up having a /fit/ boyfriend.
Feel like puking from anxiety, though.

>> No.9434604

I'm rooting for you anon!

>> No.9434611

>We'll find out
only if you post the results here

>> No.9434621

I did this once in HS and it backfired horribly...I was pretty spergey back then tho so maybe you'll have better results.

>> No.9434640

>Literally noone cares about your scale,
Except the tons of women responding to it in anger. You know, like you.

>I look good for myself.
Oh is that why you need to go out in public and want everyone to take pictures of you and share all those pictures all over social media? Because you do it for yourself?

>> No.9434645

I'm not spergy. At least I don't think so. And I'm far out of high school. I'm just irrationally shy when it comes to this sort of thing.

>> No.9434647
File: 15 KB, 540x293, 16508850_10211875138657181_259699591236872083_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9434648

Please fucking leave you stupid shit starter.

>> No.9434653

Such hostility, yet nothing to deny or disprove what I said. It's almost like what I said was 100% true, but rather than admit it because it hurts your feelings you try to just get whoever is telling you the hard truth to go away and stop saying it.

>> No.9434657

Please don't reply to bait.

>> No.9434661

I post for myself, not for your responses. Nobody cares about your responses.

>> No.9434663


>> No.9434664

thank you
get it together /cgl/

>> No.9434665

Where's that reaction image where there's a fish just taking the bait, not caring anymore?

>> No.9434682

Oh look. Another feels thread is going to be deleted because you autists can't stop taking the bait.

>> No.9434696
File: 642 KB, 254x2428, manchild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update on >>9419676 . Feeling a lot better now that I don't have to deal with this guy anymore. I should really just stop subjecting myself to this torture and just ask a nice girl out.

>> No.9434712

So I told him. We're discussing things and he wants to make sure that I know what I'm getting into and if I'm okay with everything.
So it's going well?

>> No.9434718

I do think you were a bit too mean. How would you feel if a person picked apart every flaw you had just to tell you, 'I realize I'm not that into you.' (You cannot use the argument, "I don't have any flaws!")

I mean, it's good to put your foot down, but you could've just left it as, 'I've mulled the thought over and over in my head, and we just are not compatible.' Like, many guys would've cussed you out and belittled every little flaw you had with a response like that, but he's super apologetic so... I mean, you really likely hurt his feelings. Plus, when you discuss flaws, it makes it sound like you are saying... 'Well, there's a possibility it could work if...' It doesn't need to be that way. A simple, 'It didn't work out, I've realized I don't have the chemistry with you that I'm seeking in a partner, and I feel we should part ways. I understand you are very attracted to me, but at this point I'd only be leading you on. I feel it's time that we break off trying to make something work out...' To some extent, I do hope somebody in the future picks apart every unattractive thing about you in the way you did this man because that was uncalled for.

>> No.9434722

I agree completely

>> No.9434724

Fair. Though I've tried that before a few times and they always begged me to tell them what it was, I figured I would just lay it all out this time and avoid the questions. And -that- was me holding back on a lot of it.

>> No.9434725


>> No.9434733

You tell them there's nothing 'wrong' with them, you just continually insist, 'I just don't feel the attraction. There's no spark.' To some extent, ghosting does exist for a reason, and in situations like that, it's appropriate. Heck, I'd block a number before I would ever feel like tearing someone apart.

>> No.9434744

I suppose part of me wants him to know these things and help him understand why he struggles with women. So he can shape up and find someone else. It's really sad for someone to be almost 30 and not understand that 'horking a loogie' every 10 seconds is not socially acceptable behaviour.

>> No.9434763
File: 179 KB, 600x800, 1311788518195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if this is the best place for it, but are there any oldfags here that remember this girl/her mom (who used to post here)
Back in the day when tinychat was a thing, her mom mentioned she had something (I believe it was cerebral palsy) and I've been concerned ever since, even though it's been like 8 years, and just want to make sure they're still a happy, healthy family.

>> No.9434782

>keep us posted

>> No.9434799

I gave up /cgl/ for Lent and it's good to be back! Also I'm never doing that again

>> No.9434803

Don't know why you'd bother. If you post here you're going to hell anyway.

>> No.9434805

When you missed out on APs Easter items ; - ;

>> No.9434833

What kink didn't he want to partake in?

>> No.9434835


>> No.9434840
File: 147 KB, 350x450, 1465177027189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah good luck with that one

>> No.9434869

Original mean anon here. It was pegging.

>> No.9434907

he dodged a bullet honestly

>> No.9434922

The overwhelming majority of my contributions are dress ID-ing and translating stuff in the TaoBao threads so I don't think 4chan will be the reason I'm going to hell.

>> No.9434945
File: 81 KB, 600x456, 0f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>attractive women

>> No.9434971
File: 10 KB, 500x450, edb56ba3-960d-4515-b844-ac3ab0ad3f47..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He does type like a 13 year old, and I find that pretty annoying myself. I agree with the other anon that maybe you were too harsh but I DO think it was good to give him proper explanation. He would have inevitably asked for one anyway, and it's hard to see our own flaws sometimes. It's very helpful when someone else can guide us so we can improve.

It was hardly worded, but I'm sure he'll take it to heart extra hard and try fixing himself ad best as he can. Or, he can be completely shattered and become a cynic that will never try again and gets a permanently damaged ego even after putting in the effort to improve and perhaps getting someone else to validate him with love; because in the back of his head he will always think about how he was torn a new asshole that day and hatefuck his new girlfriend while thinking of you.

Also, I'm interested in what kink he turned down. Sounds like a FUCKIN loser to turn down kinds a girl is openly discussing with you, especially if you're trying so hard to get her.

>> No.9434972

>hardly worded
Harshly. Autocorrect, thanks.

>> No.9434986
File: 13 KB, 240x227, ck6lomn0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get "neat" craft idea
>Search for reference
>"Maybe it's not a good idea"
>Don't do it
>Repeat to infinity

>> No.9435001

horsefaced ex lolita here
people will just think you're a crossdresser.

>> No.9435010

You and me both anon. I had an ex who wanted me to peg him, but we were in an LDR and broke up before it could happen.

>> No.9435039

Already has senpai :^)

>> No.9435041

How nice of you to find a guy with a fetish for 200 lb girls.

>> No.9435105

My kink was pegging. The entire third date we had he was being very grabby and constantly joking about sex. Like, we stopped to park somewhere to check something on his phone, and there was someone in the car next to us, and he'd say something like: "Aww, no roadhead." Anyway, he was very quick to shoot it down. He was super homophobic and that's something that really irked me but not really one of the main things I could complain about since I entered a hetero set-up with him. Like, even at the mention of past relationships and that I was with a girl, the first thing that came to his mind was "I guess I could go for a threesome." And it was just a million little things like that, that made me less and less inclined to stick with him.

>> No.9435108
File: 24 KB, 400x400, yWRigl6B[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Some manchild sperg has been on more dates than I have.

>> No.9435115

You dodged a bullet anon. How did you even meet this guy?

>> No.9435124

I was working and we had a pretty nice conversation about some bands we both happened to like, and video games. Gave him a list of recommendations and my number in case he wanted to exchange more of them. I'm really into music. Not that attracted to him, but I was a little tired of online dating sites, so I figured if this sparked anything, it was going to be on my own terms. I was really hoping we'd have more in common than music and videogames.

Also, he had sort of shoulder length hair. And he sent me a message the day before the third date asking what I think of slicked back hair. I said they're really suited to undercuts AND HE ACTUALLY GOT AN UNDERCUT, THE MADMAN. So, I've honestly been trying to see if it could work and give him a chance, but it's been red flag after red flag.

>> No.9435134

Rough but frankly I agree with what you did. A lot of guys just do not get it even if you turn them down as simply as possible.

I remember the first time a really awkward dude asked me out- He sent me a chart he'd made on MS Paint with two possible scenarios (If I said yes or no to a date). Mind you, I'd never even met this guy in person, he was just a friend of a friend I'd played video games in a group with.
Anyway, I asked MULTIPLE people the nicest way to turn him down, and was super kind and polite about it. After that, he made remarks about wanting me to die etc. in group calls conversations, very subtly, and was overall very threatening.
Next time I realised a dude was interested in me and I wasn't feeling it back I just ghosted him. He then decided I was some sort of bitch who led guys on for fun (I'd never even been in a relationship at this time, mind you), and tried to warn off my current partner by saying I was just 'leading him on' and that I didn't mean any of my flirting etc.
If you aren't interested in someone, let them know firmly, and frankly, let them know why. Maybe then they can work on their flaws. Guys will find ANY excuse for why a girl dumped them/wasn't interested other than their own glaring problems.

>sage for blogpost

>> No.9435191
File: 56 KB, 800x446, takeowelcome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your friends finally start getting into the series you've been hyping your ass off about for months

>> No.9435215

Yeah that bunny brooch was cute as hell.

>> No.9435230

Gee, the guy sounds like a mess. I'm nowhere near that bad yet i have rock bottom confidence, literally to the extent of 'whats the point of trying'.

How do guys that are complete messes manage to have an absurd amount of confidence.

>> No.9435245

>How do guys that are complete messes manage to have an absurd amount of confidence
A severe lack of self awareness, most likely.

>> No.9435246
File: 70 KB, 500x681, 7bf6a8bc092cf2be51adda90554ec1da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel so lonely.
As an aspie I never was bothered by loneliness, plus, relationships scares me (lots of stress, the only real relationship i had was abusive,...) and i wouldn't be able to handle one.

I'm growing scared to end up alone. I'm only 20 and I have time, I know, but lately I'm feeling so lonely. I just need a hug. I want to be loved. I'm feeling so lost. I don't fall in love easily at all either and have a pretty low sex drive so I'm beginning to wonder if I'll really be alone forever.
I know there are plenty other lesbeans and aspies in the world yet i feel so alone.

>tfw hug my second pillow and put my human sized teddy bear's paw on my head to feel as if i was being cuddled
i'm pathetic

>> No.9435250

I know that feel
>Want to see
>No energy or motivation to do so
Fuck depression

>> No.9435281

Don't worry lesbian-aspie chan, being social just takes practice. Try getting out of you comfort zone of teddie bear hugs and go to bars, cafes, music venues, anywhere where people are having fun and are in a social mood. If you start with small talk you will get more confident. Don't worry about meeting someone else! Ask yourself, would you date you? Self improvement is win-win! You...self improve and your future partner will like you too!

Good luck!

>> No.9435292
File: 66 KB, 674x874, 1477823124529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this feel.
I just want to be loved. It's so hard for me to even find someone I like, but if I do they're inevitably in a relationship because they're just so great. My sex drive is nothing, probably because I unhealthily use masturbation to cope with depression instead of for pleasure - so just associate anything sexual with "I'm so fucking pathetic."

I've accepted that I won't find happiness by now. I can't possibly make any partner I hypothetically could find happy.

>> No.9435305


You're swimming in time anon. I'm 26 here and I still have hope I won't die alone. You'll make it for sure.

>> No.9435312

There's hope even for you.
Someone loves you or will love you. That's worth for everybody ITT

>> No.9435547 [DELETED] 
File: 216 KB, 1024x1420, death by snu snu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw muscular attractive NEET with big cock, but no mommy gf (or any gf, ever).

Why won't some older lady let me live in her house and pay for everything? I'll do all the housework, help her with her lolita cosplay, and have sex whenever she wants.

>> No.9435617
File: 153 KB, 720x720, kill me now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>play N:A
>now have immense desire to date a 9s cosplayer

>> No.9435646

If you were a guy everyone here would be calling you an /r9k/ fedoralord for this.

>> No.9435745

Lol imagine having a job that lets you have half the week off to party as opposed to working you between 50 and 70 hours so you can actually pay bills ...

>> No.9435917
File: 62 KB, 949x1024, 1489875739673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be a closet weeb, have trouble admitting I like weebish things even when its an open enviornment.
>gf was only one that knew and supported it
>go to Afghanistan for a little under a year
>we talk about going to a con and she and I would cosplay because she knows I want to
>First day i'm back in the states she dumps me
Tl;dr stay away from women.

>> No.9436304

At least he got a nice haircut out of the experience

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