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A thread for experiences in which you were all dressed/dolled and something unforseen occurred.

>me, lifestyle lolita out at movies with boyfriend like a normie
>excited for movie, all pretty in frills
>100% forgot he mentioned about a year ago that his ex worked at the movie theatre, plus he never mentioned which one
>"Noah? Emily?"
>I've never met this person in my life but she seemed vaguely familiar, pic related is exactly how I looked at her
>boyfriend pulls me away, the girl still tries to talk to us, seems urgent
>"you're the girl he cheated on me with"
>on... you? He cheated on you with me?
>pic related is now how I'm looking at boyfriend
>find out my boyfriend cheated on me
>she recognized me because of my frils
>Google how to tie a noose

Somehow after something like this you don't feel too pretty no matter how cute you thought you looked before.


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Dressed/dolled up, I meant.

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Dump that sucker's ass, anon. Seriously.

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This, if you have any self-respect.

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i always hear wild stories about how people are treated badly or bothered when wearing lolita out and about, but nothing has ever happened to me or my circle of friends who wear lolita on the daily. and i mean a pretty big group of people from all over the nation/world. it makes me wonder if the people who tell these stories are either badly dressed itas or people exhibiting embarrassing behavior in the first place

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Same! In another thread a gull was thinking of a hidden camera video to tape people's reactions to lolita, and I pictured her spending years to get enough content for 1 video. That or she will dress really extreme on purpose.

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Nayrt but while nothing bad has ever happened to me while out in lolita, people definitely do react. A lot of it is just stares or snickers or "it's not halloween", some of it may be genuine interest or compliments and only very occasionally will you find anything more interesting than that to film, but to someone who's never worn lolita it could still be interesting.

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Codependency is a disease. I was pregnant with his child, I couldn't stand to lose him. I know that's the reasonable thing to have done, but maternal instincts will seriously kick your ass, all sorts of hormonal stuff going on during a time like that. I told myself since it was over a year ago, and it was only the first couple weeks of us dating back when I was still in high school at that, that I should just talk it through with him and decide if it's worth our relationship. Don't know if the decision for us to stay together was fueled by logic or by love or the baby, but here we are.

Just a side note to keep this relatively (not even) on topic, the chick was an absolutely cringey scene weeb. I'm talking snk hoodie from hot topic, tattoos with symbols she probably doesn't know the origins of, shitty dye job, the whole package. THAT'S what I was up against.

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I get a lot of, "you look like a princess!" "Well don't you look cute" "wow, that's an intricate outfit" etc and also some creeps.

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but it's getting hard for me to tell what's weird to normies and what's not. Lolita is so typical to me now that it's so hard for me to imagine how they must see it.

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May I ask which country you live in? I've been wearing lolita for over 5 years and only two people have ever commented. One gave me a compliment and the other asked why I was dressed like that.

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Not same anon, but in America I get comments every time I go out. Literally every time, I can count on someone on the street or in a store saying something.

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same. even when i've been out alone, the reactions i get are usually positive.
the first time a little old lady stopped me to tell me that she liked my dress and it reminded her of a porcelain doll, my heart just about melted. i always have to wonder, are these girls just frequenting bad neighborhoods? or maybe they're in really small, backwater towns?
honestly the worst interaction between a lolita and the general public i've seen was when i was out with my comm and this lady started surreptitiously trying to follow us and take pictures without our knowledge. which is rude, but usually idgaf if a muggle's curiousity is roused, i know a full flock of lolitas in the wild is a strange sight. however, one girl in our comm got really upset about it and got in the lady's face like 'filming us without our consent is iLLEGAL' and the lady walked away all muttering and pissed off.
honestly i was more embarrassed on behalf of our comm. i'm not one of those 'all lolitas must be lovelies~' types but heck, there are less confrontational ways to address that situation and it doesn't leave a random stranger with a bad impression of us all. the worst part was that afterwards, this chick was really proud of herself for dealing with the woman like that, basically rehashing the story for the rest of the meet and saying stuff like 'i'm a proud bitch and i ain't putting up with that disrespectful shit' or 'oh haiiillll no'
edgelords, man. they never grow up.

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>'filming us without our consent is iLLEGAL
That is not true in the least. Unless you're on your own private property, people filming you/taking your picture is protected under the first amendment.
Is it creepy? Sure. Illegal? If it is, the paparazzi is in for a nasty surprise.

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Do you dress in OTT, sweet or..? I'm from Western Europe

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I think it depends a lot on the type of people where you are, as well as if you're in a group or how you carry yourself. I used to cosplay from a random that would get shit on all the time, and I had tons of friends who regularly had other congoers go out of their way to be rude to them or make snide remarks as they passed. However this would almost never happen to me and my SO. I'm not sure if this is because we'd usually travel in a group, or because a lot of my friends don't exactly exude confidence and are probably easy targets.

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i actually didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me. the girl in question is kind of a drama queen, but she owns a fancy camera and likes to talk about being a photographer (i've never actually seen evidence of a portfolio) so i'd given her the benefit of the doubt as to how credible that assertion was.
bringing that up at the time probably would have resulted in some ludicrous hyperbole though, like
>'but what if one of us had a *stalker*'
or something

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*Fandom not random. Thanks, phone.

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What style? I'm from a village in Western Europe and I wear gothic and classic lolita

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As a mostly classic and old school sweet lolita I've only ever had positive reactions when out alone, but every time I walk somewhere with my comm we'll get tons of rude comments. I hope I'm able to make some more well-dressed lolita friends to go out with in the future because I'm pretty tired of laughing assholes shoving their phone in my face to film me walking next to the cosplay ita's that make up like 50% of my comm.

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Oh, I suppose that makes a huge difference in reactions; I never considered that. I'm mainly sweet. Makes... a lot more sense.

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>that girl was so cringey lol
>stupid enough to stay with cheater bf because you got knocked up


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Same. Last week I was wearing an outfit that felt completely normie to me but some lady still freaked out at the bows on my (non-lolita designer) shoes. I've also had people make a fuss over lace tights, the sailor collar on my coat and corset lacing on a dress. On the other hand I've never known anyone to pay much attention to the fact I'm wearing a petticoat. I don't even bother trying to dress normal anymore unless it's something like a job interview because people will apparently always find something odd about me anyway.

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Recently I was walking through a tourist hot spot on my way to a meet up and had a group of dudes verbally harass me for a block. They were yelling things like "I'll be your daddy, little girl" and "I wonder if she has a fat ass under there" etc.
Finally I had my fill and turned around and told them to piss off. Then one of them rush up to my face and started telling me that I was a cunt, that he should rip my dress off, and give me a "good spanking."
I started freaking out because I was being surrounded by these 5 burly Australian dudes and started hysterically screaming like a tea kettle on the stove. I thought I was going to get raped.
Thankfully a shop keeper came out and told them he already called the cops and they took off.

Scariest moment of my life, and now I don't dare to go out in lolita alone.

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What shithole do you live in? I know normies who wear lace tights and jackets with sailor collars. You can buy that shit in normie shops.

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Where do you live? Are you out in your car? Do you all go out as a group?

I have noticed slightly different experiences with these things.

Big city and walking and taking public transport all the time = a ton of comments. Usually they are mixed good amd stupid.

Add in 5 lolitas and you get even more comments.

If you live in a driving state and only meet up in places you are likely to not only get less comments, but less bad ones.

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I feel like in America people are much more likely to say both complements and dumb shit to you if they just see you on the street.

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southern USA, in the car and walking on the street/running errands/whatever people normally do, and pastel sweet lolita if that makes any difference. it's funny, i actually noticed that i got less comments/compliments when i was a in a big city because people are more desensitized to weirdness.

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I'm the same as >>9376485
I don't have a car. I only wear it on weekends, usually on my own or with normie friends (at work I have a uniform and after work I wear PJs, they do know my style). I have a couple of lolita friends that live far away that I meet 4-5 times a year (in a big city). I never go to comm meets.

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To add to the reactions chatter: I am from midwest America and I dress in sweet and my outfits are simple (kinda like pic related). I don't wear lolita to "bad" areas or areas that make me feel like I will get attention. I haven't had a negative experience while wearing it so far. That said, I have had people give me looks that were clearly not positive, and now that social media is so popular and everyone is constantly on their phones I'm really scared of people taking pictures of me. I haven't caught anyone taking my picture but I have actually witnessed people sneaking pictures of other people while out in normal clothes dozens of times, so I know it's going to happen to me. The fear hasn't stopped me from wearing lolita, but it makes it a lot harder for me to go in public while wearing it. I know for some people the picture thing isn't a big deal, but for me it is, and I actually have some personal reasons to not want my picture to end up on say Facebook or something.

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To be fair the people freaking out over my lace rights were men, but I've never seen sailor collars on anything normie. Only on 'vintage' or -inspired clothing at best. I'm in a large European city (not London).

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>i got less comments/compliments when i was a in a big city because people are more desensitized to weirdness.
As someone who lives in a big city, and goes to an art school, pretty much this. The farther out of the downtown area you are, the more likely people are to react to things out of the norm. I've spotted lone lolitas and fairy kei being worn by students on campus and it's not even given a sideways glance. But, because of where I live, wearing thigh highs and a sweater will get all kinds of stares.

Looking forward to seeing how many cosplayers will come out of the woodwork since they're having a small con this weekend.

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Not sure if it counts but

>waiting at the station to meet up with bf, decide to treat myself to timmies in the meantime (something I never do)
>wearing an all white coord, now back at the station after about a 15 minute walk from timmies with hot chocolate in hand.
>wait a while longer but I start getting cold so I decide to go into the station (I had been waiting outside)
>big mistake :(
>huge gust of wind from inside blows my beret off and it starts tumbleweeding towards the main road
>without thinking I run for it, leap to catch it with my foot, spill the boiling hot chocolate all over the side of myself
>for some reason my first instinct is to transfer the cup to my other hand, now have hot chocolate on that sleeve too
>stand there like an idiot for a while bc I have no napkins and don't want to make more of a mess than I already have

I had to stuff my beret in my pocket and walk all the way back to timmies with brown spilled all over my beautiful coat so I could get clean. I ended up wearing my beret with a shoe print on it for the rest of the day because I had no where to put it since all I had was usakumya and he was already full. If I had been wearing normal clothes I don't think I would have felt as embarrassed?
Luckily in the end the hot chocolate came right off the coats fabric! There's a large section of lace that's still a stained brown and my blouse cuffs are stained still too. But a tide to go stick was a real life saver! It could have been a lot worse. Also to top it all off, my boyfriend ended up having to wait for me in the end, and I was pretty pleased with myself before bc I was the early one for once.

>tl;dr I managed to step on my white beret, spill boiling hot chocolate all down the front of my white coat, blouse cuff, and hand, and then get it all over my other hand and blouse cuff all in under 3 seconds..

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I've never really gotten any shit when I've been in cosplay. I only wear cosplays to cons (haven't done a cosplay meetup yet) so I guess that kind of prevents it from happening. Cosplaying itself has become more mainstream though so even when I mention cosplay and cons to people, they always get excited and ask me more about it

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That's pretty odd. I've been to quite a few cities in Europe (mostly in the north but also in France and Greece) and the worst I've gotten was some Greek guy who was very fascinated by my hair colour.

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Zara and H&M have both sold jackets with sailor collars.

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So..... Theres a girl in your comm who white knights for lolitas yelling at a random person rules in society that arent true? Run anon. Run. If shes a white knight its gonna happen every time.
>oooh what if stalker desu
Fuck. Now shes got some weird fantasy in her head.
Please calmly announce to "all" as not to make her feel singled out and tell the others in your comm that its legal for people to do that. If she genuinely doesnt know thats one thing but if you shut down her reasons she may not freak out anymore.

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I usually just flip people off and smile when someone's taking a creepy photo

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Depends on what part. You guys are talking about America as if it's some small country...

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It's nothing to do with how pretty you look, it's your "boyfriend" being a slut.
Dump his loser's ass, you're worth more than that.

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Thanks for the birth control anon!

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Bait? Or just don't know that relationships =/= fashion sense? Those were two totally different things.

Yes! This. Whenever I have to find clothes to wear to an interview or to meet a client, I struggle to find clothes they would find normal, partially because I can't even tell what is anymore.

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>hysterically screaming like a tea kettle on the stove
Thank goodness nothing happened to you. I'm sorry you had to deal with these disgusting cunts.

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Staying with someone who cheats on you is basically being Hillary Clinton. Don't be like that, man. Don't let the person you love run around town like that on you unless you're in an open relationship and you clearly were not.

Also you had a kid straight out of high school?
Keep it classy, yo.

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Take it. Please. You can't wear lolita when you're pregnant, and if you thought burando was expensive, oh boy, there's pricier things out there.

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Yes! For some reason I feel more embarassed when something happens to me in lolita than in normal clothing. Like, walking kinda weird because of a shoe problem (feet hurts,heel broken,whatever,...) or spilling something like you did,...
I wonder why. I mean I would be embarassed in normie clothes as well but not as much.

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Don't worry. I have an IUD. I was just making fun of you.

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not gonna out myself, but it's complicated to do something like that because we're both mods (she's the longest-active member of the community, i'm 2nd) & i don't want to promote the idea that there's any kind of weird infighting.
thought about retiring just to avoid the mess but that would only cement her authority in the group, and we do occasionally get girls who come through that are genuinely nice and interested in the fashion and I feel like they need to be welcomed into the comm by someone who's a tad less, uh, aggressive.
it's not that she's necessarily a bad person, she's just really convinced that she needs to project this...tough-bitch woke-af cashmeousside authority-on-lolita persona all over the place and it gets under my skin at times.

sage because this really belongs in the comm thread, sorry for the off-topic.

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Hillary Clinton? Maybe I should rethink the relationship, hah.

We lost the baby. I got pregnant out of high school, sure, but I have nothing to show for it. The age in which someone decides to have a child can be dependent on a lot of factors you wouldn't be able to predict.

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it's because in lolita, it feels like people are especially watching you. like if i trip over myself in normal clothes/shoes then i pick myself up like 'haha whoops' but if i'm wearing this ostentatious outfit then it's like i'm especially self-conscious.
knocking something over with my petticoat in a store is the worst. 0/10 do not recommend

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I figured you were, tried to make light of it.

Was the installation painful? I've heard mixed reviews.

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I live in the Netherlands and I mostly wear gothic. I don't really know what causes comments and what doesn't but yeah, it's definitely not uncommon.

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>The age in which someone decides to have a child can be dependent on a lot of factors you wouldn't be able to predict.
I'm actually well aware of this but I rarely see it. I've seen it once in person. My old co-worker and I love her to death, she had a kid in high school and she actually has a good career and does everything for her kid.
That is not the story most teen moms get to tell. Hence why I'm never gonna encourage it or cheer someone on for it. It happens and you have to accept it, but I don't have to enjoy it.

>We lost the baby
Sorry to hear that. Are you still with that guy though? What was the reasoning for him cheating exactly? Like what kind of excuse could someone possibly have for not being able to contain their impulses because that's all cheating is.

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I get you with the pictures, with 3G and 4G everywhere now it's not only that they'll snicker when they get home like they used to a few years ago, they can upload photos of you to Facebook immediately, with your location. I find it really unnerving.

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>Whenever I have to find clothes to wear to an interview or to meet a client, I struggle to find clothes they would find normal, partially because I can't even tell what is anymore.
This is my problem too. I'm a student so everywhere I apply isn't formal enough to actually wear a suit to, and I find it so hard to figure out where the line is. I used to wear a white shirt, black cigarette pants and low-heeled Mary Janes to every interview but I realised the colour scheme and shoe style made me look like I was a high schooler who'd just removed the tie and jacket from their uniform. I know I need to get an interview blouse that isn't white cotton but I don't know which colours are okay for which jobs and when coming off as too girly could harm my chances.

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Aw OP I hope that noose is for your (hopefully) ex bf and not you.

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Back on the topic of the thread..

I've gone to TWO meets now where my wig has come off. I ignored the first time because I did get pretty drunk... but then it happened again because I'm a dumb ass and thought pinning my wig down would be enough in fucking 20 mph wind gusts.

I've pretty much given up on wigs at this point. I hate that I can't change my hair that much with my coords though?
Should I just do extensions instead? Am I being ridiculously hard on myself with the other occurrences at the time of wigloss? I did try to combat the wind.. bobby pins and hair pins just aren't enough?

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Yeah, I'll admit that. There's typically no excuse besides irresponsibility.

And I am with him, yes. We live together and he dresses in jfashion with me as well. The situation was that this was our first couple of weeks of being together, and he had yet to break up with his now-ex. I had no clue she existed, and he was too scared to tell me. Come to find out she was avoiding him and dodging his calls (her words, not his, trust me) and the minute she answered he broke up with her. So it was clear he didn't intend to actually stay with her, but he obviously also didn't intend on telling me anything, which was his fault.

It doesn't bother me that they were still technically together because they had not been talking for weeks. What bothers me is that he didn't tell me. That was the topic of discussion, and it ended up being a huge step in working on communication. Now we don't have issues like that typically, and when there is a miscommunication, it's never about another girl.

Bottom line, he hasn't pursued any other girls during our years together. That's why I'm still with him. Cheating is one thing, lying is another.

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Is your area usually that windy? Can't you just pick wigs for non-windy days?

>> No.9376681

Were they abbos?

>> No.9376685

>Is your area usually that windy?
It's not always 20 mph and it's not always windy... but it is always windy. Like it will just come out of nowhere, you can try to plan for it but there's always a chance you'll go out and everything is calm... then you start going towards a different part of town where more buildings are... BOOM. GIANT GUSTS OF WIND. Pretty sure people see my shorts underneath because I can't keep my huge petti from blowing up all over the place either.

My town has a huge comm too. They all wear wigs on and off but I feel like I can't ever wear one outside. I have a huge wig collection that I'm doing nothing with now cause I'm too busy trying to style my natural hair these days.

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It definitely depends on what area of study, but keep in mind: you're a fashionista, they most likely are not. They probably don't think too much about it. That said, I think the exact same way as you do and I have to tell myself that first bit constantly. Loose up, anon!

Oh god, that's awful. I've had people actually /pull my wig off from my head./ Idiots.

I usually use my natural hair, so I can't help too much with that, but I think you might be being a bit hard on yourself. I'd keep at it and maybe consider asking around in the help thread?

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>area of study
What? Pff, meant to say line of work. Sorry about that.

>> No.9376692

>I've had people actually /pull my wig off from my head./ Idiots.
Oh hell nah. I'd lose my mind. Please tell me you flipped your shit on those people?

If you didn't, you have my condolences. What you went through sounds way worse. Plus I grew up in the hood and literally saw girls ripping weaves out in the parking lot in person. that's brutal shit. And no it's not okay. Fuck worldstar.

>but I think you might be being a bit hard on yourself. I'd keep at it and maybe consider asking around in the help thread?
Thank you man. I think I just really needed to hear this.

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Sup Dutchfriend.
As a classic/sweet-classic lolita I mostly get positive comments from middle-aged and older ladies and rude comments from young men who are trying to look tough to their friends or intimidate a girl to feel like a big man. Everyone else just stares from a distance or doesn't care.

>> No.9376707

I would have, were I not at school where I'd get in more shit for causing commotion than they would for the wig. Normies think it's a joke.

And no problem, honestly keep at it. Wigs are trial and error.

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>I'd get in more shit for causing commotion than they would for the wig. Normies think it's a joke.
One of the reasons I tend to wear as low key clothing as possible when going out. Fine at my campus, but I take public transport to get there.

I think someone actually touched and felt my hair when I wore pic related once. It was so long, and not on my scalp, so I didnt feel it. But I recall turning and seeing a bunch of highschoolers snickering right before I got off at my stop.

>> No.9376759

As much as I hate cheating/cheaters.

This sounds teenage tier behavior and you mentioned it being in hs and he seemed to be trying to be honest.

So I wouldn't worry about it

>> No.9376764

he's gonna abuse your baby and be a shit father just saying

>> No.9376766

You probably looked pretty fucking cringy yourself there cowgirl.

>> No.9376775

Read the thread. There is no baby.

Yeah. As upset as I was at the time, after I heard the full story I wasn't nearly as upset.

Continuing from OP post, I literally just heard "he cheated on me with you" and started crying, freaking out etc and immediately ditched the whole situation. It really was my worst experience in Lolita, but the outcome was not nearly as bad as it felt like it was gonna be.

Adding to that, I actually started this thread as a "worst thing that happened in life unrelated to lolita/cosplay while you happened to be in it" kinda thing but it steered more towards incidents related to attire.

>> No.9376778

Yeah, it's definitely largely positive comments. I had a girl of around 12 come up to me while I was out this week asking me if I was a lolita. She was super excited about the fashion, told me she'd been watching PrincessPeachie on Youtube and that she wanted to get her first dress from Bodyline soon. It was a really nice experience. I can't even think of what the worst I've had was? I have a pretty thick skin so some dudebro going "hello gorgeous" doesn't stand out as something particularly bad.

If I may ask, whereabouts do you live? I'm wondering if reactions are better or worse in the big cities. I'm from a shitty rural town in Limburg, but will be going to Amsterdam for uni the coming year.

>> No.9376783

Absolutely. Have you ever seen a lolita have a breakdown in public? Literally the cringiest thing you could imagine, like physically cringe kind of cringe. Makeup smearing, fake eyelashes falling off from rubbing eyes, freaking out but still trying desperately not to ruin a $600 dress and it's accessories. A complete shitstorm, I looked like a child throwing a tantrum more than I did a grown adult who thought she was going to become a single mother at that moment.

>> No.9376818

That does look like shit, though.

>> No.9376827

Yeah, I constantly have people touching on my wigs and asking if they're wigs. It's the dumbest fucking question and I'm sick of it.

>> No.9376852

First time out in lolita I had some 12 year old come up to me and ask if I would buy him cigarettes. I was like, all the average-looking inconspicuous people around here and you pick me?

He did not get his cigarettes.

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fucked a guy at a con who thought i was a girl, proceed to catch feelings leading into 4 months of emotional dumpster fire

>> No.9376866

I wonder if this happens to sick people too. Maybe you should get better wigs?

>> No.9376870

This sounds like a BL plot. Please dear god anon do not leave us hanging. elaborate?

>> No.9376886

I didn't even THINK of the fact it can automatically can tag your location. I don't have a Facebook so I forgot that it can do that. That is such a huge safety issue and it bothers me that these people don't even consider that because they are too busy being selfish. Not even just for lolita, but for any situation where people snap pictures of others without permission. I don't want to say I have stalkers, but I do have a few creeps that try getting info on me / unwantedly keep trying to contact me, so I really don't want my face and location being blasted online.

I'm glad it isn't just me who is scared of having their photo taken. I'm seriously thinking about starting to always carry a parasol with me so that if I suspect someone is trying to snap my photo or record me I can use it to obscure myself. But that just seems like a paranoid thing to do.

>> No.9376890

Worse thing I've ever had happen while crossplaying at a con was running into one of my old gunnies while buying beer at a store outside the hotel.

That, and one of my friends drunkenly saying I was prettier than all the actual girls there, at a different con.

>> No.9376895

>Worse thing I've ever had happen while crossplaying at a con was running into one of my old gunnies while buying beer at a store outside the hotel.

Oh, it's definitely greentext time.

>> No.9376897

Ha ha, maybe you seemed more approachable becaue of your cute clothes. Glad you did the right thing and didn't buy any for him.

>> No.9376900

It honestly doesn't matter how high quality it is.They don't seem to do it because it's a wig but because it's ~different~.

As someone that both wears wigs and changes my hair often (hell, even when I just wear my hair natural), people will be grabby and annoying because 'oh you changed your hair! So weird!'. I've actually had customers at work just reach out and grab my hair like I'm a dog or something. Seriously one of my biggest pet peeves

>> No.9376901

>fucked a guy
>thought i was a girl
>thought i was a girl

No, Anon. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

>> No.9376904

>I've actually had customers at work just reach out and grab my hair like I'm a dog or something
Not to be that edgelord or anything, but learning a couple of wristlocks would go a long way toward preventing this behavior in the future.

>> No.9376909

It's not really greentext worthy. That pretty much sums up the whole thing. I was crossdressing while he was tagging along and we ended up bar hopping in dc. And this friend has next to zero alcohol tolerance. I just wanted to drink, i honestly don't know what he expected.

>> No.9376915
File: 272 KB, 900x661, poison_by_jaimito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

itd be the worst BL plot ever with a shit ending lmao i met him day 1 and he %100 thought i was a girl (a very hot one) so we became friends and then hung out the next day. we hang out at costume contest and we get drunk, he starts touching me more and holds my drunk ass by the hand so i dont run into everyone, go to rave and he saw i was about to like pass out so he takes me to the back where we sit in silence for a minute
>feel his hands on my lower back and back of my head
>oh jesus my weakspot
>makes out furiously with me and tries to finger me through my costume
>go to his place and fuck (god the dick was good)
>wake up thinking hes going to freak out and throw me out
>kisses me passionately and showers with me
>"oh my fucking god i met the one"
>^yea fucking not
We talked for a long time and i had such heavy feelings for him. I always did my best to make him happy and my heart did a flip whenever he flirted with me
>my dumb ass thinking love exists
admit my feelings but he just wants to be friends
>say its fine and that i get it
>drink wine until i pass out and vomit
right when i think its over he starts flirting with me again and i fall for it like a fucking sucker.
he says he wants to be fuck buddies but we never fucked
I then talked to him again and he apologised for leading me on and let me cry onto his shoulder and vent about how i felt.
basically i fucked a really nice friendship because im a crazy bitch
he knew by the end of the second night but was always into traps

>> No.9376917

Yeah but I mean.. It shouldn't be very obvious it's a wig? I know normies who wear a wig and I honestly could not tell they were wearing one until they told me. But with lolita's it's often easy to tell.

>> No.9376929

Normies are willfully ignorant. I used to ask this question when I was like 10, but some people keep that mind set.

>> No.9376936

Once you're already a lolita it becomes really easy to tell because there are so few reputable popular wig shops and styles that you can clock at a distance that such and such a wig is such and such Lockshop design, even if it actually looks natural. But people who are new to the fashion and normies often can't - I was at a meet a while back where a new girl assumed everyone's hair was real apart from one girl with a very obvious non-natural style wig.

>> No.9376937

He sounds pretty fucking gay desu. Doesn't sound like you're crazy at all, I think the friendship would have been fucked up either way.

>> No.9376943

This. Plus leading you on is a pretty shitty thing to do, and he likely would have done it again.

>> No.9376946
File: 36 KB, 680x578, sad-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol its not him denying what he did was gay, and to be fair he hasn't been in a relationship for 7 years (i think its because of the military job) im just really sad about it, he really is a funny and awesome guy. whats worse is that im still not over him.going to sound really whiney here but it sucks feeling unloved and unappreciated

>> No.9376948

I actually am new tough..

>> No.9376952

Iktf, at the risk of this getting too /r9k/-ish.

>> No.9376953

our last convo put an end to his flirting. i kinda flipped a bit (i feel like it was deserved considering how emotionally exhausting the whole situation was/is)

>> No.9376964

That's why I usually try to avoid going too far on things at cons. Instead I just go full /pol/ so I don't need to deal with it. I still kind of regret losing the contact info from this one guy who was really sweet, though.

>> No.9376975

i was drunk and i crave attention and affection lmao

>> No.9376977

Potentially, but as >>9376900 mentioned, I dye my hair frequently and get the same treatment. I do think they just think it looks different.

You're not wrong!

Your pic related is gorgeous, oh my god.

>makes out furiously with me and tries to finger me through my costume
Woah! Which hole was he expecting? At what point did he realize you weren't a chick?

>(god the dick was good)
I'm dying.

>"oh my fucking god i met the one"
>^yea fucking not
I hate this. I've felt this so many times.

I don't think you could have done anything different if you really did like the guy. I didn't explicitly get this vibe from it, but it occurred to me just now; was he like grossly into traps? I mean, like IRL being creepy about it?

We love you, anon. And I don't blame you for not being over him, it sounded like an intense amount of love in that amount of time. Anyone in your situation who wouldn't still feel a thing for him would probably be the crazy one.

Good on ya.

Full /pol/ at a con? Legendary.

>> No.9376991

In a sort messed up way it's fun to go full /pol/ while in crossplay/crossdressing just for the weird looks you get.

>> No.9376997

Hah, I bet. Greentext?

>> No.9376999
File: 1.07 MB, 773x4014, polgbt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking kek

>> No.9377000
File: 426 KB, 2336x3500, 22603465370_8c49cb31fb_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon, that actually makes me feel a lot better. going into tmi territory here but I put across a very confidant person in person but really loneliness and feeling unloved really effects me
>which hole
lmfao he knew i was a guy before the rave party
>was he creepy about traps
No i dont think so at all, just something hes into
i guess i should post a pic of my cosplay (prays that he doesnt magically show up in this thread)

>> No.9377001

oh nooo i liked that comic up until the end lmaooo

>> No.9377008

I mean, once you know the signs around the hairline/bangs to look out for wigs are really easy to spot, but normies aren't looking for that. They just notice unnatural colours and styles and shiny fibres for the most part.

>> No.9377009

Last con I got drunk and rode in the elevators while talking about how there needs to be some sort of final solution to all the degeneracy going on at cons, and and one point convinced a bunch of sjw's that we needed "National socialism" like we had with fdr, even after I included "The camps " as one of his best achievements.

And at an earlier con, I flipped out and called someone who claimed to be a professor at the army war college a "moron who should ask for a refund on his phd" because he refused to question whether judicial activism is ethical (it isn't) and went on about how Hillary was a disgrace to "women like myself" and that anyone else with a background in intelligence work would agree with me. I'm not sure if it helped that the friend who was with me was dressed in a modern Russian digiflora uniform.

>> No.9377012

Aww man that takes me back to when that was first written. /pol/ constantly doing gay as fuck "raids" on /lgbt/ because they were so fucking obsessed with them. Polite sage for irrelvant.

>> No.9377013
File: 19 KB, 288x415, 1471416047389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>those shoes
>Quiet's boots can be bought for like $15

>> No.9377017

I'm not gay, but the /polgbt/ relationship looks pretty comfy until the last panel.

>> No.9377023

No offense, and it could just be because I've spent too much time on 4chan, but I don't see how he thought you where a girl.

>> No.9377027

I mainly notice the shiny, sometimes plasticy look

>> No.9377028

i dont wear flats, i have some dignity
i was wearing a different cosplay with a fat ass choker to hide my fat ass adams apple

>> No.9377029

That works. I usually prefer outfits with chokers or high collars for that reason.
Neck and jawline are the parts that bother me the most whenever I crossdress.

>> No.9377034

I think if its in a group it feels far more degenerate for some reason. When you see a woman really taking care of herself, wearing unique clothes and makeup and generally looking confident out there, its actually genuinely refreshing at times.

In a group it has the feel of a street gang or religious cult I think.

>> No.9377035

>lolita street gangs

>> No.9377037

I dunno, I dig it, maybe if you guys carried cute baseball bats, the next time someone harrassed your group it'd be different. :)

All I am saying is how I would feel seeing a mass group of lolitas so I guess I am just projecting.

>> No.9377039

No problem anon. And I think everyone is kinda like that, really. I really hope you can find happiness and someone that'll love you for you and not just the idea of your attention.

Oh my god. That's fucking nuts, I love that. Too high to comprehend the second story, though.


This is true. I think when it's just me or me and my boyfriend, I just look like I love these clothes and I invest a lot in it. In a group it does feel cult-y or flash mob-y.

Now. We have to do it.

Massive cluster of cute girls with cute bats that can kick your ass, sounds like my kinda scene.

>> No.9377045

The second story, i pretty much reverted to my overly-pretentious Marin crops 2621 roots of automatically assuming anyone who uses their background of having a degree must be compensating for being a moron. Which he was. And it was pretty funny too because he really wasn't expecting that detailed of an argument from a probable crossdresser (I had "Klinger" nametapes on my jacket" )at an anime con.

>> No.9377051

Naw, they were whiter than the salt I collect from cgl

>> No.9377052

>In a group it has the feel of a street gang or religious cult I think.
Hell yeah

>> No.9377067

What I meant was that the lolita clothing probably looked cringy as fuck to any normal person, including his ex.

>> No.9377075

His ex was a weeb, she thought I looked amazingly cute. She's one of those people who says the same old "I always thought lolita was cute but I could never afford it" and she said I was the first lolita she ever met irl.

As for everyone else, I'm sure I looked pretty cringy to them, I'll give you that.

>> No.9377090

not op, but it was incredibly painful. like the worst cramps i have ever experienced. take some painkillers or something before getting one.

>> No.9377096

Jesus, that makes me want to cry just hearing that. Good on you for having that kind of patience!

>> No.9377098

I'm the original poster - I took 2 vicodin and only felt a strange pinching feeling. Didn't last long either. Worth it to not have to go thru labor...

>> No.9377106

Well, it was already going in by time the pain started, I wasn't going to make them pull it back out.

Might have to get a hold of some vicodin when I get it replaced, then. The pain was worth not having to worry about pregnancy, I guess, but Jesus. I felt pain from places I didn't even know I could feel.

>> No.9377175

Different anon. Currently on the pill for periods from hell. My doc is suddenly trying to push me to get an IUD but I was told by a regular gyn that there's no guarantee it will actully stop me from having periods. I don't like taking pills but I'm not willing to go through with the IUD when it could be a lot of pain for nothing. I'm actually a bit suspicous about my doc suddenly pushing me to get one out of nowhere.

To keep this CGL related, I was really hoping the pill would stop my acne but sadly it did absolutely nothing. When my skin gets bad I find it really hard to wear lolita because I feel ugly. I just try to be glad my acne isn't as bad as it could be.

>> No.9377184

Forgot to say this because I'm a total idiot, but the pain can vary greatly between individuals, and I've heard for many people painkillers don't help. Based on my personal experiences I'm pretty sure I would be in the catagory of "extreme pain that isn't helped by painkillers."

>> No.9377189
File: 29 KB, 236x356, IMG_1337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only time I ever got hassled in cosplay was on fucking Halloween night of all nights. It was by some fat disgusting incredibeard hobo hipster too

>> No.9377193


I had one of the worst installations according to my OB. My small uterus and nulliparous status weren't really helpful in getting the IUD in. Two days, some cytotec, and an ultrasound later, it was in. Cramps were pretty bad for the first 24 hours but faded away. Honestly, ibuprofen did more than vicodin to take the edge away. I think it's the antiinflammatory effect. Still worth it, because honestly evened out over 5 years of not being preggers the fraction of pain evens out to essentially nothing.

Only thing is that I'm now having rusty discharge everyday. May not be the thing for everyone. I also had period cramps for maybe 12 hours last month but i'm hoping they get less and less frequent since they were already shortened so much.

>> No.9377194


And of course, this varies for everyone. I've had to take IUDs out (I practice as well) for people who've had cramping everyday from the IUD, which is very rare, but can happen. Others will have spotting for the duration of the IUD. 40-50% will have their periods go away completely, but that's a far cry from 'all.' The experience will vary from individual to individual, so do your research on side effects, expectations, and possible benefits.

Bedsider.org is a good start for these things. Good luck!

>> No.9377203
File: 221 KB, 1572x1789, IMG_20161021_192728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I sliced my thumb on a pair of kitchen tongs.

I've cut myself with a butter knife before too. I swear to god I'm eventually going to cut myself on an orange or something.

>> No.9377223
File: 60 KB, 500x580, well fuck me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm the anon who mentioned thinking of doing the hidden camera!
I think it depends on the area what kind of responses you will get. I live in a tourist city, so a lot of people act without conscience since they're from out of province or out of country. The area I specifically live in is also right next to a high school, so there's a lot of teenagers who feel the need to prove themselves and act out. The other city I visit is mostly tourists and new immigrants who don't speak / refuse to learn English, so there's a lot of strange encounters there too.
Some of my experiences, from middle school (13) to now (21) -
> Somebody started a rumor that I was a prostitute. Apparently my phone number was given out.
> Somebody started a rumor that I was the daughter of a rich Jewish family acting out against strict traditions (not Jewish at all.)
> Someone came up to and tried to pour soda on my dress for no reason, without saying anything to me.
> Followed from my school all the way home multiple times. Photos of my house were taken without my knowledge.
> Followed from a nearby cafe halfway to my house.
> Stopped around the corner from my house where a man spent 30 minutes trying to solicit me as a prostitute, getting angry with me for "thinking he's a cop" when I denied being a sex worker, then started rambling about how I'd "sell well" since I "look young," but people will "try to hurt [me] out of jealousy and [he] doesn't know how to protect [me]."
> Friend and I riding public transport. Foreign family posed behind us while one of them stood in front of us and took photos. They didn't say anything to us or even acknowledge us - nor when we stood up and walked to a different section of the car.
> Same friend, someone came up and informed us "We're taking a photo with you," grabbed a young girl who didn't speak English and shoved her forcefully in front of us before taking a bunch of photos without saying a word, not even a 'thank you' as they left.

>> No.9377428

>I was told by a regular gyn that there's no guarantee it will actully stop me from having periods.
Yeah it's true. I have less though. And they don't last that long anymore. It's like being a man and then every now and then I'm a woman. like four times a year I'm a woman.

So yeah, it's never guaranteed to keep them from happening but it can lessen them to some extent.

They aren't bad. I've had mine for the full five years almost and I get checked out and they find nothing. Also no weird pains or anything after.

The doctor will give you pain meds before, I was offered some but I already had the vicodin, so I declined.

I can't speak for the acne part unfortunately... I don't really have it.

>> No.9377463

>the chick was an absolutely cringey scene weeb
do you think this means anything coming from someone who dressed up like a doll and makes retarded faces

>> No.9377493

>getting a drink poured on you
this and the girl who got a bucket of paint poured on her her first time out in lolita are my biggest nightmares

>> No.9377541

>Followed from my school all the way home multiple times. Photos of my house were taken without my knowledge.
and uh, what was the recourse for this? Like what did you or your family or your friends do after this happened?

Also there are some weird inconsistencies in the last story where you keep mentioning people who don't speak english, yet they aren't saying a word? Am I to assume it's in that other city you go to where everyone doesn't speak English?

Also you're in an English speaking city when these other things happened? What kind of place do you live in exactly, like what are the laws there?

Sorry for skepticism. The little girl doesn't speak english - she was speaking something then or was she quiet like the rest of them? How do you know the people didn't say anything because they didn't know english?

>> No.9377547

Wrong hole.

>> No.9377556
File: 984 KB, 180x180, victory.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got into a fight in cosplay
>anime club at school, got several messages from the co-president saying there was a meeting and to show up
>co-president is crazy, likes to beat people up for funsies since she thinks its "tsundere" and quirky, has gotten suspended multiple times for this
>i'm club president, haven't attended school for a while since I was in and out of the hospital, I legit leave the hospital for this
>show up in full miku hatsune cosplay, have a Ps2 and ddr mats in my backpack for fun
>anime club room is empty
>find the other club president chilling in the library
>"yo wasn't there a club meeting today? I got your invite"
>"no, I never said there was"
>everyone in the library who's in the club looks at her
>"...yeah, you did."
>she stands up now, and I put my bag down
>"are you calling me a fucking liar?"
>I pull out my phone "I could show you the texts"
>she punches me in the fucking tit
>everyone in the library just kind of staring at us now
>she gives me a smirk like shes won
>I immediately deck her in the face, breaking her glasses
>she reaches to pull my hair
>miku wig is pulled off and thrown across the library
>she starts scratching at my eyes
>I knee her in the gut
>she falls to the floor
>I'm there, a wigless miku hatsune, winner, full adrenaline rush looking like a kawaii version of pic related

>> No.9377560

>get called to principals office, barely a scratch
>she's bruised.. a part of her eyebrow is gone, crying, broken glasses
>principal decides i started the fight
>tell him that he can look up video evidence from the library cameras to see I did not
>principal says "you probably couldnt see anything, not worth going through footage"
>bring up the fact that she's constantly suspended for beating the shit out of people
>"thats irrelevant! dont bring that up!"
>I get suspended for two weeks, have to pay $200 for her designer glasses
>lose my school internship as an art teacher's assistant
>she doesnt get in trouble at all

on the plus side, she stopped beating the shit out of people for "funsies" and several people thanked me for putting her in check. After I graduated, my friends kept begging me to visit because once I left school she apparently started the same old shit again.

>> No.9377576

you sound baller as fuck
principal was probably having fun with her on the side

>> No.9377583

some people are weird, they pissed everybody in they school until someone beat the fuck out of them, it made me think about a story

> I was a young weeb and my best friend too
>we where drawing, ass on the ground against a wall
> a girl that like to piss of every body walk in us direction
>she stand in front of us, start to say that my friend drawing are shit, that he his a disgusting asocial piss of shit
> my friend is autistic and he seem a better target
> she continue to talk to him for like 10 minutes will I'm saying that she should leave now
> argue how my friend is a pasty white ass and her she is a beautiful tan godess
> this bitch is white like toothpaste
> my friend, almost crying say " leave now or I'm going to hit you in the face "
> " tehee you would not do th-"
> his foot hit her face
>the principal punish the girl because it's not the first time she do that
>my friend is not suspended
>she never bully anyone until this day
>peoples come to thanks my friend after this

>> No.9377593

sometimes, people are so up their own ass they need a punch in the face to chill the fuck out.

your story makes me feel better about having to pay $200 for designer glasses

>> No.9377598

What kind of style do you wear, anon? I noticed this just tends to be an issue mostly with sweet. I've never had any issues with gothic or classic if it's a bit more toned down. If it's that unnerving, try to wear out more casual pieces alone and save more unusual pieces for meets or when you're around friends.

>> No.9377617

...You were pregnant with his child after your first few weeks of dating in highschool?
And he cheated on his ex with you, then cheated on you? And you still stayed with him after losing the baby? Am I getting my lines crossed here or?

>> No.9377654

Fucking kekd, the battle was well worth it , because you could post it here.

>> No.9377725

i think they meant that there was a second occasion where someone came up and forced a photo op on them.

>> No.9377814

How do you know she isn't just lying to make you break up? What did he say?

>> No.9377826

This sounds like a self insert fan fiction now, lmao

>> No.9377859

I wear sweet, but my outfits are always super casual and simple. Think pre-OTT lolita. I'm actually a lone lolita so no meets and my non-lolita friends and I don't hang out much anymore. It really is unnerving. I'm trying my best not to let it ruin the fashion for me though. It sucks people don't have more respect for others. Like, I personally can't imagine being that rude, and even if I took a picture of a stranger I would never post it online.

>> No.9377862

I've never seen normie coats or anything with a sailor collar outside of Jfashion. Bar Lazy Oaf

>> No.9377881
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't usually condone violence, but some people just need a kick. Good job.

Sorry about your boob.

>> No.9377887

I live in the UK but I've had issues in wigless gothic and classic, I'm always surprised when people say they don't. Sweet does get more hassle most of the time, but it's not always the case.

My worst experience of someone arguing with me for ages about my outfit was actually in toned-down classic. This person asked me what I was wearing and point-blank refused to believe I wasn't in period costume for a museum or something, even after I explained the differences between my outfit and traditional dress (shorter skirt, different hairstyle and accessories, novelty bag, etc). The more I tried to stay calm and explain the angrier they got at me for "lying", so after a couple of minutes I just gave up and speedwalked away. The one time something similar happened in sweet (with tourists), I made a joke about how they didn't have the ability to print sweets on dresses in the 1800s and they got the point pretty fast.

I've also had people who saw me around in classic assume I was in a cult or a very religious traditional Christian or Orthodox Jew.

Oldschool sweet looks the most like legit childrens clothes, "simple" post-OTT prints get less hassle than olschool sweet IMO.

>> No.9377888

>What was the recourse for this? Like what did you or your family or your friends do after this happened?
I unfortunately didn't hear about it until years later, after I had graduated high school (it occurred in middle school.) At that point I felt unable to do anything, and the people who had done it were long gone.
Both cities have English as the main language, sorry for being unclear. It's the same country. There's just a lot of tourists and immigrants who don't speak English. The other anon is right, the situation with the girl and the situation on the public transport were two separate scenarios.
With the girl, she seemed to be an exchange student there with two older white chaperones. Her belongings had Chinese stickers on them, and she carried a device a lot of exchange students get when they first come here that lets them translate things and look up dictionaries.
In the public transport situation, the family were speaking to each other in another language and didn't say anything to us, so we presumed they didn't know English (or were just assholes, I guess!) But generally when I see a group or family that are speaking to each other in another language, are carrying a camera (and not a phone camera), and disregard local etiquette, I usually assume they're tourists.

>> No.9377938

Another anon from a large US city here--whenever I go out in lolita I always get comments. Usually it's loud whispers along the line of "look at her!"

Once in a while, someone will come up to me and ask what I'm wearing (out of genuine curiosity, not maliciousness). My most negative experiences have been in train stations, where I've been singled out and harassed for money or my company (ugh).

>knocking something over with my petticoat in a store is the worst

Totally relatable. If I happen to be shopping with a friend I feel even more embarrassed. Like, now I'm inconveniencing someone I actually care about too.

>> No.9378022
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, don't leave us hanging like this.

>> No.9378037

I pee'd myself in lolita once. at least I had dark tights on...

>> No.9378041

I really think lolita's underestimate how good normies are at spotting wigs. My boyfriend has no trouble seeing who's wearing one and who isn't just from a few glances when he drops me off and picks me up. He's never been into alternative fashion or cosplay or anything like that and I don't wear wigs myself.
Most people are probably just too polite to admit that they can tell you're wearing one because to them it's still a weird thing to wear a wig on a normal day unless you're black or a cancer patient.

>> No.9378068
File: 74 KB, 481x750, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eh, I was really bad at recognizing wigs before I started wearing lolita and going to meetups. I'd look at pics of OTT sweet lolitas with ridiculous twin tail wigs, and I'd be jealous that I could never get my hair to look like that. I just thought they had thicker hair than me.

>> No.9378073

Was this at a zoo meet up because my comm had a similar thing happen.

>> No.9378075
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. Luckily, I was wearing a thong diaper. When I got home, my daddy spanked me.

>> No.9378086

Understated colors like navy, black, white and dark red are always good for interviews.
You can still be girly by wearing feminine silhouettes in darker colors
If you want to incorporate color to a blah outfit try wearing colorful accessories or shoes.
I love a black and white outfit with pops of red. Its a classic that never goes out of style.

>> No.9378096
File: 803 KB, 800x1131, 1458958855349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I approve of the idea of lolita street gangs.

>> No.9378100

My sister's friend was dressed as Rin Kagamine and jumped off a ladder. One of the rungs ripped her toe off. Luckily, they were able to save it.

>> No.9378131

Sounds like she needs to get beat up. If nobody challenges her shes gonna continue being a cringy "woke af" lolita and ruin things. Stepping down may be the best idea for you because people like that just continue till they explode (either a fight physically or verbally) and will either make everyone deal with them or they will leave the comm. Honestly anon i wish i could start a fight with her because it would get some rage i have out and it would do some good. Sorry you have to deal with that, she sounds like an insufferable cunt bucket.

>> No.9378154

>The more I tried to stay calm and explain the angrier they got at me for "lying"
If you own a tablet, pull it up. It's like people can't accept anything unless there's solid proof in front of them.

>> No.9378208

I'm from Europe and when I dress up in Lolita, I usually don't get any direct comments when alone. I have heard people walking behind me saying stuff like "Look what she's wearing!", but nobody has ever directly said anything.

Once I'm part of a group though, it can get sort of strange. What I've experienced so far:
- Waiting for the rest of the group with others at a train station, some guy walked around us in a circle, seemingly trying to peek what's under the skirts. When one of us asked what he was doing, he was getting all defensive, saying that he was just admiring the dresses.
- Some guy passing the group as we were on our way to the train station, yelling "you're not looking very good today!"
- Chinese tourists apparently thinking we're a local attraction, stopping us to ask if they can take photos with us.

It also frequently happens that people try to take pictures of us, especially when we're taking pictures of ourselves. In my country, it actually is more or less illegal to take photos of strangers without their approval, and some girls from my comm get really vocal about that stuff and will basically start cursing and yelling at anybody holding up their phone in a suspicious manner.

>> No.9378212

>Waiting for the rest of the group with others at a train station, some guy walked around us in a circle, seemingly trying to peek what's under the skirts. When one of us asked what he was doing, he was getting all defensive, saying that he was just admiring the dresses.
I have had people ask me how the skirt gets so poofy

>> No.9378214

>I have had people ask me how the skirt gets so poofy

That sounds like the ok way to do it. Looking at the skirts in a creepy way (he looked like he was wondering if he should lift them up or not) is not.

>> No.9378323
File: 110 KB, 500x544, pancakemix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wasn't the one cosplaying, but I was helping my little sister rehearse some dumbass Vocaloid dance and she accidentally kicked me really hard, right in the nuts.

I fell to the ground and landed on thumbtacks.

>> No.9378365
File: 179 KB, 858x564, gigawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thong diaper

>> No.9378587

>ripped off digit
thanks anon i just had the trigger remembering when i lost a finger

>> No.9378606

It's weird when strangers start pulling at your clothes. I'm all for questioning but don't tug on me.

Took a chunk out of my arm with an easel once...

>> No.9378616

Oh no, I'm sorry. Did they save your finger?

I talked to a girl a while back who was missing a finger. She just puts stuffing in her gloves.

>> No.9378623

It went in the wrong hole. He corrected himself but it hurt like a bitch.

>> No.9378637

assuming you are female.. what do you mean, like he accidentally rammed it in your ass and then put in your vag?
cause that's nasty. and also very unclean.
tell me he washed his dick first..

>> No.9378641

>maternal instincts will seriously kick your ass, all sorts of hormonal stuff going on during a time like that.

Been pregnant, got an abortion, you're full of shit. Hormones can't make you do shit, you're just a moron with no self esteem and a kid with a cheating creep.

>> No.9378653
File: 194 KB, 1358x461, LoliGang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378658


>> No.9378667

lol anon even my normie af father could tell those were wigs...

>> No.9378670

This is truth I have my own though accidental fight that kinda did the same
>be me tiny painfully shy
>mother decided wasn't being challenged enough in 5th grade moved me up a grade
>8th grade tinier and a year and a half younger than everyone else already everyone's target
>openly reading manga after finishing class work didn't help nor did taping anime characters to my planner
>one girl took particular joy in constantly harassing me
>The usual torment shoving me against lockers laughing, calling me names, threatening to beat me up
>One day heading downstairs she's heading up.
>immediately reaches out to shove me but she missed loosing her balance and fell down the stairs
>She landed hard and had everyone laughing at her she ran off bawling
>didn't really get in trouble just ISS since they decided we both started it
>Forget if she actually really hurt herself but I was the talk for some time since everyone claimed I shoved her
>but she left me and others she'd harass on the daily alone. guess the humiliation of having everyone laughing at her got to her.

>> No.9378673

>Hormones can't make you do shit
Explain my old boss going from a mental case bitch to the nicest person once she started taking hormones?
Hormones do all sorts of shit to you. They can even change your body. Shut up.

>> No.9378675

Sorry but it's in your face. It's quite obviously male. I'm not saying you're unattractive, but any random person can easily tell you're male.

>> No.9378676

>the girl who got a bucket of paint poured on her her first time out in lolita

I missed this one, that sounds fucking awful

>> No.9378703

this. the other anon don't even know the basic knowledge of biology.

>> No.9378734

stay classy /cgl/

>> No.9378762

>not recognizing a clearly troll made post

>> No.9378765

I once had my car battery die in a parking lot while I was in lolita. I got grease on the front of my dress leaning in to try to poke around under the hood and passerbyers all gawked at me instead of trying to help me. One girl finally pulled up and let me jump my car. Once my car cranked about 5 cars suddenly turned on their headlights and drove off. They'd all been watching me.

Other than my aunt telling me not to wear my sick fetish to work and people going out of their way to ignore me, I've had mostly positive experiences

>> No.9378766

>"A transitional growth period where hormones change the human body's bodily functions, appearance, and ways of thinking."
>What is "puberty," Alex?

>> No.9378791 [DELETED] 

Me too, anon. Hell, it's not even that bad when I fall over in normie clothes, but when I mess up in lolita I instantly go red and feel really embarrassed. It's okay to try and be as confident as possible, and walk with poise in lolita, but after something totally silly and unimportant happens it feels 10x worse.

>> No.9378834
File: 161 KB, 1280x720, 1460144272226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really sure if it belongs here but it's a sad story nonetheless.

>first time wearing lolita, I was 14/15 years old and a huge ita/weeaboo
> go to first meetup with weeb friend and we were both really excited, loud and just emberrassing.
> Really horrorstory-tier obnoxious, I still feel sorry for those lolita's back then.
> Few weeks after the meetup an older friend who had been in the comm longer told me people were making toxic secrets about me, drawing over photos etc.
> Get the hint I'm not wanted and stop wearing lolita.

>four years later, I grew out of my weeb phase and behave like a decent person now
> Still too emberrassed to wear lolita again because of the bad first impression I left
> Still friends with the one lolita that introduced me to the comm years ago.
>She says there's a meetup in my hometown soon and I should try going
> I still have one decent non-ita dress I impulse-bought some time ago.
>Decide to go, try make some loli friends and don't weeb out.

>Arrive at meet, only find one recognizable face from old comm.
> I'm a bit shy but having fun with these new people, everything is going smoothly
> Until that one old member recognizes me, she starts yelling how she still remembers me
> She starts telling all the emberrassing shit I did four fucking years ago, in little details, loud enough for everyone to hear.
> I couldn't tell from her shit eating grin if she did this on purpose to be bitchy or if she really doesn't know how to behave herself.
> Try to brush it of like ''haha yes I was such a stupid kid'' but feel like dying on the inside.
> Leave meet half hour later because I felt so judged, never wore lolita fashion again.

I still love lolita fashion but I'm not sure if I'll ever have the guts to wear it again. I feel like my ita past will haunt me forever if I try. Maybe as a lone lolita..

>> No.9378840

That's tough anon. I'm in the same boat. I used to love Lolita so much, but just had such a horrible experience attending my first comm that its turned me off from the fashion all together.

as much as it sucks, they'll always remember you. are there any other fashions you might be interested in?

>> No.9378852

You should learn how to laugh at yourself, anon.

>> No.9379042

the chick who brought up your first meetup sounds like a real thundercunt.
like ok it's one thing if it's a grown-ass adult behaving in an obnoxious or immature fashion (like she did) but it's another thing if it's a kid. we were all that young and excitable once.
i'd like to encourage you to keep wearing the fashion and going to meetups. don't concern yourself with what's in the past, but instead focus on making a good impression now so that people can witness how you've changed since that first bad encounter.

>> No.9379045

if you really love something, you shouldn't let a shitty local community ruin it for you, man. foster your inner momoko. there's a really great novala takemoto essay from Soleil Nuit about this exact subject.
>For me, my tv and potted plants are my close friends.
are you sure you didn't mean your weed, novala?

>> No.9379153

yeah, they saved it. horrible experience though

>> No.9379160

its in the egl archive back in i think 2007? i felt so bad for her the first time i read it cause i think she never wore lolita again after that

>> No.9379213

Reminds me of the best day I ever had at work.
>Be auto technician for euro cars
>Slow day one summer afternoon, shop is literally empty
>Suddenly flatbed rolls up with a 2010 TDI Jetta
>Driver starts unloading the car
>Passenger door of the tow truck swings open and a lolita hops out
>Lolita starts talking to service writer about what happened
>Filled up her car at a gas station and drove for about 50 miles and then the car sputtered and died
>Won't restart
>Walk out to freshly-unloaded Jetta and tell tow truck driver he should probably stick around
>Open fuel cap, get hit in the face with a wave of gas fumes
>Put cap back on, go back to the office
>Loli is asking service writer about how much it'll cost to fix
>He goes into the spiel about how we need to start with diag time and so on
>Cut him off and tell her she bricked her fuel system
>10 minutes later the car's back on the flatbed and gone
And that's when I started lurking /cgl/.

>> No.9379224

that almost happened to me when I was doing doggy in the dark. thankfully i screamed before it actually penetrated.

>> No.9379226


You are actually full of shit, fuck off honey.

>> No.9379236

>being a black woman 101
>how to respond when the 18th person today asks if your hair is real or tries to touch it

>> No.9379268

Thats rough anon! I had a similar experience, though it was at a con.
>be me, 13 year old hardcore weeb, love lolita fashion
>wear a completely diy modified dress with added bows everywhere and unnecessary pickups
>petti was visible from underneath the pickups (I intentionally did that, was going for a punk vibe)
>after lolita panel I went to tell the panel leaders how good they looked & ask 4 advice
>they were not kind, at all, essentially ripping apart my entire look with no mercy (I admit it looked really bad) but they were very rude abt it
>quit lolita, didn't try again for years
Now I'm almost 20, and having been through other jfash, (fk, vk.. sorta) I am finally buying my first AP after losing all of my "lolita confidence"

>> No.9379307
File: 25 KB, 217x329, 1482528849775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to themepark with little sister
>she wants to wear a princess dress
>kind of shy
>asks if i can join her with my lolita dresses
>can't resist a 4 year old's puppy-eyes

>at the themepark
>we're having a good time
>it starts to get a bit chilly
>help my little sister put on some leggings
>suddenly feel something wet in my hair/on my back
>turn around
>see that a middle-aged man spit on me
>he just walks away like nothing happened

>> No.9379324

he spat on you? What the hell

>> No.9379338

i wouldve honestly followed him and taken his photo yelling loudly so everyone could watch him guilt away

>> No.9379349

It...had never occurred to me that someone would just wear a wig.

I never claimed to be smart...

>> No.9379360

I once tried lolita at age 14, wore my hair in pigtails, got tigh high black with lace trim socks and got myself one of those lacemonster skirts from a hot topic like store and took some pictures. Only to get shit on for my skirt being too short. Instead of helping me get into the fashion the whole elite 'I'm not going to help a weeb' attitude pushed me away.

Also cosplayed videl from dragonball z, she wasn't my fave but I used to watch dragonball z when I was little with my dad /good memories. Go to meet up with other characters, they want to do a photoshoot, so yey me. I have to pose in character, but I have no idea what to do. End up getting laughed at. Vow to never cosplay from it again. End up 3 years later as android 18, see other fans that are totally nice.

Nothing green text worthy, but even these small things can ruin your fun

>> No.9379367

I am sorry you got criticized but being told your skirt is too short is hardly an example of elitism. No one is obligated to hold your hand, anon.

>some of my peers had a chuckle at me being awkward
The other side of this is that it sounds like you're sort of humorless. I understand it sucks feeling laughed at but being uncertain about a pose is hardly about you personally.

>> No.9379371

Not lolita, but getting flashbacks of being in 8th grade and a student spat on me. And apparently telling a teacher is futile because the response was "you probably deserved it" and literally no one believing me.

Guess it's not anyone's problem unless it personally happens to them and if they're important enough to be recognized by some sort of authority.

>> No.9379393

She sounds like a bitch, if it's years later and you were a kid at the time people should be able to accept that you've changed.

>> No.9379571

>thinking youre entitled to people holding your hand and teaching you when its obvious that youre beyond help and their effort would go to waste

>> No.9379577

why are you namefagging

>> No.9379629
File: 460 KB, 490x368, tumblr_m37f06H82X1qk3mbxo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be part of Love!Live cosplay group
>All together to practice, we get dressed up to take some photos, they want to go to Walmart so we go to Walmart
>People are taking photos, quietly duck away from photos
>Almost out, in the parking lot, some white trash mom and adult son yells at us asking if we're dr suess characters, wants photos
>Most of the girls group together to take a cute shot, I start to walk away because I don't want this
>Guy starts yelling at me asking why I'm not in the photo
>His mom turns her phone to be and starts snapping
>I panic,sooper tuff high school offie mindset kicks in
>Tell them I don't want my photo taken, covering my face with my hands and then flipping them off
>Manlet starts screaming at me, asking why I'm flipping them off
>Restate that I don't want my picture taken and that no means no
>He huffs and puffs away
>I think all the girls in my group are scared of me now, say how I almost got into a fistfight in a walmart parking lot
>no regrats
>pic pretty much related

>> No.9379656
File: 68 KB, 484x283, 1444120313763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First con ever, years and years ago
>Be 12ish, maybe 13
>Cosplayed something Yugioh related, I think I running around as Joey
>See a Sasori (Naruto) cosplay
>It's really bad, but being the innocent weeb I was, I was still ecstatic to see one of my favorite characters around anyway
>Walk up to him asking for photo
>Guy turns around to look at me
>He scoffs. Is he in fucking character?
>Fucking grabs my neck and squeezes it really hard, pushing me back as he does
>I'm obviously struggling to breathe, but the shock made it hard to react
>His friends tell him to cut it out after they notice I'm obviously freaking the fuck out
>Lets go of me

I didn't even get a photo. I can't ask people for photos anymore because the entire thing scared the hell out of me.

I should've told security but it was my first con and I had no idea how anything worked. I just ran away with my tail between my legs.

>> No.9379759
File: 1.29 MB, 720x404, stockingscream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Were the thumbtacks okay??

>> No.9380042

I will say that getting into cosplay/jfash too early can ruin it because you don't really have the capacity to deal with critique or people being assholes.

I didn't cosplay for the longest because I discovered cosplay cringe blogs when I was about 13/14 and was terrified of getting it wrong and ending up on one of them. I finally decided to try a few years later but I had a positive experience that changed how I saw the cosplay community. My cosplay was shitty but people treated me kindly and that actually motivated me to keep at it. I think I would've given up entirely if people were nasty to me.

>> No.9380049

>Be 16 and having a fun time at my first Big Convention
>Supportive parents who were working most of the time so they figured cosplay wasn't the worst thing I could be getting into
>Pretty much a loner at school since small town and the same elementary school bullies did their same shit through high school
>NBD though since I developed friends from a county or state away by going to conventions
>spent months on Tsubasa cosplay making Sakura's huge white dress
>Taking public transit to a connection center where I'm meeting a friend who is going to drive us to con
>Bullies spot me at the bus stop and drive by and splash their coke/soda on me
>Go home, change, and friend said they could wait for me at the connection center
>Spent most of con really broken up about it wearing friend's huge Akatsuki cloak
>School bullies started rumor that I was on my way to a shotgun wedding because of the dress
>Parents got called in and involved
>No punishment overall, just swept under the rug

Don't cosplay much anymore (because of this) but I still like to be a handler for friends and AA mostly now, but wish life hadn't turned out like this lol. I definitely did a few more cosplays once I got to college and away from my shitty home town and I definitely have a lot of glee knowing the bulk of those shitheads didn't make it past community college and at best, a state college. However, I was sincerely traumatized about having all that hardwork ruined (several cold washes and white vinegar soaks did clean it up but I never wanted to wear that dress again). Also for being a baby weeb, I think making internet/nonlocal friends should've lighted my stranger danger, but they probably saved me from killing myself, so I'm glad one thing worked out.

>> No.9380084

>basically i fucked a really nice friendship because im a crazy bitch
You did nothing wrong.

>> No.9380115
File: 15 KB, 320x425, 300notokay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was sitting on a fence getting my picture taken. When I jumped down, BOOM. BLINDING PAIN.

I quickly realized that the fence behind me hooked my thong, and was giving me the wedgie of a lifetime. My friends really enjoyed my near-death experience.

>> No.9380155


>> No.9380472

What character?

>> No.9380519

Wasn't me, but a friend of mine was cosplaying at a convention and some guy asked to get a picture with her. That wouldn't be unusual, except he asked if he could "hold her" in the picture. The person he handed his phone to for the picture was her boyfriend. She kind of just laughed it off and said no, but I could see the wrath of god in the boyfriends eyes when he said that. He surprisingly still got his picture though, I'd have told him to fuck off after that.

>> No.9380882

Chloe, Life is Strange

>> No.9380985

once i was in lolita while waiting for the bus, a guy kept coming up next to me (but not actually looking at me) and muttering something about his dick under his breath

have you heard of nexplanon? it's the implant they put in your arm and the installation is painless since they numb you. i used to have cramps so bad that i was stuck in bed for days, but i haven't even had any cramps/spotting since getting it put in a few months ago

>> No.9380986

>once i was in lolita while waiting for the bus, a guy kept coming up next to me (but not actually looking at me) and muttering something about his dick under his breath
I've had shit like that happen to me while waiting for the bus wearing normie clothes... that's just bus folk.

>> No.9380999

Yeah this is the public transit experience

>> No.9381003

lol so you were in high school just over a year ago and you're already preggo with some loser's baby.

Nice. Very classy.

>>9378641 this anon knows what's up.

>> No.9381008

>tfw when I was waiting for the bus in normal clothes and a random guy just starts furiously fapping right next to me

>> No.9381014

New York?

>> No.9381026

I guess max didn't want to rewind that, too priceless :^)

>> No.9381119

I'm a pretty normal guy by otaku and 4chan standards, but I'm a huge fan of lolita fashion and used to date a loli. (I actually got her into it, but she was a cosplayer and already into somewhat similar-looking cosplay, so it wasn't much of a leap.)

I always want to go up and say something when I see good lolis around - not uncommon since I live near LA's Little Tokyo and go there a lot - but I never do it because I'm terrified of dropping my spaghetti and becoming greentext in one of these threads.

>> No.9381134

I'm so glad that in my country public transport is used by practically everyone and this kind of shit doesn't happen. When I was in LA with my parents we took the bus a lot and it was downright disturbing how many of the other passengers were homeless and/or clearly mentally ill. I kept my powerlevel way down but still got screamed and grabbed at as a daily occurrence. Never again.

>> No.9381137

Different city but I'm in completely same situation, down to loli ex and Japantown.
I was lucky that a friend of a friend wears lolita, so now I have at least one group of lolitas to interact with without being the random guy on the street.

>> No.9381159

N-no...a small city in a small country actually, but well, it was at the train/bus station in the evening so yeah.
Luckily I could hide with the hanging group of Turkish people, they might be loud but they won't do anything.

>> No.9381168
File: 14 KB, 236x265, 1475002812578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9381171

My dog died while I was at an out of state con

>> No.9381172

Thankfully I haven't had anything happen to me on public transportation. But I'd personally rather take my own car and deal with driving in LA traffic then take the bus.

>> No.9381458

>getting ready for con one morning
>dressed, about to head out
>get text from ma "i let ur cat outside and he got hit by a car lol sry"
>dont notice my bf left his shitty broken plastic hamper in the middle of the room bc tears, trip over it
>rip my only tights on it and cut my leg
>now crying for more than one reason

>> No.9381468

weird. There was a topshop sailor collared coat that everyone went mental over a few years ago because alexa chung wore it. Still sells for a stupid price on ebay.

I've got a sailor cardigan and a blouse from primark as well. And I lived well up north. I think the stock big highstreet chains do is completely random.

>> No.9381492

I am a new lolita, been interested in the fashion for over a decade and finally getting coords together.

There is a small, historical, abandoned cemetery a couple miles from my house. I've made sure that nobody visits any plots there. I have a gothic lolita coord that I want to take pictures of with the cemetery as a backdrop. Not touching anything, just taking a few nice photos.

My boyfriend, after reading threads like this, is convinced I will be accosted if I go out in public in lolita. I think it wouldn't be an issue at all.

We live in a nice neighborhood in the US. I don't think anything will happen, so what are the actual odds of someone giving us trouble?

>> No.9381497


This is so disrespectful, Anon. Don't take photos at cemeteries.

>> No.9381503

??? If it's a historical cemetery I really don't see what's the problem if you're just using it as a backdrop

You should be fine anon, if you're worried about being harrassed just make sure not to go out alone. The difference for me between being out alone vs with my boyfriend is staggering.

>> No.9381543

Dude, taking pictures at cemeteries is fine. They are legitimate tourist spots that are publicised to be used in that way. Victorian graveyards especially are meant to be public places that everyone can use for their enjoyment, that's why they have nice little pavillions and walkways and things.

anon, just be sensible. Sounds like you don't need to be told what's offensive. You shouldn't have any trouble.

>> No.9381546

The concept of cemeteries is to go there, and there are ones that are famous which gets lots of visitors. If they aren't standing or sitting on weird things they should be good.

Culturally people have different rituals about this too. Some ppl will go and talk to their loved one, sit near the area and give it flowers, and clean it up.

>> No.9381553

Meh pretty slim, you might get weird comments from old dudes who think it's their job to let you know their opinion on stuff, but I doubt you'll be hardcore harassed or anything. It also depends on how busy the places you go are. Just plan ahead a few answers so if someone says "you're sure dresses up, what's the occasion?" you've planned to say "yup, just felt like wearing something pretty" or something. And if someone tries to touch your wig, it's ok to brush their hand off with a polite "thank you, I'm glad you like it". You don't need to be paranoid, but mentally considering what to do in a few situations mentioned here that can be common with people who don't know how to respect personal space can be helpful. People tend to be more surprised/curious then outright mean anyway.

And as long as it's an actual historical/tourist-y cemetery, I don't think photos are an issue. Just be mindful of others.

>> No.9381607
File: 97 KB, 1000x1000, 10687947_852619384751094_7594661573888826372_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At the con they say that her butthole grew three sizes that day.

>> No.9381608

Yeah, I wasn't even being loud or anything. I was just helping a little girl feel a bit warmer. The rest of the people in the park were really nice though!

I didn't want to make a scene with my little sister around.

>> No.9381618

as a turk i will protect u m'lady

>> No.9381621

start by calling it lolita instead of loli. if you want to compliment them literally just say "hey i really like your lolita coordinate"
dropping lingo like that shows you know what it is and that youre being genuine, theyll appreciate it.

>> No.9381633
File: 569 KB, 915x958, icecreamfire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a girl in my comm who insists on talking in a "loli" voice all the time. I didn't think it was so bad, until one day when she offered me a ride from my hotel to the con. She turned on her radio, and blasted some song about sucking oniichan's dick.

>> No.9381694

I have no intention of being disrespectful. It's a cemetery that's been in our town for over 200 years, full of signs with the town's history, benches, walkways, etc. It's intended for people to respectfully visit.

I'll go with my boyfriend and I'm sure it will be fine. Thanks so much for all the constructive feedback guys.

>> No.9381730

Oh yeah, I wouldn't call it loli in actual speech, that was just me being lazy about typing it out.

>> No.9381891

>that was just me being lazy about typing it out.
It's literally 2 letters more anon. Even on a phone, assuming you're not using a flip phone from 2007, it shouldn't be that cumbersome.

>> No.9381989

It sounded better in my head that way, typing "lolita" out every time didn't feel like it "flowed" right to me.

Sorry, won't do it again.

>> No.9382009

I've told this story before, but I'm still really salty about the whole thing. I got hit by a car in lolita once. It was during a meet and I was crossing a busy intersection. Some asshat had pulled over the line and had thought it an appropriate time to back up as a bunch of people were crossing. He happened to back right up into me, hard enough to make me stumble/half fall. People just stared at me, the guy driving didn't spare me a glance either, though he definitely stopped when he hit me. Thankfully the mud and car stains didn't leave a lasting mark on my tights and dress, but still.

>> No.9382091

did you make him pay for your college

>> No.9382095

My mom had something like that happen, car just bumped her as she was crossing. She had a bad knee for years after it, almost needed surgery. Did you get checked out at your doc after it happened?

>> No.9382138

oh, so you're crazy, got it

>> No.9382144

admit that you stayed because he dresses up

>> No.9382175

not actively trying to be a dick, more or less just trying to to get an opinion from a public cosplayers perspective

have you ever thought about how everyone else in the schools version of that story was "i heard two of those weird loser kids fought in the library"

>> No.9382228
File: 6 KB, 232x217, esla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This kills the vagina.

And I thought it was bad when I accidentally wedgied myself while adjusting my tights.

>> No.9382240

I recieved the news at a con, that my aunt died in a car accident. Her husband was driving the car, they were both drunk, and he slammed their vehicle into a van.

The next day our friend who was rooming with us found out her neighbor commited suicide.

Less painful memories, I had a bottle of soda explode on my dress. Thankfully it didn't stain it and was machine washable.

>> No.9382277

That's horrible anon... My friend's dog died that way, his mom let the dog out and he got ran over. I hate people who can be so careless/heartless about pets.

>> No.9382398


>Culturally people have different rituals about this too

Yeah Victorian era rich people literally posed with the corpses of their dead relatives for photoshoots, I think that taking some pictures in a cemetery so old that nobody alive remembers the people in it is fine.

>> No.9382407

I know this feel repeatedly.

>get shelter dog who has puppies
>keep two, one is beautiful pit mix
>dad let's them out front door to pee in front yard
>live on busiest street in city
>pit mix gets hit and dies
>months later get wiener dog as rescue
>dog slips out for one day
>find him across town with someone who picked him up
>dad let's the pack out the front door constantly
>wiener dog gets hit and dies
>dad finally gets the hint and let's them out back door
>only his mangy mutt ever avoids harm
>shelter dog vanishes one night after being let out by him with no supervision
>left with mangy mutt who pisses everywhere and has brain damage

My salt has no bounds

>> No.9382799
File: 216 KB, 320x320, 320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not necessarily the worst thing that ever happened but these things just seem to happen every time I decide to Kakyoin.

>name is called
>turns around
>hair noodle slap

>looks to left
>vision is GONE

>wind happens
>hair noodle in mouth

>still waiting for the moment I'll inevitably end up sneezing into the hair noodle.

Also, being 5"4
>If I ever get a photoshoot with an accurately sized Jotaro-

>> No.9382824

Were there people in the van? Were they okay?

>> No.9382829

If it's any consolation, that's probably canon.

>> No.9382852

I don't know. It was my grandfather that told me that it happened. It happened two states away so I don't know what happened to them.

>> No.9382939
File: 741 KB, 500x260, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your father is a fucking asshole.

>> No.9383239

He was a nice guy, he just didn't realize it was a bad idea and trusted the dogs to stay in the yard. The ungated, unfenced yard with only the sidewalk to separate it from the street.

Then again our street was weird in that cats crossed it all the time and twice a month or so you'd see random dogs walking down the sidewalk.

Opened my door one time to find the old lady down the street's obese hound on my porch trying to pay the shelter dog a visit. When he saw me he just turned around, went up my walkway and went back down the street to his own home.

>> No.9386601

My personal policy is that a cemetery becomes OK to shoot in once all the people who personally knew the people buried there have also died, if that makes sense. In other words, as long as there are still people who will come and visit the graves of their loved ones, the cemetery should be left for them, but once they're gone it's fair game. I think around 100 years since the last burial is an OK rule of thumb.

(As long as you act respectfully, of course.)

>> No.9386842
File: 86 KB, 1195x509, IMG_20170120_0949011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I posted it before but for the hell of it Ill post it again
I had a miscarriage during a con, blessing in disguise but it sucked for everyone involved.

>got into argument w friend (that they started over something pretty ridiculous) in friend group
>everyone else "oh this will blow over soon
>blocked me on everything so we can't make amends or at least talk about it
>cant believe they're that immature
>give up and continue to be civil whenever I interact with her
>barely hang around friend group now and dont go to certain cons anymore

Honestly, for the best. They were pretty toxic in the last year of the friendship. Still sucks that I don't really have that friend group anymore though.

>> No.9386993

>in the train back from a con.
>suddenly the train stops very hard without a warning.
>my wig ended up in the lap of the woman across me.
>after a few minutes we get a intercom that everyone has to remain calm and wait for the police to evacuated us.
>we hit something and weren't able to go further.
>while waiting, I scroll through Facebook.
>a friend of mine posts a R.I.P. post for her friend who committed suicide. And how she wished he would have come to her for help instead of jumping for a train.

>my friend's friend jump for my train

The world felt so small for a moment.
And I'll never forget the glimpse I got of the conductor's face. He looked scarred for life.

>> No.9387019

God damn :(

>> No.9387026

I have a pretty good chance of miscarriage at some point if I try getting pregnant just because it happens in my family, but I never really considered it could happen away from home. Honestly, I'm a little more scared now. Sorry for your loss, anon.

>> No.9387049

wha hwat

>> No.9387054
File: 142 KB, 500x439, lord-forgive-lord-me-but-time-to-go-back-to-4767364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people who stand or lay on graves for photos

>> No.9387215

warning: slightly disgusting shit ahead.

When I was a young lolita, I ran an event at a convention for my town. That weekend I wore a white lolita coord, it was cute, old school.

The day was going fine, I think we did the panel in the morning and a few hours later it was the fashion show. Panel went well, people loved it.

I went to prepare for the fashion show after a short break and had to use the toilet. I go into a cubical, pull down my unspeakables and BAM period, like a scene from The Shining. fucking. everywhere. No change of panties or pantyhose (THEY WERE WHITE!!). I frantically checked my dress, omg please don't let me have period blood all over my dress...SUCCESS, NO PERIOD JUICE ON THE WHITE DRESS I WAS WEARING...but OH FUCK HOW AM I GOING TO GO ABOUT THIS NOW?

I did the age old thing, folded up a bunch of toilet paper and put them in my underpants, rang my friend who had gone to get lunch in the city CAN YOU GET ME SOME PADS AND A NEW PAIR OF UNDIES PLEASE? OMG OMG SEND HELP!

While I was waiting for them I was trying to clean the stockings, making sure I didn't get anything on my dress (still lucky nothing was there, thank fuck). Someone in the hall I was waiting in for the show asked what was wrong and rang her sister who came immediately with some sanitaries and I was saved for a bit...it was so damn embarrassing, there was so much of that shit everywhere, my legs, my pantyhose, my underapants and I just simply do not know how it didn't seep through onto my dress.

Friend and random person saved the day with new panties and emergency lady things and all went well with my events for the day.

TL;DR just call me period-chan.

>> No.9387253

>just call me period-chan

think ophelia has got you beat to that name already

>> No.9387345

and here I was thinking I was special

>> No.9387635

Wow. You bleed a lot. I can't bleed pass my underwear.

>> No.9387689

I always carry around spare panties, extra pads and sanitary napkins just in case this happens to me or someone near me. My periods are fortunately super regular and predictable but WHAT IF

>> No.9387691

In my country train suicides happen often.. Like I hear about them every week, and I can assure you those conductors are scarred for life. Most of them need phychiatric help after dealing with one of those jumpers.

>> No.9387738

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHimOJb-Xw Nyanners influence on the world is strong.

>> No.9387761

I hope hes you're ex now

>> No.9387769
File: 247 KB, 500x411, 1476710529977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you will never be part of a lolita street gang

>> No.9388000

So woman have to use pads and tampoons?

>> No.9388653

nah, thats just an old wives tale...

>> No.9388655

I don't normally though. Usually have light ones. It just must have gone on all morning

>> No.9388753

>lone brolita
>hiding out in anime merch store
>trying to be inconspicuous
>girl approaches, grinning so much she might explode
>please no
>"Oh my god, I love lolita! Your dress is so cute! ect."
>autistic squeeing attracts attention of shoppers
>"Are you wearing a petticoat?"
>girl proceeds to lift my skirt and riffle through my petticoat

>> No.9389199


>> No.9389200

>girl proceeds to lift my skirt
Do people have no sense of decency? Who the hell thinks that's acceptable?

>> No.9389232

I crossplayed on Halloween and a woman did that to me too. They get touchy feely.

>> No.9389254

Ex tripfag who was famous for posting pictures of herself eating used tampons.

>> No.9389263

I probably wouldn't do it myself, but he's a guy - it's no big deal.

>> No.9389279

This is why we need feminism

>> No.9389303

grab him by the petti's

>> No.9394067

Somebody vendor accused me of stealing at a con while wearing an AP print. I obviously wasn't. They saw I had money on me, so they probably just wanted to take it from me. I ended up paying. For something I didn't do.
Wearing that print makes me feel anxious now, but I still love it. Even going into stores in normal clothes scares me. Fucking hell.

>> No.9394071

What the fuck, anon? Don't just pay, demand they get con security over so they can review cameras. And if they don't have cameras, too fucking bad for them.

>> No.9394117

I told the vendor to check my bag and to call security. They insisted I had a stolen item with me. I kept telling them to check but they didn't shut up and demanded the item.
It just made me feel way too anxious.

>> No.9394127

Nayrt but anxiety or not, you shouldn't have paid. If you didn't steal they had no right to demand anything from you, and by paying for an item you didn't take you basically admitted guilty.

>> No.9394128

Seconding this.

How long ago was this? I would say email someone at the con and describe your experience and tell them what year/vendor it was. I would NOT want to shop at a vendor who does that shit, the con might not want to invite them back.

>> No.9394203

oh look, Eyebrows-chan has come out of hiding

>> No.9394212

Pls explain.

>> No.9394216
File: 53 KB, 400x533, that aint cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is casey, casey has bad brows, casey stole from lolita collective by shoving wristcuffs in her parasol.

>> No.9394363

Dude you tried to steal from the same booth two times in one day. Do you really still think they should have called your mom rather than making you give the shit back and kicking you out?

>> No.9394396

Sharted at a con.

>> No.9394770

Get you freaky eyebrows fixed, fucks sake!

>> No.9394773

Not just wristcuffs, other stuff too, but she got caught redhanded with the wristcuffs.

And then she proceeded to whine about it on cgl and everywhere else she could about how she was 'wronged' where everyone called her out on her BS.

LC should have had a police report filed imo

>> No.9394803

>find out my boyfriend cheated on me
I'm struggling to see how this conclusion was came to.
Was he seeing the both of them?
Did he sleep with OP while dating his ex, then dump the ex for OP?

>> No.9394843


Her bf dindu nuthin except not throw out a slightly broken hamper.

He didn't kill her cat or make her a retard.

>> No.9394858

>pit mix
Good riddance.

>> No.9395015

>I don't know how dogs actually work and I'm going to make assumptions off of mass media!

>> No.9395286

I had a crazy lady yell at me, dump her water bottle on me and my bf, and tell me to take my clothes off.

She was clearly homeless and drugged out or something though and we were in a bad part of town. Called the cops and she took off FAST.

>> No.9396955

lemme guess, toronto?