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Previous thread. >>9383198

Share those cgl-related feels. The good, the bad, and the ita.

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf

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>local con wants me to be a guest artist
>con shut down because there was a murder at the venue

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those numbers
also is this legit or some meme

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I hate myself for hating how I can't fit into my lolita dresses properly anymore.
It's becoming too stupid, to petty, at my age to still be hating myself over clothes like I'm in high school. I love my dresses so much though, I bought the ones I did because I want to keep them and it hurts to know I can't just take them out of the closet to wear anymore like I do with my normalfag dresses.

I don't know how my mind has gotten so out of hand. Sometimes I feel like up and selling all my brand just so I can pay back the debts and have peace of mind for once. Instead of judging myself for being an ugly fuckball when the reality is nobody gives a shit or thinks that besides me.

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> Using bathroom in the Doubletree during lolita tea party with RinRin
> Only one other person in bathroom
> Hear someone taking a huge, nasty shit
> Leave stall and wash hands
> Out walks a seagull
> kek

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Can we please stop posting this meme.

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What the meme is?

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>Happily working on a cosplay for a con about a month away
>Getting all excited
>get a phonecall
>the guy I was going with hung himself

I have no idea what I'm going to do. We were splitting costs, and without him, I can't afford to go. But I don't know if I want to now. He was a good friend, but he didn't even leave a note or anything. Just straight out of the blue. I didn't even know he was depressed.

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>tfw no /cgl/ bf

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Anyone else just really hate those people who are secretly ashamed of their hobbies, but rather than conceal it, they wish it was mainstream and so they can be accepted by normie culture?

It always seems to be the ones with a blog too.

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>spend three and a half cold wet hours in line to get into a TV show props/sets/set dressings/costumes liquidation sale
>they cut off the line right before my spot
>fuck this shit
>get home from linesale
>beautiful pearl necklace I got on eBay for classic coords is in my mailbox
>the taobao order I paid to ship three days ago was also delivered
>clan alor'ad messages me on FB to tell me my costume application for my local Star Wars club was approved
>curry for dinner

I'd like to thank Space God and also Fruit Jesus for compensating me for my wasted cold wet time this morning. Feels fucking fantastic, dudes.

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>be me three years ago
>had some drunk guy grope me while walking back to my room from con
>some guy with a "Rei is my waifu" shirt ends up crossing the street and punches the guy so hard that the drunks friends end up falling on the ground
>I thank him and he insists on walking me the last few blocks back
>we exchange info, find out he is in the Army and was on leave so he could attend con
>have the biggest crush on him
>he's coming to AX again this year
>don't know how im going to stop myself from trying to get sexy times


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So what you're saying is that I need to punch people to get laid?

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This only goes to show that people who waifu Rei are superior.

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>be freelance artist
>never have any time
>just want to be lazy
It's the weekend, I should be working, but it's burning me out.

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If you stick up for a girl and are remotely attractive there's no reason you couldn't get laid.

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>tfw not attractive

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You should note that being a virtue signaling beta orbiter is not the same thing as sticking up for a girl.

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just lose some weight, you fuck.

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fuck off fatty

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>no u

Read the /fit/ sticky.

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t. fat fitizen

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t. fatty in denial

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>still to depressed to work on my cosplay or do anything that isn't write gay fanfic
>might not even go to the one con I'll be able too attend in the last five years

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>hurr I told someone to read the sticky
Yeah I'm sure people with weight problems never think to diet and exercise, moron.

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Haha You would be surprised.

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OP here and yeah I read the sticky back in 2011.
It took 3 years to lose 80 pounds of fat and be in the best shape of my life, for it to only take 9 months with an emotional rollercoaster and apathy to gain all of it back. Not to mention the yoyo years I had up until that point, that 3 year streak was the best I ever did. Now it's gone. I'm frustrated and feel the same loathing for myself as I did at my lowest and highest weight. It's my self-esteem and I just feel like nothing, not even the social workers I've seen, can fix it.

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A slightly changed version of this story is posted in all the feels threads.

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When i was a neckbeard with acne, braces and a ponytail, girls at cons used to be super nice and flirty with me, a few even gave me their numbers
Never got the fug because I'm socially retarded but hey it was something
So i decided i should start working on my appearance, so i could have even better luck
I asked all of my female friends how i show get my hair done, and how i should dress, i started lifting, i shaved my face and started keeping it clean, and conveniently around that time i got my braces off
So now I'm a much better looking guy,
I went from 6'1 and 140lbs to 6'2 and 180lbs, i wear what they all suggested and i have the meme undercut that all the girls love, but girls at conventions avoid me like the plague even though they made me into this, and I'm still too retarded to talk to girls outside of cons because I'm afraid I'll have no overlapping interests, and i feel bad about whining about it because at the end of the day I'm a better person for everything i did

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You're too handsome, they're all afraid of you or think you're a fake nerd looking for easy con sluts

Such is life

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Like other anon said now you're too intimidatingly handsome. It's up to you to at least say hi and make smalltalk. I'm sure there are girls out there perfectly willing to approach you, but you'll get where you want to be faster if you don't wait for them to appear.

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Personally (I'm a grill) I'm intimidated by attractive people and won't initiate anything out of embarrassment. As juvenile as it sounds I've always felt I wasn't worthy of talking to someone if I was uglier than them )if they were a girl) or insanely attractive to me (if they were a guy). I can make friends easier with ordinary/unattractive people, including exchanging numbers.
Idk, just a thought...

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They're afraid you're out of their league. So it's gonna be up to you to approach them.

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>tfw no tall gf

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Confirming what all the others said, usually good looking guys are assholes (just like good looking girls) so most of us will be afraid to approach you.

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Is there anything short of undoing all of my progress that i can do to reveal my powerlevel or make myself more approachable?

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...Approach them.

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Approach them casually or carry a puppy around.

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>mfw my phone ends up blocking the cgl catalog page.
>not 4chan itself JUST the cgl catalog.

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just b urself

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>Asuka shirt
Girl calls the cops on him

>Misato shirt
Girl just rides his dick right then and there.

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Cosplay as something very anime-y? Also, approaching them like the other anons said.

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Social worker = therapist? Cause you need to find the root of your self hatred.

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I've been texting my best friend for about three months now, but every time I do, it's ignored. He turned off his read receipts since we met, and so I don't know if he's getting these messages. I've talked to mutual friends, and they've all not seen him since he stopped talking to me. My friend S says he hasn't been going to classes, and I'm starting to get worried. I think something might have happened to him. He was super depressed, and sometimes, talked about driving his car up into the mountains, so he could drive it off a cliff. If he did that, no one would know that he was missing. What do I do?

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Contact his parents?

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>he-hey I have more puppies in my van, wanna see them?

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I said carry it around, not offer to take them to a van filled with puppies and candy.

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They hate me, because they are very VERY christian conservative, and he's... not. And I'm a trans guy and I'm not even allowed to talk to him, it's part of the reason I'm so worried about him. If he killed himself, his parents wouldn't call.

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>January; Finally leave shit ex after four years of him threatening to kill himself, etc.
>(He didn't. He's now dating his methhead side-chick kek.)
>Have a friend of around two years who I've wanted to bang since we met.
>One of those rare situations where you're like "Yeah, I really like you, but I'd be absolutely content to just fuck a lot and not make it weird after."
>I'm the pure innocent waifu and he's a bit of a degenerate so I accepted that that would be the case.
>mfw the realization that he seems to actually really like me.
>And unlike ex, he really likes my lolita/jfash.
>Reaction was "Yeah, that's just what you wear!"

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Maybe one of your friends can contact them?

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Fucking call the police anon, tell them everything, explain that he was talking about suicide and had a plan for it and that his parents are insane. They will listen and they will at least go to his house/his parents house to make sure that he's ok. It may piss the parents off even more but at this point if they already hate you it isn't gonna make much difference and at least you'll know if he's alright or not.

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This one bitch in my comm deliberately starts arguments at tea by bringing up touching subjects like replicas and abortion. God, what a bitch.

She also brings her fat-ass bf to meets.

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I'm in a similar boat as you and it's the best feeling ever. Congratulations!!!!!!

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>When your daddy brings you salsa and you break your diet
>So many chips

I'm gonna be such a fatty-chan at the next meetup

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>tfw gf brings me along to cons because I'm better looking and better dressed than her ita members boyfriends

The guys who all get dragged along kind of form our own group a little bit away. Except for the one guy who's gf doesn't let him join us. He always looks like he wants to die.

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>I have candy in my van, too. You like candy, right? I can tell.

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I-is this a thing? I have no social media. Will that make it impossible for me to book?

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I come to this board to remind myself that (some) women are human too, insecure and autistic like me. Instead of the psychotic gold digger bitches that I deal with every day.

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Wtf do you live in north Korea or something?

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Almost all women are insecure. Autistic, however is a very male problem. I think the female equivalent of that would be narcissism.

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The greentext was originally about girlypoot, a lolita who got diarrhea at a meeting, got made fun of for it, and launched a huge anti-bullying campaign. Then she vanish.

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>tfw you've aged like such utter shit that you have to actively look for older looking characters to cosplay.
>Still struggle to find any

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~I'm not like other girls~ uWu

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I'm starting to think I fell in love at first sight with a lolita I saw in Little Tokyo last Sunday.

I'm a grown man who's had real relationships and everything else, damn it. This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to me, but damn if I'm not realizing that I've been thinking about her almost nonstop for the past week.

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>mfw my bf once told me he'd fuck girlyhoot if he had the change

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LA's Little Tokyo? Sounds like you saw one of my friends.

All my friends are exclusively dating someone though, sorry dude

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>Tfw want to buy 2nd hand lolita from people
>Tfw realize everyone tries to gouge you

back to wunderwelt I go and stay

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dumb slut

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I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, since it seems like the whole community lurks on /cgl/.

And meh, I'm not exactly heartbroken if she's not single. I'm well aware of how minuscule the chances of it ever becoming anything would've been anyway, since even if we met there's no guarantee we'd actually like one another or anything.

The more important and lasting effect was the sudden "woah, she's totally my type... wait, that's my type? WTF?" realization.

By the way, it was a mostly Asian group, gothy/dark classic style, dark hair, etc., near Jungle around 6PM on Sunday. If that's the right group, tell your friends that they're all gorgeous and have excellent taste.

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Do what you gotta do Harry. Everyone needs a break every now and again.

>> No.9387508

I know this feel all too well

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Puppies don't help get dates

Source: attractive man who had pug puppy for some time. Talked small talk with many people. Many women. Zero interest past 'cute dog'

>> No.9387512

That's why you need to get them to the van, my man.

>> No.9387528

make sure to write "free puppies" on the side. "I got this puppy from that nice person in the van!"

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Tfw the Disney cast member wifi blocks 4chan so you have to use your data for this shitty website

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very friendly reminder that there is a difference between love and infatuation/admiration and you cannot truly love somebody unless you know them!

next time you see someone that you're able to appreciate aesthetically just throw them a non-creepy compliment. bitches love non-creepy compliments

>> No.9387575

Oh yeah, I was just using a figure of speech, I guess.

I would've done exactly what you suggest, but I spotted them while busy with something else and then they were gone. Also I probably would've dropped my spaghetti anyway.

>> No.9387586

Lots of places do. I was at Applebees and it caused >>9387212

Had to clear up some stuff on my phone once I got home cause basically my phone went FUCK THIS PAGE IN PARTICULAR. And wouldn't let me on even on 4g or my home wifi.

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Sunday morning at a con feels
>daylight savings time just started so I woke up hours before day light
>roommates still asleep so I'm in bath bath

Just musing about cons and how much I love them and how sad I am that it's Sunday and I'm going to be miserably tired at work tomorrow.

>> No.9387611

tfw when you never though you'd see a Chrono Crusade reaction image.

Sage for being a weeb

>> No.9387655

>non-creepy compliment
The creepiness of a compliment is only partially under your control.

>> No.9387681

True to some extent but the point is that there's a huge difference between "I like your outfit! You look great!" and "Hey sexy dolly, looking for a daddy?" and if you don't want to come across as creepy you should absolutely stick with the former.

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>Hit puberty fairly late
>Went from being a tiny flat as a board stick to being an hourglass with very prominent waist to hip ratio in a matter of 6 months when I was 19
>Still growing in my mid 20's
>Put up cosplays and old clothes for sale recently
>Have to say "sorry, I can't fit into them anymore" when potential buyers ask for photos of me wearing said things
>Feeling like a fucking fatass when measuring these things that I just told buyers I couldn't fit into because they're so fucking big when the only problem is my massive hips
>Sewing machine is broken, so been buying costumes for the last few years
>For the last 5 months, have had to pay extra to get specially tailored Taobao shit because my hips and boobs have grown even larger in that amount of time while everything else is the same size as it always was
>Exercising like mad and constantly dieting to make sure that the only handmade costume I've got that I'm still putting finishing (handsewing and other craft) details on
>Tried it on the other day, pants for said costume ALMOST cannot fit anymore and I've been so upset and feeling so gross since then
>Have had so many girls tell me that they're jelly of my bodytype and specifically my boobs
>You can fucking have them you bitches, switch with me, I want out of this hourglass hellhole

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I've been feeling really lonely lately and I've been thinking about how fun it would be to have a lolita friend but every time I go to a meetup I get horrible anxiety to the point I'm almost crying. I don't know what it is about them but I get so bad! And at this point I'm just embarrassed to attend them because I'm sure everyone could tell how uncomfortable I was. It's been over a year since I've been to one and I'm sure no one even remembers me I just can't bring myself to go and embarrass myself again. I just want a lolita friend.

>> No.9387710

>for months have no motivation to wear lolita or sew or do anything
>move house
>all my burando, fabric and equipment stored in boxes and bags for two weeks
>desperately want to dress up and sew
why brain, why

My work wifi blocks 4chan and some asshole got my train's wifi IP permabanned so I know your pain.

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>tfw ask fellow gull out
>well that's okay, we can still be friends and talk about coords and cons and drams and stuff!
>stops talking to me entirely

One, One shot of vodka! Ah ah ah! Two shots of vodka! Ah ah ah! Three shots of .....

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You made things awkward. What did you expect?

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I feel you on fit issues. Having to take in/get literally every single vaguely fitted top from a normie store and the vast majority of lolita tailored is an extremely expensive pain in the ass. 100$ at absolute minimum for a simple jsk is not fun. Stuffing does nothing to help when you're got a 27in bust + underbust and they're specifically cut for b-cups. It also moves around constantly and falls due to that band being hard to find and having literally no tits inside of it. Just like I'm sure binders are incredibly comfortable and don't do much for fit.

Not to mention the constant insults about how you shouldn't be wearing something "that shows off your chest" from random "concerned" normies and family when it literally just doesn't hide it and is loose and up to neck. And god fucking forbid you wear a tank top in 95+ weather with 80% humidity. Or all the passive aggressive "I'm putting myself down so you'll tell me how jealous you are and I'll throw a fit if you do anything but." Along with "lol flat chests prevent you from getting from getting harassed because they're gross, but I'll say I'm jealous anyway and constantly tell you how oppressed I am being completely average/busty/busty because I'm fat." Or "You have it so much better but even a b-cup is so unfeminine and I'd hate having even a minor reduction for health reasons."

Just fuck off and talk about something else for once. Bringing it up literally almost every time someone sees me like that just makes it really obvious what a cunt you are if you can't stop passively aggressively insulting someone "beneath you" and fishing. AP has been huge anyway and most items outside of the 90s-2005 era lolita was never meant to fit okay on a-cups anyway.

Whew, didn't mean to rant but one of my biggest triggers is people saying you're lucky to have a body they know damn well they'd never want to deal with. Not even aesthetically in the case of literal flat chests other than fakebois and pedo fetishists.

>> No.9387733

But what if I want a sugar baby?

>> No.9387734

I'm sorry anon but it happens sometimes. I wish you better luck next time!

>> No.9387736

>Win genetic lottery
>Complain about it

Women, not even once.

>> No.9387737

Look for one online, you mongoloid, don't approach strangers with weird propositions.

>> No.9387739

You need to start slow and take small steps, expose yourself to small social situations and then increase the exposure.
Go to a store, buy something and then return it, little dumb things like that.

>> No.9387741

As an apple shape, gimme

>> No.9387750

Flat chest is justice.

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Shouldn't you be searching for junior idols on jp?

>> No.9387754

Have you been seeing someone who specializes in ED and weight issues? And are you working with rhe therapist? I know a few people who say therapy doesn't work for them when
A. Not seeing a therapist that specializes in what they need
B. Go to sessions and then not work on themselves at all when they are not in session
You could also see a licensed nutritionist as well.

>> No.9387755

To be more clear, social workers and therapists can't fix you, they give you the tools for you to work and fix yourself.

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>Cowtits on a fat girl
Fixed that for you

>> No.9387762

Boobs are great at any size, anon.

>> No.9387763

>be me
>been spending too much money lately
>dress I really want shows up at lacemarket
>decide I shouldn't buy it right now
>see someone bidding on it
>immediately enter in a must have it or I will die state
>there's enough money in my bank account
>but it will also leave me with only a few dollars
It's a reasonable price too so if I pass on this I'll probably won't find it cheaper ever again. On the other hand, I really need to have some self control.

>> No.9387768

>Not even aesthetically in the case of literal flat chests other than fakebois and pedo fetishists.

I know this won't mean much to you, but I'm neither of those things and I prefer smaller chests on girls.

>> No.9387771


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You're almost right, but I'd switch thighs and butt.

Also butt shape >>>>> size.

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Flat =/= boobs

Watching so much porn and being enough of a weeb to consider completely average/above average tits "flat" doesn't change how actually being flat is perceived.

I get ten times the amount of insults from men both normie and at cons. Trying to date "nerdy" men is absolutely useless unless you have a cuck fetish and love being sent giant tit hentai and GOT fap scenes several times a week while being told how hot you are and you're just "tolerable enough if you can make up for it". I just didn't mention it because I was trying to be vaguely on topic. Hell even if it did it wouldn't negate spending again literally 100s of dollars for each dress or adding 6 inches of padding just to not look like a slob or get insulted. Chances are I literally have to add more inches in padding than your dick is long. Even if men truly didn't care or at least didn't see me not being good enough to fap to as incredibly offensive it doesn't mean literally not having tits and l i t e r a l l y having to wear to children's instead of teen's training swimsuits as an adult is fun.

I know I shouldn't respond to robots baiting but this thread is going to get deleted now anyway. Also don't be an idiot like I was and try to date someone from an imageboard. On the plus side I have noticed when I wear the more obvious j-fashions I get way more comments on my actual look instead of comments on my chest. Has anyone noticed anything similar? I guess it's like how people automatically call fat people fat before anything else unless they're wearing clown make up or etc. Kinda pathetic it takes something like menhara to draw attention away though.

>> No.9387783

I think it may be partly because jfash is more andro in style than other fashion. Also, it seems like you have some pretty negative views on men in general, and I'm sure it's not helping you out.

>Trying to date "nerdy" men is absolutely useless unless you have a cuck fetish

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>if he had the change
Wow. she must not charge much.

>> No.9387791

>Wishing girls treat you like competition because you have "killer bod", resulting in having very little female friends because you can't trust any of them to be genuine
>Wishing guys treat you like a sex object because you have a "killer bod", resulting in having very few genuine male friends that are willing to support you once they've realised you're not gonna fuck them
>Wishing you could pay out of your ass for specially trailored costumes or dresses
>Wishing you could have a life of wearing skirts or yoga pants because nothing fucking fits around your massive hips after 1 or 2 washes

I love myself and all, I know that when I have these bursts of feeling like a fatass because my clothes don't fit anymore it's not as bad as I think it is, but I felt that every social thing was a lot more sincere when I was a stick, and at least I could actually fit into clothes I bought for myself without having to alter them or pay someone else to alter them.

I feel you sista' </3

>> No.9387792

It sounds like you've had bad experiences with men. Sorry, not every guy is like that. You'll find someone who loves you for being yourself. Anyone who attaches worth to boob size is very shallow. Love yourself, anon.

>> No.9387794

First of all I'm not a robot or baiting.

I know what truly flat is. I don't dislike it. I've been with girls who had no boobs whatsoever and I never found myself wishing they had them. Breasts are so far down my list of important features that they're irrelevant, it's like, I dunno, on the same level as the shape of a girl's kneecaps or something. The only time they're a factor for me is actually when they're too big or big and really badly shaped. Aside from that, I strongly believe in the famous mantra that "the best breasts are the ones that belong to the person you love."

Those "nerdy" men don't sound like nerds to me, they sound like asshole scumbags. Some teasing is one thing but constantly taunting a girl for something you know she's very insecure about is the work of a piece of human garbage that never deserves to date anybody again. I've been with women who used my insecurities to manipulate me and know how fucking horrible it is to be on the receiving end of it.

I know you have trouble believing this stuff, but consider that we have no idea who one another are and that I stand to gain nothing from lying to you or flattering you.

>> No.9387796
File: 460 KB, 416x750, 1393114986018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have nothing against men in general. I just hate robot/reddit/"nice guy" types of men, being insulted than being told I'm lucky for the exact same thing, and guys forcing themselves into a relationship they knew they wouldn't be happy with. Tbh guys that openly admit to preferring big/average/small tits and don't try to cheer me up by saying someone somewhere might fuck me. I'm never stupid enough to bring it up first so if they don't it's fine.

If anything you should be complaining about my "issues with women" here >>9387728 In reality it's specific complaints about specific people that I deal with irl and that are really common here and in people with these interests. Most normie guys other than random dicks everyone gets aren't autistic enoguh to do that and expect to be liked.

>I think it may be partly because jfash is more andro in style than other fashion.

How is this less feminine than pants? I'm taking bait again aren't I?

>> No.9387803

In jfash there are plenty of clothes and styles that aren't specifically made for a gender. That barely exists if at all in euro/american culture. I didn't know exactly what outfit you had on, cmon anon.

Sorry you hate everyone.

>> No.9387805

Steam gets dating sims/visual novels daily, anime is incredibly fanservicey, and games like conan, the witcher, metro last light, heavy rain and etc with explicit sex scenes/forced female nudity are standard and expected. Not to mention again got, berserk, any "mature" anime/manga. Even cgl is about 30% fap threads much less the rest of imageboards. It desensitizes people and they forget how to act with women. I doubt it was even intended to be malicious desu. A lot of them genuinely seem socially retarded when it comes to things like that. The only other guys I've gotten have been legit pedos that eventually admitted to wanting me to dress up and pretend to be a little girl.

Making friends is fine especially on cgl. I've met and talked to nice people both men and women, It's just dating and especially robots that I really highly recommend against. They really need to work on their own issues before dating first and stop being desperate enough to date someone they aren't happy with.

I don't wear androgynous jfash nor do I hate anyone but pedos and obnoxious frat tier normies really. This is the feels thread not the psychoanalysis thread. Going indepth about how I feel with this character limit is offtopic and pointless. If anything these people need pity and someone to guide them. I just refuse to be the one to do it and let myself be miserable. Even pedos I might have sympathy for if they didn't always start to get delusional and extremely dangerous when humored.

>> No.9387811
File: 118 KB, 340x368, psgchildhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have terminal boobloaf

I'm going to die.

>> No.9387827

You know, I spent like 10 minutes trying to explain why those guys are outliers, and the more I think about the more I think you might be right, and that I'm the weird one for being really into anime and nerd culture but being able to interact with women like they're actual people. I lurk /r9k/ sometimes and those guys in particular have really bought into a particularly malicious philosophy about women, too.

Seriously though, I really do prefer flat or very small-chested women, and I'm not a pedo in the least. Even the thought of roleplaying pedo stuff freaks me out, much less doing it for real. It's something I feel quite insecure about myself because people assume I'm a pedo when they find out my preferences.

I could start listing things I like about flat girls but most of them are inappropriate for /cgl/. What I can say here, though, and what's honestly probably the biggest reason for my preferences when I think about it, is that there were several adult women that I really liked and looked up to during formative years, and by mere coincidence they happened to be flat-chested.

>> No.9387831

Examples? I'm always looking for fit and fashion inspo and I'm assuming they're celebrities. The only ones even vaguely similar to flat I can think of are Mila Jovich and Kiera Knightly, but they're both actually what the implants I'd get would look if it was painless and free. Even in j-fashion it's really hard to figure out how things will look on you when genuinely flat chested women are so rare in media or just in general.

>It's something I feel quite insecure about myself because people assume I'm a pedo when they find out my preferences.

Yeah I think it's incredibly stupid when it comes to small breasts, but considering those are literally the only men I've genuinely liked it it's a bit hard to not think that desu. I've been told the only husband I'd ever get would cheat on me with our kids and etc. since 15. Although admittedly my first thought is just trying to sell not finding it absolutely disgusting and just having 0 interest in it at all as "liking"/not caring. I really really hate the "having hard preferences is shallow" meme. I'd much rather be single than be with someone who will never truly be satisfied or actually want to touch/look at my chest.

>> No.9387841

>Wishing guys treat you like a sex object because you have a "killer bod", resulting in having very few genuine male friends that are willing to support you once they've realised you're not gonna fuck them

The non-killer bod feel is not having guy friends either.
It's not like having a killer bod gives you less guy friends. It's hard to be friends with the opposite sex without them being attracted because any relationship involves attraction (similar interests at the very least).

So that's not really a complaint.

>> No.9387862

By vanish, you mean continuing to sell her stuff way overpriced and getting new releases/ posting to CoF

>> No.9387865

WW is overpriced, I've gotten some good deals from gulls in the past. Most are willing to negotiate

>> No.9387877

The women I was talking about were people I actually knew.

I wish I had good examples to suggest. The only women I can think of, uhhh, don't really wear anything you could wear in public, or at best are cosplayers. Or they're people I know IRL. Or they're fictional characters.

Obviously a lot of high fashion models, but they've got their own thing going on and their clothes aren't real world appropriate.

It really is a shitty situation these days, with boob fetishism being so completely mainstream.

At least with Lolita a lot of it looks better on flat girls than on anybody else, at least if you ask me. I don't know brands and fit all that well, but for example Victorian Maiden has a lot of pieces that only look good on girls without boobs. You probably know way more about that stuff than I do though.

>> No.9387895

Just as you said the people from r9k need to sort themselves out, you are going to have to sort out the fact that not every person who is interested in you is a pedo. Not every person who likes flat chests is a pedo, though I know from anecdotal experiences you have mentioned that it'll be hard. Doesn't help that you seemed to have been bullied about it, and that is where the seed of insecurity was planted.

If your friends make fun of your body, drop them and find new friends. When you find someone who truly loves you, it wont be because of that part of your body.

>> No.9387917

>I feel you on fit issues. Having to take in/get literally every single vaguely fitted top from a normie store and the vast majority of lolita tailored is an extremely expensive pain in the ass. 100$ at absolute minimum for a simple jsk is not fun. Stuffing does nothing to help when you're got a 27in bust + underbust and they're specifically cut for b-cups. It also moves around constantly and falls due to that band being hard to find and having literally no tits inside of it.

>When you find someone who truly loves you, it wont be because of that part of your body.

You can't have actual non-platonic love without sex. At the very least I can't and I won't be happy with a shit sex life. I never said there weren't plenty of people willing to settle, just that I'm not willing to settle for someone who is if you get me? The tmi reason is that I'm super sensitive and I actually warm myself up through my chest first instead how most women normally do it. As in solely until I'm very aroused because otherwise it's sensitive enough to just be unpleasant. Using lube won't change the fact that I'm not aroused enough to expand. I have a really sex drive and I'm not going to spend the rest of my life having shit sex or being in a non-monogamous relationship. It's basically on the same level as very begrudgingly doing needed foreplay to me. What's the fun if someone doesn't want it? Not only that but repeatedly tells you and shows how how they couldn't do without the exact opposite while ignoring you completely.

>you are going to have to sort out the fact that not every person who is interested in you is a pedo

I don't believe that at all, believe it or not most of the people that asked me out said they did that because they liked my personality, humor, fashion style and similar things enough to ignore it or imagine someone else during sex. The actual people that liked it were extremely rare and usually 40+. I'm not angry that I'm incompatible with people.

>> No.9387918

I take it you're straight? Plenty of girls are into flat chests. It's not my preference, but damn if a flat chest with perky nips doesn't look good on a lithe/athletic figure.

>> No.9387928
File: 104 KB, 396x359, jonahface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find my fabric scissors in little sister's bathroom
>shreds of hair on the carpet

>mfw my little sister used my fabric scissors to trim her pubes

>> No.9387937

Kinda, I used to be super biased towards women but now I'm extremely biased towards men in the last year or so. Idk what happened, tfw no j-fash gf used to be my biggest feel. No birthcontrol or anything. And no I wasn't the totally bi but hates vags kind at all. I was always really hesitant about it anyway though. I have an extremely strong preference towards smaller busted overall petite women like me and just finding a lesbian in my area that isn't a haes advocate or super liberal is extremely tough. I refuse to put anyone through what I've been through. I've definitely noticed a huge difference with lesbians. I don't have the androgynous/athletic type look they seem to like with it though. I'm just skinny, short, with wide hips and not butch in the slightest.

>> No.9387953

With your tmi response it sounds more like the guys not really knowing what to do. You've mentioned r9k types and weebs, and with both you can't really expect them to be good at sex and especially not expect them to be good at foreplay. I am betting since this is something you're extremely insecure about, it's not something that you talk to them about. Thus, shitty sex.

>similar things enough to ignore it or imagine someone else during sex
This is your insecurity talking again. If someone is fucking you, it's not because they are imagining someone else while doing it, and it's sure as shit not because you guys like the same anime. It's happening because there is attraction. People don't fuck someone else if they are physically disgusted by the person. (golddiggers and other examples excluded)

>> No.9387957

Guy who replied to you a few times here.

Sounds like we'd, uhh, "work well together."

Shame I'm as against 4chan hookups as you are.

>> No.9387966

I'm dying, anon.

>> No.9387976

>With your tmi response it sounds more like the guys not really knowing what to do.

No, there's no way I'd have sex before trusting someone enough. You're really trying to dig deep aren't you?

>People don't fuck someone else if they are physically disgusted by the person.

They literally said they had no sexual attraction beyond being female and cute face but would deal with it anyway when I asked them point blank.

>it's sure as shit not because you guys like the same anime

No it's because they're desperate virgins who think losing their virginity will solve all their problems. Spend two seconds on r9k and it'll be really obvious even without talking to them.

>I am betting since this is something you're extremely insecure about

Are you done making an ass out of yourself? You know what they say about assumptions. I'd assume you're just bored like I am but at this point i just seems like you have a personal reason to prove something. I talk about having the intent of marriage and lining out "rules" about cheating the instant dating comes up. There's no point in wasting anyone's time. If they get past that then talking about sex follows. There's 0 point in beating around the bush when it comes to relationships and I literally demanded they do the same tb.h. I wanted honestly even if it hurt or meant leaving.

>> No.9387979

Dude I have to hit these cons up man sounds like a crazy as fuck time.

>> No.9387985

I'm done. I had a bad breakup with a girl who felt the same outlook towards guys as you had. Seeing this conversation take place made me want to prod around. My assumptions came from the experiences with her. That being said you seem much more rational about it.

Thanks for the conversation, hope you find someone someday gull

>> No.9387996

>tfw I can't deal with bad smells at all
>the faintest smell of something I don't like triggers my gag reflex
>scared shitless of cosplay because if a smelly person were to want a picture with me I wouldn't be able to help it

I dont want anyone feeling like shit, I wish there were smell detectors at cons, like metal detectors.

>> No.9388011

>person were to want a picture with me
I doubt anyone would want a picture with an automatic vomit canon.

>> No.9388017

they wouldn't know until it's too late

>> No.9388022
File: 588 KB, 217x199, fuck..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9388097

I'm too scared to go to cons. How do I get less scared.

>> No.9388199

By going

>> No.9388204

moderate alcohol consumption

>> No.9388208

Get shitfaced

>> No.9388209

I've never drunk alcohol in my life...

>> No.9388228
File: 50 KB, 286x720, chesterpic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Two points:

1. r9k do not actually have malicious or negative views of women, they are sad, lonely creatures who are mostly just scared of women

2. To the white knight, bruv, the bullshit u spew is so cheezy, i think i found the (pic ruhlated) perfect cosplay for u

>> No.9388230

You should start.

>> No.9388232

>suggesting a lonely person to start drinking

I can see this going great places

>> No.9388236

No this >>9388232 guy is right.
Telling people to fucking abuse substances is not going to help their issues. It's just going to create more.

>> No.9388248

>come to cgl feels thread to see cgl feels
>Realise half the posts are off topic moaning initiated by someone sharing a cgl related feel

You fuckers really have no idea how to stay on topic.

>> No.9388251

I don't think there's anything wrong with telling an awkward person to drink a little before going out. It certainly helps loosen you up and allow conversations to go more smoothly. Nobody was telling the anon to become an alcoholic or anything.

>> No.9388252

I'm curious. Do you only browse cgl on 4chan?

>> No.9388258

People are going to be shitty, regardless of your breast size. You need to grow a back bone and stand for yourself.

>> No.9388262

When teetotallers with personal issues start drinking, they never, ever drink in moderation.

>> No.9388268

Learn to control your gag reflect by smelling garbage.
It works. Perfume makes me choke and gasp for air, I learned to at least not over react by smelling small amounts of perfume untill I developed a "resistance".

>> No.9388270

Not true. I don't drink at all unless I intend to get drunk - I've also never drunk to the point of blacking out/vomitting everywhere.

I just don't see the logic in consuming something that's bad for you unless you're going to get the 'fun' effect of it. (People who have like, two beers a day after work are weird to me.)

>> No.9388276
File: 51 KB, 557x779, women love murderers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. Women fucking love men who commit violence against other men.

From fawning over the bully jocks in highschool all the way up to fucking criminals and killers as adults.

>> No.9388280

Women love men who can protect them, which is what that man did in that anons story.

>> No.9388284

How the fuck does THIS board remind you of that? /cgl/ is full of all the worst kinds of stereotypical women. Obsessed with drama and prone to backstabbing. Hyper-materialistic, only care about men as a source of free money to fuel said materialism. They're the worst. Spending time here should only ruin your ideas about women.

>> No.9388285
File: 492 KB, 500x341, tumblr_m37g3rpIfe1qk3mbxo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Laying in bed with boyfriend, browsing lacemarket on my phone
>Suddenly boyfriend looks over and proclaims "My Braannndd!"
>I've never told him that people refer to name-brand lolita as "brand", he just saw me looking and decided this was an appropriate thing to say

>> No.9388287
File: 685 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mv1nqdHS4v1sljji9o6_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>into the mountains

I know exactly what he's doing

>> No.9388295


It's not like ugly girls are just swimming in genuine male friends either.

>> No.9388297

Those are the things that remind me of their humanity. That beyond their faces caked in make up, the cowtits or flat chest, there is a person with dreams and fears, flaws and quirks and sometimes the desire to overcome them. Here, being anon, they strip of the facade of the persona they wear everyday and see them for what really are, a bunch of autistic retards. Some of them are still awful people but that's the world for you.
Besides my opinion on women can't get any lower desu senpai

>> No.9388310
File: 992 KB, 500x281, ugotitstephen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone here talking about butts>boobs
>mfw I have large boobs and almost no ass
>boyfriend is an butt man but he's stuck with me and my small butt
>mfw I can now do squats with 100 lbs weight
>mfw it moved the fat up (shape is different) but the butt is not bigger
>can't get any more fat on my butt unless I get surgery to distribute the fat

is it worth it, gulls?

>> No.9388315

flat butt flat butt
whatcha gon' do
whatcha gon' do when no man wants you

>> No.9388317

squat more and heavier and eat a little bit more.

>> No.9388322

pls tell me ur not that guy who literally said to someone he wants a cgl gf

>> No.9388327

Boobs on par with butt desu

>> No.9388333

>nearly killing a drunk guy over a grope that already happened

Not sure what was being protected at that point but whatever.

Protections is a nice sounding goal on paper but in reality what it mostly manifests as is "Hey, show off your ability and willingness to hurt other men for my sake, even to the point of crippling or murdering them". No different from the mating rituals of animals really.

>> No.9388342
File: 41 KB, 500x264, 7cf334aded1ebdbc73c8ca1f00552447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I looked through the pictures I took at AX last year and realized I was too nervous to ask a single girl for a picture.

>> No.9388344

A complete stranger ran to someone elses protection and was willing to get physical while being outnumbered in response to a woman being sexually assaulted, and here you are blaming the girl who was sexually assaulted by a drunk man because she is interested in the stranger who insisted he walked her the rest of the way to her place and didn't even press the advantage to fuck her.

I'm waiting for you to tell me how you don't have a gf because you're so above it all, and any girls who find any of what happened in the above attractive are whores.

>> No.9388359
File: 102 KB, 605x897, period-comics-sarah-andersen-12-57cd7072b3dde__605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every time I mention wanting to get new clothing, my MIL tells me I need to get rid of old clothing.
>I HAVE been getting rid of old clothing.
>like most of my drawers are half empty.
>my husband has twice as much clothing as I do now.
>my MIL has an entire closet just for SHOES.
>all my clothing combined takes up less space then her shoes.
>my husband has an entire drawer for just t-shirts while all my shirts, blouses, etc... combined don't even fill up one drawer.

But apparently I still need to get rid of clothing.

>went to try on some clothing cause I have no summer clothing.
>everything I tried on made me feel like a bloated cow.


>> No.9388360
File: 21 KB, 431x352, 1393996498475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Hey, show off your ability and willingness to hurt other men for my sake, even to the point of crippling or murdering them"
Yes it's hot as fuck you pathetic little beta faggot, now go back to r9k and cry about it.

>> No.9388366

I don't believe I've "blamed" anyone.

I just pointed out women like men who are willing and able to commit excessive violence against other men. Sometimes it can by by "protecting" her, and most of the time it's by bullying or flat out committing crimes against other men.

>> No.9388367

My friend bought me a little antique locket today with a floral and effiel tower motif. She told me she saw it and thought of me with my dresses. I was super happy.
It actually even matches one of my bodyline dresses that I got for christmas...
I love my friends.

>> No.9388369

If this was true then there would only be brown mixed babies in the US

>> No.9388372

I'm a dirty hippie, so I would dump an overly violent man.
I dislike people even condoning violence against others.

>> No.9388374

Women are attracted to the status of a man. No quality female will go for a criminal who can only work an under the table job. Men with good jobs get the cream of the crop.

>> No.9388375

thats the thing, it isnt very flat anymore, it's toned, but it isn't getting any bigger
and yeah, he stares at other girls butts all the time when we're in public, including his exes. he'll eventually leave me for it, probably.

I will do this, my goal right now is getting to 150 lbs

i hope so, everyone is obsessed with butts nowadays and it's ruined my self-esteem

>> No.9388378

I also remember those stories about all the women who wanted the boston bomber let go just because they thought he was hot, or that gangster women were fawning over just because he had really bright blue eyes (and the whole gangster thing).

>> No.9388390

>he'll eventually leave me for it, probably.

If/when he does, hmu

>> No.9388391

What you're saying isn't exactly wrong. The alpha male has been a thing throughout evolution. Just because men are being neutered these last few years doesn't change what biologically turns on women. The protector, the alpha male.

>> No.9388392

>saying alpha male that many times in one post
>Just because men are being neutered these last few years
Dude. Back to /r9k/, you're too hilarious for us here.

>> No.9388396
File: 62 KB, 640x546, it&#039;s not getting better.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have been so for nearly 7 years, but only received an official diagnosis last two months ago
>socially isolated due to being financially unstable, living somewhere with no good public transit, nearly everyone I know living on the other side of town, and not wanting to let people into my life because of my depression and living situation

And no, I'm not a NEET; I've been in and out of school for 7 years, been consistently employed for three years.

I'm not asking for much, just a confidante who wants to spend time with me. That, and someone who lives nearby so I don't feel guilty about them having to travel so far just to see me.

>> No.9388399

>eeveelution doesn't exist!
*tips bible*

>> No.9388406
File: 519 KB, 970x970, 93bfdd5f17e4275af452116269a2c478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading all your posts after this one you seem like one angsty little flatty.

>> No.9388430
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been seeing this guy at cons lately
>he takes me to his room
>get busy
>ask him to spank me
>he asks "Do you prefer to be spanked on the back, or the front?"

>> No.9388437

Is that a WKUK reference?

>> No.9388443

Is this something that happened in something??

I can't imagine anyone likes to be spanked on the front.

>> No.9388450

OP is so fat that shes got one of those front butts.

>> No.9388454

you got yourself a bonified autist.jpg

>> No.9388462
File: 918 KB, 800x600, moonget.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Day started off as a bummer - wore a nice Jane Marple dress to visit family with a Meta military wool coat on top, very dressed down and normie other than the coat kinda, get fun comments from my family like my brother saying I look like a cultist and pirate jokes (wat) and constant questioning from my dad about how could I spend so much on clothes and not just get thrift items. (Got both for under $100, but ah well...)

But I dropped by the Half Price Books before I headed home and found these which absolutely made my day, I'm so deliriously happy at getting these movies for these prices!!! It was all worth it!

>> No.9388465 [DELETED] 
File: 273 KB, 428x600, c51249c3-e0e2-489d-84b9-ad4a90dcf322..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw people don't realize the very basics of evolution and how it plays a role in our selection of partners
>mfw they will complain about being forever alone without realizing that it's by nature's design that a portion of the population grows forever alone to ensure only the best genes get passed down
>mfw they don't just accept that they aren't worthy of love and just give up already

>> No.9388473 [DELETED] 

Exactly. And women in particular have barely evolved at all since we were monkeys. That's why they're still so incompetent compared to men and will never be "equal" without being given a bunch of free passes and quotas and shit.

>> No.9388474 [DELETED] 

Cmon man, if you want to redpill them don't drop so many at once

>> No.9388511

>they don't just accept that they aren't worthy of love and just give up already
well, it's hard....

>> No.9388512

The front, please.

>> No.9388523

you fat enough for a frontbutt?

>> No.9388534

Kinda sounds like your issue is dating guys from 4chan. Don't worry, your unicorn is out there

>> No.9388535

Squats alone are not the way to get good butt unless you already have the genetics for it. You need to target your glutes specifically, which squats don't - glute bridges, weighted donkey-kick type exercises etc

>> No.9388537

>tfw dating someone from /pol/ and didn't even know he went on 4chan until a year into the relationship

>> No.9388559
File: 101 KB, 647x558, contempt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>squats don't target your glutes

>> No.9388596
File: 51 KB, 600x600, C6blTsoU0AIjxE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't talk to girls outside of cons so it's nice to finally interact with them after months of nothing. I usually get infatuated and enjoy my short amount of time with them but, it's sooooooo much worse if i meet a girl seagull. I dated a girl for three years and we didn't have much in common and i fucking hated it so it feels like a godsend having a girl that seems mutually interested in you and shares a passion that feels obscure to you. This weekend felt like the first time a girl seemed like she liked me since i was dumped in 2014. We hung out for an hour and a half and everything felt natural, she wanted to take a selfie with me and it just felt so amazing. In 2015 I felt so sexually thirsty ALL THE TIME , but now I'm just hoping that a girl honestly wants to interact with me and not for attention while she's in between boyfriends (i can't force myself to stay away when she's single again and hits me up). I've maybe had a chance with literally one girl in the past three years? But really im just a tinder buffer for her and she's aware that i know. Tomorrow I'll wakeup and remember just how lonely I always feel, tweeting tfwnogf at 3am like usual. I don't really want a gf honestly, I just want a member of the opposite sex i can see regularly and play rhythm games with. I feel like I finally crossed items off my bucketlist this weekend because I'm positive I'll never meet a seagull teir girl in my city and CERTAIN I'll never get one as my girlfriend. I became friends with one an hour sway from me but shes too shy to hang out/shes a NEET.
I really think there's more than just being a pussy and ugly

>> No.9388600

Cosplay Rei and you're golden

>> No.9388601


Not nearly as much as other glute isolated exercises. You basic bitches think doing 100 body weight squats will give you an ass baka. Squats are only really effective with weights and also heavily target the legs so you'll be building those too.

>> No.9388623

You can't change the way your fat is distributed all you can do is increase glutes through hypertrophy. Preferably squats and glute raises. I know people who love glute raises, try them. Heavy ass glute raises.

>> No.9388626

You can't change the way your fat is distributed all you can do is increase glutes through hypertrophy. Preferably squats and hip thrusts. I know people who love hip thrusts, try them. Heavy ass hip thrusts

>> No.9388627
File: 17 KB, 400x369, sorrybro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have gf but no /clg/ gf

>> No.9388634
File: 178 KB, 500x500, 1481717765342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty sure that someone I know is /pol/ autist that believes in every single conspiracy theory known to mankind and is slowly trying to groom/redpill me from being a liberal when I'm really just apathetic about anything to do with other people. I don't know what he expects to gain from it since he is in a relationship. Maybe just the thrill of "informing" someone? I don't know.

>mfw he tells me in elaborate and passionate detail why the earth is flat and about how the gay agenda is pushing us away from the bible
>mfw I'm a borderline-lesbian voyeur guro loving furry enabling fat accepting transgender fetishist and dress up as japanese cartoon characters and collects bags full of 2d male keychains for fun

Please, senpai, tell me more about those wacky degenerates. I would love to hang from the rope on The Day, just get me one that looks like tentacles.

>> No.9388660

Gravity distorts the light so it appears as though the Earth is round but is indeed flat. :^)

>> No.9388663

>tfw pretty big butt for a guy but skinny everywhere else

>> No.9388691
File: 929 KB, 500x275, aHIRBZu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I usually do a few others as well! But I feel like the weighted squats work the best, I'll focus more on the other exercises

I will anon!

>> No.9388713

WKUK did a skit on a white dude at a black club and he just sorta followed the music. At one point it went "all you niggas slap dem tits" and he did it.

Club immediately shut off music and everyone turned to kick his ass.

Also probably a reference to something something hentai reference boobs being frontal butts.

>> No.9388731
File: 960 KB, 2672x1898, IMG_0157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Woah, dude, take a deep breath, don't go all Buzucoily on us.

I know your feels well. It's tough when you only want somebody who shares your hobbies and then within that group have to find somebody you like and who likes you, and on top of that you only get a few days a year to do it.

I wish I had good advice to give, because I could use it too. I've tried the normie girl thing and the nerd girl but not into anime thing and they suck.

>> No.9388732
File: 117 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o9k91yN4TR1r858wco1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh you

Just quit your complaints

>> No.9388790

Over the past two years or so I have had real trouble picking cosplays to do. I remember that it wasn't so long ago that I had a 'to do' list a mile long and I would scurry from project to project. Now I talk myself out of most cosplays before i even properly research them. It bothers me because it is such a departure from the past.

I think a number of things could be at work. With in the last few years hall photos have become less of a thing. Supplanted by selfies and 'professional photos.' Which I've done both, and I have to admit I don't really take hall photos either but it still feels weird when I use to go thorough countless posted photos after a con and now you're lucky to find a photo your friend didn't take. Now when a hall photo is taken it's more likely it just sits on some guys phone for him to show his friends once at a party or something. It still feels good i made someones day but it also feels weird too.

I guess the easiest answer is 'well if nothing matters cosplay any charcater you want. No mattet how niche.' Which I get but cosplay still costs real world people money. So I still frown on spending $300 on a cosplay I know will get little reaction. Even if I love the character.
There is also a recent realization of my skill level. I have watched my peers explode in their power levels where I feel like I'm still very much tredding water. It's good I'm not sinking. I can hold my own, but I know I'm out classed overall and it makes me a little self conscious.
Or I'm a bitter old bitch. Whatever the case it's bothering me.

>> No.9388813

Sounds like someone could use a bf!

>> No.9388931

He's dropping some shitty redpills.

>> No.9388957
File: 3.42 MB, 400x225, tomotriggered.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finish JonTron cosplay

>> No.9388965

What happened?

>> No.9388968

He went full /pol/

I'm fucking heartbroken.

>> No.9388969

He went full common sense.

>> No.9388985

dude, no. just no.

>> No.9388990

Enjoy your cosplay of him you triggered libby

>> No.9389015

What did he say?

>> No.9389035

>relationship deteriorating
>significant other and I stopped sleeping in the same bed
>feel rejected, unwanted, unloved
>start buying massive amounts of lolita to fill the void
I've been scoring some great finds though

>> No.9389037
File: 396 KB, 633x902, 1489428607961[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A little taste for you

>> No.9389042

What's wrong with this?

>> No.9389043

Why is it deteriorating

>> No.9389048

Nothing, he went on an anti immigration rant, calling out certain people who want immigrants in other countries but refuse to let them in their own. Then he brought up black statistics at some point which is asking for liberals to noose you. He didn't say anything particularly wrong, but it's not safe space talk.

>> No.9389053

Are you qt?

>> No.9389062

JonTron is just blunt and not afraid to say non PC stuff that has backing. I'm a moderate and I understand the meaning behind a lot of crap he says. Some is just silly but some is entirely relevant.

>> No.9389065
File: 427 KB, 1050x482, 1488418283444-pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, I just want to nut in and cuddle with a dressed up girl but my gf doesn't have the interest.

>she made fun of girls wearing lolita at the mall
>"actually I think it looks really nic-"
>"what you wanna fuck her?"

>> No.9389102

He won't talk to me about his feelings and takes out his work frustrations on me. I'm no saint though, I return fire with snarky comments. I try to get him to open up to me but he just tells me he's scared of how I'll take it and then shuts me out.

>> No.9389118

He's right. He's basically entered an unwinnable game and knows it.
>be a man
>have any kind of problem
>if you bottle it up women get angry at you for not opening up and wanting to dump you
>if you open up women start thinking you're a whinny baby, not a "real man" and start wanting to dump you

Poor guy knows there's no way out, and now on top of his work struggles he has to deal with knowing his woman will inevitably leave or cheat on him no matter what he does.

>> No.9389123

Your gf sounds like a jealous bitch, though maybe she's right to be.

>> No.9389130

>tfw have a bf that buys me lolita and nuts in me on the reg
it's okay, you can pay to watch and live vicariously through him

>> No.9389156

If you want things to be better walk up to him and say that you want to talk about things, but when he is ready. If he replies back about how he will feel you'll handle it just say it's what you want. Try your absolute best to not make snarky comments. If he reacts poorly just excuse yourself and he'll feel guilty about it. If you get snarky it just gives him an excuse.

Men are mostly raised by being told that they need to man up, and that no one cares about how they feel. Asking a guy who was raised like this to go against everything he has been taught is like walking up to a stray dog and telling it to roll over.

>> No.9389157

men are such delicate creatures

>> No.9389173

Just want to vent
>have a job and a steady income
>get paid around 3,500 a month
>blow most on lolita
>leave enough to pay rent/services/food/etc
>have $200 left by the end of the month if lucky.
>can't stop spending money on lolita
I feel quite ashamed that I have this burning need to blow a lot of money just for lolita; I know I should save some for my future but I can't seem able to stop.
Heck I start browsing lolita sale websites as soon as I get my paycheck.
Also, I want an OTT dress like no tomorrow.

>> No.9389189

Make yourself a rule that that last $200 absolutely must go into saving or have the bank auto deduct it for you into your savings.

>> No.9389195

More than 200 dollars. 30% of your paycheck at a minimum

>> No.9389256

>used to be poorfag
>have money to spend finally
>still have poorfag tendencies
>see good deal on lacemarket
>feel indecisive about buying
>auction stays around for 2 weeks
>was going to buy it finally today
>someone bought it a couple days ago

i have no one to blame but myself
im very sad

>> No.9389306
File: 101 KB, 1020x573, 1488565242299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Realize I'm 33 next week
>realize I've never once had a relationship
>realize I'm a virgin
>Realize I've actually turned down very obvious initiations at cons out of fear of being seen as a creeper
>Realize that I've been conditioned by this point to feel that any hint of affection or signs of want I display to someone will undoubtedly get met with a "gross" or "ew" so don't even try anymore
>Therapist I saw last month literally couldn't even keep herself from chuckling and said "just go to bars and talk to women, it isn't as bad as you think! you're attractive, have a good job, I'm sure you'll do fine!"
>Not interested in the kinds of women who would tread bars
>I don't even drink
>Drown my sorrows by thinking of a cosplay that will utilize a mask so I don't have to show my shameful face

Welp, guess I'd better work on that Viewtiful Joe cosplay I've been thinking about for years.
Perfect since UmVC3 just got a re-release. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get stabbed on the way to the con by homophobic gangbangers who confuse me for a gay pride mascot.

>> No.9389309
File: 804 KB, 816x803, Hydereally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shes usually sweet but practically a meme tier Stacy. Fat weaboo in high school but lost a ton of weight in college, got fucking mean. Met her when I was skeleton tier and she has made fun of my gains

>fapping to the 3D jew

>> No.9389315

>boyfriend is the one having problems
>still make it about you
Because that's what it's always about. You you you. His problems only matter in how they affect you.
>feel so unloved
Yep, 100% confirmed already mentally prepping yourself to cheat but blame it on him.
Hey maybe he wants to sleep in different beds so when he inevitably comes home to you fucking another guy, he'll at least still have his own bed still be undefiled. Oh crappy I probably just gave you the idea to cheat in his bed.

>> No.9389316

>>Realize I've actually turned down very obvious initiations at cons out of fear of being seen as a creeper
I don't think this is your fault, anon. Men who aren't Chads have to be really careful around women sometimes. If you interpret a sign incorrectly, or even just say something that she takes the wrong way, you're automatically a creepy perv. That's not even the woman's fault, it's the fault of actual creepy men who have conditioned some women to be more careful when talking to guys.

Try just being genuinely interested in their costume or fanom, and forming a friendship from that. From there, deeper relationships can form.

Note that I've never been a relationship either so you probably shouldn't take advice from me.

>> No.9389332

>33 forever alone virgin
Just give up man. Even your therapist, someone paid to be nice to you, can't help but laugh at you. Ordinary women will be even worse.

>> No.9389335

stop paying a therapist and save money to go to some third world country and swoop up a waifu out of poverty. She'll love you.

>> No.9389336
File: 141 KB, 563x364, 1489183049987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not interested in one night stands or anything, so friendship into relationship is the path I wanna go I want to experience love; sex is actually the least bit of my worries but maybe that's because sex is such a foreign concept to me by now that it's almost as if the act of sex is something that only happens in fiction. Like magic spells, or super powers; things that are very commonly known phenomenon on stories but something you don't really see in real life but are well versed in due to the sheer number of information about the subject that exists in stories.

Like you man WISH you knew magical spells, but obviously feel like it doesn't realistically exist. So you're not even really bummed out about it since you fully understand that it doesn't exist outside of fiction. I guess that's similarly to how I feel about sex. At least relationships I can tangibly see around me, but sex is pretty much a total enigma.

So really, I just want someone I can fall in love with that will say "I love you" back to me and give me a hug.

>> No.9389360

I'm honestly a bit concerned with how much I relate to this. You're clearly not alone in this feel, if it's comforting at all.

>> No.9389364

He is alone in life though.

>> No.9389365

It's okay, so am I.

>> No.9389369
File: 2.05 MB, 450x450, 1489433459558.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9389374

so why does your mother /in law/ run your life exactly? why do you let someone else run your life. youre a grown ass married woman

>> No.9389377

get a new therapist. you shouldnt be paying an insensitive asshole to help you with your problems. man she cant even give you basic advice.
look the basis is of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is to help change the mindset you have subconsciously trapped yourself in. your mindset leads to your behavior. i know thats sounds obvious as fuck but you have to get to the very core of what causes you to think that way. why do you feel you're gonna be seen as a creeper? has it happened to you before or did someone else's experience freak you out?
unfortunately dating is all about trial and error. you will fail at it a lot, but it is hardship you have to endure to find that special someone.
honestly i do recommend you go to bars but to practice. to get a hang of talking to women, learning their social cues and building up flirting techniques. sometimes girls dont even care about all that though. sometimes you'll find down to earth girls that love the awkward, terrible puns and vidya autism and relate to each other as human beings.
there's no exact science to meeting girls man cause theyre all different. you basically have to sort through a ton of them to find the right one.
however practicing will be extremely useful.
anyway good luck m8

>> No.9389382

Dude. I'm venting because she's being annoying and refusing to listen even if I get blunt with her. Just like when I hear family members keep telling me to pop out more kids. They think they know what's best but they're just being obnoxious flies buzzing around my head.

>> No.9389402

>every poster itt but you is a girl

>> No.9389435
File: 571 KB, 852x662, 16708365_332566230472444_1989703597892916558_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>parents don't like that I crossplay
>tell them that I'm not gay, just a trap
>they don't curr

This sucks.

>> No.9389452
File: 2.87 MB, 320x240, 1488155900164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not gay

>> No.9389454

I am a girl actually but >>9389369 is just spouting memes. Did make me laugh though so that's something.

>> No.9389463

My father's dead (he probably wouldn't have liked it the least) and my mother has taken quite a while (a year or two) to get used to it [crossplaying]; but I've actually got a sewing machine from her for christmas without asking for it, so I guess she's fine with it now.
Then again, my mother is the kind of parent who is fully prepared for her children to be homosexual and would fully support them if they came out – she just wasn't prepared for crossdressing.

>> No.9389489

Why do you jump to the conclusion of cheating? I would never cheat on him, that's the ultimate betrayal. I respect him too much to do that to him.

I made it about me because I'M the one who's talking. And since I can only speak on my behalf, since I don't know how he's feeling, all I can do is say me me me.
Sociological imagination, your experiences shape your reality.

So until he does share his feelings with me, I'm going to have to continue to talk about it from my perspective.

We're going to sit down and talk about it tonight when I get off work. He said he's more concerned about hurting my feelings but I told him the point in us talking is to hear HIS feelings out. I'll try my best to keep my snarky comments to myself and enter this conversation as neutral and mature as possible

>> No.9389491

>finishes MariMite season 1
>tears up a little because it's so sweet and pure
>then cry realizing that as an aspie I might end alone as I have trouble with relationships/am really stressed by them
I like being single but when I see that kind of things I just wish/hope that I won't be this way forever. I'm 20, I have time but gosh, these animus make me need a big warm hug.
>tl;dr muh gay baby feels

>> No.9389509


I'll buy em

>> No.9389510

Anon do as the other anons said for the therapy. I'm sure you can do it, just take time to work on yourself before anything. Also, there's no age to find a gf, there are stories of people getting together when they are like 60. No rush, it'll come when it'll come.
Hang in there.

Also for personal feels:
Back then, boys and even girls would ask me out jokingly because I was considered the ugliest/weirdest in school. Now that I grew up,am kinda more confident,...but whenever I get asked out I always think they're mocking me and tend to answer coldly.

>> No.9389522

I would say by the time you are 30 and have not found a purpose or even a stable job. You never will. Good luck tho.

>> No.9389533

>there are stories of people getting together when they are like 60. No rush,
So you are saying 33 year old anon would want to go another 30 years. Without so much as an hand job. And be happy at 60 tapping grandma's dressed as a cos player in a retirement home.

>> No.9389545

lol same here 33 never had anything relationship related. i've been living near/below the poverty line for 20 years so not being homeless was more pressing than getting cummies in cunnies.

work on your career. now that i actually have financial security it's all about working on skills. go on tinder and swipe on every ugmo and talk to them all to build skill. you said you weren't interested in ratchet ass hos so it's a lot easier to focus on building social skills with tinder whores.

getting out of poverty took a lot of work and a lot of time, cosplay takes hard work and time, and smashing these /cgl/ hunnies is going to take work and time as well. these threads are good reminders that women will suck smegma off the dicks of guys that don't shower, are fat, emotionally abuse them, mock their interests, become extremely jealous, and steal their money. so as long as you don't do those things you already have a good chance. in several years i'll probably cross $100,000 annually and while that's not rich, it will be enough to buy a woman if all else fails, always have plan b and keep working hard man

>> No.9389551

Don't you need a Facebook for Tinder? Wouldn't it be creepy for someone to have a newly made Facebook that's empty and specifically made for the purpose of Tinder?

>> No.9389557

It's not very uncommon for people to not use social media.

>> No.9389565

can always use craiglist or okc or pof

tinder doesn't post anything on facebook, but you can go into settings to make sure it doesn't do anything. and no it's not creepy anymore, guys want to smash, women want dicks in their mouths, slut shaming is illegal or something, so an empty facebook page is no problem.

it's hard to take the first step so go in with the mentality of learning skills. almost every pua will tell you they had to learn and practice game; there's no shortcut here.

>> No.9389567

>Met a really cute guy at a con
>Fall hard
>Ask him out a few days later
>Says he has a date tomorrow and would feel bad cancelling on her last minute but he'll see how it goes and get back to me
>It's been 3 days with no reply on the situation

I was excited for the couple cosplays

>> No.9389580

It's pretty common for women to decide opening up to them is a chance to become a petty bitch. In both relationships and friendships. It's honestly easier to talk to strangers about problems than women you trust. The moment anything serious comes out, they immediately think about how they can use it to their advantage or laugh about it with their friends. Even mothers will do this to their own sons. Men usually deal with stress better than women can, but depression is an even playing field. Being insincere with a guy when they're trying to talk about their problems is a good way to close off that entire part of your relationship.

Mostly it's women that don't even realize what they're doing when the topics come up because they've never been in that situation with a man before, and a boyfriend isn't going to talk about his problems the same way their besties do. Men don't play it up in advance waiting for the "right moment" and let you prepare to take it in by explaining the whole thing before they get to the shitty parts. There's no "are you ready for this girl?" over some mimosas preparation. You'd be lucky to get more than a whole sentence. It's not even that we can't get our problems out there, but rather because there's no crying or sobbing women can't understand the importance of the statement. They might not even realize it's important at all, and that's all they get, that one sentence, just once before it's never mentioned again. But to me this sounds like, "my bf is depressed and won't sleep with me, i feel so bad about myself now"...which if a guy said about his gf, everyone would call him an asshole.

>> No.9389617

why is this thread full of so many bitter vicious woman hating guys? is this the r9k leaking or is it that so many guys go to cons expecting to get a woman and when they dont, come back here and talk about how awful they are

I came into this thread thinking it would be mostly cosplay and con feels not...whatever all this is

>> No.9389625

r9k had a thread that linked here yesterday, some are lingering

>> No.9389642

yet you listened to her and threw away most of your clothes? dont be a lil bitch

>> No.9389660

Why is this thread so full of bitter vicious man hating women?

>> No.9389661

I was getting rid of clothing, because I was clearing out my wardrobe to get rid of stuff I didn't like anymore and because I'm trying to buy nicer stuff. Not because of my MIL being a nag. She just like to bitch and judge because she thinks I have to much stuff even when I don't. She just constantly keeps telling me I should get rid of everything.

>> No.9389663

They'll get bored and go back to their caves eventually, just don't feed the trolls.

>> No.9389664
File: 198 KB, 500x398, lolilsp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>boyfriend is cosplaying Sephiroth
>more female attention than I'm okay with
>fat chick whistles at him
>"Grab me by the pussy, Daddy Trump."

>> No.9389671

What are you talking about.
Not OP, just honestly wondering if you're retarded or something.
I mean, even for the average 4chan user, that was pretty dumb.

Anon had been getting rid of old clothing before she ever spoke to the mother in law. That was like the third fucking sentence.

I can't deal with this shit, my blood pressure rises every time I come to this damn site.

>> No.9389674

I kinda thought that was the case, either way sorry was just curious.

>> No.9389700

I don't really see people hating women here, they seem to hate their selves for not being able to gain the love of women.

>> No.9389707

There is no better feeling than making your gf jealous without being directly responsible.

>> No.9389715

Sounds like you should risk rejection and just ask him out. You were about to give up on it anyway, right?

>> No.9389716
File: 199 KB, 517x768, 1451044227237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grab me by the pussy daddy Trump

>> No.9389732

Well yeah that's a tough goal when women aren't capable of loving men.

>> No.9389736

Ok come on now, youve had your fun >>>/r9k/

>> No.9389746

I hope you hogtied those bitches.

>> No.9389755

>professor layton body pillow

get that shit out of that pic, he is too good for it

>> No.9389796

Dresses on my mind, you should think the same
Frills on, glitter rings
Dogging these itas, they need quarantine
In the same comm, but we don't coord the same
Sluts want all the fame
I hear that shit all the time
She said she love AP!
I said "It's Baby, girl, Get it right!"
Million notes off of tumblr
Fuck, watch the drama start up
Talkin shit? Fat ita alert! Fat ita alert!
You need that dirt I got that dirt, on the bitches in my comm, yo
Just bought a blouse from selling my used offbrands, hoe
From Dragoncon to Toronto, we showin these itas off
And their cringe is so hard, it'd makes the comm president go off
This that Gothic, this that Aristo
Baby, god bless you
If bein a stylish bitch was a crime, I'd be arrested!

>> No.9389799

I just got in one of my longest running dream dresses of all time. I'm also at my fattest right now. MM so tiny.
Do I disappoint myself RIGHT NOW by not fitting into the dress or admire it from a far (like I've been doing for the past 3 years) until I'm back down in size?
I'll be doing all of the things to get back down, but that doesn't help me now.

>> No.9389803

I lost my phone due to lolita and now am gonna have to suffer through a plane ride with no music

>> No.9389813
File: 108 KB, 400x1050, 1361319789647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to the same cons with the same group of friends every year
>we usually coordinate what our new cosplays for the year will be so we have a nice group thing going on
>so sick of what the others usually pick and when I try to suggest something I usually get shot down

anyone else deal with this? I think Im just gonna do my own thing but then the other three always whine that I would look silly when all the others are from the same series

>> No.9389831

I started back in '96,
New I was a lolita by the age of 6
I bought my first dress and overpayed for it,
Now it's years later, I'm wearing different shit
I saw your new fit, and I hated it
Pretty sure you completely handmade that shit,
And yeah I paid a lot,
you only paid a bit,
but my pictures trending, a few thousands hits
Ain't no thrifting over on this side,
Y'all dressin knockoff brand, posting coords as well, but your stars will never shine so bright
God damn.
Should I listen to everybody or myself?
Cause myself just told myself "You're lookin beautiful, you don't need no help!"
Cashin checks,
And Ya'll complain bout yall chest,
Probably thinkin I'm lucky, I guess
But they're about as big as it gets.
I swear y'all just wastin y'all breath
Talkin bout the next convention guest,
I've got the spotlight on me forever, it's not your time cause I ain't dead yet.
Just understand that I'm taking over these these threads to derail,
I'm self-posting all of this shit
BST threads making up all my sales,
I'm getting paid for all of this shit
Ask you to please excuse my table manners,
Got vendettas for days, no second chances
If I can get my boss to give me a few advances
Gonna go shop brand in Japan or France
God damn!

>> No.9389846

Hoes, Shut the fuck up
I've got way too many projects that been due
I'm talented as fuck, that's been proved
I'm finna do what I didn't do,
and still waking up with some shit to improve,
Not complicated, it's all simple
I got foam for days, a whole bin-full
With worbla you can make everything
Everything long as you're gentle
So I make sure to take my time
Man I love this more than that lolita fashion
wearin frilly dresses, that shit's old fashioned
Don't you see what I'm saying? That's the flapper fashion trend
I take pics
See the shit,
Draw it out,
Makin it,
Keep it off
Of the floor
Year round I'm maintain it
I make a fist,
drink a fifth,
Finished in time
seam is split,
mending that
Fixed that,
need a zip
My new cosplay page is blowing up on FB and shit,
probably got more friends than me n shit
I swear to God I got 99 problems, making props ain't 1.
I got 99 props, check out this giant mecha gun!
Like I got timing issues
I'm sorry for the cosplays I've rushed out
I'm the type to work half a year on a cosplay
and still gotta cop out
But that's just me
and the cosplays ain't perfect,
They look insane, but they are worth it
I ain't a saint, but that halo's workin
People messaging me, but I'm still workin
Ita bitch!

>> No.9389849

Fuck those typos. Oh well

Lyrics based on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYukF-7AiVU

>> No.9389859

this is hilarious and i will be recording this ASAP, thank you for giving me something to do

you and the anon who wrote mom's salopetti are too clever

>> No.9389863


I wish my friends would do cosplays with me :\.

That aside, I suggest you do at least one day where you're cosplaying something YOU really want to, maybe you can leave the group cosplay for another day.

>> No.9389869

I understand wanting a gf that cosplays if you're into that, but I think specifically wanting a lolita gf is kinda creepy

>> No.9389870

And also stupid cause lolitas make shitty girlfriends.

>> No.9389875

I like the way lolitas dress, as I was raised by a very conservative family in a very rural area, working a farm. So I suppose you can figure what kind of guy I would be. I don't fetishize it, I just find it very feminine.

>> No.9389881

>Was 90lb, even less sometimes a couple years ago
>Get on BC for then bf at time
>Hormones give me a bit of weight, 100lb.
>Not so bad, happened over a while; nothing to worry about
>Bunch of stressful shit happens in the fall, gain 20lb too quickly, like within a month
>Body is now normal weight for height, but couldn't handle the fluctuation
>Upper half is a xs-s
>No idea about lower half, just know it's some sort of large
>lower half also covered in stretch marks now
>like a little on back of legs, streaks across inner thighs and outer hips, even little marks on ass too
>Am now sad okapi, too afraid to wear any cosplays or jfashion that shows any part of my skin below my waist

My depression was what kept me from eating a lot when i was young, but now I'm really afraid I might be getting back into bad habits just so I can wear cute cosplays again. I never really wear revealing things besides swimsuits but I've been so self-conscious and no oil remedy or stretch mark cream has been helping

>> No.9389883

I say this from experience, When you tell a woman, a woman you're in a relationship with, about your feels, they turn on you. Whatever it is that he tells you, you'll see him as weak and you'll cheat on him first chance you get, guaranteed.
Women will never ever offer moral support because they themselves are moraly weak. Telling a woman about your feelings is asking to be backstabbed and dropped like a rock.
He doesn't want to tell you because he knows you'll stop respecting him.

>> No.9389885

Why creepier than liking a GF with another fashion style?

I like my Jfash and it would be nice to date a girl who dresses at least as flashy as me, an attention-grabbing guy and a normie girl together feels a bit silly.

>> No.9389889

Buddy you must have had only shitty relationships or youre trolling because this is bullshit.

>> No.9389895

bc most guys I've run into who want a loli gf are creepy af about it. & honestly? unless you're into the same styles it's about as weird as saying you want a goth gf. It comes across weird. And if you ever tell a girl you want a cgl gf? in real life? I bet she's gonna think you're creepy af too.

>> No.9389896

You've replied to her multiple times already anon.

>> No.9389898

What, you think I'm a spaz? If I was encountering a girl I wouldn't say "Be my cgl gf" I'd say"BE MY GF"

>> No.9389901

I don't know you personally anon, but I know someone who literally said that to my friend

>> No.9389906

most lolitas are thirsty af lesbians anyway

>> No.9389907

What's weird about wanting a Goth gf?
Chances are, if you're openly wanting one, then likely you are also into Goth culture. Probably a bad example.

Personally I want a lolita gf because I plan to be their aristo/ouji counterpart, and because I admire the fashion style.

>shortening lolita to "loli"
How do I get you permabanned from this board?

>> No.9389911

Why do people freak out about this so much? KERA does it. (Ok, I get it, "lolicon," but the word "lolita" on its own doesn't have much better reputation.)

>> No.9389913

I bet it worked. I'm going to try it now


>> No.9389920


>> No.9389921
File: 1.25 MB, 2048x3976, 1484034308304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>30 next year
>no purpose in life
>working a shitty job

>> No.9389927

Yeah that's exactly what women would say, can't have men wising up to the trap.

>> No.9389928
File: 308 KB, 492x419, 1489460088145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your loss

>> No.9389932

Then just date men and quit whining like a sad little pussy.

>> No.9389942

Just accept them. You could cover them with makeup if you really want.

Strechmark cream takes a long long time to work, at least 6 months.

>> No.9389947

>Diffent post have the same knowledge on woman behaviour? He must be samefagging.

t. woman

>> No.9389948

>would rather orbit the outgoing girl even though she doesn't want you
>unwilling to put in the effort to get the shy girl

And then you fuckers complain about women and chats. You assholes do the same and would rather get trashed by Stacy than stay with a quiet qt.

>> No.9389951

My feel: I forget how disgusting and pathetic most weeb men are until I see stuff like this thread. I'm very relieved that I already found a good guy and I don't have to try and fish through the trash in the 'nerd' dating pool. I feel pretty sorry for my single friends, somehow it's becoming more of a shitshow year on year.

>> No.9389952

I want a quiet shy qt.

>> No.9389955

Your boyfriend just knows how much of a heartless bitch you are and is sure to show any feelings so you stay complacent and let him keep fucking you.

>> No.9389958
File: 8 KB, 224x224, 1459861417533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my boyfriend is a cuck

>> No.9389961

Is there cover up strong enough for fresher ones? The inner thigh ones showed up late last year. I don't think I'd cover those up anyway just cause no one is seeing them any time soon, but the ones on my hips are still pretty obvious too.

>> No.9389963

My boyfriend is a submissive qt who knows he can cry in my lap and get headpats and homemade food whenever he needs to be looked after. Sorry that you're not attractive enough to entice decent women.

>> No.9389967 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 736x522, 909f94ad1866beb11eec8288a2cf6974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related me and my loving boytoy.

>> No.9389970

Not all guys are that guy.
Quite simply, both men and women go with whoever make themselves readily available, for the most part.
Some don't.

It's really sad to read some of these posts in this thread. A lot of them are easily recognizable r9k style posts from both males and females who, from their own masochistic practices, put themselves in the same position that's bringing them so much pain.
And the so-called "red-pilling" only serves to fuel their anger because it only ever shows a part of the truth.

>tfw have to pick between aristo and having backup money in case the job I'm getting blows and I want to quit early.

$300 isn't too bad, and I'd already promised a friend $300, so I guess I'll just go with it and work off the money later.

>> No.9389982

Fresher ones heal better, older ones take longer. I would not know what products to recomend you because I don't know what country are you from. Kitoscell works good, if it aviable in your country.
Just remember it takes a long time.

>> No.9390000

US, but I'll look into that!

>> No.9390041

>fat fetishist faves my cosplay photos
This is a celestial sign to get back into counting my calories, isn't it.

>> No.9390109


>> No.9390388

Nigger what are you talking about? I would much rather talk to the qt that stays at home and isn't all that outgoing. This stacy would try to make me be outgoing and goto normie parties/clubs and I NEVER budged. I still try with the NEET that stood me up everytime we agreed on plans that she even initiated. I don't even want to fuck her, I really just want a female friend that I can regularly interact with. I'm tired of oneitits

>> No.9390466

Shy girls are just wannabe Stacys but are too ugly.

>> No.9390582

>be last weekend
>its my first time ever cosplaying
>be 5/10 unattractive chubby guy
>with the cosplay on it boosted me up to at least a 6/10 sort of qt guy
>the first day of the con
>some girl cosplaying something in the same fandom as mine comes up to me and hugs me and says she loves me
>i'm not autistic so I know this is just convention-talk
>still this is probably the most female contact I've had in like a year
>jump forward a few hours later
>meet girl again at a gathering, we sit together and she lays her head in my lap
>jump forward about 20 minutes, still at this gathering
>wasnt paying attention but I look over and the girl I was talking to is showing her stomach to some other people
>walk over and talk to her
>shes apparently 5 months pregnant
>later she asks me if I want to help her change into another one of her cosplays in the gender-inclusive bathrooms
>despite having no shame I say no because that would be fucking wierd

tfw first girl thats shown interest in you in a year is pregnant so you have to pass on seeing her nude.

>> No.9390589
File: 204 KB, 900x900, 1466375745774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol *5 weeks not 5 months i'm not that retarded guys I swear

>> No.9390780

And shy guys are just wannabe chads but are too ugly.