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Previous thread. >>9398713

Can we not fuck this one up, please?

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JoAnn is having a big-ass sale on sewing machines. I got a $200 machine today for $99.

I'm so happy. I'm gonna make a bunch of pillowcases tomorrow, then get to work on cospray.

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>tfw finally meet a guy who's into the same shit as I am and doesn't even mind that I wear Lolita
>we eventually go on a date and it goes great and he even kisses me twice which makes me feel great cause I've never been kissed before.
>literally the next day after he texts me a couple of times but basically disappears for a couple of days
>for the next couple of weeks while we still talk things feel different, he doesn't seem to want to hang out but spends time with his friends
>I straight up ask him if he still likes me (cause he said he did) and he doesn't respond back for a week and when he does he just says 'sorry i was gone during spring break in another state'. he doesn't even answer my question if he still liked me a lot
>i've messaged him back but he literally just dropped me

Bad feels man. It hurts because I don't know what went wrong.

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damn what a dick.

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He got what he wanted from you, he got the kissies, now he's done with you.

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it seems like he thought you were cute, but during the date he realized your personality sucks

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>tfw finally make a friend that is actively responsive and seems to enjoy my company
>tfw she is also into lolita
>tfw screaming from excitement on the inside
>tfw apologize for everything I do because dropping spaghetti all over the place and don't know how to handle having a friend
>tfw so excited to have a friend but so terrified of losing the friend and so afraid of revealing that I'm a walking awkward pause
>tfw nonstop thinking about duo coords we could do together and pretty little duplicate tea party accessories we could have
>tfw probably smothering her but can't stop myself


Kill me someone, anyone

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>mfw this is how I am right now but with an entirely un-/cgl/-related dude.

W-wanna vent to each other, anon?

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I'm the same way right now about these girls I met a few months ago. We're not into lolita, but we all like the same weeby idol trash stuff and we're learning dance covers and formed a group. Like I'm having the best fucking time getting to know them all and I'm trying not to go overboard and smother them but I'm just so excited. The best part is, they seem to be too!

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>a guy who's into the same shit as I am and doesn't even mind that I wear Lolita
Maybe I'm missing something but is it actually a common thing for guys that are into anime/cosplay to have a problem with lolita?
Short of causing some type of financially irresponsible behavior do people normally have a problem with it?
I had figured it was just a pretty accepted thing within weeb territory.

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I wrote down every one of their likes that they ever mentioned to me and started actively seeking out pieces that color coordinate with their closet.

I actively sought out items that match their likes, background, and are lolita-related items all at the same time and have this, like, schedule of little presents to get them that stretches from "soon" to "a long time from now"

I can't stop myself from messaging them every single day and go into this crazy worry/panic mode when I don't get a response for hours and it's driving me insane.

The other thing is, we don't live too close to each other and I'll be seeing them soon and I've got a million scenarios and ideas bubbling up and trying to think of ways to give them gifts and look good and impress them and get them to like me and dkgienxkgiwlamdueofnenfn

I bet you're not even half as cringey as I am, anon, and if you are, GOD SAVE OUR SOULS.

I want to make sweet cakes for tea partied and serve them all dressed up and make her proud to introduce me to her comm and get everyone to love me so that she likes me more and get her friends to approve of me and AHHHHHHHHHHHH SOMEBODY STOP ME ALREADY.

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Just don't ever tell them any of this and you'll be fine

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>Sewing machines go on sale
>Just moved, so little money to spend
>GF loses her job

end my life already I just want to replace my broken-ass machine

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>they browse cgl
>they might have already read my post
>they might already know I POSTED IT
>they might already think I'm crazy

I just want to be liked why is this so difficult I just can't take the pressure of trying to figure out if she likes me or if she doesn't like me but is acting like she does because she's so nice but maybe that'd actually just be something mean and she's not mean at all and

I need a drink and a breath of air and to distract myself before I go crazy.

Okay. Okay.
First things first, I need to stop worrying.
I need to just... one step at a time, yeah? No big coord plans until later. Little prezzies once in a while are okay, yeah? Stop smothering them. Stop getting over excited. Keeping it together.

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That's how I'm starting to feel about him.

This made me laugh.

Ouch. In retrospect we had actually talked for over a week before we had a date, so he had a pretty good idea of what my personality was like. Not to mention before we really started talking through fb, we had chatted before in the college class we shared. Not to mention the date went great and we got to talk a lot about stuff we enjoyed. Basically what I'm saying is he had an idea of what I'm like as a person way before we went out on a date.

He's not really a weeb, he's watched some anime and anime movies but overall he's not THAT into it.

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Had a similar situation last summer, in my case I eventually accepted that he probably just wasn't that into me in the first place. Or maybe I was too eager or something. He told me he was too preoccupied with work to have a relationship but somehow that seems just like one of these things you say if you don't want to hurt the other person. Personally I would have preferred it if he had just straight up told me the truth. It was such a shame since I really liked him and usually that never happens to me, plus he didn't mind me dressing in Lolita and dresses really nicely himself (suits and designer stuff, hold me anons)

Just try to move on, anon.

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Im a girl but I've been in a similar position to the guy. (Liked someones personality and looks, kissed em, then told them I couldn't date them)
He might have other personal shit he was dealing with, like an ex he was still attached to, other girls he was seeing, or maybe mental health shit. If he knew you for a while before the date, went on the date with you, and kissed you on the date, I'd say the problem wasn't anything you did but rather something going on with him

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Mfw also have this for non-cgl (usually, I found out they've been to one con and cosplayed) person and I fucked it up.

Good luck, anons.

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>expensive semester
>been broke as hell
>seen WTB dresses for sale the past few months
>semester finally winding down and have spending money again
>dresses I've been after no longer out there anywhere
>cries self to sleep in pile of coursework

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Why did you randomly switch to present tense *does action* style of typing on the last one.

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Not just present tense but also... third person?

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Singer Fashion Mate.

Several of the machines at JoAnn are on sale!

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>friend gets some silver spray-paint for his sword
>little brother decides to reenact Max Max
>gets knocked the fuck out

The poor niggie has been puking for hours.

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just get a proper diagnosis for that autism, anon

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>group e-mail gets sent out
>girl gets indignant because it called us "young women" instead of "womyn"
>comm leader actually apologizes

Grow a damn spine and tell her she's a dumbass, dude.

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I hope you aren't only venting here on 4chan because you were also too spineless to say it in the email.

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Thats the kicker here - she wants someone who has like interests but will of course refuse to date true geeks or nerds. She instead is only interested in the normie who's dabbed into an anime or two and will dump her like meat because they have nothin for her to catch his interest with aside from her body.

She will continue down the road of making the same mistake and asking why she's always having bad luck with guys.

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youre projecting a lot there buddy
why do robots always like to clog up the feels threads with their insecurities?

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Oh shit.

Yeah, you got me.

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Excuse me? That's some serious projecting you're doing there. I live in a town of less than 2000 people, finding someone who even remotely likes anime or Lolita is a huge thing, especially considering my town is filled with people who are retired. Who said I wasn't interested in true geeks or nerds? Who says that liking anime is the only thing that makes someone a 'geek'? He may not be into anime as much as I but we both enjoy video games (we played some together), analyzing films, and sharing our obscure music tastes. He even wanted me to recommend him more anime because he was starting to get into it.

I'm thinking he's got personal problems because he's been upfront with me about his depression and he hasn't dated anyone in a long time. I hate to let him go because I care but I guess it's for the best.

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> approached by highschool girl while in normie getup at a traffic light in my 'burb
> "hey! I see you on the train a lot, and sometimes you wear these beautiful dresses :D"
> "oh yeah, that'd be me"
> "where do you get them? I love the style and I really want to try it myself"

She was super lovely and I was so flattered. My neighbourhood has been so awesome about me wearing lolita out and about. c:

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Which of you bitches went to Opry Mills mall today??!

I heard a girl on her phone bitching about "itas" but was scared to approach.

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>be me, ageplayer lolita
>have cam sex with my daddy on the reg
>parents aren't home, time to break out the big guns
>ride a pink vibrator in milky planet
>vibrator is loud as fuck, i'm loud as fuck
>squirt on my brand
>finish up
>daddy buys me a new dress for being a good girl

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>depression and he hasn't dated anyone in a long time.
I mean I don't know the entire story here obviously but sounds like if you were persistent about it, you could probably work things out. It might end up feeling worse than it already does if things don't work out, but there's a chance assuming they're being honest with you.

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You're lucky. If I want a dress from daddy, I have to earn cummy points. If I don't earn enough, he won't even let me wear thong diapers.

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>lost that spark of love I had for lolita from my beginning years
>life gets busy as well so I take about a 1 year hiatus from the fashion
>life is on track again and slowly getting back into it
>re-kindling my love of the fashion
>mfw feels good man

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Anyone else feel like there are too many people who are just in it for the cheap likes?
They throw on some cheap shit take lots of pictures and whore themselves out on social media.
Where are the people that LIVE lolita?

>> No.9408806

minding their own business and living their lives as lolitas? desu if the people who 'lived lolita' documented their lives on social media i can't imagine you would feel any different about them because they'd just be "in it for the cheap likes"

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>friend's mom dying of cancer
>wants to be buried in my favorite dress

Why she gotta pick on me like this?

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>tfw wear lolita almost every time I leave the house
>tfw my coords get like 50 likes on CoF

We're out there anon, you just don't notice us as easily as the ones hunting for likes. I also can't be bothered to take pictures every time I go out and I rewear the same pieces a lot with slight variations, and that's just not conducive to being a popular lolita.

>> No.9408825

>that picture
I hope none of you other gulls do this.

>> No.9408826

You should see the whole thing with sound

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Boy, I sure love it when Timehop shows pictures of me happy and cosplaying with my ex.

Right next to new posts about her and her current guy. Love it!

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Girls like that give all of us a bad rep.

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Stop drinking so much fucking coffee

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Anon sorry for the unprofessional diagnosis but you sound a little borderline personality disorder to me

>> No.9408845

if something happens between you and one of them, you better not go crazy

i had a friend just like you and when i expressed that i wouldn't be able to talk as often because i'd be in a hospital, she went fucking bonkers and got all of the people she knows to blow up my phone and send me scary messages. just saying, watch your behavior

>> No.9408846

they're sorority girls so I don't know what people are expecting.

>> No.9408849

Eurogull here, what does that mean?

>> No.9408850

Not that anon but when I was still trying to date within weeb circles I had a very difficult time finding a guy who was okay with lolita and didn't think it was some kind of sexy lolicon cosplay for their benefit. Many guys would think it was cute at a con but would yell at me for wanting to wear it outside of a con, even to lolita meetups, because they thought it was embarrassing even if they weren't with me at the time. Others couldn't understand that I was wearing it for myself and not for them and would get pissy when I wouldn't have sex with them in a €300 chiffon dress (especially for the first time like bro, romance pls). It wasn't until I started dating an ex-weeb nerd (was into anime and Japan in his early teens but mostly grew out of it, now more into fantasy/scifi and video games and STEM stuff) that I had someone who accepted that I wore it as an odd fashion style for my own enjoyment and wasn't going to call him oniisan and shit. It's like the distance from anime made it easier for him to understand that I am not an anime character nor trying to be.

>> No.9408852

Unless anon is hiding their downswings it sounds more like codependency coupled with general loneliness/desperation to be liked. BPD sufferers tend to sound more, well. Hostile, in my experience? Blaming the other person for not giving back enough, for not being around enough, etc.

>> No.9408853

the thing is... they're not talking about their downswings because there haven't been any yet. of course they're gushing now, but they won't be the moment one of their friends slips up or has something else to do one day. the friendship is new, so there's nothing to blame somebody else for as of right now.

though we're all just being armchair psychologists, the pattern is too familiar. i've dealt with a similar kind of crazy directed at me.

>> No.9408858

sorority girls are sterotypically dumb as fuck and a lot of times rich because of daddy's money. now it's not always the case given that they're in college and at least some of them know what they're doing but a lot of them are... well, like that. at a game they don't give a shit about but only there so they can take selfies and post them on facebook and instagram.

>> No.9408860

Maybe. I've also had experience with people who have BPD too and I'm honestly hoping this gull doesnt have it, for her and her new friend's sake. Not to sound ableist or whatever but being long term friends with a BPD sufferer just means you have to be able to shrug off a lot of verbal/emotional abuse.

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>the distance from anime made it easier for him to understand that I am not an anime character
I guess the struggle is real.
Thanks for sharing, because that makes more sense.

>> No.9408863

do gulls not understand the concept of a joke? i see quips being made here and there that are obviously meant to be poking fun, but idiots take them seriously and respond in a completely no-fun-allowed kind of way

i also hate how some gulls seem to equate the quality of a person's coordinates to the quality of a person. just because we dislike the way somebody dresses doesn't mean we have to dislike THEM.

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You have to understand the following:
/cgl/ = mostly the tumblr crowd who can't into fun
/cgl/ mods = literal tumblr nazis who will delete ANY thread that looks like it might turn into fun

tl;dr /cgl/ is the most un-fun board on 4chan

>> No.9408871

Shhhhhhh little anon. Expensive frilly dresses are serious business here. Just sit back and enjoy the cattiness or leave.

>> No.9408873

They're women.

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virgins belong on >>>/r9k/

>> No.9408877

My friend's bf wants to cosplay my favorite husbando, but the guy only has five teeth.

>> No.9408878

Case in point.

>> No.9408882

Case in point >>9408878

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>using "virgin" or "slut" as an insult

You should feel bad.

>> No.9408893

I think it comes down to the individual and how they're dealing with it. I have a very close friend with BPD and she hasn't given me any shit at all since she started therapy, sometimes she gets really depressed and suicidal but then so do I so it's fine.

>> No.9408895

You should go see a doctor.

>> No.9408896

Shaming women for their sexual choices is always wrong of course, but men who can't lose their virginity are clearly loser failures that nobody likes and deserve to be insulted and driven off.

>> No.9408898

This. Male virgins fail at life.
It's totally okay to bully them.

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If you call yourself sex-positive but make fun of virgins, you're shit. It's no better than slut shaming.

>> No.9408900

>implying sluts don't deserve to be shamed

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File: 54 KB, 460x460, ec1b38298817b166591307620e4fe19f620b52fe89063bebee9902ea9b4f6de9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honest question:
Is this slutty behaviour?

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>Cosplay for the first time ever
>It's pretty well received
>Get asked for something like 150+ photos
>Appear in local paper.
>I will never experience this again.

That's it gulls. I've peaked. It's all down hill from here.

>> No.9408904

that's the best part of cosplay. When you get to show off to as many people as possible
i really love the attention it gives

>> No.9408905

>falling this hard for bait

>> No.9408908

>falling for meta bait

>> No.9408910

It was fantastic and I loved it but also a little sad knowing I'll never be able to repeat this success.

Unless I go to another state and show it off somewhere brand new like an attention junkie desperate for my next fix.

>> No.9408911

>insulted and driven off
>not executed

Let's be real here, nobody would miss them and the world would be a better place without them.

>> No.9408912

I don't know. I really enjoy laughing at the obvious losers at cons and making them feel bad.

>> No.9408914

I'm gassy and stupid, and I lost my sewing machine in my mom's hoard.

>> No.9408915


>> No.9408916

>I'm stupid
should have read more books as a kid dumbo

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>thong diapers.

>> No.9408923

I really walk like that and my bf always makes fun of me for slouching so much. (not a virgin though)

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File: 24 KB, 398x400, fb_393268_10151029983750034_598680033_21778114_899520598_n.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this thread

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>thong diapers

>> No.9408929

Tell her to fuck off.

>> No.9408932

It's a meme.

>> No.9408933

She's dying, anon.

>> No.9408935

nayrt but fuck that

i was dying once (thanks breast cancer) and i didn't expect anything from anyone. don't let somebody use death as an excuse to be a megacunt and take things away from the people who can still enjoy them. the dead won't know what they're missing out on, anyway.

>> No.9408938

Hello, fellow Nashville-anon!

>> No.9408941

>be Lolita
>In Takamatsu today, visit famous garden to do some sightseeing before I do the thing I actually came there for
>approached by probably southeast Asian tourist girl who tells me in adorable beginner-level Japanese that she would like to take a photo with me because I'm so pretty
>aww sure
>good feels all around
>while we take the photo I remember that I suffer from potato face when photographed
>can't do anything but pray

I kind of feel like a fraud :( sorry adorable girl, I hope the photo didn't turn out too terrible.

>> No.9408943

Dead people don't need anything, tell her yeah sure you can have the dress and once she dies put a potato sack an her and throw her in a hole. she won't care, because she would be dead.

>> No.9408947

Fart to hide your smell and steal your machine back.

>> No.9408948

It wasn't stolen. It just gotten eaten by my mother's stacks of newspapers and Goodwill shit.

She can't clean it. Not since she hit 400 pounds last fall.

>> No.9408950

I won't go crazy, I'll just be sad.

I don't like drama and setting people up against others because I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that. I just really want things to go well because I've been everyone else's comfort zone, but when it comes to me facing some difficulties, there's no one to turn to, including (or rather "especially") family, because our (my family's) history goes to show that even they can turn on you.

I'm a lot calmer now that I've calmed myself down. I'll just see how things go, and hope for the best. If things don't go well, I'll just... double down my focus on work and learn to vent or something in creative ways.

>> No.9408951

Why are fat people so fucking gross

>> No.9408952
File: 544 KB, 577x676, 1490261947999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're going to have to do clean it up yourself if you want it back, it's the only way.
Fart to hide the smell of your mom.

>> No.9408954

why do people think it's a good idea to have sex in cosplay?
tried it once and my bf got jizz everywhere, dress is completely ruined
terrible idea, never again

>> No.9408955

What did you cosplay, anon?

>> No.9408956

Because they have the sense to think ahead when you obviously don't.

Jizz in condom or inside keeps the cosplay dream alive.

>> No.9408958

maybe if you are into boring vanilla sex

>> No.9408961

how is getting a load inside of you considered vanilla

how much of a special snowflake do you have to be

>> No.9408962

You don't have to have boring vanilla sex to be mindful of where your jizz is going, anon. And I feel this veering off topic, so final response.

You have to be more careful about cosplay sex if you want to protect the cosplay.

>> No.9408963

Does your boyfriend never come on your boobs/face? I never did it in cosplay because he always wants to finish on my face and that is just way too messy by default.

>> No.9408964

>what is laundry detergent

>> No.9408994

I've seen plenty fuckwit, not everyone wants to take a pill and forget about things when they could be actually fixed instead.

>> No.9408997


Wish you were my Lolita friend! I moved away and now I can't even see my comm

>> No.9409008

Send her a link to buy it herself? It's hard to find things secondhand so at least you're being helpful

>> No.9409027

What's the demographics of your neighborhood? yuppie, retireees, college town, bohemian artists livign in warehouses?

>> No.9409038

Clubs full of rich white skinny girls with blond hair, usually have tons of money and aren't very smart

>> No.9409048

this is how misogyny starts

>> No.9409060

Public Service Annoucement:

>> No.9409076

Tfw you've done nothing for weeks but play BOTW and go to work and you complete the game
I guess... I'll check out how the fandom is? I don't know what to do with my time now anons

>> No.9409077

Sorry that sucks anon but he sounds really immature if he can't even be assed to respond to a few simple texts, or be straightforward about his feelings. That's not the kind of guy you should want to be with anyway.

>> No.9409087

>be me, 18, just starting to get serious about lolita
>moving away from babby's first bodyline stage, actually starting to amass a small collection of good-quality taobao and inexpensive brand
>senior year of hs make friends with dweeby freshman in my women's choir
>kinda clingy but cute and sweet and wants to start wearing lolita but is poor with bad family
>never hang out outside school, but frequently text about lolita related things
>she has to share a phone with her 3 siblings and their phone number changes constantly
>feel bad for her financial situation, buy her an inexpensive bodyline dress during one of the sales
>she loves it, feelsgoodman.jpg
>nice to have a little sis figure, since I’m an only child
>freshman gets kicked from women’s choir due to poor attendance, stop seeing her
>still text periodically but more infrequently
>eventually lose all contact with her
>a year or so later, try to reach out to some people in the same grade as her
>no one is friends with her or has her current contact info
>2 years later still wondering what she’s up to and if she ever pursued her lolita dreams and sure hoping she got out of her bad household

She’d be 17 now, I guess. Anyway, I wish I could meet her again and try to help her with lolita, now that I’m a lot more experienced than I was at 18. I always wanted a little sister, and that was sadly the closest I ever got.

>> No.9409092

that's so sad anon, i hope you can get in contact with her!

i've always wanted an older sister figure because my biological older sister is just not a good role model. i'm lucky that i made friends with a group of lolitas who are older than me and more experienced with the fashion than i am. it feels really nice to have a group of "big sister" types that i can fall back on. i hope someone else feels the same way about you someday!

>> No.9409113

>pissed because my craftsmanship on latest costume is fairly bad
>realize that maybe it was always this bad but maybe I was too inexperienced to notice

>> No.9409119

very similar situation
>bought cosplays, wigs, tickets to travel to cons, hotel room expenses
>they spent the night at my house all the time
>bought almost everything b/c too poor to go and shitty SHITTY af family
>one day out of the blue tells me off
>blocks me on everything and talks shit about me in school to everyone
>left in the dark about what I did wrong
>4 years later, build up courage to fb message them and ask what I did wrong
>"You didn't do anything, Anon. I took frustrations out on you because I had a big crush on you and you didn't seem to reciprocate."
>they apologize profusely and tell me that I made their life so, so much better while we were still friends

Remember that even if you two never meet again, she probably cherishes that dress and values you for what you did for her. You did a good thing, Anon.

>> No.9409129

>I took frustrations out on you because I had a big crush on you and you didn't seem to reciprocate"

I wonder how many other gulls' situations this statement is true for.

>> No.9409133
File: 390 KB, 500x283, aWpUHaR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

person you responded to
it VERY recently happened again, but this time with a best friend of five years. so... probably more frequently than we think.

>> No.9409211

I don't see the singer fashion on the sit only the singer traditional is on sale for $99.
>tfw its probably sold out

>> No.9409229

pills dont make you forget things dumbass. know-it-all fuckers like you seem to not be aware of the benefits of medications because of lackluster excuses to hide their fear of losing themselves or control of themselves.
the pills are there to regulate the chemical imbalance in your brain something talking about your feelings will never do.
you need to do both if you want to recover.
if you've taken pills before and you didnt like the effects then you have to try different medications and dosages. different pills work for different people. there are so many meds and options out there that could really improve the quality of your life significantly.

>> No.9409233

LmaI alright then, let me stop taking my bipolar meds so I can stop "forgetting" things and start having manic episodes. Read a book.

>> No.9409242
File: 422 KB, 500x257, mhdcm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start going to gym because getting out of shape
>skin starts acting really weird
>heat rash?
>stop going to the gym
>try nearly fucking everything to get rid of it
>changed detergent, changed soaps, got all sorts of skin stuff, cut out dairy, currently cutting out gluten, etc.
>have to cut out two cosplays because they had an open back and it mainly affects my back
>one was also because I couldn't get toned enough and I didn't wanna be flabby for it.
>It starts spreading to neck
>all the dermatologists in my area suck
>call to get an appointment in the next city
>mfw it's a month out
>it's already been four months
>aesthetician mother has no idea wtf it is
>find a bleach bath thing, people have lots of great results for staph infections
>was pretty sure it was one
>why the fuck not, take one
>already looks way fucking better

I'm so, so happy. I was going to be so upset if I had to skip my two new costumes again for SDCC.

>> No.9409266

>assuming everyone who ever experiences depression is bipolar and requires meds
wew lad

>> No.9409281

I don't know how to stop this argument I've indirectly started, so I'll put it like this...

I don't have BPD or manic episodes. I just have a lot not going well in my life and was/am super excited about finding someone that helps me feel better about it all, and excited that they seemingly want to be my friend. Being excited about something doesn't mean you're having a manic episode, it just means something good is happening.

As for all this about meds and stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with anything. People use whatever works best for them; sometimes it's meds, sometimes it's therapy, and sometimes both. Let people do what they need to do, long as it's not affecting you, yeah?

Back to cgl related feels:

A certain tea party accessory that I wanted to buy isn't responding, and that piece I feel is crucially necessary.

They mentioned being in urgent care, but simultaneously asked me if I wanted to pick up the item the same day.

When do I give up and seek out other pieces? I will never find anything like it, but I'm about to be out of state and the timeframe between when I need the piece and now is like... 2 days. It's an antique teapot, for those curious.

>> No.9409283

>A certain tea party accessory that I wanted to buy isn't responding
>It's an antique teapot, for those curious
well no wonder

>> No.9409286

You know that session is probably on mother---- now.

>> No.9409291

Not bipolar, I mentioned borderline which is different (not a mood disorder, no mood 'cycling', completely different characteristics). Even if you don't formally have the personality disorder it sounds like you might have traits. In any case, just chill a bit about having a new friend because if they find out how intense you are it might freak them out. Just let the friendship develop naturally.

Also, if they don't respond today then I'd stay start seeking out alternatives.

>> No.9409295

No clue what happened to that post.

The seller for a certain tea party accessory I wanted to buy isn't responding*
It's such a gorgeous piece, is useful, and happens to also feature designs/certain things that my new friend likes. So it'd be a darling present, if I can get the seller to sell it to me.

Fingers crossed, anon!

>> No.9409313

I'm always really happy interacting with gulls outside of CGL because they're really some of the coolest people.
>y'all act like salty fucks but you're actually nice people

>> No.9409350

>since she started therapy
You're so lucky anon, I'm a little jealous. My ex BPD friend was "scared" of therapy and used it as an excuse to verbally abuse anyone who suggested it because clearly they were out to get her.

Calm down kids, not every mental illness is readily treatable with medication, many do better with therapy. Someone replying with a personal preference for their unique situation is not them telling you to stop taking your meds.

>> No.9409359

>volunteer staff at convention
>really enjoy it
>have toxic friend
>they're volunteer staff and have been longer than me
>get lucky and we split friendship months after the con
>convention coming up, on the fence about being on staff again because of now ex friend
>decide to take a hiatus just in case things go badly, buy a badge and rooming with other friends
>get email from convention
>exfriend got promotion to head of group of volunteers
>exfriend is not leadership material, used me and others for grunt work while they sat around and chatted
>took pride in getting to scream at attendees without consequence
>now not sure if I'll ever join volunteer staff again
>still have to see them with no escape while I wait to get badge
>not sure how it'll go and if they'll outright hate me or try to act like nothing happened

I hope no one from the convention sees this but I just have to get it off my chest. I loved volunteering and what I did since I got to meet attendees and help people out but now one toxic person has killed that desire for me.

>> No.9409372

>Someone replying with a personal preference for their unique situation is not them telling you to stop taking your meds.

Exactly. But it's fucking /cgl/ so you know. God forbid the idea that other people have relevant experience or have done their research.

To be honest it sounds like your friend would just be a cunt BPD or not BPD, if you have a disorder that actively inconveniences or discomforts other people and you don't get treatment for it, you're a selfish piece of shit. It's like having Tourettes but insisting on spending all your free time shouting FUCK NIGGER SHITBAGS in a library.

>> No.9409379

I'm with the othes, tell her no, and that you don't see what good you ruining your favorite dress is going to be for anybody. If she's selfish enough to insist after that she's gone full cunt and you're totally justified in just blanking her/shutting her down.

>> No.9409406

Dude, what the fuck? You don't ask other people for an expensive dress that they love to bury your mom in.
Also if she insists on being a cunt about it- buy a replica. The mom will be dead. She won't know.

>> No.9409408

holy shit are you me? I'm glad you're at least going to go to the con regardless. I'm too anxious to attempt to attend, which sucks because I loved the con so much.

>> No.9409412
File: 299 KB, 480x480, 1470495986325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>email a gull from the friend finder thread last month
>she responds and seems really enthusiastic
>adds to the end of the message that she's sorry in advance because she's slow at replying
>I respond with a fairly long enthusiastic email of my own with lots of bonus pictures relating to stuff we've talked about
>never hear from her again

>> No.9409413

I'm going with other friends so it won't be as miserable and I'm pretty much over her because she was incredibly toxic and unmedicated bipolar which just ramped it all up. I wish you'd go to your con as well, anon. If you've got other friends that want to go, go with them. Truthfully if it were me by myself I'd go elsewhere.

>> No.9409414

>I can't stop myself from messaging them every single day and go into this crazy worry/panic mode when I don't get a response for hours and it's driving me insane.
Ah yes.
I used to have a few girlfriends like that.
I have since learned that, & this isn't a judgement on you just an imo, this is usually an indicator of a deeper issue that I don't want or need in my life.
In reality, it's kind of a useful filter as they screen themselves out by assuming I'm cheating because I don't message back immediately when I'm at work.
I've been involved with this stuff since I was 16 (thanks pseudo-Chad genes), but now I'm just... I'm just tired of it, y'know? It's like, why can't you get your shit together without blaming external factors at 28yo+? Why do you assume that just because I don't message you every hour of every day that I didn't love you, are you 14? Is this what Cosmo taught you is meant to happen? And why did you think fucking another guy would somehow make me want you more? Why can't women control themselves & their impulses without blaming Aunt Flow or other shit boogeyMEN? How did you think I'd react when I learned from a friend that this had happened again, & then you try to turn it on me & say I didn't give you enough emotional support? I took you to the doctors every time you had an issue, I bought your expensive as shit medicine from Canada & Mexico, I consoled your family when they thought you'd killed yourself but you'd just spent your first three paychecks to go to some con (& quit your job that I vouched Alex for because haberdashery I thought you could do) without telling anyone. I engaged in your fantasies that you then held over me as a threat because you new the law doesn't care about whether it's "rape" or rape.

Anyways, learn to manage your happiness & understand that it can't rely on others for it. Read Stoicism for a start, then grow the fuck up or you'll push everyone away. Mental health issues don't mean you can be a cunt.


>> No.9409417

Maybe drop her a short email just to ask how she's doing. She may have forgotten to respond, it happens sometimes.

>> No.9409419

Your younger brother RIDES to VALHALLA all SHINY and CHROME while you freak out because mom said to WITNESS- I mean watch him.

>> No.9409424

the shitty thing is that most of my friends are still very good friends with this person and still staff, so if I were to go I wouldn't be able to hang out with my friends without this person being there. But at least there are plenty of other cons to go to, right?

>> No.9409438

>jizz everywhere, dress is completely ruined
>how to wash a clothes
>what am cleaning
Groce Anon

If it's any consolation that's a stage in the improvement cycle for anything: first you feel great and like you're really progressing, then you feel like you're shit and stuck and have no idea why, then you see what you're doing wrong and cringe your ass off, loop back to stage 1

>> No.9409467
File: 1.79 MB, 540x304, 3e7a9ec5-0757-447b-858e-49f1db42b119..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw I know who posted this
happy birthday!

>> No.9409483
File: 194 KB, 478x380, 0089dc8c-801a-4b76-94ed-32d1a141d4c0..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw I like my bf jizzing into a plate of rice for me to eat and for easy cleanup

mfw you just called me vanilla for this

>> No.9409484

>have to cut out two cosplays because they had an open back and it mainly affects my back
Steroids are a hell of a drug.

>> No.9409486

>>exfriend is not leadership material,
>used me and others for grunt work while they sat around and chatted
> not leadership material
That's like the definition of "Team Leader/Middle Manager" right there Anon.

>> No.9409492

Sadly yeah. It just irks me because they've got a high and mighty attitude, immense hatred towards another staffer, unmedicated bipolar (not saying that's bad for some people but they'll go off the rails easily), and really just wants to talk to her buddies and show off they're staff while screaming at attendees.
Out of everyone that could be Team Leader (which isn't even a real position desu, it's just there to mae you seem important) they'll let it go to their head immediately and use it to scream at people even more and boss everyone around while they sit on their ass and listen to music and chat people up.

>> No.9409503
File: 1.29 MB, 195x229, 1488694732280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I have UC, which means whenever I eat, I get horribly sick
>And I'm allergic to gluten, and dairy, but I ignore it
>Ever since I was young, one meal a day was a LOT to me, because it still made me feel terrible
>Even when I eat half a bowl from chipotle, I feel bloated and like I want to throw up
>Mention to a friend how hard it is for me to gain weight, and how sick I always am
>'Well SOME of us would kill to be your size! Stop your complaining'
>go home and think nothing about it
>over the course of a week, get 200 messages telling me 'You can get help for Anorexia!'
>What the fuck
>Apparently she told a few people, and now everyone I know thinks I'm anorexic. They've even had a fucking intervention for me, where they didn't buy my medical issues because 'they're not that bad!'

>> No.9409504

I love my boyfriend. He's generous and buys me dresses and likes to cosplay with me. I could gush about him.

but I wish he were a girl and I am guilt-ridden over it.

I also got my dress in the mail and it's beautiful and brings out my eyes.

>> No.9409506
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you do when your con crush lives 20 hours away by car?

I want to touch he bum

>> No.9409507

Drive 20 hours by car.

>> No.9409508

God I hate it when people make assumptions like that.

>had anorexia when I was younger
>'recovered' (actually just developed BED)
>semi-stabilized eating habits
>suddenly IBS
>super restricted diet, always feel nauseous
>everyone freaks out omg anon ur anorexic again u lost so much weight!!!
>their comments actually trigger me into purposefully restricting again
>restricting after all those years of binging means binge cycles galore
>it's so good to see you eating anon!!!
>fuck me, have to purge
>IBS makes this super easy
>we bulimia now

>> No.9409509

>but I wish he were a girl
explain further onegaishimasu

>> No.9409510

That sucks anon. =[
I always had problems eating because of IBS, and my extended family just always assumed I was starving myself, and later became convinced I just do drugs for some reason. Probably because I looked like a junkie.
Chicken and rice helped me put on weight though while not feeling terrible.

>> No.9409516
File: 313 KB, 500x363, saiyan (2016_09_08 22_03_31 UTC).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plus he's already pretty and has long hair he keeps in a ponytail. I want HIM, I just wish he were a girl and could dress up in dresses with me. I want to be a little more dominant in the relationship.

>> No.9409518
File: 182 KB, 311x300, hanklaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I don't actually know her?

Also, I just found out that "cgl" can also stand for "caregiver and little"


>> No.9409525
File: 27 KB, 218x300, 51YZKkoxv2L._SY300_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really want to cosplay pic related.

In previous years, I never thought I had the body type to do it, but over the past year I worked to sculpt myself so that I'd feel comfortable doing so and gain some self-confidence. But recently, I had to have surgery and now have noticeable scars in the stomach area. I know there's probably some sort of makeup I can use to cover them, but even then, for some reason I feel like others would still be able to see them.

>> No.9409526

>con crush
>don't actually know her

Wew lad. Uhmmm... did you meet up at the con at any point? Can you add each other on fb? Get to know each other and then meet up.

>> No.9409528

>recently diagnosed with panic disorder and general anxiety after trying to convince myself everything was normal for years and a particularly nasty inpatient stay
>getting it under control, getting out more and enjoying myself, going to more meetups.
>bf has general anxiety
>Bf was sportive and helpful at first
>be more open about my panic incidents where I used to hide them
>but now every time he has an anxiety problem he is "Having a panic attack!!!"
> ie: "I'm angry today because I have been having panic attacks all day!!!!"
>that is not how this works, that is not how any of this works
>I'm not a fucking doctor but he just does not have the symptoms of a panic attack
>If your having multiple panic attacks a day you should talk to your doctor and maybe adjust your meds
>except he fucking does not
>just continues to try to manipulate me for my sympathy
>the more he claims it and does nothing about it the less fucks I give
>want to go back to hiding my symptoms and not sharing them
>feel guilty about going to meetups because he whines about his 'panic attacks' about me traveling alone
>regression is happening
just fuck it all, I felt so drained and tired at my last meetup and left early after I was feeling so good for a while.

>> No.9409529

Do you want him to a. have a vulva, b. share your fashion sense or c.take the submissive role? Because if it's b or c, have you tried talking to him anon? He sounds like a caring guy.

>> No.9409530


This. So much this.

>> No.9409531

But then who would buy you dresses.

>> No.9409532

Her stomach's not even that noticeable, anon. And even then, anyone who nitpicks over medical scars is a dick. I definitely think you should cosplay her, there's never enough cosplays of the best girl in Madoka and I'm sure you'd look amazing as her!!!

>> No.9409535

… and if it's a) I can probably give some advice

>> No.9409538

Dump BF

Not just saying this the way it's /adv/ solution to every problem either, just seriously, the dude is being an emotional vampire and probably is deliberately or unconsciously doing this in direct response to you feeling better, he fears this so is crab-bucketing you

I realize it would be painful but ask your therapist or doctor or whatever, you need to fucking get out of this situation if you don't want to live a drained shit existence for the rest of your life

>> No.9409539

It sounds like it may be time to reevaluate your relationship, anon.

For the both of you. Don't put it off. Don't think "we've been together for this long... ". Don't avoid the issue or hope it gets better. It's time to decide if you're done or you honestly think it will get better within a short time. Don't stretch the meaning; you're at your wits' end.

>> No.9409541

>waaahh I was supposed to be the victim here you're supposed to feel bad for ME and how hard MY life is

>> No.9409546

I miss the excitement of buying brand back when I was a broke college student.
Now that I have a steady income and buy 2-3 main pieces a month I no longer feel the same glee as back then.
>woe me, I have money and buy brand but no longer excites me.

>> No.9409553

I have an idea, anon.
You want to get back that excitement and glee, right?

Instead of just buying brand for yourself...
Buy some for both of us so we can duo coord but also because I'm Ouji, you need to put even more effort into coording and item selection to make sure they match.

You're welcome.

>> No.9409555

>Plus he's already pretty and has long hair he keeps in a ponytail.
Yeh but I will stick to peeing anywhere and only having to shave one part of my body. My face.

>> No.9409562

>he doesn't shave his balls

>> No.9409566

Gonna be honest here, if everything is working out you probably don't want anything to drastically change. If it's working for you so far, it's working and trying to change it might fuck everything up.

>> No.9409568

Do you shave your balls?

>> No.9409569

... You should not be showing much of your stomach, I never noticed it at all in the show. Use a different reference pic

>> No.9409571


>> No.9409574


That was such a sweet message, anon...I needed to hear that. Thank you.


Thank you for the advice. I will look up some different refs of the flared part of the corset. Her gem might cover up some too.

>> No.9409575

Do not forget the shaft by the way.

>> No.9409577


Sorry, meant to reply to >>9409569

>> No.9409578

well yeah who just leaves a shiny shaved sack hanging out of a bush

>> No.9409579
File: 404 KB, 500x380, 1448481012978.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want to be a little more dominant in the relationship.
W-why can't you be as it is?

>Very dominant/aggressive personality.
>Usually enjoy butting heads with equally dominant/aggressive guys. Think it's pretty fun.
>Start seeing a guy who is.. Meekly sweet?
>Can't imagine him ever becoming aggressive or raising his voice.
>He tried to when he scolded the dog and it was adorable.

I never knew how much I needed this.

>> No.9409583

>not tickling the girls nose with your nutt hair making her sneeze

>> No.9409585

This happened to a friend that has really sensitive skin, it's probably the sanitary conditions of the machines you used.

>> No.9409588


>> No.9409591

Know those feels, anon. Illness has made me drop weight recently too, and everyone thinks I'm anorexic again. No, you presumptuous assholes, my muscles are degenerating and I can't keep any food down from my meds. :/

>> No.9409593

Are you me?

>> No.9409597 [DELETED] 
File: 428 KB, 721x1024, hello.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who just leaves a shiny shaved sack hanging out of a bush

>> No.9409599

No, we met on Instagram.

But she's perf.

>> No.9409627

>go on blind date
>meet obese ita
>she brags about being a yandere
>never meet or talk to her again
I feel kind of bad but also felt like I dodged a bullet.

>> No.9409629 [DELETED] 
File: 227 KB, 600x600, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before I go down on my BF, when I realized that his ball hairs are way too long I pull on them. Then he will shave.

>> No.9409634
File: 235 KB, 960x640, 1489442118837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get out of the military
>Try to rekindle old interest, IE cosplay
>Have a great body for my dream cosplays
>No motivation to work on the cosplays
>People at Uni act as if I'm some kind of Nazi whenever they figure out I'm ex military
>No old friends that I keep in contact with

I feel so detached from everything. At least I get free Uni...

>> No.9409636

u depressed, bro?

>> No.9409642

Blind dates are always a bad idea. Was it a friends idea?

>> No.9409644

>Spent all evening with my drunk father who was proud about his new promotion
I mean, good for him but he didn't need to get wasted and ramble on for 4 hours about the people he hates at work.

>> No.9409649

Not just an acquaintance at my college. She thought that just because I liked anime, cosplay and lolita, that this girl would be a good match for me.

>> No.9409650

Nobody wants to hang out with someone who decided that brainwashing was the right career move out of high school.

>> No.9409652

>have no friends where i live
>only get to see friends a few times a year, mostly at cons
>cousin's wedding is during the biggest con i go to
>family guilts me for "putting friends before family"

i'm always alone and i'm fucking miserable. my friends have been more of a family to me than my blood related family has ever been. i hate being around my family because 99% of them are nasty bigots and i'm super gay. my parents started guilting me about it so i offered to drive from the con to the wedding and then go back to the con after the wedding was over, but according to them that isn't good enough apparently.

>> No.9409653


>> No.9409654

Yeah, that's why I went straight for the military instead of Uni.

>> No.9409655

I dont know your full situation but dude, go to the con, it sounds like you need a good weekend getaway more than some bad family wedding.

>> No.9409656

>brainwashing meme
Nayrt but this is typical pogue bullshit

>> No.9409657


>> No.9409661

You seem cool anon, you'll probably meet some friends soon.

>> No.9409666
File: 101 KB, 610x466, 472939431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gave myself a deadline of June to see if life changes before I kill myself
>It isn't changing at all
>Giving away all my cosplay for free
>Someone thinks it's weird and asks me what's up
>Tell them I'm just in a generous mood
>They start telling everyone that I'm clearly going to kill myself

I really just wanted people to not fucking know about it. It's annoying because most of them don't really care but it's like a virtue signaling kind of thing.

I don't want to be the center of attention - I just want to fucking be forgotten by everyone and vanish. Giving away my cosplay shit was a mistake, I should have just let it rot in my apartment just like my body would be rotting in the forest somewhere.

>> No.9409667
File: 36 KB, 668x445, sjw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>graduate HS in '07
>spend years working at McDonald's and cosplaying
>realize I wasted my life dressing up as cartoon characters


>> No.9409670
File: 58 KB, 310x310, 1490514616816.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i'm pretty damn autistic and have a hard time keeping friends
>literally haven't had a real friend since grade school
>finally find someone the last semester of college who actually wants to hang out with me and just play vidya/watch anime
>fast foward a year later
>realize he's borderline sociopath
>constantly gaslighting me in petty arguments
>refuses to ever apologize even when he's 100% in the wrong, and I mean NEVER
>have to choose between having no friends again or staying friends with an asshole who probably doesn't even care about me

>> No.9409672
File: 48 KB, 798x809, 1350071607658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least you've been having fun? Also, It's never too late to turn your life around, anon! I believe in you.

>> No.9409674

>tfw your friend sounds like me

>> No.9409681

I'm your friend.
It's me, Tito "Dick" Dickman, baby. Come on, don't be a stranger. Add me on my discord and I'll show you a fun time!

>> No.9409682

Are you actually a sociopath?
My friend used to say he has no empathy and I thought he was joking, but with everything else it just seems to add up he's an actual sociopath.
It sucks, of course the only person I would wind up with is probably just using me for his own self-gain. I kinda wanna just ask him to see a therapist and see how he reacts. Even if he's just an asshole, he's gotta wonder why his "friends" walk away from him so easily.

>> No.9409684

>only 10 years out of hs
You're still young, dumpass. Especially if male.

>> No.9409685

>Are you actually a sociopath?
I don't know but I suspect.

>> No.9409687

>28 is young
When will this meme end?
if you've no real life experience by that point, you're severely handicapped. It's naive to think otherwise. It certainly isn't impossible to change your life by this point, but you'll obviously have a hard struggle with a large chance of constant failure.

It hurts more to be overly optimistic instead of just being frank and telling them "ya fucked up and wasted most of your youth, but there's still time to have fun and make the most of it as best as you can."

A 35 year old hag who waited too late to think "I've still got time to change things"

You don't. Or at least, if you do it'd be very little.

>> No.9409696

you're an inspiration to us all

>> No.9409712

When did you decide to change things?

I'm the same age as that anon, but have some life experience. I have a degree in graphic design, but I haven't been able to hold down a job in it, instead working day jobs and the occasional commission.

I want to die.

>> No.9409714

The one thing that pushed him over the edge of just being an asshole vs sociopath was when he started picking on me for something HE misunderstood. When I pointed out that HE misunderstood what I wrote, he refused to acknowledge it. Somehow even though HE blatantly misinterpreted what I wrote, I was wrong.
You have to have something wrong with you if you can't comprehend a simple "Okay I misunderstood you".

>> No.9409715

Well I do that too, but it's because I'm too embarrassed to admin I made a mistake so I become hostile. So probably just socially retarded and not sociopath.

>> No.9409716

People catching on your warning signs and alerting others is proof that your life is still worth living. I know you don't realize it yet, but your life changing doesn't always sync up with your suicide plans. I planned to kill myself New Year's Eve going into 2014 but decided I wanted to just see how things were going to go. It's 2017 now and I'm getting to where I want to be. I have friends, I'm in a relationship with someone who loves me, I still have doubts and I still don't know what I'm doing with myself, I still have to get treatment for my mental illnesses but I know I'm going to be okay. And you know, you're going to be okay, too. I won't lie to you, you won't see change happening by June. But you know? You might see change in July, you might see it in October, you might see it even further down the road but it's that "what if," that drive that keeps us all going!

>> No.9409718

Best comment

>> No.9409719

Hmm even when you're confronted with someone telling you "Just admit you made a mistake" on something super petty, you'd still never do it? I'm guessing you probably have a big ego? Do you get off putting other people down? (Don't mean that in a bad way, I'm just kind of fascinated by people like this since I'm the polar opposite. I'm apologetic to a fault.)

>> No.9409721

mostly B and C, I want to talk to him about it, but I also don't want him to feel like I'm asking him to *be* a girl.

I'm thinking of leaving it, I feel a bit guilty, but I think I would feel guiltier to ask him to change our relationship that feels so perfect.

>> No.9409723

I just hack myself to pieces when things get too bad. It gives me the resolve to keep on moving, and no one suspects a thing when you are smiling, pink, and fluffy.

I hope things get better for you. Hopefully, life throws you the blessing you need to stay alive. In the mean time, you can always defend yourself. Just tell people, 'That person doesn't know what they're talking about.' Hell, you can always say, 'I'm just not interested in cosplay like I use to be so I thought others could get use out of costumes I won't be wearing.'

If someone was worried about you killing yourself, they should keep it between you and them, not mouth off to every person they can think of.

>> No.9409727

A good substitution for this is to make marks on yourself with a red marker.

>> No.9409730

n-no I just learned as a kid to BS my way out of punishment so I kinda do the same thing when I'm wrong now, either that or I just cut them out of my life
>tfw just realized I don't talk to anyone outside of immediate family, coworkers, and 4chan
and I can't fix that because that would mean admitting I was wrong cutting them off

and now I feel guilty writing this because it sounds like I'm bragging — anyways sage for o/t

>> No.9409732

Anon, if you keep eating gluten and dairy, like that Chipotle food, you are always going to feel sick, and you'll bloat unable to finish anything. I know so many good things in the world have dairy and gluten, but sometime you gotta' stop! I know UC sucks, but you know you are making it worse by eating things you aren't suppose to eat anyways. I'm only allergic to dairy, and I feel like a foggy, bloated, crappy mess with less then pleasant bathroom visits when I eat dairy things. I can only imagine with UC on top of that. You gotta' stop. And fuck all those people, they don't know what it's like having to live allergic to the two ingredients in practically every readily available food, especially in America.

>> No.9409734

If it worked for you, that's awesome. I unfortunately never found it helped, nor did the wrist band thing ever help. Mind you, I've gotten a lot better about it so I should've mentioned that. Still, sometimes, no matter how hard I try it happens. It's only been once this year so I am doing better. I'm too old for this shit, but I keep trying to fight it.

>> No.9409738
File: 707 KB, 260x195, NRXleEopnqL3a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like this is specific enough someone will read this and know who I am/what I'm referring to, but. I'm in a university cosplay club and there's this one kid there that's pretty cringe-worthy (not a bad guy, but he's the type of person that's VERY openly into hentai and is easily excitable and doesn't know when to calm down) and my friend group and I were in a private Discord server that was created specifically to talk about him, and while it wasn't the only thing we talked about it, it was more or less a space where we could go "This fucker's talking about jacking off again lol!" and not worry about it getting back to him. Well, one of the people that had permission into that server that is also an elected member in the club basically told us today that it's been brought up to the attention to the rest of the club board and that it's too close to bullying and that we had to not go overboard, and we ended up not shutting it down persay, but making it just a default group.

I feel really guilty honestly, like I have my own personal reasons why I vent about him all the time, but at the same time I know I'm a cringey person too in my own way, and if I was being made fun of like that I'd be devastated. I wish there was a way where we could just...try to change him completely but I feel like that's also out of line. Idk, I'm in a really weird mood about all this.

>> No.9409739

That's what I was thinking. I know I wasn't being too careful about cleaning them before I got on-- my old gym used to obsessively clean so I never felt the need to.

Do you know what helped your friend, by chance? Probably just straight up antibiotics.

>> No.9409743

You've not wasted your life. You just spent the younger part of your life working at McDonald's and dressing up as cartoon characters. You know how many kids spend their younger days slaving at college only to change degrees and realize they wish they had spent that time doing 'fun' things. I mean, you should likely think of something you want to do, but don't beat yourself up. I just started college. I'll be in my mid-thirties when I finish, but that's alright. Sometimes life is about living a little.

>> No.9409744

NGL jizz is a pretty good rice topping.
During one of my more promiscuous con outings I actually had a gangbang of 4 guys and I actually asked them to empty their condoms on a fresh plate of rice I had preparing in the rice cooker. I just did it caus one of them requested it and we all thought it'd be pretty kinky. Mixing the saltiness of it in was actually pretty interesting of a taste. After eating one plate I just jerked them off over another plate for seconds. Even got one of them to try his own jizz on a spoon of rice and he didn't mind despite bid initial hesitation with the promise of letting him take my anal virginity the next day.

>> No.9409746

This isn't entirely directed at you, just feel like I need to say a few things.

>haven't been able to hold down a job in it, instead working day jobs and the occasional commission.
This is the norm. Don't feel bad about it. The work is sparse and competitive, continuing to work towards becoming better at it is how most people actually make it. The number of artists that get full time creative jobs right out of college are few and far between. Sure everyone knows "that one person" from college that did but let's be real, it's definitely not the norm.

(this isnt directed at you)
I feel like there's a lot of people that are misled into thinking they have a real passion for something only to find out that they really don't. They get sold on the "chase your dreams" thing when they only have a passing interest in something and it really ends up being a terrible decision. Even people in normal careers have this problem, but it's much worse for creative work because of how competitive the jobs are. Everyone keeps coming up with excuses like "I wish I had talent" but really I tend to notice the people who work on it the hardest almost always end up being "talented" and "lucky" in the end.

Just want to say, make sure you really want it if you decide to keep chasing it. If you do, things will probably work out in the end and you should just give it time.

>> No.9409748

The most successful person I know never even went to college.

>> No.9409752

The people running the club should lay down some rules that it's not appropriate to talk about jacking off. I don't think he deserves being made fun of, but someone should confront him privately to explain that his discussions are making others in the group uncomfortable. Just tell him to tone it down a little bit. Be very outright it is not meant as an 'attack', but just say the focus of the group is not hentai, and that he cannot talk about his erotic games anymore.

>> No.9409756

I'm sorry to hear people are treating you that way. I don't have anything really to say because I can't fix the way others treat you. All I can say is you don't deserve to be treated that way. Maybe confront them to explain that not every person is the armed forces is shooting down civilians from aircraft. I understand there's been some really shitty people in the military guilty of really inhumane acts, but I don't think every soldier is guilty by proxy.

Make those dreams come true in between semesters.

>> No.9409761
File: 1.35 MB, 250x188, nononono (2016_09_08 22_03_31 UTC).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stressed over cosplay
>stressed over work
>pull out half an eyebrow and my lower eyelashes
>con in less than a month

>> No.9409765

It's gonna be ok anon. The con will be exciting and fun.

>> No.9409768

I wanted to cosplay, tho. When I pull out so much, I don't feel like dressing up. oh, well, I guess I'll wear something normie

>> No.9409769

you sound gay af anon

>> No.9409770

I have trichotillomania too, no eyebrows at this point. That's what makeup's for. And at least ya don't have to cover your brows first to match your wig color.

>> No.9409772
File: 285 KB, 1188x713, 4-chan-this-is-where-i-keep-my-genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>final preparations to cosplay as ryu
>on steroids + thyroid medicine + prohormones + clen + dnp

Burning the hell up, and have extreme lethargy, but I'm literally burning 4500 calories a day at 175 lbs even without exercising, pure fat loss.

if you dont take underground drugs then you're not dedicated enough.

>> No.9409781
File: 619 KB, 500x280, giphygjhd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw just changed college major because I fucked up between high school and college
>should've followed what I wanted to do but was always told I was too dumb by people who didn't even know me academically
>actually a fantastic student
>realize all that time I wasted, I'll be 30 when I get out of vet school
>all of my vet school classmates will probably be 21-24
>literally just changed majors to what everyone expected me to do instead.
>kind of want to fucking die

I won't say it's impossible for the OP to change their life around, but it usually fucking sucks and takes a lot of compromising. All I ever wanted to do was help animals.

>> No.9409787

All this talk about college majors is making me feel a little bit better about my age.

>Have been attending community college on and off for 4 years while I save money/figure out what I want to do
>Currently majoring in graphic design
>I absolutely love it, but I know I don't have the freelance work ethic
>Also, my work doesn't exactly stand out/I don't have my own style or niche
>Have secretly wanted to be a history teacher since I was a kid
>Was an AP History student all throughout high school
>Scared because I already can't afford community college past part time, won't qualify for aid without my parents having to be included until I'm 24, and then I have to worry about getting my bachelors and masters
>I don't feel like a failure because of my age but because I've been in community college for as long as I was in high school
>Also I know teaching is a hard job to get into, especially nowadays

>> No.9409788

where the hell do you even get most of that stuff

>> No.9409790


reddit has sources, though i use a rather known brewer in the UK whos been doing his shit for years now, prices are wicked low since making the drugs is cheap as hell as opposed to being a reseller.

>> No.9409793

I'll be mid 30's by the time I finish my Ph.D because I started post-secondary late, switched majors and decided to do some full year internships in between too. You'll be happier doing what you actually are passionate about. Some people never find what they like (or just stick to the "just finish even if I hate it mentality) and are more miserable doing something they don't like, even if they finished school 5 years before you.

>> No.9409794

i get recognised outside of lolita pretty often in my city and it would be baffling (im not a very interesting looking face) if it werent that apparently theyre all remembering me by my unique hipstery glasses

>> No.9409796

just be careful dude, dont have a heart attack on all that crap

>> No.9409798

There's two different kinds of doubts you can have.
1) I don't think I could do this every day.
2) I doubt I will become good enough to succeed.

If it's the first that concerns you, it means the second is probably going to be true as well. Rather, if you don't have the self motivation to work on things you personally want to work on, you probably won't have it for things you don't. It's obviously up to you to decide on that. The second can be overcome with time and experience, but as I had mentioned before, you'd better really want it if you're gonna keep chasing it. Don't get trapped in the sunk costs fallacy.

>> No.9409799

>mfw im the girl in the bottom right.

I'm huge into the lifestyle aspect but community stuff never made sense to me. Very much momoko loner style and I only post pictures on instagram (without hashtags) no other social media

>> No.9409800

Use the magic of makeup. Who are you planning to cosplay as?

>> No.9409802

Be my waifu pls

>> No.9409804

He's more likely to die of hyperthermia or give himself cataracts.

>> No.9409832
File: 859 KB, 1097x1920, tumblr_na82ad96Wn1rf0hsxo3_1280.png (2016_09_08 22_03_31 UTC).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twilight Princess Zelda. I just feel her eyebrows need to be spot-on.

>> No.9409833

Teaching is hard to get into? My school was so desperate for teachers that they hired practically anyone right off the street, leading to some really shittastic education on my part.
>who needs physics when you can just watch movies all lesson lol
Maybe it's different for history, idk.

>> No.9409839

You could be missing an eye and it would still be good. Everyone will still know who you are and want photos with you. If you really don't like it just turn your head slightly in pictures and if it's just half an eyebrow no one will even know.

>> No.9409859


I have a literal grandmother working with me in medical residency because she decided at 60 hey she wanted to do medicine instead of engineering.

It's never too fucking late. Do that shit. Become the best vet possible.

>> No.9409861


And just wanted to add she's one of my best coworkers and down to earth colleague.

Age is starting to not matter nowadays particularly in graduate fields where 'nontraditional' pathways are becoming more traditional due to the competition people face and the number of years it can take for people to get in, not to mention people who change their mind like you. We all just help each other and keep in mind other peoples' life experiences will only enhance their experiences going forward.

>> No.9409862

sure anon, if youll buy me more brand

>> No.9409873

I'm happy I started dating someone who isn't weirded out by lolita or the attention I receive. He's been nothing but nice on our dates and he's not too clingy.

But when things get romantic I've noticed he's progressively ignoring the word no and waiting for me to be too tired to resist. I've made it clear I'm not having sex with him and asked him why he does this. Stepping back from this I think it all sounds kind of bad and rapey, but I just want to find a better way to handle this situation and potentially get to know this guy better at a slower pace. I don't want to give up so quickly on the first person to not fetishize me for my clothes. Especially because I feel like whoever I date in my area is going to act like this when we are intimate. Sorry gulls, I'm just confused.

>> No.9409874
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, 1231527094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally get a boyfriend
>take a walk
>really want to hold hands
>too embarassed to ask him
the suffering never ends

>> No.9409877

This is really cute. Just hold his hand. I doubt he'll say no.

>> No.9409879
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kuzu no Honkai - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.29_[2017.03.06_04.46.13].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9409880

>he doesn't fetishize my clothes
>he just fetishizes the idea of raping me and attempts to follow through

Gull you got some weird ass priorities.

>> No.9409882

>ignoring the word no
>waiting for me to be too tired to resist
>kind of bad and rapey
>kind of
What the fuck anon please love yourself. It doesn't matter how accepting he is of your fashion, it's better to be single than date someone who might end up forcing himself on you.

>> No.9409883

I've never held hands with a guy before. How do you do it? Interlock? What if I squeeze too tightly? Will he think I'm clingy or childish?

>> No.9409884

This won't end well for you. Seriously.

>> No.9409890

Really stressed out about Colossal. It's my first time going, and everyone in my group is set on booking a suite at Great Wolf but no one has actually made the reservation yet. In addition to all the budgeting, I have to worry about "Hey, are we actually going to have a room?" and right now (if we book at GWL) it would be about $200/person for the weekend which is pretty steep. Also, my boyfriend is going which is great but I've never gone to a convention with an s/o before and I'm a bit worried I'm going to have to be palling along with him the whole time and not be able to do my own thing without worrying about him. This was supposed to be my chill "just wear a bikini with a wig and get drunk" con and I'm already in panic mode.

>> No.9409891

>squeeze too tightly
As a guy, it's cute when girls do this, trust me when you can hurt your boyfriend by squeezing his hand out on a walk you're not dating a guy.

And why would he think all that last stuff? You're just doing something a little sweet; it's not like you can hug each other as you walk. So this is the next best thing for you two to do on the go.

>> No.9409892

Just tell him straight out. I know you said you believe you made it clear but make it absolutely crystal clear. The only reason I can craft for him to explain his shit is that he is under the impression that you're just playing hard to get.

>> No.9409894

Why can't you do your own thing with him nearby? Why would you worry about him if he was out of sight?

>> No.9409896

Just grab it. I highly doubt he'll care. If anything it'll be cute to be nervous and awkward.

>> No.9409898

I dunno, I just worry about stuff like that, like I feel like if I'm with someone I have to constantly be making sure they're having a good time. I somewhat lied, back when I was dating this one guy (I was a senior in High School, he was a freshman in college) we went to a cosplay meetup at a park and while I was trying to hang out with my friends and stuff I could tell he was uncomfortable and went off to do his own thing and I went along with him because I felt bad. This guy's much different, he cosplays and he's more social, but at the same time I have that anxiety in the back of my mind where it's like "If he's not having a good time, it's all my fault for some reason."

I'm sure it's just nerves. I had a similar experience last con I went to because I was having two friend groups room together and I was terrified they'd clash, but now we're all room buddies.

>> No.9409900

wanted to post my feels here but didn't want to be too specific even tho im fairly certain my friend doesn't go on cgl? anyway...

do you think it's wrong to accept gifts from someone who is wealthy, even when you and your family have literally nothing? my family barely eat most days, and yet my friend offered to pay for this out of state convention for me that i've wanted to go to for years since it's her home con and i've always wanted to visit her.

wtf am i supposed to do with the guilt i feel? i know that i'll never be able to repay her. i'm excited for the trip but i just feel really awful about it. it doesn't help either that i know she's really kind and naive and a lot of people have hurt her because of that. i care about her a lot but honestly the plane ticket cost is nothing compared to how much she usually. spends on her cosplays. i still feel bad tho?

>> No.9409906

If he cosplays and is more social he'll be find. Go do your thing and if he enjoys it he'll follow along and if not he'll go do his own thing and make his own fun.

>> No.9409913

>bikini and a wig
so you just want to show off your tits and ass?

>> No.9409916

Just go have fun. If they've already said they would do that for you, it doesn't sound like they're even interested in being paid back. Everyone thinks about money differently and if they're well off they probably aren't even worried about it.

>> No.9409921

You can just gently cup his hand at first. Then upgrade to interlacing your fingers. It's ok to squeeze and I've had other people kind of run their thumb over my fingers. I think just cupping hands is nice at first.

>> No.9409928
File: 909 KB, 1530x1530, shulk21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you miss the "especially if male"? I don't mean to offend, but 28 is MUCH older for a woman.

>> No.9409932

Ok, thank you. I need to hear this before I put myself in a worse situation. When this is all happening it just annoys me and I'm not scared, but when I reflect on what I could have done differently in that situation I realize this guy discreetly positions himself so I can't leave and that's not good. He isn't a rapist, but it is concerning.

I wondered this too. On our next date I'm going to bring up that when I say no I'm not playing hard to get. And I'm going to make plans with a friend immediately after the date to minimize alone time for this discussion.

>> No.9409939

Thanks for that last part, anon. This is exactly what happened to me, I got sold into the whole "do what you love, make your hobby into your occupation" thing when really, I have no true passion? I like drawing, and I like learning Japanese and I like working on shitty visual novels that I'll never complete but they're just things I do to fill the time. I spent a lot of time feeling awful about the fact I have no passion, because it sounds so sad and the idea that there is something out there for everyone that they will absolutely love is so ubiquitous but recently I've been realising that that's fine too. I still enjoy life, I love lolita, I love my boyfriend, I love eating nice food, and my job doesn't have to have anything to do with that. I just have to do something to pay the bills and be able to afford what I want.

Still, trying to explain this to most people just makes them go "you just haven't found your thing yet" or saying I shouldn't "settle" or whatever. I wish this idea wasn't so prevalent, it's really quite toxic to tell people there's some grand calling out there for them when there's no knowing if that will be the case.

>> No.9409941

Maybe I should explain a bit more. Even if you look past him not actually raping you (how wonderful), the issue is that he's comfortable or at least doesn't think strongly against pressuring you physically. If anything the
>this guy discreetly positions himself so I can't leave
should speak volumes about it. It'd be different if he was obviously reluctant or mostly playful about it, but the way you make it sound is that he's actually considering just doing it regardless. If you're really set on staying around I'd say you need to carefully watch for other signs of unwanted behavior because there's a list of other things that could go wrong. If you're feeling particularly brave, next time he does this to you, completely ruin the mood and ask him if he's ever been physically abusive in a past relationship. I'm not saying he has, but it's probably a good time for you to prod around a bit. I'm not even remotely SJW or feminist, but I've seen things like this play out very poorly for other people.

>> No.9409946

My boyfriend won't be done with his ph.D until he's thirty at the rate he is going, and I will be around thirty-one. I have a friend who is going to be 24 this year (we are two years apart in age), he had to move back home to take care of his mom after she developed epilepsy. (Then she kicked him out over him not buying her pop.) He's now a junior in college, like me.

There is no "set" path that everyone should take. You don't have to be done with school before you're thirty. It is never too late to change what you want to do in your life.

Ganbare, anon!

>> No.9409953

I didn't mean to exactly make it sound like that. You can still have passions for a hobby but thinking you can turn something into a career can be asking too much of yourself. I'd never want people to give up things they enjoy. I just don't want people to get trapped into thinking they're required to pick one thing and give up everything else to make a living with it. Which, really when you pick any competitive career you're giving up on other parts of your life to do so. Sorry since this is off topic, but it's just something I feel strongly about.

>> No.9409962

Tell him your hands are cold and flutter your eyelashes.
A. He says he'll warm you up and puts both your hands between his
B. He tells you to put them back in your pockets, dunce

Is your bf A or B?

>> No.9409963

C: Tells you to put your hands in his pockets.

>> No.9409964

She probably feels good about doing something nice for a friend. Not accepting her kindness will take away her joy of giving her friend something nice.

>> No.9409966

D: Says mine too

>> No.9409968

Too lewd! Anon-chan would faint from blush overload.

>> No.9409976

D: Put your hands down my pants and i'll bet you will feel nuts

>> No.9410023

I think my will to do anything is gone forever.

It's my day off work and I've got cosplays to finish, but I just want to die in bed.

>> No.9410026

try masturbation for that quick endorphone fix?

>> No.9410031

No, even if you eat things that don't make you sick, UC will fucking kick your ass. Everything makes you sick with it. It's the challenge of having it. No matter what I feel like shit, so I live with it. I can't take meds for it, because I can't afford them, so I've learned to not really complain about it to friends. I don't know why she freaked out so hard this time.

>> No.9410033
File: 20 KB, 520x425, 1478270627009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute cheap burando for sale
>Seller location: Australia

>> No.9410039


>> No.9410053
File: 64 KB, 408x408, data_fais.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My sub plaything runaway
Muh dik is unhappy

>> No.9410056

>I wasted my life on enjoying it
I think you should re-reconsider your ideas anon

>> No.9410061

>wanting to hold his hand
Whoa slow down there

>> No.9410065

>find qt lolita that I'll be hanging out with
>want to kiss her
>would settle for holding her hand
>probably will spaghetti and not get to do either one


>> No.9410066

>comm hosting Taobao GO
>great timing, I have my tax refund, no bills and need cos supplies
>college payment plan notice, it's only $150 nbd
>pay and start planning big order
>get another notice, payment still due
>call college, owe $180 today
>they lied and said the class I'd added 2 weeks ago would go on my payment plan
>paid $150 for previous classes 2 months early since it told me to
>pay $180 today bcs they fucked up
>goodbye taobao dreams

At least I'm out of debt before summer...?

>> No.9410069
File: 635 KB, 300x225, killme.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> cute cheap burando for sale
> Seller location: America

>> No.9410070

We already had sex so i thought hand-holding should be fine.

>> No.9410071

>As a bonus I have messed up all of my nice pants from various repair work
>all of my brand money is going to go into new normie clothes so I don't look awful


>> No.9410074

>won't get to go to a con until late into the year, when con season is mostly done
>lolita friend won't be able to go with me
>I'll have finally gotten my coord together by then and will end up going alone


>> No.9410079

your family is controlling and uninterested in your health and happiness. the sooner you disentangle yourself from them, the better.

>> No.9410080

Incredibly selfish behavior.

>> No.9410083

I'm in community college rn at 23, and at orientation we had plenty of people in their 30's to even their 60's going back to school for things they want to do.
Nothing is set in stone, do what you love to do as long as it's not a useless degree with a microscopic job field.

There will always be animals to help and to rescue, if you're lucky you can make friends with TNR groups and foster groups to vet their animals at home. You can do it anon, we believe in you.

>> No.9410125

At first I was grossed out but I kinda wanna try this now. What the fuck are you gulls doing to me?

>> No.9410129

anon, although some of the stuff is a bit stalkerish, you seem so cute!!
I'd love to have a friend like you!

>> No.9410131

>con ends
>realize I have ebola

>> No.9410133

Guy here:
Bump your hand into his constantly when walking if you really are too spaghetti. He MAY pick up on it and grab himself. If not, just grab it, he's dating you so really don't think he'd say no.

>> No.9410135
File: 26 KB, 239x268, confusedgrills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you smells dog poops at the con

>> No.9410136

>got my little sis a pillowcase at con
>roommate cums on it

>> No.9410137
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>Pass by qt goth girl on my way to classes
>Compliment each other sometimes
>Sperg out everytime
>Can't start conversation
I just want a qt goth friend so we can go out together with her in trad goth and me in gothic lolita

>> No.9410138

>he always wants to finish on my face
I will never understand this.

>> No.9410140

I miss Jessica Nigri

>> No.9410141

Have you ever tried it before? It's not that bad and beats having to taste it.

>> No.9410144

Just say hi to her.

>> No.9410146

Holy poops, another thread full already.

>> No.9410147

I meant from the guy's perspective.

>> No.9410150
File: 26 KB, 480x720, bd615e76736590ba21f24e1ba8364249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And then what? How do I make friends?

>> No.9410152

Honestly think it's just because they saw it in porn and wanted to try it.

>> No.9410156

If a guy does this it means they probably fap to normieshit 3dpd. Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.9410160
File: 3 KB, 127x60, 1834834562358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are no cumshots in hentai
is this bait?

>> No.9410192

Probably some bitch

>> No.9410193

It's like marking your territory

>> No.9410194

Sucks for you guys. I just ask and my boyfriend buys me whatever.

>> No.9410197


In my opinion it's less making fun of virginity itself, and more the behavior of the guy. Every Virgin guy I've met has had a holier than thou attitude about sex that everybody loses once they actually have sex, and their expectations and standards are always way too high. Especially in this hobby, they always expect to find a girl right out of the animes. That's where the insult comes from, less them actually having sex.

>> No.9410203

You didn't realize the others were virgins.

>> No.9410207

most holier than thou virgin guys are actually proud of it believe it or not, that's why it's annoying af

>> No.9410211

Nah, they are insecure about it. It's plainly obvious by how they lash out enough to be labeled a virgin. What was said in >>9410197
could easily be turned around on sex positive people. The difference is, making fun of people who have more partners than they can remember is frowned upon and making fun of people who haven't had one is hilarious.

>> No.9410212

That only supports the assertion.

>> No.9410215

>their expectations and standards are always way too high
I wish this wasn't true, but I really know it is. I actually cringed because while I feel bad for some of my friends, it's 99% due to expecting way too much out of other people.

>> No.9411055
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>Bf Gets in a argument with his pregnant and extremely insane mother
>She grabs him and leaves some really nasty bruises and and claw marks in his forearm
>Tells some of the family that he hit her
>Her husband knows shes just nuts because of all problems shes had with literally everyone they've lived with, but we're still being forced to move of his parents place with only 2 weeks notice

>Decide I shouldn't let this get me down, still go out and and enjoy cafe meet up anyway even thought really stressed out
>Bad with directions and spend forever trying to find this cafe
>iPhone dies without warning because battery is shot
>Some how manage to rip off some of sliver ric rac trim from Etoile Sailor JSK walking by a fence
>Friction blister on back of heel from walking around in tea party shoes for over an hour
>It fucking rains
>Give up and go home
>Crawl into bed and die

Went to look at a place today, but got a phone call soon after telling me someone else already signed the lease. I kind regret moving here and I honesty feel like such an idiot for not being to locate this cafe. But on the bright side hopefully it wont too hard replace my missing patch of trim.

>> No.9411738

this is one advanced meme

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