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Last thread hit bump limit and is about to fall off catalog: >>9249144

Dumping some Japanese resin inspo from recent social media posts

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this thing i stg

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Whoah. wtf are these? They're so cool but are they paperweights or something? I can't imagine them being worn.

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Do you have the link to the store? It's so cute

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Those bubbles

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What the hell is it? It looks like a blown out mess.

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I think the bubbles work in this one case

Isn't it meant to look like water?

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It looks like shit. Don't defend it just because it's from Japan.

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I also think it looks intentional. Calm down anon.

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I'm perfectly calm, calmer than you are. But you need to pull your head out of you ass, the bubbles make it look sloppy.

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here are some things I made in a batch last week, I've still got to put embellishments on them and pick up some more findings to finish them though!

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So cute! Please post the finished product when you're done

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Dumping some of my inspo.

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looks like goth/horror decor with a necromancy theme. popon202 does a lot of decor/sculpture rather than being strictly accessories. hopefully she will post a video about it.

>pic semi-related, more popon

some gorgeousness in there, thanks

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Where did you get the bunny & star charms? They're so pretty!

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I got them from candydecoholic on etsy! I feel like the open gold charms are becoming more popular, maybe one day they'll be more readily available.

Here's something else I made on a whim, I'm not sure I like the pearls on the lower part though...

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wow good job ripping off milkybon

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haha, that's actually why I haven't posted it anywhere else and I'm not gonna sell it, I just wanted to put some more content in the thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Where are these all from, anon? Google Image search gave me nothing

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Very cute anon

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So 300$ worth of soon to be resin goods anon hear, it all got to my ss and I am very hyped

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>One person uses pre-made charms.
>Everybody else who uses those pre-made charms is now ripping them off.


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I can't unsee a three-boobed rabbit, sorry anon. Maybe a ribbon finding would have been better there?

The top part is so cute though. Awesome idea using cut up jump rings to make the eyes, it looks great.

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Looks like they're all from Twitter judging from the photo names.

Oh man anon. Nothing feels better than hoarding supplies.

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Instead of pearls, maybe switch to stars? What size are the pearls?

I can't find a picture. But I've bought similar stars at hobby lobby but in pastel colors.

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>boo hoo hoo someone is calling me out for ripping off an artist with a distinctive style

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Nice backtracking A+

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NAIL ART PIGMENTS: do they work? will they make resin shiny, holo, mirrored, etc.? has anyone tried them?

it would be best to reconsider posting work based off another's without citing your source. anons are afraid to post content, so if all they can do is dogpile on someone for copying, by gum that's what they will do. i personally do not want to sift through 50+ posts of smug call-outs and paranoid accusations of samefaggotry.

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Dumping some inspo!

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That's all I got for now!

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Anybody got any good taobao stores to buy stuff from? Not actual resin, but like molds and charms.

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Not sure whether this is the right thread to ask, but does anyone have a taobao/aliexpress link for some basic ring bases that wont turn your fingers green, or are all chinese ones doomed to do this? I just want to attach some cute cabochons I have to them

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Post pics of your haul when it arrives please also where do you get your supplies anon?

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Those of you who sell crafts and resin items, how much do you charge for the labour end of it? I generally go with the usual pricing structure of labour + material cost + markup, but it's been several years since I made anything. At that time I was charging something like $8-9/hr for labour (sometimes including time spent developing the design if it was new or a one-off). So I was curious how other people factor in their time towards the final cost of the product.

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Artist alley thread talks about this sometimes if you want further reference.

Personally, I charge $20/hr active labor. I tend to work very efficiently and in bulk, so it's seldom that I spend more than 10 mins on any one product.

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Thank you.

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this package ways more then my cat
I'm lazy and reluctant to list every shop I got stuff from, but when I post the haul I'll link any item people ask for probably

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Goddamn anon. Your haul will be glorious.

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Yes. Please share your haul please.

I had a con this past weekend where I was selling pins. I had three versions. Pink with white wings, white cross with white wings, and white cross with gold wings. All sold but the one with gold wings. I made the details on the crosses pop a bit more by rubbing pigment on them after casting them, then sealing that with uv resin. I didn't use the gold clear crosses.

I'd like to do a bit more with them. Maybe I could make the wings gradient a bit? Like gold at the tips? Also I'd like to do something drapping. Should I do maybe a gold chain similar to the pink chain on the pink cross?

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Dropped my pic.

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This looks basic as shit

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Nice bubbles, your crosses look like they have blackheads

>> No.9402984


Actually. There aren't bubbles. The white and pink are opaque made with amazing casting resin. It's bits of glitter. The clearer one has glitter and caviar beads.

Anon. That's why I'm asking for suggestions to improve them. I know they're boring and basic atm.

>> No.9402996


They still look like blackheads, it doesn't look intentional, just sloppy.

>> No.9403116

>distinctive style
What distinctive style? The glitter? The eyes?
What are you supposed to do?? Avoid making an animal look like it's sleeping because someone made an animal look like it's sleeping before?
I suggest using a little bit of sense before you make a post here again.

>> No.9403151

I'm sorry you're butt hurt about being called out? You might want to grow a thicker skin because other people might not be as nice as me if you try to sell your knock offs.

>> No.9403543

I'd try and do something with the raised details/edges on them, like maybe blocking them a different color, or only putting glitter there.

Also, the two on the bottom right have some extra flash that should be trimmed. It'd help their look a lot

>> No.9403551

Same anon, I just realized drybrushing over them when they're finished would also help bring out the details and texture

>> No.9403577

I'm thinking I might go with blocking the details since I drybrushed them like you suggested and I'm not sure if it was my technique or just photo itself that you can't see it well.

I could always mix a little uv resin and the gold pigment powder and paint that into the raised details so you can see them. I could also "paint" it on afterward. Since I've done that before with other projects before doming.

I'm also thinking of brushing them with pearlescent pigment powder too. I figured that would give them a nice touch but not look so off like the glitter mix caused.

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What's the average number of layers you gulls do for your resin pieces? What's the most layers you've ever done and were the results worth it?

>> No.9404186

It depends. Some pieces I only need two or three. Some I've lost count on because I was pouring thick molds and trying to get different effects.

>> No.9406460

How do I stick eye pins into UV resin pieces? I heard you can heat up the metal and then stick it in for epoxy but I have no idea if this works for UV

>> No.9406554

I don't have a printer because I live in a college dorm... How should I go about getting waterslide decals?

>> No.9406605

Google it anon.
You also can't print waterslides on normal printer paper

>> No.9406662

Try using clear nail polish

>> No.9406735

I know that. Most people say to put waterslide paper in your printer but I don't have one... Maybe I should look for another method of making decals

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Oh go fuck yourself.
It's the most generic of "cute animal faces" next to huge sad eyes. Thinking that only 1 person can do something that way is such tumblr bullshit.

>> No.9407365

Honestly. Getting so butthurt over the fact that someone assembled readymade materials similar to someone else just baffles me.

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I think they need more dimension. Rhinestones or other gems would be nice to add some shine, maybe on each point of the cross. I think you should also paint the details on the crosses so they stand out, because as it is they just get lost. Finally the black rose on gold cross just looks jarring. You need to tie in the black somehow. Even though it's just as simple the pink cross wtih the pink chain and pink rose looks 10x better because it's all tied together in color.

I've found that big chunky glitter makes pieces sloppy, especially when used with opaque resins. Fine glitter is a lot better. caviar beads probably have the same sloppy effect unless inserted into transparent resin where you can clearly see what's going on.

My most layers is 3 but I'm lazy as shit and don't use UV resin. Results were definitely worth it though. I can't remember if I posted this here before but pic related is what I did. It is messy but now that i've figured out the steps I'm planning on doing a cleaner version. It's pretty simple I guess but it was fun to incorporate a simple test piece (the hearts) into something bigger.

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drill baby drill

>> No.9407425

Couldn't you drill a hole. Add a drop of uv resin in the hole. Push the pin in, then put it under a uv light to harden it up?

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Cool whiteknighting. Are you the same anons who made the suppurate system and mossbadger rip offs in the last threads and then whined that nobody bought your stuff?

>> No.9407932

There's nothing wrong with unoriginal pieces, I would kill to find some resin jewelry to match the AP dresses I've bought lately. But for some reason you guys keep making generic kawaii/ nerd crap instead of things that would actually match popular AP themes like ponies, ribbons, bears, rabbits, galaxy, sweets, donuts, fruit etc

>> No.9408032

Not a whiteknight but Suppurate System anon here. Never whined about any such thing. I generally look at my shop pessimistically. I don't expect anything to sell, and every time they do it's a pleasant surprise. Resin's a hobby first for me.

>> No.9408155

Well I don't know about the other anons here but I'm not into lolita, or any jfash for that matter. I just really like resin as a crafting medium.

Also, instead of whining about us not making things you like, why don't you go search for some resin crafters on etsy or somewhere and ask if they do commissions/custom pieces? It's much more likely to get you what you want.

>> No.9408308

Not white knighting. I don't sell what I make, but if I did I wouldn't care if someone took "animal with sleepy eyes" from me, cause it's a generic as fuck design. Like shit you gonna accuse baby sheets of stealing that design cause baby crap has that all over it too.
It's the most basic of shape, and they bought the charms from the same etsy store. Sorry to burst your bubble but just cause people go for the same colors and shapes doesn't mean it's a rip off.

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