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Last thread. >>9392315

Petticoat deflating? Wig cap too tight? Share those cgl-related feels.

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I want to be better friends with the grills in my comm, but I'm afraid of looking like a gay stalker?

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I'm so fucking sick of girls who have been in the fashions for <4 years thinking they're veterans. You're just barely out of newfag territory, stop pretending.

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>bff just dumped me because "it's fucking infuriating that you bow thousands of dollars on dresses every month when I work my ass off and barely make enough to live"
>don't brag about my new purchases at all, she just notices because obviously I wear new shit I buy
>can't help but feel "well, one of us got an English degree because 'it's what's easiest for me', while the other went for the job that had the highest pay with the least work"

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>Live in North Dakota
>Never harassed about wearing my Lolita
>Move to LA
>Harassment is natural
>The darker the skin pigment the worse it gets
>was super liberal before I moved, and I feel like I'm very racist a half a year into living here

I cant even wear casual lolita without someone getting uppity. Maybe it's just because it's a big city? I lived in a small town before I moved here. I don't have much experience with city people

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Well, the sad part is the people who are 'darker' who don't harass you likely go unnoticed. So, you don't think about those who do not. Try not to let people who do harass you change your opinion of those who do not.

Also, listen to some rap music. Realize that they aren't just calling women bitches and hoes for show. There really are subcultures that it is common to treat women like dirt. That's not anything to do with color at all. It's more to do with locality which just sometimes unfortunately happens to have concentrations of people of a certain color.

It's not the color of their skin that causes them to harass people. It's that individual's viewpoint. Don't let it affect your view of a 'race', just be like, 'that individual is a scumbag'.

Another example, rednecks/hillbillies. Most people think of 'white' as country. Even though darker people do live in those areas, and can act the same. However, most associate it with 'white' simply because there happens to be a lot of white people in that particular area.

Obviously not every white person is a hillbilly redneck nor do you instantly think a white person will be a hillbilly fuck. Sage for kind of OT in my case.

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It's a cultural thing that just happens to mostly fall on racial lines.

If any situation or people make you feel uncomfortable, always listen to your instinct instead of double guessing yourself. You'll find there are readily available crime statistics that back up the worries you might have.

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I does anyone want to shoot me in the face? I could use it right about now

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Also remember it's not as safe to walk in most cities as it is in a rural area. I'm not sure if you are solely relying on public transit and walking, but consider that you may need to solely use a car or taxi service when you are wearing lolita.

Also get familiar with your city, ask people about it, they may say, 'Oh yeah, you don't want to walk down so-and-so street unless you have to because of the crowd that hangs around there. Walk down this neighborhood instead.' And so on and so forth.

Be aware cities are not 'safe'. not if you come from a small town. In a small town with less people, of course you are less likely to come across bad people. LA is a huge city, and one that doesn't exactly have a great reputation.

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Whats up anon

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Props anon, I agree with everything you said.

It's okay to feel frustrated because it sucks to not feel free to express yourself how you want to. Just try to channel your frustration in more productive avenues. Maybe try to focus more on feminism and supporting women, esp woc? As >>9398789 said even within their own communities woc are looked down upon so thinking of it from that pov may help.

Sorry for more liberal social sciences spewing.

My feels are I just requested to join the comm in the new area im moving too, but as I was pressing join I flashbacked to reading about that comm on cgl and how they take foreverrrr to approve you. Now I have to go digging thru the archives to see if anyone gave any useful advice on how to get accepted more quickly. And cry because this comm is likely v inactive.

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Yeah, what's rocking your boat these days?

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I'm really glad to hear what I said came out right.

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I just had a bad weekend

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>working 60-80 hrs/wk for months between part-time job and uni exams
>even with that level of work I've handed in a lot of work late and missed one deadline entirely and am genuinely scared I've fucked up
>dull the pain with shopping
>have only worn lolita out three times since November, skipped wardrobe post this year
>stopped updating lolita social media because I was busy and never able to even take photos in my room
>still kept buying new shit because working all those extra hours gave me extra cash
>(turns out you can't get dressed and take a nice coord shot when it's 3am and you haven't showered in five days, but you can still browse y!japan auctions)
>guilt-inducingly large to-sell pile has built up because not urgently needing the cash gives me no incentive to spend what little time I have free putting listings up
>(also never around during daylight hours so I can't photograph stuff to best effect, and can't commit to being able to ship out at a moment's notice)
>ran out of closet space and feel like I have a lot of stuff already, so committed myself to just buying accessories etc to complete existing coords rather than buying new dresses
>ended up doing this so effectively that I now have 30 unworn full coords planned, on top of maybe 20 that I've worn previously but haven't posted online, and a dozen or so things I'm selling
>simultaneously guilty at the waste and excited at how much I have in the works for when exams are over and I'll "only" be working 40 hours a week
>making elaborate plans to post new coords daily since longer daylight hours will mean I can wear lolita after work and still get photos, but know cgl bitch when they see the same person posting all the time
>still happy and excited and glad having the money means my lolita dreams are finally going to come true

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You ought to plan for a vacation in which you wear nothing but full-on lolita the entire duration of the trip.

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>I share an email account with my nine sisters :C
What the christ?

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I'm going on two vacations this summer but won't be able to wear lolita on either (both super cheap trips where friends who've gone home for the summer have invited me to stay with their family for a week or so). Considering planning another one for myself but not sure if I'll be able to get the time off, and don't really think if it's a good idea to make my first time travelling alone in a foreign country be in an eye-catching fashion. Still really happy and excited because last summer I literally did nothing but stay alone in my room desperately applying for jobs while watching the last of my savings trickle away, so having any disposable income at all is a luxury for me compared to that.

Probs going to try to go to a large lolita event this summer as well (and can even afford to buy-sell a popular release for it), but with the way travel works for that I'll only get to wear lolita to the event itself, and it'll cost me more than the other trips combined for just three nights.

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I can't do it, I literally can't do it, I can't make my own cosplay!

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I have no interest in finishing my degree anymore, I chose wrong and I realized way too late since I am in my last class for the major and have one semester of free electives to go. It would be a waste to drop out now and I really don't want to start a new degree, I've found out that school is not for me.
The job I have right now is...not a good job. I struggled for so long to find one and now that I have, I want to quit after one year of working for them; the pay and hours are both garbage. Between school and my job, I have no time and very little money to put toward my cosplays and I haven't worn lolita in forever. It's all really depressing me, specially the cosplay part. It's something I really enjoy doing.
If i quit my job, I won't have the extra money to put toward my hobbies but if I stay, I won't have the time. When it comes to school, if I drop out I'd feel horrible and risk not getting a decent job because I lack a degree but if I do drop out I can focus on looking for a better job and making cosplay.

I also feel like I'm running out of time, like before I know it I'll be too old to cosplay or wear lolita. That's biting hard at me, too.

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Go to the halp thread, little girl.

I get so mad when people post fake fart stories on here.

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If you really just have one semester to go, don't drop out. Might seem like a sunk cost fallacy, but you might really regret dropping out in the future so you might as well finish. You can look for a job in a few months after your studies are finished.

Also, unless you really need the hobby money to motivate yourself or the job reference to help you find a new job, I'd suggest maybe quitting your job to make it easier to get through uni. I was in a similar situation to you for a really long time (working a horrible job that was taking up all my time and negatively impacting on my studies because without it I'd have no money for lolita, even though it meant I had no time for lolita) and I was so much happier and found the course load much easier to manage when I quit.

No matter where you stand on if/when you become "too old", you're not going to become too old over the course of just a few months. Finish your degree.

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that anon is a roleplayer, underage homeschool kid who's afraid to sign up for email because the government is watching, or cult victim.

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It's okay they have china to fill the skills gap. Now anyone can cosplay and look good!

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I just discovered this Chinese Lolita youtuber and she honestly brings me life. Her videos encourage me to focus on my mandarin studies more and I love her content. The most recent collab she did with her friend is so well done, even though I'm not that curvy I watched it anyway. If she's lurking on 4chan, hello! Love your videos!

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Welcome to life anon.
Hating your job and not knowing wtf you're doing with yourself is all being an adult is. That and massive debt.

Finish your degree, pick some fun electives. You won't get a job in your degree feild, probably not even if you tried unless it's in engineering or something critically useful now.

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Need some real fart stories then?

I've been sewing my dress and farting all night.

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My cosplays came into the warehouse on Taobao but the QC pics looked like absolute shit compared to the store pics. Of course it's bound to happen, but it was a store with a triple diamond rating, so I'm still feeling slightly frustrated that I'll have to wait for the return to go through and get my money back before trying my luck with another shop for the same cosplay.

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What's the job, anon? Something in IT or?

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Not that anon, but
>Sister is a software engineer
>Spends STEM bucks on her cats, video games, anime, and fairy kei
>Really pretty and sweet, but no interest in persueing romantic relationships
My mother's well-meaning panic is hilarious

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I agree so much! She is absolutely lovely. I liked her coords before she started the youtube, but her videos are quickly making her into one of my favourite lolitas ever.

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>Tfw you live thousands of miles from your Jfash friends and your best lolita friend is coming to visit in a few weeks!!

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I didn't realize there was a new feels thread, but an anon in the other thread had a question about her friends with thyroid problems. Please read the post I made in he other thread!

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i bought something on lacemarket and its been 5 days since i won the auction and she hasnt replied(i had to message her first about 2 days ago)
i havent paid for it or anything so it hasnt gotten super serious but i really want the thing
when should i start worrying/leaving negative feedback???

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Sorry anon

-LA spic

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>am typically a vicious liar, in general, If I feel like it'll save me drama and/or a headache
>Decide in 2017 to tell the truth more often
>Normie gf asks about cost of newest cosplay
>Tell her truthfully
>She is shocked and gets really judgey
>Has been constantly making jabs at me about it

Lying is the closest thing I will ever have to a superpower. This is what I get for being honest

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Sounds like a shitty friend, at least she showed herself out instead of you finding out a different way

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>Maybe try to focus more on feminism and supporting women, esp woc?

People actually think like this.

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What's wrong with city people? I know it's probably the higher concentration of people but the general culture is shit
>Go to decent shopping district in DC
>Not even dressed flashy, in normal clothes
>Followed and harassed by three different black men of all different ages
>Bystanders including security guards and cops say nothing
>"Hey baby where are going you wanna come home with me I love little girls like you, why you being so cold stupid bitch?!"
Similar shit has happened in every city I've been to, it's not like I'm in mini skirts with giant tits hanging out what the fuck.

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I don't normally care how long someone has been in the hobby as long as they dress well and aren't annoying, but I've noticed an increase of girls in my comm who've been into lolita for less than 3 years yet claim to be experts, making incorrect statements and saying that things "have always been this way". One girl said that Bodyline has always been reputable and called another girl a troll for joking about their past as a sex shop. Another claimed that unnaturally coloured wigs have always been the norm and the movement towards more natural styles is a recent phenomenon. It's like they refuse to admit the fashion existed before they got into it. BL reputable when they started lolita? Clearly it was always like that. Pastel wigs common in lolita when they first joined? Every lolita starts out buying a wig before a petticoat. They did, so everyone else must have, too!

Stop making shit up to seem more knowledgeable than you are. Please.

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to be fair, 4 years is a long fucking time to learn how to dress yourself properly

by that time they should be good to great lolitas who know about the fashion and have a sizeable wardrobe. unless they're actual retards, how much more do they need to learn after 4 years?

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4+year-chan probably just bitter the newbies think her fave style is outdated.

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>tfw best friend / roommate is a narcissist
>She goes full bitch mode when she's on her period
>we get our periods at the same time
>I also get irritable, but I'm a wet paper towel and nonconfrontational 8/10 times
>this past week she's been nothing but fucking awful to me
>turns it around and makes it seem like my fault, like narcissists do
>get really tired of this shit
>today she yells at me for the stupidest shit, I raise my voice very slightly, still not being as loud as her
>"I can't believe you, why do you have to yell at me all the time??"
>was literally just talking in my normal volume voice
>say this
>"No you were yelling"
>she storms off like a toddler and goes into her room and goes to bed even though she literally just woke up
>Dream dress was coming in the mail today
>now I'm in such a shitty mood that I can't even be happy about it

Had to keep it tangentially related there but.... I really don't know what to fucking do about her. We've been best friends for years and years, and she was never this bad. She's just suddenly so much worse. yesterday she got offended because I told her that for the cost of all the new parts she wants to get for her computer, she might as well just get a whole new system, and she literally just stopped talking to me for the rest of the night. I didn't sass her about it, I just informed her gently that the parts were almost as much as a whole new computer.

I live with her, and she's really my only friend, but Jesus fucking Christ, I can't do this anymore.I got her into lolita and makeup, and we have cosplays planned together, but if this is how it's going to be... yikes.

Is there any hope of rehabilitating someone like her? It's only very recently that she's become SO intolerable, and I guess it's probably stress, because she's a senior this year, but that's not an excuse for treating me like a piece of garbage. I have very bad social anxiety, so when she does this, I legitimately believe that I've done something wrong.

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>Encouraged a group of cheapass friends of friends to ghost a con knowing they would be caught
>Even claimed I too was ghosting for good measure
>They got caught but were also banned from the convention for the next five years
>tfw I don't even know why I didn't
>tfw they don't blame me at all nor do they suspect that I didn't ghost


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On mobile so can't give lengthy reply but
>possible she has issues/recent depression and you should talk to her about seeing someone for that to manage her anger better
>sometimes friends shouldn't live together and it's better to be roommates with a neutral party - living together constantly all your small habits get on each others' nerves and it can ruin relationships that would be fine living separately

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In all sincerity, what difference does it make?

>> No.9399263

Wtf does "ghost a con" mean. Even google can't tell me.

>> No.9399267

getting in without a badge

>> No.9399268

NAYRT but oldfag (about 13 years) here. The answer is that it DOESN'T make a difference. This is anecdotal, but a girl joined our comm recently who looks on point all the time. When I asked her how long she's been in the fashion, she told me that it's been less than a year and she only knew about it a year prior to that. She knows her stuff about our fashion's history, knows a decent amount about old releases, and knows about the big lolita icons who aren't active today. She's a better dresser than some of the other oldfags in our community too, and dare I say a lot more tolerable.

The only difference MIGHT be that oldfags would know more about older releases and about how lolita was less accessible. So, as a result of that, it took some of us a longer time to not be itas because our resources were sparse. BUT, nowadays, resources are everywhere and newbies are spoonfed information. And that's a great thing! Because it means that people who are willing to learn are able to excel at a far greater speed than we were.

4 years TODAY is plenty of time to be a well-educated lolita. Hell, if someone can get a fucking college degree in four years, they should be able to learn about a fashion in that time or FAR less.

tl;dr: other oldfag-chan is just salty that new lolitas have a greater wealth of info than we did in ye olden days. it's something we should be celebrating, not whining about.

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why not photocopy and laminate a badge.

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I'll shoot* you in the face, anon ;)

You want it while wearing a torn up lolita dress?

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>tfw I don't even know why I didn't
But still....
Do you find them annoying and not want them to go to any cons with you or something?

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I found it annoying that they had ghosted every con we've been to. They also never wanted to pay for anything because they were "broke" as in too broke for dinner but they still have enough for figures.

This last con was new for them and they weren't sure how easy it would be to ghost. I said it was very easy when in reality security is very tight. They really weren't bad people, just cheap. They never even tried to bum food off of anyone.

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I haven't bought anything for myself in a year. All I want is to buy a pair of fucking Teja Jamilla tights to get more wear out of several matching jsks/blouses but I haven't been paid in months. My last job made me work for nothing for 4 months. The job before that didn't pay me for 3 months and when I left, everyone made me feel like I was being stupid and entitled for 'burning bridges'; if I had not put up with I think a bit longer things would have worked out. Bullshit.

I didn't win a scholarship to a top private school, go to college and volunteer for 10 years of my life to be made a slave. I think I deserve a wage now. Some days I have to shift 2 metric tonnes by hand by myself. I've broken two bones on the job, I need surgery on my knee and I might have ovarian cancer but I was made to cancel all my hospital appointments due to lack of staff. I'm lucky if my feet aren't bleeding when I get home. I've had no heating/hot water all winter and my lunch today was a plain slice of bread that expired 5 days ago. I can't stand selling any more of the burando I have left for train fare as it is the only thing that I have to treat myself, even if I barely get to wear Lolita because I have to work 7 days in a row, then I'm either too exhausted to go out or meets never fall on a day off (I'm on a weird rota). It's so frustrating.

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>My last job made me work for nothing for 4 months. The job before that didn't pay me for 3 months
this sounds super illegal, where do you live?

>I was made to cancel all my hospital appointments due to lack of staff
lack of hospital staff or lack of staff at your job?

sounds like a suckfest and i hope you get justice.

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Look into becoming a truck driver.
Less time, but better, reliable pay.
Some companies even pay you through training.

>> No.9399345

>tfw you make a friend with lots in common
>you share the same style tastes and love the same prints.
Finally a kindred Lolita, it's been ages.

>kill me I had a misfortune
Your outlook is the misfortune. Everyone has bad weeks, months, years, and even decades. Ending it all doesn't solve anything, it just leaves a mess for your loved ones. You should love them enough to continue living. Also, should this be a joke, not funny.

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I was to begin work next week and save up money for my first brand pieces.

Now my mother set me up, and I'm in a lawsuit and possibly going to jail.
I don't even know anymore.

>> No.9399353

You sound like a shit person. Why get involved in it at all? They would've gotten caught anyway without you egging them on. I really don't get people that do shit like this

>> No.9399364

>guilt-inducingly large to-sell pile has built up because not urgently needing the cash gives me no incentive to spend what little time I have free putting listings up
>(also never around during daylight hours so I can't photograph stuff to best effect, and can't commit to being able to ship out at a moment's notice)
IKTF. My currency is fucked at the moment so I know I should sell and wait til it recovers (if it recovers) to buy, but I'm too busy to keep on top of sales so I keep buying without selling.

>> No.9399470

I feel like being on this board for so long has ruined me.
I've always had pretty harsh features. Big nose, angular face, small eyes, etc. All I've ever wanted to be is cute. I've been so perpetually jealous of big eyed, soft featured, pretty girls and I feel like I never fit in. I know we have fairly high standards here and since I've been on this board since I was a young teen it's influenced how I've looked at myself as I grew up.
I should really resign myself to just cosplaying as boys but I still want to be the pretty girl.

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I've never heard of someone getting banned for ghosting a con.

Making fake badges, sure, but not ghosting.

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I don't think I'd fit in one of your dresses

>> No.9399491

Then we'll buy you one in just your size!

>> No.9399541

>friend since high school is a hot mess despite landing high paying jobs and now pursuing higher education at an amazing school in her field
>live far away from each other so we don't see each other that often
>she is currently embroiled is super stupid boy drama that I do not care about or want to talk to her about
>she invited herself to stay with me at an upcoming con
>mfw all she's going to want to do is tell me the gritty details of her relationship drama and I just want to enjoy the con.


>> No.9399547

Make up some excuse as you two having fun so she can escape the drama, and when she brings it up say that she should just enjoy herself at the con and that when it's over you'll let her talk to you about it

>> No.9399593

She's less interested in conventions than I am, and she's sort of habitually "not present" (ie, when she's hanging out with me she'll be texting other people, when I'm not with her she'll be texting me about whatever event she's at) so I'm not sure how effective those strategies. There is a small group of us going though, so I'm hoping she won't be a mopey mess in front of our other friends.

>> No.9399616

Posted a few threads back about breaking up with my boyfriend and then owing $1500 for a con I'm no longer going to.

talked to my friend who is an attorney and he explained that I don't owe him anything as it's considered a gift and since I already paid this months rent. The only thing I really gotta pay for is utilities. SO that's good. My ex was trying to hold a $600 plane ticket over my head. Every time I tried to pay him back while we were together I was told "don't worry about it".

However I was kicked out of the house and now I have to stay with my old coworkers. My wardrobe has been moved to a storage unit and I can't get into a place unless someone wants me as a roommate and that's hard to get into apparently. Everyone has very specific tastes in people. I have money saved up, but still, getting into a place is hard.

Trying my best though...

>> No.9399637

Fuck off, it's always the niggers treating us like bitches and hoes in ALL of their music videos and it's always them.

>> No.9399643

Why did you two break up?

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>this artsy friend that I have a big dumb crush on has expressed his serious mutual attraction to me
>lolita included

I'm so fucking jaded, gulls... I believe people are only interested in what they consider "novel" because it is novel, and then only until the novelty wears off. Then it's just weird again, and they don't adore the creativity that initially drew them to you in the first place anymore, now it just makes them feel self conscious, and instead they want you to "tone it down" and then your friends and instead coworkers are like, "are you depressed, you seem less 'you' lately" and so you go back to that single salarywoman life. Every time. The grapes are all sour. I think I'll just stay friends with this one, it'll last longer.

>> No.9399653

How do you deal with the shitty feeling of seeing someone making shitty choices and being rewarded for it?

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>this artsy friend that I have a big dumb crush on has expressed his serious mutual attraction to me
>lolita included

I'm so fucking jaded, gulls... I believe people are only interested in what they consider "novel" because it is novel, and then only until the novelty wears off. Then it's just weird again, and they don't adore the creativity that initially drew them to you in the first place anymore, now it just makes them feel self conscious, and instead they want you to "tone it down" and then your friends and coworkers are like, "are you depressed, you seem less 'you' lately" and so you go back to that single salarywoman life. Every time. The grapes are all sour. I think I'll just stay friends with this one, it'll last longer.

>> No.9399672

What kind of shitty choices and rewards are you talking about

>> No.9399684

Doing drugs (hard stuff, like heroine and cocaine), taking $100 from me and then burning this bridge, and getting paid copious amounts to promote raves and basically getting everything she wants handed to her

>> No.9399687

I had a friend like that. She used to be such a cunt to me but i kept excusing her bullshit with
>oh it must be stress
>shes getting bitchy because of no sleep/drugs/ partying she will be fine soon
>its just drama with her bf
Not saying your best friend is a cunt but i looked back at my friends behavior and she started to be like that and got worse through highschool/college. Maybe your friend is different... But if you look back honestly at your friendship and you see her using/abusing you then leaving is the best thing you can do for yourself. I got random facebook messages months/years down the road that broke my heart. Basically telling me im selfish and not a good friend for just leaving and not being friends with her anymore. I dont regret it but its hard to not hang out with a best friend.

>> No.9399691

I did this at like age 13.
I didn't understand.

>> No.9399710

Why would she take 100 dollars from you when she is getting paid a lot? That to me sounds like a desperate druggy.

Unless you still actually care for them, they'll be sucking std infected dicks for a fix a year or two from now. Usually how it is with people who do harder drugs, especially ones who are doing hard drugs ontop of being into club culture.

>> No.9399711

Two friends of mine are going through this with a roommate, been friends forever with the girl but she's been turning into an absolute cunt, they're both really passive people who don't like conflict so this bitch just walks all over them. Really frustrating to witness
>oh I'm angry because I overloaded my credits!
>I'm stressed because of my job!!
>UGH I can't even deal with anything today because <insert political buzzwords>
>WOW lol
>hyper passive aggressive bullshit

Bitch is unbearable.

Cgl feel:
>gained weight, dresses stopped fitting
>losing weight, dresses fitting better

>> No.9399719

She actually does get paid well, $100 was because she apparently needed it to fix her car. She always eventually got it back to me, but this time, she just took it and fucked me off.

I asked her what I did wrong, when she exploded at me one day, and she used my crying about being sexually assaulted against me, and told me that I needed to grow up and get over it because 'he was hot'. I asked her to vent about that. And she went on to say she hated me and that I am a terrible person who she never liked, and now that she had enough material on me, she was going to ruin me to all our mutual friends.

it just.. hurt. I still don't know what I did. And her life is going fine, and mine is falling apart, and I don't know what to do. She was my only friend for a reason, and she fucked me off and used things against me. I've been burned like this before, but fuck, this time it was bad.

>> No.9399725
File: 103 KB, 449x334, 1485471022686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have crush on friend who is really good at making cosplays
>he's always traveling to big cons and hanging out with other skilled or famous cosplayers
>tfw can't (and don't have time to) make impressive costumes so I often just buy one and call it a day
>tfw senpai will never notice you bc he can easily get a cute and talented cosplay gf that shares his crafting interests

I just wanna dress in cute/comfy jfash and be the pack mule gf who holds his stuff when people ask for pictures and gives him food and water when he's tired from walking around in armor.

I know being a great cosplayer isn't everything to win him over, but I feel so overshadowed by everyone else. We message each other everyday, but I'm easily jealous and feel like one day he'll just stop once he gets more popular.

>> No.9399738

Sounds as if she liked the guy who assaulted you. It'd explain her outburst, or maybe that she was sexually assaulted and was projecting at you.

That being said, she might seem fine to you right now but I've worked in clubs as a bartender and these girls are a needle poke away from going completely off the deep end. Things may be going bad for you, but if you think you'll have it worse than her in a year or two you have really no idea how these people end up. I'd be surprised if she isn't being pimped out by the person who's paying her yet. Club owners are degenerates, and the people who run Raves are far worse.

>> No.9399740
File: 9 KB, 232x238, img_5677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally buy my first dress online
>Get a message that it is out of stock
>O-oh okay can I swap
>No response from seller
>They've already taken the money from my paypal

The site is apparently reputable, but it's been 5 days now without any response

>> No.9399746

File a claim asap to get your money back

>> No.9399756

Yeah but most important part is that this is your friend, right? I think you have a chance.

imo if I were a popular cosplayer I probably wouldn't want to be with another popular cosplayer. I like that me and my current bf have very different hobbies and can appreciate each other's interests without them being a giant part of each other's life.

>> No.9399765

if he talks to you every day there is a chance that he may like you.

He wont act upon anything unless you do your female thing of dropping subtle hints that you like him.

>> No.9399774

Is he currently single? Just ask him out. The worst that happens is he says no? That way you can move on, and find the rad cosplayer guy of your dreams.

Every guy I've ever dated, I've just been super blunt and was like "Hey, I'm really into you, wanna go out sometime?". It's worked for me, and I'm not some super kawaii-chan.

>> No.9399775

I spent my birthday last year alone while he was doing his game night thing. I don't remember if he got me something but we didn't really celebrate.
Sushi is my favorite so I want it on my birthday and he doesn't do fish.

Year before that he acted like a little pissy baby during my birthday outing in front of all my friends and he's very anti social. Or at least with my friends which makes me think he didn't actually like my friends.

We never did anything unless it was planned very far in advance and he never wanted to do anything other than play videogames with his friends in another state.

He also wanted to move to the coast eventually apparently and I don't.

We just didn't have that much in common. I think I managed to end it before it went on too long.

>> No.9399778

Good idea, you should date me instead.
I'm in it for the aesthetics, so you don't have to worry about it just being a novelty.

I'll even be your ouji/aristo accessory, as long as I get final say on what I wear.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Just tell him that you want to go out.
Fucking hell. If he says yes, he will be in it for you, however you are, regardless of how you feel about yourself and how you rank yourself towards other girls.

What puts you ahead is whether you ask him out first. Because none of the other girls will. If you don't, the chances you have of dating him drop significantly because you're just another face in the crowd of possible gfs.

>> No.9399779

I could fuel a fucking sun with how happy I am right now, you guys.

>> No.9399780

No point giving up before you even begin anon.

>> No.9399783

It was more of a 'why complain, he wasn't bad looking. You should be thankful he noticed someone like you' which just hurt. I guess that might be possible, she hangs out with some real sketch people. A guy she had in the car for three hours with us creeped me out, touching me and all that, and I told her, and she just rolled her eyes 'god, you're such a slut! not everyone is interested in you!' not to mention he is seven years older than us. I just got a real weird vibe off of him. And she kissed him and said "yeah lol I have just been sleeping with him sometimes' when he's a convicted felon with armed fucking robbery on his record. I don't know how I didn't see these signs before, it was obvious she was Spiraling out of control.

I thought she was a good friend. But now that I think back, all she did was complain about me. Everything I did was wrong. Even my telling her I was getting my life together, she shit on saying 'you just HAVE to brag after ruining everyone else's day!' what kind of a friend does that? I think she was using me to feel better about herself, and this realization.. it just hurts more than anything she said to me.

>> No.9399788

Wake up, kiddo. She's not your friend and she never was. You just happened to be around and she could always bum money off of you when needed or get a ride. She used you like a condom, and when she got tired of you, she told you to fuck off.

My aunt is the same type of bitch, and let me tell you; she honestly couldn't care less about you. And that attitude won't be changing for several years til she gets knocked up by some asshole and is forced to bust ass to cover her child/bastard child.

Lesson: Start looking for signs that a person is untrustworthy. See who they hang with. When they're willing to dismiss you and trust others, it's probably time to look elsewhere.

And none of this pity stuff. She obviously has none for you, so put her out of your mind. Waste of time and energy to think about trash like that. Rotten on the inside, regardless of your dreamy silver lining times that she faked niceness just to keep you hooked that come to mind. It was all a ruse.

Good luck, kiddo.

>> No.9399790

Which site? Some brands are just slow to respond and they'll blacklist you if you file a claim on them after just 5 days.

>> No.9399798

What this anon said >>9399788

I'll just add onto it that you're listening to a girl who is fucking ex felons and making fun of you by saying "you're lucky he noticed you" . Guy is probably one of the many she gets her drugs off of.

She's a parasite, set on making you feel bad. The only thing you should feel bad about is letting this trash get her stink on you.

>> No.9399800

Thanks. I needed a swift kick in the ass.

It will take time to heal but it's good to know I can move on. This happened a while ago, and I had a bad swing but it's starting to get better already. I know her life will eventually self destruct. I do know her ex (I talk to him, he was a nice genuine guy who had her clean; or so he thought) and he took his ring and fucked her off. He deserved better too, because she used him too. she told me that she broke things off, but he just told me that he broke things off, because she cheated on him while high. Good for him. She was a manipulative cunt I realize, and she deserves to burn

>> No.9399809

>tfw my dream

Fair enough,anon. I'm trying to err on the side of "not rushing in or getting hopes up too high" rather than the "why bother" these feels are bringing on.

>> No.9399827

>tfw my dream

Well, do you live on the east coast?

If it's your dream, at least keep in mind that an offer stands while you're deciding whether or not to take your chances with this guy. If this guy is who you want to be with, then I hope that things DO work out for you, and he ends up being supportive of your lolita (and other) hobby and isn't some trash guy.

But if things don't work out, would you rather spend some time feeling rejected/depressed and wondering about relationships? Or moving forward with your search for someone that you mutually find happiness with?

The way I figure it, it's best to keep your options open. As long as an offer isn't tying you down, it's best not to immediately reject it, aye?

>> No.9399867
File: 59 KB, 658x662, 1489957946582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Previously on the autist channel >>9395825

Today's episode:
>Go jogging again
>Decide to go along the same path as before, which leads into the park
>I see lolitas again, but not as many as before
>they are on the opposite side of a small river
>I can't tell which ones are there, they are all poofy from the distance
>They notice me and wave, walking up to the edge as if they want to talk (more like loudly talk)
>I go up as well on the opposite side, while drinking from my water bottle
>One of them says something, and they all giggle
>3 of the 4 do that finger point thingy, while the other one shouts "Most embarrassing behavior"
>she pulls out a fucking teacup, and the little plate thingy that goes underneath (do you girls really carry those in your bags, I thought it was a joke)
>realize it's the same poof girl who knocked over my water bottle before
>I laugh like a dummy, taking another drink but point my pinky out like a gentleman
>wave goodbye and run off

They are all so cute, gulls. I have a crush now. I'm such a social dummy though, I don't think I could talk to them in a normal conversation.

I'm memeing with lolitas, but I think it's just dumb luck that I've seen the two times I've gone jogging in a row. I'm going to feel bad when I go again and they aren't there.

>> No.9399873

It's a taobao reseller called Glitzy Wonderland

>> No.9399879 [DELETED] 

>Russian servers are live!
>All of discord implodes. Hold on, technical difficulties.

>> No.9399900

>she pulls out a fucking teacup, and the little plate thingy that goes underneath (do you girls really carry those in your bags, I thought it was a joke)
That's... wildly unlikely. Maybe they were having a picnic before you met them and they (or at least this girl) brought their own teacups?
Anyway, assuming this is legit, this is really dang cute, anon. What makes you think you can't have a normal conversation with them?

>> No.9399902

I really want to believe this.

>> No.9399905

This sounds really cute and I support you, anon. Follow your dreams.

>> No.9399908

I'm assuming they were prepared for the eventuality they'd run into anon the next time. Clever.

>> No.9399912
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be hot for the con next month, but I keep eating IKEA food.

Also I'm on my period and crying because I accidentally imagined what would happen if a kid dropped his cookies in the mud.

>> No.9399916

No, anon. Work towards the perfect giant cabinet shape you've been working towards.

>> No.9399921

I'd understand why it sounds sketchy. I was surprised that they even recognized me. I dont think i'd be good in a normal conversation because other than cons, I haven't had a legitimate conversation with someone other than family for more than 4 years. I've been tested to see if I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum but I'm not, oddly enough. I don't really know what is wrong.

This is what makes me feel uncomfortable. I didn't recognize two of the girls, but they seemed to know what was going on. That must mean that they talked about what happened with their friends.

Now I'm going to overthink things. What if I didn't drink from my water bottle. What would she have done then? Did she bring other things in preparation so she could meme back at me? I mean she must have thought that it was a very low chance at interacting with me as well, and I while I thought it'd be fun to run into them again I didn't even imagine that it'd happen again. So she must have wanted to see me again?

How am I not an autist

>> No.9399929

To be honest, anon, it sounds like you're just a little rusty when it comes to talking to people. I acted completely autistic before my gf forced me to talk to people daily, now I can make smoother smalltalk than most of my coworkers. It's something you have to practice to keep it feeling natural, most people don't experience not talking long enough to realize that.

>> No.9399930

I feel like most of my lolita friends are way cooler than I am and like they are just humoring me, pretending to be my friends and actually find me really annoying. There isn't much solid proof for me to think this, but it still just eats away at me constantly.

I also got too drunk over the weekend and made a huge ass of myself in front of someone I don't know too well. I am going to be stuck seeing them a bunch at an upcoming con too. I kind of want to die of embarrassment. I already don't see or hangout with people much, and when I do I always manage to completely embarrass myself.

I legit don't understand how anyone puts up with me.

>> No.9399934

Victorian Me definitely should be a household name in lolita communities worldwide!
She is very popular here in China too, and I am really happy that she inspired you to work harder on mandarin!
Good luck Anon! And have a nice day!

>> No.9399937

>Posted a coord on CoF
>waiting for feedback
>waiting for some anon to post the coord to /cgl/
>refuses to selfpost

>> No.9399942

Well if this will calm you down, it wasn't bad enough for someone to use your picture as something to laugh at in the thread.

>> No.9399945

Don't rely on strangers opinions. Just because someone is anon, doesn't make it true.

>> No.9399958
File: 824 KB, 500x372, helpmeimpo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anticipating on job offer/rejection
>preparing to move to new town for job
>obsessively prepares budget while apartment hunting
>uglycry.gif when seeing how little is left over after bills
>con season is coming up & Ulta has amazing sales between now and if/when I move

I really want things to work out because it means I can have health insurance, I'd be able to move in with a cosplay friend (and potential lolita), and I'd be able to move up/around in the company I've applied for.

I know I'm not going to have much of a choice, but to make the plunge, however, I'm not mentally prepared to move out of my parent's, and live on a shoe-string budget again.

Man, I wish I was smart enough to be in STEM. I'm ok with bills if I can also pay for frills, but that seems unlikely for a while...


Unrelated, but I was just checking my phone and my Sephora app notification said: Ghosting is not cool.


jesus. wtf.

>> No.9399962

Did you make sure to ask for concrit in your post?Anyways, it couldn't have been so bad if no one pointed out obvious flaws.

>> No.9399972

You gotta go with your strong points. I bet you would make great for characters like Satsuki from KLK or any of the women in Attack on Titan.

>> No.9399976
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your friend's sister is being a nuisance at the con, jumps a bannister, and lands right on her nuts

>> No.9399997

How do you deal with girl hate? Some girls are petty bitches and will go after you for no reason.

>> No.9400000
File: 599 KB, 500x500, makochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, I'm the grill from a few threads ago, whose bf is building a life-size Hatsune Miku for his apartment.

He was joking today that he may install a pocket pussy in her. At least, I think he was joking. Should I worry?

>> No.9400004

It would be impractical, for a start...

>> No.9400006


>> No.9400009

i'm subject to a lot of grill hate all the time and i've figured out the best way to deal is to ignore it. if you didn't do anything wrong, you didn't do anything wrong. the best revenge is to keep on being better than them imo. like, bitch over anon all you want, but i'll still be cuter. that's how i feel at least.

>> No.9400012

I mean in my situation they'd do it to my face or behind my back. They'd say shit to my face and the rest of them would giggle, and they'd say nasty shit like I was being a drama queen or that I was crazy if I tried standing up for myself. So I left that toxicity. But now I'm scared everyone is like that, and it'll just happen again.

It made me feel like shit about myself. They said my taste in lolita sucked and that I was embarrassing. It sucks even more because my life is going perfectly lately and I'm letting these meaningless sad people get under my skin. :(

>> No.9400022

hard to get a grasp of your situation without deets/without knowing you personally, because then i'd probably be able to tell you why they're acting that way

but anyway just remove yourself from the situation? why would you waste your time worrying about the opinions of people who clearly want to dislike you. don't try to impress anybody or strive to make a reconciliation when there isn't anyone worth impressing or reconciling with. words can sting for a minute or two but you're letting them win if you lose sleep over it.

>> No.9400029

It's called a vagina, anon.

She hurt her *vagina*.

>> No.9400031

March 31st is smash box primer and fuck I am so stoked.

>> No.9400035

If the pocket pussy is a Venus Real, you will get cucked for sure on a stimulation level. However, if he doesn't break up with you, you can be happy that he loves you so much that no plastic pussy, no matter how good, can NTR you. Probably a good time to look into cuckqueaning

>> No.9400037

Bf dealt with someone like this. She threatened to knife us one night and then he moved in with me. God speed, gull.

>> No.9400043

Contour, circle lenses, and falsies. I believe in you.

>> No.9400058
File: 53 KB, 1024x768, youmadmiku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a dude would rather stick his winky in a mannequin than you

All hail 2D.

>> No.9400076
File: 6 KB, 232x217, esla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>her nuts

>> No.9400079
File: 1.65 MB, 1214x1109, 1488849927501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girls are becoming a thing of the past.
You've toyed with us for too long, now it's your turn to be /r9k/. Within 5 years, we will see "tfw no cgl bf" at the start of every feels thread and greentext stories about dudes being annoyed by creepy girls at cons always making unwanted advances and complaining that their friends can't take rejection.

We will have the occasional post of a lonely girl whining that they can never get laid; and the majority will tell them to shut the fuck up, go back to their containment board, and "just learn better makeup (just lift)" or "it's because you never try!" or "You aren't ENTITLED to love! You're so fucking selfish!"

The time of woman as come to an end. I applaud your bf for being one of the forerunners on this magnificent frontier. I, for one, welcome our new waifu overlords.

>> No.9400083

>tfw your gf's penis won't stop dripping all over her petti in public and embarrassing the fuck out of you

>> No.9400087

>tfw your bf's pussy is always hungry and eats all the cookies at the tea party

>> No.9400117
File: 30 KB, 801x720, stockannoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. One time my friend decided to jump into my lap for a picture and landed full force, knee-first, right on my vulva.

I was on the floor for a while after that one, but we laugh now.

>> No.9400121

Flashbacks to when my friend gave me a glomped and popped my uvula.

>> No.9400134

Did she glomp you inside the mouth? How did she hurt your uvula?

>> No.9400224
File: 74 KB, 1420x946, IMG_1077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl in comm trying to get fit for upcoming Con
>girl breaks leg again
>anticipating her to do a big sale to pay for medical bills
>feels good man

>> No.9400225

I dunno', I'd be inclined to help out personally. That actually sounds kind of cool.

>> No.9400231
File: 50 KB, 305x683, readytodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been out of college for five years
>friends are all successful artists
>I'm a drone, making grocery store catalogs

But... at least my cosplay is better than theirs, right??!

I should kill myself.

>> No.9400233

manson said his greatest power was telling people what they wanted to hear

>> No.9400254


Not for sure, but anon might be saying they found out friend's sister is not actually a sister.

>> No.9400261

>girl breaks leg again

Is this like a habit whenever she tries to get fit or something?

>> No.9400265

How would she guess that just from seeing her fall on a rail?

>> No.9400266

I don't know what I'd say to someone if they just managed to break bones every time they tried getting fit. I guess tell them to start with walking or something.

>> No.9400273

what in the world

>> No.9400276

The first time she broke her leg, it was after coming home from Japan not from getting fit. Our Comm has a lot of hills so it's difficult to walk.

>> No.9400287 [DELETED] 

Hills are no reason to not walk. My town on top of a mountain range. It's uphill, both ways. It's not that difficult.

>> No.9400295

Hills are no reason to not walk. My town is on top of a mountain range. It's uphill, both ways, no matter where you go. It's not that difficult. She might prefer it as exercise if she tries it.

>> No.9400316

tell me more tell me more

>> No.9400319

She also can't go in far distances without a toilet to use. Her condition can strike at any moment.

>> No.9400320

You'd be a better housewife than them, I bet

>> No.9400323

i capped your last post cause its so cute
she prob brought the teacup in hopes of seeing you
go watch some deerstalker so you have more memes to quote and shell fall in love with you

>> No.9400331
File: 180 KB, 499x561, lifesucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I'm male

I've been told I could be a trophy husband though

>> No.9400338


it's over buddy boy

>> No.9400363 [DELETED] 
File: 272 KB, 2000x600, 1372886690738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And what a glorious future it will be.

>> No.9400364

is this about kate

>> No.9400367

Glass bones and permanent diarrhea.

Is she hot at least?

>> No.9400369

You should look at Vince Vell Customs, anon! He was basically exactly where you were, making auto store catalogs, when he picked up comic book statue customizing. Now he makes a pretty penny off of professional work and commissions. The price of his stuff per piece probably blows your friends out of the water, and he's always working.

>> No.9400381

Pls b real

>> No.9400389
File: 40 KB, 300x451, laughinggrills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol go get ur money back quick anon

>> No.9400407
File: 179 KB, 858x564, gigawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>new girl shows up to our tea
>decide to chat her up
>she's clearly from the rural parts of the state
>"What a lovely comm. I'm so glad you don't have any dindoos."
>all of my wat
>ask her wtf "dindoos" are
>"You know... (whispers) blacks."

What the fuuuuuuucck? This bitch was ita as shit, btw. Should I try to teach her tolerance and fashion, or something?

>> No.9400414
File: 40 KB, 508x462, deanwtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry. Your friend's sister is no longer suitable for marriage.

>> No.9400430

>I dont think i'd be good in a normal conversation because other than cons, I haven't had a legitimate conversation with someone other than family for more than 4 years. I've been tested to see if I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum but I'm not, oddly enough. I don't really know what is wrong.
Like >>9399929 says, it just sounds like lack of practice, or even, depending on how long this has been going on, inadequate socialisation when younger. I was bullied and ostracised from my entire year group in middle/high school and only spoke to one or two kids from other grades, and it resulted in me basically having no idea how to interact with people my own age until after I'd been at university for a while. If it's small talk in general with anyone who isn't a family member, I'd recommend doing some sort of volunteering. You meet a really wide spectrum of age groups from elderly to young teens padding out their extracurriculars, so you get good at small talk with a range of people fast.

>> No.9400440

Congratulations, you have attained the "meh" zone of coordination. Not bad enough for people to poke fun at, not good enough for people to particularly praise. Just basic, solid coordination with no obvious mistakes.

I feel like I've seen this before. Is this a copy-paste?

>> No.9400443

I'm in that 'Meh' zone. Still not as bad as it could be for just starting out.

>> No.9400444

I hate it when people make the feels thread about their relationship problems. Fuck off to /soc/ or something for gods sake

>> No.9400449

>fuck off to cams/meetups to discuss relationship issues

Not to make fun of you for being dumb/ignorant, but you are aware that there exists an /adv/ice board, yes?

>> No.9400454

I've been in the meh zone for two years. Ended up in the CoF thread a few times, basically never got comments. If you're not ita, not experimental and you're not wearing a coveted print (so something people will either fawn over or get gry about you not doing justice) most people just don't give a shit.

>> No.9400458

We can't all be rich and naturally pretty.

>> No.9400461 [DELETED] 

Race is not just a difference of skin color.

Some other notable biological differences would be that we have different skull structures, we have different facial features, different races cannot give/receive bone marrow transplants, and many genetic differences, for example sickle cell anemia almost exclusively effects blacks.

Is it unreasonable to claim that perhaps their is an average difference in intelligence, entirely due to biological differences and not socioeconomic?

Blacks on average score lower on IQ tests than whites, even rich black people compared to poor white people, and even black children raised in wealthy white homes.

They lived in Africa uncontacted for hundreds of years and never advanced past stone age level technology, while at the same time whites and East Asians had amazing civilizations and technology.

In the US over 50% of murders are committed by blacks despite them only making up about 13% of the population. They commit crimes at vastly disproportionate rates compared to whites, and you can't blame it on them being poor because many regions in the Appalachias are also extremely poor, but also very white, and low crime.

Hundreds of white women are raped by black men every year, do you know the average number of black girls raped by white men? Literally zero.

Face it, some races are biologically just less intelligent and more prone to commit crime. Those "cultural/regional differences" stem from biological differences.

>> No.9400463

Why are you letting him build a life sized teenager?

>> No.9400470

>sickle cell
'Cause Malaria

Your other points are antiquated, and your statistic game is lacking, when was the last time you took anthropology classes?

4/10 for making me reply

>> No.9400484

My boyfriend is really nice but he's been "between jobs" now for over 6 months, he's broke and doesn't pay for anything. Every time I go to a con I get hit on by a ton of guys and it's really hard for me to not cheat. As soon as some guy with his shit together shows interest I'm gonna dump him, is it that wrong?

>> No.9400489

It's anime. Everyone is legal.

>> No.9400491

No, but you should really just dump him now, instead of cheating(which will likely happen) and then the breakup that will follow.

I have had enough female friends to know that you gals are kind of like monkeys. You'll hold onto one branch until you have a firm grip on another. What you're doing is very very common among other girls. I find it hard to understand.

>> No.9400496

Uvula is the one in your mouth.

Vulva is the one in your underwear.

>> No.9400500

>crying because I accidentally imagined what would happen if a kid dropped his cookies in the mud.
Wtf is wrong with you?! Now I'm thinking about it too

>> No.9400501

Obvious bait

>> No.9400502

I didn't mean "don't give a shit" in a bad way, like I'm jealous. I'm pretty happy with people being indifferent, better than having vendettas every time I post.

>> No.9400507


A woman would never need to ask advice to cheat on a guy who can't buy her things. She'd do it without hesitation.

Try harder next time trolls.

>> No.9400509

Nah, I feel you, it's the same for me. I'm just remarking that not everyone can be at the furthest cusp of the bell curve.

>> No.9400512

There's an r9k phrase for that very thing, the tree swinging thing. I just call it being a parasite and leave it at that.

>> No.9400519

this thread is nothing but an /r9k/ circlejerk anyway so thats very fitting

>> No.9400529

I wouldn't know, I've not been to r9k in a very long time. I hope I wasn't responding to bait though, because I know a particular person likes to show up in these threads to just post offtopic.

>> No.9400548

I really cant stand fat itas
I mean, being fat in lolita is one thing
but being fat and bad at the fashion is just too much. What can you lardasses do right?

>> No.9400553

I'm black. My IQ is 145 but I have had at least 3 white men attempt to rape me, 1 flashed me and 1 masturbated on me in broad daylight in a public park last year.

>> No.9400559

At least itas can be taught. Fatty-chans refuse to address their issues.

>> No.9400567 [DELETED] 

>a particular person

It's me. This is a predominantly female section of the internet conveniently located on 4chan, it's very attractive to someone who hates women like me.

Sometimes I just need a fresh reminder of how stupid women are, and how modern society has ruined them.

They're whores that exchange their bodies for wealth and status, they sleep with men promiscuously, they flaunt their sexual value, they now freely choose which men get sexual access, and they choose in a way that destroys society and family structure.

They're like children, they are not capable of building a civilization, nor are they capable of maintaining or advancing it. Men built civilization, men invented almost everything, and throughout history the motivation to contribute to society for the large majority of men was the promise of having a wife who would bear his children, have sex with him, and not cheat or divorce (because we had laws harshly punishing adultery, restricting divorce, and in general not letting women freely destroy everything).

Women have destroyed everything regarding marriage, children, and sex. They have destroyed the main pillar of civilization, and men allowed it to happen. I am mad about this everyday, there is no reason to even get a job because of this.

>> No.9400575

>My IQ is 145

Only the top 0.2% of people have that IQ or higher. You, a (probably non-existent) black woman on 4chan, either are in the top 99.8 percentile for intelligence, or you're so stupid you think online IQ tests mean anything. Or you just can't make a believable lie.

>> No.9400581

What con? I've ghosted and made fake badges with my friends at plenty of cons. Even when one of them was caught they weren't banned.

>> No.9400583

Yawn, generic /r9k/ post. Please go back to that board.

>> No.9400592

wah wah wah wah

>> No.9400604


>banned from a convention

oh yeah I'm sure a volunteer is going to memorize a list of faces that are banned...

lol how do they even enforce that

>> No.9400644

will go to my first con in some time, and I know already that I will just chill with friends and admire beautiful, fun people, with great cosplays from afar
>tfw I host esports shows and cosplay contests no problem, with hundreds to thousands of viewers
>tfw too shy to actually strike up a conversation with a stranger irl

>> No.9400722

>tfw want to buy things
>tfw find things I like total it up and get ready to buy it
>sit there and feel bad about buying things
>think about what else I could use the money for
>don't buy anything

it's been like this for a year now, all I do is save money, what the fuck do I do?

>> No.9400734

This sounds so much like her I want to puke. She always says she's too busy for anything she says she'll do for me, but then she will sit and play MMOs for 4 hours straight, every single day without fail. She says that it's because she's a senior and she has sooooooo much work to do, but when SHE wants to do shit, it's now or never, if I turn her down she literally has a tantrum. I work two jobs and I have plenty of time in my schedule, she is only taking two classes this semester but I'm supposed to believe she's overrun with work.

She can't admit wrongdoing, she can't handle anyone disagreeing with her, and she can't handle being anything but a victim. She also always blames her depression and anxiety, but she copes suspiciously well. In fact she only ever has issues with it when it's very convenient for her. Meanwhile I'm suffering from debilitating and crippling depression and anxiety that she is intensifying, but I'm expected to be sympathetic towards HER. She does usually come and help me when I'm having a panic attack (I have really low key panic attacks, I just need to lay in bed with someone and have some human contact until I can fall asleep), but half the time she's the cause of the panic attack so I almost feel like she owes me that? I guess that's a little shitty of me though.

>> No.9400740

I feel this. Anytime I do buy myself anything, I beat myself up over it and tell myself how dumb it was to spend the money. Doesn't help to be involved in an expensive hobby.

>> No.9400743

If you want to talk to the educational psychologist who arranged the testing you can go do that, but I would have thought the fact that men go around jerking off on women in broad in daylight was the more pressing issue.

>> No.9400820

>I feel like I've seen this before.
Same, could just be the same anon reposting.

>> No.9400825

It's not wrong as long as you dump him first, and don't give him some halfhearted hope or hint that you might get back together.

It's basically a safety net. Some people might like to pretend that gender roles are all nurture no nature, but nearly all girls do like to have the feeling of being "protected", even if it's someone who turned into a useless NEET.

>> No.9400837

>They lived in Africa uncontacted for hundreds of years and never advanced past stone age level technology, while at the same time whites and East Asians had amazing civilizations and technology.
Ancient peoples had a lot more contact and exchange than you think.
There was trade of gold, ivory, incense and other precious goods. Manufacture of bronze and iron, and early forms of steel.

>> No.9400851

>Work for an online store with a lot of chinese customers
>Hate them at first because they're so demanding, but end up liking them after years and years of processing their orders
>For some reason a lot of koreans start ordering from our store
>MFW koreans are like chinese on steroids, so annoying, so intense, so rude, the worst customers I have ever dealt with
>Korean customers just keep increasing and increasing while chinese almost stopped ordering because of some new taxes

I hate my life and koreans

>> No.9400855

>take picture of kids banned from con
>put photo next to entrance/badge purchase and/or auto filter their name for online filter purchase
>they are now banned

ez pz

>> No.9400859

Yeah, there's some troll who lives a sad life.

I guess they had a bad experience with someone who browsed this board.

>> No.9400862

>tfw have crush on lolita friend
>want to spoil her rotten with dresses and presents and chocolates and etc
>holding myself back because I need to be financially responsible while in between jobs
>can't stop thinking about surprises and presents and making her laugh and smile and be giddy
>can't stop thinking about all of the pretty dresses and tea party accessories


>> No.9400869

Of course, if they had a bad experience with someone into cosplay or j-fashion, they could totally post their experience, and it would be on topic for the feels thread, but instead they shit post.

But, you know, offers out there, /cgl/ related feels. Petticoats deflating, wig issues, girl in the frills got you down, cute cosplay girl rejected you, girl used her for her brand, and so on and so forth. I don't know that they'll bite. I think they will just troll.

>> No.9400873

>TFW been paying off my car for almost a year now
>Got my tax return in my account so I can finally pay it off and start saving for brand now that I'm losing a lot of weight

>> No.9400881

Oh, I see, yeah, there's not always bathrooms when one walks. She's really wants to get fit though, huh. In all seriousness, if she's got insurance, she should speak to her doctor about a physical therapy program. Some areas do have 'gyms' that actual professionals work out that make sure people with conditions don't hurt or overexert themselves trying to lose weight/exercise.

Was breaking the leg exercising just a freak accident? If she's prone to poor health, she may need to seek a physical therapist instead of going to just a normal gym.

>> No.9400901


>> No.9400902

Well now my employer knows I have complained online and said I could be prosecuted for breaching a verbal confidentiality agreement. Guess I don't have to worry about a job anymore.

>> No.9400937

Have any fun examples?

>> No.9400940

That's still illegal, I dunno if you live in a third world country or what but if you don't you need to report it

>> No.9401005

If this story is even true, your employer is being ridiculous. You could fuck up his world in court, and should.

>> No.9401026

Just do a picture dump from cof and casually throw your picture in there. I do that sometimes. If nobody says anything then your coord is probably pretty solid but isn't anything super impressive.

>> No.9401029

yeahh he's full of shit. prosecute him, that shit is super illegal dude

>> No.9401039

Your girls safety net is extraordinarily selfish and emotionally scarring when the guy figures it out.

>> No.9401047
File: 128 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mio820piXT1rtej1xo2_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been really bad about spending lately.
I've bought at least 3 new dresses, and am pursuing a fourth because it's a high-level dream dress.
The problem is I'm affording it by taking out of my savings. i know it's bad but I'm really only hurting myself.
My bf, who does not save any savings, and also spends a lot on his hobbies, has been getting somewhat passive aggressive towards me for it. I don't blame him. But I can't help myself, it's the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

>> No.9401058

Anon it sounds like you need a hobby other than spending money. Do you like photography, or sewing? Or studying a language? I'm starting to get into sewing since I'm trying to find a hobby other than buying clothes.

Also, I try and save about fifty dollars a month. It isn't a lot, but when I was unemployed for a month it saved my ass.

>> No.9401075

so is finding out for the first time that guys only like women because they can fuck them

the street runs both ways dude

>> No.9401090

I'm in a relationship with a guy, and he's honestly the best guy I've ever met. He's really funny, he's also a cosplayer, and he treats me like a princess. I, on the other hand, am not only really bad at showing affection without getting embarrassed, but am a fucking mess. While I've been "happy" because I've made a new friend group and boyfriend after ~4 years of being isolated with my only friend being a really shitty now-ex who treated me like shit, I haven't been going to my classes and got in trouble for being late to work and missed out on a promotion because of it. Granted, I was really sick when I missed most of my classes, but like today I just sort of woke up, saw that I was going to be 10 minutes late, and then went back to bed. Like, he's got his shit together, he's graduated college and has an adult job, and one time he even told off a mutual "friend" about how she needs to get her shit together when she was in a similar situation to mine. It's weird, I'm so happy. I am very VERY happy where I am right now, but my depression is ruining everything.

>> No.9401103

In my experience, no she wont change she will get worse. It sounds like your friendship is a way to validate herself by making you feel bad and that very rarely changes. You deserve to move on with your life and find good, supportive friends.

>> No.9401152

I have to keep my ouji and aristo clothes away from my friends. I dont even go out with them, nor do I have any lolita friends. I just buy them and wear them indoors and somehow I'm content with that

>> No.9401172

didn't mean to link a post, whoops.

>> No.9401182

>order wig from taobao for a cosplay
> it wasn't with the rest of the order
>order new wig from ebay
>never arrived
>order new wig from different site with expensive shipping
>package lost
I think the cosplay gods are trying to tell me not to do this cosplay

>> No.9401186

>tfw friend asks me and the husband to go with them to a con
>in london
>tfw I only care about seeing Niagara falls

road trip!

>> No.9401203

Get into therapy, anon. And if you're clinically depressed and not on meds, look into whether medication would be the right step for you.

If you love these things in your life and you see your depression ruining them, then protect them by dealing with your depression. Not that it goes away, it doesn't, but therapy will teach you coping mechanisms to keep it from stopping you. Therapy will also give you the opportunity and the tools to work through and understand your road blocks.

If you don't have insurance or don't think you can afford it, look into local options for low income medical and see if they have a behavior health branch, or look into the options available cheap/free through your school. I know two people with medical grants/scholarships going through therapy for depression completely for free, and it is doing both of them a world of good. (I also have a therapist, but am blessed enough to be able to pay for mine)

>> No.9401209

Why do you have to make it about gender? A guy has done the same thing to me because he hates being single and lonely. There are self-centered males and females.

>> No.9401215

also in my experience, my friend didn't get better until she lost my friendship and had to be on her own.

You need to be assertive and put your foot down here. I recommend telling her that you two aren't compatible as roommates, and you want to live somewhere else. Sublease your place out (legally she cannot force you to stay, nor can she refuse to have someone else move in) and find a lease or sublease to take over. That is creating distance between the two of you and can possibly save the friendship. If you're in a university town, it isn't hard to find places still available to sublease or to take over a lease.

It's a lot of work, but you don't deserve to be treated like shit in your own home.

>> No.9401273

Because r9k always has to make women the bad guy because theyre unhappy and women should be unhappy too.

>> No.9401372

I've been seeing a therapist, but I've been off my meds for a while now. I think I'll go see if I can get them through my school, I know they have services like that for veterans, so I'm sure they should have something similar for other students. Thank you, anon

>> No.9401374

Most colleges will offer these services. How I got treated was because my school offered it. Best of luck anon

>> No.9401399

This might sound cute but chances are this guy looks more like a creeper/stalker. Stay away from these girls if that's the case

>> No.9401404

A few weeks ago, I agreed to buy my friend some random shit off of taobao because I thought it would be a nice thing to do and she is too scared to use one. I asked for just the price of the items + shopping service fee.

The money got to me yesterday, but I couldn't pay for the SS because I was super sick. I spent the entire day sleeping. My friend was asking me what's wrong, so I told her I might have mono or strep throat. But she still insisted on finalizing the transactions today. Wtf??? I'm doing her a favor, not a job. Please, learn how to use taobao yourself if you want things done at your pace.

All of this has been rubbing me off the wrong way. She's only been texting me about looking up stuff and taobao and then asking me if the money has arrived in my bank account yet. I don't know, this makes me want to distance myself from her.

>> No.9401421


>> No.9401448

im a london anon, hope you have a great time!

>> No.9401455

Set a strict time to buy yearly. Mines "February, November and dream dresses." It's helped a lot.

>> No.9401479

She's probably just very anxious about it. I get the same way when someone is doing something nice for me, I just imagine every possible thing that can go wrong and worry about it.

>> No.9401506

I love /cgl/ edits of image macross, they're hilarious and cute at the same time.

>> No.9401607

Thanks! It's for tennocon, which is for some online game, warframe? No idea what I'm in for but super excited about going outside the US

>> No.9401614

So, because a man take his daily jog in a park that just happens to be where girls also hold a meet, he's a stalker?

Sorry honey, you don't own the park. Hell, how's he know the girls aren't stalking him since he's regularly ran that route since who knows when. Think about what you are saying before you say it. That sounded about retarded.

>> No.9401632

I've been drowning in depression and anxiety. Blowing all my money on lolita and cosplay to try and cheer myself up. I've also gained weight from just eating like shit because I don't have energy to cook or care if I'm eating well.

I have a wonderful boyfriend and quite a few friends, not very many close friends though. Anxiety is making me constantly question whether any of them like me or if its all some kind of big joke, and they're all laughing behind my back at how dumb and awkward I am.

I spend most of my free time laying in bed wondering what I did to become this much of an unhappy fuck up.

There's also a con coming up soon and I just want to bail and not see anyone because I don't see the point in trying to maintain relationships anymore because I don't deserve friends.

>> No.9401639

Does she know? Careful before you neutralize yourself in her eyes.

>> No.9401664

What did he mean by this?

>> No.9401678

I know she has anxiety. But we're both adults. At least if she really wants things done soon, she could have asked nicer or thanked me a little.

>> No.9401690

My friend typically has amazing coords! When I first met her she was SO cute and we've been really good friends. But the last six months her coords have been really bad! She's just been getting worse. She's been in the fashion way longer than me. Should I say something?

>> No.9401704

Does your friend post anywhere asking for concrit?

>> No.9401755


>> No.9401879

She knows.
Even if we don't end up going out, I want to spoil her anyways.
Too qt to resist perhaps.

>> No.9401887

I bought a cosplay secondhand from someone like two weeks ago and they keep making excuses as to why they haven't shipped it out yet. Would it be rude to ask for my money back at this point?

>> No.9401898

have you tried yet?

>> No.9402052

Whenever I see an overwatch cosplay I want to strangle someone

>> No.9402057


>> No.9402080

This is a feels thread, not a help thread. But you should negotiate a deadline with the seller.

>> No.9402106

>He's probably ugly, gross

>> No.9402111

>crying because I accidentally imagined what would happen if a kid dropped his cookies in the mud.

Shit like this is why men question women holding positions of power.

>> No.9402116

Oh shiiiit we got a robot here

>> No.9402131
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: Still on my period, and now I'm sobbing because of Splatoon. The inklings sound so sad after you splatter them.

>> No.9402133
File: 264 KB, 1456x1080, Bashful-bashful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh anon, that's sweet, look at you shit posting here like you matter.

>> No.9402159

Well I'm pretty confident in how I look. I'm pretty handsome I just don't go outside. I understand where that anon was coming from though, because once I saw them again I was kind of hoping they didn't think I was following them around. I don't like that I have to worry about these things though. Culture we live in these past few years is mentally draining.

>> No.9402166

I feel like I'm on the verge of making some genuine con friends but their online postings alternate between normal weeby jokingly drooling over waifus (which is fine) and vaguely unironic SJWish things (which makes me feel like i'll have to walk on eggshells so some bipolar human land mine doesn't start calling my employer for some perceived microagression).

>> No.9402230

we're not all hypersensitive sjws l promise u

>> No.9402234
File: 77 KB, 179x239, 1483925614982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>socially crippled
>download amino hoping to make some Internet buds for stuff I like
>every single one is full of underage tumblr brats who think their opinions are facts, can't practice critical thinking, throw fits, draw on lined paper, write bad fanfic and post cosplay photos that consist of a very filtered selfie in a wig
>Most prominent people are self-important teens who post a few filler lines of bullshit with stolen pictures every few days to stay relevant

Fuck I fucked up

>> No.9402258

goddamn you ruined my hope

>> No.9402304

Yeah, cof and she's been posted on here. Am I bad friend if I concrit her on here? I don't want to ruin our friendship but a good friend wouldn't let their friend post pictures online looking like the way she has.

>> No.9402315
File: 127 KB, 307x567, 1487647963703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're finding out the easy way. Consider this a blessing from me to you, don't fucking do it man, it's like succubus.

>> No.9402355


>> No.9402365
File: 124 KB, 600x1004, reason.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course.
I was turned down, but that's okay.
She's a genuine and kindhearted person, and it feels good to have someone like that be in my life. I'm satisfied with staying friends if it means we continue being a part of each other's lives.
Maybe if I'm close enough, her personality will rub off on me. Here's to wishful thinking!

Also, she's got great taste in lolita, that sweet Goose (keep that between you and me)

>> No.9402414 [DELETED] 

>Madam president, the foreign army is invading! We need to do something or our nation will be destroyed!
>Tell them to go back to /r9k/
>It's how I solve all my problems. For good measure call them fat neckbeards too. That should do them in.
>Ma'am with all do respect I don't think that will-
>Do you want me to tell you to go back to /r9k/ too general?
>Uhh, no ma'am. I'll go get right on it.

>> No.9402425

>being this assblasted

I'm not even them but anon, it's a bit cringy.

>> No.9402449
File: 93 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get so mad when people poop/shit at cons.

Especially masculine who insist on crapping in the lady's room.

>> No.9402452 [DELETED] 

>can't argue against it
>can't come up with anything clever of your own
>can't go with your usual "go back to /r9k/"
>default to "kek u mad so cringe"

>> No.9402459 [DELETED] 

>Mister president, the foreign army is invading! We need to do something or our nation will be destroyed!
>I'm busy trying to get /cgl/'s attention!
>That's how I solve all my problems: by shitposting so I can get a girl's attention for once in my life. For good measure give out my male opinion that is male too. That will surely make them notice me.
>Sir with all due respect I don't think that will-
>Do you want me to throw shitty greentexts at you too general?
>Uhh, no sir. I'll go get right on it.

>> No.9402466 [DELETED] 
File: 62 KB, 660x572, 1430000517014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gave no order to the general to do anything
>he still says "I'll go get right on it"
That's women for you. Even when they try their best they just follow in mens footsteps, but still screw it up.

>> No.9402468 [DELETED] 

>needing explicit orders to get things done
>assuming the general's gender
That's men for you, having to been handheld every step of the way and jumping to conclusions too quickly.

>> No.9402477 [DELETED] 

When you're the general of the military, speaking to the president, in the midst of a potentially nation destroying event, yes you actually do need orders to do stuff. Not to mention it wouldn't make grammatical sense to say "it" without anything establishing what "it" is.

And of course you'd assume the general is a man. National security is important, so why would you ever entrust it to a woman? As you've just demonstrated, they're woefully ignorant of wartime protocol. And also at being clever, and a myriad of other things.

>> No.9402478 [DELETED] 

I'm fucking SICK and TIRED of white girls cosplaying women of color. You bitches have SHITTONS of things to cosplay from, while I only get VERY FUCKING FEW. I don't cosplay outside of my race, and neither should you privileged girls. Fucking hell you girls can even do tanned girls and asian characters, but BLACKS ARE OFF LIMITS

>> No.9402514 [DELETED] 

shes a better president than trump

>> No.9402519 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 490x455, start_bild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Totally inaccurate. Women are overwhelmingly liberal and would happily let an army of invading foreigners into their country in the name of tolerance.

>> No.9402542

why dont you just cosplay a white chick and be way hotter and stop fucking complaining? just be better than them

>> No.9402543

>I don't cosplay outside of my race
You should if you want to.

>> No.9402553

Stop complaining and just go ahead and cosplay outside of your race. White girls cosplay outside of their race all the fucking time. What, do you think that every light-skinned person in anime is white? They're Japanese.

>> No.9402561
File: 232 KB, 938x969, 1489538157628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can cosplay as outdated farming equipment

Oh wait

>> No.9402576
File: 60 KB, 1280x720, agretsuko2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part 1
>Live in new apartment
>Be 20 something female
>Don't really talk to neighbors
>See a grocery bag was left in the stairwell
>Figure it belongs to old man upstairs
>Awkward as fuck and not really in the mood to meet people but it looks like there's ice cream in the bag
>Knock on door
>Gross old man answers
>Make small introductions
>He invites me to dinner
>Used to live across from a sweet old man who just wanted company who would ask me and husband to come to dinner sometimes
>Say maybe my husband and I can come by tonight

Part 2:
>Realize I really really really don't want to go
>Talk to husband and he says he already made plans with a coworker anyway
>Relieved because good excuse
>Go to old man's door and knock
>"Sorry we won't be able to come tonight my husband says we have plans already."
>"Oh I was hoping it could just be the two of us."
>"Oh no sorry we'll have to try some other time."
>"How long you been married?"
>"Five years"
>"Oh too late then I guess. We should still just have some champagne together sometime just the two of us"
>He fucking strokes my hair and says "You're a weirdo like me aren't you?"
>Proceed to awkwardly laugh it off and start worming my way out of the conversation and back downstairs.

Fuck anons this feels so fucking gross and even more that my natural reaction was to keep being polite and try to gently ease away from the situation instead of just getting the fuck out and telling him off. I'm too nice and I'm not used to any kind of sexual harassment and I'm only getting it now because of a gross old senile man. How do you anons deal with this feeling?

>> No.9402578

Not sure what you're worried about. You handled it well.

>> No.9402579

TT_TT oh no... I can't unhear it

>> No.9402580

Thanks to you this old fuck is going to start posting pepe's and talking about how gulls are whores in feels threads

>> No.9402584
File: 88 KB, 310x464, hangself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw turning 30 tomorrow
>tfw single and never had a relationship longer than five months

>> No.9402586

Jesus fucking Christ

>> No.9402589

Well aren't you a pleasant human being.

>> No.9402591

I feel gross and live in the same building so I will have to run into him again at some point. I can't imagine what it feels like to people who have actually been assaulted by creeps.

>> No.9402639 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 326x264, 1487895098100.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in the living room making cosplay for AX
>bf is playing videogames
>busts into a radio announcer voice
>this goes on for 2 hours
>shout at him to quit it with the retarded voice so I can concentrate on sewing my cosplay details
>he was actually streaming on twitch with 100 viewers

>> No.9402641
File: 22 KB, 326x264, 1487895098100.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in the living room making cosplay for AX
>bf is playing videogames
>busts into a radio announcer voice for whatever reason
>this goes on for 2 hours
>shout at him to quit it with the retarded voice so I can concentrate on sewing my cosplay details
>he was actually streaming on twitch with 100 viewers
>they all heard me

>> No.9402645


Your ass would be in Russia right now if she was in charge

>> No.9402647


1. Quit spending your money like a retard
2. Go for a mile run everyday
3. Quit being lazy in bed and do something and you won't feel like shit

damn life is hard

>> No.9402654


shut up nigger lover

>> No.9402662

This anon's advice is pretty good >>9401203 I struggled alot with my anxiety and depression and spent years thinking I didn't deserve my boyfriend and friends, and that they were just with me out of pity. My underlying thoughts to everything were always that I was the biggest problem in my own life and that I shouldn't even put effort into anything because I would just mess it up.

After therapy I still get these thoughts and feelings, but I'm able to take a step back, examine them, and not let them get in the way of my life. I'll never stop having them but my quality of life before compared to now is like night and day.

It took me a few sessions to really get into it but starting therapy is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I don't ever think I'll be a well-adjusted, social person. But I can enjoy what I do now.

>> No.9402670

>I have tons of people who love and care about me in spite of the fact that I do nothing but mope and complain all the time but i'm still so sad and alone and need to mope and complain on the internet too everyone give me even more attention bloobloo

>> No.9402696 [DELETED] 
File: 164 KB, 500x461, 1471830688947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am i a weirdo for fapping twice a day?
I read up on it and it seems i do it way too often compared to other girls.
It's not even that i am super horny it just helps me relax.

>> No.9402717

at least let your husband know what happened. you didn't do anything wrong. if you are worried he keeps on being creepy, get some pepperspray in your bag just in case and don't forget to kick him in his balls if he tries to touch you again.

>> No.9402720

Hello seagulls~

Greetigs from Ethiopia. :)

>> No.9402724

How is this /cgl/ related? (And no, you ain't a weirdo.)

>> No.9402733

Are you on ADD meds?

When I take mine, I get so wound up that I just have to open up 500 tabs of hentai and get to work.

>> No.9402737

I think I know who this is lmao

>> No.9402742

>not wanting a 1940s radio announcer bf

jokes aside it's no fault of yours, i'm sure the viewers just laughed it off. i would have told him to cut it out a lot sooner if it were that bothersome, or to at least quiet down

>> No.9402743 [DELETED] 
File: 27 KB, 300x300, 1480495594136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw roomie does it every night when she thinks im asleep
>moans way too much during it
Like I am pissed off but also wayy to awkward to talk to her about the issue.
Just gotta hurry and finish my degree I guess...

>> No.9402747

>i'm sure the viewers just laughed it off
They would've been laughing at her.

>> No.9402748

Agent 4

>> No.9402750

go back to tumblr pls

>> No.9402771

>I don't cosplay outside of my race
That's racist!

>> No.9402773
File: 34 KB, 600x315, lolicruise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I don't know what this means.

>> No.9402850


Can I buy some of your meds?

>> No.9402866

Anon are you sure those are ADD meds...?

>> No.9402932
File: 20 KB, 596x140, ronery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Usually just lurk these threads since I don't think my problems are ever problematic enough to share, but

I sort of recently hit Christmas cake status, and it got me mentally going over the last couple of years in my head. I moved to a small shit college town (for work not school) and lost the few old friends I had in the process. I have yet to make any new friends here. It's kinda tough to desu. Everyone I work with is older than me by 10+ years and though the students are in my age group, they just view me as staff. I don't get out to cons and I dropped out of lolita years ago and feel like normie routes to friendship will lead me to people who don't have any of those interests in common. I don't have anxiety or any social awkwardness. I just feel like I'm out of opportunities to make friends at my age since I'm done with school and not in the college clubbing culture.

Pic related I am the girl looking for a nice girl to be friends with. Sorry to get so /soc/ but hmu for chats pls ;

>> No.9402937

Yeah. In fact, I took them today for the first time in months.

I went out and bought a bunch of spraypaint, and now I'm depressed.

>> No.9402948
File: 196 KB, 500x376, https%3A%2F%2F68%2Emedia%2Etumblr%2Ecom%2F7b9b11c3dad083c21d945f2579003bec%2Ftumblr_obcjulVMrW1rkmkdxo1_500%2Egif_encoded.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amending to say I mean I want to find more friends interested in cosplay, cosplay source material, jfash, And jpop/kpop. I should have made it more clear how this was on topic if only marginally.

>> No.9402949 [DELETED] 

Update: Gonna jerk it.

I guess I do it to recover from the crash. That post-high depression really hurts.

>> No.9402951

how old is cake status? 25?

>> No.9402954

Over 25 technically, but people put 25 in it too normally

>> No.9402959

Yeah I hit 25 a few months ago.

>> No.9402962

When for males?

>> No.9402964


>> No.9402968

Having children gets significantly more risky for the woman and the child over 25.
Men don't suffer from age penalites like that once again proving that the patriarchy does exist.

>> No.9402969

>tfw no cowtit gf

Why even live?

>> No.9402972

>The Seagull is immunized against all dangers: one may call her an ita, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But call her a weirdo and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

>> No.9402974

>29 in june
>never had a gf longer than 8 months

I know that feel

>> No.9402988

Registered Nurse here.

It's more like 40 where we take special precautions dor labor and the risk of genetic disorders goes up. Also sperm gets dumb after 50 for men.

25 is just an arbitrary number the Japanese point out that's becoming less and less relevant since more women can support themselves and don't want to get married in a society that will force them to quit their jobs.

>> No.9402990

and? she did something funny, big deal

>> No.9403001

>first time working with LEDs


>> No.9403003

>high paying job
>has to be IT
Why does it have to be IT? There are dozens of other high paying jobs.
>inb4 escorting anons show up again

>> No.9403018

Whatever works for you my friend, kind of sweet in its own way I guess. I hope it works out for you, but at least you can admire her coords

>> No.9403023

It's IT because of the 'low effort' comment

>> No.9403051

Nah, they'd probably be laughing at him for listening to his gf

>> No.9403070

Full time caregiver and RN here, can confirm all of this. Also the older the father is, the more likely the child will have learning dusabilities. So yeah guys can still fathet children when theyre older but the likelyhood of the child either being retarded or disabled in some way goes way up.

>> No.9403075

Which is worse
>old woman having kids from a young guy
>old guy impregnating young woman

>> No.9403097

>is one retarded, risky decision better than the other?

Socially, the old guy impregnating young woman is worse because people ignorant of the situation will call him a pedo and rapist, etc even if the girl is in her 20s-30s. Far less likely if the old woman impregnated by young man even if young man is 16/17.

Also, none of this has to do with lolita.

>tfw get lolita themed gift for friend but now having second doubts about it

It.... it looks so nice...

>> No.9403152

>turning 30 in June
>0 romantic interest
>allergic to cats so can't be a crazy cat lady.
>goal: buy all the cat prints and be crazy cat Lolita.
Nice to know I'm not alone, anons.

>> No.9403338

Get bf then

>> No.9403386

Happy birthday!

>> No.9407684

This isn't really cgl related but I'm sad and drunk

>move to new area 4 years ago, know no one
>dude hits me up, tells me he want to hang out but I have an internet boyfriend for 4 years but still say yes because I never go out
>live in an area where methheads and shit are super common
>he picks me up and then we pick up some other chicks
>i play nice, say hi, all that good shit
>even compliment them. I really want to make some friends here.
>later they light up in the car
>someone asks what it is
>they reply weed and heroine
>cant tell that they're joking because I just met their ass
>its none of my business so carry on
>later we pick up the dude who invited me sister
>shes a stripper but she's super nice and we get it off real good
>later at the house, smoking doing what not
>sister ask for pipe
>ask her what she does
>she said only weed
>tell her theres heroine in it
>she freaks out and goes off on girls
>they were joking
>i look like the asshole now

For the rest of the party the two chicks, the dude that invited me and his friends just talked shit about me and kept sneering at me. The sister though kinda caught on and took me under her wings and taught me how to do makeup a little bit and dance. Also she gave me a lap dance.

overall I just feel shitty and tired and dont know how I could've fucked up this badly and how i should've just stayed home and played wow or finished up AMR2 I hope I'm still friends with the stripper though, she was really nice.

>> No.9407819

I get that you're desperate to make friends, anon, but damn.

Have you tried the friend finder thread?
Where are you located?

>> No.9408111

I live out in the middle of fucking nowhere so I really doubt friendfinder would work for me. It's funny because I used to be super social and well liked but since I moved to where my college is at I have really no one I actively talk to.

Also now being sober I don't really care especially since they looked like high school kids. It was just a weird shitty night.

>> No.9408256

>willingly hanging out with these kids
>openly stating that you feel lonely
>going through all this to find friends

I hold a personal belief that actions made during an inebriated state are reflections of the subconscious.
I think you might actually be lonely, anon, and care more than you say.
But that could all just be armchair philosophy, and maybe you really don't care. Either way, post in friend finder thread and message people from there.

Good luck, anon.