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It's been a while since we've had a thread. What have you ordered lately or are looking forward to receiving in the mail? What are you putting together? Is there some aspect you've really gotten into? Have you changed yourself in some way to fit better with the look, i.e. changing your hair style or makeup aesthetic?

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>What have you ordered lately or are looking forward to receiving in the mail?
I just won this off yahoo and I'm crazy excited because it's the exact material and color for the IW velveteen babydoll jsk I own.

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That is so gorgeous anon, congrats!

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How are Demonia shoes, are they comfortable and well made? I really don't want to pay full price for legit rhs at the moment, I had a pair from bodyline but they just weren't comfortable enough and I sold them. There doesn't seem to be any options available so I'm wondering what a good alternative would be.

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I finished re-reading Kamikaze Girls this morning, and the big fight had me thinking. (spoilers ahead)

Ichiko wants to leave the gang because she feels like it's become the opposite of what it started out as. She feels like after the two gangs merged, everyone else started acting like sheep to Miko, and stopped caring about what they individually truly wanted to do. Ichiko mentions that Momoko is pretty much more Yanki than them, because she lives by her own rules and isn't scared to be alone.
She also talks about how all the gang girls want to be around each other to make themselves feel better/not alone because they're scared of how the world will treat them. They don't really care about each other, but hate when someone (Ichiko) strays from the flock.

Sort of reminds me of lolita today. Modern lolitas, from what I know, tend to be trend-hoppers who thrive on social media attention. When they don't get positive attention, they slink back into the shadows. Also, there are lolitas who only wear the fashion when they can publicly share it, like to meetups, and dress like a total normie the rest of the time. It's just dress-up to them because they're scared to not blend in. If a lolita today tries to be experimental and add their own personal style to a coord, they better be ready to face the backlash of people essentially telling them to stick to the same old safe coords.

The world needs more Momoko-like lolitas who march on, unfazed of the disapproval of others.

Also, how did you all interpret the ending? Momoko calls Ichiko a friend and then compares her own actions with Ichiko to those of lovers. Sounds gay to me, but I'm biased.

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I loved reading this anon, I agree. I think the mindset of wearing alternative fashion has changed in general. Like I think a lot of new goths wear it because it's "edgy" but they don't have that same "finding beauty in things others dont" mindset? (That's a huge generalization but you know what I mean lol)
You've made me want to read kamikaze girls again too! Also, I like to think momoko loves ichigo in a gay way but I don't think it was meant like that unfortunately.

I recently got a red velveteen baby op that looks old school but I think it's from 2007. And I'm waiting for a victorian maiden bustier/skirt set that also has an old school vibe to it but lolibrary is down so I can't check. I'm kind of worried though bc it looks shirred in the photos but there wasn't any measurements listed. I'm crossing my fingers I hope it fits!!

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I've not read the book (I really need to), but that's really interesting and meta. I wonder if Novala Takemoto can see the future? In any case, it's great that the work still holds up so well and its themes are relevant. I've never really thought too deep about Kamikaze Girls because I mostly just watch for a good laugh and swooning over the dresses.
I'd certainly like to live like Momoko but it's simply not that practical or affordable for me to wear lolita every day. Sometimes it's just less tiring to blend in. It's definitely easy to get caught up in social media and sometimes it's a good idea to step back and re-evaluate. People see the appeal of peer-approval and while it can be nice, it's not the be all and end all.

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Oh lolibrary is up! I found the set I bought, victorian maidens rose romanesque bustier/skirt from 2001! I'm super excited now. For some reason the older the better for me? I love the feeling of history older pieces have! History as in I wonder what kind of lolitas wore it, and where they wore it, and if they still wear lolita, etc maybe that's creepy?

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Well there may be loads of Momoko lolitas out there, but because they don't give a fuck about other people, they don't post themselves.

Also, there are lolitas who were never about the fuck the rules mentality that the fashion was born into. Things change. It was an interesting post though.

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I have three pairs, they're a bit nicer than Bodyline IMO - they feel a lot more solidly-made and I feel like the pleather won't scratch as easily. I wouldn't pay full price for the Demonias (something ridiculous like £80) but if you're getting them on clearance for 50% off they're definitely worth it. I think the toebox is quite hard but it could be solved with insoles.

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Very nice! Where did you grab that from, anon?

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I got it off closet child!

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For some reason I really connect with the Cocteau Twins as having an old school vibe, especially Heaven or Las Vegas.

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>It's just dress-up to them because they're scared to not blend in.
Bear in mind that in the wider world of altfash things have changed a lot over the past few decades because with the rise of social media and constant connectivity it's become harder and harder to keep your personal life and your work life separate. In the past, you could work a dead-end small-town job and then go away on the weekend to the big city, dress like a big scary goth for two days, and come home with nobody any the wiser. Nowadays, even if you choose not to share what you're doing on social networking sites (which often comes off as weird in itself), other people have cameraphones with Internet access and someone could see you and post pictures of you online, send them to people you know, etc and you have no deniability. In my view, alt fash in general is more accepted, making it less of a rebellious statement, but it's also much, much harder to be any sort of weekender because even the big city isn't anonymous any more. This is why you see people fading out of alt fash as they get older, as even though alt styles are becoming more accepted in the workplace, the higher up the ladder you go the more unprofessional it's seen as and you no longer easily have the option of hiding your personal life.

tl;dr social penalty for being different is probably lower now than back then, but you are guaranteed some sort of social penalty now because it's harder to keep your hobbies private. Once you're out of your teens, it's not just about being "scared to not blend in", it's about the fact there are genuine consequences where you could struggle to find work or advance your career.

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Aalso important to remember that it wasn't like lolitas left the house dressed up this way. Most took a suitcase with them to the city and got dressed up there fearing what their neighbors and parents would say, especially in tight knit communities where neighbors love to gossip.

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I get what you mean. Nowadays I think a lot of alt fashions are more about the outward aesthetic/appearance than how they make the wearer feel.

You should read it! It's a little different from the movie, but in a good way. Who knows about Takemoto... The guy's a bit nutty so I wouldn't be surprised if he was psychic, haha. And I tend to look *way* too deeply into things, but at least it provides us discussions like this.
I feel the same way about the impracticality of cute clothes. It sucks! I was going to wear a really cute dress today, but it was way too windy, so I had to change.

I agree, the older the better! A few days ago I found a headress with a tag that just read "Pretty" and freaked out. I think it sold, though, because I couldn't find the listing today. I saved the pictures, though.

True. Or they don't get enough attention when they do post, because fancier coords get more attention.

True, true. It's really interesting how alt fashion and a lot of things that were thought to be super weirdo-y are now somewhat accepted, like how people used to think Marvel was for geeks and kawaii art was for otaku, but now there's all sorts of kawaii Marvel merch out there and people who wouldn't necessarily be considered geeks or otaku love it.

Right! I remember reading a story somewhere about a lolita who was also a schoolteacher, and the mother of one of her students saw her out in lolita and started worrying if she was like... a bad fit as a teacher? Because by wearing lolita she was basically rejecting all the rules/standards she was trying to uphold as a teacher?

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Oh my!! Can you share the photos? I haven't seen the pretty tag or many examples of pre-angelic pretty, I'd love to see!

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I love Demonias, being a britfag it's quite common to find them second hand on eBay, but the full prices are never as much here.
One tip for buying second hand is always go a shoe size up. The older styles of Demonia used to run a size smaller, up until about 2013.
I've got pairs of shoes which I've had for over 10 years and they're still going strong, very well made shoes!
The boots are amazing too btw, especially during winter. I own a pair of pic related and they've not let me down so far!

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I have an OLD pair of Demonia boots. The pleather has since completely worn away, now it's more of a cloth boot with a rubber toe box. Zippers from back in the day are much better than the types now, and over time the teeth have pulled free. Not sure how the new plastic would hold up with abuse.
I wouldn't pay full price for anything new. Demonia was bought out by Pleaser, and their quality has always been shit. I had a pair of Dolly style shoes for a costume and they were the worst shoes imaginable.

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wtf marry me? i associate Sugar Hiccup with old school sweet

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Exactly this. >>9406988 was a good observation about the community as a whole, though.

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Here's a pair of hair combs I found a year or two ago, with the same tag.

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That lace is GORGEOUS. Why do I never see lace like this more often?

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Try baby instead of angelic pretty? Baby has beautiful, detailed, thick cotton lace within a lot of their dresses.

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My wardrobe is 50% Baby and I do love the lace, but I mean look at the detail in the motifs on that lace!

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>Is there some aspect you've really gotten into?
So far I've bought everything old school but bloomers and now I'm curious, what are they like? Do you enjoy wearing them? They're so cute, I want to experience them peeking out.

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Thanks! This is the jsk itself, fingers crossed they match and it's just a cool light being used, but it might be a difference in aging as the jsk is in immaculate condition.

I didn't see this colorway on lolibrary either so will definitely contribute!

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I personally love wearing bloomers. Honestly I'll more often than not wear them for knocking about the house in with a frilly vest in the summer, but they really are great in adding that extra bit of modesty under a dress or skirt, especially when the wind picks up (rural Wales ahoy).
I like to sew my own, they're fairly easy to make. Also fairly addicting to make.

Derail here but my mum has a good laugh whenever I'm hanging my bloomers out to dry, every time: "my Nain used to wear them knickers, but hers went down to her knees and she kept tissues up them! God help you if you sneezed in front of her!"

Pic is a basic bloomers pattern if anyone's interested! Protip: make them at least 1/3 bigger than you think you'll need to, maximum poof that way.

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That was really interesting to read desu

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In a weird way I think this is what's good about dressing up and going out alone instead of the "strength in numbers" approach. I think it's the same sentiment and it's a good experience to have. This is just me, but I feel like it's the true experience, the heart of what it is to be an old school lolita, the rebellion. That in the end we're all alone so it's important that we do what makes us happy. It's a clash of the outside world vs. the inside. It's being in a man's world and not giving a fuck if we do not appeal. It's the blasphemy of being so completely absorbed in our own little world.

It's actually really hard for me to go out dressed up as much as I am happy with how I look, it's really challenging. I went out today expecting every single person to be staring at me, but honestly compared to visiting japan as a non-asian I found it incredibly tame and most murmurings I heard were of people finding it cool. I still have a hard time keeping my head up though, I'm such an introvert. It's so much easier to look down and avoid eye contact.

I walked around Nordstrom today. It was really busy, and it felt pretty awesome. It was such a fun juxtaposition.

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I have nothing of value to add but I agree and relate to what you say and it's great to see this discussion happening. Just some positive feedback, you know, since sometimes gulls aren't so sure if anyone is interested in discussions like this.

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This dress makes me sad. I'm not exactly thin and it looks so odd on me even though I could put two mes into it. It's just pretty though...

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No wonder, I bought a pair of Demonia/Pleaser Dolly style shoes a few years back and they were unbearably painful. The shoebox was uncomfortable and ridiculously hard. such a shame because I loved the look of them so much

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I love tuis pic so much

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Posting another fave of mine.
Gah I love old school so much

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I'll share some of my favorites, too.

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I really love the outfits from the 90s issues of FRUiTS. They always look so comfy, and the whole "carry a teddy bear with you" idea was so cute. Plus all the crazy shoes! So many platforms, sandals, platform sandals...

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I'll dump what I have

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shoot me, but I love this tacky thing

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Also love those old school music themed coords!

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I recently got IW Angel Print JSK from 2005, it fits but it's just a little strugglebus in the rib area, so I'm trying to lose a little more weight before I wear it. If I busted the zipper trying to close it I would cry, and I don't want to strain it.. I was already working on losing weight before I actually got it in the mail anyways, so this is just more motivation. It's not much, just a kg or two, and with Spring finally here I can't wait to start exercising outside more. It's a gorgeous jsk and worth every bit of effort!

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Those sleeves are amazing, does anyone know what dress this is?

>> No.9411188

no clue, it might be a meta blouse (as the dress part looks more like a JSK)

>> No.9411920

I thought maybe it was a Moitie OP, but if it is, it isn't on Lolibrary. My second guess, like the other anon, is that it's from Meta.

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Congrats, anon! I'm sure you'll look fantastic in it once you reach your goals, so keep at it.

>> No.9411941

Source on OP anyone?

>> No.9411957

I'm not 100% sure because lolibrary is still wonky at the moment but I believe it's IW.

>> No.9411958

Innocent World Ribbon Doll OP

>> No.9412010

Thanks! (quite an old piece I'm afraid, won't be easy to find xD)

>> No.9412411

It actually pops up every once in a while, I only know the name because I have it in green.

Brown, Ivory, and Green pop up every once in a while. Black very rarely.

>> No.9412471

Gosh green colorway is my dream dress, lucky you! Waiting for one to pop up eventually for myself but it's been a long time.

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Does anyone know what material is being used for this dress? I'm considering making something similar to it seeing as this particular dress is pretty much impossibly to find second hand.

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Looks like shantung

>> No.9414378

>>9414361 is right, it's shantung

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I really like your thoughts on this.

When I look back at old school lolita, there was something almost punk about it in influence. Gone are influences from brands like Vivienne Westwood. Do people not understand why this brand is acceptable in lolita?

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It makes me so happy to know that people enjoyed/understood my little ramble!

Old school lolita is absolutely it's own form of punk, to me. Rejecting societal pressure to match the narrow idea of a pretty/sexy appearance, find a husband, have kids, and become a housewife by embracing nonconformity and dressing in a way that makes only you truly happy, as a way to show others that you're actively rejecting what they want you to accept sounds pretty punk to me.

I honestly doubt most modern lolitas care about punk and Vivienne Westwood past "lolita is punky because it's got a petticoat and normie skirts don't" and Rocking Horse Ballerinas. The punk is just.. gone from modern lolita. I know there's brands like Putumayo but their last few years of releases don't strike me as a true mesh/balance of punk and lolita...? Their early/mid 2000s stuff was much more fun. It definitely had a lot more punk influence back then, with a comfy, rough and tumble lifestyle flowing through each piece. Nowadays it's a little too crisp and clean-cut to feel as punk as it did.

Modern lolita doesn't have as much of that punk angle as old school does. There are so many pictures of old school lolitas living in their clothes- lounging around town, having picnics on the bridge with those little plastic mats and laying parasols on the ground at certain angles to block the sun, sitting on the chain fence at the bridge, etc. etc. Nowadays lolita is so crazy delicate that all those activities would require some effort to not ruin (hello chiffon).

With modern normie fashion being, so, well, not that fashionable, modern lolita contrasts that by having detailed imagery, unique fabric textures, and general ambition to look nice.

I didn't mean to go on a whole tangent about Putumayo and I also hope I don't sound like I'm just insulting modern lolita. It's just that so much has evolved in such a short amount of time and I'm just trying to wrap my head around it all.

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>The older styles of Demonia used to run a size smaller
really? I own a pair of demonia heels that say they are size 5 but fit my size 6 1/2-7 feet fine. then again, I dont really know what year they were from. Thanks for the tip though! i'm always looking out for demonia stuff

>> No.9415042

The only problem that nags at me is that lolita now and back then was crazy expensive, that to me isn't punk, that's capitalism. I think it's really cool that it exists, that it's niche, it's fun to talk about the philosophical aspects, but I think it's also important to understand that only the privileged were able to wear it. Sure there were a lot of handmade back in the day, and that's awesome, but the fact that only the financially well off could afford it never sat right with me. I don't know when the second hand market started, but I feel super lucky to be able to purchase at a much lower price, but someone had to make the initial investment and take the loss. I mean I understand why it's expensive, it's just feels weird to attach this rhetoric to something that required an expensive purchase. And I'm sure there are compromises with purchasing accessories, but it puts you in this awkward position to want more, to look the part so that you can feel you belong to a message. Am I wrong? I'd like to hear gulls' thoughts on this.

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I really loved reading this. <3

I think it can be hard to find companionship and enjoyment without the approval of others in this day. Collectively we seem to be getting back to those roots of "accept and be" but I do think its harder with all the constant stream of output from everyone on social media --- not doing it feels weird...doing it feels weird. >>9407145 (exactly.)

True facts. --- I think its why Mori-girls are so quiet...they just dont post.

I love this so much. <3

No. New Lolitas have no idea why VW is ok. :P

I wish living in modern lolita garments was possible...but they don't feel like they are ever. Must bring a blanket to sit on...Must watch every table/railing for corners or edges or something cause what if it gets caught? You can't embroider on these big print dresses to fix it or make it your own...

>> No.9415061

To bump off that also ---

Has anyone taken to modifying their pieces to give them new life after damages? Embroidery? New lace? etc.

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Agreeing with the older the better!

I loooove ancient ugly Meta! I think this skirt is from 2000, there was no image on the Lolibrary listing, but it fit the description pretty perfectly!
Its made from a super heavy jacquard material and the hanger can barely support it!

>> No.9415439

anon I think you are my soulmate

>> No.9415747

Do you know what the attitude was like back then towards handmade lolitas? I wonder how similar it is to today.

>> No.9415766
File: 95 KB, 250x334, 759502f6-2171-5b2e-8398-03960e2f55ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This lovely piece is on its way to me and I'm super excited! It's the first dress I've bought (assuming an offbrand op from ebay bought when I was 13 doesn't count) and I can't wait to finally start wearing the fashion properly. It's coming with the matching bonnet too, and at only £30 I consider this to be a bargain

>> No.9415771

Handmade was a lot more common and standards for it were a lot lower. There were heaps of tutorials around. I had fun making a headdress from one in 2006, it was shit by today's standards.

>> No.9415776

What a great find, anon! It's so cute! I hope you enjoy it.

>> No.9415792

This is hideous and I'm so happy for you. Can you put any more of your findings here?

>> No.9415809

What about other generally punk clothing, like leather jackets and Dr. Martens boots? Those can be pretty pricey, but worth it (I have 2 pairs of 90s England-made Docs and they still look brand new). Plus all the money invested in decorations, like studs, buttons, patches, safety pins, and the time invested to utilize those accessories.

I think that since a lot of lolita brands were, at the time, really small brands run by a few people made it somewhat of an indie market? Because once someone sold their used brand, it would go to another lolita, and the seller would use the money earned to buy new lolita, and the lolita brand she bought from would use the money to make more new lolita and the money/items would mostly cycle through a little lolita bubble? A lot of lolitas probably got their money from part-time jobs or allowances, so they weren't super rich in the first place and probably just had one or two coords? I'm not very knowledgeable in economics so bear with me lol.

But I do get what you're saying, and I agree that it's got a bit of a weird feeling to it. But modern lolita, to me, has that weird feel multiplied. It's SO expensive! Some of the dresses are thousands of dollars and MTO! In recent years I can understand the capitalism feel, modern lolitas are so dependent on brands to re-release their coveted prints because the secondhand market doesn't exist/is overpriced.

I think back then it was pretty accepted. I remember seeing in FRUiTS or another magazine that lolitas would list their handmade items with their own brand name that they made up.

>> No.9415825

This is gorgeous im so jealous.

>> No.9415836

What brand are these? Would it be at all possible to find second hand?

>> No.9415905
File: 46 KB, 480x619, 492314562.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Both the JSK and skirt/jacket set are Angelic Pretty. I can't recall seeing the JSK for sale in recent months but I know that a tartan version of the skirt/jacket set is for sale on Mbok!


>> No.9415908

My bad, they're not exactly identical! Kind of similar, though.

>> No.9415916

Can you tell me a bit more about Dr. Martens in lolita? I see them a lot in old school, but that's another brand that's sort of fallen out of use like VW. It's a shame because both just have superior footwear compared to anything brands put out. Is Dr. Martens a bit of punk crossover with lolita?

>> No.9415920
File: 1.01 MB, 2048x2038, moreuglymeta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also have this hideous beast which I won for ¥1000 as it looked even worse in the sellers photo, so no one even bid on it!

In saying that, I think its been heavily modified from a 2000/ 2001 OP and cut down into a skirt as well as having the eyelet lace added!

My photo doesnt really do it any justice, and it is actually surprisingly easy to coord, raschel lace and all.

>> No.9415947

I've seen lots of old Meta skirts with waists like this, but the eyelet lace is def a diy-addition

>> No.9416099

Docs are absolute beasts. I've been wearing my velvet pair often for 3/4 years and only in recent months have they started to show wear.

For old school, the Mary Jane style was most common, in black, brown, or red leather. For old school, the Mary Janes helped with the whole porcelain doll/fairytale princess look, since they used to be a common type of footwear in those aesthetics. I think it just helped fuel the alternative/punk-ness to have Docs in old school? Like, punk by assosciation.

If Docs are used in modern lolita, they're typically the boots or oxfords. Pink 8-eyelet boots for punky/sweet, black oxfords and red leather boots for classic, black oxfords and black knee-high boots for goth.

But it's also important to remember that a few years ago Dr. Martens changed from being produced in exclusively England to Asian factories and limited releases from England. With the change, a lot of people complained that the quality went down.
I don't think modern lolitas are really interested in Docs because 1) they don't always match modern lolita styles 2) they're rarely interested in paying $100+ on shoes to begin with since we've all heard the replica vs. legit shoe debate.

>> No.9416124

Aren't docs kinda frowned upon nowadays? Maybe because it doesn't really suit modern lolita as much, but it seems like even for older coords it isn't always received kindly.

>> No.9416127

When did you get your docs? Their quality for the last 5ish years is shit. They wear out and scuff so quickly from normal wear.

>> No.9416137

If you guys are wearing Docs you need to look into boot-blacking to take care of them. They take regular "feeding" and stuff to keep em nice if they're leather.

I have a pair of red t-strap maryjanes from the 90s in perf condition, and my black tstraps are in great condition except for where I've "dug the toe" cause I like to stand with one foot pointed down. I've been wearing the black ones since 2011 for -everything- from work to snow to causal outfits. Fortunately the toe part can be fixed with some filler and a good polish to where its not as noticeable.

>> No.9416158

Thankyou everyone for all the amazing old school pictures! This is inspiring me to find some old school pieces myself, or even start sewing. Can anyone recommend any Otome No Sewing issues that are particularly good for old-school inspired designs?

>> No.9416162

Also - can anyone recommend good places to get mary janes from nowadays?

>> No.9416180

Love this dress! Where did you find it?
Just seeing this post makes me so happy, I've never actually worn lolita properly unfortunately, but I'm really fond of oldschool. It just projects so much attitude

>> No.9416185

I think the latest one (10) has a pattern for an old school jumperskirt inside.

>> No.9416193

I bought a pair of Pleaser mary janes second hand in my size (UK 3) - they ran quite small length wise, but they were so unbearably narrow I couldn't wear them at all, just sold them on.
Is there anywhere I can find a COMFORTABLE pair of platforms or is it a lost cause?

Sage for double post

>> No.9416289

I think it can be kind of hard to balance Docs into a coord, since they're so clunky.

Both of mine are from the 1990s, not sure exactly which year. They belonged to a relative who outgrew them and kept them in storage until 2013 which is when they were given to me.

>> No.9416305

They definitely don't show up even in oldschool outside of punk coords usually, and I think most people would say they look like shit with non-punk modern lolita.

>> No.9416311

Demonia, Bodyline, An*Tai*Na, Angelic Imprint, even offbrand and eBay. They're a very common style of shoe - just make sure you look for the right kind of heel and platform height, since a lot of ones made for mainstream alt styles are a bit fetishy with a high or narrow heel that isn't balanced out enough by a huge platform.

>> No.9416322
File: 53 KB, 426x640, s640x480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've found my Demonias pretty comfortable apart from the hard toebox, some of the tall platforms Bodyline discontinued are comfy as well but I don't own any that are currently in stock that I'd recommend. Pic related and shoes 142 were surprisingly comfortable for long periods but you're only going to find them second-hand unfortunately. Try some Taobao sources and add insoles?

Forgot to mention also Japanese sources like Queen Bee or second-hand Na+H, Moitie, etc. Metamorphose still occasionally releases them new.

>> No.9416437

i think it was gay. novala seems the type to do shit like that (and back when i first read it as a wee lesbian i felt my gaydar go off)

>> No.9416513

i find embriodery tedious and refuse to do it unless im on a long train ride, but i had bought some older items and the OP i got had damages on the underarms so i drafted it into a jsk and it looks pretty good imo
ive done applique / stenciling on a plain skirt. also really into customizing blouses with pearl beading, detachable little bows and such

>> No.9416522

Hey everyone if this thread is still kickin'
I recently got a Meta skirt from 1999. It's currently the oldest item I own and it really got me wondering if anyone else wanted to share what their oldest item is and the release year? I think it could lead to some fun discussions!

>> No.9416525

That beats mine which is a jsk from innocent world circa 2007

>> No.9416527

Do you have any before/after pictures? I love seeing how people have saved things.

>> No.9416545

I have a Baby JSK from 2007, but it's not particularly old-school looking. It's my first brand piece! I deliberately went looking for older pieces because I've heard the construction quality is better.

>> No.9416556
File: 47 KB, 612x612, m755019611_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just picked this up, looks like it's from 2001, no collar or sleeves but it was like 25,00 so no complaints here!

>> No.9416593

AP dress from 2001/2 and my next oldest item is also from AP, but 2007.

>> No.9416617

So far my oldest items are only from 2007. An AP dress and some btssb socks. I really want items from the earlier 2000's
Can someone tell me how old school moitie sizing was? Like was it even smaller than today or just the same?

>> No.9416635

Literally all of them

>> No.9416645

Moitie 2003 socks, unsure if I want 1999-2003 Moitie though since the construction honestly looks bad quite often

>> No.9416696

Could you post pics? I looooove oldschool Meta! Super jealous you have a piece from pre 2000. That is my ultimate oldschool goal!

>> No.9416700

My oldest item is AP mini straw hat from 2002 or 2003, the tag has the same font as Pretty tag. It's so cute, I wish more similar items were still around (straw bags, for example). It has little knitted strawberries and flowers. I'm mostly into the sweet late old school so my sense of style has landed me on mostly 2004-2005 items.

This is so pretty, congrats Anon!

I have and unshirred Moitie op from 2004 and it fits me well. My waist size is a bit variable depending on how bloated I am but I'm usually around 70cm waist and 86cm bust and it fits well. However, the bodice is kinda baggy and not really fitted but it has normal waist atleast. It also has elastic on the sleeves and collar which makes it easier to fit. Speaking about my secret treasor made me want to transfer into goth lol.

I want Meta's rachel lace monster utks very bad in black. Have any of you been able to obtain those?

>> No.9416713


>> No.9416719

Thank you Anon, I feel like an idiot now. Have to wait till I have something else to order from them.

>> No.9416913

I have two skirts from 2001 and a whole bunch of things from 2002. I'm surprised most of y'all think early-00s pieces are hard to find - 2001 or earlier definitely is but if you familiarise yourself with 2002 Baby/VM releases on lolibrary you'll find they appear on auctions and fril pretty often.

>> No.9416920

I love old school with all my heart but a lot of times pieces are too short for me. And I'm not that tall, I'm just under 5'8". And I'm not fat and even have kinda long lega but my legs always look weird and stubby in UTKs . I guess if I lost some weight I could look better in it but I'm barely above the underweight category for my height.

>> No.9417020

It's ok anon, I'm 5'9 and wear my oldschool with OTKs and tights because I look like a sissy with UTKs.

I also think stubby legs are cute and they add more to the doll look but that's just my opinion desu

>> No.9417058

congrats! how tiny is it?

>> No.9417102

I believe my oldest piece is a Baby skirt from 2001. I used to have a Meta OP from 1999 as well but I sold it.

>> No.9417104

Old VM and MM is divine. I think people forget that mille rose is actually from 2005 or so, despite what's listed on lolibrary.

>> No.9417112

My oldest known piece is a Meta JSK from 2004. I have a black BtSSB bonnet that I think is older than that, but I haven't been able to positively identify it.

>> No.9417122

AP headdress from 2006, Baby jsk from 2007 and offbrand rocking horse shoes from about 2007 that are still kicking. It's so hard to find wooden sole ones anymore.

>> No.9417288

Guess we'll find out! I took a gamble with this one, said size L. I do have another piece from 2001 by Mam, a velveteen jsk that's pretty comfortable and a very similar looking piece by iw.

>> No.9417430

Should I spend 50$ on a BABY drawer? (Bought 130$ and worn three times by the seller)

>> No.9417432

Forgot to mention that eversince I saw old school coords with drawers slightly peeking out i find it adorable and so doll like

>> No.9417603

What color? I found some in black for $25, just depends on how patient you are.

>> No.9417668
File: 62 KB, 700x700, 12241259_549a3a21617f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are oldschool lolitas who are tall but a lot of them deliberately push itin a more gothic/ero direction (like Mana himself, who is fairly tall because he's a man). Try cryptkasper on tumblr. Also, there are ways of adjusting the length of oldschool pieces with underskirts - obviously never the chiffon layered underskirts of today, but BtSSB and other brands have put out simple skirts with a lot of lace trim that can be used as an underskirt, like the Karami skirt or pic related (pic related is not that long to start with, but it'll help with getting ridiculously short things to a reasonable length). Also look through oldschool pictures and realise that a lot of the time, shorter skirts were seen anyway - >>9406880, >>9406884 and >>9408650 are all above the knee.


>> No.9417927

Found it on Mbok :) You can find some pretty good oldschool items on there for cheap. This was just a case of actually going for it this time!

>> No.9417958

How easy/difficult is it to find oldschool pieces in physical stores like closet child? I don't have time to check profusely and I've spotted a cornet 2006 OP very close to where I live, but I'm going to japan soon and I don't know if I should save my money until I get there. I want to support the physical stores but I'm scared of not finding anything in my style

>> No.9417960

White. But there's no shipping fee or whatev sooo

>> No.9417979

Last time I went to CC (about 2 years ago now) they didn't have much oldschool mainpieces. maybe some pastel colors, but barely anything black.

>> No.9417983
File: 69 KB, 720x960, 12240066_10208057965270523_2577390723089029252_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got this OP from Baby from 2005. It was listed as offbrand by Wunderwelt somehow, so it was fairly cheap (aprox 6500 yen). I believe this is my oldest piece

>> No.9418003

Gorgeous! I love the lace.

>> No.9418113

Wunderwelt have dropped the ball on labelling a bit recently, I got a mislabelled item too.

>> No.9418127

What was your mislabeled item, anon?

>> No.9418152
File: 152 KB, 500x280, atjakeomgsparkles.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my god, those shoes are so nice where did you get them?
Pure old school goodness, the BABY heart bag really completes the look. This pic makes me realize how I love the type of lace they use in older pieces.

>> No.9418277
File: 27 KB, 232x313, IMG_1930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need your help! I have this jsk in pink and I'd like to sell it because I don't wear pink anymore. I know it's a very common dress so I don't know how much I should ask for it. It's pretty old too, but I'm pretty sure the jsk is not from the first release (due to the lace on the pockets).

>> No.9418467

I think I generally see it going for 3,000-7,000yen?

>> No.9418484

Ugh, of course, genius.

>> No.9418495

Is anyone currently trying to sell some old school pieces? I'd be happy to take a look.

>> No.9418584

it hasnt been uploaded to the new lolibrary yet but its called "crown border print" i believe and may or may not be under the crown label section

>> No.9418586

my older pieces are definitely a lot shorter than new ones. im 5'3" and short torso and ap is usually too long, so i dont mind showing some knee/thigh with these older items

>> No.9418587

Can't say because I've already spoken to my comm about it and they hate seagulls, but I think they have a drop-down menu/autofill for when staff are inputting brand names because the brand my item was labelled as would have been next to the brand it actually was in an alphabetical list.

>> No.9418590

mystery items always make me daydream about bringing them to the brand to ask questions about - the language barrier might get in the way of that dream though

>> No.9418604

Some brands - I think JetJ might be one of them - have it on their website somewhere in the contact details section that they can't/won't respond to enquiries about identifying items. It might be different if you spoke to them at an event, though.

>> No.9418662
File: 12 KB, 110x82, img_7 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found this shitty 2006 article on lolita - the writer obviously isn't very knowledgeable, since they included some costume stuff as photo examples, but the comments on the article are interesting, as is the broken link to a Reuters video interviewing lolitas (pic for ants related) - I did a lot of searching around and couldn't find it, does anyone know of it?

>> No.9418810
File: 22 KB, 320x320, 48526525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know the year of this Meta tote bag?I saw two sold out listings on Fril with the same bag. Someone should add this bag on lolibrary if isn't on its database.

>> No.9418851

Looks like it was something a lucky pack came in desu.

>> No.9419136
File: 887 KB, 260x200, tumblr_inline_ms4hu7RT9f1qz4rgp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ anon that dress is perfection! So jealous

>> No.9419149

the shoes are antaina

>> No.9419150

I have a few pieces that could work for oldschool, pretty much a IW black x white skirt apron and a moitie tartan jsk. also have some blouses. you can send me an email

>> No.9419156
File: 3.67 MB, 2112x3000, 1476618452320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love this kind of coord. saddens me a bit it would be labeled as ita nowadays .- like half the old school lol - but it is such a pretty yet simple coord to wear out? also comfy as hell. i miss coords that look that people are actually dressing up for love and not just posing for a con or a tea party event.
it's the experimentality, chill and "just for fun" element i feel modern lolita lacks nowadays. yes even the ita coords lack it because they just tend to copy the mainstream lolita, not the feel of it.

>> No.9419174

I really liked reading this too, anon! Idek, I kind of interpreted it exactly as you did (except by the end I definitely believe Momoko and Ichiko were lesbians).
I also feel the same about lolita fashion today.
Sometimes I think about posting my photos/coords to social media or COF, but knowing they'll inevitably wind up on /cgl/'s COF thread most likely has made me think, "what's the point"? I dress for myself and no one else. I don't really care if anyone likes my coords or not (though I do my best to not look ita ofc) and I don't really care if anyone likes them, either (it's nice if they do but I don't mind if they don't?). At the end of the day it really is just clothes, but lolita fashion also feels kind of personal to me at the same time, you know? I don't need to share every photo of me wearing it online, I can just wear it in private as I'd like, be a lonelita as I like, and share photos just among family and my few closest friends and be content with that.
Nothing against those who do post to social media and the like, of course; just how I feel.

>> No.9419231

I have had one up from October iirc. It's finally going to sell for 16$. It's in perfect condition also.

>> No.9419236

Can I have a short rant about "ok back in the days ita now"? Blouses with blouse underneath. I love this combo and honestly I couldn't wear op's much if I didn't do this because it's so damn cold here and not everything looks good with cardi. People whining about it seriously rustle my jimmies. It's okay to dislike it but always the same "use cardi instead, they are not meant to be worn like that".

>> No.9419240

1999 Moitie nun op is my oldest. It has pockets!! I collect dinosaur dresses, although I feel like I need an ugly meta goblien to really say that.

>> No.9419560
File: 56 KB, 700x700, 20170305逕サ蜒・w-22439-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got my velveteen shoulder ribbon jsk!
It's my second old school piece. I love my life so much rn

>> No.9419566

congrats anon! I'm not a fan of velveteen, but I love the cut!

>> No.9419578

>1999 Moitie nun op
>has pockets
That's ten different kinds of amazing, will you post a picture, please?

>> No.9419594

Dropped link and didn't notice for days, smart

Ancient Moitie with pockets is the dream.

Oh man, I didn't even know it came in velveteen! Looks great anon!

>> No.9419601

I have a Moitie jsk from 2002. I used to have a Baby blouse from the early 2000's maybe even older, but I had to throw it away.

>> No.9419712
File: 23 KB, 600x454, 600x454-2017030600275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the hugest fan of velveteen, it makes me feel so regal, this looks fantastic anon congrats!

I just picked up a karami skirt to use as an underskirt after >>9417668 made the fantastic suggestion, not a main piece but I'm so excited for the potential, I've been super obsessed with torchon lace lately, it just feels so right.

>> No.9419767

Does anyone have suggestions for tall lace top utks? I'm 168cm and I have a pair by iw but usually end up using my bodyline pair because they come up to my knee. Should I try otks instead?

>> No.9419775

Woo! I saw that black karami skirt on auctions and was debating getting it, I got the white one a while back and ended up using it a lot. I've seen people use it as a main piece (and actually saw an argument on /cgl/ a couple of months ago among anons arguing whether it was wearable as a skirt by itself) but IMO the elasticated waist and material always make it look kind of weird as one.

>> No.9419790

Something like this could work too for summer and 900 yen is super cheap

>> No.9419795
File: 434 KB, 450x600, m20luv-img450x600-1489167060mdg3gk29873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty tag hair accessories here, kind of weird since the design looks more recent than the tag would suggest:

>> No.9419796
File: 421 KB, 450x600, m20luv-img450x600-1489167060z5s48r29873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"[Item State]
Usage Status: Although we are unused, the number of times of use is unknown because it was purchased at the recycle shop. I kept it in the closet. Although conspicuous dirt is not seen especially several years have passed since purchase so there may be some aged deterioration etc. Also, since it will be handed to one hand once, please offer a bid after understanding."
使用状況 :当方は未使用ですが、リサイクルショップで購入したため使用回数は不明です。クローゼットに保管していました。とくに目立つ汚れは見られませんが購入から数年が経過しておりますので多少の経年劣化などはあるかもしれません。また、1度は人手に渡ったものになりますのでご理解の上、ご入札下さい。"

>> No.9419814

JSK on the left is this, 2004:

Can't find the dress/skirt on the right on lolibrary but it looks like an older, velveteen prototype of the Vertical Pintuck JSK. Jacket is this, also 2004:

>> No.9419879

Most lace top utks don't come up to your knees. Or utks in general atleast in my experience. I use longer bloomers with them or otks.

>> No.9419891
File: 30 KB, 455x599, gothic_lolita_punkrock-img455x599-1470785954w7vzjm20265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ancient ugly Meta
IDK how ancient this is but it's the most hideous thing I've ever seen, even by Meta standards


>> No.9419897

>I think these are kinda nice
Are they really supposed to be that ugly?

This is pretty bad though.

>> No.9419947
File: 179 KB, 505x446, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spent the past few hours trawling the AP tag so you guys don't have to, I'm broke atm so I'm dumping everything I've found.

AP headdress (looks early-mid 00s from tag):

AP OP, guessing early-mid 00s from design (CBA finding exact dress since lolibrary is fucked):

Ancient-looking AP OP, sadly CC didn't photograph the tag but it looks like 2000-2002 for me or maybe even something from Pretty:

Angelic Pretty pintuck floral OP, looks mid-00s according to tag:

Angelic Pretty OP and apron, looks like it might be from 2002 by the design:

AP sax skirt, standard design but a mix of unusual lace, guessing mid-00s looking at other items on lolibrary that have used similar lace and lacing:

BtSSB cutsew OP, no fucking idea when this is from and could be recent but could be used for oldschool regardless:

BtSSB Angels and Roses Gobelin JSK, 2004:

Cornet floral OP, could be recent but would work in oldschool:

Maxicimam OP and apron, very similar design to OPs on their website from 2001-2002:

Meta raschel lace velvet coat:

Knitted strawberry straw bag, listing title is ambiguous so I think it's offbrand but might be AP:

>> No.9420072

aw, was it very damaged? i have a friend with an older baby blouse (though i dont know the year) and im positively horrified with the upkeeping shes done with it. always covered in lint and hair, never pressed, i doubt shes ever washed....

>> No.9420077

Does anyone currently have any old school dream dresses they're after, or do you tend to go more for a theme or colour scheme?

>> No.9420085

Is she actually a friend, not just an acquaintance? Surely there's a way to suggest she irons her stuff and doesn't go out with it covered in hair if you're friends.

At first I was just looking for items in certain categories (ex. something tartan, velveteen, blackxwhite) but after a long while browsing I have a few particular pieces I'm after, whether from auctions I've missed out on or stock photos or brand adverts I've seen. I'm not sure if I would call any of them dream dresses because a lot of them (e.g. Hawase Doll) aren't actually that rare and it's more a matter of me just waiting to get them for a decent price, or others are so rare I'm not sure if they've ever come up for sale at all.

>> No.9420087

I still hope for a new re-release of the elisabeth op on the baby site

>> No.9420091
File: 17 KB, 240x320, Shirring2OP-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At the moment I'm keeping an eye out for a bunch of fairly common BtSSB pieces - Velveteen Lace Frill JSK in black or wine, Lace Frill JSK in one of the more A-line and subdued cuts in white or cream, Karami 3-tier in one of the older white releases with very spiky-looking lace, perhaps Hawase Doll in white or pinkxwhite, etc. I also live in vain hope of the black velvet Elizabeth popping up and I want the same Meta velveteen pieces every other fucker does. All of these are fairly low-priority desu compared to my rarer wishlist, but I'd rather not give the names of unpopular dream dresses of mine if it means more people realising how nice they are and competing with me to get them. >.>

>> No.9420105
File: 32 KB, 242x300, 8d5baa8d-6780-5d8f-9bf0-6864a3b5fe07_thumb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Angelic Pretty's Back Ribbon OP from 2002. It just screams "princess" to me.

>> No.9420131

I have an old velveteen karami jsk and some of the black lace is starting to turn green, does anyone have any advice? I bought some spray on dye to try and touch it up, it's helped but there's still a hint of green hue. It doesn't match with some of the other different materialed lace that's on the bodice, I'm not sure what else to do for it.

>> No.9420153
File: 400 KB, 501x584, 689442-1207-2016-07-16193959.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm selling a medium length meta gobelins skirt if anyone's interested. $40 obo. https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/meta-gobelins-tiered-skirt-medium-length

>> No.9420194

I don't have an old school dream dress, I just buy all the dark velvets that fit me, which is not a lot. I also love couch florals but I don't own any yet. They rarely go with black, which is my main wardrobe color, and if I find any that do, they usually don't fit.

> tfw tall with cowtits

>> No.9420213

this is gorgeous!

>> No.9420232

shes a friend but shes very sensitive and may be special needs of some sort. i learned the hard way not to lend her my things and just let her do her own thing

>> No.9420234

theres a certain version of swan border i need in my life, a skirt that i spent ages trying to identify and couldnt (r.i.p.), some older baby collabs, and an ap set

>> No.9420244

I own this too, didn't realise that it had pockets. Neat.

>> No.9420288

Holy moly you own the '99 version too?! That's so cool. I love finding people who own the same old dresses.

I was so happy to find the pockets! I have one other old Moitie op with them, I wonder when they started phasing them out.

>> No.9420294

You gyus made me check pockets on my 2004 rachel lace op. No pockets, the zipper is even on the back. Sad.

>> No.9420343
File: 211 KB, 402x762, 2483_900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am after a couple of Baby and AP OP in earlier editions of GLB. There's so little information about them however, so I'm not sure if they'll even fit me (84-66). But I'll cross that bridge when I get there so to speak... these dresses rarely show up in secondhand markets anyway.

Pic related

>> No.9420372

Is there a chance to find old school pieces, without full shirring, that fit a 93cm bust? (I've no problems with waist idk things get baggy down there even if the bust area is too small)

>> No.9420373

I think most will fit you though. 84-66 isn't that big. older skirts might be a problem when non-shirred, but dresses should be okay.

>> No.9420374

anyone know of an oldschool bingo/checklist? would be fun making one, but if one already excists...

>> No.9420388

I'm velveteen shoulder ribbon anon. >>9419560
It only has partial shirring in the back and it fits me fine, there's definitely room for a 93 bust in there, I would even say 95 if you're not tall.

Haven't seen any completely unshirred pieces that fit a 90 bust or more though.

Also try meta, their oldschool is large af compared to the other brands.

>> No.9420575

I'm ok with partial shirred, I just think full shirring often looks weird.

I'm not sure I'm around 170cm, is that already considered tall with old school?

>> No.9420625
File: 67 KB, 407x750, fd04a802dca52f360487d42b74e74fde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually just got Tenshi to snag one of my dreams off of Fril, I am so happy I could cry!!! I usually prefer black or white or wine colors, but this is one of the few old school dresses I saw in GLB and I just was drawn to it in some weird magnetic pull.

>> No.9420634
File: 48 KB, 421x580, 72c7c3944288d39b4c685df0120daf39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of oldschool stuff, anyone here own any of the older blazer and skirt sets from various brands like pic related? How do they fit, especially the blazers in the shoulders and sleeves?

>> No.9420753

170 is def tall for oldschool, I'm 164cm-87-65 and I'm already slightly tall for a lot of my pieces, especially skirts - tight on the bust/waist/arms for some but others have plenty of room.

>> No.9420757

Congrats anon! I always thought this one was super cute!

I have a skirts from a Baby gobelin suit set and it's small and unshirred, I can barely get into it.

>> No.9420782

So dresses will most likely be mid thigh or what? New pieces will go down to my knees but never cover them.

>> No.9420787

I have a set from Baby, pink x black tartan, shoulders fit fine on my fairly small shoulders, but sleeves were too long so I shortened them. skirt is small and fairly short (I'm 152cm)

>> No.9420793

Just did a quick and dirty length measurement on all my oldschool pieces so you can compare to how newer ones fit, obviously this is pretty rough since I did most of it in the wardrobe but it should give you an idea. Most of the stuff in this estimate is Baby and VM with a bit of AP, ETC and Bodyline.

OPs/JSKs (measured from top of shoulder strap down)

SKIRTS (not including waist corset/waist band if high-waisted, including lace)

>> No.9420808

Og thank you so much anon!! They'll fit just fine then I think. I'm not after full knee coverage anyway, but they'll still cover a good part of my legs.

Ah, can't wait until I can buy my next pieces, but rn now I need to save a bit.

>> No.9420848

It was, but it used to be my lolita beginner blouse. I bought it for less than 30 euro.The lace was damaged and the previous owner wasn't very carefull with it. She also smoked a lot.. Washing the blouse became useless after a while. It seemed like older stains came back?

>> No.9420896

As long as you are on the thin side they should be fine from another 170 lolita

>> No.9420901

Current old school dd tend to be meta velvet and sailor pieces & baby's velvet with the ribbon embroidery from kamikaze girls.
I actually managed to grab the op, skirt and blouse from 2002 meta sailor series, I hope to find the cap.

>> No.9420963

Does the meta red velveteen only come in one shade, or is there also a separate bordeaux/wine color? It's sometimes hard to tell with photos, is it just a warm light/cool light situation?

>> No.9421061
File: 1.30 MB, 1155x856, mercariap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's some more old school stuff for sale, all AP!


>> No.9421109

Oh i didn't know, I thought it was just a regular tote of their old catalog.
Totally agree. When I see modern lolita coords, the majority look like actual costumes and not like a street fashion like old school. Maybe for this I settled with other styles as larme at the moment, tired to see all these unpratical chiffon ott coords.

>> No.9421174

There's both a red and a wine of the triple tier OP and I assume other dresses are the same, if you look on lolibrary there are often colourways listed that there are no stock photos for.

Mules and fluffy fabrics aren't exactly practical either, there's no need to look down your nose at people.

>> No.9421251

i've been looking for this for years...

>> No.9421258

Didn't Baby release something similar lately? Obviously it'll never be the same but if it's the cross lace you love...

>> No.9421295

Ugh the red and black is atrocious! If it matched anything in my wardrobe I'd be purchasing this for sure, though haha

Sometimes I wonder what the fuck goes through the minds of Meta's designers??

>> No.9421327

Second link is an OP and capelet set, you don't need anything to match it except legwear and a pair of shoes.

>> No.9421384

There aren't just fluffy fabrics and mules anon, you can find also flats and Oxfords in larme and if you ignore the OTT or delicate fabric pieces, there are lots of casual and not delicate clothing items.
Well i'm going too OT.
These red skirts are amazing, too bad older skirts have tiny waist sizes.

>> No.9421425


Oh I didnt even see that! Damn, I am supposed to be saving.. but this is really testing me.

Though, I am so sure I bought the Jacquard Meta Skirt from that seller! If its the one I am thinking about, just about every auction they had was ugly Meta!!!

>> No.9421427

it is something completely different, anon. the only resemblance is the lace crosses.

>> No.9421526

My bad, I don't follow modern releases so I wasn't sure.

>> No.9421548

Oh I was thinking of getting that one Anon! Enjoy it (I'll just continue hunting for the white version.)

Thank you Anon I managed to snag it, no one else bid so it was just 900Yen. Planning to use it with my country stuff.

>> No.9421569
File: 35 KB, 385x645, side drape princess skirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a Meta skirt that was featured in a 2002 GLB (pic related), and another Meta skirt I haven't been able to identify but I believe is around this old, too. Other than those, a Meta bustier/skirt set from I think 2005? And a Cornet OP that I can't identify either, but I'd put in the 2003-2005 range.

>> No.9421654
File: 102 KB, 450x443, 1463522930982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw really love that black lacy or velvet old school dresses
>tfw 5'11
>tfw 90+ bust

>> No.9421658

this is why i really wish more taobao or indie brands would make actual old school style designs and basics. i'm 5'8", so not quite to your degree, but so many blouse sleeves end up short on me, i have a 2005 baby blouse that fits but it's also basically crop top length, so i can only rly wear it under stuff or with super high waists. my long sleeve meta op from 2002? my body is like, "it' s 3/4 sleeve now, bitch". i would kill for a good niche brand to cater to some of this plight desu. not like that one overstuffed "old school inspired" taobao jsk either.

>> No.9421894

CC doesn't carry a ton of old school but you can find some nice pieces if you dig around.

If you're lucky enough to be there when they have a sale, you'll score big, because old school is exactly what they drag out for that! I got a Baby kinari jsk for 3000 yen and a Meta Windows print OP for 4000 yen while I was there, plus of bunch of boleros for 1500-2000 yen each. The selection did lean towards sweet rather than gothic, I'm not sure why.

>> No.9421954

It looks great for country, I hope you look cute.

>> No.9421965

I feel you anon. I can only buy JSKs at most. OPs are out of the question. Even if my bust fits in some of them, there will be other measurements that won't work for me (skirt length, sleeve length or width, shoulder length). Even at my skinniest I'm too large for them, which sucks because these sober designs are more flattering on me than the modern ones made for taller people.

If there are any stores selling oldschool inspired dresses (other than brand rereleases) let a girl know. I don't count on taobao though, they tend to go for the trending styles to ensure sales and most chinese brands use thin materials which wouldn't work for oldschool.

>> No.9421976

The only thing I can think of is maybe Anna House? I think they still sell some of their old designs, or have had the same ones on their website for years. Unfortunately I just checked their website and it says something about no longer doing custom sizing, so IDK.

>> No.9421991
File: 228 KB, 500x783, 1352328512907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anna house has been looking ita/tacky for a while, I don't know what happened to them. Sure they were never high quality but they really have taken a dive lately, compared to their 2005-2010 simple oldschool designs. It all started when people began requesting custom orders with hideous prints, so I blame customer input.

Thank you anons! I hope I get lucky too.

>> No.9422004

look for local seamstresses or indie brands.

>> No.9422064
File: 16 KB, 236x314, 5126bc020a9d6a5bfe0b201446580b04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought and olde AP dress that has the older AP tag with a crown and I'm kinda excited (70$,no fees, with the collar, sleeves and bow)

>> No.9422066
File: 50 KB, 360x480, meta velveteen series 2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, it's like they're trying to mix OTT with oldschool. Have you tried the Meta velveteen series from 2014 (or 2010)? They also made some OPs.

>shoulder lenght

>> No.9422074

This is gorgeous anon, that collar lace is amazing.

>> No.9422087
File: 56 KB, 250x333, 3263ac46-f2cc-5528-ae78-70d434e1b897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks cute! I love blackxwhite OPs, I think they're a lot easier to balance than blackxwhite skirts (which often need matching blackxwhite blouses that are really hard to find these days).

IW have (re?)released some really oldschool-looking pieces but unfortunately a lot of them are almost as short as oldschool ones. An example would be pic related, which came out in 2012 and is 93cm long - two colourways are on auctions right now.

>> No.9422259

So this just came in the mail today and it fits PERFECTLY. It's so fucking beautiful too, it's 2001 and it's pretty much mint condition, it doesn't look like it's ever been worn. That front is one entire piece of lace. I got the sleeves as well but no collar which is a bummer, but I think it's fine. I think I'm going to wear this for summer ild.

I ordered some black baby bloomers at the same time and it looks so perfect together, just the right length, so happy, long live old school.

>> No.9422345

Does anyone have suggestions for rhs alternatives? Like I've seen some similar shoe designs in modern street snaps, I'm just not sure who's making them. I find rhs are just way too tall and I'd rather not sprain my ankle for fashion.

>> No.9422402
File: 25 KB, 300x300, ap_shoes_corksole_color1_homepage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't have to wear RHS at all? There were plenty of other oldschool shoes. Or do you mean you're looking for platforms that aren't as high as RHS? Angelic Pretty and I think Baby did cork-soled shoes in the early-mid 00s with a low platform, and places like An*Tai*Na still sell replicas. Baby also did wood-soled shoes like the below, some of which were lower than RHS, but they're really hard to find these days. I'm pretty sure manda-the-stars-shine-bright on tumblr has a similar pair, and there are a couple on fril right now.


>> No.9422668

I'm going to japan in may and I really want to wear an old school coord to laforet, is it a faux pas if say I'm wearing baby when I go into an iw store? I plan on wearing all black and it'll probly be a mix of brands with a baby op.

>> No.9422671

No lol, it's a mall. You go to a mall to visit multiple stores. Just don't wear knockoffs, and wear the proper brand at special brand-sponsored events like tea parties.

>> No.9422689

Awesome find! It's beautiful, do you post your coords anywhere?

>> No.9422726

What kind of boots look best with old school, specifically classic?

>> No.9422732

Look through an archive of oldschool pictures yourself anon and see what type of boots they use, this substyle is all about researching and taking inspiration from older coords.

Personally I think the Bodyline boots with the roses work all right.

>> No.9422739
File: 22 KB, 599x416, s71u5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>non-print cross dress
>standing collar and yoke
fuuuuuck, what I would give to own that...

>> No.9422788

has this shown up in any wardrobe posts?

>> No.9423097

There's one french girl who owns it iirc, artdunoir.

>> No.9423107

Looks like it might be this op? https://lolibrary.org/items/ap-classical-frill-op

>> No.9423109

Beautiful! Very jealous

>> No.9423210

What op is this?

>> No.9423220
File: 38 KB, 599x450, IMG_2677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my oldest

>> No.9423263

Looks like this one, I recognize it because I hardcore want it in white, good taste anon. https://lolibrary.org/items/btssb-shirring-op-2-2002

>> No.9423285
File: 2.91 MB, 1500x1500, metacessoriesset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought maybe this thread would also enjoy this, I had ordered an oldschool Meta dress off fril back in Jan/Feb and the seller threw in this pouch, mirror and accessory case set! The pouch still smells a little attic-y despite a vinegar bath, so I think it needs to sit in the sun yet, but I just love everything about them.

>> No.9423345

That's so cute! Lucky you, anon!

>> No.9423374

I'm so curious what other kinds of early stuff like this was released, but the data on them doesn't seem to be as easy to find as dresses and accessories. I love little brand things like this stuff and mugs and totebags, something about it feels so kitsch and cozy to me. I was over the moon when I found out they'd been included as a gift, but nobody else irl understands my joy lol. ;-;

>> No.9423404

I feel this is the best place to ask. Any tips/links helping whiten up yellowed lace. especially on blackxwhite pieces?

>> No.9423446

Ooh, I saw that go up on Wunderwelt months ago and still regret not getting it, at the time I was on the fence about the cut but I've seen more worn pictures since then and now I really want it.

Oh wow, that's so kitschy and cute!

If it's yellowed all over rather than just in patches, I'd just embrace it and start coordinating it with beige.

>> No.9423451

Damn, that in white is beautiful. Thanks anon!

>> No.9423540

Are doc martens mary janes acceptable footwear? I'd like to buy something that's pretty sturdy that I can wear outside lolita if possible.

>> No.9423591

They would be if they didn't have the trademark yellow stitching but that ruins it IMO.

>> No.9423604

You can darken them though, there's plenty of suggestions if you Google it:

If anon needs really sturdy footwear I think she should go for it, and either get something from the monochrome collection or darken the stiches (unless she's doing punk with yellow tartan or some shit).

>> No.9423605
File: 74 KB, 952x1100, DRM01-20365_1_270215_032313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their modern ones don't.

>> No.9423612
File: 101 KB, 620x819, IMG_3689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know what this dress is called? I saw it up on LM, left to go to work, and when I got back it already sold. I need this in my life, it's an old AP OP

>> No.9423618

Can't tell you exactly because lolibrary is still uncomfortable to search through but it doesn't look that old, I'd guesstimate it's from 2008 or 2007.

>> No.9423674

What are old school lolita essentials?

>> No.9423696

Nothing super old, it's a 2006 Baby skirt. I got it ecause I saw Princess Skye wearing the JSK version and wanted it so much. I think about selling it though. And an AP jsk from the same year

>> No.9423709

Lace top socks, clunky shoes, cotton or rachel lace (not tulle lace like AP uses a lot these days), solid colors or very simple all-over/screen printed, solid fabric (no sheers), minimal accessories and hair and makeup. An old school wardrobe in my opinion should have items with detachable sleeves, long frilly bloomers, some blackxwhite, rectangle headdresses, simpler bags.

>> No.9423732

>some blackxwhite
I love old school, but I have never been able to come around to blackxwhite, there are a few pieces I would consider that have a nice 80/20 balance, but I only ever buy solid color or black. There's just something about it that doesn't sit right with me.

>> No.9423753

They seem like they'd work.

>> No.9423793

okay cool, I like them, I don't want to deal with taobao and iffy quality shoes so I think I'll go with them

>> No.9423912

I have a cotton baby jsk that's a little scratchy and loves to pick up lint, does anyone have any advice on keeping it off?

>> No.9423921
File: 1.24 MB, 2400x2400, prod_ec_1685338202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have any yellowed old school pieces to try Shout out on, but I did try it out on a doll dress from 1995. It got out this huge ink(?) stain on the back of the dress, and the yellowed lace looks pristine now.
Just spray it on the trouble areas, rub it in a little (with your fingers or a toothbrush), flip the dress inside out, put it in a zippered pillowcase if you want, put it in the washer on the gentlest setting, then let it air dry. It's worth a shot!

>> No.9424099

just won a meta velvet lacemonster off of mbok, im really fucking psyched

>> No.9424104

Don't leave us hanging anon, let's see it!

>> No.9424155
File: 39 KB, 360x640, 490756222.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok the picture isnt great but it has bell sleeves. Im getting long black bloomers to wear with it. I didn't see it until today and i was really worried I could get a shopping service to bid in time, my bid was placed less than half an hour before the auction ended

>> No.9424163
File: 92 KB, 250x333, 1468670568498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Straw bag probably is AP, looks like it's the matching one for pic related.

>> No.9424167

You didn't need to stress about it anon, it's been on mbok for months. But congrats! The cross lace suggests it's from 2001 or older.

>> No.9424172
File: 469 KB, 500x750, 07 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worn as an outer skirt here, with untucked blouse:

>> No.9424190

This is way too myopic a list, it's a bit cookie-cutter. You could conceivably have an entire oldschool wardrobe without lace-top socks or clunky shoes (think old Victorian Maiden photoshoots with white fishnets and heels), the solid colours thing is a colour scheme guideline not an "essential" (I mean, you could have solid-coloured dresses that weren't oldschool at all), accessories are usually minimal but there are occasions when they don't have to be, and some oldschool hair was downright OTT. Detachable sleeves are definitely not compulsory, most oldschool outfits don't even show the bloomers, not everyone likes black and white, and there are plenty of hair accessory options that aren't rectangle headdresses!

ofc, it's easy for me to go too far the other way and just list my essentials as "oldschool-appropriate shoes", "oldschool main pieces", "a petticoat" (heck, there are conceivably wardrobe configurations where that's optional, but you'd struggle to pull it off since there are so few dresses out there that don't need one) but you get my point...

>> No.9424199
File: 53 KB, 357x594, 20150703210206-e0ff930d-me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9424205

thanks! it was more that someone had bid before me and it was really close to mine. I didn't know it could be that old! im really excited!

>> No.9424278

is there anywhere good online that sells torchon lace if I wanted to alter or make my own lace tops?

>> No.9424373

Meta's wooden sole shoes, Baby's Victoires... Baby also carries bubble toe heels with all kinds of straps which work too. To be honest, shoe styles hasn't changed that much apart from pointy toes which are trendy right now. Of course it depends how old you are going.

Taobao or eBay is what comes to my mind. I have bought decent lace from there in the past.

Any old school Instagrams? I would like to follow more but good ones are kinda hard to come by.

>> No.9424379

Congrats, anon!! It's beautiful!

>> No.9424845

Maxicimam has a "handmade" section on their site where they sell sewing materials. There's even a section specifically for torchon lace.

>> No.9424869

Seconding Shout for getting set-in stains out. I managed to get old sweat stains out of a blouse's neckline after mixing it with baking soda, rubbing it on and then using white vinegar to rinse it a bit before throwing it in the washer. Came out pristine.

>> No.9424877

I wear DM indicas in both black and red and I like the way they look with old school. I had the same issue, I wanted something versatile but not pleather or cheap. They are really comfy shoes and hold up well

>> No.9424879

Uhm, that's amazing, thanks!!

>> No.9424920

Yeah these were just some of the things I could think of off the top of my head while I was tired. Maybe they aren't all necessary but they're some of what I think of when I think old school.

>> No.9425122

This might sound weird but I would love to know what smell that is on clothes second hand from japan straight from people's homes. It has such a nice sweetness to it.

>> No.9425131

I would also like to know this! All of my secondhand stuff has a very nice, distinct smell to it

>> No.9425139
File: 206 KB, 1134x632, AngelicPretty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any chance anyone could ID this for me?
Pretty sure its not on Lolibrary, but I really have no idea now due to the massive site change..

>> No.9425141

It's call ugly anon

>> No.9425212

holy dick! who made this? AndRomeo?
this looks incredible

>> No.9425232

are you me?
I'm also tall and busty and in love with velveteen and gobelin, though I don't have any gobelin pieces yet. good luck finding some beautiful couch florals that fit you, anon! wishing you all the best

>> No.9425236

Other than pieces that are gingham, there are other summer friendly old school pieces?I have a black jsk from Baby that I hardly worn because the cotton is really heavy and not suitable for summer, nor spring. I'm interested in skirts that are 71 cm waist more than jsks and I don't know before buying if the piece is a summer or winter fabric, unless it's a oblivious thick fabric like velvet or plaid.

>> No.9425295
File: 80 KB, 480x640, 1adbd9f8-a691-5acd-82d7-5f6d51cdbddf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think a big problem is that there wasn't lighter fabrics like chiffon back then. I feel like I've seen a few thin cotton karami's, but there is the chiffon baby piece that has an old school shape called '3 tier babydoll jsk' with light chiffon fabric. That's the only one that comes to mind right now.

>> No.9425309
File: 81 KB, 600x799, 528854-12377-2015-12-04942191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently bought two Meta JSK sets (same cut, one in yellow and one in sax). I've got the yellow one, still waiting on the sax. I've done some research on it though and can barely find anything. It was in GLB 5 and retailed for 28,000 yen, and there are a few other pieces in the same print. I've only spotted it in sales or wardrobe posts twice, and neither were the cut I have. Does anyone know anything else about this series?

>> No.9425310
File: 44 KB, 540x605, oldschoolbingo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to make one, but the more the merrier!

>> No.9425312
File: 60 KB, 612x612, m238539711_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congrats, that fabric is sooo cute. I know AP also released items with this same fabric around the same time, but AP's pieces had the print all going horizontal (while Meta had it going horizontal & vertical). Here's a photo of the matching skirt, in sax.

>> No.9425314
File: 64 KB, 450x600, tumblr_nwf0zkA9BO1uea1yfo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some more pics I have

>> No.9425316

deets on that incredible tartan goodness please

>> No.9425320

I've actually been looking for pictures of AP's pieces almost more than Meta's! I found a picture of Meta's OP in red and the skirt + apron combo, but what I've really been looking for is what's known on Lolibrary as AP's "cherry pintuck OP". Half the pieces in the series seem like they don't exist almost. Thanks for the pictures, by the way, they're adorable!

>> No.9425364

Some of the fabric has a sort of sheer slightly stripy look (some karami 3-tiers and OPs like pic related) and some has whitework cherries or something with cutouts like >>9419790 (there have been a whole bunch of releases in that fabric in different colours).

>> No.9425368
File: 83 KB, 695x1024, 23e7e0db-4257-5d7b-9f7f-6ddc5d243c5e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped pic, you can see the fabric's thinner.

>> No.9425373

it's And Romeo indeed. I believe it's long sold out, but this was the dress that made me know about and romeo.

>> No.9425392

Always happy to help! I've got some photos of AP's Cherry Pintuck stuff, too. I'll try to post them tomorrow evening.

>> No.9425549

That's absolutely adorable! I'd kill for something like that

>> No.9425561

Meta has used lighter fabrics but apart from that nothing really comes to mind. I assume you live somewhere quite warm because I don't really have this problem. I think shorter jsks or ops has been one thing along with thinner like >>9425364 mentioned. Dessert op, atleast the newer releases, seem to be thinner material. Skirts are a bit problematic because if it's hot cotton blouse could be too much but you could use cutsew or parka though.

>> No.9425575

I know wunderwelt has had like two of the ops from this series up for a while, I've seen it on fril and mercari too. The op comes with a little daisy brooch. I love it, it's so garish, classic meta and that's why I love meta so much.

>> No.9426178

aaaaaa! I can't wait to see a real picture of it. The only picture I've seen is the tiny scan from GLB.

>> No.9426477

youre so contrarian! sugoi!

>> No.9426482

maybe try to score items that look unlined from the photos? less layers

>> No.9426486

what is pour lolita items? poor?

>> No.9426507
File: 9 KB, 157x320, lolita2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have an old-design dessert OP (2006, even older releases are made with same material) and the fabric is indeed pretty thin, but it's lined in thin cotton (would need to be to not be sheer) and I think it's still reasonably warm, especially since the elasticated sleeves trap heat. I'd say it's a nice dress for a warm day in a British summer, not a warm day in a Florida summer.

Skirts and short-sleeved cutsews are a good thing but tight jersey knit can also be pretty warm compared to a loose OP. Also Kamikaze Girls is set during the hot Japanese summer, and the outfits she wears in the countryside rather than in Tokyo show how lolitas compromised for the heat back then (no/low petti, parasol, short-sleeved OP, etc).

A line Novala Takemoto designed for BtSSB.

>> No.9426509
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Apologies, should have reverse image searched for a pic that's not for ants.

>> No.9426591

The karami jsks and skirts seem really lightweight, probably would buy them. The chiffon version is cute as well even if not really old school.
Thank you anon!Cutout fabric items are so nice, not easy to findustrial compared to other styles.
I live in south Italy, winters are mild (I still hate mid cold) while summer, spring and fall are warmer, with humidity all the year round. Really annoying especially in winter and summer! I would wear cutsews mostly for comfort, for this I prefer skirts rather jsks.

>> No.9426593

I should get some one piece dresses instead. Well, some cutsews could be a bit too warm if the weather get crazy hot or too humid, the cotton of an AP cutsew I have is thick but really nice quality.
I would ask the ss to talk with the seller if the item is unlined and made of light cotton, good advice.

>> No.9426839

Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but can anyone link me to the Fril site that keeps getring mentioned? I've actually never heard of it before.

>> No.9427077


>> No.9430245

Creepers with old school lolita. Yay or nay?

>> No.9430353

Depends on the rest of the coord, honestly. There were more punky coords where they could fit, but if they're in a coord with say, old school frumpy gobelin it then it would be ita as opposed to a safe bet for everything blike chunky Mary Jane's. Personally I think they could be incorporated in, but the rest of the outfit would need to be just right.

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