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Lets reminisce on the classic dances that every weeb knows, good and cringe alike.


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In one of the past odottemita threads (can't find it in archives anywhere), someone posted a link to Youtube playlists consisting of 3, 4, 5, etc. person dances. Does anyone have that? I was dumb and only saved one of the playlists.

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I just remember binging on Kozue covers when I was younger.

I also still remember this dance after so many years.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSjtKn0maik this is real bad, oof..

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no problem

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Still my favorite one. So glad she didn't disappear.

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I wonder if there are new weebs still learning Hare Hare Yukai

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The only two dances i want to see have a comeback


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that second one reminds me of good high school memories

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Kozueeee yeah she was the shit. Learning from her was the most fun.

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Dammit man, I love this song and dance but you can't do a dance meant for 10 people with 2 and have it look good while you wait for your turn.

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all these shitty 2010 mmds... good thread


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I wish the Bad Apple duo just stood further forward rather than let the environment make them look even sloppier by smacking the wall or having to duck down.
Then again the whole routine makes you look like your having a seizure if you're just plain bad at it.

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Hah. They're my playlists! I can drop the links to my other ones for larger groups if they're wanted, and the link for the duos.
I apologise for them being a huge mess though, videos keep getting deleted.

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That would be lovely! I only needed the 5 person one really, but they're a great resource, especially for anyone else lurking these threads but too shy to ask for them.

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This will always be my favorite

This one always made me happy to watch and dance to

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Can't be a classics thread without love and joy haha


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This second one is so cute! It makes me want to learn it too. :)

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Candy Star was my favourite dance group, wonder what happened to them.
can't forget good old PonPonPon either
I learnt this one I think? At least the start

Nowadays people either learn Love Live and other idol dances, which is fun but idk...these dances felt more pure/fun.

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Viva Happy was the last one I remember hearing about from posts/anime cons before the mass idol began.

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I remember learning this back in the day

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Is the girl on the left sucking a pacifier??

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I haven't heard this song IN YEARS

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I tried learning this one, but I realized halfway through that I don't even like the dance very much.

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This many years and I just noticed it.

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speaking of PonPonPon, the girl with the red wings at 0:26 who jumps in and obviously has no idea what she's doing.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S46fnB13NGM whoops, forgot the link

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Watching her is so distracting.

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This video has always been perfect to me. This song is so good.

I love this dance, especially the part at 2:30.

And I know this one was posted/impossible to forget but this is the version I remember the most

Watching these makes me want to learn dances again even if I'd never dream of recording or doing it in public.

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>these dances felt more pure/fun.
Wouldn't a lot of the older vocaloid dances have been created by the actual nico nico dancers, or the artists, MMD makers, etc? As opposed to by professionals? Maybe that's part of why they feel purer. Of course, even before anime idols were at their current popularity there were lots of real idol group dances being covered (and ponponpon is the actual dance they do in performances afaik) so it's not like it was all independent stuff back then either. Also I might be completely talking out of my ass I can't tell.

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a lot of current vocaloid dances still being made by odottemitta dancers, like manako/yakko/aoi/kimegure prince/ririri/ikura/etc. Though it isn't as abundant as it used to be

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Candy Star still dances and performs.
They kinda suck though.

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2: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9Vg4b_8_X3j84p72I5s6m_P
6: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9UHI3H557-oLw7hZBlwkVgx
7: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9Uh5BipNi_NxU6sQup_K3Vx
8: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9XcQEyrCktHtSBWmszpE-3C
9: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9UsjlW046crCZM_Iz9htNiJ
10+: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7IgwZ1Vlc9XImi9YbsoVetcJ_WLmOfbK

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holy shit, thanks

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Bless your heart

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not having any friends has made me decent at tweaking the choreography of dancing group dances so I can do them by myself.

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It's no worries~
I made them for the dance group I'm in.
>Tip for anyone else in a large dance group (there's 9 of us and we sometimes do collabs): Each playlist matches a spreadsheet filled out the members, to show which dances they want to do. It's super handy for organising the larger group dances and making setlists for performances.

Sorry they're a bit messy at the moment as I need to go through, replace deadlinks, and then realphabetize.

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Any american dancers/dance groups people like?
These days all I'm seeing are just lovelive after lovelive dance groups popping up, and that's all they do. I like variety with people doing jpop/vocaloid/kpop/etc

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There are TONS of K-pop ones. It makes me wish they did Jpop as well, since there are a few decent dancers.

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oh my god I forgot Taylor used to do stuff like this. She's changed so much (for the better)

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there's one in chicago i've been seeing in the past year at conventions. But I can't remember their name. I just know it has a "project" in it. I've seen them at masquerades and they look like fun.

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She doesn't upload much but what she does is always good.

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How do I start a local community for this?
Not a dance group but a community that invites all dance groups to join.
I know animegamer0 host some dance gatherings but I want to know more.

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