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Last thread. >>9415250

Got any cosplay and lolita-related feels today? Share 'em with the rest of the class.

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This'll be the last attempt I make

To the Jogging anon who met lolitas at the park in the previous threads. If you drop some kind of contact info I can get you in touch with the lolita who knocked over your water bottle.

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I saw a Harley Quinn cosplayer at the mall today. (Classic Harley, none of that Suicide Squid bullshit.) I guess it was for April Fools day.

She was very doughy and self-conscious looking. I kinda wish I'd told her she looked good.

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>show off ouji coord I plan to purchase to people
>tfw they tell me that I'm not tall enough to pull it off.

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Ahaha, manlet.

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Ouji looks good on short people, don't worry

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so the jogging anon wasn't some lonely dude's fantasy? it was real?

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Yes, sadly I am giving updates to the girl who was excited to meet him. It's dawning on me that he wasn't really a gull and he probably just dropped by to post his experience and left.

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That's a shame. Don't worry, I'll take her off your hands.

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You might want to try posting in /fit/ to see if you can catch him there, just keep it coded so only he would get it?

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I have nothing to look forward to in my life besides Anime Expo and I don't think I'm prepared for it.

The election last year fucked almost everyone I knew up and I expect there to be some bad blood and fisticuffs.

I just want to be pretty and relax...

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>The election last year fucked almost everyone I knew
What do your friends do that the election ruined all their lives?

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different anon, many of my friends are from the countries that trump has his immigration ban. almost all cannot go home now, and two are stuck.

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different anon too, but some people with health issues are going to be royally screwed over.

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.... also different Anon, IF Obamacare is repealed, which is very likely, the medications I need to work and thrive as a productive member of society will go from being less than twenty dollars to being over two hundred dollars.

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>Tfw yet another character comes out with your yoonique-special name that is only special because you're named after your great-grandmother and for some reason Japanese people fucking LOVE that name probably because it sounds old and European and yet it'll super short and pronounceable to goddamn Japanese marketers


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I know three people at my school who had to choose between finals and leaving the country for big things due to Cheeto Benito's travel ban.

1. Couldn't go to his father's funeral
2. Couldn't go to her sister's wedding
3. Couldn't go to see her cousin graduate

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.... what is your name

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The travel ban has been blocked...twice.

The changes to healthcare didn't even pass, and any future changes are unspecified.

You people need to stop playing chicken little and get on with your lives. Good lord.

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Oh fuck it, might as well tell 4Chan. It's Mimi.

Yes. Legally.

I've tried going by something else in the workplace, and when my mom found out she got all huffy. She should have thought about that before she put it down on the birth certificate.

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Yeah no shit Sherlock. Did you know people were STILL ENFORCING IT while it was in the courts, and IGNORED injunctions to stop?

People were trapped for days, flights were rejected, it was an unholy shitshow. Just because it's over NOW doesn't mean it didn't fuck with people right then. President Fuckface declared it without warning while planes were in the air, no one knew what to do with the people who landed. No one knew when they could leave the country. No one knew when they'd be able to come back in.

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They aren't even people that would affected by the travel ban, they're just obsessed with shunning, punching, and destroying "nazis"* to the detriment of their personal and professional relationships

* milk drinkers, political abstainers, fence-sitters, berniebros, and the insufficiently queer

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>when half the girls in your comm have visible, raging boners

So embarrassing.

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Sounds like an inconvenience rather than life ruining, to be honest. You should go do something productive rather than raging on the internet about something that didn't personally affect you. The election didn't "ruin" any of your lives, so get on with them.

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Dude, some people missed out on being their for the deaths of their loved ones. Some people missed huge exams and had to retake a year of college.

Those are major things. And side note, why should it have to personally effect someone for them to have the "right" to point out how asinine it it? Trump clearly didn't put two braincells into his glorious plan, and nobody needs to lose an arm to point that out.

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>Dude, some people missed out on being their for the deaths of their loved ones.
Yeah, cause the ban stopped future terrorists from reaching their targets.

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My god, this bait! It's so dank, it's melting steel beams!

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It's a cute name and doesn't sound too anime. Embrace the cute name anon.

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That's alright. My name is Sebastian

>tfw autistic sometimes underage fujos occasionally get touchy-feely with me because of Black Butler
Feels ehhhh

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I embrace it everywhere but the workplace. But thanks for the encouragement! It's appreciated in these dark times.

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>Dude, some people missed out on being their for the deaths of their loved ones.

You talking about the muslim guy? Proven false. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4181808/Business-owner-claimed-mom-died-ban-lied.html
If you want to complain about that source there are many more. Getting tired of libbies lying to get fake outrage stirred up. I'm actually surprised there are women here who actually want more muslims in your countries.

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This is gold

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Nah, I'm talking about that guy I mentioned earlier who couldn't go to his dad's funeral. His dad was on his deathbed at the time, so he might have been able to make it had he jumped on a plane right after his final exam ended but he for sure couldn't make even the funeral.

As far as I know he never went to the news, but if he did it would be somewhere in Colorado's news.

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>His dad was on his deathbed at the time,
They should have set the bomb timer for a little longer then.

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I'm skeptical that anyone would have had to "retake a year of college" for something completely out of their control like that. Just go to the dean and take the exam late.

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Boohoo, man missed his fathers funeral. Let's let in a bunch of religious fundamentalists who WILL kill others because our government can't properly vet them. Emotional arguments are really a pain to look at.

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Still a cool name. Could always call yourself Seb for short.

>> No.9418726

>being a drumpft supporter

>> No.9418728

>not calling yourself Bastion
You know nothing of cool.

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You're letting something that didn't even affect you personally take up too much real estate in your mind. I know it's difficult for you to not be hysterically upset about literally everything that Trump does, but you should try being rational and get over yourself when it doesn't affect you. Try being honest with yourself, your life was shit before the election, and that's why you're so upset about everything now. Tell us what's really bothering you anon. We'll listen.

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People care too much about politics.
Government was shit, is shit, and will always BE shit.

Stop thinking about it and focus on burando and/or cute lolitas.

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>being a brainwashed leftie
>being a hypocrite by using "drumpft"

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watch the video you rural retard

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You don't have to suffer alone. If you ever have a daughter you could name her Yunyun.

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Pretty sure that's the japanese word for 'ear', and it's generally considered a cutesy thing. Are most of these animus rabbit-girls?

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wtf i hate nazis now.

Let's find some nazis to punch

I'll start with every cosplayer and lolita that's prettier than me

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>Always wondered how to get myself out there to lolita meetups as an aristo/ouji
>got advice to start and instagram/facebook presence
>Do this, and it works. Pretty well received
>Message com leaders and ask all the rules and say that I want do come to a meetup

Fastforward to meetup
>Only guy dressed up
>Other girls brought their boyfriends
>First 15 minutes everything is fine, they ask me about my wardrobe and compliment my coord.
>Then they start prodding personally
>Ask if I'm gay, which I'm not.
>Once they realize I'm not gay, the flirting begins
>I try to dismiss it and change the subject but whenever I do they find some way to incorporate me changing the subject to mean that I'm getting flustered
>even the girls that have their boyfriends around are lowkey flirting
>I get uncomfortable
>only one other girl realizes this and tries to change the subject as well
>they finally change the subject and talk about their dresses
>Once the meetup is over, and I'm at home a few of the girls wont stop bothering me on FB

Don't get me wrong, I'd rail every one of the girls at the meetup but I'm experienced with how girls are in group settings. I'm not going to do anything flirtatious because it only invites drama. I just wanted to wear my aristo outside and be fancy. Thank you lesbian lolita who saved me.

I'm not really sure what to do, the obvious answer was maybe talk to the admin. The admin is one of the thirstier girls though, and I'm not really sure who in the comm will cause drama. I feel like I went in unprepared.

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This is just like a harem anime.

>> No.9418801

I wasn't close to the guy, so I can't say what was up, but as far as I know it sounded sudden.

Oh yeah, because that baby that needed a heart surgery was ~~suuuuch~~ a terrorist.

Also, NONE of the countries on the list were responsible for terrorist attacks on the US. The ones that were? Wow, look at all of Trump's business ties to them! Look how absent they were!

Also something to look at, ~how many spooo000oooky terrorist attacks all those people who flooded in after the ban have caused~

Oh what? Trump pulled everything out of his ass? Yes. Now lets get back to posting overpriced weeb shit.

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I actually never understood how people can be so comfortable just dropping the question of

I was bishonen as fuck and got asked this a lot. Always bothered me despite knowing it was because
>Once they realize I'm not gay, the flirting begins

Oh well, I probably shouldn't have looked like a fag since I only attracted crazies anyways.

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Oh no...please don't let this be my destiny

>> No.9418811

ouji is made for short japanese women, I think you'll be okay anon

>> No.9418818

But... but I'm a male...

>> No.9418840


how tall

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>be named Mary
>tfw bf calls me "Stephanie" bc Mary is his mom's name

>> No.9418871

The jogging anon commented two threads ago that he's married.

>> No.9418873

that doesn't change my point. It's made for short/petite people. You'll be okay.

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>tfw your local Baby The Stars Shine Bright/Alice and The Pirates store had a half off section

Got a cute dress for a damn good price but having this and an AP and a Meta shop all a short train ride away is going to be a test of my wills and wallet.

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>> No.9418902

It's not even a weird or uncommon name, snowflake chan

>> No.9418912

>sounds old and european

no, not really

>> No.9418927

>tfw started new job, making good money, can afford more burando than ever
>same old narrative, "damn i work so much when can i even wear what i buy"
>addition to that narrative "damn i work in the food industry and come home smelling like grilled onions, even if i had an early shift and the rest of the day to myself no amount of scrubbing will get rid of the stench"
>its hard to feel pretty when youre a smelly gaijin

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I told my mom and she yelled at me for not complimenting Harley.

>> No.9418931

I love the smell of onions

>> No.9418932

where do you work?

>> No.9418934

you can be my gf. I smell like onions when I dont bathe

>> No.9418939

You should be fine in ouji then

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>ask a good friend if we could make a collaboration j-pop dance video together
>he is an excellent dancer that has won several con competitions
>I lost those competitions and decided to change dance style completely
>he agreed on collab
>I thought it might be finally time I stop running away and try out the old dance style one more time
>things go well really amazed by our combined creativity
>he suddenly said he had to go away to business trip
>half made choreo that amounts to nothing

>> No.9418959

how fucking stupid do you have to be to not know the answer to your own question?

>> No.9418964

Mimi? That's not an anime name at all. That's a french poodle name from 1960s comedy movies. Momo and Mima and Mami, those are anime names.

>> No.9418968

>Go to a show featuring a few DIY type Jpanese bands
>Meet a cute girl who is a little older than me and invite her out for food afterwords
>Getting along really well
>Trade contact and shit
>Been texting for a couple weeks, she seems really fucking cool. Into lolita and does staffing at cons
>Don't have the nuts to ask her out again for drinks/food/whatever again

Fuck me why am I only good with girls when I'm drunk???

>> No.9418973

>tfw no gf to bite her ear
>tfw no gf to lick and suck on her ear lobe
>tfw no gf to kiss and lick her neck


>> No.9418974

its not just onions. garlic and east asian food too

a shawarma restaurant that caters to hipsters and vegans

>> No.9418976

so they're travestites?

>> No.9418978

That's not an anime name.

My name is fucking Yang. The worst girl from RWBY.

>> No.9418980

dont be a pussy anon, youll end up alone

>> No.9418981

>smelling like onions and garlic all the time
be my friend and we can be smelly together. i love onions and garlic.

>> No.9418993

sorry anon i really dont like the smell. its not very rori desu

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My high school friend who got knocked up at 17 named her son Yagami. They're Mexican. He's 3 now and I fear for when he grows older.

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>work on cosplay all month for upcoming con SUPER excited (its my fav con)
>night before con, turns out only other person who could go with me ends up not being able to go last second
>cosplay is sorta skimpy dont want to go alone in it
>they were going to be my neck beard bodyguard
>war flashbacks of con horror stories
>8 hours before con decide not to wear cosplay

>tfw you work hard on a cosplay, and it turns out great, but last second you decide/end up not wearing it to the con

I'm sorta happy not wearing anything going in cute normy clothes, I never get to relax at a con due to always wearing cosplays but *because* I always wear something I feel bummed out about only going in normy clothes

>tfw still trying to decide whether or not I should wear it and have fun or if I should just be comfortable and buy merch/AA shit

Also is it easier to make friends in cosplay or out of it??

T-there's always next con I guess... ;_;

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My bf is making my costume for me. All I have to do is not get fat before the con. And I'm failing at that.

Also, I'm about to be banned for a day for accidentally posting hentai on a blue board.

>> No.9419014

How do you accidentally post hentai?

>> No.9419015

Post pics of it and we'll let you know

>> No.9419016

I thought I was on /d/

Got drunk while binge eating.

>> No.9419018

Bring it just in case. You'll go on the floor for like an hour and miss being in cosplay, trust me. I'm sure you look amazing and you can always surround yourself in cosplayers from the same series to keep weirdos away.

>> No.9419019

You're a class act anon. What kind of hentai was it?

>> No.9419022

Futa ofc.

See you guys on Monday, as my ban will prob set in soon. I'm gonna try to help finish my costume tomorrow.

>> No.9419033

Um, Yang is the fucking best, wtf are you on

>> No.9419045

If you like one-armed testicle crushers.

>> No.9419084

Damn I gained 60 pounds before the con

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Here's an idea,

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I'm so sick of the state of cosplay competitions and the organisation of cons in general in Australia.

When it comes to competitions, they're so often so badly organised- prejudging is either nonexistent or very poorly managed and only half of the contestants are spoken to. Hosts are more often than not clueless and don't ask any questions that are relevant to the construction of the costume, so when you're in the audience you've got no idea what kind of time or skills went into what you're looking at.

As for cons themselves, volunteers never have any idea what the fuck is going on or where anything is. There's no consistency and it's so frustrating.

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>friend tells me he's getting into cosplay
>get excited, asks him what he's going to be
>deadpool/joker crossover cosplay

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>"unique name"
>also not Japanese
um, anon, do you know anything about the Japanese language? or name popularity in general? it's common or at least semi-common in English and isn't out of place as a Japanese name either
>tfw the best girl in Digimon Adventure has had your name since the 90s, be fucking proud

>> No.9419147

Is anybody else a little bit sad that we didn't get merged? I think /k/ or /o/ would've been pretty funny.

I know that feel, and amusingly enough I'm named after a great grandparent as well.

I used to be pretty active in a fandom where one of the main characters shared my name, and people always assumed I was lying, or made jokes about it as if I'd never heard every possible joke before.

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>tfw have a unique name no one else shares, not even fictional characters
>still normal-sounding and easy to pronounce
>get complimented on my name all the time

>> No.9419168

.... what is your name

>> No.9419179

What name would that be?

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Would you name your child Asuka?

>> No.9419229

Find if there's gonna be any gathering or photoshoot for the series. If there is one then change into costume just for that, then change back to normie clothes.

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>tfw you are an inch short of lace to finish the dress

So close yet so far

>> No.9419284
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>tfw you are an inch short of hitting her cervix

So close yet so far

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>Want to lose weight to gain confidence
>Until you reach this goal you'll never cosplay cute idols
>But you can't stop eating shit
I'm getting stressed out about something so dumb, I might just accept idols aren't for me.

>> No.9419287


>> No.9419290

You're probably having difficulty coming off eating sugar and fat. Cutting out your sugar intake is like coming off crack, but it's going to help you in the long run.

>> No.9419299

Should I really out myself on 4chan? It's Lima. It's semi-common as a last name but I've never heard of anyone who has it as their first name.

>> No.9419302

Lima Mike Alpha Oscar

>> No.9419323

Like Lima bean?

>> No.9419354

And the capital of Peru. Not saying the word doesn't exist, just that I've never seen it used as a first name.

>> No.9419365

We should have merged with /r9k/ for the day.

>> No.9419369
File: 1.20 MB, 2000x2310, 906509c9-7566-4795-bc04-780f1ebbe638..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting butterflies just imagining an actual couple emerging from the April fool's joke.

Some gull pops into some /r9k/ sad shitpost to give advice and exchange discord names; and then find they actually like each other.

So dreamy. So romantic. I wanna throw up!!!

>> No.9419370

You ever give up something in favor of a con

>> No.9419373

we already have perma r9k residents on this board though

>> No.9419379

>implying someone from r9k is likeable
dont get your hopes up anon

>> No.9419381

Did you know there are actually a few couples that originated on /r9k/?
There are both, low confidence guys and low confidence girls on that board.

>> No.9419393
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>Get to know a girl is cute and shows signs of liking Jfashion
>Is normie
>Start getting her into the fashion to get a jfashion buddy
>shows her lots of stuff
>Shows her Larme
>She gets offended because the girls in Larme look like lesbians and proceeds to criticize the magazine
>What will the children do if they see this
>ok. no fashion buddies
>Never try again to convert a normie

>> No.9419394

An event truly so rare it has passed on to 4chan legend.

>> No.9419396
File: 148 KB, 2774x1599, IMG_5747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finishing up prop today
>the base was 3D printed for me
>it came out shit
>the seller closed his Etsy account
>gotta make the best out of a bad situation since I don't have time to restart

>> No.9419433
File: 55 KB, 500x403, 1491155094492[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. r9k

Go live in fantasy land somewhere else, small boy.

>> No.9419437

lmao I know so many mimi's, chill anon you ain't that special. its cute embrace it

>> No.9419439

you sound like a guy desu

>> No.9419449

Not all normies are homophobic

>> No.9419453

I'm not a normie and i could never be friends with a lesbian. I'd always be somewhat worried she'd try something on me or people might think i'm gay.

>> No.9419455
File: 491 KB, 500x390, HAIR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I managed to snag a DMC Silver ticket and so did my friend so we're going to go together!! I can't wait, we had such a great time last time it's going to be even better this year!

>> No.9419456

How self-centered of you

>> No.9419460
File: 75 KB, 576x1024, IMG_0012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am i ready for the con?

>> No.9419464

Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit! Oh, I'm a FLOWER~!

>> No.9419471

Don't flatter yourself lmao

>> No.9419480

Gay people will have to face god eventually.

>> No.9419484

Lesbian here.
Yea, I almost certainly would desu. But I'm thirsty as fuck and any girl with remotely the same interests as me is a target for me to scissor.

I'm ashamed that when I was like 17 I ended up masturbating to my friend at a sleepover because her nightgown slid in her sleep tossing and her breasts were exposed.

>> No.9419486

Why would you try to make other lesbians look bad?
Or are you a guy trying to trick women into not going the lesbian route?

Either way stop being so damn thirsty.

>> No.9419492
File: 31 KB, 611x533, IMG_4776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd always be somewhat worried she'd try something on me
Nigga u ugly tho

>> No.9419516

>tfw lolita friend isn't responding.

>used to not care if people responded or not, would just make new friends.
>suddenly stop talking to me for over a month after we'd been friends? Whatever, I'll make new friends
>constantly surrounded by people
>one day wonder why X won't respond
>start thinking backwards and realize that there's a history of people suddenly dropping out of my life
>start getting nervous every time someone would stop responding to me
>now afraid to even talk to people so I don't get the chance to lose them, too.
>tfw no friend to talk to for coord advice and life in general.

Do we exist just to feel despair?

>> No.9419528
File: 728 KB, 960x776, 1490339152454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you convince your bf to go shopping with you? Promise him head afterwards?

>> No.9419530

maybe someone is spewing shit about you? that could explain this. or you're just bad at keeping friends, idk.

>> No.9419531

why take him if he wouldn't enjoy it anyway? shopping on your own isn't bad (unless you need a bodyguard in a bad area).

>> No.9419533

Okay. Why would you need a bodyguard? And how many guys these days are even capable of protecting a woman?

>> No.9419536

kinda on the verge of leaving my comm. all the newer people are shit and I don't feel much connection with the older peeps anymore, except for a few. teaparties and meets are becoming more and more shit too.

>guess I'll go live the Momoko life

>> No.9419538

told ya, bad area of town. I know my bf will protect me.

>> No.9419540

Does your bf lift? Because most guys i see have smaller arms than me.

>> No.9419541

Doesn't really matter, anon. Most people are less likely to approach a girl who's with a man, regardless of what they look like.

>> No.9419547

if you honestly believe this i hope you never have to rely on your bf to "save" you

>> No.9419548
File: 15 KB, 240x230, a576bde123b3b494508b4340afc2fe34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all the newer people are shit
tfw you're new in the Dutch comm

>> No.9419556

Don't get into a habit of using sex as leverage or motivation for your SO.

>> No.9419557

Can confirm this, at least when it comes to yelling and harassment. I had to record it to convince my bf it was even happening because whenever we're out together, nobody bothers us. He's tall (6'4") but not strong or particularly intimidating, but as long as he's with me, everyone leaves me alone.

>> No.9419577

I still feel like we should do a friend finder thread in the FB group so people with similar interests have a chance to meet, without first having to wait 5 months for a public meetup, and then praying that you happen to meet someone you have something in common with so you don't have to wait another 5 months for the next opportunity.
>go to meetup
>on one side of me is a group of friends who keep making in-jokes and don't seem interested in talking to me
>on the other side are young teenagers who I have absolutely nothing in common with
>can't just get up and change seats at this point
>fuck, meetup wasted

>> No.9419585

Dating tall guys that don't lift is a bad idea. They tend to look really goofy plus if you are short it is really awkward.

>> No.9419614

lol yeah he looks pretty goofy but I'm no Miss Universe either, so I'm not one to complain. It's twu vuw anon~

>> No.9419626

>Axes Femme Paris closed
>cry and lament how there never was a Paris webshop for us Europoors
>anons mention that there's going to be an international website, opening in April
>aw yes more accessible and super affordable cute clothes I can't wait
>bookmark it
>it went live today!
>can still only pay with credit card and need to use Tenso forwarding service for shipping

>> No.9419634
File: 22 KB, 289x400, this could be us but were not retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9419635

its cheaper to use the Japanese webshop if your SS marks the package down

>> No.9419639

>go to con
>someone actually has a print of my OTP from an old-ass fandom that nobody cares about anymore and that was never that big to begin with
I felt validated

>> No.9419644

It's a man

>> No.9419652

Well to a board of stacys like /cgl/ "low confidence" and "unlikable" are basically synonymous.

>> No.9419653 [DELETED] 
File: 289 KB, 620x372, why the fuck you lyin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend invites me to party
>rarely see her and she apparently really wants to hang out so I agree to come even though I wouldn't know anyone else there
>ask her a few times over the next week what's going on with the party, no response
>she eventually says it's not happening
>wake up this morning
>she's posted pictures of the aftermath of the party
>send her pic related
>she gets super defensive and bitchy with me and refuses to apologise
>wait the rest of the day to see if she'll realise she's been a cunt, give up and delete her eventually

The thing that makes me mad is ALL my con friends have fallen out with this trifling bitch and I'm the one person who made a long-term effort to stay neutral because I understand that anxiety is a bitch and makes social stuff hard. I should have just ditched her twofaced attention whore ass months ago and stuck with my real friends. Really gotta stop trying to be friends with women below the age of 25 or so, everything's a fucking contest.

>> No.9419658
File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1490357893269.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally find perfect colour lenses for a cosplay
>Check how they large they are
>15 mm
>14.6 already looks weird and too large on my eyes
>God damn it

>> No.9419661
File: 183 KB, 458x539, 1484925271006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Katana attack at ax last year

When will the real attack on a convention happen guys?

>> No.9419663

When Sam Hyde is invited

>> No.9419672
File: 19 KB, 360x360, gardevoir_face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh, my gulls.... I want to take my boyfriend to this cone but last time he sneezed and pooped himself.

>> No.9419676

>Wearing some lolita pieces casually on a second date
>"We're going to do an escape room with some friends of mine, anon."
>"Sounds cool."
>"My friends aren't ready to go yet, wanna just chill at my place until then?"
>"Uh, alright. You can show me that viking sword you were telling me about!"
>5 steps from the door
>"Do you have a problem with pets, anon?"
>"I guess not. Would've been nice to know earlier, though."
>He has 2 cats and a dog that look like different coloured Chewbaccas
>Viking sword mysteriously nowhere to be found in his basement room of his parent's basement
>He's 27
>As we're leaving, my once black tights and cardigan are a dark grey
>fucking dander and cat hair coating it
I really know how to pick 'em.

>> No.9419680

>you people
I wish I could be you and not have to worry about anything like that! Must be nice.

>> No.9419686

>bragging about being named after a damn bean

>> No.9419700

>tfw name is Ivan and whenever I wait for someone to call it I have to be aware of the many different ways people will pronounce it

>> No.9419708

My name is legit uncommon and I have to introduce myself several times because it sounds like a lot of different names. And because it starts with an uncommon letter, I tend to get called other names with that letter by people who read it.

>> No.9419710

That also means slime in my language. Cute.

>> No.9419711

>recently found out Caoilfhionn is a first name
some parents hate their kids.

>> No.9419714

>tfw no imaginary Viking sword to impress girl with
>tfw no basement room to impress girl with
>tfw only one cat, no dogs.
>at least I'm only 22

Do you think I still have a chance at making it, anon? Or should I just give up now?

>> No.9419715

>tfw have a german last name that sounds like I'm clearing my throat and no matter what I always have to spell it out twice for them to get it

>> No.9419717

Rescue me from this dating hell, anon. I just want to be with someone that has similar interests, is cool with lolita and isn't gross.

>> No.9419718

>I wish I could be you
To be fair, you probably do.

>> No.9419725

Seems a reasonable request.
Aside from lolita, what are you interested in?

>> No.9419728

Yeah, it's fucking ridiculous. Don't advertise an international store if you offer nothing except an English translation.

>> No.9419742

>I just want to be with someone that has similar interests
>is cool with lolita
>and isn't gross.
; _ ;

>> No.9419748
File: 31 KB, 480x352, 1444860565384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good news: I get to hang out with my ex at the con in two weeks

Bad news: She's bringing her new guy and their baby

Worse news: They're dressing the baby as Steven Universe

>> No.9419750

I do a lot of roleplaying (both tabletop and writing), resin crafting, some gaming (Mostly MMORPGs, and RPGs. Along the lines of From Soft and Witcher type things.) I'm also very into music with kind of hipster taste. Neo-80s synthwave, atmospheric black metal, ambient-folk...there's no real way to answer that without sounding like a pretentious douche.


>> No.9419752

>tfw want someone to roleplay with but everyone is cringy, out for sex or tumblr
I've all but given up on my search

>> No.9419753


I'm not the 22 anon though. So there is still hope for you two.

>> No.9419759

Dont worry anon, when they break up she can turn to you to be the beta provider

>> No.9419766

I don't even mind lewd parts if the story takes an erotic turn. But only is there's a story to begin with. I mean, if we haven't started and the first thing you ask about my character is 'Do you have an f-list page for them?', you can fuck right off. Also, even when I -do- end up getting to a lovemaking scene, I definitely do NOT want the fourth wall broken and hearing about someone is touching themselves to the RP. Blegh.

That being said, it'd be so nice to RP with a lolita in a setting where can have lovely costumes and designs that the other can appreciate. One of my favourite things to RP is an animated doll or dollmaker. Or a fabulous aristo jester man.

>> No.9419770

I know your pain, but gave up a while ago. Now I write short stories instead!

All of that sounds interesting, but nothing I'm too familiar with.
Oh well. Forgot to ask earlier: what style of lolita do you wear?

"gross" is subjective, anon. You might find yourself gross, others might not. Unless you're talking about lack of maintaining personal hygiene.

>> No.9419772

I'm personally in a relationship so I absolutely do not want any lewd in my roleplays, but at least have the decency to separate your character from you yourself.

And yeah, I'd love to roleplay things with lolita aesthetic/feel to it but it's not really a common interest and I'm sure it would attract tumblr itas if the idea was suggested. If you don't mind sharing, where do you go to roleplay/find roleplay partners? When I was young it used to be GaiaOnline, but I don't think I want to go back there now.

I fear this might also be my fate, but I often get stuck and interactivity just really helps with that. Roleplaying also makes sure I don't go crazy trying to make sure my writing's perfect.

>> No.9419782

Speaking of roleplaying, is there any MMO's with a nice dressup and roleplay community that you gulls play?

>> No.9419787

Guild wars 2 is pretty much dressup simulator. Like 1000+ different armor pieces that have multiple dye slots in each piece. Also like 500 dyes to choose from. Roleplay community as well. I'm not sure how active though since I haven't played in a long time. It's also free to play with the only restrictions being convenience and expansion areas.

>> No.9419797 [DELETED] 

>be paranoid gull
>at con last night, cosplayin, in line waiting for an 18+ panel
> wait was so long I got tired of holding my ID and put it in my badge holder
>get in, panel starts, forget ID is in there
> panel ends, walk out
>two guys want my pic, pose, snap, we good
> walk to the second floor and realize my ID was facing foward the whole time
> terrified these guys are gonna post it online somewhere
> couldnt find them second day to ask them to edit it out

I'm really hoping they either cropped it or its too blurry to see. I know its probably a silly thing to worry about, but I know the internet well enough that if its a good pic, it will be used against me.

If someone in the New England area or stalking Anime Boston pics, who sees someone posting a pic with an ID front, could you please tell them to remove it?

>> No.9419799

No. Now I'm going to look around and spread every pic with an ID like wildfire.

>> No.9419825

I'm a lolita who roleplays (tabletop and writing), plays RPGs (I have Witcher but haven't started it yet. Busy with Mass Effect rn), and has a hipster-y taste in music (80s synth, 70s-80s punk rock, 50s-60s rock and roll).

I have a boyfriend who RPs and games with me, thinks lolita is cute and isn't gross. There is hope gull.

>> No.9419826

Aside from local tabletop things with friends (which I'm at right now) I generally do it in google docs or forums if I can. Mostly MMO's.

I RP in TERA, GW2, Blade & Soul, and Black Desert Online.
I really love the aesthetic of TERA, but the RP community is dead.

>> No.9419831


I play a lot of tabletop games, deckbuilders, tabletop role play games, and MTG. I also love cooking, photography, and writing. I listen to a lot of pop punk.

>> No.9419833

be my cgl femsura gf


>> No.9419861

Anon, don't torture yourself by being around them. Idk your life but it'd really mess me up seeing my exs baby if we had a relationship where I'd be excited to see them like you seem to be

>> No.9419864

But I'm actually that creepy loli porcelain doll avatarfag that gw2g hates.

>> No.9419869

>have had awesome cosplay group for a few years
>Super good and 100% drama free
>always have a blast at the con
>One of the main organizers in the group gets a job at the NYFD
>The other main organizer is his sister and is unable to go without him as a ride
>NYFD friend can't get off from job because has low seniority
>be sad and miss them

>> No.9419893
File: 130 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap_2014_11_06_just_to_trigger_you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I've enjoyed staying friends with her. But now that she and her guy have a kid it seems inappropriate.

>> No.9419902

>Blade and Soul
No way you can convince me it's not all erp.

>> No.9419904

Linked the wrong post...god damn me.

>> No.9419909
File: 68 KB, 600x600, IMG_847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/r9k/ is a shithole not because it is full of beta virgin losers, but because it is full of people from /soc/ trying to score brownie points
>tfw ugly

>> No.9419936

>Fell into a depression cause I couldn't hold a job
>Shop online obsessively when I'm sad
>Rack up tons of credit card debt
>Depression intensifies
>Can't even get a job at all
>Might as well kill myself

>fast forward to a couple months ago
>get very well paying job
>it's a pretty easy job and the people I work with are all very nice
>I can pay off my debt and then be financially independent

good feels

>> No.9419939

good job anon!

>> No.9419948

Heh, I actually think I remember you/ Your characters clothes would make more sense if you were into lolita. Something about your character being a clay golem of sorts, right? What a coincidence.

There is a lot of overlap between /soc/ and /r9k/. It was so much worse when /soc/ wasn't a board and rate me threads were plastered all over r9k and adv

>> No.9419949

>same anon
>pretty much already knew that NYC friends wouldn't be able to make it to otakon this year due to NYFD shit
>talked to the people I was supposed to room with anyway about hotel costs
>the liaison friend is super unreliable
>forgot that i was going to be rooming with them again this year even though I reminded her in december
>informed me the room has no room left
>i already bought my ticket
>crying because i don't have the funds to buy a ticket and not go to a thing
>freaking out trying to find someone who will take it for the price that i paid

>> No.9419955

this tbhhhh

>> No.9419983

Are you me?

Except fast forward a couple of months and the people you work with all are assholes suddenly and the cycle begins anew.

>> No.9419988
File: 590 KB, 1813x1152, YAWaK80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Technically I'm the same person anyhow. And yeah, it's pretty rife with ERP. I just use B&S as a break with adorable lighthearted weeby adventures as a departure from my usual grimdark or serious stuff.

Ayep. That's the one. Light armor has a few nice things, but it's hard to find non-midfriff stuff that isn't a frumpy robe.

>> No.9419991

>Save up enough money for one of my dream dresses
>Common sense starts settling in
>Internal struggle; "Anon, are you sure THIS is the dress you want to spend $400 on? Are you sure? What if something else better comes up immediately after?"
>Buy nothing

>> No.9419998

You indecisive woman. Spend your money already.

>> No.9420011
File: 94 KB, 601x508, conceal my feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your handsome face, beautiful green eyes, and manly body isn't enough to get a gf
>tfw no woman will care about you
> tfw you'll always be lonely autist
Does anyone want to kill me?

>> No.9420014

The fuck was this guy doing in Mombasa?

>> No.9420015
File: 261 KB, 900x900, 1429844796066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to AB
>some random guy and I start talking while we wait for food
>guy is obviously gay, but I don't care
>he brings it up, and I say I could tell (that voice/accent gay men tend to have)
>asks if I'm gay, to which I say I'm not
>he says that I look gay (in his defense I look almost identical to my mother, who is very feminine)
>say that I'm not, and make a joke about only attracting gay men
>he continues to flirt, and make a pleasant wait in line to something very uncomfortable
>later he finds me and he's with his friends where he tells them that I'm the "closet gay he was talking to while waiting for food"


>> No.9420018

Now you have to be my waifu. Claimed.

>> No.9420023

Do you have anything else going for you other than your looks? Any interests or hobbies, anything?

>> No.9420024

It might be your personality anon.
You've saved for it though, get it anyway.

>> No.9420026
File: 29 KB, 101x100, 296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll be your gf and keep away the homos, anon.

>> No.9420037
File: 1.30 MB, 500x255, nohappiness.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a related feel, anon.
>Looking at Sheglit item to coord with a dress I'll be getting in several months
>Have money for it now and have an order going but spending a lot already due to ordering other materials for a cosplay
>Maybe I should wait until next paycheck
>But what if it sells out by then
Help me sort out my indecision, gulls...

>> No.9420041

What could go wrong between now and your next paycheck?

>> No.9420044

Are you the gay elf that did the elin mod?

>> No.9420046

Probably nothing, I don't have any pets that could suddenly fall ill and I live in a country with public health care and don't get involved in hobbies with a high risk of injuries. I'm just not sure how many hours I'll be working this month yet (I work irregular hours).

>> No.9420047

How can he know you're not just a fujo planning to secretly set him up with even more gay guys?

>> No.9420053
File: 24 KB, 100x100, 202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because having an ouji to coord with is obviously more important than trying to watch guys being gay, duh.

>> No.9420068

>coord with

So hard to find alternate colors than white and black in ouji/aristo items ;_;

>> No.9420078

be impulsive, it's what you wanna do

>> No.9420080


Just do black/white + accent it with the main colour of your own coord

>> No.9420090

This. It's easier than it seems.

>> No.9420098

I'm smart and I'm good at a decent amount of stuff, but I'm bad at socializing and have a worse sense of self worth than I should

>> No.9420101

You mean with accessories?

Most blouses come white. Vests/jackets Black or Red. Pants black/gray/dark blue.

That leaves space for shoes and accessories to be non-white, and shoes clashing with blouse is a no-no, so only accessories.

Not really much room for coord-pairing

>> No.9420102

Does the attempted-attack on a furry convention count?
Why are you so definitive? They're just trying to help, girl. Besides having someone with you in a bad area is better than being alone.

>> No.9420109

>bad at socializing and have a worse sense of self worth than I should
Well these two things would be good starting points to work on.
>I'm smart and I'm good at a decent amount of stuff
And I didn't mean that, what do you like to do in your free time? Read? Play anything? Sports? Cosplay? Fashion? Anything at all that may help you connect with another person at least on a surface level?

>> No.9420133
File: 99 KB, 234x231, shrug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love sports like football (the violent kind) and wrestling, working out, welding, helping my friends with their projects, travel, fishing learning about history, geography, and geopolitics, and sometimes reading fiction. I draw on occasion, but since I have no art education I'm just groveling in the dark trying to figure out what I'm trying to do. I don't suck, but I don't know how to improve

>> No.9420141

I get the same feels all the time. Maybe I'm getting old.
Changing jobs often, people move out, people get busy. Age makes you more judgemental. Time is more valuable.
At the end we are all alone and just want validation. People talk to you for validation, you talk to others for validation.
Once they don't get that, they leave, you leave them.
Or just distance. People feel lazy to meet when there is no common places to meet outside the habit.
Maybe is my personality. People stop talking to me when they see my wardrobe. They think is not that special once they know is so expensive.
But I'm staring to not care. We are all alone after all.

>> No.9420219

I'd just call you Ivan the Terrible all the time. Sorry.

That's Gaelic. Makes sense if they're Irish.

>> No.9420226
File: 139 KB, 250x272, tumblr_n5tpchFrog1rfngx5o1_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go out with 'Friend A' to meet his friends that we play videogames with.
>Let's have a couple of drinks and play mini-golf!
>All is going well. Feeling fine.
>Whoops! I just spontaneously dropped and cracked my head open.
>Lol roofied, bitch.
>Barely remember anything except being re-dressed in the bathroom by friend's friend, being absolutely drenched in my own vomit, and having an EMP inject some shit into my arm to stop me vomiting.
>'Friend B' (Friend A's housemate) shows up at the bar absolutely fucked up on MDMA right as I'm being carted out by EMPs.
>Apparently they spent the next hour trying to get a cab to actually let me in because I'm so disgusting.
>Can vaguely remember 'Friend B' carrying me inside, giving me his clothes to change into and tucking me into the spare bed.
>We've all known that 'Friend B' has had a huge crush on me for ages.
>Sudden, sickening realization that I've developed feels for the flaxen-haired angel.
>Except I've already got a really weird, secret thing going on with their OTHER housemate, who I had been crushing on for two years.

I'm so sorry, /ceeg/. There's no way to make this board-relevant. I'll just take it to /adv/.

>> No.9420233
File: 71 KB, 278x340, 45646413262.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The vast majority of women on this board are fat and or hideous.

>> No.9420237

>last night
>dream that I got a dress in the mail
>simple cut but beautiful deep jewel-tone green velvet material
>excited about getting first burando
>find a note from the seller along with the dress
>something about how my payment didn't go through and I owe this lady $600 and she's pissed
>she left me a bad buyer review
>shit how did this happen, I thought I had enough to cover it, I better straighten this out pronto
>look at dress again, the waist ties/laces (somehow they were the same?) go through some kind of holes that are really ragged and look like they're just cut out with a scissors
>start questioning whether this was worth $600
>wake up
not sure how to feel about this, but it's given me kind of a weird feeling all day when I think about it.

funny you should mention that. I've only known one stacy and she was even bigger than my whale ass and more unfortunate looking. so whenever someone posts about stacies, I always end up thinking about her.

>> No.9420241 [DELETED] 
File: 180 KB, 518x292, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4c10wue7hry8o40cksows48k8_640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just found out that my best friend of four years killed himself

>had heard him joking about driving his car off a cliff
>he gave me a bunch of his vidya to play
>I will never be able to discuss that with him
>thought he was joking whenever he made suicide jokes
>Last thing he said to me was a serious argument that ended on bad terms between us

just hit me while I was driving home that the most compatible person in my life, and the only person I've ever wanted to date. And also my only friend.

>> No.9420243


>> No.9420256

You will never be like TayTay you fucking whore!

>> No.9420262
File: 401 KB, 400x300, 6ed152423c09e8f7752370494d6b9c36.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah your hate fuels me bb

>> No.9420265
File: 39 KB, 640x360, a3482bdbba607c14e9cc51805d0e2b691400716429_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet pretty cool person online
>she's offbeat in the tumblr-y way but I let it go
>roleplays/avatars as characters
>well, that's not so bad--
>calls herself kin to a fictional character
>no idea what that means
>mfw I look it up

I can't believe these people aren't joking

I try to be accepting of people no matter how weird or cringe-worthy or tumblr they are, but where do I draw the fucking line in the sands of my sanity?

>> No.9420266

>Got a sewing machine on my 16th birthday and fell in love with costume design and sewing even more than when i went to my first con and was amazed by all the fancy costumes i saw at the masquerade
>Been sewing for 3 years now, 19, have some friends in the cosplay community and yet none of them sew their own things or love design like me
>Switch major to fashion merchandising, still no friends that sew. I'm literally the only person in those classes that sew
>Switch to Business because it's more practical and my community college doesn't offer design anyway (Also 4 year colleges are fucking expensive and my family is extremely poor. I don't want to go into debt.)

Fast forward to this week

>Mom and sister go to David's Bridal to look for prom dresses
>They do alterations in house
>Hiring part-time because springtime is super busy for them
>Flexible hours
>High pay
>RIGHT ACROSS from Joanns and Micheals
>Be surrounded by pretty dresses all the time?

I don't know, should I apply? I thought I would get some kind of marketing job during the summer because it has something to do with my major (I'm graduating in August) and there's tons of job openings like that

I also was planning to get the fuck outta this town after graduation, too. If I had a job I really liked, I don't know if I'd wanna leave. I could possibly work there and have another job, too, but I feel like it would be really stressful?

>> No.9420268
File: 72 KB, 415x500, 51 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being this uncreative
>while being this bad at shopping

sucks to be you senpai

>> No.9420271

I generally draw the line at where ever it starts to impact reality and my interactions with them. A good friend of mine writes super cringy self-insert fanfiction but she never forces me to read it and doesn't truly believe she's Draco Malfoy's girlfriend, so we cool. I also know people who build this fantasy world around themselves and expect the people around them to indulge their chuunibyou nonsense 24/7, and we not cool. Really really really like a fictional character? Sure. Claim to be fictionkin to this character and demand that I play along or else I'm an oppressive bigot? Haha, no. Fuck that.

>> No.9420272

That looks retarded tbqh

>> No.9420278

You should apply. If you get it you can enjoy the experience during spring. Plus, you can always market a position in a way to show off what work experience you have. It's nice for future employers to contact your previous employers and know that you work well with others, show up on time, and have a professional attitude, even if it's a slightly different field. You can network for the position you want in the future too.

>> No.9420287

you're missing the point

there is more to ouji than is dreamed of in your philosophy

perusing street snaps helps, because they're not brand adverts, so they can get ultra creative. if you have a clear sense of your own style and you know how to shop, you can make a coord for any occasion.

>> No.9420296
File: 70 KB, 900x600, sad_ran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make Asian friend
>so many Asian characters I wanna help her cosplay
>feel like such a fetishising white dude

Damn it, maybe I do have yellow fever.

>> No.9420299

whose philosophy
I'm just a passerby saying that >>9420268 looks fucking retarded and if my SO started dressing like that I'd be on the market for a new SO

>> No.9420303

>Buy something from LM
>"Can I have your pp address and shipping address"
Do most of you not know the Paypal address is visible for the seller and you have to ship to the address in buyers Paypal? Most of the time sellers end up using my Paypal address anyway because they include useless parts of it like region etc. It's just so unnecessary and time consuming because most of the time they take time to actually invoice me wheter or not I reply right away.

>> No.9420308
File: 91 KB, 500x659, 17454e8b3d3a6ffdcc37d96f0c0c6369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Wait, coats and pants don't come in white any more? Geez, that majorly sucks.

>> No.9420318

I mean I haven't sold anything in like a month so I might be remembering wrong, but don't you not see the address until after you send the invoice?

Address is pretty important to calculate shipping, though some people just charge the same rate for everyone.

>> No.9420329

I'm not in US so it doesn't matter but that's alright and not what I meant. It's usually after I have paid and usually not asked with Paypal address. Small thing but I buy a lot so it gets sometimes a bit tiring.

>> No.9420336

it was for >>9420101 who was demonstrating a broken imagination

made a thread, will be dumping weird-ass ouji in it later

>> No.9420337

The only way to improve with art is to draw, and when you've done that, draw more and try new things to challenge yourself.
Don't give up on finding a girl, anon, you seem cool enough, you'll meet someone one day.

>> No.9420349

Was at a con last week, hanign around with friends was fun, but couldn't get to know anyone new, despite so many qts walking around feels.badman

some lowlife white trash neets I know named their hellspawn "kurono goku"...
I'd feel for him, if he wouldn't get landwhale white trash neet status instantly

>> No.9420362

Does anyone else feel really frumpy in loli blouses? I have super thin arms and even the smallest sizes make my arms look ridiculously poofy.

>> No.9420450

How many of you are real, push a baby out, bleed once a month, of fuck I have a yeast infection, women? How many are just fags in drag?

>> No.9420452

A lot of lolita coords have some kind of white, ivory, or black in them anyways, usually at the blouse level. Admittedly it's easier to pair with classic or gothic but if I was wearing sweet and my SO was wearing aristo or something I'd still be pretty happy even if we didn't match completely, you know?

>> No.9420454

I had a dream last night that Macy's announced that they would start selling AP stuff.

>> No.9420456

If i never had a bf at age 20 is it time to accept my fate as cat lady?

>> No.9420458

no anon, the age is 30.

>> No.9420460

know the feels. that's why I started making my own or wear cutsews

>> No.9420461

Who really cares though, sex is overrated or so i heard.

>> No.9420469

I'd say a fair number of us, if not the majority of us, are women but I might be biased. A bit difficult to say for sure since we're all anonymous obviously.

>> No.9420481

At least you're not a girl who wears lolita named Victoria.
people ask me if it's my stage name all the time while I'm out.

>> No.9420487

Try moitie blouses

>> No.9420498
File: 85 KB, 217x277, 1486090442219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>excited for new skirt in the mail
>Arrives, it's beautiful
>Have coord ideas ready
>black doesn't match any of my black blouses
>Tfw black-blue, true black, black-grey, medium-black but no green-black
>I actually thought sticking to only a couple colors would be easy
Kuro is pain

>> No.9420502

I have thin arms too and I really like the cuts on Victorian maiden blouses. They have the proper arm poof but it's cut a little different and they're more fitted everywhere else

>> No.9420523

>tfw no dolly cat

>> No.9420526

I have the same problem with lavender. Nothing matches, ever.

>> No.9420527

Yes, but mostly in cotton blouses with Peter Pan collars. Now I avoid Peter Pan collars altogether and only buy short-sleeves cotton blouses, for long sleeves I go for chiffon and similar lighter fabrics.

>> No.9420593
File: 1.55 MB, 400x286, IMG_2220.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I procrastinated on my costume and worked on it all weekend only to barely scratch the surface of what i have to do with four days before the con. Kill me.

>tfw been doing this stupid shit and forcing myself into cosplay hell two years in a row

>> No.9420650

if it's with the right person it's one of the best things ever imo

>> No.9420655

theyre dying so hey, maybe it would help them.

>> No.9420656

>stop visiting /cgl/ because I felt like it wasn't doing me any good mentally
>leave 4chan as a whole because /cgl/ is the only thing I really visited
>go to other sites for mindless daily time wasting
>all of them manage to turn everything in a shitty moral high ground battle field and everything must be politics
>go back to /cgl/

I never thought I'd miss daily threads on people wearing shitty outfits and boring drama, but fuck me do I miss it now. Maybe there's even some good drama to read while I try to somewhat catch up.
I love you /cgl/

>> No.9420659

have you tried lolcow or PULL?

>> No.9420660

We love you too, anon. You will always be one of us.

>> No.9420665

Yeah but neither really do it for me. I have no issue with laughing at a lolcow or two but 90% of the time it's really not 15 threads of 1k replies worthy.
It just comes off as petty most of the time, not really all that fun. There's exceptions of course.

Thanks, I've spend so many years on here I can't believe I even left at all.

>> No.9420667

What does it feel like?

>> No.9420668

This is me with brown. It's my no.1 dark neutral and plays a part in the majority of my coords but when it doesn't match...
>50 shades of shit

>> No.9420669

At best, like I really need to pee. At worst it just hurts.

>> No.9420693
File: 18 KB, 363x407, lima.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9420710
File: 200 KB, 294x636, 3a2af71b-4145-4f03-bc1d-a1cff6a87669..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw basement dweller with no regard to expensive clothes who uses an imaginary viking sword to impress women can get a gf but not me
>I make six figures, have only a non-shedding dog, and no fake hobbies

Well, I certainly needed that stab to my already dead confidence. If I ever need more validation to end myself before I turn 30 this year, this is it.

>> No.9420732

yeast infections arent a normal part of being a woman, get out of here you nasty fuck

>> No.9420735

Things could be worst, he could have insisted on calling you mom

>> No.9420737

You just need to put yourself out there more, probably. And actually ask people out.

>> No.9420739

Just like every single one of my history teachers.

>> No.9420746

They are,so are urinal infections. Not everyone has them but it isn't abnormal.

>> No.9420781

Fat hideous women are often the biggest (both literally and figuratively) stacies of all.

>> No.9420784

Bags of sand.

>> No.9420789

I know the feeling. Everyone ends up leaving me and it always starts with suddenly not answering my messages. I get really nervous anytime someone ignores me now. Currently only have one friend, and it's been going on with them for a while. I figure our friendship is going to slowly burn out but I'm trying not to make a big deal about it. I haven't been able to make any new friends since high school, and I'm seriously at the point of giving up. Every attempt has went terrible so I'm too scared to even try anymore.

The only time I ever got a reason why someone did this to me, they basically said I was too weird. So I figure I'll be forever alone because I'm eccentric.

>> No.9420795

For me it's often a case of, the moment I stop talking first suddenly nobody talks anymore.
A lot of people just make excuses like "but messaging first makes me anxious!" but apparently I should feel like a constant nuisance because they're all weak shits that can't even message someone.

For the most part I've just given up. The internet circles I reside in are filled with "I have social anxiety!!" types so I know it won't stop.

>> No.9420797

Again, I'm sorry. It's hard to resist.

>> No.9420799

There are people weirder than you anon, see >>9420265
It is hard to make lasting friends, but it helps if you have some kind of activity you do together regularly. Like meeting up one evening every other week to sew, or a non-normie bar with a lot of regulars.

>> No.9420807

I can apparently only be friends with people I live with or see every day at school or work. If not, they start ignoring my messages and eventually fade away. Some of these friendships felt really strong at the time but apparently it was all one-sided if it were so easy for them to drop me. I'm currently a recently-graduated NEET and my only friend is my boyfriend, who I live with. It's pretty depressing.

>> No.9420818

It only happens to impure women who insert things in their vaginas

>> No.9420820

How do you possibly fail at that? Are you like a sewer dwelling mutant or something?

>> No.9420823

Not everyones life revolves around guys anon.

>> No.9420825

I'm anon right above you. I have had a couple instances where if I stop talking that's the end of it, and I'm the anxiety friend funny enough. I had a friend once say she doesn't feel she should have to work at keeping a friendship and hates people who always want to talk. I'm not sure what exactly "friendship" means to her.

Thanks for the encoragement. I'd like to think that eventually I'll meet someone who doesn't mind my weirdness, but it seems like I'm never going to meet anyone who has things in common with me.

>> No.9420830

After all this time I realized the ones who scream the loudest about their anxiety or anything really, are the ones that either don't want to change or are making it up/overreacting.

They can always seem to talk when it suits them, but when you just want them to try starting a conversations suddenly their crippling anxiety plays parts.
Bitch, all you need to do is just send a "Hey" like I do myself all the time.

>> No.9420835

I didn't meet my first (&current) bf until I was 22 and we're still together 5 years later. It'll happen, anon. Sooner if you're desperate and willing to settle but I don't recommend that, even if you're lonely. Wait till a guy comes along who's really right for you.

This. I didn't even think about having a boyfriend when I was in high school, and it still wasn't a priority in uni. I probably could've gotten a boyfriend sooner if I'd prioritised my social life but I honestly had better things to worry about.

>> No.9420840
File: 11 KB, 300x168, 80YearsInBaby_Dying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw so anxious I don't even try to make friends any more because they'll just be disappointed in me
>Tfw scared that anyone who shows interest in me at all is just doing it out of pity and is secretly laughing at me with their friends

>> No.9420847

I've noticed this too. It makes it even harder for me to tell anyone about my anxiety/depression/triggers because people will judge you for that enough without other people making you look bad on top of it. If I wasn't so shy and anxious maybe I'd be better at making friends, but I know that I can't expect to have any friends at all if I don't make an effort. I've had a lot of one sided conversations with people I was suposedly close with, and anymore all my conversations with my current friend are one sided, and It's disheartening when I realize it, especially those times it takes effort for me to put myself out there.

>> No.9420851

Haha yeah, the election has made things really unchill :(

>> No.9420854

I know exactly how you feel, I have legit assburgers (thankfully I'm functioning enough that people don't guess unless they catch me at a really bad time) so I always have anxiety about how I act. But overall I do fine, and I realized that if I wanted friends I have to get out there.

And I do. And people talk to me. Yet the basic respect of mutual effort seems to be too much for your average "oh no my anxiety" friend. These days it's getting better, with getting into my early 20's and having other people in their early 20's probably being a part of it. This seems to be the age where people either man up or just go into lolcow territory.

>> No.9420862
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1442355852661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate that shit, I have the unholy trifecta of OCD, anxiety, and depression with meme-sophonia (probably a symptom of one or the other). Can't say shit about it or half of Tumblr will come out of the woodwork to say "me too, I'm self diagnosed" or I just feel like people think I'm one of them.
>"I have OCD too anon, teehee"
>Accidentally do a shit job of sneakily doing door jamb tapping compulsion
>"OCD"- chan makes fun of me with her friends for 'acting weird'

>> No.9420870

Yep, somehow even non-politics related topics turn into a shitfest of "you're either with us or against us" and it's really nasty.

>> No.9420877

well anyone idiotic enough to vote for a racist sexist bigot christian is literally asking to be shunned

>> No.9420879

I know, what were people thinking, voting for Hillary?!

>> No.9420880

It's not that, it's how it seeps into everything and just how vile people can be. I hate him too.

>> No.9420881

better than letting the degenerates win.
Anything is better than letting the degenerated win.

While the liberals openly cried "Anyone but Trump", the populace internally cried "anyone but degenerates". Even a racist sexist is better than letting the country be overrun by Mexicans, fags, trannies, and the other mentally ill.

>> No.9420885

Confirmed dude for scissoring
Lesbians don't actually scissor that doesn't do shit

>> No.9420890

First of all, she (you?) was complaining about never having one so clearly she cares about it.

Second, a girls life most definitely does not have to "revolve" around guys to get a boyfriend. Simply existing should be more than enough.

>> No.9420892

Read the sticky, it's super helpful.

>> No.9420893

what about a racist sexist bigot muslim? is that okay?
cause i know how you sjws think
christians= always bad
muslims= pure precious oppressed angels

>> No.9420894

Yeah like drinking milk

>> No.9420895 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 625x513, 7fb5fb5ff990746a3d405b3849b31e65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to scissor gf to see if the memes are true
>Kick her in the face

>> No.9420902
File: 7 KB, 248x204, tmp_2846_images_2_188731099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw /cgl/ always takes the bait
Is it because you're women?

>> No.9420914

I just bought an Anna's Secret Harry Potter caplet and vest.
And I just noticed it was large. Most things I get are small...
Maybe it'll work because it's just a vest and caplet and I have a bigget bust?

>> No.9420934
File: 59 KB, 658x662, 1489957946582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a joke?
[email protected] disposable email

Don't be pinching my feelings anon

>> No.9420942

I've been watching this story unfold and I hope next feels thread has this anon with
TFW I have /cgl/ girlfriend

>> No.9420956

I'm so confused, but now I'm going to be staring at any incoming emails for the rest of the day, may as well scour the previous threads to see what was going on since I've been gone

>> No.9420964
File: 43 KB, 512x512, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you'll never replace your last cgl gf

I wanna die

>> No.9421001

Nothing will happen, just like it always does. Or at least we won't get to hear about it.

>> No.9421048

I have to be honest I do this to people sometimes, especially when I'm really busy with work or school. Doesn't have anything to do with them, but I'm literally just too stressed to maintain a friendship at that time. Maybe she has a lot going on right now?

>> No.9421073

And I can't wait for the accompanying reaction images to be angrier and sadder than ever

>> No.9421112

Oh my god same, switch OCD w/ bipolar. fuck tumblr for that behavior!! I usually don't tell people unless they become close friends.

>> No.9421114

time to hero the fuck up lolitanon

>> No.9421119

Case in point: >>9420877

>> No.9421126

No. You have until 25 to be a Christmas Cake and until 30 to be a cat lady.

>> No.9421139

Can you not afford a dildo?

>> No.9421280

>recently had to put dog to sleep
>can't fit into lolita because of huge cow tits, getting reduction surgery has been a huge bitch
>job is severely understaffed, I do the work of two people while some lazy asses do nothing
>ibs plus anxiety means I have an upset stomach almost all the time, barely have time to use the bathroom because that's how overworked I am

Also just realizing that I may have a shopping addiction. Being into lolita and fashion doesn't help. After working long hours every day, coming home to buy stuff is one of the only things that makes me happy. Waiting for things in the mail gives me a reason to keep going. I get a high opening packages, but it's so short lived.

>> No.9421537

Are you seriously saying a dildo is the same as sex?

>> No.9421540

you want her to be come an hero?

>> No.9422622

im sorry to hear that anon. i have a friend with actual OCD and she really struggles. even her therapist made fun of her and told her to "just stop". she couldnt even graduate highschool because it involved writing by hand which she couldnt do because shed have to restart if her handwriting didnt satisfy her compulsions, which was always

>> No.9423252

>Therapist made fun of her
Jesus Christ, I've had shitty therapists she shouldn't even be licensed.
It's fairly manageable now though, unfortunately a bit due to how much nicotine helps.
>Tfw mom told me to "just stop" too, because she apparently cured herself as a kid

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