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Do you have a lolita crush?
Is there that one girl that you just can't get enough of?
Do all of her coordinates make your frilly heart flutter?
Do you dream of being her friend?

Post your crushes here!
>Who are they?
>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?

This isn't a self-post thread, don't be fucking stupid. We'll know.
Try to keep things wholesome, don't insult others' crushes too harshly and don't take bait.

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Not exactly a crush on the lolita, but on her wardrobe. We have like 99% the same taste in dresses and dream dresses, but she has more money to spend and her wardrobe is literally my dream wardrobe. I'm not even salty, I just admire it.

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Agnes. I don't know why but I find her so freaking beautiful. If I lived anywhere even remotely close to her I would definitely try to see if she swung my way.

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My lolita crush is Fanny Rosie, though I'm sure many Lolita's are crushing on her! It's not in a gay way, but I wish we could be friends or something. I'd love to have her as a mentor. I don't know that we will ever meet, and I find it doubtful, but I would absolutely love if we could! Anyway, I absolutely adore her unique and mature style, and I think she seems super sweet and intelligent. I'd love to sit down with her and hear all about her job and travels and other interests.

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>Who are they?
Agnes aka bowsbeforeboyss
>Why you're crushing?
She's my ott sweet dream, with just enough chub to be super cute. She's also funny and I feel like even though a lot of people don't like her, she just doesn't really care. Kind of wanna be her best friend, kinda wanna be super gay with her.
>Do you ever talk to them?
No, I'd only make a fool of myself anyway. I'm terrible at talking to people. ;;

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I share your feels anon. I only spoke to her once and I felt like such a spazz.

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Ugh same. Her eye for style is so impeccable, I just her to buy me a wardrobe.

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>Who are they?
Lea aka queran_ruffles
>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
I love her style. Also her hair is what I've wanted mine to be, but it won't.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
Never ever.

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I love Agnes too. She's also really funny from what I can tell and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously (although I don't know her in person) and that's always really attractive to me.

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i would post my lolita crush but since she's both a) not well-known and b) a gull i feel like people will bully her and scream selfpost

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Wow she looks like a lolita who could hold a job

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I really admire her social media because she's what I imagine a "daily lolita" looks like. I don't love all of her outfits (some of the kitschy prints she loves just aren't my jam) but I appreciate seeing what an everyday outfit looks like for other people.

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Obsixwi. Her wardrobe and daily style are my absolute dream, plus she's cute as hell and seems fun. Too bad I'm on the opposite coast from her.

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>Who are they?
Scarfing Scarves / Last Week in Lolita News
>Why you're crushing?
Because she helps me keep perspective. Anytime I overthink or over-stress about some dumb drama I'm trying to avoid, she reminds me as a third party that none of it is worth crying over.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
I've exchanged quips on social media with them and that's enough for me.

>>9410453 >>9410438
She's another one that reminds me to keep it fun, casual and to try without getting overtly invested in everything.

Fanny is so perfect. I've started paying attention to her outfits as my wardrobe has grown; she's indirectly teaching me (we've never spoken, I'm just following her on tumblr) how to use Lolita pieces for everyday / non-Lolita situations.

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>Who are they?
Tallulah Bee / formally Girlsonsunday
>Why you're crushing?
She's so passionate! Her wardrobe is unending and she almost gets murdered by her own piles of brand while filming!
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
Replies in video comments sometimes. She's very nice.

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>Who are they?
I'd name drop & post but, like another gull said, she's not well known so I want to avoid it looking like a self post.

>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
Kinda is but I think she's engaged to a man. I'd like to be closer friends if anything.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
Yes, I met her IRL. She has a very diverse wardrobe & is open minded in trying out new styles. She rarely shows up to meets but wears lolita in a daily sense.

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Why are you using the word crush? Is this supposed to be about someone you have actual (lesbian) feelings for or just a lolita you idolise or inspires you?

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>tfw all your crushes left lolita or are dead

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Connie, aka mysterious_condiments

We have similar tastes and I think she's cute. Kinda crushing on her in a gay way but I'm pretty sure she's seeing someone. I'm happy if she's happy and don't mind crushing from afar.

I'm also a fan of Fanny and kulain, but not crushing on them in quite in the same way.

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>Who are they?
>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
I follow her posts for years, on LJ and early tumblr. Most of all I just love the dresses and how she coordinates them. I don't like her cosplays at all. My crush is a sad mix of nostalgia and wardrobe-boner.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
I admire the coords but I don't feel like making contact, she is too much of a SJW now. And others would shit on me for openly liking or supporting her.

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her face is just like perfume genius.

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who is it?

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She doesn't look like a lolita to me, she looks like a girl who dresses well in romantic western fashion, like Mary Poppins or Disney princess/character-inspired. Must be why she actually looks good while lolitas look weird and ugly.

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I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She always seems like she's having a good time.

>> No.9410644

This is either bait or you have a very narrow view of what lolita's are supposed to look like

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>showing cleavage
>showing naked arms
>no ridiculous bonnet
>no ridiculous wig
>no ridiculous accessories
>no ridiculous petticoat
>no excessive makeup, but cute and beautiful in a natural way


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> Choosing a photo where she doesn't wear lolita to say that is is not lolita

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You're right, if you're not wearing lolita every day you're never a lolita

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Now compare with this over the top crap

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Haha ok sure anon.

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Still looks way more sane than a lolita

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>t. stupid male

>> No.9410669

aand notice the ridiculous petticoat, the ridiculous bonnet etc.

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Ngl, I internally squealed when she started following me on IG. Literally senpai noticed me.

I'd love to speak French with her someday. It sounds weird but other than my family not a lot of people I talk to speak French, so it's getting rusty pretty fast. She sounds like she would be wonderful to converse with in French.

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>Who are they?
Charlie, aka: Princess Fancypants

>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
lol, no, even though I'm not straight.

I certainly find her inspiring. Having a cool career and traveling to new places is something I aspire to. I don't wear pastel sweet, but I really like her coordinates in and out of lolita. And I enjoy her vlogs a lot. There are very few lolita vloggers I enjoy because I feel like a lot of people try too hard to be cutesy and have little experience in video editing (and it doesn't help that most people don't upload regularly). She's kind of comforting to listen to and I often let her videos play in the background like a podcast. Sort of like listening to a friend.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
Oh, I'd love to! I'd love to be able to go to London and get to meet her someday. We share some of the same aesthetics and interests, so I imagine she'd be fun to hang out with.

lmao, I just realized that I have a lot of coord pics of her, but none of Charlie.

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that's fanny rosie too, you tard

>> No.9410680

And even she looks bad when she dresses like one of you, that's how shitty your """fashion""" is

>> No.9410681

yet again

>t. stupid male

we don't dress up for you, cry about it where someone cares

>> No.9410684

She's wearing lolita in all the pictures that were posted except >>9410650

>> No.9410687

>we don't dress up for you

Is that why you're always whining for attention when you get ignored? :)

>> No.9410689

where the hell did that implication come from? it's safe to say that none of us would want the attention of gross men and stupid wretches, but keep on deluding yourself

>> No.9410690

You're talking to a troll

>> No.9410691

It can still pass off for a cute western style tho rather than full lolita like this crap >>9410661

>> No.9410696

>tfw you will never hang out with Connie in Japan and wear kimonos together

>> No.9410697

Don't take the bait!

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post cute OTT crushes to piss off autism-chan

takulu and sae will always be my OTT sweet crushes and inspirations

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I have a hard core crush on a lolita gull.

She's very well dressed, polite, kind, and inspiring. Her style and drive are really awesome, and she's basically the person I want to be; she's my idol.

It's gay in the sense that I'm super awkward about it.

>Do you talk?
Yes. Sometimes I choke up because I can't find anything to say that isn't "I idolize you!" and spaghetti ensues. But she's so nice that she overlooks the spaghetti and we have nice talks.

I can only hope one day I might be someone's idol and friend like she is mine.

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these two were way before my time, but i always thought that these two looked like they would have been really fun to hang out with.

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>>Who are they?

>>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
She is always so sweet and gentle when I flood her with sewing questions, I really like her handmade pieces and the way she is always willing to help with reviews, tutorials or whatsoever.

My lolita style is far different from hers, but I still enjoy following her as she evolves in the fashion (and I still wish that she'd wear sweet for a turn).

I believe she mentioned a bf so no gay points...

>>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
I'm not from her country so I doubt I'll ever talk to her in person, but I do send her questions and frequently comment on her things so that we chit chat a little.

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I have a huge crush on Gravelvet. I don't think all of the outfits they put together are fantastic, but I'm still in love and swoon at every insta post and corny vampire vlog.

>> No.9410721

wow her skin is flawless wtf

>> No.9410727

I have a crush on Mila de Blois and it is a pretty gay one

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Mentioning Lolita crushes, there's something on my mind that's been bothering me for a while and this is the right thread for me to rant on this.
There's this Lolita who is a chubby-chan but she is adorable as heck, and she has received some e-fame in the recent years and her coords and the articles she wrote have made their way to the popular Lolita magazine Girlism.
As a chubby-chan with mediocre coords, I extremely adore her, and regards her as my Lolita goal.
I moved to her city for work last year, but it wasn't until recently I decided to reach out to her. I messaged her on weibo, and we exchanged our WeChat, and we had quite a good time chatting. We even met once, although not in Lolita because we were both too busy to get changed into Lolita. It was really enjoyable talking to her, but I do feel that I am much more enthusiastic than her.
However recently, when I was trying to message her, I found that she updated her status and saying she's been adding too many people on this account, and she won't log in on this account anymore and not long after this, she deleted everything from her WeChat album.
She has a side account, and I am her mutual of that account. But I checked that side account of hers and found that she deleted me from both her following and followers. I decided to message her side account, stating that I am a little worried because I can't get in touch with her, but actually I am worried to death because I am afraid that she might hate me for something. I upvoted some of her reblogs but later I found she deleted the ones I upvoted a while later.
And then I checked her main account, and I saw she stated in her profile that she has unabled comments and private messages from strangers, which made me even more worried.
I spent 200 something yuan on an afternoon tea coupon which I planned to have with her. I have asked for a refund, because I am so devastated that I might never see her again.
What do you suggest me to do?

>> No.9410746

Oh dang. Always forget about this...

>> No.9410751

That's bad anon. Here there are two possibilities, you're either overthinking it and she isn't angry or annoyed with you in particular, or she misunderstood somthing or someone said something to her.

Don't you two have mutual friends? If not, you could always look for her on Twitter, tumblr or Facebook whatever and try listening to what happened.

Don't fret anon, she might be busy or having personal problems (like depression) while at that.

>> No.9410753

She has a girlfriend, anon!

>> No.9410764

and I'm praying that's who made this post because that would be the best thing

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this. her sense of style, and her taste in art, and her success, are also attractive.

regrettably, my biggest crush is on Choke. at this point, it is sort of pathetic and painful. her sense of style and her lovely alien features tug my heartstrings. i wish she would own up to her mistakes.

there is someone in my comm i also have a crush on, which will probably fade soon. her confident intensity and physical beauty keep the crush alive, but she has some irritating personality flaws and repulsive characteristics. she is not well-known, so no namedrops.

none of these are sexual crushes, just emotional reactions.

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Kate is my crush.

>> No.9410789

Teach me your ways of getting senpai to notice you, anon

>> No.9410792

Mine too!

>> No.9410800

As a woman, I find lolita's obsession with no cleavage/no naked shoulders & arms creepy and weird. It's like they're slutshaming absolutely normal, well-dressed women for no fucking reason.

>> No.9410802

Do it anyway. I want more cute gulls to follow.

>> No.9410858

I think the covering the shoulders comes from Japan's idea that bare shoulders are slutty.

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>bare shoulders are slutty

>> No.9410873

Same here. I know people on here generally don't like her, but I have been crushing hard for a while.

>> No.9410875

I love his girl too. She's so freaking perfect!

>> No.9410881

nah, i really don't want to be the cause of people picking on her. i'll just crush on her quietly.

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I think she's so pretty even though her nose might not make her attractive to everyone, it's such a strong part of her face. Same with Marie/SiriusC who I think seems like a lovely person; adore her self portraits and art and contrasting fandom posts.

>> No.9410898

I love this girl in the pic too!

>> No.9410911

I guess I understand. It's just a little disheartening to see so many efamous lolitas when I was hoping for at least some new faces in the thread.

>> No.9410916

unfortunately not everybody is as nice as you, anon. but i totally get what you mean, the best part of threads like these is finding new people to follow. that's why i like lolita blog/tumblr threads too. it just sucks that we have to worry about this kind of stuff.

>> No.9410928

Pretty sure that ropes back into the whole "not dressing for men, but dressing for ourselves" element of the fashion, as well as the historical inspiration.

>> No.9410962

And now one of them is an Excentrique model!

>> No.9410967

Thank you for your concern Anon!
We don't have any mutual friends, but since we're in a big comm(over 700 people) I'll ask in the comm group chat if anyone knows how she's doing!
All my friends told me I might be overthinking but I just can't seem to stop it because I really admire her and I hope to establish a stable friendship with her. Also, I've been feeling really alone, just moved to the capital for work half a year ago and haven't made a lot of friends.

>> No.9410968

I love Marie too! I don't know why because her face is quite unconventional and manly but there is something about her features that make her look mysteriously alluring.

>> No.9410973

Are you implying this girl isn't dressing for herself here? >>9410650

>> No.9410983

Wow that's super sad, anon. I'm sorry.

>> No.9410985

I happen to really like her too, even if she has her problems. We all do, so what? Most of us just aren't efamous enough to garner the attention her problems do.

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>Who are they?
wont namedrop bc i know they use cgl and theyre not really well liked here lol
>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
She just has such a pretty face and her outfits warm my sweet lolita heart. Theres something of nice balance to the coords and she seems like she has some similar interests to mine so we might get along well... Probably just my longing for a lolita friend that will talk to me though
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
we talked a few times but were not anything more than acquaintances really :( and im too shy to pursue the friendship

>> No.9410994

I'm OP, she's my runner-up crush. I know everyone generally dislikes her and she's pulled some shit, but I think she's cute.

>> No.9410997

I'm not a sweet lolita at all, but I've always really admired Fahr. She really owns sweet and seems to be completely comfortable/natural in it.

>> No.9411001

>Who are they?
Not namedropping, but they're on Amino

>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
She's super kind and at the same time not a pushover that feels like a fake presona. She makes really nice coords and only posts when she has a good read to accompany her pictures. She's totally cute and I'm totally gay but only for her and maybe Misako. I want to kiss her neck.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
I-I do.

>> No.9411008

May I guess who she is?
Because there's a girl on Amino who I admire very much too!

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>notice me lolita-senpai

my lolita crush isn't all too active in the community anymore nor does she remember me,,, every time i say hi to her, she greets me as if it's the first time we've met :( granted i only see her 1-2 a year but it still makes me sad

>> No.9411097

No, and I'm not entirely sure why you drew that conclusion. In answer to the question to which I replied, I am implying that lolita fashion was not designed with the male gaze in mind, and that is part of the reason why it limits the degree of sex appeal.

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Mine will always be herajika. Not only is she gorgeous but she is intelligent, kind, and always looks put together.

I went to her tumblr and saw that it is now gone! I feel like this anon >>9410588 now.

>> No.9411115

mine too, I caught one of her live videos on instagram and find her to be really down to earth and fun

>> No.9411138

Charlie is perfection. I love her style and personality.

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Rainedragon is my crush and has been for years. I just admire the work she has done for Lolibrary and the archiving of our fashion so much. She is in my comm and I wonder if I'm even on her radar (as a friend). I'm really good at talking to all the other girls, but I get tongue-tied around her. I just think she is incredible.

>> No.9411190

me too. i love girls who shit themselves really gets my coochie juicy

>> No.9411192

Ew. Self post much, bitch

>> No.9411194

I am not Rainedragon or the anon who posted this but I appreciate her contribution to the community.

>> No.9411195

Uh, just because someone isn't super pretty or the best at coordinating doesn't mean anything positive said about them is a self-post. So chill please.

>> No.9411206

Being a chronic liar and queen bee is so cute

>> No.9411230 [DELETED] 
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>Who are they?
quiche du jour
>Why you're crushing?
I love her style and she's just super fucking cute in general.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
She's in my comm, and we've talked, but senpai doesn't notice me rlly and idk how to stand out.

>> No.9411236
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>Who are they?
quiche du jour
>Why you're crushing?
I love her style and she's just super fucking cute in general.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
She's in my comm, and we've talked, but senpai doesn't notice me and idk how to stand out.

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Holly Anei. She is just the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my entire life. And her coords are always polished and fantastic.

>> No.9411249

I have a small crush on Marie. And I guess you could say in a gay way.
I feel like we would connect because I have lots in common with her. Plus she's super beautiful. Wouldn't mind making her my GF.

Too bad I live in another country and no where near her

>> No.9411250

Stop derailing the topic, it's clearly stated not to judge too hash or give others a hard time - I disagree with their choices too, but I'm not judging or shitting up the thread for it!

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>Who are they?
ThingsWeNeverDid or HD-anon as I've seen her called on here.

>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
Her coords are great, they're either cleverly put together (such as her dentist one with that one AP candy print) or really beautiful (such as her JetJ stuff). I think she's gorgeous. Anons have called her face "manly" but I think it's beautifully androgynous. She also just seems like she'd be a really cool person to have a drink with. It wasn't a really gay crush but then she cut her hair and... now I'm not so sure if I only admire her or if I have a huge lesbian crush on her.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
I've bought something from her before, so we exchanged messages but didn't have like a proper conversation. Other than that, probably not, I'm pretty sure she lives on the other side of the country and even online I wouldn't know how to strike up a conversation.

>> No.9411261

Raine is really lovely, too. Very gracious person.

>> No.9411273

I'd give the world for her and fahr to dress a dandy-twins!

>> No.9411278

Ew no please don't insult HD-anon like that.

>> No.9411291

How about you just leave others and their crushes alone? I'm sure you are the sane person how's bashing the others posts too, just be the bigger person and sit this out!

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>Who are they?
Marie Dauphine is my inspiration and senpai.

>Why you're crushing?
I'm in love with her style and how amazing her gothic coordinates are. Her non-lolita stuff amazes me too

>Bonus: Is it in a gay way?

Tbh, no. I don't know her that well to say I got a lady boner for her. She is pretty, I have to say. I'd like to know her though.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
If saying hi counts, yes. I've seen her pictures when looking for gothic coordinates when I got back into lolita and then spazzed when I realized she's local.

>> No.9411333

>Who are they?

>Why you're crushing? Bonus: Is it in a gay way?
She looks heavenly and I love her blog's vibe. I wish she didn't delete so many blog posts, though, so that I could get a more accurate feel for her. An anon in a different thread said that she was laying low to avoid repercussions of her shop's scamming but I didn't find anything aside from two accounts of awful customer service via Google. If more information comes to light, it could sour my view of her depending on its severity, though. Is the crush gay? Kinda, not seriously.

>Do you/Will you ever talk to them
Never. I'm too embarrassingly socially awkward to even attempt. She seems like she'd take it well. Lurker4lyfe.

>> No.9411337

So its Voldie?

>> No.9411343

Agh yes, her entire style is just fantastic and great inspo for wearable, everyday coords. (Also she's super cute.)
>Is it in a gay way?
You bet your bloomers it is

>> No.9411346

She swings literally any way don't let your dreams be dreams

>> No.9411347

She's the one trying to bring back Lolibrary to its old glory?

>> No.9411350


I - I don't know anon ;_;

If it makes you feel better, we haven't really interacted. I'm so socially awkward anyway that last time I met up with a person I admired online I'm pretty sure I fucked it up and have only had stilted conversations with her since then. Pretty sure I'd do the same with Fanny Rosie, lol.

>> No.9411364

Alright Anon now THIS MEANS WAR

>> No.9411386

It's been years since I met her but she's pretty shy and awkward too

>> No.9411430
File: 38 KB, 508x536, 1454722039657 blocked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand this at all, she seems super annoying from everything I read from her and dresses like a train wreck half of the time? like, half of her coords are pretty alright, and then the other half is what my 4 year old brother would probably dress me in if given full control over my clothing
I'm honestly not trying to diss, just don't understand the hype around her whatsoever

HD-chan is great, she does fantastic military

rufflechat has had several conversations about her. pic related is just the first screencap I have around

>> No.9411443

This is not the place for this discussion. Please don't ruin the thread!

>> No.9411446

... the fuck did I do wrong for you now? I wasn't going to turn this thread into a hate-on-choke thread by any means, but anon clearly wanted more information so I gave an example and told her where she can find more

>> No.9411450

can someone give me her nick? I wanna follow her

>> No.9411465

Why are we so gay gulls?

>> No.9411552


>> No.9411569

Yes! I feel the same way, anon.
I love her coords and the way she ties in her militaria.
She's stunning, very worthy of a lady crush.

>> No.9411612

I hope I'm allowed to join in with this. I won't share names or pictures.

She's married to a guy who shares none of her interests and never comes to events, and she's really unhappy with him. She's a gothic lifestyler with the most gorgeous hime cut I've ever seen and great taste in coords. She and I used to just hang out separate from the group every meet, neither of us had much in common with the rest and we loved the same anime, same games, etc, and had a ton of chemistry in general.

I know her through my ex's comm. My ex was a casual sweet/light classic, which isn't my taste at all. (I actually introduced her to lolita and then she went the opposite direction from what she liked.)

I wish her husband and I could have traded. He sounded like he would've gone well with my ex too lol.

>> No.9411620

She's katiebabydoll on IG.

>> No.9411627

I am not gay in the slightest but she is so beautiful and lovely. Wish I was as pretty as her.

>> No.9411639


>> No.9411646
File: 51 KB, 314x468, IMG_0624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lunie chan
Always and forever <3

>> No.9411653


She has the weirdest face and looks like that crying cat but I just love it; she always looks so well put together and seems like a really chill person.

>> No.9411654

What, did her and Marie get back together?

>> No.9411657

Always and forever!
I always hoped she was secretly dating CrazyKitch

>> No.9411662

I have no idea but I love it.

>> No.9411663

Some anons in the nostalgia thread were saying that she still wears lolita, but has just gone private. Don't lose hope, anon! Maybe she will go public again one day.

>> No.9411697
File: 160 KB, 696x766, 1474010959948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think this is a good place to share a conversation I had with my little sister when she was 8 (I was 20ish):
>So do you have anyone you like
<I have a boyfriend
<He's on my class
<I just haven't told him yet that we're dating
So anons, you can dream, just don't be creepy. It's only cute when child says something like this
And nope, she never told him. They have "broke up" already since she doesn't like when I remind her

>> No.9411821

Same they are both gorgeous as hell and yes that's in a gay way.

>> No.9411841

Same. From one military lolita to another, I always get the flutters when she comments my pictures on CoF.

>> No.9411997

OP of thread here. Fuck off, please. I like her too. Just because she's not "super kawaii ~uguu~ beautiful perfect riving dorru~~" she's still super cute and contributes to stuff so take your salt elsewhere.

>> No.9412001

I love her granny-kei coords like this one. Sauce on the dress? It looks sort of JeJ.

>> No.9412004

She's so gorgeous and her coords are literally everything. Making Gothic great again.

>> No.9412008
File: 206 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank Mana, there is hope!

>> No.9412009

I mean. Have you ever seen a girl?

>> No.9412017

Don't take them seriously, anon; people will and are coming in here with the sole intention of ruslting some jimmies, so just ignore it and move on, we've got a nice thread going.

>> No.9412038

I hope so, they were my OTP. Along with that other lolita pair that actually got married.

>> No.9412042


>> No.9412085

>Who are they?
Sanni Siira
>Why you're crushing?
First time I saw her I just fell in awe. Her coord was perfect and she looked beautiful, was very friendly and nice. I stuttered and looked at her to the degree that my friend pointed out that I was swooning. Every time I just see a picture of hers or of her I feel fluttering in my chest and become completely speechless.
>Do you/Will you ever talk to them?
Yes but I feel like a creep so I try to keep my distance.

>> No.9412102

Not that anon but I liked their highly contrasting styles, and in a thread about lolita crushes, how is it creepy to acknowledge you like seeing lolita couples?

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