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Dish, gulls. What popular things do you hate? What trends do you not understand?

Please avoid arguing with people over their opinions. They're well aware what they think isn't popular.

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I hate 90% of sweet lolita, especially OTT sweet. I think the cuts, colors, and prints look so stupid.

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I don't trust Ebay or Aliexpress wig sellers because I have had either very thin wigs, wigs not accurate to length, and not accurate to color. Now I mostly go to Arda, Epic Cosplay Wigs, and there's another one that I can't remember right now. I know that not everyone can afford a $40-$50 wig, but for me it's worth it because I know the exact size, length, color, and there are usually many pictures and reviews that I can look at before purchasing. And I buy wigs from sellers who have 99.8% ratings and great reviews. Just not worth it for me to try and save an extra $10 and have the risk of it being shitty.

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Like, I had to stack two ebay wigs and the thickness was the same level as an arda wig. And I bought those two wigs (one after the other) from two stores that had great ratings and reviews.

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i'm so sick of people B'AWWWWWing over how sweet lolita somehow equals ageplay. we get it, you don't like pastel motifs, but YOU'RE the one making it weird by bringing up ageplay at all. let sweets be sweets, goddammit.

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Not sure that's an unpopular opinion though.

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I love you, will you be my Gothic (or Classic or Old-school or whatever) waifu?

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You "LolNEETas" should keep your fucking fetish in your bedrooms.

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No but I'll be your platonic fashion friend.

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It seems to be with the amount of vocal classics and gothics crying about how sweet lolita is somehow a misrepresentation of their super special fashion.

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It's less the color palette and more the children's toys, carousel etc themes in combination with the pastels

Let's not forget sweet baby room

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Western Lolitas need to chill the fuck out about all the rules they make up. I feel like I see the same dozen coords over and over again, then when there's some experimentation/creativity/gun thrown in everyone gets their bloomers in a twist and spergs out about the rules being broken.
Not exempting straight up itas with cat ears and replicas, but I wish everyone would lighten up a little.

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I hate brolitas and mtf crossplayers because 100% of the time they're fetishist trannies and sexual deviants.

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This isn't unpopular.

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Same anon same. I cope by sticking to floornates or not publicly posting my experiments

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It's fine to dislike the print or the color, but it's NOT fine to accuse someone of being an ageplayer just for wearing it. Those themes are so common within sweet lolita, I'm just tired of that dumb "all sweet is ageplay" argument.

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Sweet needs to be distanced from the rest of the fashion lest other styles become tarred with the same brush.

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I can't stand half bonnets, they look like either visors or age play. I also hate really tall straight up ones, like 3F. Bonnets need a graceful curve forward closer to the face like historic ones to not look stupid imo.

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Same. I still have some old Ebay wigs that I bought when I first started cosplaying and the difference in quality is extremely noticeable. If you buy something cheap, it's gonna look cheap

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Inturned feet do not look cute. Stand normally.

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I agree. I wish Sweet lolita would no longer be associated with classic and gothic. I have no interest in pinks, vibrant pastels, candy in my hair, toys, etc. I have very little in common with the Sweets in my comm, aesthetic-wise. They will show me something they think is cute, and I'll be polite and positive and tell them it's adorable but frankly, it's always something kind of childish or basic.

Sweet lolitas also seem to be the only ones who push the whole "haha, look at the juxtaposition of gangsta culture with our kawaii frills omg so funny". That's not funny. It's not cute. It's so fucking tired and old. There's a whole comm made off of that theme nearby. Sometimes I wish that we could divorce our retarded sister-substyle.

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I think the focus on wigs in lolita fashion is to its detriment. Every time I see concrit that has the phrase "Get a wig" I want to scream. This started as a street fashion, why wouldn't you encourage people to use their own hair?

Instead of "Get a wig", I'd much rather see people suggesting hair styles or tutorials. I think classic especially has the potential for elegant vintage hair styles that I rarely see in coord shots.

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Get a wig you lazy bitch

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Agreedish, but not everyone has enough hair to do fancy hairstyles and some people have crazy hairstyles that completely clash with the look they're going for.
>looking at you, tumblr

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Do you happen to have any tutorials saved? I wear wigs because I'm hair retarded and can't figure out how to style worth a damn.

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How is doing my hair lazier than wearing a wig?

Seems like this probably isn't the appropriate thread for it, but check out the hair thread. People have all kinds of tutorials there.

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I keep laughing at this and I can't stop

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>i do not have things in common with people that I do not know outside of a niche fashion

what a surprise

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NAYRT, but I think their point is that if you're into gothic lolita, its pretty likely that you'll share taste in music, aesthetic, art, books, movies, etc. However, someone who is really into sweet probably doesn't have that same taste in other areas of their interests.

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To me, 90% of guys who crossplay as girls look like shit. It makes me cringe so hard seeing a guy trying so hard to look kawaii. Especially at the small cons I go to... jfc man. This is partly influenced by personal experience (asshole ex likes to crossplay and likes to dress like a girl as a fetish) so I try not to let it effect my view of other guy crossplayers. I can't stop the cringe, though, no matter how hard I try.

The bony fingers doing a peace sign, the false lashes that are ever so slightly coming off, the attempt at a :3 face... it's just too much.

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Maybe it's because I'm an old fart but I don't even know where half these 'rules' even came from.

I wish people would chill out if someone wore something casually or tried something out of the box for their coord. Lolita is boring now. A fashion without creativity is effectively dead.

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It's super embarrassing to be around, if I was more into it I wouldn't mind but it's hard enough being in public with girls who can't dress themselves. If I know a meetup is going to be in public I'll skip. I've been in situations where girls in sweet get a crazy amount of attention, some negative, and it's just not worth the hassle.

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i dunno, my friend group is made up of sweets, classics, and gothics and we all manage to get along just swimmingly

i guess it's because we're not social retards and are able to look past how different we look on the surface

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Sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends! Glad you have so much in common with them.

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It's fine with me as long as it looks good.

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>It's super embarrassing to be around
You sound like an uppity cunt honestly. For the most part, all lolitas look pretty ridiculous to normies. Sweet lolitas tend to get more attention because their look is typically more fun and approachable. Why even be a part of a comm if you hate it so much?

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Same, anon. I know a few other girls in my con hate it as well, but they are the girls who scream the loudest whenever someone says something publicly

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I don't care if someone wants to cosplay as an overdone character. I don't care if someone wants to do a crossover that doesn't make sense. I don't care if someone has a 'bad' cosplay.

I see some people on this board frothing at the mouth at some of the above, specifically 'bad' or overdone cosplays. I just... don't understand it? How can someone care so much about something that has zero effect on them? And this is coming from an accomplished, award-winning costumer who takes his own cosplays very seriously. Nothing that anyone else cosplays as can negate the work I put into my own costumes, or affect the recognition I will get.

The only thing that mildly bothers me is hyper sexualized cosplays, and only because it affects me in the sense that it gives the public the wrong idea of what cosplay is. This sometimes makes it harder for me to tell others that I'm a cosplayer. I'm not even talking about those showing midriff or some cleavage, I'm only referring to the fetishists walking around cons barely covering their genitals.

But any of the other shit that people on this board complain about? Get over it. It's not negatively affecting anyone. If you think it does, then maybe you should focus on improving your own work.

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I don't know understand the hype for AATP's Gloria. The print is okay and the lace looks really cheap in this cut.

Also no shade to this girl, I just wanted to find a picture that shows the lace well.

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I think people just need to accept that Sweet is its own distinct thing and has very little in common with other lolita styles, and stop trying to shoehorn both into the same comms, same meets, etc. The types of people who wear gothic, classic, etc. are generally very different from Sweets, they're often from a whole different age group, and they have different interests and motivations for being into their respective styles.

You can take my opinion with a grain of salt because I'm not a lolita (I'm here for the cosplay side of /cgl/), but it's what I've gathered based on knowing lolitas and often reading stuff here on /cgl/.

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To this end, I think sometimes people don't make a distinction between things they personally don't like/wouldn't do, and things they think other people shouldn't like/do. For example, I would never cosplay Harley Quinn because I think there's just nothing else that can really be done with the character, but I certainly don't hate the other cosplayers who do her.

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I think 90% of Taobao dresses these days look boring and samey. Gothic and classic is always super detailed prints that end up looking like nothing when worn. Sweet is always childish cliparty stuff.

Once in a while there's something good though

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I like big platform shoes in lolita. Like 4+ inches. I think it looks really cool

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It'd be dumb to have separate comms and meets for sweet lolitas vs other lolitas.

Where do the other substyles fit in? Sailor and country can be more sweet or classic. If a sweet lolita has a couple gothic coords are they allowed to attend the gothic meets? They still probably won't share as many interests with the fulltime gothic lolitas, but they can't wear non-sweet in the sweet comm. What about sweet-classic lolitas? Is there a line where it is too classic for the sweet comm or too sweet for the classic/gothic comm? Do we need to submit our outfits to be inspected before being allowed to particular meets?

We are all wearing lolita, it really doesn't need to be any more complex just because some gulls don't like pink candy prints.

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I truly believe that cosplay should be kept in Japan.
>Are you saying people shouldn't be allowed to dress up how they want?
I'm saying that people should have the social awareness to realize that wearing cute clothes will not make them cute if they have a bad face. It just pushes them further away from society and encourages special snowflake attitudes.

I challenge you to find a more unpopular opinion than that.

>> No.9394078

>cosplay should be kept in Japan
>find a more unpopular opinion than that
It's not just unpopular, it's objectively wrong?

>> No.9394080

I get your opinion, but how keeping it in Japan fix anything? There are uggo cosplayers in Japan too you know.

>> No.9394082

Why are you on here then?

>> No.9394085

/r9k/ detected.

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I feel like Classic lolita isn't enough like gothic or sweet and shouldn't be considered real lolita.

>> No.9394088

It sounds like you just don't want conventionally unattractive people to think cosplaying will make them look cute. I don't see what that has to do with keeping it in Japan though... There are plenty of unattractive people in Japan. Just like any other country.

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I think people who dress oddly enough should stop bitching about what other people want. Like it or not you're the one actively choosing to dress that way, if people associate you without something you don't like, newflash, you can just tune them out.
This applies to both cosplay and lolita.

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Non-Japanese women should stop wearing lolita.

You lot look ridiculous.

>> No.9394107

Would "isolated to" be better word choice for you?

Your right, of course.
But it's more socially acceptable in Japan than it is in other parts of the world, so it attracts more normal people and less uggos.
I imagine that if cosplay got super popular with normies in America, significantly less ugly people would try because of the more obvious contrast between themselves and the attractive cosplayers. That's just a guess, though.

Another reason is that Asian faces are more "normalized" - there are fewer outliers (super attractive or super ugly) than there are in other ethnic groups.

Saw it on the front page and decided to drop by

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Seconded, sweet and OTT is the cancer that kills lolita. I check the CoF thread and see 80% costumes. Dressing up is fun but it's like they forgot that lolita is a fashion.

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nah, i think it's an /a/ or /jp/

>> No.9394129

Yeah it's so socially acceptable there that people have to ride the train in normie clothes and use a dressing room at the convention.

>> No.9394131

>more normalized
>fewer outliers
... Asians look different everywhere. I have seen my fair share of ugly and attractive Asians, both while living in the US and studying abroad in Japan or China. There are just as many outliers as there are in other races. You may be experiencing the cross-race/ other-race effect.

Also, if you aren't a gull, GTFO.

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*Japan and China

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>But it's more socially acceptable in Japan
>thinking cosplay is more socially acceptable in Japan
>the culture that stresses homogeneity to the max

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>getting this buttblasted
If by fun and approachable you mean wasting money to look like an overgrown baby, sure.

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Anon... It's not more socially acceptable in Japan. If anything, Japanese people are more conservative than the West. And like I said, there are still a bunch of uggos. Admittedly less uggo cosplayers than in America because of their culture of presenting/dressing cleanly in general, but still a good lot of uggos who dress who they want the way they want.

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I don't think anyone minds experimentation as long as the coord looks nice and still fits the lolita aesthetic.

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>yfw I'm a classic
Have fun being an insufferable cunt. I bet you're an absolute riot at meets.

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I feel that Classic and Sweet lolitas belong together more than Classic and Gothic. They belong to a more similar aesthetic.

I think lolitas look best in long sleeves. Even if it clashes with ankle socks or sandals, billowy long sleeves are so wonderful.

I would like to see more sandals in jfashion in general, with or without socks. The constant usage of closed toed shoes only in the western comm is killing me. There are plenty of cute sandals too.

I think /cgl/ is pretty much all weebs, regardless of whether they're from egl or cosplay. Touchy, triggered weebs who get overly aggressive when you point out that they might be a weaboo (like the people who freak out about wearing a shirt with an anime design on it "muh powerlevels").

I don't feel like larme is a "geniune jfashion" in that it's not really a fashion. It's about being fashionable, incorporating themes from grunge, prep, etc. fashions, not a fashion in itself. Calling it a fashion and then telling others that they're not wearing it correctly feels dumb.

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how dare you

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File: 1.92 MB, 245x271, really nigga.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Itabags are ugly and all the cgl ones look half assed.

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Lolita, and, truly, women's fashion in general, is at its core fapbait. Either for men or for each other, considering how many lolitas are lesbians.

Cosplay is for autists. "Normies" cosplaying (ironically or not) should be gassed.

Men who go to this board are gay, desperate, or both.
>inb4 "what about the cosplayers?"
Add autistic to one or both and there you go.

Tumblr is a shitty porn circlejerk site even worse than 4chan and those who browse it should not be allowed here.

Convention-specific threads should be deleted as they serve no purpose. Meetups should stay on /soc/.

This board should be merged with /fa/. It's equally as shit and God knows those egotistical gay autists love drama and bickering.

>inb4 "nice use of the buzzword 'autism'."
This is a site filled with socially deprived people. It's probably the largest conglomerate of people reveling in their asperger syndrome in existence.

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Everyone is going in so hard with their opinions, it's really incredible and sad

>> No.9394260

And yet, here you are.

>> No.9394278

You shouldn't be in lolita if you have kids.

>> No.9394312

Chubby girls look better in lolita

>> No.9394316

REMINDER: Feeding trolls gets threads deleted.

>> No.9394340

Do you honestly think that lace looks good?

>> No.9394345

Not that anon but you sound like the buttblasted one tbqhwy

>> No.9394354

I come here to feed my anger.
I sometimes think I come to 4chan in general just to raise my blood pressure in some weird masochistic suicide attempt.

>> No.9394361

fat girls shouldn't be in lolita.

>> No.9394364

Honestly this is what happens to me when I read the news. 4chan is nothing compared to the state of the US government right now.

>> No.9394377

I'm one of the people who goes gaga for this print but if I got this cut I would remove and replace the lace because it looks awful. Would sell organs for the other OP or JSK cut though.

>> No.9394382

same anon, even if you look at some of the popular asian lolitas right now, they're trying new things and you can see that it looks... different somehow, yet still good. I wish the western communities would get their bloomers out of their asses because I'm getting bored.

>> No.9394386

Who's a good example?

>> No.9394388

I'm not sure who said it, it might've been Lor, but someone said how wearing lolita in Japan is different than in the west, in that you don't get as much attention, because in Japan people at least have a concept of it, like how most westerners "know" what the goth subculture/fashion is. In the west we see a goth, its whatever. But a sweet lolita? thats something new/weird. Ofc its gonna get attention. Most people probably just equate goth/classic lolita to goth and brush it off as whatever.

>> No.9394399

>watching what multibillion dollar companies want you to hear

nu uh

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File: 157 KB, 600x900, TK-2016-09-25-012-001-Harajuku-600x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon but I think Canniny is a good example? & I believe she's western, but kammie is a cute "experimental" lolita as well. Also, if you look at Tokyo Fashion's snaps, the lolitas you do see are often much different than western ones. Pic related.

>> No.9394431

Whatever makes you feel better

>> No.9394459

I don't like BTSSB. I hate almost everything they put out. Despite all the decorations (or maybe because of it) their stuff always looks so tacky to me. And they're PR is a mess.

I think wearing lolita on my own or while out with my boyfriend is more fun than wearing it with a comm.

I honestly love chubby/fat girls in sweet, when done well of course.

I do still love the fashion but there's no denying it's really boring now because of all the rules.

>> No.9394461

>inb4 their*

>> No.9394487

Itabags are dumb. That's all I've got. Sorry.

>> No.9394548

This is kinda what I don't get in general: Why do western lolitas have such weird standards for what's good compared to Japan?

>> No.9394704

But anon then they'll get all the attention and my precious ego can't handle that

>> No.9394722

I agree with larme. It looks quite normie tier "fashion" and looks extremely western. If I would see anyone wearing it in public, I probably wouldn't be able to recognize it as jfash at all. Also long sleeves and medium length sleeves are the best. I can't stand short sleeves.

>> No.9394816

>I think wearing lolita on my own is more fun than wearing it with a comm.
Seconded. I do enjoy meetups but they can't compare to the fun of going out dressed up alone.

>> No.9394826

You're the best and so right.

>> No.9394847

i care less about the opinions of people who only wear lolita to cons and meets as opposed to people who wear lolita very often (daily or like 5 days out of the week). unfortunately that demographic is the most outspoken

OTT sweet is adorable but only on cute or pretty people, which is not most people

the premise of BtB is stupid and juvenile

lor isn't all that bad, she's not a great lolita and doesn't have a great face but i don't understand why people apply these things to her personality

angelic pretty is the best brand

>> No.9394855

i really like experimenting with lolita and wearing it more streetstyle but im scared to post any images of it bc it'll get eaten alive by the staunch lolita police

>> No.9394860

I wish people would shut up about politics while in lolita or other j-fashion circles. Keep them separate and stop politicizing something that is apolitical in nature. I'm tired of people claiming lolita is somehow feminist.
t. a lesbian radical feminist

>> No.9394863

Very much agreed. I'm sure that one bitch is going to swoop in here and screech about how it was a prowomen movement in Japan therefore its applicable to current American politics

>> No.9394873

This isn't unpopular; it's the opinion of the silent majority.

>> No.9394898

i dont think thats an unpopular opinion. I think wanting to be a political lolita is the unpopular opinion

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Democratic ita detected.
Don't you have some rioting over Trump being president to do?

>> No.9394904

I friggin hate how all my cosplay and lolita facebook friends like to call everything a 'panic attack' or 'anxiety attack' just because they are stressed out about something or have a little anxiety.

I had severe panic attacks for the majority of my life and it was incredibly debilitating and took a lot of time, effort, and money to get manageable. -.-

>> No.9394910

>I challenge you to find a more unpopular opinion than that.

I think selling fanart is morally wrong and our fandom culture should stop supporting it

>> No.9394916

I almost agree with you.

I think PRODUCING fanart is ethically wrong and fans should pay the original artists extra to produce more art if they want it.

If what you meant was producing, then we are 100% in agreement.

Also, although I'm sure this is a popular idea, cosplay should never be done of fanart. Original characters only. No non-canon spins either (No pool party skins of characters that don't wear pool clothing).

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>> No.9394926


>> No.9394933

Potentially unpopular opinion but I'm secretly jealous of all those people who have cosplay e-fame. I feel like the ability to network and effectively market yourself is an often not talked about and essential to having anyone notice you. I still love cosplay for the art of it and I'm not necessarily bitter but someone joked to me last con I went that I should cosplay professionally and while he was obv. trying to flirt it made me realize no matter how good I might be at making things (which isn't necessarily particularly good, but that's not the point) I'd never be able to constantly be playing "the game" like people trying to get noticed do.

Also unpopular opinion I like to drink with friends as much as the next twenty-something but I feel like people who go to a con and treat it like one weekend-long party have kinda lost the point of conventions and I wish they weren't so pervasive in con culture. I want to nerd out about stuff I love with others, not revisit the college party scene.
That being said, con bar crawls might be fun.

>> No.9394938

In some countries it's forbidden /frowned up to sell fanart. If an artist in my country would try to sell a fanart print, people would avoid that bitch. Making a profit of someone else's work and popularity is not kawaii.

>> No.9394946

Not the anon you're replying to, but I agree too. It wasn't that big of an issue when the artist alley scene was just cheap prints, but look at the artist alley general these days. Rubber keychains, pencil pouches, clothing, bags, notebooks, BODY PILLOWS?! Are you serious? What's the difference between you and a bootlegger at that point? That you're not some middle aged Chinese man operating out of an Alibaba shop?

>> No.9394948

>I probably wouldn't be able to recognize it as jfash at all.
Jfashion has been incorporated into mainstream fashion for the last 10 years, that's why.
That earlier post about combining different fashion trends into one outfit? Shit like that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, even 15, with purists coming out of the woodwork to tell you how you were degrading their cultural statements (like on /cgl/ and western lolita in general).

>> No.9394951

>I want to nerd out about stuff I love with others, not revisit the college party scene.
You don't do both?
Honestly, cons let me see good folks who I see rarely, enjoy good drink and fine cigars with them.
Sure, it may go overboard from time to time, but getting blitzed with friends is perfectly fine.
>standing outside in the warm rain by the riverfront smoking cigars with Naked Snake
>Snake Eater plays in the distance
>con love

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The idea that you ought to have a new cosplay for every con/a costume for each day is toxic and promotes elitism.

An essential part of cosplaying is community and sharing your knowledge; the worst part about cosplay becoming increasingly monetized is that people are less willing to share their methods, or lock them off to paying fans or as "trade secrets" (which I understand to some extent but if you really risk your business by telling where you buy fake fur or how you like to cast resin it's evidently not your skill people are paying for).

Homestuck is an excellent comic with a generous, kind, and imaginative fandom.

Fanart was the worst thing to ever happen to art, I agree.

>> No.9394994

Fan art is hardly new. Artists have been doing it for years. Look at the 50000 renditions of The Last Supper, that's technically Bible fanart right?

>> No.9395003

>fanart is wrong
>giant convention twice a year in Japan that sells mass amounts of doujinshi

>> No.9395010

unpopular opinion in a nutshell

>> No.9395018

>the joke

>> No.9395026

The only bitching I've heard from creators was Hussie and a few western creators. I don't think the nihonjin give a shit.

>> No.9395027

If you don't like fanart in AA you probably suck at drawing and aren't making money from your shitty webcomic. Anime cons are for celebrating anime fandoms. I like seeing talented original artists in them but most of the time their art is ugly and I'd rather see ugly anime fanart instead.

>> No.9395052

I'm tired of seeing "slave Leia _____" It doesn't make sense. Rapunzle is too fucking sweet to be half naked and also that scene was offensive and dehumanizing. Stop making it into a power outfit. And its a shame because I see their construction on the outfit and its really good but wasted on such a basic idea.

I'm not really sure if this is unpopular

>> No.9395065

I'm not :(
I started as a visual kei fan. It made me think crossdressing is fashionable.

>> No.9395072

>angelic pretty is the best brand
This is the unpopular opinion thread.

Angelic pretty is overestimated in every way.

>> No.9395078

a lot of people would beg to differ

>> No.9395086


You're thinking of his ex, Rachael. She's the one that made all the restrictions. Hussie didn't give a shit.

>> No.9395108

Yeah, I know that when gayaonline made the horns and shit she kicked up a storm about it. And then told hussie she that she was going to make a petition to make them stop AFTER she made it.

>> No.9395125

I miss being an ita. When I was starting out in lolita I wore all sorts of crazy, poorly coordinated stuff and I was so happy to show the whole world these amazing new clothes. I still enjoy the fashion now that I'm more experienced, but I don't have that same naive joy I used to. I always get nostalgic when I see an ita smiling from ear to ear.

>> No.9395130

I wish more people made their own dresses, I'd love to see more handmade posts on COF, even if the dress isn't amazing~ it has that early lolita nostalgia feel to it vs the boring carbon copy AP coords we keep seeing. There's so much pressure to be perfectly polished in the community, just sucks the fun out of it all.
Lolita is being treated like high fashion when it's a fairly goofy alternative Jfashion :/

>> No.9395196

I actually hate concrit on my coordinates because it basically all boils down to "buy this thing with this"
In a hobby where the thing is almost always expensive, foreign imported, and currently unavailable.

How boring.

>> No.9395212

Race doesn't matter when it comes cosplay and I don't mind if makeup if used to achieve the desired shade of skin. If the product of your work is good, it's good.

However, I will fucking laugh and make fun of people who do it terribly.

>> No.9395222

I don't know how you expect to make coords if you don't even have the right item

>> No.9395224

Are you one of those people who coord with the entire set?

>> No.9395228

You're right, angelic pretty isn't popular

>> No.9395232

Maybe take a break from the negativity that is cgl?

>> No.9395246

I dunno, I almost feel like CGL is more open minded and has more members of the community when lolita was first starting out. I've expressed this opinion a few times and I get more positive reception here versus non-anonymous forums and comms (things are more laid back here). It's like the people who have joined lolita in the past 5ish years are the ones upholding the idea that lolita should be hyper polished and perfect.
>I'm also too salty -not- to peruse cgl

>> No.9395247

Some JSKs look nice without a blouse, especially in classic. Only on thin people though.

Ankle-length dresses are lolita, if they are styled right.

>> No.9395257

Lolita is less about silhuotte and more about aesthetic, less or more poof, less or more skirt are both fine so long as you have the feeling. This applies to almost all jfashion I like and I think most guides miss the mark because they emphasize little details as a must (like for some reason some larme guides say that black=white=pink is crucial to a larme outfit?).

>> No.9395276

>has more members of the community when lolita was first starting out
I feel the opposite way. I think there are a lot of new people here, people do don't wear lolita regularly, and people who only pretend they wear lolita. To be fair, online lolita comm's get boring and repetitive if you wear it often for a long time.

>> No.9395307

Literally none of these are unpopular opinions. You should feel bad.

>> No.9395312

why would i feel bad about you throwing a spergfit

is everybody hating lor just a meme

>> No.9395318

I'm really curious, blur your face?

>> No.9395338
File: 68 KB, 564x1002, e2f243e5e852ecf99938371724989d4d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cant stand that lolita is a staple in the anime con scene now. Lolita is a japanese fashion, not animu or whatever. Aside from the occasional collab it has nothing in common with anime in Japan.

But this blend of cosplay, anime and lolita, on this board and at conventions has made the western comm's idea of lolita more of a costume instead of an actual fashion. I despise conlitas who literally wear it as a lolita costume to cons. Don't tell me they are still treating it as a fashion, while only wearing it to convetions.

It is awesome that this blend has given brand fashion shows and tea parties, but I still hate what it has done to the fashion and it's perception.

>> No.9395339

Are you me? I'm the same way about cosfame, it's something that I know objectively isn't something I'd want because I wouldn't be able to deal with the inevitable haters, but even without that I'd never be able to be that "on" and constantly producing new content all the time.

Agreed about the con parties, too. I drink with friends at cons a lot but the partying is so out of hand at some cons and I'm tired of dealing with underage drunk weebs who think pressing every button on the elevator and screaming the entire time are hilarious.

>> No.9395340

Fair enough, I mean my issue is more people that wouldn't be out of place at a frat party.
I can drink AND be nerdy. There are people at cons obviously only interested in the former.

>> No.9395345

Can you post your look or some of your style inspirations? I like it a lot more when people experiment with lolita and other Japanese fashions. People who only clone brand looks seem to lose sight of what street fashion is about.

>> No.9395347

I see what you're saying, but I also think that even if you could divorce lolita from the con scene it'd still be perceived as a costume a lot of the time due to its strangeness in the west. Like >>9394388 said, classic or goth might not be depending on how it's styled, but daily/lifestyle lolitas talk all the time here about being asked on the street what their "costume" is for, are they in a play, etc. So I get the resentment of its connection with costume conventions but I don't think that perception would vanish even if you banned lolita from cons entirely.

>> No.9395351

Cosfame is an interesting situation. I'll give you my input as somebody who dated a cosplayer and watched her go from a no-name to cosfamous, and who was her effective "producer."

First of all, it's easier than you think. The fastest route to fame is to find a "waifu" character that's not getting a ton of good cosplay and that you resemble, and do it well. That's all it took for my ex to explode. She's just a decently cute girl of the right ethnicity and with solid costuming skills, but to her 250k+ FB followers she IS that character.

I notice a lot that cosplayers tend to cosplay the same characters/series as all the other cosplayers and wonder why they're not getting famous, and don't realize that it's because the average fans out there, the people you need to attract to really get big numbers, don't care about those series. You need to strike the right balance, with a character that lots of people love, but not one whose fans are so die-hard that they'll pick you apart - this makes idol characters a bad choice, by the way.

That said, fame fucking blows. I watched that ex turn from a really cool and confident girl into a neurotic mess who could barely leave the house in the space of a few short years. The attention eats away at you, and if the fame itself weren't bad enough, wait until you start getting the daily death threats, the creepy marriage proposals, and all of the other stuff like that. Oh, and the guys who devote their lives to trying to find and sexually assault you at a convention. Be prepared to lose all of your cosplay friends and have them replaced by ladder-climbers who suck up to you in person and then go shittalk you on /cgl/ as soon as they get home.

And all you get in return is a few dudes jerking off on the prints you sold them and the occasional free trip to a shithole minor con in the middle of nowhere.

It's not worth it.

>> No.9395354

Most convention lolitas are so because it is the only time and place they get to wear their frills.
They either don't have a comm, have a dead comm, are incredibly busy with work, feel anxoous wearing lolita out in the open, etc..
Plus, vrands don't seem to mind being associated with conventions, it allows them to sell their product, show what true lolita looks in comparison to animu lolita, organize tea parties, fashion shows, and get to know their clientele.

>> No.9395359

Now, as for the party thing, I'm in the same boat as you guys.

I really enjoy going to a nice hotel bar for cocktails with friends at a con. Social drinking is fun. I wish there were more "classy" adult party options at cons. One of the nice things about being part of a "cosplay couple" was doing group things with a bunch of other couples and thereby sidestepping the normal parties while still having fun socializing.

Room parties blow. They blow for guys because they're sausagefests, and they blow for girls because you're stuck with 10 creeps trying to hit on you at once. They blow for everybody because drinking lukewarm rum and cokes out of plastic cups gets old after a few years, because being squeezed into a mob of screaming stinky sweaty people sucks, and because you're always having to worry about underage drinkers.

>> No.9395361

Yikes. >>9395339 here, thanks for the honest input. I'm pretty sure cosfame isn't something I'd ever actively pursue (I'm also a lady who primarily cosplays boys, so that's a strike against me to start) but stories like this help keep me grounded and comfortable with the small amount of fans I do have.

>> No.9395376

Boy do you sound buttmangled lol.
You criticize sweet for looking like overgrown babies when normies probably think you look like a grandma couch or some fancy mallgoth. Chill you uppity walnut. You look like a freak either way.

>> No.9395388

I find it annoying when sweet lolitas complain about pedos being attracted to them.

Of course, if you walk around with oversized plushies and your prints are unicorns and pink bears what the fuck do you expect?

>> No.9395390

Would take couch or mallgoth freak over creepy ageplay any day.

>> No.9395394

Why are sweet lolitas so buttmangled over their daddy issues, why not just see a therapist about it?

>> No.9395400

As a guy who admires lolita, I agree 100%

I find girls who wear darker, more subdued and elegant forms of lolita to be quite attractive, both aesthetically and because of what it says about them as a person. I find sweet completely off-putting, on the other hand.

There's an air of mystery, fantasy, and romance to the styles I like seeing, and bright colors and gaudy prints just seem totally crass in comparison.

I used to be a huge J-rock fan and even wore VK stuff from time to time, though, so maybe it's just that gothic lolitas are my natural mates.

>> No.9395402

I feel like they're the ones who have to worry the most about having their pics traded on pedo boards and being fapped to, that seriously sucks.

>> No.9395403

>your a male, your opinion doesn't mean shit. we dont dress up for you we dress up for ourselves!!!

I already made the typical replies sweeties, if you're going to attack him be more creative.

>> No.9395404

In what way does that make it ok for ageplay blogs/sites to use their images for porn? Or for pedos to harass or proposition them?

>> No.9395409

I'm not saying it's okay. It's more of a "what do you expect to happen"
Like a white girl walking into a refugee camp. What do you expect to happen?

>> No.9395414

Not to mention the prior post mentioned normie perceptions, and thereby threw the "we dress up for ourselves" thing out the window.

>> No.9395417

>all of this vendetta against sweet lolita

sorry you're not cute enough to pull it off/sorry we get more attention than you/sorry we're the most popular style :^)

>> No.9395418

Sweet like to dress up in pretty colors because they are completely rotten on the inside. Mental issues like crazy, it's no wonder why they love to dress to attract pedophiles.

>> No.9395420

that's literally all lolitas, are you retarded

>> No.9395425

stop reaching gull, the post they were responding to was all about how normies perceive them

>> No.9395436


This is a GIRLS ONLY con discussion discord server.

-No Racism
-No Selfies

>> No.9395439

All this hate on sweet makes me feel bad. I-I just like soft pastel colors (and flower or food prints)
I know I shouldnt give a shit because I like it, and it suits me but I can't help but feel kinda bad. Epecially when presenting it to normie friends. Gothic lolita and classic is less noticeable in the street. So I always feel embarassed even though I wear toned down sweet and old school

>> No.9395454
File: 614 KB, 440x237, momoko tell em.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't feel bad, most of these threads are full of shitposts, and even if people do genuinely dislike sweet, who cares?

>> No.9395459

don't worry anon, it's just a bunch of bitter cunts trying to rain on our parade. keep being sweet.

>> No.9395518
File: 189 KB, 1000x963, 1485784627331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post unpopular opinion
>immediately assblasted itas and poorfags angrily slam their keyboards and barely manage to type the words "bait" and "troll" while seething with rage.

Maybe you shouldn't browse an unpopular opinions thread if you're going to be a little bitch about people thinking your favorite pedobait hobby/fashion style is shit ;^)

>> No.9395522

I find the tfw no /cgl/ gf posting to be both funny and cute

Yes I'm immature

>> No.9395535

will you be my /cgl/ gf if I do it, then?

>> No.9395543

I still believe that if conventions are the only place they think they can wear lolita they are treating it as a costume. There are plenty of lone lolitas that wear the clothes out by themselves or with friends casually, because they treat it as a fashion. A conlita can make all the excuses she can but the fact is if you only wear it to a con, you wear it as a costume.

I do agree with you that the vendors don't seem to mind it since it's beneficial, so sadly this won't change. I just hate that this got intertwined with the con scene and we got a ton of cosplayers bleeding into the fashion and treating it in the same way, trying to use too many props, wings, one upping, fandom lolita, etc.

>> No.9395546


>> No.9395579


I...it's not like I wanted a /cgl/ gf or anything anyway, baka.

>> No.9395585

My feelings exactly. I wear Lolita daily and being stopped and prodded by strangers (no matter how well meaning) can be stressful. It isn't like I'm even wearing something outlandish; my main style is toned-down classic.
I'm >>9394933
That doesn't surprise me, somehow. As much as I'd rather be known for -a-cosplay, I wouldn't want the creeps that go with it. Guess you can't have it all.

>> No.9395596

Better luck next time

>> No.9395602

I'm going to add to this with something that's probably equally unpopular and say that only wearing lolita to meets or with people from your comm is just as bad as being a con lolita.

If it's a fashion, it's something you wear every day (or at least whenever practical), and it's something where you choose your own style. If you're wearing lolita to go impress other lolitas and/or as something to wear to meets, it's just cosplay.

Now, wearing it to cons or meets can be fine as long as you're not wearing it just to wear it to events. Lolita has always been intertwined with cons because most lolitas first discover the style through an interest in anime and Japanese stuff. It's not like guys who take their cars to car meets aren't "real car guys," and anime fans that go to cons are still anime fans the rest of the year too.

>> No.9395607

y... you too?

Really though, trying to meet girls on /cgl/ (or 4chan in general) seems like a pretty lost cause. I'm not even sure what I'd do if somebody said yes, I can't help but feel like it'd lead nowhere good.

>> No.9395636

I think we have different definitions of producing here.
Draw a fanart for funsies and post it on your tumblr? Cool. Draw a fanart and then make a million charms, pouches, and prints of it and rake in $$$? please stop.

Ok but that's stuff that's old as shit and at that point the original creators are dead. You aren't stealing their profits like you are when you are doing fanart of something where the creators are alive and trying to make a living.

Agreed. It's doubly annoying because of how friggin strict a lot of alleys are with crafters. Original design, but you use findings you can buy at a store? BAN'D. Make a fanart and get it turned into a pouch with Chinese manufacturing sweat shop labor. A~R~T

>> No.9395637
File: 86 KB, 480x270, IMG_9287.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People who constantly wear the same costume but try to constantly insert themselves into the community are annoying.
We have this guy who dresses up as Luigi who constantly posts his word text over images of him dressed up or "promoting cospositivity" or trying to make himself into memes.
I mean like go have fun in your costume but your constant presence and self promoting is a little annoying. Misa on Wheels comes to mind a little bit too. Like are you really quoting yourself right now? She definitely has some inspirational aspects but she starts to come off as preachy after awhile.

>> No.9395807

Same! There are so many nicer stained glass prints. This is just one that people like because it's a hard to get, expensive status piece. Same as CTP and honey cake, most people who want it seem to only want it because it's popular (if you disagree, remember that honey cake didn't sell out)

>> No.9395818

>t. triggered gothic/classic
see here >>9395417

>> No.9395822

So you hate comiket?

>> No.9395827

Because of patreon i see so many people who arent really main to the Cosplay community making them, literally most have only went to three or for cons and Somehow they think there jessica Nigri, i always dont understand this because the person is always this normal girl but to See them suddenly change there tune and post lingerie shoots and things they wouldnt normally post because they think they will be as famous as jessica Nigri is kinda sad, just seems people i see lately dont care about Cosplay anymore just how they can make money off it

>> No.9395862

Look at this weeaboo and laugh

>> No.9395870
File: 32 KB, 316x274, 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9395877

Not that anon but Comiket sellers - indeed, Japanese fanmerch sellers in general - only sell at prices high enough to make back the cost of production. Their game is not profiting off their work, it's just to share their work and their love for the source material. That's why they're glossed over, legally.

On the other hand you have people in the AA thread here bragging about the thousands of dollars they make each con selling mass made-in-China goods based off of IPs they have 0 rights to. It's a vastly different culture.

I think anon who is complaining about fanart being made at all is a total no-fun-allowed dipshit. Some fanart is stupid, yeah, but there's so much nice stuff too. However my feelings on fanmerch are split down the middle. On one hand it's cool to get interesting art of a series in a different style and support indie artists, but some people go so intense on it. It's depressing.

>> No.9395879

The point is that you shouldn't be surprised if someone makes that assumption

>> No.9395881

Even if you have the skill to style your hair appropriately, assuming it's not thin stringy or unhealthy, a large amount of styling will start to look bad after an hour

that's also not keeping climate in mind

that's coming from someone who uses their own hair sometimes, but I also wear primarily classic and gothic

>> No.9395900

I like your analogy with anime fans being fans outside of conventions and lolitas who only do it for the events. I don't 100% agree about the meet ups since that's really when you can go all out in a coord, but I do believe that lolitas should get a backbone and stop being afraid to go out in lolita on their own once in a while. I'm not saying wear a lacemonster to the supermarket but at least try to wear casual on the weekend once. It's not that bad. You get comments from normies when you go to a meet anyway. It's not that different. Be more brave and treat your lolita clothes like clothes. Rewear that coord you love but are afraid to rewear it for the next 12 months. Wear it to the movies or to go shopping. Just stop being afraid to be a lolita.

>> No.9395901

it's inexcusable within the lolita community since we all already know what sweet lolita is

so no, nobody here gets any excuse to throw around the term ageplayer when they know exactly what's going on

>> No.9395918

I agree with you 100%
I mean people should cosplay whatever they want but it still freaks me out

My thing is like, if girls want to cosplay skimpy characters or create skimpy characters to cosplay, it's fine. But I'm still salty that Nigri made a genderbent gijinka of Veigar with tits hanging out and everything. At that point it's completely out of character and honestly a little weird. There's tons of League characters with tits, like was that really necessary? It kinda seems like it's more of a costume party thing than doing something for the love of the character, but I mean it's not like I know her.

>> No.9395929

Yeah but if everyone knows it's a wig it's not really as impressive as pulling out a look with your own hair. Exceptions would be if your hair is dyed unnaturally and doesn't match the coord

>> No.9395931

Lol don't care. I only wear dresses to meets cause strength in numbers and I feel comfortable wearing it to tea with others. I don't want to look like a lone goober, I don't need all of that attention all the time, it's like damn, sometimes you need to turn the volume down and go about your business. Just wearing lipstick and having a good haircut draws noticeable attention to myself, I don't need more. I don't see it as an everyday fashion, it's special occasion dress up in public and that's fun, but it's not an all the time activity unless you want it to be.

>> No.9395981

We used to combine jfashions all the time though

>> No.9395982

I think she's talking about how we treat the fashion. It feels like there are more conlita's than lolita's to me, maybe that's just cgl tough

>> No.9396007

>Like a white girl walking into a refugee camp. What do you expect to happen?
This isn't the place for your alt-right biases

>> No.9396036
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 738489230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's special occasion dress up in public
>not a costume

>> No.9396037
File: 731 KB, 1476x2284, IMG_5950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All great art is derivative, anon, fanart is just more explicitly so and is also less accepted because the media it derives from is pop culture.

>> No.9396046

So a ball gown is a costume...? Fancy dresses you wear for christmas and special occasions are costumes...? Fuck, you could even say office wear is a costume by that logic

>> No.9396096
File: 17 KB, 298x227, IMG_2594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really hate how busy prints have become the thing now. I feel like it's considered more casual to wear non print dresses. I also think most print dresses are overpriced, especially when brands have the nerve to sell ones that bleed at $250+. That much should be reserved to more detailed construction, like embroidery and lots of layers and ruffles, not a fairly plain JSK with a bit of lace at the edges. I do like some prints but I just hate how oversaturated they are now. I want to be impressed by construction again

>> No.9396099

It's certainly not your clothing style.

>> No.9396104

Considering Lolita is based off of European elements you look dumb af

>> No.9396123

Sure, but it's not a costume either. Idk, it feels like a separate category altogether to me

>> No.9396132

Girls who only wear lolita to meets should be labelled conlita too. It doesn't have to be a negative term.

>> No.9396152

the last few wigs I got from arda were complete garbage. they tangled like crazy, you could see the wefting, the packaging was awful. the first one i wrote off as a fluke but after a few more times, i won't be ordering from them again, no matter much people try to shill for them.

>> No.9396184

Not a lolita, but I agree with you here.
It feels like brands are printing out so many prints (no pun intended) that the overall quality is dropping harder than bricks.
I still like prints, but I like prints that blend well with the dress instead of being in your face, you know?

What's even more off putting is some lolitas that make the print the center of the coord and coord around it, when it may be contrasting the dress itself.

>> No.9396193

I honestly hate the "path to fame" cosplay route that Yaya and Jnig perfected.

>Be decently attractive
>Fake tits
>Comicbook cosplay
>Follow the trends i.e. boudoir or w/

Then they make a patreon like people really care but then they do cause they get popular being carbon copies of each other

>> No.9396226

This so much! I'm having anxiety issues but I deal with them myself instead of posting on facebook how bad my anxiety is and telling everyone that I meet that I get panic attacks. My issues do not define me as a person.

>> No.9396230

Cute silly boy. ^_^

>> No.9396244

I ordered from epiccosplay last year and I was styling the wig and the ponytail holder came unravelled. The refused to refund me because it was styled.
Even though it was literally delivered that day, they told me that the unravelling is due to "normal wear and tear".

>> No.9396250

>It doesn't have to be a negative term.
It smacks of elitist thought, that since you don't immerse yourself in something, you are trve enough.
I see the same thing in metal circles, and I hate it there, too.

>> No.9396266

How is it elitist to say people who are more immersed in something have more know how about it? if you only wear lolita to cons or meets you're opinion doesn't really mean jack, you clearly only view lolita as a costume of sorts. And if I was going to ask someone about metal I'd go talk to the metal head versus someone who listens to it once in awhile. You don't have to be a lifestyle lolita or anything, but conlitas shouldn't be trying to pass themselves off as a lolita when they rarely wear it.

>> No.9396269

When you wear an alternative fashion style like a costume, only for special occasions and conventions and for "playing dress up" then yes you will be treated like a fake, because that's what you are.

>> No.9396307

I'm >>9396132 and I really don't look down on those people, but they don't think of lolita as a clothing style yet it wouldn't feel right to them to call it a custome either. Conlita could be the word for that.

>> No.9396438

I hate genderbend/genderswap. Like, why do you have the need to force the design of a character to fit your gender, when there's surely plenty of others you could cosplay as?

>> No.9396440

Oh, and gijinkas, too, specially if the design is solely based around a hoodie/onesie or an basic fantasy armor with the colors of the pokémon.

>> No.9396503

Very much agreed, I don't mind males coasplaying female characters and females cosplaying male characters, but don't change the character itself. It's so cringey and attention whoring desu

>> No.9396529

I like blacks in classic and goth, but I think they don't look good in sweet.

>> No.9396543

I feel bad because I normally hate it too, but there's a series I want to cosplay from and it has literally no male characters, so I'd have to do a genderbend unless I wanted to be an awful crossplayer.

Does it still count as a genderbend if the character is female but wears unisex clothes and all I do is wear the same thing without attempting to hide my gender?

>> No.9396585
File: 182 KB, 800x744, 1432105706976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It depends.

Some people would rather not crossplay and still do a character from the series they like and be on point with that character design.

Also, a lot of us are shit at crossplay. I curl up every time I see painted on beards

>> No.9396607


>> No.9396619

>Larme is normie western fashion
>There's nothing wrong with buying or commissioning a cosplay, as long as you don't claim you made it yourself
>Older men/old non-passing trans woman shouldn't wear sweet lolita

>> No.9396634

This. You don't have to wear it daily, but at least dress up once in a while while going out.

>> No.9396641

I think lolitas that don't own some brand are less of a lolita.
To me, keeping up with what's new, knowing about most prints and brand history is a part of being a lolita. It's always so weird to me when I meet a lolita who only wears offbrand/handmade/TaoBao, I feel like they are missing out.

>> No.9396653

I want more men to be involved in jfash.

>> No.9396660

Seconded, only if they're involved out of a genuine interest in fashion. Those >tfw no cgl gf types can stay out.

>> No.9396684

I don't think any of these are unpopular opinions.

>> No.9396707

>tfw feel too masculine to look decent in anything other than Kireime kei and hate the idea of doing anything flashy with my hair.

>> No.9396739

how the fuck is this an unpopular opinion

>> No.9396747

With all the bitching about troublesome males in the fashion, it feels like it sometimes.

>> No.9396753

you just gotta figure out what works for you mang

current /cgl/ vocalizes dislike of men in jfash repeatedly so it seems like an unpopular opinion

>> No.9396756

I know there are lots of problems with creepy men in the lolita community, but there are other branches of jfash, I haven't heard complaints elsewhere.

>> No.9396764

Isn't that mostly in the brolita category? I've never seen anyone get pissy over males in other jfashion areas

>> No.9396768

There are a lot of creeps in fairy-kei and menhera. A lot of ~transgirls~ too.

>> No.9396795

pantreon should just change the whole 'we allow nudity and suggestive imagery, as long as it is marked NSFW' policy and just ban the 'lewds for money' cosplay whores. It is not an art form

>> No.9397057

Maya from NGE is best girl.

>> No.9397060

the fk & menhera communities are constantly harassed by the ddlg community & other creeps, but desu I think all mildly attractive girls who are into cgl things get harassed by creepy guys.

>> No.9397075

bring 2009-2012 lolita back

>> No.9397079

>lolitas call themselves feminists
>normies call lolitas antifeminist
what is the truth
sage for not contributing

>> No.9397083

>I think all mildly attractive girls who are into cgl things get harassed by creepy guys.
this, this, this

>> No.9397086

???? saying yes to dating someone who you've only spoken to behind a mask of anonymity??? sounds like a great idea

>> No.9397096

i'm kind of sick of female cosplayers only becoming famous bc they show their bodies off

>> No.9397101

Office wear is a costume. A success costume that society has been conditioned to wear.

>> No.9397103

Part four Jojo was best Jojo

>> No.9397116

I'm tired of sissy's who wear lolita and just call themselves transgender to escape the prosecution that'd come if they said it's just their fetish to dress up girly.

There are more of these people than legitimate transgenders within the community.

>> No.9397117

I forgot to add the unpopular opinion that I believe 90% of the guys who call themselves trans gendered are just sissy's

>> No.9397256

Tired of crowdfunding BS for cosplays!


>> No.9397283
File: 154 KB, 600x314, michonne-cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm tired of SJW bitching about people using make-up to change their skin tones to cosplay characters of other ethnicities. It's not blackface/brownface/redface/yellowface when they fucking do it respectively. Just because Blacks (or whatever) had it rough in one or two countries, doesn't mean it's worldwide.

Cry blackface when it's them dressed up in true black face, where you see some of their skin tone popping out underneath, or they're sitting their with watermelon and grape Kool Aid or using Scotch tape to make their eyes slanted and have Chiclets under their upper lip to mimic buck teeth. Then please cry racism.

>> No.9397291

90% of girls who call themselves ftm are suffering from rejection of female puberty and an overabundance of internal misogyny that manifests as fetish-worship of maleness.

not an unpopular opinion on /cgl/ but def unpopular in the cgl-related outer world

>> No.9397298

>had it rough in one or two countries, doesn't mean it's worldwide

hahah. Wow.
>one or two countries
>not worldwide

Your opinion is unpopular because of ignorance.

>> No.9397331

not only is what your suggesting racist, but like?? white people with unnaturally dark skin or even dreadlocks literally look like aliens.Their features don't match & they look really awful.
And I bet 90% of cosplayers that do this or try to do this do it for the controversy (attention) so that they can cry about how someone called them racist (for attention)

>> No.9397341

>dreadlocks are a black only thing

History says otherwise. Plenty of other cultures (white cultures) had deadlocks. I do agree that they look odd on white people though.

>> No.9397362

This is more just you being ignorant since half of what you said is factually incorrect but you can take even take the 'race issues' out of it and it still just looks like shit.

I'm sorry but white people will never look like characters that aren't white even with smearing a bunch of ugly brown makeup on their face. It always looks really creepy/awful and serves no purpose. You don't see other people 'whitefacing' because it only seems to be white people that assume you need to change your race to match characters.
>inb4 'asian people do!!!1!1'

If nobody can tell what character you're supposed to be then your cosplay is terrible with or without makeup.

>> No.9397396

I hate Cat's Tea Party, Iron Gate and Puppet Circus, which is convenient for my wallet.

>> No.9397566

White people dreads are also gross as fuck and never smell good.

>> No.9397570

Is that really a /pol/ meeting? They all look so young, and like they're having...fun?!

>> No.9397579

Don't give up on your dreams, anon. I met my boyfriend on /soc/ of all places and we've been incredibly happy together for a year and a half now.

>> No.9397581

this so much

I don't like "new" lolita. It's so boring nowadays for the most part.

>> No.9397583

My theory about ftms in the cosplay community is that they are females who noticed they get more attention desu dressed as male characters desu, so that must mean theyre really a boy!

Im tired of transtrenders constantly flip flopping between being trans and being their birth gender. Theres people who actually suffer with gender dysphoria, they need to shut their twat mouths and take several seats. Dont even get me started on those ignorant shits who insist you dont need body dysphoria to be trans.

Related to cosplay because i literally only see this shit happen with ftms in the cosplay community. You almost never see mtfs doing it on the same level.

>> No.9397599

History does say otherwise but try to argue that point with facts and links to reputable sources and you'll get called a racist. I also agree dreads look like garbage on white people hair, they don't have the right type of hair to make them look how they're supposed to and its just going to damage their hair in the end.

>> No.9397611

>unpopular opinion
Literally what?

>> No.9397615

>Cry blackface when it's them dressed up in true black face, where you see some of their skin tone popping out underneath
Did... did you look at your pic related?

>> No.9397620

You're cute, anon

>> No.9397666

I agree, to be honest i actually don't think there is one girl out there who is attractive but also is not a fake boobed ninny that generally Cosplays because they like the Game/comic

>> No.9397671

The misogyny is strong in you

>> No.9397672

Who else is sick of this gender bender crap with "Cosplay" at the moment, last con i went to there was a guy dressed as tracer which seems like everyone is doing alot of, wtf is just wrong

>> No.9397681

I don't hate woman, i just dislike the way the Cosplay scene is thanks to jnig.

>> No.9397684

Usually I'm all for anyone cosplaying any character with whatever skin tone, but Jesus you sound legit racist, not even the edgy 4chan racism, you sound like you actually look down at black people.
>Blacks (or whatever) had it rough in one or two countries
I don't think even the KKK would argue that racism against darker skin tones is a worldwide issue. Fucking yikes.

>> No.9397685

You don't hate women, you think all of them are in it for attention, unless they're ugly. Got it.

>> No.9397688

not that anon but holy shit do you have some baggage that you just love to throw on people or are you always this aggressive to everyone in your surroundings?

>> No.9397689

I mean you could just leave it at
>All mildly attractive girls get harassed by creepy guys

>> No.9397690

That's what he said tough?
>i actually don't think there is one girl out there who is attractive but also is not a fake boobed ninny that generally Cosplays because they like the Game/comic

>> No.9397691

You gotta chill, anon is clearly making a generalization that I'd say most people agree with.
>most hot chicks in cosplay are in it because of jnig and yaya's easy efame
That's not misogyny.

>> No.9397693

Sjw detected

>> No.9397694

Exactly that's what i was getting out, most chicks are doing it for the fame now and it's sad to See

>> No.9397695

I'm sorry I didn't realise "I don't think there's one girl" actually means "most"

t. ugly girl

>> No.9397696

Why bother arguing in the unpopular opinions thread? Y'all need to chill

>> No.9397697

In regards to maid cafes, there needs to be a rule where the butlers can't be gross Tumblr fakebois~ uwu~. It's always some fat chick with a shoddy sidecut, where the buttons on their vest is holding on for dear life. You have all the maids looking awesome, then the sjw brigade comes waddling through. And because all the fakebois~ show up for the event, the real guys who would make great butlers cringe and leave.

>> No.9397698


>> No.9397700

People who don't get the more subdued/normalfag like only dress the way they do for attention and so normies will notice them, not because they actually enjoy it like they constantly have to remind you of.

>It's not j-fashion unless normies stare and harass me in the street even though people in Japan wear it.

>> No.9397703

ngl, I cosplay for attention

>> No.9397704

Don't worry anon, anyone capabale of even the most primitive critical thinking was able to understand what you meant, and most people agree with the sad state of cosplay.

>> No.9397706

Lol that sounds about right

>> No.9397723

When you say "fakebois", you are referring to transmales, or are you referring to transtrenders? Because those are two different things. I would agree 100% if you mean those girls that slap the "FtM" label on for attention, otherwise I know some transmale butlers you wouldnt even know were transmales.

>> No.9397729

Sweet lolita is paying $200+ for a cheap cotton rectangle skirt with baby prints. No thank u

>> No.9397730

Transtrenders, I have no problem with people who are actually trans, more power to them. But what are essentially obnoxious tomboys trying to pretend they're something other than female with their edgy haircuts, speshul genders, and cheap sports bras are just cancerous.

>> No.9397735

I agred 100%, anon. Trans people have enough obstacles in life without sjw snowflake tumblr jizz trumpets acting ridiculous about gender identity and treating being transgender the same way everyone claimed to be bisexual in middle school because it was "cool".

>> No.9397742

That's cool anon. Everyone needs attention and getting it by being good at something creative is def one of the most positive ways to attention seek imo.

>> No.9397747

>equating cosplay to Jfash

>> No.9397749

Lolitas are too damn nice.

>> No.9397760

lol nope
the opposite to be honest but i think im a exception

>> No.9397775

nah, i'm not. I'm equating the attention seeking behavior with my own behavior.

>> No.9397781

Doesn't affect me, so I don't care. Don't understand how someone could hate something that has no effect on them.

>> No.9397783

If the character have a confirmed gender, it's technically crossplay. Are you the guy who wanted to cosplay as Kaban from Kemono Friends?

>> No.9397788

Agreed. It's like we're so afraid of coming across as the "stuck up elitist bitches" people say we are that we end up tolerating behaviors that shouldn't be tolerated under any circumstance, like the fetishists and creeps that find their way into communities and aren't immediately kicked out because mods want to give people the benefit of the doubt when they don't deserve it, at the expense of the comm's safety.

>> No.9397822

I actually like plain, solid tights for a more casual look, especially if there is a print or pattern on the dress. It makes the dress pop more.

>> No.9397824

Same. I feel like patterned tights with a print or patterned skirt or dress makes it too busy and takes attention away from the print/pattern.

>> No.9397849

i hate the whole general sjw vibe anime cons have now. when i used to go to cons in 2005-2008 it was really fun. glomping was shitty but everything else for the most part was really fun and people were more open i felt like. i'm going back to a con this summer but i'm worried about what a tumblr fest it's gonna be

>> No.9397852

Yeah, I actually am. As I said in the other thread I'd really like to do one of the Friends as well, and that would be a full-on genderbend.

Whichever I did, it would just be for fun and because I'm a fan. I'm not attractive enough to get attention no matter what I wear, so that's not really a factor for me.

>> No.9397866

Sorta agree.
I understand their purpose is to be considered ugly but I don't really find them ironically cute even from a fandom standpoint. I remember autistic and some special ed students walking around with faux purses, backpacks, and satchels with their favorite fandom stuff attached back in high school. It reminds me of that..

>> No.9397915

It's really, really not that bad. The SJW parts of cons (cosplay is not consent people, sjw panels) are generally very small, if they're even there at all. People will be obnoxious online but most SJWs don't have the balls to act like that in person.

>> No.9397923

The last con I went to put up "all gender" signs over the doors of the bathrooms and had staff wear "I will go with you" buttons in the trans and lgbt flags. Like why both?

>> No.9397933

I cringe so much when I see people in the itabag threads talking about wearing those things outside. Like in public. Not in a con setting. Why so cringe, itabag anons?

They didn't even try to understand what the hell they were doing, did they? What con was that?

>> No.9397935

Literally not a single con I've ever been to has had any SJW stuff. No vocal tumblrites, no sjw panels, etc.

I know that stuff exists at some cons, but you're blowing it way out of proportion.

>> No.9397947

I've always wanted to do an itabag but based on stuff from horror films/tv shows/games because I'm a big horror fan. I feel like something that's a bit more 'mainstream' would be less cringy than a bunch of buttons of someone's favorite ship

>> No.9398006

Its almost as if the current political climate makes legit trans people afraid to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender. But i see what you mean by why both, you dont need both flags.

>> No.9398008

>being so new she doesn't know what "fakeboi" means

>> No.9398015

Im a male and that term has been used here to describe legitimate trans people.

>> No.9398527

dreamy baby room is my dream dress i dont give a fuck

>> No.9398532

thats how i feel about classic lolitas though. they show me their newest granny looking brooch and wear their normie looking brown oxfords and i just nod and say "yeah, so pretty so rori" but i feel like theyre from a different world. at least gothic and sweet can almost be bridged by kuro sweet and manas cute face

>> No.9398546

i have meta platforms and demonias and now i want them in white too, platforms are an addiction!

>> No.9398551

yep. it looks like antoinette cosplay

>> No.9398715

okay so one of my biggest peeves is that we share the board with cosplayers. i have friends who cosplay and its just so entirely different from fashion. the worst part about being here is seeing actually retarded "concrit" in cof or ita threads that is nitpicky as fuck and you just know it was written by a cosplayer pretending to be a lolita. even upthread theres a few people admitting they dont wear the fashion yet trying to give their opinion.
i just feel like if we had our own board wed have less newfag trolling and we might even have that sense of community that livejournal had back in the day.

> other day cosplay friend came over, i was getting my coord on and asked if my waistties were straight
>here anon ill fix it!
>pulls it undone before i can stop them
>tfw theyre attached waistties and i had to take my dress off to re-tie them because cosplay friend couldnt figure out how to do it

>> No.9398719

Go to /fa/ then. We don't want you guys here either.

>> No.9398722

Yeah, except we don't pretend to be cosplayers and give you guys "concrit" to nearly the same degree you do

>> No.9398725

Where's your proof that cosplayers pretend to be lolitas any more than lolitas pretend to be cosplayers?

>> No.9398730

I've never heard Lor say that but I've given that opinion on /cgl/ many times over the years, because it's true. I've worn all styles of lolita at different points and gothic gets stares and attention but people mentally pigeonhole it as "oh, that's one of those goth freaks" even if they dislike it. So many people are ignorant about what actual historical clothes looked like that most classic lolita is assumed to be vintage as well, even if it isn't really period-accurate. But sweet? That gets "what the fuck is that?" reactions from most of the population in the West, since they've usually never seen anything like it before.

>> No.9398732

Whites didn't do dreads like Blacks, please get your facts straight. Totally different styles

>> No.9398736
File: 14 KB, 540x300, blackface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not the same. Reason I say this is because people recently flipped out at an Inidan cosplayers who was light skinned and people called her racist for cosplaying an Indian character with a tan, when she's Indian herself.

>> No.9398737

I like long sleeves best a lot of the time too, both wristcuffs and bare wrists look awkward with short sleeves IMO and it's not always easy to find bracelets and rings that will fit every substyle and theme.

>> No.9398739

I'm tired of all the cosplay whores on Patreon making cash bitching about shit costing money. Seen too many cosplayers pulling in at least 1K/month bitching about affordable shit like a monthly gym membership, being broke for food, or the cost of lingerie.

Use that money for education or hire a money manager, because these twats are clearly mismanaging their cash!

>> No.9398744

I don't think this looks great desu.

Since when? There was definitely a lot less ability to be a part-time goth back then than there is now, but people have been mixing and matching styles in crazy ways for years. The original part of 00s hipsters was mixing together different aesthetic trends devoid of context and loyalty to the original style, for god's sake.

>> No.9398746

Give me a link. History backs me, while you're just talking out your ass.

>> No.9398783

lmfao lolitas wouldnt waste their time with fucking cosplay 10/10 i feel insulted
/fa/ is less fashionable than /out/ id love an alternative fashion board though. egl board that accepts proper established subculture like goth and maybe punk...

>> No.9398791

So your proof to answer my question is "lel we don't"?? Alright then, you could've just said you were talking out of your ass.

Like I said, go to /fa/ if you have an issue.

>> No.9398794

literally up-thread theres cosplayers admitting theyve been shitting up our threads giving uneducated concrit. i cant say whether lolitas do the same but honestly ive not been in a single cosplay related thread because cosplay is fucking dumb. suck it babe.

>> No.9398797

Interesting. I'm a lolita, but I get that thing of being a little jealous of those with efame but knowing it comes with a lot of trouble. I feel like in lolita it's mostly about being cute, having nice photography and posting regularly, followed by wearing either popular print releases or having a specific "niche" you do well, plus dedicating your tumblr/insta/etc only to lolita-related things so people won't unfollow.

I might be wrong, but I can't think of any popular lolitas whose style is all over the place, since people tend to become fans because they like that aesthetic and react negatively if they change their style. I know that I probably couldn't get anywhere unless I invested in a decent camera and lighting set-up and dedicated myself to one cohesive style.

>If it's a fashion, it's something you wear every day (or at least whenever practical)
Some of us like more than one fashion, anon. I genuinely like toned-down western goth, nanchatte seifuku, and tomboyish sportswear shit, and given that that's cheaper and more practical I wear that more often. I do wear lolita outside of meets, but not having it as my only fashion doesn't mean I'm just treating it as a cosplay.

I would like to wear lolita more often, but my friends don't like the second-hand attention so I avoid it around them out of courtesy, and I rarely have the opportunity to go anywhere nice alone.

>> No.9398814

God, this. Just cosplay some other character if your pride won't allow yourself to cosplay as the opposite gender. I've heard so many bullshit reasons as to why people do genderbends and they always boil down to "I want to be special and get attention".

>> No.9398954

I wish you guys had your own board too. I don't like your fashion very much, think it looks pretty ugly for the most part. Plus I'm tired of wading through all your threads.

>> No.9398960

Didn't run into too many at the last one I went to. Some loud fans discussing stuff, a few free the nipple protesters walking around, and some idiots trying to hold up a pride flag in front of a big group photo that the con did (thankfully got shut down, and they reacted badly, literally saying "c'mon people it's 2017).
Although there was some SJW-esque panels, but most of them at least had a connection to cosplay or geek stuff. e
Except one labeled something along the lines of "LGBTQIA: Moving forward into 2017". No idea why that was even there, and no one could give me a reason. Form what I heard it was mostly them ego stroking and freaking out about Trump

>> No.9398964

I think there are people who don't cosplay but participate in cosplay threads, they're probably gross dudes tough and not lolita's.

Even if we had a seperate board for lolita and alt fashion, there would still be people who don't wear it and ita's giving you concrit. If it bothers you you should go to a non-anonymous place. I know you all like to think livejournal is dead but I mod a community there that got over 500 members in the past year.

>> No.9399057

Bescause they like that character, maybe? I can understand why its annoying; male charactters being made into little more than tits and ass gives me the urge to projectile vomit, at the same time i dont mind it at all when they're done wih the character's personality traits and original costume in mind. I know a guy that does male genderbends of female Disney characters, and while the construction could be better, he does them with the character's original costume/personality in mind.

Then there's sjw cunts out there screeching about "genderbends erase non-binary genders and enforce the idea that only male and female exist!!!" Then tell me, wise teenager, how the fuck someone is going to recognize a "non-binary naruto" as anything but male or female? People like this are the true idiots.

>> No.9399063

They make me want to reject the idea of gender entirely

>> No.9399676

what livejournal comm?

>> No.9399717

A subbing comm, I'm sorry but I'm not going to post it here, membership is currently closed anyway

>> No.9400109

>implying I haven't been keeping up with Jojolion
Besides its long been a thing to like Josuke the most; Joseph is more of an animeonly opinion. Giorno is the least popular in the western community

>> No.9400577

>hurr hurr livejournal isnt dead dont complain
>no you cant join our comm its closed

i guess ill just waste time on facebook. thanks for replying for literally nothing

>> No.9400764

Oh I'm sorry, are you fluent in Chinese, love timing and would you like to make subtitles unpaid? It was just an example, there are other active livejournal comm's so saying livejournal is dead is not correct, egl is dying because everyone went to facebook, tumblr and cgl.

>> No.9401452

what the fuck does your chinese subtitles have to do with egl?

>> No.9403247

she's responding to people who say livejournal is dead

>> No.9403377

ok but anon said the egl comm was dead, like a specific part of livejournal not the site itself which is obviously still a running active site? why is everyone on cgl so dull

>> No.9404326

Ngl, when you said "subbing" I thought the reason you didn't want to give anon the link was because it was a kink thing, not because you thought fansubs were beyond her.

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